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We got him!

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Bin Laden’s Lair. Photo by MCT Campus

Navy Seals mission to kill Osama successful



s Randy Marsh said in South Park Season 14 episode 9, “We got him!” On May 1st 2011, Osama bin Laden was killed by the Navy Seals’ elite counter-terrorism unit, Team Six, which is comprised of 20 Navy Seals under the of the command of CIA Director Leon Panetta. Briefed on the target identity during the flight in, the members of Team Six engaged bin Laden and three subordinates, who used women as shields, in a 40 minute firefight on Sunday night. Upon the president’s announcement, hundreds gathered outside to the White House to celebrate in a collective sigh of relief. However, there is still worry as to if bin Laden is more dangerous as a man or a martyr as his followers may strike back. But we cannot stop and celebrate indefinitely. Bill Pruden, Head of Upper School and former History Instructor, offers the quite

valid opinion that “while taking down bin Laden is a good strategy… the war isn’t over.” And he’s right, the terrorists operate in cells around the world such that if one goes down, it has no effect on the next one two states away. Bin Laden was more a figure head at this point and was much like a celebrity to jihadists. No doubt this is a psychological victory for the United States. However, the big question now is whether or not this is a viable tactic, pitting nations against individuals? Bin Laden was and has been the face of Al-Qaeda for decades, but it has been asked if our handling of the terror leader was ethical. The truth is that he was living in comfort in a rich Pakistani suburb for the last few years of his life, surrounded by his aids, hardly a lone wolf against the entire western world. Secondly, despite his loss of communication (the compound had no phone or internet access) demoting him to more of a figure head, bin Laden’s revered status as a former leader and terror mastermind made him not only a slight strategic

INSIDE... ills W r o Seni

win but an emotional victory for the United States and allies and a severe blow to jihadist moral. The body of bin Laden was buried at sea in an undisclosed location. CBS news reported that many are critical of this decision. Muslim clerics claim that the U.S. violated Islamic burial practice while family members of 9/11 victims saw it as a sign of respect that bin Laden did not deserve. It also provides many skeptics with ammunition for a conspiracy theory. President Obama explained the decision on the May 8th broadcast of 60 Minutes as follows: “The decision to bury the body of Osama bin Laden at sea was a respectful and appropriate way that contrasted sharply with the terrorist’s disregard for the 3,000 people who perished - some never to be found - in the 9/11 massacre he masterminded.” He explained that Americans handled the situation in a way that reflects our country’s belief system.

Cartoon from MCT Campus

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May 2011





N evarmore

Santos on fire

Photo by Brad Ehileghbu

It’s been a long year...and there were lots of (mostly senior) issues that

caused some controversy in the halls of Ravenscroft. Mr. Bill Pruden sets the record straight in the last interview of the 2010-2011 school year.

Senior kidnapping, is it gone for good and why?

“We have been trying to

scale it back in recent years and we said that last year would be the end. We compromised last year because there was a lot of anxiety and discontent over the graduation ceremony being moved to the evening. We decided to limit our changes for that year. And also, it may Would you want THIS to haunt your seem hard to believe but, another future career? concern is that we are legitimately concerned about the reality of pictures on Facebook and videos being posted on Youtube in a way that could harm students in the future. We try to offer advice about appropriate use of social media and allowing the kidnapping runs counter to that effort.”

Translation: Facebook Official: No kidnapping this year

Do students have to be within dress code for the Baccalaureate service?

“The Ravenscroft dress code is not really

applicable to Baccalaureate. The issue for Baccalaureate isn’t about our dress code, it is about what is appropriate in a place of worship. If you have doubts about what to wear, look at past yearbooks for visual guidance.”

Translation: Baring shoulders is fine (see photo) Just keep the outfit appropriate and there will be no problems.

Natalie Salmonese, ‘10, sporting an appropriate, sleeveless dress. Photo by Patrick Bailey

Will there be any changes for the seniors’ first day of school next year and if so, will they be informed over the summer?


e’re looking at that right now. We will try to be clearer… there was a miscommunication with this year’s class about their first day of senior year. We have it on our summer agenda to address the issue and we will communicate our expectations directly with the class of 2012. Having a daughter [Cathleen] in the class of 2012, I am particularly determined to do right by them and the school.”

Translation: Stayed tuned...Pruden, a family man, will keep you posted. So far, how is the new senior exam exemption policy holding up?

“It seems to

be working as expected. The exam exemption makes for a more individualized exam schedule because there is a lot of variety in who is taking what courses. Ultimately, the exam schedule for seniors will be much more flexible for those who have to take exams.”



Senior author working on second novel




t isn’t uncommon for there to be “writers” in high school – kids who spend their free time hidden in a novel or crouched over a notebook jotting down thoughts and poetry and stories. Published writers in high school, however, are almost impossible to come across. Michael Santos, ’11, is one of those rare cases. Santos began writing at a very young age. He wrote his first book in second grade, about dinosaurs. “I could spell the word ‘paleontologist,’ but I couldn’t spell ‘dirt,’” he notes. Santos’ first published book Fire at Will, came out earlier this year. Fire at Will surrounds the deaths of several US Congressmen and, along with them, a hidden scheme to bring America to ruins. The idea came to Santos while sitting at Milton’s, a local pizza and Italian restaurant. He grabbed a napkin and started jotting down character names, choosing to name one of his characters – Oscar Perez – after his waiter that night. Though clearly a mystery novel, some comedic relief is found in those various character names. Many of them reference different Ravenscroft faculty members. The main characters, FBI agents looking into the murders, are named James Sharp and Michelle Moore. Santos says that these characters don’t necessarily resemble their faculty counterparts in personality; rather they are characters who play off their counterparts and who are funny to imagine as the faculty members themselves. As he announced in April, Fire at Will’s first week of sales did not go to Santos himself, rather to a cause close to his heart. The Wounded Warrior Project received all proceeds from that week, which will go to help meet the needs of wounded veterans. In the interview for this article, Santos stopped for a moment to explain how medical care at veteran’s hospitals is almost never as good as medical care at other non-military hospitals, and how much of a travesty he finds that to be. “They need people looking out for them, and raising money helps a little bit,” Santos said of the men and women who have been injured serving our country. Proceeds from Fire at Will now go directly to Santos, and the novel can be purchased on, which is the website he used to publish it. Fire at Will is, of course, not Santos’ only piece of writing. Though it is the only

I O Nicole Davis, ‘11, and Aaron Sugar, ‘11, work hard in biology to avoid that senior exam. Photo by Susan Washburn

Translation: Senior exam exemptions are standing the test of time.


Michael Santos poses for a portrait. Photo provided by Michael Santos

Santos’ first novel, Fire at Will. novel he has written and published, he has also written three other plays, one of which he just finished this month and another of which was performed by the Ravenscroft drama department this past March. Though most of his writings are mysteries, his favorite, Ballad of Morris and Vinny, is an absurdist comedic play. Set in Shakespearean times, it follows two detectives who are trying to cross a river in order to investigate a crime. A sequence of surely laughable events occurs, and ultimately they never get across to their goal. The Tavern, another of Santos’ plays, was put on stage for the first time in March. Last spring, Santos went to Mr. Sharp, Middle and Upper School Drama Instructor, and asked if the Upper School Drama department would be interested in performing a play Santos was to write. Sharp agreed, and in the fall, Santos returned to school with a script in hand. Performed in the young peoples’ theatre, The Tavern showcased Upper School drama students playing the parts of various characters stranded in one supposedly haunted tavern, observing odd behaviors and violent events. All under Santos’ direction, the play, according to Melina Gozzo, ’11, and many other audience members, was a hit. “I couldn’t believe that our own classmate had written it,” Gozzo marveled, “He made it funny and scary all at the same time, and I can’t wait to see what else he can come up with.” Santos attributes much of his skill with words to Kevin Flinn, a new member of the Upper School English faculty this year. Santos says Flinn’s creative writing class, which he is currently taking, is the “best English class [he’s] ever taken.” Santos says Flinn has helped him in “how to make every sentence a little stronger,” just by playing with the words. Another source of his development as a writer over the years has been reading, both intense writings such as those by Dostoevsky, and more personally interesting mystery novels. When asked if he had anything else to add, Santos gave a piece of advice for all aspiring writers out there: “Anybody can write a book if you put your mind to it,” all it takes is patience and a lot of reading. Santos will be attending UNC-Chapel Hill next year, where he plans to major in either drama or communications and minor in creative writing. He intends to keep writing novels, screenplays, and maybe even some songs, but he will definitely continue writing stage plays “’cause that’s just too darn fun to stop.”




N evarmore

Osama,Obama, and...Trump?




bin Laden’s takedown by President Obama and his Navy Seals has been all over the news, but media is also focused on something a little less shocking and urgent. Once again, the news has been filled with questions about whether President Obama’s birth certificate is legitimate. According to, the document has been recently released to the public and it states that he was born in Hawaii. Emerging political candidate Donald Trump sends mixed messages about how authentic he believes it is. Trump claims that he is the only person that Obama has personally shown the document to before releasing it. He says that he will have to “assess the document’s

authenticity,” but also says he is confident that the document is real and is more concerned with important issues. Clearly, he has mixed opinions of the topic. There is still controversy over whether or not the document is legitimate. Many people claim that the Hawaiian birth certificate may not even be the same as other US birth certificates. However, Hawaiian documents are recognized as legitimate US documents. Obama tells the media that he is confused about this issue. He expressed his wishes that America would focus on more relevant topics like the recent death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden than the authenticity of his birth certificate. “Obama’s place of birth is not arguable. The issue serves as

a distraction from more pressing issues and there is no way it could be a conspiracy,” explained Lindsey Ringenbach, Government Instructor and College Counselor. Head of Upper School Bill Pruden agreed as he described politics as “toxic.” He also completely believes that Obama’s birth certificate is legitimate. Obama published the document three years ago, and

again on April 27, 2011, but there are still many doubts and questions surrounding the authenticity of his birth certificate. Some of the claims being made about President Obama are that he is an undercover Muslim and his real name is Muhammad. Other claims being made suggest he is not a real American citizen and refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Obama claims that these are just rumors and

Images from MCT Campus ridiculous ones at that. Although there are many theories about a presidential conspiracy, “there is not one shred of evidence to disprove PolitiFact’s conclusion that the candidate’s name is Barack Hussein Obama, or to support allegations that the birth certificate he released isn’t authentic.”

World Quest 2011 Ravens placed 13 out of 42 teams in the competition th

Special Thanks to

Peyton Burgess Editor-In-Chief

Ravenscroft World Quest team members Chris Hahn, ‘12, Kyle Kittelberger, ‘12, Will Hayman, ‘11, and Eric Norford, ‘12, at the competition in Washington, DC. Photo by Dr. Carol Hahn

Peyton Burgess danced her way into my class as a demure, soft-spoken sophomore ballerina and I have had the pleasure to watch her develop into a confident young lady who is not afraid to speak her mind. Peyton strengthened her writing skills and took home an Award of Excellence from the National Journalism Education Association National Conference in Kansas City in November of 2010. She also serves as the VP of Literary Magazines for The North Carolina Scholastic Media Association. Dang girl! I am going to miss you more than you will know next year. All the best, Mrs. V


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Service Day: Almost out of service? Inclement weather caused a quandary this year as the freshmen class had community service commitments off-campus on Thursday and sophomore and junior class members were rescheduled to work with Special Olympic athletes on Friday




ue to the weather conditions this year, the Service Day almost had to be moved and the worry was that it would be completely cancelled. However, in the end, the service day went ahead on Thursday April 28th. Minor adjustments had to be made such as situating all the students at the warehouse instead of working outside as planned.


House of Joy

his year 64 of the freshman class members went to “House of Joy,” an organization which sorts, packages and processes pallets of medical supplies for people in need in Congo, Africa. Gregg Luna, Dr. John deTreville, Mike Erikson, Susann Heckman, Greg Wilson and Kevin Flinn accompanied their respective advisory groups on this service outing. This year, they were given a goal which they greatly exceeded by processing 18 pallets for Congo and even had a little competitive spirit among the teams as to who could process the most. Luna’s advisory won, processing 7 pallets themselves, with one pupil, Mike Fagan (known as “Big Mike” to his friends and advisor) making over 50 boxes all by himself. Carol Ellis, President of House of Joy, emailed Ravenscroft to thank them and described the students as “hilarious and devoted.”

Freshmen students helping sort boxes. Photos provided by Carol Ellis

North Regional Library A

nn Carroll accompanied her group of freshman advisees to the North Regional Library to assist with shelving books and other assorted duties.

