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3rd ANNUAL BUYERS’ MISSION GFTN - PERU AND BOLIVIA June 4 - 16, 2012 Dear Buyer, The Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN) is WWF’s initiative to engage with companies across the wood supply chain that are committed to responsible production and sourcing of forest products. Our goal at GFTN is to reduce illegal and unsustainable logging in priority forest conservation areas, like the Amazon in South America. GFTN promotes responsible forest management, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, and trade as standard practices in the forest products industry by providing technical assistance and fostering trade opportunities among companies committed to achieving and supporting responsible forestry. More than 280 companies in 34 countries participate in GFTN. These companies have $69 billion in annual forest product sales or an average 18% of the total global forest products trade. Latin America has become a global leader in forest management and certification. In Peru and Bolivia combined there are 2 million hectares of FSC-certified forests. The opportunities to secure responsibly sourced forest products in Latin America are numerous and increasing, and one of GFTN’s primary roles is to facilitate market linkages for these products. GFTN buyers’ missions have proven particularly effective in enhancing market links. Over the last couple of years, GFTN organized buyers’ missions for North American companies to meet with suppliers offering FSC-certified and other responsibly sourced wood in Peru and Bolivia. Given the success of those events, we’re offering another buyers mission this year. We invite you to attend our third buyers’ mission to Peru and Bolivia from June 4th – 16th, 2012. This year, we’re offering technical site visits to industries in the cities of Lima and Pucallpa in Peru, and Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, La Paz and Ixiamas in Bolivia. We will also be visiting FSCcertified forests in both Peru and Bolivia. Attendees will have the chance to learn firsthand about the FSC-certified and other responsibly sourced wood available from GFTN’s participants in both countries. We hope you’ll be able to join us for this special opportunity to expand your business with likeminded companies that share a commitment to responsible forestry. Attached you will find more information on the supply available from GFTN participants that we will visit in Peru and Bolivia. Below you’ll find a trip itinerary and information on trip costs and logistics. To register, fill out the attached application and return it to me by e-mail at If you have any questions, please let me know by e-mail or by phone at 202-495-4564. Sincerely, Amy Smith Senior Program Officer GFTN-North America


Date Sunday 6/3/12

Time 8:30pm9:40pm

Activity Fly from US to Lima, Peru

Location Lima Ucayali River Hotel

Fly from Lima to Pucallpa “Sawmill day”

Monday 6/4/12

8:00am – 6:00pm

Consorcio Forestal Amazónico Triplay Amazónico MAPESAC APROFU meeting (Forestry Associtation of Ucayali)

Tuesday 6/5/12 Wednesday 6/6/12 Thursday, 06/07/12

Pucallpa Producers

6:00am – 11:30am

Visit the 25,000 ha. forest concession of: Von Humboldt and Forestal Nieto facilities

1:00pm – 6:30pm

Return to Pucallpa City – Overnight in Ucayali River Hotel


Return from Pucallpa to Lima

10:30am – 12:30pm

Visit the factory of EBALECO S.A.C.

3:00pm – 5:00pm

Visit the factory of Universal Flooring S.A. (Nature Group)

Friday 6/8/12

9:00am 1:00pm

Business Roundtable in Lima Free afternoon/evening

Saturday 6/9/12 Sunday 6/10/12

8:30am – 10:00am

Visit the production plant of Transforestal CCC


Departure from Lima to Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Lima Hotel TBD






Sunday 6/10/12


Arrival in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

9:30am 1:00pm

Visit forestry companies in Santa Cruz: Industria Maderera San Luis, Exotic Woods, Miles Aserradero

3:00pm 5:00pm

Visit forestry company in Santa Cruz: Southern Lumber and Veneer – Bolivia (SLV)

8:55pm 9:30pm

Fly from La Paz to Cochabamba

9:00am 12:30pm

Visit companies in Cochabamba: Multiagro, Ecowoods, Madersec

Monday 6/11/12

Tuesday 6/12/12


Location Santa Cruz Los Tajibos Hotel

Santa Cruz

Cochabamba Diplomat Hotel Cochabamba

2:30pm 5:00pm

Visit companies in Cochabamba: Ecolegno

7:20pm 7:55pm

Fly from Cochabamba to La Paz

9:00am 12:00pm

Visit companies in La Paz: Soex, Dekma and Mabet Business Round Table / Show Room with brand new suppliers and potential participants of GFTN Bolivia Farewell working dinner with GFTN Bolivia participants and local institutions (CAMEX) Fly to Rurrenabaque Trip to Ixiamas by car (4x4 pickup trucks) Field Trip Visit forest operation under group certification system of Ecolegno and 2 communities (ASL)

Wednesday 6/13/12

2:30pm 7:00pm

Thursday 6/14/12

8:00pm 9:30pm 6:00 am 10:00am

Friday 6/15/12

Saturday 6/16/12

8:30am 6:00pm

La Paz Ritz Hotel La Paz La Paz La Paz Ixiamas Hotel TBD Ixiamas


Dinner with companies and leaders of communities (ASL)



Return flight to La Paz, followed by return trip to US or other destination

La Paz

** We have a full itinerary, but we made sure to leave blocks of time open for rest and any additional meetings you may wish to have while in Peru and Bolivia.

