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he City of Prescott is located in the highlands of north central Arizona. Prescott was the first Territorial Capital of Arizona, and is the Yavapai County Seat. Prescott’s population is about 46,000, but Prescott is part of western Yavapai County, with a market area population of over 115,000. Prescott offers an outstanding quality of life for residents and visitors, with a mild four-season climate, over 450 miles of multi-use trails, and tens of thousands of acres of open space, attracting hikers, mountain biking, horseback riding and ATVs.

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Prescott is the business and cultural center of Yavapai County. Top employment sectors include healthcare, government, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, and logistics. Yavapai College Center for Performing Arts, the Suze’s Prescott Center for the Arts, and historic Elk’s Theatre offer a variety of live performances. The Arizona Philharmonic features professional musicians, and the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra visits regularly. There are three museums including the Sharlot Hall Museum, the Phippen Museum, and the Museum of Indigenous Peoples.

The quaint downtown is home to Whiskey Row, as well as a variety of boutiques, antique shops, art galleries and restaurants. The historic Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza hosts art fairs, music festivals and special events throughout the year. Western Heritage is an important part of Prescott’s culture. Prescott is home to the Prescott Frontier Days World’s Oldest Rodeo, and visitors can learn more about Prescott’s role in the old west at the Western Heritage Center on Whiskey Row. Yavapai Regional Medical Center serves Western Yavapai County. As part of the Dignity Health system, residents have access to more medical specialties than ever. The Northern Arizona Veterans Administration Healthcare System serves veterans from all over northern Arizona.

Prescott is home to four institutes of higher education, including Yavapai College, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott College and a satellite of Northern Arizona University. Prescott’s primary and secondary education options are excellent, with a number of quality charter and private schools in addition to the quality public school system. Prescott Regional Airport is a center for flight training and features daily nonstop flights to Los Angeles and Denver. Flight training operations from Embry Riddle and other flight schools, make PRC one of the busiest airports in the nation, and a key hub for addressing the need to pilots around the nation and world.



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cknowledged internationally as the “Number One Place to Live in the Southwest” (Sunset Magazine, February 2017), Prescott offers breathtaking beauty and a great quality of life. The City continues to receive accolades, and has been recognized on nearly two dozen lists, such as“Best Old West Town to Live In” by True West Magazine. Just a few of “bests” or “top” citations include: • #9 in Well-Being Gallup • 26th Best Performing City in U.S. Milken Institute • Cleanest Air in the Nation American Lung Association • Top 5 Visitor Destinations in Arizona USA Today • Top 13 Happiest & Healthiest Communities Time Magazine • Top 15 Most Entrepreneurial Small Cities. By

Most recently, in January, Expedia Viewfinder named Prescott as “19 to be Seen in 2019.” Praise for Prescott comes equally from Arizona leaders.

Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey

Arizona Office of Tourism Executive Director Debbie Johnson

“The Prescott area is the state’s thirdlargest metro area. With cutting-edge technologies in cyber-security, 3D printing, satellite communications and more, Prescott is home to four higher education institutions. It has an outstanding regional medical center. Moreover, Prescott offers an outstanding quality of life, scenic beauty, mild four season climate, a Western heritage, and strong tourism economy.”

Chairman Craig L. Brown, Yavapai County Board of Supervisors – District 4. “Prescott is the destination for all those folks who cherish our history and pioneer spirit.”



“Prescott is very much the city of the moment. The city and the office of tourism actively markets not just Prescott’s rich history, but also its forests, parks, lakes, trails and one-of–a-kind natural wonders like the Granite Dells. Prescott’s appeal results in visitor spending and job increases that have gone up every year since 2010. In 2017, the county’s hotels experienced year-over-year increases across every lodging performance indicator.”

Sandra Watson, CEO & President, Arizona Commerce Authority “Prescott’s world-class aerospace industry, supported by top-ranked Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, couples with robust manufacturing and health care sectors to provide an excellent platform from which to build and sustain economic success. With its talent, infrastructure and natural beauty, it’s no surprise to see companies continue to invest in Prescott.”








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228,970 Total Population* (2015): 57,000 projected to grow to 61,000 by 2020 Prescott MSA population:


n atio

c Edu

*Includes unincorporated Prescott

Population increase from 2000 to 2010: 17.3% POPULATION INCREASE AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD INCOME New Residential Developments Underway


Average Household Income


Total Housing Units


Commute Growth in Single Family Housing Permits


(from 2016-17)

5-Year Projected Growth in New Home Development


Prescott MSA Labor Force:


February 2019 eric


Prescott MSA GDP increase:


CLIMATE Prescott’s perfect weather provides an average temperature of 70 degrees, with four seasons and breathtaking landscapes - complete with granite mountains, lakes, streams and rolling meadows filled with wildlife.

Average High (F)

January February March April May June July August September October November December

54 54 59 67 75 86 89 86 82 72 60 52

Average Low (F)

Average Precip. (in)

24 1.9 24 1.9 28 1.7 34 1.0 Climate 41 0.5 49 0.4 57 2.9 56 3.3 49 1.7 37 1.2 27 1.3 22 1.6

Economic Development, Infrastructure & Growth


Average Snow (in)

4.9 4.9 5.1 1.3 0.2 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.2 2.1 4.7


Prescott is the heart of Arizona’s SE third-largest metropolitan area, andLATION INCREA U POP is an educated, affluent and growing TION community with a continued ULA POP demand for new home development.



Work & Learn Total Housing Units





Prescott’s workforce earns more than the national average and enjoys a short commute.

Prescott’s population is highly educated and has access to worldclass universities and exceptional PreK-12 schools.

Earnings in Prescott

Population with at Least Some College or Post-Secondary Degree

37% Higher Than the National Average -


Average earnings determined by 2016 U.S. Social Security Administration National Average Wage Index Average Commute

17 minutes 6 CITY OF PRESCOTT



Oldest school district in

the state - Prescott Unified School District established in 1868 Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott Campus’ Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering Program #1 in the nation among undergraduate institutions - U.S. News & World Report 2018


Prescott offers limitless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and a variety of arts, cultural, sporting and entertainment options, which generate increasing sales tax revenue year over year.


Low taxes and small state government means Arizona offers one of the lowest costs of doing business in the U.S., according to the Arizona Commerce Authority. The state also boasts a robust, skilled workforce and ease of transportation to local and international markets.


Per Capita State and Local Government Expenditures (Source, 2019 SBE Small Business Policy Index)


Government employees per 100 residents (Source, 2019 ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index)


Property Taxes (source, 2019 Tax Foundation State Business Climate Index)


450 Miles of Trails and

Unemployment Insurance Tax ( source, 2019 Tax Foundation State Business Tax Climate Index)


5 Lakes in Prescott and


Average Workers’ Compensations Costs (per $100 of payroll) (source, 2019 ALECLaffer State economic Competitiveness Index)

close proximity

FY19 Taxable Activity


FY19 Total Bed Tax Collected

$1.04 Million Bed Tax Collections Increased 50% Since 2015 Prescott’s Taxable Activity Has Grown an Average of 4.3% Annually Since 2014 Commute

Number of Workers Living in Greater Phoenix Area Alone (Approximately 100 Miles from Prescott)


Transportation (source, 2019 U.S. New and World Report Best States)


Economy Growth (source, 2019 U.S. News and World Report Best States)


Job Growth (source, 2019 U.S. News and World Report Best States)

Economic Development, Infrastructure & Growth








he state’s lack of natural and weather-related disasters — such as earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes — makes Arizona a convenient location for companies that require employees and market access to be available consistently throughout the year. Along with the steady climate, Arizona is so geologically sound that it’s home to America’s largest nuclear generating facility. Palo Verde Nuclear Station provides businesses continual access to



clean, reliable energy.


Highways leading into Prescott are as follows: • From the East: From Interstate 17, those driving from the north can drive SR 169 until it intersects with SR 69 and then drive west. Those coming from the south leave I-17 and take SR 69 directly northwest into Prescott. • From the North: From Interstate 40, SR 89 leads directly into Prescott.

• From the South: From SR 93 (soon to be I-11) SR 89 leads directly into Prescott. • From the West: Two county roads— 5 and 10—lead into Prescott. • From the East: SR89A is an option that goes to Prescott Valley, Clarkdale, Cottonwood, Sedona and Flagstaff.

Several local and regional transportation services provide passengers with reasonable service to Phoenix and other destinations.


Las Vegas 10




Los Angeles











2 Phoenix

San Diego 13


5 Yuma

100 miles Tucson 3 12 El Paso

200 miles

300 miles

FROM HERE TO THERE Below is approximate distance and drive time from Prescott to a variety of communities both within Arizona and in adjacent states and Mexico. CITY






1 Flagstaff AZ . . . . . . . . 96 miles. . . . . 1h 30m

8 San Diego CA . . . . . 372 miles. . . . 6h 4m

2 Phoenix AZ . . . . . . . . 86 miles. . . . . 1h 29m

9 Los Angeles CA. . . . 379 miles. . . . 6h 3m

3 Tucson AZ . . . . . . . . . 213 miles . . . . 3h 9m

10 Las Vegas NV . . . . . 251 miles . . . . 3h 56m

4 Winslow AZ. . . . . . . . 136 miles . . . . 2h 23m

11 Albuquerque NM. . . 417 miles. . . . . 6h 0m

5 Yuma AZ. . . . . . . . . . . 216 miles . . . . 3h 46m

12 El Paso TX . . . . . . . . 530 miles. . . . 7h 33m

6 Kingman AZ . . . . . . . 149 miles . . . . 2h 21m

13 Mexicali MX. . . . . . . 269 miles. . . . 4h 49m

7 Laughlin NV. . . . . . . . 181 miles. . . . . 2h 53m

14 Salt Lake City UT. . . 614 miles . . . . 9h 27m

Economic Development, Infrastructure & Growth






he City of Prescott, along with other community partners, encourages business and industrial growth in the community. Strategic partnerships include: • Higher education institutions • Public and private entities

Prescott has great quality of life, solid higher educational institutions and smart people. We want to help the Prescott area grow in the number of technology companies that will call the area home. Steven G. Zylstra, President and CEO, Arizona Technology Council

PRESCOTT’S OPPORTUNITY ZONE Tax incentives for investment Prescott’s Opportunity Zone, located in and around Prescott’s downtown core, offers tax incentives for investments into this area. Many of Prescott’s keys assets are located in the Opportunity Zone, including a hospital and two colleges, and all are located two miles or less from Prescott’s iconic Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza. These key assets make Prescott’s Opportunity Zone a highly sought-after investment option. For more information and detailed maps, please visit 10 CITY OF PRESCOTT


• Corporate enterprises that focus on technology, engineering and cybersecurity • Investment fund partners • Incubation center partners • Corporate expansion and relocation partners • Workforce development partners • I.P. development and licensing partners

We have an exceptional business environment here in Prescott centered around a dynamic community, with enthusiastic business owners that are supported by the City’s economic development efforts. Doug Reed, Founder of Tour Prescott


The Yavapai County Contractors Association (YCCA) has a wide array of contractors who are experienced, meticulous, professional and customer-oriented. They dedicate themselves to contributing time, money and other resources to developing and expanding our economy. Sandy Griffis, Executive Director, YCCA

What we have in Prescott is critical to the economic development of central Yavapai County. We are going to grow, and we want it to be smart growth. We want sustainable growth that does not exploit natural resources. We want good jobs that will give our young people reason to stay in the area. Mike Fann, President and CEO, Fann Contracting and immediate past-president of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce

SATISFIED NEWCOMER Superstition Meadery As the 2019 National SBA Small Business of the Year, Superstition Meadery is proud to call Prescott home. We attract visitors from around the world to enjoy our mead and cider in a beautiful historic building on the Courthouse Square, but all of our products are made in our production facility in the Prescott Airpark. With space to grow your business, the utilities you will need for operations in place, and a 100-mile view, the Prescott Airpark is the premier industrial location in central Arizona to construct a commercial facility.

Jeff Herbert, Co-owner, Superstition Meadery

We are proud to be a part of the outstanding technology and business community here in Prescott. I would like to thank our partners who have welcomed CP Technologies and helped our relocation process run smoothly. Michael McCormack, President and CEO, CP Technologies

Our company, Ponderosa Hotel Management Services and I are strong supporters of those who relocate to the Prescott area. We especially welcome those in the technology and aviation industries. Attracting and retaining young individuals and families is key to our having a vibrant workforce with good-paying jobs. It is critical to supporting the local economy. Margo Christensen, Ponderosa Hotel Management Services

To learn more about Economic Development opportunities in the Prescott area, contact: John Heiney, Community Outreach Manager 928-777-1220 | VINYLVISIONS COMPANY • PRESCOTT, ARIZONA

Economic Economic Development, Development, Infrastructure Infrastructure & Growth



Key Airport Players


rescott Regional Airport is home to multiple flight training opportunities for aspiring pilots of either fixed wing or rotary aircraft. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Prescott campus provides a four-year aviation degree sought by everyone from pilots to members of the military and even corporate executives and astronauts. The school’s roots date back to 1925 when it was an aircraft dealer and airmail provider, and today is the largest fully-accredited university system specializing in aviation and aerospace. Guidance Aviation is a FAA-approved leader in helicopter flight training. It cooperates with local higher education institutions and follows an academystyle training model. It combines substantial simulation training with actual in-air training. Leighnor Aircraft is a premier FAA part 61 aircraft rental and flight instruction provider, with 10 aircraft including Cessna 172, 177 and 182 in their rental fleet. Leighnor Aircraft offers Sport, Private and Commercial Pilot Certificates, Instrument and Flight Instructor ratings.