Ronald McDonald House R

avenscroft also sent 11 freshmen (Mr. Kelly’s advisory group) to the Ronald McDonald House. The House provides a “home-away-fromhome” for families, whose children are getting treatment for serious illnesses or injuries. Letting the parents stay close to their children brings comfort to both and the house has been invaluable to many families. On the service day, the freshman went and assisted the helpers in looking after and providing comfort for the children and their parents.

Luke Tine, ‘14, practices his leadership and problem solving abilities.

Special Olympics


llison Craig, Lori Kovalsaske, Nicole Moore and their respective groups assisted right here on campus with the Special Olympics activities.

Students make Special Olympics “special” CHARLIE HIRSCH



he first Special Olympics were held in 1968 in Chicago. Through the years, Special Olympics has grown, and in the early days of spring can be seen at Ravenscroft School. This event happens here once a year and it gives special needs kids the opportunity to feel the excitement of competing in a loving environment. Athletes compete against each other and are rewarded with a ribbon as their names are announced by Ravenscroft student volunteers. The athletes are often accompanied by Ravenscroft students and the entire event relies upon the members of the sophomore and juniors classes. Students help by escorting the athletes to their events as well as cheering them on their way to success. Torin Saccoccio, ‘12, described his experience with this buddy as one that “requires constant focus and vigilance but extremely rewarding in the end.” The event gives students a great opportunity to help others and to experience what their service means so much to the kids.

Ravenscroft Middle and Lower School students cheer as the athletes march in the opening ceremony.

Above: Leslie Pratt, ‘13, pins a 1st place ribbon onto an athlete. Below: Special Olympics athletes are awarded their ribbons for competing with bravery. Athletes compete to advance to the further rounds of the Special Olympics both on foot and in wheel chairs.

With the assistance of the Raleigh Police department, an amazing young athlete lights the Olympic flame to formally begin the games. Photos by Susan Washburn



N evarmore


Social networking doing more than meets the eye Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,

and various other social networking sites are looked down upon by many adults and parents as a “waste of time.” In Libya, protesters started their revolt as a result of Facebook groups all conveying a desire for change in the government. When Libyan government officials discovered that the revolt had been rooted in Facebook, they quickly blocked the site. When “Libya” is searched on Facebook, many different protest groups such as “All for Libya” and the “Libyan Youth Movement” pop up. In this case, Facebook served as an influential contributor in a nationwide movement that resulted in massive change, not just a place for small talk between a man and woman who graduated in the same high school class. More recently in the United States, Facebook has been extremely informative surrounding the killing of Osama bin Laden. Many people discovered bin Laden’s death not through the television or papers, but over Facebook as friends and family members posted statuses such as “Everyone needs to be watching their TV now” or “God Bless America Osama is dead.” On Twitter, “God Bless America” and #osamaisdead started to trend just hours after the media broke the news. This case exposed a nationally beneficial use of two social networking websites. The sites allowed for news pertaining to the entire country to be spread more quickly than other news media outlets would have been able to spread it. On YouTube, President Barack Obama’s speech about Osama bin Laden’s death has gone viral with over 5,500,000 views and counting. Although many think of YouTube as a site to watch funny videos like Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” it is also a site that allows people to watch news clips or other important events that they missed. Not everyone was awake in the wee hours of the morning when President Obama’s speech was replayed over and over on news stations, so



thanks to YouTube people can conveniently turn to the internet to watch the speech exactly as it was delivered hours, days, or even weeks before. Another substantive use of social networking sites lies in the business world. While watching TV commercials, pay close attention to the websites of the product or food that the commercial is trying to sell. Almost every other product’s website is located at In Raleigh, local businesses have taken full advantage of the new use of social networking websites. Gena Chandler, a clothing store at North Hills, sends out Facebook updates to people who have “liked” their Facebook page, telling them about new clothing in their stores or discount days. The owners of Gena Chandler can more easily contact their shoppers to yield a better profit. Many other local businesses also have Twitter accounts to tell their customers about deals or specials. When there were questions concerning whether Beach Music was canceled at North Hills due to inclement weather on Thursday, April 28, people quickly turned to Facebook. The North Hills Facebook page had been updated just an hour before the planned event saying, “Beach Music is still on! Everyone come out!” There was no need for wondering people to track down a phone number, get in touch with the coordinator and ask over the phone whether Beach Music was still a go; people just had to hop on the Facebook page and there was all anyone needed to know. There is understandable reason, though, why parents think these websites are a waste of time. On Facebook, people write on their friends’ or acquaintances’ walls about inside jokes or funny things that have happened to them that day. They add pictures from the latest party, vacation, or formal event with their friends and then comment on how pretty the picture is or how someone in the background is making an unnoticed funny face. Twitter, which has only recently emerged at Ravenscroft, can easily be and is often used as a place for jokes and witty banter and essentially sharing with everyone just how funny you are (or think you are). However, what could be seen by adults as unnecessary fun that simply wastes time is really just one

evarmore This paper serves as a communication link within Ravenscroft School and between the school and the local community. The Nevarmore staff strives to produce a professional-quality publication that follows the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists. Our overall objective is to print the news for and about our students and other members of our school and community in a fair and objective way with the utmost regard for integrity.

Wire Service

The Nevarmore subscribes to MCT Campus, which provides photographs, national news & entertainment services to high school newspapers.

Faculty Advisor: Helen Velk

It’s Facebook Official Status: Dead

I’ll check Facebook one more time before I go to bed... WHAT??? Osama bin Laden’s dead?

10:30 pm Osa m dea a d

“Did you hear Osama bin Laden’s dead?”

Uhh yeah...

7:30 am the next morning

“Psh! Dad that is soooo last night!”

aspect of these websites. Beyond the strong evidence that these sites are useful nationally and locally in the social, political, and economic sphere, these sites are at their core places for communication that allow people to get to know those they otherwise would never meet and keep in contact with those they would otherwise lose touch with. Facebook is arguably the only reason that Ravenscroft students can walk the halls and know the names of

Editor-in-Chief Peyton Burgess Associate Editors Katie Kumbar & Madeline Louden

the other kids that pass them, without ever having met each other. Each academic year, incoming freshman “friend” countless upperclassmen, unofficially adding their name and face to the student community. Social networking sites need to be taken more seriously by people in general. All of these different uses for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other websites prove that they’re no longer just websites used for entertaining

The unsigned editorials in this issue are a reflection of the combined opinions of the editorial team. Responses in the form of a letter are welcomed and will be considered for publication.

people when they have free time. Their many uses are significantly helpful to the general population, and for that these sites must be appreciated and their use must be respected. They’re no longer websites just for students and young adults to post pictures on and talk with friends, they’ve grown into international platforms for marketing strategies, connections, and political and social activism. Altogether, it is a new form of media.

Editorial Content:

1) The students on The Nevarmore staff will print articles which have been researched to the best of their ability to obtain the most complete information. 2) The information will be presented in an objective, truthful and fair manner. 3) When personal commentary is given it will be in good taste on issues that have been researched, analyzed and where expert opinion has been sought, and then presented to the best ability of the writer. 4) No material which is obscene, libel or anything that will cause a “material and substantial disruption” of the school day, according to accepted legal definitions, will be printed.



N evarmore


A Fairwell to Band

Class of 2011 band member reminisce on years’ worth of memories with their beloved director

“Every once in a lifetime, that special class of students comes along. Regardless of personnel changes, it always has the same character, the same feel. If you’re lucky, this group comes along only once in your career. This is the class that you know from the very beginning you will never, ever matter how hard I try.” - Bill Pendergrass, MS/US Band Instructor



usic is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and gaiety to life and to everything,” remarked ancient philosopher, Plato. He could not have said it any better, what would this world be like without music anyway? Ravenscroft is wellknown for its fine arts programs, but unless you are involved in fine arts classes, you only see what is played during chapels, morning meetings, or an occasional concert at school. Do you ever stop to think, “Wow, how is it that my peers can blow into a bunch of instruments and bang on drums to make such a powerful, intoxicatingly mesmerizing sound?” Well for one thing it is

an experience you can only fully understand by being a part of it, and one that has greatly enriched the lives of the Class of 2011 band members. When the Class of 2011 band members think back on their experience they probably think of many things: their love-hate relationship with Mr.P, the rowdy trumpet section who between Baker Mills, Andrew Watters, former students Jared Banks, and the infamous Dewey Weaver kept Mr. P on the edge of having a complete meltdown, Bo Newcomb’s everyday antics, and former student Jonathan Fields tearing up in class on a regular basis because of arguments with Mr. P. They’ll also remember playing their favorite pieces – Resolution, Forge of the New Frontier, and Pirates of the Caribbean – or the one of the many

Photos provided by Bill Pendergrass

antics pulled on poor Dewey, like the Dewey Sabotage on the way back from Busch Gardens when everyone drew and put stuff on him while he was asleep. As for the experience of concerts and competitions… After months of practice it all leads to one performance. Everyone is dressed in tuxedoes and black formal dresses with nerves running high. After sitting down in the tightly packed seats on the stage you look out and see over a hundred people waiting patiently to hear you play. You look at your pieces focusing on the sections where you are supposed to come in or maybe the portion in which you have a solo. You have practiced over and over, and you know it. But, you still pray that you do not mess up. You begin with a light warmup. You look up at Band Instructor Bill Pendergrass (Mr. P). By this point, the crowd is blurred by the bright lights shining right on you. Mr. P looks at you and makes a few comments then he counts down “12-1234.” As you begin to play, the butterflies go away and you become so into the music that nothing else around you matters. The power of the sound radiates around you as it emanates from you. Before you know it, the song is over. You stand as the audience applauds the performance and a strong feeling of relief and accomplishment overwhelms you. This experience is just one of the many amazing feelings that a band member encounters.

Back in the fourth grade, an intimidating and enthusiastic Mr. P got everyone started with the basics, but took no time to quickly start transforming his students into an award winning ensemble. It wasn’t an easy task, though, and there were many people that couldn’t handle the tough Mr. P. There have been many adventures and memories instilled in the lives of those band members, along with Mr. P, that will last a lifetime. An experience that stands out occurred in the spring of 2004 when the senior class was in 5th grade. The band was going on the highly anticipated Carowinds trip and arrived early in the morning to head to a competition and then to a day of fun at the theme park. Roll was taken and everyone was accounted for, so the charter bus headed out. After getting on 540, everyone looked out the window to see Mr. P speeding up beside us in a little car. No one thought much of it. He was waving rather frantically, so everyone just waved back. What we didn’t realize was that Mr. P wasn’t supposed to be in that car, and he wasn’t waving at us to say “Hi.” He was in the car because he had been left behind and was trying to wave us down so that the bus would pull over to let him board. Eventually the bus driver did pull over, and Mr. P hopped on. This incident became infamous to the band members and their parents, and sparked the idea

for parents to write on their cars and make candy bars, signs and even pencils that said “Got P?” It’s an experience that Mr. P will never live down. This class was also the only one to surprise Mr. P not once, but twice. The first time was a celebration for his birthday and the second was a surprise party that the parents had for him in the 8th grade to show their thanks for everything he had done for them and their children. When watching the slideshow of pictures throughout the years at the party, the tough Mr. P was brought to tears. The senior class, whether competing alone, with another class, or as a part of the Upper School Ensemble have come in 1st in every completion they have competed in since the fourth grade. This amazing achievement, along with all of the special experiences that have enriched the lives of each and every band member, can all be attributed to their devoted to their hard working, faithful, and caring band Instructor Mr. Bill Pendergrass. The band would not be what it is without him and everyone who has either been a part of the band or enjoyed hearing them play owes a great deal of thanks to Mr. P. I personally only had the privilege of being in the band from the 4th grade to the 9th grade, but those years left me with memories and experiences that I will cherish for a lifetime.







OpTOEmistic…. Duke’s Kyrie Irving was sidelined and

oell and I were “working hard” in journalism class one day…. reading an ESPN article about college basketball that asked, “What if?” We decided to attempt our version of this list exclusively about college basketball. What if top-ranked teams that were expected to make a run for a National Title didn’t get knocked out so quick? The 2011 NCAA Tournament lived up to the nickname of “March Madness” this year with many upsets. The season ended with UCONN defeating Butler with a lackluster end to an incredible tournament.

came back right in time for the big dance.


Duke would have made a more serious run for the championship if Irving didn’t come back to the team. Even though he has incredible talent, Duke learned to play without him on the hardwood and when he came back, Irving tried to put the team on his back. He did too much on his own. This ultimately hurt Duke more than it helped

ow is Louisville going to lose in the first round of the tournament to Morehead State? A 13 seed beating a 4 seed?

