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150th Day Of School Gathering During the 150th Anniversary Year Doreen Kelly, Head of School, began the celebration with an opening speech about the impact of teachers and an outline of the morning’s events.

Will Ormand, ‘13, addressed the entire Ravenscroft student body and shared his experiences with the teachers that helped him along in his educational journey through Middle and Upper schools.

...And the Band Played On...

Photos by Helen Velk


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Table of Contents Page 2 Current Events: Emi Myers Page 3 ‘Croft Cars: Lindsay Thompson Page 4 Summer: Abbie Green Page 5 Senior Spotlight: Marianela de Oro

Page 6 Awkward: Audrey Hammerstein Page 7 Editorial:

Caroline Scales, Calley Mangum & Max Sminkey

Page 8 YOGO: Daniella Solovay Page 9 Remember?: Kate Sweeney Pages 10 BlackJack: Jimbo Barnes & Matthew Quesenberry

Page 11 Twitter: Cameron Castleberry & Lee Massey


Current Events for Dummies Boston Marathon Bombings Emi Myers T


wo bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15. A total of three people were killed, including one eight year old boy, and 264 injured, several of which ended with amputations. The following Thursday afternoon, two suspects were identified from surveillance footage collected from private businesses and released to the public by the FBI. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 27, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, were identified as the suspects featured in the video later that evening. At 10:30 p.m. a shooting was reported at the MIT campus followed by a carjacking in which the Tsarnaev brothers matched the description given by the witnesses. Police proceeded to chase the stolen car to Watertown, a suburb just outside of Boston proper. Authorities reported that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was critically injured and died later that night. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev continued to flee into Watertown and hid in a trailered boat outside of a house on the outskirts of the town. On Friday, April 19, at around 9:00 p.m., Tsarnaev was taken into custody with severe and possibly life threatening throat injuries.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev remains in critical condition with an unspecified throat injury. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

W h a t H a p p e n s t o Ts a r n a e v N o w ?


o far in the process, Tsarnaev has been charged with “using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death” and with “malicious destruction of property resulting in death” associated with the Marathon Bombing. Initially, he was questioned without being read his Miranda Rights for primary questioning with the authority of “Miranda’s Public Safety Exception” but has since been read his rights. If convicted of these crimes, he could face the death penalty. Tsarnaev said he could not afford a lawyer and has been interrogated since. Some justice specialists suspect he will be detained at the infamous Guantanamo Bay.

A r e A l l M u s l i m s Te r r o r i s t s ?


o. The Islamic religion neither preaches terrorism nor promotes the killing of Americans in a blanket statement. Firstly, Islam was founded in 622 CE, over a thousand years before the creation of the American nation. Therefore, it is impossible to be based fully on principles that didn’t even exsist at the time of its conception. Just as Christianity has the Westboro Baptist Church, picketing funerals of soldiers and tormenting mourning families, Islam has extremist groups and groups that have a religious affiliation but this does not make every Muslim evil nor does it make them a terrorist.

North Korea

Pages 12 & 13 Farewell: Austin Morin & Stephanie Wiehe

Page 14 Slang: Skye Dietelbaum Page 15 Just The Facts: Austin Morin Page 16 - Page 22 Senior Wills Layla Tanik

Page 23 MBA Draft: Jimbo Barnes, Jordan Bednar & Matthew Quesenberry

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To W a t c h V i d e o s About Ravenscroft, Please Go to Nevarmore Online

Kim Jong Un poses for picture surrounded by military personel. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.


ince 2009, North Korea has been developing nuclear missiles consistently threatening attacks on Japan, South Korea, and the United States. These threats have escalated recently in intensity as the North Korean military has been moving some missiles from nuclear testing locations to possible launch sites. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced that he would be willing to talk to North Korea given they would begin to denuclearize their country.

Is North Korea Going to Bomb Us? Scan this QR code for instant access!


s, as in Raleigh, North Carolina? Realistically North Korea will try to bomb either Japan or South Korea and would target U.S. military bases. This is an actual possibility, yet, a bombing of any location would result in the immediate takeover of North Korea and an end to the tyrannical regime lead by Kim Jong Un.

Negotiations N

orth Korea has issued two requirements in order to have communication with the U.S. and South Korea: a retraction of U.N. sanctions and an end of joint U.S./South Korea military drills. It is doubtful that any of the three parties will oblige the aforementioned requests seeing as North Korea has shown no intention of denuclearizing their country.

Is North Korea Democratic? The official name of North Korea is actually The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. Technically, Kim Jong Un is elected into office but in reality there is only one name on the ballot. It is illegal to form a political party and if you tried to run for the presidency, you as well as all of your family would be imprisoned in a political prison camp for the rest of your lives.

Human Rights Violations The North Korean government has not

allowed any human rights organizations into its borders since its creation. A lack of food affects nearly everyone in North Korea. This is due mainly to a distribution of the governmental budget that supports the second largest military in the world (the first being the United States). Basic infrastructure is not maintained so many citizens are without electricity and, occasionally, running water. However, it is in the political prison camps that atrocities are committed on a daily basis. It starts with a corrupt justice system in which an accusation is as good as a conviction. Then the camps themselves: prisoners are subject to slave labor, torture, and public execution. Mortality rates are extremely high due to extreme malnutrition, illness, and work accidents.


N evarmore


Cars at the ‘Croft Student Survey

Photo Credit: CC-BY


Reckless Roadsters


A survey was sent out to students asking a number of relevant questions regarding the topic of

student driving. A total of 89 students responded, representing approximately the same number of students from each grade, with a slightly larger representation of juniors. The results of The Nevarmore survey suggests that the insurance companies which claim that teenage drivers are less responsible are accurate, and indeed, of all the students that participated, 80% agreed with this statement. Since the majority of students that drive to school seem to park in the student lot, it is important to take note of this statistic.

According to Kevin Billerman, Assistant to the Head of

68% 65% 70% 16% 24%

Confirmed that they have been involved in an accident of some kind at some point during their driving experience.

Of students who confirmed that they have witnessed unsafe behavior in the student parking lot.

Of the respondents also reported that they have been in a car with people who were driving unsafely at some point.

Said that their car has been damaged as a result of parking there.

Replied that they would recommend further addressing and enforcing safety in this area.

Upper School, student driving is a topic that draws formal complaints and is a problem on our campus, to some extent. Bill Pruden, Head of Upper School, who was also interviewed regarding this topic, wishes to reinforce the idea that driving is a privilege and a responsibility, and thus it must be taken seriously. Concern about on campus driving ebbs and flows. However, it must be noted that students are not the only drivers on campus, and anyone is capable of causing an accident. Billerman considers speeding and reckless driving to be the two major issues regarding driving on campus, and there have been some issues in the past involving people riding in the backs of pickup trucks, not wearing their seat belts, and sticking their heads out of car windows, although this is not a particularly prominent problem. Between students, faculty, and parents, the group that is typically the most reckless includes the students, however other groups such as parents do contribute to the category of speeding drivers.

Dishonest Damage


rity, Dennis Lane and/or the Raleigh police officer on campus. You should also make every possible effort to contact the owner of the car, and even leave a note with your information if necessary. If you find damage on your own car, you can also contact Wessing because some parts of the parking lots are covered by cameras, and the person who damaged your car may have been caught on tape.

f you damage someone else’s car, you need to recognize that it is your fault and be prepared to take responsibility for your actions. It is not okay to just drive away and not hold yourself accountable because it is not fair to the person whose car you damaged. In the event that you do accidentally hit someone else’s car, you should immediately report the accident to Anne Wessing, Administrative Assistant, who will inform Head of Secu-

Photo Credit: CC-BY

Parking Lot Protocol


he administration has had some discussion about inappropriate behavior in the student parking lots and wishes to remind students that practices like car surfing and riding in the back of a pickup truck really are not safe. Offenses will be addressed when necessary and can result in a loss of driving privileges. There have only been a few incidents in recent years con-

cerning unsafe behavior in the student parking lots of which the administration is aware. However, dangerous behavior is sternly addressed, and irresponsible driving usually results in a phone call home after the first offense, and the suspension of driving privileges after the second incident. Sometimes off-campus lunch privileges also need to be suspended temporarily in certain cases.

Billerman also wishes to remind students that any form of vandalism, including writing on other peoples’ cars, is strictly forbidden. This has only really been a problem in the context of underclassmen who have injuries and therefore have permission to park in the senior parking lot, and have consequently incurred the retaliation of their older peers.

Safe Speed S

peeding is a problem on campus, and Bill Pruden, Head of Upper School, asks that drivers be cognizant of the fact that there are small children on campus. Billerman agrees with this assessment and also emphasizes the importance of following the 15 mph speed limit because Ravenscroft is a Pre-K to 12th grade campus, and it is important to be aware that there are young children that might not yet have learned about the danger of running into the road. Driving too quickly can be reported by anyone and will also be addressed accordingly. It is interesting to note that there have not been many

Digital Distractions Another problem on campus is

cell phone use. Although this is something that is typically thought of as being a student-related issue, it is important to remember that using a cell phone while driving is not safe for anyone including students, faculty, or parents.

significant problems pertaining to speeding as a result of off-campus lunch. Pruden feels that since he has been working here, there are more off-campus choices than ever, which also decreases urgency and the need to speed as a result of increased proximity of these options to the school campus. It is also interesting to note that both seniors and juniors used to be able to go off campus every day, however complaints and concerns primarily from parents resulted in the younger group only being allowed to leave for one day as it adjusts to this new privilege. Speeding does, however, seem to be the main problem regarding driving on campus.

Sufficient Space?

Pruden explained that parking only seems to be a problem during large events and meetings, but is generally not an issue. If the school were to increase parking space, the question of how to most appropriately use available space must additionally be considered, Pruden added. Although the practice of parking on the grass when there is not available space is understandable, Pruden emphasizes that this should not be done out of convenience, but only out of necessity. Billerman also feels that parking is not typically an issue, with the occasional exception of large events, and reinforces the point that everyone does have a designated parking area. He also reminds students that parking on the grass is not typically allowed.

Dennis Lane’s Comments A

ccording to Dennis Lane, Ravenscroft’s Director of Protective Services, about five car accidents have been formally reported this year, which is a number that is fairly consistent with other years. Although the school has complaints every year, it is interesting to note that students are not the only ones who have problems with irresponsible driving. One point of concern involves the school’s 15 mph speed limit, which Lane says is

very important to follow due to the number of people driving on this campus and how speeding can contribute to congestion. Parking only seems to be an issue during special events, and parking on the grass may occasionally be a necesity but is generally discouraged. There have been few complaints regarding unsafe behavior in the student parking lots. However, in the event that a car becomes damaged, the incident should be reported to Lane or the Upper School office immediately.


Jocular Jokes

ne amusing incident regarding student cars did happen back when the high school resided in the current Middle School. For senior prank day, the students removed the middle barrier in the double doors, and then drove their cars inside. They proceeded to park along the interior hallway, creating a bit of a car conundrum.

There was also an incident in which seniors parked parallel in the perpendicular lower parking lot, thus taking up significantly more space than usual. They did this because they were mad at juniors who had parked in their lot in the past. However, they got in trouble for this because it was chapel day and there was limited parking in the first place.


N evarmore


Summer 2013

Abbie Green


Summer is just around the corner, and many Ravenscroft students have exciting plans. From China to One Direction concerts, read what your classmates will be up to this summer.

International Travels “I am spending a month inCanada this summer. I am going to Prince EdwardIsland, Quebec, and Ontario.”

“I’m going to China, Mexico, and Amsterdam.” - Shakim McKeithan, ‘13

- Katherine Booth, ‘15 “I will be traveling back to Argentina to spend my summer in the winter.”

“I’m probably going to Spain over the summer.” - Delaney Roberts, ‘16

- Marianela de Oro, ‘13

Summer Camps “Driver’s ED, beach trip to Ocracoke, softball camp at UNCW, and surf campwhere we make our own surfboards and keep them at Wrightsville Beach.” -Michelle Powell, ‘16

“I’m going to be a sailing counselor at Camp Seafarer for 10 weeks, and I’m going to a One Direction concert with Alicia Richards!” -Margaret Edwards, ‘13

“I’m going to a surfing camp, and we’re designing our own boards. I’m also going to Governor’s School for art at Salem College.” -Rebecca Powell, ‘14


“I’m going on “I’m official college doing a visits for football, field hockey and doing sumcamp, and mer workouts a sports at Ravenscroft.” camp.” -Avery Edwards, ‘14 -Taylor Ednie, ‘13

“I am going to Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Orlando, New York, Richmond, and maybe Las Vegas, all for basketball.” -David Reynolds, ‘15

National Travels “I am going on a NOLS trip to Alaska where I will be backpacking for a month. I am traveling there alone, and will be hiking with a group I have never met.” -Austin Morin, ‘15

I’m going to the annual Leakycon in Portland, Oregon with a friend. Leakycon is a Harry Potter convention. -Sophie Raymer, ‘15


“I’m going to be in a play called Fuddy Meers at Theatre in the Park d owntown in June. I’ll be playing the role of Kenny.” -Colson Dorafshar, ‘14


N evarmore

Seniors Share Their ‘Croft Memories Marianela de Oro

Will Barefoot “Be yourself. It’s not cool to think that you are too cool to be yourself.”



The final countdown started and seniors start feeling the excitement about finally graduating. Some are scared and some others can’t wait to leave school. Let’s get an inside view on how Seniors feel as graduation approaches.

ill Barefoot entered Ravenscroft in 3rd Grade. He said his teacher that year always fell asleep while he was reading aloud to the class. His favorite class was AP Lang but he claims choosing a favorite teacher is not fair. He loves every teacher equally in different ways. He learned so much about his life, not just about writing papers He is really going to miss Ragin’ Ravens and all of the people he has gone to school with for so long and gotten to know so well. He is definitely nervous about finding new friends after being with the same friends for so long.

Will’s Favorite Memory

For him, the funniest memory was

how Alex Spears and Sam Bader messed with Assistant Head of Upper School, Kevin Billerman, during Morning Meeting his freshman year. “It was hilarious”

Will Would Change...


f he had a chance to change anything about the past years he would have tried a lot harder his freshman and sophomore years, because it catches up with you. Don’t think those two years don’t matter because they definitely do. “I probably would have hit on more senior girls as an underclassmen too, haha”

Liz Kloster “Don’t take AP Stats”

Liz Kloster has been attending Ravenscroft since kindergarten.


In ten years I will...


n ten years, Meghan sees herself married and in a journalistic job that spreads important messages about different social issues to people. She would be pursuing photography. She’d have a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia and would be traveling.

Savannah Miller

Savannah started attending

Ravenscroft freshman year, Her favorite memory from school was decorating a lab coat for Mr. Karny in junior year. They just walked out of his class on a movie day and went to the world languages suite. They each signed it and wrote funny Karnistry quotes on the back in colorful sharpies. “Mr. Karny” and “AP Potions and Alchemy” were embroidered on the front. Then came back to his class just as the bell for 4th period rang and didn’t tell him where they had gone. They gave it to him later during a potluck! She said she is scared of graduating because of having to adapt to a whole new routine and environment and she knows she’ll miss her friends and teachers.

Liz’s Favorite Memory

he funniest anecdote for her was back in 7th grade this kid, Jessie, had a lunch box that was a real old ammo box. He left it under a tree after lunch and one of the teachers called the bomb squad.

“Focus more on what makes you happy and what you’re passionate about rather than a letter grade or how many AP classes you’re taking. It’s overplayed, but it’s one of the most important lessons in the book. Learn who you are and grow from it. Make the most of the opportunities you’re given” year, after she moved here from Ohio. Her favorite teachers are Mr. McGill and Mrs. Belk and her favorite class AP Lang. She is a little bit nervous about being away from her parents and dogs since she is an only child, but knows it will all work out. She is going to miss her friends, teachers, and busy work. Her major is journalism and she will minor in photography.

Bryant Dowd

“Enjoy your senior year because it flies by! Work hard every year but don’t stress out too much over school. Be sure to enjoy senioritis”


ryant Dowd is a lifer at Ravenscroft. He can’t wait to graduate and enter a new environment, with new experiences and friends but he is nervous that his study habits will be gone after the past months of Senioritis. He is going to miss his classmates and Mr. Pendergrass . He has been his band director since the 4th grade, and an unbelievable mentor, friend, and teacher over the years. He said he will undoubtedly miss Mr. P the most as he moves on to college

Bryant’s Favorite Memory

When asked for the funniest

anecdote he said one day in A good memory from school is when they Middle School one of the boys in his went on the Junior Mountain Trip and everyone bonded over grade got in trouble, and a rumor started how much it sucked since it was raining, but looking back she that he was being kicked out of school. thinks it was really fun. Liz’s favorite teachers are As the rumor spread, Dr. Nunalee, Mrs. Belk, and Mr. McGill and her favorite class is a domino effect of crying took over HUGE. She is nervous about graduating but is also excited some of the girls in the grade. They were for a new scene and to meet new people. She says she is really literally all on the Finley Center going to miss her friends. Her major in college will be floor sobbing. Mrs. Colpitts was standing elementary education and in ten years she sees herself teaching over them, unable to make them move. elementary age kids in developing countries. “It was priceless.”so

Meghan McAllister

Meghan McAllister began attending Ravenscroft since junior


Liz’s Would Change...

If she could start school all over again she would have tried harder to keep her grades up to open up her options for college.

Parker Sutherland “Find good friends, forget the small things, and MATH IS CUMULATIVE! If you don’t bother learning something in math, it will come back and kick you in the butt sooner or later. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Parker has been at ‘Croft for 13 years since he entered at 1st

grade but did 4th grade twice. Any class with Dr. D is his favorite class. He always makes the classes interesting and more than the typical history class. Parker has a list of favorite teachers, Mrs. Hancock (1st grade), Mr. Philips (8th Grade), and Sr. Luna (11th grade). He is not nervous to start college, “I don’t think I could be more ready to head off.” He is, however, going to miss his friends, awesome teachers, and sleeping in his own bed. He wants to be an engineer, really anything with building or fixing things.