North-Aire Aviation, founded in 1973. This widely recognized flight training company offers the full range of aviator experiences—from ground preparation to in-air training and from private pilot licenses to commercial pilot certificates. TacAero specializes in tailwheel aircraft, and offers programs for private flight training in a variety of fixed-wing planes. The company is also the CubCrafters’ exclusive factory transition trainer. Pilots who regularly go into the wilderness often seek out the company for its backcountry flying and survival courses. Universal Helicopters has offered for over 18-years the full range of training experiences in renowned Robinson and Bell helicopters. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott has selected Universal Helicopters as the exclusive provider for its helicopter flight training program for ERAU students.



Prescott AIRPORT


bout 108 years ago —1910— the first sighting of an airplane over Prescott was recorded. Shortly thereafter, the target area at Fort Whipple Army Post was used as a temporary landing field. That lasted until Aug. 28, 1928. The City of Prescott dedicated Ernest A. Love Field at its present location on the northwest edge of the city limits. It has been in active use since.


City officials have prioritized expansion of Prescott Regional Airport – Ernest A. Love Field (PRC). In fact, Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli has identified airport expansion as a top priority and considers the airport a valuable asset for the City.

The 760-acre airport site is at an elevation of 5,045 feet, making it a key location for flight training and testing new technology at high altitude. According to most recent data from the Federal Aviation Administration, PRC is the 40th busiest airport in the United States for Air Traffic Operations, and fifth busiest airport in Arizona.

PRC GENERATES $160.3M ECONOMIC IMPACT • Employment – 1,366 (734 PRC) • $53.9M in Payroll • 2019 Commercial Passengers 55,512 • $13.8M Economic Impact from visitors


25 Businesses operating at PRC Capital improvements $7.8M Taxable sales $1.6M 2019 Aircraft Operations – 232,592 Fuel gallons dispensed 1,051,200 Based aircraft 355


• 40th Busiest US Airport (Aircraft Ops) • Top 325 US Airport (Passenger Traffic) • Serves as Airtanker Base for the US Forest Service • Three runways with 16,873 linear feet of pavement • Commercial Air Service, Flight Training, Cargo, Military, and General Aviation

HISTORY The Prescott area is rich in history including the evolution of Prescott Regional Airport (PRC). The airport dates back to the late-1920s when construction of the airstrip got underway. On August 28, 1928 the City of Prescott dedicated the airport located at the northwest edge of the city limits as Ernest A. Love Field Airport and in the 90+ years since that dedication PRC has continued to grow right along with our beautiful community.

Prescott Regional Airport – Ernest A. Love Field Home to United States Forest Service Tanker Base 40th Busiest Airport in the Nation

5th Busiest Airport in Arizona

Tie-Downs and Hangar Rental Available

Full Service FBO 232,592 Operations for 2019

• • • • • • •

Flight Training On-Site: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Guidance Aviation Leighnor Aircraft North-Aire Tac-Aero Universal Helicopters Inc. Private Instruction 355 Based Aircraft

928-777-1114 |

TAKE FLIGHT CONNECT TO THE WORLD 2020 A r Airportizona of the - ADOT Year A eronau



rescott Regional Airport - Ernest A. Love Field, was named 2019 Outstanding Airport by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – Western Pacific Region. According to the FAA, “This award is granted in recognition of the exemplary work done by the City in proactively completing a Prescott Regional Airport – Ernest A. Love Field master plan with significant involvement from the community, focus on enhancing safety of the Airport, and accommodating continued growth in commercial passenger service. The City’s creativity, engagement, and passion for their community and Airport speaks volumes about the nature and values of the City organization and staff.” Airport Director, Dr. Robin Sobotta said that this award represents a City-wide

effort. “This reflects on City leadership, including staff and elected officials,” she said. “Also, I want to thank our commercial air carrier United Express, operated by SkyWest Airlines, as well as our airport staff.”

In 2019, the Airport achieved a new record high in passenger enplanements (boardings), with 27,730 passengers boarding commercial service flights out Prescott. Previously, 2009 held the record at 11,648 passenger enplanements. With continued growth of commercial air service, in January 2020, PRC began construction on an 18,460 square foot passenger terminal set to open in Spring 2021 ushering in a new era of commercial air service for the residents of Northern Arizona.

Prescott Regional Airport Named 2019 Outstanding Airport FAA Praises Growth, Safety Enhancements and Community Engagement

Left to right: City Manager Michael Lamar, Mayor Greg Mengarelli, Mayor Pro Tem Billie Orr & Airport Director, Dr. Robin Sobotta



Economic and Fiscal Impact of Prescott Regional Airport



rescott Regional Airport is an important economic engine for the Prescott region, providing not just commercial air and general aviation service, but also available land for manufacturing and distribution operations.

In fact, the airport creates a total economic impact of $160.3 million annually, supporting 1,366 jobs with wages of $53.9 million, according to a study released in 2019 by Elliott D. Pollack & Company.

Prescott Regional Airport Fiscal Impact Summary (2018 Dollars) State of Arizona Primary revenues Secondary revenues from employment Total Yavapai County Primary revenues Secondary revenues from employment Total City of Prescott Primary revenues Secondary revenues from employment Total Surrounding Local Governments Primary revenues Secondary revenues from employment Total

Capital Improvements

Operations PRC

Visitor Spending


$219,400 $132,600 $352,000

$81,220 $1,209,200 $1,290,420

$467,050 $212,200 $679,250

$767,670 $1,554,000 $2,321,670





$54,700 $673,200 $118,300 $846,200 The operations of $93,070 $685,020 $200,190 $978,280 Prescott Regional $140,700 $95,740 $164,100 $400,540 Airport, including $16,400 $181,500 $30,000 $227,900 $157,100 $277,240 $194,100 $628,440 visitor spending, N/A N/A $262,800 $262,800 generate an esti$13,400 $148,130 $24,300 $185,830 $13,400 $148,130 $287,100 $448,630 mated $2.3 million for the State of NOTE: All figures are intended only as a general guideline as to how the jurisdictions could be impacted. Surrounding local governments Arizona, $978,280 include estimates for Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Dewey‐Humboldt. Figures exclude aircraft license taxes, flight property taxes, and aviation fuel taxes. Figures do not include any potential exemptions from prime contracting TPT. for Yavapai County, Sources: Elliott D. Pollack & Company; Prescott Municipal Airport; ATRA; Implan $628,440 for the City of Prescott and Indeed, a well‐maintained aviation system $448,630 for the surrounding local is a critical competitive advantage in tocommunities.” day’s global marketplace, facilitating business and leisure travel, cargo shipments and enhancing business investment.



or over 20 years CP Technologies has been a leader of rugged and custom computer hardware to the defense and industrial markets. Our manufacturing started in 1997 in San Diego California. In 2018 CP Tech was acquired by Aeronautics of Israel who added UAV and Data Links to the range of products that CP manufactures. With the growth and expanded products CP Tech started its search for new locations. These included Alabama, Utah, Nevada and


Arizona. Arizona and specifically Prescott, Arizona won out due to the community, the state’s support for the UAV market, great educational institutes, great weather and the business friendly environment. The management of CP Tech couldn’t be happier with our decision and the phenomenal support from the state and the City of Prescott. We look forward to being part of the community and to the economic growth of the area. Economic Development, Infrastructure & Growth




A BUSINESS CASE STUDY COBHAM AEROSPACE At the 2019 Paris Air Show, Cobham received recognition for its outstanding level of support to operators with an Airbus Supplier Support Rating Award solidifying its position as one of Airbus’ top suppliers in the industry.


n 1970, Paul Wulfsberg founded Wulfsberg Electronics a company with a vision of enhancing aircraft communication and navigation, and in the mid-1980s the company relocated to Prescott. Here, Wulfsberg Electronics grew to become a global leader in the design and manufacturing of airborne audio and radio management systems as it evolved into Cobham Aerospace Connectivity owned by Cobham plc. Cobham, headquartered in Wimborne England, was founded in 1934 and is the leading global technology and services innovator respected for their market-leading positions in avionics, wireless coverage, satellite communications, defense electronics air-to-air refueling, aviation services and life support & mission systems. Employing more than 10,000 employees world-wide at its 70 operating sites across 5 continents and 16 countries, Cobham provides critical solutions on land, at sea and in air & space. As the Aeronautics Industry continues to take flight here in Prescott with ongoing development at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and the Prescott Regional Airport (PRC) as well as Eviation’s fully electronic “Alice” aircraft soon to 16 CITY OF PRESCOTT


be housed at PRC, Cobham Aerospace Connectivity continues to play a key role providing 200 jobs locally. Operations housed at the 60,000 square foot facility Prescott headquarters, which is adjacent to PRC, include engineering, manufacturing, repairs & overhaul, sales & marketing, and customer service. Prescott has offered incomparable quality-of-life and close proximity to the aerospace hub of Phoenix, allowing Cobham Aerospace Connectivity to attract and retain talent from all over the world. Today, Cobham Aerospace Connectivity is primarily involved in the development of integrated system solutions for rotor and fixed-wing aircraft used in law enforcement, fire suppression, medical evacuation, search & rescue, surveillance, oil exploration, electronic news gathering, and military applications around the globe. They specialize in innovative radio systems for airborne tactical communications, advanced radio componentry for precise navigation and clear communications, and industry-standard audio systems for clear cockpit and cabin communications and alerts. These airborne technologies and expertise are so versatile and well-re-

garded that they have been installed in everything from Los Angeles Police Department helicopters to Air Force C-130 transport aircraft and Canadian Coast Guard hovercraft.

At the 2019 Paris Air Show, Cobham received recognition for its outstanding level of support to operators with an Airbus Supplier Support Rating Award solidifying its position as one of Airbus’ top suppliers in the industry. The future for Cobham looks especially bright, as municipalities, agencies, and countries around the world turn increasingly to aircraft for a myriad of civil support activities. That bright future will continue to positively impact the Prescott community with ongoing research, development and manufacturing allowing us to continue to truly make Prescott a well-known hub for aeronautics activity and industry. We are proud that Cobham Aerospace Connectivity calls Prescott home, as they deliver products and systems that enhance airborne communication and navigation enabling operators to complete rescue missions, transport people and goods safely and efficiently, and protect lives and property.


Specializing in the design, development, sales and support of avionics and connectivity systems globally for airborne platforms at the leading edge of technological development. In the fields of defense, security, and commercial aerospace, the innovative, high performance solutions we provide enable our customers’ assets to perform to their maximum potential. PART OF UK-BASED COBHAM PLC




928-708-1550 | 6400 Wilkinson Drive | Prescott, AZ


Haley Construction Company is one of the largest construction companies in Yavapai County.



ong-standing nationally and internationally-known innovative firms have enjoyed strong support from the community. Major among them are:

HALEY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 1933 Rocky Dells Drive For more than 60 years Haley Construction Company has been an integral part of the growth and development of the Prescott community. Started by CJ and Francis Haley in Globe, AZ in 1955 as a residential development company, the Haley’s moved their business to Prescott in 1960 and became one of the largest construction companies in Yavapai County. While Haley Construction began building houses and subdivisions, in recent years they have been a staple in historic downtown renovations and commercial developments in town. Haley Construction Company are among the founding members of Yavapai County Contractors Association and long-time members of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce. The organization plans to continue to be a part of the fabric of everyone’s hometown long into the future. 18 CITY OF PRESCOTT


K’S LIGHTING 735 6th Street Karen Lollar opened the doors of K’s Lighting in 1977, and has remained in the same location providing excellent customer service to all who walk through them since that time. In their many years of business, K’s Lighting has provided interior and exterior lighting options as well as quality home décor to all members of the Prescott community including contractors, custom home builders and the general public. K’s Lighting offers personalized one on one lighting consultations for customers in Prescott and throughout Arizona, as well as repair of family heirloom lighting and creation of one of a kind pieces for the home. The loyalty, longevity and customer service provided at K’s is well recognized in the Prescott community.

EL GATO AZUL 316 S. Goodwin Street

El Gato Azul is known for its one a kind Creekside dining experience of eclectic tapas & entrees and house made deserts inspired by the restaurant’s mascot

Benny. You can even snag some “Benny” inspired merchandise after dining. Walking distance from the Courthouse Square in downtown Prescott, El Gato Azul sits beside Granite Creek and offers patio and indoor seating in a quirky and cozy atmosphere. voted El Gato Azul one of the best 11 restaurants in Arizona, and the 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. daily Happy Hour has been called “the best happy hour in town”. The restaurant is open daily at 11 a.m., and showcases live music during dinner hours.


Helping Hands Home Care opened their doors in Prescott 15 years ago with a goal to achieve excellence in providing on-medical in-home care services. As a fully licensed care agency, Helping Hands serves Prescott and the quad-city area and runs a Day Treatment Program to address the needs of the developmentally disabled in the area. By placing the clients’ best interests before all others, the caregivers of Helping Hands have earned a reputation in Prescott for satisfaction and care among their cli-

ents. The business offers attendant care, meal planning & preparation, errand running, pet care, light housekeeping, companionship, transportation, personal care, live-in care, overnight care, post-hospitalization care, respite care and habilitation, as well as 24/7 emergency and urgent answering service.