What if he never returned?



How did that happen?


Waka Shaka Flame

eorgetown, Purdue and Kentucky were all teams that fell to Virginia Commonwealth University coached by Shaka Smart, despite being heavily favored.

What if the committee did not give

It doesn’t happen all the time. Coaches say you live and die VCU a spot in the tournament? by the charity stripe. In a game that Louisville lost by one point, they were their own worst enemy shooting a pedestrian VCU proved that they were the real deal in the 44 percent from the line only making 7-16. Make one more tournament. Georgetown, Purdue and Kentucky should have gone further in the tournament but free throw and you go to overtime, make two more and were overpowered by VCU’s Joey Rodriguez, Louisville gets past the first round in to the second round to Derrick Burgess and Coach Smart. face Richmond who was a 12 seed.

Straight to the pointe...... Thanks 2010 - 2011 Editorial Team:

Editor’s Note:

To everyone who has worked and put their time and effort into The Nevarmore with me this year, I would like to thank each and every one of you. I would not have been able to do half of the things we did with this year’s paper without the help and support of Madeline Louden and Katie Kumbar. Whether it be for comic relief, mini YouTube jam sessions or help with a page layout, your support was always appreciated. Patrick Bailey, Esther Urios, Emily High, and all other students who participated outside of the classroom, I cannot thank you enough. Your help made my job as editor a millions time easier and more fun. I’d like to also thank Mr. Pruden for always reading over controverisal articles and editorials and giving his input. Without that, half of my articles would have been extremely lopsided. And last but not least, I’d like to thank Mrs. Velk. Your constant support and care has helped me to acheive everything I wanted to and beyond this year. I’ll miss working on The Nevarmore so much next year and plan on making regular visits. Thank you for everything; words cannot describe how grateful I am. My opinion of the Urban Dictionary definition of Mrs. Velk: best teacher ever -- dang girl! Love always, Peyton Burgess

Peyton Burgess, Katie Kumbar and Madeline Louden A round of applause for the editorial team that worked until the wee hours of the morning to get the breaking news to their fellow students...


so it was only 11:33 pm and let’s face it....very old news...anyway...your dedication was apparent and your hard work resulted in a wonderful end product. You made a fantastic team and I truly appreciate the opportunity to get to know each of you better. I enjoyed every minute of our time together and Iwill miss you like crazy next year! All the best, Mrs. V



N evarmore


Seniors, Oh The Places We’ll Go! What do you need to learn before you go to college? •How to manage my time better •How to prioritize more efficiently •How to actually do my homework, I haven’t done that since junior year...maybe sophomore year •How to share a room with someone else and adjusting to not having all of the resources I do now •Learn how to study •Self control •How to balance out work and having fun

What are you most nervous about for next year?

•Somehow learning to do laundry and cook food •The Freshman Fifteen •Failing out of school •Moving out might be more than I thought •Jail •It’s a new experience, I don’t know what exactly to expect. •Making friends •Not having enough self discipline to get my work done and not go out every night •Time and money management •Having a room mate

What sort of activities do you want to participate in next year?

•Clubs and social issues groups •Community service, greek life, intermural sport, go to lots of football and basketball games •Varsity Cheerleading, I’m also planning on rushing •Chorus, maybe an intermural sport, anything I can get involved in! •Partying •Obstacle courses, ski team (if I can), weight lifiting, combat training

Do you have a roommate yet? Did you know them before?

•Yeah she’s on my lacrosse team, we met on our recruiting trip. •Yes and yes •No. I did, but then they ended up choosing another school. We had a friend in common, which is how we met. •No and no •Yes and yeah, I’ve known them since I was 10. •Yes, I met him on Facebook.

What made you choose the school you did?

•Financial restrictions •Academics •It’s huge, unlike Ravenscroft •I got a full scholarship •Fun times •Golf scholarship •It’s the right size, great town, really spirited, strong academics, and driving distance from home •Football •DUDE, THE BABES! •It’s the military and everyone’s like me •Beach •It’s the best school in the world

Do you see yourself changing as a person? Howso?

•My morals as a person won’t change, my study habits will. •I’ll become more independent and self sufficient and it’ll be the time to figure out who I really am. •NEVER! •I think I won’t put up with other people’s crap as much as I did in high school because there will be so many more people and you have complete control over your group of friends, rather than kind of being forced into a clique like you are here.

What goals do you have for yourself next year?

•Be sucessful and happy, no stress •To start on the lacrosse field •To maintain a high GPA and successfully transfer into my first choice university with scholarships so that finances aren’t an issue •Meet as many people as possible •Be a contributor on the golf team and do well academically •Go out of my comfort zone •Start well •Just to put myself out there and be open to new experiences •Find a proper balance - have fun and do well

What are you looking forward to leaving behind?

Any idea for what you want to do after college?

•Wall Street •Definitely grad school •Research and travel •Work in the public relations division of a major record label in Nashville, be fancy •Job •Med school •Play professional golf •I just want to be happy and successful •Sing and privately teach voice •Own a business, get a dog, then a wife, then an old but nice house out in the country, then kids, then chill

What expectations do you have?

•Big ones- I’m really looking forward to next year •To have fun but also have more responsibility •Good Ones •Not really sure what to expect •Really good ones, I feel it’s gonna be tough academically, but I’m really looking forward for the social aspect of college •A lot more people to be friends with and not as much stupid high school drama •I expect to have a great time, get a great education, and meet life-long friends •It’s gonna suck •Hangin with girls •To have a great time

Will you keep in touch with your high school friends?

•Hopefully some; inevitably, we’ll drift apart but when we come back for vacations I think it’ll be like nothing changed. •Yes •Some....probably not more than 4 •Even though I wish I could keep up with most people I know it’s not happening, but I’m sure I’ll stay in touch with my closest friends •I’ll keep in touch with 3-4 of them really well, and others here and there

What’s your major?

•Undecided- probably a double major in psychology and creative writing •Financial Planning •Business •Anthropology •Communications •Biomedical Engineering •Biology (going Pre-Med) •Athletic Training •Probably environmental studies or pre-med •Vocal Performance •First Year College •Aeronautical Engineering •Chemistry with girls •International Business •Political Science

What are you most excited about for next year?

•Definitely being on my own, away from everything that will remind me of high school - a fresh start •EVERYTHING. New people, new teachers, so much more freedom. •Being on an athletic team •Being away from my parents •All the new and exciting people I’m going to meet. •Military training! •The girls

•High school •NOTHING •High school drama and restrictions •Snobby people and slacking teachers •Drama •Ravenscroft’s strict rules and structure •The exclusiveness and clickiness of a small highschool •Knowing everything about everyone •Parents

Page by Spencer Cates Photos provided by those pictured



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Top 11 Throwback Rap Songs Biggie Smalls Juicy



The greatest rapper of all time had to get some

love on the countdown. This is one of his most famous and catchy songs.


upac’s song “Changes” is a call for change... Surprise! A catchy beat and a good message have shot this song to the top of the charts.

Hot in Herre Nelly T



his song is straight up and in your face, telling a girl that she may think her stuff don’t stank but roses really smell like ooooh ooohh oohhh.

My Band - D12



s usual, Eminem puts his team D12 on his back, and carries them to the promise land in this hit that will still get kids singing along today.

8 7

his song was a club hit that people still jam to. This also led to Nelly’s future success with songs such as “Shake Your Tailfeather.”


he best hook, maybe ever, by Pharrell compliments Snoop Dogg’s rapping and makes for a great song.

My Name Is Eminem


In Da Club 50 cent


Changes - 2pac


Roses - Outkast


y Name Is” was Eminem’s first hit and showed his tight rhymes and carefree attitude. People knew his name after this hit.

n Da Club” is a catchy, radio song by the Mr. Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50 cent who has survived multiple gunshot wounds. He’s also one of the best NYC rappers of all time.

6 T

Hard Knock Life Jay-Z

his song, with a hook off of the movie Annie, is an anthem for everyone facing adversity.

Express Yourself NWA



his song has the hook from the original Express Yourself, and is a feel good rap song and will continue to have heads nodding.

Get Low Lil Jon



nyone who’s been to a dance since middle school knows this song as soon as it starts. It always gets people grooving.

Page by Joell Hopkins, Sean Kelly and Quinn Billerman

Picture this: Art p


Hunter Broughton College: ECU Major: Photography Medium: digital photography Subject(s): objects and people First got started: 10th grade Inspirational Environment: Peru Aha! Moment: “When I printed out this picture of a metal bowl on a wooden porch and was like ‘Daaang! This is good!’” What art means to me: “A way to express myself in a different light.”

College: UNC-Wilming Major: Film Studies & Business Managem Medium: digital photogr Subject(s): abstract a land/cityscapes First got started: 10th Inspirational Environm NYC, Park City, Califor

Caroline Spence


pril 15 seniors. I lery sho students Aaron

Featurin studio stu Rav celeb

different that thi

College: UNC Major: Undecided Medium: charcoal Subject(s): objects and people First got started: 6th grade Inspirational Environment: Governor’s School Aha! Moment: “At the end of 9th grade, Mrs. Wright pulled me aside and told me, ‘Caroline...keep making art’ and then I realized ‘I really want to keep making art!’” What art means to me: “Sharing with the world a metaphysical representation of who I am.”

For the f we replaca auct major s parents

proceeds to habitat

son Smith

gton s ment raphy and

h grade ment: rnia

Aha! Moment: “My Gradmother telling me that God blessed me with a gift. She told me to keep taking pictures, even if no one ever saw them, even if no one cared. She told me to keep photographing because its good for the soul.” What art means to me: “Photos are like my second memory; each one a memento, a keepsake of something I love.”

e 5th, 2011 was a big day for fiv gal In the Fine Arts lobby, the t owcased the talents of AP Ar al, Ga i Em n, Hunter Broughto Sugar, Caroline Spence, and Carson Smith. h ng over a hundred pieces of bot h bot o art and photography, udents and members of the venscroft faculty gathered in bration of this annual event. However, what made this showcase t t from previous years is the fac an by is showing was followed auction. Art first time, these pieces of AP 60 r ere on sale. Selling ove the ations and making over $450, tion was nothing less than a only success. Buyers included not h hig s and faculty members, but school students as well.

Aaron Sugar

College: NC State Major: Environmental Engineering Medium: digital photography Subject(s): objects and people First got started: 9th grade Inspirational Environment: the studio Aha! Moment: “When I won the Scholastic Art and Writing Award this year.” What art means to me: “Emphasizing an object’s importance in the dynamic of a picture.”

Emi Gaal

College: Bowdoin Major: Environmental Science Medium: watercolor Subject(s): landscape and architecture First got started: 6th grade Inspirational Environment: Spoleto Aha! Moment: “In Spoleto, I realized how much better I could get if I just worked a little harder and that it’s something I’m really passionate about and its something I love spending my free time doing.” What art means to me: ““It allows me to focus on the little details of can find beauty in the smallest, most insignificnt things.”


N evarmore


Senior celebration day 2011

Seniors take the day off to play games and bond during their numbered days MEKA VALLIER-TIMILIC STAFF WRITER

Above: Kate Gulden, Katie Kumbar, Julia Malitoris and Nicole Davis enjoy their school day away from school. Left: Seniors relax after their meal at Golden Corral.

Carson Smith, Sean Kelly, Tammy Dragich and Meka Vallier-Timilic enjoy dessert.


he annual senior celebration day for the class of 2011 was on April 28th. The seniors spent their day off at Adventure Landing playing mini golf, laser tag, and riding go-carts. Overall, it was a pretty great day for seniors. The celebration day was meant to serve as the last outing together as a class, to have a day where everyone could just chill with no expectations of school, and other issues the seniors have faced throughout the year. To be able to take a day off and spend it doing pretty much nothing but play games and have a good time with friends was a great last adventure to take together. I won’t forget what a memorable time it was to win the gocarting race, or the game of laser tag where it was girls vs. boys. The boys ended the game with the score of 14200 pts and the girls ended it with the score of 475 pts. Though the girls may have fallen a little short on their winnings, we can all say that we did our best, despite the fact that Spencer Cates seemed to make my vest time out every 2 seconds. Excited seniors wait for the bus to leave campus For the class of 2012, I hope you have as much fun as the for their celebration day. seniors had this year on your senior celebration day because those memories will never be forgotten.

Seniors, full from Golden Corral, chill before loading back onto the buses and headed back towards school.

