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2009 Catalogue & Price Guide

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Weathervanes / Clocks & Clock Towers Stable Doors / Stables / Internal Stabling Veterinary Stocks / Protective Padding Stable Windows / Internal Stable Grills / Accessories Salt Lick Holders / Door Grills / Stable Ironmongery Stud Cards / Fixings / Horse Shower Mirrors Stable Matting / Disinfectant Matting / Wall Matting Haynets / Hayracks / Mangers Auto Drinkers / Chew Protection / Portable Mangers Tack Room Accessories and Fittings Yard / Rug Racks / Saddle Racks & Horses Storage / Feed Room Storage & Accessories Rack & Stall Chains / Chain / Clips & Fittings Hose Pipe, Fittings & Accessories Frost Protection / Paddock Troughs Buckets, Holders & Clips Troughs, Skips & Muck Sacks Forks & Rakes / Brooms & Shovels Cereal Crushers / Mash and Water Boilers Trucks & Trollies / Mucking Out Barrows Hay Soakers, Mash Barrows & Drum Stands Heat Lamps & Light Bulbs Solariums & Accessories Horse Weighers Gates / Gate Fittings and Fastenings Horse Simulators Fencing / Electric Fencing Paddock Pens & Foal Creep Pens / Horse Walkers Starting Stalls / Racecourse Rail Stopwatches / Racecourse Screen Coverwell Coatings Foaling Alarm / Training Aids / Foaling Observation Harrows & Paddock Cleaner Sprayers / Misc Blower & Multi-Vac / Pressure Washers Show Jumps, Cups and Markers / Signs / Ice Maker

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ANIMAL HEALTH Wormers / Repellants Oils / Vitamins Minerals / Electrolytes Herbal Calmers / Herbal Supplements Herbal Pain Relief / Joint care Respiratory / Energy Conditioners / Probiotic Cupiss Powders Hoof Supplements Hoof Applications Dobson & Horrell Science Supplements / Baileys Bedmax Bedding Shampoos / Disinfectants Nikwax / Leather Dressings Chewing Preventatives Yard Sundries Paddock Maintenance Creosotes & Paint Horse First Supplements Pest Control Liniments Wound care Bandages & Dressings

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VETS & FARRIERS Scissors / Thermometers Veterinary Equipment & Misc Animal Control & Syringes Foaling Protective Clothing / Stromsholm Studs Farriers’ Tools Farriers Hoofcare

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Prices and sizes in this catalogue may be subject to alteration without prior notice. Please phone or check online for current prices. Please ensure to read our Terms & Conditions, How to order and Delivery info on pages 166-167 TRY OUR ONLINE Order SYSTEM today

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CHAIRMAN’s Welcome

John Waterfall with Chepstow winner ‘Captain Mainwaring’

CHAIRMAN’S WELCOME Throughout our thirty seven years of trading it has always been our aim to supply customers with quality products at reasonable prices and to offer them a highly efficient personal service, whether trading within the home market or overseas. Should any customer have any reason to be dissatisfied with any of our products, please do not hesitate to notify us and the matter will be given immediate attention. With a comprehensive range of fine quality equipment; an increase from our previous edition. We look forward to your orders, or, better still, welcoming you to our shop and showroom in Newmarket. We will be producing individual sections of the catalogue for saddlery, animal health, grooming and veterinary products. Our thirty seven years of experience have left us uniquely placed to offer you the best environment in which to view our range of products. Most of the products included in this catalogue – and more – are out on permanent display for easy selection. Horse Requisites’ staff are all ‘horse’ people and include members who can offer qualified advice on feed, horse health and saddlery. Our clothing area includes comfortable changing rooms


John Waterfall Chairman, Horse Requisites (Newmarket) Ltd. Email:

UN MESSAGE DE NOTRE DIRECTEUR GENERAL Notre politique a toujours été de fournir a nos clients des produits de qualité a des prix raisonnables et de metre à leur disposition un service personnel hautement efficace, ce tant à l’echelle national qu’ à l’etranger.

Si une de nos clients avait une raison quelconque de se plaindre, nous le prions de nous contacter san aucune hesitation àfin que nous puissons immédiatement lui apporter l’attention qui lui est due.


Es ist schone immer unser Bestreben gewesen, unsere Kunden mit qualitätsprodukten zu angemessenen Preisen zu belifern und ihnen einen äussert Wirksamen Persönlichen Service zue bieten, ganz gleich ob im In-oder Ausland. Sollte einer unserer Kunden mit irgendeinem unserer Productke unzufrienden sein, so bitten wir nicht zögern uns hiervon Mitteilung zu machen, damit wir die Angelengenheit sofort in die Hand nehmen können.

UN MENSAJE DE NUESTRO DIRECTOR GERENTE Nuestra meta ha sido siempre suministrar a nuestros clients productos de calidad a precios razonables, y ofrecerles un servicio personal y de gran efficiencia, sea en el extranjero. Si qualquier cliente no estuviere satisfecho con cualquiera de nuestros productos, les rogamos que se pongan en contacto con nosotros y el asunto recibirá una atención immediata.


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WEATHERVANES - CAST ALUMINIUM These aluminium vanes are cast from original wooden patterns which feature intricate detail in 3 dimensions. They follow the wind by spinning on a ball bearing in the time honoured way. Each vane is supplied with a fixing bracket, an adjustable base holding the four cardinal points and the design of your choice. The size of these vanes is 610mm (24”) from North to South with the character of similar length but varying in height depending on design. The vanes are well treated to protect from the elements and are usually finished in black. Although there is incredible detail in the designs of COCKEREL CAST ALUMINIUM the aluminium vanes, they can be Labrador Dog Cast ALUMINIUM WEATHERVANE artistically hand painted to add extra WEATHERVANE visual impact where required. Code Description Ex VAT +VAT Code Description Ex VAT EY0611

Labrador Dog W/V


+VAT Code £240.00 £276.00 EY0610 Cockerel Weathervane £240.00 £276.00 EY0606

Description Horse & Groom Weathervane

Ex VAT £260.00

+VAT £299.00


Description Huntsman Weathervane

Ex VAT £260.00

+VAT £299.00

WEATHERVANES - COPPEr These 3D copper vanes are made from beaten copper using the same technique as the cockerel that traditionally sits on top of most church spires. To give that extra rustic touch, the copper is treated to speed up the aging process and give the appeal of the verdigris look. The designs are carefully produced to allow them to turn easily, following the breezes. Each vane is supplied with a fixing bracket, a pole, an adjustable base holding the four cardinal points and the design of your choice. The size of these vanes is 570mm (22½”) from North to South, with each height varying by design as can be seen in the photos.

Large Cockerel Copper Weathervane Code Description EY0613 Large Cockerel Copper Weathervane

Ex VAT £245.00

+VAT £281.75

Large Running Horse Copper Weathervane Code EY0612

Description Large Running Horse Copper Weathervane

Ex VAT £330.00

Ex VAT £240.00

+VAT £276.00

Mare & Foal CAST ALUMINIUM Weathervane

Huntsman Cast Aluminium Weathervane Code EY0609

Description Horse & Jockey Weathervane

+VAT £379.50

Code EY0608

Description Mare & Foal Weathervane

Ex VAT £240.00

+VAT £276.00

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Hawkins 610mm Heritage Clock


Offering a combination of traditional style and beauty with the benefits of modern technology, the Classic Clock is a quality outdoor clock 610mm (24”) diameter which runs from mains power (230volt 50 HZ). Supplied in a box with cable plug and fixing screws, the clock is easily surface mounted and has no rear protrusions. Time setting is done by moving the clock hands from the front of the dial. The Classic Clock is available in 5 standard colours (Black, Navy Blue, Light French Blue, British Racing Green, & Bitter Chocolate Brown) each featuring gold hands and numerals gilded with finest English gold leaf. White is also a standard dial colour and comes with black hands and numerals. Individual colour schemes such as racing colours and dial personalisation are available by individual quotation. Other sizes & bespoke clocks are also available. Please call for more information.

Heritage Clocks share the same craftsman-made construction as the “Classic Clocks”, with several extra benefits. The “Heritage Range” is available in several sizes ranging from 460mm (18”) up to 915mm (36”) diameter. Like the “Classic Clock”, gilding is done in 23½ carat double thickness English Gold Leaf, with all sizes (except 18”) having the extra visual impact of the outer gold ring. However, the main benefit of this range is that time setting can be done without the need to get up to the clock dial. The clock is supplied with the necessary switching and cabling to enable time setting to be done from ground level. Towers to suit this and other clock faces are also available.

Capable of enhancing many different locations, the Skeleton Clock features a traditional dial which can be modified in subtle ways to suit your requirements. Available in many colour schemes with partial or full gilding, they can be mounted on many different surfaces, giving you a truly individual clock. By using a translucent backing dial, the skeleton clock can be rear-illuminated, giving the effect found on many guildhalls. These clocks require extended spindle movements so that they can be spaced away from the dial to avoid ugly shadows being cast in the centre. Skeleton Clocks are supplied with a powerful 2-speed movement as standard and can also be radio- or GPScontrolled for total automation and accuracy. Other sizes are also available. Please call for more information.

Code EQ0659

Code EQ0658

Code EQ0999


Description Hawkins 610mm Classic Clock

Ex VAT £575.00

+VAT £661.25

Description Hawkins 610mm Heritage Clock

Ex VAT £775.00

+VAT £891.25

Description Hawkins 610mm Skeleton Clock


HAWKINS CLOCK TOWER Traditional in style, but moulded in colour impregnated maintenance free fibreglass, these towers offer the best of both worlds. The towers are fitted to a ridgebox made by your builder and then offer years of life without any chance of leaks and any need for repainting. There are five sizes of tower. The Mini and Midi suit 450mm (18”) clocks, the Small suits 600mm (24”) clocks, the Medium suits 760mm (30”) clocks and the Large tower suits 915mm (36”) clocks. Options include false louvred panels for the sides where clocks are not required, or open louvred panels where ventilation is required. Towers are supplied as standard in white with a lead-look roof which is incredibly realistic. Other colours can be made and a full installation service is also available. All of our weathervanes can be incorporated into the top of towers.

Code EQ0657 EQ0663

Description Small Grp Hawkins Clock Tower Hawkins False Louvre Set


Ex VAT £1,245.00 £115.00

+VAT £1,431.75 £132.25

All the clocks featured can be upgraded to more automated control systems. These can help correct the time after a power cut and also make summertime and wintertime changes. The radio controlled masterclock is the ultimate system to ensure total accuracy along with full automation of these corrections. Chimes and some melodies can be provided to the passing of time. This is usually done with a digital recording of real bells played through speakers. Further details are available on request.




stable doors

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stable doors

STANDARD STABLE DOOR & FRAME COMPLETE Designed for strength and durability, these doors are manufactured throughout in selected redwood and come complete ready fitted with heavy duty galvanised fittings. Overall size outside frame 2286mm x 1372mm (door width 1220mm). Weighing in total of approx 100kg the stable doors come complete with frames, 2 pairs of 760mm heavy reversible hinges, top and bottom door bolts, kick over latch and anti chew strip fitted to the bottom door. Frames are made in 100mm x 75mm selected redwood, doors are ledged and braced and faced with selected redwood matching board (the inside clad with 12mm external grade ply), giving a total door thickness of 57mm. The bottom door is 1371mm high with a 24g galvanised steel capping covering the door 150mm to 175mm each side. Supplied planed and sanded ready to paint or stain after installation. The complete Newmarket door unit - consists of frame with fitted top and bottom doors as described, supplied with 2 pairs 760mm heavy reversible hinges, 200mm padbolts and kickover latch. Separate items are also available as listed below. Vac Vac can be offered as an extra wood preserving treatment on request. Please state whether left or right hand side hinging required (looking from the outside of door. Illustrated is left hand hinging). Code EW0520 EW0522 EW0521 EW0523

Description Standard Stable Door & Frame Complete Bottom Stable Door Only - No Fittings Bottom Stable Door With Frame & Fitting Top Stable Door Without Frame Or Fitting

Ex VAT £362.00 £172.50 £255.00 £69.00

+VAT £416.30 £198.38 £293.25 £79.35


MK2 ECONOMY STYLE STABLE DOOR COMPLETE Of similar construction to the “Newmarket Stable Door”, using similar high quality timber, but a little smaller with fewer features. Overall size outside the frame of 2120mm x 1200mm, the Economy Newmarket door is 1065mm wide, the bottom door being 1270mm high. Top door is ledged and braced and faced with matchboarding and lined inside with Sterling board; bottom door is similar, but with galvanised metal capping over the tope edge. Units come complete with 2 pairs of 600mm galvanised heavy ‘T’ hinges, galvanised brenton padbolts and kick-over latch. Planed and sanded finish ready to receive primer or stain after installation. Economy Newmarket dooor unit - Consists of frame with fitted top and bottom doors as described.Please state whether left or right hand hinging required (looking from the outside of door, illustrated is right hand hung).

Our tack room doors are hung to open outwards both for extra security and to give extra space in the tack room. They can however be made to open inwards if you wish. Please specify when ordering. Other sizes can be made to order. Tack room door is a single piece frame, ledged and braced with selected Redwood tongue and groove boarding. All joints are morticed and tenoned, glued and pinned with metal dowel for additional strength. Actual overall dimensions of door and frame: 1016mm wide x 2387mm high complete with one pair reversible hinges and one 200mm padbolt. Alternatively, they can be supplied with a 5 lever mortice security lock at a small additional charge.

Code EW0345

Code EW0061

Description Mk2 Economy Style Stable Door Complete


Ex VAT £248.60

+VAT £285.89

Description Tack Room Door

Ex VAT £296.91

+VAT £341.45

Horse requisites can supply all doors and windows to customer specification so if you require non standard units to match existing joinery - please call us now to discuss your exact requirements

sales 01638 664619

BESPOKE STABLE DOORS / EXTernal sliding doors

BESPOKE STABLE DOORS BESPOKE STABLE DOORS Shown here are some of the variations to our standard Stable Door range and also non standard items. May we take this opportunity to thank the customers who very kindly allowed us to use the pictures in this brochure.

sliding door gear


Sliding Barn DoorS

Sliding door gear

Manufactured from selected Redwood Stiles and rails rebated to take plain tongued and grooved boarding. Stiles and rails uncovered on inner face. Doors are supplied plain ready for staining or painting. Standard size. Pair O/A size 3100mm wide x 3100mm high. Single O/A size 2400mm wide x 2330mm high. Picture shown is a single door. No sliding door gear is included, available separately.

Please note: the track listed below is suitable for sliding doors weighing up to 100kgs. Other types are available on request for heavier doors. Please telephone to discuss your requirements. A protective weathershield for the track is also available by special order.

Code Description EW0062 Single Sliding Barn Door (No Fittings) EW0063 Double Sliding Barn Door (No Fittings)

Ex VAT £355.00 £785.00

+VAT £408.25 £902.75

Code EZ0001 EZ0002 EZ0003 EZ0004 EZ0005 EZ0006

Description Face fixing brackets, set of 4 (A) Top fixing hangers, set of 2 (B) Guide roller for door bottom (C) Stop from door bottom, each (D) 6” Bow type handle, each (E) Door track, 3.0m long (F)

Ex VAT £41.80 £55.22 £10.94 £13.43 £6.50 £47.61

+VAT £48.07 £63.50 £12.58 £15.44 £7.48 £54.75




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BESPOKE STABLING Along with our extensive range of stable equipment, Horse Requisites can supply wooden stable blocks either from your plans or complete design & build. These photographs show some our recently completed projects. From private yards, to professional establishments: stud farms, livery and racing yards. Our wide range of sizes, styles and specifications enables us to offer you a highly flexible service ranging from the small to the very large scheme and our ability to give you what you want extends beyond the purely functional. We can include any feature that you require such as an oak frontage, clock tower and weather vane - enhancing, complimenting and adding value to your established property.

Please call our Stabling team on 01638 664619 to discuss your requirements.

sales 01638 664619

TRADITIONAL STALLS - PREMIUM TRADITIONAL STALLS - PREMIUM These top of the range stable options are fabricated from heavy steel and hardwood and are available in a number of styles. Choose from solid wood, vented wood or wood/grille combination, hinged or sliding stable doors. A number of additional traditional design accessories such as solid brass balls are available. All steel components are hot dipped galvanised ISO EN1461 with the option of powder coating in the colour of your choice.

TRADITIONAL STALLS - ECONOMY Traditional Stalls - Economy These great value stable options are fabricated from thick gauge toughened steel and hardwood. Choose from solid wood or wood/grille combination for your partitions. Hinged or sliding stable doors are available, with optional anti-weave grille and feeding hatch. All steel components are hot dipped galvanised ISO EN1461, with hidden welding seams and the option of powder coating in a choice of colours. A full range of accessories are also available, including swivel mangers, tipping mangers, tilt and turn windows, automatic drinkers and rubber flooring.





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FRAME STOCKS These upright stocks consist of four galvanised posts supported at the top by a removable crossbar. Both front & rear doors are hinged and the back door is designed at a height to be suitable for veterinary examination of mares. The adjustable height sidebars are easily removed if dealing with difficult horses.

Designed for the examination of breeding horses, they are safe for vets and stud staff as well as the mare. They consist of a hinged back door at a height suitable for examination purposes and a hinged side door. The entire interior is well padded with high density foam covered in a tough, rock proof PVC. Four solid tubular posts hold the stocks in place with pre-drilled holes for ground fixing.

Code V00350

Code V00351

Description Frame Stocks

protective PADDING

PROTECTIVE FOAM & PVC PADDING We supply all forms of protective wall and floor coverings for the equestrian industry to protect horses from injury, including:Covering Barn Wall Padding as seen here, photos taken at a local Newmarket Stud. Foal Beds for sick foals, 1200mm x 1200mm x 100mm thick high density foam covered in PVC. Foal Wedge to support sick foals. Veterinary Operating Rooms for knock-down and recovery room walls and floors in hospitals for animals undergoing surgery. Foaling Box Wall Padding or walkways and washdown areas. Post, RSJ & Gate Protection Padding. All work undertaken to customer requirements. Protective padding consists of a high density foam, covered in tough, rock proof PVC. Please call for more information or to discuss your requirements.



Description Padded Breeding Stocks



sales 01638 664619

stable windows / INTERNAL STABLE GRILLS / accessories



Overall outside frame measures 914mm h x 1066mm w. Top fanlight opens inwards, with fitted fanlight clip. Supplied unglazed in planed & sanded finish ready to receive primer or stain. (Vac vac treated finish available to order). Available with or without a cill. (Cills are not necessary if stables have an overhang).

457mm high x 914mm wide overall outside the frame, this hopper type sash window comes complete with fan light catch and chain (opens outwards). Supplied unglazed in planed and sanded finish ready to receive primer or stain (vac-vac treated finish available to order). Available with or without a cill. Cills are not necessary if stables have an overhang.

Code EW0262 EW0261

Description Landscape Hopper Window 914mm x 457mm (36’’ l X 18’’h) Landscape Hopper Window with cill 914mm x 457mm (36’’ l X 18’’h)

Ex VAT £109.50 £117.00

+VAT £125.93 £134.55


Code EW0263 EW0271 EW0264


Description 6 Pane (42’’w X 30’’h) No Cill Window 6 Pane (42”w X 36”h) Window With Cill Sloping Window Grills to Suit EW0263

Ex VAT £174.00 £189.00 £134.08

+VAT £200.10 £217.35 £154.19

Ex VAT £205.00

+VAT £235.75

Hayloft Door

914mm h X 457mm w overall outside this frame, this hopper style sash window comes complete with fan light catch & chain (opens outwards). Supplied unglazed in planed and sanded finish ready to receive primer or stain. ( Vac vac treated finish available to order). Also available with a cill. Cills not necessary if stables have an overhang.

Galvanised 12mm diameter rod window grill designed for use inside stable for use with EW0512, EW0514, EW0262 or EW0261 windows (above).

Constructed from selected Redwood timber. These doors can be used as traditional Hayloft doors or window reveal closures. Overall size 1372mm wide x 914mm high (including surrounding frame) complete with one pair 760mm heavy reversible hinges and one 200mm padbolt. Doors are ledged and braced and lined with 12mm external grade ply, planed and sanded finish ready to receive primer or stain.

Code EW0512 EW0514 EW0515

Code EW0060


Straight Bar Window Grill

Description Ex VAT +VAT Portrait Hopper Window w/cill £117.00 £134.55 Portrait Hopper Window no cill £109.50 £125.93 Straight bar window grill £24.95 £28.69



Description Hayloft Door


Heavy duty grills designed to easily extend to most popular stable sizes. Intended to fit on top of the wooden or brick/block walls, they are strongly constructed from 75mm wide steel flat top and bottom with 22mm dia. tubular bars set at 76mm centres (54mm gaps). The last bar is set half a gap away from one end in order that the joints between connected grills are unnoticeable. Joining is by means of a connector plate bolted on above the top frame and below the bottom. The range is completed with a section which incorporates a feeding hatch. All hot dip galvanised finish. EW0002

Code EW0010 EW0011 EW0013 EW0002

Description Divider Grill 1.2m X 0.76m (4’x2’6’’) Divider Grill 1.8m X 0.76m (6’x2’6’’) Feeding Hatch Grill Jointing Plate For Build In Grills

Ex VAT £100.39 £145.00 £82.12 £5.33

+VAT £115.45 £166.75 £94.44 £6.13

WINDOW and door accessories Security Bar 12mm X 890mm Long

6 Blade Louvre Set (Without Perspex)

1.2m Hardwood Door Roller (4ft)

Solid rod bars forged flat at ends with countersunk screw holes for window protection. Can be fitted on the wall above and below window or directly on frame. Overal length 890mm (35”) - other sizes available to order.

863mm high, designed to accommodate 150mm x 6mm thick acrylic (not supplied). 2 blade louvre available to order.

Used to protect the horse when leaving the stable. The turned wooden door rollers come complete with galvanised brackets to fix upright to the inside of the door frame (on both sides), with the bottom normally about 600mm off the ground. If the horse throws itself against the side of the door frame when leaving the box, its flank is fended by the roller, preventing injury.

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT EW0004 Security Bar 12mm X 890mm Long £13.43 £15.44

Code Description EW0016 6 Blade Louvre Set

Ex VAT £53.50

+VAT £61.53

Code EW0572

Description Hardwood Door Roller

Ex VAT £61.65

+VAT £70.90




sales 01638 664619

door grills

stable ironmongery STRAIGHT BAR DOOR GRILL

Tie RingS

Galvanised straight bar door grid, complete with sockets. 1040mm x 760mm (41” x 30”). Other sizes available to order.

Heavy quality galvanised rings in three options. On a drilled plate for screwing to wall for wooden boxes or solid wall using wall plugs, or on screwed shanks for securing through a wall or post. Tie rings with screwed shanks come with fixing nut but not straining plate. 50mm x 50mm drilled straining plates available separately. (We suggest 2 plates per shank). Code EZ0020 EZ0021 EZ0022 EZ0023 EZ0014

Code EW0017

Description Straight Bar Door Grill 1040mm x 760mm

Ex VAT £53.08

+VAT £61.04

Anti Weave Door Grills To discourage horses from head weaving. Very strong, made from galvanised steel rod and supplied complete with grid sockets to screw to bottom door so the grid can be lifted out when not required. Three sizes stocked; Other size anti-weavers can be made to order.

Description Plate Tie Ring Tie Ring 110mm (4.5”) Shank Tie Ring 250mm (10”) Shank Tie Ring Plates Recess Tie Ring

Description Anti Weave Door Grill 890mm x 610mm (35” x 24”) Anti Weave Door Grill 1040mm x 760mm (41” x 30”) Anti Weave Door Grill 1170mm x 760mm (46” x 30”)

Ex VAT £41.76 £47.32 £52.91

+VAT £48.02 £54.42 £60.85

INFILLS FOR ANTI-WEAVE GRILLS An anti-weave grid infill panel drops in to convert to a complete bar grid. Can be easily lifted out when not required. W0023 infill suits EW0021 grill, EW0020 infill suitable for both EW0018 & EW0022 grills.

Suitable for all hinged doors, particularly for use on bottom of stable doors out of the horse’s reach. Galvanised finish. Latch 240mm long. Can be used on left or right handed door.

Description Infill for Small Anti-Weave Grill Infill for Standard & Large Anti-Weave Grill

Ex VAT £26.93 £32.48

+VAT £30.97 £37.35

Ex VAT £8.46

Hook and keep on plates for holding open stable doors etc. Each plate drilled for screwing. One piece, wire construction not cast, will not snap. Galvanised.

Description Galvanised Cabin Hook 150mm (6”) Galvanised Cabin Hook 255mm (10”) Galvanised Cabin Hook 455mm (18”)

Code EW0019

Description Mesh Door Grill (1040mm x 740mm)

square weld incorporating 1040mm x Other sizes

Ex VAT £45.76

+VAT £52.62

Door Grill Sockets (Pair) Similar to sockets supplied with all door grills, these can be used on bottom doors where grills are regularly swapped from door to door.

Code EW0441

Description Door Grill Sockets (Pair)

Ex VAT £8.95

+VAT £10.29

Ex VAT +VAT £11.05 £12.71

Code EZ0652

Description Padlock 75mm (3”)

Galv. Heavy Safety Hasp & Staple

Japped Heavy Vertical Hasp & Staple

Flap back hasp complete with staple. Heavy duty model.

Black japanned heavy duty vertical hasp & staple. Both ports are provided with bolt and screw holes for maximum security.

Code Description EZ0175 Galv. Hvy Safety H&S

+VAT £4.53 £5.00 £10.01

Laminated steel plates hydraulically welded to form a solid block case, immensely strong against attack. Each padlock includes two keys. Sizes shown are measured across the hasp.

Galvanised. Comes complete with staple

Code Description EZ0030 Swivel Locking Bar

Ex VAT £3.94 £4.35 £8.70


Swivel Locking Bar

MESH DOOR GRILL Galvanised 50mm (2”) mesh within steel frame double hand holes. 740mm (41” x 29”). available to order.

+VAT £9.73

Cabin HookS

Code EZ0484 EZ0485 EZ0481

Code EW0023 EW0020

+VAT £2.02 £3.68 £4.92 £0.23 £2.50

REversible Kick Over

Code Description EZ0024 Reversible Kick Over

Code EW0021 EW0018 EW0022

Ex VAT £1.76 £3.20 £4.28 £0.20 £2.17

Ex VAT £7.52

+VAT £8.65

Code Description EZ0176 Japped Heavy V/H&S

Ex VAT +VAT £25.53 £29.36

Ex VAT £8.23

+VAT £9.46

sales 01638 664619


AUTOLOCK ANIMAL BOLT Lever drops down as shoot is closed & requires lifting to unlock. Prevents bolt shaking open if the horse continually shakes the door. Galvanised finish, complete with keep & guard plate. Code EZ0031

Description Autolock Animal Bolt

Ex VAT £8.28

+VAT £9.52

Tower Bolt

Ex VAT £2.17 £3.17

Fully galvanised door bolts sold in 3 sizes, 150mm (6”), 200mm (8”) and 250mm (10”). Will accept padlock when fitted to either left or right hand doors. Suitable for stable and all other doors where provision for locking or secondary securing is required. Complete with keep. Description Brenton Bolt 150mm (6”) Brenton Bolt 200mm (8”) Brenton Bolt 250mm (10”) Keep for Brenton Bolt

Very strong steel hinges for stable or barn doors galvanised finish. Bands pierced for bolts and screws complete with plates drilled for screws.

Ex VAT £6.11 £7.40 £8.05 £1.03

Description Hinge 455mm (18”) Hinge (Pair) 610mm (20”) Hinge (Pair) 510mm (24”) Hinge (Pair) 510mm (30”) Hinge (Pair) 510mm (36”) Hinge (Pair) 510mm (48”) Spare Cup for EZ0490 Hinges (Pair)

Ex VAT £16.27 £18.10 £24.38 £27.55 £36.90 £55.40 £5.15

+VAT £18.71 £20.82 £28.04 £31.68 £42.44 £63.71 £5.92

Code EZ0491 EZ0492 EZ0493 EZ0494

Description H&B (Pair) 510mm (20”) H&B (Pair) 610mm (24”) H&B (Pair) 760mm (30”) H&B (Pair) 915mm (36”)

Ex VAT £14.22 £22.68 £30.84 £39.66

+VAT £16.35 £26.08 £35.47 £45.61

+VAT £2.50 £3.65

Brenton Bolt

Code EZ0368 EZ0482 EZ0483 EZ0468

Heavy Hook & Bands

Galvanised steel hinges consisting of hinge band pierced for bolts and screws and two cast steel retaining cups, drilled for screws, per band.

Code EZ0486 EZ0487 EZ0488 EZ0489 EZ0490 EZ0560 EZ0625

Shoot bolts for use on doors, gates etc. Galvanised finish. Comes complete with keep. 150mm or 200mm long.

Code Description EZ0366 Tower Bolt 150mm (6”) EZ0365 Tower Bolt 200mm (8”)


Tee HingeS

Cranked Hooks & Bands

Galvanised steel hinges for use on lighter doors, feed stores, sheds etc.

Galvanised hinge as above but with cranked band. Useful for doors that are fitted in a recessed frame.

Code EZ0352 EZ0353 EZ0354 EZ0355 EZ0356 EZ0357

Code EZ0177 EZ0178 EZ0179 EZ0180 EZ0181

Description Tee Hinge (Pair) 305mm (12”) Tee Hinge (Pair) 355mm (14”) Tee Hinge (Pair) 405mm (16”) Tee Hinge (Pair) 455mm (18”) Tee Hinge (Pair) 510mm (20”) Tee Hinge (Pair) 610mm (24”)

Ex VAT +VAT £3.41 £3.92 £5.88 £6.76 £7.05 £8.11 £8.23 £9.46 £9.87 £11.35 £15.98 £18.38

Description Cranked H&B (Pair) 455mm (18”) Cranked H&B (Pair) 510mm (20”) Cranked H&B (Pair) 610mm (24”) Cranked H&B (Pair) 760mm (30”) Cranked H&B (Pair) 915mm (36”)

Ex VAT £14.57 £15.33 £22.62 £31.73 £40.77

+VAT £16.76 £17.63 £26.01 £36.49 £46.89

+VAT £7.03 £8.51 £9.26 £1.18

SPRING LOADED BOLT Spring loaded bolt, galvanised finish, suitable for metal or wooden gates.

Code EZ0245

Description Spring Loaded Bolt

Large Door Magnet Buffered magnet unit on stable wall will catch the steel disc fitted to the stable door even when the door is thrown back by the wind on opening, then hold it open by magnetism. Door held firmly open without props, bricks etc. which litter the walkway. Ex VAT £4.99

+VAT £5.74

Galvanised. Used on gates and large doors/double doors to secure open or shut. Other lengths available to order.

Description Monkey Tail Bolt 455mm (18”) Bow Handle Drop Bolt 455mm (18”) Drop Bolt 455mm (18”)

Ex VAT £26.30

+VAT £30.25

Ex VAT £19.04 £12.93 £17.68

+VAT £21.90 £14.87 £20.33

Solid design made from UV resistant plastic which is non-toxic and will hold most 2kg mineral blocks horizontally.

Code Description ES0197 Plastic Salt Lick Holder

Ex VAT £3.47

50mm wide industrial quality grey tape. Interwoven strands to give extra strength. It has many uses. Code Description E00680 Agri Tape

Ex VAT £5.55

+VAT £6.38

Salt lick holders



Code EZ0558 EZ0432 EZ0246

Code Description EZ0546 Magnet

Agri Tape

+VAT £3.99

Plastic coated salt lick holder, steel construction then plastic coated to resist salt corrosion. Drilled for wall mounting, colours red or black. Alloy salt lick holder made from aluminium to resist corrosion, unlike plastic coated model, will not chip. Code Description ES0198 Plastic Coated S/L Hldr ES0199 Alloy S/L Holder

Ex VAT £3.47 £3.50

+VAT £3.99 £4.03



stud cards & HOLDERS / fixings / tying up post / spraying boom


stud cards & holders Plastic coated metal holders which come with a heavy plastic wallet and card. Weather resistant, will not rust. Colour choice of red or black. Spare Stud Cards A and B only fit the small Stud Card Holder. Description Large Stud Card Holder (19cm x 12cm) Pack of 10 Cards for Large Holder (C only) Small Stud Card Holder (14cm x 10cm) Pack of 10 Cards for Small Holder (A, B or C) Small Plastic Wallets (Per 10) Large Plastic Wallets Per 10

Ex VAT £2.15 £1.30 £1.85 £0.90 £2.50 £3.50


+VAT £2.47 £1.50 £2.13 £1.04 £2.88 £4.03

Code EZ0495 EZ0852 EZ0854 EZ0855 EZ0856 EZ0857 EZ0850 EZ0851 EZ0853 EZ0858 EZ0222 EP0243


Code EW0026 EW0028 EW0027 EW0586 EW0480 EW0481



150mm C


Spraying boom SPRAYING BOOM HORSE SHOWER Used by professionals to wash or hose down horses without the usual hazards of hosepipe on the ground, it also makes the task much easier. The sturdy steel construction, hot dip galvanised after manufacture, is hinged on wall brackets allowing the boom to be folded back to the wall when not in use. Constructed in two halves for simple bolt together assembly. Supplied with hose trigger nozzle and fittings.

Code EO0200

Description Spraying Boom Horse Shower

Ex VAT £115.00

+VAT £132.25

tying up post Heavy Duty Tying Up Post With Retractable Clip These heavy duty safety poles are used to tether horses. The Tie Rope with quick release clip has an inbuilt restrictor to allow only a lesser movement of the horse’s head. 1.5m high from ground level.

Code ES0021

Description H/D Tying Up Post With Retractable Clip

Ex VAT £173.00

+VAT £198.95

Description 100mm (4 1/2’’) Galv Fencing Nails 1kg Pozi Screws 1.5 X 10 Per 10 Pozi Screws 2 X 12 Per 8 R/H Self Tap Screws 3/4 X 8 Per 25 R/H Self Tap Screws 1 1/4x10 Per 15 Pozi Screws 12x2 Per 200 Pozi Screws 1 X 8 Per 25 Pozi Screws 1 X 10 Per 15 Pozi Screws 4 X 12 Per 4 Pozi Screws 10x1.5 Per 200 Hinge Bolts (12x80) Field Gate Hinge Bolt & Nut (110 X 10)

Ex VAT £3.00 £1.02 £1.02 £1.02 £1.02 £5.00 £1.02 £1.02 £1.02 £4.50 £1.18 £0.76

+VAT £3.45 £1.17 £1.17 £1.17 £1.17 £5.75 £1.17 £1.17 £1.17 £5.18 £1.36 £0.87

sales 01638 664619


MIRRORS DIAMOND SYSTEM ARENA MIRRORS Professional Arena mirrors made to the highest specification, consisting of a cushioned foam fleece sandwiched between 6mm crystal mirror glass & aluminium coated solidified insulating foam, all encased in a thick wooden frame. These mirrors are all purpose made & are designed for use in indoors, but can be modified at time of manufacture to suit outdoor arenas. The crystal mirror is extremely shockproof, with resistance to breaking 6 times higher than conventional 6mm glass & gives a virtually distortion free image. The layered construction behind the glass greatly reduces misting up. Manual or automated roller blinds can be incorporated into the design. We also offer a full installation service as standard on all mirrors over 6m in length & can arrange installation of smaller sizes if required. Please call our sales team on 01638 664619 to discuss your requirements further.

Acrylic Stable MIrror Constructed from durable acrylic, these mirrors can be used as an aid to relieve boredom for stabled horses or in a horsebox to help horses who don’t travel well alone. Easy to fit, no worries of shattered glass. Available in sizes below.

CONVEX SAFETY MIRROR Convex mirrors are a cost-effective, simple solution to many surveillance problems. They are versatile, easy to install and can quickly eliminate blind corners and improve all round surveillance. Ideal for retail environments as an anti-theft device, convex mirrors are also widely used in a range of settings as safety aids, to reduce the risk of accidents. Supplied with fixing bracket. Available in 2 sizes as below.

Code ES0026 ES0027

Description 450mm Convex Mirror 650mm Convex Mirror

Ex VAT £74.50 £107.00

+VAT £85.68 £123.05

Code ES0044 ES0043 ES0042 ES0041 ES0040

Description Acrylic Mirror 0.6m X 0.4m (2’ X 18”) Acrylic Mirror 0.6m X 0.6m (2’ X 2’) Acrylic Mirror 1.2m X 0.6m (4’ X 2’) Acrylic Mirror 1.2m X 1.2m (4’ X 4’) Acrylic Mirror 2.4m X 1.2m (8’ X 4’)

Ex VAT £28.00 £35.50 £47.50 £79.00 £140.00

+VAT £32.20 £40.83 £54.63 £90.85 £161.00





sales 01638 664619

Save Money - Cut Labour Costs - Improve Hygiene - Reduce Injuries

Horse Requisites Newmarket pioneered the use of a new generation of Stable Matter over thirty-six years ago when we introduced solid rubber mats to Britain following successful use in the Dutch dairy industry. The concept of reducing conventional bedding with a high quality solid rubber mat has since gained widespread acceptance among horse owners with more than half a million in use in Britain alone. Horse Requisites Newmarket horse mats are long lasting with a 10 year guarantee – most of the company’s original mats are still in use today – they save money, reduce labour costs and improve hygiene. Easy to install, rubber bedding mats need no maintenance and can simply be power washed clean. Independent research has shown a substantial reduction in leg and foot injuries among horses when using rubber mats in stables – with a consequent saving in vet’s bills. The excellent heat insulation properties of Horse Requisites Newmarket mats increase animal comfort, while extra hygiene of any easy clean surface reduces potential infection.


RUBBER MATTING Horse Requisites laid the first all rubber stable floor in a Newmarket stud foaling box thirty-six years ago with the mat we offer today. Horse Requisites Newmarket rubber matting provides a warm, comfortable surface which allows you to reduce the amount of bedding used in the stable and it protects against injury. Particularly suitable for Stallion boxes, foaling boxes, veterinary hospitals, racing yards, etc… also used in motor boxes and trailers. They can be loosed laid or, for a permanent, totally sealed floor, they can be fixed with our special adhesive and joint sealant, making them ideal for stable floors, examination rooms and veterinary boxes. We can also offer a specialist fitting service country wide if required. However, any competent DIYer should have no trouble with fitting the mats. We will be happy to quote the number of mats required if you furnish us with the floor sizes, although the guide on the right shows possible layouts.

Code EM0145

Description Rubber Mat 1.85m X 1.2m x 17mm

Ex VAT £37.50

+VAT £43.13

rubber matting accessories

Matbond Adhesive

Applicat0r Gun For Proflex Joint Sealant

Black Joint Sealant In Flexy Tube

For quick and easy application of joint sealant between and around the outside edges of rubber matting sheets.

To seal joints and outside edges of rubber matting sheets. Prevents water/urine ingress for a clean and hygienic flooring solution. Flexy tube fits directly into applicator gun (left).

High ammonia levels in the stable can cause respiratory problems. Reduce the possibility of urine passing through the mat to the underside by seaming the mats with sealant.

Code Description EM0112 600ml Black Joint Sealant In Flexy Tube EM0104 310ml Black Joint Sealant in Flexy Tube

Code EM0113 EM0101 EM0107

Code EM0111

Description Applicator Gun For Proflex Joint Sealant

Ex VAT +VAT £29.00 £33.35

Ex VAT £8.25 £7.20

+VAT £9.49 £8.28

Description 25kg Matbond Adhesive 10kg Matbond Adhesive 5kg Matbond Adhesive

Ex VAT £200.00 £127.00 £69.00

+VAT £230.00 £146.05 £79.35

sales 01638 664619


Disinfectant matting Disinfectant Mat To use in entrances of infection or disease sensitive areas. Robust, permeable upper. Impermeable material on bottom and sides prevents liquid loss. Approx. size 85cm x 60cm x 3cm.

Code EM0116

Description Disinfectant Mat (For Pedestrians)

Ex VAT £39.70

+VAT £45.66

Large Disinfectant Mats For use in gateways, driveways, etc. Mats made to customer requirements.


Description Disinfectant Mat Large




rubber seamless flooring Rubber Seamless Flooring Liquid Rubber Flooring is a high quality three pack system consisting of natural/synthetic latex rubber polymers, hardening powder and rubber shred/granules. When mixed together it produces a screed that hardens and gives a seamless rubber surface which bonds to most existing clean and sound materials including concrete, steel, wood, masonry, stone and primed aluminium. It can be supplied in different textures for numerous flooring applications where a flexible, resilient non-slip seamless surface is required for indoor or outdoor use. Liquid Rubber Flooring preserves and reinforces existing floors and eleiminates rotting floors in trailers and horseboxes caused by urine becoming trapped between double flooirs and under rubber matting. No more heavy dirty mats to lift out and clean - just hose out! Also eliminates the need for straw or shavings when transporting livestock. Liquid Rubber Flooring offers a warmer and more comfortable surface than concrete when used in stables etc. Minimises injury, helps to prevent hock scuffing and also eases fatigue and stress on legs and back. Will provide resilient comfort during normal stabling or long term lay up. Reduces bedding usage and labour cost and will therefore pay for itself time and again. Liquid Rubber Flooring is simple and quick to lay by the average DIY person. It dries in 2 - 6 hours, fully curied in 2 - 3 days. One pack is sufficient to cover 3 sq m. Environmentally friendly, user friendly, non toxic and safe to use.

Code EM0723

Description Rubber Seamless Flooring For 3.5 Sq Mts

Ex VAT £100.00

+VAT £115.00

Please note that rubber floor mats and wall mats can vary slightly in dimensions and thickness. When fixing, the drainage channels do not necessarily line up

washdown area mat WASHDOWN AREA MAT A non-slip rubber surface for washdown or areas where water is a problem. 22mm thick matting with large holes for drainage allowing the water to clear from surface of the mat. The mats can be joined together with interlocking connectors.

Code EM0109 EM0108

Desc Washdown Area Mat Washdown Mat Connector

Ex VAT £25.00 £1.30

+VAT £28.75 £1.50




sales 01638 664619

MIGHTY LITE MATTING mighty lite matting A 6kg floor mat! Hard to believe? Not really, just as a 3lb Kevlar vest can stop a bullet, Mighty Lite mats are made from EVA – a space age polymer. EVA is a dense closed cell foam similar to those used in the soles of expensive athletic footwear. Available in black & green.

• Super lightweight (they weigh just under 6Kgs each). You don’t break your back lifting them. • Interlocking on all 4 sides, increasing stability and reducing the requirement to lift and clean • They are considerably warmer than rubber, reducing bedding & contributing to the general overall wellbeing of the animal • They are thicker (22mm) than the traditional rubber mats (17mm). • Each mat measures 94cm x 124.5cm x 22mm (49” x 37”) • Simple to install, literally child’s play! Average 12’x12’ stable should take 10 minutes to lay. • Reversible, top and bottom profile is the same for extended wear. • 12 mats required for a 12’ x 12’ stable.

Code EM0114

Desc Mighty Lite Interlocking Mat

Ex VAT £20.50

+VAT £23.58

Rubber block paving RUBBER BLOCK PAVING Our durable, slip resistant, rubber block pavers are recommended for horse walkers, walk up areas and other similar uses. The extremely hard wearing blocks are porous (to allow drainage from the surface) and help prevent shoe wear as well as enabling unshod horses to excercise safely and comfortably.

Tile colours and alternative formats available on request. Please call us on 01638 664619 for more information.

sales 01638 664619



STOKBORD Stokbord is a reconstituted 9mm or 12mm thick plastic sheet with continuous textured black surface both sides. Used by many well known manufacturers of stabling and horseboxes, it is favoured by top trainers, studs, showjumpers and eventers because it is not only a warm safe material, but it is also durable, rot proof, non-toxic, hygienic, non-absorbent, and chew resistant. The maintenance free sheet is easy to work and can be quickly installed using DIY tools (nailed, screwed, sawn, drilled etc.)

Code EM0348 EM0349

Description Stokbord 2.4m X 1.2m X 12mm Stokbord 2.4m X 1.2m X 9mm

Ex VAT £52.60 £42.80

+VAT £60.49 £49.22

HI DENSITY EVA MAT High density foam backed rubber sheets used as protection around the walls of foaling boxes, motor horseboxes or areas where horses are prone to knock themselves. Face can be washed down. Extremely lightweight. Easily fixed to wall using screws (not supplied).

Code EM0102 EM0103

Description Hi Density Eva Mat 1.8m X1.2m X 22mm Hi Density Eva Mat 1.8m X1.2m X 10mm

Ex VAT £39.25 £28.25

+VAT £45.14 £32.49

Buffer Padding 1.45m Wide Per Linear Mtr


Pliable, cushion type protective padding suitable for areas of possible impact by horse or rider. Used to cover RSJ steel beams on indoor rides, lining gate posts etc. Available in 1.45m width pieces and sold from a roll cut to customers requirements by the linear metre. 10mm thick.

The new revolutionary way to help horses get to their feet when cast in the stable or enclosure. The Up-Right strips are designed to give the horse a safe gripping surface for their hooves and may help stop unnecessary hip, leg and pelvic injuries that often result. Made from a long lasting, pliable, yet durable material, the strips are supplied with full fitting instructions.

Code EM0105

Code ES0017

Description Buffer Padding 1.45m Wide Per Linear Mtr

Ex VAT £27.20

+VAT £31.28

Description Up-Right Anti-Cast Strips

Ex VAT £22.50

+VAT £25.88



haynets & hayracks

sales 01638 664619


Hayracks HAYNET FILLING RING Screws to wall. An invaluable time saver. Clips horizontal to hold haynet open for easy filling, then folds away.

Code Description R00003 Haynet Filling Ring

Straight Bar Corner Hayrack Racing stable type corner hayrack with 12mm diameter steel bars. Rack is galvanised after manufacture ready for a long working life. 840mm x 540mm x 540mm deep.

Ex VAT +VAT £15.63 £17.97 Code Description Ex VAT +VAT ES0012 Straight Bar Corner Hayrack £30.80 £35.42

NYLON HAYNET Polypropylene haynets, available in two sizes. Large net (R00002) has rings at the top for easier gathering.

Straight Bar Wall Hayrack Strongly built hayrack from flat steel and 12mm dia. round bar. Drilled to receive screw fixings. Galvanised after manufacture. 760mm x 430mm x 510mm deep.

Code Description Ex VAT R00010 Economy Haynet £5.30 R00002 Large Haynet (w/ rings) £4.75

+VAT £6.10 £5.46 Code Description ES0014 Straight Bar Wall Hayrack

Ex VAT +VAT £52.63 £60.52

HAY BAG Reduces waste and mess. Easy to fill canvas bag.

Mesh Corner Hayrack Galvanised lightweight hayrack in steel mesh with fitted lugs to secure to wall. Galvanised after manufacture. 870mm x 430mm x 635mm deep.

Code Description R00014 Hay bag

Ex VAT £7.90

+VAT £9.09

HORSEHAGE NET Polypropylene, with smaller mesh than a conventional haynet.

Code Description ES0013 Mesh Corner Hayrack

Ex VAT +VAT £17.82 £20.49

Mesh Wall Hayrack Code Description R00009 Horsehage Net R00016 Horsehage Net Large

Ex VAT £5.50 £6.10

+VAT £6.33 £7.02

Steel mesh wall hayrack, with lugs to receive screw fixings. Galvanised, after manufacture. 760mm x 460mm x 380mm deep.

Code Description ES0015 Mesh Wall Hayrack

Ex VAT +VAT £22.97 £26.42

Corner Haylage Rack Sharing the same fundamental size & shape with our popular standard hayracks, but with 50% more bars.

Code Description ES0031 Corner Haylage Rack

Ex VAT +VAT £20.66 £23.76

Wall Haylage Rack Small mesh distinguishes these feeders from conventional hay racks and most importantly haylage stays in them!

Hay Bar Feeder Feed as nature intended. Far better for your horses and much easier for you. Aids digestion and respiration - Labour saving - Saves waste - Safer than nets - Preferred way of feeding to help to improve topline. Horse size: 1270mm wide x 1066mm high, Pony size: 1100mm wide x 770mm high. Code ES0016 ES0028

Description Hay Bar Feeder (Horse) Hay Bar Feeder (Pony)

Ex VAT £53.19 £53.19

+VAT £61.17 £61.17

Code Description ES0030 Wall Haylage Rack

Ex VAT +VAT £27.19 £31.27

sales 01638 664619



Swivelling Manger

The professional’s choice, this full sized manger has rounded internal corners and comes complete with anti-waste bars. Hot dip galvanised.

Code Description ES0002 Galvanised Corner Manger

Grey, heavy duty plastic manger in a bright zinc plated frame for fixing to wall or front partition. Labour saving, can be operated from either side. Manger 310mm x 780mm x 380mm deep. Weighs 11.5kg.

Code Description ES0032 Swivelling Manger

Ex VAT +VAT £87.87 £101.05

Wooden Support Frame

Ex VAT £33.00 £37.95

Easy-clean, tough, durable polythene manger in fixed galvanised steel frame with removable anti-waste bars. 280mm x 480mm x 370mm deep. Weighs 5.2kg.

+VAT £37.95 £43.64

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT ES0213 Plastic Wall Manger W/ Fixed Frame £31.55 £36.28



Tough, heavy duty white polythene manger fitted with galvanised waste bars. Hangs in either tubular frame or fits flush in ES0437 Wooden Support Frame. Measures 640mm x 300mm x 440mm and weighs 2.6kgs. Code ES0003 ES0004

Large American Feed Tub

Description Plastic Corner Manger Alloy Support Frame


Munch Station Natural ground level feeding; also helps you avoid being covered each time a hayrack is filled! Bars are closely spaced, increasing feeding time and reducing boredom. Galvanised heavy steel construction. Tilted rot-proof base ensures all hay is accessible. ES0003 manger (not included) fits perfectly into the top and provides access for filling with hay. Measures 1100mm x 720mm x 400mm & weighs 12kgs.

Description Munch Station

Ex VAT £86.78

Ex VAT £13.81 £5.70

+VAT £99.80

Tough, heavy duty polythene manger with anti-waste bars. Fixed protective galvanised steel support frame, drilled for screwing to wall. Measures 580mm x 280mm x 500mm. Weighs 3.8kgs

+VAT £15.88 £6.56

Code ES0315



Heavy duty plastic tub which holds 36litres (8 gal). Fitted with rings so it can be hung from snap hooks in any corner. Tub weighs 1.5kgs. Anti-waste ring and slow feed lip available separately. Please see page 30 for fixings.

Code ES0029

+VAT £87.23

Plastic Wall Manger WITH Fixed Frame

Wooden support frame covered with galvanised anti-chew capping to all external edges. Designed for use with ES0002. Weighs 4.8kgs. Recesed timber support frame, to enable ES0003 manger to fit flush to top frame to deter horse from biting manger edges. All external edges are tin covered to prevent horse from chewing frame. Code Description ES0282 Wooden Support Frame ES0437 Recessed Support Frame

Ex VAT £75.85

Description Plastic Corner Mngr & Frame

Ex VAT £22.24

+VAT £25.58

Code ES0083

Description Large American Feed Tub

Ex VAT £17.00

+VAT £19.55

Code ES0084

Description Anti Waste Ring

Ex VAT £7.05

+VAT £8.11

Code ES0086

Description Slow Feed Lip

Ex VAT £8.95

+VAT £10.29

Poly Concrete Manger Corner manger made of Syntolit polymer concrete in a traditional style. Very strong and easy to clean with smooth inner and outer surfaces. Fits permanently to the wall with 4 bolts; the unique shape ensures no boxing in or special holding frame is required. Complete with drain plug. Measures 460mm x 740mm x 320mm deep.

Code ES0023 ES0022

Description Poly Concrete Feed Manger Poly Concrete Water Manger

Ex VAT £98.00 £98.00

+VAT £112.70 £112.70



auto drinkers / chew protection

sales 01638 664619


Plastic Push Nose Drinker

All Purpose Galvanised Drinker Heavy gauge steel, hot dipped galvanised, full rounded corners steel beaded edges. Automatic refill. Meets current water regulations. 9L (2gal) capacity.

Strongly made in green polypropylene. Easy to clean and operate. Finished with no sharp edges or corners to protect your animals. Best suited to low pressure supply. 3L (5 pint) capacity.

Code EV0015

Code EV0016

Description All Purpose Galv.Drinker

Ex VAT £50.00

+VAT £57.50

Plastic Corner Drinking Bowl With Drain Manufactured from polypropylene, drain plug and 12mm ball valve. Fits neatly into a corner because of top inlet for water pipe. 22.5L (5 gallon) capacity.

Code EV0033 EQ0452

Description Plastic Corner Drinking Bowl Torbeck Drinker Valve

Ex VAT £50.25 £7.50

+VAT £57.79 £8.63

Description Plastic Push Nose Drinker

Ex VAT £29.60

+VAT £34.04

Wall Type Plastic Drinking Bowl Manufactured from polypropylene wall fitting automatic drinker complete with brackets and drain plug for easy cleaning. Takes standard water fittings. 16L (3½ gal) capacity. Code ES0033 EQ0452

Description Wall Type Plastic Drinking Bowl Torbeck Drinker Valve

Ex VAT £47.45 £7.50

+VAT £54.57 £8.63


Plastic Self Fill Drinker This polypropolene Micro Drink Bowl with its neat, compact design is double walled for strength and is predrilled for mounting. It is supplied with a drain plug and stainless steel access cover. No brackets required. Ball valve and drain off. External dimensions 300mm x 200mm x 175mm. 4L (7 pints) capacity.

The plastic drain off makes the draining of water from existing paddock troughs much quicker and easier. Available in various sizes from 1 inch through to 2 inch. Simply drill a suitably sized hole in your existing trough, fit the drain off through the hole, tighten the back nut underneath and screw on the drain off cap.

Code EV0220

Code EP0025 EP0022 EP0023

Description Plastic Self Fill Drinker

Ex VAT £28.50

+VAT £32.78

Description 25mm (1’’) Trough Drain Offs 38mm (1 1/2’’) Trough Drain Offs 50mm (2’’) Trough Drain Offs

Ex VAT £7.20 £5.10 £8.10

+VAT £8.28 £5.87 £9.32

spares TO SUIT EV0200 & EV0219 AUTO DRINKERS

Enamel Drinker With Stainless Steel Lid Stainless steel hinged cover and the very simple and highly efficient method of securing the valve cover by means of a steel drop catch, this makes opening and cleaning quick and easy. The unique valve unit permits accurate adjustment of the water level without any bolts or screws by simply raising or lowering the float on the vertical arm. The basin 2.84 litres (5 pints) enamelled cast iron, which, unlike pressed steel will last indefinitely and is extremely easy to clean. High or low pressure. Code EV0200 EV0201

Description Enamel Drinker W/ Stainless Steel Lid Stainless Steel Lid For Enamel Drinker

Ex VAT £42.05 £11.35

+VAT £48.36 £13.05

GalvANISED Steel Drinker Complete Specially designed for horses. Larger 2.84 litre (5 pint) bowl than other self-fills. Easy to open and clean. With high, or low pressure jet. Code Description EV0208 (A) Complete Inner Assembly EV0201 Stainless Steel Cover EV0209 (B) Rubber Inserts Per 10 EV0202 (D) Float & Arm Assembly EV0210 (E) Anti Splash Cover EV0111 (C) Jets - Pack of 10 (State Hi or LO Pressure) Code EV0219

Description Galv Steel Drinker Complete

Ex VAT £25.90

+VAT £29.79

Ex VAT £17.20 £11.35 £5.60 £3.30 £1.80 £15.30

+VAT £19.78 £13.05 £6.44 £3.80 £2.07 £17.60

Other spares available to order.

chewING protection - BESPOKE ALSO AVAILABLE Angled gnawing strip 38mm x 38mm preformed angle. Used mainly around door frames. Code EW0217

Ex VAT £4.15

+VAT £4.77



Additional protection from damage for your water pipes may be gained by using the metal pipe guards shown here. They are fully galvanised and pre-drilled for easy fixing.