GRANITE BASIN ENGINEERING 1981 Commerce Center Circle, Ste. B

Granite Basin Engineering is a full-service civil engineering and surveying firm that has been serving the quad-city area in all aspects of land development for more than a decade. The firm is a veteran-owned small business that seeks to promote creativity and resourcefulness at every step of the planning, design and construction phase of their projects. Granite Basin works on projects ranging from single family residences to large-scale residential and commercial development, and they are well respected by their customers and employees. Involvement in well-known projects such as Touchmark at the Ranch and new Prescott Honda dealership continues to make Granite Basin Engineering a highly sought after firm in Northern Arizona, providing unsurpassed customer service.

YAVAPAI TITLE AGENCY 1235 E. Gurley Street

Yavapai Title Agency has been the County’s “hometown title agency” for more than half a century, still operating as the only locally owned and operated title agency in the whole of Yavapai County. Beyond the dedicated and respected customer service offered at Yavapai Title, the Agency is proud to provide ongoing support for community events and local charities such as the World’s Oldest Rodeo®, Habitat for Humanity, YBBBS and more. The Title Agency has an excellent reputation among its customers including buyers, sellers, lenders and local real estate agents, and provides a full range of services like builder & developer services, account & escrow services, foreclosure services as well as title and title insurance services.

TOUR PRESCOTT 212 S. Montezuma Street For nearly 10 years Doug Reed and Chris Campbell worked to bring their vision of a Prescott area tour service to reality. In 2018 they did just that with the opening of Tour Prescott. Offering four tour package variations, Tour Prescott takes participants to the many historical locations throughout Prescott, incorporates the haunted locales of Jerome and even boasts a six hour wine country tour from Prescott to Oak Creek. Tour Prescott has partnered with a number of area companies to offer their tours in a variety of modes of transportation including hiking, kayaking, and helicopter and biking. Residents and visitors alike are experiencing Prescott in a whole new way thanks to Tour Prescott.

LESSONS BY LEXE 3280 Gateway Blvd Suite 106

Three years ago Alexes Niekamp took her lifelong love for dance and turned it into a business, opening Lessons by Lexe: Dance Studio at the Prescott Gateway Mall. The studio offers classes for dancers of all ages and experience levels interested in a variety of dance styles from classical styles to adult belly dancing. All classes are taught by an experience choreographer, and the studio also hosts parties. Lexe’s love for her community ensures that Lessons by Lexe: Dance Studio is involved in a variety of local events, and on an individual level Lexe also stays involved being featured in 2018 as one of Prescott LIVING’s “Featured Women in Business” and choreographic the Prescott Police Department’s Lip Sync Challenge Video. Lessons by Lexe is a great force in the Prescott Community teaching it’s dancers to always smile and have fun and keep the good vibes flowing.

RENT RIGHT 302 W Willis Street Ste. 100

Rent Right Management Solutions has been a company who cares about its community and builds a relationship between property owners, tenants and vendors since 2013, with the goal of creating a lifelong relationship with its clients. A small business with only eight

employees, Rent Right has developed a loyal customer base by doing the right thing for all parties involved in property management and rentals and going far beyond industry standards. Offering online portals for both tenants and property owners, Rent Right makes the various processes involved in property renting easy for all parties involved. The Management Solutions Company services the whole of the quad-city area and is actively involved in the Prescott community.

HOME RIGHT REALTY 302 W Willis Street Ste. 200

Formerly “The Cody Anne Team”, Home Right Realty rebranded itself in 2019 becoming Home Right. Cody Anne Yarnes has more than a decade of experience in real estate in the Prescott area, and with her team of likeminded professional and experienced real estate agents, Home Right is a top producing team. With their familiarity with all areas of the quad-city area, comprehensive marketing plan which includes in depth analysis of your home or land and reports with all pertinent information about current market value the Home Right team puts clients at ease in knowing they are in great hands.

THE ARTFUL EYE 124 S. Montezuma Street

Situated on Montezuma Street in Prescott’s historic Whiskey Row, the Artful Eye has been creating one-of-akind jewelry for its customers for over two decades. Their talented staff of goldsmiths, sales associates and award winning designers comprise one of the best teams in the business. In 2014 The Artful Eye was named one of “America’s Coolest Stores” by INSTORE Magazine and they have won a multitude of industry awards through the years making them a nationally recognized jewelry design center. The Artful Eye have a loyal client base who recognize their second to none craftsmanship in not only creation of unique pieces but the repair of beloved family heirlooms as well. The store and staff support numerous charities in the community including the Boys & Girls Club, Yavapai Humane Society, YBBS, YMCA and Stepping Stones.

Economic EconomicDevelopment, Development, Infrastructure Infrastructure & Growth




Infrastructure—the system of services and resources that serve as a foundation to support a community—is solid in Prescott.

• Prescott provides a robust system of services to support the community. These range from animal control to professional police and fire departments and also includes highly praised parks, recreation and public library departments. • Water, sewer, trash, recycling and local street construction and maintenance are provided by the City of Prescott.

• Spark Light provides a variety of cable TV packages, high-speed internet and business and residential telephone services. Other TV, internet and telephone providers also are available, including DISH Network and DIRECTV.

• Century Link is an internet and phone provider, which also offers PC protection. Customers can bundle their internet and phone packages to save money, and can choose from internet packages ranging from 40-140 Mbps (if available in the area.) • Arizona Public Service (APS) is the primary source for electricity. It provides reliable service, and has local personnel in the community to accommodate customer needs.

• UniSource is the natural gas provider for Prescott and Yavapai County. UniSource is among a family of utilities owned by Fortis. 20 CITY OF PRESCOTT



COMPLETED PROJECT 2045 Regional Long Range Transportation Plan

Adaptive Traffic Signal Technology Need, Analysis, and Implementation Plan for SR69, Willow Creek Rd. and Glassford Hill Road

Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization (CYMPO) is the regional transportation planning agency in the Greater Prescott area.

REGIONAL TRAFFIC (Source ADOT traffic data web page)

The two main roadways between Prescott and Prescott Valley carry 77,000 vehicles per day SR 69: 46,000 ADT *ADT: average daily traffic

comparable to I-10 between SR 187 south of Phoenix to Marana just north of Tucson SR 89A: 31,000 ADT comparable to I-17 at Sunset Point Rest Area CYMPO has leveraged $13 million dollars of funding into $125 million of regional transportation projects with regional and state partnerships

CYMPO’s planning area population is estimated to be approximately 148,000 people, which is about the same or larger than eight Arizona Counties.

CYMPO’s planning area covers 435 square miles in central Yavapai County.

Economic Development, Infrastructure & Growth





r Numbece a One Pl n the i e v to Li west South zine


ity leaders proactively promote and stimulate “smart growth,” keeping the local economy healthy. Residential, commercial and industrial growth activities include:

Maga Sunset ry 2017 u Febr a



• Promoting public and private sector collaboration to build a more diversified economy. • Providing business development assistance to encourage new investment and drive regional economic strength. • Offering materials, programs and policies that support and encourage targeted businesses and industries that adhere to a sustainable growth model. • Providing a consistent regulatory environment. • Marketing with public and private sectors to create focus on building and expansion opportunities. • Promoting the community well beyond the city limits to potential developers and builders. • Developing or redeveloping vacant or under-utilized commercial and industrial properties. • Providing guidance in matters such as site acquisition and improvement. • The City of Prescott is investing $_____ annually to update and enhance infrastructure, including water delivery and management, roads and underground utilities. • Contributing to project infrastructure. • Expediting the permitting approval process.

Numbe r Best Va One Town I lue n Southw The est Sunset Ma g Aug. 20 azine 17

This contemporary approach seems to have been effective, particularly in the wake of the Great Recession. Since that time, city data show the following increase in building and construction permits:








960 (Thru 12/31/19) 1,690 permits in 2019 $233.69 Million


increase since 2012


permits in 2018

$142.22 Million

$24.17 Million

Residential Permits Value in 2018

Commercial Permits Value in 2018

Already, dozens of construction projects are underway. Among major builders or contractors are: • Aspen Valley Homes • B’s Contractors • Benttree Custom Homes • Branson Custom Homes • Carrington Homes • Crystal Creek Builders • Culhane Contracting • DeCarol Company • Don Savage Builders • Dorn Homes • Evergreen Homes • Fann Contracting • Haley Construction Company • Hughes Building Company • James and James Construction Corp. • JEBCO Construction Companies • John T. Barenz Construction • Kenson Construction • KNA Construction, Inc. • Mandalay Homes®

• • • • • • • • • • •

Total Permits Value in 2019

NJ Builders, Inc. Northstar Builders Prescor Builders Prescott Builders of AZ Savage Development Sun Pine Homes Sun State Builders TLC Construction Triple E Construction, Inc. Warren Savage Development Womack Enterprises

Our YCCA organization is the only local one that represents the construction industry at the local government level and with local building officials for the protection of the industry and of the general public.

–Tyler Smith, General Manager of Yavapai Block Company and YCCA board member.

32 MULTI-FAMILY UNITS $35 MILLION • 356 SFR UNITS $120 MILLION ROLE OF THE YAVAPAI COUNTY CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION An excellent gauge of the construction environment in Prescott—and Yavapai County—is best provided by the Yavapai County Contractors Association (YCCA). That organization, more than 60 years old, monitors carefully all construction in the community—residential, commercial and industrial.

Its members—more than 350 of them— further dedicate themselves to meeting the stated mission: “ properly manage a construction industry association that transfers and promotes education, safety, political action and networking for the benefit of its members; and promotes community protection education on construction issues for the citizens….”

Economic Development, Infrastructure & Growth





Murphy Foto Imagery

3rd Generation Family Business Oldest General Contractor in Yavapai County

Awarded 2019 “Prescott’s Best” by the City of Prescott & “2019 Best Commercial Contractor” by Quad City Business News

Individual project size up to $15 Million

Co m m e r c i a l & I n d u s t r i a l Co n s t r u c t i o n Luxury Residential P r e co n s t r u c t i o n S e r v i ce s a n d E s t i m a t i n g C M A R ( Co n s t r u c t i o n M a n a g e r a t R i s k ) Project Management H i s t o r i ca l R e s t o r a t i o n Fa s t -Tr a c k e d P r o j e c t S c h e d u l e s


BOUNDARIES 928-445-1281 | www .H aley C onstruCtion aZ. Com



| ROCO25486





in the Southwest and among the top ten in the nation in metal building supplies. OUR PROJECT CAPABILITY:


500,000 TO $15,000,000

Since 2002, JEBCO Construction Companies has been a leading general contractor. We’ve successfully sold 187,000 sq ft of metal building, accounting for 1.2 Million pounds of steel sold in 2018, year to date.


140 N. MONTEZUMA ST., STE. 108, PRESCOTT, AZ 86301 928.778.7976 | WWW.JEBCOCC.COM

The City of Prescott, the perfect environment to LIVE, LEARN, WORK and PLAY. For more information on economic opportunities in Prescott Arizona please contact The City of Prescott - Economic Development Office. 928-777-1220 |

WINNER Arizona Main Street Award, Best New Building 2006

McCormick Place


PROJECTS INCLUDE: Pines | The Rim Club | Prescott Lak LAND DEVELOPMENT | PROJECT Chaparral AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT American Ranch | Wickenburg Ranch Established 2004

CURRENTLY UNDER DEVELOP Jasper Seven™ Desert Mountain

We specialize in land entitlements, profes project and construction management for • Master Planned Communities • Residential Communities & Subdivisio • Commercial & Industrial Subdivisions

928.778.7043 We specialize in planning, entitlements, project609 Western Ave. management and construction management: Prescott, AZ Established 2004 A Few Notable Projects Among Many

• • • •

Master Planned Communities B Residential License ROC#263578 • B1 Commercial License ROC#264626 • Dual KA 57 Engineering License Residential Communities & Subdivisions Commercial & Industrial Subdivisions Design Build Commercial and Industrial Buildings

609 Western Ave • Prescott, AZ • 928.778.7043 B Residential License ROC#263578 • B1 Commercial License ROC#264626 • Dual KA 57 Engineering License ROC#270327 Licensed, Bonded and Insured.




ssional r:

ons s

e ROC#270327




eveloping a highly-skilled workforce requires exceptional education opportunities, and Prescott is proud to offer top-tier schools beginning with PreK-12 through college and post-graduate. With two world-class universities and two accredited colleges, students graduating in Prescott are prepared not only for today’s workplace, but for the workplace of the future. From cyber security to coding, and from aerospace to engineering, the leading-edge courses offered here in Prescott are attracting tomorrow’s leaders from throughout the state, country and world.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU): This accredited university is recognized as the world leader in aviation and aerospace, and has established a reputation as “The Harvard of the Skies.” The reality is that ERAU has gone far beyond education related to



aviation. The Prescott campus features four academic colleges and offers 25 baccalaureate degrees, three master’s degrees and courses leading to a doctorate. The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have designated ERAU’s Prescott Campus a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE CDE) through 2024.

Northern Arizona University-Yavapai (NAU): This branch of one of Arizona’s three state-supported universities has sites both in Prescott and Prescott Valley. Its focus is providing undergraduate and graduate students with access to high-quality degrees that are accelerated, affordable and designed to prepare them for today’s contemporary job market. Fully accredited through the North Central Accrediting Association, the university utilizes highly qualified professors in small classroom environments, thus assuring that each student receives personal attention.

