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Kyla Babson, ‘13, addresses the runners prior to the race.

Juniors raise $11,297 for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation brad ehilegbu STAFF WRITER


or the past few years, juniors Kyla Babson and Alicia Richards have been interested in hosting a race to support Cystic Fibrosis

because of how it has affected their families. On Saturday, March 31st, they hosted the first annual 5K4CFF race with more than 100 participants at the Wake Med Soccer Park in Cary, which is known for an excellent Cross Country Track.

Page 13 Strange Obsessions Emily Swallow Page 13 Crash Course Layla Tanik & Drew Gagnon

with it at the age of eleven. Alicia, my good friend, also has a personal connection to CF – her dad has the disease. His life-long struggle with CF has included a double lung transplant, as well as a kidney transplant. My heart goes out to Maggie, Alicia’s dad, and others who have CF, so I want to do my part to help. Alicia has joined with me, and we are organizing this 5K run to help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation which supports research for CF.”

According to Kyla Babson’s website:

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Participants registered through a website created for the event. Babson and Richards got sponsors for food, drink, shirts, and massages as well. Babson told of their family connections on her website: “Since cystic fibrosis runs on both sides of my family, I have a personal connection to the disease and am very interested in finding treatments and a cure for it. My mom’s cousin died of the disorder when he was twelve years old and my dad’s niece, Maggie, currently is struggling

Steve McGill, English Instructor, is strong to the finish ‘cause he eats his spinach. Photos by Elise Thrash

“Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disorder that affects more then 30,000 children and adults in the United States alone. This disease causes thick, sticky mucus to build up in the lungs, digestive organs, and other areas of the body. These secretions in CF patients clog lungs, causing dirt and germs to be trapped, resulting in life-threatening lung infections. In the digestive organs, necessary enzymes are blocked by the secretion buildup causing malabsorption of nutrients of the patient. The insulin cells in the pancreas can be destroyed by the mucus obstruction leading to a form of diabetes, and in the liver toxins, can accumulate causing severe liver damage.”

3 Behind the Trigger of Campus Shooters News



Personality traits of shooters and information about how prepared Ravenscroft campus is in an emergency situation eric iseley STAFF WRITER


olumbine, Virginia Tech, and now Chardon. In the small town of Chardon, Ohio (population 5,100), a teenage student opened fire in the cafeteria which resulted in three student deaths and 2 wounded students on February 27, 2012. This school is located about 30 miles from Cleveland and has an enrollment of 1,100. The suspect, T.J. Lane, 17, reported that he chose his victims randomly and was described as a loner who was bullied. Other recent school shootings in the United States include a 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech University in which 33 people were killed and a 1999 incident at Columbine High School in Colorado killing 12 students and 1 teacher. The Nevarmore investigates campus security at Ravenscroft with an interview with Dennis Lane, Director of Security.

How well is Ravenscroft prepared for a shooter? R

avenscroft has instituted many security measures in recent years including the creation of the position that Dennis Lane currently holds as our Director of Protective Services. Precautions that he has instituted in his tenor here include radios for instant communication, professionally trained off-duty police officers, as well as a more secure perimeter with the advent of the new gates on campus. All of these make us a safer community, but should something like this happen here, are we well prepared? Lane believes that while a shooter on our campus would be exceedingly unlikely, we are prepared. Dennis Lane There is at least one armed off duty Director of Protective Services police officer on campus at all times Photo by LifeTouch when students are on campus. So, if a shooter were here on-campus, our offduty police officer is already here and armed to protect us until backup arrives. The gates are locked at times when school has closed for the day making our campus less accessible. The gates could be closed and secured during the school day if an armed suspect were in the vicinity of the campus; providing a barrier to entry. On the whole, Ravenscroft is a very safe school. “There has only been one fight since I’ve been here,” says Lane. But just as all schools do, we have our moments that we are not particularly proud of. For instance, in 2010, an alumni speaker had to be removed from the Baccalaureate Ceremony for inappropriate and worrisome remarks during his speech at St. Raphael’s Church. In order to have a safer school, we all must buy into the idea. The measures are there. We have the guards. We have the gates. We have a security team. Lane adds that in addition to the items listed above, he relies heavily on the people within the Ravenscroft Community to communicate potential problems in a proactive manner. Lane notes that in all of the recent school shootings, there were warning signs and people were aware of threatening statements or actions by the shooter and failed to alert school officials. Lane will agree to keep sources of information anonymous and welcomes any concern from our community members.

A gathering of clergy prays at the end of a memorial service for the victims of the Oikos University shooting Tuesday April 3, 2012 at Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, California. Seven people were killed in Monday morning's shooting spree. (Karl Mondon/Contra Costa Times/ MCT)

3 Main Profiles of School Shooters

1 2 3

The mentally disturbed, who

have hallucinations and often have voices in their heads telling them to kill. But this group makes up only about five percent of school shooters.

The second group is perhaps

the most disturbing. These are kids who appear normal. They are typically very intelligent and would never be suspected of this kind of behavior. The root of why they commit a shooting is underneath this façade of normalcy.


kids are usually emotionally disturbed, socially alienated, troubled, conflicted, angry, and depressed. This profile makes up about 30 percent.

People To Contact If You Have A Safety Concern S U S A N











Ravenscroft St. Baldrick’s Team Raises


For Childhood Cancer Research

Perry Dubow, ‘12, at the event

Event MCs: Beau Scheier, ‘13, and English Bernhardt, ‘14

Top Fundraiser: Lauren Grady, ‘12 $6,110

Robert Lippitt, ‘14, and Matt Richards, ‘12, get their heads shaved as the crowd wathces. Photo by Susan Washburn

Senior Perry Dubow led this year’s St. Baldrick’s

effort along with Robert Lippitt, ‘14, and Nicole Knape, ‘15, with a starting goal of $40,000. They more than exceeded their goal reaching $60,897 with the help of 132 student shavees of all ages and countless other volunteers from the Ravenscroft Community. Dr. Vana shaving Jason Sharp’s hair.

Second & Third Highest Fundraisers:

For video coverage of St. Baldricks,

please visit Nevarmore Online ( or simply scan one of the QR codes with your smartphone and go to the Community Service Page.

Bryant Dowd, ‘13 $3,650 Will Barefoot, ‘13 $3,270

Before & After Shot:

Will Barefoot, ‘13, Dan Ressner, Garrett Bird, ‘12, and Bryant Dowd, ‘13

Members of the Fine Arts Department, Jason Sharp, Dr. Vana, Russell Vacanti, and Bill Pendergrass, after the event.




Key Club 2012 District Convention


Outstanding Club Awards Angelika Barth, ‘12 Make-A-Wish-Dance, first place Single Service Award, Platinum Division 2011-12 Lt. Governor District 12a, Robert F. Lucas Distinguished Lt. Governor, Carolinas District Board Scholarship Award winning Key Club year. Left to right: Top row: Elise Thrash, Jessie Lutz, ‘14, Alfre Wimberley, ‘13, Gabrielle Johnson, ‘15 Front Row: Brianna Bryan, ‘12, Johnny Davis, ‘15, Audrey Hammerstein, ‘14, Rosie Waring, ‘14, Margaret

Angelika wins the Lucas Award. Photo by Elise Thrash

Edwards, ‘13, Elisabeth Schricker, ‘13, Kyla Babson, ‘13, Danielle Johnson, ‘12 Photo by Elise Thrash

Cathleen Pruden, ‘12:

Swim-A-Thon for Duke Children’s Hospital, second place, Major Emphasis Project

Alfre Wimberley, ‘13:

2012-13 Lt. Governor District 12a, the district representative for 10 local Key Clubs

Jessie Lutz, ‘14:

Third place talent competition, piano Key Club front row, left to right: Margaret Edwards, ‘13, Kyla Babson, ‘13, Alfre Wimberley, ‘13, Elisabeth Schricker, ‘13, Danielle Johnson, ‘12

Elisabeth Schricker, ‘13:

Most Entertaining Talent Competition, sang the element song.

Key Club back row, left to right: Brianna Bryan, ‘12, Jessie Lutz, ‘14, Audrey Hammerstein, ‘14, Johnny Davis, ‘15, Gabrielle Johnson, ‘15 Photo by Elise Thrash

Photo by Elise Thrash

National Honor Society Inductees

Kyla Babson, William Barefoot, Angelika Barth, Christopher Brajer, Emily Bedsole, Cameron Castleberry, Alexander Cooley, Aysia Demby, Richard Dowd, Charles Duncan, Margaret Edwards, Averi Gaines, Danielle Given, Cameron Litcher, Claudia Meyer, Lauren Norris, Sarah Pupa, Alicia Richards, Elisabeth Schricker, Maxwell Sminkey, Mariel Ziperski, Caroline Zuckerman





Study Hall With No Hall? Ravenscroft Upper School is over-crowded with 450 students in a building created for 400

Paige Schafer & caroline margolis STAFF WRITERs


ou can’t go off campus because that’s a senior “privilege.” Even when you’re a senior, eating out is too expensive to do so every day of the week. You can’t eat in the hallways because that would ruin the gorgeous, ornate carpet. You can’t eat in Rhonda’s because 300 students don’t fit around 10 tables. You can’t eat in the cafeteria because by the time you make it up there you might be soaking wet from a torrential downpour. So the question is, where’s a kid to go? Not only during lunch, but study hall, Common Period, or break. If you can’t sit here, there, or there, the question is, where can you sit? “I don’t think (overcrowding) is a problem, I think it’s an issue that’s discussed often. The two things that affect the school and community are the lack of places for students to socialize when they have free time and when teachers let them out of class early. A problem would be something like parking during graduation,” explains Kevin Billerman, Assistant

Head of Upper School. However, he did agree that, “our hallways are tight because of the locker placement, and it seems crowded when people are changing classes.” Billerman realizes the eating space inside the high school is limited. Instead of eating inside, he suggests eating, “in the cafeteria, where there are 100 chairs, the Gonet Gateway, or the rose garden walkway.” On rainy days, he understands that it is harder to find places to eat. “I’ve become more lenient about eating in the hallway during those circumstances. Many times I’ve had to loosen those restraints on where people can eat,” Billerman says. “Mr. Pruden is working on the first issue with regards to our new area in the Finley Center and how it’ll be utilized,” adds Billerman in regard to future expansion plans. Bill Pruden, Head of Upper School, says he is aware of the space issue in the Upper School and is try-

Seniors crowded under a locker during study hall: Chad Stanback, ‘12, Melissa Funsten, ‘12, Rachel Landers, ‘12, and John Hockman, ‘12 Photo by Caroline Margolis

ing to respond to the spatial demand. He is committed to finding a solution for hard working, diligent students who are looking for a quiet place to study. He also understands that there is not a “senior study hall” for underclassmen and that accommodations should also be made for those students. Some suggestions proposed

by Pruden were to move two or three classes up to the new space in the Finley Center to free up a classroom or two for a study area or a “lounge” with couches. One suggestion for a class relocation is Mandarin. However, finding other classes to relocate will be difficult. The absence of eating spots in

the high school is very obvious and faculty members are aware of the issue. Thankfully, adjustments will be made in future years to provide more places for students to eat lunch or hang out with their friends. For the time being, people will have to continue snatching tables at Rhonda’s or praying for a warm, sunny day.


Thank you so much to everyone in the journalism class. You all have been amazing this year, and I appreciate all of your hard work.

Without you, The Nevamore wouldn’t be the newspaper that students love. Thank you, Angelika Barth, for the beautiful January and May covers! Also, I appreciate all of the editing you have helped with over the past year! Caroline Scales and Katherine Finney, you have been the best editors I could have asked for. We’ve spent hours and hours together in the Cave trying to produce a great paper, while having a great time. I had so much fun listening to 80’s rap and 90’s boy bands, while editing sports pages and trying to write editorials. We have accounted for half of the views on the Sponge Lady video, and for that, I consider our time well spent. My best memories from senior year have come from those editing sessions. No matter where life takes you, don’t forget your Ouija board! Last but not least, I want to thank Mrs. Velk. We couldn’t have gotten a single paper out without you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work as editor of The Nevarmore. It has been an amazing experience. I have eggs-cellent memories from journalism class, beginning in sophomore year, and not ending until the day I graduate. XOXO, Sarah



To p


T hing s t o D o at R av e n s c ro ft . . . B e fo re Yo u G ra du ate

The class of 2012 is approaching graduation, but the classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015 have years ahead. It may be too late for the seniors, but for the rest of the Upper School, we comprised a bucket list for your next years at Ravenscroft.


Take Journalism

Students at Ravenscroft are only required to take 4.5 years of English. But many find that after taking Journalism, they have learned a different type of writing than they were taught in their English classes. We are not just trying to plug the class because we are the editors. We learned how to combine visual and writing components, as well as the learned new programs like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.




Morning Meeting Announcement MAKE ONE!

If you’re a shy person, getting up on stage in front of 450 people is the last thing on your agenda. But, making an announcement during Morning Meeting, believe it or not, can help you get over the timidness, just speak loudly and clearly.

3 T 4

Use a SmartBoard


Play Jesus Ball

Jesus Ball is the Ravenscroft Upper School FCA’s form of dodgeball. It’s an experience that you must have at least once, even if the only thing you gain is use of the name itself.