Parker ’s Favorite Memory

One of Parker’s fa-

Bryant Would Change...


f he could start school all over again he would have worked harder his first two years to make a little better grades so that his junior year and first semester of senior year weren’t so stressful. Also, he would not have taken Honors Chemistry (no offense Mr. Karny)

Caroline Scales “If you’re thinking about taking certain AP’s, but don’t think you’ll be able to handle the work of more than one in a year/semester, don’t do it. Take only one. If you study hard and you try something even after failing, you can try again”


aroline Scales has been coming to Ravenscroft since Kindergarten. Her favorite class is The Inferno in Film and Literature and her favorite teacher Mrs. Velk. She says she is going to miss the sense of routine and the great relationships with the teachers encouraged here at Ravenscroft.

In ten years I will...


aroline can’t wait to graduate. She is mostly excited sort of nervous because she will be far away from her home, and “I don’t know how to do laundry!” She is happy that she will be at the beach with new people. A new start! In ten years, she sees herself in a big city, with a big dog working at a job that she loves that allows her to be creative.

Caroline Would Change...

If she started school all over again, she would not have

procrastinated as much as she did. She knows she added a lot of unnecessary stress because of it. vorite memory is from the 5th grade band trip to Carowinds. Thomas Sigmon, Parker, Bryant Dowd, Trey Howard mily Velk is a lifer and Winn Williams all Photo Provided by Parker Sutherland at Ravenscroft. She said she had such a waited over an hour to great high school experience ride on the new ride, The Borg. When they got to the front of and had so many awesome memories, the line they found out that one of them had to ride with it was just too difficult to choose one. some high school kids that were skipping class so Winn went However, one of the ones that is up ahead and rode with them. They had the front car and there is definitely prom night we could hear Winn screaming like a girl at the top of his lungs. and getting crowned queen! She doesn’t know if she is scared of graduating. It is kind of a bittersweet moment for her. She is excited to go to a new place and meet new people but she is really going to miss her close high n ten years, he says, hopefully, he will have a nice, high paying school friends. In ten years she sees herself in California, job, living on his yacht with his smart and pretty trophy wife. “that would be pretty cool.”

Emily Velk


In ten years I will...



N evarmore

I’m Not Even Sure How I Manage to Make Things sooooooooo Awkward...


What’s in a Name?

Audrey Hammerstein



race N. Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion. Or a characteristic or quality pleasing for its charm or refinement.

It’s also my middle name. Which, is funny because if you know me, you know that my middle name should not be Grace. Perhaps it should have been Alexia, which is an equally lovely sounding name which is actually also the name for a neurological disorder that causes word blindness. It should be one that means awkward, klutzy, gawky, or even oafish. There’s a whole list of adjectives that would be fitting, but certainly NOT Grace. I am so awkward. But it’s OK. I’ve learned to embrace it, and be proud of it. Not really. Maybe? I don’t know. OK, so everyone knows the little saying’ “It’s only awkward if you make it awkward!” No. Not in my case. It’s ALWAYS awkward.

That Awkward Moment When...

I can jump into the most harmless of conversations, like just

answering a simple math question, and turn it into a life-threatening-ly awkward moment. I don’t even know how it happens. All of the sudden I’m saying, “Ummm” and the other person is saying, “Soooooo.” From there, it goes absolutely nowhere and I get stuck in this horribly uncomfortable seemingly endless block of time. It’s not even the funny awkward. You can’t even laugh about it afterwards. Well, maybe a couple years afterwards. But not right after. You just want to go hide in a cave forever and live out the rest of your life as a hermit after an awkward conversation with me. It’s sad. Even writing this article is awkward I don’t even know what I’m talking about.

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

It happens a lot at lunch. I start off having a completely casual,

normal conversation with someone, and then I run out of things to say. Most people can fill the void with small talk. Nope, not me. I just stop talking. I kind of look around randomly, then get quiet. Great time to do some homework? Sometimes, I just open a book so it looks like I’m doing something. Occasionally, I let out a laugh even though I don’t know what anyone is talking about. Which, of course, just makes it even more awkward. Or when I see people talking... I don’t know where I was going with this. That’s another problem I have. It makes lots of conversations difficult and even more awkward. I just forget what I was saying. I know this happens to lots of people, but it happens to me all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. I just lose whatever thought I might’ve had. Then, whoever and I was trying to talk to just stares blankly at me. I’m like oooohhhkaaaaay, well, bye. And walk away, forever wondering what we were talking about, and what I was going to say. It’s just really awkward because I end the conversation so bluntly and walk away. No one knows what just happened. So then, I typically just don’t talk to that person again to avoid any further awkwardness. But avoiding them makes it even more awkward. Yay me for making a normal conversation into something so incredibly awkward. And I still don’t know what I was originally going to say at the beginning of this paragraph.

A stalker picture of Alexander Semin eating his afternoon snack. Photo by Austin Morin

AWKwarddddddd Audrey Hammerstein, ‘14, during one of her awkward moments in Journalism/Newspaper class. Photo by Austin Morin

Silence is Golden?

Professional Help

ut then I also have this problem where I don’t stop talking. And you can tell the other person is getting super uncomfortable because I’m talking about all this random stuff that doesn’t even matter. Even though I can tell they’re uncomfortable, for some reason, I just can’t shut up. One day, in journalism class, it was because I drank a bazillion cups of coffee before class. But it even happens when I a decaffeinated. I just keep rambling on and on. Half the time I’m saying something that I shouldn’t even be saying. Like something weird about myself or just some weird random fact that doesn’t even matter or is actually really embarrassing. And the other person just kind of sits there and stares at me not sure whether to laugh or not because they are so stinking confused or weirded out and it just gets really uncomfortable really fast. It’s such a problem. And, it’s always such weird stuff I’m talking about like it doesn’t even matter so much that it’s not even funny. I’m sitting there going on and on about something so insignificant, like waffles, and the other person’s just like “Oh, OK, that’s great. I could care less.” Even at that point I don’t stop. Or I do, but then I just point out how weird it’s gotten and how weird I am which just brings the weirdness levels up so much that its practically unbearable so I stop talking and walk away again.

Conversation Tips from the website:


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

So, if I’m this awkward around people I see everyday, I’ll bet you can

imagine how bad I am when someone famous or well-known is nearby. The other day, while enjoying a midday snack at Jubala with Emi Myers, ‘15, and Austin Morin, ‘15, we noticed a familiar face sitting at a table diagonal to the direction I was facing. Excited, we all took a glance at Carolina Hurricanes’ right wing Alexander Semin, who was sitting down at a table at a restaurant next door eating lunch with a few other people. Anxiously, we all turned around and snuck a peak and whispered quietly. Too bad we weren’t actually whispering quietly, and it was obvious that all three of us knew who he was. But don’t worry, we at didn’t ask for a picture, we weren’t that bad. But we might as well have because it was SO awkward. After a minute he turned around, and we exchanged some very, very uncomfortable eye contact. So after gawking for a minute, I finally looked down so that the awkwardness could end. BUT THEN HE KEPT LOOKING AT US. I mean, we got over the fact he was there, but I guess he just couldn’t get over the fact he was sitting about 5 feet away from us. Our presence was just too overwhelming for him. He kept turning around every couple minutes and none of us know why. We weren’t even talking about him, or looking at him. It was so uncomfortable. The one time I manage to keep my cool (for the most part) the other guy makes it awkward. Way to go, Alexander. And then there’s the whole subject of picture taking. I don’t even want to get started on that topic. But you know what? Here we go. I can’t take pictures. I can’t do it. I never know whether I’m supposed to put my arm around the other person, and if I do, do I put my arm around their shoulders or their waist? And, do I like wrap my hand around them or do I just kind of keep it in a fist...? Like how do I do this? It’s such a complicated process. No one wants to deal with that. And once you figure out the whole position thing, then what face are you supposed to make? Why is it all so difficult?

In conversation, the main skills to concentrate on are the following: 1) Listening 2) Body language 3) Getting into the right frame of mind 3a) Introducing yourself 3b) Conversation starters 4) Conversation topics – the old standbys and other more tailored themes 5) Developing the conversation 5a) Using the big six questions

(Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?)

5b) establishing common ground 5c) jumping and hopping topics to take the conversation in unusual directions 6) self-monitoring 7) monitoring your conversation partner’s responses, both spoken and posture knowing when to exit 9) Knowing how to exit



N evarmore

Editors’ Farewell:

10 Things to Change About the Upper School


The Death of Senior Traditions Yet again, these two unofficial high school traditions have

systematically been shunted out of the Upper School, another instance of the administration trying to retain the purity of the school’s image. Though it is somewhat understandable Ravenscroft may try to discourage these disliked senior activities, in recent years, the administration has moved towards a policy of outright elimination. If, perhaps, there were more guidelines and clear instructions of the expectations regarding these activities, then maybe there would not be as great a divide between students and the administration. Instead, the complete distrust of the student body has effectively ruined these long-standing senior events.


Healthy/Better Quality Food

Truly healthy food in Rhonda’s: apples, water, snack bars,

questionable-looking salads (which are gone in about two minutes) and bland sandwiches. Yes, the cafeteria is available, but the point of Rhonda’s is to save the students and faculty the trouble of walking up to the cafeteria. We have Chick-fil-a Monday, but what about Panera Tuesday? Or maybe Subway Wednesday? Something like that could entice students to actually buy lunch from Rhonda’s and not, in the case of Seniors and Juniors, go off campus.


Teachers Must Post on Veracross S

chool email, a syllabus, writing it on the board, posting on Veracross, just announcing it aloud in class. Whatever the method is for informing the students of their homework, it is not consistent across the board. A student cannot be expected to get home from school or a sports practice and wait around for their teacher to send them an email or post on Veracross. On the other hand, if a teacher gets off syllabus, that method of communication is lost. Teachers should be required to post all assignments on Veracross by a certain time each day so that all students can know for sure what they have to do that night. No uncertainty. If the homework isn’t posted, they shouldn’t have to do it, and they definitely shouldn’t have to keep checking online every hour until it is posted.


Keep the Clubs Going


his goes hand-in-hand with the more open 9:35s. So many clubs are started at the beginning of the year, but they seem to die out as time goes on, due to a lack of either free time in the school schedule (a lack of open 9:35s) or proactive club president initiative. Clubs like Forensic’s Club, Star Wars Club, and Cinemature Club (Literature and Cinema Club) are great, fun clubs, but since the start of the school year, they’ve vanished.


More Open 9:35 Periods


Advisors who Know you


ur advisory meetings have recently been a lot of “ice-breaker” games that encourage the advisory groups to bond. But they’re not working. The games themselves are boring, and everyone is just staring at the clock. When advisors actively are involved in advisee’s lives, such as going to sports games and concerts, it’s easier to talk at parent-teacher conferences about things other than spitting off words from a page. Granted, there are some advisors who know their advisees extremely well, and often spend most parent-teacher conferences catching up with the parents. Yet many advisors don’t know, and make little effort to know their advisees, not only as students, but also as people.



Hallways by Grade Level

he point of the integrated lockers was to get to know more people from different grades. But now, we don’t even know everyone in our OWN grade! When new students come in, it’s difficult (unless you have a class with them) to get to know them. Also, the switch was geared towards advisors being closer to and knowing where their advisees are. But, some advisees are not on their advisor’s hallway and, when the advisor searches for his/her advisees, they are off searching for their friends on other hallways and are not at their lockers. The new system is not achieving its intended goal.

1 O

Less emphasis on the school’s Image more focus on the students and their wellbeing

f course, Ravenscroft prides themselves on looking like a college campus and having well-behaved students. But its starting to seem like an obsession. The fact that the Ravenscroft Administration wants nothing more than a spotless reputation is taking a toll on the students. Having a good image, such as highest possible AP scores and things along those lines, causes stress on the students to the point where they get sick.

Ravenscroft Students Personification of Everyone’s Expectations:

Who wouldn’t like a little extra time to study before that big test?

And, when advisory talks are scheduled during Common Periods, it takes away from the time we have to study, or even just have some needed time off with friends. With some people taking multiple APs, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to study. Especially if they try to be a “well-rounded” student that Ravenscroft expects, and play a sport, an instrument, or be in a play. Yes, the school is trying to be more proactive with programs such as CCL (Center for Creative Leadership), but with the addition of new programs, there has been no “taking away” of other programs, thus filling all 9:35 times to the brim.




his might sound cliché, but having a junior or senior give advice, like which classes to take and how hard each teacher is on grading,to sophomores and freshmen with similar academic tastes would be really helpful to the awkward little underclassmen who need nothing more to worry about other than their first high school dance.



The Harsh Reality:

More Room

What do you MEAN three tests and an essay tomorrow?!

oes this need more explaining? WE HAVE NOWHERE TO STUDY. That’s why all of our feet block the hallway when we try to study at our locker. Senior Study Hall, the building’s one official “study area” is off-limits to all other grades, and only used by a fraction of the seniors themselves. Plus, let’s face it, hardly any actual “studying” gets done in there while others are blaring music or looking up videos on YouTube. Maybe some more study areas would clear the hall of our feet. Also, unless it’s a bright sunny day outside, there isn’t enough room for everyone to eat at lunch. No one wants to walk up to the cafeteria, we “can’t eat in the halls,” there are few tables in the English and math alcoves, and Rhonda’s is always a zoo. Maybe a covered eating area would help that, but it is virtually impossible for everyone to eat lunch in the high school at one time; especially if it’s raining outside.


N evarmore

This paper serves as a communication link within Ravenscroft School and between the school and the local community. The Nevarmore staff strives to produce a professional-quality publication that follows the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists. Our overall objective is to print the news for and about our students and other members of our school and community in a fair and objective way with the utmost regard for integrity.

Cartoon by Caroline Scales

Caroline Scales

Associate Editors Calley Mangum & Max Sminkey

NamePlate Artist The unsigned editorials in this issue are a reflection of the combined opinions of the editorial team. Responses in the form of a letter are welcomed and will be considered for publication.

Bella Kron

Wire Service

The Nevarmore subscribes to MCT Campus, which provides photographs, national news & entertainment services to high school newspapers.

Faculty Advisor: Helen Velk

Editorial Content:

1) The students on The Nevarmore staff will print articles which have been researched to the best of their ability to obtain the most complete information. 2) The information will be presented in an objective, truthful and fair manner. 3) When personal commentary is given it will be in good taste on issues that have been researched, analyzed and where expert opinion has been sought, and then presented to the best ability of the writer. 4) No material which is obscene, libel or anything that will cause a “material and substantial disruption” of the school day, according to accepted legal definitions, will be printed.


N evarmore


You Only Graduate Once Before Graduating from Ravenscroft High School, You HAVE to... Daniella Solovay


“Do cartwheels down the hallways.”

-Zoe Quirk Royal, ‘14

“Run under 5:30 in the mile.”

- Ben Wainscott, ‘16

“Get over the fear of Coach P.”

- Emerson Storch, ‘14

“Be a President of at least one school club.”

- Charlette Wade, ‘16

“Go to prom.”

-Marianela de Oro, ‘13

“Take 4.5 English credits (including a semester of composition), 4 math credits, 3 science credits including Biology and Chemistry, 3 Social Studies credits (World, Econ/Gov, US), at least 1 Fine Art, and PE. Complete 80 hours of community service, 20 per year. Show up at your classes.”

- Cory Carr, ‘16

“Drive one of the golf carts.”

- Emi Myers, ‘15

N evarmore 9 Feature Purple Ketchup, Green Slime, and Carefree Afternoons Kate Sweeney STAFF WRITER


e all miss our childhood. We miss those happy, carefree days without a worry in the world. We wish we could go back and be a kid again, before college, before homework, and before growing up. Back in the day, we could stroll into a video store and see hundreds of VHS tapes to rent. Gas was cheaper, the “good” cartoons were on television, and we played with Floam and took care of our Tamagotchis. We listened to the Backstreet Boys, young Justin Timberlake and N*SYNC. At school we used Kid Pix to melt colors together into a pretty rainbow and all of the girls’ school supplies had to be Lisa Frank. Since then, life has changed dramatically. We replaced Razr phones with iPhones, Kid Pix with Photo-

ries of funny, relatable story lines. Their quality is far surpassed by older shows from our childhood like the morbid, terrifyingly strange Courage the Cowardly Dog, and funny shows lined with thick, interesting plots like Hey Arnold and CatDog. All kids in the ‘90s dreamed of being slimed on Nickelodeon and loved witnessing terrified contestants jump off of buildings or lie in a pit of centipedes on Fear Factor.

molded and shaped into whatever creations and positions you desire. Tamagotchis were small virtual pets that could be carried around. They needed attention and

In 2000, Heinz introduced EZSquirt. EZSquirt brand ketchup came in colors green, purple, teal, pink, orange, and blue. It tasted identical to the traditional red ketchup, but children loved the crazy colors. They even appeared in several restaurants throughout the country. Sadly, Heinz stopped the manufacturing of purple and green ketchup in 2006. Most teenagers today remember the crazy colored ketchup, though many were disgusted by the idea. Wonderballs were a type of candy sold primarily in the United States and manufactured by Nestlé. They could be compared to Kinder Eggs, available in many coun-

Arnold from Hey Arnold Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life

care and represented society’s shift towards a more digital era of toys. Moon shoes were also quite popular when today’s teenagers were growing up. They were shoes

Bucket of Slime

Tamagachi shop, purple ketchup with red, and Backstreet Boys with One Direction. The realization that our children will never be able to experience the magic that we did during the ‘90s haunts us. Many aspects of our childhood during the ‘90s have been obliterated, and we’re left with a feeling of nostalgia and longing. Cartoons are arguably the most important part of childhood. According to today’s youth, the modern cartoons hardly measure up to our biased expectations. Shows like Rugrats portrayed childhood as a fun, adventurous period in one’s life and proved toddlers to be adventurous, articulate human beings in a se-

Young Hillary Duff appeared in Lizzie McGuire, a show about a typical teenager girl and her goofy friends. Sadly, cartoons like Rocko’s Modern Life, Digimon, Chicken Cow, and Rocketpower no longer exist. Furbies, Floam, and Tamagotchis all have one thing in common: they’re all toys we played with during our childhood. Although Furbies have recently made a comeback, they lack the same intrigue and magic that Furbies first possessed during the ‘90s. Furbies “learn” based on how you interact with them, and provide clean, interesting fun for children. Floam is a product created by Nickelodeon that behaves somewhat like molding clay. It’s a mixture of foam beads that can be


EZSquirt tries outside of the United States. The outside of a Wonderball

was composed of a thin layer of milk chocolate, wrapped in foil and a collectible sticker, but the ball contained a surprise. Inside of the chocolate was a small toy, which was a gimmick many children loved and now miss. Unfortunately, the production of Wonderballs has been discontinued due to health regulations and choking hazards. The ‘90s were a much simpler time. Kids didn’t have iPhones, they didn’t spend all day on the computer playing Minecraft and stalking people on Facebook. People didn’t text; they actually called each other to talk. Although the days of our childhood are over, we can always fondly revisit the memories and pass stories on to our children in the years to come.

Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog that acted like little trampolines, where your feet were strapped in on thick rubber bands that propelled you when you walked in them. Sadly, the children that originally played with such toys are now far too old to be feeding a virtual pet or creating shapes with Floam.

Catdog, a mutated animal comprised of a dog’s torso and head fused with that of a cat, from Catdog All Cartoons by Kate Sweeney

What do ‘Crofters Miss? “I really miss the Rugrats because they went on really neat adventures and they were my idols as a small child.”

“Lizzie McGuire was my absolute favorite Disney show!” Emily Bedsole, ‘13

Audrey Hammerstein, ‘14 “I really miss the Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh.”

“ I miss not going to Ravenscroft.”

“I miss those super awesome shoes that lit up when you walked around in them!”

Aidan Nesviski, ‘15

Mariel Ziperski, ‘13

Sarah Lowery, ‘15


N evarmore


Photo by Jordan Bednar

Cool Hand Jimbo and Always In Matthew Double Down in San Juan Jimbo’s Philosophy:

Pull Out While You’re Ahead Jimbo Barnes

Staff Writer

Growing up playing candy-chip blackjack with my father, in

my mind, I was ready to take on the Stellarias Casino in San Juan. My dad had taught me all the tricks of the trade: when to stay, when to hit, when to double down, and when to split. An advantage I knew I had over Matthew was my patience, and my self-awareness of when to pull out and cash in. Matthew and I have completely different playing styles. I am a very conservative player; a player that usually will come off the tables even. I may win a little or lose a little but never a lot. Matthew, on the other hand, is a reckless player. A player very confident in his luck that will place sometimes as much as $50 on one hand. Matthew you ready to hit the casino? I asked after sipping on our alcohol-free martinis on the porch. It was eleven o’clock Carter Voelkel, ‘13, storms the and we were ready for some excitement. How much money stage in Puerto Rico over are you going to put down I asked? Around $250 he said. Spring Break. WHAT?, I thought. Are you serious? I was thinking about only Photo by Jimbo Barnes putting down $20. “Yeah, that’s probably the smart thing to do but go big or go home, right?” said Matthew as he laid two crisp hundred dollar bills along with two dazzling twenties and a ten dollar bill. Surrounded by a bunch of high spending, classy older men laying hundreds down on the table so casually and frivolously; I casually put my two twenties down, somewhat embarrassed. We placed our first bets, and the rest was history. After about an hour, I decided it was time to pack it in for the night. I had made about $10, which in my mind seemed like a good night. Matthew on the other hand had just begun. “You sure you don’t wanna call it a night Germ?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m just going to stay a little longer,” he replied. “Alright man. Well, don’t blow all your money,” I cautioned. Matthew stayed with his new Puerto Rican friends and a dealer just waiting to steal Matthew’s chips. “Germ! Germ!” called a voice from outside the hotel room. “Dude, its 3:45! What do you want?” I said angrily as I shuffled to the door. “Look at all this money!” yelled Matthew as he proudly displayed about $400 dollars, putting his winnings at about $150. “Dang! Dude, are you serious? I missed out. You won all that?” I responded. “Yeah, there was a woman dealer who I was just killing! You missed it!” he taunted. “Alright man. Well, I’m going back to bed. I’ll talk to you more about it in the morning,” I said. As day two rolled around and our daily beach side chillaxin’ and swimming came to an end. After a nice dinner with the fam, and a crazy night at Senor Frogs highlighted by Carter Voelkel booty dancing on stage, we finally arrived back at the resort around midnight. “Time to hit the casino boys,” I said. Matthew and I quickly paired up and found the table that we thought would be most promising. This table had what looked to be a novice dealer, and we could tell be the smirks on the players faces that they were doing pretty well. We sat down next to a rather large Puerto Rican girl chowing down on her loaded nachos with extra cheese. Everything appeared to be bigger than life itself, the chick, the nachos, and we hoped the winnings would be as well. Our table also consisted of a couple people who had had a couple too many martinis; which set the scene for a very comical evening. “Germ, how much are putting down?” I asked. “Probably $75 to start,” he said. I threw down a solid $25. We both started off hot. I was up about $20 and Matthew was up about $30 in the first half hour. It was safe to say that Matthew was allured by the blackjack tables. He was now on a roller coaster that I knew would not be coming to a stop anytime soon. Matthew, feeling very confident, started betting more and more. His original ante of $5 soon turned into $20. I remained calm and continued to bet $5. Pretty soon, Matthew’s luck changed. Curse words started echoing around the casino, and heads began to turn our way. Matthew was now losing chips by the minute. There was no turning back now. Matthew’s theory is very simple,when the winds of adversity throw a hurricane your way, you must batten down the hatches and weather the storm because the sun will surely rise again - in full force. Not to my surprise, the sun never rose. This mind-set is what got him in trouble. As the night progressed, Matthew’s pile of chips slowly dwindled, and the echoing of his curse words grew louder, and I couldn’t help but giggle, just a little bit. “Matthew, maybe you should stop. Dude, you’re down a ton.” He didn’t listen. “No way! I’ll get it all back,” he said. Alright suit yourself. Our time in the casino came to an end an hour or so later when the hurricane finally got the best of him. “How much did you lose, Germ?” “$260,” he grumped. And, that’s how our gambling adventure ended. The Casino had definitely gotten the best of Matthew. In remembrance of Matthew and his epic failure at the tables, I am considering giving him a Kenny Rogers’ CD with the song, “The Gambler,” on it. He needs to memorize the chorus...”You got to know when to hold ‘em. Know when to fold ‘em. Know when to walk away. Know when to run. You never count your money when you’re sittin’’’ at the table. There’ll be time enough for countin’’ when the dealin’s done.”

Matthew’s Philosophy:

Go Big or Go Home!

Matthew Quesenberry

Staff Writer

As a newbie to the gambling world, I, Midas Touch

Matthew, doubled-down to the blackjack tables with my more experienced friend, Cool Hand Jimbo Bluffing Barnes in Puerto Rico to take advantage of lady luck with big dreams of BIG winnings. In the United States the minimum age to gamble is 21, but fortunately for us, the gambling age in Puerto Rico is 18. Jimbo’s father, Jimmy Barnes, served as an outstanding mentor to us, the young bucks, as taught us all about the rules Matthew Quesenberry, and strategy of the game. ‘13, proudly displays his My much anticipated Spring Break trip with my buddies short-lived winnings. and their families started off with turbulence and, in Photo by Matthew Quesenberry hindsight, the turbulence carried through my gambling adventures. We planned to depart on early Tuesday morning (at around 6 A.M.) and expected to be in San Juan by noon. Unfortunately, the early flight was cancelled which resulted in missed connecting flight to Miami. Consequently, the Quesenberry family was forced to fly to Dallas Fort Worth, where we would have a layover of 5 hours and we didn’t arrive to the Marriott Stellaris Resort and Casino until approximately 8:30 P.M. as a result of our bumpy ride. While my friends’ families were landing in Puerto Rico, I was cramped up in the bummy Dallas Fort Worth Airport daydreaming about the upcoming week. I thought about the bright sun, the big waves, and the way I was about to burn the casino with my tsunami of winnings at the tables. Last year on the cruise ship, I was not old enough to bet, so I was determined to make up for lost time in San Juan. We finally arrived at 8:30 P.M. and I was ready to take my anger out on the casino and win big.

- Small Change, Big Loss -

Fortunately for the casino, it actually took its anger out on me. Frustrated as I could be, the dealer continued to win hand after hand on the blackjack table. Incapable of walking away, I continued pouring the money from by 4 year old change collection onto the table. It felt like a reverse jackpot as the coins that were now dollar bills cascaded from my pocket to the grinning dealer’s side of the table faster than I could utter, “stay.” As the hours ticked away, my stack of money become narrower and narrower. With big plans for the rest of the week, I needed some money to be able to enjoy my time for the rest of the trip. I walked away from the table at around 3:30 in the morning with half of my money down the drain. It was now time for day 2. After a long day of snorkeling and hanging out on the catamaran, we headed back to our hotel. Upon grabbing a bite to eat and freshening up, the crew of Ravenscroft seniors headed back to the casino. I snagged my spot at the first available blackjack table where a long night would ensue. Midnight finally rolled around and I was about even. I struggled to find my rhythm and won just about as many as I lost. All of my friends decided to head up to their rooms, but I decided to test my luck. With Mr. Barnes to my left giving me some great advice and a 300 pound man engulfing himself with Milk Duds to my right, I was in the perfect situation to win bigger than his protruding stomach that anteed right over the rim of the table. I was winning faster than the Duds Dude could devour his sugar stash. The $20s started to pile up and by the end of the night I had $300 in my pocket. It’s safe to say that I slept like a baby with a wide smile stretched across my face. Gotta be ALL in to win, I thought. Go big or go home...

- There’s No Place Like Home -

The next morning’s breakfast consisted of me bragging to my friends and their parents about my earnings. The day quickly passed and it was now time for the last night in the casino. I made the executive decision to follow James Turner and Clay Stroud to the roulette table, which was catastrophic to my wallet. Because I had a 50/50 shot at winning every hand, so I put down gargantuan amounts of money on even numbers. It clearly was not my night as the blasted ball dropped onto 5 odd numbers in a row. I would not recommend this strategy to anybody, considering I lost a very significant amount of money. Now I know why the word roulette is used in the Russian Roulette scenario. Despite not winning as big as I imagined myself doing, I still enjoyed my time with my friends and can’t wait to go back in 4 years for our reunion. On that reunion, I will definitely test my luck again, hopefully with a more benevolent outcome. With my unfortunate past, I will not come within 50 yards of the roulette table, but I will come out victorious at blackjack! I am bound to come out winner next time!

11 Phishing for Info on Who to Follow?



Cute animals and incredible places. These pictures will wow you.


N evarmore

Cameron Castleberry & Lee Massey Searching for some interesting Twitter accounts to follow? Here are a few!


Plenty of amusing but relatable tweets from the bear in the movie Ted.



!! !!

Alan Garner from The Hangover will get you thinking with his hilarious tweets.

Here you will find some phrases you would never be caught saying.

Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty will teach you some life lessons through his tweets.

@StuffOnMy Rabbit


Lots of simple, random and comedic images of objects on a rabbit.

Tweets of popular country lyrics, the ideal account for country music fans.

Congrats, Seniors! THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!

...and Remember!

Photo Credit: CC-BY

Steps to take on Graduation Day: -Be in the Finley Center by 4:45 p.m. -Picture at 5:00 p.m. in full regalia -Seating open to friends and family at 5:15 p.m. -Return gowns before dining

Raven Faculty & Staff S Te x a s Tr a n s i t i o n

After three years of teaching World History at Ravenscroft, Tran is leaving our community to venture on to another opportunity in life

Austin Morin

What would you teach i not history?


Tran works an interesting hair-do while typing for her class.

Tran’s Will...

Linh Tran began teaching before moving to the area three years ago. “I came from a family that believes in service; my brother was in the navy, definitely not for the money,” said Tran about her choice to educate ruthless teenagers as a career. “The students are fabulous (emphasis on the fabulous)! You make me laugh and cry, but best of all, you keep me young!” said Tran. Tran explained her outlook on life. “I think I bring in positivity, Mr. Laskowski says I am relentlessly positive.” Students certainly agree with Tran’s self proclaimed positivity, as she has been an easy to talk to and enjoyable member of our community, every second of her time at the Croft. So, what’s next for such a young, stellar, and well-liked history teacher? Tran is moving with her son back to the great state of Texas where she will teach World History I and II at St. Andrew’s Episcopal, which she claims “is very similar to [Ravenscroft]. But it may not live up to the Croft.” Tran will be missed by not only her own students, but also teachers and parents who fell in love with her ways of teaching and interacting. Tran says she will miss “the people: students, teachers, then parents, in that order because that is in order of how much I interact with them. And Southern hospitality! I love my advisees!” Tran wishes to visit in the future and adds,

Mark Laskowski: seeds of lightening Phil Kielty: a vintage tractor Jennifer Cohen: a photo of Judge Sotomayor’s shoe closet Jessica Yonzon: a cost and benefit analysis flow chart of Chinese take-out menus Mary Beth Immediata: a photo of Justin Timberlake saying, “Hey girl, let’s do some documents analysis.” Dr. deTreville: lifetime supply of sugar-free cookies, a liberal edge To everyone: a smile, a hug, thought bubbles of happiness

“If it was anything, I wou teach design. It fascinates m encompases everything we for comfort. If I were to teach a traditional subjec would be calculus or phys because physics is the poet science and calculus is a elegant math. If not teachin would be an architect, industrial designer, chef, or teach cooking.”

What is the weirdest/ funnies thing that has happened to you at school?

“I am going to really miss Ravenscroft. I can’t think of a better place to be my bridge from one life to another.” “Ms. Tran was my advisor the first year she came to the school and she definitely made an impact, [like the time we were] crying laughing while performing to the nursing home. Then having her as a history teacher in 9th grade. I had some of the funniest moments in that class. One of those teachers to gossip with and always laugh your hardest with. Love her and will miss her!” - Nina Barnett ‘15

“I’ll never forget when Ms. Tran decided I should work for the CIA since I’m so ‘plain-looking.’” - Chris Antonello ‘14

“I got a group of freshme boys to understand the difference between a wed platform and wedge plat shoes. The are very differ and now they know. The other thing was bein blinded by pastels my first I went to an Easter chape

Wessing’s Farewell Announcemen Recently, Anne Wessing, Administrative Assistant, announced her retirement at the end of the 2012-2013 school year. Austin Morin, ‘15, conducted a little Q & A with one of the most well-known members of the Upper School community “Ms. Wessing is always so nice and helpful!” - Sarah Lowery, ‘15 “What? She’s retiring? I thought she was 38.” - Brooke Sharp, ‘16

“She brightens everyone’s day.” - Jen Funsten, ‘15 “I love the way she makes that announcement... I like her morning announcements.” - Kyle Knape, ‘16

Morin: So how long have you been at Ravenscroft? Wessing: Five years. M: What brought you to the school? W: I was looking for a position working with high school

students, not far from home, with a great school community (and, also, my niece already worked here and spoke highly of the school). M: What where you doing before you came here? W: For a few years, I worked in graduate admissions for the School of Architecture, at NC State University; and before that I was the international education coordinator at a small college (Eckerd) in St. Petersburg, FL.

M: What is the biggest thing you are going to miss about the school?


I feel like a mother to all of you (and many of the faculty, too).

M: What do you plan to do in your retirement? W: Spend more time with my grandchildren & siblings,

travel around the states, relax at home with my friends. Read more books while enjoying the solitude of my back porch!

M: What is the most bizarre excuse you have ever gotten from a student?

W: They’re all bizarre.. Can’t think of any that stand out...

Anne Wessing, Administrative Assistant, takes junior Audrey Hammerste dubious absence excuse. Photo by Austin Morin

M: What is one of your favorite memories about the croft? W: I’d have to say every year the graduation exercises get to me. I love the Baccalaureat

ceremony in the church, and I am so happy for each of “my” students as I see them walk o there afterwards.

M: How much has the school changed in the time you have been here? W: The facilities have been altered, but I don’t see the school as having changed much-that is a good thing. When it’s not broke, don’t fix it….

M: If you had a different job what would you have wanted to do? W: I would have liked to attend graduate school to become a School Counselor, since I lo working with kids.

M: Any last comments? W: You haven’t seen the last of me yet!

But, on a daily basis, I WILL MISS YOU ALL!

Soar Off Into the Sunset


uld me; it need o ct it sics, try of an ng, I



en e dge, tform rent

ng day el.”


Wood You Look at That! Stephanie Wiehe



fter 27 years of teaching math at Ravenscroft, Janine Wood, Head of the Math Department, is retiring. The Nevarmore sat down with the longtime math teacher to discuss the past and the future. Wood says she was brought to the school by “the reputation, I used to drive by [Ravenscroft] everyday on the way to Gibbons. Yikes, I used to teach there.” While Wood did admittedly teach for the Crusaders, that was not her first job in education. “When I decided I was going to be a mom we needed another income, and I always loved teaching. I always loved math,” said Wood. Being a member of the Ravenscroft community for 27 years, Wood was bound to see many changes in the school. “Since I began teaching here, the Upper School has more than doubled its enrollment. When it was small,

we all knew each other better. But with the increased enrollment, there is much more diversity and opportunity for students.” explained Wood. In her retirement, Wood plans on traveling and possibly helping under-privileged kids with math. Wood also adds, “I really want to go to Alaska, Hawaii, and France. Anywhere in Europe. And I plan on getting a new bicycle so that I can spend sunny afternoons outside. I definitely want to read more, spend time with my grand kids!” Wood explains the difficult decision to leave the community, “It was really hard to make the decision because teaching math at Ravenscroft is such an important part my life. It is cool that it is the 150th because I will always remember what year I left and it is almost my age! It will be difficult saying goodbye to all my students and colleagues.” Finally, Wood adds that above all, she is going to miss, “My advisory, they are like my kids and I can see them everyday.”

Wood’s Students Will Miss Her... Exponentially! “Mrs. Wood has the unique ability to wet ones appetite for their future in calculus. She proves how E-sinch-tial Pre-calculus is and makes it fun to learn with her fun and informative classes. I have no doubt she will be watching over me from her Norman window next year. I wish her the best and a happy, happy e-day.” - George Reddin, ‘14

“I’ll miss Mrs. Wood’s famous hit single ‘There’s a Hole in my Function.’” - Chris Antonello, ‘14

“P.E. It is such an important part of kids lives; or a coach.”