Tammy Dragich and Carson Smith are more than ready to compete against their friends and take on the title of champions.

2 0 1 1

Genny Francis, Emi Gaal, Tyler Anderson and Dawson Kirkland take a breather after playing an intense game of laser tag against classmates.

Julia Heffring and Shannon McDonnell prepare to burn rubber (and illegally bump into some friends) on Adventure Landing’s gocart track.

Drew Raspberry and Nolan McDonald get in line for some allyou-can-eat buffet -- yum!



N evarmore


Our senior staff college decisions

Columnist Andie Park

Associate Editor Katie Kumbar

Carnegie Mellon University

New York University

Associate Editor Madeline Louden

Editor in Chief Peyton Burgess

George Washington University

University of North Carolina

Spencer Cates

Connor Gonet

University of North Carolina

North Carolina State University

Abi Field

Patrick Bailey

Univeristy of Edinburgh

Clemson University

Will Massey

Austin Hill

Lees-McRae College

The Air Force Academy

Egan Hart

Sean Kelly


Duke University

Carson Smith

Meka Timlic-Vallier

UNC Wilmington

High Point University

Sarah Stumpo

Grayson Miller

Clemson University

University of South Carolina

Class Officers for the 2011-2012 school year

20 20 20

Kyle Kittelberger

Bradley Ehilegbu

Logan Greer

Savannah Story



Rosie Waring President

Vice President

Vice President

Miles Holt

Vice President

Winston Holloway Secretary/Treasurer

Max Sminkey


Mary Grady Bell


12 13 14

Senior Wills Aaron Sugar

Spencer Knudsen: “Cross-country bros,” a ride home, matching outfits, early morning 5k’s, bagel runs, my techno collection, hugs and scraps, The Hangover, lemonade sorbet, jammie chats, a new sapling, someone to talk to during our crosscountry races/practices, and a pair of Vibrams. Chase Duncan: Shotgun shells, does and ducks, scrappin’, someone else to make fun of, another person to sing with, “Cross-country bros,” a new paint job, a new sapling, Allison, a rock hard ab, “Lean On Me,” camo running shoes. Emily Bedsole: A neon shirt, early morning 5k’s, winter cross-country, first place in every race that you ever run, two more years of cross-country. Caroline Hirl: A ride to the library, someone to walk around the neighborhood with, as many quesadillas as you want. Thomas Sigmon: Shotgun shells, doves not does, a hug every day of cross-country practice, and someone to scream, “THOOOMMMASSSSS.” Josh Silver: Jew-chats, wings night, the best presidency Ravenscroft has ever seen, and tons of hugs Eric Norford: The landfill hill, the presidency of the puke club. Alex Kumbar: New shoes for your problematic feet, someone to force you to participate in track. Scott Sugar: More ladies to love you because of your name, a new person to drive you to Taco Bell, more gold. Grace Fuscoe: More pokes and a fantastic cross-country season. Garrison Rountree: A 52” in the 400, the ability to not get sick right before the state cross-country meet. Lexy Bader: No injuries, a new hamstring, a fantastic cross-country season. Mitchell Cook: A new chest, a new pair of lungs, a hundred hugs, a REAL cross-country season. Elizabeth Schricker: A million 5k’s, and winter cross-country. Kyla Babson: A new place to stare when you run and an amazing crosscountry season. Julie Verdru: A ride home, a new Regina Spektor album, a new “pokewar,” three more fantastic years of cross-country. Carole Verdru: A fantastic senior year and senior cross-country season. Max Haensel: Eight laps around the track, someone to scream at you to go faster, my love, an inhaler, early morning 5k’s, a new game of red rover, a new amazing purple shirt, a new father, the ability to continue to strive for perfection, a 10:00 two mile, a new sapling, a new person to talk about you in AP Bio, and a trillion hugs. Tracy Winston: My love, pokes, hugs and an amazing cross-country season/track season. Mary Grady Bell: More sleep, an A+ in Biology, a hug every time you need one, my love, a 6:00 mile, a praying mantis, a new sapling, and boy-toy. Shannon Strong: All of the study

Class of 2011 halls I cost you, a poke in the stomach, rock hard abs, a bazillion hugs. Andrew Smith: More USC shirts, “Cross-country bros,” hugs, winter cross-country, and a new sapling. David Dameron: A new pair of legs. Arash Kasebi: A beard, hugs, and scraps’. Mr. League: A new booming voice, all of my respect and admiration, a new fan club. Coach Payne: All of my respect, courage, admiration, strength that you have given to me, a new favorite cross-country team, early-morning 5k’s, winter cross-country, Ravenscroft politics, the distance coach position. Kyle Kittleberger: More time, a new hour in the day, no more APUSH, track, babies and milk, and my first 5k of cross country. Lee Massey: Hugs, hearts and a great cross-country season. Natalie Holdstock: The sally shuffle and a fantastic cross-country season. Kelsey Hill: A new brother, my love, a couch in my dorm room, someone else to complain to you, hugs, never talking about Austin’s college decisions again, a new study-hall buddy, permanent shotgun rights, all of my math homework, someone else’s nails to do, and another overprotective best-friend. Avi Mundra: Track and the Cy League fan club. Eliza Kramer: My love, winks, hugs, wings night, Jew-chats, all of my books, and plenty of noodles. Cathleen Pruden: More math lunch tutorials. Rosie Warring: Rip-itz. Mrs. Welsh: A new person to scream “Mrs. Welshie-pooo”, inappropriate AP Bio comments, a new “favorite” AP Bio class, more Jewish jokes, Rip-itz, a new person to interrupt you, someone else to make fun of for their voice, and my respect and admiration. Mrs. Lieberman: My inspiration and motivation to “save the world,” and my drive to inspire other people. Mr. Benoit: Another fantastic advisory but never as amazing as us, someone else to always be late. Mrs. Belk: My drive to always better myself, lunch tutorials, a new cup to put water in, a drinking fountain installed in your room, my utmost respect, admiration, and appreciation. Mrs. Wessing: A new top-five tardy list, someone to try and top my excuses, and a new “unexcused” tardy pad. Cross-Country Team: A new bus, my love, “Lean On Me,” and another person’s life to change. Ravenscroft School: My voice and scrappin’.

Abi Field

Liz Kloster: A grenade, a jar of hearts and fairies. Lots of them. Caroline Scales: Half of an awkward stage kiss and a lemon tree Charlie Hirsch: Being a “Negative Nancy” Chase Duncan: My unused hand sanitizer Conner Tung: The $2 I’m never going to pay you back Leslie Pratt: Scandalous shoulders… Matt Richards: A head massager Tracy Winston: The legend of Haggis-Hunting

Allie Withers

Ati: “stay preppy,” ninez, ITS DA POOF!, a billion bites Morgen McCreedy: Coach Pyles Setting Lessons Grady Finch: someone else to curl your hair with drumsticks, “It’s the dune dogs,” drug measure cues, “I like your dress” Drew Heffring: dragons, Mexicans, the ability to push the percussion case Jessica Kittleberger: the percussion boys, Mr. P, “firmness not meanness” Carr Walker: rhythm, another percussion scrub, Scott, Shelia and Squirttle, a lawn mower, Rhythmic [insert word here] Byron Horton: hundreds of boberry biscuits, another senior girl to make fun of Bryant Dowd: a “win” on Six Forks, someone else to draw on you, “neck,” grizzly, a normal accent, another percussion best friend, endless visits to NCSU, Scott, puns, “Congratz,” skinny ties, non reflective sunglasses Sam Gale: an “A” in WHAP, my ability to get Mr. Kielty off topic Savannah Jane Story: Rhonda’s cookies, my ability to get Mr. Kielty off topic, another desk mate Miles Brown: shoes to match your shirts, Mr. Kielty’s sports picks Sarah Pupa: Camp Cheerio Traditions at Ravenscroft, hugs, a Facebook, “AWWIE!” an unforgettable summer Shelby Major: rides to practice, jam

sessions, sevens, another person’s hair to braid Avi Mundra: another bass drum buddy, the look, “toad” mallet, Drum Captain, someone else to call you “avay” Missy Roberson: back o da bus qru, teem gud, Coach Pyles, Miztuh Withuz, bagels before games, swimp sellas, leg hugs, mmznezzes, secret weaponz, elbow licks, passing high fives, nommers, “I do [vulgar things] where I want” Forrest Peed: someone else to give you pep talks in the dugout Travis White: better looking dimes Jordan Bednar: better looking dimes Scotty Goldcott: someone else to give you rides to your car, my space in senior lot, Ol’ Murph, an “A” in Astronomy, someone else to tie your bowtie, another abuser in the hallway Perry Dubow: all my love, good lookin’ band boys, lost debit cards, someone else to fantasize with, another band bus buddy, Mr. P, better firemen, endless visits to NCSU, Jacumin Facebook (hehehe), my pillow, carbon monoxide, sock monkey’s for your window, a billion thanks for listening Simone Selette: baseball book, Coach Gibbons, Coach Gonet, Coach Kelly, fast baseball games Mr. P: a BIG thank you, Perry, match making skills, endless “1”s, a better percussion ensemble (probably won’t happen), another Withers kid, better concert attire

Austin Hill

Garret Anderson: Super Saiyan Ian Hicks: Probably Captain  Evan Hale: krav maga  Kelsey Hill: the car  Averi Gaines: Kelsey  Justin Fleury: “yes I want to wrastle”  Chase Johnson: a hug  Jamal Carson: the glare  Corin May: “Soph-o-more”  Parker Sutherland: Inception

Becca Simmons

Mariel Ziperski: keeping watch

over Sammy Sam Gale: Ziperski’s many wondrous slaps Mrs. Velk’s Daughter: ….. Avery Edwards: stagecraft Chase Duncan: all my <3’s Matthew Colonna: Chris Hansen Will Mueller: watch over my little sister Boo Bear Brandon Park: polos. Torin Saccoccio: a new FCA game night partner (not one as beastly as me though – obvi.) Danielle Given: awk hall meetings Steffie Park: whippin your hair & Jbiebs FCA Leaders: A wonderful year of FCA: y’all will do great! Avery Edwards: stagecraft tape jobs. Mr. Mcgillzzzzz: my love. and someone as cool as me. :) Mrs. Welsh: miserable quiz

Caroline Spence

My Twin: a new running buddy, and random chats about life Lexy Bader: some pants Varsity Girls Soccer Team: An amazing season Varsity XC: One of the best teams in existence Ravenscroft Teachers: The joy of teaching my sister for the next four years Mrs. Thrash: a wonderful new advisory that will ease the pain of losing our greatness

Carson Smith

Maddie & Bode: an infinite number of trips to the dog park, five-course dinners, movie marathons, and living room forts; my love, now and always Future photography students: use a Canon Mrs. Velk: a nicer class of students; no yellow footwear Mr. McGill: someone to “shut tha do;” my photographs; our love of art Mrs. Fillip: Art critiques Coach Hoggard: “suppa time;” no more sleepless nights; “intestinal fortitude” Carole Verdru: the strength to continue to persevere through life’s struggles Zawadi Mutisya: AP Art; a bright future in drawing Cameron Litcher: my love of documentaries; awkwardness; full body winks; clowns Catherine Green: lower stress levels; H2Hs Corinne May: ethnicity; softball Caitlin Given: homemade chocolate chip cookies; boy advice Danielle Given: big bear hugs; someone else to “push you around” Taylor Newcomb: our love for Marky Mark Virginia Douglas: a bright future in basketball Charlie Hirsch: Ginger pride; cinnamon sticks; haters

Senior Wills Emi Gaal

Chris Cornelius

Taylor, Emerson, Kayla: Chinese fire drill Brad E: JV infield double plays Catherine Green: the wall Forrest Peed: 90% vegetable juice Taylor Newcomb: sense of humor and some positivity Ian Hicks: pre-wrap eye patch Angel Barth: $4 for Pipers Sarah Fritsch: season 1 of Eastbound and Down, woo Parker Troutman: Rex wheelchair Madison Jones: daaaarrrrrkkkknnneeesssss Taylor Letts: US Constitution Caroline Mason: gerbils Caroline Hirl: the ending to Black Swan Bennett Dotson: March Madness in Advanced Fun Jumbo Barnes: Vineyard Vines pullover Rachael Landers: Landers...