Get Yelled At By


Converse With

Coach Gonet

While it may not sound fun to be yelled at by a Ravenscroft football coach, stories about being yelled at by Coach Gonet are often the most memorable, and everybody’s got one.

Coach Piette

Athletic Director Coach Michelle Piette has more stories than you can count on the hands of the senior class about Ravenscroft. From the hilarious to the outrageous, she has seen any sports injury you can imagine, and it would be fully worth your time to talk to her about any sports event that has happened in the past few decades at Ravenscroft.


Talk To

Ms.Rhonda About Her Dogs

Everybody knows Ms. Rhonda. But have you ever stopped to chat while going for a snack? If you have, you probably have heard about her many canine companions. She takes great pride in those dogs, even showing them at dog shows. It’s a heartwarming conversation that will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.


Buy A

Cookie/Muffin From Rhonda’s

The legendary cookies and muffins from Rhonda’s are a great breakfast, snack, or lunch. But, get there early, because by the end of the day these tasty treats are long gone.

It’s pretty much one of the coolest pieces of technology in the Upper School, so why not?

ake stagecraft

Although most people only take the class to get their Fine Arts graduation requirement and it was formerly regarded as a “bummy” class, stagecraft is a great way to get to know Mr. V, one of the funniest teachers at Ravenscroft. Painting and building a set can become therapeutic and stress-relieving amidst a hectic day.


Senior dress-up day: GO ALL-OUT!

Only applies to girls: Whether it’s princess day or cowgirl day, dressing up makes you feel a little ridiculous. And that’s okay. In fact, that’s the fun of it.


Editorial Content:

This paper serves as a communication link within Ravenscroft School and between the school and the local community. The Nevarmore staff strives to produce a professional-quality publication that follows the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists. Our overall objective is to print the news for and about our students and other members of our school and community in a fair and objective way with the utmost regard for integrity.

Wire Service

The Nevarmore subscribes to MCT Campus, which provides photographs, national news & entertainment services to high school newspapers.

Faculty Advisor: Helen Velk

Cartoon by Kate Sweeney


Sarah Collins

Associate Editors Katherine Finney & Caroline Scales

The unsigned editorials in this issue are a reflection of the combined opinions of the editorial team. Responses in the form of a letter are welcomed and will be considered for publication.

Nevarmore Online Editor Garrett Bird

Design Editor Angelika Barth

1) The students on The Nevarmore staff will print articles which have been researched to the best of their ability to obtain the most complete information. 2) The information will be presented in an objective, truthful and fair manner. 3) When personal commentary is given it will be in good taste on issues that have been researched, analyzed and where expert opinion has been sought, and then presented to the best ability of the writer. 4) No material which is obscene, libel or anything that will cause a “material and substantial disruption” of the school day, according to accepted legal definitions, will be printed.





You know you go to Ravenscroft when... catherine green STAFF WRITER

There are many stereotypes

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when the front gate costs 2 million or more.” - Ian Hicks, ‘12

when it comes to Ravenscroft and private schools. I wanted to hear exactly from the students about what they thought and gathered feedback to the simple statement, “ You know you go to Ravenscroft if/when…” The main stereotypes were about strict rules, being “rich” and having nice clothes and cars.

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when a C is considered failing.” – Helen Velk, Journalism Instructor

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when you wake up at 4 am to finish your homework.” - Isaac Copeland, ‘13

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when you worry about showing your shoulders.” - Caroline Margolis, ‘12

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when you can’t have a lock on your locker.” - Mike Fagan, ‘14

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when the Ravenscroft seal is engraved on the toilets.”

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when college is cheaper than high school.”

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when 36 of your classmates have been with you since first grade.”

- Laura Beacham, ‘12

– Eric Iseley, ‘12

– Cathleen Pruden, ‘12

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when there is no dancing at the dance.”

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when nobody steals your iPhone when you leave it at the soccer field (because everyone’s already got one).”

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when the guys and girls shorts length are about the same.”

- Austin Morin, ‘15

- Nina Barnett, ‘15

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when someone goes through your backpack containing your phone, iPod, and money, but takes a pack of gum.” - Melanie Moravec, ‘15

- Lloyd Mallison, ‘13

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when wearing beats means you’re ghetto.”

“You know you go to Ravenscroft when everything you own is monogrammed.”

- Daniella Solovay, ‘15

- Ally Bonavita, ‘15 All Photos by Catherine Green & LifeTouch





M ani a Mini-Me


AlexBowen & John hockman

Bryelle Muller and Amber Lancaster


elebs or

roft Characters

That is the Question

Kevin Billerman and Clint Eastwood

ice cube and Baraka mutisya

Caroline Mason and Luna Lovegood

Bill Chissoe

Winston Holloway and Carlton Banks

a n d David Schwimmer

Joe Jonas

Julie Cardillo and Paula Abdul

a n d Jamie Herakovich



y Trac d n a dra, Mun tumes. i v A cos een, e Gr lloweenith n i r e a m rs. S Cath eir H gal, se in thvided by M u o McD n po to Pro Nate Winsto Pho




cathleen pr

Everyday, we walked lips-n-hips

to specials and carpool. We were the first group to use the new loft built in Big Centers. Who could forget coming back from the “Special” on St. Patrick’s Day to find Ms. Ausbond holding a shaking bag that contained the leprechaun? The wall was covered in dirty brown footprints. We left to wash our hands for snack, and he had escaped! In the spring, before releasing them into the butterfly gardens, our butterflies sat on a piece of banana on our noses.




or the 36 lifer the upcoming end of the year ev may be filled with more e Having spent 180 days of each year for campus, we will say a sad goodb fields, theaters, teac While we celebrate the chance to next year we will no and will not have been acqu for two th So, on behalf of the Lifers, here our most defining experiences and which all seniors, lif

Top Po Ea


think I can, I think I can, I think I can...remember The Little Engine that Could? It marked everyone’s first big moment on the BIG stage in the BIG Jones Theater. Ms. Oheling spent weeks rehearsing our songs with us. We had regular homework and began weekly spelling tests.

The train cars full of toys and food line up at stage in “The Little Engine that Could.” Photo Provided by Cathleen Pruden





think that I will never see, a poem as lovely as a tree...” Every Friday we recited a poem. The entire grade level also went back in time with the major production of The Time Machine - the ultimate test of memorization. Everyone got even more nervous waiting backstage as we listened to Kyle recite his long speech. Major topics included dinosaurs in science, and the dreaded fractions in math. In Science Lab, we got to build a bridge. Or maybe we played while Mr. Gatt built a bridge?


Mrs. Fitzhugh’s class’ End of Year Pool Party Photo Provided by Cathleen Pruden





remember that we h After we had hunted in the r and sat o Afterwards we hit the egg p garage d We had a great tim

“I was charmed when

Mr. Fielder’s class displays their decorated pumpkins.


Photo Provided by Cathleen Pruden



Most of the girls can recall the drama associated with Four Square games

during recess, in which everyone disagreed over the rules. Our two day, once night stay at Camp Kanata was a chance to do and see new things with activities and visitors, including the cloggers from NC State, the man who made fire. We didn’t know him yet, but Dr. Wehrli came and rode his unicycle.

Caroline Lindquist, Brianna Bryan, Ann Barnett, Melissa Funsten, Madison Walters, Parker Preston, and Eliza Kramer enjoy breakfast in Williamsburg.



And Molly ha I felt like if I ever got a fla I could send word to Madis Laura would make and William w Fortunately, Trey and Avi co I asked them why Micha I remember one I wanted to put up any mo looked at me Mrs. Phelp, this So, I kept decoratin

Life got interesting as all of us had different teachers for

Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. We enjoyed more freedom of movement then ever before. With this freedom, came increased responsibility and increased homework though! In Science class, we built paper marble roller coasters. For many people, the most memorable event of Lower School was the three day, two night trip to Williamsburg. We were taped into our rooms at night so they could tell at a glance if we had even tried to escape. Though it rained for much of the trip, most people enjoyed the freedom.


Photo Provided by Cathleen Pruden

Car Kinderga

Mary C Third

We revelled the opportunity to spend a class on Ms. Phelps’ loft,

as each day she rotated through the class roster. For Moonlight Math we stayed up past our bedtimes to play games, do mazes, and all sorts of mathematical activities. At the end, we ate too much ice cream and got canvas bags which we decorated the next morning at school after sleeping in. In the spring, the highlight of the year was, for many, the Masonboro Island trip.

2000: “T 2001: “F 2002: “Comp 2003: “ 2004: “Yeah!” Usher 2005: “Since U B 2006: “Bad 2007: “Hey Ther 2008: “Viv 2009: “Bad R 2010: “ 2011: “Rollin 2012: ...




e had a new found freedom of walking to lunch by ourselves. There were no more two by two lines, but instead we got to walk in our own groups, at our own pace. Nobody can forget Ms. McKenzie and the dreaded CVN notebook, or LSU. Most boys remember having a few of their finger nails painted in an attempt to improve their reading speed and comprehension.

Caroline with her

Photo Pro

Caroline Browning

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Beardsley Best Experience: Williamsburg Trip Worst Experience Reading & Vocabulary C



rs of the Class of 2012, vents- Baccalaureate and Graduation emotion than for some students. r at least the last 12 years of our lives on this bye to these hallways, classrooms, chers, and fellow students. o move onto a new chapter of our lives, ot know many of our peers, uainted with nearly a third of them hirds of our lives. e is a chance to reminisce on some of d moments from our time at Ravenscroft, fers or newbies, can share.

op Song of ach Year

Try Again” Aaliyah Fallin” Alicia Keys plicated” Avril Lavigne “Hey Ya!” Outkast r featuring Lil Jon and Ludacris Been Gone” Kelly Clarkson d Day” Daniel Powter re Delilah” Plain White T’s va la Vida” Coldplay Romance” Lady Gaga “TiK toK” Ke$ha ng in the Deep” Adele .To Be Determined

rol Smith arten Teacher arden Teacher


8 10

n Reem made me math puzzles to solve! ad the cutest dimples and giggles. at tire and couldn’t make it to school on time, son or Tracy to just go ahead and teach for me. sure everyone passed in their work.... would provide the entertainment. ould be completely trusted to tell me the truth if ael and William were giggling. And finally, day feeling a bit tired and not sure ore decorations in the classroom. Alex Finley e and, with total sincerity, said, s is like our home away from home. ng that classroom! I loved this class.”

Photo Courtesy of Sharron Beineke

Eighth grade girls hanging out at the end-of-year party. Photo Provided by Cathleen Pruden



Eighth grade was spent dealing with even more drama.

We enjoyed science classes with Mr. Phillips, but were desperate to get to high school, where we could chew gum and wear flipflops. The mountain trip offered a glimpse of the adventure to come in 3 years.





As Freshmen, many of us were petrified to walk down Senior Hall

for 6th Period Honors Biology. We left on our trek long before the five minute bell rang at lunch and then tried to avoid tripping over the Seniors who had been bold enough to eat under their lockers. That was a time when pranks were rampant. In Mid-May, the Seniors ran around one day at lunch with water guns, and Saran wrapped some of our peers to light poles. Our grade was also changed with the addition of many new people.


his year, our advisories bonded a little more, and we were more comfortable in the high school, but our classes continued to challenge us. On the second day of school, we sat through a day of Honor Council presentations. In the Spring we got a chance to volunteer at Special Olympics.


Posing for “Western Day” during Spirit Week. Photo Provided by Ann Barnett

Sophomores hanging out on a snow day. Photo Provided by Caroline Lindquist.



APs, Prom, and Mountains - OH MY!

TR V er Gar nall an d rett strik Bird ea pose .

For many people, class schedules were more demanding with classes like APUSH, APES, and AP Chemistry. In May, the Junior Mountain Trip offered a chance for students to bond and celebrate having only one more year of high school.


Photos Proivded by Caroline Margolis

ovided by Caroline Browning

e g

Will Will Mueller Mueller


Favorite Teacher: Ms. Hancock Best Experience: Time Machine Worst Experience: Ms. McKenzie

e: Class


Juniors gather on top of a mountain.

r favorite teacher, Mr. Beardsley.




n our second year in middle school, we had the privilege of playing sports. There was nothing as exciting as representing Ravenscroft, in uniform. and there was, of course, the typical Middle School drama.

Ann Barnett builds a gingerbread house with her Upper School Buddy, Sallie King, ‘09.

had our Spring Egg Hunt on a rainy day. rain, we all gathered in our hostess’ kitchen on the floor and ate pizza. piñata in the garage. It was attached to the door opener framework. me in spite of the rainy weather!”

Catherine Phelps Grade Teacher






eniors at last! We started the year with concerns about not having a senior hall, annoyance with extreme dress code enforcement, and drama about the musical introduction to the first morning meeting. We have spent this year treated to countless amazing meals by our wonderful parents and even survived an earthquake in the middle of second period. The girls have dressed up, and we’re all counting down our quickly disappearing days.

A celebratory pose after winning the Powderpuff game. Photo Provided by Cathleen Pruden





Survey Says...