Prescott College: Fully accredited at both undergraduate and graduate levels, this renowned private college for more than 50 years has offered students of diverse ages, cultures and backgrounds the opportunity to seek a collegiate degree while achieving a balance between self-fulfillment and service to others. Students are encouraged to seek experiential learning and self-direction in a pluralistic multidisciplinary environment. Undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered both on campus and online.

Yavapai College: This accredited twoyear community college has multiple locations throughout the county, with the main campus in Prescott. Yavapai College offers a full range of of two-year academic programs leading to associate degrees, including many programs which lead to certification in specialized and technical fields at the Career & Technical Education Center (CTEC).


Prescott Unified School District Elementary, Middle and Secondary Schools • Abia Judd Elementary • Taylor Hicks Elementary • Lincoln Elementary • Granite Mountain School • Prescott Mile High Middle School • Prescott High School

The award-winning PUSD schools offer a complete educational experience for students, including traditional academic programs, advanced placement programs, performing and creative arts, athletics and a wide variety of supervised clubs and activities. These schools focus on preparing students for the workforce of the future—and in many cases, jobs that don’t even exist yet. The system is governed through an elected school board and its superintendent at administrative offices of Prescott Unified School District.


La Tierra Community School (K-7) Mountain Oak Charter School (K-8) Skyview School (K-8) Willow Creek Charter School (K-8) BASIS Prescott (K-12) Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy (9-12) • EdOptions High School Learning Center (9-12) • Tri-City College Prep High School (9-12)

skills and certification students need to gain meaningful employment.

The community of Prescott is proud to have multiple educational institutions that provide its residents with exceptional opportunities to learn and prepare for the workforce of the future.


Del E. Webb Family Enrichment Center: On the campus of and supervised by Yavapai College, the Del E. Webb Family Enrichment Center provides parents with infants through 5-year-olds an opportunity to place their children in a securely managed and educationally-based environment. It operates on a year-round basis.

Mountain Institute Joint Technical Education District - MIJTED is a partner with Yavapai College in providing educational opportunities for high school students preparing for the workforce. Programs develop both Education



Embry-Riddle PRESCOTT Named Best In Aerospace, Aeronautical, Astronautical Engineering For the second year in a row, U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges guidebook, an annual ranking of nearly 1,800 accredited four-year schools in the United States, has ranked Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityPrescott Campus’ Aerospace/Aeronautical/ Astronautical Engineering Program No. 1 in the nation among undergraduate institutions (in schools where is doctorate is not offered) in its 2019 edition. ERAU Offers Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Cyber Programs: • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Intelligence and Security • Master of Science in Cyber Intelligence and Security



“Our students have exceptional opportunities for ‘hands-on’ experiential learning in the classroom, in the labs, and in extracurricular activities and projects,” said Dr. Ron Madler, Dean of the College of Engineering at the Prescott Campus. “Students learn how to be creative problem solvers in a team environment via these experiential learning projects.” The ranking was based solely on the judgments of deans and senior faculty who nominated the 10 best engineering programs in the specialty engineering area: Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical. Schools had to receive at least seven nominations in order to be eligible to be ranked. “A commitment to undergraduate education with experienced faculty who bring real-world lessons to the classroom is what we’re all about,” said Dr. Mark Sensmeier, aerospace engineering department chair. “Our faculty average over 12 years of experience from places like Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, General Electric (GE), U.S. Air Force, GKN, and others—before coming to Embry-Riddle. The perspective they bring to our education allows our students to hit the ground running in the aerospace industry.” In the category of Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs at schools where a doctorate is not offered, the Prescott Campus tied at No. 15 and excelled as the highest-rated Arizona school in the category. This year’s ranking is also Prescott’s 13th appearance in the top 20 nationwide. “Companies come looking for our AE graduates,” added Madler. “They work in every corner of the aerospace field – from the largest aerospace companies to smaller startups. They work on every kind of aerospace platform and perform a wide range of roles supporting those programs.” Highlights of U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 Best Colleges guidebook are posted at, where the e-book is available for purchase. For more information on Embry-Riddle Prescott’s College of Engineering, please visit:



THE STEM EDUCATION CENTER AND OUR COMMUNITY Embry-Riddle’s new 52,000-square-foot STEM Education Center contains over 20 industry-grade laboratories, replete with innovative technological equipment unique to each STEM program the university offers. The $22 million center also includes the community-friendly Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium — the only Arizona planetarium north of Phoenix — capable of seating 125 students and visitors for captivating explorations into the farthest reaches of the universe in full 360-degree high definition.

No.1 The Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering Program at Embry-Riddle’s Prescott Campus ranks No. 1 in the nation among undergraduate institutions. U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges

US News & World Report Ranks

Embry-Riddle #

1 Online Educator

In The Nation

Nearly 23,000 students take advantage of Embry-Riddle’s online certificates, associates, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in addition to courses and services at 135-plus locations in the United States and around the world.

Not only is the aviation industry rapidly growing, Watret said it also faces a global shortage of highly qualified pilots and other personnel. With many airline pilots preparing to retire in the next 10 years, career opportunities for new pilots are soaring, according to statistics released by Boeing’s 2018-2037 Pilot Outlook Report. Forecasts provided by Boeing’s report predict the aviation industry will need 790,000 new civil aviation pilots and 754,000 new maintenance technicians over the next 20 years. “This is good news for people who want to join the field,” Watret said. “The pipeline is hungry and Embry-Riddle is on a mission to open doors of opportunity for everyone.”

The world’s premier aviation and aerospace institution, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, recently earned the #1 spot on U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 ranking of the United States’ best online bachelor’s degree programs, affirming the school’s focus on academic excellence, affordability and promising career opportunities for graduates. After six years among the top five universities, it’s clear that advancing technology-enhanced education with affordability, academic quality and student success continues to set Embry-Riddle apart. “The university’s online programs meet the highest standards of academic excellence, and they are also remarkably accessible to all students – from first-generation university students to military members transitioning back into civilian life,” said Embry-Riddle Worldwide Campus Chancellor Dr. John R. Watret. “Because Embry-Riddle is #1, our students are exceptionally well-positioned to secure rewarding, meaningful jobs.”



This year’s list placed Embry-Riddle among outstanding company, with Arizona State University, Ohio State University-Columbus, Oregon State University and Pennsylvania State University’s World Campus rounding out the top schools. “We are honored to be named #1 among so many exceptional online educators,” Embry-Riddle President Dr. P. Barry Butler said: “The latest ranking will inspire us to sustain and advance all of our award-winning educational programs in service to students.” The 2019 U.S. News & World Report ranking involved an analysis of nearly 1,500 online bachelor’s degree programs, encompassing categories in student engagement, faculty credentials and training, peer reputation, and student services and technology. The university also carries the unique distinction of earning and retaining the #1 spot in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Online Bachelor’s Programs for Veterans for four consecutive years. It was also named one of the best online colleges in the nation by the Center for Online Education.



Clear Your Career For Take Off You’re ready for the next leap in your career. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University will help you take it. As pioneers in online and professional programs that can give you and your company the edge you’ve always wanted. Find out more about the advantages that Embry-Riddle, the nation’s #1 online educator, can offer a working professional like you.

ERAU Students Combat Real-World

Cyber Security Threats Safety Net Q & A In the wake of increasing computer breaches, the need for cyber security professionals is likely to increase 18 percent by 2024, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Prescott Cam- pus’s College of Security and Intelligence, Dean Jon C. Haass, who was recently appointed to Gov. Doug Ducey’s Arizona Cybersecurity Team (ACT), leverages decades of experience as a leading expert in digital security to arm students with the real-life skills to fill that demand. We spoke to Haass, who joined Embry-Riddle in 2013, about the Cyber Security Lab and the importance of research to combat hacking concerns.



Q: The Cyber Security Lab, also known as the Hacker Lab, is where students get hands-on experience analyzing and finding solutions to real-world cyber security issues and threats. Why is that so important? A: Employers are looking for employees to help solve problems, and this requires critical and creative thinking. Understanding the theory is important, and applying this theory to perform work for a client in government or industry is like an internship while still in school. As we grow the number of partnerships, students gain a broad view of the 31 different areas of cyber security as outlined by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS). Our cyber adversaries are talented, well-funded and constantly probing, so our students must be spending time in the lab to keep up. Q: How important is research in the cyber world? A: Research is critical, and it comes in many different flavors. Some spend time analyzing the latest malware because thousands of new variants are discovered each day. Others research vulnerabilities in new products or systems. For instance, what are the cyber security issues related to the introduction of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) into our airspace? Are the communications secure? Too often, devel- opers rush to get product to market with cyber security relegated to version 3.0 or until something goes terribly wrong. In this field where we are still playing catch up, research and the real world overlap daily. Some effort also has to look ahead and imagine what might be possible a few years from now. Q: What research projects have you been involved in recently? A: I co-authored a guidebook on best practices for airport security as part of an Airport Cooperative Research Program led by the Trans- portation Research Board (TRB), and I recently presented a paper, “Cyber Security: Research Opportunities,” to the 96th annual TRB convention in Washington, D.C. My current activities include work- ing with agencies and companies to better understand cyber threat intelligence sharing. Since we are faced with not just individual cyber attackers but also organized groups with financial and intellectual resources, countering that requires a network of defenders. The research is exploring value based on response times, improved detection of threats and the potential for rapid machine-to-machine threat sharing. Many threats are not discovered within a network for 45 days or more. Threat sharing holds the potential to reduce this dramatically, saving lost data, intellectual property and financial loss.



THE FIRST OF ITS KIND COLLEGE OF SECURITY AND INTELLIGENCE Embry-Riddle’s College of Security and Intelligence is the first comprehensive degree-granting college of its kind in the United States. The college focuses on the training of future security and intelligence professionals, on both the national and international level — addressing some of the most critical security challenges of our time. The knowledge and solutions created today will lead to the laws and policies of tomorrow. Considering the increased demand for cybersecurity professionals in Arizona and across the country, the college is now proud to offer a Master of Science in Cyber Intelligence and Security.

$170 Billion The cybersecurity market is expected to grow from $75 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020. Forbes Magazine

18% INCREASE In the wake of increasing computer breaches, the need for cybersecurity professionals is likely to increase 18 percent by 2024. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Yavapai College: Fostering Economic Development in Yavapai County


he Regional Economic Development Center (REDC) at Yavapai College exists to provide a host of services and resources to Yavapai County at the direction of senior leadership and the college’s District Governing Board.

Prescott Living Magazine spoke with REDC Director Richard Hernandez to get a better understanding of the REDC and its role in our community.

PLM: Give us a bit of your professional background and how you came to be in Prescott. Hernandez: I was born and raised in Southern California. In 1975, I left to attend college in Tempe. On the weekends, and often on holidays when students were not tubing on the Salt River, we would find ourselves in Prescott and on Whiskey Row. We also came to hike and enjoy the area’s outstanding outdoor activities. I remember saying to myself back then, “I’m going to come back here someday.” Fast forward to 2011, and my family and I chose the Prescott area to retire. PLM: So I’m guessing that Prescott in 2011 looked a little different to you than it did in 1975. Hernandez: Different, yes; but the same. The qualities of the area are still the same and coveted. The people are just as friendly as I remember. The natural beauty of the area is still as awesome as ever. The eclectic terrain from Ash Fork to Black Canyon City and all points in between still takes my breath away. I just love this place!

Richard Hernandez, REDC Director

PLM: What happened during the interval? From 1975 to 2011? Hernandez: I was a student trying to pay his own way through college. In August of that year, I was working at Sears Roebuck on Camelback Road. I was working as a janitor for $2.80 an hour. My roommate told me that United Parcel Service (UPS) was hiring dockworkers starting at $3.25 per hour. Well, I was done pushing a mop. The story of how I got hired at UPS is in itself a lesson in being aware of your surroundings. I also need to preface this by telling you that my father was a decorated war hero and a Marine drill instructor at Camp Pendleton, California.

Yavapai College Equestrian program 38 CITY OF PRESCOTT


My UPS interviewer was a somewhat crusty, older gentleman named Al, who was a bit intimidating but a straight-up professional. After my interview, I got up to leave. Al rolled up his crisp, white shirt sleeve, and I got a glimpse of a tattoo on his forearm. It was the U.S.M.C. Bulldog. I reached to shake his hand goodbye and said, “You Semper Fi, Sir?” He snapped up and said, “What the hell do you know about Semper Fi, kid?” I told him about my father, and the rest is history.

Interview with Richard Hernandez, REDC Director, continued... PLM: Wow, and you stayed at UPS for 37 years. Tell us about that. Hernandez: UPS was one of my great life lessons. They’re a company with high ethics, efficiencies and standards. My father once told me, “The value of hard work is not what you get for it but rather what you become by it.” UPS exemplified that for me. I had found a home. UPS taught me business, relationships, strategy, and most importantly, UPS taught me people. I will forever be grateful for that opportunity. I retired from UPS in 2011. The first couple of years of retirement were great, but then boredom set in. I was driving my poor wife Annette crazy! So I sought out a part-time job at the college’s Performing Arts Center. I loved that job. The people I worked with were awesome, and the best part was, I could almost dictate how many hours I wanted to work. It seemed perfect at the time, but it still did not eat up enough of my day to give my wife a break.