What two words describe you as a teacher? “Challenging and Caring”

Janine Wood, Head of Math Department, assists George Reddin, ‘15 and Patrick McIntyre, ‘14, during a tutorial session. Photo by Austin Morin

Wood’s Will... Lee Rand: Dress down days The Goat: Diet Pepsi cake and stickers! And all that rhymes with ‘Green’. Advisory: Thursday lunches, NCAA brackets, and Voting off the Island and a great two more years! Ann Carroll: Co-Co Zoe Quirk-Royal: A package of M & M’s with an equal number of each color

Robert Lippitt: Pencils Kat Belk: Early morning Y workouts Bill Pruden: A HUGE jar of chocolates Pre-Cal AB: Hot sheets and Hanging functions Mary Grady: A year’s supply of cookie dough Thomas: Happy E day!! Austin: GLEANING!!!

deTreville, deTroville, deTravels Away As we come to the end of the school year, we have to say farewell to our senior class as well as other students and faculty leaving for various reasons. This year, Dr. deTreville, History Instructor, is leaving Ravenscroft after many years as a teacher here. Students say that Dr. D is best known for his numerous sayings. According to Parker Sutherland, ‘13, and the Fall 2012 Civil War class, these are a few of his notorious phrases:

Dr. D’s Infamous Sayings


te out of

“God Bless a milk cow!”

“Bill Gates, Hiss hiss boo”

“Darn Taliban”

“The Taliban did it”

“You’d be a loose woman if you wore makeup in those days.”

“...and that really took Jackson’s goat”

“Yo ey peoples” “Going to go on in and blow ‘em up real good”

-- and

“People, use your heads as more than just hat racks.”



If you didn’t teach Math, what would you do?

“This place is like my home and it is going to be so weird the day I drive away, because this huge part of my life will never be the same again.”

Dr. deTreville speaking to his class from his podium. Photo by Austin Morin

“The Taliban wants you to watch MTV so you will be weak and easy to blow up”

“It seems like every channel on TV is just another version of MTV” “Hobnobbing with his generals” “Jellies his brain, it makes him goofy” “His timbers were shivered”

“Al Qaeda has come in here and stolen my stuff” “All that was up there was a bunch of wig-wag flags” “Hey diddle diddle, right up the middle” “I can see we have a bunch of Taliban terrorists here...” “Eh, you got tolerable, I was ready to strangle you earlier” “...and I am going to stand behind you all to make sure you aren’t looking at porn!”

Feature 14 N evarmore Slang in There, Nevarmore Explains What’s What Back in the Day...

Slang Today...

Skye Deitelbaum STAFF WRITER



To slap someone on the back of the neck for saying or doing something stupid

Bag your face:

“Making out” - Laurie Kovalaske Math Instructor

Shut up

Where’s the Beef:

Where’s your evidence/proof “That’s inappropriate!” “Where’s the party at?” - Sean Mahoney, ‘15 - Justin Bednar, ‘15 “Where are your muscles?” - Layla Tanik, ‘13 “What burn outs say to each other when they want to find drugs.” - Austin Morin, ‘15

“That you don’t like someone.” - Shane Litcher, ‘ 14 “You are really ugly.” -Layla Tanik, ‘13

“To kiss” - Mike Ronco English Instructor

Audi 5000:

Meaning to leave or depart quickly


“Someone that is “When a star falls and an player and gets hits a jewish guy.” 5,000 girls” - Austin Morin, ‘15 - Sean Mahoney, ‘15

To be selfish or to hog something “A Harry Potter thing.” - Austin Morin, ‘15 “A star tornado.” - Sean Mahoney, ‘15

“A pervert.” - Shiva Boroojerdi, ‘15 “Tall, like that basketball player.” - Jack Van Lokeren, ‘15

Gag me with a spoon: That’s so gross/ratchet

“Kill myself.” - Justin Bednar, ‘15 “You dont like something.” - Shane Litcher, ‘14 “Shove a spoon down your throat.” - Layla Tanik, ‘13


Boy that is smooth with the ladies “A big fire” - Layla Tanik, ‘13

“Riding the pow pow getting money” - Jack Van Lokeren, ‘15 “When Orion’s Belt swirls and becomes the Big Dipper” - Sean Mahoney, ‘15

Throwback Thursday:

When you post “old” photos on social media “On Thursday you dress like you use to dress.” - Mike Ronco, English Instructor

“Reminiscing on high school days.” - Kat Belk, Math Instructor


Used to describe something that is nasty/gross “To cause trouble” - Mike Ronco, English Instructor

“ A piece of hardware” - Kat Belk, Math Instructor

# (Hashtag):

To add to a thought or sum up an experience while adding wit to the statement “It’s a Tweet playoff” - Mike Ronco, English Instructor


To dismiss or say no; to whip your car “Doing it” - Laurie Kovalaske Math Instructor

“To avoid hitting something” - Kat Belk Math Instructor

All Photos by Skye Dietelbaum or from Creative Commons



N evarmore

Memebers of the spring Journalism/Newpaper class from left: Matthew “Snarky” Quesenberry, ‘13, Jordan “Brick” Bednar, ‘13, Jimbo “Are you talking to ME” Barnes, ‘13, Marianela de Oro, ‘13, Daniella Solovay, ‘15, Stephanie Wiehe, ‘15, Austin Morin, ‘15, Emi Myers, ‘15, Skye Dietelbaum, ‘15, Kate Sweeney, ‘13, Cameron Castleberry, ‘13, Lee Massey, ‘13, Layla Tankik, ‘13, Lindsay Thompson, ‘14, and seated is Audrey Hammerstein, ‘14. Photo by Jen Funsten

Just the Facts: An Inside Look at the Journalism/Newspaper Class Austin Morin STAFF WRITER


s I fidgeted in the back of the classroom in my black rolling chair, I was overcome with a sense of utter frustration as I try to put my thoughts into words. What could I write about next? I asked myself as I wondered, what is something someone would like to read? BAM! I finally get an idea. So, I proceed to lay all my ideas out on a source sheet and think about people I would want to talk to in order to get a deeper, harder hitting story. A journalist must blend the facts, pictures and opinions all together into something that people would read and enjoy. When I start out writing, I sit down for about an hour and write all my ideas on paper. Usually, this first draught will be so alien to what the final article evolves into. After a year of being in this class, I am over the intimidation of showing such a random, really rough, rough draft to my journalism instructor, Helen Velk. I now understand that she enjoys reading all the random stuff included because it can often become the best part of the finished product. She crazy thoughts and ideas as well to help

me think and then I rewrite it. Finished? Not even close! After the writing part is done, I must put the article into a program called InDesign by Adobe to layout and design my page. This can be the most fun, or the most painstaking part of the whole process. Reporters must make a graphically attractive page that draws people’s eyes into your article. It may sound trivial, but if it does not look good, no one will read it. Sometimes, I must interview people and get their thoughts on my subject matter. This is important because it is a good way to find out how our community feels about an issue and it helps to localize the information. I begin by sending out an e-mail. Normally, no one responds, or someone will correct my grammar in a “Reply All” kind of way. I must capture everyone’s exact words so that I do not print something that is not true or misrepresents their opinion on the matter. Once I have quotes from the people I must work them into my piece, and I call it a piece because after spending a month with my article I become someone attached to it like a piece of art. Then, I look at the basic layout and plan to shoot a few pictures that relate to my piece and will match the mood or tone. After this, it goes to the editors. Sometimes, the editors can be

harsh. You have to have a tough skin to be a reporter and you must learn to deal with all kinds of feedback on your work; and even your emails! Once I get back the edits the piece may have a whole new face, I may not like it but it is all for the good of the paper. Once I have fixed my page to perfection correcting all the idiosyncrasies and minute formatting details. I sit back and finally feel I am done. “So, you think you’re done?,” Velk usually says with a menacing smirk on her face. And, I must go back and work more, until finally she gives it the OK The moment at which we send the paper to press is an exciting feeling. We await the moment in which the company drops of the stacks of fresh newspapers, hot of the press, tied neatly with white twine. Now is the moment for which I enrolled in the class; the moment when the somewhat unnoticed class steps into the spotlight of the whole school. It’s as if our invisibility cloak has been ripped off and we suddenly gained attention, although fleeting, it is worth the effort. And, the donuts we eat to celebrate the birth of our newest issue are always rewarding.

Special Thanks to Caroline Scales The Nevarmore Editor-In-Chief

Caroline burst into the

Journalism/Newspaper class in her sophomore year and camped out, in one way or another, all the way through her senior year. She is a natural journalist with an inquiring mind and the diligence to get the facts and get them right! She does not need to rely on “Ouija” boards to tell her that her future is bright and she can reach any goal that she sets her mind on. I will miss her smiling face, her keen eye, and her endless hours dedicated to the newspaper. Though you certainly won’t need it, best of luck next year! Love, Mama Velk

Associate Editors,

Max Sminkey and Calley Mangum did an outstanding job assisting Nevarmore reporters and Caroline Scales throughout the year. Their contributions were greatly appreciatted. This editorial team was an interesting combination of personalities and talents that came together to produce quality issues during the 2012-2013 school year. Best of luck next year! I will miss your smiling faces!! Mrs. V

Class of 2013

Senior Wills labs, Petey. Patrick McIntyre: tongue workouts, matador defense, lets rock handshake, slight runny nose, feeeelin it, Game of Thrones DVD, Nina Barnett: another senior Matt Johnson: a better barber, a longer time limit on the XBOX, new person to take orders from Chris Corchiani: tic tacs, another year of high school. Thomas Matthews: lessons on how to play pool Jt Fritsch, George Reddin, Corey Chandler: another year of green pants.

Alex Cooley Mr. Erikson: The best Multivariable class ever, a new sister, a clean whiteboard Mr. Karny: A big apology for all my shenanigans, two years with another Cooley Ms. Cohen: A kiss Mclean Voelkel: Preppiness, athleticism, team chemistry, brotherly bonding, being the best in the family, el cielo, field sense, poise, Yes Baines Wes Stroud: The coolest fish in Puerto Rico Jack Van Lokeren and Will Bird: Boston sports, being from New England, Will Barefoot Justin Bednar: Family counseling David Reynolds: Ivy League girls, team chemistry Justin Pedersen: Mr. Karny, AP Chem, lax workouts Cole Cutter: A new goal celebration, lax workouts Matt Johnson: the ability to walk, working hard, a two-game suspension, Kubi’s girls Patrick McIntyre: Sticking It, Two Seven, Bryant’s uselessness, the Washington and Lee website, online shopping, Bryant’s e-mail page, NHS, The Weather Channel, Sick Chad, Go Pack, slight runny nose, Tiger Woods, a golf date Thomas Matthews: The Back Line, Scramble, “Go Get it”, man-down defense Max Haensel: Rachel Hianik, the Ivy League Rachel Hianik: Max Haensel, #1 Ravens fan, a new cheerer, athleticism Juanita Perdomo: Post-AP Spanish, Shakira’s Country, school spirit, a new #1 Fockey Fan Jt Fritsch: 12 year-olds, Mariel Ziperski, 7 girls, playing time George Reddin: Green Pants, Soccer Captain Corey Chandler: Center Midfield, scoring dirty goals, Soccer Captain Humza Rizvi and Josh McCoy: Young Democrats Club, 2012 election night Robert Vaughan: A new brain, a new head, a new lacrosse buddy Jamie Herakovich: A new linemate, someone else to throw you the ball, D1 lax Mary Grady Bell: Honors Bio, Little Tiger, the Puerto Rican bracelet, dance practice, an airplane ride to New Haven, really quick dinners, UNC stuff, Prom & Winter Formal, way too many memories, <3 <3 <3 Robert Cooley: No money for college, the Ford, being the biggest Pats fan, the house to yourself, man-down defense, brotherly bonding, finishing the Cooley legacy

Alfre Wimberly Jessie Lutz: American University Sarah Brown/Kasbekar: Science Club and the skill of procrastination

Arash Kaseibi Garrison Rountree: A simple hello Lila Welsh: An additional inside joke stuffed animal to enjoy Christian Vinson: The perfection of the twerk team dance Johnathan Kluger: a body guard Maddy Ringenbach: “Cookin’” Olivia Aschman: a medal for completing the swim season with us! Sarah Lowery: The Key Club Board aka “Greatness”, you will find out! Alexandra Zuckerman: our “Real” discussions on the pool deck Andrea Gilliard: I thought I wanted to leave you something then I decided I would rather take your AMAZING fashion sense with me to college! Caitlin Given: A dance class to teach your Dance Marathon moves Robert Vaughan: A book of all Mrs. Belk’s stories and an assistant to help you find your math worksheets everyday Anna Ergish: a witty comeback for every Scott comment Mitchell Andrews: a shopping spree at a flannel outlet

Allison McAdams Will Farrow: all my love, Lizzy to watch after, competitions for your affection, PERRO PROFE, my favorite third wheel Lizzy Micyus: my love, good boy choices, my daughter, a loving brother, Will Nina Barnett: Car rides to Focus, a car with a roof, a third senior boy, pasta night Rosie Waring: Student Government and dedication, I

have complete faith in you Mr. Laskowski: No lines, gossip seshes, crushes, Bryant Dowd, rants, puh-chew puh-chew, YEAH YA DID, an invitation, ITB status, best adviser ever award, a phone (to text your advisees), a tower (for sweet Beatrice) Mr. McGill: another class for you to inspire. Everyone should have a teacher like this. Christina Potter: French class, chants, good health (for once) Caitlyn Given: Swim team, lane 3, fast time at ridgemont high, cardboard, Josh McCoy, Jamie Mason Zoe Quirk Royal: small pretty feet, stretching lines, senior trucks, daily acts of kindness Maddie Ringenbach: “you still cooking?”, questions Shannon Strong: a big booty, SASS, southern girl, freedom from Mama Strong’s diets, One piece swimsuits Ann Carroll: My calculator (it won’t get much use with me), board drawings Claire Fuscoe: naps, recipes, baked goods, housewives, swimming Max Haensel: au tour du monde, rivalries Robert Lippitt: New unripped pants, ways to upset Chase Zoe Johnson: soccer leadership, spanish fluency, a boyfriend to say hey to Caroline Christman: a neighborhood boy to take you to school Christian Antonello: great and hilarious french movies, FIREY MAD Jimmy Tabet: vocal emotion and enthusiasm Mary Grady Bell: SLEEP, mountains of cookies

Daniel Strong: a shag partner, hugs, my grandson Mr. Brian Kelly: A positive spin on EVERYTHING, family history Mr. Karney: “Encore!” for the two fabulous Christmas shows I saw, a giant grading curve Mr. Chris Kelly: Wait, what? Coach Greg: your life story, the last heat, couples couunseling and one terrible flip turn Coach JJ: quotations, drive, dedication, a spot in the best coach hall of fame

Andrew Smith Keeton Glenn: ball of fire, a 17 min 5k, wall sits. 1 vs. 7 at XC camp Max Hansel: the flaming shirt, the purple Justin Bieber shirt, Bingo, Heather, the hardest legs in Hood to Coast. The sports bra for you and Keeton. Rodeo, the senior chairs at XC camp. Will Chrsitman: white rice, a queens scholarship, finishing the Krispy Kreme Challenge, the $20 for Running Club shirts Daniel Schwabacher: the 4x400 Big Andy: Attacking the tin, upholding the rule to never say the banned word in warmups. Ben W.: zenata Maddy Ringenbach: run forever, beat everyone Jay Hirl: hazing freshmen during cross country, getting left by the bus Claire Fuscoe: a personal satellite for your watch Shannon Strong: snipe hunting, shanimal, the krispy kreme donut, sean watson Mary Grady Bell: healthtrax, winter cross country, Brett Hansel: another birthday Lizzy Miycus: the shauna stretch CC Poole: Montana, Mitchell Andrews: unlimited lizards and carabiners Garrison Rountree: a healthy senior season, Thomas Matthews: squirrels

Andrew Yochem English Bernhardt: QOH dinner. Lemme Smang it Robert Vaughan: back of the lacrosse bus, masonic temple, the falls, the treehouse, astronomy

Tristan Hammerstein: 1st Chair, Biddy. DJ Washington: Tuba lessons Jack Isley: Jesse! We have to cook! Lizzy Micyus: Think about something. Troy Wilkinson: Drink orange juice EVERYDAY! Mr. Laskowski: Stay brilliant. Mr. Nunalee: Wolfpack pride! Sarah Miller: Keep watching Pewdiepie. Rebecca Powell: Six pack Ellie Knudsen:”.....” Jordy: Caitlin Given: Join the cool kids club Kobi Johnson: Love more Ben Diehl: Swerve more Devin Gaines: Play outside more Jose Martinez: Rename yourself G.I. Jose Jessie Lutz: no more chroming.