Ravens Share Their Favorite TV Shows

Discovery Channel



The survey below was completed by 51

Gold Rush [2] Other [13]

Man vs Wild [13]

Swamp People [6] Pawn Stars [14]

Comedy Central


Colbert Daily Show [14]

Other (10)

CSI Miami (22)

Breaking Bad (2)

Walking Dead (14)

Chapelle’s Show [2]

Other [12]

Tosh.0 [16]

Key and Peele [2]

Other [15]

people over two weeks. Some responses are recorded below. The tallies for the corresponding charts are, for Discovery Channel, the favorite show was Pawn Stars (14), for Sports, students replied that they preferred watching ESPN (21), for AMC, it was CSI Miami (22), for cartoons, it was Family Guy (16), for Comedy Central, it was Tosh.0 (18), for other networks like ABC, was Modern Family (22), for Reality TV, it was mixed.

ESPN [21]

Sportscenter [12]


Reality Shows Jersey Shore [3]

Other [17]

Celebrity Apperentice [6] Cops [8]

The Bachellorette

ABC/Other Pretty Other Little [18] Liars [7]


Family Guy [18]

South Park [9] Futurama Simpsons [1] [8]

The Middle [1]

Modern Family [22]

Other Favorite Shows:

Justified, Storage Wars, Workaholics, Dr.Who, Star Trek, Smallville, Top Gear, Criminal Minds, The Office, 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory

Senior Madison Jones Shares His Top 10 Funniest Stand-Up Comics “Killin them Softly” Dave Chappelle:

September 29, 2010

“You So Crazy” Martin Lawrence: April 27, 1994

“Straight from the Fox Hole” Jamie Foxx:

Funny faces and imitation tell how an angry African-American acts.

“Martin Lawrence’s ‘1st Amendment’” Michael Blackson:

“Seriously Funny”

His African accent is what makes this fun. He is always comparing America to Africa about how we are spoiled.

Kevin Hart: July 10, 2010

Richard Pryor Stand Up Comedy

Kevin Hart is funny because he tells stories the best and can imitate something that happened in his life very well, the audience will be able to feel like they were there.

August 17, 1983

“Kings of Comedy”

Kevin Hart:

Steve Harvey, DL Hughley, Cedric The Entertainer, Bernie Mac:

December 13, 2011

Kevin Hart stories are real and how he can imitate his family is really funny.

August 18, 2000

“I’m a Grown Little Man” Kevin Hart:

“Kevin Hart is a crazy man and a silly dude,” -Baraka Mutisya, ‘12.

Eddie Murphy: The voices he makes and the faces he can do make him one of the funniest comedians.

“Laugh At My Pain”

February 9, 2009


Richard Pryor is the one who influenced most of the other comedians, and they looked up to him when they were young.

All four of these comedies brought something different to the table and had the audience laughing nonstop for 2 nights in a row. After this great night they all not long after had there own TV show which many people watched because of the “Kings of Comedy” was so funny.





Ravenscroft’s Strange Obsessions

Emily swallow M


y Strange Addiction is series on television that shows the stories of individuals battling strange obsessions. I have already witnessed some strange addictions and obsessions of pupils at Ravenscroft

after being at Ravenscroft for only three months. The most obvious obsession is that of DJ Langley and Madison Jones. They both have a crazy obsession with shoes. Many study halls are spent looking at the latest shoes that have been released on the “Flight Club” website, and Langley says that he spends almost $1000

Sarah Fritsch, ‘12, is a huge Harry Potter fan Image photoshopped by Emily Swallow

every year on buying shoes. At almost $200 a pair, it is not a cheap obsession to have, especially when he owns over 15 pairs. Langley says that his favorite pair of shoes are “Air Jordan 9” because they are out of the movie Space Jam. He loves Jordan shoes the most because he says they are a beautiful shoe with history, and they don’t get old. They are useful for playing basketball in and also for day to day use. I have never seen two guys so obsessed with shoes, this may be because basketball is not such a popular sport in England so I do not see that type of shoes often. Another strange noteworthy obsession is Sarah Fritsch and her love for Harry Potter. Although Harry Potter was written by an English author, JK Rowling, and all the characters are played by English actors, it appears that many more people like the films here in America than they do in England. Fritsch has read each book at least three times and says that she has probably watched each movie a similar amount of times. She used to play games pretending she was Harry Potter when she was younger and also still wants to visit Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando. Her favorite character is Hermione Granger and her favorite spell is alohomora (used to open and unlock doors.) Fritsch even used

Cathleen Pruden, ‘12, erases her stress. Photo by Emily Swallow

the Harry Potter theme tune as her senior slide show music. There are many people in England who have not even read the books or seen any of the films despite the fact that they are on TV all the time. While Harry Potter is very popular in both England and America, here people obsess over it more as is evident by the number of people who participate in the notorious Harry Potter game, Quidditch. There is a team here at Ravenscroft, and on a recent visit to New York, I saw at least three games of Quidditch being played in Central Park over the period of two days. Cathleen Pruden also has a strange obsession with picking erasers. She began doing it at first when she was stressed or bored but it has now turned into a habit and she

does it constantly. Katherine Belk, Math Instructor, has two Ziploc containers of eraser shavings in her room from when Cathleen has picked her erasers during Pre-Calculus class. Many people like to have clean hands all the time but I have never met someone who has such a need to constantly be “sanitary” as Laura Beacham. She claims to have taken at least three different sanitizers on the Junior Mountain trip, making sure one was unscented so that she didn’t attract too many insects. Her sanitizer is offered around before every meal, and when Tracy Winston tried to touch her drink, Laura shouted “DON’T TOUCH IT! YOUR HANDS ARE UNSANITARY!” If you ever have unclean hands, Laura is the person to look out for!

Crash Course In Ravenscroft Driving Layla tanik & Drew GaGNON


Students share stories of close encounters

of the vehicular kind... Though there is a strict 15 mph speed limit here at Ravenscroft, it still has its fair share of driving mishaps and reckless drivers. Students shared their stories of times in the past where strange occurrences have happened behind the wheel.

Layla Tanik, ‘13, and Drew Gagnon, ‘13, are still standing after their close encounters with of the tree and golf ball kind. Photo by John Hockman

Layla Tanik, ‘13

Arash Kasebi, ‘13, and his accidental victim, the squirrel.

Arash Kasebi, ‘13 Kasebi accidentally ended the life of an innocent furry creature. “When I was driving down my neighborhood, I saw a squirrel in front of me. I tried to steer away from it. I avoided it but ran over another squirrel.”

Photo by Layla Tanik

Tracy Winston, ‘12 Winston shared her experience of dangerous times on the rough streets of downtown Raleigh. “One time about a month after I got my licence, I went the wrong way on a one-way street in downtown Raleigh. To this day I refuse to drive in downtown without someone who knows the streets.”

When Tanik was 14, she was casually driving home from tennis practice. “I didn’t know that the car wouldn’t straighten out itself,” says Tanik of the accident. Next thing she knew, she was driving towards her neighbors trash cans. After blazing through those, she attempted to hit the brakes. “I panicked trying to brake and accidentally slammed on the gas,” explained Tanik. She finally came to a stop as she hit a tree in the middle of her neighbors yard. This event traumatized Tanik for quite some time, but she assures us that her driving ability has come “leaps and bounds” since that reckless day.

Drew Gagnon, ‘13 The first week Gagnon had her license she was drove home from school each day, usually with a friend. As she was passing Wild Wood Golf Course something came shooting down from the sky and smashed her windshield. “It sounded like a gunshot,” said Gagnon. Her windshield had cracked, reaching to all the sides of her windshield. Gagnon was startled by the incident.





Ravens Soar Over Spring Break Alexus Baldwin & Baraka Mutisya STAFF WRITER


s soon as April hits, every student looks forward to Spring Break with many anticipating a trip that they had been planning for the whole year. Trips with friends and family are always memorable and will stay with you for the rest of your life. No matter what students decide to do over break, it is, they usually enjoy every moment of it. Often, for Spring Break, Ravens look forward to beaches, warm weather, flowers blooming, and bikinis. The places that people are attracted to the most is Islands and places where you couldn’t even imagining going in the cold weather.

Catherine Green, ‘12

of Lax, Caroline Margolis, ‘12, went to Key West, Florida, for the entire week. Margolis, along with other senior girls from Ravenscroft left on Monday, April 10th and returned on Sunday, April 15th. Marogolis enjoyed her journey to Key West because of the beaches, tans and time spent with friends. Margolis thinks the best break during the school year is Thanksgiving Break because she enjoys sharing turkey and time with her family. She has also been to Belize, Grand Cayman, and the Bahamas, with her favorite being Grand Cayman.



Lewis Stocks, ‘12, and Alex Bowen, ‘12


lex Bowen, ‘12, went all the way to Barbados for a six days. Bowen said that nothing is better than a good ole family vacation and the best part of Spring Break is not having to worry about school work and no stress. Bowen left the first Saturday of Spring Break and returned on Thursday, April 12th. Bowen has also been to Costa Rica, Bahamas, and Clearwater Beach in Florida for Spring Breaks in the past. His favorite out of all of them was Costa Rica because he thinks you can never go wrong with “the beaches and beauties.” But his favorite of our breaks is our December Holiday Break.

avenscroft seniors have been doing internships at the end of their senior year for about 30 years, according to Michelle Piette, Associate Athletic Director, who oversees the internship program. Piette believes that the program provides a good transition into college. “It’s a good way for students to get their feet wet in the real world. Internships can be used to figure out what your interests are. If you really enjoy your internship, then you know that is something you would be interested in as a future job. Some students have even graduated college and then come back and taken a job from the business that they interned with. If you do not enjoy your internship, that way you know what does not interest you and you can continue and pursue other professions,” explains Piette. Most internships are within the state of North Carolina but a few students go out of state each year. Occasionally, a student will go out of the country. Piette believes that going out of the state or country gives the student an opportunity to be even more independent and prepare themselves for the future. Seniors choose and setup their own internships. It is their job to contact the person they want to do an internship with, and set up the times and dates that they will be working.

A Few Examples of Internships Parker Preston

Athletic Communications Department at UNC-Chapel Hill

Bryelle Muller

Interior Designer’s Assistant



Senior Internships t n STAFF WRITER

Tiandra Peppers, ‘12 Caroline Margolis, ‘12

Photo by Taylor Newcomb


Catherine Green went all

the way to Switzerland for eight days with her dad, Brielle Morton, and Parker Preston. Green’s dad gave this trip to her as a graduation gift. She left the first Saturday of Spring Break and returned Friday, April 13th. “It’s just a vacation with friends,” said Green. She said that skiing and eating was all they had to worry about. But Switzerland isn’t the only place she has been. Green has also been to Paris, Rome, Spain, and London. Her favorite is Paris. But out of all the all the holiday breaks, her favorite each year is Spring Break.

Hopefully, senior Andrew Franz has not bitten off more than he can chew with his internship at a pizza parlor in Chicago.

Corey Garrity

iandra Peppers, ‘12, Andrea Gilliard, ‘14, and Alexus Baldwin, ‘14, went to Miami, Florida. Arriving there on Sunday, April 9th, they took no time getting to the beach and having fun. None of them wanted the fun to end, but, they their trip ended on Thursday, April 12th. Peppers has traveled to Miami, Las Vegas, Hawaii, and New York in the past and her favorite was Hawaii.

Orthopedic Office Assistance

Amanda Lampuri

Shadowing a nurse at a hospital

Caroline Mason

Stylist’s Assistant in New York City

Remaining Deadlines Avery Edwards, ‘14


very Edwards, ‘14, had a fun trip to New York, New York, with his family for five days to go sight seeing and to see a Broadway play. Edwards has traveled up and down the East Coast over breaks in the past, but Turks & Caicos Islands in the Carribean was his alltime favorite destination.

May 14-May 30 Senior Internships begin – report to your off-campus supervisor.

May 30

Complete and turn in the Final Report to your on-campus sponsor no later than 3:00 pm. Baccalaureate and Graduation rehearsal.

May 31

8:00 am. – Conference with on-campus sponsor to discuss internshipand Final Report 1:00 p.m. Attend Upper School Honors Convocation 6:00 p.m. Baccalaureate

Alex Bowen Bryant Dowd - a win in madden, conference night, lake trip, future beach trip, college visit, air soft guns, G.I. Joe Land, snow cream, BMS, only child greatness, peak of Big Sky, 17 year brotherhood Andrew Yochem - Tuesdays and Thursdays, lax bus rides, a better knee, better conditioning, stopping at stop signs, widows walk chats, hitchhiking across the bridge, globetrotters Rachel Wakeford - Clemson, Sarah Bailey’s car window, Southern Tide Visor Kubi Johnson - lefty Handshakes in the hall Patrick Mcintyre - Von Kekkel, amazing hair Taylor Letts - Costa Rica trip, ocean reef sunburn, better phone Natalie Holdstock - Camuti’s bathroom Savannah Story - collarbone buds, church ball rivalry, a shirt Matthew Quesenberry - Decent State athletics to watch, UT Anna Taylor - skull cloud, rear view mirror, Daquan Will Barefoot - Sara Bailey’s car window, lewis’ temper problem, rooftop wednesdays Layla Tanik - speaking lessons, better driving skills, anger management

Amanda Lampuri

Justin Fleury - trips to Costa Rica, Cary bus rides, a place to stay at ECU, my unconditional love, a dinner to Angus Barn with Park and Scotty, a new best friend, Canes games, the Storm Squad, my little brother, prom date 2013, all my random twitter shout outs, random cruises Coach McGill - my love and appreciation, a track team that’s one year older and one year more mature, my accomplishments, all of our talks, someone else to be in charge of the starting gun. Coach, thank you for always pushing me to do what I was scared of, on and off the track and for always being there for me. I can never thank you enough. Gregg Luna - another G for your name, Finding Nemo, un-pirated movies, charades, Carmen, chocolate milk, princess says yes who cares what the computer says, a proper 18th birthday party for me, good luck trying to find awesome students like me and Parker Mimi Lieberman - all the late assignments I owe, an apology on behalf of Camuti’s actions, class field trips, sorry for all those times you took my phone, I’ll do my best to do my part in saving the world, watching Finding Nemo once and for all, all the memories since 6th grade science! Thank you for always being patient with me and not giving up on our class when we were all off in another world. Coach Billerman - someone who won’t do the stats as well as me and Hannah, someone else to spend morning detentions with Julie Verdru - the will to never give up on what you want to accomplish and the patience to listen to your stubborn feet no matter what. we’re getting those 4x4 and 4x2 records this year Garrison Rountree - The track team, heart to hearts after practice, the 300 hurdles record, Coach McGill (take care of him for me, please.), summer track Kofie Yeboah - the track team, heart to hearts after practice, the 100 record, planks, a new keychain, summer track Rebecca Powell - the track team, the 300 hurdles record, we’re getting those 4x4 and 4x2 records this year, summer track Rachel Wakeford - someone to patiently wait with after football games, chats after track practice Taylor Ednie - the gas it took to come save me and Chad Layla Tanik - a way to beat up John Haslett once and for all Marcus Bryan - a real water bottle, pink earrings Anton Gill - that one point Louisville needed to tie the game with Syracuse...