Yavapai College Aquaculture program 40 CITY OF PRESCOTT


A full-time opportunity came up at the college’s Small Business Development Center and I went to work as a business counselor. Eventually, I was offered my current role as the Director of the REDC. I am enjoying it immensely. PLM: Can you elaborate on the REDC’s role, and how it helps our community’s economic development efforts? Hernandez: The REDC is here to support the efforts undertaken by talented economic development personnel who are in place at local municipalities and at nongovernmental organizations. We are the go-to entity for policy analysis, impact study, data and statistics, workforce

Your ticket to something extraordinary.

Yavapai College Performing Arts Center 1100 East Sheldon Street Prescott, AZ 928-776-2000




Yavapai College Fire Science program Interview with Richard Hernandez, REDC Director, continued... training and development; and most importantly, coordinating and bringing the full resources of the college to the nonacademic community in our area. PLM: I understand that The Center is also home to the Small Business Development Center. Can you tell us more about what they do?

Yavapai College Lineworker program

Hernandez: The SBDC is a federal program co-hosted by the college and the Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBDC provides no-cost, one-on-one, confidential business counseling. This counseling is available to anyone in Yavapai County and is provided by former business owners and subject-matter experts. The team here delivers business counseling, access to capital, and workshops and training to assist, maintain and grow both existing and startup businesses. The SBDC at Yavapai College was one of this year’s “Center of Excellence” award winners. PLM: I can see the college is committed to helping our community’s economic development efforts. What’s in the future? Do you have a vision? Hernandez: We are absolutely committed to bringing a high quality, flexible and evolving product to the community. As far as the future goes, well let’s just say, we are just getting started. Our goal is to be the premier one-stop resource for economic responsive development in Yavapai County. We have some big plans going forward. I believe you will be impressed.

Yavapai College Aviation program







Training tomorrow’s leaders. Education



LEARN WHERE YOU WANT We offer undergraduate, graduate, and a PhD program with a focus in the liberal arts, social justice, and the environment. Eligible on-campus undergraduate students can receive up to $16,000 through our Changemaker scholarship.


Highly Qualified Teachers and Staff including National Board Certified Teachers

Prescott Unified School District, celebrating over 150 years in Prescott, continues to be the most award winning school district in Yavapai County!

Approx. $8 million in academic scholarships for graduating seniors in 2020

2019 FEI Arizona CFO of the Year 2019 Arizona HR Administrator of the Year

2019 Yavapai County Teacher of the Year

2019 Prescott Administrator of the Year

2019 Yavapai County Healthiest School Award 21 Finn Scholars from PHS 1 Horatio Alger National scholar from PHS

7 PUSD teachers received Yavapai County Teacher of the Year in 2020

Over 4300

90% of 2020 PHS graduates entered secondary college, military or working with skills related to their - -

students served in PUSD schools Over 450 employees

CTE coursework

PUSD has received recognition for outstanding leadership, academic performance, student achievement, athletics, fine arts, performing arts programs and much more. PUSD has SEVEN schools in the district, Prescott High, Prescott Mile High Middle School, Granite Mountain School, an exceptional 5th & 6th Grade STEAM Accredited school as well as THREE outstanding Elementary Schools and Discovery Gardens Early Childhood Center, offering Pre-school classes to children 2-5 years old and Pre-K classes at all elementary campuses. Prescott is an excellent place to raise a family and Prescott Unified School’s high caliber educational opportunities, community partnerships and rich traditions are just some of the reasons that PUSD continues to be the number one choice for families in Prescott.

Prescott Unified School District 300 E. Gurley St., Prescott 928-445-5400

Start a new Start a new tradition. tradition. Grades K–12 Grades K–12

Why you should choose BASIS Prescott: Why you should choose BASIS Prescott:

• Half- and full-day kindergarten options: • Half- and full-day kindergarten We begin preparing students for options: success from day one, building We begin preparing students for foundations in language, literacy, success fromhistory, day one, building humanities, science, foundations in language, literacy, math, movement, engineering humanities, history, science, and technology, Mandarin, math, movement, performance arts, engineering visual arts, and technology, Mandarin, and music. performance arts, visual arts, music. • and Expert teachers: Each one of our K–4 classes • Expert teachers: has a Learning Expert Teacher Each one of our in K–4 classes who specializes educational has a Learning Expertthat Teacher pedagogy, ensuring every who specializes in educational student understands and masters pedagogy, that every the material.ensuring Each subject at student understands and BASIS Prescott is taught bymasters a the material. Each subject at Subject Expert Teacher, who BASIS Prescott is taught by a has advanced knowledge in Subject Expert Teacher, who their discipline. has advanced knowledge in discipline. • their Our primary curriculum: We believe that with the right • Our primary curriculum: tools, expert teachers, and We that with the right hardbelieve work, all students can tools, expert teachers, and achieve academic excellence. hard work, all students can Our accelerated curriculum achieve academic excellence. empowers and engages students, Our and accelerated fosters a lovecurriculum of learning. empowers Our coursesand areengages designedstudents, to and fostersand a love of learning. challenge inspire, while our Our courseshelps are designed to curriculum students establish challenge and inspire, while our to a deep foundation of knowledge curriculum helps students establish fuel critical thinking, problem-solving, a deep foundation of knowledge to and creativity. fuel critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

• Comprehensive student support: Our students have access to free, • Comprehensive student support: diverse, and effective student Our students have access to free, support programs, including diverse, and effective student weekly Teacher and Student Hours, support programs, including from peer tutoring, and guidance weekly Teacher and Student the Director of Student Affairs’Hours, office. peer tutoring, and guidance from Starting in grade 9, students and the Student Affairs’ theirDirector parentsof can access free office. Starting in grade 9, students and college information seminars, their parents can access free ensuring that our college-bound college information seminars, students are prepared both ensuring that our college-bound academically and financially. students are prepared both financially. • academically AP Exam resultsand as an investment:

2019 BASIS Prescott graduates took • AP Exam results as an investment: an average of 11.1 AP Exams each 2019 BASIS Prescott graduates took with an average score of 3.53 (out an average of 11.1 AP Exams each of a possible 5.0), and a pass rate with an average of 80.5% percent.score of 3.53 (out of a possible 5.0), and a pass rate 80.5% percent. • of Internationally competitive: BASIS Charter School students • Internationally competitive: outscore their peers in every BASIS School students other Charter participating country and outscore their peers in every educational system, according other participating country to results from the OECD Testand for educational system, according Schools (based on PISA). Their ACT to results the OECD Test for scores also position them and SAT® from Schools (based on PISA). Their ACT for acceptance at the world’s most alsoand position them and SAT® scores prestigious colleges universities. for acceptance at the world’s most colleges and universities. • prestigious College scholarships: The total scholarship amount • College scholarships: earned by 2019 BASIS Charter The total scholarship amount School graduates was $75,576,413. earned by 2019 BASIS Charter 100 percent of BASIS Prescott School graduates was $75,576,413. 2019 graduates who applied for 100 percent of BASIS Prescott college were accepted into a 2019 graduates who applied for four-year program. college were accepted into a four-year program.

RSVP to tour RSVP to tourat our school our school at 1901 Prescott Lakes Parkway Prescott, AZ 86301 1901 Prescott Lakes Parkway Prescott, AZ 86301




Fast Facts

High School •

Air Force JROTC program

Career and technical education

Gifted education

Full array of fine arts and athletic programs

Pride of Prescott Marching Band

Farm to school and outdoor habitat education

K-8 •

Free full-day kindergarten

Before and after school programs

• • • •


Native American education Summer remediation and enrichment programs Extensive volunteer program Active parent-teacher associations and education foundation

Public Charter Schools: Prescott: 16 (according to

Greater Prescott Area: 39 (according to

2019: 23 graduates earned an impressive $2,457,344 million in scholarships 11 National AP Scholars and 84 AP Scholars.


Flinn Scholars from Prescott High School


of 2020 Class entered college military or the workforce upon graduation

58 $7.6

Scholar Athletes



in academic scholarships for graduating seniors


Students Served by PUSD 25 Extracurricular offerings 2 Summer programs Our curriculum provides a foundation of disciplinary

Tri-City College Prep High/ Middle School is nationally accredited, has been recognized every year for the past 10 years by US News and World Report as an outstanding school, is labeled an “A” Excelling school with the Arizona Department of Education and maintains college prep accreditation with Cognia


of Seniors in college or military following graduation Over 50% of the student body participated in sports and in 2020 11 graduates

were scholar athletes with an average GPA of 3.78

50% of the student body participated in music with students qualifying for Northern Arizona Regional Music performance groups. 2020 graduating class was 58 students who took in over $2 million in scholarship Tri-City College Prep was selected by U.S. News and World Reports as one of

“America’s Best High Schools” January 2010.

BASIS Prescott knowledge that fuels critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. It includes courses such as economics, engineering, classics and Mandarin. Education





COMMUNITY Healthcare is the leading industry for growth in Arizona in terms of the number and quality of jobs, according to Lee McPheters, a research professor of economics at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Yavapai County ranks 1st out of all 15 Arizona counties for healthy behaviors, and thanks to a strong network of healthcare partners and collaborators, the community is poised to maintain its position. Nearly 90 percent of people in the community report being able to see a doctor when needed, according to a 2017 Yavapai County Community Health Services report.

4Q NEWS: Dignity Health, Yavapai Regional Medical Center In 4Q 2020, Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) and Dignity Health completed an affiliation, uniting two strong healthcare systems that are committed to creating healthier communities by providing accessible, affordable and innovative health services.



“This is an important milestone in our 77-year journey of serving Yavapai County,” says John Amos, president and CEO of YRMC. “This affiliation will expand our current healthcare services and resources to benefit the people and communities we serve.”

The affiliation will scale best-inclass clinical services, recruit and retain primary care providers and top medical specialists and align clinical operations to improve delivery of care.

“This partnership is a reflection of our shared vision and values with YRMC, and we look forward to helping enhance healthcare services for the residents of Yavapai County,” says Linda Hunt, president and CEO of Dignity Health’s Arizona division. “Yavapai County residents will continue to receive exceptional medical care, and now they will also have access to world-class specialty services.”

HOSPITALS • West Campus Yavapai Regional Medical Center: Largest not-for-profit hospital in the region, YRMC Del E. Webb Heart Center, YRMC Outpatient Services, Pendleton Center East/West, PhysicianCare Clinics. 1003 Willow Creek Road Prescott, Arizona 86301 928-445-2700

• Northern Arizona VA Health Care System: A variety of health services (more than 50) to meet the needs of our nation’s veterans. These include everything from podiatry to oncology and from lab services to general surgery, and much more. 500 North Highway 89 Prescott, Arizona 86313 928-445-4860 or

SURGICAL CENTERS Two surgical centers in Prescott offer residents many of the same surgeries and the same level of care as hospitals with affordable options. Prescott Outpatient Surgical Center is locally owned and operated, and has served the area for 30 years with local physicians and an experienced, compassionate staff. Tri-City

Surgery Center is a multi-specialty ambulatory surgical center with the goal of providing the highest quality outpatient care in a state-of-the-art medical facility. • Prescott Outpatient Surgical Center 815 Ainsworth Drive Prescott, Arizona 86301 928-778-9770 • Tri-City Surgery Center 5430 Distinction Way Prescott, Arizona 86301 928-445-1919

PROVIDERS & SPECIALTIES From family doctors to specialists and from surgeons to chiropractors, Prescott and the Quad-City area has access to a wide variety of highly experienced healthcare professionals. The area also has convenient urgent care clinics at NextCare Urgent Care and Thumb Butte Medical Center.

Founded and directed by Dr. Hojat Askari, Thumb Butte Medical Center is a 12,000 square-foot state-of-the-art multi-specialty medical clinic employing over 20 medical professionals, including six full-time and four part-time doctors who

specialize in family medicine, internal medicine, cardiology, rheumatology, allergy, podiatry and orthopedic surgery. Thumb Butte Senior Living is Prescott’s newest affordable and luxury assisted living community. It will offer independent and assisted living, as well as memory care. One specialty practice offering leading-edge technology and procedures for patients is M&M Eye Institute. The institute has roots dating back to the 1950s and offers the latest in sutureless cataract surgery, vitreoretinal services, Visian implantable contact lenses and much more.

Another important community healthcare resource is Prescott Medical Imaging. Offering state-of-the-art imaging technology coupled with a highly skilled team of radiologists, this imaging center is also known for its accuracy and commitment to personalized and affordable care. In early 2020, Spectrum Healthcare opened a new location in Prescott. Spectrum Healthcare provides structurally integrated healthcare offering primary care, family healthcare, behavioral health, psychiatry and substance abuse services. Health Care




“We support economic development through high quality, innovative & personal medical care.” •

Current state-of-the-art 20,000sf multispecialty clinic

Metro Lab & Lab Corp located inside clinic for your convenience

House calls available for homebound patients or those 85 years and older


Independent Living

Assisted Living

Advanced Memory Care

Organic, International Cuisine from Dr. A’s recipes with love.



PRESCOTT 3124 Willow Creek Rd

We treat you like our family.

928-445-7085 7 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (Mon-Fri)


928-775-9007 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (Mon-Fri)

CHINO VALLEY 87 S. State Route 89,

928-208-4309 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (Mon-Fri)

We Welcome: Veterans New Patients Most Insurances Workers’ Comp Follow us on social media

The Largest Not-For-Profit Healthcare Provider Serving Western Yavapai County • • • •

Site Opened: 1943 Site Runs 24/7/365 1,983 Employees and 710 Volunteers 35,089 Hours of Community Service in 2018

Over 250 medical providers, two acute care hospitals and 26 multispecialty clinics providing advanced inpatient, outpatient and trauma care.