Chris Wood

Scotty Goldcott: Roundabout and Hibachi Japan Robert Vaughn: Ankles Layla Tanik: Moe’s, Insidious Taylor Letts: Our marraige Conor Fry: The World Matt Colwell: Reid Scales Mrs. Belk: Mrytle Beach Elle Stumpo: Ya “boy” in stagecraft Rachel Landers: My Immaturity Jaime Herakovich: Milkshakes from Chick Fil A Jake Morin: “hey man” Bryant Dowd: “Bryant!” Kubi Johnson: Kubi scoobey doobey Matt McDowell: Icing Mrs. Liebermann: P. 3+4 APES last year

Senior Cookout

Matt Mcdowell: my genetics, WP, my plethora of snapbacks. Bennett Dotson: my respect Scotty Goldcott: lovin’ life, Chip Skylark, Big Ang Lewis Stocks: hands, blocking ability aka Quinn’s backside, number 44. Conor Fry: a sled, a slap on the back, sweat bands Garrett Bird: some cheese, a buzzcut, a bunk bed to make more room for activities, a windy day. Jordan Bednar: Nothing Jordan Jeter: some naps in the chill zone Avery Edwards: my autograph Jamie Herokivich: a starting job Tim Hutter: HEY TIM

Connor Whitaker

Caroline Mason: crazy pills Jake Morin: love Mr. Delaney: bacon cupcakes Connor Fry: a “keep Tahoe blue” sticker Kubi Johnson: Skooby Doo Caroline Hirl: eternal and everlasting hate 4th period painting and drawing: puppies Jamie Heracovich: swag Shaq: McDonald’s

Drew Rasberry

Zane, Doby, John Hockman, Doras: All the soccer ability for next year. Matt Mcdowell, Matt Caldwell: Ms. Filips dark room. DJ Langley: Miami shorts and bench pressing ability William Black: cat meows and speed and cajones Doras: Your name William Paco Ehilglebu: Athletic ability and chilling Baracka: Wendys and Cheese and swiftness Alex Cooley: MVP and Captain

John Hockman: Another Pigeon to coo at. William Carter: the family girlfriend. Will Ormand: Captain Beau Schier: A great big Dirk Diggler. Rachel Ormand, English and Rachel Wakeford: Dr. Vana Gina Patalano: A new Call.

Dan Lang

Connor Gonet

Quinn Billerman: The team, the weightroom, my bench press, my love, having to keep the ball on every option, all my Ravenscroft football cut off T’s including the black Ravenscroft football under armor, Britney Spears, no blind side blocker.

Mariel Ziperski: Sammy Gale Sam Gale: Ziperski Matt McDowell: 3 slaps and a BEYEAH!! Avi Mundra: paper Claire Fuscoe: CJ and an attitude adjustment Bryant Dowd: a Prius and TE love Scotty Goldcott: something raunchy Elle Stumpo: Anton

Egan Hart

Caroline Mason: Barbie Mrs. Belk: WITHS, unlimited texting, dress code Mrs. Kovalaske: Cawfee, ohhhhh boyy, stay tuned, angry birds, tutorials William McNamara: tennis racquet, Hermes, Ravenscroft 5 vs. East Chapel Hill 4, Bowling Mrs. Beineke: shEEt, Shakespeare

3rd period, Missy Roberson: Halloween 2010, Geekee Melissa Funsten: Prom 2010 Amanda Lampuri: Canes talk, last minute favs Mrs. Velk: chats about Canes, Skinner, Coffee, 6th Period Mr. McGill: 4th period English 2010 Josh Silver: new Celtics hat, Ravenscroft 5 vs. East Chapel Hill 4, Bowling, ice-cream at Atlanta, Mrs. Craig: blanket, Nate McDougall: Ravenscroft 5 vs. East Chapel Hill 4, Bowling Mrs. Hairr: calling and texting session, freshmen year Geometry class Matt Wyckoff: stupid midget (Greensboro Day match), Ravenscroft 5 vs. East Chapel Hill 4, talks with Debie, Parker Troutman: Ravenscroft 5 vs. East Chapel Hill 4, Bowling Alex Cooley: Sarah Palin, Young Democrats Club Ms. Smith: 4th period Psych (enough said), LOs Conor Tung: Ravenscroft 5 vs. East Chapel Hill 4, Bowling, panda Lewis Stocks: AFM with Mrs. K, and Psych with Ms. Smith Debie Peek: 5 years of V. Tennis, talks about playing “badly,” Ravenscroft 5 vs. East Chapel Hill 4 in 2011 season, bus rides to out of town matches, Bowling Leslie Pratt: GI 2011, The Lemon Tree talks Taylor Newcomb: MECKA, hugs in GI William Jones: Ravenscroft 5 vs. East Chapel Hill 4, Bowling, talks with Debie, Robert Vaughan: summer at the Kings’ guest house Thomas Matthews: the bonus room at the King’s guest house Parker Preston: heart to heart talks Emily Ev Velk: Canes, the Web Design with Mr. Chissoe 2010, Mr. Chissoe: 4 years

Carole Verdru: some Greek food, an honest shopper Garrett Bird: someone to hate Clara Grossmann: beautiful eyes, freshman forever Caroline Lindquist: abstract art, earplugs for future math classes, art days (summer ’10), clubbin’ Madison Jones: the lyfe of a bro, spoons Mrs. Wood: Midnight emails, correct answer keys Sydney Bullock: Directions, art days (summer ’10) Missy Roberson: the most frofensive and beefensive stickers, Big Macs, dancing on a boat, a Louis Vuitton decal for your light blue Charger, lividness, all-state, may the men in your life be far less average than mine were. 3rd period Art: many more quality moments with Mrs. Fillip and a great senior year ! Corinne May: des rêves plaisantes Sarah Pupa: a hug, cowboy boots Alex Bowen: I’m dying Molly Hull: Timmy & Fred, a walk softtttttttttt, 5 cm long fingernails Matt McDowell: trippy 80’s music videos, a girl John Hockman: goblin bombers Scott Goldcott: exotic meat

Emily Martin

Angelika Barth: Never ending spirit Ann Barnett: a lifetime supply of Goodberry’s, a high-five that never hits Calley Mangum: tuff-skin free pre-wrap Cameron Litcher: The ability to steal first base Coach P.: My high heels Corinne May: A safe dugout Garrett Bird: Someone to call Jenna Jessica MacTavish: The proper way to say “Ravens” Joelle Zapotosky: The Mini Kelsey Frazier: Another flyer to share your base group with Maggie Collawn & Rachel Erwin: Fizzy Skittles Matt McDowell: A monogrammed tape dispenser Mrs. Beineke: A pre-trained yearbook staff Sydney Cass: Someone who will answer all your questions Tiandra Peppers: My hair, awkward catches

Senior Wills Emily McDowell

Grace, C, Melissa, Morgan, Elle, Becca, Savannah, Erin: dartys, huddles, the baseline, 24’s, hickories Liz, Caitlin, Morgan: preseason track/weight room fun Grace: basketball competitions, running for the team, intense pregame speeches Elle: the creeper on Six Forks, sunglasses and jams Corinne, Cameron, Elizabeth, Caroline, Calley, Kelsey, Abbey: intestinal fortitude, the Stealth, eye black Corinne: 100 spf sunscreen Calley: the hole in the mound Cameron: left field, more 4-leaf clovers, frockets Matt: kindling, the pink gloves, the red blanket, the middle chair in the movie room, shirley temples, catch phrase, the face, toothbrush, Nibbles, always being right, mom’s awkward questions, family dinners, Lewiz to take care of, instrumental + lyrics Youtube videos, Timeflies tickets Garrett: my closet and the hidden room to live in, my driveway spot Jordan: my car so you can drive yourself places, Psych study seshes, the Ottoman that saved your life Scotty: shirley temples with too much grenadine Jake: roy rogers Forrest: Office Musik Carole and Clara: puis-j’aller au toilette, peppermint patties Erin: the alphabet, our matching toothpaste, the F in Ravens Trey: a Lips mic

Layla Tanik: Debbie Peak, Olive Garden, side ponytails and buns Caroline Margolis: the lax team Forrest Peed: matching clothes Ryan Lanier:”Ding dong hi ya want a cookie?”, NRCC swim team James Turner: “Dime,” hallway hugs Drew Heffring: a second sister, best of luck without me and Jules, the laundry room window Jamie Herokovich: my number in a few years Robert Vaughn: another senior girl to repeatedly ask to pick up the stuff you purposely throw on the ground Alfre Wimberly: Bird calls from fockey William Carter: 9196107038 Mr. Billerman: sleeveless shirts & dresses Senor Luna: my cell phone, gang handshakes, Las Vegas stories Class of 2010: big shoes to fill

First Day

ner at Azteca Ann Barnett: barbecue pizza, siestas Jordan Jeter: moldy telepizza, jamon...vale... Collin Vernal: my heart ;) Drew Heffring: someone else to ask for advice Chad Stanback: sour gummy worms Perry Dubow: a fun night in Spain Mr. Billerman: toilet paper, new trainers, new favorites Mrs. Welsh: Purell in your drink, more Bio yahoos Mr. Benoit: my homework, my love, and a new favorite ;) Class of 2010: a great senior year, cherish every minute cause time flies!

Faith OBrian

Lauren Grady/Corinne May: Key Club Mr. McGill: faith Ann Barnett: the football sidelines Grace Fuscoe: daps Caroline Lindquist, Ann Barnett: pre-game bathroom runs Lexy Bader, Kyle Kittelburger, Casey Tompkins-Rhoades, Morgan Stafford: math tutorial Allison McAdams: braids Caroline Lindquist, Ann Barnett, Sarah Fritsch, Emily High: offensive team meetings

Grayson Miller

Taylor Letts: my prodigy, a new therapist, mini-me, my secrets Savannah Story: H2H’s , the night of my 18th, Charlie the cheezit, SMS lax to destroy Hannah Leahy: THE Moe’s Experience, highlighter creations, car ride back from David’s with the treasure map, plenty of good memories Taylor Newcomb: the training room, bbm buddy, the senior study hall room Melissa Funsten: the week at the beach, Lake Gaston memories, 8 feet of air on the tube

Gracie Jackson

Claire Fuscoe: Claire Jackson, watch her for me! Scotty Goldcott: unlimited visitation to my hot tub and Dan’s pool Mr. Karny: a new favorite student, AP Chem Class Rings Mrs. Carroll: an endless supply of stickers Señor Luna: CALIFORNIA PRIDE!

Haley Barefoot

Will Barefoot: Mom & Dad, my car, happy pills, Lewis Lewis Stocks: free nights/brotime, a gym, a fitting room, family vacations, someone else’s arms to grab, many memories, a great senior year Lee Massey: a smile in “honey if you love me” Savannah Story: fockey team, another post prom snuggle buddy Hannah Leahy: alternative types of exercise Amanda Lampuri: a birthday din-

Hunter Broughton

Melissa Funsten: All the boys in the world, Ay Ay captain and H2Hs. Missy Roberson: Satin Rome, little bit of Art History, my sweatpants, Amienz, no biggie’s, the plague, and throwing chairs. Jordan Bednar: 9194264825 Trey Shearin: a GPS Caroline Mason: New York City, PTMBINYC, the blog, creepers, he was no ordinary boy he was a wizard, tissues, and a parabola Mr. McGill: Lunch dates Senor Luna: rolling my eyes Ms. Cardillo: Skip, 11:37, little bit of art history, Parthenon, Propylaea, Erechtheum, Athena of Nike, 4th period, and a trip to DC Matt Colwell: Bummyness and lifetime movies Catherine Green: Basketball H2Hs

and before 4th period chats. Elle Stumpo: Gold hoops and hugs Morgan Stafford: Basketball locker and curly hair Matt Mcdowell: Jams, vent sesh and shagging lessons Jordan Jeter: Chipotle, sarcasm, gold hoops, Mel’s black Nikes and a dollar Field hockey Team: Guess you never got the memo’s, oh you fancy huh’s and a championship in states Scotty Goldcott: bowties and Brooks Brothers Avi Mundra: a math class to sleep in Cathleen Pruden: Spanish class with Senor Luna and Los Serranos Laura B: my attitude to Senor Luna Josh Silver: Shannon Dwyer Joyce: Advisory lunches and Photography Rashaad Ratliff: Pretty Little Liars DJ Langley: Mentos Chad Stanback: Mentos and my basketball skills John Hockman: Twitter, Christmas tree, master switch and prom h2hs, my zebra snuggie

James Troxler

Dain Clare: grizzly DJ Langly: Fro Pick Connor Fry: knee pads Kathleen Pruden: my math notes Lewis Stocks: Mr. McGurrin William Carter: best of wishes