Senior Wills

Byron Horton - some actual track shoes Tim Hutter - someone else to buy you Cook Out Thomas Sigmon - Hood to Coast memories, Sherries Bryant Dowd - Lake Gaston trips Wesley Frazier - the horrid whistle, my love, the track team, all the track records Colin Vernal - a date on the 4 wheelers Rebecca Miller - prom king and queen with Will

Andrew Franz

Matt Quesenberry - 16’s Big Time Savanah Story - Phycology class Marcus Bryan - Better Stories, socks, good influence

Angelika Barth

Axman - “Sandy” the jeep, rides, my CD collection, another cheerleader for your tennis matches, my love, Macey & Patches, and another editor for your English papers ;) Vanessa May - Sushi and under cover car rides Cheer Team - My love, Sawmill tradition, BIG hugs, and SPIRIT! Kubi, Andrew Yochem, & Sam Gale - Fratagonias and AP Biology laughs Devin Williamson - Chocolate covered pretzels Allison McAdams - Ragin’ Ravens Outfits! Taylor Letts - All things Lilly Pulitzer Lloyd & Beau - Hallway sing-a-longs Anastasia Hollis & Leslie Pratt David Guetta jams and an amazing yearbook! Danielle Given - Father~Daughter, Mother~Son Dance for Make-A-Wish (: Mary Grady - Choco tacos and a batch of brownies on your birthday Caroline and Alexandra Zuckerman, Kyla and Davy Babson, Elle and Mitchell Stumpo, Theresa Fredrick, Lauren Norris, Chris Antonello, Brandon Tung, Abigail Czito, and Katie Hahn - Chatts Those who I have not mentioned, I thank you all for your support in community service projects and impacting me the way you did. I love you all. Every one of you is talented and special in your own way, always remember that. Keep spreading kind words, smiles, and love xoxo

Ann Barnett

Nina Barnett - the Barnett legacy, a warm car, towels to keep you dry Allison McAdams - a carpool friend, someone as awkward as we are, creepy drivebys, a windowless car Taylor Fleck - Alice W. Kimball, the FH defense, creepy drivebys Savannah Story - an interesting fact not related to FH Taylor Ednie - back-pack-on-yourfront-Thursdays Juanita Perdomo - the underclassman bus the FH team - swag, a 5 minute task that you actually CANNOT do, the 2012 State Championship JT Fritsch - someone to stroke your neck, infinite Franklins to entertain you Meghan Jenkins - a photog. teacher, braided hair, Snoopy’s, the senior couch Cameron Castleberry - ugly opponents, up-top meetings Kenda Nixon - racist jokes, black power Libby Gibbons, Weezie Gibbons, JJ’s fetus - Soccer championship 2030 Sam Cohen, Jennifer Funsten, Lizzy Micyus, Nina Barnett - 3 more fabulous years of soccer The soccer team - pre-game competitions, the 2013 State Championship, a party for after St David’s Justin Fluery - felt shirts, a zipper that doesn’t fall down, backpack-on-yourfront-Thursdays, an autographed medal Kayla Reali - driving lessons, the underclassmen bus, a big smile Rachel Hianik - the underclassmen bus, the calm of the defense Jimbo Barnes, Bryant Dowd, Thomas Sigmon, English Bernhardt - the pride of the Ravenscroft WMPC

youth Jamie Herokovich - an injury-free year, <3 Alex Cooley - senioritis, someone to cheer for, decent drawing skills, <3

Bennett Dotson

Anton Gill - 3rd period study hall Jordan Bednar - Friends in your own grade, fans at the baseball games Tim Hutter - Daps before math class Issac Copeland - A new knee Will Barefoot and Kubi Johnson Sunday throwing sessions Marcus Bryan - Pursuit of becoming a SEAL Christian Zaytoun - The desire to better yourself everyday

Cameron Litcher

Shane Litcher - fashion sense, a car, the majority of the storage in the DVR, ASP Mariel Ziperski - the Golf team, khaki shorts not skirts, awkward hand touches, Doug, morning anouncements Liz Kloster - JV Boys Basketball, your actual phone number...not your brothers Caroline Hansen - the Golf team, being my soon to be sophomore, fruit snacks, a lucky “Paddle Faster” hat, Doug Crawford Sloan - a pair of NEW shoes and clean socks, slush buckets, a better foot Zoe Quirk-Royal - Moral Support Vanessa May - the ability for the names Darba and Norma to live on, candy grams Tom Barr - a coma, not a concussion Kelsey Hill - the Softball team, a season injury free, the STEALTH bat, Coach Hogg Rosie Waring - the Softball team, the STEALTH bat Grant Glenn - real bow ties, the ability to tie those bow ties Kyle Adams - absolutely nothing, From Shane John Landers - the ability to not suck at golf Mr. McGill - “HI MR. MCGILL!!”, Kid Cudi Mrs. Beineke - Quotes of the Day Mrs. Ann Carroll - The Corner, a student free planning period Mr. Brian Kelly - Good luck with Shane next year Coach P and Coach Sav - a thousand new student Athletic trainers to help you Class of 2013 - the strength to make it through next year

Carole Verdru Ahmad Ratliff - key lime lemon bars and someone to do handshakes with before and after every track practice Nathalie Holdstock - shampoo and conditioner Mary Grady Bell - 1000000 cookies on her birthday Shannon Strong - cut out shirts! Elisabeth Schricker - SLEEP ! and some nutella :) Emily Bedsole - the best of luck with hood to coast, you’re going to LOVE it Julie Verdru - Respect. Robert Vaughn & Damien Dozier 9196046086 Claire Fuscoe - Spaghetti sauce and ice cream Thomas Sigmon - Moves Like Jagger *shouldershrug* Rachel Wakeford - daily butt workouts and a new buddy to do them with Casey Harris - a new art buddy Lizzy Micyu - Taco Bell, birthday cake, and princess napkins Chase Duncan - actual running tights. Those black calf things are crap and don’t keep you warm Everyone one the cross country team - another state championship

Carolione Hirl Mary Grady Bell - gack, weekend swim workouts, recovery runs, happy notes, 64 ab workoutSpencer Knudsen - car rides to cross country, Project X, an ID Justin Fleury - a never ending source of sass, blue notes, Elliot Copeland to laugh at all your stupid jokes Vanessa May - Jay Hirl, someone to get lost with in Leesville, sibling vent

sessions, laps around the neighborhood Jay Hirl - Vanessa May, all my chores, peanut butter and chocolate cheerios Sean Mahoney - Lax pinny Fridays Emily Bedsole - the 800, the SAS hill Dani Given - Navy lax camp, a tiny frog, an awesome lax defense, an invitation to my grandparent’s house Mariel Ziperski - everything Shannon Strong - snipe hunting Rachel Ormand - School vent sessions, a stress free junior year, Starbucks Olivia Aschman - speed bumps, Coach Robinson, a new stalker, a neon sports bra Julie Verdru - S5S, S5M, Brazilian parties, Last House on the Left, tortellini soup, Joan of Arc Averi Gaines - someone to knock you over in lax (and pull you back up) Dillon Ragusa - a better conference cross country race JT Taylor - 3 meals, pictures of rain and waterfalls Lizzy Mycus - a freckle buddy Chase Duncan - a great country CD, some more camo (you’re running out), a new camo jacket (to replace the one I lost) Thomas Sigmon - hard punches (I don’t hit like a girl) Josh Moorman - a runner for you to run over with your truck Jimbo Barnes - a higher grade in Government (you could never beat me) Logan Greer - a Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit Mrs. Belk - sass, Fiddlesticks, a drama queen Mr. Laskowski - the president’s song, a harder Government final (challenge me next time?) Coach Payne - minibus #9, hard Monday track workouts Andrew Smith - a Notre Dame win over USC, Bush Push Cailin Dorsey - Toto Coach League - an awesome tie dye shirt, someone to sing Party in the USA very off-key all the way to Greensboro and back. Monsieur Teitelbaum - Bahhhhhh oui!, World Language Week Robert Lippit - lane 5 Mr. McGill - 7th period AP Lang, a new favorite high-maintenance student, tons of college essays Mrs. Welsh - the tribe Rachel Slosman - a British accent, Hard Rock Cafe drinks Maggie Collawn - the right to rarely show up to choir Emily Velk - a decent guy

Caroline Lindquist Kenda Nixion - My Preppy Pants. Dana’s cooking...and just Dana in general. Juanita Perdomo - A cuddle buddy on the bench. Control of the midfield. Cameron Castleberry - Someone to sit with on the bus. Meghan Jenkins - Being Awesome. The hidden toaster. Austin Laughery - Someone to be an audience for. JT Fritsch - A Squirrel. Calley Mangum - Michael Jordan moments...aight den KBelk (Mrs. Belk) - A new monthly lunch crowd. Mrs. Wessing - A new hiking boot. Elle Stumpo - Many more lovely awards to El Stumpo. Sam Cohen - The #2 jersey. Wear it proudly! Vanessa May - Wonderful answers to interview questions (when in doubt, living room!) Collin Vernal - First spot in line at the Pancake Breakfast every year. Mr. McGill - Someone for meeting of the minds. Someone to prophetize to. Evie Dole - An amazing senior season and senior year!

Caroline Margolis Taylor Letts - a trip to Boston Taylor Ednie - llamas, D1 scholarship, MapQuest, civilization (jokes, that’s impossible), setting national level onehanded trends Bryant Dowd - my laxitude, a prom date, random lake trips, one more year

Will Barefoot - someone to tell you look beautiful, all my love, problem sets Savannah Story - recovery runs, 7am preseason workouts, a FH state championship Rachel Hianik - “cheeseburgers,” running120’s, Jen Cook (enough said), fever white legacy Erin Kelly - lunch vent sessions and 3 more years… Ellie - “Ell----e” & the basketball team Olivia - left hand & pep talks Natalie Hianik - Infinite wall ball routines Kayla - confused faces Avery - homemade cookies, mind gym, “hardworking senior privileges” Beau - my US history seat Lloyd - an American accent

Caroline Mason

Audrey Hammerstein - someone else to stalk, oodles of Starbucks, your future husband, an emergency prom date, and One Direction Rosie Waring - Free pancakes, a European History bonfire, and a long bag in a crowded room Vanessa May - a wink ;) Jamie Mason - Chuck Bass, a million questions whenever you leave the house, sixteen pounds of food for you to digest in two minutes, another broken iPhone, my Harry Potter collection, and 90% of the DVR Noah Hubble - status as the only cool kid at Ravenscroft and a poncho Lila Welsh - a Renaissance Italian from the sea and my Justin Bieber stash Mariel Ziperski - another partner in creep William Black - someone else to beat you up after class and all that hidden fat Lee Massey - an amazing time at internship this summer Nathan Woodward - another beautiful locker to criticize and more fashion advice Danielle Given - Your ring back Luke Time - Someone else to bully and your heart shaped cookie Breau Scheier - Andy Samburg, Kristen Wiig, Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, and an acceptance speech promise Mrs. Velk - Fox Branch Court, a jogging buddy who runs like Phoebe Buffay, and more papers to edit! Emily Velk - a Preppy boy JT Taylor - Chandler Bing’s reputation to live up to, and a cup of really good butterbeer Kyle Adams - a ton of Kanki gift cards, a lifegaurd, and a thousand pound bag of magazaines to carry for me

Cathleen Pruden

Claire Fuscoe - Milkshakes, chocolate chip bagels, help picking game day dress, CrossFit blisters, info on everyone you swim, good luck Meaghan Youngbar - Milkshakes, chocolate chip bagels Elisabeth Shricker - idea: sleep. Justin Fleury - a new pad of blue notes—to put in your fanny pack Shannon Strong - a tug on your hair Jessie Lutz - the Swim-A-Thon Dad - a little more candy in your candy jar, a paper to sign, a check to write, a last minute advisory lunch order, a note on your whiteboard Mrs. Belk - Eraser pieces, a highlighted list of questions, crazy comments, winky faces, some new lunch buddies-just kidding - nobody could replace us Mrs. Welsh - caw-caw, the tribettes of your dreams Mrs. Thrash - an English paper that needs help, but instead results in a study hall long conversation about something else Coach Warren - another TISAC win

Connor Fry

Sr. Luna - my love Kubi Johnson - scissors Mrs. Belk - the Fry legacy

Connor Tung

Brandon Tung - shoes too big to fill, an empty room next door, a fantastic

Senior Wills

role-model, a positive influence, attic hiding spot, a slightly dysfunctional family Will Ormand - all my liquidated assets, my cook book, great times in stagecraft, camping memories Devon Williamson - my communication skills, a corner of my closet, creative writing talent Logan Greer - my hybrid Liz Kloster - a cushioned slide, a mango smoothie Jack Phillips - tennis balls, the future of Ravenscroft tennis Daniella Solovay - 3 more years of high school Chris Boericke - friendly hallway waves, a bowl Olivia Aschman - an attitude George Reddin - Rosetta Stone Mandarin level II Mr. Flinn - great works of literature, my loving personality, all my failed half-sheet quizzes, an appreciation for all the ways you’ve helped me out. Mr. Karny - my gratitude for the three years of motivation, leadership, and love your advisory offered, and my grudge for Honors Chemistry Jamal Carson - a book on proper etiquette

another mountain trip...this time with hammocks, trail mix Cross Country Team - another State Champ! Team camp memories, JT’s crazy track workout Mrs. Immediata - 5s for every student in AP Euro, a time machine Mrs. Welsh - 3/4 AP Bio Class, the spread of Welshisms/”Caw Caw” throughout the school Mr. League - an unlimited supply of chocolate Coach Payne - another great XC season and state championship!