Two-Time Most Wired Hospital as Recognized by the American Hospital Association

Yavapai Regional Medical Center | 1003 Willow Creek Road | Prescott, Arizona 86301 (928) 445-2700 | |





Our experienced surgeons have dedicated themselves to caring for patients within Yavapai County for the past 30 years.


We believe in compassionate medicine, where our focus is on each individual patient. Our team of professionals are among the highest-trained and most experienced anywhere in Arizona.

REQUEST POSC AT YOUR PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE! 8 1 5 A I N S W O R T H D R . , P R E S C O T T A Z 8 63 0 1 • 9 2 8 .7 7 8 .9 7 7 0 • W W W. P O S C- A Z . C O M We accept most insurance. Cash pricing and financing options available.

& Medical Facts Healthcare

The County Health Rankings compiled by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation rank Yavapai County first out of fifteen Arizona counties for healthy behaviors. This ranking is based on behaviors and conditions that increase risks to health including smoking, obesity, sexually transmitted illness, and access to exercise opportunities. Source: 2017 Yavapai County Community Health Assessment

The percentage of the population in Yavapai County who live within half a mile of a city or town park (not including state parks) is 30.0%. The median of all US states is 14.0% Source: CDC’s CHSI

The ratio of population to primary care providers in Yavapai County is 1,537 to


The ratio of population to dentists in Yavapai County is

1,633 to 1

The ratio of population to mental health care providers in Yavapai County is 682 to 1 Source: RWJF County Health Rankings

According to, 58 primary care doctors accept Medicare in the Prescott area, and the region also has several low-cost and/or sliding-scale clinics available, such as Prescott Health Clinic and Community Health Center of Yavapai.

The percentage of children in Yavapai County living below the poverty level is 23.4% Arizona state rate is 26.0% The percentage of families in Yavapai County living below the poverty level is 11.1% Arizona state rate is 13.3% Source: Arizona Health Matters

Number of Providers


Primary Care Physicians in or near Prescott

64 28 10 69 Surgeons



Dentists in or near Prescott Source:

Health Care




Top 15 Entrepr Most ial Sma eneurEntrep ll Cities. reneur. (6/20) com

Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG) provides a number of community programs. Its economic and workforce development division helps build economic success through workforce development partnerships. It also provides comprehensive economic development planning for workforce, business services and tourism development, as well public works and infrastructure development.

AND PARTNERSHIPS At the heart of the most successful community, business and economic ventures is a culture of cooperation. In Prescott, the question is often “How can we help one another succeed?” Here is a roundup of the organizations that remain at the core of that philosophy. Together,TO they INTRO PARAGRAPH COME collaborate on shared goals, organize a variety of events and serve the business community. PRESCOTT DOWNTOWN PARTNERSHIP


928-443-5220 101 E. Gurley St. Prescott, Arizona 86302

928-445-2000 117 W. Goodwin St. Prescott, Arizona 86303

The very active Prescott Downtown Partnership (PDP) has 70 members representing more than 100 businesses and is steadily growing. It has one primary mission: providing a collective voice for stakeholders in historic downtown Prescott to support economic growth and stability.



This organization will soon celebrate its 110th anniversary. It is an active and aggressive business and community leader in helping businesses succeed. At the same time, it provides support for community activities, training programs and recognition events. With 850 members, it is stable and steady in its growth. One of the largest chambers of commerce in Arizona, it hosts a state-designated Visitor Center open seven days a week.

Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is a resource center at Yavapai College for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The center helps businesses succeed through counseling in finance, management and marketing. The tools offered extend throughout the federal, state and county governments, as well as the private sector.

Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) is a statewide economic development organization with the mission of growing and strengthening Arizona's economy. The organization focuses on recruiting out-of-state companies to expand their operations in Arizona, works with existing companies to grow their business in Arizona and beyond, and partners with entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to create new jobs and business in targeted industries.

SCORE SCORE is America’s premier small business mentoring organization. The non-profit association is the leading source of free and confidential business advice. SCORE helps entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve their dreams by building strong, life-long relationships through mentoring, workshops and expert resources. SCORE harnesses the expertise and passion of thousands of volunteers to mentor the success of millions. SCORE is a business resource partner of the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) and counselors to America’s small businesses. 928-778-7438

Economic Development - Workforce Innovation Skills Training

Hot topics-Workforce Development update! ARIZONA@WORK Yavapai County presents the critical connection between businesses and job seekers, offering customized recruitment, training and placement services to increase access to a qualified labor force. The Yavapai County Workforce Development Board is uniquely qualified to be the catalyst for business and labor attraction and retention. The County’s Workforce Board is led by local business leaders and service providers in partnership with State and Federal funding partners. The Workforce Board dedicates their time in developing service strategies that build and sustain a strong talent pipeline for our area. ARIZONA@WORK Yavapai County offers innovative workforce solutions to today’s local economy. Services include career counseling, tuition assistance, paid on the job training for long term employment, apprenticeships, and supportive services that support job placement and training success. We are pleased to announce our Program Year 2019 Annual Report to showcase our successes in Yavapai County! Over 8,900 clients served Total economic impact of $9,429,200 97% Job retention Top industry sectors: Healthcare, Manufacturing and Tourism

558 active employers countywide

Workforce Developmentit’s our job, it’s your job. Together 554 jobs we can make a created difference! For more information please contact Northern Arizona Council $15-$18 of Governments average Economic entry level Workforce wage Development at 928-778-1422, or visit our website at

Northern Arizona has a long history of regional collaboration and success. The Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG), Economic Development District (EDD) spans four counties (47,786) square miles covering 40% of Arizona’s land area. The political jurisdiction within the region include Apache, Coconino, Navajo and Yavapai Counties, 24 incorporated communities, as well as nine tribal nations. NACOG has been a catalyst for regional planning for Northern Arizona for 40+ years. NACOG and its partners in Northern Arizona, through the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), have taken the leadership role to address critical issues facing the region, drive policy changes, and champion projects that will ensure long-term sustainability. In Yavapai County, NACOG EWD services include Economic and Workforce Development, business services through the Business Assistance Center (BAC), transit assistance, job placement, vocational education, essential skills training, entrepreneurial opportunities and more. Through these services, NACOG seeks to create economic opportunities for every member in the Economic Development District.


221 North Marina Street • Prescott, AZ 86301 Teri Drew, Regional Director (928)778-1422

Funded by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act of 2014. U.S. Commerce/EDA. Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aides and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.




Professional and Related Occupations - 25%

Management, Business and Financial Operations - 12%

• •

Prescott has a diverse workforce, focused on professional positions as well as skilled trades. Prescott is the Yavapai County seat, and is home to a major regional medical center, as well as a Veterans Administration Medical Center. Major employers include government, healthcare and construction.

• •

Construction, Extraction and Maintenance

Yavapai Regional Medical Center - Hospital

Prescott Unified School District - Education

• • • • • • • • • • •

Production, Transportation and Material Moving - 9%


Service - 18%



Sales and Office 25%

Yavapai County - Government

Veterans Administration Medical Center - Hospital Walmart - Retail

City of Prescott Government

State of Arizona - Government

Fann Contracting - Hwy/Heavy Construction Yavapai College - Education

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Education Chelton Avionics - Manufacturing Exsil - Manufacturing

Fork in the Road - Dining

Paul Johnson Drywall - Construction

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. - Manufacturing


MORE THAN JUST A MINING TOWN Fast Facts • First mining claim established in 1882 • Converted to open-pit mining in 1945 • Oldest continuous running SX/EW plant • Approximately 1,000 employees • Fleet of 34, 260-ton haul trucks and six shovels

• 275,000 tons of material mined per day • 85,000 tons of copper processed daily • 200 million pounds of copper produced annually • 17 million pounds of molybdenum produced each year

2018 Arizona Economic Impact • • •

$158.0 Million from compensation, business

taxes and vendor purchases

$116.3 Million from employee spending, tax

revenue and vendor purchases

$274.3 Million overall impact on the state


Investing in our people for a better tomorrow

Everyone is a leader. We help each other succeed. We promote the well-being of our people and community.


. e r e h tart




he City of Prescott, the Prescott Chamber of Commerce and partnering organizations recognize the importance of supporting locally-based brick and mortar businesses. Therefore we have launched Shop Prescott: Start Here, a campaign designed to educate the public about the importance of supporting local businesses every day. Shop Prescott: Start Here will be ongoing. This is a Prescott-wide initiative that is supported by a number of organizations, and includes every business.


Shop Prescott: Start Here is a campaign to educate the public about the importance of supporting local brick and mortar businesses of all varieties.


Shop Prescott: Start Here was launched because local brick and mortar businesses have made a significant investment and contribution in our community, and are impacted by online businesses that extract money from the local economy, leaving little behind. It’s time to stand up for them and invite our residents and visitors to do the same.


Shop Prescott: Start Here launched in October 2017. This is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year campaign. 58 CITY OF PRESCOTT



Shop Prescott: Start Here will educate the public in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to: • Window displays in local businesses. • Signs and banners throughout Prescott. • Press releases, media alerts and radio public service announcements. • Website and social media activities. • Speakers bureau going out to service clubs, schools, business organizations and meetings.


Shop Prescott: Start Here is a citywide initiative. It is designed to include all brick and mortar businesses, from boutique stores, to restaurants, hotels, dealerships, educational institutions and service businesses.


• There are over 7,500 businesses in Prescott that have made an investment in our community. • Every dollar spent locally recirculates several times; it’s called the multiplier effect. • Local businesses create local jobs, donate to local causes, and create tax revenue to support high quality public services and schools for Prescott • For more information, contact the Prescott Chamber of Commerce at 928-445-2000 or City of Prescott Communications Office at 928-777-1362.



esearch from the Gallup Poll which focused upon the “State of American Well Being” cited Prescott as being among those in top rankings. Results were released by Gallup in late March.


Prescott ranks among the top 10 in the nation for social and financial wellness. These are defined as having supporting relationships and love in your life; and managing economic affairs that reduce stress and increase security.


Prescott ranks among the top 20 in the nation in purpose and physical categories. These are defined as liking what is done each day and achieving goals; and having good health and energy to get things done daily,


in the U.S. for WellBeing, by Gallup Share-Care, Mar 2018

These results were based on more than 300,000 telephone interviews, according to Gallup.

Located in Historic Downtown Prescott 117 W. Goodwin St.

Across from the Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza

Membership - join today! Visitor Information Center - visit us! Special Events - year round! Calendar of Events - website and printed! Arizona’s Christmas City

Prescott Bluegrass Festival

Photos by Bob Shanks

Lakes and Hiking Trails

Arts & Crafts Show

World’s Oldest Rodeo

Photo by Miller Photo | 928-445-2000 | 800-266-7534




One of t cooles he downto t North A wns in me Expedia rica May 20


As you drive into Prescott, Arizona and approach the downtown district, you get the feeling that time has slowed and you have reached a place where people have made it a home. The beauty of the Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza, with its mature trees, green grass and the historical buildings that surround it, create a sense of place that is rarely found.


he Prescott Downtown Partnership (PDP) is a merchants’ association composed of stakeholders in the downtown district.

Some of the major events that happen in our district include multiple art and craft shows in the spring and summer, including a nationally recognized Western art show sponsored by the Phippen Museum of Art and Heritage of the American West. The Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including the Whiskey Off-Road mountain bike race (attracting 2,000 entrants), a twoday Bluegrass festival and numerous events surrounding the World’s Oldest Rodeo® performances over the 4th of July week. On summer evenings, residents and visitors alike gather at the plaza for the Summer Concert Series musical performances. 60 CITY OF PRESCOTT



Prescott is designated “Arizona’s Christmas City,” and certainly lives up to it over the holiday season. The events downtown include the Holiday Light Parade, the Acker Music Night, where over 100 downtown businesses host live music in their shops, the annual Christmas parade and the courthouse lighting night that draws thousands.

All of these events are sponsored by nonprofit organizations, and are just one example of the spirit of community that shapes the character of our town. The history, the charm and the willingness to get involved make Prescott a special place to live and work.

THE MISSION OF PRESCOTT DOWNTOWN PARTNERSHIP (PDP) It is the mission of our organization to maintain a diverse composition that fosters prosperity for business, preserves our historical charm and continues to be a warm and welcoming place for residents and visitors alike. To that end the PDP is involved in a number of programs and events to make the downtown a great place to live, work and visit.


• Arizona’s 3rd Largest Metro • Regional Center for Trade

• Top Destination for Shopping & Dining • MSA Population: 228,970

L i ve. Le ar n . Wo r k . Play.

Prescott, Ar izo n a .

Learn atat call928-777-1220. 928-777-1204. Learnmore more ororcall Business Resources





Congratulations on your decision to start a business in Prescott! Whether you’re buying an existing business, relocating or building a business from scratch, starting a business is a big undertaking. The City of Prescott offers tools and resources to help businesses, and is available to provide assistance at every step. Here are a few tips to help you get started:



Research the industry, the market and your potential customers. Our website,, offers a multitude of interactive tools and information right at your fingertips.



A business plan is a written document that outlines what your business objectives are and how you intend to achieve them. Business plans can function as a guide to keep the business moving forward and growing, and serve as a tool for seeking funding.