Brandon Tung Caitlin Given: Disciprine Megan Boericke: Abuse Casey Harris: An Answer To “How they got in there” Garrett Anderson: All the warm ups I never did Incoming Freshman Class: My Condolences

Calley Mangum Kristen McCarthy: Endless memories of France; PDQ; Granty; someone to take you to hockey games; an unblocked Pinterest; everything of mine that is orange and/or has anchors on it; hundreds of hits so you never have to slide Rosie Waring: softball venting sessions; the ability to lay off of high pitches Chris Antenello: aggressively rolled R’s; “Chi-Chi”; Wendy’s Monsieur Teitelbaum: my Star Wars chant; shrinking violets; everything maybe and awkward; belief in the Tribunal

Class of 2013

Senior Wills

Calley Mangum obsessed with Cornelius Sara Kasbekar: an All-State room all to yourself Sara Brown: bow wars; endless Cook-Out milkshakes; cello sectionals; someone to nag you about dynamics; Principle Cellist (you’ve deserved it for awhile); Bibliomania; Sakura Abbie Green: someone to talk about hot senior guys with; a never-ending fashion sense; someone who remembers your name; endless off-campus lunches; permission to poke Sara and obsess about her love life Chloe Pacyna: the gum under my shoe; being an upperclassman; someone to discuss books with; Bibliomania; the ability to remove music with your bow The softball team: kitty litter; the Stealth; some wins; Chip; someone to serenade you with Disney/Musical tunes Clare Zaytoun: Med-Z; my never-ending gratitude for your encouragement during games Ms. A. Kelly: a pitcher; strikes; an avid Pride and Prejudice fan to obsess with you Alexis Hunter: someone to anticipate your attacks and trip you in the hallway Liz Gulden, Nandi Traywick, Amanda Frederiksen, & Alexus Baldwin: post work time; the finish drill; endless victories in posts vs. guards shooting competitions Mr. McGill: tearful AP Lang classes; a new Caroline Lindquist; endless muffins and cookies; “papers, papers, papers” Mrs. Immediata: another Mangum to teach (someday); Spoleto memories; someone who loves Peter the Great and his nobles Amanda Frederiksen: a new basketball roommate; someone to vent with Mr. Billerman: a new, almost as awesome advisory; someone to eat in the halls; someone to talk about Vampire Diaries with; endless Jersey Mike’s subs Mrs. A. Carroll: someone to talk about hockey with; a class obsessed with your family Ms. Moore: a class mesmerized by your ghost stories; memories of Ryan; the ability to never lose your epic reading voice

Cameron Castleberry Caroline Hansen: Welcome to Moes, special hair ties, Mr. Mcgill and the grandmas, CDs, jamming partner, twerk master, poetry with Gary, bird calls, tripping on pollen Mary Grady: cookies, tanning queen, motivational cheerer, guy talk Wes Stroud: All of Rachel’s love Jack Phillips: ESUMC and mission trips/sunday school , high-fives in the hallway Nia Brown: sprint partner and good competition

Sammy Cohen: neighbs, both our brothers, soccer season, your momma Maggie: man-laugh, track fun and coach McGill, ab workouts, Collin’s prom date, blisters galore English: strapless tank tops, thin hair, FMBS, sprint team, the best senior year Eva: Carol’s company, hypothermia at meets Greg: promise land, track starts, warm jackets Blake Sanders: our planned marriage?, Parker and Pearce, lobster dinners Christian Vincent: study hall, Reeses and protein bars, twitter life, math troubles and Mrs. Hairr, Youtube videos Rosie Waring: Sports Med, free pizza DJ Washington: UNC interviews, quick recovery Zachary Chapman: truth or dare, Reedham Oak best friends, our brothers Brittani Bryan: track buddy, ab workouts, cutest couple award Vanessa M: National Honors Society Cece: cutest snapchats, Me and Jimbo’s love, track snacks, girl talk Ahmad: the best laugh, track and Coach McGill, socks buns and high heels, fierceness, YEZ honey Garrison: captain duties and stretching partners, motivational coach Sr. Luna: chocolate milk, the most reckless class, Rhonda adventures, UNC soccer tickets on August 1st Nuha/Sarah: matching spikes Chloe Mikels: first day of freshman year KBill: soccer tickets at the best school in the world

Caroline Scales Momma Velk: ouija board, late night editing sessions, Marky Mark, tattoos, editorials and editorial cartoons Jessie Lutz: amazingly sassy math classes Becca Israel: such awesome drama classes, Irving Luigi, just vun! Garrett Anderson: Said the Whale, the best concert ever Lila Welsh: eternal Tuesdays, feels, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, MOFFATT!!! Rebecca Qubain: Velcro shoes Michael Hall: the knowledge to know when to stop talking Mr. V and Mr. Sharp: He Who Shall Not Be Named Drama Class: Stay Strong. Mr. League: a basket of puppies Mr. Laskowski: Sam Patch, plenty of ethical and moral scenarios, CJOTD Ms. Tran: sophomores who know how to write AP essays Coach Hoggard: Winning for the first time in 28 games, hops Ms. A Kelly: interesting chats on the bus home from games

Carr Walker Corey Chandler: Salutations, Corndogs, The soccer team, Motivation to do anything George Reddin: Green Pants,

The soccer team JT Fritsch: Car rides, Hugs, The soccer team, Carl Robert Cooley: 5.0 GPA, The Cooley standard Mclean Voelkel: Beantown, better passes, A huge body on your brother Mary Grady Bell: Sleep, Cookies Mr. Flinn: Scooter, Fredrick DouglaS, Thunder Cobas, Period 1, Words of the day, Bob’s Quesadillas, Sledgehammers, Gatsby and Pap in the treehouse Mrs. Welsh: Apologies, A new favorite student Nina Barnett: Sauce Jordy Baende: A shorter name, Baton Throwing Sterling Price: Sports Illustrated Josh McCoy: Prom hot tub talks, A non-fish girlfriend Caroline Hanson: Blank CDs, Driving lessons, A Cloud of Pollen, Free queso, Moes, Winter track meets, Flares Maggie Collawn: A pillow, Aquamarine, An orange, Sushi, Dance lessons, A winter formal date, Winter track meets, A Powderpuff Cheerleading team English Bernhardt: March 27th, Brainstorming, Fine art birthday trips, Winter track meets Anna Ergish: rematch in pool, RMA Courtney Price: Tennis lessons, tmi, Bojangles, Jordan Bednar Crawford Sloan: Water Balloons and Fifa Brittani Bryan: Quad muscles, Winter track meets, Spanish 2 Juanita Perdomo: A cookie cake with no icing, A vegetarian dinner, Closer neighborhood Wes Stroud: That girl from Puerto Rico Daniel Strong: A hug, 400 meters, Winter track meets Ahmad Ratliff-Brown: Chapstick, Daniel Strong, Winter track meets, Shin splints Jessica Sullivan: Clay, #noshame, no more frustrations Eva Simmons: Track practice..., Sauce Chris Corchiani: Senior year, Gonzaga-Southern game Jamie Herakovich: Fishing trips, Zac Brown Zoe Quirk-Royal: A High-five

Carter Voelkel McLean Voelkel: yag, my superior athletic ability, field sense, muscles, upstairs to yourself, central gamer station, preppiness, the Sclade, studliness, some nice playoff tickets in the future (think about it), and most importantly my love Wes Stroud- Wessile, my love, more athletic ability than Clay Robert Cooley: Hey Robert Robert Vaughn: my 20 bucks, good health, functional brain Fonz: a brain, some real classes Flinn Town: my love, McLean next year Matt Johnson: Crane, playing time, more suspensions, more missions, snip snip Mateo Schiemann: an apology for the “nut throw”, my jersey Parker Mikesh: The ability to Park it... John Bailey: Sketchiness, the unit, WB, yag

Jay Hirl: Jay Town, stackin it Austin Morin: Rampage, St. Mikes memories of night outings Jack Van Lokeren: sketchy, McLean’s bleep buddy, number 12, yag Daniel Schwabacher: Schwabs, parkour skills, stagecraft memories Mary Grady Bell: Alex Cooley, and a huge thank you for all of the birthday cookies Shiva Boroojerdi: Carr Walker thinks you are very attractive. I’ll give you his number.

Chase Duncan Will Farrow: My love, a new freshman to mentor, FCA, my love, The Art of Cooking, my estate to share with your sister (65%), favorite status, and my love. Lizzy Micyus: My love, my estate (25%). Mr. Laskowski: Prohibition, Cheesecake, and an invitation. Daniel Strong: PDA’s, swimming. Shannon Strong: FCA, my love, touching, tickets to see Shamu, AP Chem reaction quizzes, trash bags for snipes, a country love song (+ She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful, Good Morning Beautiful). Max Hansel: AP Chem, Hood to Coast shotgun (oh wait you already took that), Justin Bieber’s birthday, another year of Cross country, flames, Keeton, Claire ;), landfill hill, it can always fit, team camp, and the sports bra. Keeton Glen: FCA, the sports bra, a ball of flames, fake arm hair, my position as president of running club, a personality, storytelling ability, and two more years. Mary Grady Bell: Aloe, sunscreen, chill pills, an A in math, Cross country and track (lets face it you now you will), eHarmony profile, jam sessions, therapy sessions, ice cream that never happens. Rachel Slosman: a fire extinguisher. Andrew Vanderburgh: Will’s attention. Michael Hall: a light in this dark hour of your life. Robert Lippitt: Swimming, steroids, the weight room, lap counter. Claire Fuscoe: AP chem, Max, finally coming to that FCA. Zoe Johnson: Pool Q&A. Mel Broughton: A driver’s license. William Christman: Rice both white and wild, Queens University, 2 minutes, a google ad. Christopher Antonello: German girls, knowing when to make the move. Samantha Cohen: A name tag (I just could never get it right). Gwen: a life. Becca Isreal: a ring, bags of love, dancing. Grant: Mrs. Yonzon. Zoe Quirk-Royal: Love for your sister, Zombies, nickname making ability, Walmart watermelons. Tiffany Cobb: Mr. Laskowski. Mr. Karny: Tissues for your tears at graduation and Heavy

Weights. Mr. Ericson: an understanding for calculus because I never got it. Coach Payne: The best teams out there, health, bug spray, six layers at least, and more space because all i need to say won’t fit on here. Coach Warren: Tons of food, bathroom breaks, couples counseling, shenanigans, and the breakup of the three hooligans, second place (behind me of course).

Chris Boericke George Reddin: Green pants and white jeans George and Corey: the varsity soccer team Claire Fuscoe: Dragon Zoe Quirk-Royal: a menacing stare Señor Swaim: Someone else to swing your Aztec war hammer at Casey Harris: Ratchet Bruises, a lock Megan Boericke: My amazing pole vault legacy, my hips that don’t lie, three more years of high school Mr. McGill: My one comment a day Ms. Presson: A shoutout for best sub Mr. Erikson: Memories of the best multivariable class ever Mrs. Carroll: a nice, clean whiteboard ;)

Claudia Meyer Zoe Johnson & Cory Carr: 800 pieces of unorganized music in the library. Have fun! Adam Jordan, Maddy Ringenbach, Kelawni Hansquine: many more Ravenscroft Allies meetings to come for some of my favorite freshmen Julia Meyer: a new chauffeur and an amazing sophomore year Nicole Knape: Mr. P’s sanity Ashley Suh: Jorge Evan Hale: the poor owl pinata Jessica Kittelberger & Alex Nesvisky: fossa Claire Fuscoe & Jessie Lutz: a very empty AP Lang class Robert Lippitt, Parker Lindemuth, Jimmy Tabet: “The Game” Dr. Avery: a literal translation Mr. Karny: all of the AP Chem labs I never turned in Mr. League: canned goods, not guns Mr. Pendergrass: all of the hours of your life I took up talking to you in your office. Thank you for everything!

Clay Stroud Chris Corchiani: another year of high school, a weekend home, go pack, buckets Patrick McIntyre: Chad, antibiotics, a hospital, good health Josh McCoy: buckets, a spot on the Cavs, 8 ball pool, fruit fly traps Thomas Matthews: fruit fly traps, 8 ball pool, a good grade

Class of 2013

Senior Wills Clay Stroud Continued

in AP Calc English Bernhardt: memories with Gary and bush-hog, a wasp swatter, Bo’s stories Juanita Perdomo: junior prom, words with friends victories, yolo Zachary Chapman: Bojangles, squinty eyes, cuteness, c nice buns, Bailey, I love you, I miss you, the golf team, Levi John Landers: Lanks, Sanders, Jessica, a broken putter, playoff mustaches, huge, but not really, Bojangles, the golf team Sterling Price- Bojangles, some louder mufflers, the golf team, stagecraft Sean Mahoney: absolutely nothing. Jessica Sullivan: #noshame, a date one day, 9192151169 Charlotte Spence: James David Reynolds: D-money, Asian girls, Chinatown, Mitch McGary, buckets, lots of hugs, a davidson uniform, the Ivy league Wes Stroud- my room, a nice floater, peanut butter bwittle, a spot on my floor McLean Voelkel: field sense, baines, a spot on my floor, clayben Robert Cooley: big footsteps to follow, Puerto Rico memories, stagecraft Justin Bednar: quiet car rides, brotherly love

Elisabeth Schricker Parker Carnahan: a new locker buddy, a goat, and infinity snapchats Cory Carr: a trip to Teavana, a fantastic sophomore year Sanura McGill: a hipster playlist, Lucky Charm marshmalllows Julia Meyer: Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall, and 10 hours to play it Davy Babson: the goat Paul, chubbyface, the ability to find chapstick, another Adventures of 1D Lizzy Micyus: shoulders (are where’s it’s at), a successful Krispy Kreme Challenge John Pupa: the legacy of Tous Bous, fervent enthusiasm for classics Ashley Suh: a fantastic time at UNCSA, somebody else to stare at people with Alexandra Zuckerman: a math commiserator Kyle Adams and Robert Vaughan : the elusive Honors Greek II, Taza Tuesday, a Farmers’ Only account Claire Fuscoe: another state championship, mile repeats, a nap Max Haensel: one last Hood to Coast, pie from Shari’s, mens’ racing flats, Krispy Kreme Challenge Nuha Kabir: something new (ha) Sam Kasierski: another class to adopt you Austin Laughery: everything ever.

Jessie Lutz: hours of google hangouts, a friend in me Christina Potter: good health, a pre-race jogging buddy Tate Replogle: matching glasses, an invitation to visit me whenever you’re in Hanover Garrison Rountree: a great / healthy senior track season Mr. McGill: hurdles, a million miles of distance running, many long emails, eternal friendship Mr. Karny: all my labs from AP, turtles to blindside you, soap in beakers during titration, a clean classroom Coach Payne: good health, chocolate milk Mrs. Welsh: Bananastown, your fish Dr. Avery: Theta Thursday, spanakopita, Elvis himself, Taza Mrs. Ramquist: a note from Santa, scriblita Mrs. Owen: Bojangles Dr. Nunalee: a Science Olympiad instrument, a properly made ornithopter

Emily Bedsole Mary Grady Bell: the XC team, 9 minute miracles, naturally blonde hair, hungry days, ice cream, long runs, Hart County GA, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Baby You’re a Firework, six pack abs, sleep, Monster Mix, claws in, the Yeti, a calming airplane ride, the pod Shannon Strong: swim team, model posing, lane 6, snipe hunting, Hart County GA, Alex Payne: no authority, Healthtrax, a win against Team Runaway Max Haensel: winning ALL the sports, Healthtrax Sara Kasbekar: the orchestra, Hello Kitty, root beer gum, coconut gelato, a lifetime supply of Nutella Daniel Strong: Sweater vests, lane 6 Vanessa May: jet plane simulations at the Air & Space Museum Lizzy Micyus: a jam sesh, no more injuries, gloves and a running hat Maddy Ringenbach: RAWR, tuck and run style William Christman: the passenger seat of the H2C van, a nap under a bunk bed Keeton Glenn: Jet Ski runs, the Keeton stretch, creepy Keeton,

breaking the school record in the 1600 CC Poole: the track fam, snapchats Sara Brown: a poncho Jay Hirl: no line at the Harry Potter simulation ride Zoe Q-R: someone who sees you in the halls more than I do Mr. McGill: a hot tub and a rock no doubt Kathleen Brandes: a backpack that never gets hooked on anything, a mechanical pencil

Emily Velk Casey Harris: Mama Velk, endless online dress shopping Simone Sellette: Las botas magicas y mucho azucar Elliot Velk: BLAKKKKEEEE Caroline Hansen: The golf team, a vampire, and someone to push you in the hall and hiss at you Eva Simmons: Rainbow toe socks Megan Ragusa: All of your brother’s belongings George Reddin: A basketball to be taken away by that dude at JCamp who didn’t like our group

Evie Dole Sarah Take: Gerard. Louis Mallison: my seat in Stagecraft Talia Wahl: Chill pills for 8th period study hall, cough drops. Katherine Booth: laughs that hurt my stomach, Wii tennis, the French language, long lost sister. Alex Romley and Katie Hahn: the “giggle group”. Jose Martinez: Monsieur’s 187th pet peeve. Claire Zaytoun: Badminton. Abby Chilman and Emma Koeleveld: Senior boys. Chandler Hammersla: Naps in study hall. Haley Murdoch: dancing during PE, crazy faces, soccer, my other half. Nia Brown: 2016 Olympics in Rio.

