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December 2013

Nelson Mandela Former President of South Africa

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary who was imprisoned for 27 years and then became a politician and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.

Born: July 18, 1918, Mvezo, South Africa Died: December 5, 2013

Anna Collawn, ‘16, Sydney Jordan, ‘15, and Liz Gulden, ‘14, use personal technology while on campus during Journalism/Newspaper class, but are mindful of the Ravenscroft Acceptable Use Policy.

Acceptable Use Policy Photo by Stephanie Wiehe

What happens when the Chrome becomes tarnished? Stephanie Wiehe When the issue of student use of technology came Editor

up in Upper School History Instructor Mark Laskowski’s government class, the members of the class took a close at the existing Acceptable Use Policy and concluded that it needed an update. They participated in an in-class project designed to offer the students a chance to work as a legislative group writing a real proposal, while giving students a chance to offer input on policies that directly affect them. The new proposal was headed by sophomores Evan Grimes,

‘16 and Bridget Ulrich ‘16. The Acceptable Use Policy is signed by each student of the Upper School, along with his or her parents to ensure understanding of the responsibilities that come with privilege. Upper School Leadership team is currently reviewing the proposal and has encouraged the Student Government Association to create and submit it’s own version of this proposal. All students are welcomed to participate in the discussions about this proposal at the SGA mettings in early January.

The Current Policy


he school’s Acceptable Use Policy, signed by all students at the beginning of the year, inculcates that all Ravenscroft technology is “a privilege not a right,” and that all technology is to be “monitored by the “network administrators to maintain system integrity.” This simple statement gives the school the rights to search all technology belonging to the school and to administer disciplinary and legal action in the face of offenses regarding rules such as follows:

Activities NOT Permitted While Using Ravenscroft Technology: -Game playing -Sending personal email -Altering the appearance of desktop, cursors, or other icons -Downloading or streaming videos or music -Using obscene language or harassing, harming, or insulting others

Consequences for Violating Ravenscroft Community Standards:


f a student is caught on campus with any material of offense, a member of the Upper School Leadership Team (and, when appropriate, the Head of School) shall investigate the issue, contacting the student(s) involved and their parents, and issue a consequence in keeping with the disciplinary code of the school. When legally required, the school will report the offense to the public authorities. The school may also suspend or expel a student for any other activity that is unlawful or particularly egregious. In all cases in which the Ravenscroft Community Standard has been violated, the guilty student will be required to make restitutions to the victim in ways such as writing a formal apology to the victim of offense. The students involved might also be required to “talk-it-out” under proper supervision. A student who commits a second violation of the digital aspect of the Ravenscroft community standard (including sexting, cyber bullying, or any other serious offense) could be expelled from the school.

Unlike the current Acceptable Use Policy, the students’ proposal outlines specific guidelines and consequences for the use of technology, both of the school and not, on and off campus.

The Proposal

Grimes, ‘16, and Ulrich, ‘16, headed the development of not a replacement for the acceptable use policy, but a supplement including the Ravenscroft “community standards” for use of technology. These community standards outline offenses including sexting, cyberbullying, and other technological misuse.

Community Standards



he act of sending via text message, Instant Messaging (IM), or any other form of electronic communication an image of any person (including oneself) that is sexually suggestive and/or involves partial or complete nudity. The term also includes saving, storing, or retransmitting of such images with or without the approval of the person seen in the image.

Cyber bullying

The act of harassing,

humiliating, slandering, emotionally degrading, or defaming a person through the use of a computer, phone, pager, or any electronic device capable of transmitting messages.

Abusing Technology


he use of school technology in improper ways such as cyber bullying, visiting inappropriate sites during class time, or committing other actions using school technology to engage in conduct deemed by school policy or the school’s Leadership Team to be unacceptable, unproductive, or otherwise contrary to the purpose of using technology to support the mission of the school.