Additional protection from damage for your water pipes may be gained by using the metal pipe guards shown here. They are fully galvanised and pre-drilled for easy fixing.

Code EW0220

Code EW0221

Ex VAT +VAT £10.90 £12.54

Ex VAT +VAT £14.30 £16.45

GNAWING STRIP 12mm wide flat steel strip with holes punched approx 100mm intervals for nailing. Sold in reels of approx 25 – 30kg. Yield approx 100m per roll. Code Ex VAT EW0216 £P.O.A


sales 01638 664619

foal creep feeders / portable mangers

FOAL CREEP FEEDERS / PORTABLE MANGERS Plastic Foal Feeder Plastic manger with fitted creep bars to keep mare out. Support frame secured with lynch pin onto wall plate screwed to side of box. All metal parts are galvanised.

Code ES0009 ES0011

Description Plastic Foal Feeder Spare Wall Bracket For Foal Feeder

Ex VAT £37.60 £7.94

Circular Floor Feeder Extra large base with bung on underside enabling body of feeder to be filled with water or sand for maximum stability.

Code Description EP0029 Circular Floor Feeder

Ex VAT £28.20

+VAT £32.43

TYRE BOWL Strong white feed bowl to fit inside any 530mm wide rim tyre for maximum stability in the stable or in the paddock. (Tyre not included).

Code Description ES0287 Tyre Bowl

Ex VAT £8.90

+VAT £10.24

Rock N Roller Feed Ball The Rock N Roller is the ideal companion for conscientious owners as it stimulates a natural grazing behaviour which is beneficial to your horse’s digestion. Simply fill with your horse’s daily food ration and leave in the stable or the field for your horse to play and feed throughout the day. Feeding with the Rock N Roller will not only benefit your horse’s digestive system, but also help to keep his/her mind active and boredom at bay! For best results use with pelleted feed only.

Code Description ES0025 Rock N Roller Feed Ball

Ex VAT £12.68

+VAT £14.58

+VAT £43.24 £9.13

PLASTIC MOULDED PORTABLE MANGER Heavy duty, easy clean polythene moulded in one piece with hanger to hang from fences, doors, etc. Measures 400mm x 280mm x 230mm.

Code ES0007

Description Plastic H/D Moulded Portable Manger

Ex VAT £20.70

+VAT £23.81

Ex VAT £6.16

+VAT £7.08

LIGHTWEIGHT PLASTIC PORTABLE MANGER Portable plastic manger with steel hangers. Ideal for shows, horse boxes, etc. Tough, very light and easy to clean. Size (excluding hanger) 380mm x 300mm x 250mm.

Code ES0008

Description Lightweight Plastic Portable Manger

PLASTIC PORTABLE MANGER WITH STEEL FRAME Tough, easy-clean polythene manger in fitted galvanised steel frame with hanging hooks and anti-waste bars. Measures 480mm x 360mm x 280mm deep & weighs 5kgs.

Code ES0281

Ex VAT +VAT £30.55 £35.13

RUBBER MOULDED PORTABLE MANGER Virtually indestructible one piece in tough rubber with hanger to hang from doors, rails, etc. Capacity 13 litres (3 gal). Measures 400mm x 250mm x 250mm & weighs 2.9kgs.

Code ES0275

Ex VAT £17.95

+VAT £20.64




sales 01638 664619


Hat And Coat Organiser Stylish design incorporates seven coat hooks, two raised hat racks and a generous shelf for other hats, gloves etc. Strong steel construction. Black plastic coated. Code Description ET0011 Hat And Coat Organiser

Ex VAT £33.58

+VAT £38.62

Luggage Rack Obvious name, but so many uses Particularly suited at high level in vehicles and tack rooms. Tubular steel construction. Available in black. Code Description ET0019 Luggage Rack

Ex VAT £24.69

+VAT £28.39

3 Prong Tack Hook

Ex VAT £2.50

Ex VAT £5.44

+VAT £6.26

Revolving design is both attractive and space saving. Permitting the display, storage and cleaning of six bridles. This eye catching idea is already proving popular with considerable surprise being expressed about its price! Black plastic coated steel wall bracket and red coated carousel packs flat for packaging. It assembles with a single spring clip.

+VAT £2.39 £16.68

Code Description ET0010 Carousel Bridle Rack

Ex VAT £15.68

+VAT £18.03

75mm cast numerals black finish available in 0 - 9 complete with screws.

Attractive hard wood boot jack, beautifully handmade. Non-slip rubber tread. Ideal for use at home or in the car.


Wooden Boot Jack

Ex VAT £5.20

+VAT £5.98

Code Description Ex VAT ES0018 75mm (3”) Antique Numerals £0.88

+VAT £1.01

Welly Rack

Hat Rack Plastic coated steel hat holder, drilled for wall mounting. Incorporates hook for whip, coat etc. Available in Red or Black.

Storing one pair of inverted wellies, the rack can either be folded down or removed from the wall fixing bracket when not in use. Black plastic coated steel.

Code Description ET0127 Hat Rack

Code Description ET0414 Welly Rack

Ex VAT £3.97

+VAT £4.57

+VAT £13.69

+VAT £5.96

Stores 3 pairs of boots in radial style for handy selection. Strong wall mounted rack in black only.

Large enough for 5 bandages or wraps, this smart new idea also keeps them in sets. Wall mounted. Wet bandages can be hung from front corner hooks for drying. Now includes integral bandage roller, left or right handed operation. Black plastic coated steel construction, with zinc plated steel roller handle.

Ex VAT £11.90

Ex VAT £5.18

Welly Crown


+VAT £11.47

Carousel Bridle Rack

Code Description Ex VAT ET0039 Bridle Rack £2.08 ET0040 Three Bridle Racks On Board £14.50

Description Bandage Holder/Roller

Ex VAT £9.97

Code Description ET0043 Tack Cleaning Holder

+VAT £2.88

Pressed steel racks, plastic coated to prevent leather cracking. Overall 110mm dia. Drilled for screws. Colours red or black. Also available as a set of three on a 510mm x 130mm polished hardwood board.

Code ET0001

Code Description ET0004 Mesh Shelf Unit

Steel tube with plastic coated prongs to protect leather. Adjustable from 440mm to 800mm long. Comes complete with ceiling hook. Combined red or black finish. Ceiling hook not supplied.

Bridle Rack

Code Description ET0050 Wooden Boot Jack

A convenient shelf that has retaining edges making it suitable for horse boxes too. Strong steel mesh black plastic coated.

Tack Cleaning Holder

Most useful accessory to assist with tack cleaning. 250mm long, steel with protective plastic surface so leather is not damaged. Available in black.

Code Description ET0225 3 Prong Tack Hook

Mesh Shelf Unit

Code ET0415

Description Welly Crown

Ex VAT £27.69

+VAT £31.84

sales 01638 664619


General Purpose Hooks (Set Of 5)

Handy Hanger

Jumbo Hooker

Plastic coated steel hanger, hangs over rail, door etc. 4 hooks on backing plate. Useful for harness, tools etc. Red or black

Following popular demand, we now offer an eight hooked version of the successful ET0036 Handy Hanger, but of heavier construction. Red or Black plastic coated.

Set of 5 x 100mm long plastic coated steel hooks, drilled for screws. Red or black.

Code Description ET0036 Handy Hanger

Code Description ET0007 Jumbo Hooker

Code Description ET0042 General Purpose Hooks (Set of 5)

Ex VAT £5.10

+VAT £5.87

Ex VAT £11.41

+VAT £13.12

Code Description ET0042 GP Hooks (Set of 5)

Ex VAT £3.17

+VAT £4.54

+VAT £3.72

Hat & Coat Hooks (SET Of 5)

Triple Tool Holder

Tool Bracket

Ex VAT £3.95

Strong plastic coated steel bracket for brush, shovel etc. Drilled for screws. Red or black.

Recently introduced but already proving very popular, this multiple rack has great capacity. Red or Black plastic coated steel.

For a finishing touch to the tackroom, this set of 5 steel brackets are plastic coated. Red or black.

Code Description ET0053 Tool Bracket

Code Description ET0052 Triple Tool Holder

Code Description Ex VAT ET0009 Hat & Coat Hooks (Set Of 5) £5.26

Ex VAT £2.22

+VAT £2.55

Quad Tool Holder The three rear hooks easily take forks, shovels and rakes whilst the larger front position will also take a broom. Strong steel construction. Black plastic coated. Code Description ET0006 Quad Tool Holder

Ex VAT £12.26

+VAT £14.10

Ex VAT £7.96

+VAT £9.15

+VAT £6.05

Screw In Tool Bracket (SeT Of 5)

BRISTLE HOOK Generously sized hooks, well clear of each other, yet very compact. Attractive blacksmith styling and fitted with rubber tips.

Set of 5 screw-in bright zinc plated tool holders for hanging shovels, forks etc.

Code Description ET0002 Bristle Hook

Code Description Ex VAT ET0033 Screw In Tool Bracket (S/O 5) £4.47

Ex VAT £3.72

+VAT £4.28

+VAT £5.14

Head Collar Hook Half round heavy duty steel hook, drilled to take 2 screws, plastic coated after manufacture. 200mm long hook. Colour choice red or black.

Code Description ET0041 Head Collar Hook

Ex VAT £2.39

+VAT £2.75

FOOTWEAR ORGANISER Complementing each other , one stores walking boots and shoes whilst the other takes care of wellingtons and riding boots.

Code ET0416 ET0417

Description Footwear Organiser Wellington Rack

Ex VAT +VAT £14.05 £15.20 £14.70 £16.91

Harness Set (4 Piece Set) Set of 4 tubular steel racks styled in the traditional manner, then plastic coated black. Collar rack, saddle rack, bridle rack and reins rack.

Code ET0226

Description Harness Set (4 Piece Set)

Ex VAT +VAT £24.09 £27.70

Boot Scraper With Pole Handle Although primarily designed for use on the farm, it has proved to be ideally suited for use at riding stables, country houses, sports pavilions and is suitable for the home. Constructed from heavy gauge steel, the robust stand will defy many years of rough usage, stands firmly on uneven surfaces. Spare brushes available on request.

Code ER0054

Description Boot Scraper With Pole Handle

Ex VAT £27.25

+VAT £31.34




sales 01638 664619


2 Step Mounting Block

Fire Point Stand Loud warning triangle, positions for two variable extinguishers and sand bucket make this very comprehensive. Zinc plated steel frame. Extinguishers and sand not included.

Step up with ease on this two step mounting block. Tough and durable polyethylene moulding with slip resistant treads and rounded corners. Easily carried by one or other of the rope handles, whilst the wide base gives great stability. This two step mounting block is extremely versatile and has numerous uses.

Code ET0017

Code ET0005

Description Fire Point Stand

Ex VAT £105.76

+VAT £121.62

Description 2 Step Mounting Block

Ex VAT £24.95

+VAT £28.69

Plaiting Steps Very well made and extremely sturdy tubular steel construction. Slip resistant aluminium treads and comfortable loop handle. Painted finish.

Code ET0653

Description Plaiting Steps

Ex VAT £44.35

+VAT £51.00



saddle horses

LARGE Saddle Horse Good, solid and firm in use, this full size saddle horse has a timber tray. Steel tubular frame. 1350mm long x 1070mm high. Narrow Legs.

Code ET0047

Description Large Saddle Horse

Ex VAT £82.55

+VAT £94.93

Folding Saddle Horse

3 Legged Saddle Horse

Folds flat for storage or transport. Galvanised tubular construction with plastic skirt for cleaning materials etc. Top bar hinges over to invert saddle for cleaning or drying underside. 660 long by 900mm high.

Sturdy tubular construction, the ‘original’ portable saddle horse. Black or red enamel finish 600mm or 810mm high, both 600mm long.

Code ET0059

Description Folding Saddle Horse

Ex VAT £46.49

+VAT £53.46

Code Description ET0044 600mm Saddle Horse ET0045 810mm Saddle Horse

Ex VAT £11.89 £12.50

+VAT £13.67 £14.38

sales 01638 664619


saddle racks

rug racks rug master

Removable Clip On Saddle Rack

Strong enough for ten rugs - more if doubled up - and no fixing to the wall!! Three piece slot together frame is free standing. Bright zinc plated steel.

Convenient lift off multiple saddle rack hooks on and fits into supplied bracket. Black plastic coated steel construction. Available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 arms.

Code Description ET0018 Rug Master

Ex VAT £260.59

+VAT £299.68

Description Ex VAT Single Pole Removable Clip £5.50 3 Pole Removable Clip £13.43 2 Pole Removable Clip £9.91 4 Pole Removable Clip £16.97

+VAT £6.33 £15.44 £11.40 £19.52

Single Pole Saddle Rack

5 Arm Rug Rail Our ultimate rug rack with 5 swivelling arms mounted on 2 plastic coated wall brackets. Configured to allow adjoining units, thus creating a continuous display. A small knob on the upper side of each arm deters rugs from sliding off as selection takes place. Code Description ET0030 5 Arm Rug Rail

Code ET0056 ET0057 ET0058 ET0060

Ex VAT £59.09

+VAT £67.95

3 Arm Rug Rack This popular swivelling design provides easy storage of rugs and blankets. Folds flat against wall when not in use. Strong tubular construction with two wall fixing brackets.

Code Description ET0038 3 Arm Rug Rack

Ex VAT £37.32

+VAT £42.92

Plastic coated tube fits snugly between pads on saddle. Two types, permanent for fixing to wall, or folding type in which arm folds down when not in use. Coloured red or black. 470mm long. Code Description Ex VAT ET0055 Single Pole Saddle Rack £6.00 ET0054 Sngl Pole Folding Saddle Rack £7.58

+VAT £6.90 £8.72

Hook Over Saddle Racks 2 Pole Hook Over Saddle Rack.Suits all outdoor and indoor requirements where fixing is undesirable or portability is required. Strong steel construction complete with bridle or general purpose hook and plastic coated, red or black. 1200mm high. Code Description Ex VAT +VAT ET0061 2 Pole Hook Over Saddle Rack £11.43 £13.14 ET0062 Portable One Arm Saddle Rack £9.14 £10.51

Saddle Rack

Single Arm Rug Rail Rug rail is suitable for outside the stable. Black plastic coated steel construction. 910mm long.

Made from tubular and flat steel, welded then plastic coated. Drilled for 4 screws. Colour choice of red or black. 540mm long.

Code Description ET0034 Single Arm Rug Rail

Code ET0037

Ex VAT £9.53

+VAT £10.96

Description Saddle Rack

Ex VAT £5.74

+VAT £6.60

Forward Seat Saddle Rack

Collapsible Multiple Rug Rail Ideal for tack room and showroom. Black plastic coated and galvanised construction, 1230mm long.

Excellent for displaying saddles as flaps face outwards. Also useful for reducing chafe against wall. Robust steel construction. Plastic coated in Red or Black. 570mm long.

Code Description Ex VAT ET0031 Collapsible Multiple Rug Rail £30.00

Code Description ET0014 Forward Seat Saddle Rack

+VAT £34.50

Ex VAT £8.04

+VAT £9.25

Folding Saddle Rack

4 Bar Hanging Blanket Rack Consists of four red plastic coated steel tubular bars suspended from nylon cords to hang from wall or ceiling. Overall measures 610mm wide, 1200mm high.

Plastic coated steel rack which folds flat against the wall when not in use. Drilled for screws. Also ideal for use in the horse box. 580mm long, Red or Black.

Code Description ET0046 4 Bar Hanging Blanket Rack

Code Description ET0224 Folding Saddle Rack

Ex VAT £7.01

+VAT £8.06

If there is no space to dry rugs and blankets or no access to a heat source they will soon rot and smell. Our new range of fully mobile Heated Horse Rug Driers are specially designed to dry damp rugs and blankets in a couple of hours in the stable or tack room. Supplied with a 13amp plug and 4metres of cable and mounted on durable moulded wheels and swivel castors, the driers can easily be manoeuvred to the nearest power point. Available in 2, 3, 4 & 6 rug models, the 3kW heating element will dry out your rugs in either a horizontal or vertical position and extend the life of your horse’s winter clothing. A timer can be supplied for economical use. Description 2 Rug Heated Rug Drier 3 Rug Heated Rug Drier 4 Rug Heated Rug Drier 6 Rug Heated Rug Drier

Ex VAT £12.27

+VAT £14.11



Code ET0100 ET0101 ET0102 ET0103

Ex VAT £364.00 £422.00 £479.00 £654.00

+VAT £418.60 £485.30 £550.85 £752.10

Can be used as a conventional saddle rack until the deterrent arm is lowered and padlock inserted (padlock not included). Available in red with yellow security bar. Fits most saddles.

Code Description ET0032 Saddle Minder

Ex VAT +VAT £22.14 £25.46

CLIP UP SADDLE RACK Easily clips up when not in use. Particularly suited to trailers and lorries as well as tack rooms.

Code Description ET0063 Clip up Saddle Rack

Ex VAT £7.90

+VAT £9.09



storage containers / feed room storage & accessories

sales 01638 664619

storage containers WATER CONTAINER


25ltr square white poly container with screw cap and moulded handle. Ideal for carrying water to shows, when travelling with horses, etc. Screw top tap available separately.

Varnished timber chest fitted with hasp and staple for padlock, tee hinges and rope lifting handle either end. Reinforced, heavy (25kg) design, 970mm L x 530mm W x 550mm H.

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT EV0411 25L Water Container £7.90 £9.09 EV0412 Screw Top Tap for EV0411 £4.50 £5.18


Code Description Ex VAT +VAT ET0048 Blanket/Rug Chest £111.58 £128.32

Varnished timber, steel banding, rubberised top which can be used as a step/stool. With hasp & staple for padlock. 560mm L x 260mm W x 260mm H.

WICKER HAMPER Beautifully made traditional hamper, lined with canvas and with a fitted wooden coaster on the bottom and hasp and staple lock. Traditional rope carrying handles are fitted at either end. Ideal for carrying tack at race meetings.


Code Description ET0049 Wooden Tack Box

Tough white plastic box with carrying handle and spring fastener: 350mm L x 250mm W x 250mm H. Lettered “FIRST AID” in green.


Specifications as First Aid Box but Lettered ‘VETERINARY’ in green.

Sturdy plastic box with full length carrying handle, ideal for grooming kit, etc. Strong enough to stand on when plaiting, etc. 360mm L x 250mm W x 230mm H.

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT ET0016/FA First Aid Box £26.86 £30.89 ET0016/VET Veterinary Box £26.48 £30.45

Code Description ET0051 Plastic Tack Box


Code Description ET0331 Wicker Hamper

Ex VAT +VAT £211.50 £243.23

Ex VAT +VAT £41.78 £48.05

Ex VAT +VAT £21.14 £24.31

feed room storage & accessories heavy duty feed storage bin


Seam welded with double seamed bottom then galvanised makes a very strong product which lasts a long time. With galvanised lid. Many folk find this suitable for storing loose feed.

Code EY0238

Description Heavy Duty Feed Storage Bin

Ex VAT £44.50

Exceptional value. This galvanised and spot welded steel feed bin has a hollow base so the bottom stands well off the ground to avoid dampness from wet floors. Fitted with hasp and staple it can be locked if required. It’s both vermin proof and it keeps feed fresh and dry. Suitable for all types of dry feed, oats, bran cubes etc. Not suitable for outside use. Measures 900mm H x 675mm W x 675mm

+VAT £51.18

PVC DUSTBIN Industrial tough polythene 95ltr dustbin with flexible lid. Smooth easyclean interior. Stacks for storage.

Code EY0239

Description PVC Dustbin

Ex VAT £14.50

+VAT £16.68

WHEELED BIN 240 Ltr capacity. Very Strong. Designed for durability and ease of use. Can be lifted by most types of bin hoist equipment. Size: 108cm high x 57cm wide and 73cm deep.

Code EY0240

Description Wheeled Bin

Ex VAT £44.85

+VAT £51.58

Ex VAT £25.10

+VAT £28.87

Available in 3 sizes.

Description 100mm Funnel 150mm Funnel 200mm Funnel

+VAT £111.78

SPRING BALANCE Pocket spring balance, calibrated in 1lb/0.5kg increments. Ideal for checking feeding amounts when introducing new rations.

Code E00369

Description Spring Balance

Ex VAT £10.65

+VAT £12.25

Code Description EY0231 Plastic Hand Bowl

Ex VAT £3.67

+VAT £4.22



Code EY0079 EY0078 EY0077

Ex VAT £97.20

A very tough and durable high density plastic with metal handle. Replaces the traditional all metal hand bowl, being the same size at 230mm in diameter.

90litre galvanised dustbin with metal lid. Lightweight.

Description Galvanised Dustbin

Description Galvanised Corn Bin



Code EY0241

Code EY0133

Ex VAT £1.20 £1.50 £2.15

+VAT £1.38 £1.73 £2.47

Exceptional quality lightweight hand scoops, ideal for handling dry feed, powders, etc. Durable, easy clean, smooth plastic with a one piece handle, will not harbour dirt and germs. Code Description EY0084 Medium Plastic Scoop EY0085 Large Plastic Scoop

Ex VAT £3.30 £5.72

+VAT £3.80 £6.58

sales 01638 664619




HALF LENGTH RACK CHAIN Lightweight rack chain fitted with ‘Newmarket’ anti-panic clips. BZP chain covered in plastic sleeve. Overall length 660mm.

Lightweight rack chain fitted with ‘Newmarket’ anti-panic clips. BZP chain covered in plastic sleeve. Overall length 1070mm.

Code ES0296

Code ES0255

Description Half Length Rack Chain

Ex VAT £19.05

+VAT £21.91

Description Full length rack chain

BUNGEE TIE This elasticated tying up rope is fitted with a trigger clip at one end and anti-panic clip for fastening to headcollar. Cord stretches as the horse’s head moves. Overall length unstretched 760mm. Code ES0024

Description Bungee Tie

Ex VAT £10.60

+VAT £12.19

welded chain

Ex VAT £23.40

STALL CHAIN Continuous BZP chain with moulded rubber coating. Overall length 1060mm. Ideal for stable doorways. Fixings and clips available separately.

+VAT £26.91

Code ES0082

Description Stall Chain

Ex VAT £13.40

+VAT £15.41

NYLON STALL GUARD & KEEPS Fits across open stable door, eliminating the need for the door to be closed, allowing more air into the stable. Ideal for the summer months. Complete with galvanised fittings. To fit aperture 94-117cm (37”-46”). Fully adjustable. Green only. Code ES0088

Description Nylon stall guard & keeps

Ex VAT £21.05

+VAT £24.21

clips & Fittings S00651


EZ0732 EZ0337


EZ0294 EZ0380





EZ0737 EZ0730





WELDED CHAIN Code EZ0902 EZ0900 EZ0901 EZ0903 EZ0904 EZ0905 EZ0906 EZ0907 EZ0908 EZ0909 EZ0910 EZ0911

Description 3x 21 Galv Chain Per Metre 6.5x 36 Galv Chain Per Metre 6x 33 Galv Chain Per Metre 4x 26 Galv Chain Per Metre 5x 28 Galv Chain Per Metre 2.5 X 19 Bzp Chain Per Metre 3 X 26 Bzp Chain Per Metre 6.5 X 36 Japd Chain Per Metre 3 X 21 Japd Chain Per Metre 6 X 33 Japd Chain Per Metre 5 X 28 Japd Chain Per Metre 4 X 19 Japd Chain Per Metre

Ex VAT £1.65 £5.93 £4.99 £2.41 £4.05 £1.88 £1.82 £5.35 £1.35 £4.88 £3.11 £2.53

+VAT £1.90 £6.82 £5.74 £2.77 £4.66 £2.16 £2.09 £6.15 £1.55 £5.61 £3.58 £2.91

Code S00650 S00651 EP0665 EZ0037 EZ0338 EZ0337 EZ0732 EZ0380 EZ0294 EZ0602 EZ0603 EZ0734 EZ0667 EZ0738 EZ0730 EZ0737

Description 50mm Brass Plated Carbine Hooks (Pair) 60mm Brass Plated Carbine Hooks (Pair) BZP Screw Tyes Brass 1.5” Square Eye Trigger Clip Small Quick Repair Link Large Quick Repair Link Anti Panic Clip Swivel Trigger Clip with 1” Round Eye 5” Giant Swivel Trigger Clip 4” BZP Walsall Hook 3” BZP Walsall Hook 30mmm Split Rings Staple on Plate Brass Double Ended Trigger Clip 4” Brass Trigger Hook to Crue 5” Trigger Hook to Crue

Ex VAT £3.50 £4.00 £0.50 £3.50 £1.82 £2.80 £2.70 £2.50 £5.77 £2.50 £1.40 £0.21 £1.18 £2.40 £3.40 £3.05

+VAT £4.03 £4.60 £0.58 £4.03 £2.09 £3.22 £3.11 £2.88 £6.64 £2.88 £1.61 £0.24 £1.36 £2.76 £3.91 £3.51



hose pipes & fittings

sales 01638 664619

HOSE PIPE, FITTINGS & ACCESSORIES Hose Pipe Made to withstand rigourous conditions; braided terylene web, sandwiched between two tough PVC layers, creates a hose of great strength which is remarkably flexible even in freezing weather. Will not kink, bulge, split or perish, bursting pressure is way above normal mains supply.

Code Description EP0106 15mtr Hose Pipe EP0107 30 Mtr Hose Pipe

Ex VAT £15.23 £31.31

+VAT £17.51 £36.01

Hose Cart Holds 60m of hose. (Not supplied). Galvanised steel frame with high impact plastic drum and fittings comes ‘knocked down’ for easy, quick assembly requiring no tools. Carton includes detailed instructions. Through feed; comes with ‘Quick Lock’ brass hose connectors at both inlet and outlet.

Code Description EP0971 Hose Cart

Ex VAT £41.10

+VAT £47.27

Hose Tidy

Threaded Hose Connector

Of steel plate rod construction this hose storage bracket does its job without kinking the hose. Plastic coated finish in red or black. 14cm high, 22cm wide, 15cm projection.

To provide standard male end which accepts QuickLock connectors.

Code Description EY0005 Hose Tidy

Ex VAT £7.46

+VAT £8.58

Code Description EP0957 12mm (1/2”) EP0958 16mm (5/8”) EP0959 19mm (3/4”)

Ex VAT £2.63 £2.80 £2.97

+VAT £3.02 £3.22 £3.42

Hose Connector

“Y” Shape Hose Connector

The basic connector used throughout the system. Connects onto all other Quick-Lock fittings with a male end.

Brass coupler to split single hose run in two directions.

Code Description EP0950 Hose Connector

Code Description EP0960 “Y” Shape Hose Con.

Ex VAT £4.08

+VAT £4.69

HOSE JOINER Male/male connector which will join any two QuickLock sockets, usually to extend a hose.

Code Description EP0953 Hose Joiner

Ex VAT £2.20

+VAT £2.53

Ex VAT £5.35

+VAT £6.15

Water Stop Hose Connector Connects to all Quick-Lock fittings with a male end, i.e. nozzles, sprinklers, etc. Breaking the connection automatically cuts off the flow of water.

Code Description EP0955 Water Stop Connector

Ex VAT £5.35

+VAT £6.15

Spray Nozzle

Pistol Grip Spray Nozzle

With rotating nozzle, varies the flow from jet, to spray, to off.

With variable spray nozzle for light and heavy duty use, simple thumb water pressure control and on/off trigger.

Code Description EP0954 Spray Nozzle

Code Description EP0965 Pistol Grip Spray Nozzle

Ex VAT £6.29

+VAT £7.23

Ex VAT £13.86

+VAT £15.94


Plastic Watering Can

Traditional 9 litre (2gal) galvanised heavy duty watering can with brass ferrule & fine mist rose. For those discerning customers who hanker for the good old days!

10 litre watering can with screw on rose (green) plastic.

Code Description EY0006 Galvanised Watering Can

Code Description EY0299 Plastic Watering Can 10l

Ex VAT £25.00

+VAT £28.75

Ex VAT £6.00

+VAT £6.90

sales 01638 664619

frost protection kit / paddock water troughs

water pipe & frost protection

paddock water troughs

GALVANISED PADDOCK TROUGHS Heavy gauge steel troughs, welded throughout and galvanised after manufacture for a long service life. All troughs measure 450mm high x 400mm wide. NOTE: Galvanised paddock troughs do not come with a service box and ball valve which are available separately. Code EP0110 EP0111 EP0113 EP0114 EP0115

Description 900mm (3ft) Paddock Trough 1.2m (4ft) Paddock Trough 1.8m (6ft) Paddock Trough Service Box Ball Valve & Float

Ex VAT £56.20 £68.00 £87.50 £20.35 £7.10

+VAT £64.63 £78.20 £100.63 £23.40 £8.17

135lt Plastic Trough With Moveable Service Box 135lt (30 gal) capacity supplied with inter changeable ball valve housing which can be centralised or to one side.

Code EP0026

Description 135lt Plastic Trough

Ex VAT £90.30

+VAT £103.85

100lt Plastic Corner Trough 100lt (22 gal) capacity corner paddock trough complete with 12mm ball valve and fixed housing. External size 940mm x 660mm x 350mm.

Frost Protection Kits Our Frost Protection Prevention System provides the most efficient and worryfree method of protecting all your plumbing from freezing! Heating wires are designed for simple fitting to existing pipes and joints making it easy to protect the whole water system with minimum effort. Three standard kits, complete with safety transformer, provide frost protection for pipe runs up to 150ft. Special kits are available for longer pipe runs or unusually large bore holes. - Complete kits ... easy to fit - Safe and reliable ... operates on very low voltage - Suitable for copper, steel, alkathene pipes, etc. - Automatic operation by optional thermostat - Kits built for long life - Low power consumption... only 3 watts per foot run - Safe for use in buildings with children or animals - Three standard kits give 50ft, 100ft or 150ft protection

Code Description EQ0449 Kit 50 for from 3m - 16m (10’ to 50’) pipe run EQ0450 Kit 100 for from 16m - 33m (51’ to 110’) pipe run EQ0451 Kit 150 for from 33m - 50m (101’ to 150’) pipe run EQ0446 Optional froststat for all kits

Code EP0027

Description 100lt Corner Trough

Ex VAT £79.35

+VAT £91.25

Ex VAT £65.55

+VAT £75.38

90lt Plastic Paddock Trough 90lt (20 gal) capcity paddock trough complete with 12mm ball valve and fixed housing. External size 890mm x 500mm x 330mm.

Ex VAT £120.00 £274.00 £347.00 £50.00

+VAT £141.00 £321.95 £407.73 £58.75

Code EP0028

Description 90lt Paddock Trough



buckets / bucket clips & holders

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BUCKETS Usa Style Flat Back Bucket

Black Builders Buckets The cheapest bucket in the range, holds 14 litre (3 Gal) black polythene, wire handle and plastic bail.

Code Description EV0227 13LT (3gal) Black Buckets

Ex VAT £2.20

+VAT £2.53

This bucket has been manufactured from robust and easily cleaned plastic with a galvanised handle with ends turned in for safety. It is also supplied in conjunction with an aluminium bucket wall support which has fixings in two places to hold the bucket firmly making it removable. 22½ litre (5 Gal). Code Description Ex VAT +VAT EV0005 USA Style Flat Back Bucket £12.75 £14.66 EV0006 Aluminium Fortex Bucket Clip £10.95 £12.59

Hook Over Grooming Bucket

Green Bucket A 9 litre (2 Gal) green poly, calibrated bucket. Pouring lip, wire handle, plastic bail.

The obvious place for a grooming bucket is hanging on the stable door - a convenient height for use, and not being knocked over! Can also double as a portable manger.

Code Description EV0261 9LT (2gal) Green Bucket

Code Description EV0009 Hook Over Grooming Bucket

Ex VAT £2.91

+VAT £3.35

Plastic Calf Bucket 14 litre (3 Gal). Poly bucket, wire handle with plastic bail. 380mm x 190mm deep. Ideal feed bucket.

Code Description EV0056 14LT (3gal) Poly Bucket

Ex VAT £3.70

+VAT £4.26

Ex VAT £9.53


Jumbo Water Bucket 25 litre (5.5 Gal) capacity heavy duty plastic bucket. Solid steel handle is reivetted to bucket sides to avoid that common problem of handle splitting from bucket.

Code Description EV0317 25lt (5.5G) Jumbo Bucket

Ex VAT £13.78

+VAT £15.85

Tubtrug Bucket

Yellow Bucket Strong, calibrated plastic bucket with easy-pour lip. 13 Litre (3 Gal) capacity. Other colours available for bulk orders.

10 Litre virtually indestructible bucket, made from 100% Recycled material. Tough, flexible, frost & UV proof.

Code Description EV0260 3LT (3gal) Yellow Bucket

Code Description EV0281 10lt (2G) Tubtrug Bucket

Ex VAT £4.40

+VAT £5.06

Ex VAT £4.40

+VAT £5.06

Flat Back Bucket


Heavy duty white poly, with galvanised steel handle. Probably the strongets buckets of their type available. Designed to hang from hook on wall or fence.

To fit the EV0310 18litre flat back bucket, this handy moulded cover facilitates early preparation of feed. Less knowledgeable staff can later administer the feed without the need for close supervision. Shaped design provides secure stacking for up to three buckets. Unlike fabric covers, there are no seams or inaccessible areas to harbour germs. Rigid and easy to wash.

Code Description EV0228 13LT (3gal) Bucket EV0310 18LT (4gal) Bucket

Ex VAT £11.29 £12.17

+VAT £12.98 £14.00

Code Description EV0311 Flat Back Bucket Lid


Ex VAT £6.55

+VAT £7.53

bucket CLIPS ES0302

Galvanised steel to fit most buckets. Portable model has hangers, the permanent version is screwed into position.

Plastic coated steel to fit most buckets. Portable model has hangers, the permanent version is screwed into position.

Code EV0010 EV0011

Code EV0172 EV0173

Description Galv Fixed Bucket Holder Galv Portable Bucket Holder

Ex VAT £15.67 £18.23

+VAT £18.02 £20.96

Description L/W Portable Bucket Holder L/W Fixed Bucket Holder


bucket clips

lightweight Bucket Holder

Galvanized Bucket Holder


Ex VAT £8.88 £7.60

+VAT £10.21 £8.74

N.B ES0081 Staple on plate not included. Code ES0302 ES0303 ES0081 EZ0667

Description Walsall Clip On Plate Trigger Hook On Plate Ez Bucket Clip Staple on plate

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Ex VAT £3.75 £3.75 £1.75 £1.18

+VAT £4.31 £4.31 £2.01 £1.36

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troughs & plastic skips

TROUGHS, PLASTIC SKIPS & Muck sacks USA SKIP With Rope Handle

Tyre Bowl Strong white feed bowl to fit inside any 530mm wide rim tyre for maximum stability in the stable or in the paddock. (Tyre not included).

Strong, lightweight plastic construction with rope handles. Two sizes: large is 600mm x 420mm deep, medium is 500mm x 270mm deep.

Code Description ES0287 Tyre Bowl

Code Description EX0304 Large Skip USA W/Rope Hdle EX0319 Med Skip USA W/Rope Hdle EX0305 USA Lid With & Without Hdle

Ex VAT +VAT £8.90 £10.24

Ex VAT £21.11 £16.45 £9.72

+VAT £24.28 £18.92 £11.18

plastic water trough

Rubber feed skip Made largely from recycled tyres, very tough (even recover when driven over), and stand up well when left out even in winter. 380 x 130mm/h 1.3kg 11lt or 460 x 180mm/h 2.6kg 20lt. (Dia x height x weight x capacity).

Strong, lightweight plastic construction. Two sizes: 80lt (18 gal). is 600mm x 420mm deep; 36lt (8 gal). is 500mm x 270mm deep.

Code Description EX0278 Rubber Feed Skip Small EX0279 Rubber Feed Skip Large

Code Description Ex VAT EX0320 Water Trough Plastic 80lt (18G) £15.77 EX0321 Water Trough Plastic 36lt (8G) £11.11

Ex VAT £7.90 £12.92

+VAT £9.09 £14.86

+VAT £18.14 £12.78

Orange Plastic Skip

30lt (6½gal) Rubber Trough Strong lasting black rubber trough with deep ribbed sides. Holds 30lt (6½ gal) 560mm x 355mm x 230mm deep. Weighs 4 kg.

Made of robust polythene with strong carry handles and yet light to carry, this diverse skip is one of our most popular products.

Code Description EX0276 30lt (6½ gal) Rubber Trough

Code Description EX0095 Orange Plastic Skip

Ex VAT £22.08

+VAT £25.39

Ex VAT £22.70

+VAT £26.11

Plastic Manure Skip

Large Rubber Basket Large tough rubber basket made largely from recylced tyres, stands up well even when left out in winter. 445mm dia 250mm high, weighs 3.2kg. 30lt (6½ gal) capacity.

Strong black reinforced plastic manure or feed skip. 540mm x 540mm x 170mm.

Code Description EX0283 Large Rubber Basket

Code Description EX0148 Plastic Manure Skip

Ex VAT £14.96

+VAT £17.20

Black Flexiskip The most versatile skip you will ever buy! Tough, flexible frost & UV proof. Virtually indestructible, made from 100% Recycled material.

Code EX0090 EX0092 EX0089

Description Black Flexiskip 26 Lt Small Black Flexiskip 40 Lt Med Black Flexiskip 55 Lt Large

Ex VAT £5.40 £7.30 £9.35

+VAT £6.21 £8.40 £10.75

Water Tub This is a really large and tough 90lt (20 gal) black plastic tub. An ideal horse trough. For use in any paddock.

Code Description EX0093 Water Tub

Ex VAT £14.00

+VAT £16.10

225 Lt (50gal) Aquaflex Tank Large round black 225lt (50 gal) plastic tank. Rotary moulded tough/flexible polythene UV stabilised so it will not degrade when used outdoors. Easily drilled to accept ball valve, to use as header tank (cistern) or drinking trough. 810mm x 660mm deep. Also ideal for soaking filled haynets.

Code Description Ex VAT EX0220 225 Lt (50gal) Aquaflex Tank £49.65 EX0221 Lid To Fit Aqua Flex Tank £23.30

+VAT £57.10 £26.80

Ex VAT £8.62

+VAT £9.91

40 Ltr coloured Flexi Skip Tough, flexible, frost & UV proof and in various colours, accessorise your stable with this versatile skip. This elasticated cover is water and tear resistant. Ideal for keeping feed dry from the weather.

Code Description EX0091 40lt Coloured Flexi Skip EX0088 40lt Flexi Skip Cover

Ex VAT £6.00 £4.92

+VAT £6.90 £5.66

BROWN MUCK SACK Extra large heavy duty muck sack with hemmed edges in lightweight polypropylene. Measures 2m x 2m.

Code Description G00053 Brown Muck Sack

Ex VAT £7.00

+VAT £8.05

WHITE MUCK SACK Heavy duty muck sack in thick gauge polypropylene. With handles on all four corners for carrying or tipping. Measures 1.5m x 1.5m.

Code Description G00024 White Muck Sack

Ex VAT £5.40

+VAT £6.21





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RAKES LAWN LEAF RAKE Top quality long life 600mm poly-propylene head fitted and pinned to long reach heavy duty deep waxed 28mm diameter shaft. Code ER0059

Description Lawn Leaf Rake

Ex VAT £19.09

+VAT £21.95

SPRINGBOK WIRE TINED RAKE Sold as a lawn rake, but ideal for raking gravel etc. Sprung steel wire teeth, comes with wooden handle.

Code ER0074

Description Springbok Wire Tined Rake

Ex VAT £19.12

+VAT £21.99

680MM (27”) ALLOY RAKE COMPLETE 680mm wide die-cast head, flat back for smoothing, 18 rounded tines, will not easily clog with soil or sand. Ideal for indoor rides, lunging rings, laying gravel, sand areas etc. Fitted stay, 1800 x 28mm wooden handle. Code Description ER0075 680mm (27”) Alloy Rake Complete

+VAT £32.99



Flexible rubber tines make this rake ideal for gravel. Wooden handle

Straw muck fork with two tines and 1350mm plain wooden handle. Code ER0076

Ex VAT £28.69

Description 2 Tine Fork

Ex VAT £23.90

+VAT £27.49

Code ER0318

Description Rubber Fingered Rake

Ex VAT £19.57

+VAT £22.99

Ex VAT £15.00

+VAT £17.25

3 TINE FORK Straw muck fork with three tines, 1350mm plain handle. Some people prefer a three tine fork for multi purpose use. Code ER0077

Description 3 Tine Fork

Ex VAT £24.70

WOODEN HAY RAKE Traditional style wooden hay rake.

+VAT £28.41

4 TINE FORK Strapped Staw Muck fork with four tines and 1200mm plain wood handle. Code ER0078

Description 4 Tine Fork

Ex VAT £21.90

Code Description ER0082 Wooden Hay Rake

+VAT £25.19


“D” HANDLE 4 TINE FORK High tensile steel handle superior strength yet lighter in weight than a milder steel. High carbon forged heads - designed for long life and strength.

Ideal for removing nuisance weeds such as Ragwort, Thistle, Dandelion and Nettle without the use of harmful chemicals.

Code ER0080

Code Description ER0019 Ragwort/Multi Weeder Fork

Description “D” Handle 4 Tine Fork

Ex VAT £19.00

+VAT £21.85

Ex VAT £17.00

+VAT £19.55





Fyna-Lite Multi Mucka Stable Fork Designed for use on chopped straw, flax, hemp, paper, straw and wood shavings. Sharpened and pointed prongs removes bedding with ease. Perfectly balanced and strong yet light in wiehg with a tough lasting finish.

Code ER0081 ER0083

Description Fyna-Lite Multi Mucka Stable Fork

Ex VAT £24.25

+VAT £27.89

Fynalite Wiretined Shavings Fork The Fyna-Lite Shavings fork features high specification steel, the tines are made from hardened and tempered sprung steel. This allows the tines to follow the floor of the bed and to return to their original position. Low weight. An ideal angle for the handle has been achieved to ensure perfect weighting and balance for minimal back strain and ease of use.


Code ER0083

Description Fynalite Wiretined Shavings Fork

Ex VAT £19.50

+VAT £22.43

Lightweight Shavings Fork Complete Galvanised wire head for shavings, peat etc. with 1200mm wooden handle. NOTE: Also available without handle.

Code ER0290 ER0618

Description Lightweight Shavings Fork Complete Lightweight Shavings Fork Head Only

Ex VAT £9.61 £8.06

+VAT £11.05 £9.27

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450mm (18”) soft Platform Broom

Traditional style corn broom with wooden handle. Overall length 1370mm (54”).

Code Description ER0065 Corn Broom

Head contains soft coco bristles, comes complete with fitted handle and wire stays.

Ex VAT +VAT £8.76 £10.07

Code Description ER0475 450mm (18”) Soft Platform Broom

Ex VAT £9.18

+VAT £10.56

Nylon Platform Broom

300Mm (12’’) SOFT BROOM

Very popular broom with short nylon bristles and lightweight alloy handle. Extremely hard wearing. 450mm (18”) head.

Soft cocoa bristle broom with 300mm wide head and handle fitted. Ideal brush for household use, sweeping out tack room etc.

Code Description ER0052 450mm (18”) Nylon Platform Broom

Code Description ER0474 300 Mm 12’’soft Broom

Ex VAT £5.35

+VAT £6.15

Bahia Platform Brooms

Ex VAT £18.16 £13.80 £22.76 £18.40

+VAT £9.22

Deck Scrub Brush

60mm wide pure bahia bristles complete with handle and wire stays to keep the head fitted. Code Description ER0425 450mm (18”) Platform Broom ER0426 450mm (18”) Platform Broom Head ER0066 610mm (24”) Platform Broom ER0038 610mm (24’’) Platform Broom Head

Ex VAT £8.02

Mixed fibre stiff scrubbing brush 229mm x 61mm complete with 1.2m handle fitted.

+VAT £20.88 £15.87 £26.17 £21.16

Code Description ER0040 Deck Scrub Brush

Ex VAT £5.96

+VAT £6.85

ER0060 ER0037



ER0036 ER0056



325mm wide stiff bahia bristles. The best type for sweeping straw, shavings etc. With 1.35m handle and broom clamp or parts available seperately.

Code ER0037 ER0070 ER0036

Code ER0060 ER0061 ER0062 ER0063 ER0056

Description Hand Held Scrub Brush Churn Brush Hoof/Bucket Brush

Ex VAT £6.22 £4.72 £2.75

+VAT £7.15 £5.43 £3.16

Description Bahia Broom Complete 330mm (13”) Pure Bahia Broom Head Broom Clamp 1.35m X 30mm Handle 330mm (13”) Nylon Broomhead

Ex VAT £25.30 £17.56 £2.40 £2.44 £8.64

+VAT £29.10 £20.19 £2.76 £2.81 £9.94

alloy, steel & plastic shovels Alloy Mash Shovel Square mouth light alloy shovel with square top socket, 10sg blade and 710mm ash D handle. Fine quality product, light and easy to use. No 4 head suitable for feed and mashes and stable yard work.

Code ER0071

Ex VAT +VAT £45.00 £51.75

Grain Shovel Ideal shape for shovelling/mixing feed stuffs, granule materials etc. D-handle with lightweight heavy duty plastic head measuring 340mm wide 450mm high.

Code ER0020

Ex VAT £28.25

+VAT £32.49

Small Plastic Shovel “D”Handle

Ex VAT £11.61


Ideal kit for collecting droppings from the stable and paddock. Comes complete with long handle rake. Rake available seperately. Code ES0228 Stablemate ES0230 Spare Rake ES0227 Brush & Scrape

Ex VAT +VAT £14.09 £16.20 £6.27 £7.21 £18.83 £21.65

Lightweight Wonder Shovel Designed for shavings with a 1.2m hardwood handle fitted to a plastic head. Ideal for shovelling, long handle avoids bending when mucking out.

Code ER0039

Ex VAT £9.40

+VAT £10.81

Large Plastic Shovel

Heavy duty super lightweight polypropylene shovel with lightweight D handle. Blade measures 200mm x 300mm. Very strong, ideal for feed or mucking out. Code ER0291

Stablemate With Long Handle Rake

+VAT £13.35

Agricultural quality polypropylene shovel with lightweight plastic D handle. Large blade measures 230mm x 350mm is labour saving when mucking out.

Code ER0434

Ex VAT £15.95

+VAT £18.34



cereal crushers

Although compound feeds are now the norm, some horse owners still prefer to create their own by adding various cereals. All of our crushers offer highly wear resistant, adjustable rollers to give the user complete flexibility over the amount of bruising / crushing. Each machine has the following features as standard: - Complete with wall mounting bracket or can be fitted to a stand (as an optional extra) - Cog wheels drive both rollers against each other allowing them to operate without slipping - Adjustable crushing gap, with patented quick adjuster - Built in magnetic metal removers as standard - Simple access to rollers is provided by the removal of roller cover plates - Ammeter fitted for optimum setting of the feed regulator - Motor overload protection with CEE plug - Maintenance free oversized bearings for the rollers ensures quiet operation The following optional extras are available: - Dust Extraction Unit - Portal floor stand


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technical specificATION CODE: EQ0906 DESCRIPTION: Piccolo 11S THROUGHPUT IN Kg/Hr: 100 – 150KG MOTOR POWER IN KW 3 phase 415v: 1.1 (1.5) - Single phase 240v: 1.1 (1.5) WEIGHT: 62kg - SIZE in CM (WxHxL): 58 X 40 X 33 CODE: EQ0908 DESCRIPTION: Piccolo 15S THROUGHPUT IN Kg/Hr: 150 – 200KG MOTOR POWER IN KW 3 phase 415v: 1.5 (2) -Single phase 240v: 1.5 (2) WEIGHT: 69Kkg - SIZE in CM (WxHxL): 58 X 40 X 33 CODE: EQ0905 DESCRIPTION: Minor S THROUGHPUT IN Kg/Hr: 300 – 400KG MOTOR POWER IN KW 3 phase 415v: 2.2 (3) - Single phase 240v: - (-) WEIGHT: 112Kkg - SIZE in CM (WxHxL): 60 X 58 X 41


OPTIONAL EXTRA: Portal Floor Stand

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Dust Extraction Unit

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mash boilers

MASH & WATER BOILERS HRN MASH BOILERS These automatic mash boilers are made from fully insulated 1.2mm Stainless Steel and with their low height are particularly easy to use. Their large liner capacity makes them ideal for larger livery & racing yards. With the insulated lid removed, clear access to the feed tank (heated by a water jacket and topped up by a header tank) is revealed, making for easy cleaning and filling. Up to 50 litres of hot water can be drawn from the water jacket for use around the stable yard. Both boilers have a 50mm Tap fitted which is connected to the feed tank for easier removal of the mash. Both units require a constant water supply and single phase electricity close by. The 4kw single phase element (6kw in 45 gallon Linseed Boiler) is encased in an easy to access insulated cabinet. The timer control unit can be pre set to give automatic switch on-off times, so that the boiler can be switched on at a set time allowing heating of the water and mash to the required temperature then on a continuous simmer until the timer cuts out, allowing mash to be prepared overnight or before use. Especially useful for users of Economy 7.

Code EQ0098 EQ0099

Description 202Litre/45Gal Linseed Boile 115Litre/23Gal Linseed Boiler

Ex VAT +VAT £3,412.50 £3,924.38 £2,682.00 £3,084.30

BURCO BOILER This 33 litre (7½ gallon) stainless steel water boiler comes complete with integral thermostat and is most useful for boiling stable rubbers, horse clothing etc., or providing boiling water when required from catering tap. Runs off a standard 13 amp socket outlet. (Not suitable for mashes).

STABLEBOY MASH BOILER This boiler is specifically designed for the smaller yard, with a liner capacity of 27litres (6 Gal) which is suited for yards up to 8 horses. Two versions are available; both have a lift out galvanised liner from which the mash can be ladled out and a 24 hour plug-in timer to regulate pre-set times. The 2.5kW element is run from a standard 13amp socket. Hot water can be drawn from the water jacket through the 12mm tap on the front. With the lift out liner removed, the Stableboy can be used for boiling stable equipment, etc, and provide up to 15 gallons (67ltr) of hot water. The Stableboy Boiler is available with or without thermosimmer. With the thermosimmer fitted, increased efficiency is provided at a pre-set temperature, thus reducing the amount of steam produced.

Code EQ0097 EQ0454 EQ0455 EQ0467 EQ0096

Description Stableboy Complete (with simmerstat) Stableboy Complete (no simmerstat) Spare liner for Stableboy Spare element for Stableboy Simmerstat for Stableboy

Ex VAT £468.00 £426.00 £51.50 £37.15 £46.00

+VAT £538.20 £489.90 £59.23 £42.72 £52.90

Code EQ0257 EQ0260 EQ0261

Description Burco Boiler Element for Burco Boiler Simmerstat for Burco Boiler

Ex VAT £161.50 £18.85 £26.30

+VAT £185.73 £21.68 £30.25



trucks & trollies

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Bale Cart Tough, painted tubular steel frame cart for carrying up to 250kg /5 cwt of hay, straw or shavings or in fact anything in bales. Well balanced, very easy to manoevre. 1525mm long, fitted with two pneumatic tyred wheels.

An old favourite which will deal with very bulky loads. Ideal for parks, fields and estates, where large quantities of lawn mowings, hedge trimmings have to be moved. Also used by farmers for carrying piglets. Light to handle carries up to 250kg on 400mm x 100mm wheels and fitted with a hinged removable end door. Constructed from 25mm Nom. Timber throughout. Size 1372mm x 686mm x 457mm high.

Code Description EL0419 Bale Cart

Code Description EL0020 Bulk Trolley

Ex VAT £220.33

+VAT £253.38

2 Wheel Platform Trolley Timber platform 1525mm x 766mm with enamel painted steel frame fitted with two 400mm x 100mm pneumatic tyred steel wheels. Light to handle general purpose truck is built for hard work and will carry up to 250 kilos/5 cwt with ease, very easy to maneovre.

Code Description EL0185 2 Wheel Platform Trolley

Ex VAT £205.56

+VAT £236.39

2 Wheel Platform Trolley with sides Similar to EL0185 (above) but 200mm lift out sides around the wooden platform. Carries 250 kilos/500 cwt.

Code Description EL0475 1.2m X 680mm Trolley EL0470 1.5m X 900mm Trolley

Ex VAT £230.02 £264.20

+VAT £264.52 £303.83

Ex VAT £274.55

+VAT £315.73

General Purpose Trolley A lightweight four wheeled turntable trolley with 125mm fixed sides and ends on a platform measuring 1000mm x 530mmm, which can be handled by the smallest child yet will carry 150kg on cushion tyred wheels.

Code Description EL0023 General Purpose Trolley

Ex VAT +VAT £102.37 £117.73

4 Wheel Flat Top T/table Trolley Lightweight steel framed turntable trolley with wooden platform. 1525mm long x 711mm wide, platform stands 515mm off the ground Four steel disc wheels fitted with 400mm x 100mm pneumatic tyres. Carries up to 500kg /10cwt, will withstand rough treatment. Turntable style handle means this barrow is very easy to maneouvre.

Code Description EL0187 4 Wheel Flat Top

Ex VAT +VAT £271.51 £312.24

4 Wheel T/Table Trolley with Sides

Balance Trolley Constructed from robust steel with selected seasoned timber platform and ends. Wonderfully light to handle fitted with 200mm lift-out sides, runs on two 400mm x 100mm pneumatic wheels. Platform size 1524mm x 762mm x 200mm high.

Steel turntable trolley of similar construction to EL0187 (above) but with the added advantage of 200mm fixed ends and 200mm removable sides. Will carry up to 400kilos/8cwt. Body size: 1500mm long x 675mm wide, 200mm deep.

Code Description EL0019 Balance Trolley

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT EL0186 4W T/Table C/W Slide Sides £352.48 £405.35

Ex VAT £259.41

+VAT £298.32

4 Wheel T/Table Trolley With Tow Bar Very strongly constructed to carry heavy loads up to 1000kg. 200mm fixed ends with 200mm removable sides. Full lock turntable enables small turning circle. Draw handle is fitted with towing eye for attachment to rough terrain vehicles, lawn tractors, etc. All timber is seasoned hardwood. 1900mm long overall, body 1800mm X 900mm. Runs on 4 roller bearing wheels, fitted with 400mm X 100mm pneumatic tyres. A hinged side version is also available on request.

Code Description EL0250 4W T/Table Trly W/ Tow Bar

Ex VAT £445.92

+VAT £512.81

This extremely HD trolley is ideal for transporting large haylage bales or a max load of 2000kgs. Runs on 400 x 100mm 6ply pneumatic roller bearing wheels with a 2.4 x 1.2m platform.

