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Emi Myers


As the seniors leave home to go as far away

as Seattle, Washington to pursue a higher education, the juniors, sophomores, and freshman should also expect some major changes coming to the Upper School in the 2014-2015 school year. Although not learning how to do laundry, manage time, and get to know (and possibly deal with) roommates, continuing Ravens will face further adapted CCL lessons, the introduction of grade level Deans of Students, a Community Service Panel, and a new college counsellor. New developments are also just around the corner for underclassmen who will reap the benefits of the ISM (Independent School Management) scheduling analysis and possible changes to the current 8 period day as well as SAT re-design. Before you take a much deserved break over the summer, be sure to check out what Fall 2014 will look like in August or at October’s Homecoming:

Ravenscroft School

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New College Co-Director Hired Emi Myers I


n the 2014-2015 school year, the Upper School college counselling office will grow by one. Sean Kennedy, former Director of the Upper School at Forsyth Country Day School, will be advising one third of the juniors in their quest for college next year. Kennedy attended high school at Chadwick School in Palos Verdes, California. While keeping up with rigorous academic pursuits, Kennedy also played numerous varsity sports. Prior to becoming the Director of the Upper School at Forsyth Country Day, Kennedy spent 12 years as a college counsellor at independent schools. His distinguished background also includes 2 years as a freshman application reviewer at the University of California, Los Angeles. This priceless insight into the

workings of the college admissions process will benefit Ravenscroft students as they manage their college application process. Kennedy came to visit the Ravenscroft Upper School in April to talk with rising seniors in the Jones Theatre about his history in college counselling and was available all morning in the college counselling office to talk with any students that wanted to stop by with questions. As we are quickly approaching the summer, Kennedy advises students to “visit colleges when you can. Even if it is just sort of wayward driving down to place x or place y with a college along the way that’s not one that you think you’ll attend.” He also stresses the importance of keeping up with summer reading. Juniors in particular can start reworking essays from their junior year or starting from scratch to get a

Ravenscroft welcomes Sean Kennedy, his wife, Vicki, and daughters Madison, 9, and Katie, 6, to the community for the 2014-2015 school year. Photo provided by Sean Kennedy head start on the application process that can “sometimes feel like an additional course” in the fall of 2014 according to Kennedy. All juniors that have been switched from Angela Connor and Bill Pruden to Kennedy’s advising

have already received an email regarding the change. Kennedy will begin working at Ravenscroft this summer by meeting with parents and students for the college planning conference.

May 2014

A Glimpse Back at 2013-2014 from Nevarmore Photo Collection


N evarmore Class of 2014

Table of Contents Page 2 SGA, CCL Update, & Crossword puzzle

Katherine Ann Robinson, Stephanie Wiehe, & Connor Irey

Page 3 Women’s Symposium & French Program Emi Myers & Austin morin

Page 4 Presidential Service Awards Page 5 Zambia Trip

CCL Update Stephanie Wiehe “I

Emi Myers, Stephanie Wiehe, Austin Morin & Casey Harris

Pages 9 Gradutation/Mtn. Trip Information Page 10 & 11 Community Service Haley Gardner

Page 12 Senioritis Liz Gulden

Page 13 Prom Katherine Ann Robinson & Anna Collawn

Ramsden pointed out, the failure of the project thus far embodies some of the same qualities it is trying to teach. During one of the first presentations of this program to members of the Class of 2015, Ramsden highlighted the key point that students need to learn how to fail in order to learn how to recover from that misstep. Ramsden strives to exemplify the importance of resilience as she shared that the everyone makes mistakes and the important part in this process is what happens after the mistake. “Success isn’t a straight line, but a curvy scribble,” Ramsden explained as she projected a graphic representation of this idea on the large screen as she went through her presentation. To further exemplify her point, she added the following quote

SGA Update

Page 7 Editorial

Laura Williamson


take full responsibility for what didn’t go well, something didn’t work but we can learn from it,” stated Colleen Ramsden, Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs, as she began the meeting with the juniors in the Jones Theatre on Thursday, March 27th. She clarified that students WILL be credited with 10 hours of community service for this project along with 10 hours of service for their assistance with voter registration drive led by Bill Pruden, Director of Civic Engagement, upon return from the Junior Mountain Trip. Ramsden acknowledged the weaknesses of the “Change Your World Project” regarding communication and timing, but as

Tate Replogle

Page 8 Exchange Student


by General George S. Patton:

“I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.”

She clearly believes that the initiative is bound to succeed in the future. Ramsden also addressed the hectic nature of junior year and Upper School life in general by explaining that the administration is aware of this issue and has hired a consulting group for assistance in creating a schedule that better suits the educational process. This, however, is a 2 year process. Meetings with a student council will begin in the coming weeks to start addressing the issue. Part of the problem with this project was that it was to be completed during the 9:35 Common Periods on

Tuesdays and Thursdays. It seems that there are many conflicting programs that campaign to fill this slot such as speakers, visiting authors, awards presentations, environmental speakers, chapels, and the list goes on and on. Pruden took over at this point to discuss some upcoming changes, chiefly regarding community service awarded to juniors for their participation in the voter registration drive. As in recent years, the junior class is to spend a day running a voter registration drive upon returning from the Junior Mountain Trip. In recent history, juniors have worked at the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina or worked to assist our maintenance staff with on-campus projects.

2014-15 Executive Council

K athryn ann Robinson Staff Writer


s the year comes to a close SGA has moved its focus to setting precedents for the years to come and finishing out the year strong. The annual kickball tournament in Sam’s name is coming up in May. Ravenscroft has vowed to host this kickball tournament every year to honor Sam Biderman, a previous student. Besides In Sam’s Name, we continue to donate to the American Cancer Society and have raised over $3000 through various events such as Homecoming and the Badminton Tournament. Our biggest accomplishment this past month was The Independent Schools Conference. Ravenscroft hosted Charlotte Latin and Cary Academy on March 14th. Chris Ward led us in several CCL exercises that helped us learn how to work together. We then held a group discussion to talk about what has and what hasn’t been successful in our SGAs. This discussion was extremely instrumental in helping us expand our scope as a government and also find out about new and exciting programs. For example, we plan to institute a penny drive next month that we learned about from Charlotte Latin. Most importantly from this discussion we learned that our SGA is very connected to the administration at Ravenscroft and we hope to continue this strong relationship. In the afternoon, an ex-president of the Upper School at Ravenscroft came and spoke about the leadership skills SGA provided him. We hope to keep in contact with these schools and further the discussion. Elections were held on April 9th and the members prepare to pass the torch to next year.

Wes Stroud, ‘15 President

David Reynolds ‘15 Vice-President

Lucy Russell, ‘16 Secretary

Sydney Schwarz, ‘16 Treasurer

Page 14-19 Senior Wills Page 20 Sports Recap

Senior Crossword Puzzle by

Haley Gardner

How well do you know your fellow Senior classmates? Take this crossword puzzle and find out. The anwsers are the first name last intial. Example: Who wrote this nevarmore article? ConnorI

Across 4. Who is the School President 6. Going to Brown next year 7. Has been to Disney World 20 times 8. Is a gymnast 9. Fonz’s first name and last intial 11. From Columbia 14. Races Cars 16. Got fired from a philly cheesesteak food truck

Answer Key:

Answer Key:

Across 1.JoshM 3.TomB 5.EmilyR 10.DavidS 12.JayH 13.GrantG 15.RachelH 17.DanielS 18.KathyrnAnneR

Down 4.RosieW 6.MaxH 7.LizG 8.MitchellA 9.ConnorI 11.JunaitiaP 14.CollinV 16.ChrisC



1. Is a DJ 3. Got his nose broken in lacrosse pre-game warmups 5. Beat Candy Crush 10. Broke someone’s leg during athletic event 12. Was born in London,England and plays lacrosse 13. Lives in Hillsborough 15. Hiccups every hour 17.can solve a rubik’s cube quickly 18.Has never had a hamburger

Nevarm re nline

Connor Irey


N evarmore Class of 2014


Students Attend Human Trafficking Symposium

Monsieur Teitelbaum gives prompts to students for a competitive Duck, Duck, Goose type of translation game. Cory Carr, ‘16, takes on Abbie Green, ‘16, in this round. Photo by Helen Velk

Au Revoir Ravenscroft Frenchies? Austin Morin Photo of symposium attendees (from left to right) Carolyn May ‘17, Allison Arber ‘17, Caroline Gainey ‘15, Clare Zaytoun ‘16, Rachel Edwards ‘16, Cailin Dorsey ‘15, Emma DeMent ‘16, Brittani Bryan ‘14, Maggie Collawn ‘14, and Rachel Ormand ‘14. Chaperones Jennifer Cohen and Allison Kelly not pictured.

EmiMyers S


lavery. It is something students learn about in textbooks and history lessons in which millions of Africans were forced into brutal servitude all over the world but, what most people don’t know is that slavery continues to exist today. On Monday, March 31, 2014, 10 female upper school students attended the North Carolina Council for Women’s Living History Symposium, hosted at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School. The symposium featured 2 keynote speakers, Holly Austin Smith, a sex trafficking survivor and author, and Kenneth B. Morris, Jr, a descendant of both Booker T. Washington and Frederick Douglass who now advocates against modern day slavery. Holly Smith started her talk on the dangers of trafficking with a personal story of her own forced prostitution in Atlantic City, NJ. She met her kidnapper/pimp, Greg, at the mall with friends while her obvious insecurity made her a perfect target for a predatory figure. After exchanging phone numbers, Smith began to converse regularly with the pimp on her private phone line in her room. After several weeks, Greg convinced her to run away from home in suburban New Jersey and she ended up in Atlantic City, forced into prostitution. She was 14 years old. Today, Smith travels in the United States to teach people about the warning signs of kidnapping and trafficking. Her book, Walking Prey, tells her entire story from running away to being arrested in Atlantic City and finally returning home to her parents. One of her main messages is to spread awareness about how victims should be treated. Much like cases of rape, Smith believes that people continue to blame the victim for a situation that was beyond their control. The second featured keynote speaker had a different relationship to slavery altogether. Instead of being a victim of slavery, Morris is three generations removed from the enslavement of his great great great grandparents, Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington. Both Douglass and Washington were born into slavery and escaped or were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation. After achieving his freedom, Douglass

was a relentless advocate for equal rights in the post-Civil War South and Washington started the first African American college, Tuskegee Institute. While first being overwhelmed with the legacy that preceded him, Morris felt inadequate and wholly unsure of how he could ever fill the shoes left behind for him until he read a feature in National Geographic magazine called “21st Century Slaves.” It was at this point that Morris realized the reality that slavery continues to exist in conservatively estimated numbers reaching to tens of thousands of individuals. Today, Morris travels the nation speaking to high school students to raise awareness about the existence of modern day slavery both in the United States and internationally. He has also developed a curriculum currently being implemented in New York City public schools called “History, Human Rights, and the Power of One.” This curriculum is targeted at adolescents because they are the primary victims of trafficking but also because they are the ones to carry forth change. When asked about what she learned from the symposium, Rachel Edwards, ‘16, said, “What I took most from the seminar was that traffickers target many of their victims by searching for people on social media who are openly bullied. They take advantage of the person’s vulnerability and see this as an opening to gaining their trust.” In the future, Edwards believes that “The most applicable way we can prevent sex trafficking and exploitation- just watching what we say out where everyone can see it. Nobody wants to see such a horrible situation happen to anyone they know, and we can do our part to protect our community.”

Fast Facts About Human Trafficking: - North Carolina has consistently ranked among the top 10 states nationwide for frequency of human trafficking incidents - There were 3,445 possible cases of human trafficking nationwide in 2012 - 63.8% of all human trafficking cases are related to prostution and sex slavery - 21.8% of all human trafficking incidents are labor trafficking (forced labor or misleading contracts)

We live far from the

Cotton fields

& our favorite

we care more about

Sports Teams winning a ball game

than we are about the



by our over seers.

We live in modern times and the echoes of

Slavery Listen are hard to hear from where we stand but if we

close enough,

we will hear


ECHOES TODAY From the Slaves of

And if we listen close enough, that’s when

Change will Happen ~Kenneth B. Morris



umors have begun circulating around the school that the French program is being phased out, and, due to the declining student interest in learning this language, French is, in fact, in danger of no longer being offered as a choice at Ravenscroft. Interest in learning French has been declining around the world for about three decades now. Head of World Language Department and French Instructor, Daniel Teitelbaum believes there are two primary reasons for this: 1. The cultural center of the French language, France, is seeing rough economic times that hinder its global presence, decreasing the advantage of learning French. 2. Other languages have surfaced in schools as options to students in America to replace French; most notably Mandarin. Mandarin is an increasingly important language to learn now that the emerging markets in Asia are booming. There is a perception that knowing Mandarin can greatly increase a person’s value in the workforce. When our school first offered Mandarin to students, 20 students enrolled in Level I. By just looking at the numbers, it was not looking good for French. Other languages like Latin and Spanish also maintained a large student enrollment. French, on the other hand, has not been able to maintain the numbers that the other World Languages have. “If we had 10 people that wanted to take French 1 each year, we would offer it; but we don’t. There is not enough excitement about the language, and it is sad,” says Teitelbaum, because such a beautiful language deserves respect and interest. This is a critical time in Ravenscroft’s history: Within the next three years the likelihood of the French program disappearing could increase, and bringing back a program is much more difficult than to save it before it is gone. It is not the school’s desire to lose this program when many other Triangle schools have flourishing French programs, but the number of enrolling students just does not present reasons to keep it. With French already gone in both the Lower and Middle Schools, a comeback in future years would be that much more difficult. “We plan to attract students, one by one, back to the program, by talking to parents and letting them know that French is still relevant,” says Teitelbaum about reviving the program at this point. It will be an uphill battle, but it is possible. The student body just needs to get involved to keep the program.