Students Share Colorful Experiences at Conference Table E of Contents S mi Myers


Haley Gardner & Rosie Waring

Page 3 National/International Adam Jordan

Page 4 Fame Emi Myers

Page 5 Editorial

Emi Myers, Stephanie Wiehe, Austin Morin

ix Upper School students accompanied by eight faculty members traveled to National Port, Maryland for the National Association of Independent School’s Student Diversity Leadership Conference and People of Color Conference respectively. Students and faculty both spent 30 hours spread over two and a half days from December 5th through 7th to explore the idea of diversity in and outside of the classroom in addition to finding solutions to combat prejudice and oppression. In order to attend this conference, students submitted applications and the faculty advisors selected six students to attend: Jessie Lutz, ‘14; Tate Replogle,’14; Emi Myers, ‘15; Samantha Cohen, ‘15; DJ Washington, ‘16; and Nia Brown, ‘16.

The Ravenscroft faculty and students posed for a picture just before leaving on Saturday. Photograph provided by Jessie Lutz, ‘14.

Page 6 & 7 Social Media

Stephanie Wiehe

Page 8 Quiz/Riddles


Ally Bonavita, Sydney Jordan, Liz Gulden, Anna Collawn

Pages 9 Jingle Bell Walk Austin Morin

Answers to Riddles Anna Collawn & Liz Gulden

Page 10 Incognito/Sports Update

Students Tate Replogle, ‘14, Jessie Lutz, ‘14, and Nia Brown, ‘16 pose for a picture in the lobby of the Gaylord Convention Center. Photograph provided by Jessie Lutz, ‘14.

Mel Broughton

Attention Club Leaders:

Page 11 Q&A

Anna Collawn, Sydney Jordan, Ally Bonavita

Page 12

After Holiday Break, all club leaders must send an email to Helen Velk ( and Kevin Billerman ( that gives a brief update of activities so far this year including, number of meetings, events, fundraisers, etc. in order to retain your active club status in the Upper School this year.


January 2013 SUNDAY


TUESDAY First Night Celebration New Year’s Eve!


Nevarm re nline

Instagram/Look-ALikes Emi Myers, Gina Patalano, Haley Gardner

Over 1,300 students from other incalled “Friendship Heights: Diversity 201” dependent schools ranging from New York that explored the concept of diversity further to California were separated at random into than the regular curriculum. “family groups” that discussed and learned Looking back, Lutz comments on her about diversity as it applies to everyone experience with, “Words won’t do this justice. through race, age, gender, sexual orientation, I just know that I’ve been touched by everysocioeconomic status, and religion. one at SDLC and I’m so grateful that I was “I especially appreable to go twice” and further ciated fellowshipping with stating that “They say it’s life “They say it’s life the students from all across changing, and for me it truly changing, and for me it has shifted my perspective enthe country. It was great to be around people who share truly has shifted my per- tirely.” the same background that I Affinity groups were a spective entirely.” have and exchange ideas second major component to - Jessie Lutz ‘14 the conference. These groups about how to get through our daily struggles,” said SDLC Participant were separated by ethnicity Brown. and an additional group for Like many other stuLGBTQIA teens. Myers, ‘15 dents, she values the experience as an educareflects on this time as her “favorite of the extional opportunity but also a chance to meet perience, along with meal times, because they students from a variety of regions outside of were heavily discussion based” and also gave the regular comfort zone. her “an opportunity to hear from many people Lutz was a second year attendee and who have had similar experiences because of was able to participate in a specialized group cultural and ethnic consistencies”.


Page 2 SGA, Clubs, Calendar




Jay-Z Greensboro


Canes home game

School Resumes

Holiday Break


Golden Globe Awards on NBC


Canes home game

Duke B-ball Home game

home 14 13 Canes game


1 New Year’s 2 Day!

Holiday Break


UNC B-ball home game


NCSU B-ball Home game

Canes home game




Canes home game

NCSU B-ball Home game

home 10 Canes 11 game The Legend of Hercules Movie release

NSCU B-ball home game

Duke B-ball Home game UNC B-ball home game Canes home game






home 25 24 Canes game

Jack Ryan Movie release

I, Frankenstein Movie release



Jay-Z Charlotte Paranormal 3Activity 4 concert movie


Duke B-ball Home game

26NCSU B-ball 27 Home game UNC B-ball home game




NCSU B-ball Home game


home 31 Canes game Labor Day Movie release


Duke B-ball Home game



What in the World?!


Local Adam Jordan

Two New Bern Men Help Injured Veterans to Have Holiday Homecoming


Former UNC Professor at Center of Fraud

Steve Tyson and Jim Casti

Julius Nyang’oro,

started a fundraiser which pays all the expenses for wounded warriors to come home for the Holidays. It has raised over $2 million.

former professor of African/African-American studies was convicted of accepting $12,000 for a class that never occurred.