Code Description EL0201 Flat top Turntable Trolley

Ex VAT +VAT £705.00 £810.75

General Purpose Mesh Trolley

Sack Barrow Useful and inexpensive barrows to move sacks, bags and bales around. Much easier to manoeuvre than a trolley. All steel construction with painted finish, will carry up to 200kgs. Cushion tyres and handgrips. Available with a 150mm or 300mm foot.

Code Description EL0332 150mm Platform (6’’) EL0249 300mm Platform (12”)


Ex VAT £63.77 £68.39

+VAT £73.34 £78.65

Mesh trolley constructed from 50mm x 50mm galvanised mesh on tubular steel frame with 300mm cushion wheels, maximum load 200kg.

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT EL0015 General Purpose Mesh Trolley £146.93 £168.97

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mucking out barrows


builders barrow

Even filled to capacity, this robust barrow has a free-flowing motion, making it ideal for farm, stable & garden work. Heavy duty plastic body and galvanised steel chassis. Capacity 225lt (8 cu.ft).

Rugged very heavy duty site or builders barrow with water tight body and strong tubular steel frame. Painted black throughout. 99lt (3½ cu.ft) capacity. Runs on 400mm x100mm pneumatic tyred wheel.


Code Description EL0191 Builders Barrow

Ex VAT £23.50


+VAT £27.03

Code EL0192

Description Tubby Tipper Barrow

210lt Stubby Plastic Barrow Whether mucking out or carrying bales and sacks, this new work horse is formidable. Also suited to the garden it is light, well balanced and easy to tip. The tough body marks a major step forward in moulding capacity. The stepped sides and steel reinforced front give immense strength and enormous capacity. All body mountings are sited away from the central shovelling area. Mounted on two large 40cm pneumatic wheels. 210lt (7.4 cu.ft) capacity. Galvanised steel frame quickly assembles with six bolts (17mm spanners required). Code EL0002

Description Stubby Plastic Wheel Barrow

Ex VAT £209.71

+VAT £241.17

Ex VAT £211.35

+VAT £243.05

255lt Tubby Tuff Twin Wheeled Barrow This popular lightweight barrow has a galvanised frame and tough one piece moulded plastic pan, it is ideal for all jobs around the stable and garden. 255lt (9 cu.ft) capacity, two pneumatic roller bearing wheeled tyres. Spare bodies available.

Code EL0194 EL0196 EL0198

Description Tubby Tuff Twin Wheeled Barrow Plastic Body For Tubby Tuff Barrow Wheel For Tubby Barrow Only

Ex VAT £198.20 £94.90 £29.90

+VAT £227.93 £109.14 £34.39

200lt 175lt TWIN WHEELED MUCK BARROW Lightweight Stable / Garden Twin wheel Barrow. 200lt Polypropylene pan with aluminium frame & twin pneumatic wheels. N.B. this barrow is only sold as a complete item, spares not available. Code EL0004

Description Twin Wheeled Muck Barrow

Ex VAT £90.00

+VAT £103.50

SINGLE WHEELED BARROW This lightweight barrow has an extra large galvanised pan and runs on a single pneumatic wheel. 175lt (6 cu.ft) capacity. Code EL0003

Description Single Wheeled Barrow

Ex VAT £119.00

310lt STANDARD CAPACITY MUCK BARROW With support bars for easy tipping. Well balanced when loaded it is easy to manoeuvre. Heavy gauge steel paint finished 310lt (11 cu.ft) body is 1422mm long, 838mm wide, 432mm deep at the back, 450mm (18”) deep at the front. Runs on two 400mm x 100mm pneumatic tyred wheels. A replacement body for this barrow is available. Code EL0189 EL0311

Description Standard Cap Muck Barrow Standard Cap Barrow Buck

Ex VAT £317.53 £158.21

+VAT £365.16 £181.94

+VAT £136.85

370lt Large Capacity Muck Barrow This muck barrow holds more than any other on the market. Made of heavy gauge steel it is well balanced when loaded and manoevred with ease. With support bars for easy tipping. The 1651mm long paint finished 370lt (13cu.ft.) body is 864mm x 458mm deep at back, 559mm at front. Runs on two 400mm x 100mm pneumatic tyred wheels. Spare body also available. Code EL0188 EL0312

Description Large Capacity Muck Barrow Large Capacity Barrow Buck

Ex VAT £366.16 £203.48

+VAT £421.08 £234.00






Hay Soaker Barrow Removable fibre glass container in metal frame running on 200mm nylon wheels. Ideal for soaking complete bales of hay or to remove dust prior to feeding. Container has plug in the bottom for easy water drainage. Pan size: 1372mm long x 762mm wide x 610mm deep. Overall size: 1672mm long x 780mm wide x 914mm high. Weighs 58kilos. Code EL0288

sales 01638 664619

Description Hay Soaker Barrow With Polyprop Pan

Ex VAT £443.90

+VAT £510.49

Galvanised Mash Barrow Strong galvanised steel, water tight barrow with one large diameter rubber tyred wheel and two pneumatic tyred wheels. Wheels are situated under the body for maximum manoeuvrability and stability around corners. Size 1800mm (6’). Code EL0184

Description Galvanised Mash Barrow

Ex VAT £435.20

+VAT £500.48

Galvanised Hay Tanker Strong steel construction, hot dipped galvanised after manufacture, mounted on two 400mm x 100mm pneumatic tyred wheels for easy maneouvring in most stable yards. Size to suit most hay bales. Chained to prevent bale floating during soaking (20-30mins) or falling out during draining. Cleat on side to attach chain whilst dispensing hay. It is not intended to be mobile whilst full of water, only to stand for soaking and then to be tipped in the same position for drainage. Tank size: 1170mm long x 545mm wide by 435mm high. Overall: 1800mm long x 800mm wide x 810mm high. Total weight: 49 kilos. Code EL0028

Description Galvanised Hay Tanker

Ex VAT £276.42

+VAT £317.88

Plastic Body Feed Barrow A mash barrow version of the Tubby Tuff. 255 litre (9 cu ft) capacity, roller bearing main wheels and an under body solid rotating wheel for control.

Code EL0195

Description Plastic Body Feed Barrow

Ex VAT £234.25

+VAT £269.39

17 Gallon Hay soak tub A rectangular plastic tub, ideal for soaking hay.

Stubby Tipper Professionally styled, large trailer suited to most garden tractors. Mounted on heavy duty tipping trailer chassis. Strong handle makes light work of tipping the load. Spring loaded catch automatically engages when returned to the normal position. Steel reinforced tipping edge. 210lt (7.4 cu.ft) capacity. Code EX0096

Description 17 Gallon Hay Soak Tub

Ex VAT £14.00

+VAT £16.10

Code EL0008

Description Stubbie Tipper

DRUM STANDS Drum stands Lightweight tubular frame steel frame makes liquids in a 205litre (45gall) drum easy to handle. The drum can be moved easily once on the frame and liquids extracted via a tap where required (available separately). Steel coasters on EL0252 or wheels on EL0013 make for ease of movement around the yard when barrel is horizontal. Detachable lifting handle also available to tilt drum on stand from vertical to horizontal.

Code EL0252 EL0013 EL0012 EL0253

Description Drum Stands No Wheels Wheeled Drum Stand Lifting Handle For Drum Stand Drum Taps 18mm (3/4”)

Ex VAT £41.09 £76.49 £22.77 £12.00

+VAT £47.25 £87.96 £26.19 £13.80

Ex VAT £226.31

+VAT £260.26

sales 01638 664619

ECB EQUINE SPA / INFRA-RED LAMPS / general light bulbs

ECB EQUINE SPA ECB Equine SPA More effective than any other spa on the market.... if you don’t believe us... as the experts... Godolphin, Shadwell, Ballydoyle, Darley, Jim Bolger, Alan King, Jeremy Noseda, Ed Dunlop, Marcus Tregoning, Jim Boyle, William Haggas, Peter Brown, Chris Bealby, Dean Ivory, William Muir...need we go on! The ECB Equine Spa was designed and built based on the information gathered by Ean and Sarah Branston over years of hands on experience using spa therapy at the working equine therapy centre in Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire, England. This combined with the scientific study results and invaluable advice of Professor Evan Hunt has resulted in a product that leads the market. The ECB Equine Spa combines all the vital therapeutic water factors into a superior equine spa, which has been officially evaluated by Professor Hunt on its design, safety and performance features.

If you are interested, talk to us at Horse Requisites and we wil be happy to answer your questions and arrange demostrations & prices.



Used in conjunction with the EQ0118 bulb holder and EQ0121/EQ0122 Infra Red bulbs, the alloy reflector shade prevents loss of light and heat by reflecting it down into the stable. Guard supplied separately.

For use with EQ0117 Reflector Shade, this grill type guard clips on to the shade to prevent contact with the bulb.

Code Description EQ0117 Alloy Reflector Shade

Code Description Ex VAT EQ0116 Guard for Reflector Shade £5.95

Ex VAT £6.40

+VAT £7.36

BAKELITE BULB HOLDER Heat resistant industrial quality Bakelite bulb holder used to secure ES screw type bulb. Suitable for use with EQ0117.

Code Description EQ0118 Bakelite Bulb Holder

Ex VAT +VAT £9.00 £10.35

INFRA RED LAMP BULBS 250w Infra Red bulbs generate heat as well as light, ideal for foaling or vet boxes. The EQ0121 Ruby bulb is perfect for use at night as it has a softer glow. ES screw type.

Code Description EQ0121 250w Ruby IR Bulb EQ0122 250w Frosted IR Bulb

Ex VAT £7.40 £7.40

+VAT £8.51 £8.51

+VAT £6.84

TWIN BANK FITTING Twin bank fitting consists of 2 IR bulbs, 2 Bakelite bulb holders, suspension chain, 2 alloy reflector shades and an alloy spacing bracket. No electrical flex supplied.

Code Description EQ0326 Twin Bank Fitting)

Ex VAT +VAT £64.40 £74.06

HOUSEHOLD LIGHTBULBS Supplied individually. With Bayonet fittings.

Code EQ0126 EQ0125 EQ0427

Description 60w Bulb 100w Bulb 200w Bulb

Ex VAT £0.63 £0.70 £1.75

+VAT £0.72 £0.81 £2.01




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solariums Many horses are stabled for the greater part of the year in relatively poor lighting conditions without access to UV radiation. The main reason for this is our unfavourable climate and the usual constraints on available space and labour. Equine Solariums have achieved remarkable success over the years with their sunning process which can be invaluable for warming up muscles prior to exercise, helping to reduce the risk of strain and relieving fatigue after hard work. The heat shower has been developed to accelerate the drying process when horses have been washed down. The general condition of brood mares, stallions and foals will be improved with exposure to UV-radiation especially during the Winter months. UV radiation has a relaxing effect on sick horses and encourages injuries to heal by stimulating blood circulation. Horse Requisites Solariums offer effective energy saving units for the improvement and well being of horses, with a version suitable for every budget. There are two separate ranges; the Sunlight range, (shown below) which are economical & functional, or the Professional range (shown over the page) which offers quality without compromise. Both ranges are modular which ensures their perfect adaptation to your installation criteria. Optional expansion and augmentation of existing systems can be realised at a later date. N.B. all our solariums are supplied for use with 3 phase electricity, but can be adapted at time of manufacture to suit single phase if requested.

sun light The Sunlight range of solariums has been produced to provide an economical base model to which various additions can be made to tailor the finished Solarium to an individual’s requirements at an affordable price. The Sunlight range offers a functional and practical solarium for everyday use. To the basic version, warm air dryers can be added to reduce drying time after exercise or swimming and an additional raise and lower (lift) device can be added to give optimum working distances from horses back or where high ceilings would be a problem.

Code EQ0637

Description Ex VAT Single Panel £890.50 Single element with protective grill housing 5 I/R bulbs & 2 U/V bulbs

Dimensions/Weight 1800mm X 420mm W x 220mm H/30kg Approx. Electric Spec 2.475KW


Single Panel with Heat Showers £1,150.00 As above but with 2 heat showers also incorporated

Dimensions/Weight 1800mm X 420mm W x 220mm H/30kg Approx. Electric Spec 2.550KW


Twin Panels £1,572.05 2 elements with protective grills each has 5 I/R bulbs & 2 U/V bulbs & chain suspension

Dimensions/Weight 1800mm X 1420mm W x400mm H/65kg Approx. Electric Spec 4.950KW


Twin Panels with Heat Showers As EQ0635 above but with 2 heat showers incorporated into each housing

+VAT £1,024.08





Dimensions/Weight 1800mm X 1420mm W x400mm H/65kg Approx. Electric Spec 5.100KW


Twin Panels with Motorised Lift £2,128.54 2 elements with protective grills each has 5 I/R bulbs & 2 U/V bulbs & motorised lift & lower mechanism.


Dimensions/Weight 1800mm X 1420mm W x400mm H/80kg Approx. Electric Spec 5.450KW


Twin Panels w/ Heat Showers & Motorised Light £2,675.50 2 elements with protective grills, each has 5 I/R bulbs & 2 U/V bulbs, with 2 heat showers incorporated into each housing & motorised lift & lower mechanism

Dimensions/Weight 1800mm X 420mm W x 220mm H/30kg Approx. Electric Spec 5.600KW


sales 01638 664619


professional range Over recent years we have noted a trend for improved functionality & efficiency, using high quality materials. The Professional range offers quality without compromise. One of the main advantages this range has over the Sunlight range is a quicker drying time. Any of the accessories shown on this page can be incorporated into the solarium at time of manufacture or upgraded at a later date.

Standard II-s Solarium

privilege solarium

Two adjacently angled polyester housings ensure uniform & extensive radiation spectrum forming a sun shade through its flat housing shape.

The Privilege solarium is our most popular unit. The three housings improves the performance level and provide an optimum radiation field. Therefore reducing radiation time. Especially useful where business economy is essential.

Code EQ0690

Code EQ0682

Description Standard II-S Solarium

Ex VAT £2,490.00

+VAT £2,863.50

Description Privilege Solarium

Ex VAT £3,495.00

+VAT £4,019.25

technical specifications CODE: EQ0690 DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT: 1915mm X 1580mm x 450mm H/60kg Approx. ELEC SPEC: 5.200KW Approx. CODE: EQ0682 DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT: 1915mm X 2030mm x 520mm H/90kg Approx. ELEC SPEC: 7.800KW Approx. CODE: EQ0691 DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT: 1915mm X 2290mm x 350mm H/94kg Approx. ELEC SPEC: 7.800KW Approx. CODE: EQ0696 DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT: Based on Per Housing/2kg Approx. ELEC SPEC: 260KW Approx.

luxury solarium This apparatus is similar to the Privilege Solarium but differs in its flexibility. The outside panel housings are adjustable to a horizontal position through an integrated raise and lower device. This increases the radiation area which simply means that the radiation can reach the animal even if it is un-tethered in a confined area. Owing to the horizontal position of the device it is the ideal solution for lower interiors.

CODE: EQ0695 DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT: 450mm X 550mm x 180mm H/20kg Approx. ELEC SPEC: 250KW Approx. CODE: EQ0692 DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT: 1380mm X 215mm x 220mm H/16kg Approx. ELEC SPEC: 280KW Approx. CODE: EQ0693 DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT: 380mm X 160mm x 300mm H/10kg Approx. ELEC SPEC: 280KW Approx.

Code EQ0691

Description Luxury Solarium

Ex VAT £4,355.00

+VAT £5,008.25


optional extras for professional range

Warm air showers (per panel) These will increase efficiency & economy (shorter drying times less power consumption). The 3 high performance fans when fitted to element of the solarium draw ambient air into the housing, mixing it with hot air from the lamps. This now warm air is passed through the lamp openings, thereby intensifying the radiation heat which acts on the horse. Code EQ0696

Ex VAT +VAT £475.00 £546.25

RAISE & LOWER DEVICE The quiet running motor provides safe & uniform raising or lowering and will aid the correct positioning of the Solarium from the horse’s back when ponies to heavy hunters are going to use the same machine. It also gives the option to lift the solarium high enough to allow the stable to be used for other purposes. Also includes a free fall safety brake.

Code EQ0692

Ex VAT +VAT £1,190.00 £1,368.50

TOKEN OPERATED CONTROL PANEL Ideal for use in livery yards, allows for token operation, automatic time calculation, LED display & variable time settings.

Code EQ0693

Ex VAT +VAT £370.00 £425.50



An additional section that attaches to each element for head & neck radiation. Can be fitted to one or all of the panels.

These heavy duty safety poles are used to tether horses. The tie rope with quick release clip has an inbuilt restrictor to allow only a lesser movement of the horse’s head. 1.5m high from ground level.

Code EQ0695

Code ES0021

Ex VAT +VAT £293.00 £336.95

Ex VAT +VAT £173.00 £198.95



horse weighers

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There’s only one weigh... with the very latest technology and expertly designed Newmarket Horse Weigher Mark II. Features - No moving parts - Large easy to read display - Unique swivelling action of display head enables single user operation - Improved damping system for steadier weight readings - Automatic capture of horse weights - Adjustable power save mode - Safe access, platform height only 90mm - Platform fully rubber covered - Rigid platform does not sway when horse walks on - Fully waterproof weigh head - Rechargeable internal battery 60 hours usage - Plug in mains battery charger/power supply - Removable indicator can be read in office - PVC weatherproof scale cover available - Permanent weigh bridge type also available Monitor your horses’ weight - gains and losses give first-hand information which is an essential part of breeding and training horses

Code EQ0286 EQ0271

Desc Newmarket Horse Weigher Mk II Water Proof Cover

Ex VAT £2,100.00 £106.00

+VAT £2,415.00 £121.90

sales 01638 664619

horse weighers


Horse Requisites have manufactured horse weighers since the early 80s; our original, the Mk1 and as technology progressed, the Mk2 followed. Hundreds of those scales are now in use throughout the UK, Eire and the Middle East. Moving forward into the 21st century with further new technology and following requests from studs, vets and feed companies, two new scales have been introduced to the range. We are delighted to present the new Lightweight Portable Horse Weighers. Probably the lightest horse weighers in the world! Features: - When we say lightweight we mean lightweight! Aluminium construction, weighs just 50kgs - Low load height of 85mm with sloping ends; no need for access ramps - Tough grip face matting - Platform size 2m x 0.92m (6’6” x 3’) - Hand held indicator reads up to 1000kg in 1kg increments, complete with battery charger - Standard Portable Weigher has built in twin wheels at one end for easy movement around the yard - Twin Portable comes in two easy to manage half sections, each weighing 25kg, which fit easily into an estate car or 4WD vehicle.

Code EQ0288 EQ0287

Description Standard Portable Weigher Twin Portable Weigher

Ex VAT +VAT £1,800.00 £2,070.00 £2,100.00 £2,415.00



Newmarket metal gates

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Full Mesh Galv. Gate 1200mm high gate with outerframe and intermediate steelwork in 48mm o/d steel tube, clad with 50 x 50mm x 8g welded mesh fabric. Minimum cut-away around bolt and eyes, no sharp projections around mesh edges. Supplied with sliding bolt fastening and 18mm drop forged hinge eyes. Code EP0501 EP0502

Description 3m Full Mesh Galv. Gate (10ft Approx) 3.6m Full Mesh Galv Gate (12ft Approx)

Ex VAT £325.78 £372.84

+VAT £374.65 £428.77

Vertical Bar Galv. Gate 1370mm high very strong construction gate. Square box section frame with steel tube vertical infills at 165mm centres. 18mm drop forged hinge eyes. Sliding bolt fastening.

Code EP0549 EP0550

Description 3m Vertical Bar Galv Gate (10ft Approx) 3.6m Vertical Bar Galv Gate (12ft Approx)

Ex VAT £524.75 £565.86

+VAT £603.46 £650.74

mesh top galv. gate with vertical bars

3/4 Meshed Galv. Gate 1200mm high, 5 rails with vertical bracing and clad with 50 x 50mm x 8g welded mesh from second horizontal to the bottom. 18mm drop forged hinge eyes, welded on loop and sliding bolt fastening.

Extra high, extremely strong gate. 1650mm high overall with square box section frame with steel tube vertical infill at 160mm centres to a height of 1350mm. Top 300mm infilled with 50 x 50mm x 8g welded mesh. Beautifully finished gate, no sharp edges (even at edge of mesh infill). 12mm drop forged hinge eyes. Sliding bolt fastening.

Code Description EP0524 3m 3/4 Meshed Galv. Gate (10ft Approx) EP0525 3.6m 3/4 Meshed Galv Gate (12ft Approx)

Code EP0600 EP0601

Ex VAT £225.38 £234.86

+VAT £259.19 £270.09

Description 3m Mesh Top Galv. Gate With Vertical Bars (10ft Approx) 3.6m Mesh Top Galv. With Vertical Bars (12ft Approx)

Ex VAT £629.82 £755.80

+VAT £724.29 £869.17

Standard Metal Gate - No Mesh

1/2 Meshed Galv. Gate 1200mm high overall. 48mm o/d steel tube outerframe, 2 intermediate horizontals and vertical supports in 37mm o/d steel tube. Clad to a height of 600mm with 50mm x 50mm 8g welded mesh. 18mm drop forged hinge eyes, loop and sliding bolt fastening.

1140mm high overall. 50 x 25 x 15mm channel hanging stile, 50mm x 25mm RH slam stile. Top and bottom horizontals 45mm o/d steel tube, four intermediate horizontals 32mm o/d steel tube. Tubular bracing. 18mm drop forged hinge eyes, welded on loop for fastening.

Code Description EP0503 3m 1/2 Meshed Galv. Gate (10ft Approx) EP0504 3.6m 1/2 Meshed Galv Gate (12ft Approx)

Code EP0505 EP0506

Ex VAT £170.84 £187.92

+VAT £196.47 £216.11

Description 3m Standard Metal Gate - No Mesh (10ft Approx) 3.6m Standard Metal Gate - No Mesh (12ft Approx)

Ex VAT £139.67 £149.50

+VAT £160.62 £171.93


Economy 1/2 Mesh galv. Gate

Economy Horizontal Bar Galv. Gate

Galvanised metal gates for use around the farm, not recommended as horse paddock openings. Constructed from 50mm x 25mm channel and box section with tubular steel railings and 40mm flat diagonal bracings. Mesh size 75mm x 75mm. Galvanised weld mesh fitted to lower half.

Galvanised metal gates for use around the farm, not recommended as horse paddock openings. Constructed from 50mm x 25mm channel and box section with tubular steel railings and 40mm flat diagonal bracings.

Code EP0511 EP0508

Code EP0510 EP0507

Description 3.0m Economy Half Mesh (3’’) Galv. Gate (10ft Approx) 3.6m Economy Half Mesh (3’’) Galv. Gate (12ft Approx)

Ex VAT £105.50 £89.45

+VAT £121.33 £102.87

Description 3m Econ Style Horizontal Bar Galv. Gate (10ft Approx) 3.6m Econ Style Horizontal Bar Galv. Gate (12ft Approx)

Ex VAT £46.50 £49.00

+VAT £53.48 £56.35

sales 01638 664619

hardwood / wooden gates

HARDWOOD GATES Hardwood gates Here are just a small selection of made-to-order gates. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

wooden gates

1.2m Wooden Gate - green

1.2m Horned Gate - Green Attractive traditional design for stud, stable or horse entrance gate. Planed and tanalised ready for painting if required. NOTE: Manufactured to special order, other sizes availaible.

Traditional design gate, 1.2m high, planed and tanalised.

Code EP0240 EP0242

Code EP0157 EP0159

Description 3m X 1.2m Horned Gate (10ft Approx) 3.6m X 1.2m Horned Gate (12ft Approx)

Ex VAT £116.97 £134.30

+VAT £134.52 £154.45

Description 3.0m X 1.2m Grn Wooden Gate (10ft Approx) 3.6m X 1.2m Grn Wooden Gate (12ft Approx)

+VAT £114.21 £134.52


High Top Wooden Gate High top 1500mm high gates. 5 bars braced and jointed. Extended stiles infilled to gain height.

Traditional design gate, correctly braced and jointed.

Code EP0547 EP0548

Code EP0479

Description High Top Wooden Gate 3m X 1.5m (10ft x 5ft Approx) High Top Wooden Gate 3.6m X 1.5m (12ft X 5ft Approx)

Ex VAT £99.31 £116.97

Ex VAT £129.97 £151.63

+VAT £149.47 £174.37

Description Wooden Gate 1.2m X 1.2m (4ft x 4ft Approx)

Ex VAT £53.72

+VAT £61.78



gate fittings & fastenings

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GATE fittings & fastenings Plate hanger

hook on oblong plate Suitable for wooden or metal gates. Oblong gate hanger (50mm x 200mm) is used where posts are narrow.

Suitable for wooden or metal gates. 100mm x 100mm Galvanised square plate hanger, normally attached to wall or stone posts etc.

Code Description EP0160 Hook on Oblong Plate

Code Description EP0165 Plate Hanger

Ex VAT £7.05

+VAT £8.11

HEAVY DUTY SLIP RAIL BRACKETS Heavy Duty Slip Rail Brackets, sold as a pack of 4.

Code Description EP0223 H/D Slip Rail Brackets

Ex VAT £16.76

+VAT £19.27

Adjustable bottom gate fitting

Ex VAT £7.93

+VAT £9.12

lightweight slip rail brackets Lightweight Slip Rail Brackets, sold in pairs. Includes a rail fastening catch.

Code Description EP0224 L/W Slip Rail Bracket

Ex VAT £7.64

+VAT £8.79

Double strap hinge

Galvanised bottom hinge for use with wooden gates to enable adjustment to gate as it settles.

Double strap galvanised hinges for wooden gates. 600mm long.

Code Description EP0171 Adjustable Gate Fitting

Code Description EP0164 Double Strap Hinge

Ex VAT £12.51

+VAT £14.39

Ex VAT £25.56

+VAT £29.39

10cm gate staple

Build in hanger Galvanised 225mm long hanger to build into a brick gate post.

10cm (4inch) gate staple for use with slip bolts. Sold individually.

Code Description EP0339 Build In Hanger

Code Description EP0247 10cm Gate Staple

Ex VAT £8.25

+VAT £9.49

300mm hook to bolt Galvanised hook for use with wooden gate posts. Normally used on the top hinge, which is thus adjustable.

Code Description EP0509 300mm Hook to Bolt

Ex VAT £8.40

+VAT £9.66

For metal gates only. Forged and galvanised eyes for use on top, or top and bottom of metal field gates so the gate can be adjusted. Adjustments can also be made as gate settles. 150mm x 18mm eye. Ex VAT £4.35

+VAT £5.00

newmarket gate hook Safety hook for all types of gate. Horseproof, catch must be lifted to open, drops on closing. Complete with fastening and eye to recieve hook.

Code Description EP0169 Newmarket Gate Hook

Ex VAT £4.76

+VAT £5.47

gravity gate stop Safe automatic method of securing all types of gate in the open position. Code Description EP0337 Gravity Gate Stop

Ex VAT £14.10

+VAT £1.50

hook to drive Galvanised hook for use with wooden gate posts. Normally used on the bottom hinge.

Code Description EP0166 Hook to Drive

Ex VAT £4.99

+VAT £5.74

self locking gate catch

adjustable gate eyes

Code Description EP0168 Adjustable Gate Eye

Ex VAT £1.30

+VAT £16.22

Galvanised catch to weld or bolt to slam post to accept bolt loop on gate. For wooden gates or metal gates with no fitted loop, a striker is required. Code Description EP0170 Gate Catch EP0167 Striker

Ex VAT £7.93 £4.00

+VAT £9.12 £4.60

Field gate spring catch SET Traditional timber gate fastener in three parts, spring lever, lever retainer and gate catch to drive in. All manufactured to a galvanised finish.

Code Description Ex VAT EP0244 Field Gate Spring Catch £16.10

+VAT £18.52

drop over frame Quick, handy frame to secure double gates together, especially when one is held with a drop bolt. Galvanised finish.

HEAVY DUTY GATE WHEEL Fitted with strong BZP spring. Used to support heavy gates particularly over uneven ground. Code Description Ex VAT +VAT EP0338 Heavy Duty Gate Wheel £111.74 £128.50

Code Description EP0518 Drop Over Frame

Ex VAT £8.87

+VAT £10.20

sales 01638 664619

horse simulators

RACING simulator racing simulator The world’s first racing simulator designed to practice the art of race riding. This new interactive model has been totally redesigned to give a more realistic action. The simulator contains a series of sensors providing instant feedback. The simulation can react in more than 40,000 ways for every race a jockey chooses to ride. A computerised screen allows the monitoring of progress through the field, from starting stalls to finishing line. This fabulous machine features: Correct place rear whipping sensors (excessive frequency slows the horse down). Incorrect rear whipping sensors (slows the horse down). Excessive force rear whipping sensors (slows the horse down). Shoulder whipping sensors (excessive frequency slows the horse down). Speed control on the neck sensors (up and down). Bit sensor (slows or stops horse). Balance sensors (slows the horse down). Saddle sensor (slows the horse down). Steering sensors.

RiDING simulator Riding & ridemaster simulator (interactive) The Ridemaster Pro simulates a real 15.2hh medium build horse. It allows the rider to ride to the screen in real-time. The horse is perfectly schooled and capable of doing advanced movements such as medium trot, medium canter, lateral work and rein back. The neck is moveable and the leg aids are detected by ‘on the girth’ and ‘behind the girth’ sensors. All movements are mathematically correct and the Ridemaster Pro is fully backed and endorsed by British Dressage and the British Horse Society. Fully interactive, the screen displays the show ring, you control the horse, the screen displays the results. Giving you positive feedback on your control and riding ability, Practice the same moves to perfect the result. The Ridemaster Pro software shows moves/tests from three views: Riders, Spectators and Judges (from C marker). Two screens with different views can be run simultaneously making it ideal for teaching ‘Equitation Theory’, ‘BHS’ stages exams and giving commercial lecture/demo sessions. Extra software packages are available including pre loaded dressage tests, bespoke packages for leisure rides around a client’s premises are also available. The Ridemaster Pro with the interactive screen offers high income generating potential. Riding schools, colleges and the leisure industry will find the Ridemaster Pro a valuable asset. The fusion of a mechanical horse with a large flat viewing screen and interactive software controlling the viewing experience. In a gymnasium this is a novel and exhilarating way to work on general fitness – strengthening multiple muscle groups and improving cardio vascular performance. A calorie counter can be added. The Ridemaster Pro is unrivalled as an instructional aid for novices and experienced riders alike.

Polo simulator polo simulator The Polo Pony has the stamp of a horse with excellent conformation condusive to speed and agility, depth through the girth and boundless with courage and stamina. These attributes have been taken and applied to the development of a new product in their range of equestrian simulators, The Polo Pony Simulator is renowned as the most advanced teaching aid in the world of polo. She became an instant success with players of all abilities, renowned coaches and even non-playing spectators who became instantly attracted to her graceful movement and the perfect platform that she provides for mastering their polo shots. Indeed, it is the unique technological details that take this machine a thousand chukkas beyond the ‘wooden horse’ concept. Both new and experienced riders relish the motion of a real polo pony whilst rapidly learning the correct riding position needed to learn the many different polo shots. The rhythm and balance a rider achieves is unmistakably like that of any player’s favourite ‘stick and ball’ pony. Further control of the machine is via the mouth sensors that respond to realistic ‘checks’ on the reins, to bring the machine to a steadier canter or to a complete stop; just like a well-schooled pony! To highlight a player’s correct position in the saddle when playing their shots, further sensors are located on the mane and beneath the saddle at the ‘knee role’ position. A light is illuminated when the correct sensors are contacted, confirming that the ‘brace position’ is applied. But perhaps the most innovative and compelling facet of the Polo Pony Simulator is the ball delivery system. Using an artificial polo field that works on a conveyor belt, the polo ball is constantly returned past the polo pony after every shot. A player can hit up to fifty shots per minute providing he has the strength, skill and stamina to match the machine. It is perhaps this feature that makes practising polo on the simulator so compelling for the experienced player.




POST & RAIL / fencing / plastic stud rail

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EQUI fencE

post and rail fencing Horse Requisites offer an extensive range of tanalised post and rails from stock in various sizes to assist with immediate repairs of broken fencing or kept in case of emergencies. We can also offer the same range of products in a creosoted finish. (These are only available to order). We can also supply competetive prices for post and rail fencing lin large quatities for new paddock areas. Listed below are some of the options available. Please telephone us to discuss your requirements.

Equi Fence fencing has been introduced following extensive research amongst equestrians. The welded mesh construction also elminates any sharp or rough edges that the horse can scratch itself on. Sentinel horse fencing has no hinge joints at the fence intersections, nor is it woven. Consequently, horses tails will not become entangled. Manufactured from Bezinal coated wire for longer life. This product is usually stapled to wooden post and an optional strained wire is available to protect the top of the wire from horses leaning over.

Code EP0999

Code EP0005 EP0006 EP0007

Description Post and Rail Fencing



Description Equi Fence - 1.25m High, 50mm x 100mm Mesh, 50m Roll Equi Fence - 1.10m High, 75mm x 100mm Mesh, 50m Roll Equi Fence - 1.25m High, 75mm x 100mm Mesh, 50m Roll

Ex VAT P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A.

+VAT P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A.

chestnut fencing

close board fencing Carefully selected, seasoned and pressure treated. Suitable for gardens and boundaries as well as covering areas and box loading ramps. Please call to discuss your requirements. Delivery available throughout the UK.

Made from cleft chestnut pales gripped top, middle and bottom by straining wires, Chestnut Fencing is virtually unclimbable providing protection against animals and children. It is easy to erect, economical and durable. It is ideal for temporary or emergency fencing and useful for the home and garden.

If you love your horses...

Code EP0999

Description Close Board Fencing



Code EP0819 EP0819

Description Chestnut Fencing - 1.35m high, 9.2m Roll Chestnut Fencing - 1.83m high, 9.2m Roll

Ex VAT P.O.A. P.O.A.

+VAT P.O.A. P.O.A.

Use our fence!

gate post Sawn timber gate post manufactured from imported redwood, deep pressure treated to combat rot and insect attack. Round top, square top or pyramid top available. When installed 1/3 of the length should be underground, 2/3 above ground. Most steel gates are now hung on wooden posts. Pressure creosoted posts available to order.

Easy To Install Low Maintenance Durable Competitively Priced

Code EP0162

Description ‘Green’ Gate Post 175mm X 175mm X 2.4m

Ex VAT £39.56

+VAT £45.49

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electric fencing

Electric fencing for horses, using electrified tape or rope, is now accepted as the real answer to both temporary and permanent systems. Whether you wish to form a small paddock, divide a field, restrict grazing area when grass is lush, or provide a permanent fence. Compared with barbed wire, electric fences are much easier to install and move, lower in cost and will not harm the horse. They can also be used with an existing old fence to prevent rubbing or, in the case of wooden fences, chewing. For permanent fencing polywire or rope are recommended as they are extremely resistant to wind conditions whilst maintaining the visibility often needed for horses. 20mm and 40mm wide tape is also available. For excellent temporary fencing, our plastic posts, some of which reach 130mm above the ground, have moulded insulators to allow the fence height to be adjusted. For a more permanent fence, use treated timber posts with screw-on insulators. Listed below are the most popular products from our range. However the full range is too extensive to list, if you cannot see the item you require or would like to discuss setting up electric fencing, please give us a call on 0044 (0) 1638 664619.



Selecting the best type of energizer for your individual situation is very important, and if you are unsure of the most suitable please give us a call.

High quality tape using a combination of copper & stainless steel conductors. Additionally, a special characteristic of turbomax tape is a vertical, interwoven cross conductor which in the event of the horizontal wires breaking reconnects them at regular intervals thus ensuring continuous current flow to the end of the fence.

INTELLISTOP B20 BATTERY ENERGIZER Connection & earthing of this energizer is very easy. Complete with earth stake & line connector. It has two output levels, battery status button & is ideal for fence runs up to 1km. Battery not included. strong, ideal for feed or mucking out. Code Description EP0400 Intellistop B20 Energizer

Ex VAT +VAT £149.00 £171.35


Code Description EP0419 20mm x 200m Tape EP0420 40mm x 200m Tape

Complete with earth stake, earth lead & line connector.

Code Description EP0443 B2 9V Battery Energizer



Ex VAT £33.90 £52.50

+VAT £38.99 £60.38

TURBOMAX ROPE High quality rope using a combination of copper & stainless steel conductors. Has a breaking strain which exceeds 200kg.

Ex VAT +VAT £115.00 £132.25

Standard quality tape available in white or green, 20MM or 40MM thick.

Code Description EP0423 20mm x 200m Tape (Green) EP0424 40mm x 200m Tape (Green)

Ex VAT £31.50 £43.50

+VAT £36.23 £50.03


FARMER N10 MAINS ENERGIZER Complete with line connector & 3 pin UK plug. Approved & registered up to international regulations. LED display. Suitable for fence runs up to 3.5km. Code Description Ex VAT +VAT EP0403 Farmer N10 Mains Energizer £132.00 £151.80

Code Description EP0421 6mm x 200m Rope EP0422 6mm x 400m Rope

batteries Batteries Both suitable for use with all 9v battery energizers. The 120AH type should last longer than the 55AH Code Description EP0405 55AH 9V Battery EP0406 120AH 9V Battery

Ex VAT £14.70 £24.70

Ex VAT £27.90 £54.00

+VAT £32.09 £62.10


Standard quality Polywire with increased number of strong monofilaments for higher breaking strength. Ideal for attaching to top of post 7 rail fencing to prevent chewing.

Standard quality rope available in white 6MM thick.

Ex VAT £20.30

+VAT £23.35

+VAT £8.91 £24.73


Ex VAT +VAT £4.65 £5.35 £17.90 £20.59

TENSIONING TAPE INSULATOR Used to tension lengths of tape or tying of ends of runs. Code Description Ex VAT +VAT EP0429 Pack of 4 Tensioning Tape Ins. £9.50 £10.93

Both of our polyposts include insulators at various spacings. Strong footplate.

Description 1m Earth Stake 50m Insulated Cable 10m Insulated Cable Rope Strainer (2 Pack)

Code Description EP0417 120cm EP0468 80cm

Ex VAT £2.45 £1.50

+VAT £2.82 £1.73

Code Description EP0410 Line Tester

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT EP0473 Starter Kit £115.00 £132.25

Ex VAT £9.20

+VAT £10.58

+VAT £11.11 £30.82 £7.07 £10.24

Code Description Ex VAT EP0412 Warning Signs, 4PK £4.60

+VAT £5.29


rope connector PACK OF 4

Code Description Ex VAT EP0433 Tape Connector, 4PK £3.80

Code Description Ex VAT EP0435 Rope Connector, 4PK £5.55

Code EP0413 Ex VAT £9.66 £26.80 £6.15 £8.90

Basic starter kit comprising: 1 small 6v energizer, fence & earth connection, 200m of 20mm tape, 1 warning sign, 10 short posts, 10 ring insulators & 1 gate handle.


line tester

+VAT £4.37

Description Gate Handle

Ex VAT £3.40

+VAT £3.91

Code Description EP0414 Tape Gate Set

Ex VAT £8.90

+VAT £10.24


SPRING GATE SET Code Description EP0416 Spring Gate Set

+VAT £6.38



further accesories Code EP0407 EP0439 EP0440 EP0436

+VAT £21.62


Suitable for rope & twine up to 6MM thick Code Description EP0426 Pack of 25 Ring Insulators EP0451 Tub of 120 Ring Insulators

Ex VAT £18.80



Drill aid +VAT £7.99

Code Description EP0448 6mm x 200m Rope

starter kit


Both suitable for use with all 9v battery energizers. The 120AH type should last longer than the 55AH

Ex VAT £6.95

+VAT £16.68 £23.81


Code Description EP0467 400mm Twine


Code Description EP0471 55AH 9V Battery

Ex VAT £14.50 £20.70

+VAT £16.91 £28.41


Code Description Ex VAT EP0477 Pack of 25 Combi Insulators £7.75 EP0476 Tub of 80 Combi Insulators £21.50

Code Description EP0446 20mm x 200m Tape (White) EP0447 40mm x 200m Tape (White)

Ex VAT £7.10

+VAT £8.17

Code Description Ex VAT EP0415 Gate Insulator, 2PK £4.25

+VAT £4.89



paddock & LUNGING PENS / foal creep pen

paddock & LUNGING PENS Paddock Pen Complete (2’’ mesh) This paddock/lunging pen is not to be confused with cheaper imitations - this is strong welded steel and mesh construction, which is hot dip galvanised after manufacture - a must for studs and stables. Complete pen consists of 11 panels, each 2100mm high x 2400mm wide, plus a similar size gate section making up into a ring 9m in diameter. Mesh size 50 x 50mm. Safety has been a major consideration in the design, each panel and the gate sections are made up of heavy gauge box section steel with welded mesh infill and panels incorporating a centre bar to avoid distortion when they are moved about from place to place, or removed or replaced. The unique hinge which allows the panels to be easily demounted and moved when required, also allows additional panels to be incorporated to make a larger ring if required. Panels can also be removed to make a smaller enclosure for a foal creep or protection for the injured horse. Remember large mesh pens are not suitable for foals, this one is.

Code EP0527 EP0528 EP0529

Description Paddock Pen (2’’ mesh) Spare Pen Section (2” mesh) PSpare Gate Section (2” mesh)

Ex VAT +VAT £1,675.00 £1,926.25 £149.96 £172.45 £245.94 £282.83

Turn-Out Pen complete (3” Mesh) Made up of flat mesh panels 2400mm wide x 2100mm high, they are hot dipped galvanised. The pens are fastened together with long pins which gives stability but also makes them easy to move should the need arise. Mesh is 8 gauge, 75mm x 75mm. Complete pens are 10m (30ft) in diameter, ideal for turning out. For lunging, we recommend a diameter of 15½m (54ft). As the pens are comprised of flat sections we can make the pen as large or small as your require by adding more panels.

Code EP0535 EP0536 EP0537

Description Ex VAT +VAT 3’’ Mesh T/O (30ft Dia) £1,375.00 £1,581.25 Spare Pen Section (3” mesh) £118.00 £135.70 Spare Gate Section (3” mesh) £149.00 £171.35

foal creep pen Galvanised Foal Field Creep Pen Our self-supporting portable field creep feed pen provides plenty of space for foals to feed comfortably. Strongly constructed from heavy steel, which is galvanised after manufacture, the complete pen consists of 8 barrier sections and 8 foal entrance sections, allowing free access of creep feeds to foals, but denying entrance to mares.

Code EP0267

Description Ex VAT +VAT Galv Foal Field Creep Pen £1,983.00 £2,280.45

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sales 01638 664619


HORSE WALKERS Every Horse Requisites Horse Exerciser is custom made to suit you, the customer, using our specialist knowledge. With prices starting from £2250.00 +VAT, they are designed to offer the best value for money for you & the maximum possible safety for your horse. External metal components are hot dipped galvanised to ensure longevity of life. It doesn’t matter whether you run a small livery or a top racing stable we can offer a package to suit your needs & budget.

THE STONLEY This Exerciser features the principles & many of the safety features of the Newmarket Super & has been designed with competition horses in mind & is suitable for point-to-pointers & smaller studs. It features a large central bearing to reduce any rocking of the arms & the single pushers are suspended between two fixed mesh pens, thus providing a greater degree of safety. This Exerciser is available as a four, five or six horse model. We are able to quote for supply only or supply and installation. Price on application.

RUBBER BLOCK PAVING See page 16 for Rubber Block paving for use with The Stonley horse walker.

NEWMARKET SUPER This is the most robust Exerciser in our range & has been developed to give the highest possible levels of safety for your horses & withstand the rigors of a busy yard. It features a larger central base & a larger circular bearing to reduce any rocking of the arms to an absolute minimum. The arms have also been designed to give extra strength. To ensure that the horses are kept at least 3 feet apart the Newmarket Super Exerciser has spring loaded double pushers. For maximum strength and security, the inner pen and pushers are clad in rubber, the outer pen being Made of heavy duty galvanised mesh rounded to the size of the Exerciser. As an optional extra the outer pen can be constructed of two thirds rubber cladding and one third heavy duty galvanised mesh. To help prevent the speed of the exercise being affected by adverse weather or enthusiastic horses a unique patented breaking system is available. The four or five horse Exerciser has a 35 foot diameter or the six horse Exerciser has a diameter of 43 feet. An option of having the horse walker covered in with a circular roof is also available.

Price on application. We are able to quote for supply only or supply and installation.



training starting stalls / racecourse rail

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These are the starting stalls used by many well known trainers to reproduce the stalls used at racecourses and recommended by The Jockey Club. Solidly fabricated in steel square tube, these transportable stalls are ready for a long and arduous working life. Finished in green enamel over primer and undercoats, attention to detail is a prime consideration. No sharp edges whatsoever to damage the horse or jockey, padded plastic sheeting used at side of each stall, operating lever door action, etc, all replicate racecourse conditions. These heavy duty stalls are not to be mistaken for cheaper imitations. Code EO0541 EO0542 EO0543 EO0544

Description Two Stall Starting Gate Three Stall Starting Gate Four Stall Starting Gate Suction Pad For Starting Stall

Ex VAT P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A.

+VAT P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A.

RACECOURSE rail duralock racecourse rail Duralock use only the latest technology of the PVC-u industry. Our material has added impact modifiers and UV inhibitors to protect the PVC-u from the sun, giving an attractive, strong system which will not rot, warp, peel or crack. Single and mid-course racerail systems have been specifically designed to be fixed permanently or to be quickly and easily dismantled and re-assembled for ‘dolling-out’. Unlike any other fencing system it has no metal, no screws or bolts. It is designed without internal ribbing to avoid stress concentration. It is strong and durable, yet flexible in the event of collision. Please contact us for details of this product or any PVC-u fencing systems, such as Race Jump Wings and Mobile Barriers.

Code EP0999

Description Duralock Racecourse Rail



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stopwatches / racecourse screen

STOPWATCHES Ultimate Event Watch & ULTIMATE COMPACT EVENT WATCH The “Ultimate Event Watch” is a waterproof timer with jumbo display featuring a clock, a count-up (from zero), timer with alarm and a programmed countdown timer with alarm. The buttons have a positive click-type operation and are situated on the top panel to prevent accidental knocking. Once the timer is running, only the start/stop button and mode button have any function. The jumbo watch, E00010, has a large yellow face. The compact version, E00011, has a silver face. Both watches feature a warning beep if any button is pressed that is going to have any function. The compact watch also has a backlight.

Code E00010 E00011

Description Ultimate Event Watch Ultimate Compact Event Watch

Ex VAT £42.51 £42.51

+VAT £48.89 £48.89

ULTIMATE 3 DAY EVENT WATCH The display on the 3 day event watches has two rows of digits, the lower being much larger than the upper row. In stop watch mode it is possible to alternate between clock and stopwatch as the larger digits, with clear icons indicating which is which, even when the stopwatch is running. As with the Ultimate Event Watch, there is a minute alarm when the stopwatch is running, but unlike the Ultimate Event Watch, this can easily be silenced! There is no countdown feature on the Ultimate 3 Day Event Watch. The jumbo watch, E00008, has a black elastic strap with a large blue face. The compact version, E00009, has a blue strap with a silver face. The compact version also features a backlight.

Code E00008 E00009

Description Ultimate 3 Day Event Watch Ultimate Compact 3 Day Event Watch

Time and stop watch on same display, stopwatch in hours, minutes and seconds. 2 alarms can be set for vet boxs, backlight display for early and late starts.

Very easy to use water-resistant stopwatch with large buttons and a simple clear display. Times in hours, mins, seconds 1/1Oth and 1/100th seconds.

Code E00012

Code E00013

RACECOURSE SCREEN RaceCourse Screen Lightweight screen for use in emergencies. Black, waterproof PVC. Will not rot if folded away whilst still wet. Rolls up neatly for easy storage when not in use.

Description Racecourse Screen

Ex VAT £168.50

+VAT £48.89 £48.89

Simple StopWatch

Endurance Event Watch

Code EP0001

Ex VAT £42.51 £42.51

+VAT £193.78

Description Endur. Ev. Watch

Ex VAT £42.51

+VAT £48.89

Description Simple Stop Watch

Ex VAT +VAT £18.68 £21.48




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A specially formulated, environmentally friendly range of colour-fast coatings, with outstanding weathering properties. Perfect for the protection of timber; masonry and metal, both inside and out. Highly recommended, cost-effective paint system for use on Studs and Stables, Estates, Farms, Zoological and Municipal Gardens. Horse Requisites, with its hard-won reputation as suppliers of high quality, cost-effective products, believe in Coverwell... So can you!

APPLICATION Coverwell is very easy to apply, providing you follow a few simple rules. • Stir Vigourously Prior to Application • Apply to Clean, Dry Area • Allow Newly Treated Timer to Season (1-3 Months) • Apply Using Brush, Spray or Roller • Clean with Cellulose Thinners for Oil Based Products • Soapy Water for Water Based Product • Non-Toxic Lead Free • Harmless to Animal and Plant Life

PRE-CAUTIONS Coverwell is a generally safe product, but must still be used with care. • Use in well Ventilated Areas • Do not Inhale Vapour • Flammable • Keep out of Reach of Children • In Case of Contact with Eyes, Rinse with Plenty of Cold Water and Seek Medical Advice

PRODUCT DATA Coverwell is a high-class coating and is made to a very high and consistent specification. • Acrylic Polymer Coating • High Solid Colour-Fast Pigment • Color Range as Card • Content: Soft Sediment • Packaging 18 litre • Storage: Shelf Life 24 Months Stored at 5°C-22°C • 6m² per litre on Porous Surfaces • Drying Time: Dependent on Ambient Temperature at Time of Application • Cured Coat: 45 hours

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feature Traditional



A non toxic economical acrylic polymer suitable for a large range of applications around the Estate, Farm, Stables or Stud. • Covers Timber, Masonry, Metal • Colour-Fast for 3 to 5 Years • Outstanding Weathering Properties • Maintenance Free • Harmless to Animals, Plants (Paddock Grass) • Superb for Fencing, Barns, Stabling • Lead Free - Non Toxic • Oil Based - Available in Black and Brown

A water based ‘elastomeric’ coating developed to expand and contract with various substrates; additionally, avoids peeling problems often associated with white paint. • Rubber-Like Coating • Outstanding Durability • UV Resistance • Excellent Adhesion • Ideal for Timber that is Exposed to Sunlight • Ideal for Wooden Gates, Fencing and Masonry • Lead Free - Non Toxic • Water Based - Available in White Only

An extremely tough oil-based enamel developed for use on wood, metal or concrete.  With excellent resistance to oil, grease and water, Enamelcoat has proved to be a superb choice for use inside and out. • Withstands Repeated Power Washing and Steam Cleaning • Flexible to Cope with Movement of Substrate • Dries in 8 Hours • Dry to Touch in 2 Hours at 25°C and 50% Relative Humidity • Lead Free - Non Toxic • Gloss Finish - Oil Based Available in Black, White and Devon Cream • Matt Finish - Water Based - Available in Green Only

Traditional - Black -

Traditional - Brown -

Flexcoat - White -

Enamelcoat - Black -

Enamelcoat - Green -

Enamelcoat - Devon Cream -

Enamelcoat - White -

Code A17013 A17013

Description Traditional Black Traditional Brown

Ex VAT £47.00 £47.00

+VAT £54.05 £54.05

Code A17015

Description Flexcoat White

Ex VAT £67.50

Code A17016 A17017 A17040 A17022

+VAT £77.63

Description Enamelcoat Black Enamelcoat White Enamelcoat Green (Matt) Enamelcoat Devon Cream

Ex VAT £67.50 £67.50 £67.50 £67.50

+VAT £77.63 £77.63 £77.63 £77.63

Ex VAT £1.62 £2.12 £2.86 £5.58 £8.68 £7.76 £4.38

+VAT £1.86 £2.44 £3.29 £6.42 £9.98 £8.92 £5.04

associated products BEFORE


BRUSHES Code A17033 A17043 A17034 A17036 A17037 A17041 A17042

Description 1” Pure Bristle Paint Brush 1 ½” Pure Bristle Paint Brush 2” Pure Bristle Paint Brush 3” Pure Bristle Paint Brush 4” Pure Bristle Paint Brush 6” Pure Bristle Paint Brush Professional Creosote Brush 24” Handle

accessories Code A17038 V00064 GV0008 V00075 A22021 A22022

Description 2lt White Spirit Pack x 100 Latex Disposable Gloves Pair PVC Knitwrist Gloves Disposable Suit 3m ½ Face Mask Gas & Vapour Mask

Ex VAT £5.05 £8.15 £1.60 £4.75 £13.45 £1.00

+VAT £5.81 £9.37 £1.84 £5.46 £15.47 £1.15




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FOALING ALARM It is a frightening fact that foaling mares have the second highest mortality rate in the animal kingdom. Knowing how swiftly a foal can be delivered and how quickly things can go wrong recognising the first signs of labour is vital. There is sound evidence that cutaneous transpiration of mares increases (sweating up) about 35 to 55 minutes before foaling. The change may be slight or substantial. Based on our original sweat detection method this new version also gives a further signal when the mare is lying down in a prone position, which can also be helpful with horses that are prone to colic. The sensor unit of the foaling alarm transmitter is placed on the neck where sweating usually occurs and monitors the changes, however slight. The measurements are transmitted via a micro processor where the electronic messages are automatically checked and if positive the alarm is raised. When activated, the transmitter sends a text message to up to 3 other phone numbers, which can be mobiles or landlines (subject to restrictions, please check with your landline provider first). The system will work anywhere you can get a mobile phone signal. The transmitter is housed in a leather pouch which is attached with a leather harness system, around the neck and held in place with a roller. There are a range of settings on the transmitter to adjust from high to low sensitivity. It operates on a rechargeable battery. Can be supplied with or without a SIM card (O2 unless specified otherwise). For SIM card inclusion please also order EQ0701 and state required network, i.e. Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, etc. Code EQ0700 EQ0701

Description GSM Foaling Alarm SIM card for GSM Foaling Alarm

Ex VAT £420.00 P.O.A.

+VAT £483.00 P.O.A.



Mounted on a varnished hardwood base, this fibreglass leg is ideal for training or displaying leg wraps and bandages.

Lifesize black glass fibre horse with many uses. Some use it as a tackroom stand, others as a training aid, especially useful when teaching about tacking-up. Many organisations use this model for advertising purposes or solely as a shop window model. Tough enough to carry around from place to place without risk of damage. Comes complete with metal support lugs at each hoof so it may be screwed to a base or the floor. Weighs 20kg.

Code Description E00415 Model Horse

Ex VAT £862.87

Code Description S00041F Model Horse Front Leg S00041H Model Horse Hind Leg

+VAT £992.30

Ex VAT £79.45 £79.45

+VAT £91.37 £91.37

MODEL HORSE HEad Faithfully reproducing all the detail of our high quality life size display horse, this display head has an opening jaw to enable bit to be inserted. Perfect for displaying bridles or teaching tacking up. Fixed to the wall via keyholes which slide over pre-inserted wall screws.