Corinne May

English Bernhardt - Bus ride gossip, wittle baby puppies, gummy worms, an American Idol audition, my love Hampton Crumpler - English accent to match your name, scary movies, rides home, a love for country music Thomas Sigmon - Ski trips, ninja, L’chaim! Beau Scheier - Lead roles, drama, Milton’s, suiting up Lloyd Mallison - Dances, awesome belts, my love Chase Duncan - Shagging, my love, tavern rehearsals, camo hats Anastasia Hollis - Planet smoothie, bad moods, Logan Greer - Math class, girl advice, flow Zoe QR - Jersey Mikes, catch up seshes Wizard of Oz cast - Broken legs, my love, IHOP, Goodberry’s, Amir

Vanessa May - a never-ending supply of puppy chow, an available computer, Fuara, the quivering pinkie, chimichangas, Witt’s undying love Sarah Brown, KA Robinson, Vanessa May, Sarah Kazbekar - Luanne and her fudgy muffins, endless Sunday mornings Mary Grady Bell - a longer audition wait at All-State, the cure to shin splints, reasonable Advil doses Chris Antonello - common French phrases to be used on a daily basis Elizabeth Schricker and Kyla Babson - a great year of Key Club Elizabeth Schricker – a good night’s sleep, butter packets KA Robinson - a sturdier chin rest, Labor Day beach weekends, tubing crises Axel Barth - cheaper trips to Karma, HHI reunions, perpetual poke wars, clean socks Mariel Ziperski - Mitch and her posse’s shenanigans Claudia Meyer - a lonely math class Robert Lippit - one year closer to legal senior study hall access Shannon Strong - quieter “Elfland” photo shoots Lloyd Mallison - international flavor, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich Bryant Dowd - the female Warmth for Wake demographic Gabrielle Rhoades - buckles the cat, status of the only FRAP graduate at Ravenscroft Julie Verdru - Mosiah Griggle’s legacy, Zaz attacks, slacker high, spontaneous song outbursts All State Girls/Ms. Hitchcock - Durham tornadoes, hotel accommodations for next year’s clinic, the crazy girl Virginia Douglas - a rat’s nest, hiking bandannas, a great mountain trip Jay Hirl - nerd herds with my sister, The Hunger Games Sarah Howard Francis - more fall free- time

Courtney Youngbar

Sarah Pupa - another girl to take AP Latin with! All of our Latin class memories (like cramming for vocab), an awesome senior year Elisabeth Schricker - Harry Potter, a Time Turner (your schedule is crazy!), Tous Bous, another great XC season, an awesome senior year Kyla Babson - Latin memories, a great XC season and an awesome senior year Lee Massey - a PR in the mile/5k, a new running buddy, a great XC season, an awesome senior year Meghan Youngbar - a million bucks, weeping angels, P&P, LKG memories, Callan McAuliffe and/or Josh Hutcherson, Koda, an awesome senior year Mary Grady Bell - another mental running buddy Mr. Flinn’s Mountain Trip Group -

Dain Clare

Bryant Dowd - grizzly bear, the back line, Kubi’s scissors Robert Vaughn - pop W, sweat pants Savannah Story - Sean Mahoney Sean Mahoney - Savannah Story Señor Luna - gringos and cholos, my undying love, slam three times Grady Finch - rocks and the back line, you’re my horse Ms. Jones - femme fatales, Perry Dubow Mr. Brian Kelly - my undying love, the .5%

Eliza Kramer

Elizabeth Ann Diehl

Mr. McGill - a hug Nick Lefevre - my Spanish Pokémon cards, my Super Smash Bros Brawl disk, a blue Kirby Danielle Given - my Pikachu backpack Johnny Davis - my place in Mandarin class Gabrielle Rhoades - my doodles, Disney Rebecca Powell - the ability to manage stress, Spain Elisabeth Schricker - a little time to relax, a friend in me Arash Kasebi - the gaming tournament, my Kinect, Ben Ben Calley Mangum - long term buddy status Mariel Ziperski - my AP Art History book, Hogwarts Rosie Waring - a smoothie, women’s softball pants The Varsity Softball team and Audrey Hammerstein - pants, eye black stickers, the bus, air conditioned dugouts Caroline Scales - The Justice League Kubi Johnson - Ellie Benjamin Diehl - the front seat of the car Myles Brown - the passive voice, a sheet cake Dr. Avery - old cheese vampire, my dragon drawing, Skyrim Abbey Lockhart, Jessica Kittelberger, and Juliet Borchardt Freedom from Kishlansky

Emily High

Charlie High - Henz and Cleo Bandito, short showers, n. areelo complex, Bumble, feeding Henry, car jamz, Madeline... Rashaad Ratliff - an amazing senior year, shoulder pats, corner eye looks, Ahmad’s sass, my other boyfriend baby Josh, Alyse, sneaker shenanigans, locker sharing, the 4runner, Charlie, my <3 Taylor Fleck - Rudy!!!!!!!!!!!! Meghan Jenkins - awkward hallway chats, mentions on Twitter, prama

Kenda Nixon - Pretty Little Liars, “Shut up, Kenda,” enthusiastic hallway greetings, depressed hallway greetings Parker Mikesh - a locker buddy, another favorite senior girl, random daps in the hallway, another couple to make fun of :( Beau Scheier - Skype chats with PDubbs and Rach, sarcastic remarks, TED talk, Kony, hipster glasses Mrs. Lieberman - Powerpoints, yummy advisory lunches, enforcement of dress code, love from your advisees! Mrs. Velk – J-camp, new fashionistas, Carolina Hurricanes, Flip cameras, another loud/crazy 3rd period Varsity Soccer Girls - JJ’s little girl, Libby and Weezie, jamming seshes on the bus, pregame competition, team lunch, the sacred quote book, a killer warm up cd, kicking butt Allison McAdams - reckless tweets, soccer chats, Coach Ed, the storm, and lots of things to laugh at, Titanic 3D!!!!!!

Eric Norford Guys’ Cross Country Team - saving the serious [stuff] for later, my bowling talents, man-to-man World Quest - one more point and luck in D.C. Rashaad Ratliff - a room

Garrett Bird

Jordan Bednar - New Friends, a redshirt fifth year, an open cot in my dorm room, keeping the Chats legacy alive, Brick, face of Nevarmore Online, activities, a wink for Marla Patty McIntyre - couples yoga, aggressive short pulling, Patsworth, arm bruises Carter Voelkl - someone else to slap your knees and talk trash, more intelligence than your brother Robert Vaughan - a whole liter of hummus, a years’ worth of B-Roll Anastatia Hollis - a dress code violation checker Matt Quesenberry - your iPhone, my lax equipment, anticipation for free gear, my undying love, Kareem Abdul JaBird Marcus Bryan - A lifting buddy, a new tree house, macking skills, my bowtie collection Claire Fuscoe - a Claire-Bear Teddy Bear, Quinn’s everlasting love Will Barefoot - My throne, an over .500 football season, king of the D-Piece, hallway dirty talk, my badminton racket JT Fritsch - Franklin, phone pranks, a 17pt. curve, Mr. Pruden Jamie Herakovich - your own apprentice, a modeling contract James Turner - Ragin Ravens (ft. Barefoot) Helen Velk - another son, Jcampers, Penny, my heart Kubi Johnson - over the shoulder tackling, your aardvark Alex Cooley - first base, rebelliousness, senioritis, a scholarship to Harvard Allison McAdams - kindness, a laughing box, wallyball skills Avery Edwards - even more swag, a kicked puppy, a practice squad you don’t hate, new socks, your dad’s job Bryant Dowd - dirt diggler, the North Conner Irey - FONZZZZ, one coupon to a running performance enhancement class Grady Finch - a wig, spongebob Chase Johnson - RIPPin’ the duck, a bear hug, a liver Josh Moorman - tooshie touches, your man phobia Thomas Matthews - three new sweatshirts, a sweat sauna, a pound of grundle cheddar Justin Fleury - a McFleury, pokes and giggles, a cutout face, mini hockey dangles Rashaad Ratliff - an iron, fully sleeved t shirts, long sleeved weight room shirt Taylor Fleck - a new escort to class Taylor Letts - a free pass to the lake, Tiny T Audrey Hammerstein - squeak squeak Jimbo Barnes - a mullet, J Burr-Burr Victor Marshall - the starting quarterback job

English Bernhardt - two new backup singers in Run GOD Eva Simmons - a new stretching routine Rachel Wakeford - insulting nicknames Natalie Holdstock - you CAN do it, Dienda, CD’s Tom Barr - a barrtender, a room Isaac Copeland - the cobra dance, late night Linville runs Anton Gill - my basketball skills, lefty post moves, a suitjacket Elliot Copeland - Manj, Daniel, Brennan Clay Stroud - my spot on the bball team

Grace Fuscoe

ZT - a kitchen MJ - some work to do, perfect flighted balls, defensive bonding, a great season, chats, and sharp claws Allison - someone to confide in and randomly ride with, COTA Claire Fuscoe - permission to torment Mr. Karny, anything you can find in my room or closet, 2 good school seasons, some Band-Aids for your hands, some sleep, someone to make you chocolate chip cookies, an airplane to come visit me anytime you want Tim Hutter - a prom date, a way to tolerate Claire and convince her to let you come with her to visit me XC team - some 800s, popsicles, the landfill, quality time on easy runs, SAS, another championship Mary Grady Bell - some sleep, some stress reducers, smoothies, walks, a good season, a running partner, and a way to come visit me Thomas - unlimited friend tests, someone to hug, all my love, some ADD medicine, a lighter Kayla Reali - some new friends ;) Collin - all my love, that last 1% Scott - another year in art foundations Will - a new hero Elisabeth Schricker - a million mile repeats, a running partner to push you, luck and a championship Hood to Coast 2012 - amazing memories, healthy legs, sharis Max - your manhood (kidding), the best XC season yet, walks, an older sister, my love Cam - a dance party with MJ before games Chase - FCA, my love, healthy shins Soccer - pregame, some teams to wreck, a championship Lizzie - someone to be as peppy and happy as you, someone for you to always call hun Taylor Fleck - the volcanoes... Kenda - an outfit that matches, someone to tell you to shut up, game day dress, my hatred Rachel (W) - someone as nice as you to bond with at Planet Smoothie Taylor (E) - some very political people for you to talk to... that can act normal too Cooley - a senior year full of easy classes, lots of TV and naps, senioritis, and watching all of your hard work pay off

Hunter Nance

Anastatia Hollis - the opening cover of my APCS Textbook (Thank Kinesh) Arash Kasebi - an explanation of “what I mean.” Averi Gaines - Kony Becca Israel - Psych Season 1 and Red Face in the window Brandon Schneider - a big ship Gnut/Brandon Tung - a BB Gun Beau Scheier - just vone vindow Chase Duncan - a cup of tea Clay Stroud - a high five Colson Dorafshar - a microphone Claudia Meyer - an A+ on every test you ever take Garrett Anderson - a dragon-kite (THROWBACK) Hampton Crumpler - the May, I shay Joelle Zapotosky - three spoons Marcelo Ocampo - an awkward arm touch Michael Hall - a neuse Myles Brown - a C-Studios Mix Tape Nick LeFevre - all my Pokemons Sam Gale - my American accent Simone Sellette - my chapel attire William Black - a copy of Gears of War 3

Jack Iseley - a razor for your brother’s beard

John Hockman

Turner Makepeace - visine Layla Tanik - stalking the hallways, awkward eye contact, albinos James Turner - good old Larry

Josh Silver Will Jones - the tennis team and all its swag Jack Phillips - two doubles and a second serve Max Haensel - Ravens in the Hood, puking, and what’s left of the cross country team Keaton Glenn - team camp and “it can always fit” Cross country team - CAXC SWAG and Mondays Mrs. Welsh - PDA patrol and clapping talents Mr. Erikson - the arithmetic skills I wish I had Mr. Kielty - fancy pants and sarcasm The Junior Class - Senior Hall...NOT Nicole Knape - the band’s respect SGA - the spirit stick Sr. Luna - a t-shirt Dr. Avery - fish sauce and a question box Ms. Cohen - a 3 average on APs Savannah Story - West Wing Bryant Dowd - Noisy chips Dillon Ragusa - NASCAR, 4848, and Bryant Mr. Laskowski - Duct tape and midnight email rants John Landers - Necks that actually count Mr. Karny - a clean lab station and equilibrium problems Mr. Kelly - the Unabomber cabin and a block of amber The tennis team - SWAKK!