National New Amazon Drone Technology Raises Questions

Amazon recently introduced “Prime Air”. A new system

which would allow drones to carry certain packages to certain locations when ordered on Amazon. Many question the safety of these drones, as the FAA still deems the commercial use of drones illegal.

New York Train Ride Ends in Disaster

On Sunday, December 1

a New York City metro train derailed after going 82 mph around a curve with a speed limit of 30 mph killing 4 and injuring 63. st

World Syrian Conflicts Spill into Lebanon


ripoli, one of the largest cities in Syria-bordering Lebanon, was authorized to have the army take over security due to riots between two opposing districts in the Syrian conflict. Much of the city shut down Monday, December 2nd due to the conflicts.

Emergency workers come to the scene as bombs outside the Iranian embassy in Beirut killed dozens and wounded scores more today, Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013, in what was widely seen as a retaliation for Iran and Hezbollah’s support of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

85 Year-Old Man Detained in North Korea Appears Healthy

A Korean War veteran was detained in October after

a 10-day trip to North Korea. The Swedish ambassador to North Korea met with the man in a hotel and reported to US officials that the man appeared to be healthy. Efforts are ongoing to bring Merrill Newman home.

Merrill E. Newman, an 85-year-old retired American soldier held by North Korea for more than a month, walks with his wife Lee, left, at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco, Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013.


O Nevarmore Big Concepts Worth Contemplating:



Social Media

Actress Tippi Hedren is honored with a star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” on Thursday, January 30, 2003, in Los Angeles, California.Picture from MCT Campus


Myers Editor


ollower ratios, likes, retweets, and virtual friend counts. As much as people might deny it, they care about the numbers and the numbers don’t lie. Each new notification on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Vine count almost like tiny victories and with smart phones constantly connected to 3G and beyond, it is undeniably inescapable. This simply begs the question:

Why do we care and why don’t we spend more time making real friends?

According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, American board-certified internist, addiction medicine specialist, and radio and television personality, this obsession with the numbers comes from the ultimate desire of fame. This new phenomenon is caused by the ease of access to a variety of social media websites with the help of “role models” who became self-made stars. Consider Jenna Mourey, better known as Jenna Marbles. Three years ago, Mourey’s video “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking” received 5.3 million views within seven days of it’s publication. Now, Mourey is famous cashing in at 11.5 million subscribers and views consistently in the millions

as well. Although her kind of humorous banter can be passed off as funny, our perception of normality does not end there. As celebrities are featured under the “role model” category, people begin to see their behavior as acceptable and even desirable causing an increase in that behavior. Previously, there were very few ways to leave the masses and enter the celebrity world but now, everyone has access to the possibility of fame through social media. More than this, the idea that every tweet, picture, or video that gets posted comes back with feedback that is taken as public validation, or lack thereof, for a person’s life in general. As this kind of attention seeking becomes commonplace people, teenagers especially, begin to post more unique and increasingly outrageous material. By the same token, school “popularity” can be determined by hard and fast follower counts more than a loosely defined group of friends. Fame offers wealth, special privileges, and unlimited attention that are appealing to almost everyone due to the human instinct to achieve upward mobility but psychological studies, as explored by Dr. S. Mark Young, Professor at University of Southern California, have shown that adolescents are far more susceptible to the seductive nature of the celebrity

Our thoughts:

Insecurities are more real on social media

Most people are just trying to outdo each other

I just don’t say anything on twitter I don’t want everyone to see. Why even tell people you don’t know personal things? is funny because it’s stupid.

Many people ask for provocative feedback but then get mad at the responses.

lifestyle. Scientifically speaking, this comes from the lack of development in the pre frontal-cortex that processes and identifies emotion and reasoning. The almost absence of rational thought can lead to poor decision making like sending a risqué picture or tweeting a joke with bigoted undertones for the sake of a few likes of 15 minutes of fame… and it works. Frequently when teens toe the line of acceptability, or even cross it completely, they will be met with an outcry of contempt from adult figures and cheers from fellow peers. Unlike previous generations, the disapproval and punishment coming from adults isn’t enough to curb the tendency and this should come as no surprise. A quick glance at fading stars like Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, and Charlie Sheen who have recently re gained public attention through radical change, arrest, and drug abuse clearly shows the effectiveness of the behavior.