DISPLAY MULTI HEADS The ultimate bridle and headcollar display product. Swings freely on simple lift off hinges. Gives a clear view of a bridle or headcollar as seen when on the horse. Allows a bridle to be displayed on every 10cm of wall space. Black plastic moulding with steel reinforcing to rear. Height 64cm, width 50cm, projection 51cm. Code ET0012

Description Display Horse Head

Ex VAT +VAT £181.55 £208.78

Code ET0013

Description Display Multi Heads

Ex VAT £98.09

+VAT £112.80

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foaling observation systems

FOALING observation systems COLOUR CAMERA CCTV KIT WITH SINGLE CAMERA This inexpensive Bosch CCTV system offers excellent value for money and provides an allin-one solution for observation around the stud farm. The standard kit includes a full colour monitor, which displays sequential full screen images, or alternatively, the camera image can be manually selected. The “picture in picture” feature allows a second camera view or sequence to be simultaneously viewed. A further three cameras can also be added to provide full coverage of even the largest foaling box. The system can be extended by adding slave monitors (max 2) at other locations, replaying picture and sound. The system can also be configured to include intercom facilities. An optional remote control is available to operate the monitor. Incredibly easy to install, the cameras are powered via a single CCTV cable. • 14” colour screen for better recognition & identification • Full screen observation with up to four cameras • Picture in picture for viewing second camera • Intuitive user interface for trouble free installation and operation • Provides undisturbed mare & foal monitoring • Built in microphone & loudspeaker for intercom functions Code EQ0500 EQ0501 EQ0517 EQ0502 EQ0410 EQ0411 EQ0409 EQ0416 EQ0503 EQ0518

Description Colour Camera CCTV Kit Additional Digital Colour Cameras with Wide Angle lens & 15m Cable Pack Digital Black & White Lowlight Camera & 15m Cable Pack Colour Slave Monitor 100m CCTV Cable 200m CCTV Cable Pack of 5 CCTV Plugs Crimping Tool CCTV Line Booster (from 200 to 300m) with Power Pack Infrared Remote Control

Ex VAT £429.00 £129.00 £174.00 £384.00 £18.00 £35.50 £6.50 £19.50 £85.00 £43.00

+VAT £493.35 £148.35 £200.10 £441.60 £20.70 £40.83 £7.48 £22.43 £97.75 £49.45

COLOUR MULTIPLEXER SYSTEM WITH 4 CAMERAS This refined Bosch CCTV system has inputs for up to eight cameras, providing an all-in-one solution for observation all around the stud and peace of mind. The full colour monitor displays images in various screen formats, including full screen, four camera and eight cameras in a 3x3 matrix. All eight images can be recorded in full screen format using an analogue or digital video recorder. The system can be extended by adding slave monitors (maximum two) at other locations, replaying picture and sound. It can also be configured to include intercom facilities. An optional remote control is available to operate the monitor. Cameras are powered by a single CCTV cable, making installation incredibly easy. • 14” colour screen for better recognition & identification • Full screen or segmented screen for optimised observation • A system you can “grow” into • Intuitive user interface for trouble free installation and operation • Provides undisturbed mare & foal monitoring • Built in microphone & loudspeaker for intercom functions

Code Description EQ0514 Colour Multiplexer System with Monitor & 4 Digital Colour Cameras EQ0501 Additional Digital Colour Cameras with Wide Angle lens & 15m Cable Pack EQ0517 Digital Black & White Lowlight Camera & 15m Cable Pack EQ0502 Colour Slave Monitor EQ0410 100m CCTV Cable EQ0411 200m CCTV Cable EQ0409 Pack of 5 CCTV Plugs EQ0416 Crimping Tool EQ0503 CCTV Line Booster (from 200 to 300m) with Power Pack EQ0518 Infrared Remote Control

Ex VAT +VAT £995.00 £1,144.25 £129.00 £148.35 £174.00 £200.10 £384.00 £441.60 £18.00 £20.70 £35.50 £40.83 £6.50 £7.48 £19.50 £22.43 £85.00 £97.75 £43.00 £49.45

Prices and sizes in this catalogue may be subject to alteration without prior notice. Please phone or check online for current prices.

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GRASSLAND HARROW Fully mounted harrow with heavy duty frame, the units are fitted with a unique “Tri” spike casting which offers two tinelengths, two tine angles and excellent wearing properties. Also featuring floating headstocks to cope with uneven ground. 4m wide, 860mm long and 900mm high, weighs 340kgs.

The aerator is an environmentally friendly, low maintenance machine that requires minimal horsepower. It keeps your paddocks in peak condition by relieving compaction, allowing surface water to drain thereby stimulating root growth and encouraging absorption of nutrients. Fitted with replaceable high quality Boron blades on two adjustable rotor shafts, the blades can be adjusted up to an angle of ten degrees to increase the shattering effect on compacted grassland. Featuring a category 2 linkage, parking stands and towbar. 2.5m wide, 900mm long and 1250mm high, weighs 380kgs.

Code EN0001

Code EN0999

Description Grassland Harrow



Description Grassland Aerator




SPRING HARROW A truly multi-purpose machine, this spring harrow gets rid of moss and dead thatch and aerates the soil, stimulating growth. Will create a tilth for reseeding and rejuvenating old pasture, making considerable savings on reseeding costs. Quick & easy adjustment of zinc plated, rust proof tines. Available in 3m or 4m widths.

Code EN0005 EN0006

Description Spring Harrow 3m Spring Harrow 4 m

Ex VAT P.O.A. P.O.A.

+VAT P.O.A. P.O.A.

NICHOLSON PADDOCK CLEANER Designed to need only a low power requirement for fuel saving, this paddock cleaner is operable in all conditions. Suitable for tractors over 35hp on flat conditions and featuring a variable but extremely accurate depth control on the brushes and a ground driven roller in front, droppings, stones, pieces of wood, cans, etc, are contained and deposited cleanly onto the hopper. The appearance and condition of grass in greatly enhanced with regular use.

Code EN0999

Description Nicholson Paddock Cleaner

Prices and sizes in this catalogue may be subject to alteration without prior notice. Please phone or check online for current prices.

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SPRAYERS 5lt Preservative Sprayer


5 litre working capacity hand carried pressure sprayers, ideal for areas of between 40 and 800 sq.m. Vertical pump action for general plant care and control, with Multifunction version also for the application of wood preservatives and acid based clearing products. Separate fixed side mounted pump, no need to remove pump to fill. Wide filling aperture.

Code Description EO0205 5lt Preservative Sprayer

Ex VAT £59.95

A high quality, 20 litre capacity Knapsack Sprayer, which allows a wide range of applications. The Sprayer requires little maintenance, has a large spraying capacity, constant pressure delivery and is lightweight and easy to use. Idea for use with Barrier H and Grazon 90 selective weed killer.

Code Description EO0195 Solo Knapsack Sprayer

+VAT £68.94

Combining efficiency with reliability and simplicity, this industrial fogger is not only used by stables and studs for disinfecting buildings, horse boxes, etc, it is the choice of racecourses and veterinary hospitals as well. It is even used by airlines for disinfecting aircraft! Suitable for buildings up to 100’ long, or 32,000 cubic feet, it has an output of 2.2 litre per minute. The plastic reservoir holds 9 litres.

A 1.3 litre working capacity hand held pressure sprayer, ideal for specific treatments. Adjustable nozzle. On/Off trigger.

Ex VAT £15.50

+VAT £112.47

Electric Powered Fogging Machine

Hand Held Trigger Spray

Code Description EO0203 Hand Held Trigger Spray

Ex VAT £97.80

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT EO0141 Electric Pwrd Fogging Machine £299.00 £343.85

+VAT £17.83


NESTY Moulded in brown plastic with removable, squirrel proof steel front plate that can be turned around or removed to adapt to the birdlife in your garden or for cleaning. Impermeable to fleas and other parasites. Drainage holes in base.

Though they are now known as Director’s chairs, their compact size when folded made the “Commodore’s chair” popular aboard ship long before Hollywood commandeered them! Ideal for Sales and events, our versatile, bright and colourful Directors chairs can be personalised with names or messages of your choice.

Code Description EY0004 Nesty

Ex VAT £10.53

+VAT £12.11

Code Description E00003 Director’s Chair

CAR SEAT COVERS INCINERATOR This all galvanised incinerator is ideal for burning rubbish in yards & gardens. Safer than an open bonfire, it burns quickly in a contained area without being blown around by the wind.

Code Description EY0007 Incinerator

Ex VAT £19.95

+VAT £22.94

Ex VAT +VAT £31.70 £36.46

car seat covers

Get into your car in wet/dirty clothes without the risk of damage to your seats with these hardwearing and durable waterproof seat covers. Made in the UK, they can be fitted and removed in a few seconds and fold small enough to fit in the glove compartment. One size fits most popular cars, including 4x4s.

Code E00015 E00016 E00017

Description Ex VAT +VAT Front Seat Covers £23.90 £27.49 Rear No Headrests £22.55 £25.93 Rear With Headrests £23.50 £27.03



blowers & multi-VACS

sales 01638 664619

Blowers Stihl B.G. Hand Held Blower Designed for one handed use, weighing only 4.3kg, the Stihl BG Hand Held Blower can carried by the control handle in either the right or left hand. The fan nozzle produces a broad and powerful air stream at ground level with an air velocity of 82 metres per second. It can be aimed and controlled very accurately and is highly effective for blowsweeping leaves, grass cuttings, straw, shavings, etc. on flat surfaces, and is also effective on fields & lawns.

Code EO0099

Description Stihl B.G. Hand Held Blower

Ex VAT £208.75

+VAT £240.06

Stihl Backpack Blower This backpack blower weighs in at around 9kg and delivers more power than the handheld model we offer. Ideal for use in stable yards or areas that need loose debris to be cleared quickly and effortlessly!

Code EO0100

Description Stihl Backpack Blower

Ex VAT £410.00

+VAT £471.50

MULTI-VACS Mv650h 6.5hp Honda Billygoat Vac The MV650H Billy Goat Vac, our most popular model, is driven by 6.5HP Honda engine and is a major step forward in keeping dust away from the operator and increasing simplicity and ease of use. The 735mm (29”) wide adjustable intake opens large enough to inhale debris 125mm (5”) deep & closes down to vacuum dense heavy objects on hard surfaces. The 136litre (30 gallon) zipperless easy fit bag is large enough to accommodate up to 22kg (50lb) of leaves. It has the lowest noise level of all the Billy Goat range and performs very efficiently at very low rpm. As standard it is supplied with four 300mm (12”) Turf tyres to tackle lawns, courtyards or uneven areas. Optional heavy duty swivel casters can be interchanged on the front wheels to accommodate smooth areas or tight turning circles. Where dust might be a problem we suggest the optional felt liner as a pre-requisites should be used inside the quiet vac bag. Disposable liners are also available that fit inside the bag which can be removed when full & left kerbside for others to collect. N.B although these machines can be used on grass paddocks to collect debris they are NOT suitable for the collection of droppings. An intake hose kit is available for all Billy Goat models for attaching to the front to get into those awkward corners of yards and barns.

Code EN0306 EN0304 EN0305 EN0303 EN0443

Description Mv650h Billy Goat Vac 5” Hose Kit For Mv650 Castor Kit For Mv650 Felt Bag Kit For Mv650 Black Outer Bag for SV Billygoat Machines

Ex VAT +VAT £1,450.00 £1,667.50 £150.00 £172.50 £90.00 £103.50 £90.00 £103.50 £115.00 £132.25

sales 01638 664619

pressure washers

PRESSURE WASHERS Cold water pressure washer - BiBO ECN-M The ENC-M cold water high-pressure cleaner is an industrial cleaner for professional and intensive use. This high-pressure cleaner is mounted on an electrolytically galvanised and power-lacquered frame. A stainless steel cover protects the motor/pump unit from splashing by water and dirt. A sturdy handle, fitted with 2 lance holders, and 4 moulded rubber wheels make this appliance an industrial cleaner that can be used in several fields. Supplied as standard with: - detergent injector - Double spray lance with low and high-pressure nozzle - Single spray lance with rotating nozzle - High-pressure pistol - 10 m high-pressure hose - 10 m electric cable - 2 built-in hanging hooks for high-pressure hose and electric cable - Pressure gauge - Stepless pressure and flow regulation via by-pass valve - Coarse particle filter

Code EO0099

Description Cold Water Washer - BiBO ECN-M



Hot water pressure washer - IBH-M The IBH-M hot-water high-pressure cleaner is ideally suited for a wide range of cleaning jobs, because it offers the choice of cold- to hot-water cleaning. This highpressure cleaner is mounted on a galvanised and power-lacquered frame. A stainless steel cover protects the motor/pump unit from splashing by water and dirt. A sturdy handle, fitted with 2 lance holders, and 4 moulded rubber wheels make this appliance an industrial cleaner that can be used in several fields. Thanks to radial pump with 3 ceramic plungers, a brass/nickel-plated pump head and a boiler with separate motor, the IBH-M is an enormous source of power, which is also very easy to maintain. The IBH-M series is available in various versions (i.e. motor ratings). Supplied as standard with: - Detergent suction with dosing valve - Single spray lance with high-pressure nozzle - High-pressure pistol - 10m high-pressure hose - 10m electric cable - 2 built-in hooks for high-pressure hose and electric cable - Pressure gauge - Stepless pressure and flow regulation via by-pass valve - Coarse particle filter - Boiler with independent motor fitted with fuel valve with 3 s timing delay - Automatic start/stop-system with 30 s shut-down delay - Automatic water softening system - Float chamber 10 I - Diesel tank 27 I - Direct-in - Wheel brake system - Dry run protection - Pressure protection - Thermic protection

Code EO0099

Description Hold Water Pressure Washer - IBH-M



disinfectants T.S.R. 200 25LTS

Fam 30 Powerful iodophor bactericidal virucidal, and fungicidal disinfectant, Ministry approved for all orders (dilution 1:80 for general orders), and is non-toxic at recommended dilutions, corrosive.

For use in steam cleaners. It removes heavy grease, it is powerful, concentrated and economical. Suitable for the internal walls of stables and ideal for farm machinery, horse boxes etc. Bacteriostatic and highly recommended for general cleaning of soiled areas, such as floors and walls, especially where a disinfectant is to be subsequently used.

Code A15006

Code A15010

Description Fam 30

Ex VAT £30.80

+VAT £35.42

Description FAM Disinfectant

Ex VAT £54.75

+VAT £62.96


62 28

Pitch & muck forks / rakes show markers / jumps / cups

sales 01638 664619


Push In Dressage Markers (Set Of 8)

Set of 8 Dressage markers on screw on plates. A, B, C, E, F, H, K, M.

Code Description Ex VAT EP0256 Dressage Letters (8 Screw On) £30.35

Set of 8 smart dressage markers with prong points to make them self-supporting. Enamelled and lettered A, B, C, E, F H, K and M.

Code Description EP0254 Push in Drsge Mrkrs (Set Of 8) EP0255 RSVP Markers

+VAT £34.90


Show Jump Numbers (Set Of 12)

White plastic clip-on disc (220mm diameter) complete with 600mm ground spike with point on one end.

Set of 12 show jump markers, prong points to make them self supporting. Smart enamel finish, numbered 1-12.

Code Description EP0344 Show Jump No.s (Set Of 12) EP0257 Horses Slow Sign (Set Of 2)

Ex VAT +VAT £43.92 £50.51 £23.57 £27.11

Ex VAT +VAT £70.72 £81.33 £17.42 £20.03

Code Description EP0747 Furlong Marker

Ex VAT £5.11

+VAT £5.88

SHOW jump blocks & poles

POLY JUMP POLEs Poly Poles - Jump poles are made from virtually Indestructible elastomer polymer - will not rot (unlike wooden poles) and are maintenance free (no painting required). Poles are available in red/white or blue/white. All poles can be dismantled into shorter sections for easy storage or transportation. Available in 3 sizes


Code EP0748 EP0754 EP0755

Code EP0756

Description Poly Jump Pole 3m X 100mm Practice Pole 3m X 85mm Jump Poles 3.6m X 100mm

Ex VAT £30.50 £23.50 £34.50

+VAT £35.08 £27.03 £39.68

Lightweight, weatherproof, convenient and affordable option to raise poles. Increase collection and engagement, improve flexibility and flat work. Available in assorted colours, please specify. Description Pole Pods (Ser of 4)

Ex VAT £18.95

+VAT £21.79

jump cups SAFER JUMP CUPS Radical & unique new design which has no sharp edges or corners, thereby reducing risks to horse & rider. Easy to carry & lightweight, yet strongly constructed in steel & red plastic coated. Pins are bright zinc plated. Suits posts up to 7cm thick. Sold as a pair. Code Description EP0205 Safer Jump Cups

TRIANGULAR JUMP BLOCK Maintenance free, versatile training aid. Many types of jumps can be constructed using these colourful, high density polythene blocks. Safe, light and compact – even a child can handle them. No sharp edges to damage horse or rider. Available in four colour options: red, blue, yellow or green. Supplied individually.

Code EP0750 EP0750/4 EP0750/12

Description Triangular Jump Block Triangular Jump Block, Pack of 4 Triangular Jump Block, pack of 12

Ex VAT £41.50 £158.28 £453.84

+VAT £47.73 £182.02 £521.92

DRIVING CONE With distinctive lines, these compact driving cones conform to current FEI dimensions and stack well. The hole doubles as an aid for easy handling. UV stable; will not wilt in the sun! High visibility orange colour. Complete set consists of 40 cones. Supplied individually. Code Description EY0003 Driving Cone

Ex VAT £14.42

+VAT £16.58

Ex VAT £9.30

+VAT £10.70

Pole type cups and pins (pair) Heavy duty steel construction and finished in bright zinc plate. Hole provided for pin retaining cord or chain. Suit posts upto 70mm thick.

Code Description Ex VAT EP0204 Pole Type Cups & Pins (Pair) £10.19 EP0204 Plank Type Cup & Pins (Pair) £9.29

+VAT £11.72 £10.68

BARREL JUMP CUPS Really strong triple jump cup bracket designed to fit on the lip of steel 200litre oil drums. Red plastic coated steel construction. With simple fence/wall bracket for fixing other end of jump. Easily hooks on and slides off. One piece steel construction, zinc plated. Sold as a pair. Code Description EP0203 Barrel Jump Cups (Pair)

Ex VAT £15.58

+VAT £17.92

sales 01638 664619



SIGNS Signs for health and safety, control & information - available off the shelf. Many other standard types & bespoke signs to order, please call for further details. (Listed below in order of appearance above) Code EY0401 EY0419 EY0404 EY0422 EY0409 EY0405 EY0417 EY0420 EY0421 EY0416 EY0414 EY0415 EY0410 EY0413 EY0408 EY0403 EY0406 EY0407

Description Ex VAT 40 X 30CM CAUTION HORSE SIGN (E65BP) £10.75 20 X 6.5CM SHUT THE GATE SIGN (DG29ZP) £4.25 40 X 30CM PRIVATE ROAD SIGN (E50BP) £10.75 40 X 30CM PRIVATE KEEP OUT SIGN (DE1E115 £15.90 60 X 20CM NO PARKING SIGN (G17AP) £10.75 40 X 30CM PRIVATE KEEP OUT SIGN (E56BP) £10.75 20X6.5CM BEWARE OF THE DOG SIGN (DG21ZP) £4.25 20 X 6.5CM DO NOT FEED SIGN (DG32ZP) £4.25 40CM X 40CM 5MPH SIGN (T13EP 5MPH) £14.90 40 X 30CM PREMISES ALARMED SIGN (W96BP) £10.75 40 X 30CM CCTV IN OPERATION SIGN (W74BP) £10.75 40 X 30CM GUARD DOGS SIGN (W69BP) £10.75 40 X 30CM NO VEHICLES SIGN (P31BP) £10.75 40 X 30CM WASH YOUR HANDS SIGN (M66BP) £10.75 20 X 25CM KEEP GATE SHUT SIGN (E26RP) £7.04 40 X 30CM KEEP ACCESS CLEAR SIGN(G40BP) £10.75 40 X 30CM NO RIGHT OF WAY SIGN (E64BP) £10.75 40 X 30CM KEEP TO BRDL/PATH SIGN (E70BP) £10.75


£10.75 £10.75 £10.75 £10.75 £4.25 £4.25 £10.75

+VAT £12.36 £4.89 £12.36 £18.29 £12.36 £12.36 £4.89 £4.89 £17.14 £12.36 £12.36 £12.36 £12.36 £12.36 £8.10 £12.36 £12.36 £12.36

£12.36 £12.36 £12.36 £12.36 £4.89 £4.89 £12.36


ICE FLAKE MAKER This compact machine ensures you will always have a supply of ice flakes available for use when needed. It will produce up to 70kg of flakes in 24 hours! Has easy access to the 25kg storage container.

Code Description EQ0015 Ice flake maker






sales 01638 664619

WORMERS - these products are subject to Veterinary medicine regulations


EQUEST PRAMOX is a unique combination equine wormer. Containing moxidectin and praziquantel, it is the only combination wormer to control with a single dose: small redworm, including all stages of the harmful and potentially life-threatening encysted small redworm larval stages, as well as other roundworm species, bots, and all 3 species of tapeworm. A palatable gel, EQUEST PRAMOX is presented in an easy to use dial-a-dose syringe, and has a 13-week dosing interval. Code A01002 A01002

Description Pramox Oral Gel Wormer Pramox Oral Gel Wormer (Pack of 10)

Ex VAT +VAT £13.35 £15.35 £133.50 £153.53


Containing active ingredient praziquantel, Equitape is specific to controlling equine tapeworms. Single does treatment. Offers flexible tapeworm control, flexibility to treat horses just for tapeworm or can be used in conjunction with and at the same time as other horse wormers as part of a complete control programme. Treatment for tapeworm is recommended in the spring and autumn. Easy to administer, palatable paste presented in a single-dose compact dial-adose syringe. One syringe will treat a 600kg horse. Code A01026 A01026

Description Equitape Wormer Equitape Wormer (Pack of 10)

Ex VAT £6.82 £68.20

+VAT £7.85 £78.43


Each gram of Equimax contains: Ivermectin ph. Eur. 18.7mg; Praziquantel Ph. Eur. 140.3mg one syringe is sufficient to treat a 700kg horse. For the treatment of infestations due to adult and immature roundworms, lungworms, bots and tapeworms in horses. Code A01025 A01025 A01029

Description Equimax Wormer Equimax Wormer (Box of 12) Equimax Wormer Tablets (Pack of 8)

Ex VAT £11.65 £139.82 £15.20

+VAT £13.40 £160.79 £17.48


Oral paste for horses containing 18.92mg/g moxidectin for the treatment and control of large and small redworms, pinworms, stomach worms, intestinal threadworms and bots.

Code A01024 A01024

Description Equest Oral Gel Wormer Equest Oral Gel Wormer (Pack of 10)

Ex VAT £8.35 £83.50

+VAT £9.61 £96.03


Strongid Caramel is highly effective against all the important gut dwelling roundworms found in the horse, and also tapeworms when twice the normal dose level is used. Uses: the broad spectrum activity includes: large Roundworms Parascaris equorum, large. Redworms: (large Strongylus) Strongylus vulgaris, strongylus equinus and Triodontophorus ssp. Small Redworms: (small strongyles including bazimazole resistant strain) cyathostomum spp. Seatworms/ pinworms: Oxyuris perfoliata. Code A01009 A01009

Description Strongid Paste Strongid Paste (Pack of 10)

Ex VAT £5.65 £56.50

+VAT £6.50 £64.98


Oral paste for horses containing 1.87% ivermectin for the treatment and control of adult and immature roundworms, lungworms and bots. Normectin is safe to use in all ages of animals including young foals, pregnant mares and stallions at stud and is has an administration interval of 8 weeks. Code A01027 A01027

Description Noromectin Wormer Paste Noromectin Wormer Paste (Pack of 10)

Ex VAT £5.50 £55.00

+VAT £6.33 £63.25


For the treatment and control of migrating larval and tissue stages of large redworm; encysted mucosal 3rd and 4th stage small redworm larvae and encysted inhibited 3rd stage small redworm larvae in the mucosa of horses and other equines. Panacur Equine Guard is also effective in controlling other immature and mature roundworms including large redworm (strongylus edentatus and strongylus vulgaris) and migrating large redworm larvae, Ascarids, Oxyuris and Strongloides species and benzimidazole susceptible small strongyles (eyathostomes). Panacur also kills roundworm eggs. Administer: daily for 5 consecutive days.

Code A01001

Description Panacur Guard 225ml

Ex VAT £14.95

+VAT £17.19


Panacur Equine Paste is a ready-to-administer oral wormer for horses and other equines. Each 24g syringe contains 4.5g fenbendazole Ph.Eur. And 0.2% Apple and Cinnamon flavour. USES: For the treatment of horses and other equines infected with immature and adult stages of roundworms found in the gut, including large redworm (strongylus vulgaris, strongylus edentatus) and migrating large redworm, benzimadazole-susceptible small redworm and eneysted mucosal larvae. Ascarids, Oxyuris and Strongyloides species. Panacur also kills roundworm eggs. Code A01004 A01004 A01006 A01006

Description Panacur Paste Worner Panacur Paste Worner (Pack of 10) Panacur Granules Panacur Granules (Pack of 10)

Ex VAT £8.45 £84.50 £4.25 £42.50

+VAT £9.72 £97.18 £4.89 £48.88

sales 01638 664619




Subject to medicine regulation.

Code A14022

Description Deosect Monthly Fly Control 250ml

Ex VAT £29.85

+VAT £34.33

Code A14021

Alleviates the problems of sweet itch using unique natural ingredients, acts as an effective midge repellent for sweet itch susceptible horses. 1 Litre.

Description Ditch the Itch 1 Litre

Ex VAT £9.85

+VAT £11.33

Code A14050

Ex VAT £7.70 £10.40 £46.25 £6.80 £9.65

+VAT £8.86 £11.96 £53.19 £7.82 £11.10

Ex VAT +VAT £12.75 £14.66

Code A14055

Description D-Itch 500g

Description Hydrophane Louse Powder 500ml

Ex VAT £6.50

+VAT £7.48

Ex VAT +VAT £17.95 £17.95


To repel and kill biting and other flies (and assist in the control of sweet itch) sponge or wipe on. Lasts for days, leaves coat smooth, glossy and smells pleasant. Use up to 100ml for 300kg bodyweight.

Code A14016

Description Coopers Fly Repellant

Description Advanced Fly Repellant Spray 500ml 2L Advanced Fly Repellant

Ex VAT £10.85 £28.70

+VAT £12.48 £33.01

Ex VAT +VAT £22.00 £25.30

Naf-Off is a natural fly spray for horses. With a composition of seven herbal extracts and four essential oils (for well-being and protection of the skin) its use effectively eliminates the annoying presence of flies and other insects for prolonged periods of time.

A powerful long lasting insect repellent containing citronella.

Code A14006 A14008



An effective repellent against flying insects. Contains concentrated herbal oils, volatile essential oils & pure avocado oil.

Description Super Fly Rplnt 500ml Trigger Super + Fly Rplnt 1L Trigger Super Fly Rplnt 5L Super Fly Rplnt Refill 500ml Super + Fly Rplnt Refill 1L

A unique triple action formulation that has rapid and long lasting repellent activity against lice and other external parasites applied directly over the affected area from the shaker pack. One application is normally sufficient but can be repeated after 4 - 5 days. Don’t forget to apply to blankets, rugs and bedding for complete control.


Code A14046 A14011 A14045 A14047 A14012

Description Itchnomore 300ml

NAF D-Itch is rich in antioxidants, such as hawthorn and ginger, for use where oxidative damage from free radicals is seen. NAF D-Itch is recommended as a preventative if the animal has a history of skin irritations and when symptoms are seen.



Code A14002


For horses and ponies prone to itching. Itchnomore can be applied directly to one area or diluted to create a soothing all over wash.Itchnomore soothes irritation, reduces scurfy skin and encourages healthy hair condition – apply every other day for maximum benefit.

A residual insecticide for the control of flies and lice on horses containing 5% w/v cypermethrin (cis 50: trans 50).

Code A14030

Description Naf-Off Extra Fly Repellant 750ml

Ex VAT £9.17

+VAT £10.55


Natural fly repellant, effective reppellant against flying insects.

Code A14020

Description Natural Horse Stray

Ex VAT £9.35

+VAT £10.75


DEET, Tea Tree oil, Calamine lotion, Peppermint oil blended into a user friendly, lightly textured cream, all active agents when absorbed into the mane, tail and skin will work instantaneously, ensuring maximum protection. It is simple to apply, will not matt in the horse’s hair and is weather resistant! Code A14003 A14009

Description Itch Stop Salve 600ml Itch Stop Pre Wash 250ml

Ex VAT £20.10 £6.20

+VAT £23.12 £7.13


Long lasting protection against flies, horse flies and insect menace. Ethyl N, N-Diethyl-M-Toluamide 19.6%w/w

Code Description A14036 Naf Deet Formula Fly Rplnt 500ml A14037 Naf Deet Formula Fly Rplnt 1Lt Refill

Ex VAT £9.04 £15.21

+VAT £10.40 £17.49


Naf-Off is a natural fly spray for horses. With a composition of seven herbal extracts and four essential oils (for well-being and protection of the skin) its use effectively eliminates the annoying presence of flies and other insects for prolonged periods of time, gel formulation. Code Description A14001 Naf Off Extra Fly Gel 750g A14007 Naf Off Extra Refill 2L

Ex VAT +VAT £9.13 £10.50 £18.69 £21.49




sales 01638 664619


vitamins CONVITAL R

A highly concentrated, palatable supplement, which contains 7 essential vitamins and 11 vital minerals and trace elements in a balanced ratio specifically formulated for horses in training. It is recognised worldwide as an essential element in the dietary

Cod Liver Oil


Feeding quality linseed oil has good effect on the skin, beneficial in diseases of the urinary tract, acts as a laxative, thus also assisting the digestive system. NOTE: Linseed oil in lesser quality grades is also available - please ask.

A stablilised blend of pure cod liver oil.

Code A03040 A03043

Description BHB Cod Liver Oil 4.5L Lincoln Cod Liver Oil 20L

Ex VAT £17.70 £51.30

+VAT £17.70 £51.30

Code A03001 A03002

Description Linseed Oil (Nk Brand) 5L Linseed Oil (Nk Brand) 25L

Code A02009 A02011

Description Convital R. 4.5L Convital Pump

Ex VAT +VAT £26.75 £26.75 £1.95 £2.24


Scientifically formulated to prepare and maintain horses to meet the exacting demands and stresses connected with racing and training. Added to the feed every day it will stimulate appetite, maintain fitness and improve stamina throughout the season. It is a palatable multivitamin with essential amino acids, protein and trace elements.

Ex VAT +VAT £26.90 £26.90 £109.40 £109.40

Code A02017 A04027

Description Plusvital Racing Syrup 5L Pump For Plusvital

Ex VAT £44.90 £5.35

+VAT £44.90 £6.15


Garlic, Parsley and Linseed Oil horse feed supplement is an easily absorbed oil suitable for all round well-being and vitality. Soya and Linseed oil maintain healthy skin and coat condition. Parsley oil is rich in natural Vitamin C, Copper and Iron and is well know for its properties in maintaining digestive function. Code A03061

Description Ex VAT Grlc Parsley & Linseed Oil Sup/ment 1L £6.95

+VAT £6.95

Based on a proven balance of vitamins and Bioplex minerals, Excel Jump-off is fortified with Ration Plus and vitamin B12. These elements in particular ensure optimum horse health and performance as well as that much needed boost at the right time.


Pure Soya Oil contains high levels of the essential fatty acidds such as linoleic acid and will also supply a source of energy and enhances skin and coat condition.

Code A03016 A03018 A03068

Description Soya Oil 20L Soya Oil 5L Soya Bean Oil 200L

Ex VAT +VAT £36.10 £36.10 £9.35 £9.35 £202.50 £202.50

Code A02028

Description Excel Jump-off 5L

Ex VAT £43.00

+VAT £43.00



(Pure cod liver oil). Finest cod liver oil refined to pharmaceutical standards for improved palatability and guaranteed levels of vitamins A and D. High in energy and polyunsaturated oil to promote that glossy coat which is essential for the show ring. Code A03010 A03011 A03012

Description Super Solvitax 1L Super Solvitax 4L Solvitax Mix (Green) 25L

Ex VAT £5.80 £12.99 £60.00

+VAT £5.80 £12.99 £60.00

Excel Gold is formulated specifically for racehorses in training and is at the very forefront of equine nutritional expertise. Attention has been given to the combinations of vitamins and trace elements to ensure the correct balance of these vital nutrients (5L shown).


For use internally as a laxative.

Code A03003 A03004

Description Liquid Paraffin 5L Liquid Paraffin 25L

Ex VAT £24.50 £90.50

+VAT £28.18 £104.08

Code A02110 A02113 A02052

Description Excel Gold 5L Excel Stud 5L Pump For Excel Extra

Ex VAT £40.00 £34.00 £2.35

+VAT £40.00 £34.00 £2.70

sales 01638 664619



A complete nutritional supplement containing essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to build and maintain fitness and condition. Code A02005 A02006

Description Equivite Original 3KG Equivite Original 15KG

Ex VAT +VAT £17.00 £17.00 £61.95 £61.95


Ascorbic acid. Vitamin C powder for use as a feed supplement to promote health.

Code A02030

Description Vitamin C

Ex VAT £30.00

+VAT £30.00


Selenavite E contains high concentrations of 22 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids on trace elements that keep your horse in good condition. Code A02033 A02034 A02036

Description Selenavite E 1.5KG Selenavite E 4KG Selenavite E Liquid 5L

Code A02131

Ex VAT £14.00 £3.50

+VAT £14.00 £4.03

Ex VAT £33.00

+VAT £33.00

Description Ascorbic Acid BP 25KG

Code A03053

Description Daily Vits + Mins

Description Shy Feeder 5L

Ex VAT £9.75

+VAT £9.75

Code A03046 A03047

Description Surelimb 5KG Surelimb 20KG

Ex VAT £23.25 £61.50

+VAT £471.50

Ex VAT £33.50

Collovet is a performance stimulating tonic for all types of animals where physical fitness and performance are important. An established feed supplement used throughout the UK as an energy booster when animals are in a state of depression, stress or over-exertion. Added Vitamin B Complex (B1, B2, B6, B12) to regulate metabolic reaction. Contains Caffeine.

+VAT £33.50

Code A03048 A03049

Description Collovet 1L Collovet 2L

Ex VAT £25.00 £43.55

Ex VAT £12.00 £34.03

+VAT £12.00 £34.03

+VAT £28.75 £50.08


ProPell Plus is a daily tonic designed to increase energy levels, acting as a ‘pick me up’ for horses. Its iron rich formulation will provide energy with beneficial vitamins and minerals, leaving the horse fresh and full of vitality.

A highly palatable liquid iron supplement for horses. Contains key vitamins and minerals. Fully homogenised.

Description Nutonic Iron Supplement 1L Nutonic Iron Supplement 4L

+VAT £23.25 £61.50



Code A02020 A02014

Ex VAT £410.00

Surelimb has been developed to meet the nutritional imbalances that may occur to growing young stock, broodmares and stallions. The addition of Surelimb to restricted concentrate feeding will ensure that essential minerals and vitamins are provided.

Prepared especially for maintaining appetite during hard work, competition and travel. Also helps maintain horses in a calm condition. B-group vitamins play a key role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Deficiency of vitamins B1, B6 and B12 can lead to poor feed utilisation and nervousness.

A palatable liquid supplement containing vitamin B6, B12, 1N, and sorbitol, useful in both young and adult animals, it is sweet tasing and palatable.

Description Vi Sorbin 1L

Code A02024



Code A02029

Vitamin C powder in bulk.


Daily vits and mins is an everyday vitamin and mineral boost for horses and ponies.

Excellent digestive aid for horses in training stallions, mares and foals. Kentucky Karron Oil is a uniquely blended emulsion of flaxseed oil. It is a rich source of Omega fatty acids which are essential for good health. Kentucky Karron Oil will contribute to the stamina required for horses in training. Regular use will maintain a healthy digestive system and excellent coat sheen on your horse.

Description Kentucky Karron Oil 5L Dispenser Pump For Karron Oil

+VAT £18.75 £46.70 £31.25



Code A03026 A03051

Ex VAT £18.75 £46.70 £31.25


Code A02198 A02197

Description ProPell Plus 946ml ProPell Plus 3.8L

Ex VAT £9.99 £24.99

+VAT £9.99 £24.99




sales 01638 664619


Description Cuppra 1L

Ex VAT £12.95

+VAT £12.95

Code A02300

Description Foran Coppervit 1L

Ex VAT £20.99

+VAT £20.99

Code A13018 A13019

Description Limestone 4kg Limestone 25kg

Ex VAT £15.00 £9.00

+VAT £17.25 £9.00

Code A13042 A13044

Ex VAT £11.75

Description Ex VAT Respiratory Stablelyx Refill 5kg £11.75 Respiratory HorseLyx in a Tub 15kg £22.50

+VAT £11.75

This product is palatable for both horses and foals and can be made freely available. Contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, copper, zinc, iodene, selenium, manganese, cobalt, vitamins A1, D3 and E. No mess - simply use in the paddock in the tub provided.

+VAT £3.68 £7.82

Code A13034 A13036

Description UniBlock 6.25kg UniBlock 12.5kg

+VAT £11.75 £22.50

Description Garlic Stable Lyx 5kg

Ex VAT £11.75

+VAT £11.75

Ex VAT £8.25 £15.50

+VAT £8.25 £15.50

PASTURE BLOCK Pasture Block is a vitamin, mineral and trace element block for horses and ponies at grass or on a reduced concentrate feed. 1 block will last average horse 3-4 months.

Code A13030

Description Pasture Block 10kg (D&H)

Ex VAT £14.60

+VAT £14.60


Garlic Horslyx offers a unique, natural and effective way to combat the problem of biting insects, whilst also balancing nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing. Feed Garlic Horslyx all year round for it’s general health benefits.

Code A13046

+VAT £5.18 £22.31



Mobility Horslyx contains optimum amounts of Glucosamine HCI, MSM and Omega oils together with the Horslyx high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package which incorporates the powerful anti oxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin E and selenium Description HorseLyx Mobility Stable Lyx 5kg

Ex VAT £3.20 £6.80

Ex VAT £4.50 £19.40

Horselyx with added menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed help keep airways clear of mucus, which help the horse breathe more easily, reduce respiratory irritation and dramatically reduce stress.


Code A13043

Description Epsom Salts 3kg Epsom Salts 25kg


A kit designed to be mounted in the stable to hold 5kg Horselyx products.

Description Stablelyx Starter Kit (No Lyx) Stablelyx Refill 5kg

Code A13001 A13002

A convenient source of the important mineral calcium which is primarily associated with the development and maintenance of bone, hoof and hair tissue. Often traditional diets have lacked adequate levels of calcium.


Code A13040 A13041

+VAT £30.00


Copperplus is a mineral supplement especially formulated to provide supplemental Copper, Zinc and Cobalt that may be lacking or in insufficient quantities in the horse’s diet.

Description CopperPlus 908gms

Ex VAT £30.00


Code A02115

Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) is one of the most frequently used purgatives normally given in quite small doses to induce an aperient rather than a purgative result.

An important source of organic dietary copper, balanced with manganese and vitamins, which is ideal when feed values are too low due to insufficient quantity or availability.

The ultimate copper top-up. High copper availability for coat and conditioning.

Code A03108




This is a common salt (sodium chloride) pure and vacuum dried, a major mineral necessary for blood formation, digestion etc. Useful appetiser when added to feed.

Code A13005 A13006

Description P.D.V Salt 4kg P.D.V Salt 25kg

Ex VAT £2.95 £6.95

+VAT £2.95 £6.95

HORSeLYX A natural supplement for general health. Contains the Horslyx high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package to balance forage and grazing. Blue tub.

Prices and sizes in this catalogue may be subject to alteration without prior notice. Please phone or check online for current prices.

order online today Code A13033 A13041

Description HorseLyx 15kg Stablelyx Refill 5kg

Ex VAT £20.00 £9.00

+VAT £20.00 £9.00

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ELECTROLYTES Iodised SALT LICK Mineralised ‘red’ salt licks which, in addition to 95.82% natural salt, contain traces of calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, cobalt, iodine, and vitamin D3. Moulded into small solid bricks to fit a standard salt lick holder which can be fastened to stable wall or paddock fence. Code A13012

Description Iodised Salt Licks

Ex VAT £1.50

+VAT £1.50


A water soluble mixture of electrolytes, vitamins and glucose energy in carefully balanced proportions to replace salts lost by sweating. Can be added to water, mixed with feed or given orally. Use one sachet per day for horses ins trenuous training, competition or in transit, one sachet every other day for horse in light training.

Code A07028

Code A07017

Description Ex VAT Science Supplement Electrolyte Paste £8.25


Description Iodised Salt Licks

Ex VAT £1.50

+VAT £1.50

Code A07021 A07020

Description ISOPRO 2000 1.5kg ISOPRO 2000 10kg

Ex VAT £3.05 £5.95

+VAT £3.05 £5.95

Code A07047

Description Applelytes 1.8kg

Ex VAT £1.50 £6.00

+VAT £1.50 £6.00

Ex VAT £15.99

Ex VAT £8.65

Description Surelyte 2kg

Ex VAT £14.25

Ex VAT £12.40

+VAT £8.65

Code A13014 A13015

Description Tasteless Salt 1.5kg Tasteless Salt 15kg

+VAT £14.25

XTROLYTE BLUE Xtrolyte Blue is for horses fed compound feed and has been designed so that it can be fed with any of Equiform’s Excel Discipline products. Xtrolyte Blue is a liquid electrolyte that is mixed in the feed daily.

+VAT £15.99

Code A07049

Description Xtrolyte Blue 5ltrs

Ex VAT £30.00

+VAT £30.00

TYE-GUARD Formulated for horses on highly nutritious diets performing strenuous exercise. Tye-Gard solution contains highly absorbable human grade Vitamin E and Selenium to promote healthy muscle function and lactic acid levels.

+VAT £12.40

Code A03091

Description Tye-Guard 946ml

Ex VAT +VAT £16.99 £16.99 £175.00 £175.00

Ex VAT £26.99

+VAT £26.99


Tasteless Salt is a complementary feed for horses in work that provides a uniquely palatable source of salt to help replenish that lost during sweating.

This is unadulterated natural salt (sodium chloride) supplied broken into lumps of varying sizes just as it has been extracted from the salt mine. Place in the stable or out on the pasture, loose or in a suitable container, for the horse to lick at when it so chooses. Description Rock Salt 25kg

Code A07013



Code A13007

+VAT £14.75 £50.35

The TRM Superlyte syringe has been formulated to replace these electrolytes in the proportions in which they are lost, ensuring optimum recovery.Fed orally and most useful immediately after intense training, competition or whilst travelling.

Description Superlyte Syringes Per 3

+VAT £1.31

Surelyte is a comprehensive blend of electrolyte salts which promotes rehydration. This palatable supplement encourages the horse to drink and provides essential electrolytes which are loss through sweating.


Code A07023

Ex VAT £1.31


An apple and cherry flavour electrolyte supplement to help restore electrolyte salts that may be lost by dehydration during strenuous activities. For use in feed or drinking water.

A mineral block with added Biotin used to maintain healthy hooves.

Description Biotin Block 2kg block Biotin Block 10kg block



Code A13009 A13004

Ex VAT £14.75 £50.35

Most herbivores need access to salt, especially when they can’t forage for it. Therefore presenting an unadulterated natural salt lick is the best way to fulfill this need, confident that they have the optimum in salt supplements available. Description Himilayan Salt Lick 1kg Himilayan Salt Lick 3kg

Description Isolyte Gold Sachets

ISOPRO 2000 is a Concentrated, Scientifically Formulated and Cost Effective Electrolyte Supplement. Isotonic formulation of essential electrolytes. Cost effective electrolyte, ideal for large training yards. Naturally flavoured with aniseed, which is highly palatable to the horse.


Code A13016 A13017

+VAT £8.25


100% pure white common salt (sodium chloride) in small solid bricks to fit a standard salt lick holder which can be fastened to stable wall or paddock fence. Salt is essential to the normal bodily functions and well being of the horse. Salt licks should normally be available to the horse at all times. Code A13010


Electrolyte Paste is a complementary feed for horses in work that provides a concentrated source of electrolytes to help replenish those lost during sweating.

Puts back what sweat takes out; no fillers, glucose, bicarbinate, alctate, just pure body salts.

Code A07067 A07066

Description Heavy Sweat 1kg Heavy Sweat 3kg

Ex VAT £9.99 £24.99

+VAT £9.99 £24.99




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ProKalm is an innovation in managing anxiety and stress in horses. It contains four novel ingredients and acts rapidly - within 15-30 minutes with effects that can last up to 8 hours.

A safe herbal supplement for excitable horses. Has settling effect on stable restlessness. Beneficial for weavers, crib biters etc. calms without sedation. Contains an extract from the root of the herb valerian, known and used since ancient times, powdered hops, and B group vitamins, essential for maintaining the health of the nervous system.

Code A07001

Description Science Supplements Prokalm 1kg

Ex VAT £54.00

+VAT £54.00

EQUINE OXYSHOT Equine Oxyshot increases blood oxygen levels to optimize performance, stamina, concentration, calmness, recovery and relaxed energy of your horse. A calm horse has a more willing and able attitude, Equine OxyShot uses natural ingredients to reduce the anxiety and tension in uptight horses and ponies. Oxygen has the unique ability to assist concentration and focus making riding and handling horses safer and more enjoyable. Code A07032 A07033 A07034 A07035

Description Equine Oxyshot 250ml Equine Oxyshot 500ml Equine Oxyshot 1ltrs Equine Oxyshot 5ltrs

Ex VAT £27.99 £47.99 £87.99 £399.99

+VAT £27.99 £47.99 £87.99 £399.99

Makes your horse easier to train, settles the stomach and digestive tract. Relieves nerves, excitablity and stress. Ireland’s leading calmer.

Description Relax Me 750g Relax Me 2kg

Description Equikalm 750gm Equikalm 2kg

Ex VAT £11.05 £25.00

+VAT £11.05 £25.00

STAY CALM A fine white powder containing Aspen, Mimulus and Rock Rose, the Bach homeopathic flower remedies. Designed for horses of all ages, breeds and disciplines, and can be used in conjunction with other Equiform supplements with confidence to reduce stress at times of excitement and anticipation. Stay-Calm is a natural dietetic supplement and will no compromise performance. Allow 3 days for Stay-Calm to take effect.

Code A02026

Description Stay Calm 1.5kg

Ex VAT £31.00

+VAT £31.00



Code A02137 A02138

Code A02100 A02101

Ex VAT £19.99 £49.99

+VAT £19.99 £49.99

Equine Oxyshot increases blood oxygen levels to optimize performance, stamina, concentration, calmness, recovery and relaxed energy of your horse. A calm horse has a more willing and able attitude, Equine Oxyshot uses natural ingredients to reduce the anxiety and tension in uptight horses and ponies. Oxygen has the unique ability to assist concentration and focus making riding and handling horses safer and more enjoyable. Code A07036

Description Oxyshot Syringe

Ex VAT £12.99

+VAT £12.99

5 STAR MAGIC CALMER Magic is a magnesium calmer with a difference. It’s a five star formula that is magnesium based, but there’s more. Magic also contains a unique combination of calming herbs and nutrients known to help relax muscle tissue and support concentration. Sound scientific nutritional and veterinary knowledge, combined with the highest grade ingredients. Code A02046 A02023

Description 5 Star Magic Calmer 1kg 5 Star Magic Calmer 3kg

Ex VAT £24.95 £65.95

+VAT £24.95 £65.95

SO KALM PLUS So-kalm paste and So-kalm powders contain the old “reliables” vitamin B-1 and trypophan plus the enhancement of Valerian, Kava Kava, passion flower and melatonin. These natural ingredients have been used successfully for centuries to calm and relax humans. A single dose or serving of So-kalm given orally 1 1/2 to 2 hours before exercise or the event will help horses relax, amking them more controllable and focused without dulling their alertness. Code A02077 A02151

Description Ex VAT So-kalm Plus Powder 908gm £35.99 (Triple Dose) So-kalm Paste Syringe £12.99

+VAT £35.99 £12.99

EQUIFORM TRANQUIL Equiform Tranquil is a bright yellow paste containing the natural flower remedies, extracts Aspen, Mimulus and Rock Rose. Tranquil also contains Vitamin B1, B2 and E, Vitamin PP (Nicotinamide), Magnesium and Tryptophan. Based on natural products allowing the horse to feel calm and relaxed.

Code A02070

Description Equiform Tranquil 30gm

Ex VAT £8.50

+VAT £8.50

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For the nutritional support of the hormonal system in mares. Recommended for mares who experience difficulties with their seasons, rendering them ‘moody’. Code A02060 A02059

Description Oestress 5 Star 500gm Oestress 5 Star 1kg

Ex VAT £22.50 £35.95

+VAT £22.50 £35.95

STROPPY MARE Fed to help in the nutritional maintenance of the endocrine (hormone) system.

Code A02096

Description Stroppy Mare 1kg

Ex VAT £11.80

+VAT £11.80


Brood Mare

Dodson & Horrell’s Brood Mare is a Herbal Blend especially prepared to nutritionally maintain a healthy reproductive system.

This specially prepared blend of herbs is for the nutritional maintenance of the musculo-skeletal system. Nettle, Celery Seed, Burdock Root, Dandelion, Devils Claw Root, Comrfrey Leaf.

Code A02086

Code A02084

Description Brood Mare 1kg

Ex VAT £10.80

+VAT £10.80

Milk Thistle Primarily used to promote milk production, it is now used to nutritionally maintain liver function.

Code A02085

Description Milk Thistle 1kg

Ex VAT £9.80

+VAT £9.80

Description Mobility Mix 1kg

Ex VAT £11.85

+VAT £11.85

Placid Mix This specially prepared blend of herbs is for the nutritional maintenance of the nervous system. Valerian, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Vervain. Code A02083

Description Placid Mix 1kg

Ex VAT £13.35

+VAT £13.35

Seaweed Pure seaweed dried and processed shortly after leaving the sea, ensuring that vitamin and mineral levels are well maintained. Seaweed contains high levels of iodine and should only be added to feed at the recommended rate. Code A02082

Description Seaweed 2kg

Ex VAT £7.15

+VAT £7.15

Echinacea Root

Comfrey Leaf Comfrey, traditionally known as knitbone, has been used by herbalists for centuries as an aid to broken bones and damaged joints in humans.

Echinacea has proven to be highly effective in boosting the immune system and is helpful for show and racehorses that are constantly exposed to other horses at events.

Code A02092

Code A02093

Description Comfrey Leaf 500gm

Ex VAT £8.38

+VAT £8.38

Description Echinacea Root 1kg

Ex VAT £15.00

+VAT £15.00



The correct management of horses that suffer from Sweet Itch is vital. Itch-free has been formulated with this in mind and includes Chamomile for its soothing properties and Nettle to support skin and coat condition.

A very useful herb that not only improves the palatability of feedstuff without added sweetness, but also helps to prevent spasmodic flatulence in those horses prone to it.

Beneficial mix of herbs to help nutritionally maintain a healthy respiratory system. Contains additional anti-oxidants in the form of our unique QLC anti-oxidant package. Proven to benefit horses suffering from respiratory problems.

Code A02094

Code A02080

Code A02090

Itch Free

Description Itch-free 1kg

Ex VAT £11.55

+VAT £11.55

Garlic Granules This high quality food grade garlic has been used for many years in the equine world and is well known for its nutritional benefits. Code A02087 A02088

Description Garlic Granules 1kg Garlic Granules 2.5kg

Ex VAT £6.40 £15.25

+VAT £6.40 £15.25

Description Mint 500gm

Ex VAT £5.25

+VAT £5.25

This high quality food grade garlic has been used for many years in the equine world and is well known for its nutritional benefits. Description Baileys Garlic Powder 1kg Baileys Garlic Powder 5kg

Ex VAT £13.80

+VAT £13.80


Bailey’s Garlic PowdeR

Code A02097 A02089

Description Breathe Free 1kg

Ex VAT £7.40 £22.30

+VAT £7.40 £22.30

100% pure Devils Claw Root. Originating from Africa. Devils Claw Root was widely used by some South African tribes for digestive problems and arthritis. Very useful for musculoskeletal system and inflammatory response. Code A02081

Description Devils Claw Root 1kg

Ex VAT £15.60

+VAT £15.60



HERBAL PAIN RElief / joint care

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HERBAL pain relief

joint care Cortaflex Ha New generation breakthrough natural supplement, to promote good joint health, making Cortaflex HA the most important joint health supplement in years! Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a major component of joint lubricating fluid. Cortaflex HA combines all of the amazing benefits of Cortaflex HA with Hyaluronic Acid.

1ltr Bottle Code A03000 A03019

Description Cortaflex HA Powder 450gm Cortaflex HA Paste (3x10ml)

Ex VAT £51.99 £15.99

+VAT £51.99 £15.99

Double Strength R. & A. Solvitax Contains a concentrated blend of highly selected and refined fish oils. To help maintain pain-free, supple and mobile joints in horses and ponies.

Code Description A03039 Double Strength R. & A. Solvitax 2.5L

+VAT £21.60

No Bute Premium

No bute

Use No Bute as an alternative to Bute, none debilitating side effects is a liquid herb based on water which is prepared from the root of the plant Devils Claw.

A liquid combination of MSM, No Bute, Glucosamine and Vitamin C which work together.

Code A02145 A02147

Code A03085 A03086

Description No Bute 1L No Bute 2.5L

Ex VAT £21.60

Ex VAT £15.50 £35.84

+VAT £15.50 £35.84

Description No Bute Premium 1L No Bute Premium 2.5L

Super Codlivine Supple Joint Suplmt

Ideal for all mature horse’s and ponies whether resting, in light work or competition. Its unique blend of natural ingredients is specially formulated to meet the exta nutritional needs of older horses & ponies. Incorporating the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids from cod liver oil & evening promrose oil to help maintain mobility & ease stiffness.

Ex VAT +VAT £31.15 £31.15 £66.20 £66.20

Code A02109

Description Ex VAT Super Codlivine Sple Jnt Splmt 2.5kg £20.60

+VAT £20.60

Super Codlivine A naturally balanced cod liver oil supplement. The nation’s favourite, 3 times voted the best supplement by ‘Your Horse’ readers.

Code A02022

Description Super Codlivine 2.5kgs

Ex VAT £20.60

+VAT £20.60




‘Natural’ alternative to Devils Claw and other herbal extracts that works 10 x faster due to it’s bio-availability. Maximises mobility and flexibility to ease long-term muscular and joint stiffness in horses and ponies. Does not contravene Jockey Club or FEI rules. Can be used indefinitely without causing side effects. This is not phenylbutazone Code Description A02148 Substi-Bute Impact Syringe A02149 Substi-Bute Maintenance 300gm

A complimentary feeding stuff for horses maintains free movement of the skeletal system including all joints. M.S.M bio available sulphur has a nutrient also sustains the natural regeneration of tissue. A useful complimentary feed for all animals with mobuility problems.