“I dont think the program should be cut, French is so important and it is the 3rd most spoken language in North Carolina. France is my favorite country and I want to minor in French so that I can persue an international career. I have taken it for 3 year, along with using Rossetta Stone on the side.Getting to use French in a french speaking country was interesting.” Abbie Green, ‘16

If you would like to be involved in rebuilding the excitment for the French program at Ravenscroft, please contact Monsieur Teitelbaum. (

Coming Soon:

Nevarmore Online Video About French Program


N evarmore Class of 2014


2013 Presidential Service Awards Gold Level Recipients Sophie ElGamal, ‘17 Alexandra Lee, ‘15 Jessie Lutz, ‘14 Rodney Lytle, ‘14 John Pupa, ‘15 Sophie Raymer, ‘15 Andrew Thrash, ‘17 Collin Thrash, ‘16 Christian Walker, ‘14

Silver Level Recipients Chris Antonello, ‘14 Davy Babson, ‘15 Hannah ElGamal, ‘17 Omar ElGamal, ‘17 Theresa Frederick, ‘15 Carolyn May, ’17 Laura Naslund, ‘15 Sergio Sueiras, ‘17 DJ Washington, ‘16

Bronze Level Recipients MJ Malone, ‘15 Abbie Green, ‘16 Justin Pedersen, ‘15 Parker Carnahan, ‘16 Axel Barth, ‘15 Karinn Kasbekar, ‘16 Bailey McNeill, ’16 Kathryn A. Robinson, ‘14 Parker Castleberry, ‘17 Robert Lippitt, ‘14 Caroline Gainey, ‘15 Kristin McCarthy, ‘14 Robin Kikuchi, ‘16 Chandler Presson, ‘17 Lydia Jobe, ‘14 Sahib Singh, ‘17 Cory Carr, ‘16 Mary Grady Bell, ‘14 Sara Brown, ‘14 Emily Ratliff, ‘14 Max Haensel, ‘14 Sean Mahoney, ‘15 Ford Layman, ‘15 Michael Gong, ‘16 Shane Litcher, ‘14 Grace Dorsett, ‘16 Michael Hall, ‘15 Stratton Lindenmuth, ‘16 Grant Glenn, ‘14 Sydnie Schwarz, ‘15 Ian Dubose, ‘17 Theresa Frederick, ‘15 Jack Iseley, ‘15 Thomas Matthews, ‘14 Jack Torborg, ‘15 Travis Schafer, ‘15 Jake Isley, ‘14 Vanessa May, ‘14 Jay Hirl, ‘14 Wes Stroud, ‘15 John Bailey, ‘15 William Christman, ‘14 JT Fritsch, ‘14


N evarmore Class of 2014


Second Time’s a Charm

Eight Ravens Traveled to Africa During Spring Break Tate Replogle



aking up at three in the morning to get to the airport by four on Friday, April 11th was not something I was looking forward to; however, when I got to the airport, it dawned on me that I was traveling to South Africa! The excitement of the adventure hit me suddenly even though this was my second trip to Africa. I was heading to a different part of the continent of Africa while reminiscing about the amazing adventure my first voyage had been. After more than 24 hours of travel, we finally landed in Livingstone, which is in the Southern Province of Zambia and until 2012 was the capital. As we checked into our lodge the friendly nature of those who welcomed us was overwhelming; with the exception an unexpected group of monkeys that chased us around a bit. On our first full day, we toured one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls. It is roughly twice the height of North America’s Niagara Falls. As we navigated the trail, the amazing waterfall was always in sight.  The sheer size was breathtaking. When viewing the falls, we witnessed not only a rainbow, but also a double rainbow. By the end of the tour we were completely drenched from the spray coming from the falls.  The spray from the falls typically rises to a height of over 1,300 feet, and sometimes even twice as high, and it is visible from up to 30 miles away. It was simply a majestic site to see. The next day, we went out driving on a narrow dirt path to get to the Siandunda School with nine suitcases filled with school supplies to be distributed to the students. These suitcases had been packed in Raleigh with the help of the organization

Pack for a Purpose. After an hour of weaving through country roads, we finally arrived at the remote school. There, we were greeted with a warm welcome as the whole village sang a lovely welcome song to us. Then, the celebration commenced. They all gathered around a tree while the elders spoke and greeted us with a traditional Zambian welcome. The locals also sang and danced to welcome us to their village. Every villager made his or her way up to us and shook each one of our hands following which we unpacked the donated items and distributed them. The children eagerly lined up and fought to look through the windows at all the new toys and school supplies. Children clutched new pencils and plush animals as they grinned from ear to ear. After the supplies were distributed, it was time for fun! We danced, kicked the soccer ball, played hand games, and had a fantastic time running around with all of the children. They loved to have their pictures taken and seeing their images on our phones. Many have never seen their own reflection since mirrors are few and far between. One cute eight-year-old girl stayed with me the whole time and hardly let go of my hand. She stole my heart, and I never wanted to leave her that day. We had, yet another, group celebration at the end of the day, but this time we all came together! The villagers sang and danced again only now they felt more comfortable with us as they did not hesitate to grab our hands invited a few of us to dance with them. Seniors Rachel Hianik, Jessie Lutz, and Kristen McCarthy were the first ones to be selected to dance in the middle of the circle with some of the villagers. When they headed back to their seats, David Kates, Director of International Education, was chosen to bust a move. When he sat back

down, I thought that it was over. But I was wrong. I saw one of the lady villagers go around our semicircle, and when she got to me, she held out her hand and I knew that I had to take it and go in the middle of the circle. Now, I am not the most outgoing and by no means a great dancer, and no one has ever called me a “let loose” type of person. It was very awkward trying to dance in front of everyone. I felt myself blushing with embarrassment many times until I set eyes on this little girl, she could not have been older than five, and she was making her way through the crowd of villagers to me. When she got to the middle of the circle, she took my hands and started to dance with me. I was so blessed to have her to dance with and I no longer felt I was the center of attention. I stopped worrying about looking silly for trying to dance. I was having so much fun that I barely noticed that everyone was getting up to dance as well; I was part of something bigger than myself. Leaving was so heartbreaking, I met so many wonderful people that I felt a connection with and had a hard time leaving them behind. With the Livingstone adventure behind us, we packed up to go yet on another plane to head to the capital city, Lusaka, to visit Kasisi Orphanage, and then we hopped onto another plane to Mfuwe. The plane was so small, and honestly, I was a little nervous flying on it. We went to a really nice lodge to eat lunch and saw a giraffe and an ostrich walking on the road - typical Zambia. We had the once in a lifetime experience of petting a domestic cheetah outside of the lodge. After having a group photo with the cheetah, we headed over to Kasisi Orphanage to tour and play with the kids. While on the tour, one of the nuns showed the special room that housed the HIV positive babies. It was one of the saddest sights that

Tate Replogle, ‘14, made a friend at Siandunda School near Livingstone that was her companion for the entire day. Photo by Jessie Lutz

I have ever seen. On a more positive note, we went into a courtyard area and played with the toddlers. When you sat down, they would plop down in your lap to play with you. A class of first graders came by and all they wanted to do was to hug you and to be picked up. One of the little boys was trying to jump up and climb into my arms so that he could be held. They all would ask me what my name was. After I told it to them, they would repeat it over and over again. They were all adorable, sweet, and the most well behaved kids that I have ever met. We left the orphanage a few backpacks full of supplies and then had to leave to catch our next plane to Mfuwe. We checked into the Marula

Ravens begged for the opportunity to pet this domesticated cheetah and were granted permission to do so. Front: Jessica Yonzon, History Instructor, Rachel Hianik, ‘14, Cheetah, and Jessie Lutz, ‘14. Back Row: Tate RePlogle, ‘14, Sophie El-Gamal, ‘17, Kristen McCarthy, ‘14, Rebecca Powell, ‘14, Lucas and David Kates. Photo by Jessie Lutz

Lodge, where we would be staying the rest of the time in Zambia. At this lodge, we saw all kinds of animals walking around and we had to be informed about what to do and what not to do in order to coexist with the wild animals that roam around freely. From our room, Rachel Hianik, ‘14, Sophie El-Gamal ‘17, Rebecca Powell, ‘14, Kristen McCarthy, ‘14, and Jessie Lutz, ‘14, had the wonderful experience of watching a hippo eating at night outside of our window. The next two days, we went to the nearby school, Uyoba School, to help teach English to the third and fourth graders. We brought them school supplies as well and props to act out the book “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss. All of the kids had a blast with the play that we put on. They especially loved when Sophie and Kristen played the roles as “Thing One and Thing Two.” My favorite part was playing with the kids after their English lesson was over. They would all try to grab our hands, fingers, or arms to be with us. We learned some of their games, and we taught them some of ours, like “Duck Duck Goose.” On the last leg of the trip, we all woke up at five o’clock in the morning to head out for a safari ride. We rode in an open range rover with three high rows of seats. We saw so many cool animals, like zebras, warthogs, fascinating birds, crocodiles, monkeys, impalas, and a water buck. Though, I have to say that the nighttime safari ride was the best. On that ride, we saw elephants, giraffes, hippos, the rare wild dog, lion cubs, and a mother leopard and her two cubs. There were a few times when the animals were so close to the vehicle that it seemed like if you put your hand out then you would be able to touch that animal. Looking at the stars from the Range Rover at night was breathtaking. There were so many in the sky, not like what you see in the city. It was eventually time for us to leave and head back over to the states. I was not looking forward to the long plane ride back, and I did not want to leave. Both of the lodges were accommodating complete with mosquito nets and surprisingly, we actually had modern bathrooms. All the people were so nice and I felt so safe there. This whole experience was amazing and I will never forget it.


N evarmore Class of 2014


ITB Or Nahhh!!! Living “Inside the Beltline” is not just about a zip code; It’s an inside scoop on a whole new world. It’s about a brotherhood that will forever have a close bond until the grave.

Jonathan Marlowe Staff Writer


oming in as a new student to Ravenscroft, I felt a lot like a deer in the path of Bryant Vucich’s big, red truck right before being flung up onto the windshield and plummeting to an untimely, horrific death. Ravenscroft was, and still is, a new feeling that challenges me both academically and socially to strive to a new level. To add to my confusion as I roamed throughout the hallways, I would always hear the terms “OTB” or “ITB,” and these acronyms would fill my ears all day long. For almost the entire first semester, I was under the assumption that these terms might represent a new young singing group or the hottest album out - or something. Thinking like a old man, I Finally came to the conclusion that it was based upon where you live. Speaking for myself, since I am always in the mix of daily conversations, I learned a lot here at the ‘Croft quickly. For an example, “ITB,” stands for “Inside the Beltline,” and “OTB” stands for “Outside the Beltline.” These terms are not only used in the Ravenscroft community, but throughout the Triangle. As a memeber of the Ravenscroft community, you don’t really know which person is apart of which group because “OTBs” and “ITBs” always hang out together at school. It doesn’t matter what group you are in, because you won’t get treated differently.

The Godfathers of the “ITB” clan at Ravenscroft. The leaders of “ITB” in the Ravenscroft community. These are the young men that are the face of “ITB” . “Long Live the GodFathers”-Jonathan Marlowe Photo by Jonathan Marlowe

TISAC Player of the Year, David Reynolds, ‘15, shows John Bailey, ‘15, why he is the “Man” as he drives to the basket in a recent “ITB” Saturday game. Photo by David Reynolds

My new friend David Reynolds, ‘15, explained that there is also an “ITB Lifestyle,” which consists of hanging out every weekend with the other ITB friends to play ball, followed by eating out at the Carolina Country Club in the middle of beautiful downtown Raleigh. The main question I had as a ‘Croft newby, was, What one thing makes “ITB” so special? “We do not live out in the middle of nowhere. Everything we want or need is less than five minutes away,” says Reynolds. There are a few notorious leaders of the ITB pack here on campus and they are, David Reynolds, ‘15, Wes Stroud, ‘15, and McLean “The Bucket Getter” Voekel, ‘15, and they are more like brothers than simply neighbors. Since I am “OTB,” I and a few of my friends have had the chance to live the “ITB” lifestyle for a day or two, and it’s got nothing on the “OTB” lifestyle. The only advantage that the “ITB” has over us is that majority of their friends live only five minutes away. The terms “ITB” and “OTB” are not taken very seriously in the ‘Croft community, because we all hangout together every other weekend. But, it’s good to have a title and something to stand by; something for you to be identified with.

One Canadian Import Many of U.S. Would Gladly Export...


N evarmore Class of 2014



... still just another


ollege applications. An assembly of masses of information, essays, high school transcripts, application fees, and three little letters, the SAT. Those three little letters stand for “Scholastic Aptitude Test” which might as well be called the “Stupid Aggravating Test” or better yet “The Biggest Waste of Three Hours and Forty-five Minutes on a Saturday Morning to Test Students on Knowledge They Neither Care About or Will Ever Use” however, the TBWTHFMSMTSKTNCAWEU is a bit too long. Fear not! There are changes on the way to make the test marginally less irrelevant and an equally poor indicator of potential success in higher education. The changes in the SAT were first mentioned by David Coleman who was appointed as President of the College Board last year. Since then College Board Vice President, Peter Kauffman, sent an email to all members of the college board in which he said “We will develop an assessment that mirrors the work that students will do in college so that they will practice the work they need to do to complete college.” According to FairTest, the national center for fair and open testing, the ACT surpassed the SAT in popularity in 2012 when 1,666,017 students took the ACT and 1,664, 479 took the SAT. Given the changes to make vocabulary more realistic and new emphasis on science and social studies, the College Board’s decision to revamp its test might be more to do with competition than with the success of students. The College Board, creator of the SAT, has already launched its website explaining the changes to the test that will be implemented by Spring 2016 (meaning it will only

begin to affect Freshmen and lower grades). According to the information listed on the page, the redesigned test will focus on 8 main areas that are supposed to stress “practicality” and “applied learning.” The redesigned test will also make the writing portion of the exam optional so as to be more economically and time friendly to students, however this is quite silly considering that most centers of higher education require the writing portions anyways. Even with these changes, there continues to be opposition to the idea of standardized testing as a whole. Howard Gardner, a professor of education at Harvard college, suggests that a test be created to gauge students’ mastery of disciplinary modes of thinking in the historical, scientific, mathematical, and artistic contexts. This idea is thoroughly explained in his book called The Disciplined Mind. Gardner believes that the Advanced Placement examinations do a much better job at measuring intelligence and mastery of content on a consistent scale than the “undisciplined” SAT. Another point of contention with all standardized testing is the idea that success on the examinations is determined more by socioeconomic status rather than actual intelligence. This is fully captured inthe College Board’s tagline for this project: “A future determined by merit, not money.” Coleman and Salman Khan, founder and Executive Director of Khan Academy, have agreed that the test is corrupt in how it caters to tutored students. To combat the inconsistencies in test preparation at the individual level, the College Board will be teaming up with the online free tutoring site, Khan Academy, to provide extensive virtual content to help prepare for the new SAT for free. A noble cause indeed but the

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tutoring industry will likely continue to help bolster the scores of America’s wealthy while those without equivalent access to resources will need to gain access to a computer and internet to use the online tutoring videos on their own. Looking forward, many students are questioning how the redesigned test will affect college admissions. Will the added science and humanities sections make SAT IIs more optional? How are colleges reacting to changes? The answers to these questions have yet to be addressed by any higher educational institution. Maybe the redesign will challenge colleges and universities to question the importance of standardized testing as Wake Forest University did in 2008 when applicants for the 2009-2010 applying high school seniors were not required to submit scores. In our highly unprofessional opinion, standardized testing should be optional. It targets certain skills that aren’t necessarily required for collegiate success. By giving applicants the option to submit their scores allows students to reflect on their application hollistically, be self critical, and self aware. If those previously mentioned qualities sound familiar, you are not wrong. Those are ideas borrowed from the CCL character tree. These qualities that are highly valued by some of the most influencial CEOs in the business world further strengthening the argument for optional test scores. But no one is asking us and the changes continue to hurry our way so...

Good luck class of 2017!

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N evarmore Class of 2014


Exchange Student Laura Special O Williamson Seizes the Semester

Justin Bednar, ‘15, pins a ribbon on a Special Olympics athlete from Leesville Elementary School.

l y p i c s

Photo by Collin Thrash

Laura Williamson, ‘14, and Caroline Welsh, ‘17, on the swinging bridge at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina.