Why don’t we spend more time making real friends?

What’s better, more or less? Even the toddlers from that annoying Verizon commercial know the answer to this one, “more and we want

more and we want more.” It turns out, this idea doesn’t just apply to a faster 4G LTE network. Think about how many more cyber friends than you have people you consider friends in real life? That compared with the hundreds to thousands listed on your Facebook profile or the 6 billion possible friends, or enemies as it may be, on anonymous sites like This isn’t to say that all social media induced fame is a bad influence. Talia Joy Castellano came to fame by posting a YouTube makeup tutorial following her cancer diagnosis. She garnered over 1 million YouTube subscribers and almost 2.5 million Instagram followers. Each vlog post and Instagrammed picture raises awareness for cancer even after her death on July 16, 2013 as her mother and sister continue to post.



ven has a drawback and that would be personal connection. Luckily, there’s an App for that too! Tinder is a dating App adapted from the “Hot or Not” game. The premise is that a picture will pop up on the App with a heart or an “X” and if both people select the green heart, the conversation is a go. Their slogan? Well of course, “It starts here. Tinder is how people meet. It’s like real life, but better.”

Kindling Flame or Starting a Wildfire?

A study done by Appthority,

a company that tests the security of private information on Apps, found that Tinder was not only making sensitive information like birthdays and Facebook IDs but the exact longitude and latitude of each user was documented and easily accessible with a “simple hack.” This security breach was addressed by Tinder’s CEO, Sead Rad, as a “very, very brief security flaw that we patched up very quickly.” Even after the problem was fixed Tinder continues to pinpoint users’ locations in relation to other users down to hundredths of a mile undeniably opening the door for child predators, kidnappers, and stalking.





hile most social media is used for harmless, entertaining, social interactions, inappropriate use of these sites is becoming more and more prevalent, both intentionally and accidentally. The aspects of anonymity involved with different social media applications, such as Snapchat, entice young adults into sending content they would not want exposed to large groups of people. Inappropriate pictures and videos now have an outlet, other than text messages, through which they can be distributed and because it is so easy to publish personal details, users, especially young people, often forego the usual filters and precautions that they would consider when posting information. According to Cornell University’s Steven Strogatz, social media sites make it hard to distinguish between meaningful relationships and casual acquaintances formed online. 55% of teenagers admit they have given out personal information to someone that they do not know, including photos and physical descriptions. Someone may post a video of them scantily dressed, imitating Miley Cyrus, feeling assured that only her 100 or so close-friends and followers will see it. But what happens when one person sees that video of you and your friends “twerkin” it like a pro,” and decides to send it around? Teenagers do not realize the lasting consequences of their actions or that whatever is posted online remains available indefinitely. Snapchat stores every photo sent through its servers (bet you didn’t know that one) so pictures you do not think will be seen for more than a few seconds (watch out for “screen-shotters”) are permanently archived for any FBI agent, president or just plain important person to look up. The Library of Congress also has a database filled with tweets about how you “can’t even,” or about how much you hate your school, so while posting negative, mean, or just comical information may seem funny at the time, it may not be so harmless down the road when it reappears to a parent, college, or possible employer. Most sites offer options to provide some privacy, however these options are easy to forget or avoid by retweets/reposts/tags and a majority of information put on social media sites is done anonymously. There are pages dedicated to exposing “funny” moments caught on camera, usually involving an embarrassing or incriminating picture of a person who wasn’t even told it would be posted. Twenty-four percent of teens have had private, embarrassing information published without their consent. Social media encourages people to be more public with their private lives, and considering that 73% of teenagers use social media, it’s safe to say there is a lot of information out there about a lot of different people. Think about it; you could be running for president in 20 years, and all of a sudden that video you completely forgot about from like, forever ago, is playing on CNN, NBC and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, just because one person happened to come across it online when Google Searching “Gas Pedal” because it happened to be his or her favorite song. The bottom line is, people need to clean up their social media profiles. Teenagers need to start thinking about how this picture or that video would affect them if it happened to be made public, because most likely, it will. Just go ahead and assume whatever you send, post, retweet, snap, or like, will be seen by your grandmother, and think about what she would say. Be smart! Start the hashtag “Pause Before You Post!” Try to put your future over the desire to get “those likes” and don’t let your grandmother see a picture of you TFM’s Fail Friday, sporting the caption “Freshman Gone Wild,” no matter how interesting it would make Christmas dinner.