Ex VAT +VAT £11.55 £11.55 £37.20 £37.20

Buteless® High Strength is a natural and palatable formulation containing botanical extracts, providing a powerful natural alternativ that can be used in the short or long term with out concerns of side effects.  Buteless® High Strength can be used alone or in combination with Cortaflex for long-term concerns or for additional support for the older horse. Code A02041

Description Buteless 946ml

Ex VAT +VAT £19.99 £19.99

Code A02065 A02066

Description M.S.M. 300gm M.S.M. 1kg

Ex VAT £16.95 £45.00

+VAT £16.95 £45.00

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joint care


Flexability Flexability is a complementary feed supplement for horses in work and for those recuperating from injury. It provides specialist nutrients to help support and maintain normal joint function. The levels of active ingredients including glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, MSM, vitamin C and Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) are unrivalled by other ‘off the shelf’ products. Flexability has been scientifically formulated and evaluated by nutritionists, vets and top level competitors. Code Description A02064 Flexability 1.8kg A02073 Flexability 5kg

Ex VAT £67.50 £275.00

+VAT £67.50 £275.00

Contains the smaller isolates of Chondroitin and Glucosamine - Glutamine, Glucuronic acid, Glutamic acid, Proline and Glycine, which are easily absorbed in the small intestine. The supplement must not be compared or confused with other joint supplements that rely on larger Chondroitin and Glucosamine molecules. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a major component of joint lubricating fluid, which is essential for absorbing concussion and providing cartilage with lubrication and nutrients.   Code A03054

Description Glucosamine 10,000 + MSM 900g

Superflex Liquid 5 Star

(Rheumatism & Arthritis formula). A blend of natural oils specially formulated for horses and poinies to help strengthen bones: helps ease joint pain and stiffness in affected animals.

A complementary feeding stuff for horses with glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin sulphate and natural anti-oxidants to maintain free movement. In liquid form for fast acting results.

Ex VAT £13.00 £31.00

+VAT £13.00 £31.00

Code A02031 A02167

Description Superflex Liquid 5 Star 500ml Superflex Liquid 5 Star 1L

Lincoln Cod Liver Oil

Description Lincoln Cod Liver Oil 20L

Ex VAT £51.30

+VAT £51.30

Code A03040

Description BHB Cod Liver Oil 4.5L

Ex VAT £39.99

+VAT £39.99

+VAT £16.95 £29.95

Ex VAT £17.70

+VAT £17.70

Description Cortaflex Powder 454mg Cortaflex Powder 908mg

Made from organically grown apples, without toxic or chemical spray. Contains no preservatives or colouring.

Code A03027

Description Cider Vinegar 5L

Ex VAT £12.90

Ex VAT £36.99 £59.99

+VAT £36.99 £59.99

Easy Joint Liquid This product offers a broad range of ingredients, all of which are involved in the maintenance and repair of the joint structure. By including the vitamins and minerals as well as the glucosamine and MSM we are aiming to act on a broader role within the joint.

Code A03042

Description Easy Joint Liquid 5L

Ex VAT £67.00

+VAT £67.00

Stride Stride contains a combination of glucosamine HC1, chondroitin sulphate and bio available sulphur. All three of these nutrients are required for many bodily functions. Stride, the new general of mobility supplements supplies important nutrients which may help horses endure the rigours of training and competition. Code A03090

Description Stride 1x30

Ex VAT £72.40

+VAT £72.40

Cortaflex Ha

Cider Vinegar

If the correct vitamins & minerals are not available, bones will become weak or brittle, increasing the risk of injury or fracture.  As heavy grazing, farming & fertilisation can often leave land lacking in vital elements, providing the correct nutrition for bone strength & development is vital for every horse, especially the brood mare, young stock & competition horse. 

Ex VAT £16.95 £29.95

Code A03078 A03080

A stablilised blend of pure cod liver oil.

Better Bones

Description Better Bones 3.5kg

Contains Chondroitin Sulphate and the iimportant amino acids in glusosomine. A revolutionary first of its kind dietary support formulation of water soluble Chondroitin Sulphate and other essential nutrients which have been developed to promote and maintain healthy cartilage in horses. Fed regularly Cortaflex can help keep horses performing at their very best. Cortaflex may also be beneficial during recuperation following joint injury.

Bhb Cod Liver Oil

Good balanced nutrition is recognized as the vital ingredient to ensure the inner health of the horse shines through. From the purest Code Liver Oil, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, to seaweed from the purest oceans, packed with natural vitamins and mineral – only the best ingredients are selected for the Lincoln range.

Code A03030

+VAT £15.99

Super Solvitax R&A Formula

Code Description A03037 Super Solvitax R&A Formula 1L A03038 Super Solvitax R&A Formula 4L

Code A03043

Ex VAT £15.99

Cortaflex Powder

+VAT £12.90

Contains Chondroitin Sulphate and the iimportant amino acids in glusosomine. A revolutionary first of its kind dietary support formulation of water soluble Chondroitin Sulphate and other essential nutrients which have been developed to promote and maintain healthy cartilage in horses. Fed regularly Cortaflex can help keep horses performing at their very best. Code Description A03077 Cortaflex HA Solution 946ml A03079 Cortaflex HA Solution 3.8L

Ex VAT £51.99 £189.99

+VAT £51.99 £189.99




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bleader Guard Syringe (Triple Dose)

Dermoline Soothing Throat Syrup

Mojo Paste

Contains soothing ingredients including menthol and eucalyptus to aid respiration. For dust and seasonal irritants.

A natural alternative for bleeders. Bleader Guard contains high levels of natural homeopathic ingredients that are specially formulated for performance and racing horses that have respiratory and lung bleeding problems.

Pre-race supplement combining Bleader Gard (a respiratory and vascular support for optimal capacity) & an effective calmer. Supports the lungs and blood vessels but will also have a calming effect, the combination of which reduces stress on these vital systems, improving the ability of the horse to perform.

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT A09002 Dermoline Soothing Throat Syrup 250ml £8.50 £9.78

Code A02015

Code A02021

Description Bleader Guard Syringe (Triple Dose)

Castor Oil

Description Castor Oil 500ml

Ex VAT £3.60

+VAT £4.14

+VAT £18.99

Description Mojo Paste 30ml (1x2 Doses)

Breatheze Syrup

For use in numerous traditional applications.

Code A03014

Ex VAT £18.99

Description Breatheze Syrup 1L

Ex VAT £24.50

+VAT £28.18

+VAT £20.99

Bleedex Liquid

Minty fresh Breatheze is specially formulated so it will pass gently via the horses respiratory system to deliver its soothing action where most needed. Containing peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and aniseed oil, a combination which offers natural relief when horses are stuffy in their wind.

Code A09011

Ex VAT £20.99

BLEEDEX is a feed supplement formulated to address the issue of exercise induced haematic loss. Nutrients supplied help strengthen capillary walls.

Code A02067

Description Bleedex Liquid 1L

Ex VAT £92.00

+VAT £92.00

Bleader Gard Powder Bleader Gard powder assists in the maintenance of respiratory and circulatory organs and supports optimal capability required for strenuous exercise, whether that be short or prolonged. Contains Arnica Montana and Cinchona Officinalis.

Code A02078

Nutritional support to the respiratory mucosal immune system and the delicate capillary blood vessels that surround the lungs. Contains a high concentration of orthoprocyanadins, a particularly potent form of antioxidant. Recommended for horses with hypersensitivities to external airborne irritants such as dust, spores, mould, pollen.

A pre-race mouth wash for competition horses. Airways should be used before strenuous exercise or competition to help clear air passages for more efficient breathing.

Code A09013

Code A09012

Description NAF Five Star Respirator 1kg

Ex VAT £35.95

+VAT £35.95

Description Airways 473ml

Ex VAT £41.99

+VAT £41.99

Flair Nasel Strips


NAF Five Star Respirator

Description Bleader Gard Powder 908gm

Ex VAT £14.99

During exercise when horses begin to breathe hard the soft tissues overlying the nasal passages are sucked in, reducing the airway diameter. This reduction in diameter causes greater resistance to airflow into the lungs. FLAIR Strips gently support the soft tissues over the nasal passages providing reduced airway resistance during exercise. FLAIR Strips help prevent fatigue related injuries, help protect the lungs from injury and bleeding.

+VAT £14.99

Prices and sizes in this catalogue may be subject to alteration without prior notice. Please phone or check online for current prices. order online today:

Code A09008 A09009

Description Single Flair Nasel Strips Pack Of 6 Flair Nasel Strips

Ex VAT £5.91 £34.00

+VAT £6.80 £39.10

sales 01638 664619



Glucose Powder

Dextrose monohydrate. A regular source of energy and feed appetiser. Used as a feed additive. Sometimes also useful as a direct feed for weak or distressed animals.

Code A03008 A03009

Description Glucose Powder 3kg *New Size* Glucose Powder 25kg

Ex VAT £6.60 £55.36

+VAT £6.60 £55.36


Honey is nature’s mystery feed and is a highly palatable source of natural sugar. Not only is honey good for horses, but it may also relieve symptoms of allergies that they are experiencing.

Code A03032

Description Honey 14kg

Ex VAT £43.50

+VAT £43.50

Garlic, Honey & Glucose

Garlic, Honey and Glucose is a liquid supplement that helps to condition the blood, supports circulation and respiration. Made from purely natural products. Honey is nature’s mystery feed and is a highly palatable source of natural sugar and glucose is the easiest absorbed carbohydrate.

Code A03005

Description Garlic, Honey & Glucose 5L

Ex VAT £27.00 £26.50

+VAT £27.00 £26.50

+VAT £37.00

Energex increases plasma glucose with only a small increase in insulin making the increased glucose available to the muscles and brain both during exercise to aid glycogen sparing, and after exercise for optimal glycogen replenishment and recovery.

Code A07006

Description Energex Syringe

Ex VAT £9.99

+VAT £9.99

Both garlic and honey are natural ingredients traditionally fed to both horses and humans to maintain health. As a mixture they provide a natural source of energy, minerals and vitamins in a palatable form. Add 2-4 tablespoonfuls over food. NOT recommended for young foals.

Code A03022

Description Staminex Plus 1L

Ex VAT £31.00

+VAT £31.00

Ex VAT £25.03

+VAT £25.03

(Newmarket Brand). Mixed in the daily ration improves feed palatability, improves the appetite and reduces any dust.

Code A03041 A03055 A03006

Description Cane Molasses 4L Cane Molasses 20L Cane Molasses 200L

Ex VAT £6.56 £30.90 £135.00

+VAT £6.56 £30.90 £135.00

Finish+ Liquid (Pre-Race)

Increases plasma glucose with only a small increase in insulin making the increased glucose available to the muscles and brain both during exercise to aid glycogen sparing, and after exercise for optimal glycogen replenishment and recovery.

Code A02007

Description Garlic Honey 4kg

Cane Molasses

Staminex Plus

Is your horse coming to the last phase, furlong or fence apparently full of running and yet just not getting home? Are you convinced it has staying power but results make you question your belief? Feeding DMG by Peak Performance may just make you believe in your convictions again. What is DMG? DMG or N.N dimethlyglycine to git it its full name, is a component of animal biochemistry. It occurs naturally in many plants and animals. DMG is a derivative of the amino acid glycire. It is found at low levels in a number of food substances including seeds and grains. Description DMG (Peak Performance) 1L DMG Liquid 1L

Ex VAT £37.00

Energex Syringe

Dmg (Peak Performance)

Code A02048 A03017

garlic honey

FINISH+ is a nutritional supplement developed specifically to provide your horse with an immediate boost of energy. FINISH+ can boost energy by counteracting metabolic stress in your animal. FINISH+ supplies glucose to the body, which turns it into high level blood sugars for energy use. FINISH+ also stimulates appetite for energy replenishment.

Code A07015

Description Finish+ Liquid (Pre-Race) 1L

Ex VAT +VAT £106.00 £106.00




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conditioners Outshine is an extruded nugget that combines oils from soya and linseed with supporting nutrients, including important anti-oxidants, plus super fibres and Digest Plus prebiotic to produce a high oil supplement which can be fed to promote weight gain or stamina or simply outstanding coat shine. Soya oil is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids whilst linseed is an excellent source of Omega 3.

Complementary feed supplement for horses in work & for improving weight & condition. Low in starch & high in oil (34%) & so provides energy in a form that is less likely to cause over-exuberance. Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids for maintaining skin health & coat. It has a corrected calcium to phosphorus ratio & benefits from added vitamin E. In the form of a palatable meal. Code A07038 A07027

Description S/Sup Linseed 10kg tub S/Sup Linseed Refill 15kg bag

Ex VAT £22.50 £32.25

+VAT £22.50 £32.25

EQUILAC FOAL MILK Mare’s milk replacer suitable for orphan foals or if the mare is not providing enough milk. Equilac contains high quality spray dried skimmed milk powder and is fully supplemented with vitamins and minerals to ensure that your foal receives all the necessary nutrients required to ensure a good start in life. If a mare’s milk replacer is the only source of milk then colostrum must be supplied. Code A08067

Description Equilac Foal Milk 10kg

Ex VAT £38.50

+VAT £38.50

Code A02032 A02049

Description Outshine 5kg Outshine 20kg

Ex VAT £14.60 £39.10

Containing mainly quality skimmed milk, with a blend of oils and fats Aintree Foal milk is ideal for orphan foals, those receiving insufficient milk from the dam and weanling. Also suitable for show foals to build ‘Judge appeal’, older horses who have trouble grinding fibrous feeds and horses in poor condition. Mix 4 ounces per pint of warm water, each pack contains a measuring scoop and 67mm black rubber teat which mimics Code A08022

Description Aintree Foalmilk 10kg

More Muscle Solution is a powerful Gamma Oryzanol supplement that helps to increase muscle capacity and condition, transforming your horse’s ‘top line’ in a month. Generally a short term supplement, More Muscle should be used in preparation for the show or dressage season, to prepare a youngster for sale, or to provide daily strength to the show jumper, eventer or racer with optimum muscle capacity for maximum power. Description More Muscle Solution 946ml

Ex VAT £74.99

+VAT £74.99

Code A02062

Description Naf D-Tox 500g


Description Pure Creatine Power 1kg

Ex VAT £47.96

+VAT £47.96

Code A02019 A02008

Description Equivite Body Builder Body Builder 15kg (Milk Pellets)

Ex VAT £54.95

+VAT £54.95

Increases appetite, diuretic action promotes flow of urine, thereby stimulating kidney and bladder action. Restores healthy function of digestive organs. Invaluable for horses in strenuous work. Use 2 powders weekly in normal feed or mash.

Code A07002 A07002 A07022

Description Pettifer Condition Powder Sachets Pettifer Sachets (Pack of 10) Physic Condition Powder 5kg

Description Weight On 5kg

Ex VAT +VAT £1.94 £2.23 £19.35 £22.25 £139.70 £160.66



Enriched with multiple source bio-flavonoids, providing your horses with the specific nutritional tools to help combat the destructive results of stress-induced disorders, optimising their renal function and their natural ability to remove toxic waste.

Is the ideal economic concentrated feed balancer and a pick me up containing highly digestible protein to kick start the digestive system used for horses under stress, competing, suffering weight loss, injury, pregnancy, low blood counts and following antibiotic therapy.

Ex VAT £17.85

+VAT £17.85

Code A07008

Description Pink Powder 700g

Ex VAT £20.90

+VAT £20.90

Ex VAT £13.95

+VAT £13.95


Nutritive preparation containing an extract from malted grain, extra iron, liquid glucose and cod liver oil.

Code A03073

Ex VAT +VAT £17.50 £17.50 £100.00 £100.00



Creatine contains only pure creatine monohydrate with no fillers, sugars or cutting agents. Helps muscles work harder and longer, delays fatigue and shortens recovery time.

Code A07011

+VAT £14.60 £39.10

Milk pellets for good muscles and bone development in foals and for building condition in competing, breeding and convalescent horses.



Code A02027




Moisturises the skin, helps overcome coarse brittle hair and encourages regrowth of hair over thin spots. Will improve coat condition and dry, scurfy skin within a fortnight. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin A. Use 25g (approx 2 heaped tablesppons) sprinked on rations once a day.

Code A07007

Description Mirra Coat 2.27kg

Ex VAT £25.85

+VAT £29.73

sales 01638 664619



GUT BALANCER A probiotic powder that can be easily added to feed. Use daily to encourage normal digestive function and to ensure the level of good bacteria are constantly topped up. Alternatively, use during times of mild stress or digestive upset to help maintain a good balance of bacteria in the gut and support your horse’s natural immunity. Code A07073 A07074 A07078 A07079

Description Gut Balancer 300gm Gut Balancer 600gm Gut Balancer 3kg Gut Balancer 6kg

Ex VAT £13.95 £23.95 £99.00 £180.00

+VAT £13.95 £23.95 £99.00 £180.00

ACID EASE The calcium and magnesium carbonate, together with kaolin in the high fibre Acid Ease pellets, helps neutralise excess acid and the probiotic re-establishes the friendly bacteria within the gut, helping digestive efficiency. Feeding Acid Ease in conjunction with a high fibre diet helps to prevent acid build up and the associated digestive discomfort. The result is a happier horse in better condition with fewer instances of stable vices. Code A07082

Description Acid Ease 10kg

Ex VAT £75.86

+VAT £75.86



Equine Gold is a unique live yeast supplement that, unlike many other well-known brands, has been specifically selected from a thousand different strains of yeast for its beneficial effect on ‘friendly bacteria’ in the gut.

As a result of the environment, work and the feeding regimes that domestic horses are exposed to, the stomach can become irritated and sensitivities can occur. This results in a loss of condition and performance. U-Gard Plus® contains ingredients to soothe and coat the stomach providing support against these stresses.

Code A07025 A07026

Description Equine Gold 750gm Equine Gold 1.5kg

Ex VAT £18.70 £34.00

+VAT £18.70 £34.00

Code A07046

Description U-Gard Plus1.6kg

Ex VAT £59.90

+VAT £59.90

Transvite, the multi-use probiotic, pioneered for the combat of stress in horses, ponies and foals.

Yea-Sacc supports a stable environment in the hind gut, encouraging the number of cellulytic bacteria to maintain optimum fibre digestion. A horse’s digestive system contains a delicate balance of micro flora which can easily be disrupted by stresses such as travel, competition, a change in environment or illness. Ideal for veterans, horses receiving low fibre intake, horses prone to digestive disorders, competition horses and poor doers.

Code A07019

Code A02058

Description Transvite Tub 1.5kg

Ex VAT £73.00

+VAT £83.95

Description Yea-Sacc 1kg

Fed over a six-day period, Equine Premium Quick Fix helps rapidly re-establish the horse’s gut microflora during times of stress. Newborn foals or horses that have undergone worming or antibiotic treatments are stripped of gut bacteria. Quick Fix helps to rapidly re-establish the gut microflora, building healthy immunity and digestion for great health from the inside out. The result is improved condition and performance, better recovery & fewer stress symptoms. Code A07075

Description Quick Fix

Ex VAT £8.49

+VAT £9.76

ALKALINE SYRUP Nutritional supplement, particularly useful as an aid against azoturia. Give 4 tablespoonfuls twice daily.

Code A03020

Description Alkaline Syrup 2L

Ex VAT £14.90

+VAT £17.14





Ex VAT £20.30

+VAT £23.35

A prebiotic supplement proven to support the efficient functioning of the horse’s gut by helping to maintain the balance between beneficial and harmful species of gut bacteria.  Beneficial gut bacteria are involved in the digestion of fibre in the horse’s hind gut and some species produce essential B vitamins, whilst Bifidobacteria are known to aid the body’s natural defences against malignant cells. Code A07030 A07031

Description Digest Plus 1kg Digest Plus 5 Kgs

Ex VAT £18.55 £65.52

+VAT £18.55 £65.52



cupiss POWDERS

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cupiss POWDERS HOW IT ALL BEGAN The register of Members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons from January 1794 to December 1851 inclusive contains the name of Francis Cupiss, Diss, Norfolk, who became a member of the London College on May I Ith, 1822. Shortly after this returning to Diss to own a chemists shop in Mere Street which many people still recall as Gibsons, later W.L.Black’s and today N.C.C. still dispensing medicines. In conjunction with this he carried on his veterinary practice caring for the welfare of all types of animals within a fifteen mile radius of Diss, also supplying his powders and balls to fellow veterinarians throughout the country and abroad.  

A WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS... The Cupiss’ range of horse care products in particular are still made today to his original recipe and in the same way as has been used through the years. Present items on the market being sold to trainers, show jumpers and the general horse owner include: constitution powder, tonic powder, diuretic powder, Cupiss Constitution Balls and Grease Balls all made by preferring to use natural ingredients which have stood the test of time. He also produced his own recipes for a wide range of personal and household items ranging from culinary sauces to furniture polish and “Hair Restorer`.

Constitution Powder Constitution powders are mainly used on working horses which are stabled (not horses at grass). Improves condition and appetite, staring coats, swollen legs and colds. Given on alternative nights of the week, then repeated after a week’s interval, at the following rates: heavy cart horses 3 heaped teapoons, other horses and ponies 2 heaped teaspoons. Ask “The old school” about Cupiss products.

DIURETIC POWDER Cupiss Diuretic Powder, a natural formula that aids horses suffering from disorders caused by the urinary organs not performing their usual functions. They help clear the system of unhealthy secretions and improve the general health and appearance of the horse.

Code A07050 A07051 A07052 A07053 A07054 A07010

Description Constitution Powder 5 Doses 50g Constitution Powder 25 Doses 250g Constitution Powder 50 Doses 500g Constitution Powder 100 Doses 1kg Constitution Powder 500 Doses 5kg Cupiss Constitution Balls Pack of 3

Ex VAT £6.86 £12.25 £18.50 £36.65 £139.90 £11.25

Code A07055 A07056 A07057 A07058 A07059

Description Diuretic Powder 4 Doses 60g Diuretic Powder 17 Doses 255g Diuretic Powder 33 Doses 495g Diuretic Powder 66 Doses 990g Diuretic Powder 333 Doses 4995g

Ex VAT £7.95 £15.40 £21.25 £36.95 £145.75

+VAT £7.89 £14.09 £21.28 £42.15 £160.89 £12.94

+VAT £9.14 £17.71 £24.44 £42.49 £167.61

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hoof supplements

hoof supplements


FARRIERS FORMULA The only hoof supplement with independent research, published in a scrutineered veterinary journal (The Veterinary Record) to validate it’s claims of efficacy. Voted the most recommended hoof supplement by American Farriers Journal poll, for the last eight years. Now the UK market leader. Visible improvement within 6 weeks of feeding Farrier’s Formula®. Contains no prohibited substances nor any ingredients of animal origin. Adult horses - 43 grm per 113 kg bodyweight - Foals 43g daily

Code A04050

Description Farriers Formula 5kg

Ex VAT +VAT £37.00 £37.00

“No foot, no horse” should really read “No liver, no foot, no horse” as nutritional protection against brittle feet starts with supporting this most vital of organs. A concentrated, fast acting liquid nutritional support for strong healthy hoof growth.

Code A04019 A04054

Description Profeet 5 Star 1L Profeet 5 Star 2L

Ex VAT +VAT £25.95 £25.95 £39.95 £39.95


BIOTIN Promotes formation of strong, healthy keratin. A threemonth treatment improves defective hooves and will also enhance skin and coat condition. 900g tub will treat 1 horse for 30 days.

Horses and ponies which have had laminitis will be prone to recurrence. Laminaze, together with correct management, can help to maintain soundness in horses and ponies through the critical spring and autumn flush of grass.

Code A04017

Code A02166

Description Biotin 900g

Ex VAT £10.50

+VAT £10.50

HOOFMAKER SACHETS The ultimate feed supplement for hooves. This new formula will nourish every tissue in the hoof horn to optimise conditions for maximum hoof growth.

Code A04070

Description Hoofmaker Sachets 1x60

Ex VAT £49.80

+VAT £49.80

Description Laminaze 1.2 kgs

Ex VAT £36.95

+VAT £36.95

HAPPY FARRIER HOOF SUPLEMENT A high profile vitamin and mineral supplement specially designed for optimum hoof strength and growth. Based on a sweetose/honey solution this product is ideal for horses or ponies with soft crumbly feet.

Code A04043

Description Happy Farrier Hoof Suplement 5lt

Ex VAT £43.00

+VAT £43.00

SUREFOOT Surefoot is a palatable dust free supplement especially formulated to improve the growth and quality of the hoof. Surefoot provides essential biotin, zinc, methanine, copper, calcium and potassium. These are blended on a base of alfalpha to ensure optimum availability. Code A04058 A04020

Description Surefoot 1 kg Surefoot 2.5kg

Ex VAT £14.99 £27.75

+VAT £14.99 £27.75


HOOF AID SYRINGE Valuable supplement for horses with poor quality, brittle, cracked or damaged hoof horn. HOOF AID gel formula in dial-a-dose syringe provides balanced & nutritionally significant levels of Biotin, DL-Methionine & Zinc with other specific nutrients including MSM in a highly palatable base.

Specially formulated for the horse or pony that is prone to Laminitis. Lamigard contains valuable nutrients relevant to the sensitive structures of the hoof, and works with the circulatory system, ensuring nutrients reach their intended destination. Entirely safe for use on the in-foal mare.

Code A04018

Code Description A04062 Lamigard 454gm A04063 Lamigard 908gm

Description Hoof Aid Syringe

Ex VAT £5.75

+VAT £5.75

Ex VAT £39.99 £69.99

+VAT £39.99 £69.99



hoof applications

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hoof applications KERATEX HOOF HARDENER


Strengthens horn within hours of the first application. Prevents premature shoe loss and stops cracks and splits in the hoof wall. This is a patented product with a unique function designed to rebuld the molecular structure of weakened hoof horn without in any way compromising the natural function of the hoof capsule, use also on unshod horses and on the sole of horses prone to bruising.

Code A04028

Description Keratex Hoof Hardener 250ml

Ex VAT £22.44

+VAT £25.81

An all year round hoof dressing which protects the whole hoof capsule against the effects of water and urine. Protects hooves from absorbing excess water. Resists ammonio in bedding. Disinfects hooves with each application. Hooves become naturally stronger and healthier.

Code A04036

Description Keratex Hoof Gel 500ml

Ex VAT £10.57



Now with tea tree oil. A powerful formulation which keeps heels and frogs healthy. The special penetration action ensure the active ingredients are carried deep into the tissue of the sulci, frog and heels.

Code A04038

Description Keratex Frog Disinfectant 50ml

Ex VAT £9.70

+VAT £11.16

A highly penetrating fluid which disinfects nail holes and the underlying white line tissue. Perfect as an ongoing maintenance for hoof cavities and conditions affecting the white line. Strenthens horn around nail holes.

Code A04055

Description Keratex Nail Hole Disinfectant 200ml


Description Keratex Hoof Putty 200g

Ex VAT £13.74

+VAT £15.80

Code A04040

Description Keratex Hoof Disinfectant 200ml

Ex VAT £12.05 £62.50 £339.70

+VAT £13.86 £71.88 £390.66

Code A04001

Description Cornucrescine 500g

Ex VAT £12.65

Ex VAT £8.60 £14.95

+VAT £9.89 £17.19

+VAT £10.28

+VAT £14.55


Contains antibacterial vegetable oil in a selected hydrocarbon base, with added cod liver oil, non-spill. Easy to apply.

Description Solid Hoof Oil 1L Solid Hoof Oil 2.5L

Ex VAT £8.94

Cornucrescine paste is applied to the hoof to promote healthy growth, makes horns grow, useful for treating sand crack, thrush and bristtle hooves.


Code A04013 A04014

+VAT £17.08


Provides greater absorption than many other hoof oils. Stimulates horn growth and prevents brittle hooves. Applied daily with a brush.

Description Nkt Brand Hoof Oil 4L Nkt Brand Hoof Oil 20L Nkt Brand Hoof Oil 205L

Ex VAT £14.85

Keratex Hoof Disinfectant is a site-specific disinfectant developed using a patented formulation from Byotrol. This fantastic nozzle-tipped bottle can be used in awkward gaps and ruts in your horse’s hooves and soles. It works by forming a totally safe, waterproof, breathable coating wherever it is applied. Keratex Hoof Disinfectant kills off existing bugs, then forms a hostile shield which prevents them from reappearing – meaning it lasts far longer then conventional disinfectants. Keratex Hoof Disinfectant can be used on any part of the hoof. It can also be used to disinfect cuts, abrasions and puncture wounds.


Code A04041 A04042 A04005


An easily applied soft filler for excision cavities in the sole following the removal of abscesses and for separation cavities under the hoof wall. Slow release disinfectant keeps underlying tissue healthy. A modern and more adaptable alternative to Stockholm Tar.

Code A04053

+VAT £12.16

Contains Cod Liver Oil and gives hooves a beautiful sheen, one easy brush on application before each event ensures that “Just Polished” look, available in black and clear.

Code A04037

Description Sablene Hoof Cream 450g

Ex VAT £8.05

+VAT £9.26

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hoof applications



The ideal hoof dressing for any horse that requires a quick, strong healthy growth of hoof for work, pleasure, track or show ring.

Code A04025

Description Kentucky Hoof Oil 5L

Ex VAT £33.75

+VAT £38.81

Formulated to encourage healthy hoof condition and helps prevent cracks and splitting. Regular use ensures good condition and external appearance. Ensure that the area is clean and dry then apply with a stiff brush.

Code AO4035

Description Hydrophane Hoof Oil 500ml

Ex VAT £4.30



A water based moisturising cream which has been formulated to maintain the moisture contents of the hooves when indoors and through dry weather conditions.

Code A04023

Description Hoof Moist 500g

Ex VAT £6.15

+VAT £7.07

Effol ointment with laurel oil and vaseline when applied to hooves, strengthens and promotes their natural development, protects hooves from cracks and promotes greater alasticity. Effol destroys bacteria and aids healing of split heels and other hoof diseases. Code A04030 A04031 A04032 A04033 A04034

Description Effol Black Or Green 500ml Effol Black Or Green 1L Effol Black Or Green 2.5L Effol Black Or Green 5L Effol Black Or Green 10L

Ex VAT £4.50 £8.00 £16.25 £29.40 £58.50


Description Plusvital Hoof Care 1L Plusvital Hoof Care 2.5L

Ex VAT £13.40 £24.15

+VAT £15.41 £27.77

A thick and oily wood tar used as a preservative for hooves. This proven product of the past is applied to the sole of the foot if brittle or dry - it’s also useful for thrush, sand crack and seedy toe.

Code A04008 A04009

Description Stockholm Tar 450g Stockholm Tar 2.25kg

Ex VAT £5.55 £21.10

A unique preparation of beeswax, natural herbal biocidal extracts with selected vegetable oils and Vitamin E. Helps maintain a bio-secure environment on the previously cleaned hoof to encourage rapid conditioning and growth stimulation. A natural glossing formulation that gives a long lasting durable shine to the surface.

Description Medichem Hoof Polish

Ex VAT £17.01

+VAT £19.56

Use as an aid for split hooves, corns, quarter cracks and hard, dry, brittle and tender contracted feet.

Code A04016

Description Fiebings Hoof Dressing C/W Aplcatr 946ml


Description Medichem Hoof & Frog

Ex VAT £5.99

+VAT £6.89

Ex VAT £11.89

+VAT £13.67


Contains naturally occurring biocides including tea tree oil and neem oil. A clear gel with superior stay-on and drying power Imparts a soothing anti-bacterial protection on hoof and frog (inner) tissues to promote natural restorative processes.

Code A04073

+VAT £6.38 £24.27



Code A04072

+VAT £5.18 £9.20 £18.69 £33.81 £67.28


A preparation for regular application to horses hooves, keeps horny structure more flexible by aiding the retention of water in the hoof and ensuring greater pliability of the horn.

Code A04021 A04022

+VAT £4.95

Apply to hoof with applicator supplied, dries bright in moments, available in black.

Code A04010

Description Super Shine Hoof Polish 237ml

Ex VAT £9.40

+VAT £10.81


It’s all in the bag!

Whatever the workload...


or condition…

there is a product to suit every feeding situation.

As a horse owner, you want the convenience of a quality feed that provides everything your horse needs, in one bag at the right price. Fortunately for you, all Dodson & Horrell feeds do just that. Our entire range is fully supplemented with a host of vitamins & minerals, contains our QLC antioxidant package and now benefits from fibre+, all of which promote the overall health and well-being of your horse or pony. So with no need to supplement your horse’s diet, you can reap both the nutritional and financial rewards that accompany a bag of Dodson & Horrell. Nutritional Helpline 0845 345 2627.

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bedding Bedmax

Bedmax offers a new standard of wood shaving. With Bedmax, you get all the benefits of completely natural bedding - but made especially for the purpose. It is made specifically for horse bedding from renewable softwood timber grown in the UK. It is shaved, dried and screened in a sophisticated production process that allows us to control the dimension of the shavings with greater precision. The process creates the optimum size of shaving to give a deeper, more resilient, more absorbent bedding.

Hrn Dust Extracted Shavings

Popular well prepared compressed and polythene wrapped bale of softwood shavings (approx 20kg). A natural product with no additives. Highly absorbent, easy to handle and store. Code A19015

Description Hrn Dust Extracted Shavings



Code A19020

Description Bedmax


Diced Baled Paper

Hemcore Bedding

Dust-free shredded newspaper packed in compressed polythene wrapped bales.

Code A19002

Description Diced Baled Paper



For good health and wellbeing, the stabled horse needs a soft, comfortable bed, which will absorb moisture and ammonia, giving a clean, dust-free environment. Hemcore Horse Bedding is made from the inner core of the hemp plant stem that is grown and processed entirely in the UK. It is not bleached and no chemicals are added at any stage of its growth, so producing a ‘green’ product that is fully recyclable into useful compost. Hemp is also fast growing and fully sustainable. What sets Hemcore apart from other bedding materials is its very high absorbency that results in a bed that stays drier longer. It makes a warm and comfortable bed that provides good insulation against cold and protection against injury. Code A19011

Description Hemcore Bedding



Softwood dust, processed to provide a clean sample, then pressure packed into a polythene wrapped bale for ease of storage. Suitable for kennels and floor cleaning. A clean to handle bedding product.

a natural product traditionally used in gardening as a compost, this product is ideal for horses with respiratory disorders or those prone to eating their bedding.

Description Peat Moss (Medium Grade)



Peat Moss (Medium Grade)

Code A19003



Code A19004

Description Sawdust 14kg






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shampoos & COAT CONDITIONERS Nkt Horse Shampoo Superior quality soapless product, leaves no grease or scum behind, & the coat retains a shiny gloss. For ponies and full size horses 1/4 - 1/2 pint of shampoo is added to 2 gallons of warm water. Pour over the animal whilst working it well into the coat to remove all dirt and scurf. Leave for a few minutes, rinse with water for a show condition finish. Concentrated. Code A10001 A10002

Description Horse Shampoo 2.5L Horse Shampoo 5L

Ex VAT £10.90 £17.20

+VAT £12.54 £19.78

An insecticidal shamp;oo which cleans and conditions the coat removing embedded dirt and debris and enhancing its appearance. Contains a blue whitener ideal for grey horses. Licensed to be 100% effective against biting and sucking lice.

Code Description A10015 Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo 500ml A10008 Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo 1L A10009 Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo 5L

A rich cleansing shampoo that leaves the coat fresh and clean. Suitable for frequent use.

Description Ex VAT Bloom Shampoo 500ml £3.10 Bloom Shampoo 4L £14.30 Bloom White Horse Shampoo 500ml £7.10

+VAT £3.57 £16.45 £8.17

Code A10016

Description Tea Tree Oil Shampoo 500ml

Ex VAT £17.85

+VAT £20.53

Code A10046

Description Fungatrol Shampoo 473ml

Ex VAT £5.95

+VAT £6.84

Code A10005 A10020

Ex VAT £7.52

+VAT £8.65

Ex VAT £10.20

Description Showsheen 947ml Showsheen 3.8L

Ex VAT £12.25 £34.10

Ex VAT £34.03

+VAT £34.99

+VAT £11.73

+VAT £14.09 £39.22

Description S.P Sheath Cleaner 500 Gms

Ex VAT £11.60

+VAT £13.34

Post Race Washdown A handy sachet pack of soapless shampoo for cleaning the skin and coat to prepare for showing, and washing down afer racing.

Code A10004 A10027 A10028

Description Post Race Washdown 30ml Post Race Washdown 500ml Post Race Washdown 1L

Ex VAT £0.42 £4.54 £8.67

+VAT £0.48 £5.22 £9.97

Bloom Coat Gloss Bloom Coat Gloss gives the coat of the horse a sleek, long lasting natural shine without making the coat greasy.

Code A10025

Description Bloom Coat Gloss 500ml

Ex VAT £6.40

+VAT £7.36

Canter Mane & Tail

Stain Remover and 2 step grooming service. Super Groom’s careful blend of natural ingredients work to clean, condition and shine like no other product. It is a non-slip, non-static formula that can be used for detangling manes and tails to highlighting white socks.

Description Super Groom Plus 473ml

Code V00013

Produces finest showing sheen on coat, mane and tail that lasts a full week. Keeps manes and tails tangle free. Not an oil or cream rinse. A labour saving “hair polish” which helps resist dust and stains, keeps manes and tails tangle-free. Non-toxic, applied with cloth or spray.

Super Groom Plus

Code A10042

+VAT £4.03


Conditions the coat whilst giving a long lasting natural shine. Helps prevent grass stains or soiling of the coat and does not make the coat greasy.

Description Canter Coat Shine 500ml

Ex VAT £3.50

A specially formulated gentle sheath cleaner, which will soften and remove smegma, dirt and body oils. Contains Tea Tree oil in a gel base with a mild blend of surfactants.

Fungatrol Shampoo

Canter Coat Shine

Code A10029

Description Disinfectant Horse Shampoo


A rich lathering non-irritating shampoo with powerful anti fungal and bacterial ingredients. Fungasol shampoo delivers effective control, its also so gentle on the horse’s skin it can be used for every day shampooing. Effective on ring worm, rain scald and mud fever.

To remove tangles and static in the mane and tail and to help produce a soft glossy coat. Ideal for show preparation.

Description Dermoline Conditioner 5L

Code A10047

A rich and luxurious shampoo with the added benefits of tea tree oil. Maintains a clean and healthy coat.

Dermoline Conditioner

Code A10026

Ex VAT +VAT £4.50 £5.18 £7.75 £8.91 £19.45 £22.37

Neutral pH combination of non-toxic clinical disinfectants in a gentle shampoo base. Will soothe and cleanse animal skins and help maintain a hygienic coat and skin, discouraging colonization of skin disease causing microorganisms. Bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal. A gentle but powerful biocidal skin cleaner. Can be used as a conventional shampoo.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Bloom Shampoo

Code A10003 A10007 A10032


Dermoline Shampoo

Canter Silk Mane & Tail Conditioner - Keeps the mane and tail tangle free by reducing breakage and repelling dirt, whilst achieving a long lasting natural shine.

Code A10030 A10034

Description Canter Mane & Tail 500ml Canter Mane & Tail 1L

Ex VAT £5.95 £10.15

+VAT £6.84 £11.67


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disinfectants The Jeyes Fluid range is now bigger than ever, providing effective cleaning solutions for every aspect of your outdoor cleaning routine. Each cleaning formulation is especially designed for specific outdoor.

Highly concentrated general purpose pine disinfectant, kills bacteria and removes general soiling. Suitable for floors, toilets, sinks and drains. Provides a clean distinctive pine fragrance and overcomes unpleasant odours.

Code A15004

Description Pynol Disinfectant 5trs

Ex VAT £8.50

+VAT £9.78

Code A15001 A15002 A15003 A15008

Description Jeyes Rtu Spray 750ml Jeyes Fluid 5L Jeyes Fluid 25L Lime Disinfectant 5L

Fam 30 Disinfectant

Description Fam 30 Disinfectant 5L Fam 30 Disinfectant 25L

Ex VAT £30.80 £147.00

+VAT £35.42 £169.05

Code A15025 A15026

Description Gpc 8 Disinfectant 5L Gpc 8 Disinfectant 25L

Code A15033 A15021

Ex VAT £19.70

+VAT £22.66

Ex VAT +VAT £34.00 £39.10 £159.95 £183.94

Code A15022

Description Equisept Disinfectant Tablets 500gm

Ex VAT £48.00

+VAT £55.20

Stable Zone Disinfectant Tub

Extensively used by many stables in preference to liquid disinfectants because (a) it is not necessary to wet the boxes, (b) the carbolic has a fresh aroma, it is an effective germicide, and (d) it remains active for a longer period. To use simply sprinkle over the stable floor before replacing the straw.

An Anti-Bacterial bedding powder, eliminates ammonia, reduces bacterial and fungal contamination, kills odours. Reduces dampness. An important aid in disease control in the stable.

Ex VAT £10.85 £26.75

+VAT £12.48 £30.76

Code A15023

Description Stable Zone Disinfectant Tub 5kg


Ex VAT +VAT £10.50 £12.08

Ex VAT +VAT £11.06 £12.72

Code A15034 A15036 A15035

Description Ex VAT Hibiscrub 500ml £6.50 Hibiscrub Disinfectant 5L £35.70 Hibiscrub Dispensing Pump 5ml/500ml £7.08

Ex VAT £6.00 £35.00

+VAT £6.90 £40.25

+VAT £7.48 £41.06 £8.14

Hibitane Disinfectant Concentrated chlorhexidine gluconate (50 w/v) used as an antimicrobal agent for general antiseptic purposes. This is the antiseptic many leadaing stables and studs prefer for washing down mares, etc.

Code A15012

Description Hibitane Disinfectant 5L

Ex VAT £33.80

+VAT £38.87

T.S.R. 200 For use in steam cleaners. It removes heavy grease, it is powerful, concentrated and economical. Suitable for the internal walls of stables and ideal for farm machinery, horse boxes etc. Bacteriostatic and highly recommended for general cleaning of soiled areas, such as floors and walls, especially where a disinfectant is to be subsequently used. Code A15010

Description T.S.R. 200 25L

Ex VAT +VAT £54.75 £62.96

EQUIGENE EquiGene is a high level disinfectant for use in cases of notifiable diseases and for general agricultural and equine applications. EquiGene is approved by DEFRA. It is ideal for the disinfection of all animal housing and buildings, including floors and walls, and also for the disinfection of all utensils, feed mangers and drinkers.

MediHex-4 scrub solution is proven effective against bacterial, fungal and viral micro-organisms. Contains 4% chlorhexidine gluconate.

Code Description A15999 MediHex-4 500ml A15999 MediHex-4 5L

+VAT £97.23 £69.58 £119.60

Contains Chlorhexidine gluconate 4% w/v. A rapid antimicrobial skin cleaner. Used for antiseptic hand washing on the yard and for pre-operative surgical hand disinfection.


Virkon Tablets are the ultimate broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant. Independently proven effective against all major virus families affecting man and animals. Effective against E.coli 0157, Salmonella and campylobacter.

Code Description A????? Virkon Tablets (pack of 50)

Ex VAT £84.55 £60.50 £104.00


EQUISEPT is a broadspectrum disinfectant in a new, easy-to-use tablet format. It readily dissolves in water to provide a powerful disinfectant solution. Safe, efficient, economical, nontoxic and biodegradable.

Carbolic Disinfectant Powder

Description Carbolic Disinfectant Powder 5kg Carbolic Disinfectant Powder 15kg

Description Virkon Sachets Virkon S Disinfectant 5kg Virkon S Disinfectant 10kg

EQUISept disinfectant tablets

General purpose antiseptic disinfectant. Suitable for application to cuts and abrasions; disinfection of instruments and rubber appliances; routine disinfection of laundry, theatre equipment, hard surfaces and floors.

Description Dettol 4L

Code A15028 A15009 A15011

Non corrosive glutareldehyde patent formula. Highly effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Makes over 5000 ltrs. for disinfection. Non-toxic, non-staining and non-irritant at working dilution. Ministry approved, highly effective disinfectant designed for stud and stable yards, feed utensils and tack.


Code A15015

Ex VAT +VAT £2.70 £3.11 £28.90 £33.24 £101.75 £117.01 £8.60 £9.89

Broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant which is effective against all virus families, bacteria and fungi. Ministry approved to be effective against ringworm, equine herpes, parvovirus, E.coli, salmonella and gumboro disease virus.

Gpc 8 Disinfectant

Powerful iodophor bacteriocidal virucidal, and fungicidal disinfectant, Ministry approved for all orders (dilution 1:80 for general orders), and is non-toxic at recommended dilutions, corrosive.

Code A15006 A15007

Virkon Sachets

Jeyes Rtu Spray

Pynol Disinfectant

Code A15041 A15014

Description EquiGene Disinfectant 5L Dispensing Pump 30ml

Ex VAT £32.33 £4.50

+VAT £37.18 £5.18




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Wash-in cleaner for all horse rugs Safely revitalises insulation and water repellency. If a breathable waterproof rug loses its water repellency, it will suffer a severe reduction in its ability to breathe. This will lead to a build up of condensation on the inside of the rug so the horse will become clammy, cold and uncomfortable.  Use Nikwax Rug Wash for cleaning breathable waterproof horse rugs. Code Description A11061 Rug Wash Nikwax 1L A11066 Rug Wash Nikwax 5L

Ex VAT +VAT £9.35 £10.75 £34.03 £39.13


Wash-in cleaner for waterproof clothing and equipment Safely revitalises breathability and water-repellency. This product is a non-detergent soap which can be used regularly to clean clothing and equipment without damaging the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coatings. Use this product instead of detergents or washing powder. Code A11049 A11060

Description Tech Wash 300ml Nikwax Tec Wash Nikwax 1L

Ex VAT £11.06

+VAT £12.72

Code A11048

Description Nikwax 180ml


Description Leather Cleaner Nikwax 300ml

Ex VAT £4.67

+VAT £5.37

Ex VAT £0.59

+VAT £3.91

Code A11058

Description Leather Restorer Nikwax 300ml

Ex VAT £5.52

+VAT £6.35

Code A11064

Description Nikwax Twin Pack

Description Tack Cleaning Holder

Ex VAT £5.44

+VAT £7.82

Spray-on waterproofing for wet weather clothing. Adds water-repellency and revives breathability.

Code A11065

Description Nikwax Tx Direct Spay 300ml

Ex VAT £6.80

+VAT £7.82

3 PRONG TACK HOOK Most useful accessory to assist with tack cleaning. 250mm long, steel with protective plastic surface so leather is not damaged. Red or black.

Steel tube with plastic coated prongs to protect leather. Adjustable from 440mm to 800mm long.

Code ET0043

Ex VAT £6.80



+VAT £0.68

Ex VAT +VAT £6.80 £7.82 £12.76 £14.67

A combination of Tech Wash and proofing TX Direct in a small pack to provide water repelling for your fabrics.

Adds water repellency, revives breathability and conditions leather.

A high density foam sponge ideal for applying leather dressing and oils.

Description Tack Cleaning Sponge

Ex VAT £3.40


Spray-on waterproofing for leather clothing / accessories.


Code G00022

Description Tx Direct Wash Nikwax 300ml Tx Direct Wash Nikwax 1L


Spray-on cleaner for leather clothing / accessories. This product safely revitalises the look and feel of leather, removing dirt, grease, mould and insects. Ideal for leather clothing, equipment and accessories, leather panniers, tack, car seats and general leather based products.

Code A11057

Code A11053 A11059

Nikwax Waterproofing Wax is a blend of high concentration waxes that work as a protective barrier against water. This wax enhances long-term protection of leather and provides superior performance in wet weather. It gives a protective finish to the leather.

Wash-in waterproofing for all horse rugs. Adds water-repellency and revives breathability.

Description Synthetic Rug Proof Nikwax 1L

+VAT £4.39 £10.75

Wash-in waterproofing for wet weather clothing Adds water-repellency and revives breathability to fabrics without wicking liners.



Code A11062

Ex VAT £3.82 £9.35


+VAT £6.26

Code ET0225

Description 3 Prong Tack Hook

Ex VAT £2.50

+VAT £2.88

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leather dressings

leather dressings NEATSFOOT OIL


Hydrophane Blended Neatsfoot Oil is invaluable in protecting and helping to waterproof new leather. The gentle penetrating properties of this product restore life and suppleness to old leather.

Code A11004 A11017

Description Neatsfoot Oil 500ml Neatsfoot Oil 4L

Ex VAT £4.25 £18.60

+VAT £4.89 £21.39

Code A11003

Description Flexalan Leather Dressing 500ml

Ex VAT £3.45

+VAT £3.97

Code A11029

Description Liquid Glycerine Soap 500ml

Ex VAT £5.10

+VAT £5.87

Code A11016

Ex VAT £10.50

+VAT £12.08

Ex VAT £5.85

+VAT £6.73

Description Hide Food 284ml

Ex VAT £9.40

+VAT £10.81

Description Leather Cleaner Spray 500ml

Ex VAT £4.25

+VAT £4.89

+VAT £4.89

EFFAX LEATHER BALSAM Effax leatherbalm contains Lanolin, Avacado Oil and Beeswax, which are ideal ingredients for the care and maintenance of any leather. It has remarkable nutritive and protecting properties keeping the leather supple and giving it a high tear resistance. Perfect for riding boots and shoes as well as tack.

Code A11024

Description Effax Leather Balsam 500ml

Ex VAT £6.20

+VAT £7.13

BRASSO/DURAGLIT WADDING Brasso metal wadding is suitable & effective at cleaning brass, copper, tin & chrome. 

Code A11021

Description Brasso/Duraglit Wadding 70gm

Ex VAT £3.50

+VAT £4.03

ANTI BACTERIAL LEATHER PROTECTOR A cream containing a blend of natural oils and disinfectants to discourage bacterial and fungal growth on leather. Readily absorbed into clean leather, leaving it soft and supple Protects against cracking from water and moisture damage.

A blend of deep cleaning agents with tea tree oil and conditioners. Cleans away old waxes which harbour germs on leather. Leaves leather ready to polish and condition and all surfaces germ free.

Code A11068

Ex VAT £4.25


Metal polish suitable for cleaning brass, copper, pewter & chrome.

Description Brasso Liquid 1lt

Description Ko-Cho-Line

Connolly Hide Care is a traditional lanoline based bees’ wax treatment for fine leather goods, upholstery and clothing. It moisturises and feeds the leather prolonging its life and restoring suppleness.


Code A11039

Code A11012


A polish type spray that puts a sheen on your leather.

Description Fiebings Lthr Sheen Aerosol 312 Gm

+VAT £10.01

Hydrophane Liquid Glycerine Soap maintains the suppleness and finish of the leather whilst cleaning and protecting the leather.


Code A99999

Ex VAT £8.70


A nourishing and mosturising cleaner suitable for all items of tack.

Description Hydrophane Lanolised S/Soap 450g

Ko-Cho-Line Leather Dressing is a grease which protects leather from evils such as mould and mildew when in storage. Also renovates and revives tired saddlery. Will not rot stitching and can be used on metal to prevent rusting.

A rich cleansing shampoo that leaves the coat fresh and clean. Suitable for frequent use.


Code A11008


Code A11069

Description Leather Protector 500ml

Ex VAT £4.25

+VAT £4.89


Hydrophane leather dressing has a unique waterproofing formula. Easy to apply to clean leather tack including saddles and bridles, Hydrophane leather dressing is a long established leather oil that protects new leather and renovates old leather.

Code A11001 A11027 A11002

Description Leather Dressing 500ml Leather Dressing 1L Leather Dressing 2L

Ex VAT +VAT £5.90 £6.79 £9.10 £10.47 £15.10 £17.37


Going back to the good old glycerine bar. This product has proven and established ingredients of glycerine in a gentle soap clean and protect leather articles and tack. Regular use keeps leather soft, pliable and ensures long life and a good appearance. Code A11006

Description Glycerine Saddle Soap Bar

Ex VAT £3.00

+VAT £3.45

BELVOIR SADDLE SOAP Another Vanner and Prest product, established in 1835 and still one of the most popular products used for cleaning saddlery and all other leather goods. Applied to leather with a clean, damp cloth. Code A11007

Description Belvoir Saddle Soap

Ex VAT £3.50

+VAT £4.03



chewing preventatives

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chewing preventatives CRIBOX

Used to prevent crib biting and gnawing doors, paddock rails, rugs, tails etc. Simply applied by spreading evenly over the area requiring protection.

Code A12001 A12002 A12004 A12007 A12003


Crib-Halt gel provides long lasting protection for surfaces which horses might destroy by chewing. Waterproof and highly effective on stable doors, paddock rails, bark, stalls, rugs and bandages. Crib-Halt is a distasteful deterrent gel which can be applied by brush or gloved hand. It is easily removed after use by washing with warm soapy water. Code A12015

Description Crib-Halt 2kg

Ex VAT £27.00

+VAT £31.05

Description Cribox 225g Cribox 450g Cribox 2.5kg Cribox 450ml + Brush Cribox Liquid 250ml

An unpleasant tasting water repellant coating for all surfaces. Contains bitter tasting herbs in a water resistant base. Code A12005

Description Crib Stop Spray 500ml

Ex VAT +VAT £5.56 £6.39

+VAT £6.21 £10.52 £33.35 £11.04 £7.71


An unpleasant tasting water repellant coating for all surfaces. Contains bitter tasting herbs in a water resistant base.

Code A12021

Description No Bite Cream 2kg



Ex VAT £5.40 £9.15 £29.00 £9.60 £6.70

Ex VAT £26.65

+VAT £30.65

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yard sundries



This is an excellent mask to keep on hand for every task, including spray/misting chemicals and dealing with hay, straw etc. Conforms to HSE standard BS:6016 type 2 giving protection against fine toxic dusts, fibres and aqueous mists.

Crude extracted salt to clear ice on paths in winter.

Code A22004

Description Road Rock Salt 25kg

Ex VAT £4.40

+VAT £5.06

Code A22017 A22011

Description 1 X 3 Dust/Mist Respirator (3m 8810) 1 X 20 Dust/Mist Respirator

Ex VAT £4.00

+VAT £4.60

Code Description A22003 Expo Salt Tablets 25 kg

Soft toilet rolls at a bulk pack price.

Description Toilet Rolls Pack Of 36

Ex VAT £14.20

+VAT £16.33

Ex VAT £5.28

+VAT £6.07



Code A22002

+VAT £7.59 £103 . 5

For all types of water softeners, dishwashers etc.

Protects against large, nontoxic dusts and pollens. No relevant standards. DO NOT use this mask as protection against spores etc. in hay and straw - the organisms which cause farmers lung and similar debilitating respiratory diseases.

Description 1x50 Nuisance Masks (Not C.E. Marked)

Ex VAT £6.60 £9.00



Code A22001

Ideal for removing oils, grease, paint, and most types of ink from your hands, tools and surfaces. Box of 100 wipes.

Code A22008

Description Degreasing Wipes In Easy To Use Tub

Ex VAT £3.00

+VAT £3.45


Clear green gel with mild cirtrus perfurme for safe hand cleaninsing. Removes a wide range of soiling including, oil, grease, creosote etc. plus many paints and waxes fast. Kind to even sensitive skin, safer than washing in solvents (which can cause dermititis).