Laura Williamson V

Photo Provided by Laura Williamson

Staff Writer

Pip chaps/Pip pip


Photo by Collin Thrash

Nata l Olym ie Lang, ‘ 17, h pics a elps thle a Spe Photo te throw cial by Co a t e n llin T hrash nis ball .


al O peci his S vent. orts e r esc is next rash h Th tadte Hofs buddy toby Collin hoto


Special Olympics athletes parade around the Ravenscroft track for the Opening Ceremony.


enture back this time a year ago and I was in the midst of a crisis. Not a mid-life crisis, not even a quarterlife crisis. The kind that doesn’t involve buying a red Ferrari after getting a divorce. What faced me was exams, choosing a university, leaving the safe lack of responsibility that you call high school and out into the real world. I could not understand why everyone was in such a rush to skip off into the sunset of student loans, making your own food, and sharing a bathroom with 16 members of your college’s rugby team. Was I just naive? Did I just need to grow up and be ‘realistic’? Well if that’s right, then I’m pretty darn glad that I decided to stay a child for another year. After having a ‘Stand By Me-Esque’ summer, involving watching a lot of Alan Watts videos (y Youtube it - you’ll thank me) and reading Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’, I decided that if this was the last opportunity I was going to get to do whatever I wanted for a whole year, then it would be a crime not to seize it. After hearing about a scholarship to travel to the USA, I applied and, after being interviewed by someone with an OBE (given by the Queen - we do drink tea with her, after all), I was told that I was going to North Carolina for 6 months. So 4,100 miles, 672 jokes about eating roadkill, 15 hours, 2 flights and one ‘opening the plane toilet door on an old Russian lady’ situation later, I arrived in Raleigh. When I first got here I was terrified. What if I had to eat my lunch in the bathroom? What if Regina George hated me? What if my host ‘mom’, Zoe Welsh, Head of Science Department, was a secret serial killer who had a long history of exchange students who had mysteriously disappeared? Well, this is still unconfirmed... Thankfully, Ravenscroft has been ‘super welcoming’ and my biggest challenges have merely involved trying not to say I’ll ring you later!, Where’s the bin? and That’s rubbish! as I have found these phrases have caused more than a few blank

stares. I’ve made friends that I know I’ll have for a long time to come. In many ways, Ravenscroft is a world away from my school in Liverpool. Established in 1708, The Liverpool Blue Coat School is older than the United States of America itself. Just one more stereotype away from Harry Potter, we wore uniform, called ourselves ‘prefects’, had a rowdy debating society, ate lunch at Laura Williamson, ‘14, the ‘chippy’ down the street poses with her new and ended our school year, Ravenscroft friend not with a graduation, but Rebecca Powell, ‘14, with a ‘pint’ at the local pub. prior to Prom. 4 months on and the the Photo provided by Laura differences between English Williamson and Southern American culture are already ingrained in my mind. I have become used to bald eagles, pick up trucks, Duck Dynasty, peanut butter, the nae nae, track meets and questionable southern fashion choices, though I don’t think I’ll ever get used to people asking “are you going to shag at prom?”. Apart from this, there are some similarities with back home. Students put a lot of effort into giving back to their community, people are just as addicted to netflix and everyone, thankfully, still appreciates Drake. Right now, I have about a month left in North Carolina and I do not want to leave. Coming here was definitely the best decision I’ve made in my life so far and I’m so grateful to Ravenscroft for having me. As well as this, if any of y’all are interested in travelling to the UK or Argentina on a year off, speak to Señor Kates or go online to https://www.esuus. org/esu/programs/secondary_school_exchange. I promise you, it will be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have.



Laura Williamson, ‘14, with two of her friends, Meta Wright and Carol O’Flaherty, at The Liverpool Blue Coat School in England. Photo Provided by Laura Williamson

N evarmore Class of 2014



Senior Graduation Information: Friday, June 6th

Pre-Commencement Reception (Seniors) 6th Grade Hallway at 4:45 pm (snack )

Senior Class photograph at 5:00 pm

Commencement Ceremony

Seating 5:15pm (Earliest) 6:30pm on Campus Green Seniors return graduation gowns prior to reception (Keep caps, tassel, and any honor cords) Reception for Class of 2014 immediately following Commencement serving heavy hors d’oeuvres

Junior Mountain Trip May 27 - 30

Gear Drop Off Friday, May 23 Between 11-1 pm Room #179 (English Hallway)

Departure at 6:00 am on May 27 @ Finley Circle


Nevarm re nline Visit Nevarmore Online for a Video with Tips About Mountain Trip

Ravenscroft’s Charitab Fashion for a Cause h aley Gardner

Staff Writer


he first annual “Fashion for a Cause” event raised $1,000 for research via the American Cancer Society and was created by Kristina Reali, ‘15, in honor of her grandmother, Pam Lecy, who passed away last April after her battle with breast cancer. “I wanted to do something in her honor. I thought a fashion show would be fun and there was nothing else like it at Ravenscroft,” said Reali. Numerous local boutiques such as Gena Chandler, Bevello, Collared Greens, Fab’rik, Apricot Lane, Madison, Gigi’s Boutique, and Scout and Molly’s contributed their clothing and accessories to the fashion show and silent auction. “Grace Dorsett [‘16] and I were very excited. It was our first year doing it so it was a learning experience as well.” In order to further increase the number of breast cancer survivors, Reali believes that it is imperative to raise money through different fundraisers, and Ravenscroft was able to contribute on April 5th through Fashion for a Cause, or FFAC, a fashion show and silent

English Bernhardt, ‘14, Juanita Perdomo, ‘14, Rachel Hianik, ‘14, Anna Ergish, ‘14, CC Poole, ‘16, Theresa Frederick, ‘15, Skye Dietelbaum, ‘15, Hattie Gale, ‘15, Taylor Jackson, ‘16, Lauren Cook, ‘16, Rachel Edwards, ‘16, and Clare Zaytoun, ‘16, strut down the catwalk at the end of the show. Photo by Haley Gardner, ‘15

auction held in the back gym located in the Finley Center on campus. Reali plans on “making this an annual thing, and making it bigger and better every year.”

. , ens now.. v a K Although the chance of dying from R You breast cancer is about 1 in 36, breast d i D

cancer rates have been going down and the right now there are more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.

There are approximately 232,570 new cases of invasive breast cancer, and the chance of a woman getting invasive breast cancer is 1 in 8.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer besides skin cancer among women in the United States, and “it is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer.

Surprising Turnout at Walk for Babies M

Back row: Alex Lindsay, ‘17, Gaby Reiter, ‘17, Natalie Lang, ‘17, Madeline Musaus, ‘17, Logan Boggis, ‘17, Caroline Gainey, ‘15, Sydney Shwartz, ‘16, Zoe Stafford-Price, ‘16; Front row: Melody Musaus, ‘17, Anderson Ivey, ‘15, Sydney Sweeny, ‘15, Carolyn May, ‘17, Daniela Mainz, ‘17, Claudia Beller, ‘17; Photo by Haley Gardner, ‘15

arch of Dimes is an organization founded in 1970 that raises money to “[support] programs in your community that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies,” according to their website. Additionally, the March of Dimes races “[fund] research to find answers to the problems that threaten our babies.” Over the past 44 years, March of Dimes has raised 2.3 billion dollars to benefit the women and children that need their assistance. On April 26, the Triangle Walk for Babies event took place at Perimeter Park by RDU airport. Sixteen Ravenscroft students came out to the venue in order to help volunteer at the event. The students worked at the kid’s tent, and they helped children play games such as cornhole, color on coloring sheets, apply temporary tattoos, spray paint their hair with temporary dye, and paint their nails. Elise Thrash, who has been the Key Club sponsor for ten years, said that “[Key Club has] always worked with the walk, either walking in a group or manning the Kid’s Tent.” Before Thrash was in charge, the Head of the History Department, Mary Beth Immediata was the sponsor, who also helped run the Kid’s Tent at the annual March of Dimes Event. “Key Club International has 3 Major Emphasis Projects that [it] helps] with annually to help children,” which are the UNICEF Trick-Or-Treat boxes, the Swim-A-Thon for the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital at Duke, and last but not least, March of Dimes, March for Babies,” said Thrash. Originally, Thrash was worried that the turnout would be slim because it seems to always falls on Ravenscroft’s Prom date AND this year she was out of town. But on that Saturday morning, the coordinator of the event, Stacy Lyerly, who has worked with Ravenscroft’s club for 10 years, texted her while she was in Dallas: “Holy Volunteers Batman... you have the most ever this year! They are really being put to work!” Because of everyone’s hard work at the event and positive feedback, Thrash wanted to give a “special thanks to everyone who got up early on Saturday to head to Morrisville to help [Ravenscroft’s Key Club] raise money for educating women about healthy pregnancies to deliver healthy babies.”

ble Events Spring Recap 20


Ravenscroft Team Raises $74,000 C

hildhood cancer is an ongoing battle that the St. Baldrick’s Foundation has been fighting since 1999. Every three minutes, a child somewhere in the world is diagnosed with some form of childhood cancer, and according to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, “worldwide, 175,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. And in the U.S., more children die of childhood cancer than any other disease—more than AIDS, asthma, cystic fibrosis, congenital anomalies and diabetes combined.” Prior to the 1950s, almost every child diagnosed with cancer died. However, due to research developed since then, “85% of kids with the most common type of cancer will live.” Nevertheless, the fight is not over; progress and hope for curing the less common forms of cancer is limited. Luckily, St. Baldrick’s mission is to not only to “stand proudly bald beside” kids who have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy, but also to “raise funds for lifesaving childhood cancer research.” Through their organization, they wish to strengthen the hope of kids battling cancer and to support the research needed for finding a cure. Ravenscroft School has supported this cause for quite some time, and innumerous Ravenscroft students over the years have contributed by volunteering at the events and/or shaving their heads. In fact, Robert Lippitt, ‘14, has led the event for five years. In 2010 and 2011, Ravenscroft had a St. Baldrick’s team that participated in an event at Napper Tandy’s. Since 2012, Ravenscroft students have hosted their own event at Saints & Scholars. Rebecca Qubain and Sarah Miller, two juniors who played major roles in the coordination of the 2014 St. Baldrick’s event, shared their opinions about this year’s participation as well as their experiences in the past three years. During her freshman year, Qubain got involved with St. Baldrick’s, when senior coordinator, Perry Dubow, was looking for volunteers help her. Ever since then, she “knew it was something [she] wanted to continue with throughout high school and even beyond.” Miller, on the other hand, remembers hearing about the Ravenscroft St. Baldrick’s group while in eighth grade and it was something she decided then to become involved with in the Upper School. Qubain recalled that her most memorable experience thus far was cutting her own hair for Pantene Beautiful Lengths and raising money during her freshman year. “I was still trying to find my place, and it gave me something to do to truly make a difference in the lives of others,” said Qubain. Similarly, Miller remembered having her hair cut in 2012 and wondering at that moment, just as they started tying it into small ponytails, “What am I doing?!” Nevertheless, she felt like “it was totally worth it.” She added that she was so glad she]could both raise money and donate her hair for a great cause. Even though Miller shared that “because of the rain forecast, we were all a little worried about having the event inside (since we have had it outside the past years),” and despite the “minor hiccups,” the event had a great turnout, and Ravenscroft raised over $74,000. “It’s always inspiring to see everyone come out to shave their head, cut their hair, or just watch! The event always proves to be fun in the end,” stated Miller.

Matthew Hartman, ‘17, displays the impressive amount of $15,017 he raised for childhood cancer research while he gets his head shaved. Photo by Haley Gardner

Ravens, why did you participate? “I’ve been doing it since 7th grade, and I think it’s a great organization.” -Jake Isley, ‘14

“St. Baldrick’s is such a great cause because hair is such an easy thing to sacrifice to help so many.” -Payne Lubbers, ‘16

“I participated to show others that shaving your head can make a difference and can help raise money for childhood cancer.” -Keeton Glenn, ‘15

“I have friends and family who have suffered from cancer, so I wanted to help the cause.” -Sumana Goli, ‘15

Sarah Miller, ‘;15, Jessica Sullivan, ‘15, and Rebecca Qubain, ‘15, all volunteers, pose for a picture at the event. Photo by Haley Gardner


N evarmore Class of 2014


When Senioritis Strikes... Liz Gulden &KAthryn Anne Robinson

Staff Writers


he fact that I’m writing this article is a miracle. I’m a fourth quarter senior. Do I have any motivation to actually try? No. I’m in college and, frankly my teachers should applaud me for even coming to school. This doesn’t just relate to me, though. I recently sent out a one question survey to all seniors regarding senioritis - 113 people - and 11 filled it out. To those eleven people, I applaud you. To be honest I wouldn’t have replied either.

Sara Howard Francis, ‘14, astonished that she may have to actually do work. Seniors Rachel Hianik, Corey Chandler, and Humza Rizvi taking the daily nap in senior study hall. All Photos by Liz Gulden

Refusing to be one of those seniors who shanks their responsibilities and gets their

acceptance rescinded, I finally had motivation to work again. Not really though. I found this game called bubble shooter and it was my life-force. My GPA didn’t go up. The weeks went on and I grew tiresome of clicking little bubbles for hours on end, so I stopped. I looked at the floor, the walls, the underclassmen stressing about grades, and back at the floor. Boredom overwhelmed me and there was nothing to do besides the late work I had previously neglected. Yet, I didn’t do it. I physically can’t force myself to give any effort. To my teachers, I apologize. It’s out of character, but senioritis really changes a person. I’m not sure where that story was heading so let’s wrap this up.


t first, I thought I was capable of avoiding senioritis altogether. It was the first week of the second quarter, and despite having the same workload as the weeks beforehand, I suddenly had a lot more free time! I could nap, watch Netflix, stalk my future classmates on Facebook, and enjoy the last semester of my senior year. However, I still didn’t understand where the free time came from. When interim reports were released midway through the third quarter, I discovered that the sudden increase in time was directly correlated to a significant decrease in my GPA.

Until this year, I thought that senioritis was just some excuse for not getting work done, but it’s more like an invisible, inescapable force that keeps you from picking up a pencil or reading for an AP. I’ve tried to regain focus and work like I did during junior year, but nothing seems to help. I’m not myself anymore when it comes to academics, but I really don’t think it was something I could’ve avoided.

Study hall for seniors Daniel Schwabacher, Jimmy Tabet, and Robert Lippitt means phones out and zero productitivity.

You know you have senioritis when... “You’re answering this poll instead of studying for your test.” Chris Antonello, ‘14

“Just making yourself answer this survey question is a struggle.” Audrey Hammerstein, ‘14

“You don’t want to reply to this because you think it’ll take too much effort.”

“Your 4th quarter attendance so far is 34.9%”

Chase Johnson, ‘14

Patrick McIntyre, ‘14

Emily Ratliff, ‘14, sneaks a look at her phone while pretending to work.

Kathryn Anne Robinson, ‘14, collapsing under literally no pressure.


uniors, try, as much as you can, to get some work done senior year. If you think you have senioritis, make a desperate attempt to get back to old habits but don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t work. At some point, it will be too late. Sophomores, if you find yourself sacrificing your social life for schoolwork next year, you’re probably doing it right. Freshmen, sophomore year is a blur to me so I can’t help much there.

Seniors. I think we’re all ready to go, but it’ll be sad to leave it all behind. It’s been a good run. I can’t think of anything else to say, but I guess that’s just the senioritis kicking in again.


N evarmore Class of 2014


All Of The Prom-sibilities Promposals

Kathryn Anne Robinson & Anna Collawn Staff Writers

Prom Season has come and gone. Guys got creative and asked

girls to prom in cute ways and of course the school couldn’t let prom go by without putting in their two-cents. The school expressed their concern through an email sent by Peter Bogue, Head of Upper School. The faculty explained their hopes and wishes for the students to be careful before, during, and after prom. Everything went as planned and no one was hurt or injured following the night of prom. Some guys got very creative when asking their date to prom so here are a couple of the best promposals this year.

What Is Your Dream Prom Theme?

Connor “Fonz” Irey, ‘14

“Underwater would be awesome”

“Nascar! Duh!”

Tiger Harris, ‘15

Collin Vernal, ‘14

“Space/galaxy because it would appeal to most people and most boys and girls would enjoy it.”