Totally Failed Media Management

Twerkin’ Out the Social Media Kinks

Cartoon by: Austin Morin, ‘15

Miley Cyrus has taken over social media with her recent, risque performances, including a provocative dance with a foam finger and latex clothing at the VMAs. While her appearances have been controversial, they have socially revived her, making Miley Cyrus one of the most talked, tweeted, and posted about artists in today’s society.

Nevarmore This paper serves as a communication link within Ravenscroft School and between the school and the local community. The Nevarmore staff strives to produce a professional-quality publication that follows the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists. Our overall objective is to print the news for and about our students and other members of our school and community in a fair and objective way with the utmost regard for integrity.

Editorial Team: Stephanie Wiehe & Emi Myers, Co-Editor-In-Chiefs Casey Harris & Austin Morin, Associate Editors

Wire Service

The Nevarmore subscribes to MCT Campus, which provides photographs, national news & entertainment services to high school newspapers.

Faculty Advisor: Helen Velk

The unsigned editorials in this issue are a reflection of the combined opinions of the editorial team. Responses in the form of a letter are welcomed and will be considered for publication.

Editorial Content:

1) The students on The Nevarmore staff will print articles which have been researched to the best of their ability to obtain the most complete information. 2) The information will be presented in an objective, truthful and fair manner. 3) When personal commentary is given it will be in good taste on issues that have been researched, analyzed and where expert opinion has been sought, and then presented to the best ability of the writer. 4) No material which is obscene, libel or anything that will cause a “material and substantial disruption” of the school day, according to accepted legal definitions, will be printed.



n an age of technology, teen socializing has largely become internet based. Since the popularization of prominent socialization Apps such as Twitter and Instagram, students have heard endless cautions about the dangers of the internet. With millions of teens across the nation and world using these Apps, it’s not unusual for the App to lose its original purpose, seeing as Facebook was originally designed as a girl ranking App in a dorm room at Harvard by Mark Zuckerberg after getting dumped by his girlfriend. Students likely do not know what the intended purpose of each social media App they use is. Both the sophomore and junior classes had town hall-like meetings with advisors and administrators simply to discuss the value of support and alliance in an ever-bitter social media world. Sure there are problems with every social media website, but are these not rarities among the Ravenscroft students? The Nevarmore consulted the AppStore for the mission statements and selling points of the most current, popular, and highest rated Apps. Students offered their opinions as to what these Apps are used for among Ravenscroft friends.

Facebook Keeping up with friends is faster than ever! See what Anonymity should never be used to ask questions that are mean

Twitter Twitter is the best way to connect, express yourself

or hurtful. Asking a question anonymously on hides your name from the person you’re asking and from other users. We will never reveal your identity to the user. This can be useful if you’re feeling shy or think that the recipient would be more comfortable answering a question without knowing who may have asked it. “On, people are able to say humorous things anonymously to other people. When someone asks a funny question on my, it makes me laugh and often makes my day.” - Haley Gardner, ‘15 “An outlet for people who are too scared to confront people in real life can anonymously vent to other people without having to face the consequences. For example, I get asked things like ‘Do you have butt implants?’” -Austin Morin, ‘15

friends are up to, Share updates, photos and videos. get notified when friends “like” and comment on your posts, text, chat and have group conversations, play games and use your favorite Apps.