Prices and sizes in this catalogue may be subject to alteration without prior notice. Please phone or check online for current prices.

order online today Code A22014

Description Tufanega Hand Cleaner

Ex VAT £5.60

+VAT £6.44



paddock maintenance

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Horse Requisites has been supplying major studs and riding establishments with paddock grass mixtures for the past 30 years. We can offer full technical information on the preparation of your land, the type of mixture to sow, the best method of sowing together with details on soil testing and using the right fertiliser. All this information is available free of charge by a phone call to our technical department. Our mixtures consist of a range suitable for studs, pony paddocks and paddock repair. We also supply a good quality gallop mixture suitable for race courses and training grounds, together with three qualities of lawn seeds. It may be useful to bear in mind that there are many species of grass available, but some are more suited to farm stock than to equines ... let us select the right mixture for your horse. Should you require your own mixture, we would be pleased to quote accordingly.



Description Gallop Mixture 1kg

Ex VAT +VAT £4.60 £4.60

Code A18011

Description Fine Quality Lawn Seed 1kg



Code A18013

Code A18024

Description Renew & Repair 1kg

Ex VAT +VAT £3.12 £3.12


Description Shady Places 1kg

Description All Purpose Lawn Seed 1kg

Description Very Fine Lawn Seed 1kg

Code A18009

Description Ex VAT +VAT No2 Pony Paddock Mixture (Acre bag) £66.00 £66.00



Description Ex VAT +VAT Newmarket Super Paddock (Acre bag) £79.00 £79.00



Ex VAT +VAT £4.50 £4.50

Ex VAT +VAT £5.90 £5.90

Code A18010

Description Pony Paddock Mixture (Acre Bag)

Ex VAT +VAT £63.00 £63.00

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paddock maintenance



A foliar applied Translocated herbicide for the control of annual and perennial grasses and broad leaved weeds. Biodegrades in soil and water. Roundup should ideally be applied using a sprayer, for example a knapsack sprayer, and if using in the vicinity of plants or crops which are not to be destroyed, a hood should be employed. Best results are obtained when weeds are growing well, and when the systemic action carries the chemical down to kill rooots as well as the bit you see. No residual action, safe once it touches plants or the soil. Ideal when ground is to be cleared before re-planting (for example to clear weeds before sowing herbage seeds). 1 ltr pack is sufficient to clear 1/2 - 1 acre. Contains glyphosate. For use only as a Horticultural, Industrial, Forestry Herbicide. Code A18004 A18008

Description Roundup 1lt Roundup 5lt

Ex VAT £29.15 £66.80

+VAT £33.52 £76.82

A slective foliar acting hericide for the lon g lasting control of thistles, docks, nettles, bramble, broom and gorse in established graddland and around buildings, yards etc. Ideal for use in a knapsack sprayer. Contains triclopyr and clopyralid.

Code A18003

Description Ex VAT Grazon 90 1lt £38.05



Sodium chlorate is a total weedkiller for use on areas where weeds are to be totally destroyed and the land is not required to support growth for several years. Ideal for paths, drives, crazy paving etc. but only where the weedkiller can be contained within the area it is used (certainly not for use next to hedges for example, where leaching could ruin the hedge).

Code A18001 A18002

Description Sodium Chlorate 6kg Sodium Chlorate 25kg (Professional Use)

Ex VAT £15.55 £51.25

+VAT £17.88 £58.94

The professional way to treat Ragwort and other perennial weeds in established grassland paddocks, Ragtime is the first product for Ragwort spot treatment available to the non-professional user. Ready to use, Ragtime comes in a quality sprayer with refills available when required. Apply in the spring or autumn at the rosette stage and the unique blend of specially formulated active ingredients will free your paddock of Ragwort, Docks, Thistles and Buttercups. No need for protective clothing. Winner of the BETA 2007 Innovation Award.

Code A18028 A18029

Description Ragtime With Spray 5L Ragtime Refill 5L

Ex VAT £40.00 £36.00


Description Royale Fertilizer (12-11-18) 25kg

Ex VAT £12.00

+VAT £13.80

+VAT £46.00 £41.40


Paddock Royale formula 1211-18 is specifically designed for horses/pony pasture. This combined fertilizer supplies the correct balance of nutrients for steady healthy grass growth throughout the season. Also included are magnesium, sulphur and small amounts of trace elements essential for both plant and animal growth. Paddock Royale is packaged in 25kg bags for easy handling.

Code A18026

+VAT £43.76

Grasstrac contains the essential trace elements – Copper, Selenium, Cobalt, Iodine, Zinc, plus Sodium and by adding it to deficient soil the grass becomes richer and capable of sustaining the production levels required. It helps nature provide the quality of pasture needed for healthy livestock growth and economic production.

Code A18027

Description Grasstrac Trace Elements 20kg

Ex VAT £13.98

+VAT £16.08



creosotes & Paint

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CREOSOTES & PAINT - please also see page 54 & 55 for coverwell products Black Bituminous BS 34 16 anti corrosive coating achieving the WRC certificate for having no effect on cold water applications, quick drying coating ideal for cold water troughs/ tanks, guttering and tin roofs. Contains white spirit. Coverage approximately 12 square metres per litre. Not to be used in conjunction with tar products. Code A17009 A17010

Description Black Bituminous Paint 25L Black Bituminous Paint 200L

Ex VAT £52.20 £337.00

+VAT £60.03 £387.55

Creosote Brush With 2ft Handle Pure bristle circular brush with 24” pole handle, ideal for creosoting paddock rails, enables the user to stand further away from area being painted. Code A17042

Description Creosote Brush With 2ft Handle

Ex VAT £4.38

+VAT £5.04

Jet Black

As Dark Brown Creosote but with additives to make a very black finish. Like all creosotes, Jet Black will fade depending on the coats applied and the colour/condition of the timber. Coverage 5 square metres per litre.

Half Face Mask (6000 Series) No Filter

Short Handled Creosote Brush

Code A17005 A17006

Description Jet Black 25L Jet Black 200L

Ex VAT £43.55 £353.00

+VAT £50.08 £405.95

Shed and fence brush with specially formulated filling for use with creosote, creosote substitutes and general wood preservatives. Code A17041

Description Short Handled Creosote Brush

Ex VAT £7.76

+VAT £8.92

100% Coal Tar Wood preservative. HSE approved and conforming to BS 144 Type 3. Preserves exterior timber against rot and decay and imparts deep rich brown colour. Apply by brush, drip or spray (with care). Coverage approximately 5 square metres per litre. Description Dark Brown Creosote 25L Creosote Dark Brown 200L

Ex VAT £40.90 £282.30

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT A22021 ½ Face Mask (6000 Series) No Filter 3m £13.45 £15.47

Gas & Vapr Filter For A22021 (A2 Type)

Dark Brown Creosote

Code A17002 A17003

The 3M 6000 Series reusable respirator offers users comfort and convenience - coupled with cost savings. Each face piece is remarkably comfortable, soft, lightweight and easy to adjust. NIOSH approved for negative pressure air purifying and positive pressure dual airline applications. Just clean as directed between uses and reduce the need for expensive repair programs. This is the 3M 6000 mask only, respirator filters and cartridges sold separately.

+VAT £47.04 £324.65

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT A22022 Gas & Vapr Filter For A22021 (A2 Type) 3m £1.00 £1.15

Paint Brush Trade quality, British made, stianless steel, rust resistant ferrel, high strength epoxy setting. Code A17033 A17043 A17034 A17036 A17037

Description 1” Pure Bristle Paint Brush 1 ½” Pure Bristle Paint Brush 2” Pure Bristle Paint Brush 3” Pure Bristle Paint Brush 4” Pure Bristle Paint Brush

Ex VAT £1.62 £2.12 £2.86 £5.58 £8.68

+VAT £1.86 £2.44 £3.29 £6.42 £9.98

Filter Retainer 3m501 (Join 2 Types) New Formula Tar Varnish

White Spirit White Spirit is normally used for thinning oil paints, and other general cleaning purposes. White Spirit may also be used for cleaning the surface of oily timbers prior to the application of paint or varnish. Conforms to BS 245.

Tar based protective coating for stone, metal and previously tarred or well weathered surfaces. Ideal for plinths, external protection for walls, bricks and blocks. Resistant to Petroleum oils/ solvents so ideal for bunding fuel tanks. For external use only and not to be used above lighter surfaces. Code A17007 A17008

Description New Formula Tar Varnish 25L New Formula Tar Varnish 200L

Ex VAT £90.50 £547.20

+VAT £104.08 £629.28

Code A17038

Description White Spirit 2L

Ex VAT £7.90

+VAT £1.73

Ex VAT £1.50

+VAT £1.73

+VAT £5.81

Strong solvent generally used for thinning cellulose paints, cleaning equipment and brushes and removing excess paint. You should always test an inconspicuous area for colour fastness. It has a particularly strong odour and should be handled with care.

A replacement for traditional coal tar creosote. Suitable for rough sawn timbers, including fencing and posts in ground contact. Protects against wood rotting, fungi and surface algae.

Description Dark Brown Creosote Substitute 4L

Ex VAT £1.50

Cellulose Thinners

Dk Brown Creosote Substitute

Code A17001

Ex VAT £5.05

Code Description A22023 Filter Retainer 3m 501 (Join 2 Types)

+VAT £9.09

Code A17030 A17031

Description Cellulose Thinners 2.5ltrs Cellulose Thinners 5ltrs

Ex VAT £9.30 £13.50

+VAT £10.70 £15.53

Particulate Pre Filter (P2sl) Code A22024

Description Particulate Pre Filter (P2sl) 3m

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pest control

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pest control

Strongbox Rat Bait Station Strongbox Rat Bait Station is a universal design for use with any type of rodent bait including bait blocks. Tamper resistant, locks with and allen key and ground anchors. Code A21039

Description Strongbox Rat Bait Station

Ex VAT £17.35

+VAT £19.95

Tom Cat Mouse/rat Station

For safe, effective placement of above rodenticides. A patented design for optimum safety to non-target animals and children. Keeps bait fresh and effective. Code A21012 A21013

Description Tom Cat Mouse Station Tom Cat Rat Station

Ready mixed warfarin based rat bait in easy to handle pre-packed sachets. Unopened sachets should be placed near rat runs, holes etc.

Description Townex Rat Poison (Pack of 25)

Ex VAT £4.79

+VAT £5.50

Code A21005 A21006

Description Tomcat Waxed Rat Blocks 1.8kg Tomcat Waxed Rat Blocks 4kg

Ex VAT £4.28

+VAT £4.92

Code A21016

Description Tomcat Mouse Trap Kit With Gel

Ex VAT £3.47

+VAT £3.99

Code A21034

Description Live Catch Mouse Trap (Twin Pack)

Ex VAT £3.03

+VAT £3.48

Ex VAT £4.28

+VAT £4.92

Ex VAT £3.03

+VAT £3.48

rat and mouse killer bait. An easy to use rodenticide suitable for domestic use.

Code A21038

Description Rat & Mouse Killer Bait 1kg Bucket

Description Quick Click Rat Trap

Ex VAT £5.21

+VAT £5.99

Ex VAT £10.43

+VAT £11.99

Baited Rtu Mouse Trap A pre baited trap with a cheese scent. This trap is spring loaded in a traditional style.

Code A21031 A21030

Description Baited Rtu Mouse Trap Baited Rtu Mouse Trap (Twin Pack)

Ex VAT £3.03 £2.17

+VAT £3.48 £2.50

Live Catch Multi Mouse Trap (Small) The Multicatch trap is designed to capture and hold up to 4 mice at the same time, without harming them. A one-way flap entrance resets itself after being triggered, allowing more mice to enter and be caught.

Code A21035

Description Live Catch Multi Mouse Trap (Small)

Ex VAT £5.21

+VAT £5.99

Dead Or Alive Mouse Trap

This highly versatile mouse trap allows you to choose the humane ‘Trap and Release’ approach, or to kill up to 2 each time. The allen-keyed lid will keep the box securely closed - ensuring the box cannot be accidentally opened if dropped or played with by children. It has 2 self closing entrances which are efficient one-way doors.

This is a powerful new trap which makes it easier than ever to catch and kill rodents. Easy to use set by hand or foot removeable bait cup, re-usable, high impact plastic, rust resistant springs, ideal for use in and around the home and garden. Also suitable for commercial use. Code A21032

+VAT £19.55

Rat & Mouse Killer Bait

Quick Click Rat Trap

Double pack of baited ‘Ready to use’ mouse traps.

Description Quick Click Mouse Trap

+VAT £18.98 £38.18

Ex VAT £17.00

The safe and friendly way to deal with unwanted house guests.This British-designed and manufactured product has been especially developed to cause the least stress and no harm to mice when they are caught.

Quick Click mouse Trap

Code A21033

Description Nooski Rat System

Live Catch Mouse Trap

Set up and dispose of trap without seeing or touching the mouse caught. Trap activation indicator.

Description Revolver Mouse Trap (Twin Pack)

Ex VAT £16.50 £33.20

Tomcat Mouse Trap Kit combines the superior capturing power of Tomcat Mouse Snap Trap with the ultra-effective Tomcat Mouse Attractant Gel. In a single kit, you have the attractant to draw mice to the snap trap which captures them. It couldn’t be easier or more effective.

Revolver Mouse Trap

Code A21036

Code A21007

Tomcat Mouse Trap Kit With Gel

Ideal for capturing the occasional intruder or as part of a more extensive control program. Reusable traps set in one easy motion with your hand or foot. Proven effective and has patented interlocking teeth. Also comes with a removable bait cup.

Description Tomcat Snap Trap x2

+VAT £4.03 £12.65

Tomcat Blocks contain around 15 different rodent attractive food products, carefully blended to make this one of the most attractive poisoned baits for both rats and mice. Blocks also provide gnawing surfaces, combined with extended life, so are useful for outdoor bait stations.

Tomcat Snap Trap

Code A21015

Ex VAT £3.50 £11.00

The Nooski system utilises an expandable rubber latex ring which is rolled and expanded onto the trigger housing. When the rodent enters the tunnel and pushes past the trigger, it releases the firing bolt which in turn fires the ring.

Tomcat Waxed Rat Blocks

Townex Rat Poison

Code A21002

Nooski Rat System

Code A21037

Description Dead Or Alive Mouse Trap

Ex VAT £10.87

+VAT £12.50

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pest control

Tomcat Glue Mouse Trap

Mole Claw Trap

At 3 in. x 4.5 in., Tomcat Mouse Size Glue Traps are the perfect size for use in and around the home. Pre-filled with our exclusive glue formula, the plastic trays are light and flexible to ensure the best possible capture rates. The Tomcat Mouse Size Glue Traps are available in 2 convenient sizes: 2 and 4 packs. Code A21017 A21018

Description Tomcat Glue Mouse Trap x4 Tomcat Glue Mouse Trap x2

Ex VAT £3.50 £3.50

+VAT £4.03 £4.03

30/9/08 Code A21042


Description Squirrel Cage Trap

on S


teria gi

Description Mole Claw Trap

Ex VAT £4.34

Ex VAT £17.35


+VAT £19.95

Rat Cage Trap Humane Live Catch Rat Cage Trap for use inside the house where rats can be a problem as they tend to start chewing electric wiring. This Rat Trap can also be used outdoors in the garden for stopping and getting rid of a rat problem humanely. Full instructions are provided on how to use this Single Live Catch Rat Trap.

Code A21041

Description Rat Cage Trap

Ex VAT £15.22

+VAT £4.99

Code A21045

Description Advanced Pest Repeller

This Rabbit Live Catch Cage Trap will catch and trap live rabbits that are causing a problem in your garden or outside area. This Rabbit Live Catch Cage Trap is made from galvanised steel and is rustproof. The Rabbit Live Catch Cage Trap measures: 67mm x 27mm x 28mm. Code A21043

Description Rabbit Cage Trap

Ex VAT £26.04

+VAT £29.95

Ex VAT £26.04

+VAT £29.95

Solar Powered Mole Repeller

Rabbit Cage Trap

Page 1



Code A21040

Made of galvanised steel which makes it rust proof and long lasting. The Squirrel Live Catch Cage Trap is spring loaded which makes trapping and catching squirrels easy! This Squirrel Live Catch Cage Trap measures: 440mm x 190mm x 190mm.

Effective against rodents and crawling insects combines swept ultra-sound and electromagnetic action In-audible to humans, cats and dogs and safe for use around children.

Simply compress the hand grip to open out the claws, place the trap in the mole run, and check daily. Parted hand grips indicate the trap is sprung.

Squirrel Cage Trap

t 1

Advanced Pest Repeller

The Mole Claw Trap is an easy to set, effective, poison free form of mole control. To maximise catch rates, use one or more traps per 1,000m².

Ideal to scare away without harming the creature.

Code A21046

Description Solar Powered Mole Repeller

Ex VAT £17.35

+VAT £19.95



+VAT £17.50

Sonic Mouse & Rat Repellar The Mouse and Rat Repeller produces over 100 decibels of ultrasound at constantly changing frequencies. Sound is too high for humans, dogs or cats to hear, but which are uncomfortable for rats and mice. Simply plug them into an unobstructed indoor plug socket. Code A21044

Description Sonic Mouse & Rat Repellar

Ex VAT £26.04

+VAT £29.95

Providing disinfection versatility for: ● ● ● ● ●

Livestock Housing PLEASE SPEAK TO ONE Equipment OF OUR SALES TEAM Vehicles MEMBERS FOR INFO & Disinfectant Footdips Water Delivery Systems ADVICE ON WHAT BAITS and Aerial Disinfection & TRAPS TO USE.

rved. The DuPont Oval Logo, DuPont™ and The miracles or trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company trademark of Antec International a DuPont company.

…THE TASTE THEY DIE FOR Use TOMCAT® 2 BLOX™, Pellets & Place PACs for fast, effective rodent control. Containing Bromadiolone, Tomcat® 2 is proven effective on UK farms against rats and mice, even those resistant to some other anticoagulants.

Freephone: 0800 316 8060 for your nearest stockist TOMCAT® 2 contains Bromadiolone. Use pesticides safely and responsibly. Always read the label before you buy. Copyright © 2008 DuPont. All rights reserved. The DuPont Oval Logo and DuPont™, The miracles of science™ are trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. TOMCAT®2 is a registered trademark of Bell Laboratories Inc, USA

DuPont Animal Health Solutions



Unique Formulation


...KILLS IN A SINGLE FEEDING! Jaguar®, with Brodifacoum, is the powerful rodenticide with extra bite to eradicate serious rodent infestations

Freephone: 0800 316 8060

Millions of Pounds Invested in Performance & Safety Testing

Recognised by DEFRA for use in Organic Farming

Wide Range of Disinfection Uses

NaDCC FREE for Improved Solubility

for your nearest stockist

Never use Jaguar® outdoors and always use a tamper resistant bait station whenever safety is of concern. DuPont Animal Health Solutions supports and promotes the responsible use of rodenticides. Contains 0.005% w/w Brodifacoum as a ready to use bait. Always read the label. Use pesticides safely Copyright © 2008 DuPont. All rights reserved. The DuPont Oval Logo and DuPont™, The miracles of science™ are trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. Jaguar® is a trademark of Bell Laboratories Inc, USA

Contact DuPont Animal Health Solutions for your nearest stockist Freephone – 0800 3168060

DuPont Animal Health Solutions Copyright © 2008 DuPont. All rights reserved. The DuPont Oval Logo, DuPont™ and The miracles of science™ are registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. Virkon® S is a registered trademark of Antec International a DuPont company.

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Code A05031

Description Uptite 9.9kg

Ex VAT +VAT £30.40 £34.96

Code Description A05033 Like Ice 2.7kg A05052 Like Ice 11kg

Ex VAT £13.19 £33.96

Ice Clay

Description Ice Clay 4kg Ice Clay 8kg

Ex VAT £15.75 £25.75

+VAT £18.11 £29.61

Code A05032

Description Staysound 11.35kg

+VAT £23.98

Code A05002

Description Radiol B.R.Bone Embrication 500ml

+VAT £29.15

Code A05006

Made in USA as an aid to the relief of temporary muscular soreness and stiffness caused by exposure, overwork or exertion. Applied by rubbing into the skin.

Description Absorbine Vetlin 475ml

Ex VAT £10.00

+VAT £11.50

Code A05022

Description Leg Ice 400g

Ex VAT £6.12

+VAT £20.93

Description Wondergel 500g

Ex VAT £6.80

+VAT £7.82

SHIN-EZE is a gel that works to reduce shin discomfort, which is often associated with exercising and/or competing on hard ground. SHIN-EZE can also be used on young horses that are being worked.

Code A05007

Description Shin-Eze 500g

Description Ex VAT Radiol M-R Muscle Embrocation 500ml £8.55

Ex VAT £16.55

+VAT £19.03

Muscle & Tendon Gel Contains natural menthol, massage well into the affected part where a pleasant cooling and tightening effect will be exeprienced, may be diluted with water and used as a coooling body lotion.

Code A05016

Description Muscle & Tendon Gel 500ml

Ex VAT £6.20

+VAT £7.13

Vetalintex Sterile wound hydrogel maintains a moist wound enivornment. Cleanses contaminated wounds. Apply a sterile dressing such as Skintact or activate single use.

For minor soft swellings, minor bruising and minor strains to tendons and muscle. A soothing embrocation. Use straight from the bottle or diluted as a spirit lotion. Ideal for horses and dogs.

Code A05001

+VAT £7.04


Radiol M-R Muscle Embrocation

Absorbine Vetlin

Code A05003

Soothing and cooling astringent which relieves pain, reduces inflammation, tightens tendons, and gives temporary relief to swollen legs and muscles.

A ideal product for a natural healing process, ingredients include comfrey, a source of Allantoin to aid the growth of new tissue, Rosemary oil to stimulate hair growth and aloe vera to moisturise the skin. An ideal product for every riders first aid kit.

Requires no lay-ups, resting or bandaging and can be used without interruption during showing, conditioning and training. Will not irritate or blister if applied correctly. Applicator brush included. Ex VAT £25.35

Ex VAT £18.20

+VAT £12.88 £48.99

Leg Ice


Formulated for hardened splints and other indications such as curbs, spavins, thoroughpins and windgalls.

Description Splintex Gold 60ml

+VAT £55.20

Ex VAT £11.20 £42.60

An extra strong spirit embroacation fo rthe maintenance of a healthy bone structure for the legs of horses, ideal for use after strenuous exercise.

Splintex GOLD

Code A05027

Description Kaolin Poultice 1kg Kaolin Poultice 4kg

Radiol B.R.Bone Embrication

Total rest of the horse during treatment is very important.

Ex VAT £20.85

Ex VAT £48.00

Formulated for use on fresh splints. Fresh splints may typically be up to 60 days after initial appearance.

Description Splintex Silver 30ml

Code A05043 A05042

The cooling action of staysound is ideal for use on hot tired legs. staysound is ready to use, easy to apply and has a superior longer lasting formula, with no need to wrap or bandage, and is easy to wash off.

Splintex SILVER

Code A05026

+VAT £15.17 £39.05

Uptite can be applied to knees, ankles and tendons to provide temporary relief from heat, inflammation and soreness. Alternatively, a thin layer can be used as an aid in maintaining moisture in the frog and hoof wall.


A protective leg dressing recommended for its cooling effect on shins, tendons, knees & fetlocks are racing or strenuous exercise. A ready mixed blend of selected mineral clays with added Sulphur, Glycerin and Hammels water. Easy to apply, adheres well.

Code A05012 A05010

Kaolin Poultice

Poultice and brace containing Sorboplex, contains tea tree and aloe vera. It is the first ever to combine the cooling benefits of a 24 hour kaolin poultice and a superior tightening brace. It is the first poultice ever to contain mucupolysaccarides, the miracle complex used by top trainser and veterinarians throughout the world, for joint and cartilage integrity.

Uptite can be applied to knees, ankles and tendons to provide temporary relief from heat, inflammation and soreness. Alternatively, a thin layer can be used as an aid in maintaining moisture in the frog and hoof wall.

+VAT £9.83

Code A05018

Description Vetalintex

Ex VAT £2.90

+VAT £3.34



wound care

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WOUND CARE Vet Wound Powder

Ex VAT £3.00 £6.00 £5.60

+VAT £3.45 £6.90 £6.44

Code A06006 A06007

Description Surgical Spirit 500ml Surgical Spirit 2.5L

Ex VAT £5.65

+VAT £6.50

Code A06030

Description Witch Hazel & Arnica Gel 400gm

Ex VAT £17.50

+VAT £20.13

Description Witch Hazel 500ml

Ex VAT £4.40

Ex VAT £6.75

+VAT £7.76

Used for sterilising and cleaning.

Code A15032

Description Hydrogen Peroxide (20 Vol) 2.5ltrs

Description Equicreme 400g

Ex VAT £10.55

An antiseptic healing cream.

+VAT £12.13

Code A06023

Description Derma Gel 100ml

Description Sudocrem 400g

Ex VAT £9.20

+VAT £10.58

Code Description A06034 Dermoline Soothing Wnd Crm 250g

A veterinary grade disinfectant spray containing natural alcohol, tea tree oil and iodine bearing seaweed extract. Used for cleaning and protecting against invasion of germs where there are nicks and scratches.  Leaves a durable trace on sprayed area. Certified effective against fungi, bacteria, viruses, moulds and bacterial spores. Description Medichem Purple

Ex VAT £3.40

+VAT £3.91

An antibacterial astringent for sore and over sensitive mouths and gums.

Code A06031

Description Glymol Mouth Paint 50ml

Description Medichem Wound Cream

Ex VAT £5.95

+VAT £6.84

Ex VAT £3.40

+VAT £3.91

MEDIHEX 4 SCRUB MediHex-4 scrub solution is proven effective against bacterial, fungal and viral microorganisms. Contains 4% chlorhexidine gluconate.

Natural oriental plants extracts with tea tree oil & iodine bearing seaweed extract in a soothing thick cream base. For nicks, abrasions, & other troublesome skin and hair root problems. Useful on minor wounds picked up in muddy conditions. Used as a biocidal barrier and soothing agent. Code A15049

+VAT £10.76

Glymol Mouth Paint



Code A15040

Ex VAT +VAT £9.60 £11.04

Ex VAT £9.36

Dermoline soothing  wound cream soothes cuts and grazes.  Contains Tea-Tree Oil for its anti-bacterial properties and Zinc Oxide which forms a waterproof protective barrier in wet and muddy conditions, whilst allowing the skin to breathe.  Code A06009

+VAT £11.21

Veterinus Derma Gel is a biological micro-active gel for intensive and rapid skin care, ensuring a barrier of protection against bacterial attack and foreign contaminants. Derma Gel is non-mitagenic avoiding hair discolouration on regrowth. Apply Derma Gel three times a day and extend to surrounding areas to prevent ‘proud flesh’.

Dermoline Soothing Wound Cream


Ex VAT £9.75

Derma Gel

Equicreme with zinc,lanolin and tea tree oil provides a barrier to help prevent bacteria from penetrating the skin. It is particularly useful for minor skin problems caused by wet and muddy conditions and aids in the treatment of many topical dermatological conditions including scratches, sores and girth itch. Code A06018

+VAT £5.06

Hydrogen Peroxide (20 Vol)


Green skin ointment with natural Tea Tree Oil and Cod Liver Oil a natural source of vitamins A & D.

Description Dermo-Salve 300g

Code A06010

Soothes and releases excessive heat. Contains Witch Hazel-natures specific application for bruises and Arnica used for centuries hoeopathically and allopathically on strains. In a special slow release get base.


Code A06015

+VAT £3.80 £12.77

Witch Hazel & Arnica Gel

An antiseptic lotion to be used topically on cuts and abrasions. Apply with cotton wool.

Description Vet Iodine Solution 500ml

Ex VAT £3.30 £11.10

Vet Iodine Solution

Code A06011

Stringent lotion applied externally to bruises, sprains and similar wounds.

Spirit for dressing or cleaning wounds.

An antispeptic dry dressing for wounds and saddle sores, cuts, bites, scratches etc. scurfiness and cracked heels.

Code Description A06003 Vet Wound Powder 20mg A06004 Vet Wound Powder 125mg A06026 Black Antiseptic Wound Powder 120mg

Witch Hazel

Surgical Spirit

Code Description A15999 MediHex-4 500ml A15999 MediHex-4 5L

Ex VAT £6.00 £35.00

+VAT £6.90 £40.25

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wound care

Aloe Vera Purple Spray

Aeroclens Aerosol

Code A06008

Description Aeroclens Aerosol 150gm

Ex VAT £7.30

+VAT £8.40

Code A06020

Description Aloe Vera Purple Spray 240ml

Ex VAT £2.95

+VAT £3.39

Code A06012

Description Active Wash

Ex VAT £13.95

+VAT £16.04

Code A06041

Description Muddy Marvel De-Scab

Ex VAT £11.71 £14.37

+VAT £13.47 £16.53

Code A06044

Description 7 Day Mud Away 500ml

Ex VAT £7.10

Ex VAT £7.70

+VAT £8.17

+VAT £7.76

Code A06037

Description Seal To Heal 100ml

+VAT £8.86

+VAT £8.86

Description M R S Ointment 500gm

Ex VAT £15.00

+VAT £17.25

Ex VAT £9.75

+VAT £11.21

Muddy Marvel Disinfect

High strength broad spectrum disinfectant containing a range of researched actives that effectively control the offending bacteria dermatophilus congolensis - the aggressive bacteria responsible for mud related skin conditions. Designed to be used immediately after scabs have been removed. Code A06042

Description Muddy Marvel Disinfect

Ex VAT £6.45

+VAT £7.42

Protocon Ointment An antiseptic lotion to be used topically on cuts and abrasions. Apply with cotton wool.

Code A04011

Description Protocon Ointment 500gm

Ex VAT £10.70

+VAT £12.31

Mud Shield Powder

A mud fever cream which acts as a barrier as well as a healing aid.

Code A04045

+VAT £9.74

Seal to Heal is a hygienic spray on wound dressing which protects the wound during its natural healing process.

M R S Ointment

A soothing heel ointment which aids disinfectant. Provides water resistant barrier against mud and wet conditions, so preventing wetting or chapping.

Description Radiol Mud Fever Ointment 400gm

Ex VAT £7.70

Ex VAT £8.47

Seal To Heal

Prevents mud from attaching and penetrating the horses coat and hair for up to seven days. Any dried on mud easily brushes out leaving the coat soft and smooth, also provides a barrier against mud related conditions. Supplied in a handy trigger spray. Safe to use around the head and face area.

Radiol M-F Ointment

Code A04026

Description M.S.M Ointment 250gm

7 Day Mud Away

A leave-on water based spray containing coat conditioners, anti-fungal and bacterial ingredients. After shampooing the horse with Fungatrol Shampoo, spray the horse daily with Fungatrol Spray until the skin condition is cleared up.

Description Fungatrol Spray 360ml Fungatrol Cream 400ml

Code A06021

A highly penetrative solution to soften and lift scabs prior to disinfection associated with Mud Fever.


Code A06039 A06040

+VAT £7.25

Muddy Marvel De-Scab

Water resistant barrier cream to inhibit the entry of mud, water and bacteria. This unique formula allows the skin to breathe whilst retaining its elasticity. It also soothes, disinfects and assists in skin re-growth and provides waterproof protection for up to seven days. Description Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream

Ex VAT £6.75

Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream

Code A06043

Ex VAT £6.30

An anti-bacterial cleanser for the management of common equine skin conditions.

Extensively used as a protective coating for superficial wounds or damaged skin.

Description White Petroleum Jelly 450gm

M.S.M organic sulphur and zinc oxide in a lanolin base, for sore or chaffed skin or grazes. Protects vulnerable heels from wet.

Active Wash

White Petroleum Jelly

Code A06005

M.S.M Ointment

A spray for minor cuts and grazes in a nonaerosol dispenser, so no alarming hiss.

Aerosol spray of antiseptic lotion with blue marker dye for not only treating wounds, cuts or other superficial injuries and general infections, but also being able to see the area which has been treated.

A special waterproofing and disinfecting powder for horses legs, stops skin from softening so that mud particles are unable to enter skin pores and hair follicles. A complete protection for sensitive skin that is affected by mud and water. Code A04052

Description Mud Shield Powder 450g

Ex VAT £9.03

+VAT £10.38



bandages & Dressings

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Gamgee Tissue

Cold Compress

General use surgical dressing consisting of crisp cotton wool enclosed in a tubular gauze. Use to protect and support legs and fetlocks during training on hard ground. Also effective as protection against bumps during transport.

The cold compress is a 2 in 1 re-usable compress formulated to provide drug free relief for aches, pains, swellings and minor injuries. Code A16039 A16047 S00251

Description Small Cold Compress Large Cold Compress 35 x 37cm HR Ice Boot (with 2 ice packs)

Ex VAT £5.30 £12.00 £36.50

+VAT £6.10 £13.80 £41.98

10cm X 10cm Melolin Pack

Code Description A16002E 12” Gamgee Tissue A16004E 18” Gamgee Tissue

Ex VAT £6.42 £6.31

+VAT £7.38 £7.26


Non adherent dressing. Apply the shiny side to the wound and attach with adhesive tape or cover with Vetrap or Vet Flex.

Ready to use after wetting veterinary poultice/dressing for treatment of congestion, inflammation, septic poisin, skin disorders and antiseptic treatment of open wounds.

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT A16033 10cm X 10cm Melolin Pack (Pk of 100) £58.55 £67.33

Code A05020E A05020 A05024

Description Animalintex Animalintex (Box of 10) Animalintex Hoof Size Per 3


Ex VAT £0.25 £24.68

+VAT £0.29 £28.38

Code A16050

Description Latex Bandage

Ex VAT £6.05

Ex VAT £4.50

+VAT £5.18

Description Cotton Wool Single Roll (Vetpax)

+VAT £6.96

Description Bonner Bandage

Ex VAT £35.00

+VAT £40.25

+VAT £4.03

Washable pads used for protection under bandages when travelling. Supports and protects horse’s tendons, remains fully resilient whether wet or dry. The shaped variety are supplied with anchor straps to retain pad whilst bandaging. Code A16009 A16010 A16066 A16068

Description Felt & Foam Leg Pads 12” x 18’’ (Pair) Fybagee Leg Pads 20” x 20” (Pair) Fybagee Shaped Hind Leg Pads (Pair) Fybagee Shaped Fore Leg Pads (Pair)

Ex VAT £4.10 £7.85 £8.90 £7.90

+VAT £4.72 £9.03 £10.24 £9.09

Koolpak (Instant Cold Compress) Fast, effective essential cold treatment for tendon injuries, inflammation, knocks, strains, bruises, swellings. Convenient to use as it conforms easily around limbs. Instant cold therapy - does not need refrigeration. Does not cause freeze burns. Can be applied directly to skin.

Code A16030

Description Koolpak (Instant Cold Compress)

Ex VAT £2.00

+VAT £2.30

Vet Tissue 2 ply highly absorbent tissue which will not disintegrate in water. Complete box 18 rolls.

Effective method of applying both compression and cold to injuries. Just immerse in water then freeze for about 15 minutes. Treated area remains cold for up to 30 minutes after the bandage has been removed.

Code A16049

Ex VAT £3.50

Fybagee Leg Pads

Bonner Bandage

75mm in diameter, self-adhesive discs made from super tough plastic. Designed to be applied over Vetrap or Equsport on the back of horses legs to prevent abrasion and damage when leg may touch the track surface. Particularly useful for combating the problem when it occurs on allweather tracks. Pack of 4.

Description Rundown Patch (Pack of 4)

Code A16017

Resists abrasion, 100% waterproof. No fastenings required. The best wet-back bandage. Completely unaffected by water. No mesh or weave to become clogged with mud.

Rundown Patch

Code A16053

+VAT £4.42 £44.16 £5.00

Veterinary quality cotton wool at an economical price. Complete box consists of 18 rolls.

Latex Bandage

Skintact is a dual-sided, low-adherent perforated film dressings. Protective dressing for low to medium exudating wounds. Double sided for ease of use. Highly conformable. Sterile.

Code Description A05054E Skintact A05054 Skintact (Box of 100)

Ex VAT £3.84 £38.40 £4.35

Cotton Wool Single Roll (Vetpax)

Code Description A16008E Vet Tissue A16008 Vet Tissue (Box of 18)

Ex VAT £2.83 £50.90

+VAT £3.25 £58.54

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bandages & dressings

pillow wrap

POLO Bandages The original American polo bandage, with extra strong velcro fastening. They wash extremely well. Offered in a selection of colours. Set of 4 colours, royal, red, navy, black, burgundy and yellow. Code A16036

Description Polo Bandages Set of 4

Ex VAT £21.45

+VAT £24.67

The ultimate wraps for use under stable or travel bandages.

Code A16032 A16029

Description 12’’ Pillow Wrap (Pair) 14’’ Pillow Wrap (Pair)

+VAT £7.10 £42.61

Code Description A16020E Crepe Bandages A16020 Crepe Bandages (Pack of 12)

Ex VAT £4.25

+VAT £4.89

Code A16019

Description Standing Wraps Set Of 4

Combi BAndAges (Fleece/Cotton)

Ex VAT £2.43 £29.15

+VAT £2.80 £33.52

Code A16027

+VAT £12.71

Ex VAT £16.75

+VAT £19.26

Description Adhesive Bandage Tape

Ex VAT £1.10

+VAT £1.27

Description Equisport Bandages

Ex VAT £91.25

+VAT £104.94

Available in a wide range of colours to order, but available as a stock line in navy, red, black and burgundy. 4 metres long x 10 cms wide with velcro closure, one way stretch. Pack of two.

Code A16031

Description Ex VAT Travel & Stable Bandages 4m (Per Pair) £9.60

+VAT £11.04

Exercise Bandage (Velcro Closure)

Roll of adhesive (insultating type) tape, each 19mm wide x 33m long, red, blue, white, black or yellow.

Code A16037

+VAT £3.38

Travel & Stable Bandages

Adhesive Bandage Tape

Combination Bandages - this innovative combination of elastic and fleece allows for direct application onto the leg without causing irritation and offers maximum absorption and support.

Code Description Ex VAT A16018 Combi (Fleece/Cotton) Bndges Per Pair £11.05

Ex VAT £2.94

Elastic type bandage used for leg support. Stabilises the gait on fatigued horses and does not loosen over time. No clips are required to keep this bandage in place. Ideal for racing.

Bandages used to support the horses leg whilst resting in the stable.

(75mm wide) 100% cotton bandage, ideal for protecting the tail when travelling. Various colours available.

Description Tail Bandage 3” (Tie Closure)

Description Vetrap Bandages

Equisport Bandages

Standing Wraps

Tail Bandage (Tie Closure)

Code A16048

Code A16024

Non-adhesive flesh coloured cotton crepe bandages, 4” wide x 15ft long approx. Individually wrapped.

3” wide adhesive strapping in rolkls 4.5m long.

Ex VAT £6.18 £37.05

+VAT £11.50 £13.80

A self adhering, lightweight, water shedding bandage which will not stick to the skin. White, red, blue or black.

Crepe Bandages


Code Description A16016E Elastoplast A16016 Elastoplast (Pack of 6)

Ex VAT £10.00 £12.00

Vetrap Bandages

85% cotton, 15% elastic. Available in various colours, 100mm.

Code A16051

Description Ex VAT Exercise Bandage 4” (Velcro Closure) £4.60

+VAT £5.29




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The UK’s best selling generalpurpose brushing boot.

One of the original, best selling general-purpose brushing boots.

Made from 5.5 mm PX closed cell neoprene with hard wearing PVC striking pad with added padding. Stitching is recessed for longer life. Light and flexible even when wet, Club Brushing Boots do not retain water.

• 5.5 mm breathable neoprene with nylon jersey lining for comfort • Hard wearing PVC striking pad with added padding • Ergonomic design to ensure good fit to leg • Durable nylon binding • Recessed stitching for longer life • Light and flexible even when wet – does not retain water • High density single lock straps

The high density, single touch and close straps are secure yet easy to adjust.

Code S00086

Description Club Brushing Boot

Ex VAT £17.39

+VAT £20.00

Code S00085

Description Brushing Boot with Double Velcro

front spORts medicine boot

Description Front Spts. Medicine Boot (Elite) Hind Spts. Medicine Boot (Elite) Hind Spts. Medicine Boot (Elite)

Ex VAT £80.00 £80.00 £133.04

+VAT £92.00 £92.00 £153.00

• 5.5 mm PX closed cell neoprene • Internal PU batons for extra protection against strike injuries • Hard wearing PVC back striking pad with added padding • Recessed stitching for longer life • Light and flexible even when wet, does not retain water • High density, single lock straps, secure yet easy to adjust

Code S00520

Description Club Tendon Boot

Ex VAT £17.39

Melton type cloth pad measuring approx 7” high x 9” wide, fitted with tie straps behind. When secured the outer is folded over to provide extra protection.

• 5.5 mm PX closed cell neoprene • Hard wearing PVC striking pad with added padding • Recessed stitching for longer life • Light and flexible even when wet, does not retain water • High density single lock strap

Ex VAT £12.17

+VAT £14.00

+VAT £20.00


General purpose schooling / show jumping boot to protect the hind fetlock.

Description Club Fetlock Boot

+VAT £29.99

Brand new general-purpose tendon boot with open front. Ideal for everyday schooling and show jumping.

CLUB fetlock boot

Code S00521

Ex VAT £26.08

club tendon boot

These revolutionary boots are manufactured of top quality neoprene with ultra- shock lining and have achieved an energy absorption rate of 24.5%. The fabric is fourway stretch so that the boot can be put on as snugly as possible becoming similar to a second skin. The all around protection and support provided by the boots makes them ideal for all equestrian disciplines from basic training upwards. They are also extrmely useful as an addition to the treatment regime for horses with lower limb problems, providing both support as well as protection. Colours available: Black, navy, royal blue, red and green.

Code S00270 S00271 S00272

Code S00216

Description Yorkshire Boots (Per Pair)

Ex VAT £10.90

+VAT £12.54

LARGE SAUSAGE BOOT (SHOE BOIL BOOT) Used to stop horses biting bandages on legs, etc.


Designed to provide additional protection to the pastern from awkward knocks and injuries. Manufactured using breathable neoprene to allow air to circulate and help keep. Pastern area cool. Plush outer finish for unlimited strap adjustment and a secure fit. High density Touch & Close Strap Code S00569

Description Pastern Wrap (Per Pair)

Ex VAT £8.69

+VAT £9.99

Code S00241

Description Large Sausage Boot (Shoe Boil Boot)

Ex VAT £15.23

+VAT £17.51

sales 01638 664619



woolen back knee boot

Brand new generalpurpose overreach boot designed to protect your horse during everyday schooling and competition work. Antispin device located in heel area.

Moulded and stitched leather knee protection boot with woollen backing. Leather strap fastening.

Code S00177

Description Woolen Back Knee Boot

Ex VAT £64.00

+VAT £73.60

Code S00522

Description Club Overreach Boot

Ex VAT £14.00

+VAT £16.10

+VAT £20.00

High quality protection for the hock in the stable or whilst travelling. Suitable for use alone or under travel boots. Breathable neoprene to allow air to circulate. Made from a durable heavy nylon knit which resists abrasion. Reinforced back seam. 3 wide high density single lock straps. Code S00261

Description Woof Wear Hoch Boot


The Newmarket tail guard is designed to stay in place and protect the tail on horse-box journeys. It has elasticated velcro straps to achieve a tight fit to the tail and is soft to the horse’s buttocks and the inner material holds to the tail to avoid slipping. Light compact and highly recommended. Code S00195

Description Travel Tail

Ex VAT £9.25

+VAT £10.64

Neoprene wrap around boot with nylon pouch that contains one flexible cold compress. Pack is supplied with one extra cold compress so whilst one is in use the spare can be frozen ready to apply. For extra Ice Packs see page 102.

Code S00251

Description Ice Boot Complete with 2 Ice Packs

SMALL sausage boot


Description Velcro Overreach Boots

Ex VAT £10.10

+VAT £11.62

trizone overreach boot

Super-tough, waterproof and rot-proof. Integrated protective heel pad. Shock absorbant foam lining. Anti-Spin Heel Button. Strap tabs for easy removal.

Code S00091

Description Trizone Overreach Boot

Ex VAT +VAT £23.79 £27.36

Code S00253

Description Small Sausage Boot

Ex VAT £7.32

+VAT £8.42

Code S00178

Description Foam Travelling Boots (Per Pair)

Quick wrap bell overreach boots

Amigo travel boots

Code S00247

Code H00123

The Quick Wrap Bell Boots will not spin or chafe and they provide 360o of protection to reduce interference injuries. The boots are lined with Ultra Shock and double layered in the back of the hoof to absorb high levels of energy. The Quick Wrap Bell Boots prevent bruising while protecting the bulb, coronet band and hoof. Description Quick Wrap Bell Overreach Boots

Ex VAT +VAT £33.04 £38.00

+VAT £41.98

Another product manufactured in our workshops. PVC outer with 1” thick protective foam pad slotted in (remove for washing). Velcro strap fastening.

Sizes: Mediuim, Large and X Large.

Code S00242

Ex VAT £36.50


Tubular rubber ring with leather strap and buckle.

Rubber overreach boot with quick velcro fastening. Available in black or white.

Ex VAT +VAT £19.56 £22.49

Travel tail

Beautifully made double stitched and felt lined leather poll guard (bumper) with loops for attaching to head collar.

Description Poll Guards

Ex VAT £17.39

poll guards

Code S00198

woof ware hock boot

Ex VAT +VAT £13.20 £15.18

Tough outer shell, wide 3 strap design, fleece lined with easy to clean nylon strip around bottom, colours to coordinate with Amigo Range.

Description Amigo Travel Boots

Ex VAT +VAT £26.50 £30.48




sales 01638 664619


nylon foal hAlter

A fully adjustable, foal headcollar in nylon. Small, Large.

Code S00479

Description Nylon Foal Halter

Ex VAT £4.70

+VAT £5.41


A fully adjustable, economy grade, headcollar in nylon suitable for sales & shipping. Size: cob or full size.

Code S00013

Description Economy Nylon Headcollar Cob/Full

Ex VAT £4.50

+VAT £5.18

cushion web padded headcollar

Fully adjustable nylon headcollar with padded lining for comfort. Brass fittings and eyelets. 3 sizes available: Pony, Cob and Full Size. Assorted colours. Code S00316 S00315

Description Cushion Web Padded Headcollar Webbing Foal H/Collar Small or Large

Ex VAT £13.30 £8.50

+VAT £15.30 £9.78

sheepskin headcollar protector set Fleece style padding to prevent rubbing and sores.

Code Description S00189 Sheepskin Headcollar Protector Set

COTTAGE CRAFT adjustable headcollar

Horseware headcollar

Code S00017

Code Description S00097 Horseware Headcollar

A fully adjustable cottage craft headcollar in nylon. Better quality than economy range with longer lifespan. Size: Pony, Cob, Full Size. Description Nylon Adjustable Headcollar All Sizes

Ex VAT £12.45

+VAT £14.32

Ex VAT £25.00

+VAT £28.75

Nylon headcollar with velvet padding on headpiece and noseband. Quick release clip on cheek. Adjustable noseband. Ex VAT £11.06

+VAT £12.72

name plates copper rivets per 100 Rivets for attaching brass name plates to headcollars.

Code Description S00303 Copper Rivets Per 100

Ex VAT +VAT £5.00 £5.75

Revolving hole punch

Popular model - bright zinc plated punch, ideal standby for punching extra holes in saddlery etc. 6 different sized holes can be programmed by turning the head: cuts down onto brass to avoid blunting each punch.

Code Description S00289 Revolving Hole Punch

standard brass nameplate

Solid brass nameplates, engraved to instructions (price includes engraving), supplied with two copper rivets for fixing (foal disc with split ring). Prompt service - usually despatched within 72 hours of receiving the order. Code S00020 S00019 S00360 S00021 S00190 S00361

Description Stallion Plate Standard Brass Nameplate Breeding plate Foal Breeding Disc Foal Name Disc Pet Disc

Ex VAT £5.00 £3.10 £3.75 £3.20 £2.90 £2.65

+VAT £5.75 £3.57 £4.31 £3.68 £3.34 £3.05

Ex VAT £14.46

+VAT £16.63

plastic ID tad c/w sPLIT ring

Plastic tags available in red, organge, green, blue and yellow, supplied with a split ring for attaching to headcollar. Simply write identification onto tag with permanent pen. Code Description S00090 Plastic ID Tag c/w Split Ring S00084 ID Tag Perma Pen

Ex VAT +VAT £1.05 £1.21 £7.35 £8.45

sales 01638 664619


1st foal brass mOUNtEd hEADcollar

Fully adjustable. Brass fittings. Will suit from newborn up to approx. 4 months.

Code S00002

Description 1st Foal Brass MTD H/Collar

Ex VAT £19.30

+VAT £22.20

2nd foal headcollar brass fittings

Fully adjustable. Brass fittings. Will suit from approx. 4 - 8 months.

Code Description S00006 2nd Foal Headcollar Brass Fittings

Buckle adjustment and catching strap. Lightweight. Brass fittings.

Fully adjustable. Brass fittings.

Code S00202

Code S00010

Ex VAT +VAT £13.35 £15.35


Same size as S00012 but without adjustment on nose. Brass fittings.

Code S00014

Description Mares Flat Throat H/C Brass Fittings

+VAT £26.16

Ex VAT £27.90

+VAT £32.09

Description Yearling Headcollar Brass Fittings

Ex VAT £27.10

Fully adjustable. Brass fittings. Will suit from approx. 8 - 12 months.

Code S00008

Description 3rd Foal Headcollar Brass Fittings

Fully adjustable horse in training headcolar with brass fittings.

+VAT £31.17

Code Description S00012 H.i.T Headcollar Brass Fittings


stallion h/c brass fittings

Code S00043

Code Description S00016 Stallion H/C Brass Fittings, Triple Stit

Same size as S00014 but with rounded throat lash and American “D”s. Brass fittings.

Description Ex VAT Mare Headcollar with Rounded Throat £33.50

Ex VAT +VAT £23.85 £27.43

h.i.t headcollar brass fittings

yearling headcoolar brass fittings


Description Leather Foal Slip

Ex VAT £22.75

3rd foal headcollar brass fittings

+VAT £38.53

Ex VAT £26.60

+VAT £30.59

Best quality, hand stitched stallion headcollar. Double buck headpiece with rounded throat lash and triple stitched cheek pieces. American “D”s and brass fittings. Ex VAT £69.55

+VAT £79.98

PLEASE SPECIFY SIZES WHEN ORDERING WHERE REQUIRED Any advice, statements or other information expressed in this Horse Requisites catalogue are those of the manufacturers / agents. Horse Requisites Ltd is not responsible or liable for any product in this catalogue meeting Jockey Club regulations or FEI rules.



An economy copy of our horses in training headcollar in a lower grade leather.

An economy copy of our yearling headcollar in a lower grade leather.

Code S00013

Code Description Ex VAT S00011 Ecomony Leather H/Collar Yearling Size £13.57

Description Ecomony Leather H/Collar H.I.T Size

Ex VAT +VAT £13.00 £14.95

+VAT £15.61



lead & LUNGE reins

sales 01638 664619

lead & LUNGE reins lead reins

A B C D lead reinS - (All Approx length 1.8m)


A - S00624 - Soft rope lead rein with brass swivel trigger fitted one end. No hand loop. B - R00006 - Soft rope lead rein with loop end but no hand loop. C - R00015 - Cushion Web machine washable lead rein, hand loop, brass swivel trigger. D - R00005 - Plaited cotton lead rein with brass swivel trigger fitted one end. Code S00624 R00006 R00015 R00005

Description Cushion Web Lead Rein 6ft Loop End Lead Rein Plaitedlead Rein with Snap Hook 6ft Lead Rop Clip End

Ex VAT £3.95 £3.80 £3.30 £6.00

Approx 3m length overall. Complete with hand loop and either 24” or 30” brass chain with trigger clip and swivel.

+VAT £4.54 £4.37 £3.80 £6.90

12’ WEb lead rein + 24” brass chain

Made to order, usually 2.75m. Made from 32mm best quality tubular cotton, with a hand loop, brass chain and trigger clip.

Code S00104

Description 12’ Web Lead Rein + 24” Brass Chain

Ex VAT £26.20

+VAT £30.13


7.2m long made from Tactile material supplied complete with swivel, leather buckle fastening and hand loop.

Code S00349

Description 24ft Tactile Lunge Rein

Ex VAT £23.80

+VAT £27.37

Code S00102 S00100 S00101

Description 9ft White Web Lead Rein Leather Lead Rein + 24” Brass Chain Leather Lead Rein + 30” Brass Chain

Ex VAT £23.45 £27.90 £29.65

+VAT £26.97 £32.09 £34.10

cushion web lunge rein & swivel CLIP

7.2m cushion web lunge rein with brass trigger clip and swivel one end and hand loop. Approx 20mm wide.

Code S00625

Description Cushion Web Lunge Rein & Swivel

Ex VAT £15.60

+VAT £17.94


7.2m long made from tubular cotton supplied complete with swivel, leather buckle fastening and hand loop. The prefered choice by proffessionals.

Code S00040

Description 24ft Cotton Lunge Rein

Ex VAT £40.50

+VAT £46.58

sales 01638 664619

lead reins

poly rope

lead rein material on a roll

This soft lead reain material is the most economical. Can be cut by customer to required length. Available in black, brown or blue. 40m per roll.

Plaited nylon rope with 90kg. Breaking strain. 30m. Rolls.

Code R00012

Description Poly Rope and Cushion Web Lunge

Ex VAT £7.00

+VAT £8.05

Code R00013

Description Lead Rein Material on a Roll (40.5m)

Ex VAT £34.60

+VAT £39.79

h.i.t coupling leather lead rein

BRass chain

Brass chains for use as replacements or to make up one’s own leads. D ring one end, trigger clip the other.

Approx. 3m. Long leather lead rein, stitched handle and brass fittings. Designed to go through bit rings for maximum even control when leading racehorses.

Code S00103 S00191 S00192

Code S00105

Description Leather Coated 30” Brass Chain 24” Solid Brass Chain with Trigger 30” Solid Brass Chain with Trigger

Ex VAT £19.45 £10.80 £12.90

+VAT £22.37 £12.42 £14.84

Description H.I.T Coupling Leather Lead Rein

Ex VAT £25.50

+VAT £29.33


stallion leather lead & covered chain

The same as our leather lead and chain but with a leather cover for the chain to make it more humane.

Code S00194

Description Stallion Leather Lead & Covered Chain

Ex VAT £45.00

+VAT £51.75


A/ A leightweight rack chain fitted with anti-panic clips. 1070mm long. B/ Similar specification rack chain is also available in half length, both come in a plastic sleeve. C/ Bungee Tie is elasticated with an anti-panic hook at both ends. Code ES0255 ES0296 ES0024

Description A/ Full Rack Chain Chain B/ Half Length Rack - Bestseller C/ Bungee Tie

Ex VAT £23.40 £19.05 £10.60

+VAT £26.91 £21.91 £12.19



muzzles / collars & MASKS

sales 01638 664619

muzzles / collars & MASKS lead reins nylon foal muzzle size with web straps

wooden cradle

Wooden neck cradle with leather straps. Used to prevent horse worrying a bandaged leg etc.

Durable brown plastic muzzle with 3 nylon straps for attaching to headcollar.