Gina Patalano ‘14

Stephanie Wehie ‘15

PromPosal Mishaps: Prom-Blematic! C

hase Johnson, ‘14, popped the question by writing “PROM?” in senior Claire Fuscoe’s parking spot, but made the mistake of pulling her car back into the spot. He expected her to see it as she pulled out except that was not the case. No worries once she pulled out of the spot her friends hinted for her to look into the spot, and she said, “Yes!”


athryn Anne Robinson, ‘14, missed her promposal entirely. Humza Rizvi, ‘14, made a sign and placed it on an overpass that Robinson goes under everyday on her way to school. She received a text to look at the specific bridge, but she unfortunately did not receive the text message in time and passed it. This was no ones fault, just bad timing.

All Photos Provided by Respective Students


Jack Phillips, ‘15, used

Jonathan Marlowe, ‘16

“Wacky/tacky. Girls would wear the ugliest prom dresses that you could possibly find and guys would wear obnoxious tuxedos that don’t match.”

Haley Gardner, ‘15, by falling down the steps and pretending he had a broken rib. He lifted his shirt to see if he was injured and he had “PROM? It will hurt if you say no...” written on his torso.

ollin Vernal, ‘14, went above in beyond asking senior Vanessa May. One morning, Vernal placed road signs along the streets in May’s neighborhood that sent her on a detour ending with a Promposal.

“1950s! I like the way they dressed and danced. The mens suits and hats were ”

“Hands down casino night”

Austin Morin, ‘15, asked

a clever pun, “Keep Calm and Prom on. I can’t be calm or carry on until you say “YES” to Prom. -Jack” to ask junior Hattie Gale.

Reminders from the Main Office Thursday, June 5th

Freshmen/Sophomore Class Luncheon After Exams Game Day Dress Honors Convocation at 1:00pm in Finley Center MANDATORY

Please Return All Books to Teachers on Last Day of Classes

Please Return All Uniforms to Respective Coaches ASAP

Class of 2014

Senior Wills I, Hunter Alcorn, bequeath to: Bryant Vucich: Miracle Grow Keeton Glen: Shank Theory Megan Boericke: Height Mr. Kates: Energy Mr. League: Sigh... Mr. Luna: A head of hair Mr. Durham: A horse choking on peanut butter Mrs. K. Carroll: Nightmares about or class Carolina Christman: The upstairs Angela Connor, College Counseling: A bag of money Mrs. Belk: Ham Sandwich Michelle Powell: Better taste in music Ole Jacob: Khakis Lee Whitely: National ‘Dex Mr. Laskowski: Confessions and Anne Hathaway Julia Meyer: Abby Lee Miller Justin Barber: Megan Boericke Crawford Sloan: Athleticism

I, Chris Antonello, bequeath to: Tristan Hammersla: Krauthammer Jack Phillips: Stop asking me Jack Presson: A roommate for Charlotte Nathan Lamb, Zack Kirkbride, Ian Conley: A viola teacher Joseph Wadley: Croque Dante Sanaei: The gift of silence Ole Jacob Riise: Wasabi, Big Summer Blowout Johnny McNeill: Better comebacks Alex Kansler: Smoothies (with instructions attached), the board, Dan Emmanuel Baende: Le sommeil Kaytlyn Mras: A decent meal Laura Naslund: Mr. Johnson M. Teitelbaum: A French chant album Mrs. Immediata: Hatracks, DBQs, and all things Europe Gage Czito: A job, sushi, Abigail Delaney Roberts: Disney, New York, “senior sass” Aaron Inglee: The future of French Club Abbie Green: Will power to stop drinking coffee Jade Burton: Getting out of the way Brett Haensel: Michael Hall Benjamin Lockhart: A singlecolored shirt Carolyn May: Andrew from work Jordan Parham: Dan Jack Tanner: JDRF Walk Andrew Thrash: Helium balloons Menaka Atree: Nyack Rob Sar: UNC Mel Broughton: John Boehner Theresa Frederick: Pay day from Mr. Shackleford Amanda Frederiksen: Stellar violas Rebecca Qubain & Sarah Miller: Chocolate, with or without nuts Andrew Ziperski: Short rib burger from the Village Grill Bradley Conley: Coach Peek

I, Mary Grady Bell, bequeath to: Robert Cooley: many future family dinners, more advising on Alex’s

gifts, another person to visit after wisdom teeth surgery Clare Zaytoun: struggles in the Honda, lack of air conditioning, getting lost in a storm texting people, country music, a million almost-wrecks, reckless driving, driving without contacts, runs in the neighborhood, ITB hills, the ITB show, “a day in the life of MG”, my math seat, deb ball pics, MARTHA, 5 hour walks through ice storms, New Years sights, owls, dancing in pajamas, secret adventures Lizzy Micyus: THE INDIAN, the two mile, breaking 20 minutes, pep talks, prayer, focus, cookies at the hill, summer runs, Heather and healthtrax, another roommate, “the crunching at 2AM”, another person to nurse you to health at states, the eye infection, an annoying fly Kathleen Brandes: Ovarian Cancer 5k runs, crazy matching leggings Will Farrow: Erin Kelly, FCA president, NHS tapping, your adorable dad, xc cheering, great soccer and lax seasons Ryen Frazier: the grass allergy, hyper sentences, the 4x800, track tans, a spot on the Olympic team, regular geometry struggles, 7th period study hall Nina Barnett: GOPO projects, frantic prom dress shopping, all the Nutella in the world, relief from shin splints, Hood to Coast Keeton Glenn: another older sister, another breakfast bud, another SAKs deliverer, another person to vent to, many great races McLean Voelkel: Sunday walk, face wipes at 5AM Sam Cohen: no more concussions!, another person to die with, Despicable Me, UNC 2019, talks for hours, the FZ, K.F.C. , tons and tons of ice cream Jack Phillips: another person to creepily scare, walks to the Volvo, GOPO, the leggo building website, survival of Hood to Coast Wes Stroud: #7, go heels!!!, hammocking, the dandelion field, the SGA presidency, a trip to FAO Schwarz, state champ wrestler, a lifetime free of rain, cheesecake David Reynolds: many more mass snapchats, SGA, playing for a great school, THE TREE (and little tree), lucky wristbands Justin Bednar: another fan at baseball games, a finger monkey, the 64 core workout, Sunny, team v squad, chats with your dad, a better ice cream eating ability, Spot, the rockette, bible verses, guess what?! Jessica Sullivan: JJ Sulzzz, the scheme, another bus buddy, “ya know what I mean jelly bean?”, SICKKKKKKK, NYC adventures, Brenn, long baseball games Anderson Ivey: the track fam, title nine, “special”, the pre-conference lunch of track 2013, the best 4x800 relay team, study hall, the best chats Carolyn May: the family laugh, someone to make faces at, church strings, the spiney dance, the Grinch pinch Karinn Kasbekar: FREEDOM FROM SARA, 3 new quartet members, church strings Brett Haensel: Another best friend, many track records to break Sidney Vinson: twin running shoes, nervous shaking, the sweetest personality, letters up your sleeve, another person to die with you in mile repeats, another unicorn insta Lucy Russell: SGA secretary, late night texts, more speech pep talks Ms. Moore: another star studded advisory and all the blue notes you never got Cross Country team: Team camp,

more state championships, bingo, tower runs Everyone: birthday cookies and my love

I, English Bernhardt, bequeath to: Wes Stroud: my love, WMPC, a date to Winter Formal Nina Barnett: holding down the fort in choir, Sunday brunches, Gertrude and Mayzie, an incredible senior year musical, WMPC, NYE, someone to trade clothes with, someone to go see shows with, family dinners at the CCC, Drew Biddell, a date to every schools prom, homecoming court, a Segway tour, ITS, NATS trips, picking out the Jeep, Friday morning FOCUS, an amazing senior year Samantha Cohen: middle school sleepovers after cheer camp Sean Mahoney: a hood for your women’s Barbour jacket Caroline Hanson: “Kiki”, Nance, someone to make Dr. Vana mad, taking a tumble during the 100 meter dash Ahmad Ratliff: NCT, zumba w/ Gaby, Jeffrey Scott Stevens and Ian Parmenter, road trips, ITS festivals, special dark, Josh, a dance belt, taking care of Ray, almost walking to Starbucks, booking Kinky Boots on bway, Billy Porter, RuPaul, 5ft away from MSantangelo, car ride Beyoncé jam sessions, high school dances, singing the national anthem for games, track with Gill, St. Baldericks emceeing, Varsity cheerleading, dinner dates, my heart Mary Neff: a new locker buddy, a starbucks date Margaux Steadman: a trip to NYC, Friday morning FOCUS car rides K Flinn: an awesome new advisory (2nd best), a trip to the state fair, a babysitter whenever you need one Tommy Corchiani: a date with MWE West Ellwanger: a trip to the lake Chandler Hammersla: NCT shows, my sincere appreciation for you and your family’s continuous love and support Bailey McNeil: my obsession Kristina Reali: choir, “BB” Chelsea Schlacks: LKG Zachary Chapman: 919-6059337 Theresa Frederick: dinner at the melting pot Ford Layman: plane ride talks with rach wake, Dr. Vana, chacos David Reynolds: ;) JC MacLean: a new math buddy, Ninz McLean Voelkel: a romantic dinner for two…just me and you <3 Stephanie Weihe: summers at LKG, Mr. P James Kirk: someone to say hey to you in the hallway, caught you slippin instas, #noonessafe Señor Luna: deep heart to hearts, Maria, aloe, a job in Grand Cayman, an English muffin KBill: a sing off/shoot out Coach Cox: someone to lead the line-dancing unit, tickets to another RAIN concert,trivia questions, peppermints, another

needlepoint belt, a golden retriever puppy Mr P: someone to bother you 24/7 like I did, BD drama, Tri-M trips, lunch at sweet tomatoes, a huge hug

I, Brittani Bryan, bequeath to: Ahmad Ratliff: Beyonce, CCC lunch, C. Sloan, fierceness, and Tommy Anna Collawn: Supers, funny vines, Brooks Feeser, Frank Hallock Nina Barnett: Gentil Annie, a sko sister Charlette Wade: 4X100, s-driver, Kobi Nia Brown: Cake Michaela Perry: Brown University, track relays Alexis Hunter: Throw it back Thursday and Make it Rain Mondays Courtney Price: Harry Styles, orange sherbert Caroline Hansen: a kitchen, Mitchell, wheelchair, Pearl, Moes, and a camping tent Erin Kelly: a test, Brianna, Meemz Liebs Ally Bonavita: Lily collection, Madison, team basic Aidan Nesvisky: Carol Hansen, Taco Bell, Mitchell, triptanked Crawford Sloan: Crazy fire, country war songs, Taco Bell, every Wednesday, Froyo, high nipples Skye Dietelbaum: A house key, Memorial day weekends Tiger Harris: a razor, Tony Todd, the girl in the black dress, the color yellow, ‘light skins be like’ pictures Eva Simmons: a burping, skipped swim practices, Cassadee Pope, lava cakes Rachel Slossman: Penn State Jessica Sullivan: Judgement from Jod, after practice swim outfits DJ Washington: The U Matthew Silver: Minecraft, blankets Senor Luna: Stretch, a computer that says no, Mexico Waters Mr. Erikson: Capricorns, enough advisory lunch food, Kevin Buckley Dr. Nunalee: New “Sliders” for the mountain trip

I, William Christman, bequeath to: Michael Dyane: A private email address Brett Haensel: Elder if I’m feeling nice, my balance on a longboard, Redmondy’s good health, a pinch of good luck, a Persian warrior elite Ben Kaserski: sane neighbors Andrew Pruden: Leftover running club t-shirts Claire Zaytoun: firework safety booklet Bailey Mcneil: salt and ketchup, hot chocolate Caroline Christman: my car, a third flight of stairs Bradley Conley: My spot in senior lot David Haensen: Your welcome for Mary Powell Keeton Glenn: Less than 50% similarity, a new squadron

Lee Whitley: Divine power Davy Babson: 30 volunteer hours Andrew Vandeburg: HTC adjusted leg 4 Andrew Ziperski: Some pads for backyard football Will Farrow: my name

I, Chris Corchiani Jr., bequeath to: Dave Reynolds: Lucifer, Dubbs, Buckets, car wreck, 16’s, Theo Pinson (rip), Village Christian dunk Tommy Corchiani: Live 5<4Evar, Junior parking, hooping, 16’s, Dingers, Cabo Mclean Voekal: King of school, Lax hall of fame, Physics class, Wynn, Life guard, mini totty John Landers: My golf swing, Lifeguarding class, Samantha Cohen Bryant Vuchic: Weight room, Raleigh Caps, Stagecraft class, 16’s, Weehee Samantha Cohen: Lanks, B.B.H, Handshake Mike Okaru: Starting Pointguard, Buckets and Dimes, Prince Andrew Ejifor: Speed and Buckets, Big body weight training, Kendrick Lamar Wes Stroud: Wrestling domination, Juice man, Pickup bball, sophomore English class Alex Woodward: only dudes in Sophomore English when Wes left, Milk run, Beineke Tiger Harris: President of the school, Kidz Bop, Football touchdowns, D-Sig fiasco, Wingate, Healthy jaw, Over yondah, “We cannot leave hur!!”, Bromance, The beast, 4Evar, Study hall, Cabo Countdown, Aer, Cheesesteak truck Patrick Dorsey: Three ball, Scott Wood, Free-throws in practice, weight room Lucy Russell: Ayo LUCY Lets go Yondah, study hall, tutor skills, dave, Gio, Skye Detelbam: Tigah, Study hall, Aaron Craft, Wolfpack Liam King: Maggie’s Math, Ragin Ravens Justin Pederson: Swag hair, Shag moves, bro Justin Bednar: Baseball , dingers, Da Robbery Sam sutherland: Physics whispers, life guard Anna Collawn: Math class struggle, free pencils, basketball next year Ian Dubose: Dunks, buckets, State championships Nate Cohen: Height, Assists, good health, Stud Jonothan marlowe: Pj battle, coach Billerman, 16’s, Pay attention to plays. Pre-game, nc state tickets Darrion Underwood: Bucket hats, buckets, Jumper, Eminem>Tyga PJ stephens: head band in school swag, swag, deep ball buckets, mid range, Theo Pinson, Uggs Coach Billerman, Dover, Williams: Extended conference winning streak, State Championships, Dynasty, Continued tradition, Nose on the ball, 5 star, A lot of 16’s next year Nina Barnett: Ninnz Abbie greene: mr durham Algebra 1, Go pack

Class of 2014

Senior Wills MJ Malone: Life guard, Homecoming Aiden Nesvitsky: Bad dance moves, Flow, funny guy, math class, JT John Bailey: Chillness, prom crowd surfer, Katty Dubbs robbery, tree house, Jake dillo: Open gym, Jump shot, hand down man down Chris Little: Open gym, Chris, Ledford Mkie Crawford: handles, future, funny guy Jack Van Lockeren: Stagecraft bum, Hype man, ginger, flow, Courtney Jackson Queen & Stocks: Sophomore biddies next year

I, Hampton Crumpler, bequeath to: Gwen Shope: “And it starts right now!”, “Now we shall...leave.”, Mozart, fermented tea Louis Mallison: Being bored, a zippo lighter, good cards in evil apples, and some air Ford Layman: “Dumping dog nuts. Love it”  and a jamming dressing room Mr. Flinn: Bruegger’s bagels, a guitar with a Shubb capo,  the House of Joy, and an advisory that gets along. Mr. Murphy: A unicorn tie for the unicorn king Allyson Take: An animal crossing buddy and the relief that comes when APUSH is finished Mr. Laskowski: Laser-like focus Mr. Vacanti: “Same old crap” , awesome sets,  moon pies, and the swamp water fountain Rachel Slosman: Trips to NATS, playing Zombieville USA and my steel wool sweater Mr. Sharp: Hip flip and some tasty fried foods