Facebook is a means in which you can keep tabs on old, current, and future friends and events. It allows you to keep all social aspects of your life in one place, and navigate throughout the lives of your “friends.” “Facebook can be used for businesses, job interviews, looking up friends, someone you met, or keep in touch with long-distance family members.” -MJ Malone, ‘15

and discover what’s happening. Connect with people and your interests to get unfiltered access and unique behind-the-scenes perspectives. Express yourself through photos, videos and comments. Discover what’s happening. Get real-time stories, pictures, videos, conversations, ideas, and inspiration all in your time line. “I think twitter is a very fun” -MJ Malone,‘15 “Twitter is a great way to share ideas and stories with friends. It surpasses other forms of social media in that users are able to quickly navigate between their friend’s profiles and stay current with the plethora of information within the Twittasphere, without the hassle of random advertisement and stupid game notifications (like there on Facebook).” -Troy Wilkinson, ‘16

Snapchat The images might be grainy and you may not look

your best, but that’s the point. It’s about the moment, a connection between friends in the present, not just a pretty picture. The allure of fleeting messages reminds us about the beauty of friendship- we don’t need a reason to stay in touch. Whether it be the food you are currently snacking on or the outfit you plan to wear today, Snapchat allows you to show others the meaningless, goofy, ugly, and funny moments that make up your day. “Rather than texting people pictures people can send a picture for a small amount of time , and can be an easy way to sext, which is not good” -Austin Morin, ‘15

Instagram Over 150 million users love Instagram! It’s a simple

way to capture and share the world’s moments on your iPhone. Share your photos and video in a simple photo stream with friends to see- and flow your friends’ photos with the click of a single button. “A theme for everyday of the week, for example, Selfi Sunday and Throwback Thursday are ways for people to show off what they are doing, or how great of a time they are having” -Austin Morin, ‘15 “Insta is my ish, I really love it” -Casey Harris, ‘15

Social Media: T

gsdf Twitter, a Big Money Hitter O

n May 18th, 2013, San Francisco based Twitter entered the New York Stock Exchange at $20 a share. Following in the footsteps of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, twitter creators Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey raked in hundreds of millions of dollars within the first year of the take-public. How can Apps like Facebook and Twitter create so much revenue when they are free Apple and Android Apps? The answer is quite simple: advertising. Major companies pay millions of dollars a year to big-name business and marketing men in charge of striking a balance in advertising: a balance between customer satisfaction and revenue. A 2012 report by YouGov shows one in five people would quit using a social media App cold-turkey if ads became overbearing or excessive. However, Facebook and Twitter have hit the advertising jackpot in earning quarterly equivalent to $4.19 per every American user through advertisements sold. That’s one dollar per every set of eyes that looks at his account, simply by allowing product placement on the sidebars of the App. This revenue is attributed to the success of advertising in such a way that customers lost are accounted for in revenues earned through advertising. Advertising of a different sort keeps Apps like Facebook and Twitter afloat. Celebrities use social media Apps to advertise their own brand, keeping followers up to date, interested, and of course, using twitter, Facebook and Instagram. From President Obama to Channing Tatum, celebrities and political figures bring hoards of consumers to the pages of twitter. This is such an important aspect of both the App’s revenue and the celebrity’s image that a new profession has arisen to accommodate it. Social media managers, practically professional tweeters, are paid to compose posts for celebrities and to advise on the best social media moves in the public eye. One of the most notable social media managers includes LaQuishe “Q” Wright. Lurking behind celebrities such as Channing Tatum and Zac Efron, Wright composes tweets and posts day in and day out, raking in piles of cash doing so. Twitter and Facebook have grown beyond simple Apps for connecting and sharing and have blossomed into multi-million dollar empires driven by ads and publicity, forming a symbiotic relationship with celebrities and influential figures: the perfect potion for popular and financial domination.

LaQuishe “Q” Wright composes tweets and posts for celebrities as a career.

The Big Picture




Mystery Match Up

See how well you know your fellow ravens by trying to match up which interesting facts go with which interesting person. Answers on Page 9

Austin Morin, ‘15


Tractor Destroyer?

While riding a tractor one day, this person wasn’t paying attention and ended up wrecking it.

Sydney Cass, ‘14


AaaaaaaChoo! This person has allergies of all kinds.

Tiger Harris, ‘15

Sean Mahoney, ‘15


Know a Canadian Eskimo?

This person is part Eskimo and their grandparents live in Québec.


Twerky Taste in Music? This individual LOVES Miley Cyrus

Amy Lamond, Faculty David Reynolds, ‘15


KIDNEYing me?

While having two kidneys in the norm, this Raven was born with only one kidney.


What’s yo’ name?