Katherine Finney

Mollie Ducoste - Chipotle, naps aplenty in the class of your choosing, tissues to wipe your tears in FRAP Aysia D. Demby - the pool, a stuffed bear for your head, ABC Family, Electric Chapel Caroline Scales - a Ouija board, someone else to cut off all feeling in your arm during The Woman in Black, Ricky Martin, the library in Tennessee that could have been, the ability to take the editor’s picture in under an hour, Baby Got Back, Google Sketchup, Matt Bomer Mr. McMuffin - the perfect puzzle, an endless supply of witty and humorous nicknames, hurdling metaphors Mrs. Velk - puns, Paul the Romanian Cat, half subscribers, OHMYGOSH, editors who don’t wait until the day the paper is going out to write an editorial, sing-alongs, a way to avoid security, lots of free time every Thursday at lunch, Freshman to serenade you, Eminem

Kyle Kittleberger Dr. Avery - Bruce Bruce, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rambo, my movies, scientific names, another fun AP Latin class Mrs. Cohen - Santorum sweater-vest, parking skills, Firehouse, chocolatecovered cocoa beans, the Avengers Alex Cooley - a day birding with Kyle, my math skills, Dartmouth, terracycling, letter of recommendation, me Virginia Douglas - ECO Mr. Erikson - Recycling bin, my math skills Sam Gale - Page 740 Georgia Georgedakis - Shorts that fit, gum Logan Greer - Unknown phone calls Mrs. Immediata - Kishlansky, finished timeline, another World Quest win, fun D.C. trip Jacob Johnson, Andrew Yochem, Sam Gale - the environment, smarts, I LOVE RECYCLING bumper stickers Mr. Karny - a Walker, the Island of Stability, heavy metal, an advisory Arash Kasebi - “Let’s Go!” Mr. B. Kelly - Justified, a bowtie, jokes, good health for your wife, trophy for all your ululating

Mr. C. Kelly - Another record-holding bridge Jessica Kittelberger - great Junior Year, H. Precalc BC, an airstrike, the Hopper, good music, Terminator attack, Armored Saint, Fire Marshall Bill, Daryl Mr. Laskowski - Owl Jolson, Cubar, countdown clock for your next haircut Mrs. Lieberman - ECO, a crazy environmentalist, terracycling, birds, moths, no climate change, protected environment, our APES class Mr. McGill - an unbiased class, my jokes, Black Sabbath, class outside, a hurdle, renewal of the teacher of the year award (with larger font) Mrs. McGowan - moth pictures Ms. Moore - Rime of the Ancient Mariner Mr. Murphy - Goldilocks planet, the Universe, a black hole Coach Payne - good health, a state championship for the boys Dr. Perry - birds Mr. Pruden - time for scheduling things Elizabeth Schricker Sleep, Dartmouth, The Dark Knight Rises David Stump - Track, someone to run into Mrs. Welsh - “live” fish, your brother, a water gun, Bananas Town Devon Williamson - Someone to stare at, Senior year, retake tests

Laura Beacham Julie Verdru - a punching bag, physics convos Margaret Edwards - high jump Will Barefoot - Elmo noises, AP Bio laughs Bryant Dowd - Bio snacks, Warmth for wake, NASCAR Scott Sugar - debates Lloyd Mallison - my American accent Dillon Ragusa - NASCAR Rosie Waring and Max Sminkey - SGA Rachel Wakefield - my name Wesley Frazier - track convos Mrs. Welsh - CAW-CAW!!!!!!, a hall monitor Max Haensel - BJ Raji dance

Lauren Grady

Vanessa May - Surprise Jeep trip, being the 4th May sister Sarah Kasbekar, Vanessa May, Sara Brown, KA Robinson - Sundays with Luanne Brandon Tung - Cake with brown icing > cake with black icing; all my love Will Ormand - a gate sensor Becca Miller - talks about our favorite person Axel Barth - three more years of high school, all my books and binders so you can be a scholar Mariel Ziperski - Ellen’s Dance Challenge Kyla Babson and Elisabeth Schricker - Key Club Claudia Meyer - another incredibly awkward All State weekend

Lewis Stocks

Will Barefoot - family trips, bro chats, beach, being the realest person ever, Ragin’ Ravens leader, the chair for Focus morning bible study Jimbo Barnes - “Visual”, ASP trip, JV Basketball, Spanish IV class, Ragin’ Ravens Samantha Cohen - ;) Rachel Wakeford - World History and JV US history classes, trips, deep chats, Adele, recording sessions, Charles and his wolfpack, marathons, jokes on jokes English Berndhart - “my girl”, Adele, recording sessions, also deep chats Kubi - football chats, sweetest name ever, bro Andrew Yochem - too many memories, more to come, 4th of July, navy, homecoming, own the table Savannah Story - Colby’s 18th bday, PBailey and Haley hangouts, seeing each other way too much in the hallways Natalie Holdstock - ……… Clay Stroud - Ragin’ Ravens James Turner - Ragin’ Ravens leader, mom’s house, duder, your stupid sayings that I never understood

Senior Wills

Lee Massey - APES, JV US history, too many laughs John Bailey - Ragin’ Ravens, always asking me for rides home Avery Edwards - football, legacy, girl talks Rashaad Ratliff - Weightroom Cameron Castleberry - my abundant soccer skills Taylor Letts - girl advice, World History class, great chats Anna Taylor - Ragin’ Ravens and cheerleading cheers

Lexy Bader Mary Grady Bell - Glass fragments, disintegration while running, Bible verses, a thousand hours of sleep to make up for all of the sleep deprivation you’ll experience next year Emily Bedsole - Runs with Trace on a banana plantation, Stutter, Pizza, Peanut, and the rest of the gang, hug wars Schrick - the Krispy Kreme Challenge, a semi-normal eating/sleeping schedule, the unfortunate issues that arise during a race that force a person to dump water all over him/herself immediately after crossing the finish line Max - the joy of running track (said in the most sarcastic voice possible) Claire Fuscoe - the ability to send out toxic fumes while remaining seated for five to six minutes in a certain part of a certain hotel room, all of the hug wars that I was on the verge of winning, some half-decent biceps Chase Duncan - all of the FCA events I meant to attend Kyla Babson- AP Karnistry Dani Given - An order that you run cross-country Natalie Hianik - A hug every morning. But as for your sister... Wesley - the Olympics, blue legs, young hummingbirds Cooley - An annoyed glare for acing all of the hot sheet quizzes Lizzy - A history class Hannah - fondly reminiscing on the horror of cross-country workouts during lacrosse practices Savannah - an amazing five-mile run, the fortitude to take AP Lit, a few acoustic shells to drag across the stage, crow feathers, a hacksaw (because of course that’s the most efficient way to chop PVC pipe), a device that organizes Mr. V’s train of thought into a coherent to-do list, no pregnancy Vanessa May - smooching off Corinne, the extra “h” on the end of the word “aww,” on-target imitations Julie - outrageously long text messages and, more importantly, Anderson Cooper Gabrielle - FRAP in its glory (chickens with teeth, umbilical cords, etc.) Abby - a new lab partner whom you’re destined to work with on every lab for the rest of the year Olivia Aschman - a sense of direction Preston - The Josh Turner song that you still need to perform for the Velk advisory as punishment for entering our alcove. Amanda F. - sarcastic comments before, during, and after practice, the goalie/terminator Casey Harris - A jacket Erin Kelly - an infinite supply of Tylenol PM and 8948394830948 excuses to say “that’s awkward” (not that you need them) Kayla Reali - some driving ability, THE CROWS SAVANNAH, KATHERINE, AND I MADE Rachel Hianik - See part two of Kayla’s section. Read it and weep. Emily Ratliff - See above. Shannon - some pessimistic commentary on life at the beginning of each day Caroline Zuckerman - some good luck to offset your exorbitantly high amount of natural bad luck Cailin - A heightened understanding of senior wills Emerson - Some other clueless senior to whom you can explain the entire sport of lacrosse (thanks again:)) Tate - the valuable life lessons learned in stagecraft, the soundtrack for “Along Came Man”

Averi - Countdowns! Virginia and Jessie - Math tutorial Mrs. Carroll - Another student at whom you can fling sarcastic comments and from whom you can violently snatch unfinished quizzes Monsieur - a couple of male students to balance out the excessively high levels of estrogen in your classes Mr. Erikson - a quiet, diligent, punctual calculus class Mr. McGill - ... The lax team - A small manual that I’m in the process of writing entitled, “That Line (and the many other musings of the woman in stripes who keeps telling me to back up four unspecified units of measure)” The cross-country team - A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Mathias Marchington

Kate Sweeney - a pack of gum, tickles, awkward stares, and a hedgehog Mollie Ducoste, Shiva Bor, Shelby Major, Elliot Copeland - lots of French work Kofie Yeboah - a fast rapper who has time to record Mariel Ziperski - a golden snitch Michael Hall - a bunch of pills Rachel Slosman - Aidan Aidan Nesvisky - Rachel Rachel Ormand - Instagram fame and a white unitard Arash Kasebi - more chest hair Joelle Zapotosky - a superior ITS score and a big brother Anastatia Hollis - a really, really uncomfortable flying harness Rachel Wakeford - IHOP William Jones - hair flow Caroline Zuckerman - the ability to play badminton Layla Tanik - awkward hello’s in the hallway Zoe Quirk-Royal - Mr. Sharp Nick LeFevre - hair gel Nina Barnett - a nametag for Neena Colson Dorafshar - crappy ghost make-up and wombo Julia Laird - M. Teitelbaum’s rage Humza Rizvi - Model UN’s international trip Alex Nesvisky - a minigun and a Russian accent Chase Duncan - My heart and soul. <3 English Bernhardt - a lion Brandon Schneider - a record label and late night game sesh’s Lloyd Mallison - Normal leg hair. And Beau Scheier. Beau Scheier - The blackbox. And Lloyd Mallison. Hampton Crumpler - flesh, 28 Weeks Later, Tucker and Dale, Minecraft squat, and Dizzy’s battle-cry Chris Bonavita - Temple Run and Emily Steven McGill - a thank you

Matt Cowell Will Ormand - a chill senior year Turner Makepeace - a cat poster and a mellow senior year Simone Sellette - wood loft chats, and some good music Colson Dorafshar - President of the legendary Music Performance Club Rachy Wakeford - a new bro George Reddin - some daps Lee Bird - someone to chat with at the YMCA Anastatia Hollis - a new journalism buddy Andrew Yochem - good vibes Robert Vaughan - a new OTB pal Tim Hutter - my swag Josh McCoy - Wu-Tang dunks Leslie Pratt - not a stressful senior year Brandon Schneider - Vice President of the amazing Music Performance Club Logan Greer - the flow goggles Humza - Dat polo, doe. President of PGOD JT Taylor - nothing… haha

Matt Richards

Will Ormand - a replacement frothgar and a bangin’ senior year Colson Dorafshar - Music Performance Club Presidency Brandon Schneider - a rockin setlist for next year Beau Scheier - a solo lol John Montague - cabin fever

Brandon Tung - a new hiding spot lol Scott Sugar - an acceptance to UNC Leslie Pratt - a visit to the app house Anastatia Hollis - a place in drama class Byron Horton - wu tang clan Mr. Flinn - my future album Dr. Nunalee - an award winning trebuchet

Matt Wyckoff Will Jones - an undefeated season, pregamers, and the tennis team Jack Phillips - Shane, Debbie, and a better doubles partner The tennis team - swa and the sleeves McLean Voelkel - a solo award Byron Horton - the tales of Aldea Chase Johnson - s and e Mr. Erikson - my enthusiasm for math Mrs. Cohen - monkey in the middle, West Wing, and Barry D-Nunz - another 2 ball and Catchphrase connoisseur Gary Cohen - a ping pong rematch Señor Luna - charades, gringos, cholos,, and a rafa grand slam

Max Dearinger Alex Cooley - Woman problems, Evan Perrera, Mr. Erikson, a better swing, lobsters and bears, SAT tutoring, my new white Sperrys John Landers - The shanks, cocked wrists Zachary Chapman - The girls in your grade, pure cuteness JT Fritsch - Planet Earth, an amazing horse, my shirt, JA, YouTube greatness, Terraria, the Galaga high score, scratchy scratch, a heartily furry behind, AYahhh, the taste of the biscuit, notoriously long showers, chocolate milk, my final rose, your first birdie, acting tips for JA, Lamp Juanita Perdomo - Flubber Clay Stroud - How to help up a fancily dressed female, the belly putter, the broken bumper of a golf cart, the golf team, a freak gymnastics accident James Turner - A new car, a tolerable laugh, the golf team, the Celebration Station Thomas Sigmon - Colder weather, yes prease, sentimentality, any girl but Alexis, the golf team, some serious TLC, sank you prease Shaun Mahoney - Intelligent questions Mary Grady - Alex Cooley, scrumptious cookies ;) Rosie Waring - Hi Rosie, a loving and caring older brother, my love Meghan Jenkins - The chemistry, darkroom fright Abby Quirk-Royal - Hi Abby, Montessori memories Rachel Wakeford - RACHEL!!