I, JT Fritsch, bequeath to: John Bailey: Rhondas Runs Nina Barnett: Blotching Devin Connare: DOOMSURF, The Game In Stage Craft Theresa Frederick: The Island Keeton Glenn: Still Can’t Make Us Laugh Michael Hall: 22!!, Rowdy Kaira Harrison: Sean Mahoney Jack Iseley: Soccer Team, Friz, Taylor Jackson: ;) Liam King: Baseball Bat Polo, Ultimate Beach House, Girls Soccer Team, The Game In Stage Craft, Bird On Snip, Jamaica John Landers: A New Smart Board Sean Mahoney: Monkeys Johnny McNeil: Squid CC Poole: Daughter Ahmad Ratliff: Group Chats Will Reddin: Stack, Craft, E-Hook Mitchell Stumpo: Fights Golf Camp, Helena, Junior, Mitchum, July 4 2012, Scrubs Baby Dance, Lake McLean Voelkel: Chankin, Bad Words Sam Cohen: Sorry 4 the Wait Sterling Price: Sam Sutherland Sam Sutherland: Sterling Price Skye Deitelbaum: After school smoothie adventures with George

I, Claire Fuscoe, bequeath to: Mr. Billerman: someone to call you “Kev” Caroline Christman: good books Ryen Frazier: Endless bottles of lemonade, Mr. Erikson’s highest average, free reign to visit me :) Brett Haensel: Breaking all of Max’s records Mr. Karny: Someone to sleep in your class Chloe Mikles: The swim team, the hardest schedule in the upper school, license to harass Mr. Karny and the permission to sleep in his class Mateo Scheimann: All the big words in the dictionary, Señor Swaim, another AP Spanish class

I, Liz Gulden, bequeath to: Claudia Beller: carpool buddy, Fernando Flucifer Flucius, Spade the cat, chipotle, best charades partner Lynn Johnson: tool sock Tuesday, homeskillet, cheetos on the bus ride, dressing up as santa and yelling at you Carolyn May: HEY CARRIE, idgit Erin Hughes: our emoji, sisters, taking “shots” on you, man arms Kira Muller: power squad, not being able to back out of your driveway Anna Collawn: fistfights, riddles page, gum, MOM! Jonathan Marlowe: a ride to your car, Vanessa’s love Jade Burton: 4 months without you talking to me, not getting smoothies with you Haley Gardner: undying love for manatees Emi Myers: he...he... hey Stephanie Wiehe: blunt typos Sumana Goli: una montaña con muchos rocas y arañas Hannah Makepeace: la mesa de espanol, chick-fil-a biscuit Anderson Ivey: needles and blood, late night ECU camp pictures Axel Barth: Alexito, never making brownies Amanda Frederiksen: the post fam Sydney Sweeny: two suns, deep bus convo Mr. Flinn: your first advisory, lots of blue notes Alexis Hunter: ACL and PCL, weak emoji grandma, cookies, bad tape jobs, crying after games, massages, ripe shoot, AL space Nandi Traywick: homegirl, I’m stronger, your chocolate chip cookies, crying selfies, pink birthday card, pre-game trick plays Cailin Dorsey: low blow, quaff, my rubber ducky, JT, sweet butt, LOLING, car CD, editing papers, :):):), driveway bonfires, fondue, eight pound cookie cake, broken earbuds, almost dying on the exit ramp, creepy facetime face, slow-mo commercials, the greatest pitcher in the world, spin move, matching ankle braces

I, Max Haensel, bequeath to:

Brett Haensel: the patience to deal with Keeton in a position of power, the keys to the cross country and track kingdoms, healthy hips, more Ronin nights, new friends for Frankie, the Haensel legacy Davy Babson: a haircut, many nights with little sleep and lots of planning, the Hawk’s continued love and support Bailey McNeill: Artemisia’s prowess/tenacity Caroline Christman: video games? Clare Zaytoun: Rafi’s self defense course Keeton Glenn: academic eligibility, another half an iPhone, the courage for a rematch with Omar, respectable foul calls, a new superior Jack Phillips: Running Club, another victory at Krispy Alex Payne: a lesson from Will Christman on how to spit game, shot selection, Ken Clapp, my tuck jumps crown Lee Whitley: an alarm clock because brackets lock at midnight, Jerome Fisher, AP Chem Andrew Ziperski: Greg Oden and all his glory, a few more econ classes, the advice of one Tim Phillips, firm handshakes John Landers: floaters, a 2k tutorial, athleticism Michael Hall: spandex for volleyball Michael Gong: another victory at the math competition, some casual clothes, all my love

I, Audrey Hammerstein, bequeath to: Emi Myers: Jonathan Toews, hockey tickets, a bed in my dorm, pretty much everything Austin Morin: French fries, Red Dragon, Schoolkids, styrofoam, mushrooms, adventures, FIFO, butter containers, bottle caps, pizza, downtown Payne Lubbers: Stanley Cup Ring for the Redwings. Oh. Wait. Rebecca Qubain: “Say Something”, More AP’s Mrs. Kelly: Ponies, Afffrica The Softball Team: Way to eye Anderson Ivey: Nothing Zachary Murphy: Someone else to randomly show up at your house Axel Barth: Common Sense Katherine Booth: Canada

I, Jamie Herakovich, bequeath to: Zachary Chapman: 401, a Denali, duck hunting, the beach house Cooper Herakovich: My room, my lacrosse sticks, new motorcycle Warren Myers: 401, straight pipes and 6 inch tips, 37s John B, Banes, Jack V, Paine Train, Will F, Cole C : Lacrosse Team Spencer Beller: #5, Coach Gibbons Coach P and Coach Savage: THANK YOU!, my ankle, hip, and shoulder Mrs. Belk: Boondinis, awesome math classes Senor Luna: Greatest Spanish Classes, the FJ Lacrosse Team: The Back Line, 13s

Football Team: Gonetisms, Fun Run Mrs. Owen: 2nd period skills Tristan: Bournemouth, Elliot, Dylan Dylan Holowatch: Logan, Jimmy, my truck West Ellwanger: Tommy, the beach, Tony Rachel, Vaden, West: Fonville Morisey Christmas Parties

I, Rachel Hianik, bequeath to: Olivia Aschman: 8 seasons together, HIASS, just say a color, 3 pizzas for the whole upper school, GRO lol, all of Katy’s leadership talks, the back of the bus, a state championship, a new passing partner, brick, you’re my idol and I’ll miss you!! Anna Collawn: someone to cry getting lost everytime they drive you home, I’m tired now, chest bump trust fall, taking all of the covers when we roomed in Charlotte, 6 seasons together, strictly orange capped water bottles, all my love Rachel Edwards: another weight room buddy Natalie Hianik: good luck next year, take care of mom and dad! love you Liam King: cheeeeeeea...ter. Hi dad Cailin Dorsey: stick high fives Sophie El-gamal: all the bugs in Africa Karinn Kasbekar: family dinners with Jack, my favorite Kasbekar Wes Stroud & Nina Barnett: visits to Davidson Sydney Schwartz: sports bras and underwear

I, Charlie High, bequeath to: Madeline High: The dogs, the car, my swimming talent, dog walks, “isms”, a Larry L. future, success Dr. Avery: a “linking qui” , vocab quizzes Dr. Nunalee: Fat Math Mr. Murphy: The Maunder Minimum David Hansen: Perfect surf swells, “yeah!” Sydney Schwartz: Better radio stations, 2Chainz, my superior artistic skill, cleaning your paint brushes Spencer Beller: Macro Extra Credit Mrs. Immediata: The French Revolution train, Mark Kishlansky Brian Kelly: Charlie HIGH jokes, “wow, really?” Austin Morin: the Macro struggle, my B+ in art Jack Torborg: Jack-John

I, Miles Holt, bequeath to: D.J. Washington: “Show Time at the Apollo” , Watch Zach Hofstadter : Contra Bass, the Holt stool Donald Fuller: The track hype handshake Cierra Millls: My science knowledge, toy nissan sentra, my chem. periodic table Michala Mills: Senior Parking Spot

Brooke Sharp: Pasta recipes, Spain gear, The pull and bear tokoyo shirt Kenny Bowling: Orange mint condition Holt  nike spikes, hamstring roller, 4x100 first leg Kobi Johnson: My track prac. warmup lap jokes

I, Byron Horton, bequeath to: Tommy Corchiani: The baseline 1 and 6, a school teacher 38. Years of age Johnathon Marlowe: Slave Mentality, a get out of jail free card, PT,1 and 6, A secret stairwell David Reynolds: a bucket, the loose loose, defense, theo/village 1and 6 the ice pick PJ Stevens: The Corner, the hightop bull city 1 and 6 Patrick Dorsey: The stroke, The trey 1 and 6 Bryant Vucich: 40 lbs and a jump shot, 1 and 6 Michael Okaru: 2.11$, the keys to the kingdom of Africa, some food, 25 cents 1 and 6 Andrew Ejafor: a normal teenagers voice, 1 and 6 McClean Vokel: First chair, French fries, Colin Thrash: my apologies Tiger Harris: A high def camera, el squid, Utah, Missouri, the Ye, a safe taxi Alex Romely: The global issues never solved Travis Schaffer: peace and quiet Anderson Ivey: My life and the back row of apes, A swear Jar Rachel Slossman: the struggle, 100, a lightening bolt Cierra and Micalah Mills: a license and a car Sam Cohen: smiles, handshakes Hailey Stewart: Ap gopo notes, some loshe Crawford Sloan: FIFA, the weightt room DJ Washington: Ralph Lauren Stratton Lindenmuth: The Feef, a new couch, a new shed, a new house, Devin Gaines: The feef, Benzima Baby MJ Malone: NeyNasty Justin Bednar: a good wifi connection, the cheeky attempts, the switcharoo Sydney Sweeny: Miami Sean Mahone: the apes doc and the cure for all allergies Jacob the Norwegian: Homework, a diploma Nate Cohen: the fountain of youth Kobi Johnson: hackers Nina Barnett & Olivia Ashman: the back porch in Costa Rica and the double fist pump Courtney Price: Curtains, wee gee boards, teenwolf, the handshake, monk, carpet cleaner. Jessica Sullivan: Carlos Alex Woodward: a key of the finest Alex Payne: the game, first chair Stephanie Wiehe: 2nd chair Wes Stroud: the shimmy, the Oval Office, the switcharoo Lucy Russell’s: SGA Rebecca Quibain: the tenor madness Nia: free Drew t-shirts Skye D: the Krispy Kreme Tristan Hamersle: tennis lessons. Tennis court clouds

Class of 2014

Senior Wills Michael Hall: a sedative Caroline Hansen: admission to the twerk team Ian Dubois: shoes for you to sign, the bull city, money for your kids, a bucket Troy: alarm clock and a tracker Erin Hughes: some food for mike Chris Little: a young mans body Simon: some long pants, dress shirt and a tie Matt Johnson: the back right door of my car and some windshield cleaner. Chase Storch: the answers to all the issues Sarah Lowery: keys to the club

I, Connor Irey a.k.a Fonz, bequeath to: Nolan Irey: The golden turd, The number #1, Chores I won’t be able to do next year Eli Tanner and Max Van Lokeren: pregame milkshakes Alex Payne: some broccoli for use during senior year Benjamin Lockhart: an escape to the Irey house Will Reddin: A Shake weight so you can practice that wrist action Mclean Voelkel: a fire extinguisher in case you catch on fire again

I, Jake Isley, bequeath to: The Baseball Team: fewer rainouts, a state championship, a summer league revival, another season with y’all (I wish) Johnny Isley: All of Mom and Dad’s attention, Nick, a visit to Clemson, a haircut, someone to talk to, beach trips, hallway hazings, “Good job Johnny!” Jeffrey Hines: HI JEFFREY (overly enthusiastic wave), amazing high fives, someone to cut up with during practices, corner drills, the baseball team Mitchell Stumpo: The team, summer workouts, ECU camp, Johnny’s leash, a visit to Clemson Justin Bednar: The team, ECU camp, a throwing partner, a visit to Clemson Parker Castleberry: Johnny’s love, a house to chill at, Dr. Pepper, someone to take the fall for the broken picture frame Pearce Sanders: GRIZZLY BEAR!, hallway hazings, a couple inches of height, a house to chill at, 3 more years of baseba Daniel Strong: DANIEL! , you’re cooler than your sister, DCON, another person to get wrecked during football practice with you, coach Washington’s pep talks, Jesus ball Tommy Corchiani: A shovel to clean out your baseball locker, a neverending stash of green socks, a way to get on coach’s good side. Sydney Jordan: More song lyrics for you to quote, another Titans game, Johnny, someone to take pictures with Jack Iseley: Name confusion, another trip to Spain, getting lost in Toledo with Austin, the discotecca Caroline Gainey: A prom date, a better dance partner Austin Morin: Key Club, another trip to Spain, getting lost in Toledo with Jack

Blake Sanders: Your very own “freshman” interns, Mrs. Velk, unbreakable fishing line. Erick Jordan: Less intense music, another Titans game, 3 more years of baseball John Gainey: A varsity spot, your own fan club Sean Wingo: One of the best nicknames ever, JAIYO! JAIYO! Travis Schafer: The outfield, a microphone Sam Landis: A more convenient baseball locker, the outfield, 3 more years of football and baseball Sarah Lowery: Key Club, Mrs. Thrash, DCON Courtney Price: Weekly Announcements, Mrs. Velk, better video ideas Nina Barnett & Samantha Cohen: Spain, Luna’s jokes Parker Mikesh: Freshman football, physics puns Henry Atkeson: Someone to fetch your kicks in practice Blake Beckstrom: 2 more years of football, receiver gloves Crawford Sloan: “Dude, it’s been too long!” Patrick Dorsey: A hat that fits, 3 more years of baseball Ben Kasierski: Your brother’s legacy Carolyn May: Johnny ;) Mary Neff: Someone to tell Johnny and his friends to stop yelling at you while I’m driving. Jackson Queen, Jack and Eli Tanner: A ride from FOCUS

I, Aaron Israel, bequeath to: Mr. Chissoe: :(){ :|:& };: Mr. Flinn : My part of the award for getting Austin through high school. Mr. Kelly : An unlimited pass to come visit whenever you want.