Code S00111

Description Nylon Foal Muzzle with Web Straps

Ex VAT £6.46

+VAT £7.43

Code S00114

Description Wooden Cradle

Ex VAT £20.00

leather foal muzzle

plastic muzzle

Leather muzzle with leather straps, suitable for foals only.

Durable brown nylon muzzle with a choice of leather straps or nylon webbing straps.

Code S00106 S00107 S00502

Description Plastic Muzzle with Nylon Straps Plastic Muzzle with Leather Straps Large Muzzle - Plastic

Ex VAT £8.75 £15.05 £12.00

+VAT £10.06 £17.31 £13.80

Code S00109

Description Leather Foal Muzzle

Ex VAT £15.10


Description Nylon Grass Muzzle

Ex VAT £12.00

+VAT £13.80

Chrome leather muzzle with leather strap and bar bottom to enable the horse to drink.

Code S00110

Description Bottom Bar Leather Muzzle


Description Plastic Bib with Leather Straps

Ex VAT £14.70

+VAT £16.91

Ex VAT £72.00

+VAT £82.80

All leather clothing bib

Designed to discourage the horse tearing its rugs, whilst still enabling it to feed and drink normally. Made in a durable brown plastic fitted with leather straps.

Code S00112

+VAT £17.37


A nylon muzzle to restrict grazing. Especially useful for lamenitics.

Code S00126

+VAT £23.00

Designed to discourage horse from tearing it’s rugs. Made from chrome leather, complete with straps for attaching to a headcollar.

Code S00113

Description All Leather Clothing Bib

Ex VAT £21.50

+VAT £24.73

sales 01638 664619

muzzles / collars & MASKS

net muzzle with fixing straps

net relief muzzle

Effective relief from the symptoms of head shaking

Complete with 3 fixing straps. Used in racing to stop horses pulling or biting.

Improves 79% of sufferers (Clinical Trials - De Montfort University, UK). Totally unobtrusive and permitted by British Dressage and British Eventing for use in competition.

Code S00312

Description Net Muzzle with Fixing Straps

Ex VAT £15.75

+VAT £18.11

Code S00166

Description Net Relieft Muzzle

Nutcracker cribbing strap

Description Nutcracker Cribbing Strap

Ex VAT £7.50

+VAT £8.63

Now there is a humane and effective way to keep all horses of any breed or discipline, young or old, from the annoying, expensive and potentially harmful vice of cribbing. Miracle Collar allows it to be worn comfortably and will apply pressure only to the larynx when the horse begins to crib. Since this pinpointed pressure only occurs when cribbing is attempted, the horse can wear the Miracle Collar without pain or discomfort while drinking, eating, grazing or even whilst being ridden. Available in different sizes: s, m, l. Code S00304 S00306

Description Leather USA Cribbing Collar Fleece Cover for Miracle Collar

sunblock muzzle

Description Sunblock Muzzle

Ex VAT £10.86

+VAT £12.49

Code A14033

Description Fly mask

Ex VAT £12.72

+VAT £14.63

Ex VAT £23.79

+VAT £27.36


A mask to prevent fly irritation and headshaking, caused by it whilst riding.

Description Riding Fly Mask

+VAT £52.33 £13.23

Used as a field protector against fly irritation.

riding fly mask

Code A14034

Ex VAT £45.50 £11.50

fly mask

Designed to prevent sunburn on horses with sensitive skin on the muzzle.

Code A14032

+VAT £27.36

leather USa cribbing collar

Adjustable nylon strap with alloy nutcracker.

Code S00115

Ex VAT £23.79

A mask to prevent fly irritation and headshaking caused by it when riding. With added ear protection.

Code A14035

Description Riding Fly Mask with Ears

Ex VAT £23.78

+VAT £27.35




sales 01638 664619

bridles / MARTINGALES & BREAST GIRTHS lead reins

kineton leather noseband

Kineton nosebands are very good for strong pulling horses, as the aid is transferred to the nose in a similar fashion to the popular combination bit. Code S00064

Description Kineton Leather Noseband

Ex VAT £36.00

+VAT £41.40

Plastic covered noseband

These leather nosebands and browbands can be covered in either nylon or PVC to match owner’s colours. The PVC type is ideal for use on sand tracks as it will sponge clean. Code Description S00567 Plastic Covered Noseband S00568 Plastic Covered Browband

Ex VAT +VAT £29.50 £33.93 £17.00 £19.55

web breastgirth with elastic insert

2” web breastgirth with elastic insert and nylon straps. Fully adjustable. Code Description S00519 Web Breastgirth with Elastic Insert

Ex VAT +VAT £25.30 £29.10

Elastic b/girth with nylon straps

To match S00430 & S00431 surcingle. Weight approx 300g. Sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Colours: blue/ grey/white or red/grey/white.

3/4” rubber reins buckle billet

Leather reins with buckle end and 30” x 3/4” long rubber hand grips fitted - our most popular reins. Code S00290 S00163

Description 3/4” Rubber Reins Buckle Billet Rein Stops (Per Pair)

Ex VAT £27.00 £1.60

+VAT £31.05 £1.84

This can be used with a novice horse or rider for extra support and safety.

Description Leather Neck Strap

Ex VAT £6.30

+VAT £7.25

leather standing martingle & neckstrap For control of the horses head without applying pressure to the bit. Not for use when jumping.

Code S00053

Strong webbing with buckle end girth loops.

Sheepskin breast girth sleeve Code S00275

Description Webdraw Reins

Ex VAT £5.50

+VAT £6.33

Description Ex VAT Leater Standing Martingle & Neckstrap £27.00

+VAT £31.05

Code S00560

Description Sheepskin Breast Girth Sleeve

Ex VAT £16.81

+VAT £19.33

leather irish martingale

plastic bib martingale


Code S00196

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT S00507 2” All Elastic B/Girth with Nylon Straps £22.55 £25.93 S00508 1” All Elastic B/Girth with Nylon Straps £22.90 £26.34 S00509 1.25” All Elastic B/Girth with Nylon Straps £22.90 £26.34

web draw reins

A bib martingale as used in the training of racehorses but in synthetic material for easy cleaning and hygiene.

Also known as race rings. This leather martingale keeps the reins together and stops them flying over the horses head in the event of a fall.

Code S00054

Code S00332

Description Plastic Bib Martingale

Ex VAT +VAT £24.00 £27.60

leather running martingle & neckstrap The running martingale is designed to prevent the horse from getting his head above the angle of control.

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT S00055 Leather Running Martingle & Neckstrap £27.25 £31.34 S00164 Martingale Stops (Per Pair) £1.50 £1.73

Description Leather Irish Martingale

Ex VAT £6.30

+VAT £7.25

bib martingale & neckstrap

Leather Bib Martingale complete with neck strap.

Code S00056

Description BIB Martingale & Neckstrap

Ex VAT £20.10

+VAT £23.12

sales 01638 664619



Breaking bridle without bit

Leather exercise bridle with plain cavesson noseband, browband and 3/4” rubber grip reins.

Leather Breaking Bridle, Suitable for use with S00131 Breaking Bit (supplied separately). Available in one size to suit thoroughbred yearlings.

The bridle is supplied with or without a loose ring jointed race snaffle with buckle ends on the reins, cheek pieces unless otherwise requested. Available in standard thoroughbred, small thoroughbred/arab size.

Code S00022 S00065

Description Exercise Bridle & Reins with bit Exercise Bridle & Reins no bit

Ex VAT £80.10 £66.00

+VAT £92.12 £75.90

Code S00036

Description Breaking Bridle without Bit

Mare leading-out bridle with no bit

Ex VAT £24.00

+VAT £27.60

hackamore bridle

Operates on a leverage system and can exert very strong pressure on the nose and jaw. These bridles require very sensitive, skilled handling from a rider of a standard required to use a double bridle properly, to avoid bruising (or more severe damage) to nose and jaw.

This economy bridle has no noseband and has simple leather reins. It is designed mainly for leading mares around the stud (NOT SUITABLE FOR RIDING IN). Bit not included.

Consists of an ordinary headpiece with cheekpieces and throat lash and padded nosepiece with a backstrap or curbstrap, and 3/4” rubber rein.

Code S00024

Description Mare Leading-out Bridle No Bit

Ex VAT £31.10

+VAT £35.77

Code S00182

Description Hackamore Bridle


Description Fancy Stitched Caveson Noseband

Ex VAT £18.90

+VAT £21.74

To prevent horses opening or crossing their jaw, for use with snaffle only. Available in cob or full size.

Code S00061

Description Drop Noseband

grackle noseband

Description Grackle Noseband

Ex VAT £16.00

+VAT £18.40

Ex VAT £14.50

+VAT £16.68

leather plain caveson noseband

Leather noseband to prevent jaw crossing. Available in cob or full size.

Code S00062

+VAT £90.56

drop noseband

Used with race bridle. Available in cob or full size.

Code S00060

Ex VAT £78.75

The traditional noseband for a horses bridle. Available in cob or full size.

Code S00058

Description Leather Plain Caveson Noseband

Ex VAT £23.00

+VAT £26.45



breaking & schooling

sales 01638 664619

breaking & schooling

Breaking bridle without bit

Leather Breaking Bridle - Suitable for use with S00131 Breaking Bit (supplied separately). Available in one size to suit thoroughbred yearlings. Code S00036

Description Breaking Bridle without Bit

Ex VAT £24.00

+VAT £27.60

webbing breaking roller + breast girth

Best quality webbing breaking roller and breast girth. 100mm wide flax webbing with adjustments both sides, not to be confused with lesser quality alternatives. Hand made in our saddlery workshop. Code S00039

Description Webbing Breaking Rolller + Breast Girth

Ex VAT £93.25

+VAT £107.24


Jointed nickel breaking bit with players. Available in 5” or 5 1/2” (5” is the most popular for thoroughbred yearlings).


Good quality lunge whip.

Code S00131

Description Ball Cheek Breaking Bit with Players

Ex VAT £18.90

Side reins & roller loops

Leather side reins with an elastic insert one end. The most popular type. Suitable for use with our S00039 Breaking Roller. Code S00197 S00038 S00052

Description Ex VAT Elastic Insert Side Reins (Per Pair) £25.85 Non Elastic Leather Side Reins (Per Pair) £22.20 Breaking Roller Loops (Per Pair) £7.75

+VAT £29.73 £25.53 £8.91

+VAT £21.74

Code Description WH0010 Lunge Whip

leather lunging cavesson

Leather throughout with padded nose section, fully adjustable head piece. Caversson has large rings suitable for SH0349 lunge rein and SH0040 lunge rein. One size only suitable for Thoroughbreds/Arabs/Yearlings.

Code S00037

Description Leather Lunging Cavesson

Ex VAT £69.70

+VAT £80.16

Ex VAT £11.60

+VAT £13.34

Nylon lunge cavesson

Made from a particularly soft type of webbing and with a specially padded nose section. Cavesson comes with two brow bands to make size adjustments simple. Available in cob or pony size.

Code S00337

Description Nylon Lunge Cavesson

Ex VAT £25.00

+VAT £28.75

sales 01638 664619

breaking & schooling / RESTRAINT SYSTEMS


7.2m long made from webbing material supplied complete with swivel trigger clip and hand loop.

Code S00050

Description Webbing Lunge Rein

Ex VAT +VAT £17.50 £20.13

24ft tactile lunge rein


7.2m long made from tubular cotton supplied complete with swivel, leather buckle fastening and hand loop. The prefered choice by professionals.

7.2m long strong brown, tactile fabric with hand loop, swivel and leather end.

Code S00040

Code S00349

Description 24ft Cotton Lunge Rein

Ex VAT +VAT £40.50 £46.58

Description 24ft Tactile Lunge Rein

Ex VAT £23.80

+VAT £27.37


Developed by legendary Show Jumper Nelson Pessoa, the Pessoa Training Aid is considered by many to be an essential tool for every horseman. Working in harmony with the horse; it persuades and suggests, helping the horse to find its optimum balance and rhythm. Code S00071

Description Pessoa Training Aid

Ex VAT £85.06

+VAT £97.82


be nice halter

Also known as an anti-rearing halter, these halters are very effective for strong and nervous horses. Works on pressure points behind the poll, thus encouraging the horse to lower its head and neck, becoming easier to handle. Useful for loading. Available in various sizes. Code S00419

Description Be Nice Halter

Ex VAT £28.94

+VAT £33.28

equine restraint systems

Manufacturers clain that this is the worlds most effective and humane restraint and training aid. It can be used for shoeing, loading, breeding, saddling and more. Available in small, medium/ cob, large and extra large. HORSES MUST NOT BE LEFT UNATTENDED WHILST IT IS BEING USED. Code S00067

Description Equine Restraint System

Ex VAT £35.00

+VAT £40.25




sales 01638 664619


hollow mouth eggbutt bradoon

Plain eggbutt bradoon Code S00124

Description Plain Eggbutt Bradoon

Ex VAT £15.80

+VAT £18.17

Description DR Bristol Eggbutt Snaffle

Description Hollow outh Eggbutt Brandon

Ex VAT £18.80

Ex VAT +VAT £20.25 £23.29

Code S00269

Description Hollow Mouth loose Ring Snaffle

Ex VAT £13.50

mullen mouth eggbutt snaffle

Large loose ring race snaffle

Code S00138

Code S00127

Description Mullen Mouth Eggbutt Snaffle

Ex VAT +VAT £14.20 £16.33

Racing D Bit Code S00152

Description Racing D Bit

Ex VAT +VAT £15.00 £17.25

nylon foal bradoon (curved) Code S00140

Description Nylon Foal Bradoon (Curved)

french link eggbutt snaffle +VAT £21.62

Ex VAT £6.50

Description Large Loose Ring Race Snaffle

Ex VAT £12.50

+VAT £15.53

Ex VAT £19.55

+VAT £22.48

Code S00221

Description French Link Loose Ring Snaffle

Ex VAT +VAT £15.15 £17.42

stallion straight bar mouth bit +VAT £14.38

Code S00150

Description Stallion Straight Bar Mouth Bit

Ex VAT +VAT £24.85 £28.58

bar mouth breaking bit with players

nylon foal bit brass rings (straight)

Code S00130

Code S00139

Description Bar Mouth Breaking Bit with Players

Ex VAT +VAT £18.80 £21.62

brass breaking bit with players +VAT £7.48

Code Description S00134 French Link Eggbutt Snaffle

french link loose ring snaffle

hollow mouth loose ring snaffle

dr bristol eggbutt snaffle Code S00132

Code S00125

Code S00149

Description Brass Breaking Bit with Players

Ex VAT £23.50

Description Nylon Foal Bit Brass Rings (Straight)

Ex VAT £6.50

+VAT £7.48

Ex VAT £26.45

+VAT £30.42

French full cheek snaffle +VAT £27.03

Code S00133

Description French Full Cheek Snaffle

sales 01638 664619


Description Loose Ring Fulmer Bit

Ex VAT £22.35

+VAT £25.70

Ex VAT £13.30

+VAT £15.30

Ex VAT £16.60

+VAT £19.09

loose ring fleximouth Bit Code S00219

Description Loose Ring Fleximouth Bit

eggbutt fulmer bit Code S00224

Description Eggbutt Fulmer Bit

Description Jointed Fleximouth Dutch Gag Bit

Description Fleximouth Dutch Gag

Description Ball Cheek Breaking Bit with Players

Ex VAT £18.90

+VAT £21.74

+VAT £28.29

Ex VAT £23.55

+VAT £27.08

Code Description S00137 Rubber Covered Joint D Bit

full check hard rubber jointed fulmer

closed spoon bit

Code S00231

Code S00158

Description Ex VAT Full Check Hard Rubber Jointed Fulmer £15.00

+VAT £17.25

Code S00423

Description Fleximouth Eggbutt Bit

Code S00463

Description Jointed Fleximouth Snaffle

Description Fleximouth Full Cheek Bit

Code S00460

+VAT £28.35

Ex VAT £16.05

+VAT £18.46

+VAT £21.22

Ex VAT £16.00

+VAT £18.40

Code S00464

Ex VAT £23.55

+VAT £27.08

Code S00120 S00121

Description Ex VAT +VAT Fleximouth Full Cheek Jointed Snaffle £24.75 £28.46

fleximouth eggbutt jointed Description Fleximouth Eggbutt Jointed

Ex VAT £17.05

+VAT £19.61

Ex VAT £10.00 £15.60

+VAT £11.50 £17.94

chifney bit

Fleximouth full cheek bit Code S00466

Description Closed Spoon Bit

Ex VAT £18.45

fleximouth full cheek jointed snaffle Ex VAT £24.65

jointed fleximouth snaffle

Ex VAT £24.60

fleximouth dutch gag Code S00465

Code S00131

fleximouth eggbutt Bit

jointed fleximouth dutch gag bit Code S00462

rubber covered jointED d bit



Description Chifney Bit Only Chifney Bit & Leather Strap




sales 01638 664619


Description Dexter Ring Bit

Ex VAT £23.00

+VAT £26.45

Ex VAT £16.90

+VAT £19.44

Description Cheltenham Gag

Ex VAT £14.60

+VAT £16.79

Ex VAT £17.80

+VAT £20.47

Ex VAT £23.00

+VAT £26.45

weymouth eggbutt bradoon Code S00123

Description Weymouth Eggbutt Bradoon

Description Flexible Rubber Pelham

Description Mullen Pelham + Curb Chain

Ex VAT £16.00

+VAT £18.40

Code S00159

Description Large Ring Balding Gag

Ex VAT £20.60

+VAT £23.69

Code S00129

Description Cherry Roler

Ex VAT £13.50

+VAT £15.53

Code S00144

Description D Cheek Roller Snaffle

Ex VAT £21.20

+VAT £24.38

Description Citation (Norton) Bit

Ex VAT £20.95

+VAT £24.09

Code S00122

Description Loose Ring Weymouth Bradoon

Ex VAT £12.35

+VAT £14.20

Ex VAT £21.20

+VAT £24.38

Ex VAT £24.20

+VAT £27.83

Ex VAT £26.20 £14.50

+VAT £30.13 £16.68

magenis Snaffle Code S00143

Description Magenis Snaffle

kimblewick jumping bit Code S00146

Description Kimblewick Jumping Bit+Curb

brass chifney

Citation (Norton) bit Code S00147

Code Description S00223 American Gag

loose ring weymouth bradoon

D Cheek roller Snaffle

mullen pelham + curb chain Code S00148

Description Continental (Dutch) Jointed Snaffle

cherry roller

flexible rubber pelham Code S00142

Code S00228

large ring balding gag

cheltenham gag Code S00222

american gag

continental (dutch) jointed snaffle

DextEr ring bit Code S00273

Ex VAT +VAT £48.50 £55.78

Code S00217 S00218

Description Brass Chifney with Leather Strap Brass Chifney Bit (No Strap)

sales 01638 664619

bits / clips & fittings

lead reins

stainless steel tongue layer & strap

Bit Measure

Code S00118

Code S00201

Description Stainless Steel Tongue Layer & Strap

Ex VAT £28.00

+VAT £32.20

Ex VAT £8.25

+VAT £9.49

All elastic tongue strap Code S00513

Description All Elastic Tongue Strap

Description Rubber Tongue Layer

Ex VAT £16.00

+VAT £18.40

Ex VAT £9.10

+VAT £10.47

tongue strap Code S00117

Nylon gag cheeks with leather ends & Nickel loops for easy fitting to gag bits. Ex VAT £1.50

+VAT £1.73

Code S00295

Code Description S00160 Rubber Curb Guard

Ex VAT £1.20

+VAT £1.38

Ex VAT £2.50

+VAT £2.88

cloth tongue ties

Description Tongue Strap

nylon gag cheeks (Per Pair)

rubber tongue layer

Code S00119

rubber curb guard

Description Bit Measure

Description Nylon Gag Cheeks (Per Pair)

Ex VAT £30.80

+VAT £35.42

Code S00240

Description Cloth Tongue Ties

fulmer bit loops (per pair)

Leather loops to keep Fulmer bars aligned with bridle.

Code Description S00207 Fulmer Bit Loops (Per Pair)

Ex VAT £2.95

+VAT £3.39

clips & fittings



A/ 60mm Brass plated carbine hooks (per pair) For use in sales bridles and sales headcollars.

B/ Brass bit snap hooks (per pair) For use in sales bridles and sales headcollars.

C/ 50mm plated carbine hooks (per pair)

Hackamore Bit Only

Code S00651 S00341 S00650

Code S00516 S00517

For use in sales bridles and sales headcollars. Description 60mm Brass Plated Carbine Hooks (Pair) Brass Bit Snap Hooks (Per Pair) 50mm Brass Plated Carbine Hooks (Pair)

Ex VAT +VAT £4.00 £4.60 £3.95 £4.54 £3.50 £4.03

For use in a bit less bridle, this contraption controls and stops a horse by applying levered pressure to the nose. Description Hackamore Bit Only Hackamore Sleeve

Ex VAT £21.00 £6.50

+VAT £24.15 £7.48



breeding & sales

sales 01638 664619

breeding & sales lead reins

sales / SHOWING bridle

Leather bridle with fancy stitched noseband and browband and brass buckles throughout. Matching couplings also available. Available in foal, yearling and stallion sizes.

Code S00025 S00026 S00027

Description Yearling Sales Bridle Foal Sales Bridle Stallion Bridle

Ex VAT £61.40 £59.55 £63.00

+VAT £70.61 £68.48 £72.45

leather stallion roller + side reins

A traditional best quality roller and side reins for showing and for control of a stallion. These are made to measure and finished to a thoroughbred pattern with brass fittings. Code S00028 S00029 S00030 S00031

Description Leather Stallion Roller + Side Reins Stallion Leather Crupper + Dock Stallion Side Reins Stallion Leather Lead Rein 7FT Long

A leather coupling for use with sales bridles and head collars. Allows for a lead to be atttached giving control through the bit.

Pairs of leather straps with brass buckle used for securing a bit to rings on headcollar cheekpieces.

Description Foal Bit Staps (Per Pair) Yearling Bit Straps (Per Pair) Mare Bit Straps (Per Pair)

Ex VAT £10.60 £12.40 £12.00

+VAT £12.19 £14.26 £13.80

Code S00070 S00075 S00076 S00077

Description Mares Coupling Foal Coupling Yearling Coupling Leather Stallion Coupling

brass coupling

Description Brass Coupling

Ex VAT £17.00

+VAT £19.55

Ex VAT £15.60 £14.10 £15.55 £17.80

+VAT £17.94 £16.22 £17.88 £20.47

leather leg strap

This coupling is made shorter than normal to prevent chain pulling forward, stays under chin.

Code S00078

+VAT £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A

leather coupling

foal bit straps

Code S00072 S00073 S00074

Ex VAT £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A

This leather leg strap is designed for lifting up a mare’s front leg to restrict movement when being covered. It releases quickly when slackened.

Code S00033

Description Breeding Pole

Ex VAT £30.20

+VAT £34.73

sales 01638 664619

breEding & Sales / Measuring devices

covering collar

leather covering apron

Designed as an aid to the stallion when covering mare. Leather outer with soft rope centre and leather strap.

Designed as an aid to the stallion and also protects a mare’s neck during covering. Leather apron with a series of leather covered rope struts.

Code S00035

Description Leather Covering Apron

Ex VAT £148.65

+VAT £170.95

Ex VAT £56.00

+VAT £64.40

Felt covering boots, hand made in our own workshops from the best quality felt with double thickness soles stiched with cat gut to combat against rotting from disinfectants and dampness. Not to be confused with lightweight versions.

For control of a stallion’s entry into the mare during mating.

Description Breeding Pole

Description Covering Collar

hand stitched covering boots

breeding pole

Code S00047

Code S00034

Ex VAT £52.00

+VAT £59.80

Code S00032

Description Hand Stitched Covering Boots

Ex VAT £98.15

+VAT £112.87

Measuring devices lead reins

horse HEIGHT measuring stick

Well made measuring stick measures from 8 - 18 hands. Beech construction with brass fittings, folding hinge for easy storage and complete with spirit level in head. Code Description Ex VAT +VAT S00415 Horse Measuring Stick £72.18 £83.01 S00417 Folding Wooden MS £90.21 £103.74

Aluminium folding horse HEIGHT measuring stick

girth measure

A light weight measuring stick with a spirit level head.

A unique tape measure to measure the height of a horse and also calculate the weight from heart girth measurement.

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT S00413 Aluminium Folding Horse MS £38.60 £44.39

Code Description S00416 Girth Measure

Ex VAT +VAT £10.85 £12.48




sales 01638 664619

racing lead reins

All weather nylon reins

Nylong reins for a synthetic race bridle. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Code S00233

Description All Weather Nylon Reins

Ex VAT £22.15

+VAT £25.47

nylon bib martingale

A bib martingale as used in the training of racehorses but in synthetic material for easy cleaning and hygiene. Code S00477

Description Nylon Bib Martingale

Ex VAT £22.14

+VAT £25.46

All weather nylon irish martingale

A synthetic Irish martingale to match synthetic race bridles. Code S00234

Description All Weather Nylon Irish Martingale

Code S00063

Description Sheepkin Noseband (Sleeve Only)

Ex VAT £42.50

+VAT £48.88

Ex VAT £14.00

+VAT £16.10

Code S00281

Description Nylon Blinkers C/W Plastic Cups

Ex VAT £24.00

+VAT £27.60

+VAT £15.21

Code S00350

Description Ribbon Covered Brow Band

Code S00501

Description Fleece Cheek Blinker (Per Pair)

Ex VAT £19.57

+VAT £47.15

+VAT £22.51

Code S00282

Description Eye Shields with Clear Eye Globes

Ex VAT £34.00

+VAT £39.10


+VAT £21.28

Ex VAT £79.15

+VAT £91.02


Pelling Pacifiers are mesh goggles for horses. Unlike plastic goggles Pelling Pacifiers do not fog and have been used successfully on wet sand and turf for two years. Pelling Pacifiers are dome shaped to deflect most of the debris.

Code S00492

Description Pacifiers

Ex VAT £25.40

+VAT £29.21

Starting stall pushers

Made with a hand loop to the racecourse specification for starting stalls.

Description Racecourse Blindfold

Ex VAT £18.50

Nylon hood piece with “Push Clip” fastening under the chin. Clear plastic eye globe. For use as protection for eyes if injured etc. Not for racing use.

Racecourse blindfold

Code S00369

+VAT £12.13

Eye shields with clear eye globes

Washable fleece with velcro for fastening to bridle cheeks. Similar to a sheep skin noseband.

Has hand loop for ease of removal. Melton fabric with constrasting edge.

Description Blindfold

Ex VAT £41.00

Ex VAT £10.55

This browband can be covered in either nylon or PVC to match owner’s colours. The PVC type is ideal for use on sand tracks as it will sponge clean.

fleece cheek blinkers


Code S00368

Description All Weather Nylon Neck Strap

Nylon hood piece with “Push Clip fastening under the chin. Plastic full cup allow only forward vision. Available in a range of standard colours, or can be made to match racing colours.

These blinkers are made from lycra for added stretch and a close fit. The ½ cup allows more visibility than the conventional blinker.

Description Lycra ½ Cup Blinkers

Code S00235

nylon blinkers c/w plastic cups

lycra ½ cup blinkers

Code S00470

Ex VAT £13.23

This can be used with a novice horse or rider for extra support and safety. Made from synthetic material.

Ribbon covered brow band

Pure sheepskin with Velcro fastening. Fits over most cavesson nosebands.

Nylon hood piece with “Push Clip” fastening under the chin. Plastic full cup with a rear slit to allow forward, side and blurred rear vision. Available in a range of standard colours, or can be made to match racing colours.

Description Visor with Plastic Cups

+VAT £6.79

Sheepskin noseband (sleeve only)

visor with plastic cups

Code S00280

Ex VAT £5.90

all weather nylon neck strap

An aid to be used by two people to push a horse into starting stalls whilst remaining in a safer position.

Code S00172

Description Starting Stall Pushers

Ex VAT £12.55

+VAT £14.43

sales 01638 664619


Fleece shadow nosebands

Fleece noseband with velcro fastenings used in racing. Deeper than a standard sheepskin noseband (Sleeve only).

Code S00069

Description Fleece Shadow Nosebands

Ex VAT £7.80

+VAT £8.97

race bridle & bit

Leather race bridle with fancy stitched cavesson noseband, browband and 3/4” rubber grip reins. The bridle is supplied with a loose ring jointed race bradoon with buckle ends on the reins, cheek pieces unless otherwise requested. Available in standard thoroughbred or small thoroughbred/Arab size.

Code Description S00023 Race Bridle & Bit (Complete) S00066 Race Bridle & Reins (No Bit)

Ex VAT +VAT £80.10 £92.12 £68.10 £78.32

all weather cavesson noseband

padded nylon race bridle

A nylon bridle with padding for comfort. Various colours available.

Synthetic race bridles are a tough, durable alternative to leather types. They retain their flexibility over a large temperature range, and have excellent crack and tear resistance. Items in All Weather range can be purchased separately to make up your bridle.

Code S00471

Code S00238

Description Padded Nylon Race Bridle No Reins

Ex VAT £15.64

+VAT £17.99

george moore bridle

Specialist bridle supplied complete with cross-over noseband, browband and rubber reins etc.

Code S00045

Description George Moore Bridle Complete

Ex VAT £72.98

+VAT £83.93

Description All Weather Cavesson Noseband

Ex VAT £13.50

+VAT £15.53

all weather headpiece & cheeks only

Synthetic race bridles are a tough, durable alternative to leather types. They retain their flexibility over a large temperature range, and have excellent crack and tear resistance. Items in All Weather range can be purchased separately to make up your bridle.

Code S00232

Description Ex VAT All Weather Headpiece & Cheeks Only £22.50

+VAT £25.88




sales 01638 664619

racing lead reins

patent leather weight cloth

lead weights Code S00394 S00396

Description 1/2lb Lead Weight(s) 1lb Lead Weight(s)

Ex VAT £4.10 £4.55

+VAT £4.72 £5.23

Code S00399

Description Patent Leather Weight Cloth

2 Pocket weight cloth Ex VAT £61.60

+VAT £70.84

Code S00398

Description 2 Pocket Weight Cloth

Ex VAT £58.30

+VAT £67.05

colours bag

Handsome leather attache case double stitched throughout and excellently made, for carrying colours to meetings etc. Small size, complete with brass plaque, engraved with a name of your choice.

australian noseband (imported)

number cloths

These number cloths can be made to racecourse specification or your own specific requirements. Please call for more details.

Bit guard/retainer combined, holds bit in position with strap to fit to browband.

Code S00305

Code S00167

Description Number Cloths

Ex VAT £18.95

+VAT £21.79

Soft Back half tree exercise saddle

This soft back saddle is extensively used for exercising racehorses. Code S00042

Description Ex VAT +VAT Soft Back Half Tree Exercise Saddle £232.55 £267.43

Description Australian Noseband (Imported)

Ex VAT £8.50

+VAT £9.78

Code S00180

Description Colours Bag

Ex VAT £84.00

seat saver for half tree saddle

full tree exercise Saddle

Best English Butt leather saddle constructed on an equibond saddle tree. The saddle has an extra wide rear panel to improve weight distribution.

Synthetic fleece seat pad with an elastic fastening.

Code S00525

Code S00018

Description Full Tree Exercise Paddle

+VAT £96.60

Ex VAT +VAT £258.00 £296.70

Description Seat Saver For Half Tree Saddle

Ex VAT £9.00

+VAT £10.35

synthetic race saddle

All zicco race saddles offer the ultimate in choice and style for jockeys. They combine the flexible tree system with a variety of weights from 325gms to 1.5kg. Various colours available including Red, Blue and Black in synthetic of leather with a synthetic underside.

Code S00317 S00318 S00319 S00320 S00321 S00322 S00324 S00325 S00326 S00327 S00328 S00329

Description 275gms Cloth Race Saddle 400gms Cloth Race Saddle 800gms Cloth Race Saddle 1kg Cloth Race Saddle 1.25kg Cloth Race Saddle 1.5kg Cloth Race Saddle 400gms Leather Look Race Saddle 500gms Leather Look Race Saddle 800gms Leather Look Race Saddle 1kg Leather Look Race Saddle 1.25kg Leather Look Race Saddle 1.5kg Leather Look Race Saddle


Ex VAT £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A

+VAT £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A £P.O.A

sales 01638 664619


saddles lead reins

Generation Training SP

Displaying exceptional quality and outstanding value for money the Generation Training SP is an ideal alternative to a synthetic saddle. A lightweight and durable training saddle for the petite rider.

Code SD0001

Description Generation Training SP




The Rosette’s robust and compact structure presents a hardwearing and attractive alternative. Ideal as a general riding club saddle for all disciplines. The moulded panel enables the rider to achieve a close contact with their horse. Superb for an everyday rider that desires a low maintenance saddle Code SD0003

Description Rosette



Pro Event

The longest standing all purpose saddle in the GFS range having been enjoyed by riders for over a decade. Built on a shapely tree the Pro Event is the perfect partner for the rider that enjoys a more traditionally shaped and secure seat. Accommodates a wide range of stirrup length variance making the Pro Event suitable for a wide range of disciplines. Code SD0005

Description Pro Event



Generation Training

Lightweight, durable and incredibly affordable the Generation Training is hard to rival if you are looking for a saddle to back or bring on a youngster, for happy hacking or as an alternative to a synthetic saddle. A quite forward cut flap and the close contact nature of the panel also make the saddle great for jumping. Excellent value for money! Code SD0002

Description Generation Training




Pairing a 16.5” seat with an adult sized flap, the Tweenager accommodates the shape of a typical teenager rider – leggy and slim! Having a correctly sized seat and flap with a close contact feel this saddle encourages the rider to find their optimum balance.

Code SD0004

Description Tweenager



Eva Dressage

Featuring the GFS X Change system the EVA Dressage has five different tree width options. A balanced and open seat helps support the rider and put them in an excellent position that will allow for precise communication of aids.

Code SD0006

Description Eva Dressage






sales 01638 664619

girths lead reins

standard cushion girths

Standard Nylon Girth - Durable tubular polyester material with a layer of natural cotton inter-woven on the inside two roller buckles fitted on both ends. Available in brown and black, sizes: 44”, 46”, 48”, 50”, 52”, 54”. Code S00079

Description Standard Cushion Girths

Ex VAT +VAT £12.10 £13.92

humane girth

A dee system allows the weight to be distributed evenly making it a very comfortable girth. Easy to fasten & helps to eliminate over girthing. Sizes: 44” upto 54”. Code S00089

Description Humane Girth

Ex VAT £13.55

+VAT £15.58

atherstone girth no elastic

Leather Atherstone Girth - Padded shaped leather girth with two roller buckles fitted either end. Colour: Dark Havana. Sizes: 44”, 46”, 48”, 50”, 52”, 54”. Code S00081

Description Atherstone Girth No Elastic

Ex VAT £31.00

+VAT £35.65

girth guards

Leather Girth Guards - Leather girth guards with 3 pairs of slits to accommodate girth straps. Sold in pairs. Code S00092

Description Girth Guards

Ex VAT £5.00

+VAT £5.75

Elastic Insert exercise girth

union web exercise girth

Plain Exercise Girth - Traditional 3” worsted web exercise girth 1” buckles sold in pairs. Available in sizes 44”, 46”, 48”, 50”, 52”, 54”.

Elastic Insert Exercise Girth - Traditional 3” worsted web exercise girth, 1” buckles and an elastic insert at one end. Available in sizes: 44”, 46”, 48”, 50”, 52”, 54”

Code S00083

Code S00088

Description Union Web Exercise Girth

Ex VAT £24.20

+VAT £27.83

Description Elastic Insert Exercise Girth

Ex VAT £16.85

roll of plastic girth sleeving


Added comfort for your horse and good for hygiene, easy to wash.

A hygienic cover for the girth, useful especially where ringworm is present. Sold on a roll and cut to fit.

Code S00265 G00102

Code S00098

Description Equistretch Girth Sleeve Towelling Girth Sleeve

Ex VAT £7.20 £2.20

+VAT £8.28 £2.53

foam girth channel (for racing)

Lightweight, 1 metre long with retaining loops for race surcingles. Approx weight 75gms.

Code S00514

Description Foam Girth Channel (For Racing)

Ex VAT £5.85

+VAT £19.38

+VAT £6.73

Description Roll of Plastic Girth Sleeving

Ex VAT £23.25

atherstone girth elastic one end

Leather Atherstone Girth - Padded shaped leather girth with two roller buckles fitted either end and an elastic insert. Colour: Dark Havana. Sizes: 44”, 46”, 48”, 50”, 52”, 54”. Code Description S00082 Arthurstone Girth Elastic One End

Ex VAT £39.00

+VAT £44.85

fleece girth sleeve

Fleece Girth Sleeves - Synthetic sheepskin sleeve with foam middle layer for comfort. Fully washable. Available in Brown and White, one size only, can be trimmed to suit girth. Code S00266

Description Fleece Girth Sleeve

Ex VAT £8.90

+VAT £10.24


Girth 3” web, elasticated one end. Approx 200g, Sizes: 44” to 55”. Surcingle 2” web, Sizes: small/medium/large. Code S00430 S00431

Description Lightweight Race Girth Race Surcingle to match S00430

Ex VAT +VAT £22.50 £25.88 £19.90 £22.89

Elastic Surcingle / Girth Set

3” White elastic available in small, medium & large.

+VAT £26.74

Code S00186 S00186S

Description All Elastic Race Girths/Surcinge Set All Elastic Race Surcingle Only

Ex VAT +VAT £50.00 £57.50 £27.40 £31.51

leather paddock roller & breast girth

Feather Weight Race Girth & Overgirth

Handmade dark havanna leather paddock roller with breast girth. Can be used instead of supercloth type over the parade ring rug. Sizes: National Hunt or Flat

Girth 3” web, elasticated one end. Approx 100g, Sizes: 44” to 55”. Surcingle 2” web 75g, Sizes: small/medium/large. Patent leather buckles chapes.

Code Description Ex VAT S00276/F Leather Paddock Roller & Breast Girth £69.50 S00276/NH Leather Paddock Roller & Breast Girth £69.50

Code S00351 S00352

+VAT £79.93 £79.93

Description Feather Weight Race Girth Feather Weight Race Overgirth

Ex VAT +VAT £22.50 £25.88 £19.90 £22.89

sales 01638 664619




Stainless steel exercise stirrups 4 1/2” wide suitable for use with S00046 exercise leather. Code S00153

Description Hunting / Exercise Stirrups

Ex VAT +VAT £15.00 £17.25

Stainless steel. Sizes 4” or 4 1/2”.

Description Ex VAT +VAT Bent Leg Safety Stirrups 4.5 “ & 4.75” £20.95 £24.09

Description Peacock Safety Stirrups

Ex VAT £18.70

+VAT £21.51

Ex VAT £1.45 £0.80

+VAT £1.67 £0.92

Code S00165 S00170

Description Ex VAT 4 ½ Double Jointed Stirrup Irons (Pair) £46.00 4 ¾ Double Jointed Stirrup Irons (Pair) £46.00

+VAT £52.90 £52.90

Code S00156

Description Alloy Stirrups 4”

+VAT £27.14

Ex VAT £2.20 £2.45

+VAT £2.53 £2.82

A rubber tread for added grip when riding Description 4.5” Stirrup Tread (Per Pair) 4 ¾” Stirrup Tread

Probably the lightest Race stirrups on the market. Available in red, blue or black. Ex VAT £28.75

Code S00046 S00048

+VAT £33.06

General purpose stirrup leathers 28mm wide x 1.35mm. Description Super Quality GP Stirrup Leathers 1-1/8” Red Buffalo Stirrup Leathers 1-1/4” Red Buffalo Stirrup Leathers

Ex VAT £23.60

Carbonup carbon fibre stirrups

Code S00391 S00338 S00339

Any advice, statements or other information expressed in this Horse Requisites catalogue are those of the manufacturers/agents. Horse Requisites Ltd is not responsible or liable for any product in this catalogue meeting Jockey Club regulations or FEI rules.

Code Description S00155 Fillis Stirrups

Code S00626 S00627

super quality GP Stirrup Leathers

Description Ex VAT +VAT Exercise Stirrup Leathers (Per Pair) £24.90 £28.64 Buffalo Leather Exercuse Leathers (PP) £26.90 £30.94

Stainless steel. Complete with rubber treads. Sizes 4” or 4 1/2”.

Stirrup tread

exercise stirrup leatherS

Exercise leathers are 50” long with reinforcement at the buckle and 1” wide.

Fillis stirrups

The double jointed action gives the rider relief and helps to eliminate cramping ankles, sore calf muscles, knees and lower back. Just enough give without being sloppy.

4” wide alloy stirrups tested to 295KG.

Spare parts for the children’s safety stirrup system. Description Peacock Rings (Per Pair) Peacock Leather Tabs (Per Pair)

Code S00154

alloy stirrups

peacock rings & TABS

Code S00204 S00205

Stainless steel. Complete with rubbers. Sizes 4” or 4 1/2”.

dbl. jointed stirrup irons

bent leg safety stirrups

Code S00168

peacock safety stirrups

Ex VAT £48.35 £56.75 £61.55

+VAT £55.60 £65.26 £70.78

Code S00157

Description CarbonUP Carbon Fibre Stirrups

Ex VAT +VAT £149.90 £172.39

Nylon stirrup straps

A nylon webbing alternative to leather used on racing and race exercise saddles. Code S00049

Description ¾” x 38” Nylon Stirrup Straps

Ex VAT £22.50

+VAT £25.88

ACCESSORIES Equine ear plugs

Used on horses that are sensitive to noise and to help get nervous horses to the start of a race. They must be removed before the horse races.

All elastic surcingle

All elsastic surcingle with adjustment for use with rugs. Code S00259

Description All Elastic Surcingle

Ex VAT £11.15

+VAT £12.82

Code Description S00248 Equine Ear Plugs

Ex VAT £8.00

+VAT £9.20



numnahs & SADDLE PADS

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numnahs & SADDLE PADS lead reins

classic polypads (single thickness)

classic polypads (doubler)

Code S00284

Code S00307

Polypads provide maximum back protection possible under the saddle. Machine washable/quick dry, soft/flexible but tough/durable. Various colours with coloured trim. Description Classic Polypads (Single Thickness)

Ex VAT +VAT £22.20 £25.53

Polypads provide maximum back protection possible under the saddle. Machine washable/quick dry, soft/flexible but tough/durable. Various colours with coloured trim. Description Classic Polypads (Doubler)

Ex VAT +VAT £28.35 £32.60

Butterfly polypad

large pod polypad

With PolyPads High-Profile shaping along the spine, the Pod can be used as a stand alone half-pad or as an extra pad. Close, discreet fit under the saddle.

A High Profile full pad, tailored into a butterfly shape to provide improved leg contact with no compromise on overall, under saddle protection.

Code S00313

Code S00314

Description Large Pod Polybag

Ex VAT +VAT £27.35 £31.45

performer polypad (Single thickness)

The next generation of Polypads. Incorporating a shaped spine and curved front, with cotton rich towelling on the underside of each saddle flap, the performer gives absorbency, extra grip and enhanced contact for the rider’s legs. Code S00333

Description Performer Polypad (Single Thickness)

Ex VAT +VAT £29.30 £33.70

Description Butterfly Polypad

Ex VAT +VAT £39.40 £45.31

Polypad duo single thickness

Combination of Polypads Classic in single thickness with an integral exercise blanket. The exercise blanket is showerproof and lined with towelling, offering warmth and absorbency over the quarters, whilst the Polypad Classic protects the horse’s back from saddle pressure. Code S00334

Description Polypad Duo Single Thickness

Ex VAT +VAT £52.35 £60.20

quilted saddle cloth

rambo quilted pad

Extra foam prevents the pad slipping back Ultra breathable cool dry lining that wicks away sweat No straps, stay put design. Diamond quilted outer.

A high quality box quilted saddle cloth complete with girth loops and retaining straps for keeping it in place. Machine washable.

Code S00263

Code S00264

Description Rambo Quilted Pad

Ex VAT +VAT £16.32 £18.77

Description Quilted Saddle Cloth

Ex VAT £9.80

+VAT £11.27

forma reGular polypad

Saddle-shaped for a conventional look, the PolyPads Forma features a High-Profile spine and ensures maximum back protection but minimum back cover for coolness. Code S00308

Description Forma Regular Polypad

Ex VAT +VAT £25.35 £29.15

Universal reg polypad

Cut to PolyPads unique High Profile design to accommodate horses with high withers. Code S00331

Description Universal Reg Polypad

Ex VAT +VAT £26.00 £29.90

puffer pad saddle cloth

95cm x 65cm (37” x 25”) Quilted 800gm ployfill inner and cotton outer which makes an easy care back protector.

Code S00473 S00474

Description Puffer Pad Sadde Cloth Longer Puffer Padded Saddle Cloth

Ex VAT +VAT £19.42 £22.33 £21.94 £25.23

10 Layer felt saddle pad

Breathable & washable felt pads. Also used as sore back protector by cutting a hole in the pad to relieve pressure. Code S00093 S00267

Description 22” x 28” 10 Layer Felt Saddle Pad 26” x 28” Large 10 Layer Felt Pad

Ex VAT +VAT £14.45 £16.62 £16.20 £18.63

sales 01638 664619

numnahs & SADDLE PADS

gel-lite rear lift pad

Graduated extra thickness. Gel-lite towards the rear (S00476) to balance saddles which tip back - in the front section (S00475) raises low fitting saddles. Code S00476 S00475

Description Gel-Lite Rear Lift Pad Gel-Lite Front Lift Pad

Ex VAT +VAT £28.36 £32.61 £28.36 £32.61

5oz nuu med sheepskin numnah

9oz nuu h/wither pad g.p large

This numnah is shaped from pommel to cantle to ensure it fits the back with no pressure points. Machine washable.

By making the front of the numnah/pad rise significantly to clear the wither and to allow to sit naturally into the gullet of the saddle. Made in quilted polycotton with or without a half wool back. Colours: Black or white. Sizes: S,M,L,XL.

Code S00340

Code S00336

Description 5oz NUU Medium Sheepskin Numnah

Ex VAT +VAT £63.40 £72.91

Description 9oz NUU H/Wither Pad G.P Large

Ex VAT +VAT £47.23 £54.31

eva moulded riser & wither pad

trackwork airflow saddle cloth

bound evozote saddlepad

Fully breathable saddlecloth with padded mesh top and porous fibre filling. Greater airflow, but also grips to keeping saddle and saddle cloth in place.

Extremely lightweight foam pad with bound edging, bottom edge reinforcement and fleece protection at withers. Used prodiminantly in racing to prevent slipping of number cloth.

Made from EVA foam and helps to distribute the rider’s weight evenly across the horse’s back. It is light and easy to use and is great for competition as well as general riding.

Code S00478

Code S00330

Code S00411

Description Trackwork Airflow Saddle Cloth

Ex VAT +VAT £35.26 £40.55

Description Bound Evozote Saddlepad

Ex VAT +VAT £15.50 £17.83

Description Eva Moulded Riser & Wither Pad

Ex VAT +VAT £23.95 £27.54

standard equigel pad gel eze pad non-slip

For use in the Stable, Travelling and Competition. The impact-absorbtion qualities and when chilled acts as an instant cold compress. Code S00184

Description Gel Eze Pad Non-Slip

Ex VAT +VAT £17.50 £20.13

gel eze wither pad

For use in the Stable, Travelling & Competition. The impactabsorbtion qualities of gel are well known. Non toxic, washable, reusable and is environmentally friendly. Code S00181

Description Gel Eze Wither Pad

Ex VAT +VAT £24.00 £27.60

Ultimate comfort and protection for horse and rider. Friction and impact shocks are almost totally absorbed. Sweating is greatly reduced through the gel’s low heat transfer properties. Can be placed in a freezer prior to use. Code S00310 S00309

Description Standard Equigel Pad Large Equigel Pad

Ex VAT +VAT £42.00 £48.30 £48.20 £55.43

RACE LIMPETT PADS suregrip saddlepad

This new product has wonderful gripping qualities which avoid slipping of saddles, girths, rugs etc… It is washable and re-usable and has multiple uses. Size 5.8mm x 1.52mm. Code S00343

Description Suregrip Saddlepad

Ex VAT £6.50

+VAT £7.48

6mm saddle pad

The horse’s body heat causes the limpet to bond with both the horse and the saddle eliminating slip. Hygienic and nontoxic. Available in black.

Code S00094

Code S00405 S00406 S00402 S00404 S00408

Very lightweight, tough dense grey foam 6mm thick. Sheet size 1000mm x 750mm. Non-slip. Can be trimmed to shape. Description 6mm Saddle Pad

Ex VAT +VAT £10.50 £12.08

Description 10mm Race Limpett Pad (Standard) 10mm Race Limpett Pad (Large) 6mm Race Limpett Pad (Standard) 6mm Race Limpett Pad (Large) 32” x 20” Racing Work Pad 20mm

Ex VAT £19.57 £21.55 £17.45 £19.80 £24.60

+VAT £22.51 £24.78 £20.07 £22.77 £28.29



exercise sheets / SUMMER SHEETS

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Reflective saddle SHEET

NEWMARKET Exercise Sheet

A reflective sheet for riding in low light or on the road, for safety to both horse & rider.

Code S00285

Description Reflective Saddle Cloth

Ex VAT £10.50

Made from 100% traditional striped wool with fillet loops to rear and side loops for girth. Colour: Striped as picture Sizes*: 4/4’3”/4’6” +VAT £12.08

With an outer shell made from waterproof PU coated nylon and polar fleece lining, this sheet offers protection and comfort for you horse. With fillet loops to rear and side loops for girth. Colours: Navy, Black, Maroon, Red, Green. Description Waterproof Exercise Sheet

Description Newmarket Exercise Sheet

Ex VAT £40.00

+VAT £46.00

Melton Exercise Sheet

Waterproof Exercise Sheet

Code H00028

Code H00009

Ex VAT £25.00

+VAT £28.75

This Melton/wool mixed fibre sheet is tough and hard wearing. Features fillet loops to rear and side loops for girth. Colours: R.Blue, Navy, Black, Maroon, Grey. Sizes: 4/4’3” Code H00069

Description Melton Exercise Sheet

Ex VAT £30.00

+VAT £34.50

Ex VAT £41.50

+VAT £47.73


Amigo Summer Sheet

Rambo Summer Sheet

100% durable cotton,Classic original shape, Cross surcingles, Silky Shoulder Lining Colour: Navy/ Silver - Sizes*: 5’6”- 6’6”.

Code H00154

Description Amigo Summer Sheet

Ex VAT £28.00

1000 denier ripstop texturised outershell,Classic original cut, Cotton lining Colours: Navy/Navy & White - Sizes: 5’6” – 6’6”.

+VAT £32.20

Code H00103

Description Rambo Summer Sheet

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Amigo Bug Rug

Rambo Newmarket Fleece

The UK’s best selling fly rug, the Bug Rug is made from extremely durable knitted polyester and incorporates Horseware’s revolutionary Rambo front leg arches and a supersized tail flap. A removable hood is included. Colour: Silver/Navy Sizes: 6’/6’3”/6’6”. Code H00152

Description Amigo bug Rug

Ex VAT £40.00

+VAT £46.00

Rambo Protector

The patented Protector open weave fabric is just as strong as traditional textilene flysheets, but is much softer against you horses’ body. Colours: Oatmeal Sizes: 6’/6’3”/6’6”.

Code H00151

Description Rambo Protector

Ex VAT £65.00

+VAT £74.75

Rambo Sweetitch Hoody

Offering head to tail protection from biting insects, the Sweetitch Hoody is made from tough 1000D polyester, making it extremely durable yet fully breathable throughout the summer months. Fully integrated neck cover, silky mane & shoulder liner, ‘V’ front closure, supersized tail flap, leg arches and 3rd surcingle, allowing the rug to wrap around for maximum coverage whilst allowing full freedom of movement. Colours: Mint/Green Sizes: 6’/6’3”/6’6”. Code H00156 H00157

Description Rambo Sweetitch Hoody Rambo Flaymask

Ex VAT £83.00 £8.09

+VAT £95.45 £9.30

The classic Newmarket design has been applied to this super quality double bonded anti pill fleece that wicks away moisture and cools the horse gradually to maintain its temperature. The fleece is luxuriously soft and moulds around the horse and is ideally used as a cooler/travel rug with secure cross surcingles. Sizes: 5’6 - 6’9. Code H00158

Description Rambo Newmarket Fleece - Traditional Gold, Red & Black Stripes

Ex VAT £50.00

+VAT £57.50

Rambo Newmarket Fleece

The classic Newmarket design has been applied to this super quality double bonded anti pill fleece that wicks away moisture and cools the horse gradually to maintain its temperature. The fleece is luxuriously soft and moulds around the horse and is ideally used as a cooler/travel rug with secure cross surcingles. Sizes: 5’6 - 6’9. Code H00159

Description Rambo Newmarket Fleece - Navy, Baby Blue & Cream Stripe

Ex VAT £50.00

+VAT £57.50

Rambo Newmarket Fleece

The classic Newmarket design has been applied to this super quality double bonded anti pill fleece that wicks away moisture and cools the horse gradually to maintain its temperature. The fleece is luxuriously soft and moulds around the horse and is ideally used as a cooler/travel rug with secure cross surcingles. Sizes: 5’6 - 6’9.

Code H00125

Description Rambo Newmarket Fleece - Brown, Cream & White Stripe

Ex VAT £50.00

+VAT £57.50




sales 01638 664619

STABLE RUGS lead reins

Amigo – Insulator

As one of the most economical stable rugs on the market, the insulator includes all the warmth and design advantages of the Rambo and Rhino but with a hi-tech nylon outer shell and polycotton lining, Code H00113 H00119

Description Amigo – Insulator, Medium Amigo – Insulator, Heavy

Ex VAT £26.50 £30.00

+VAT £30.48 £34.50


Description Rhino Stable

Ex VAT £48.50

+VAT £55.78

Pure wool stable or travel rug shaped and bound and fitted with a front strap. Presented in genuine Tattersall orange background with black and red stripes. Sizes: H00003 5’6” - 6’0” H00004 6’3” – 6’6”. Description Newmarket Day Rug (5’6” - 6’0”) Newmarket Day Rug (6’3” – 6’6”)

Code H00126 H00127

Description Rambo - Underblankets Rambo - Underblankets Plus

Ex VAT £24.50 £33.50

+VAT £28.18 £38.53

Ex VAT £52.00

+VAT £59.80

Ex VAT £25.00

+VAT £28.75

Tough polypropylene outer shell,Cotton lining, Classic original cut. Sizes: 5’6” - 6’6”. Colours: Seasonal changes to tartan pattern.


Code H00003 H00004

Cotton outer and lining, 300g thermobonded fibrefill, Single front strap, No surcingles Integrated neck design (Plus only). Sizes: 5’6” - 6’6”. Colours: Navy/Navy.

Rhino WUG

Tough polypropylene outer shell,Cotton lining, Classic original cut. Sizes: 5’6” - 6’6”. Colours: Blue & White Check/Navy & White.

Code H00096

Rambo - Underblankets

Ex VAT £85.30 £95.90

+VAT £98.10 £110.29

Code H00112

Description Rhino Wug

Foal Rug

Quilted foal rug suitable for newborn foals. One size. Navy blue.