Jenna Pepe

Amanda Lampuri: Jefferson, Olive Garden dates, Nibbs, a key to the weight room, a place to stay, my purple watch, manic Mondays, weight room Wednesdays, the glove, beating franna banana, “kick it,” “how ya feelin” shirt, the “I” team, track fam, my running shorts, box of Fiber One bars, bump it Matt McDowell: Catch Phrase, batteries, shirley temples, Nibbles, kindling, the red blanket, toothbrush, Aaron Carter, someone to yell at, shagging/swing dancing with Jordan, THE face, Pet Cemetery, our matching bocket sweatpants,

Sawmill Ann Barnett: GPS, unofficial cheers, v. girls basketball, Sawmill, kiddy cheer camp, someone to be awkward with Laura Beacham: Mama Eliza, Bull City Ati Abegunrin: 4x1, awk track moments Wesley Frazier: off-season workouts, Garrison‘s stories Garrison Roundtree: the throwup lanes, “sneaky feelings,” school records Jordan Jeter: Psych study seshes, the McDowell’s ottoman that saved your life, winning the common sense/common knowledge debate Garrett Bird: Ann and her satchel Casey Tompkins-Rhoades: someone to say “yeah” to in the hallway Missy Roberson: hot sauce Tiandra Peppers & Molly Hull: hugs Forrest Peed: oreo fluff Cameron Litcher: a closet full of frockets Brandon Park: lotion Maggie Collawn, Rachel Erwin, & Kelsey Frazier: chocolate jelly beans McGill: 3rd period, your own track, manic Monday’s, .05 on the stopwatch, a fair scrabble game, walks around the track

Joell Hopkins

Quinn Billerman: Savannah Story, an offensive line, more accurate throwing arm, 8 mile DVD Savannah Story: Quinn Billerman Issac Copeland: baby booms, the slickest curls in the school, and my jersey #35 Madison Jones: A new left knee, my Jordan 9’s, and free FSU gear DJ Langley: a jump shot, fewer turnovers, and some clippers for a hair cut, Clorox to clean the backseat of the Tahoe Anton Gill: super two foot bounce, and the team to put on your back, Hannah Leahy Marcus Bryan: a Brain, and bounce Chad Stanback: a new strap back, and a Los Angeles’ club t-shirt Kevin Billerman: Compassion Brad E: a smaller head Kat Woman (Kat Belk): ACC tickets for 4 years Caroline Margolis: An 8 Mile DVD to give to Quinn Billy: spot on the basketball team

Senior Wills Joseph Brusino

Kyle Kittelberger: All the world’s problems to solve, GWAG Will “Boo Bear” Mueller: An alarm clock; Easy-Mac Winston Holloway: An airplane blanket, Vandy Josh Silver: The Doc Matt Colwell: Music Performance Club, Skype jams, Jumbo Jaksum (word!), Blue Elisabeth Schricker & Kyla Babson: Tous Bous Emily Bedsole: All of my Glee DVD’s Dr. D: 2 years worth of homework Mrs. Lieberman: Kyle, Reagan Dr. Avery: That NLE I never did, a still-pending Facebook friend request, my prized A-Minus Chase Duncan: dat blue burd

Julia Heffring

Drew Heffring: Peter & Donna, parentheses, family bowling, breakfast at Tiffany’s, Los Tres, tiny room in Florida, Butterbean, hockey disaster with Mary Nelle, my chores, Criminal Minds marathons, futon to come visit me Austin Laughry: charades and beach trips, “hey austiiiin” Jamie Herocavich: morning car rides, 4-wheeling in the snow, bojangles Kayla Reali: New Years, car freshener Will Barefoot: Marta? Parker Preston: my backyard after prom ‘10 Caroline Margolis: tubing noises, the laptop Lewis Stocks: “azules” talk at Winston’s, Toby Keith concert...hah. Parker Troutman: winter formal, a GPS to find my house, bio lab group Eric Isely: all the forgotten food on the ski trip Mrs. Welsh: catchphrase

Kate Gulden

Cararine: the powers of twin telepathy, a person to punch, a car to wait in, endless baked goods, drama field trips, an empty stage before a show, & smoothie runs Liz: all the attention, morning car jams, David Tennant instead of Matt Smith, someone to judge you for liking Ke$ha, skirts to steal, & lots of love Audrey: asrloifj & late night Skypes Steffie: secrets, bus buddies, smoothies, & loud, off-key singing Mathias: secrets, my so-calledcreepy music box & the spot in honors drama you deserved Eliza: Febreeze to use as you see fit, lemonade & a mother to buy you water

Powderpuff Game Becca: a gossip buddy, scandals & people who are comfier than floors Hunter Nance: your rolly chair Chase: nice people & bandaids Beau: people who don’t always blame/abuse you & 90s music to dance to Joelle: sweethearts, the superpowers of a stage manager & bowling lessons The Freshman/Brandon: cool bowties Drama kids: DICTION, Goodberry’s, ghost stories, language, the ability to make a circle, duck face, a car to rock out in, bacon limbs, many broken legs, so much love, the smell of greasepaint & the sound of thunderous applause Mrs. Beineke: a capable yearbook staff & prayers

Kathryn Imperial

Corinne May: endless supply of sunscreen and patience Cameron Litcher: the ability to always find four-leaf clovers, years supply of fist pounds, full protective body suit and John Wall Kelsey Hill: ankle shots, bruises, and the ability to never get hurt Varsity Softball Team: eye-black, the stealth bat (secret weapon), Coach Hoggard, kitty litter infield and numerous pot holes, intestinal fortitude, and the knowledge of knowing when it’s suppa time Catherine Green: Psych heart to hearts and all those learning objectives Jordan Jeter: Kentucky b-ball tickets, numerous visits, heart to hearts, Jonathan and texts that never make sense Garrett Bird: Katie and the Stonemoor neighborhood parties... Pattie included Matt McDowell: Nibbles, kindling, SPF 100, The Nutcracker Soundtrack, THE FACE, larger calves, a plethora of dimes, the broken brown blanket, slap bracelets, tootbrush question mark, Pattie and her parties, Amelia Bedilia, the color pink, wufs, purple biketards, Katie, shotgun for life, Kentucky paraphernalia, plane tickets to come and visit, apples to apples, jam seshes, someone else’s phone to steal, shag compatibility and my sisterly love, of course.

Katie Kumbar

Alex Kumbar: Neo’s parking space Mike Ryan: You are no longer a scrub. Also, dancing skills. Becca Israel: Your butt is yours again Caroline Mason: Zombie-apocalypse bullet purse Janelle Prather: Courage Alfre Wimberly: Passionfruit Casey Rhodes-Thompkins: the girl’s throwing team Nuha Kabir: Ankles that don’t hurt Savannah Miller: A maggoty corpse Eric Iesley: BOUNDLESS OPTIMISM. Mr. McGill: Cookie runs, and friendship Mr. Laskowski: Heath the Ledger, and Anne H. Mrs. Velk: Pizza, yupper Alex Nevinsky: A Chia pet. Grow strong. Mr. Durham: An alternative hypothesis Mr. Flinn: “A Jewish Intermarriage,” by Katie Kumbar, in hardcover Hunter Nance: A body to inspect Danielle Johnson: My coffin-box Coach Greg Hanson: My throwing legacy Matt Richards: My garnets Colson Dorfashar: Roles where you don’t have to be dead Spencer Grant: Tenor Power! Unspecified Friends:Happy memories, faith and joy. Class of 2015: Middle School-BGone

thanks for everything this year. Ann Barnett: A better British accent.  Hunter Nance: Someone to squidface-kiss.

Krissi Fajgenbaum

Mariel, Emily, Brianna, & Dani: Lane 6 Domination Parker & Carole: a fun swim season and a wonderful senior year!! Cat, Margo, Melissa, Hannah, & Anne: an amazing senior field hockey season and good luck to win the state championship next year! Melissa & Savannah: a new member to be a part of our trio runs since I’ll be leaving :( Margo:THE MUSTACHE; a new running, dancing, & workout buddy; an awesome and crazy senior year; and endless visits to UNC!!! Garrett: someone to be better than you in your science class next year :) and also someone that you can make fun of all the time for saying stupid stuff 8th Period H. Physics Class: knowledge about how long it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun..... Ryan: everything you need to be just like me haha, a super fast 500 time, & hardcore parkour Lexi: lots and lots of tutorials with Mr. Erikson to make up for Faith and me not being there

Kristine Kapatos

Kim Sikkel

Beau Scheier: Focus, ITS, general bro activities, a new mother, and romantic advice. Eliza Kramer: 777 purple ponies, someone else to catch you when you jump on them, a lot of trips to NYC, colouring books, things that grow in water, GGG, someone to hold pinkys with, pre-show Carrie Underwood jam sessions, caesar salads and buffalo wings at every meal single meal, and Marcel the Shell. Mathias Marchington: Someone with a car as awesome as Arwen, a better name for your car, and Murphy Wells. Mitchell Cook: A wife. Dr. Wehrli: A daily Welsh proverb. Sr. Luna: Trips to Bermuda. Mr. McGill: Someone to make fun of. Every day. But really, a lot of

Hannah: left side, cuddles, cookie dough and lemonade, Celine Dion Rosen-cruise &smooze, summer puffin runs, Glee, Kduffy, Paul, a bunt cake, all the stuff you can no longer use because of me, the spot behind the Bent Tree tennis courts, that night Margo: patience, that behind the back shot, lax buns, All-American Mo Fun: oh yah?, lax braids T. Letts: booty taps, bus jams Savvy J.: swag. Rachel Wakeford: bus jams, “it wuz” Girls Lax: my sweet CD’s that were stolen, gb’s, clean checks, smother, pre-game seminar B Scotty Goldcott: lax, an amazing senior season Jamie Herokovich & Robert Vaughn: preseason workouts Ryan Lanier & Will Ormand: Kapits, Mondays Alé: Billy Bitter, that weird eye thing Parker Preston: a note, itsa my turn Winston Holloway: a full ride to

Vanderbilt Bennett Dotson: my love Caroline Mason: death, Karlie… never mind you’re still too new Alfre: your not dead mom… XC: land fill hill, somebody to lean on, all my love and support Kayla Reali: car cleaner Alex Bowen: 631-748-9198 Mr. Flinn: bleach, the biography title I never got Coach McGill: 8th period Lang 2009-2010 Coach Payne: there’s nothing I can give you that would make up for everything you’ve given me

Leah Ling

Erin Kelly: chapstick, lookin’ legit Caroline Margolis: cute bows for practice, a hairbrush, on a platter Grace Fuscoe, Taylor Newcomb, Taylor Fleck, Allison McAdams, Meghan Jenkins: defensive team meetings, DO WORK!! Nick Waring, Josh Silver: the clarinet section Caroline Margolis, Melissa Funsten: hickories Corinne May, Lauren Grady: the Key Club Ann Barnett: the blood drive, awkward hand touching, COPIOUS Ann Barnett, Allison McAdams, Caroline Lindquist: beating the system Steffie Park: osos y ballenas Grace Fuscoe: Mikaela, letting it rain Elle Stumpo: my spot as #2 point guard!, jam seshes with random people on the street Meghan Jenkins: a sarcasm detector

Madeline Louden

Josh Silver: proudly and without concern, the welfare of the SGA; blindfolds and bondage. Mr. Laskowski: The Golden Trashcan, World domination via MUN, Allison McAdams’ laugh Abby Quirk-Royal: the Laskowski room as a second home Humza Rizvi: the Globe, a bowling alley, a new briefcase for MUN and someone else to promote your hilarity Logan Greer: a parking spot big enough for your car, someone else to creep on you Allison McAdams: being amazing at SGA, a lot of signature laughs Jonah: an amazing girl to date Layla Tanik: my nunchucks Dr. Avery: an advisory that will never come close to being as cool as us, a mother to uncomfortably harass you in conferences, Tous Bous Mr. McGill: students that appreciate what you do and create for them. Mrs. Immediata: students that read for your reading checks Dr. Nunalee: more Proms to plan, duh! Matt McDowell: another year of French… Caroline Hirl: someone to vent to about French Lexy Bader: people who appreciate how amazing, funny, and truly hardworking you are The Class of 2012: the refurbished senior study hall, don’t kill it please Colin Vernal: my undying love and affection, no big deal. Jordan Jeter: Ravenscroft’s honor

Senior Wills Martha Upton

Ann: a new big sissy and my love Laura B: someone else to say hi to in the halls 10 times every day Tiandra: hugs and a great last cheer season next year Kelsey F: walks to your piano lesson, Mark Campbell Maggie: your mother that I love so much, a new base Rachel E: someone else to drive you home and listen to your complicated life, Dynamite, youth group, a new base partner, and my love Rosie, Abby, Lauren, Patrick, and Marcelo: art class Angel: my closet Jess: a great last cheer season next year Joelle: a new base Sydney: hugs Mr. Karny: a new favorite student Mr. Kielty: 3 years of history class Mrs. Beineke: a new yearbook staff as wonderful as ours Sr. Swaim: cookies

Shag Night will stay up and watch tv with you Jordan Bednar: 9192153850 Elle Stumpo: someone to embarrass you in the halls and a place at my dorm anytime Mr. Durham: Nanny McPhee and new managers Dr. Nunalee: baby baby andrew baby baby andrewwwww, a second advisory that’s half as lovely as the first Field hockey girls: A state championship. We were so close last year, support each other and there’s no way y’all won’t come out on top.