I, Nuha Kabir, bequeath to: Nina Barnett: @ HonorsPhysicsPeriod2 Axel Barth: FFC rain jacket, NUUUHHAAA Kathleen Brandes: @yagirlneetz Nia Brown: socks, Wedding Cake Wednesday Tiger Harris: The University of Alaska at Anchorage Mr. Brian Kelly: Bollywood Wednesday Mr. Laskowski: Nu2Ha Sarah Lowery: Slup. Austin Morin: classy selfies Mykayla Perry: a new pair of shins, “Twerk for Jesus 2015” Campaign Michelle Powell: a new best friend Charlotte Spence: Rainbow Joe Charlette Wade: core. (with a grill) Talia Wahl: “Bumpin’ Art Show” sign Mrs. Welsh: #apbioisawesome Spanish 4 Period 7: el snipi hipi que hacer pipi en un tipi es muy creepy, MUTEKANDEGAGA, soy wanita y mechoca y’all, the infinite mar, tu gato es mi sueter Sprint Crew: circle-up, Jenna, and a great season next year!! Class of 2015: A great senior year! Anyone I forgot: my love <3

I, Sara Kasbekar, bequeath to:

Karinn Kasbekar: my bedroom, Mrs. Roth, Lamar guy, Sweet Caroline Jessica Sullivan and Caroline Hansen: Boba Rebecca Qubain: the struggle, Colorado, chipotle Carolyn May: Mrs. Roth, JB, ten pairs of ski goggles, the green stuff, sister sleepovers Laura Naslund: The orchestra Mrs. Carroll and Mr. Erikson: a class more obnoxious than ours Olivia Aschman: the basketball team, Lebron, NHS tap Abbie Green: Cowfish, Starbucks, Lamar guy, cake pops, Duke blue shirts Johnny McNeill: Taking care of Karinn, jubala, sola shake, first ride in new car Hattie Gale: homemade ice cream, your parents dancing in Vail Ryen Frazier, Lee Whitley, Jueui Ku: math class Anna Collawn: senior status CC Poole: Your contagious smile, your innocence Mary Mac Glenn: room 506

I, Sam Kasierski, bequeath to: Ben Kasierski: Any of my non-unc gear, control of the radio in the jeep, the ropes Jessica Sullivan: Mikes, UNC acceptance letter, someone else to shout obscenities at you in the hall, Ben Kasierski, Drew Heffring’s house, taza Mr. Karny: My sincerest apologies for my actions in your AP class Mr. Kelly: Baseball practices, Coach Gonet’s bright yellow pants, Coach Gibbons baywatch video Pearce Sanders: Grizzly Bear Sam Landis: Another first name Mitchell Stumpo, Justin Bednar, Jeffery Hines, Travis Schaefer: The paddle, the right to haze, Sean Wingo (God help y’all) The Volleyball Team: A new manager, Sean Wingo Sean Wingo: Some wider eyes, volleyball manager, baseball practices

I, Jessica Kittelberger, bequeath to: Natalie Warren: Coach Hodges, team dinners, Camryn, captain Ryen Frazier: A new math struggle partner, fossa, the baby Axel Barth: Nuhaaaaaa Theresa Frederick: Lana Del Ray, Miley, salty banana, Daryl, a walker Devin Connare: Sleep, salty banana, a great haircut Mitchell Stumpo: Michael Alexis Romley: Miley, unlimited amount of smoothies, percussion fam, snapchat, higher heels, perfect attendance, sleep, Starbucks, strawberry mentos, horror movies, a new prom dance partner, Troy Wilkinson: Common sense, a watch Ben Kasierski: The Walking Dead, freedom Andrew Williams: More sass, food, a bigger house, a new senior to pick on, counting correctly Nolan Irey: Sense of humor Rebecca Qubain: Late night

snapchats, the gang on band trips Alex Woodward: Percussion mom, Mr. P., daily cat pictures, gum, all the freshman, music folders, all the bell parts Mr. P: Private lessons, life talks, the pencil, dragging me around the band room, zoning out, free dinners from All-District Mrs. L: Ozone is NOT climate change; Kyle Mrs. Welsh: Salty bananas, fierce dance moves Mr. Kelly (junior) : My sass; a gnome

I, Robert R. Lippitt, bequeath to: Donald Fuller: a brain and discipline Sam Landis: The football Zach Murphy: French Horn section Daniel Strong: Swim team Tiger Harris: All girls Garrett Hicks: Weight Room (das weights) Crawford Sloan: A healthy football season Jeffrey Hines: A louder truck Troy Wilkinson: a pocket knife Aidan Nesvy: A cigar David Reynolds: What are you doing? Jack Torborg: A reflective vest Lee Whitley: A good science class RQ: St. Baldricks

I, Shane Litcher, bequeath to: Sean Wingo: 5 hour energy, some coordination, 3rd base Pearce Sanders: number for your mom (your new taxi), an inch Sam Landis: A tomahawk and a new back Blake Sanders: A truck that isn’t a copy of mine Warren Myers: Manly tires Hailey Stewart: Luck Jeffrey Heinz: Mustard Dylan Holowatch: a PIECE of heaven Mitchell Stumpo: 4 inch tips, 4 more years of B+, sneaky peanuts Eric Jordan: Heinz as your new catcher Lauren Cook: smh Travis Schafer: arm extender, a velociraptor for lunch Johnny Isley: The Isley name, a baseball mitt, better flow Tommy Corchiani: My uniform, OKAY

I, Jose Martinez, bequeath to: Robin Kikuchi: The title of Khaleesi and leadership of the Dothraki tribe Hannah Makepeace: Trust falls Emily Sikkle: Awkward Snapchat Faces Rachel Ansett: 2nd period study hall shenanigans Gage Czito: Jax and Khazix main….not Kog’Maw Kelawni Hansquine: The word adorable Michelle Powell: Heels Andrew Pruden: Conspiracy theories and Ancient Aliens Baron Rose: The DNS Man Creed Sidney McNabb: Art Foundations adventures Megan Boericke: Walking with my shoes tied together from the

English alcove to engineering class on a dare Chazz Upchurch: Actual Skill with Yugioh cards Rob Sar and Justin Barber: Shake and Bake Mr Kelly: The term: Mexican Bigot Mr Teitelbaum: French 1 Day 1 and the tribunal Mrs Belk: A ham sandwich Jacob Riise: A Pokedex Mrs K Carrol: Nightmares about our class Mr Laskowski: Brittany from the Ski adventure

I, Jamie Mason, bequeath to: Bailey McNeill: group chat, my sister, John Taylor Brett Haensel: my sprint speed Davy Babson: lucky headband, my 4x400 spot, Steve Prefontaine Keeton Glenn: social skills, 18 month plan Will Reddin: sophomore pics, a clean basement Jack Isley: J, starting forward on soccer, Thomas’s basement Sydney Jordan: eggplant McLean Voekel: soccer skills, food lion material CC Poole: a slightly meaner personality Samuel Stump: a good 800m time, spot as captain on swimming Taylor Jackson: 6th period photography, some effort for track Jessica Sullivan: AJ, Nanerz nickname Liam King: risky business Brian Kelly: nothing

I, Thomas Matthews, bequeath to: John Bailey: Masonicing, the defense, someone else to take to the deb ball, cheetos Jack Van Lockeren: a clean slate with your parents, salsa bar, SURPRISE Peter Bogue: NC Barbecue Alex Payne “Train”: the defense, nice pieces Liam King: someone else’s beach house to toss in, lots of eating, bringing the wrestling team to the ship Chubs Bird: pregame rituals, new piece Jack Isley: Naruto Spencer Beller: a neighborhood walk Lucy Russell: hot tub Sean Mahoney: neighborhood shenanigans Robert Cooley: a new bumper Cole Cutter: 40 Caroline Hansen: BHI McLean Voelkel: West Wing Seth Brown: someone to make small talk with Parker Mikish: rose garden Batu Tomac: a bright future

I, Vanessa May, bequeath to: Eva Simmons: Winston dates, loud conversations, friendship rings, matching shorts, late night target runs, a piece of gum to yourself (LOL), lacrosse practice with 5 year olds, shopping trips every weekend, great advice that

Class of 2014

Senior Wills I probably SHOULD listen to, visits to UNC, all my love and a wonderful senior year! Jessica Sullivan: Muskrats, a trip made for humans, Mr. Laskowski’s 4th period APUSH, someone with a louder laugh than you and me, jjsullz, INDAPORE, a great senior year, visits to UNC  Carolyn May: The house to yourself, Snickers, Rafanda, Mt.St.Helena, the Crater to heal, Kateyr2, a janitor to cleanup graduation, salad fingers, the Clements, my violin (if you want it), church violin, the best three years of high school, R.I.P. our beloved mod-pods, spiney dance   Nate Cohen: Target trips, chiggers, basketball/ BBQs with the Clements Caroline Hansen: a deal for my dad’s business, someone else to cackle with, Boba, NAST, Zazoo, a new editor for your essays, making you laugh during choir, Monday nights lol, fun times with Brittani and Emily Andrew Pruden: Chrome charger, someone else’s locker to clean, a running buddy, Promotion from VP to president  Anderson Ivey: Cross country runs, holding down the APES class, a friendship with Michael Hall and Sean Mahoney, Bogus, Sassy, the sexy six, all my love, a fantastic senior year  Anna Collawn: The lax team, unlimited Mexican food, someone else to drive and pay for your cookout, face-time before dates, someone to buy you Bojangles and not have enough money for them self, Kay, jumping into action when I have a toe cramp.  Cailin Dorsey: JT concert, LAX team, “WHAT DID YOU SAY!?”  Sydney Schwartz: KC, Lax  Ahmad Ratliff: The loudest car alarm you can imagine  Reed Margolis: Devon, Carolyn for prom Lizzy Miycus: A barking chihuahua, Hood to Coast Van 2, free PDQ, a goodbye lunch for Pia, someone else to assign animals to people (Syd from Ice age), a fantastic senior year Sydney Sweeney: BBH, Key Club conventions, RAY, cross country camp, Cash fountain, cross country camp Claudia Beller: LAX, Charlotte trips, Tik-Tok Lynn Johnson: Tik-Tok  Keeton Glenn: long morning runs, Hood to Coast Van 2 Johnny Isley: Carolyn Grace Dorsett: ASP, Firebird dates  Sara Lowrey: BBH, key club convention, the twins, RAY Axel Barth: Beach memories, San Francisco siblings, a deal for my dad’s business, praying in public places  Rebecca Quabain: 4th period APUSH, ski trips where I don’t push you down the mountain  Olivia Aschman: LAX, Mr.Kuo and Chinese knowledge, bus ride buddies  Karinn Kasbekar: Wednesday nights..haha, ski trips Aidan Nesvisky: Someone else to spell your name wrong, cookout milkshakes  Pearce Sanders: MINK  Zoe Stafford Price: Panera dates  Chelsea Schlacks: Matching cars

Megan Boericke: Study hall vines, athletic tape, funny game show videos. Kyra Harris: The nickname of Bob Eli Knudsen: Volleyball buddy Emerson Burkhardt: Parker, Almonds Johnny Isley: La Frutas, Candy, Almonds Parker Castleberry: All of the tic-tacs in the world. Almonds Hailey Murdoch : Werther’s original coffee sweets Megan Ragusa: Mrs.Krabs Michelle Powell: Toms, Vans, shoes without heels. Noob children. Hannibal. Emma DeMent: Softball candy, Pen, Paper, Coffee candy Gaelan Bergstrom: French toast. Sophie Elgamal: African bugs and hippos. Hannah Makepeace: All of the witty puns in the world! Gwen Shope: Math with Maggie. Mr. Kates:  Princess the hippo.... can’t bring her to college. Oh also Sir Lancelot and Princess Jr. Monsieur Teitelbaum: French Chants Coach P. and Coach Sav.: Lots and lots of tape and many laughs. Coach Hoggard and Coach Kelly: ONE MILLION WINS! Mrs. Belk : Ham Sandwich!

pound, you, unnecessary speaking of someone’s words, a better lax shot, Mr. Roach, a sleepover and citipass books. John Bailey: JR, Ragin Ravens, a better pillow. Zach Chapman: Something clean, friends that don’t have trucks, a new driver, patches’ lag putts, a visit to Texas. JC Maclean: Lessons on how to actually car slide, an NHL career, a real house, another drivers Ed class, a seafood buffet, shoes other than Timberlands, top lip, unnecessary trauma. Jack Isley: A round of golf, 4 juicys. Liam King: The Horned God, meat, more than 2 hours at BHI, another year as president. John Landers: A better golf game, chad’s medicine. Mitchell Stumpo: A low ride tahoe, Doc Jones. Sterling Price: A truck that turns right, manred. Tommy Corchiani: A better NBA team to follow, more sports common sense, a player other than Bizzy or Parsons. Jack VL: The wood shop. That’s all Chubs Bird: Mini sticks, late night calls, average joes gym, chats. Wes Stroud: Chad, 7 foot bball. Sean Mahoney: Better glasses, normal food, some more golf aparel, Lourdes

I, Morgen McCreedy, bequeath to:

I, Eryn Murphy, bequeath to:

I, Kristen McCarthy, bequeath to:

Jennifer Funsten: A conference championship, sherbet and chocolate milk sleepovers, mashed potato bowls, rooming at college camps Erin Kelly: A conference championship, food, CC, Jonas Brothers, Teen Wolf & PLL, peppering in the back gym Sydney Jordan: A conference championship, summer concerts, candid pictures Rebecca Qubain: A conference championship, NRCA tournament snacks Everyone on the Varsity Volleyball team: A CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP, NRCA tournament, two-a-days, campus laps, 112 sideline sprints Rachel Edwards: Tubing (retreat day) Caroline Hall: Triangle Volleyball Club, a sister Anna Collawn: Dillo, shredding, dat booty bouncing, vines Chase Storch: Kurt’s breakfasts, dah hello Tiger Harris: McDonald’s dollar menu Nina Barnett: Vitamins Laura Ziperski: Josh Caroline Christman: Blocking Moriah Nandi Traywick: My fair fish, Nandini, a solid ankle tape job Caroline Hansen: Moe’s, Lil Wayne, BHI, dayglow Courtney Price: One Direction, beach trips Casey Harris: Halloween, phi delt

I, Patrick McIntyre, bequeath to: McLean Voelkel: Upside down

Alex Woodward: SNL because that’s literally all we talk about, math class, off-campus lunch. Andrew Vande Berg: Ravensnest, frisbee trick shots after camp, naming all 50 states. Allyson Take: Ramin Karimloo, John Truett, anything about Les Mis or Phantom, my tumblr fame. Caroline Gainey: The Tridget of Greva, carpooling once, Ravensguides, awkward greetings, bird calls. Briana DeStaffan: Wendy’s, gossiping, endless face shelves. Zachary Murphy: Mom and Dad, the pets, don’t miss me too much next year. Emi Myers: Audrey, Tangled sing alongs, cub scout, Spirit, school horses. Haley Gardner: Lana Del Rey, Sagwa, zzzzzzzz, contradictory college girls, hey Hailey. Mykayla Perry: our favorite person, crying/laughing, “Goggles?...Please.”, a stool to fall off of, whales, sloths, any other animal you are afraid of. Olivia Aschman: Ben & Jerry’s, prom buddies, I hope you have a great senior year because you deserve it. Ahmad Ratliff: Norm Lewis. Alex Payne: A Ravensnest partner who won’t annoy you. Rebecca Qubain: “cause that would be bad.” Lizzy Micyus: The hallway, a burping dog. Stephanie Wiehe: SOEC memories, sorry we don’t have any inside jokes. Mel Broughton: Star Wars costumes, your puppy that is actually mine. Will Farrow: Zachary Murphy Claudia Bailey: The sports

section, Captain America.