How will you acquire equipment for your business? Do you need a loan to get started? Will your business be a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company? A good business plan will address financial matters and legal structure. Assistance in writing a plan can be obtained through Yavapai College’s Small Business Development Center or Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE).



Your research and business plan will help guide where you decide to locate a business. Our website has a tool to allow you to view available commercial properties in Prescott, and you are always welcome to call us for assistance.

Before you sign a lease or enter into a sales contract, please contact the City of Prescott to schedule a free pre-application conference (PAC). The PAC is designed to inform a potential commercial tenant/owner of property zoning or engineering requirements, as well as building and fire safety requirements. The PAC can provide valuable information on the suitability of property for your proposed use, and whether any permits are needed.


Stop in, call or visit our website for additional information:

CITY OF PRESCOTT – ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OFFICE 201 S. Cortez St. Prescott, AZ 86303 928 777-1204


Getting a business and tax license in Prescott is easy! Simply go online business-development and fill out the form. Your licenses will be processed quickly, and mailed to you when ready. There is also a section with helpful FAQs containing links and telephone numbers for assistance.



We have a staff of professionals ready to help you at each stage of running a business, and can provide tools, resources and programs to help your business grow.


rizona has made a concerted effort in recent years to create a business-friendly, minimalist regulatory environment by cutting red tape and by repealing overly burdensome regulations that would otherwise make business more difficult for companies in the state.


In response to calls from the Arizona business community for streamlined regulation, the Governor and Legislature approved fundamental changes in the administration of Arizona’s transaction privilege tax system. These changes streamline tax collection and eliminate the need for multiple (state and local) tax licenses, tax returns and tax audits. The state’s commitment to reducing red tape and paperwork makes it considerably easier and more efficient for businesses to locate, expand and start up.


In Arizona, unions cannot require workers to pay dues as a condition of their employment. The financial impact of labor peace and business stability is significant - and increasing.

Arizona’s solid reputation and assertive stance on innovation led Fast Company to rank Arizona No. 1 in the country for “entrepreneurial activity”, attracting even more of the nation’s — and world’s — big thinkers.

• • • • •


Business Resources & Partnerships




Top 26 PerformBest Sma ing -The Mil ll City k

en Institu te.




eeping Prescott’s local economy healthy and vibrant depends on the well-being of a community’s existing businesses. Our businesses form the foundation for local employment, stabilize the tax base and serve as engines for Prescott’s overall economic growth. For this reason, our team focuses efforts to help and support local businesses of any size and across all industries.


• Face-to-face meetings to identify opportunities and challenges • Eliminating barriers to growth • Providing resources to expand operations and reach new markets • Connection with resources, tools and support



• Assisting with site selection • Providing workforce resources, including talent recruitment and training • Development assistance with permits, zoning, licensing and other city services • Creation and implementation of business workshops • Encouraging collaboration among businesses, officials and educational professionals • Researching markets, industries and trends • Marketing and developing interest in Prescott • Keeping businesses and stakeholders informed • Promotion of business success stories

COMMITMENT TO BUSINESS By keeping in touch with Prescott’s business community, we identify key items and work toward the development of policies that support and encourage healthy business growth. Prescott’s economic development team operates as a collaborative partnership to enhance the stability and growth of existing businesses while increasing job creation and capital investment. City of Prescott - Economic Development Office, John Heiney, Community Outreach Manager, 928-777-1220



rizona offers one of the lowest costs of doing business in the United States, primarily because of low taxes and small state government. While the national average of per-capita income going to taxes is 9.9 percent, here the number is only 8.4 percent. In addition, Arizona’s taxes on property, gas and personal income remain low compared to the rest of the country.

GOVERNMENT EFFICIENCY Considering the size of the population, the state government is small. In fact, Arizona has the country’s second-lowest number of state and local government employees per 100 residents, according to a 2014 study by the Beacon Hill Institute. That study also ranked Arizona ninth in the nation for government and fiscal policy, which results in a significantly low cost of doing business.


When the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council reviewed Arizona in 2013, it noted the competitive tax reductions enacted, which reduce business costs for companies expanding, moving or starting up in the state. Property taxes here are the sixth-lowest in the country, and unemployment insurance tax is the fourth-lowest. Average costs for workers compensation are another advantage, with Arizona ranked 14th lowest nationwide by the American Legislative Exchange Council in 2015.

9.9% 8.4%

Property taxes here are the sixth-lowest in the country, and unemployment insurance tax is the fourth-lowest. Business Resources & Partnerships


65 65



• Clean air, bright blue skies • Dark, unpolluted nights with star-filled skies • 126-acre Watson Woods Riparian Preserve teaming with wildlife and natural beauty • Over 450 miles of developed hiking trails • Top-notch parks and open space preserves providing recreational activities to include hiking, running, mountain bicycling, horseback riding, nature study, birding, wildlife viewing, rock climbing, water-based recreation, and geocaching • Five local lakes include Willow and Watson on the northeast edge of the city; Goldwater Lake, located in the towering pine forests just south of town; Lynx Lake, a few miles before Prescott off Highway 69; and Granite Basin Lake • Over 300 days of sunshine annually • Abundance of social and volunteer activities to build friendships and stay connected to the community • Walkable downtown with lush, tree-lined square




n 2018, the Gallup-Share Care organization ranked Prescott 9th in the United States for overall well-being and fourth in the community category of the survey.

The State of American Well-Being Index series ranks 186 communities. The report analyzes how well-being varies by community and across five elements: 1. Purpose: liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals. 2. Social: having supportive relationships and love in your life. 3. Financial: managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security. 4. Community: liking where you live, feeling safe and having pride in your community. 5. Physical: having good health and enough energy to get things done daily.

Prescott, with its active living environment, also finished in the top-10 in the social and financial categories and top-20 in the purpose and physical categories.

Gallup study data published in March 2018

Watson Lake, in the northeast part of the city, is home to many species of wildlife and a vast circuit of trails. –Quote from a KTAR news article in Phoenix

We are blessed to have so many wonderful assets here – our mild climate, our hundreds of miles of trails, our diverse and active cultural scene and a caring network of organizations dedicated to wellness. This study goes very in-depth, and Prescott ranks highly in all categories.

–Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli


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North Rim


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Grand Canyon Village





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Granite Mountain & Williamson Valley

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Williams Kingman





Jerome Cottonwood


69 Yavapai Regional Medical Center Fort Whipple VA Medical Center

Rodeo Grounds U of A Cooperative

Cave Creek Carefree

60 Thumb Butte



Gateway Mall

Yavapai College & NAU at Prescott

Prescott College



to I-17 Phoenix

Prescott Lakes


Payson Wickenburg

Watson Lake

Basis School

Mogollon Rim/ White Mountains

Camp Verde






Willow Lake Phippen Museum


Lake Havasu City

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University




Hassayampa Prescott National Forest

70 10 Prescott National Forest


Lynx Lake

to Goldwater Lakes 89










PRESCOTT IS THE PERFECT SPOT TO LAUNCH THESE DAY TRIPS: • Carefree/Cave Creek (90 miles) Trail Rides, Antiques, Massacre Cave • Camp Verde - Cottonwood (43 miles) Verde Canyon Railroad, Wineries • Flagstaff (96 miles) - Snow Bowl, Lowell Observatory, Meteor Crater • Grand Canyon (123 miles) - Hiking, White Water Rafting • Jerome (35 miles) - Art Galleries, Gold King Mine and Ghost Town • Kingman (149 miles) - Grand Canyon West, Skywalk, Zipline • Lake Havasu City (191 miles) - Casinos, London Bridge, Boating

• Navajo Nation (228 miles) - Antelope Canyon, Canyon de Chelly • Payson (99 miles) - Tonto National Forest, Mogollon Rim, Rim Country Museum and Zane Grey Cabin • Sedona (67 miles) - Galleries, Slide Rock State Park, Oak Creek Canyon • Scottsdale (109 miles) - Shopping, Dining, OdySea Aquarium • Wickenburg (59 miles) - Western Museums, Vulture Mine and Ghost Town • Williams (69 miles) - Grand Canyon Railroad, Grand Canyon Deer Farm, Bearizona

Tourism and Visitors, Natural Assets and Amenities






You’ll have to be in good shape to conquer the hundreds of miles of designated trails in the immediate Prescott area. As of last count, more than 150 distinctive named hiking, biking (and sometimes horse) trails wind through the natural scenic beauty of the community and the Prescott National Forest.


he 57-mile Prescott Circle Trail will challenge you. A complete list of the Mile High Trail System —106 miles of it— is available at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center on Goodwin Street south of Courthouse Plaza. Don’t miss the Granite Dells, where unique rock formations thrust out of the ground and tempt hikers and rock-climbers.

Watson Woods Riparian Preserve is the remaining 126-acre portion of what was once a 1,000-acre riparian forest of cottonwood and willow trees. Since the Preserve was established in 1995, it has become an oasis for wildlife and humans alike. If you’re into birding, Prescott’s the place. Designated as an Important Birding Area (IBA) by the Audubon Society, Prescott is home to more than 360 species of birds. The Prescott Audubon Society can provide full details about where to go and when. 68 CITY OF PRESCOTT



If you like water activities, you’ll enjoy the three local lakes —Willow, Watson and Goldwater Lakes. Maintained by the City of Prescott, the 15-acre Goldwater Lake is located in lush pine forests surrounded by rugged mountain areas. The City of Prescott has kayak and canoe rentals available Two others —Lynx Lake and Granite Basin Lake— are in the adjacent Prescott National Forest. If you like kayaking and canoeing—and fishing—you can visit any of these lakes. Of course, all have picnicking and day-use sites.

Willow Lake is home to examples of prehistoric pithouses. The unique site is an example of the Hohokam influence on the people living in the area around A.D. 900-1100. Petroglyphs are found throughout the region, with several areas accessible via the trail system.

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Want to spend time in a park? The city boasts 16 of them, all with amenities that guarantee memorable times. Some are purely recreational—walking and exercising and picnicking. Some are athletic parks—softball, Pickleball, baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, skateboards, a skating rink and the like. One in particular —McCasland Willow Creek Park— features one of only four in the U.S. custom created dog parks. Canines are the most welcome visitors. A complete list with locations is available on the city website prescott-az. gov/services/parks

UNFORGETTABLE TOURS JUST FOR YOU If having someone else do the driving, while you do the enjoying appeals to you, go to to find a local tour. Tours vary from purely sightseeing adventures to physically demanding activities, such as rock climbing and mountain biking. All have expert guides to ensure you’ll have a memorable experience.

THE MILE-HIGH TRAIL SYSTEM contains approximately 106

miles of trails including Rails-to-Trails projects along the former Santa Fe Railroad, the Prescott Circle Trail System, and the Greenways Trails System. The Prescott Circle Trail is a 57 mile network of trails that encircles all of Prescott with varied elevation from 5,140' to 6,690'. The Greenways Trails are urban trails along Granite and Miller Creeks that run through downtown Prescott.

Map # 89A


7 8





Willow Lake

Commerce Dr


Pleasant Valley Dr

15 17

Smoke Tree Ln Northridge Dr



21 Sarafina Dr

Williamson Valley Rd


27 18


Demerse Ave

Iron Springs Rd

Willow Creek Rd

Rosser St





Haisley Rd

2.74 2.35


15 Lakeshore Trail


Over the Hill Trail


Pioneer Park Trails

2 1.1 1.78 0.8 0.4 9 54

Prescott Lakes and 22 Vista Park Trails System


Prescott Peavine 23 National Recreation Trail


Rodeo Grounds Trails

28 Sundog to Lowes Hill Trail 27 Turley Trail 30 Once you download the free PDF Maps App you can purchase a spatially referenced version of this map for use on a smart phone or tablet using this QR code. Get the Trails and Recreation Map on your mobile device now! (all proceeds go to future map releases).


14 Greenways Trail System



1 0.5 1.5

24 Rancho Vista Trail 10


Granite Gardens 13 Trail System

21 Prescott Circle Trail Senator Hwy


8 Embry Riddle-Jan Alfano Trails

12 Granite Dells Estates

Watson Lake Loop Trail

30 Watson Woods trails

Willow Dells Slickrock 31 Trail Loops 32 Willow Lake Loop Trail 26

Storm Trails



7 Constellation Trails

Lower Granite Creek 18 Discovery Trail

Middlebrook Rd Copper Basin Rd



Community Nature 6 Center Trails Network

17 Longview Trail


1 Hassayampa Village Ln 23


Lakeside aka Fishing 16 Trail and Explorer Trails

13 Gurley St


4 Butte Creek Trail

11 Granite Creek Park

Whipple St 11

3 Badger Mountain

10 Goldwater Lake Trails

Prescott Lakes Pkwy


1.5 0.8

Flume Canyon, Watson 9 Dam and Northshore trails




Watson Lake 14


2 Aspen Creek Trail

5 Centennial Trail

Willow Lake Rd Willow Creek Rd

Trail Name

1 Acker Park Trails

0.6 0.5 5.18 2.65 4.79 1.5 3 5.7 6.26 Tourism, Visitor Outreach, Marketing Prescott | | CITY CITY OF OF PRESCOTT PRESCOTT 69 69




nparalleled hospitality, exceptional outdoor activities, a variety of entertainment venues and rich history attract tens of thousands of visitors to Prescott every year – many returning again and again.