Michael McNamara Arash Kasebi - 1st chair Byron Horton - the American dream Jamie Herakovich and Tristan Hammersla - tuba lessons Ryan Carr - memes Brandon Tung - a rear view mirror JT Fritsch - ;) Daniel Schwabacher - a new shirt Kofie Yeboah - a school record Josh McCoy - hops Andre Wiehe - 5’0” Chris Boericke - slush bucket And a new physics buddy Victor Marshall and Parker Lindemuth - gaming tournament trophy George Reddin - “isn’t she pretty good looking???” Patrick McIntyre - WCBA championship Señor Luna - a new boggle machine Mr Kelly - bucky balls

Mike Hutter

Tim Hutter - Condolences for not being able to live up to my legacy Mitchell Stumpo - #28 Varsity Baseball jersey Max Haensel - chocolate milk in the back of cars; a new roommate in Oregon Anton Gill - dunking lessons; a new pre-game stretching routine Marcus Bryan - dunks; my spitting skills Isaac Copeland - better knees JT Fritsch - my everlasting love

Will Barefoot - dude c’mon Clay Stroud - a tourney win for Davidson Patrick McIntyre - a dunk at Chatts Jordan Bednar - coordination/ athleticism; baseball captain Claire Fuscoe - someone else to eat all your food Savannah Story - Parker’s number; lotion for bug bites

Mitchell Cook

Will Jones - punctuality, waves Varsity Tennis - Unprecedented levels of swag Dave Pupa - The name Dave Jimmy Tabet - Leadership of the section, keeping Dave in line, not finishing too soon Ms. Cohen - Jenny ball, a 1 on macro Chase Johnson - Smarties, beans, cracking, naked Chase Duncan - an embrace Varsity Tennis - Unprecedented levels of swag Julie Verdru - my real name, rides home from practice Will Ormand - the crispest of daps John Taylor - Mink, top hats and ENGLAND! Mariel Ziperski - a ride up to the lot Zach Shearin - an interesting Disney trip Devon Williamson - Simone Sellette Simone Sellette - Devon Williamson Spencer Knudson - Cheer Wine floats, drag race, urban dictionary Goose - a sense of newfound pride, a pair of shoes, boxing gloves, blueberry ice cream Shannon Strong - Shamu Brandon Tung - Gnut, a car window

Molly Hull Drea Gilliard - a butt Taisha Murphy - you can have MY sweatpants English Bernhardt - the key to the garden Rachel Wakeford - mounds and hills Rachel Ormand - pillow fights Vanessa May - AP WORLD Becca Isreal - Gina and Lotion Humza Rizva and Robert Lippitt my favorite person...

Morgan Stafford

Taisha Murphy - jump rope Erin Kelly - 14 Girl Scout Cookies, jams, bathmat, car chats, Ginger Pillow, drowning, 8:07, 400 alarms, NyQuil, Smile, That Gibbons Guy, snacks to stock your locker, bragging rights for being right, ordering food, a key to your house, Curly Hair with Hunter,… Are you laughing? Elle Stumpo - ridiculous amounts of food, awful basketball bruises, pickles, hotel rooms, Sake House, captain and announcement responsibilities, and one more year Liz Gulden - cookie cake, facts of the day, the perfect schedule Virginia Douglas - math tutorial and your name on the study hall board Cailin and Virginia - doing homework in study hall Anderson Ivey - cooking experience, needles, 3 more years Sarah Kasbekar - a car Kenda Revis-Nixon - food Lizzy Micyus - time for you to finally tell your story Vanessa May - the power to run class Mary Grady Bell - math class reports Elle, Erin, Taisha, Liz, Cailin, Anderson, Virginia - superstitions, cookie cake, Advil, fruit snacks, my down and back passes, awkward silences

Nate McDougall

Jack Phillips - my tennis skill, Courtney Price John Landers – handshake Jordan Bednar - The Cruise, Raves, country music, summer concerts, a strong back, New Jersey, Sea Pass Card Justin Bednar - Freshman ladies, Mitchell Stumpo Natalie Holdstock - Deez, following me on twitter William Black - APCS, Carl Chris Bonavita - Doubles Partners 4 life Marki Bryan - bro talks, my

basketball skill Jamal Carson - loud voice Elliot Copeland - Helen Taylor Fleck - successful APES class Justin Fleury - a cooler Mercedes Anton Gill - my dunking skill Kofie Yeboah – lunch Logan Greer - Duke losing, air mattress Taylor Letts - winning attitude William Jones - My forehand, Pregame Spencer Knudsen - Twitter, Duke losing Zane Laughery - APCS, “Who can answer this one?...Zane” Nick LeFevre - Bad line calls Allison McAdams - THAT rave, JV gov, Originally, I just don’t like this! Matthew Quesenberry - self control Dillon Ragusa - Comp class Mitchell Stumpo - Justin Bednar, handshake Layla Tanik - Planet Smoothie Brandon Tung - APCS, my DJ’ing skills Devon Williamson - Creative Writing, Bubble gum Damien Dozier - JV gov, My strength JT Fritsch - quality advice, bro attitude Patrick Mclntyre - height, fratty clothing Humza Rizvi - bigger house JT Taylor - curfew, U-Turns Skye Deitelbaum - a dance Courtney Price - my tennis skill, driving around aimlessly Thomas Matthews - a curfew Carter Voelkel - APCS, laughing at William

Parker Preston

Julie Verdru - a new other sister, Tuesday lunches, our Friday nights, every single boy you’ve ever had a crush on, Paris, free trips back to the US, our hot Indian dancer, straighter hair, new boots, DOMI, that time you almost killed me, tissues, Dear John, Moulin Rouge, BB, mean Boston people, someone to annoy you all time, all of my love and best wishes forever and ever Collin Vernal - unlimited girlfriends, Old Blue, racecars, a new Plan A, my love forever Justin Fleury - Angus Barn dinner, free trips to Bama, my love, our future together, a pillow, a diploma to graduate with us this year Jamie Herakovich - a better hip, anything football and lax, your dream boat, a red truck, ZBB tickets, Princeton Matthew Quesenberry - carry on the legacy, someone new to see 27 times a day Natalie Holdstock - the swim team, no stupid boys, homeboy’s third nipple, animal practices, photog memories Taylor Letts - CB, Britts, an iPhone Shannon Strong - a new breaststroke buddy, someone else to listen to you talk, more Republicans Chase Johnson, Patty Mac, Robert Vaughn - 1 Cole Cutter - 9464793, someone else to work your shoulder Zach Timmons - CHEF, a kitchen to work your magic Josh McCoy - anything Tar heel, a trip for Duke into the second round, a haircut, a new non-mom car Robert Vaughn - homecoming ’10 memories Jimbo Barnes - my love JT Fritsch - a million hugs Rashaad Ratliff-Brown - Emily, a new ACL, some bigger guns, rasaaRdy Casey Harris - more pool chats, sports bras, surprises! Brittani Bryan - our swim lane, more pool chats Mariel Ziperski - Tom’s alpacas, more funny announcements English Bernhardt - monogrammed camo shirts Mike Fagan - a new big toe, watermelon shoes Mrs. Belk - someone else to keep you informed about all the juicy drama, a new babysitter, The Bachelorette Señor Luna - greggAga, some more g’s, some hair, Bama football tickets, CARMEN, charades, a new favorite student

Senior Wills

Track Distance Team - someone else to guide through track meets, Coach Payne, my best wishes!! Swim Team - the coaches, my best wishes!!

Parker Troutman

Rachel Ormand - “...” , #sorryimsorry, great conversations, “meh” , weird vampire shows Matthew Quesenberry - my love, Romain and Dange, a seat next to Leslie, the jersey of immunity Leslie Pratt - scope-eye, driving lessons, dress code worthy attire, the rave scene Justin Fleury - “Hey Brad!”, free visits to college, Mary, summer concerts Jordan Bednar - “physux”, free visits to college, summer concerts, best-friend status, bro love from the class of 2012 Nina Barnett - smoothies, rides home, virtual flowers Robert Vaughn - shorts for game day dress Elliot Copeland - places to eat out, French class laughs Humza Rivzi - “Bumza” Jack Phillips - broiest freshman award, number 2 seed

Perry Dubow

Will Ormand - hallway greetings, a trunk pop button that actually works, closet pizza, still having friends, DS, and Arby’s afternoons Jessica Sullivan - Jack and Moira, Pendergrass’s fashion Nicole Knape - managing Robert, excessive emails, the athletic department, the best of luck, and lots of love Abby Quirk-Royal - Mr. Laskowski Rashaad Ratliff - obnoxious nicknames, marriage counseling, and lots of awkward third wheeling Brandon Tung - DS, my hatred Claudia Meyer - P’s meltdowns, next year’s freshman, and an absolutely awesome senior year Carr Walker - flucussion pride Robert Lippitt - my constant minor meltdowns, hours of planning in Mr. P’s office, and an awesome event next year Allison McAdams - a million questions, way too much sarcasm, and a 2nd period class that doesn’t slowly torture you

Rachel Landers

John Landers - Car ride jams, late night advice, mom and dad (good luck without me), an ottoman in Blacksburg, endless hugs, vroom vroom party starter, love always, control over the tv (aka the Golf channel), someone else to embarrass in public places, hopefully your own car (or at least another taxi driver), McGee on a platter, a tallied up neck, a skype account David Reynolds - My spot in the family Jack Phillips - Hallway high fives Ford Layman - My awkward friend crush on you… Eva Simmons - My little brother Jamie Herakovich - (919) 449-4317 Thomas Matthews - My twitter account Rachel Ormand - Emo tweeting rights, my spot in the high school (cause we’re twins) Bryant Dowd - My love, Valentine’s Day 2012, unnecessary awkwardness Kubi Johnson - Another year of giggles Andrew Yochem - Una vida en el circo Bryant, Kubi, Andrew, Zane, and John - Another year in Spanish Marcus Bryan - Hallway hugs Matthew Quesenberry - Someone to go to raves with Thomas Sigmon and Bryant Dowd ASP, catch phrase, and sunflower seeds Mrs. Wood - My everlasting gratitude for helping me get through junior year Mr. League - Advisory chats Class of 2013 - Even fewer privileges than we have

Reid Scales

Caroline Scales - some brotherly love Elliot Copeland - Eric MANGini Jordan Bednar - Right Field (where champions play)

Anistatia Hollis - Failing Euro quizzes Grady Finch & Charlie High - Mark Kishlansky Sam Kasierski - Sammy Kapanen Emily Velk - My sister Simone Sellette & Courtney Price My batting average Christian Zaytoun - Big Z! Justin Bednar - Lefty Stick

English - the job of watching over JT Colin - my favorite second cousin - the family legacy Bryant - LKG memories, hamburguesa Andrew - healthy living habits, “you’re unbelievable” John, Zane, Mr. Gigglepants (aka Kubi) - wonderful Spanish class memories

Will Ormand - Frothgar, The Day, The Rage, Some Play Time, A Goal, Worth It! John Montague - Remember the Code Word, Epic Handshake, Some Fan Time Brandon Tung - The Plan, G-Nut, The WholeHog Danielle Given - Fighting Skills, The Giant Yellow Board, Some Friends, ;) Sam Gale - Lake Lynn Devon Williamson - Little Lion Man, Some Chic-fil-A Scott Sugar - The Videos Turner Makepeace - Flow David Stump - Swimming Speed Mariel Zipperski - The Wheelchair Thomas Sigmon - L’Chiam George Reddin - Your Mom!, Biggest Hit in Soccer Thomas Mathews - The Tip, A Fabulous 11/22 Robert Vaughn - 3 Dollars Colin Vernal - 5c Euro Robert Lippit - A Casual Handshake Corey Chandler - Some Hustle on the Field Rachel Ormand - My Love! Some Class