I, Alex Nesvisky, bequeath to: Crawford Sloan: Captain Football, a weight room to yourself, High Point girls, Carolina Hurricanes franchise, a spare back, neighborhood trophies, APD, Archie Specials, a real bed at my house Garrett Hicks: Captain Football, fisherman Henry, weapons class, Steph’s workouts Jack Van Lokeren: Topher Payne Lubbers: track supremacy, Andy, #GraTaTaaaaa, someting cool Aidan Nesvisky: 4 other linemen Dr. Avery: fossa, vegan cheese, English to Latin, fish sauce Robert Petteys: track inferiority, getting the discs Sarah Lowery: chains, Catherine McLean Voelkel: pretzels Erin Hughes: throwing records, 3 more years of track Sam Landis: a herd of buffalo, TDs versus NRCA, a new locker buddy Will Bird: an Audi Cole Kennedy: Marques Ryen Frazier: national track records Tiger Harris: tattoo ink, leg hair Jeffrey Hines: a new locker buddy, Toyota Prius Rachel Slosman: a better hockey team Bryant Vucich: Mr. V, Steve, weapons class Ms. Kelly: a good advisory Mr. Flinn: a decent 1st period English class Mrs. Welsh: shalah

I, Rachel Ormand, bequeath to: Jessica Sullivan: my clothes, dates, the gym, endless trips to Elon, all my love, my secrets, sass, Sandy, trips to UNCW, Mikes, someone else to drive you around, asian food, netflix marathons, patience when you shop Ahmad Ratliff-Brown: Zane, my love, the next star role on Broadway Nina Barnett: The Breakers, Sushi Dates, Boy- talk, musicals, choir trips Kristina Reali: Dr Vana, all of Free People’s clothes Mr. Kelly: another girl to torture, my gratitude Theresa Fredrick: fockey bus rides and talks, focky roommate, all the cats in the world Skye Deitelbaum: breaking into your house, kittens, Scott, London Lucy Russell: another babysitter, be good Taylor Jackson: a bandeau, not Tiger, good judgement Hailey Stewart: CATS Sophomore Class: Beating the seniors next year in Powderpuff Caroline Hansen: London, driving D-Van crazy Anna Collawn: Maggie, fockey, all the food in the world, a D1 lax scholarship Choir: A better trip, Dr Vana

I, Juanita Perdomo, bequeath to: Nina Barnett: UNC, shin

problems, IMC, lol pancake breakfast, Dena, soccer freshies, bumpy bus rides, therapeutic flip flops, good luck next year love you! Mateo Schieman: spanish club, salsa dancing, sketchy cd, ano nuevo Theresa Frederick: girl talk, smashing your phone, fock til you drop Charlotte Spence: secret buddy notes, the honor of IMC, level or understanding, hey Jack Isely: worst treasurer/ secretary, soccer bad luck charm, represent hispanics Lucy Russell: be good Caroline Christman: inappropriate spanish words, joyce, you’re annoying Hattie Gale: last one out locks the door, hattie angry Anna Collawn: casual chest bumps in the hallway, fockey Daniela Mainz: the colombian soccer legacy Laura Ziperski: a hair tie Mrs. Carroll (Ann): 2004 graduation stickers Brian Kelly: best advisor ever, throwing clementines at people, donde esta santa clause, my best bud

I, Christina Potter, bequeath to: Brendan Gilbert: one classy boot and the knowledge when to not literally pick up blondes in order to save shins from damage Robin Kikuchi: the partner to said classy boot given to Brendan and gently used wind chimes Jacob Riise: the ability to not third wheel others in study hall and the title of Viking Hannah Makepeace: the desire to not third wheel others in study hall and skillful mingling with college boys at the beach Maddy Ringenbach: skill in a very awkward nameless game and the superpower to keep milkshake cups from exploding in a vehicle Katylyn Mras: the ability to get to any Goodberry’s a moment before closing time Chazz Upchurch: hugs, so many hugs Kelawni Hansquine: mad paintball skills Rachel Anstett: smiles and safe decisions Rob Sar: peer pressure and the ability to resist it

I, Rebecca Scott Powell, bequeath to:   Michelle Powell: a way to cope with my absence and a better high school experience than I had, as well as a new chauffeur and all my love                                                       Evan Grimes: pop tarts  Megan Boericke: ab workouts and Rhonda runs runs Nia Brown: the 300h state championship you are undoubtedly going to win Hannah Makepeace: hallway hugs Ryen Frazier: the 4x4 legacy Kenny Bowling: tighter compression shorts Kristin Zillmann: the fact that people really care about you and you are awesome, plus some Reign fangirling

Class of 2014

Senior Wills I, Humza Rizvi, bequeath to: Will Reddin: A stronger wrist, a better place to game Bailey McNeil: A new spider Caroline Hansen: Real friends at BHI, Jay and Maury McLean Voekel: Chank, better flow, the book of shame Liam King: BHI, Bidamanda, Justin Pederson: Cary Eva Simmons: A better Spain host Lucy Russell: Model UN and Young Dems finally

I, Zoe Quirk-Royal, bequeath to: Hannah El-Gamal: Untitled documents, charlotte dinners, people you like William Farrow: my motherly love, weird jokes, Am I Right?, Its a good thing you’re pretty, super intense huddles, a great senior year, someone to edit your papers, a favorite breed of dog, a hairc Flinn: someone who gets to school as early as you, a blonde planned breakfast Erin Kelly: Half hugs, #prayerislife, FCA chats, a great senior year Pearce Sanders: Plastic Surgery, someone to pester you Sam Cohen: A great senior year, Bench buddy, no more concussions Kira Harrison: the bench Sydney Sweeney: someone to cram with before psych tests Megan Ragusa: Sports Sociology Ellie Knudsen: weird stares, random laughs in the hallways, frequent visits to USC (please come) Stephanie Wiehe: Winter Formal, Psych Probs, someone to talk about horses with, my love, camouflage everything Girls Soccer 2014: Have a great year next year, no matter the outcome never give up and always stay positive Jennifer Funsten: Childhood memories, a great senior year Nina Barnett: My new ravens soccer shirts Molly Hutter: a clean jersey Bridget Ulrich: weird J. Crew poses Mateo Schiemann: a great senior year, “Matatertot”, american accent, disappointment in peoples spanish grammar Johnny Isley: all my love Lizzy Micyus: a great senior year, childhood memories Jack Phillips: Locker talks, a hug Laura Ziperski: Some pants for cold games, a great sense of humor, clash of clans, a new charlotte room buddy, always being able to make me smile, all your boys

I, Josh Romley, bequeath to: Alex Romley: The Romley Legacy. Be the slacker you know you are yet for some odd reason fill your schedule with AP’s and Honors. Collin Thrash: My Theater. Sophie Raymer: Mr. V. Keep him in line. Also carrots. Not grapes, but carrots.

Alexandra Zuckerman: My sister, don’t let her get too crazy. Mr. Vicanti: Handful of students who aren’t me. Mr. Flinn: An advisory you wish was ours. Mr. Chissoe: A telescope. 01101100 01101111 01101100 Mr. Kelly: Oh wait, never mind, you left. Mrs. Carrol: My homework… or not

I, Garrison Rountree, bequeath to: Robbie Deckelbaum: Tickles from Tristan and Zack + a bag of chips Ben Kasierski: “Sup?”/ sub 5:00 mile Billy Chissoe: hurdles/ 50 400m/ less “I’m hurtin coach” Makhi Crawford: Active Minds Douglas Dillon: “Give me some roooom!!!” Donald Fuller: 6 more inches of growth that the doctor says you are due. Baron Rose: Active Minds Kenny Bowling: Legs like Parentheses. Lightning Yeboah Speed Nia Brown: Summer Knowles’ 100m hurdles record 14.32, Beat Cha’mia!!, Track Xplosion Ian Kagera: Kenyan Speed!/ Quartermile Evan Grimes: “All Kindzzzz” “Desensitized”/ more Doug phrases. 56.00 100 backstroke. Alexis Hunter: Them Skills Kobi Johnson: Cameron Akers’ 14.23 110m hurdles record, Victory over Isaac Johnson PDS, Lane X, Track Xplosion, comments from Jordan and Trinity, Orange Juice kid, Black Santa, Duke University. Chloe Mikles: more swim records, good times, a spot on the track team. Malachi Prince: “Muhlahchee” Sydnie Schwarz: SPEAK Daniel Strong: “All Kindz” , 2:00 200IM, no stutter steps Davy Babson: “Clean” Kathleen Brandes: Heptathlon Mel Broughton: Active Minds Ryen Frazier: Records, Frazier Lane, a sneaky feeling, lane 4 Keeton Glenn: keys to Crossgate/ Johnny Spivey Zack Hofstadter: Low reeds JC Maclean: A handshake/NHL Draft Charlette Wade: 100m and 200m records 12.3 and 25.17 Aidan Nesvisky: A voice different than Alex’s Al Payne: Jazzband with Ms. Burn John Landers: A twin...Justin Crawford Sloan: 49.00 400m and weights Charlotte Spence: good times Samuel Stump: “All Kindz”/ more twins in your feed Brett Haensel: Records sub 10:27-3200m/sub 16:00-5km Stephanie Wiehe: Gold Trumpet Alex Woodward: Marimba

I, Daniel Schwabacher, bequeath to: Davy Babson: Long drives into Wake Forest, All Trap Music, it’s a Jeep thing, the North Hills

police force Brett Hansael: Earth and Water, war rhinos, BRETTER!!, a nicely edited World History essay Will Farrow: Erin Kelly, my everlasting affection, ;) David Hansen: Tennis shoes, longboard documentaries, the NC State parking deck , NRCA playgrounds, track... or basketball, swings, game day dress Tristan Hammersla: Exoctic massage oils, 10,000 feet above sea level Andrew Ziperski: Hey Zip, A Panzer Mach IV Jack Presson: Sportsmanship, honey mustard Alex Payne: Alpha wolf, your ankles that I took on the court Tennis Team: Perseverance Keeton Glenn: Your dad’s chocolate factory, table manners Brad Conley: Follow your heart Brad Connor Gridley: The coolest Sperries ever Daniel Winter: Milk for strong bones Caroline Christman: The upstairs, Land Rovers equipped with superfluous roof racks Omar El-Gamal: Some overly specific things cards Ben Kaserki: Crowbars and doorbells, my heart Bailey McNeil: Nettles Clare Zaytoun: Low-rise apartments James Kirko: An indoor voice Robb Sar: Justin Barber Justin Barber: Robb Sar

I, Jonah Stall , bequeath to: Rachel Slosman: A new favorite hockey, THAT’S GOOD. Chaz Upchurch: A main role in the upcoming play. Sydney Jordan: A new homework sharing buddy! Louis Mallison: A better American accent Michala and Cierra Mills: A new person to buy you food. Brooke Sharp: A great two more years of school!! Gwen Shope: A book of puns. Senor Luna: A wig and a better football team than the Dolphins. Mrs. Lieberman: Some new APES songs for years to come. Mr. Chissoe: New catch phrases

I, Shannon Strong, bequeath to: Daniel Strong: an empty house, Taco Bell, my paychecks, castle bonding, Jesse/Addie instagrams, mom’s lectures Aiden Nesvisky: good hair Johnny Isely: Mean Girl fights, females, a flower girl dress Erin Kelly: summer camp jams, milkshakes, Coach Cox’s stomach Andrew Ziperski: an underappreciated track workout Bradley Conley: the craziest thing I ever did Parker Castleberry: pants to wear when opening doors Lee Whitley: an empty hole in your life from losing me to college Emerson Burkhardt: Baby shoes from Nike, cwonder employees Ryen Frazier and Jueui Hong: Math class with Lee

Wes Stroud: my always sunny and never sassy attitude Cole Cutter: a syllabus with hearts Eva Simmons: Pinterest Will Farrow: your binder Keeton Glenn: snipe hunting Brett Haensel: Haensel family rankings Claire Zaytoun: Reeves

I, Emerson Storch, bequeath to: Chase Storch: Mom and Dad, Being the oldest child, the little guys, my dog, rules, a place to stay at RMC, A Lacrosse Championship, Rachel Avery Edwards <3, Ignorance, Always having to be right, Absolutely all my love. Sophomore Girls: Water, A powder puff victory over the seniors. Anna Collawn: Endurance Eating, Los Tres, Henry, Kelen, Field Hockey and Lax, Carry Norman, Frozen, Richmond University, Sleepovers.   Keeton Glen: Van #1, “Hey you there”, “Have you looked in the mirror you’re honestly perff” Mr Flinn: An advisory that doesn’t hate each other :) Coach P: You’re the best, Friday Nights, countless memories, the jeep, long talks, a special place in my heart, my baby, teaching many more kids how to tape, <3 Skye Deitelbaum: The bean bags, my soft spot, my support Cole Cutter: My little brother, Drive safely with him Seth Brown: Mr. Kuo Kirko James: Hey James, Mr.Vacanti Aiden: Endless thanks Henry Atkinson: Anna, a kicking scholarship Cooper Herakovich and Brock Hoggard: A Football State Championship, all the ladies Crawford Sloan: One of my best friends, Dont give up...please. Casey Harris: Halloween, Phi Delta Theta   Cailin Dorsey and Sydney Sweeny: Coach P, Sports Medicine Nina Barnett: You know who I want to leave you, ab exercises, the weight room, your name on the board Mrs Belk: What the Bleep, Proms, Spike the Weiner Dog, Late Homework Next Years Hood to Coast Team: Advil, Ice, tears, JT’s Achilles, my left knee, Max’s cold, Sherrys Pieway too much of it, and gatorade chews. Erin Kelly: Latin Class, and your Hamster that died of depression Stratton Lindenmuth: You’re my favorite, keep an eye on chase, future proms lol, taco bell, a kiss on the cheek Spencer Beller: That Harrells game Mitchell Stumpo: ITS ALWAYS A GOOD TIME ;) Tiger Harris: Vests, the point, a new study hall crew, TDFW, Taylor, Being a super senior

I, Jimmy Tabet, bequeath to: Brett Haensel: my second kidney,

my left arm, the naming rights to my first born, late-night driving, that scene in 300, all of Ronin, nettles, Rod, Ron, but definitely not Glen, long nights for Frankie Dave Babson: a library in your name, upside down American flag, the keys to Bainbridge, a ride to Wake Forest, one way roads in Greensboro, Hopsin, a drink from the Haensel House fridge Michael Hall: backup cameras, 15 minutes. Go save 15% or more on car insurance for the next time you hit a parked car Tristan Hammersla: my tennis racket. I mean Max’s tennis racket…, chocolate sandwiches Lee Whitley: a BFD Ben Zucker: the sax section John Pupa: nothing Alex Payne: life’s eternal questions, like can Lauren hear Lauren?, alpha wolf, filming of the Grey 2, Tre from End of Watch, Liam MF Neeson the ElGamal’s: ‫كحضم هنا‬ ‫ينعي اذه نودقتعي مهنأل‬ ‫ائيش‬. ‫طقني انأ نهارأ‬ ‫اهب عيمجلا‬. ‫ىلإ ةدحاو نم‬ ‫لالح ىرخأ‬. ‫يأ يدل سيل‬ ‫اذه هينعي ام ةركف‬. Jack Pressen: car rides after practice Jack Phillips: number one seed for tennis (your lucky I’m graduating), Justin Warren and everyone else on DA Dave Hansen: court 6, eatin with my squad, tennis snacks Andrew Ziperski: hallway greetings, a backhand

I, Sarah Take, bequeath to: Ally: Stu and Lisa Gwen Shope: Something you don’t want and my sister Sophie El-Gamal and Lizzie Micyus: Another burpee from healthtrax Kathleen: Swedish fish Brooke Sharp, Charlotte Hood, and Carol Hansen: Kathleen Kristin Zillman: Tori’s stuff Camp Mueller: More impossible c++ homeworks Hannah Makepeace: The master sword Emily Sikkel: Everything Jack Wills Michelle Powell: More vans Katherine Booth: Mr. Teitelbaum Austin Morin: My pole vault skills and “What would Chris Brown do?”