James Turner Zachary Chapman: Bus seat, wider range of vision, C-Nice Buns, weekends, neck tying ability, my unconditional love John Landers: adequate driving skills, long socks, happiness Sean Mahoney: common sense, pot of gold

Sterling Price: Rhonda, someone to talk cars with Patrick McIntyre: everything this world has to offer, a hospital room for chad, a futon next year at your disposal English Bernhardt: Exercise buddy, Dance Partner, Future Formals, flowers, Moes runs, penguins, Peter Millar hat, chaqueta, a new friend for Tina and David, “Send Your Love Down”, guitar jams, locker buddy, “September”, “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”, Frank, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Robert Vaughn: common sense Kira Mueller: 919-604-9490: for your use one day Kristina Reali: A future date Liam King: The Nest Skye: Baines Samantha Cohen: Someone to make hallway jokes

Jimbo Barnes Patrick Mackintire: better health, cheddar, some more lacrosse sticks, someone to keep bert in check Chris Corchiani: better luck for the pack, 1 more year, a bright future Jamie: The team, more outside rips, unmatched athleticism, a new middie line, unlimited amount of fish in the sea and ducks in the air, more trips on the Jarret bay Robert Vaughn: common sense, no more concussions, a healthy mouth, a better diet, a different girl to chase after, trips to Furman, more fun to come Robert Cooley: filling your brother’s shoes Matthew Johnson: a better haircut, a new boss, no more suspensions, keeping Kubi week alive, scissors Fonz: awesome basketball skills, a groundball, girls on girls on girls, another awesome throw down, intelligence, a legacy now and forever more Grady: someone else to do chops with, the laser technique, my spot on the midfield Mrs. Belk: a new favorite student, what in the ham sandwich, Samantha Cohen: an awesome mother, someone else to constantly annoy you, someone else to tell your mother everything you do English Bernhardt: ASP,

Broadway future Cole Cutter: a bright future McClean Voelkel: continuous great field sense, a better wardrobe, an outside rip, more no-look passes, someone else to run Aussi with, someone else’s sister to love, peer pressure Skye Deitlebaum: my apologies Troy Wilkinson: a watch, prearranged dinner reservations Wes Stroud: ladies Sean Mahoney: common sense, outlandish comments, chillin in senior study hall, more milligrams, less chrome book damages John Bailey: the unit, eventually a spot at Clemson so we can chill Chase Johnson: Rip, more trips on the Sea Jewel, more fun times at the Johnson household Jack Van Lockeron: better flow, a better mustache Thomas Matthews: more great saves, taking the team to the chip

John Montague Robert Vaughan: a ride Humza: Cary PD Mr. Luna: Better odds and a better bookie Claire Fuscoe: a penguin, comfy sitting position Mr. McGill: the pole vault 4x1 B team and a good relaxationist. Thomas Matthews: A passing grade in honors precalc Josh McCoy: pole vault, fresh tanks, be easy Rachel Ormand: My love Casey Harris: a ratchet garden tool

Jordan Bednar Tim Hutter: Leadership of the baseball team, trail mix, Theresa, Jersey Mikes, trip to Elon Chris Corchiani: Buckets, Fantasy baseball knowledge Patrick McIntyre: Texas, hambone, uncle Marty, Southern Marsh Josh McCoy: The Haze, Certified Beast Grant Glenn: Country music, grizz, Cash Mclean Voelkel: The limit, humor, a trip to Elon Skye Deitlebaum: Trail mix, McLean, the baseball team Wes Stroud: the big man on the Stroud court, trip to Elon with McLean and Justin David Reynolds: UCLA, Red Dragon, Fortune cookie, China town, the Ivy League, Mitch McGary buckets Justin Bednar: Mitch McGary buckets with Dave, the Bednar legacy, spot on the floor at Elon with McLean and Wes Jeffrey Hines: A room, Norberto Mitchell Stumpo: A new pitcher, ITB Thomas Corchiani: A watch, knee brace, baseball glove, baseball pants, a belt, an alarm clock, a better face for modeling, buckets, fish, Macbites Chubs: Jabroni Courtney Price: My love Mr. Kelly: A new left fielder,

Class of 2013

Senior Wills

Jordan Bednar Continued

wins for the Mets, a spot on my future sports radio talk show, Mrs. Velk: A new start to the “founding fathers”, great future J-Camp trips Mrs. Belk: Tony Law, a new star pupil Mr. Chissoe: A new advisory

Kate Sweeney Austin Morin: a backpack full of staples, a better sushi costume Audrey Hammerstein: a chinchilla, American horror story Emi Myers: a nomination for presidency, Starbucks, photos, and happiness Stephanie Weihe: a trip to band camp, a horse, ugly stares in the hallway Aidan Nesviski: Leprechaun shoes, better pictionary skills, edited snapchats Alex Nesviski: a better job Abigail Czito: also a better job Megan Boericke: the art skills of a fourth grader, a painting of a rug Taylor Jackson: bad photos, singing skills Emma Koeleveld: sign twirlers on falls

Kelsey Hill Will Farrow: a less stressful study hall, therapy sessions with our problem child, country concerts, someone else to sass and fight with, your jacket Keeton Glen: someone else to be sassy to Mel Broughton: a keychain, country music, calling it a day sooner Sam Sutherland: a waterfall, a staple gun, my cat, the Patriot, fewer places to get lost Mary Grady: Long conversations with our favorite problem child Byron Horton: a shoulder, our handshake Jarron Ormond: pie, AP Lang, better dance lessons Elle Knudsen: a less crowded and dramatic house Jessie Lutz: Fetal Wilbur, AP Lang, bubblegum, Sheep brain Erin Murphy: our “best friend”, Pipers, Steve Zoe Quirk:Royal: a jacket, life out of the training room, only child status Mr. McGill: Pie, the best 6th period Coach Savage: a phone to brake, fewer injuries to deal with Coach Hogg: a pitcher and catcher, someone to argue calls Rosie Waring: campus runs, Chip, faster and lower pitches, high ball pose Clare Zaytoun: home plate, sas for umps Q: a full name, a less sarcastic softball season, someone to help you see your homework Kristen, Abby, Juliet, Tate, Michelle, Rachel: the softball team, the Stealths

Kofie Yeboah

Layla Tanik

Garrison Rountree: A Time Machine, swag Lessons Miles Holt: Confidence Jordy: The Keys to the African Community at Ravenscroft, Lane 4 Kyle Williams: Quentin’s laziness Mr. Luna: A Bandwagon Rodney: My Speed Drea: a car ride Colin Vernal: unsweet tea, PopEyes Toll Booths ,public transportation... other northern things Michael Hall: my broadcast legacy Keeton Glenn: The Chosen One Greg Harper: Usain Bolt Poses Liam King: a winning record in 8 ball Ahmad Ratliff: The ability to follow your passion; Twerkin’ to Tyga Christian Walker: My aggressive side LJ Young: The Spirit of Aaron Brooks Mr. Billerman: My spot on the bench Chris Corchiani: The monthly hook-up from Foot Locker Andrew Ejofor: Mo buckets Christian Vinson: the socks Jonathan Clark: “Young Kobe O End or no end” Rebecca Powell: My Killer Instinct Ian: fries.. my outgoing side Byron: The Ruck Sam Sutherland: don’t be a Jack Bauer “24”’’ ... 21 Dollars Ben Brown: the red pill from the Matrix Mclean: The legendary Orange Snapback // Unofficial right to swag-walk Sarah Lowery: The St. Timothy’s Spirit Caroline Hansen: Track Leggings Whoever’s taking Stats: thoughts and prayers Josh McCoy: dinner with Macklemore Kenny: unlimited hair care products Jonathan Kluger: 10 day free trial to L.A. Boxing , The Tattletale Strangler. Noah Hubbell: when your famous call me to do a song DJ: my 5 dollars you still owe that Alex Nesvisky: CharGrill’s burger recipe Sterling Price: handshakes with Happy (Gilmore) Fonz: DJ Fonz Chazz Upchurch: “Winning” Mary Grady Bell: cookies and cookies Seth Brown: a box, chinese food, Puffs, rubber chicken, an actual chicken a mask, a wire, All the Where’s Waldo, Bobcats season tickets , backstage passes to the Nickelback reunion, Godzilla, 22 melted candy bars, A walkman. Rocket Power season 1. Gumby. a Broken slinky and stairs. A spark plug. Coupons to Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond. A job at Hwy 55 or PDQ. a deflated basketball.

Ahmad Ratliff: fashion advice, twerking lessons Varsity Tennis Team: Debbie Peek, bagels, chinese fire drills, my anthem, Matt Floyd from Carrabbas, a future State Championship Byron Horton: Hand hugs and handshakes Liam King: a real mermaid Courtney Price: a new doubles partner, cats cradle, Pam, eye contacts, eskimo kisses, the mens NC State team, the Lion King soundtrack, broken rackets, trash talk, ankle braces, colorful spandex, tennis tanlines, Garcia and Enrique, snippy attitudes, a new person to always back you up in a line call dispute, a new roomie, cats, Charlotte bus trips, acapella sing alongs, a spot on the Wingate University tennis team, and all my love! Nina Barnett: lima bean and sprout, thai food, boy advice, 3B’s, candles, a windy driveway, long talks, random house calls, Red Dragon leftovers, a hitting partner, and a new big sister. Mr. Dover: 2nd period anatomy class, mermaids, whales, and Drew Gagnon Rosie Waring: butt exercises, APart, pinterest quotes, Jimmy John’s, Hibachi dates, the Washington Nationals Skye Deitelbaum: Tennis dresses, root beer, hearts to hearts. Nuha Kabir: an enthusiastic greeting Mary Grady Bell: a new dance buddy, candid pictures, big hugs, tan skin, delicious cookies, future Homecoming Queen Austin Morin: sushi, Jill Mrs. Belk: a passing math grade, all my gratitude, thank you so much Tommy Corchiani: mass snapchats, Bryce Harper, ;) Zoe Quirk-Royal: Lax and basketball games, boy drama, panera dinners Andrea: Mr. Erikson’s Algebra 2 class, perfume Greg Harper: relationship advice, a new best friend, more tattoos Caroline Hansen: Awkward run-ins Abigail Czito: Dan Johnson, free donuts, egg roll. Anna Ergish: elite tennis skills, muscle tee’s, tootie bun tuesday

Lee Massey Casey: cross country, tons of laughs, jammin in the car, that cake, our mutual obsession with food, my love forever Parker Mikesh: gov class, Mrs. Fillip, deep chats, all my secrets, Zoe Quirk Royal: neighborly love, snow days, many childhood memories, a great senior year Liam King: nice camera for photography, being reckless, paperclip holder, something sick Sammy Cohen: good times in photog class, inappropriate jokes, boys named Tommy Robert Vaughan: Crested Butte, the face, late night sledding, tree

trails, a private ski lesson at low cost, reckless senior year Mitchell Stumpo: your creepy moments, trips to ‘the store’, my bodyguard against the boys Ahmad Ratliff: Tommy Lizzy Micyus: FMBS car rides, a wonderful cross country season, Austin Morin: gov and journalism class, postcard from the Bahamas, spelling lessons Mrs. Belk and Mrs. L: greatest teachers ever Ryen Frazier: the best of luck with running MJ: The Allure, karaoke Will Farrow: FCA, a hug, all my love Chase Johnson: George the monkey Mr. Pruden: chillest teacher, best gov class ever Vanessa May: FOOD, great cross country year, a sensible non:creepy guy Mary Grady Bell: cookies, homecoming queen, pep talks, cross country Maddie Ringenbach: tons of success with cross country, jammin on the bus Keeton Glenn: your famous stretch, cross country star, awkward moments Mr. Billerman: BEST ADVISORY EVER Mclean: #1 stud Colin Vernal: stomach piercing, 5 years together Tristan H.: good grades in government class

Lloyd Mallison Cy League: a loss in a debate, a puppy-hat, an arsenal shirt and a cushion of .435 (not to be too pedantic) Zoe Welsh: some ear jollies to block out all the jilly jallying going on in the gravy train, a big CAW CAW and a dictionary Allison Kelly: a cut of my pirate loot JT Taylor: an upgrade on your dung heap of a car, an English accent, Siemens and a massive “Roll tide” English Bernhardt: something you’re not good at and a Scarecrow Ahmad Ratliff: Men’s Health magazines and a spare outlet for your phone Helen Velk: A bottle to the face and my back to always have. JCamp 2013ers: the chance to

carry on the rowdy Ravenscroft legacy George Reddin: a basketball and Helen Shannon Strong: muted color pants Robert Lippit: the Hub. Robert Pettys: a wide load Ford Layman: a phone call at Zaxby’s and some really loud elements. Mitchell Stumpo: your dad dancing to Pitbull. McLean Voekel: Lee Bird’s love Chris Corchiani: Diamonds to shine bright like. Collin Vernal: any food of the week to the face, a penguin and a cuddle. Elliot Velk: a win at Mario kart Maggie Collawn: a squad of powderpuff cheerleaders Simone Sellette: a spot at Emerson for next year. Courtney Price: Ed Sheeran’s guitar, a prince Harry mask and the phone numbers of 1 Direction. Jonathon Kluger: a short life expectancy. Chris Antonello: new topics for Facebook posts Amanda Frederikson: Fonz’s number Michael Hall: any one of the deaths from the movie “Se7en” Louis Mallison: my spot in drama, the Mallison legacy and my modesty. Garrison Rountree: the D Josh McCoy: sartorial dominance, any opportunity to cross dress and all on a frugal budget. Thomas Matthews: squirrel fun, a rabies shot and the assumptions song Garrett Anderson: ipso facto, characteristics you possess when you weren’t disabled and a lot of respect. Becca Israel: huge bags of love (they’re in the prop shop) Colson Dorafshar: a stepped on moustache, raccoon balls, strength, a sewing kit, an empty paper bag, a very proud friend and all the luck in the world. Mrs. Belk: all the time in the world that you gave to me, and one more student who loves you. Brian Kelly: a flume partner on the ride down to the underworld, a snarky British kid, a team of D to coordinate and nowhere near enough thanks for everything.

Class of 2013

Senior Wills Alexus: charlotte twerkshops Doctor Jack: skillz, New Hampshire Mike Fagan: a new car CC Poole: you’re literally just the cutest thing ever Mclean Voelkel: (919) 604:7012 The Fam: kickball, north ridge, CPR Mrs. Belk: all my missing homework ever:so every homework assignment from junior year The basketball team: K bill’s water bottle

Logan Greer Anna Taylor: my love, lots of food Nathan Woodward: a hot plate Colin Vernal: a calendar, steak hibachi Grant Glenn: stagecraft legacy McGill: no papus, no doubt Mista Mike: another Multivariable Class, a 3v3 basketball tournament, job as an Onion writer, math skill, a cool sister Mr. V: a bigger budget, a powder cannon, a homemade electric car Mrs Coach Cameron Egeland : a rat named P.V.C.

Margaret Edwards Sydney Sweenie and Megan Boericke: high jump naps and a new mat Rebecca Qubain: Middle blocks Rachel Edwards: balance, happiness and love Abbie Green: aloe and kayaking in the Bahamas to Vaden Ellwanger: Churlestina West Ellwanger: Val Jessie Lutz and Claire Fuscoe: AP Lang Varsity Volleyball team: Planet Smoothie Varsity Track team: sunscreen Mr. McGill: another awesome class with deep conversations Mary Grady Bell: sleep, cookies, and Bible verses Caitlin Given: carrots

Logan Greer Jamie Mason: Caitlin Given Caitlin Given: Jamie Mason Brittani Bryan: Homegirl, 4X200 relay forever, actually hating swimming, stretch Claire Fuscoe: Infinite punches to the chest until your bones collapse Vanessa May: The neighb, house fires, crises in the hallway, GOPO gossip, Cara and her scary dog walks, Andy and Dave Rosie Waring: Visits during your study hall, Michigan JT Taylor and JT Fritsch: money in the banana stand Sarah Take: pole vault Josh Mccoy: 1 warmup lap, 1 full pull-up, and the kid that broke his arm Shannon Strong: Lane 6 and the DA guys (specifically number 1 that only talks to his mom) Jessica Kittleberger and Alexandra Lee: Painfully long golf speeches, coach, Amanda’s silence Tim Hutter: MTV Hailey Stewart: Literally being the biggest bum I know Rachel Slosman: your UNCTV nametag Courtney Price: body rolls in the hallway, Sean Caroline Hansen: Vampire hisses, popped collars, coaches hating us, hating golf, bad high fives and loud hello’s Kathleen Brandes and Nicole Knape: taking over the swim

team and ultimately the world Gage Czito and Daniel Strong: Being the coolest best-friend couple in the school, the DA Dimes CC Poole: Being angry at something...just once...try it. Andrew Ziperski: The Ziperski legacy carry it well

Jamie Mason: Caitlin Given Caitlin Given: Jamie Mason Brittani Bryan: Homegirl, 4X200 relay forever, actually hating swimming, stretch Claire Fuscoe: Infinite punches to the chest until your bones collapse Vanessa May: The neighb, house fires, crises in the hallway, GOPO gossip, Cara and her scary dog walks, Andy and Dave Rosie Waring: Visits during your study hall, Michigan JT Taylor and JT Fritsch: money in the banana stand Sarah Take: pole vault Josh Mccoy: 1 warmup lap, 1 full pull-up, and the kid that broke his arm Shannon Strong: Lane 6 and the DA guys (specifically number 1 that only talks to his mom) Jessica Kittleberger and Alexandra Lee: Painfully long golf speeches, coach, Amanda’s silence Tim Hutter: MTV Hailey Stewart: Literally being the biggest bum I know Rachel Slosman: your UNCTV nametag Courtney Price: body rolls in the hallway, Sean Caroline Hansen: Vampire hisses, popped collars, coaches hating us, hating golf, bad high fives and loud hello’s Kathleen Brandes and Nicole Knape: taking over the swim team and ultimately the world Gage Czito and Daniel Strong: Being the coolest best-friend couple in the school, the DA Dimes CC Poole: Being angry at something...just once...try it. Andrew Ziperski: The Ziperski legacy carry it well

to McLean on my floor, your brother’s athleticism David Reynolds: sushi, Mitch McGary, neehow, a jumpshot, MSquared, meet me at the rim, no fundamentals, somebody to pass to you on B Thomas Corchiani: agenda, scissors, handles, a running coach Josh McCoy: a new window Charlotte Spence: My Love, 9198027141 Austin Morin: Rampage, Innuendos, jellyfish stings Pattymac: knee hockey, Our Lady of Lourdes alum, mama’s cheddar Zachary Chapman: Anderson Courtney Price: 2.0, Austin, Jordan Bednar’s love, a conversation not about tennis Tim Hutter: 3 to the head Andrew Ejofer: Sebastion, the quickest feet in the league, a bright future Avery Edwards: taco 12 pack LJ and Byron: Nose on ball drill Mr McGill: snacks from Rhonda’s, most inspirational stories English Bernhardt: a date with Dolores, priscilla Chris Corchiani: Ace, senior lot parking Wes Stroud: King of your basketball court now Anna Ergish: MTV, dr D, sweaters, nose goes Mrs Belk: enthusiasm, a new best friend, Helen, Tony Law, a more mundane/docile tutorial environment Mrs Velk: donuts, an actual baby picture of me Bailey and Abby: a tennis match, taza Kira: Little Bryelle Christian Vinson: white man buckets John Bailey: orange aid Robert Vaughn: always attending practice Skye: Aaron craft, bannerz, Ohio States patheticness Nina: the realist brother Mr Luna: somebody else to prank, gloondog Jeron: new managers to look at Eva Simmons: Hatfield, glitter

Mathew Quesenberry

Max Sminkey

Mariel Ziperski

McLean: apples, roulette, story time, PP, a spot on my floor next year Justin Bednar: the life of an only child, another invite to your bday next year, a spot next

Mr. Erikson: A 3v3 basketball tournament, a new smartboard Ms. Presson: Shouts for best substitute Alex Nesvisky: A Chrome charger and Golden Corral

Mrs. Carroll: A nice, clean whiteboard ;) Rosie Waring: Mary Grady Bell, Miles Holt: SGA and Mr. Laskowski