No one knows this person’s “real name”

Riddle Me Raven Riddles compiled by Liz Gulden and Anna Collawn Artwork by Axel Barth

A window cleaner was cleaning a window on the 25th floor of a skyscraper. He suddenly slips and falls, but has no safety equipment on. How does he survive? ANSWER: He is cleaning the inside of the windows

ANSWER: An echo

I do not eat, but I enjoy a light meal every day. What am I? ANSWER: You don’t bury survivors

ANSWER: Plants (“light” is photosynthesis)

ANSWER: It was daytime

A black dog is sleeping in the middle of a black road that has no streetlights and there is no moon. A car coming down the road with its lights off steers around the dog. How did the driver know the dog was there?

Two girls have the same parents and were born at the same hour of the same day of the same month, but they are not twins. How can this be?

A plane flying from the US to Canada crashes directly on the border. Where are the survivors buried?

ANSWER: They weren’t born on the same year

Many have heard me but nobody has seen me, and I will not speak back until spoken to. What am I?

9 Nevarmore Jingle Bell Walk Rings in as a Big Success Feature

Austin Morin Editor


avenscroft student Nina Barnett, ‘15 organized a Ravenscroft team to raise money for Diabetes research to help prevent the disorder and find a cure. Our school team raised over $800 with the funds collected by Upper School students the race. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Diabetes mellitus refers to a group of diseases that affect how your body uses blood glucose, commonly called blood sugar. Glucose is vital to your health because it’s an important source of energy for the cells that make up your muscles and tissues. It’s also your brain’s main source of fuel.”

Kristina Reali ‘16, and Nina Barnett ‘15

Top right: Sean Mahoney ‘15, William Christman ‘14, Reed Margolis ‘17, Keeton Glenn ‘15, Sen. Kates Spanish Teacher, Hall Barnett. Middle Row: Claire Zaytoun ‘16, Vanessa May ‘14, Anna Ergish ‘14, Davy Babson ‘15, Johnny Isley ‘17, Carolyn May ‘17, Sydney Vinson ‘17, Max Haensel ‘14,Bottom Row: Caroline Hansel ‘15, Nina Barnett ‘15, Kristina Reali ‘16, Caroline Christman ‘16, Rachel Edwards ‘16, Taylor Jackson ‘16 Bailey McNeil ‘16, Sumana Goli ‘15, Jennifer Funsten ‘15.

Nevarmore Q & A with Jingle Bell Walk Coordinator Nina Barnett N: What made you want to organize a croft team? NB: “I think exercising is really important to emphasize in this generation, and especially for a cause that affects everyone directly.” N: How did you Find the race?

and even had people run within the top 50 runners. Overall I think everyone had a fun time.” N: Funny moment? NB: “The freshman stopped at subway in the beginning mile of the 5k it was awesome.”

NB: “I was researching different races for my advisory actually and it was the next race to come in town!”

N: Worst Moment

N: How well do you think it went?

N: How was the turnout?

NB: “Last year was kind of hard to put together a team, but this year a lot of people signed up this year

NB: “We had about 30 people on the team, but there are 4000 people in the race.”

NB: “Worst moment was the fact that it was rainy and cold, but we were warm in our sweaters!”

Claire Zaytoun ‘16, and Rachel Edwards Running with bright smiles on their faces

Did You Know The Students? Answers to Quiz on Page 8

Austin Morin, ‘15

Sydney Cass, ‘14

Sean Mahoney, ‘15

Tiger Harris, ‘15

Amy Lamond, Faculty David Reynolds, ‘15

Know a Canadian Eskimo?

KIDNEYing me?


What’s yo’ name?

Austin Morin, ‘15, (and Maddy Morin, ‘17) have grandparents that are part Eskimo.

Sydney Cass, Sean Mahoney, Tiger Harris, Yes, it was our very own Upper School ‘14, was born ‘15, achoo, was ‘15 is often Administrative with one Kidney. allergic, achoo, asked. If Assistant, Amy About 1 of 750 to Dairy, Tree Tiger is his real Lamond who people are born Nutts, achoo, name, which, in crashed a tractor. with only one. and Gluten. fact, it is!

Tractor Destroyer?

Twerky Taste in Music?

David Reynolds, ‘15, has a “secret” love for pop star Miley Cyrus.