I, Anna Taylor, bequeath to: Sarah Mills: Chipotle chips, 24 hour airplane ride, ice cream, for you to fall out of tubing, my healed arm, Dylan Holowatch, tumblr famous, Toxic, a tarot cards’ connection, A’s in Mandarin, road trips, Ben & Jerrys, Wolf of Wall Street, jet-ski gas, challenging Mr. Kuo, earbuds, Great-Wall-slideride, my love :) Dylan Holowatch: Sarah Mills Erin Kelly: the nice chair, hugs, muffins & cookies, selfies, let your hair down, one-time nail job Mitchell Stumpo: insta likes, a jacket, kindness, unicorns Abbie Green: snapchat hack

Class of 2014

Senior Wills Karinn Kaspekar: hot tubbing, Jubala waffles Mrs. Belk: forever your girl, Kitty Kat, angle side side, Rusty Dusty, selfies, annual cacti, a healthy cor-nee-yah, happiness Mrs. Velk: Helly, a gossip corner, first-kisses video, big earrings, a blanket, my prom dress Mr. Teitelbaum: candy corn, people to hold the door for you, healthy fingernails (no bamboo shoots!), Greek yogurt, gum & fingernail chewing :) Mr. Laskowski: Garrison’s password, meeting Anne Hathaway, skiing lessons, Miley Cyrus, a Durham Bulls’ win, a boyfriend for Beatrice ;)

I, Rosie Waring, bequeath to: Emi Myers: chopsticks, pasta, precalc, a fab senior year, patience, my number whenever you need to rant, endless love, someone who adores your hair as much as I do because I know you hate it Lucy Russell: sga, hillary clinton, someone to laugh at in the hallways, safe weekends (look out for yourself sista, much love) Robbie:  someone to drive you to the library and say hey to in the hallways <3 Claire Zaytoun:  rides home :), any sport you like Q Qubain:  The softball team, someone to throw over your head, position at catcher ;), smoothies and puddles, a batting cage to rage in after a hard day John Bailey: my absence, try not to impeach anyone while I’m gone Moira: SGA memories, have a fun senior year lady DJ: my mom’s baked goods, student government Reed: chicken parm, vans, Mr. Kielty, SGA Wes Stroud:  SGA Presidency (you’ll be the bee’s knees), sandwich under your chair, chicken parm, AP Macro David Reynolds: Daps in the hallway, Student government, movie night, do me proud next year in SGA Emily Sikkel: someone’s phone to take selfies on, Joyce, AP art, chapels to draw programs for Talia Whal: Joyce, someone to make inappropriate jokes with, thats what she said, brandon <3, beautiful prom photos, call me (call me) on the line, call me call me any, anytime (those are Blondie lyrics but really, dont hesitate to call) Mrs. Immediata: Someone that needs reassurance and has good taste in perfume, spoleto, gelato, Dante at the cafe in the morning Mr. League:  Naturalism :) Mrs. Belk: Interlochen, gold back patches, highlighters, deep tutorial convos, scattergories Mrs. Carroll: sharpened pencils, protein bars, public speeches, peanut butter, foodie talks Mr. Laskowski: Anne Hathaway, the bunt dance, deeter, the gilded age, JV softball, SGA Mrs. Welsh:  ho hey, rip-its, #peas, charles darwin, forever my biological mother <3 Coach Kelly: Coach Hoggard’s loveable grammar errors, good

books, someone who swings at high pitches, a manager as cool as Audrey Mrs. K: pi day, coffee breaks, SGA, creepy pieces of art, geometry Varsity Softball: Coach Hoggard, good weather, woah mama, sauna suit SGA: awkward moments, my mom’s cooking, pasta dinners, movie night Axel Barth: Someone to call ‘Roz’, Joyce, art-z pictures Seth Brown: Joyce, artistic intuition Devin Connare: 5 minute AP Bio hallway breaks, our biological mother, good hair days, dirty L’s Austin Morin: sushi, someone to jeer at in the hallway, schoolkids records Courtney Price: someone to save from disastrous car crashes Sam Landis: Mr. Kelly’s germs Patrick Dorsey & Travis Schafer: impossible baseball scenarios, the ipad Nate Cohen: the ‘responsible’ use policy, mom’s cooking Ian Dubose: hey Ian :) Brett Haensel: SGA, Mr. Laskowski Ben Kasierski: hey ben, you’re super sweet please don’t change, <3 rosie Sydney Ramey: loosey goosey, Ks, Coach Hoggard Collin Thrash: camera lenses, the durham bulls, Coach P and Coach Savage Emma Dement: softballlllll, coach hoggard Michelle Powell: good swings, coach hoggard, hops, left field Sydnie Schwartz: artistic intuition, SGA, joyce, atria Senor Kates: Pop tart Fridays, Xander, adventurous trips, a spanish student who can’t decide what language she really wants to speak Mr. Kelly: new students to annoy the crap out of, dugout convos, a double on the softball field, slightly deaf students who can’t annnunnnciattttteeee, eskimos, annie dillard, can I eat this food in here?, ya you betcha marge

I, Robert Vaughan, bequeath to: Maclean Voelkel: Petey, Magic treehouse, freakin chemistry baby, broccolli, Wynn, 2k, tottie’s mancave, hottub John Bailey: Petey, Magic Treehouse, broccolli, 2k, tottie’s mancave Jack Van Lokeran: Magic Treehouse, Petey, tottie’s mancave Lucy Russel: Tottie’s love Mrs. Belk and Mrs. K: My love Robert Cooley: Chelsea Schlacks Matt Johnson: Your secret lover, scissors, money for an operation Spencer Beller: Parker aka “caroline” Will Reddin: A new wrist, pool table Liam King: Princess, $70 Tiger Harris: Cabo Drew Davis: Ice Cream Cole Cutter: Ice Cream, pretty boy, nugget Jackson Queen: More rides home

Max Van Lokeran: Pics baby Aidan Nesvisky: Prom date

I, Collin Vernal, bequeath to: Warren: lift for his truck Zachary Chapman: golf clubs Samantha Cohen: everything Taylor Jackson: half of everything Mrs. Velk: all my video skills K Flinn: NASCAR... And health care

I, Lila Welsh, bequeath to: Michelle Powell: Rock salt, Bear hands, 21 Pilots Evan Huseboe: Nothing Gaelan Bergstrom: A mad man with a blue box, A high functioning sociopath, Nerd talks, The moon, Space Charlotte Hood: A squeaky wheely chair Kaira Harrison: Snappy comebacks, Witty item being willed Mykala Perry: Sloths, More sloths, Whales, My greatness, My vanity Mrs. Beineke: A new Corvus editor, My runaway quarter, A quiet Yearbook class, A less entertaining Yearbook class Caroline Welsh: All of my love, Grey’s Anatomy, The bathroom all to yourself Mrs. Welsh (Momma): The biggest cubby, No more Disney in the morning, One less person to nag Mrs. Lieberman: A better world Mrs. Belk: All of my late (missing) homework Mr. Murphy: Unicorns Mike Dayan: Pluto Mr. Brian Kelly: The most memorable quote of the year Sophie Raymer: Perfect Carlos, His perfect hair, Not Steve Carlsburg, The Glow Cloud, Librarians, Klaine Grace Berry: Bear hands, Panic! at the Disco Dr. Avery: Sleeping Queens Mr. Karny: A new JV Volleyball manager

I, LdotYoung, bequeath to: Tommy Corchiani: Russians, Team 15, the stories, Italian mob, my freestyle skills, 16’s Sam Landis: the love Mrs. Belk: a souvenir shop with a whale bone in it, the lucky tie Tiger Harris: Tyyyyyygah, we bruvas, kidz bop, 12’s or 16’s?, bullies Crawford Sloan: Odysseus, a weight room the size of Texas Mrs. K: infinite coupons, another student to be your 2nd Patrick Dorsey: the ultimate juice, p…head Patty, Team 15, my ratty, 16’s Andrew Ejiofor: Mia or Nia?, Josh Newkirk’s phone number, the legend of Sebastian, weight room, 16’s Bryant Vucich: stagecraft work, 16’s Mike Okauru: Prince Okaru YOU ARE ZEE ZAVIOR!, what I taught you, my 2K skills, 16’s

Ian DuBose: a high schoolers’ body, 16’s David Reynolds: the team, Davey Juiceman, 16’s PJ Stephens: BUCKETS., nose on ball drill, no gear, weight room, 16’s Daniel Strong: Questions of the Day in the football locker room Jonathan Marlowe: the handshake, Team 15, 16’s Katie Hahn: all my work in government, Jeff’s baseball card Garrett Hicks: the LB’s DJ Washington: the LB’s, infinite candy, #4 Clare Zaytoun: art class Payne Lubbers: my basketball for post workout fun Anna Collawn: chicken mini’s Drew Davis: Leesville shorts Sr. Luna: Uno, dos, tres... Galapagos, baby Jeff Gordon driving skills, listos? favorite (after me)

I, Laura Williamson, bequeath to: Carolina Welsh: Pingu, “Finished!?”, every tweet I’ve ever written, a traumatised May, Grey’s Anatomy, a beach house, a ratchet Bojangles, the mile high swinging bridge in 90mph winds, the Blood Moon, headlamps, real golf, the rights to snapchat, nooot noooot, dolphin noises, an old lady shaking her fists at you for all eternity, the ability to hit a baseball, handstand the longest, a certain yearbook picture, the monkey henna, surf boys with sunglasses shielding their necks from the sun, “all year round”, “liiiiiiiiiiiilllaaaaaarrrr”, ‘haaar haaar”, more twitter followers, sledding down a sand hill, a 3:50am alarm, smores, Jenessa from bridalplasty, hallelujah, a look. Michelle Powell: A wardrobe full of camo, a new fourwheeling partner, a place at UNCW, a corsage or just an actual prom date, Evan Peters, the hallway toilet, vans, a surfboard with my face on it, the ability to sleep in a bed without a sleeping bag, an invitation to party in England, RM, “I found this song before anyone else”, shotgun, something from starbucks, the food off my plate, Benedict Cumberbatch. Alexx Kansler: A new Georgetown twin, a plunger for future use, the rights to Florida. Maddie Ringenbach: All of Washington D.C., something camo, a slam poem. Julia Meyer: A plunger, the ability to not get in trouble. Axel Barth: Nuuuuuhaaaaaaaaa, “Does she even speak English?”, everything artsy in the world. Mrs Welsh: Salty bananas, gangster rap, a book on tape, ear jollies, kevin spacey in a cake, robot dancing, shaquille o’neal, smallpox, trippy lsd life videos, the scouse accent, ELLO GOV’NA, david attenborough’s voice, “this reminds me of when your father and I met”, the ability to “drive safe”, all the talbots, candy cane cookies, a hug, mountain dew, your Iron back, shakaaaaaaa, OUR

BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. Mr Murphy: The Unicorn King and his crown, the ability to say “Mersey” like people from Liverpool, Pink Floyd. Ms Lamond: Liverpool winning the league, a smile. Mr Kates: Washington D.C., the next, all new, shiny, ESU scholar. Sabrina Earp: All the sourpatch in the world, your seat in Global Issues back. DJ Washington: Ping pong lessons and a ticket to China. Menaka Atree: Disney Land, something to do in Online News. Theresa Fredericks: Lana Del Rey, a pen pal, a salty banana. Katharine Elliott: A Union Jack, dairy milk, fish and chips, the Queen, corgis, big ben. Devin Connare: A plant that doesn’t die, a salty banana, Wu Tang.

I, Joelle Zapotosky, bequeath to: Gwendolyn Shope: a new sidekick, your mini shoe, anopheles quadrimaculatus, how to wall twerk 101, the 5 act play on how you evolved to still be a caterpillar, ownage pranks voices, someone to search the grounds of UNCSA with, shoes that actually suit you. Allison Take: IceJJFish, the wild chasing turkey, “shanks Parker”, someone to beat up on stage, the opportunity to perform The Forbidden Copy, a buddy to clean the theatre with. Louis Mallison: a new cross, some air, Leonardo DefriggenCaprio, IHOP, a lamp gyro. Rachel Slosman: the jones, a jacket without fake blood on it, someone to sing with over the headsets, sound guy, someone to hit you with snowballs when you mess up, 10-4. Caroline Gainey: a new fishing rod, what is in my chinese lunch box, a tandem biking buddy. Sophie Raymer: grumpy cat. Collin Thrash: the tractor, 10-4.

I, Tori Zillmann, bequeath to: Stephanie Wiehe: Off-Campus Lunches, Michael Bublé Allyson Take: Highlighted APUSH Books, Hide-and-Seek Lizzy Micyus: Longer shorts, Finished LOs Sumana Goli: Muchas Montañas, Good Karma, Online Shopping Hannah Makepeace: Captain America Gifs Axel Barth: Nuhaaaaa, muchas fiestas Haley Gardner: Instagram Likes, St. Tim’s Drama Class Travis Schafer: busy weekends Alex Kansler: Mean Neighbors(; Kristin Zillmann: Lonely House, Starbucks Runs Michelle Powell: A Chauffeur Erin Kelly: APES Field Trip Selfies, plenty of photobombing Ally Bonavita: Parenting Bubbles, Testing Car Exhaust Megan Boericke: “White Girl Swag” Mr. Flinn: A good - but not better than your first - freshman advisory


N evarmore Class of 2014


Varsity Sports: Spring Recap

h aley Gardner As the spring sport season Staff Writer

winds down, many of the Ravenscroft teams advnace on to conference and

state meets, matches and games. This year, many of Ravenscroft’s varsity teams did very well in their seasons,, including varsity boys and girls track, varsity boys golf, and varsity boys la-

Varsity Boys Track

2014 TISAC Champions

Varsity Girls Lacrosse

Varsity Boys Baseball

Varsity Girls Softball

crosse. The lacrosse teams and the golf team had winning records, with both lacrosse teams making it to some round of the state playoffs, and Left and Right: The varsity boys and girls track teams had a great season this year. They are the 2014 TISAC champions, and they will be moving on to states. Brett Hansel, ‘17, broke the boys 3200m school record, Nia Brown, ‘16, broke the girls 100m hurdles record, Garrett Anderson, ‘14, and Kathleen Brandes, ‘15, broke the boys and girls pole vault records, and finally, Keeton Glenn, ‘15, Jamie Mason, ‘14, Crawford Sloan, ‘15, and Will Christman, ‘14, broke the boys 4 x 4 record. Photos by Susan Washburn.

Right: The varsity boys golf team held a record of 23-5. At the Keith Hill Invitational they recieved 2nd place out of 16 teams, and they got 2nd place at their conference match. Photo by Susan Washburn. Left: During their regular season, the varsity girls lacrosse team had a record of 16-2. They will be moving on to play the State Championship Playoffs on Saturday, May 17th. Photo by Collin Thrash, ‘16.

with the golf team winning 2nd place at the Keith Hill Invitational. Additionally, both the girls and boys track teams won the TISAC Conference, and they will be moving

on to states May 16th and 17th. Many of the runners also broke school records for their events. Congratulations Ravens on a great season!

Varsity Girls Track

2014 TISAC Champions

Varsity Boys Golf John Landers, ‘15, 1st Place Keith Hills Invitational

Ryan Gerard, ‘17, 7th Place Keith Hills Invitational

Varsity Boys Lacrosse

Right: The varsity boys lacrosse team made it to the 2nd round of state playoffs, and held a record of 13-2 at the end of the season. Photo by Susan Washburn. Left: At the end of the season, the varsity boys baseball team held a record of 10-11. They won games against St. David’s, NCRA, Cary Academy, Durham Academy, Grace Christian, and Wake Christian. Photo by Collin Thrash, ‘16.

Left: The varsity girls softball team ended the season with a record of 4-10, beating NRCA, St. David’s, and St. Mary’s twice. Photo by Susan Washburn.

Varsity Boys Tennis

Left: The varsity boys tennis team held a record of 4-7, beating NRCA, Cary Christian, and Wake Christian twice. Photo by _______ Right: Varsity girls soccer finished the season with a record of 2-13-1, beating Cary Christian and Wake Christian and tying with St. Mary’s School. Photo by Susan Washburn.

Varsity Girls Soccer

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