Meghan McAllister Juanita Perdermo: A salsa dancing partner, necklaces, intense practices Claire Fuscoe: Cook-Out milkshakes, better dance moves, directions to Clemson University in case you get lost John Landers and Zachary Chapman: My love Max Haensel: Someone to punch in the hallway Mary-Grady Bell: A great running partner, nike shorts Sara Kaspacar: Google, Pizza lunchables, thank you note to your parents Liam King: A new love/hate relationship Nina Barnett: Study hall buddy, advil for the migraines Humza: Pocahontas

Natalie Holdstock Tommy Corchiani: A seat at the end of the bench with a training kit, manager Chris Corchiani: beast, moldy jersey Maggie Collawn: NRG, some more cheerleading snacks at football games after I ate them all Collin Vernal: Oak Island Mary Grady Bell: cookies, prom dilemmas Patrick Macintyre: Mrs. Belks Class, rough on the roof Rosie Waring: bringing everyone food, football games, questionable pieces of art Emerson Storch: CH, Greek god Ahmad: my messy locker, twerkin, taylor and the cup with the straw, beyonce Jamie Mason: Self restraint Humza: Star wars club, the fam, Savannah Jt Taylor: la di dee la di doo la di dum, channy bing, “forrest hump” aka forrest gump Dave Reynolds: my love Nina Barnett: Kubi Caroline Hanson: screeeeeeching bird calls Byron and Lj: twerkin before basketball games Tim Hutter: RATCHET Josh Mccoy:... Payne Lubbers: the three amigos

Nick LeFerve Brandon Schneider: My Pokemon battling skills Parker Lindenmuth: My superior handheld games Sarah Take: My Smash Bros skills and unhealthy eating habits Allyson Take: Those Game of Thrones dolls from Blockbuster Senor Luna: My personal computer Mr. Teitelbaum: New advisees to fill the huge void we left Jack Phillips: My killer onehand backhand Will Farrow: Pickup lines Jack Torborg: Less difficult computer science homework Chris Antonello: Better tips from customers LJ Young: An infinite number of helps from Mrs. Belk Jonah Stall: My programming knowledge

Parker Sutherland Mel Broughton: the goal JT Fritsch: the bench George Reddin: green pants Shane Litcher: Rowdy Gentlemen attire Anderson Ivey & Ally Bonavita: matching outfits Corey Chandler: the soccer team, a job Sam Sutherland: some friends Brandon Schneider: a guitar to smash Sr. Luna: a bandwagon, tickets to Railhawks and Hurricanes games Dr. D: end of the Taliban/ computer problems

Rachel Wakeford English Bernhardt: UNCSA (leotards), City Ballet Recitals, Bimbo!, Chinese tutorials on YouTube, Sugar Plum, my lovie, Raleigh City Strut, “The Lift” Duo, maliki liki laka, Grand Cayman, Marco Island, West Palm, KEITH!, Tina, Kare, Chuck and Davey, Davey on the Plane, Crying babies, TUNK, Massages with Hunter and Kirsten, SHREK!, CT’s, Target pics and Moe’s pics, Track, Herb, Bun-Bun Girls, Janette, THE Wedding Reception, the middle school croft dance, Chase and Steph’s marriage, rollercoaster buddy, your boyfriend Hunter, Roomie for all Choir Trips, Choir, DVAN, Bernford Beach Trips, SHOCK!, Ditch that, Down

Class of 2013

Senior Wills

Rachel Wakeford Continued

to the River, Come on Over, Weeknight stays at the Wakeford household to keep my parents company, Onyx’s horselike runs and you locking yourself in a room, Defying gravity, Uhh... no!, Buster jumping on you, Model Pics, LG Dares, Moto Q, Bridesmaids, Couples Retreat, Tattoo Guy, Memorial Day Weekend 2007 with dancing pics on the beach, Bike rides, Henry and Harry, Danilova, parasailing, water tractor, sunburn, seven oaks, THE dance move, fake nails, big headbands, future broadway star JT Taylor: Chandler Bing, YGC!, The FAM, Nat Dawg’s House, north ridge run, NRCC Pool, Soooo many activities!, XC, Team Camp, Broccoli, unhealthy foods (sike), Payphone (your favorite song), MURA, “Can I get a water?”, HMU, Friends, TRX not crossfit, NECK city, You’re perfect!, Pound it & Bring it back, Salt, Guinness World Record Texter, THE seersucker short sleeve polo shirt, LA DI DEE, So yacked!, the voicemail, very very, Carolina sushi with tay, la jolla, did you know I went to Santa Barbara in California? Jack Phillips: Love you Jack Van Lokeren: hobo, best hair, peace treaties Sean Mahoney: a fake fur vest Alexus Baldwin: Apple Bottom Jeans Robert Vaughan: Boy, Señor Luna, White Jeans, RA, Spanish Class, the “angel” according to Señor Jamie Herakovich: someone else to punch you in the hallway, the house we didn’t buy, spanish class, Señor Luna, Chuck & Doug, family bonding times, a louder truck Maggie Collawn: Spanish Group Chat, Magdalen, Señor Luna, Spanish Class, My favorite WCW, “Good try!”,!, My favorite daredevil, Kappa Delta, another one bites the DUST Tommy Corchiani: aka thomas, model features, a better limp Chris Corchiani: a golf team to play on Max Haensel: XC, Track not Tennis Connor Irey: FONZ! Keeton Glenn: creepy Keeton, The Keeton Stretch, XC, Track, sunglasses, Planet Smoothie Anna Ergish: Slane and Slane jewelry, your ring, emoji conversations, watching over English Rachel Ormand: Wizard of Oz, White leotards Rachel Ormand, Rachel Slosman and Rachel Edwards: only having 3 Rachel’s in Choir Courtney Price: plane rides, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, another plane buddy to jam with on choir trips Eva Simmons: YEAH EVA!, Yezzzz Nina Barnett: H2H’s, Wizard of Oz, White Leotards Rachel Slosman: someone else

to listen to you riff in choir class Caroline Hansen: bus buddy, whatta shack!, jam buddy, funniest laugh, XC, Track, Team Camp, another one bites the DUST Mary Grady Bell: the sweetest girl I know, prayers before XC and Track Meets, the best cookie maker, H2H’s, Track, XC, motivator, YMCA (going to the Y), group chat with Em, ice those calves, RBTT, Team Camp Shannon Strong: Hey girl!, Track, XC, Levi Jeans, Team Camp Kristina Reali: St. Michael’s, EYC, Reach, Squirrel, nuggle buddy, flaring nostrils, weird eye thing, sneezing, trips to Greenville Mitchell Stumpo: trips to see me and Elle in G-Vegas JT Fritsch: a safer driver, herow! McClean Voelkel: running by you at track, walking backwards ;), Banes Wes Stroud: 919-624-7493 Emerson Storch: Will and Avery in the hallway..., Coach P, Sports Medicine Rosie Waring: Coach P, Sports Medicine, love ya Rose Grady Finch: another person to yell HEY! in the hallway Ahmad Ratliff: twerk team, track, my fav cheerleader, future broadway star, breaking it down at homecoming and ripping your pants, boo boo CC Poole: my favorite Cupid, mini me, track, H2H’s, most enthusiastic person I know, swerve Abbie Greene and Dixie Finley: Assisting hip hop class, dance talks Chandler Hammersla: hangout seshes with the Kayla Zoe Stafford-Price: Wizard of Oz, putting on my fake eyelashes for me Will Bird: biggest bro, running the croft George Reddin: a friend, zero, where’s the party at? Daniel Strong: Carr’s hugs Chase Storch: Kristina David Reynolds: Marry me? Liam King: surprise run-ins at Cameron Village Samantha Cohen: The neighb, H2H’s in my car, babysitting Nate, playing with Ella and Luke, little sis Patrick McIntyre: patty mac, watching over English, math class Ford Layman: no boundaries talks with English, plane ride deep talks Casey Harris and Anderson Ivey: XC, Track, my alfies English Bernhardt, Kristina Reali and Rachel Edwards: tryouts for a fourth roommate, the burping game and Kristina losing... Ryen Frazier: helping us at the NC State Track meet Jamie Mason: Nat Dawg’s House, Track, our first run, the FAM, NRCC Pool, your loves Taylor and Natalie, James Christopher Mason Jr., Ed aka Batman aka the man aka savior aka neighbor aka sweetheart Blake Sanders: Marrying Cameron Castleberry

Byron Horton: DONK Lizzy Micyus: Track, XC, Team Camp LJ Young: Hey LJ...Hey... Humza Rizvi, Jamie Mason, JT Taylor, Byron Horton, Tim Hutter, Josh McCoy: THE FAM!, Kickball tourney, so much love Tim Hutter: other trainers to mess with you like me and nat dawg, my love for Matty Brittani Bryan: Track, Choir, DVAN Varsity Boys Basketball Team: other trainers to fill my and natalie’s spots, training room memories, josh and natalie <3, watching y’all run, bus rides, pregame dancing and clapping Christina Potter: XC, Team Camp, Tower Run Buddy Justin Bednar: greetings in the hallway Josh McCoy: trips to Greenville to see Nat dawggy Caroline Rhoades: Track 2012 memories Hannah Makepeace: car rides Jay Hirl: ILY JAY, calling me Ratch, Disney bus girls Chase Johnson: bonding at JDRF, being BFFs with my mom Kayla Reali: acolyting at St. Mike’s Coach Payne: an amazing coach for the past two years, providing me with a senior quote Austin Laughery: XC, Track, running buddy, best hugger Distance Track Fam: SHAWNA!, the keeton stretch, hot pocket, David Hansen making us laugh, the best support team XC Team: love the hill, Team Camp, WakeMed Course, Workout BINGO, Chocolate Milk Sarita, Morgana, Emilia and Margarita: Spanish Class, Group chat while watching “Machuca” The Choir Biddies: Choir Trips, DVAN, Choir, YEZZZ!, Disney, Jono and Johnny, Court becoming best friends with them, making me go on rides at Disney, Jack Jack from the Incredibles tattoo, singing multiple songs in a different language Collin Vernal: massages in Online News, the cutest picture of you, the ladybug pillow pet, bonding time with my dad at north ridge, lotion in the basket, arriba! Mrs. Belk: Helen!, Kbelk, a great math teacher for 3 years, St. Michael’s, stories about Harper and Bo, people to fill in the loud corner of the classroom that consists of me, Layla, Natalie, and Taylor, We are the Pirates of ECU! Dr. Vana: a great choir teacher for 4 years, Viva la Vida Mr. Billerman: DAD!, the best advisory, NBA Money Straps Coach P: the best sports medicine teacher, Basketball Season 2012-2013, believing that I could do an ankle tape job, alvin ailey and paul taylor dance conversations, a great mentor Coach Savage: tiny hands, let me drive the gator, GO PIRATES! Kflinn: Justin Timberlake, 2nd period English 3 Señor Luna: your favorite Spanish 3 class, Me, Taylor, and Maggie being angels, Robert,

Thomas, and Jamie misbehaving, these boots were made for walkin, air bald!, Santa Barbara Mr. Kelly: Hickory, your favorite comp class Rhonda: always asking how students are doing, great food

Ryan Carr Cory Carr: too many AP Classes Justin Bednar: my Econ skills Mitchell Stumpo: dancing shoes Sean Mahoney & Crawford Sloan: lifetime’s supply of Liftomine Mr. League: afro pick & matches

Sarah Pupa John: new study partner, someone to talk to at dinner, good grades, car rides home, Max Mary Grady Bell: NCL, cookies, sleep, leadership 7:30, great senior year Zoe Quirk-Royal: someone else’s hair to braid, “Ello Zarah”, new study partner Juliet Borchardt: 2nd period study hall, luke bryan, ECO, ap bio study partner, NHS tapper, latin Morgen McCreedy: senior captain, vball states, forget about it, planet smoothie, campus laps, preseason workouts, unzinez, sarahconfidence, pre-game chats Erin Kelly: team leadership, hugs, great next season, chats outside your house, warm-up cds Jen Funsten: a new warm up partner, someone else to taste their smoothie, econ, after game chats Olivia Ashman: someone to always pick you up, hugs, smiles, happiness, new teammates, great college choices Rebecca Qubain: new beach vball partner, good softball season, “Hi Rebecca” Cailin Dorsey: “Cailin!,” new bus partner, 2nd period study hall, latin vocabulary lists Rachel Edwards: ds training, destressing conversations, someone else to comfort you on the court Syndie Schwarz: rides to beach vball, ds training, someone to look up to on the team Nicole Knape:“Nic-Cole!,” rides home from practice Caroline Gainey: camp cheerio, “Friendship is the Bestship”, another big sister, ap world, great summer Rachel Slosman: math tutorial, smiles, preppy clothes Ally Bonavita: turquoise dress, all my lily pulizter and vineyard vines Mr. Laskowski: imogene, 4th period APUSH, ethics and religion, study hall talks, rosa parks, cymbals, staplers, whitney houston songs, iDVD, SGA dances, summer reading study guides, a new student to comfort and tell how great they are and to be a role model for Beatrice, a new extra advisee Mrs. Lieberman: great APES students, ECO, all field trips, our wonderful chats, oceanography club, science songs Mr. McGill: composition class, deep AP Lang conversations, the best person to help me sort my life, writing catastrophes, someone to say how great of a person you are, your guide about how to live life Mrs. Belk: new church students, children to acolyte, lots of love from your students Mrs. Tran: HUGE, projects, “you just have to know”, impossible tests,

great new start in Texas Mrs. Welsh: new every day tutorial students, teammates and a new role model for Caroline, great ap bio students Mrs. K: a new tutorial student, someone to keep class lively, laughter, great new calculus students, someone to come to your office and ask you questions every day, great 2014 prom

Savannah Miller Lila Welsh: Weeping angels, Daleks, a fez, a sonic screwdriver (Note: doesn’t work on wood), THE FEELS, “MOFFAT!” **shakes fist**, and the 50th anniversary special (now with ten and rose!). Senor Swaim: “Doctor Quien” Mr. Karny: A list of things we actually learned in 1st grade. Mr. Kelly: Fava beans and a nice Chianti. Mr. Erikson: A literally amazing town of bananas. Mary Grady Bell: A lifetime supply of cookies. Mrs. Welsh: A colony of isopods, sock-ozomes, and a town of bananas.

Scott Sugar Rachel Ormand: All my love, Sushi dates, Someone to go to target with, Someone to read Harry Potter to. Chase Johnson: Madea Goes to driving school, Hey! In the hallway Humza: a spot in Young Republicans, matching patagonias Jamie Mason: a day of me being nice to you Anna Ergish: the farm, a trip to Rocky Mount JT Fritsch: Patagonia kisses JT Taylor: you’re mine Hailey Stewart: Art. Axel Barth: snaxel Casey Harris: a bob Christian Vinson: apes shenanigans, twerk team, Panera Tottie: a fishing trip to Mexico Josh McCoy: a well written Comp paper Collin Vernal:a trip to Miss Cardillo’s room Robert Vaughn: a helmet Tom Barr: My shorts Zoe: one word to describe you Mitchell Andrews: a better nickname

Shelby Major Morgen: the volleyball team, missy, Cody Simpson, MackLUHmore, Wilmington, Art Ideas and our blue picture. Love youuuuu Courtney Price: Alexander, Austin, Dave, Jordan, Harry, Joe, and whoever else comes up next year, cupcakes and tennis Rachel Slosman: twitter and Niall Nina Barnett: Super awesome shoes Mr Laskowski: a new Allison and a new Shelby Mr Teitelbaum: a better AP French class

Class of 2013

Senior Wills

Spencer Knudsen Tommy Corchiani: A seat at the end of the bench with a training kit, manager Chris Corchiani: beast, moldy jersey Maggie Collawn: NRG, some more cheerleading snacks at football games after I ate them all Collin Vernal: Oak Island Mary Grady Bell: cookies, prom dilemmas Patrick Macintyre: Mrs. Belks Class, rough on the roof Rosie Waring: bringing everyone food, football games, questionable pieces of art Emerson Storch: CH, Greek god Ahmad: my messy locker, twerkin, taylor and the cup with the straw, beyonce Jamie Mason: Self restraint Humza: Star wars club, the fam, Savannah Jt Taylor: la di dee la di doo la di dum, channy bing, “forrest hump” aka forrest gump Dave Reynolds: my love Nina Barnett: Kubi Caroline Hanson: screeeeeeching bird calls Byron and Lj: twerkin before basketball games Tim Hutter: RATCHET Josh Mccoy: ... Payne Lubbers: the three amigos Alexus: charlotte twerkshops Doctor Jack: skillz, New Hampshire Mike Fagan: a new car CC Poole: you’re literally just the cutest thing ever Mclean Voelkel: (919) 604-7012 The Fam: kickball, north ridge, CPR

Taylor Ednie Emerson Storch: long talks on the lacrosse bus, tons of babies, my special sweatpants, socks, a needle and thread for your leggings. Rachel Hianik: a box of sick finches to bring to Davidson Juanita Perdomo: “nuff said” Kayla Reali: me yelling at you on the field Anna Collawn: meat comes first, finches, plot twist Robert Vaughn: “your girl” Byron Horton: Crystal T, barbecue Rosie Waring: dress shopping, bag balm MG Bell: my track cynicism, SGA meetings

Taylor Fleck Humza: Cracker Barrel, Sadie, some field hockey skills Jonathan Clark: Ketchup Anna: Tape jobs, fedoras, endless supply of food Juany: “ ”, car rides, a new field hockey stick, fast food stops Kayla: Stick angle, hallway hugs, Tayla, the nun dress Olivia: Mr. Kuo’s lectures, a new twin, calves

David: Dictionary game(don’t cheat!) Rachel and Anna: Chest bump trust fall, a new defensive line mate Theresa: Chocolate cows Cc: Olive Garden breadsticks, song making skills Avery: a new study hall fam, Middlebury football team Byron: black santa Field Hockey Team: Bill’s Truck Stop, Olive Garden trips, VCU team camp, Camp Champs!!, and all my love! You guys will do great next season!