Michael Santos

Melina Gozzo

Kyle K: the fate of the world Boo Bear: a less embarrassing nickname and easy mac Taylor Fleck: manbearpig, the wrestling team, Parker, Chick-Fil-A, starbucks, a phone that gets service in the high school and all my love Parker Sutherland: Taylor, the wrestling room, new managers and an awkward hallway hug Colin Vernal: peaches Savannah: numba nineeee Jordan: Mr. Kuo, a new dapping student Vanessa: Jay Jay: Vanessa Charlie Hirsch: a real coloring book, a trip to Blacksburg Rachel Landers: a spot on the floor of my dorm Grady Finch: G105 and a hug Beau: mini milkshakes, hilarious texts, and hipster status English: my speaking rights in DVan’s class, someone to brush your hair, a new big sissy Rachel Wakeford: I gotchu :), Obamaniqua, locker chats, someone to distract you with weird faces across the choir room, softies, a trip to Blacksburg with English Garrett Bird: 2nd place in Mario Kart Matt McDowell: someone to continuously text you and ask what time the match starts Rachel Ormand: a roommate who

Beau Scheier: the MCW, charge of drama for the guys, and the tenor section in choir Colson Dorafshar: a 3-cornered hat and a musket Garrett Anderson: a bunch of Styx albums Becca Israel: advice and…pudding Dr. Avery: a lifetime supply of Nutella, 9-layer lasagna, and my thanks Tooch: my director’s whistle and the promise to visit frequently Alexis van Venrooy: APUSH review materials, and the hope she has a great senior year Joelle Zapotosky: the director’s chair and my thanks Mr. Vacanti: the Ovington suit and a thank you for all the great shows and memories Caroline Mason: a depressing story from Creative Writing Mr. Sharp: all my future scripts and thanks for all his help Brandon Schneider: a bunch of Rush albums and a long list of band names Matt Richards: a bass guitar and a bass amp and the best of luck with your performances senior year Mr. Flinn: a copy of Fire at Will and my gratitude for all your help and instruction. And a copy of my future autobiography, Born on a Milk Truck Mathias Marchington: awkward pickup lines Dr. Vana: the complete collection of Baldacci novels and my thanks for teaching me how to sing Matt Colwell: my best for your senior year and college The TAVERN Cast: Volume and…

Nicole Davis

Mariel Ziperski: A plow to cultivate the pool algae, my stalker, a little more sarcasm, awkward advice, a new phone, my weave which you pulled, a new swim team buddy, shampoo Danielle Given: a congratulatory cake, my chain and my turtleneck sweater, the sharkface Emily Bedsole: pants, lane 6 (try to keep it under control) Mary Grady Bell: A rhino to rival Liz Gulden: a new sister, Ke$ha, a bathtub full of glitter Tyler Fergusson: the bus... Lauren Grady: the joy of spending Monday nights at TYP, All-State ‘09 nuff said

Mr. Durham: Egyptian babies; NPR updates Mr. McGill: someone else to ask you how you are every day; possibly more visits than Mrs. Velk (… maybe)

Scott Van Name

Nolan McDonald

Sam Gale: a date with Mariel Mariel Ziperski: a date with Sam Chad Stanback: a lawnmower JT Fritsch: sexy back MVD: a car seat Jake Morin: sexiness Shakim McKeithen: DARKNESS Madison Jones: a criminal record Matt Colwell: “the spot” Bryant Dowd: Natalie Travis White: bananas Clay Stroud: ghetto girls John Hockman: Visine Ried Scales: weight room DJ Langley: bail bonds Kofie: africa Baraka Mutisya: Wendy’s

Peyton Burgess

Rachel Landers: car ride chat sessions; neighborhood stalking Garret Bird: J-Camp, dimes, Brittany who ate all my trail mix Rachel Wakeford: ballet classes; Freshberry dates that never happened; ‘jiggy’ Emily High: weekend in Kansas City; horrible J-Convention dances; creepy guys; skipping classes at J-convention English Bernheardt: dinner dates? Taylor Zaytoun: more gossip sessions during class Brandon Park: fake tears of sorrow Conner Tung: what are you looking at? Forrest Peed: someone else that has a cool nickname like Pey Bay-Bay Caroline Margolis: my couch in the living room; snuggling in my basement Mrs. Velk: dang girl, hawt; N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys, Dreamstreet, and Twisted Sister?; more gypsy magic; computers that don’t freak out right before we send it to press; penny; don’t like her style; where do we go now? (answer: Chapel Hill to visit me!); 11:33 pm; purple! Mrs. Lieberman: another 8th period class like ours Mr. Benoit: someone else to sit at Mrs. Velk’s computer looking like she is flying an airplane

Nance: Muzzle Jamie Heriachavich: 919.559.7876 JT Fritsch: Christmas eves, a sister that is NOT a disgrace Sarah Fritsch: Harry Potter, a space on my dorm room floor, sliding on hardwood floors, beach/lake/family fun nights, Elle, my love Taylor Letts & Rachel Wakeford: Bustin’ moves on buses Sam Gale: A sketch book Scotty Goldcott: Some else to brawl with in the hallways, all the stars in the sky Phillip Kielty (PK): Unicorns, smiles, and beams of sunshine Mr. Laskowski: Another student to sleep talk in class and make you laugh Mr. Benoit: Another kickin’ advisory with lots of heart to hearts, hating, and diagrams.

Reeves Zaytoun

Taylor Zaytoun: My legacy. Max Dearinger: The golf team… good luck! My hotel room at states (sorry, but you’ve gotta find yourself a new roommate). Thomas Sigmon: My seat in the bus; my wind cheater. James Turner: My reputation as best dressed. Bennet Dotson: Someone else to go to a movie with when you don’t have a date for winter formal.

Rhett Johnson

Byron, Jamie: YES! Toddy: Swag English,Rachel Ormand: Six flags Jimbo, Kubi, Will Barefoot: Getting Hype Bryant: Gong, SPICE! Scotty: Roundabout Conor: WOW Layla: Spittle Rachel Wakeford, Taylor Letts: Kindness Rachel Landers: Prom ‘11 Jake: Jaaake Garrett: TDJ, Hits Lewis: A belt, long chats Parker Preston: Thanks Carole: Bowtie Taylor: Nothing Dain: AKOUNTAKINTE Mrs. Belk, Ms. Moore, Mrs. Immediata: Sorry for stripping Senor Kates: High pitched laugh

Sarah Stumpo

Caroline Mason: CINTH, Sunday nights, NYC, Gossip Girl chats, awkwardness Angel Barth: Chatsworth Field Hockey Girls: The best of luck next year! Get’um girls! We were too close have an awesome Hunter: preseason Elle: Car rides to school, Friday nights, the DVR, friends, fun, happiness, my closet, jam seshs, a space on my dorm room floor anytime, all my love

Sr. Luna: The restraint to take away cell phones but not game consoles Hunter Nance:  actual creativity of insult and trolling William Black:  The ability to never shut up, ever.  Oh wait, you already have that.

Sean Kelly

Quinn: Savannah, Through the Fire, another concert at Duke to sneak into, some game, an O-line, “confident quiet ambition,” CiCis’, Rhonda’s junk food. Savannah: Quinn Bennett: a dime, trips to Duke, A new Saab, a big year in football and basketball, King of Millbrook exchange, a jump shot, the weight room, fame, fortune, and success, your after nine, a new Starbucks partner, my agency, my charisma, and a great senior year. Kofie: a return to basketball like MJ Elliot: power Mike Hutter: Miss Teen Connecticut Matt McDowell: wrists that release, an undefeated senior year in wrestling Mike Fagan: the cross country course Forrest, Jordan, Matt: new arms so baseball can win next year Byron: success Travis: Allie J Jordan Jeter: some good tweets cause I heard you struggle Jordan Bednar: health, Lauryn A. Tim Hutter: weight room Shelby M: my sister Brad E: golf Madison: a free session with me to teach you how to shoot Grace: FCA Marcus: hops David D: 1st chair in cello Calley M: someone to make strings bearable Garrett: a haircut business Anyone who wants it: Ping Pong Club

Senior Wills Shannon Dwyer

Josh Silver: Nantucket, a Boston accent, that one point back on the Math League Competition test, a senioritis vaccine, surprises, and inima mea Caroline Mason: a “cake” prom dress, multitudes of random cute pictures, blogz, and residency in my house Missy Roberson: Amienz, all of our accidental mutual crushes, oceanic art, and throwing chairs Chris Hahn: ownership of all memes ever, as much fiddling as possible, and selective attention Alex Kumbar: popcorn and Troll physics Ben Suh: a more studious person to sit next to in multivariable Calc Chase Duncan: the freedom to sit wherever you like, knowledge of Fascism Brandon Tung: Miles Brown, insane history knowledge, and appreciation for your nerdy pen Savannah Miller: Khitans/Kittens Miles Brown: the Celtics and every sports team ever Sam Gale: a lifetime supply of Rhonda’s chocolate chip cookies and a seat closer to Mr. Kielty Mr. Laskowski: MUN prom dates, judgment, American History allusions in everyday conversation, and honorary Hamiltonian status Mr. McGill: intuition, Einstein, dreams, the great ability to recognize greatness in others, my ‘voice,’ and puzzles Dr. Avery: soda can tabs, “Live and Let Die,” a hippy-dippy classroom, tweeting, texting, and the first time someone has been randomly asked to prom in your class Ms. Cardillo: Sugar (shu-jay), Single Caryatids (unengaged), and the suggestive Acropolis mnemonic Mr. League: The Flaming Lips and cynicism Mrs. Jones: a student who turns everything in on time Mr. Erikson: real maths Mr. Kielty: endless optimism, patience, and sarcasm AP Calc BC (1st period): high stakes integration, and the limit as t goes to zero of the number of laughs I’ve had all year in our class over time

Shannon McDonnell Missy Roberson: the volleyball team, DNUNZ, unlimited freshberry, makeup, more members of the sucky cars club, team lunch, fuhgettaboutit, Josh McCoy Madison Jones: dreaming with a broken heart, more tattoos, the hub Anton Gill: 100 sharks because you’ll lose them all, the hoochie mama dance Marcus Bryan: a birthday crown, more dunks, some game DJ Langley: longer basketball shorts, all my love Isaac Copeland: all my love Collin Vernal: all my love Jamie Herakovich: ;) Emerson Storch: the basketball team, lollipops for the medkit, late night runs to cookout, someone else to drive you home, my baby Amanda Lampuri: the basketball team, chatroulette, bbm buddies, a trip to App Hannah Leahy: all the rights to

Celebration Day Marcus Bryan Ann Barnett: awkward height difference hugs, someone else to dine and ditch with you at sawmill Kubi Johnson: a new trainer to chat with on the football sidelines Josh McCoy: another physical therapist, scandalous texts during the basketball games, someone else to tweet at you, baby leg, following through with my dare Parker Sutherland: friends, Taylor Fleck Jordan Jeter: omegle dates, better tweets, <3 Garrett Bird: Ann Barnett, a new mommy Will Barefoot: someone else to teach you how to dougie at 3 am Taylor Fleck: someone to drive you to Chick-fil-a, awkward height difference hugs, a double date with Duke Basketball Players Chad Stanback: sour gummy worms, the time I ate it in front of thousands at the Glaxo Mr. Billerman: trainers who don’t fall asleep during practice, a new favorite Mrs. Wessing: a new stack of unexcused tardy slips since I probably used all of yours this year Mr. Benoit: another stellar advisory…that hopefully get fewer blue notes than I did Will Boo Bear Mueller: a new facebook name, soup to eat during class Shelby Major: MH1 Sarah Pupa: a new big sister Winston Holloway: an American Airlines scarf, an acceptance letter to Vanderbilt Kyle Kittleberger: all my intelligence, the fate of the planet, cookies for an Eco bake sale The whole volleyball team: Fuhgettaboutit, the sand court, sweet 16s, fun run, team camp, team lunch, our locker room, team bonding day, ravens you know, ankle braces, visits to App, no injuries, a conference title, ALL my love, a new captain