Has Teamwork Gone Incognito? Sports Opinion

Mel Broughton

Staff Writer


e all have a heard of the confusing, and shocking story about Richie Incognito; the offensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins and has taken much heat about his off-field actions, especially in the locker room. It has been reported that Incognito has “mistreated” one of his fellow teammates and has been doing so for quite some time. This is not acceptable. Being on a team means supporting one another at all times and always being there; essentially another family. It is difficult to fathom what sort of mind-set Incognito had when he was when mistreating his teammate. By being a good and responsible teammate, you learn more about becoming a better person and also a more understanding one. Exploiting one’s differences is not the way to do it. Constructive criticism is the only form of critique that should ever occur when helping a teammate out. The whole team has mutual goals, which are usually to have fun, work hard, and win. Another aspect of being an effective team member is the ability to be flexible and work regardless of the situation. From my experiences being on a team, getting to know each and every member, their likes, dislikes and a few things about them are vital. The ability to get along with your teammates goes a long way on and off the field. In Incognito’s case, he may need to work on not only being a proper teammate, but a better person overall. Personally, I love sports in so many ways but the sheer joy of competing in games and practices with the people I connect with most is truly amazing.

Tackle Jonathan Martin, right, in his stance before ball is snapped during Miami Dolphins practice at the Dolphins training facility at NSU in Davie, Florida, Tuesday, July 23, 2013. (Joe Rimkus Jr./Miami Herald/MCT)

Update: Incognito/Martin Situation

Richie Incognito stretches during the last day of Dolphins minicamp in Davie, Florida, Wednesday, June 9, 2010. (Mike Stocker/Sun Sentinel/MCT

Currently, the entire Incognito/Martin situation is under serious investigation by the National Football League (NFL). Martin is debating whether or not to return to play for the Dolphins. As for Incognito, he is suspended indefinitely from the Dolphins and the entire NFL. It is still uncertain what his fate will be regarding his NFL career.

Varsity Winter Sports Update Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball

Record: 3-4

Girls Swimming Record: 4-0

Record: 4-2

Wrestling Record: 5-1

Boys Swimming Record: 3-1

Photos by Dr. Watters









Varsity Basketball Captain Chris Corchiani, Jr. N: Favorite college team? CC: “NC State” N: How do you see the season going?

N: Do you think your team will go to states?

CC: “We are going to be a young scrappy team”

CC: “That’s a clown question, bro!” N: Favorite NBA team? CC: “I don’t really watch that garbage.”

N: Favorite team to play against? N: Favorite pre-game meal? CC: “Gibbons, NRCA, or Word of God.” CC: “Two peanut butter sandwiches.” Chris Corchiani, Jr., ‘14

Chris Corchiani, Jr., ‘14

Varsity Wrestler Wes Stroud, Junior N: What do you love most about the team? WS: “The fame.” N: How do you see the team this season? WS: “Top tier, best in Ravenscroft’s history.

N: If you were a professional wrestler, what

N: What do you do to warm up? WS: “I watch 300 and Braveheart speeches.”

cause he drank a 5 Hour Energy.”

would your name be?

WS: “El Diablo.” N: Funniest wrestling moment? WS: “A kid blacked out during a match be-


N: What is your best wrestling move? WS: “The Gramby Roll.” Wes Stroud, ‘15

Swimmer Austin Morin, Junior N: What’s your favorite college team? AM: “I don’t really have a favorite college team but I love to watch Olympic swimming events. I really like our rivalry with Australia.”

N: How do you see the season going? AM: “The girls are doing much better than the boys, because we have 3 or 4

year round girls, and we have a smaller team than them but personally I am having a really great season, and I WON MY FIRST 500 FREESTYLE last night!”

N: What’s your favorite team to play against? AM: “Honestly, all the teams kind of blend together, but it is fun to play GibAustin Morin, ‘15 Photos by Dr. Watters

bons because they are always really competitive.”




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@ESIMMSS9 Christmas divas

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Raven Scooby DOObles & VeggieTwins

Left to right: Andrea Gilliard, ‘14, as a pea, Rebecca Qubain, ‘15, as an asparagus, and Chazz Upchurch, ‘15, as an onion.

Left to right: Chase Storch, ‘16, as Fred, Science Instructor Mimi Lieberman as Velma, and Sydney Sweeny, ‘15, as Daphne. Photos by Haley Gardner (‘15) and photo editing by Gina Patalano (‘14)