Jordan Bednar - Drake & Josh, Frat Gear, the title of Ultimate Baseball Bro, lunch pails and hardhats, Brill’s tweet, GM twitter fam!, my baseball skills, shabby, colder weather, red hot chili peppers, fruit to my loom, abot to my Costello, red solo cup Patrick McIntyre - My love, trips to Winstons, Libby and Mark’s many different gifts, a spare couch for you at Mars Hill, the nibbler meal at Zaxby’s with no sauce, crazy flow, best dressed kid in school, all the single ladies, Childish Gambino, normal size palm trees for your pool, a simple way to retrieve your lost phone, a new phone screen after it cracked on my car, all your sisters can have my number ;) Matthew Quesenberry - Dolo, the neighb, common sense, a long lasting truck, iPhone, Spanish chistes, Jimbo’s home haircuts from his pops aka mullets Jimbo Barnes - Great hair, sweet lax goals, jimmer, Scotty take a breather McLean pop in, carter’s attack in, Spanish humor, duuuuudddeee Carter Voelkel - weenie, beastmode, studnation, a car that fits you, a cooler brother, my muscles and athleticism, pound it man Will Barefoot - PULL, 5:5 chill ratio, McCoy! Robert Vaughan - Hummus, B Roll, Southern Gentleman, Coach Voelkel life chats Thomas Matthews - A new hair style, better car, more rules to follow Grady Finch - I hate my hair! Old school rap, the quiver Jamie Herakovich - a louder truck, a healthy future Andrew Yochem - Birks, v-necks, crywolf, goofy dance Alex Cooley - crazy stamina, my place as Vale Victorian Connor Irey - FONZ, back in Philly Justin Fleury - mini me, my old clothes, new tickle spots, nicer cars, TSM stuff, same page same mind Josh McCoy - swagger wagon, mom mobile, my lax spot McLean Voelkel - pound it man, nice rocker step cleanie Elliot Copeland - a better nickname Eva Simmons - a few more dates at Winstons, another 30-year-old man Taylor Letts - in the neighb, party shades, autocorrected texts Leslie Pratt - less anger, better driving skills Mitchell Stumpo - a lower voice, Justin Bednar, Tom Justin Bednar - more friends, Mitchell Stumpo, Ron Natalie Holdstock - the falls river fam Bryant Dowd - More Coach Kap yelling, side throws Rachel Wakeford - better parking skills Cameron Castleberry - my soccer skills and speed, a new math tutorial buddy Josh Moorman - laziness Tom Barr - Bartender Chase Johnson - RIPPP, Coach Voelkel sayings Sam Cohen - My number for you and your mom Layla Tanik - Tennis tan lines, a license Humza Rizvi - A follow request Mrs. Belk - 6th period memories, grateful dead, a great family with Dusty, Bo, and Harper, all the healthy foods/organic products that you want Upper School - My digits 9196009590 hit me up

Ryan Lanier

Sarah Collins

Sarah Pupa - twin days everyday, an amazing senior year Rosie Waring - football games, another friend so her dad can embarrass her in front of you, creepy guys at Jersey Mikes that want your Canes tickets Caroline Scales - “don’t forget your Ouija board!,” Eric – the cereal guy from J-Day, sing-alongs in the cave, Brough-eh, Baby Got Back, a slide from a bed to a pool in your house, be eu-self, accidental dolphins Mariel Ziperski - Girl Scout cookies, another “Sarita” Will Barefoot and Justin Fleury another student to call only by her Spanish name Meghan Youngbar - Concert road trips with crazy moms Mrs. Velk - Eggs-celent, editors with fewer health problems, ohmigosh! (the sponge lady), “Is it done yet?!”, 0 missing links, a field trip to the newspaper printing place/Southpoint Mall Mr. McGill - apple slices and grapes from Sarah C., another lost skater to help find her way Ms. Tran - Céline bags, Ryan Gosling, a more decisive group of Global Issues seniors for the design project Mrs. Immediata - students who love you as much as I do

Sarah Fritsch

JT Fritsch - Phineas, mahogany, B-men, Alex on the Spot, JK Simmons, Steve Harvey, Drake, Monk - esp. the Snoop Dogg episode, Cameron from 10 Things I Hate About You, Andy, Jean-Ralphio, and Tom from Parks and Rec, Harry Potter games, Spencer from iCarly, Spongebob CHOCOLATE & snowballs, bunny in the tree, little bird and hamburger meat, Alice, chao, Carol of the bells, tea time for procrastination, spying, Flight 29 Down, Endurance, we built this schmitty on tootsie rolls, the manta-ray tube, I like pie yo, Crazy Steve - She’ll be comin’ round the mountain, Juni from Spy Kids, Ruby and the Rockets, Beans from Even Stevens, heat miser, cookie from Ned’s Declassified (see-yaa) Elle Stumpo - Monk, my love, a place on my dorm room floor Mitchell Stumpo - “mitchem”, someone new to fight with in the hallways Kenda Nixon - :l “the face” Schwaby - my affection Allison, Cameron, Tay Fleck, Meghan, Nina, Sam, Lizzy, Liz, Jen, Sara Kas, Zoe - the soccer team, my love Juanita - jumanji Elisabeth Schricker - my best wishes, a time turner Thomas Sigmon - Moves Like Jagger, a new twin

Scott Goldcott

Sydney Bullock

Gabrielle Rhoades - Disney World, The CD(s) I promised Robert Lippitt - Card games Devon Williamson - Car rides Mollie Ducoste - Britney Spears Callie Mangum - Your seat :) Liz Gulden - A stress free weekend Caitlin Given - Animal Handshakes

Nuha Kabir - un-cancelled habitat trips Jamal Carson - My last cookie(s) Josh Moorman - Knocking your pencil on the floor Brandon Tung - A punch Andrew Wiehe - Free Saturday mornings Abby Quirk-Royal - Your own horse barn Alfre Wimberley - Healthy food Kianna - An injury free season Arash & Meghan - Habitat! Mrs. Immediata - Snow days Mr. Laskowski - A recommendation Mr. McGill - New music and a Mrs. Field’s cookie Ms. Fillip - Clean paintbrushes Mr. Flinn - A dictionary for bananagrams

Taylor Newcomb

Elle Stumpo - food, physics, Planet Smoothie, weight lifting, Pinterest Lee Massey - Crested Butte, physics, Rylan JT Fritsch - someone else to watch the Bachelor with every Monday, a new bouncy ball English Bernhardt - study hall, park the car, hair-braiding Devon Williamson - food and your fifth year of high school Taylor Letts and Natalie Holdstock skills class, in their like swimwear Savannah Story - someone else to obsess over hottest guys with Mrs. Owen - someone else to leave their trash on your table Mrs. Belk - the Bachelor, cottage cheese and raisins Jamie Herakovich- country music Kenda Revis-Nixon - nothing Cameron Castleberry - soccer, team lunch

Torin Saccoccio

Chris Boericke - Ability to plant, the vault team, superpowers, in charge of causing math shenanigans, jams, botime Mariel Ziperski - Speed, the vault team, patience for said vault team Max Sminky - Any progress in math at all ever Devora Williamson - Wilbur, Spanish slang John Montague - Reckless off-campus trips, bo-time Logan Greer - Causing math shenanigans, maintaining the classiness Byron Horton - Spanish dimes George Reddin - El nombre “Seis” Simone Sellette - Spain trip take two Rachel Hianik - Fiestas

Will Mueller

Devon Williamson - Another year in high school & Spain reunions Garrison Rountree - Quarter Mile Warriors Brandon Tung - Pool Parties & Carl Simone Sellete - The Village George Reddin - Seis & Club Kapital

William McNamara

Tennis Team - swa Brandon “Gnut” Tung - a BB gun Miles Holt - first chair contrabass clarinet Zach Hofstradar - first chair bass clarinet Draves - a 1 on the AP exam, a new bro in a bro corner Myles Brown - a door to open, my trunk Will Jones - a new chauffeur Jack Phillips - a new locker buddy Daniel Schwabacher - a new best friend Byron Horton - gushers, video game tourney trophy Victor Marshall - video game tourney trophy Parker Lindenmuth - video game tourney trophy George Reddin - someone else to push you around Mrs. Lieberman - more Dum-Dums and ECO members

Zawadi Mutisya

Kate Sweeney - Good Luck! Have as much fun as you can. College is just around the corner! Chris Bonavita - You’re so close. High school is almost over! Just try to have as much fun during your senior year because I’m not going to lie. It’s a lot of work. Good Luck!


Sports Nevarmore Girls Lax Longs For State Crown THE

isaac copeland



ver since the end of their season last year, the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team has had one goal in mind; winning a state championship. After losing to Durham Academy in the state semifinals, the Ravens have been preparing for the next opportunity that the new season brings. To senior captain Caroline Margolis, a State Championship is the only thing on her mind. This year’s team has high expectations this season with 4 strong seniors, lots of young talent, and third year Coach Phil Robinson and Coach

Melissa Funsten, ‘12, attacks the goal against Cardinal Gibbons. Photo by Dr. Watters

Kerry Norman. Senior Catherine Green is in her second year playing Varsity Girls Lacrosse. Green looks to end her high school career in a special fashion. Although she isn’t a team captain, she helps the several young players on the teams adjust to the varsity level. “Well, in field hockey I’m playing goalie as opposed to lacrosse I play defense. There is a lot more focus on endurance and agility. The whole team dynamics are different as well. Many don’t realize it but lacrosse is a lot like basketball. Lacrosse uses screens, similar formations, and there’s lots of one on one opportunities. Even the defensive principles are the same with needing be able to see the ball and your man. This is my last chance to get a state championship and I want it. There’s no better way to end my high school career than with a state championship and that’s what I’m striving for. Caroline leads the team vocally and by example. She controls the team offensively and defensively,” says Green. Senior Captain Caroline Margolis has taken on the leadership role this season. In Fall of 2011, Margolis committed to play Lacrosse for the Boston College Eagles. She also has high expectations for this season. “Charlotte Country Day; they have won states the past two years.” Margolis adds that the “freshman class [members of the team are] really strong and will contribute a lot this year. We just have to get team chemistry and learn how everyone plays,” says Margolis. This year’s team is filled with lots of young talent. Olivia Ashman, ‘15, plays mid-field and attack and has been making a big contribution to the team expanding off her varsity season from last year as an 8th grader. Ana Callawn, ‘16, also plays attack and mid field and the best part is she’s only in the 8th grade. Her age hasn’t kept her from being a big contributor at the varsity level.

Caroline Margolis, ‘12, weaves through the Cardinal Gibbons defense. Photo by Dr. Watters

Girls Varsity Lacrosse 11-2

This week the team faces off with Saint Mary’s and Durham Academy to end out the month of April.

Spotlight on Camuti brad ehilegbu & Jamie HERAKOVICH STAFF WRITERS


f you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting senior Alex Camuti, better known as just “Camuti”, then you are really missing out. In the words of Camuti himself: “I would say I’m a gravely serious person who enjoys the small beauties in life. My friends look up to me as a role model and they try to copy everything I do in an attempt to look cooler.” Some would say that he is a very gifted athlete because of his amazing goalie skills on the lacrosse field. Camuti has been playing goalie since his freshman year of high school back in New Jersey. Last season he had just over 160 saves, averaging about 8.5 saves a game.

Boys Varsity Lacrosse 9-6 Alex Camuti, ‘12, prepares to make a play. Photo by Dr. Watters

This week the team faces off with Charlotte Country Day, followed by Durham Academy and Cary Christian

Camuti on top of the world Photo by Brad Ehilegbu

Senior Editors: Wish You Well, Literally Sarah Collins Editor-In-Chief

Katherine Finney

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to


Associate Editors

atherine, spelled the right way, also worked on The Nevarmore for three years. Sarah, our dedicated Editor-in-Chief, who worked diligently on The Nevarmore for three years. And while she ‘is a cat-lover and she loves to run,’ she is also “awesome.” Sarah skated her way into journalism class as a Yes she is, dude, don’t lie! soft-spoken sophomore with her sweet smile, obvious Katherine strives to make each issue as perfect as intellect and a genuine interest in covering school possible and was willing to stay to the bitter end of news. She usually completed her articles well before the editing sessions. She is “deadlines” and consistently volunteered to write conscientious about word choice and each and extra pieces for the newspaper. every detail involved in our newspaper. Sarah is truly a good egg and is everything she is I will miss my editor and advisee and I would write a cracked up to be - no yolk! song about it, but, if I did, I know Katherine would Sarah, while I will miss you next year, never remember the lyrics. Not that it would stop her I know that you have all the write moves to succeed from singing her own version at the top of her lungs at the next level. in quite a convincing manner! All the Best,

Mrs. V





Varsity Sports Update Varsity Boys Golf

Catherine Green STAFF WRITER

Varsity Girls Soccer

Varsity Boys Track

Record: 9-3 The boys golf team is having a solid season and is preparing to go into the State Tournament.

Varsity Girls Lacrosse

Record: 14-2 The Varsity Girls Lacrosse team has overcome many top teams such as East Chapel Hill and are driven to win states this year.

Record: 4 Wins, 1 2nd Place

The boys track team has also done well this season winning most of their meets and having a strong presence in the conference.

Varsity Girls Track

Record: 9-6 Currently, the ravens girls soccer team is in first place in the conference with high hopes for the end of the season and a top four pick in the State Tournament.

Varsity Boys Lacrosse

All Photos by Dr. Watters

Record: 4 Wins The Varsity Girls Track team has done very well on their road to the tournament.

Record: 9-6 The Varsity Boys Lacrosse team has overcome many top teams such as Charlotte Country Day (11-5) and Durham Academy (12-7).

Varsity Tennis

Varsity Softball

Varsity Baseball

Record: 5-8 Record: 0-10

Record: 6-13

This year, the Varsity Softball team’s closest battle was against St. Mary’s on April 24th (5-4).

The Varsity Baseball just came off a win over Durham Academy (4-3) and hopes to do well in conference play.

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