Sofia Armstrong

Beau: panties, the quartet Matt Richards: shlurp, the quartet, weird looks in the hallway Hunter Nance: shlurp, weird looks in the hallway Becca: tough love, reminders to keep breathing, an older sister English: NATS trips, motherly love, the second soprano section Colson: a teleporter that works :) Molly: childhood memories, days at CCC, trips with Julie, sprees, towel forts at the pool Tooch: the little men in the traffic lights Mr. Benoit: the title of my favorite teacher at Ravenscroft that never taught me

Spencer Cates

English Bernhardt: A Grammy Matthew Colona: Dr. Walker’s knowledge Robert Vaughan: Game, The

number 83 Collin Vernal: A friendly pig Jimbo Barnes: A merit badge Bryant Dowd: Warmth for Wake responsibilities Will Ormand: The Green Ring Thomas Sigmon: Warmth for Wake responsibilities Emily High: Ugly Skype Pictures Savannah Jane Story: Good music taste Rachel Wakeford: My love Angel Barth: Home Grown Chickens & Extra Gas Laura Beacham: My phone Carole: Sewing Skills Perry Dubow: DMC’s! Dain Clare: American Patriotism, Lucky Chipmunk Socks Spencer Knudsen: You can have my name now, a bowl of special K Alex Bowen: a car without an ITB sticker Lewis Stocks: Rehab for your nose Conor Fry: Superiority Andrew Franz: A Diagolo Sarah Fritsch: Crappy College T-shirts Scott Goldcott: Caucasian Shoes Madison Jones: Swag & Phillies Caroline Margolis: A consistent mood Taylor Newcomb: Senior Study Hall Forrest Peed: An APES detention Matt Richards: Vice Presidency of Music Performance Club Conner Tung: Vice Presidency of Music Performance Club Matt Colwell: Presidency of Music Performance Club T.R. Vernal: A hybrid Taylor Zaytoun: Crooked Teeth Parker Troutman: An ice bag Rachel Landers: Gnarmar filled to the top

Thomas Schiemann

Jorge: #16 and all the heart, courage, pride, and honor that comes with it Jake: yelling DUNK!!! At bball games Carole & Julie: UCB Inc Matt McDowell: Armbars and 189 lbs of love Jswagg: Hala Madrid-Swag; olé’s ; joga bonito moves Taylor Fleck: the cupcakes I never got Juanita: Colombian swag; Spanish club Parker Troutman: Bedford Flowen: Naps John Hockman: The armband that I never got Doc Avs: the bro corner and all its memories; flow Carlos Walker : a spot on the bench and the insects that fall from the skies Kyle: “Global Warming”

Q: sense of fashion and the bench Lee Massey and Natalie Holdstock: PE dance trophy Zane: All of my ODP and nat’l tournaments shirt GBird: Doc Avs; don’t let him get too outta control Jfleurz: Gangsta movez John Hockman/Ryan Lanier/ Hayden/ Will Ormand/ Torin/Dorris/Chuckie: the leadership of the soccer team and better luck Mr McGill: cookies Will Ormand: MY defensive midfield and tackling ability; my speed Turner Peacemaker: MY midfield Kofi: Asamoah Gyan Jimbo: my futbol skills and a warm spot on the bench Ms. Fillip: advisory circle Ms. Jones: all my love Collin Vernal/ Clay Stroud/ Cooley/ Meghan Jenkins/ Patty Monahan: an Honorable Mention Quentin: a class to actually attend mrs Liebs: ECO club and a sustainable beach house Ms. Smith: Phillip Zimbardo Rico Suave: guns Colin Vernal: Bro moments (ATH)

Tyler Anderson

Garrett Anderson: bonding time with the parents, a great three more years in high school and big sister just a phone call away Amanda Lampuri: i team and track tweets Garrison: lane 4 Ati. Abegunrin: off season track practice in the freezing cold 3rd period AP world: the ability to get your teacher off topic and punctuality Garrett Bird: someone else to beat up in the hallway Senor Luna: infinite fun days and a senior class half as fun as we were Sarah Fritch: a parking spot finally in senior lot, morning car rides, kayak trips Ann Barnet: having the best costumes for spirit week, espana Rachel Landers: bros Coach McGill: “everyday im hurdlin hurdlin”

Wilson Day

Jacob Johnson: a rock, catfish, chicken liver, a cup instead of the lake Brad Eghilebu: black spray paint, wahhoooo Bryant Dowd: a bigger Browning sticker, empty cans, new tires, don’t drive through lakes…you may get stuck, speech class, ax, yeee dawg

James Turner: nooopppee, stickers, bub, little maturity Dain Claire: “really Rhett, really?,” mcnuggets, orchestra pit Caroline Margolis: commercials, fast food, southern weather Jamie Herakovich: red and white air maxes, any girl you want, a Jeff Burton edition Conor Fry: sweet tea, 3.2 seconds, shirtless bus rides, fried chicken, da ATL, busted lips, great scenery in band, white sheet off my bed, Precious Lewis Stocks: stuttering class, Bible Study chair Rachel Wakeford: another year with Bryant in study hall, unlimited info about Bryant’s car…I’m sorry Garret Bird: THE SOUTH, naptime in doctor D’s class, civil war scoreboard, Bennet Dotson: a place to stay to escape Fernando, fernando’s ego Andrew Franz: diagalos, more hops, get better, speed Missy Roberson: “Can I get a wave? Okay, now left hand.” Taylor Newcomb: NC State football, history grade? Scotty Goldcott: best seat in physics, nice lettuce Amanda Lampuri: height, trips to the lake Baraka Mutisiya: your girl mhmmmmm Chad Standback: Driver’s Ed…. AGAIN Layla Tanik: unlimited Youtube videos, Madison Jones: best powerpoint titles, sleep, state golf apparel, “that’s real” Thomas Sigmon: new truck, better driving Max Dearinger: polar bear, fup, ice cream, weight loss to make your mom happy, escape from Todd’s antics, Will Mueller: Jesus sandals, a Colts Superbowl Matt McDowell: you really hate to see that, more paper to throw during class, control Garrett’s ego

Zaki Haidary

Claire Fuscoe: a safer driver 7th Period P.E.: DY’NAM-ICS!!! James Turner: MLR Rachel Wakeford: a hello in the hallway Dain Claire: the handshake and band Garret Bird: GBERD Andrew Franz: all that Econ and a great senior year Lee Massey: brownies Matt and Jake and MacNamera: Rhonda’s at break Zawadi and Goose: the swim team Dr. Avery: a Eugapie! from freshman year, and some of that fantastic original poetry without the sass in the mouth Mr. Pruden: HC campaign sign from freshman year Coach Warren: your own  warmup in PE Mrs. Thrash: many thanks Jordan Jeter: next year Cathleen: the swim team here and at DT Humza: “Moot court” If I forgot you: let me know and I’ll write it on your copy of the newspaper...



N evarmore



Varsity Sports Spring Recap

Girls Lacrosse

The girl’s lacrosse team has combined hard work and talent to produce a

successful season. Their toughest opponents have been Cardinal Gibbons (CG) and Durham Academy (DA). The girls beat DA while their only two losses have been to Cardinal Gibbons. Coach Norman mentions Caroline Margolis, ’12, Kristine Kapatos, ‘11, Melissa Funsten, ’12, and Danni Given, ’13, who have all been remarkable this season. Norman says one important aspect of coaching is encouraging the older players to work with the younger players to help them improve their skills. She also says hard work during the off-season is necessary.

Boys Tennis


oach Sean Hardy reported that both Varsity Girls and Boys Track teams have met and exceeded this season’s expectations. The boys originally saw this as a rebuilding year but have preformed better than expected, while the girls were looking at possibly repeating as Conference champs with a strong shot at winning States. Hardy now thinks that the girls are well on their way to achieving this goal. Durham Academy was the toughest opponent this season by far, but the girls managed to beat them and the boys nearly did the same, losing by only two points. The girls’ strength this season was in the numbers of solid performers in each specialty. Their weakness proved to be executing relays. The boys’ strength was their outstanding senior leadership while having the same weakness as girls, executing relays. Hardy said that Katie Kumbar, ‘11, established a new school record in the discus throw. Wesley Frazier also continued to dominate the middle and long distance events. Three boys stood out in Hardy’s opinion. Nick Ritcher, ‘11, in shot put and discus and Temple Sloan, ‘11, in the 300m hurdles, and Karan Patel, ‘11, as a major contributor in the 400 dash (close to record-breaking.) Next year, Hardy will be working on his basic themes of mental toughness and the importance of self improvement.



ennis Coach Debbie Peek is very excited about this year’s record of 14-3. While she expected a strong team, this team has exceeded her expectations. “This year’s team exhibited strength, excellent team chemistry and mutual support,” said Peek. The areas the team focused on included smart decision making in doubles, greater mental toughness, and managing emotions during stressful and controversial matches. The toughest opponents proved to be Providence Day and East Chapel Hill. Ravenscroft is the only team that beat East Chapel Hill, one of the strongest teams in 4A public schools across the state. Peek, says that she will continue to teach and “preach” the elements of smart play. Matt Wycoff, ’12, is especially good at planning strategies to win his double matches, according to Peek. She added that the mental toughness award would have to go to Egan Hart who goes on the court to win. Peek hopes to duplicate this kind of winning record in years to come.

Boys Golf


h i l e struggling to not only play well individully, but also to play well as a team, the boys managed to rank first in the state. “Wilson Day ,‘11, and Reeves Zaytoun, ‘11, really stand out and that is expected,” says Coach Jimmy Cox. “Max Dearinger has really emerged as a great player, and James Turner has improved and started to make a major impact on our team.” The team has been playing well this year despite challenges the boys faced when they played Campbell University and during the High School Invitational at Treyburn in Durham. The team appreciates Day’s and Zaytoun’s leadership. In Cox’s words,“The main thing I have done to make next year a better season is to really encourage our young golfers, including ones who did not make the team, to reach their potentials and to tell them that we still expect to be a good team next year even though we’re going to lose a lot of great players.”


he experienced players on the baseball team this year really pitched in and helped the team to stay motivated and positive. With this season’s 6-20 record, Coach Ned Gonet, stated that the team “didn’t live up to their expectations. The challenging schedule including Forsyth Country Day and Cardinal Gibbons exposed the weaknesses of a young team.” However, Gonet believes that the team’s strong work ethic and understanding of what need to be done will be a positive influence for future seasons. Gonet believes “senior Michael Byman, Oscar Turner, and Sean Kelly, did a fine job of encouraging the younger players. They worked on their baseball IQ and game focus,” said Gonet. Gonet is looking forward building on these skills next season.

Boys Lacrosse C

oach Kapatos reports that the boys lacrosse season is going very well. Charlotte schools have not been easy to go up against, but Ravenscroft has competed with them and only lost after a hard fight. Kapatos says that the team has great commitment, desire, and coachability. The team is young right now, but in the “long view,” it is looking good. The whole team is a stand out for its unselfishness and willingness to support its members.

Girls Soccer T

his year’s girl’s soccer team has had a great season with one loss to Cardinal Gibbons. Their toughest opponent every year is Durham Academy and this year Ravenscroft won the game 1 to 0. Coach JJ Raabe says that next time she hopes that the team will have a more decisive win. This season the girl’s main strength has been how hard the girls are willing to work during practice and actual games. Leah Ling, ’11, especially stands out as goal keeper and Carolina Lindquist, ’12, has been a contributor in many positions. Coach Raabe always emphasizes team play and believes strongly that her team has proven that they can only win when they play as a team and not just individual superstars.



lthough the softball team started this season without a pitcher, the team’s hitting skills are the strongest in the league. It has been a struggle to train a new player to pitch according to Allison Craig, the assistant softball coach. “A brand-new pitcher cannot pitch at the varsity level after only a couple of months. Cannon was definitely one of the strongest teams that we played offensively and defensively, but the girls competed well.” This year the team is working with players on pitching skills and thinking about next year due to the fact they are losing six players. C a l l e y Mangum ‘13, stuck out “for being willing to take on the bulk of the pitching this year.” Caroline Scales ‘13, also stood out “for being willing to play Pictures by Dr. Watters any position during a Page by Egan Hart game.”

The Nevarmore, May 2011  

Ravenscroft School Newspaper, May 2011

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