There’s always something drawing outof-towners and international guests to “Everybody’s Hometown,” and it goes well beyond the beautiful, moderate summer weather. It might be the annual Prescott Frontier Days® Rodeo Parade occurring around the Fourth of July, where thousands guests of people registered this don Western past year at wear, whoop the Prescott and applaud. Chamber of Sometimes they Commerce join the Prescott Visitor Center Frontier Days®




cowboys and cowgirls in town for the World’s Oldest Rodeo® – the secondlargest in Arizona. Or it might be one of the two Christmas parades. One is during early evening, featuring lighted floats; the other is midday, and has dozens of entries, which all celebrate the city that is officially designated “Arizona’s Christmas City.”

Visitors enjoy a range of entertainment options, such as the sold-out Prescott POPS Symphony Orchestra to the classical programs performed by the Phoenix Symphony, brought to town by the Yavapai Symphony association. They delight in outdoor summer concerts by the Central Arizona Concert Band on the iconic Courthouse Plaza and stand in awe of history at the restored century-old Elks Theatre. And they can wash down all of the fun with a night out on the town in the vibrant Whiskey Row nightlife area.

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The City of Prescott Recreation Department organizes programs throughout the year. Competitors from throughout the Southwest come to “Arizona’s Softball Capital” for tournaments almost every month. Same is true for Little League and adult baseball, soccer, basketball, and a growing favorite, Pickleball leagues.

VISITORS MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT The most recent Prescott Chamber of Commerce count of visitors who walk through their doors showed that more than 30,000 guests registered this past year. That figure doesn’t begin to tell the true number of tourists, as only a small number of those who visit sign in.

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A better gauge might be the ever-increasing transient tax collection numbers (based on the citywide bed tax). Those numbers are up the past year by 13.8 percent, and represent more than 630,200 receipts. m

In sum, Prescott is not just a “passthrough” community on the way to somewhere. It is a destination, one gaining national and international recognition as the place to go for a “True West-Real Adventure.”

Tourism and Visitors, Natural Assets and Amenities



True West. Real Adventure. 866.878.2489 • VISIT-PRESCOTT.COM



Indoorand andoutdoor outdoorvenues venuesavailable availabletoto Indoor accommodatesmall smallprivate privategroups groupsoror accommodate largeparties partiesofof100+ 100+ large

TomWeiskopf Weiskopf Tom SignatureGolf GolfCourse Course Signature

Exclusive, center, Exclusive, sscenter, saunas,steam steamrooms, rooms, saunas, outdoorpool pooland andhot hottub tub outdoor

(928)350-3150 350-3150 (928) 2060Golf GolfClub ClubLane Lane| |Prescott, Prescott,AZ AZ86303 86303 2060





The oldest incorporated city in the county and the Original Territorial Capital, Prescott remains not only the hub of government, but also the center of retail business for Yavapai County and Central Arizona.


ith more than 7,400 businesses that include major national retail chains, boutiques and small locally-owned mom-and-pop stores, there’s little reason for shoppers to venture elsewhere for products. A moderate four-season climate, coupled with events, activities and celebrations throughout the year — punctuated by excellent retail shopping facilities — mark Prescott as a top destination.

1,300 200

hotel rooms




The community offers many shopping centers with popular stores, including two Walmart locations, COSTCO, Trader Joe’s, Dillards and Sprouts. Hardware stores range from Lowes to locally-owned True Value.

Fabulous shopping is a great partner for fabulous dining. Prescott offers national chains like Olive Garden and In & Out Burger, plus specialty one-of-a-kind restaurants like The Barley Hound, The Raven and El Gato Azul.


designated acres of land adjacent to Prescott Municipal Airport for business and light industrial growth

70% of e ees are mploying rem workonce a otely Internati week ona place G l Workroup


A CASE STUDY IN SUCCESS: T he American workforce is changing drastically with a growing population of consultants, freelancers, contractors, solopreneurs, and remote workers—who work independently to build businesses, develop their careers, pursue passions, and/or supplement their incomes. All signs indicate that we are nowhere close to hitting the plateau. Together, they combine to make a powerful economic force that is reaching into rural locations like Prescott.

This new workforce has many people trying to work from home only to discover that working from home can come with a whole new set of challenges that include everything from distractions, interruptions, feelings of isolation, loneliness, and the need to create a clear division between work life and home life. A new study by International Workplace Group interviewed 18,000 employees across 96 international companies and found that 70% of employees are working remotely once a week and 53% are spending half the week away from the office. By 2020 50% of all workers will be remote most of the time.

Melanie Banayat, entrepreneur and founder of WingSpace Coworking, recognized the need for a collaborative workspace in the Prescott area. Having many years of experience working independently herself as a freelance graphic designer, professional artist, award winning author, and holistic health coach, she understands the pain points of working from home for over 30 years. In 2018 Banayat opened WingSpace Coworking to provide a professional work space for independent workers to work independently, but together. Banayat says ”You may have to work, but you don’t have to work alone. We not only care that you succeed in your work, we also care that you succeed beyond work!”

WingSpace is like a gym for people to come get work done. Members can also share ideas, brainstorm, network, join a business mastermind accountability group, problem solve, peer mentor, attend business educational classes, enjoy social events, and make new friends. They even have a business accelerator program called BOOST to help small business owners reach new goals.

Located in downtown Prescott, WingSpace has furnished private and shared offices, conference rooms, speedy WiFi, plenty of convenient free parking, a shared space with semi private dedicated desks, and a cafe’ area with a variety of seating options.

Learn more at, cowork@ , or call 928 239-5656



2019 Total Vehicle Sales

2019 Total Vehicle Sales

Over 2,400

Over 850

2019 Total Vehicles Serviced Over 22,000

Total Staff 96

(928) 443-8300

2019 Total Vehicles Serviced Over 7,700

Total Staff 50

(928) 445-7350


PRESCOTT VENUES Those seeking sites for meetings, conferences, conventions or other gatherings have a full range of venues to select from in Prescott. More than 40 are identified in the listings below— and there are many more to discover.


rescott is an ideal location for conferences, CEO retreats and gatherings. The mild year-round temperatures create opportunities for off-site activities for your group, and the scenic beauty provides a gorgeous backdrop to make your event truly memorable.




• Best Western Prescottonian • Forest Villas • Gurley Street Lodge Bed & Breakfast • Hampton Inn • Hassayampa Inn • Hotel St. Michael • La Quinta Inn & Suites & Convention Center • Prescott Pines Inn • Prescott Resort and Conference Center • Residence Inn by Marriott Prescott • SpringHill Suites by Marriott Prescott • Opening Fall of 2020- Hilton Garden Inn with Sam Hill conference center.


• Capital Canyon Club • Elks Theatre & Performing Arts Center • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University: Davis Learning Center; Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium at STEM Center; The Hangar at Jack L. Hunt Student Center; Student Activity Center • Finn at Touchmark • Grace M. Sparkes Activity Center • Heritage Park Zoo • Holiday Courtyard • Museum of Indigenous People • Phippen Museum • Prescott Adult Center • Prescott Centennial Center at Antelope Hills Golf Course • Prescott Chamber Visitor Information Center • Prescott College Crossroads Center • Prescott Vibes Event Center • Sharlot Hall Museum Gardens • Talking Rock • The Barley Hound • The Club at Prescott Lakes • ‘Tis Art Center & Gallery • Yavapai College—Performing Arts Center; Boyd Tenney Library Community Room


Ann Steward, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, City of Prescott 201 S. Cortez St., Prescott AZ 86301 928-777-1259


• The Highlands Center for Natural History • Prescott Parks and Lakes – Goldwater, Watson, Willow • Granite Creek Park • County Courthouse Plaza

Tourism and Visitors, Natural Assets and Amenities



• Three spacious floor plans averaging from 400 to 700 sf. • Fully-equipped kitchen in every suite • Groceries delivered right to your door • Free daily hot breakfast with a wide selection of healthy choices • Outdoor pool, two Jacuzzis, fire-pit, fireplace and BBQ area • Well equipped business center and conference rooms • Convenient 24-hour market • Pets accepted • Lower rates for longer stays • Conference room seating capacity up to 80. A/V available • WiFi included

928.775.2232 •3599 Lee Circle • Prescott, Arizona 86301 •


esting on the Top Of The Rock with incredible views of the grand scenery of Prescott, the Prescott Resort & Conference Center is the area’s only full service resort. Featuring 160 beautifully appointed guest rooms sharing the culture of the Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe, and 16,000 square feet of banquet and meeting space, the Resort is the number one choice for leisure guests, meetings, local organizations, weddings, social gatherings and tour operators seeking affordable and luxurious accommodations in Northern Arizona. Designed in the spirit of the Yavapai tribe, all guest rooms and public space showcase artwork and ambiance indicative of the majestic beauty of the Prescott area. • 160 Guest Rooms featuring Deluxe King and Double Queens and King and Double Queen Suites • 16,000 square feet of flexible meeting and banquet space which accommodate five to 700 people • New State-Of-The-Art A/V and Digital system installed in 2018 • Catering and conference and social meeting amenities • Full Service Restaurant and Lobby Café • Indoor salt water pool and whirlpool, Fitness Center, onsite Spa Services • Bucky’s Casino attached • Complimentary parking • Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout • All rooms have flat screen TVs, coffee makers, refrigerators and spectacular views

PRESCOTT RESORT & CONFERENCE CENTER 1500 Highway 69, Prescott AZ 86301 Resort: (928) 776-1666 Guest Room Reservations: (800) 967-4637 Meetings and Conferences: (602) 594-5145



irst-time visitors to Prescott come here for a whole host of reasons, but most often they are lured by the historic, romantic appeal of Western heritage coupled with the area’s breathtaking beauty. No place more embodies the Old West than Whiskey Row, where saloons, restaurants,



boutique shops and hotels look straight out of a Western movie set. Stroll the street, and it’s a cinch that someone in a cowboy hat will look at you, smile and offer a sincere, warm greeting.

Prescott offers outdoor enthusiasts unlimited adventure and beauty. Known locally and nationally for having the state’s best and most extensive opportunities for hiking and biking, Prescott lays claim to more than 550 miles of well-maintained and developed trails. Sixteen city parks round out these offerings, while five area lakes (Goldwater Lake, Willow Lake, Watson Lake in Prescott, and Lynx Lake and Granite Basin Lake in the adjacent Prescott National Forest) provide ample opportunities for boating and fishing. Five golf courses are immediately available, too. Guests enjoy the Sharlot Hall Museum, where the history and culture of central Arizona has been preserved. They can visit the Museum of Indiginous People, where the history and culture of Southwestern Native American tribes

the One of rming ha “Most C Cities Small na” in Arizo om, ag.c TravelM 018 y Ma 2

are on display. The Phippen Museum of Western Art on the north side of the city features exceptional Western arts exhibits. The world’s largest model airplane display is open to the public at the Christine and Steven F. UdvarHazy Library on the campus of EmbryRiddle Aeronautical University. The Highlands Center for Natural History is a contemporary scientific and ecological center for the region. So, while it might be true that the tens of thousands of visitors to Prescott come every year for the Wild West, they often stay and return for the arts, culture and abundance of recreational opportunities.

Most Top 10 Towns ul Beautif izona. r A in ltu



full range of social organizations serve various roles within the community. Some cater to military and veterans (VFW, DAV, American Legion and others). Others include Habitat for Humanity, People Who Care, Coalition for Compassion and Justice and Prescott Area Women’s Shelter. Several non-denominational and religious or spiritual organizations reach out to assist the needy. Still others provide food and necessities (among them Community Cupboard, Yavapai Food Bank, and Catholic Social Services) to children and those in need.

The same is true of service organizations that volunteer to assist the community, such as Lions International, Kiwanis International, Rotary Clubs, Prescott Elks Club, Soroptomists and PEO, a philanthropic educational organization.


Some are sponsored, such as recreational leagues for both youth and adults in soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, football, bowling, tennis, Pickleball, golf, biking and swimming. Many of the foregoing are supported through the city’s recreation department, which provides dozens of facilities designed for such activities.


Recently, the Prescott City Council designated a multi-block sector area in the center of town as the official Entertainment District. The result is a well-defined and quite walkable area that is replete with educational, cultural and entertainment experiences to match almost every interest at any time of year.

Scattered throughout the greater community are venues and attractions designed to educate, entertain and provide pleasure.

The following list cites just a few. • Arizona Softball Hall of Fame Museum • Elks Theatre and Performing Arts Center • Fort Whipple Museum • Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew Learning Tribute Center • Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary • The Highlands Center for Natural History • Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium at ERAU Natural History • Mountain Arts Guild and Gallery • Museum of Indigenous People • Phippen Museum of Western Art • Prescott Chamber Orchestra • Prescott Film Festival • Prescott Center for the Arts

• • • •

Prescott POPS Symphony Orchestra Prescott Western Heritage Center Sharlot Hall Museum Yavapai College Performing Arts Center and Art Museum • Yavapai Symphony Association


Year-round, the more than a century-old iconic Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza has been a gathering spot for individuals, groups, organizations and visitors.

Visitors and residents alike enjoy the annual Christmas Courthouse Lighting. Linked to the designation given to Prescott by the late Governor Rose Mofford —“Arizona’s Official Christmas City”— the event is preceded by a colorful Christmas parade the first week of December. The rest of the year is equally as busy, providing educational, cultural and entertainment experiences to match almost any desire. Among them: • • • • •

Arts and crafts shows Car shows and exhibits Musical concerts Patriotic events Historical commemorations

Tourism and Visitors, Natural Assets and Amenities






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