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Madiha Khan has been working with Nikki full time for almost a year and has been doing events with her for over 5 years. After leaving the finance world last year, Madiha was really looking forward to getting back to her creative side. She has volunteered for many non-profit Tahoma organizations as well as corporate events and continues to do so today. Madiha loves working with people and her ultimate satisfaction is seeing the clients look and reaction to the vision realized. She continues to learn from Nikki and is inspired by each event they create.

Exquisite Events offers educational speaking seminars at industry conferences and trade shows as well as providing private consulting to venues and independent coordinators. After being in the industry for over 15 years, Nikki has the expertise to speak about the history of South Asian weddings, traditions of modern day weddings, multi-day events, distinct religious ceremonies, and anything else the client would like to learn about Indian weddings. The South Asian wedding market is the fastest growing niche market in the US, and venues and hotels must know how to met the needs of their clients. Exquisite Events will work with any catering manager or show producer to design a talk or educational session that fits the requirements of the venue or client. A session might include but not be limited to the following: • History of Indian weddings • Various events that lead up to the wedding day • Design of a modern-day Indian wedding • Each of the major religious ceremonies in the subcontinent; Hindu, Sikh, & Muslim ceremonies • A movie demonstrating Indian architecture and artifacts and video clips from a few very opulent Sikh and Hindu weddings that Exquisite Events has coordinated in Los Angeles

The Party Goddess Uncensored - Los Angeles - 2010 Mindy Weiss - The Most Ridiculous Event 2 – Beverly Hills - 2010 ISES - Los Angeles Participating Master @ Meet the Masters 2010 ABC Ventura – 2011 The Special Event - 2010 – New Orleans The Special Event – 2011 - Phoenix Event Presentation and Media Inquiries - Rhonda Couchigian 562.338.5101

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Raj Tents Why have Indian Weddings come on the radar so much more in the last few years? Nikki Khan Since there are multi-day events and they are large in numbers, Indian Weddings have caught the attention of the hotels and locations in the West tremendously in the last few years. The fact that a lot of money is spent on the celebrations is another reason to have captured the attention of the industry along with colorful costumes, jewelry, rituals and traditions. Raj Tents What is the most challenging part of arranging an Indian Wedding? Nikki Khan You have to be very knowledgeable in the customs and traditions. It is also extremely important to be very organized since the events go back to back for at least three days and in some cases for seven days. You also have to play the delicate role of being a “friend and listener� to so many family members and deal not just with the couple but parents and siblings from both sides. Raj Tents Typically, how far out do most Indian families start to plan ahead? Nikki Khan For a large wedding, with a few events, it is usually one year ahead of time. This year however, due to economy, I personally saw a shift where the booking was done some times six to four months prior to the wedding. Raj Tents Who is normally the decision maker in an Indian Wedding? Nikki Khan It depends. In my own personal experience, it is usually the father of the bride that is the principal decision maker.

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The Special Event 2010 a& 2011 Creating Opulent Indian Weddings Inspired by the Raj Dynasty Nikki Khan, President, Exquisite Events Brief background on the sub continent about the opulent Raj Dynasty. Indian customs, traditions, cultural and religious aspects of marriage and the design and decor of today's over the top Indian weddings. A movie will be shown that exhibits the differences within the country of various regions as well as showcase a few over the top events before the wedding and the wedding itself. There will be a Q and A session following the movie presentation.

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Exquisite Events is a full-scale event coordinating company based in Los Angeles specializing in weddings, gala affairs, and specialty event...

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