LOGISTICS AND COSTS: 1. Visiting companies must pay their travel expenses, meals, and lodging. 2. You are responsible to book your international airfare from the US to Lima, Peru to arrive no later than Sunday 06/03/12 and returning to the US from La Paz, Bolivia on or after 06/16/12. 3. GFTN will handle your flight and hotel reservations Bolivia and Peru, and will invoice your company. You can expect to pay US$1050 (approx.) for airfare in Bolivia and Peru (airfare from Lima-Pucallpa, Pucallpa-Lima is US$350, domestic flights within Bolivia are US$350, and the flight from Lima to La Paz is US$450). Hotel expenses will run somewhere between US$960 and US$1440. 4. We will provide coffee breaks and some of your lunches and dinners, but you should budget an additional $300 for food expenses during the trip. 5. GFTN will cover ground transportation costs for technical site visits in Lima, Pucallpa, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, La Paz and Ixiamas.



Consorcio Forestal Amazónico – CFA (FSC) Forest Concession sawmill Products

& Harvesting, logging and lumber transformation coming from 180,471

Annual Availability Species Exports 2. Company name

hectares of FSC certified forest concession - Rough lumber, Kiln dry lumber, E4E, S4S, beams, moldings, part and pieces, decking, T&G 4 sides flooring, modular decking, veneer, laminated beams 12.000 m3 Cumarú, Masaranduva, Tornillo, Mashonaste, Cachimbo, Ojoche, Quillabordon, Cambara, yacushapana, virola, ambiorana, baracara, moena. Company currently exports to United States, Europe, and Central America.

Triplay Amazónico (FSC) Business Products Annual Availability Species Exports

3. Company name

Plywood plant, and warehouse Plywood and veneer. They offer plywood in the following dimensions: T- 5.2, 9, 12, 15, 18mm, W- 2 to 4’, L- 4 to 8’ & special measures N/D Lupuna, banak, Spanish cedar, sande, sapelli, charo amarillo Certified products sells to México, U.S.A., Colombia, Guatemala, República Dominicana, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador.

Maderas Peruanas SAC (FSC) Business Products Annual Availability Species Exports 4. Company name Business Products Annual Availability Species Exports 5. Company name Business Products

Sawn mill and second transformation plant - Kiln dry lumber, E4E, S4S, Beams, Moldings, Part and pieces. Decking, T&G 4 sides flooring, Modular decking, wooden dowels, pallets, outdoor furniture. N/D Hardwoods: Cumaru, masaranduva, capirona, bálsamo, ana caspi. Exports to Europe, United States and Asia

EBALECO SAC Second transformation industrial plant Service to Kiln dry lumber, elaborate E4E, S4S, moldings, part and pieces, Decking, T&G 4 sides flooring, accessories, ornaments, furniture, doors, skirting, decks, modular decking. N/D Different Hardwoods Flooring production service for export and/or local.

Universal Flooring S.A. (FSC) Sawn mill and second transformation plant Finish solid floors (T&G, decks, decking tiles, indoor and outdoor) and engineer flooring

Annual Availability Species

40 container Commercial Hardwoods and lesser known timber species


Exports to Europe, United States and Asia

6. Company name Business Products

Annual Availability Species Exports

Transforestal CCC. (FSC) Primary and secondary transformation of hardwood for decking and flooring Products of the company are FSC sawn wood, flooring and decks: - Timber planks - AD, KD; standard dimension - S2S y S4S, according with the customer requires. - Flooring, T & G, standard dimensions - Decking - S4S, E4E, standard dimensions - Molding - according with the customer requires. 12.000 m3 Cumarú, pau mulato, jatobá, balsamo, amburana, muiracatiara, others. United States and Asia


Industria maderera San Luis (FSC)



Primary transformation industry, established in Santa Cruz in 1986



Annual Availability Species Exports


The main products of the company are FSC sawn wood and predimension strips in hardwoods and softwoods. 4.500 m3 Saúco, paquió, cambará hembra, cuta del bajo Paraná y almendrillo.


United States and Asia

8. Company name Business Products

Availability Species Exports 9. Company name Business Products

Availability Species Exports

Bolivian Exotic Woods - BDC BDC, founded in 2009, is a Bolivian limited company offering fine wood products. BDC specializes in linear wood products: - S4S and Decking - Currently introducing non-linear products such as garden items and mouldings. The production line is in a warehouse with 1,000 m2, where one can produce up to 8 containers of finished product a month. The 2 drying kilns have a capacity of 80 m3 each, resulting in a monthly capacity of 300 m3 at current. Ipe, Curupau, almendrillo, verdolago, yesquero blanco y negro. BDC exports fine wood products to Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Korea, Germany and Italy.