Taylor Letts Maggie Collawn: My mini me, grandma track team,wheelchairs, sunscreen, cookout runs, almost killing me from retiring from track Kristina Reali: REACH, St. Mikes, Free place to stay with me next year, hugs in the hallway Samantha Cohen: Little sis, looking after Nate, Heart to Heart’s Caroline Hansen: Nance, grandma track team, wheelchairs, working at moes, driving lessons Ahmad Ratliff: Connor, singing via snapchats Josh McCoy: Joe, My dad, fresh sty, FAM, iphone, trips to G-vegas to see Nat Dawg Collin Vernal: Love daps in the hallway Will Bird: SML memories Robert Vaughan: F Squared, Spanish class JT Taylor: FAM, a nicer car, rach, voicemails, broccoli Humza Rizvi: FAM, a better kickball team Byron Horton: Our handshake, FAM, twerking, defy adventures Jake Isley: Motivation, being a bum, Apes class, a better lab partner, ECU talks, prescribed meds to keep you awake in class Jamie Herokovich: Singing to country music, spanish class, obsessions with trucks Jamie Mason: Tums, 911, FAM John Bailey: Rides home Brittani Bryan: Grandma track team, wheelchairs English Bernhardt: Playing on the baseball fields together, a good senior year Rachel Hianik: Sleepy pills for Spanish Shannon Strong: Cramming before Spanish quizzes together Chase Johnson: Chaser, JDRF walking buddies Mary Grady Bell: Being the schools best baker, your positive outlook on everything CC Poole: The love guru, cutest girl in the high school Chase Storch: The coolest girlfriend ever Chris Corchiani: Being the King of the high school next year Sterling Price: Skills class humor, haircut Corey Chandler: an A in spanish Tim Hutter: FAM MJ Malone: Cruise ship festivities Virginia Douglass: JDRF walks

Mrs. Belk: Helen, A new, but nowhere near as good babysitter, keeping Harper from hurting Bo, My fellow ECU fanatic Mrs. Owen: My go-to teacher for everything Señor Luna: Air bald, boots that are made for walking, 1st period junior year

Thomas Sigmon CC Poole: A new boy babysitter for Harrison and Keenan. Max Hansel: Hood to Coast, The XC team, Keeton, my record, Zenyatta. Keeton Glenn: My record, The XC team, Redundancy, Max. Claire Fuscoe: Dead animals, The XC team, Max. Juanita Perdomo: Someone else to yell “JUANA!!!” everytime they see you, a sled. Jamie Herakovich: 401, Hunts with Wil and Robert, all the geese you can shoot, Spanish Class, Darius Rucker’s Wagon Wheel, Responsibilities of the new RDU chapter, Robert, My camo loving, Duck Dynasty obsession, Collin Vernal: Ms. Smith, Skills, Being the favorite, Two man jobs, her, redneck activities with Jamie, Jamie. John Landers: My love, Sick Chad, Johnny Miller tellin’ ‘em, Bojangles, The Golf team, Jimmy, Augusta, Matches with Chad, Someone else to talk trash with, My seat on the bus, Sean, A hug from Meghan, my flip tool. Zachary Chapman: My love, The perfect woman (with C Nice Bunns on the side), Sean, Jimmy, The Golf team, Kristin, Someone to dirtbike with, The Shakem Theory, Squinty eyes, The Ford (in spirit), Bojangles, Samantha Cohen, A hug from Meghan, Bailey McNeil, someone to take are of Brody and Kyle, a horndog. Sean Mahoney: Well processed questions, A muzzle and duct tape, The Golf team, Better driving, A longer attention span, common sense, less allergies. Sterling Price: My redneck side, Someone to love Rhonda, Bojangles, The Golf team. Patrick Mcintyre: Sick Chad. Liam King: A snap and a touch, my seat at friday morning bible study. Justin Bednar: A closer relationship with Jordan Samantha Cohen: A mentor for Nate, another southern man to laugh at and learn from, Someone your parents let you go anywhere and anytime with, A good choice, A hug, being your mom’s favorite. Skye Deitelbaum: The Grand Prix. Will Farrow: Middle School FOCUS, Senior study two years. Hattie Gale: A locked door. David Hansen: A filter. Parker Mikesh: A room. Ryan McAtee: A different sweater. Alex Payne: Coach Payne. Mateo Schiemann: A screw from Carter.

Eva Simmons: John Landers. Jessica Sullivan: A picture of Clay. Mitchell Stumpo: Hertford Street. Mary Grady Bell: All the cookies in the world, someone to see running in the neighborhood. JT Fritsch: My love, The bachelor parties I was never invited to. Chase Johnson: Warmth for Wake. Natalie Hianik: another ride to FOCUS. Thomas Matthews: The legacy of the name. Kayla Reali: Someone else to bother you in Math. Shannon Strong: the president of New Zealand, a hug, someone else to embarrass you, a new big brother. Robert Vaughn: An endless can, a better shot, Parker, my seat in Math. English Bernhardt: WMPC, Animated movie sing-alongs. Mr. Flinn: someone else to give you weird hugs you don’t want. Ms. Smith: Collin, Endless golf rounds. Mrs. Belk: my relationship confusions.

Wesley Frazier Ryen: lane 1, anything I don’t take with me to college, my room, the impala, the ice bath, Cooper Coach McGill: Ryen, the track team Mrs. Belk: someone else to eat lunch with, stories Ms. Smith: a new advisory English Bernhardt: leggings, size buddies Mary Grady Bell: orange peanut butter crackers, more sleep Garrison: a sneaky feeling Ahmad: track practice, spandex Simone: azucar, everything cute Mr. Kates: another stellar class Mr. Billerman: anything Duke Rebecca Powell: 4x400 team Anna Ergish: nicer lab partners Christian Vinson: a noncountry accent, new twitter pic, the sun, buckets Mitchell Andrews: sour patch kids, another lab partner, flannel shirts elsh: our ecohouse Brittani Bryan: spanish 3 and 4 CC Poole: blanket for track meets Mrs. Lieberman: webs Colin Vernal: winter formal date

Will Barefoot Crawford Sloan: my love, Garith Bale and his “socca boots” Avery Edwards: Teamwork, Better hands, Someone new to play “The Game” with, Felonies, Complete Honesty, A 4.6 (GPA and 40) Emerson Storch: Avery, September 10 Grady Finch: Second Best, Ball and chain Grady and Avery: The Jugs, Coach Hog, Coach Washington Football Team: Mornings with Coach Kep and his wife, Ned,

A ring, Planet Smoothie, Pool Basketball, A promised Beach trip, Coach Gibbons in the Shower, Milton’s English Bernhardt: Sunday School, James Jamie Herakovich: Any girl you want, Summer throwing, Everglades Jack Van Lokeren: Appropriate Basketball game behavior, Lax Shooting, Someone to walk you to class Lax Dark Side: D-Piece, Attackmen distractions, Circle the Wagon, Fonz, Troy, The Back line Troy: A sense of time, Priorities Grant and Sam: The Lower GC, Those Boots, Fat Axis, Dubya McLean Voelkel: The limit, PGV, A note, Stud Nation, Skipping Practice to bowl Wes: Puerto Rico, on the rocks, Rachel, someone your own size, pickup basketball Matt Johnson: Missions, Kubi, Time limit on Xbox, Field sense, Scissors Will Bird: Bike Race, my back seat anytime, Wendy Collin Vernal: two holes, Sealing with TR, McCall and Carter Robert Vaughn: A new lip, some brain, a new Back of the line partner, a ref who appreciates your back talk LJ: Another best friend, my gloves, Fun Run David Reynolds: The finer race, pickup basketball Alex Payne: A better score In 94 Seconds, AP World Jake Isley: A lab partner, Work ethic, the liebs, Some caffeine for APES McGill: Aight Den, No doubt, I ain’t mad atcha Flinn: Ragin Ravens, so..come out, the treehouse with Pap, Scoot Sledge and Stud Nation, Frederick Douglas Liam King: Ragin’ Ravens, someone else to talk in Bible Study, Romy and Annette, Wrightsville Beach, Sport Nina: Kubi, Davidson, AP World Samantha Cohen: Mr. Billerman and Future Stars, clapclap..clap, Hodge’s Love, Panera “He’s a keeper” Patrick McIntyre: NHS bros handshake, “Sick Chad”, “Pull!!!”, Ragin Ravens Juanita: Mi alma, someone to talk Spanglish to, Clay

Zane Laughery Johnny Mcneill: a tan, soccer talents Rachel Ormand: ELL, “Doug”, Spring Break 2013, trips to HPU, mer, meh, meep, the other Laughery, off campus lunch, spk watermelons, 1, 2, 3 4 5, Tina Tonya Timmy, free time Charlotte Spence: your dance, photo class Jessica Sullivan: Rachel’s worrying Mr. Brian Kelly: your advisee Sr. Luna: Real Madrid jersey, my personal computer, Ronaldo Austin Laughery: Nothing. Ahmad Ratliff: My don



N evarmore

Varsity Raven Athletes Create 2013 NBA Mock Draft


Rock, Chalk, Jay Hawk

With the college basketball season behind us, it’s time to look forward to the June NBA draft. While some players helped their stock by having strong seasons and tournaments, others fell victim to injury and have seen their stock fall at an unfortunate time.

Ben McLemore Shooting Guard Kansas

Photo by Ron Jenkins, MCT Campus

A 6-5 shooting guard from St. Louis Missouri with

This may be the one time that what happened in Vegas will be leaving Vegas

an all-around game. He is capable of getting the rack at will, along with a lethal outside stroke. His athleticism is off the charts and he really elevates on his jump shot. One part of his game that has room for improvement is ball handling. With bigger and stronger defenders in the NBA, he will need some tight handles to help create his shot. Kansas Coach Bill Self described McLemore as the most talented kid he’s ever coached. Considering that he coached All-NBA players Deron Williams at Illinois, McLemore has an incredible amount of hype to live up to!



Nerlens Noel

Anthony Bennett Forward UNLV



Shabazz Muhammad Small Forward UCLA

Photo by Allen J. Shaben, MCT Campus

Another freshman that looks to be one

Point Guard Oklahoma State

Photo by Josie Lepe, MCT Campus


he 6’4’’ freshman averaged 15.4 points per game, 5.8 rebounds, 4.2 assists, and 3 steals per game. An athlete with NBA size, look for a team like the Sacramento Kings to make the smart pick and draft this guard.

at Creighton, McDermott would be a great scoring role player off the bench. Projected to go late in the first round, McDermott should be a safe pick.

Ryan Kelly

go through the roof with his play in the NCAA tournament. Now, projected to possibly go in the middle of the first round, we should see McGary leave Michigan for the NBA.

Doug McDermott

Small Forward Creighton Photo by Dave Weaver, MCT Campus


Photo by Drew Tarter, MCT Campus

McGary watched his draft stock

averaged 16.2 points per game, 7.5 rebounds per game, 2.7 assists, and 1.8 steals all while shooting 42.2 % from beyond the arc. Look for a time like the New Orleans Hornets to take Porter to team up with Anthony Davis.

Trey Burke

Point Guard Michigan


Photo by Julian H. Gonzalez, MCT Campus

Burke, the Naismith and Wooden

awards winner led the Michigan Wolverines to a National Championship game. The sophomore averaged 18.5 PPG, dished out 6.8 Assists per game, grabbed 3.2 boards per game and 1.6 steals per game. With the Detroit Pistons looking to have a high pick in the draft, why not big the hometown kid?


Otto Porte

Forward Georgetown

Photo by Chuck Myers, MCT Campus


he sophomore averaged 16.5 points and 8.1 boards per game this past season. A big body with an athletic build, looks for the Washington Wizards to pick up Zeller and add some size to its front court.

A player with a great career

Center Michigan

A versatile player, Porter

Photo by Harry E. Walker,, MCT Campus

Other Notable Players:

Mitch McGary


he #1 player in his recruiting class did not disappoint this year. The 18-year-old put up big numbers averaging 12.5 PPG, 9.5 RPG, 1.6 APG, and an impressive 4.4 blocks per game. Look for a team like the Orlando Magic to take this big man on their squad.

Cody Zeller Center Indiana


Marcus Smart

Photo by Joshua C. Cruey, MCT Campus

Photo by Susan Tripp Pollard, MCT Campus

f you couldn’t tell by now, the freshman class was basketball juggernaut this year and Bennett was no exception. The 6’8’’ 20-year-old with a 7’1’’ wingspan scored 16.1 PPG grabbed 8.1 boards per game and also swatted 1.2 shots per game.


Center Kentucky


California Dreaming

and done. Muhammad averagde 17.9 PPG and 37.7% from beyond the arc. Muhammad looks to fit the mold for either the Phoenix Suns or the Cleveland Cavaliers.


He’ll be leaving his old Kentucky home...

Jimbo Barnes, Jordan Bednar & Matthew Quesenberry

Power Forward Duke Photo by Chuck Liddy, MCT Campus

yan Kelly carried his success from high school to the highest level of college basketball. His outside stroke is hard for anybody to match up with. Look for him to be a solid contributor within the next 5 years at the NBA level

Victor Oladipo Guard Indiana



Photo by Terry Gilliam, MCT Campus

en was one of the few shining stars for the Terapins this past season. A 19-year-old who possess size at 7’1’’, 225 lbs and skill averaging 11.9 Points per game, 7.8 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game, look for the Oklahoma City Thunder to pair Len with Kendrick Perkins.

player who could have the most promise in this year’s draft class, Oladipo would fit in well at the 9th pick with the Minnesota Timberwolves who will look to take the best player available. The junior scored 13.6 points, grabbed 6.3 rebounds, dished out 2.1 assists and 2.2 steals this past season with the Hoosiers.

Alex Len Center Maryland

Photo by Robert Willett, MCT Campus



N evarmore

Ravens Offer Insight into Club Sports The Nevarmore Interviews Athletes About Team Experiences



tudent athletes make the decision to juggle their classes as well as sports. Most high school sports teams take this into consideration and work with the students, as well as the teachers, on schedules and requirements. There are students, however, that play sports year-round, or club, where the sports teams are completely separate from the school. Most of the time, these teams are considered more aggressive and time-consuming than school based sports. School sports are required to have practice and game schedules ap-

proved with the Athletics Center in an attempt to balance the academic and athletic events. Athletes who participate in sports outside of school often have early mornings and late nights, with practices before and after school, and sometimes after the practice of the school affiliated team. Brittani Bryan, ‘14, shares, “The majority of kids on my yearround swim team play a school sport on top of swimming.” There are many students at Ravenscroft that make the decision to play sports for teams outside of school, and a good number that play on those teams while participating in a school sport. The general consensus among the student athletes it that their year

Cameron Castleberry, ‘13, storms the field during a Ravenscroft Varsity Soccer game during her junior year. Photo by Dr. Watters

round and club teams demand a greater amount of commitment and skill than the school teams. Michael Hall, ‘15, a year round volleyball player, believes that this heightened commitment comes from a higher level of competition among different club teams and players. Courtney Price, ‘15, plays on both the Ravenscroft Varsity Tennis Team as well as practicing and competing outside of school up to 15 hours a week. She says that “Even though the Ravenscroft team is not as competitive, the sense of team that comes from playing a school sport is so much greater than in outside of school where everything is based on personal achievement.” Experiences in outside of school sports also vary greatly depending on the sport, and like any activity, are different depending on what goals you have. Hall says that he aspires to play on a men’s volleyball in a D1 school. He currently has practice twice a week, and has been playing for the past year. Hall manages his club team along with playing soccer for Ravenscroft. Hall does not believe that his extracurriculars get in the way of his school work, but does recognize that there are many nights when he has to stay up late after games, tournaments or practices in order to get all of his homework and studying done. Price, on the other hand, is determined to end up playing tennis for NC State University, plays 10 hours a week and often has tournaments that last for multiple days. She says that is it often a challenge to balance her playing and all of the tests and quiz-

Michael Hall, ‘15, plays on the Ravenscroft JV Soccer team and also on a club volleyball team year-round. Photo by Dr. Watters

zes she has during the week. Ravenscroft has many talented athletes that are going on to play sports in college. Many of them have played their sport, like Cameron Castleberry, ‘13, for years either on or off campus. Castleberry will be playing soccer at UNC-Chapel Hill next year, and has been playing since around age 6. She plays on a year round team as well as participating in the school team during her freshmen, sophomore, and junior years, and is running track this season. School sports do have their benefits, and it is possible to excel in a sport without playing outside of school. School sports tend to offer a greater sense of teamwork and unity than year round teams, and the community of student athletes at Ravenscroft is full of supportive and talented students and coaches. The decision to play a sport outside of school can lead to extra physical as well as academic stress. They can also help improve your skill and lead to a greater number of opportunities to further your athletic career. Ravenscroft does, however,

offer a wide variety of athletic opportunities and playing on a school sports team has the ability to create friendships, opportunities and memories.

Courtney Price, ‘15, smashes the ball back at her opponent during a Varsity Tennis match this fall. Photo by Dr. Watters

Varsity Sports Updates Girls Lacrosse

Boys Lacrosse

Boys Golf

Girls Soccer

13-4 Seniors:

11-4 Seniors:

30-12-1 Seniors:

2-13 Seniors:

Clay Stroud Thomas Sigmond James Turner

Taylor Fleck Elle Stumpo Allison McAdams Meghan Jenkins

Will Barefoot Jimbo Barnes Alex Cooley Bryant Dowd Kubi Johnson

Taylor Ednie Averi Ganes Danielle Given Savannah Story

Boys Tennis


7-11 Seniors:

8-14 Seniors:

Chris Bonavita Nick LeFevre William Jones

Elliot Copeland Jordan Bednar

Arash Kasebi Spencer Knudsen Josh Morman Carter Voelkel

Girls Track Seniors: Sydney Allain-Stockton Kyla Babson Emily Bedsole Cameron Castleberry Margaret Edwards Wesely Frazier Natalie Holdstock Lauren Norris Rachel Wakeford Caroline Zuckerman

Boys Track



3-12 Seniors:

Chris Boericke Rashaad Ratliff-Brown Chris Brajer Andrew Smith Jamal Carson David Stump Chase Duncan Quentin Taylor Shakim McKeithan Brandom Tung Patrick Monaghan Carr Walker John Montague Kofie Yeboah

Kelsey Hill Caroline Scales Calley Mangum