Miles S.A Bolivian company - wooden floors - softwood and hardwood. - Hardwood, Softwood and Floors. - We are a Bolivian company; we provide more than 20 wooden different species softwood and hardwood. We carry out wooden courts to order, we have wooden floors for interior to sale. We can fulfill big orders. We sell all type of wood. North America South America Western Europe Eastern

10. Company name Business Products

Availability / Species 11. Company name

Southern Lumber and Venner - SLV Bolivia Sustainable forestry through corporate-community partnership in the department of Santa Cruz. - The project is proposed by Southern Lumber & Veneer (SLV), a USbased group that has recently completed a substantial investment in a veneer plant near Santa Cruz. To meet their raw material needs, SLV plans to enter into durable cooperation with Community Forest Organizations (CFOs). - The long-term partnership with the CFOs is an essential condition for making investments in local capacity building and will be a stepping stone for communities to achieve a better return on their forest capital. N/D.

Multiagro S.A (FSC – FAIR TRADE)


Multiagro Inc. is an industrial and commercial enterprise dedicated to the rational exploitation of forest plantations, mainly of coniferous species, for further processing of wood KD (kiln dried to 10%) and finger joint products, especially for the construction market.


Between its multiple product lines, the remarkable ones are construction (Finger Joint), DIY (Do It Yourself) and funeral. Multiagro chosen products have been certified to FSC and Fair trade.

Availability Species

Radiata pine wood in different formats, lengths, widths and thickness. Quality Standard or Commercial as a function of the presence and quality of nodes, bone and other defects of the wood. Dried in ovens 8 to 10% moisture. North America and Europe

Exports 12. Company name Business Products


13. Company name Business Products

Ecowoods Bo. We are a Bolivian business, manufacturing wooden products with high added value since 2001. Our 3D wooden puzzles are unique: - in the pedagogically demanding but playful challenge they offer - in the enhancement of creativity and manual skills - in their usage of woods from forests under sustainable management - There are 28 three-dimensional wooden animal puzzles grouped by themes such as wildlife with elephants, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses and crocodiles; or sea life with whales, dolphins and tropical fish. - There are also farm animals such as horses and pigs, as well as birds represented by the gracious toucan; and last but not least, the dinosaurs. - A fascinating feature: the horse, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, tropical fish and owls are also available in versions with their offspring integrated as part of the puzzle.

Madersec S.A Madersec began as a high tech drying company working in lumber processing and supporting S4S flooring, decking and mouldings. - Field activities - Drying services

Availability Species Exports 14. Company name Business Products Availability Species Exports 15. Company name Business Products Availability Species Exports 16. Company name Business Products

Availability Species Exports

- Wood processing - S4S flooring, decking, mouldings 4800 m3 Curupaú, Almendrillo de bajura, Cedro and Roble. United States and China.

Ecolegno - FSC Ecolegno is a company recently formed to produce wooden articles for outdoors. Decking, folding screens and weather exposes fences of exotics tropical woods resistance to weather inclemency. - Decking - Garden fences - Sleepers 2500 m3 of finish products. Almendrillo, cuchi and verdolago, between others. 100% of its production is exported to Germany with expectations to open other markets.

Dekma Bolivia - FSC Dekma Bolivia S.A. was established in 2004, the company has a factory which manufactures furniture and accessories for export. - Linear products - Ensemble products - Garden furniture 5000 m3 of finish products. Almendrillo, cambará, Ipe, Morado, mani, mururé. 95% of the company´s production is for export to European market and 5% to United States

Mabet S.A. - FSC Mabet S.A. Corporations is the main company of the group; it began its activities as a supplier of carpentry for the construction company of the group. The company started exporting wooden doors and frames: - Exterior solid doors - Frames and moldings - Flooring and decks - Wood houses - Finger joint boards - Garden furniture 6000 m3 of finish products Mara macho, Spanish cedar, Mani, morado, cuchi, cuta, almendrillo, cumarú, tahuari, enchoque, between others. At first, the company was able to penetrate the American market, and later on, the markets of Chile, Spain and Denmark.

APPLICATION FORM 3rd FOREST TRADE MISSION, PERU AND BOLIVIA / June 04 - 16, 2012 General Company Information Company Name:






Participant Information Name of the participant: Position: Passport Number: Tel:


E-mail: Other participant: Position: Passport Number: Tel:



Company Production Data Nยบ of Employees: Total Company Revenue ($US): Revenue for Timber and Wood Products ($US): Description of Business Activity and Capacity:

3rd Forest Trade Mission, Peru – Bolivia, 2012 June 04 - 16, 2012 Will you participate in the technical visits to GFTN Peru companies in Lima and Pucallpa, Peru from June 03rd to 10th? YES


Will you participate in the technical visits to GFTN Bolivia companies in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, La Paz, and Ixiamas, Bolivia on June 11th to 16th? YES


Trade interest in (mark with an X): Buying Selling FSC wood products or those in the process of certification. (Describe products below.). Product Description (Species, Dimensions, Finishing, Qualities)


Annual Quantity

Buyers Mission, 2012  
Buyers Mission, 2012  

3rd. Forest Trade Mission, June 2012