Code H00013

Description Foal Rug

sales 01638 664619



Rambo Original

RAMBO Original with Leg Arches

Fully waterproof and breathable, 1000 denier ballistic nylon outer, Nylon lined Straight front closures, Classic original neck design. Sizes: 5’6” – 6’6” - Colours: Heavy (370g fill) Green/Red.

Code H00017

Description Rambo Original

The NEW Rambo Original now features reflective strips and unique Rambo Leg Arches & 3rd surcingle. This rug can now be wrapped deeper around the horse to give that extra bit of coverage and protection without compromising your horse’s freedom of movement. Fully waterproof and breathable, 1000 denier ballistic nylon outer, Nylon lined, Straight front closures, Classic original neck design,Leg archestm & 3rd surcingle, Reflective strips Sizes: 5’6” – 6’6”. Colours: Green/Silver.

Ex VAT £113.00

+VAT £129.95

Rhino Turnout Light

As with all the other rugs in the Rhino Turnout Family it takes advantage of Horseware’s unique Barrier Technology where AquaTrans coating. Efficient and lightweight made from a polyester ripstop construction. Waterproof and breathable, 1000 denier Polypropylene outer Nylon lined, Straight front closure,Front leg arch, Classic original neck design, Sizes: 5’6” – 6’6”.

Code H00104

Description Rhino Turnout Light


Waterproof and breathable, 1200 denier Polyester outer, No Fill, Nylon lined, Front leg arch, Classic original cut Sizes: 5’6” – 6’6”, Colours: Navy/Navy & White. Code H00120 H00153

Description Amigo Turnout Light Amigo Turnout Hood

Ex VAT £76.60

+VAT £88.09

Amigo Turnout Hood

Description Rambo Original with Leg Arches

Ex VAT +VAT £141.00 £162.15

RAMBO Turnout Wug Heavy

Waterproof and breathable, 1200 denier Polyester outer., No Fill, Nylon lined, Front leg arch Classic original cut, Sizes: 5’6” – 6’6”, Colours: Navy/Navy & White.

Code H00108

Description Rambo Turnout Wug Heavy

Ex VAT £108.94

+VAT £125.28

AMIGO Turnout Heavy

Waterproof and breathable,1200 denier Polyester outer, Nylon lined.

Ex VAT £41.50 £27.00

Code H00129

+VAT £47.73 £31.05

A patented Front Leg Arch which allows the Amigo to be wrapped deeper around the horse’s shape to give that extra coverage and protection from the elements. The amigo Turnouts are fully Waterproof and Breathable with taped seams and a breathable nylon lining and made from tough 1200 denier Polyester you will find it hard to beat! Waterproof and breathable 1200 denier and Polyester outer, 350g fibrefill, Nylon lined, Front leg arch, Classic original cut. Code H00150

Description Amigo Turnout Heavy

Ex VAT £58.50

+VAT £67.28




sales 01638 664619


Monty Roberts Style Stalls Rug

Used for horses that require assistance going into starting stalls, this product is padded either side to prevent any adverse felling by the horse as it enters and is designed to slide off as the horse leaves the stalls. Side pockets can be adjusted with more or less padding as required. The Stalls Rug comes in a zip up bag so it can be carried easily over the shoulder across the racecourse. Customer’s name can be printed in the bag is required. One size. Code H00025

Description Monty Roberts Style Stalls Rug



Rambo Waterproof Walker

A unique design to keep the horse warm whilst not restricting exercise. Designed originally for use on Horse Walkers but is now found to be a great rug for those riders wanting to keep their horses warm before competing especially in polo, Eventing and Showjumping when a rider may have multiple horses required in quick succession. With its innovative front design & strong cross over surcingles this is a very safe and easy rug to use. Waterproof & breathable, Unique design cut away around shoulder, 200g thermobonded fibrefill, Cross surcingles. Colours: Navy/Silver. Code H00147

Description Rambo Waterproof Walker

Ex VAT £52.50

+VAT £60.38

SIZING CHART & INFORMATION The fit of your rug is extremely important in order in ensure the comfort of your horse and to prevent rubbing and slippage of the rug. As horse of the same high at the wither come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is useful to take certain measurements of your horse. Measure the distance from the centre of the chest across the point shoulder to the centre of the tail. Take 4” off for a Turnout and 7” off for a stable. Using this guideline will mean that your horse will probably require one size larger for his turnout rug than for his stable rug. Horseware® rugs are sized in three inch increments. This measurement refers to the distance from the centre of the chest to the rear of the quarters where you expect the rug to finish.

Comparing Height to length

Jute Shipping Rug

Inexpensive jute rug with mixed fibre lining. Fitted with two front straps and cross surcingle. 5’ 6” to 6’ only.

Code H00059

Description Jute Shipping Rug

Ex VAT £26.00

+VAT £29.90

sales 01638 664619



HRN Racing Sweat Sheet

Traditional style net cooler with contrasting binding and jersey wicking panel along spine. With fillet strap and single front fastening. Navy with red binding.

Code H00001

Description HRN Racing Sweat Sheet

Ex VAT £28.00

+VAT £32.20

Amigo Jersey Cooler

Brushed Polyester Wicks moisture away from the horse hidden surcingle.

Code H00148

Description Amigo Jersey Cooler

Ex VAT £21.00

+VAT £24.15

Rambo Cotton Cooler

Rambo Net Cooler

The Rambo Net Cooler is made from air textured polyester yarn that is soft and strong. The size of the holes is smaller than in the traditional sweat sheet to prevent it from tearing easily and also allow it to keep its shape effectively. The Rambo Net Cooler now comes with a belly strap for securing the rug around the horse.

Made from a cotton rich knitted fabric which effectively wicks away moisture. Complete with hidden surcingle and fillet string. Colours: Navy/White. Sizes*: 6’/6’3”/6’6”.

Code H00105

Code H00121

Description Rambo Net Cooler

Ex VAT £30.00

+VAT £34.50

Shamrock Cotton Cooler

This classic cooler, with 100% cotton outer has fillet loops at rear and Velcro closure at chest. Simple, yet effective! Colours: Blue – other options to order. Sizes*: 6’/6’3”/6’6”.

Code H00057

Description Shamrock Cotton Cooler

Ex VAT £42.00

+VAT £48.30

Description Rambo Cotton Cooler

Ex VAT £39.15

+VAT £45.02


Advanced high performance micro quilt “wicking” fabric.Manufactured in a unique wool and acrylic blend with a polypropylene insulating layer. Individually hand cut for a perfect fit Double front closure and surcingle with nylon parachute-style, quick-release buckles Fillet loops and matching hand plaited fillet string. Lightweight yet warm, ideal as a smart day/show rug. Machine washable. Code H00026

Description Thermatex

Ex VAT £85.00

+VAT £97.75




sales 01638 664619


Horse Requisites is the major supplier of quality rugs for race sponsors. These rugs are usually made up in the company’s corporate colours and are worn by the horse in the winner’s enclosure to get maximum exposure through racegoers, television and media coverage. It is normal for company logos to be placed both sides of the rug, incorporating the company’s house colours within the rug and the logo. We work from supplied artwork, or we can extract artwork from your company literature. Should you wish to take advantage of this service please do not hesitate to call us on 01638 664619 for an estimate.


leather paddock roller & breast girth

Handmade dark havanna leather paddock roller with breast girth. Can be used instead of supercloth type over the parade ring rug. Sizes: National Hunt or Flat. Code Description Ex VAT S00276/F Leather Paddock Roller & Breast Girth £69.50 S00276/NH Leather Paddock Roller & Breast Girth £69.50

+VAT £79.93 £79.93


Description Bespoke Brow Band


Paddock roller made from finest leather and supercloth to match your bespoke rug.


Description Supercloth Roller




Description Bespoke Nose band

Bespoke blinkers available in half or full cup design with material to match your racing colours. Code SPEC

Description Blinkers



Oval shaped 100% sheepskin wither pad.

A nose band in your own colours. Ribbon or plastic. +VAT £P.O.A


sheepskin wither pad


A brow band in your own colours. Ribbon or plastic. Code SPEC




Code S00347

Description Sheepskin Wither Pad

Ex VAT +VAT £12.51 £14.39

sales 01638 664619








sales 01638 664619


WITH OVER THIRTY FIVE YEARS EXPERIENCE IN MANUFACTURING RACING COLOURS, HORSE REQUISITES ARE HAPPY TO HELP YOU STAND OUT FROM THE FIELD Please contact us to discuss your requirements for bespoke racing colours. Do not hesitate to call us on 01638 664619 for a quotation.

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                                                             

                         

                                                     




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2 Colour Pvc Body Brush

Mex. Fibre Body Brush

Flexible Body Brush (Xl)

175 x 75mm red or blue block, black synthetic filaments, two rows white outside, 25mm long. Medium soft feel for general use.

190 x 90mm clear block, densely filled with all natural (anti-static). Mexican fibres, grey centre, white outside. Ideal for cleaning/sheening.

190 x 103mm brush used extensively by the racing and professional groom. Immensely strong and large, with dense filling arrangement of fine knots to give a thorough grooming action.

Code Description G00005 Pvc Body Brush

Code Description Ex VAT G00006 Mex. Fibre Body Brush £4.80

Code Description G00007 Flexible Body Brush

Ex VAT £3.40

+VAT £3.91

2b Body Pure Bristle Brush

A traditional soft body brush made from pure bristle with a wooden back and leather handle. Code Description G00050 2b Body Brush

Ex VAT £8.40

+VAT £9.66

+VAT £5.52

Ex VAT £7.75

+VAT £8.91

Machine Made Leather Back Body Brush

Oster Equine Soft Finishing Brush

Code Description G00052 Back Body Brush

Code Description G00161 Soft Finishing Brush

These leather back brushes are exceptionally light.  Beneath the leather is a foam pad to add further comfort. Ex VAT +VAT £13.35 £15.35

Densely packed soft natural bristles that help to remove grease and dust for a beautiful shine.

28mm Bristle Body Brush 201 x 95mm. Varnished wood back with leather strap. Filled with black bristle, trimmed at 28mm, for extra length.

Code G00039

Description Bristle Body Brush

Ex VAT +VAT £11.90 £13.69

Prices and sizes in this catalogue may be subject to alteration without prior notice. Please phone or check online for current prices.

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Ex VAT +VAT £12.00 £13.80

dandy brushes

Jockey Dandy Brush Mk 2 (P5)

Hand drawn, man made brush, 190 x 65mm, hand waxed hardwood back. Individual knots of mexican whisk imported specifically for its cleaning properties, with other natural materials. Code Description G00001 Jockey Dandy Brush

Ex VAT +VAT £8.85 £10.18

Bassine Dandy Brush

210 x 70mm. Mixture of natural fibres and synthetic designed to give a robujst cleaning action without undue aggravation to the horse. Trimmed at 45mm.

Code Description Ex VAT G00002 Bassine Dandy Brush £5.20

+VAT £5.98

Nylon Dandy Brush

Stablemate Swedish Syntetic Dandy

Long bristle. Specially treated extruded polypropylene filament giving a deep penetrating action. Filled with extra long (75mm) stable filling material. Ideal for a light groom after exercise.

180mm x 58mm. The coloured synthetic fillings of specially profiled polypropylene gives a hard working cleaning material that penetrates the coat, removing unwanted hair and dirt, without retaining the dirt in the filament.

Code Description G00003 Swedish Dandy

Code Description G00004 Dandy Brush

Ex VAT £3.85

+VAT £4.43

Ex VAT £2.60

+VAT £2.99

OSTER COMPLETE KIT Oster Equine 7 Piece Grooming Kit

Complete grooming kit from Oster with unique control touch handles that help to reduce hand fatigue. Coarse Curry Comb Stiff Grooming Brush, Soft Grooming brush Mane and Tail brush, Mane and Tail Comb Hoof Pick, Storage Case.

Oster Equine Grooming Brush Densely packed coarse bristles to remove dirt with less effort.

Code Description G00160 Grooming Brush

Ex VAT £8.51

+VAT £9.79

Code G00168

Description Oster Grooming Kit

Ex VAT +VAT £46.80 £53.82

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Plastic Curry Comb

Flexible polythene curry comb. Adjusts to fit the hand. Gently cleans/massages. Code G00012

Description Plastic Curry Comb

Ex VAT £1.60

+VAT £1.84

Reversible Curry Comb

Circular metal bands. Plastic handle. Use as a conventional curry comb or reverse to use directly onto the coat. Code G00044

Description Reversible Curry Comb

Ex VAT £3.10

+VAT £3.57

Rubber Curry Comb

Metal Curry Comb

Large size rubber curry comb with hand strap.

Eight zinc plated serrated metal bars with wooden handle. 216mm long, plate 114 x 102mm. Code G00011

Description Metal Curry Comb

Ex VAT £3.40

+VAT £3.91

Code Description G00013 Rubber Curry Comb

Used in a circular motion to remove and loosen dirt and hair without irritating the skin.

Rubberised grip for better control.

Description Oster Equine Course Curry Comb

Ex VAT £8.15

+VAT £4.03

Oster Equine Fine Curry Comb

Oster Equine Course Curry Comb

Code G00162

Ex VAT £3.50

+VAT £9.37

Code Description G00163 Oster Equine Fine Curry Comb

Ex VAT £8.35

+VAT £9.60

face brushes

Face Brush

Oster Equine Face Grooming

Economy handy sized brush filled with soft coloured synthetic fibres for cleaning face and other sensitive areas. Code G00021

Description Face Brush

Medium bristles for the sensitive areas. Useful for removing dirt and grime thoroughly.

Ex VAT +VAT £1.30 £1.50

Code G00171

Description Face Brush

Ex VAT £11.90

+VAT £13.69

Oster Equine Face Finishing

Oster Equine Face Curry Comb

Horsehair bristles. Brings out the natural oils on the face and other sensitive areas to create a high sheen finish.

Soft & gentle fingers to massage the face. Used in a circular motion to remove & loosen dirt & hair without irritating.

Code G00172

Code G00173

Description Ex VAT +VAT Face Finishing Brush £15.55 £17.88

Description Face Curry Comb

Ex VAT +VAT £10.10 £11.62

TRAYS & BAGS Grooming Kit

Extra Deep H/D Tool Tidy Trays

All the basic equipment required to start grooming in a strong plastic tack tray, the lid contains hints on grooming. Plastic tray with handle containing dandy brush, body brush, water brush, hoof oil brush, curry comb, mane comb, hoof pick and sponge. Tack tray available as a separate item. Ideal present.

Lightweight but tough plastic tray with carry handle. Ideal for grooming kit, veterinary equipment or farriery tools.

Code G00029

Description Extra Deep H/D Tool Tidy Trays

Ex VAT £4.45

+VAT £5.12

Grooming Bag

Plenty of pockets for all your brushes, easy to carry handle, shoulder strap and draw string cord.

Code G00070

Description Grooming Bag

Ex VAT £5.50

+VAT £6.33

Code G00113

Description Grooming Kit

Ex VAT £19.60

+VAT £22.54

Pvc Kit BagS

PVC kit bags with fitted eyelets and drawstring top: ideal for carrying grooming equipment, cleaning kit etc. to shows.

Code G00088 G00087 G00054

Description Small Pvc Kit Bag (Red) Large Pvc Kit Bag (Blue) Ex. Large Pvc “Duffle Style” Kit Bag

Ex VAT £4.15 £5.20 £14.00

+VAT £4.77 £5.98 £16.10




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mane & tail care


Code Description G00015 Alloy Mane Comb

Choice of light alloy or moulded touch plastic. Alloy 102 x 57mm with 13 teeth, large plastic comb 22 cm long with 44 teeth.

Plastic 105 x 56mm with 20 teeth.

Ex VAT £1.40

+VAT £1.61

Aluminium Tail Comb

Code Description G00119 Small Plastic Mane Comb

Ex VAT £0.65

+VAT £0.75

Aluminium Tail Comb & Handle

Alloy 89 x 25mm (22 teeth).

Code Description G00014 Aluminium Tail Comb

Large Plastic Comb


Alloy 105 x 56mm with 20 teeth.

Ex VAT £0.85

+VAT £0.98

Code Description G00060 Aluminium Tail Comb & Handle

Ex VAT £2.60

Ex VAT £1.05

+VAT £1.21

Grooma Comb

190mm long with wooden handle. 20 teeth.

Code Description G00038 Large Plastic Comb

Plastic comb with revolving metal teeth to aid grooming through tangled manes and tails. +VAT £2.99

Code Description G00076 Grooma Comb

Ex VAT £5.25

+VAT £6.04



Quick and efficient Mane Thinner using precise steel blades. Never pull a mane again. Code Description G00042 Solocomb

Ex VAT £18.00

+VAT £20.70

Oster Equine Mane & Tail Brush

Designed for multi-directional brushing for easier use and fewer tangles. Code Description G00164 Oster Equine Mane & Tail Brush

Ex VAT £8.45

+VAT £9.72

HorseShave razor when used as directed is a safe and efficient way to remove unwanted hair from face and muzzle of any equine. By design, HorseShave smoothly and softly follows the contours of the skin without applying pressure. HorseShave when slightly dulled by use is a very effective tool for removing bot fly eggs. Reusable and disposable HorseShave razor is a great tool for last minute touchups.

Mane Thinning Knife Pocket size quality folding steel knife with serrated blade for hair thinning. Code Description G00016 Mane Thinning Knife

Ex VAT £8.40

+VAT £9.66

Oster Equine Mane & Tail Comb Easier combing, fewer tangles in a convenient pocket size.

Code Description G00165 Oster Equine Mane & Tail Comb

Ex VAT £4.40

+VAT £5.06

Code Description G00105 Horseshaves

Ex VAT £3.75

+VAT £4.31

Prices and sizes in this catalogue may be subject to alteration without prior notice. Please phone or check online for current prices. order online today

Course Mane & Tail Rake A quality product from Oster, 10 teeth coarse narrow head rake for stripping, thinning and removing dead undercoat. Code Description G00174 Course Mane & Tail Rake

Ex VAT £15.95

+VAT £18.34

Medium Mane & Tail Rake Oster Mane and Tail Rake 18 teeth medium for fine hair/final finish. Code Description G00175 Medium Mane & Tail Rake

Ex VAT £21.70

+VAT £24.96

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grooming accessories

Dual Grooming Glove (Bristle One Side)

Rubber Grooming Glove Rubber grooming glove with rubber moulded pimples both sides.

Reversible glove with bristles one side and plastic teetch on the reverse.

Code G00037

Code G00069

Description Rubber Grooming Glove

Ex VAT +VAT £2.10 £2.42

Description Dual Grooming Glove

Ex VAT +VAT £2.65 £3.05

Unigroom With Rubber Bristles Soft, coloured Z-flex rubber with fast-acting fingers to remove unwanted hair, dirt and flaky skin fast. Only 4oz, easy grip. When full clean with a finger flick. Stimulates and cleans. Best on the market. Code G00063

Description Unigroom With Rubber Bristles

Ex VAT +VAT £3.40 £3.91

Leather Massage Pad (Buffer)

Maneline Supergroomer The Maneline Super Groomer is unique & easy to use. Removes dirt, sweat, bridle & saddle marks and loose hair. Use for shampooing and around head etc. Ideal for dogs and also removes loose hair from upholstery, car seats etc.

150mm diameter, leather massage pad - fine quality, hand made from best quality leather to polish the coat after grooming. With elasticated hand strap.

Code G00045

Code G00205

Description Maneline Supergroomer

Ex VAT +VAT £5.60 £6.44

Description Leather Massage Pad (Buffer)

Ex VAT £18.70

+VAT £21.51

Bot Knife

Shedding Blade Dual purpose blade. Useful for removing loose hair. Can also be used as a sweat scraper.

Serrated and blunt steel blade for removing fly eggs from horses’s hair.

Code G00062

Code G00073

Description Shedding Blade

Ex VAT +VAT £3.60 £4.14

Description Bot Knife

Ex VAT +VAT £2.20 £2.53

Cactus Cloth Mitt Natural sisal fibres on one side and synthetic fleece on the other, to bring out the shine in your horse’s coat. Can be used for wet bathing.

Code G00071

Description Cactus Cloth Mitt

Ex VAT +VAT £2.85 £3.28

Cactus Cloths For effortless removal of sweat marks, grass/stable stains from the horse’s coat.

Code Description G00055 Cactus Cloths

Ex VAT +VAT £3.20 £3.68

Chalk Powder 140 Gm

Super Groomer Block


Circular soft chalk powder to brighten white areas before showing (also available in a block).

A new grooming block to remove loose hair, dust, dirt stains and mud. Ideal for shedding, leaves coat clean and sleek. A safe way to remove bot eggs.

Dress up your horse with these easy to use quarter markers. Just wet the hair, place on the rump, and comb the hair in the opposite direction. Various designs available.

Code G00098

Code G00061

Code G00095 G00097

Description Chalk Powder 140 Gm Chalk Block

Ex VAT +VAT £1.40 £1.61 £1.65 £1.90

Description Super Groomer Block

Ex VAT +VAT £2.30 £2.65

Description Quartermarkers

Ex VAT +VAT £4.50 £5.18



plaiting / HOOF CARE

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plaiting Plaiting Thread 50 Gms Large reel of linen plaiting thread. Available in black, brown and white.

Code G00033

Description Plaiting Thread 50 Gms

Ex VAT £5.00

+VAT £5.75

Plaiting Thread On Card Linen plaiting thread. Available in black, brown and white.

Code G00057

Description Plaiting Thread On Card

Ex VAT £0.68

+VAT £0.78

Plaiting Bands Elastic plaiting bands in packs of approx 500. Available in black, brown or white.

PLAITING STEPS Very well made & extremely sturdy tubular steel construction. Slip resistant aluminium treads and comfortable loop handle. Painted finish. Code G00056

Description Plaiting Bands

Ex VAT £2.00

+VAT £2.30

Code ET0653

Description Plaiting Steps

Ex VAT £44.35

+VAT £51.00

hoof care

Standard Hoof Pick

Hoof Pick & Brush

Nickel plated finish 130mm long metal pick with painted handle.

Code G00018

Description Hoof Pick

Ex VAT £0.90

Hoof pick with brush.

+VAT £1.04

Code G00059

Description Ex VAT Hoof Pick & Brush £1.85

+VAT £2.13

Folding Hoof Pick

Oster Equine Hoof Pick

Nickel plated. Folds for the pocket. Locks open for safety in use.

Durable stainless steel resists rust and bending.

Code G00017

Code G00166

Description Ex VAT Folding Hoof Pick £2.55

Hoof Oil Brush

Synthetic Hoof Brush Low cost, handy sized brush filled with stiff coloured synthetic fibres. Just the job for removing caked-on-mud from hooves before applying hoof oil dressing.

Brush with moulded handle filled with pure white bristle for your hoof oil.

Code G00019

Code G00030

Description Synthetic Hoof Brush

Ex VAT £1.30

+VAT £1.50

Description Hoof Oil Brush

Ex VAT £1.80

+VAT £2.07

+VAT £2.93

Description Oster Hoof Pick

Ex VAT £3.80

+VAT £4.37

Hoof Oil Can With Brush Plastic screw top can, with pure bristle brush in lid.

Code G00036

Description Hoof Oil Can With Brush

Ex VAT £4.25

+VAT £4.89

sales 01638 664619


sponges, cloths & rubbers

Tack Cleaning Sponge Code G00022

Description Cleaning Sponge

Ex VAT £0.59

+VAT £0.68

Gp Sponge 5.5’’ X 4.5’’ x 2”

Sponge In A Net

Code G00099

Code G00051

Ex VAT £6.15

+VAT £0.92

Description Sponge in a Net

Available in navy, black or brown. Matching girth sleeve also available on request. Size 810 x 630mm approx.

Irish linen clock 900 x 680mm.

Description Original Irish Linen Stable Rubber

Ex VAT £0.80

Towelling Stable Rubber

Original Irish Linen Stable Rubber

Code G00023

Description GP Sponge

+VAT £7.07

Code G00100 G00103 G00102

Description Ex VAT Towelling Stable Rubber £4.50 Towelling Stable Rubber & Girth Sleeve £6.70 Towelling Girth Sleeve £2.20

+VAT £5.18 £7.71 £2.53

Pack Of 6 Sponges Ex VAT £1.25

+VAT £1.44

Code G00106

Description Sponge Pack

Ex VAT £7.40

+VAT £8.51

Large Chamois Leather Large size best quality chamois. saddles. Code G00027 G00064

Description Large Chamois Leather Ex Large Chamois Leather

Also used under racing

Ex VAT £11.65 £15.75

+VAT £13.40 £18.11

SWEAT SCRAPERS & water brushes

Kite Sweat scraper

Plastic sweat scraper with rubber blade. Traditional shape, can be submerged in water without damage. Code Description G00020 Kite Sweat scraper

Ex VAT £4.50

Prices and sizes in this catalogue may be subject to alteration without prior notice. Please phone or check online for current prices.

order online today

+VAT £5.18


An alloy plate with a slight curve to aid removal of water.

Code Description G00026 Alloy Sweat Scraper

Ex VAT £2.50

+VAT £2.88


A tough plastic version of the alloy scraper in the Oster set colours. Code Description G00167 Oster Sweat Scraper

Ex VAT £4.75

+VAT £5.46

Water Brush

Lightweight plastic back that won’t split with regular immersion in water. Soft white mexican fibre retains and carries water well, making it ideal for washing horses and setting manes & tails. Fibres are trimmed short to provide scrubbing stiffness. Code Description G00010 Water Brush

Ex VAT £2.65

+VAT £3.05


A scraper and washer all in one with hose fitting and trigger control water flow. Code Description G00028 Wash Wand

Ex VAT £30.00

+VAT £34.50




sales 01638 664619

clippers Liveryman Arena Clipper

Powered by a tough 90 watt motor for cool all day operation. The ergonomically - designed grip makes it a pleasure to use. Supplied with A2 blades, oil and brush in a presentation case.

Code G00130 G00034/S G00034/F

Description Liveryman Arena Clipper Standard A2 clipper blades Fine A22 clipper blades

Ex VAT £262.50 £48.00 £55.40

+VAT £301.88 £55.20 £63.71

Liveryman Harmony Battery Clipper

Powerful mains clipper 2 speed Safetly low voltage cord clipper Incorporates latest technology Ergonomic design for comfort gripping with minimal hand fatigue Extremely quiet and light Detachable blades allows for wider blades to fit for full clip usage Blades are compatible with Andis, Oster & Wahl Supplied in carrying case with mains adaptor, #10 blades, oil and brush. 12 months guarantee.

Code G00091 G00034/S G00034/F

Description Liveryman Harmony Clipper Standard A2 clipper blades Fine A22 clipper blades

Ex VAT £164.45 £48.00 £55.40

+VAT £189.12 £55.20 £63.71


Lister R15 Clipper Oil 250ml

A special formulation for the cleaning of all clipper blades contains antiseptic ideal for all Clippers in an aerosol can.

A new and improved clear light oil formula. The R15 clipper oil offers a cleaner and safer means of lubricating clippers, trimmers and blades for increased performance and peace of mind whilst clipping your horse.

Horse Requisites recommend the use of a power breaker with electrical equipment. Please call us for further information. order online today

Code G00041

Description Liveryman Clipper Blade Wash 200g

Ex VAT £5.25

+VAT £6.04

Code G00108

Description Lister R15 Clipper Oil 250ml

Ex VAT £4.00

+VAT £4.60

sales 01638 664619


CLIPPERS Lister Star Clipper Complete

The latest edition to the Lister range, the Neon is the shape of the future. This all-mains full-width clipper is incredibly light to use with an advanced triangular grip, and utilises Lister’s patented “ventilated head technology”. The permanent magnet motor virtually ensures a constant working speed, irrespective of load, and runs at low noise levels. The Neon is fitted with an easily replaceable filter ensuring efficient ventilation and cooling and has an enclosed gearbox for low maintenance longer life. It has a handy wrist strap and is double insulated for safety. Designed and manufactured in Britain.

Code G00084 G00081 G00109

Description Lister Star Clipper Complete Lister Blades Std Or Fine Lister Neon Tension Set

Ex VAT £219.93 £33.83 £6.50

+VAT £252.92 £38.90 £7.48

Liberty Clipper With Battery & Blades

This unique clipper with its power efficient motor is the most versatile model. Choose from either a rechargeable power pack with waist belt, or a 12 volt battery lead to power this battery operated full-size clipper. The portable rechargeable battery power pack enables the operator to clip anywhere, for up to 3 hours and being 12 Volt, gives the operator maximum safety. This clipper surpasses most mains clippers for performance, durability, handling and cool running. Designed and manufactured in Britain.

Code G00080 G00077 G00081 G00082 G00085 G00109

Description Ex VAT +VAT Liberty Clipper With Battery & Blades £317.45 £365.07 Std Battery Pack For Liberty Clipper £140.26 £161.30 Lister Blades Std Or Fine £33.83 £38.90 Vehicle Leads For Liberty Clipper £24.69 £28.39 Mains Adaptor For Liberty Clipper £49.62 £57.06 Lister Neon Tension Set £6.50 £7.48

Hauptner Clipper

This German made clipper is also suitable for cattle, but as a horse clipper is recognised to be one of the most efficient machines on the market. With its built-in air cooling system and double insulation housing using the lastest plastic materials, it offers a high speed of cut with limited noise output. Running on 240 volt mains the clipper is electrically suppressed. More powerful than the Hauptner ‘07’. All Hauptner ‘07’ blades fit the 2000.

Code G00031 G00032 G00116 G00204 G00199

Description Hauptner Clipper Fine Hauptner clipper blades Standard Hauptner clipper blades Tension Set for Hauptner clipper Nylon bush for Hauptner

Ex VAT £242.15 £54.50 £47.87 £6.65 £1.50

+VAT £278.47 £62.68 £55.05 £7.65 £1.73



the choice of champions since 1909 9 - 2009


ING 100





Long Street, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 4HR Email:



Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd


sales 01638 664619


trimmers Liveryman Element Trimmer

Extremely quiet mains rechargeable trimmer with a quiet low vibration, ideal for use on nervous horse’s. Features: * 60 mins operating time, (8 hours charge time). * Titanium and ceramic blades provide greater sharpness and last longer than conventional blades. * Ergonimically shaped lightweight handpiece. * Comes complete in carry case with 2 comb attachments, DC adapter, charging stand, cleaning brush and oil. 12 month guarantee Weight: 230 grams.

Code G00074 G00075

Description Liveryman Element Trimmer Liveryman Element Blades

Ex VAT +VAT £62.20 £71.53 £15.23 £17.51

Liveryman Flair Trimmer

Rechargeable trimmer, ideal for face whiskers, leg feathers and ears Snap on attachment combs Includes brush, oil & charger Light weight-low noise Charge time five hours. Operates approx. 45 Minutes on full charge.

Code G00090

Description Liveryman Flair Trimmer

Ex VAT +VAT £23.52 £27.05

Meteor Trimmer Complete

The Meteor is a small, stylish, rechargeable trimming clipper with easy to use “snap-on” blades. It is specially engineered for minimum noise and vibration, ideal for clipping heads, face and other sensitive parts. It is supplied complete with charger, cleaning brush and oil, and has a choice of blades or a set of 4 “slide-on” blade guards to allow adjustment to clipping height. The charge last for approximately 45 minutes and the charger doubles up as a main adaptor if required.

Code G00086

Description Meteor Trimmer Complete

Ex VAT £55.00

+VAT £63.25

Hand Held Clipper With Coarse Teeth

Easy to use Hand Clipper with coarse teeth. A must for all tack boxes.

Code G00072

Description Hand Held Clipper With Coarse Teeth

Ex VAT £21.00

+VAT £24.15




sales 01638 664619

moulded HANDLE SCISSORS lead reins MOULDED HANDLED / GENERAL PURPOSE SCISSORS General purpose scissors.


Code V00210  V00213  V00228  V00215  V00226 


Ex VAT £3.40 £9.80 £10.45 £10.50 £9.80

+VAT £3.91 £11.27 £12.02 £12.08 £11.27

clinical trimMING & BANDAGE scISSORS lead reins CLINICAL TRIMMING & BANDAGE SCISSORS Clinical hair trim scissors.

PRODUCTS IN ORDER OF APPERANCE LEFT TO RIGHT. Code V00017  V00207  V00220  V00200  V00219  V00233  V00232  V00230  V00224  V00231  V00018 


Ex VAT £16.20 £24.00 £20.70 £3.50 £25.45 £18.50 £4.95 £23.00 £4.95 £16.60 £50.20

+VAT £18.63 £27.60 £23.81 £4.03 £29.27 £21.28 £5.69 £26.45 £5.69 £19.09 £57.73

thermometers equipment THERMOMETERS PRODUCTS IN ORDER OF APPERANCE LEFT TO RIGHT. V00001 150mm long mercury ºC thermometer in case with pocket clip. V00003 Fast reacting, clear digital readout in seconds. Instant reset button. Batteries included. Reads ºC. V00004 Traditional Fahrenheit thermometer with eyelet at one end, for threading string with peg on end. Complete with protective storage case. V00096 87mm long glass mercury thermometer in plastic case. Measures ºC.

Code V00001  V00003  V00004  V00096 


Ex VAT £6.65 £2.85 £7.00 £5.00

Prices and sizes in this catalogue may be subject to alteration without prior notice. Please phone or check online for current prices. order online today -

+VAT £7.65 £3.28 £8.05 £5.75

sales 01638 664619


equipment Stomach Tube

Non-toxic PVC tube with extra smooth finish to avoid tissue irritation, soft yet flexible but rigid enough to prevent kinking. Fitted with funnel end for attachment to stomach pump or funnel. Code V00012 V00110 V00010

Description Stomach Tube (Foal) Stomach Tube (Medium) Stomach Tube (Large)

Ex VAT £21.65 £33.20 £48.55

+VAT £24.90 £38.18 £55.83



Steel trolley with easy to clean detachable trays. Will carry a load up to 125kg, fitted with 125mm nylon wheel castors. Trolley can be adapted to customer requirements.

A lightweight stethoscope for vetinary & stable use. Code V00055

Description L/W Stethoscope

Ex VAT +VAT £16.00 £18.40

Code V00050

Description Vet trolley with plastic trays


Description 500ml Obstetric Lubricant

Ex VAT £5.15

+VAT £161.92


A readily absorbed cream to maintain good udder condition and optimum skin conditions throughout all seasons. Active ingredient 0.1% w/w cetrimide B.P.

Foaling jelly with antiseptic properties. Used for foaling and internal examination of mares.

Code V00035

Ex VAT £140.80

+VAT £5.92

Code V00103 V00106

Description Udder Cream 1.25 Kg 400 GMS Udder Cream

Ex VAT £13.40 £5.60

+VAT £15.41 £6.44


A specially formulated gentle sheath cleaner, which will soften and remove smegma, dirt and body oils. Contains Tea Tree oil in a gel base with a mild blend of surfactants. Code V00013

Description S.P Sheath Cleaner 500 Gms

Ex VAT £11.60

+VAT £13.34




Heavy quality black plastic bags for disposal purposes. Each bag 450 x 735 x 860mm.

Super absorbent paper wipes in 345m long rolls for dispensing from special tear-off centre-feed dispenser.

Code V00070 V00071

Code Description V00108 Duo Flow V00115 Duo Flow Dispenser

Description 50 X Black Plastic Bin Liners 200X Black Plastic Bin Liners

Ex VAT £4.15 £16.00

+VAT £4.77 £18.40

Ex VAT +VAT £23.00 £26.45 £71.50 £82.23


These first aid kits, contained in tough green polypropylene cases printed with ‘FIRST AID’, with their contents upplied meet the requirements of the latest Health and Safety at Work regulations, with regard to studs, stables and farms.

Code Description V00109 First Aid Kit (HSE 10 Kit) V00111 First Aid Kit (HSE 20 Kit)

Ex VAT +VAT £25.50 £29.33 £45.50 £52.33




sales 01638 664619

animal control lead reins



355mm long alloy twitch with stainless steel rivet; nylon cord is inserted through the handles and wound round to secure the twitch when it has been applied to the horse’s lip. Barrel clip on rope end allows the twitch to be hooked to bridle.

Traditional style twitch with long wooden handle.

Code V00009

Description Long Handled Twitch

Ex VAT £26.50

+VAT £30.48


Nickel plated ratchet type gag with two plates: leaves both hands free for tooth rasping etc. Code V00036

Description Housmann’s Mouth Gag

Ex VAT +VAT £106.50 £122.48


Code V00038

Description Easy Twitch

Ex VAT £9.95

+VAT £11.44


Recommended for thoroughbreds. Easy application, strong, hardwearing reusable, nontraumatic. High quality felt with adjustable leather fasteners. Code V00058

Description Hobbles

Ex VAT £36.55

+VAT £42.03


450mm long stainless steel multi-angled rasp with tungsten chip blade for fast, efficient surface removal. Merely by changing blade angle one can rasp upper and lower teeth and molars with the same instrument.


Plastic syringe graduated to 50ml, comes with 112mm long chromium plated dosing nozzle with bulbous end to prevent damage to the mouth when in use. Code V00095

Description Dosing Syringe with Nozzle

Ex VAT £11.14

+VAT £12.81

DISPOSABLE SYRINGE - Listed from in order from top to bottom. Code V00039 V00097

Description Multi Angle Tooth Rasp Tungsten Blade for Multi Angle Tooth Rasp

Ex VAT £160.35 £33.00

+VAT £184.40 £37.95

Code V00069  V00060  V00062  V00026 

Description 50ML Dosing Syringe 50ML Syringe 10ML Syringe 5ML Syringe

Ex VAT £1.40 £1.25 £0.40 £0.28

+VAT £1.61 £1.44 £0.46 £0.32

sales 01638 664619


foaling lead reins equipment 500ML OBSTETRIC LUBRICANT


Combined 9mm x 7mm tee shaped spanner with tap on.

Code V00117

Description Foal Wedge

Ex VAT £98.30

+VAT £113.05

Foaling jelly with antiseptic properties. Used for foaling and internal examination of mares.

Code V00035

Description 500ml Obstetric Lubricant

Ex VAT +VAT £5.15 £5.92



Plastic foaling bottle.

Combined 9mm x 7mm tee shaped spanner with tap on.

Code V00006 V00015

Description Foal Assist Sachet Foal Assist Syringe

Ex VAT £219.60 £15.80

+VAT £219.60 £15.80

Code V00008 V00019

Description Foaling Bottle Foaling Teat



Provides guaranteed levels of immunoglobulins in an easy assimilated form to match the mare’s colostrum providing a major boost to the immune system to rapidly combat bacteria and other harmful organisms. Added to this is an immediate high energy source after which foals become much more active and suckle more aggressively.

Code V00007

Description Stromholm Hoof Cushion

Ex VAT £29.80

+VAT £29.80

Ex VAT +VAT £3.95 £4.54 £1.40 £1.61

The UDDERLY EZ MILKER™ is the safest and most effective large domestic and exotic animal milk and colostrum collection device available. It can be used on horses of all sizes, ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, zebras, camels and miniature cows. The patented vacuum pump is manufactured only with highest quality engineered plastics and is assembled under the strict quality government control standards for medical devices. The UDDERLY EZ MILKER™ is the most efficient hand operated milking product on the market today.

Code V00014

Description Udderly EX Equine Milker

Ex VAT £89.50

+VAT £102.93




sales 01638 664619

protECTIVE clothing lead reins MICRO TOUCH LATEX GLOVES


Latex veterinary examination gloves, our cheapest disposable gloves (large size).

Code V00064

Description Micro Touch Latex Gloves

Ex VAT £8.15

+VAT £9.37

Polythene full arm length glove, flexible and strong giving excellent feel combined with good protection.

Code V00034

Description Fearings Silkes Armlength Gloves 1 X 100

Ex VAT £10.40



Lightweight but tough waterproof nylon suit designed to be disinfected and quickly dried. Half knit wrist, sleeves and collar.

100% PP spun bonded lightweight non-woven fabric. Zip front with elasticated cuffs. Ideal for use when examining horses, or mucking out to keep you clean. Simply wear then throw away. Sizes: medium, large and Xlarge.

Comes in three generous sizes, medium, large or extra large. Colour: green

Code V00028 V00030

Description Vets Parlour Trousers (XL) Vets Parlour Trousers (S M L)

Ex VAT £12.25 £11.25

+VAT £14.09 £12.94

+VAT £11.96

Code V00075

Description Krutex Disposable Suit (L to XL)

Ex VAT £4.75

+VAT £5.46

stromsholm studs lead reins STUDS T.S. LOW


For most equestrian activities when competing on hard ground. With long lasting tungsten core.

Code F00120

Description Studs T.S Low (Pack of 4)

Ex VAT £3.05

(Tungsten Core) - Showing, eventing and jumping on firm ground. Gives penetration and hold without jarring.

+VAT £3.51

Code F00121


Description Ex VAT Rounded Jemping Studs XL (Pack of 4) £3.05

+VAT £3.51

Code F00127

Description Studs Polo (Pack of 4)

+VAT £3.51

Code F00125

Description Type L Jumping Studs (Pack of 4)

STROMSHOLM STUD PRESENTATION PACK Consists of 12 assorted studs, 20 rubber stoppers, 1 spanner tap wire brush & 1 hoof pick.


Code F00045

Code F00077

Code F00016

Description Stud Spanner

Ex VAT £7.00

+VAT £8.05

Description Stromsholm Stud Presentation Pack

+VAT £3.51

For most equestrian activities when a shorter stud is required. With long lasting tungsten core.

Combined 9mm x 7mm tee shaped spanner with tap on end of tee.


Ex VAT £3.05


Specially designed for use in hind shoes of jumpers, giving maximum grip in soft going.

Description Ex VAT Square Jimping Studs Per 4 (Pack of 4) £3.05

+VAT £3.51

A square jumping stud with corners removed for safety.


Code F00127

Ex VAT £3.05


New Type F - As extra large ‘H’ type above without tungsten core.

Code F00126

Description Studs T.S. (Pack of 4)

Ex VAT £26.00

+VAT £29.90

Ex VAT £3.05

+VAT £3.51

Designed to fit most horses and ponies. They absorb concussions and spread pressure, but leave the frog free. Description Stromholm Hoof Cushion

Ex VAT £4.55

+VAT £5.23

sales 01638 664619

farriers’ TOOLS

FARRIERS’ tools lead reins


12’’ PULL OFF (Soyo)

12” Pull Off to aid the removal of shoes.

14” Nipper for trimming horses feet.

Code Description F00080 12’’ Pull Off Soyo

Code Description F00081 14’’ Nipper (Soyo)

Ex VAT +VAT £15.00 £2.99



10oz Farriers hammer.

Quality 8” hammer

Code Description F00084 8’’ Driving Hammer

Ex VAT +VAT £9.28 £10.67


Lightweight Tongues Rasp. The platers rasp regularly used on racehorses and light show horses. Code Description F00044 Save E Tanged Rasp 14’’

Ex VAT +VAT £35.05 £40.31

Ex VAT +VAT £14.72 £16.93



Code Description F00005 10oz Hammer

Ex VAT +VAT £23.05 £26.51




For clinching exposed nail tips.

Tool for removing shoe nails. Code Description F00082 Nail Puller (Soyo)

Ex VAT +VAT £21.92 £25.21

Code Description F00083 Nail Clincher



Wooden handle with metal brush and spike to pull stoppers out and clean holes etc.

To aid the removing of shoes.

Code Description F00078 Pick/Wire Brush

Code Description F00085 Clinch Cutter (Buffer)

Ex VAT £7.50

+VAT £8.63


Brass cast gauge which automatically adjusts to the hoof angle indicating the level condition of the bottom of the horse’s hoof.

None professional complete kit, ideal for emergencies in the stable yard.


Code Description F00054 F Hoof Fillr Brass Finish

Code Description Ex VAT +VAT F00057 M Farriers Kit Complete £105.00 £120.75

Code Description F00086 Tool Bag


Ex VAT +VAT £18.00 £20.70

Ex VAT +VAT £26.33 £30.28

Ex VAT +VAT £4.90 £5.64

Quality made heavy material bag for tools. Ex VAT +VAT £10.25 £11.79




Quality made knivesfor use by farriers, vets & horsemen for the management of horses hoof. Code A - F00011 B - F00012 C - F00013 D - F00014 E - F00070

Description Searcher Hoof Knife Double Edge Hoof Knife Hoof Knife Hoof Knife (Hauptner) Sharpener Knife

Ex VAT £24.22 £23.92 £15.00 £20.80 £18.52

+VAT £27.85 £27.51 £17.25 £23.92 £21.30


Stainless steel hoof testing forceps to test lameness in horses and cattle. Code V00029

Description Hoof Testing Foreceps

Ex VAT £30.70

+VAT £35.31



FArriers hoofcare

sales 01638 664619

aquatherapy boots lead reins AQUA THERAPY BOOTS

The Aqua Therapy boots have their own small pump which creates aeration and a jacuzzi effect. They are the best method of using cold water. They cool and massage at the same time, helping to get legs right, and keeping them right, by reducing swelling and aiding in injury recovery. Water massage increases blood supply throughout the whole muscle structure so bringing more rapid healing and strengthening of the leg. The boots are portable and tough, made from soft vinyl - built for years of use - yet so soft they will not harm your horse’s leg. Ice may be added to the water as well as Epsom salts, cider vinegar or other medication. A must for any competition yard.

Code A16028

Description Aqua Theraphy Boots

Ex VAT £579.30

+VAT £666.20

protective / lead reins POULTICE boots



Using Easyboots is a natural way to provide hoof protection, traction, treatment, cushioning and correction while allowing the horse to go barefoot at all other times. They fit snugly to the hoof, are lighter and last many times longer than standard steel plates.

Although Boa Horse Boots™ have many veterinary and medical uses, they should not be used to hold medications or invasive substances. Many of the medicines used to treat hoof ailments will react adversely with Boa Horse Boot™ leathers and the urethane sole. Code F00055

Description Boa Boots Per PairSizes 00-8

Ex VAT +VAT £98.35 £113.10

Code F00056

Description Epic EasyBoot

Ex VAT £56.00

+VAT £64.40


A reusable hardwearing equine foot care boot used with medication (poulticing, continuous soaking etc.) for protection when travelling and for cushioning to relieve pressure.

Code F00064

Description Protect-O-Boot Large (Easy Soaker)

Ex VAT £28.90

+VAT £33.24


A canvas boot with a reinforced PVC sole. Ideal for keeping your poultice clean and inplace.



A temporary replacement for a lost shoe and protects the tender frog & sole. It allows the horse to walk unshod, protecting the hoof from cracks and chips. Secure with a strong nylon adjustable strap without damaging the hoof wall. Used for medicating & protecting injuries of hoof & sole. Can also be used to protect hooves during travel. Code V00090

Description Barrier Boot L/XL

Ex VAT £23.00

+VAT £26.45

Low cut open sides to ensure water is squeezed out and prevent damage to coronary area. Adjustable velcro fastening tie straps ensure good fit, special buckle prevents straps slipping back. Quick release clip for easy removal. Used for medicating and protecting injuries of hoof and sole. Can also be used to protect hooves during travel. Code F00090

Description Standard Shoof Size 1

Ex VAT £21.58

+VAT £24.82

Code F00058

Description Hoofit Cancas Boot

Ex VAT £12.00

+VAT £13.80

care and repair lead reins




Fitted between hoof and shoe as an aid to correcting movement. One size fits most horses and ponies.


The Decron Hoof Care Kit provides the secrets to managing hoof problems in a simple, easy-to-use system.

Shock absorbing and resilient pads for fitting between hoof and shoe. Each standard Supersole measures 170mm x 170mm.

An effective and fast-setting resin formula, this DIY kit has been developed to repair and replace missing or damaged hoof horn. Its dual action will repair & protect.

Code F00015

Code F00035

Code F00036

Code F00051

Description Ex VAT +VAT Decron Hoof Care Kit £P.O.A £P.O.A

Description Ex VAT +VAT H Wedges (Soft/Firm) £4.60 £5.29

Description S Soles (Soft/Firm)

Ex VAT +VAT £7.30 £8.40

Description Ex VAT +VAT Keratex 3P Hoof Rpr £18.11 £20.83

EQUINE GROOMING HEALTH WITH NATURE’S HELP. EQUIGENE, NATURALLY! Equigene – a new range of hygiene and grooming products based on refined natural ingredients developed specifically for the professional equine world. EQUINE HYGIENE & WOUND CARE


• Violet Disinfectant Spray

• Anti-Bacterial Leather Cleaner

• Horse Care Cream

• Anti-Bacterial Leather Protector

• Disinfectant Horse Shampoo ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION HOOF HEALTH AND PRESENTATION • Anti-Bacterial Hoof Nourisher and Polish

• EquiGene Yard and Stable Disinfectant DEFRA APPROVED BHA - permitted for use in Racecourse Stables

• Anti-Bacterial Hoof and Frog Gel

Products formulated and manufactured by MEDICHEM International Further information and test data can be found at: or by contacting technical support:

+ Forage = Cost Effective Feeding

Garlic Horslyx

Original Horslyx

Available in 5kg and 15kg

Available in 5kg, 15kg & 80kg

A natural supplement for general health and an aid to deter biting insects.

A natural supplement for general health. Contains the Horslyx high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package to balance forage and grazing.

Garlic together with the Horslyx high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package.

Mobility Horslyx

Respiratory Horslyx

Available in 5kg only

Available in 5kg and 15kg

An aid for healthy supple joints. Glucosamine HCl, MSM and omega oils together with the Horslyx high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package.

An aid for a healthy respiratory system. Menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed together with the Horslyx high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package.

5kg Horslyx Holder

Mini Horslyx

To be used in conjunction with 5kg Horslyx Garlic, Original, Respiratory or Mobility Refills. Versatile wall mounting bracket and tub, to be used in the stable, horsebox or field.

Available in Garlic, Mint and Respiratory formulations The palatable, portable vitamin and mineral licks are ideal to use as a distraction when clipping, loading, during vet and farrier visits or simply as a treat or reward.

Ideal for balancing nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing. Suitable for all horses and ponies, including mares and youngstock

Horslyx Helpline +44(0)16973 32592 e-mail:

Simplifying the Worming Puzzle

With the EQUEST & EQUEST PRAMOX programme horses can enjoy year-round worm control with just 4 single doses a year. Of course worm control is more than just worming. Basic measures like removing faeces from pasture, faecal worm egg counts, and accurate dosing according to weight all play an important role in the fight against worms.

If horses could choose...

Simplifying the worming puzzle

EQUEST: 13-week dosing interval offers single dose control of all stages of encysted small redworm larvae, other roundworm species and bots. EQUEST PRAMOX: 13-week dosing interval offers single dose control of all stages of encysted small redworm larvae, other roundworm species, bots and all 3 species of tapeworm. Further information is available from Fort Dodge Animal Health, Flanders Road, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 4QH. Tel: 01489 781711. Fax: 01489 788306. EQUEST contains moxidectin. EQUEST PRAMOX contains moxidectin and praziquantel. Registered trademarks of Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd.


Calm in an instant with NEW Instant Magic

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Official suppliers to the British Equestrian Teams For more details please go to your local NAF stockist, call our Freephone Advice Line: 0800 373 106, email or visit



sales 01638 664619

TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. INTERPRETATION 1.1 In these conditions ‘Conditions’ means these standard conditions of sale (unless the context otherwise requires) including any special terms and conditions agreed in writing between the Customer and the Seller ‘Contract’ means the contract for the purchase and sale of the Goods and/or the carrying out of Services ‘Customer’ means the person who accepts a quotation of the Seller for the sale of the Goods or the supply of Services or whose order for the Goods or the supply of Services is accepted by the seller. ‘Goods’ means any goods (including any instalment of goods or any parts for them) supplied by the Seller ‘Seller’ means Horse Requisites (Newmarket) Limited’ Services’ means any service which the Seller Contracts to carry out for the customer ‘Writing’ includes telex cable facsimile transmission and comparable means of communication 1.2 Any reference to these Conditions to any provision of a statute shall be construed as a reference to that provision as amended re-enacted or extended at the relevant time 1.3 The headings in these Conditions are for convenience only and shall not affect their interpretation 2. BASIS OF THE SALE 2.1 These Conditions apply to all Goods or Services supplied by the Seller 2.2 These Conditions are the only terms on which the Seller supplies the Goods and/or Services 2.3 The Seller shall sell and the Customer shall purchase the Goods, or the Seller shall supply the Services which the Customer shall accept, in accordance with any written quotation of the Seller which is accepted by the Customer or any written order of the Customer which is accepted by the Seller 2.4 No variation of these conditions shall be binding unless agreed in Writing between an authorised representation of the Customer and the Seller 2.5 The Seller’s employees or agents are not authorised to make any representations concerning the Goods or Services unless confirmed by the Seller in Writing in entering into the Contract the Customer acknowledges that it does not rely on and waives any claim for breach of such representations which are not so confirmed 2.6 Any such advice or recommendation given by the Seller or its employees or agents to the Customer or its employees or agents as to the storage application or use of the Goods which is not confirmed in Writing by the Seller is followed or acted upon entirely at the Customer’s own risk and accordingly the Seller shall not be liable for any such advice or recommendation which is not so confirmed. 2.7 All goods are offered subject to availability 2.8 Where goods comprise items or substances subject to the Control of Pesticide Regulation 1986 the Customer shall be solely responsible for compliance with such regulations once Goods have been delivered by the Seller to the Customer 2.9 Any typographical or other error or omission in any sales literature, quotation, price list, acceptance of offer, invoice or other document or information issued by the Seller shall be subject to correction without any liability on the part of the Seller 3. ORDERS AND SPECIFICATIONS 3.1 The Customer shall be responsible to the Seller for the accuracy of the terms of any order (including any applicable specification) submitted by the Customer and for giving the Seller any necessary information relating to the Goods or Services within a sufficient time to enable the Seller to perform the Contract in accordance with its terms 3.2 The quantity quality and description of and any specification for the Goods or Services shall be those set out in the Seller’s quotation (if accepted by the Customer) or the Customers order (if accepted by the Seller) 3.3 If the goods are to be manufactured or any process is to be applied to the Goods by the seller in accordance with a specification submitted by the Customer the Customer shall indemnify the Seller against all loss damages costs and expenses awarded against or incurred by the Seller in connection with or paid or agreed to be paid by the Seller in settlement of any claim for infringement of any patent copyright design trade mark or other industrial or intellectual property rights of any other person which results from the Seller’s use of the Customer’s specification 3.4 The Seller reserves the right to make any changes in the specification of the Goods or Services provided that the change shall not materially affect their quality or performance 3.5 If Goods comprise items or substances the sale of supply of which is subject to control pursuant to the Medicines Act 1968 no Contract for the sale and purchase thereof can be created unless:3.5.1 quotations therefore are given and/or accepted by the Seller or 3.5.2 orders from the Buyer are received and accepted by the Seller at one of the Seller’s premises which is registered for

the sale and supply of such Goods with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain Limited 4. PRICE OF THE GOODS 4.1 The price of the Goods or the Services shall be the Seller’s quoted price 4.2The Seller may at any time before delivery vary the price of the good by notice to the Customer. The Customer may within one week of receipt of such a notice cancel the order for the Goods or Services but if delivery of the Goods is to be made by instalments the Customer shall be entitled to cancel only the undelivered portion of the order. No other remedy shall be available to the Customer in respect of such a variation in price. If the Customer shall not make any such cancellation within the one week period the varied price shall apply to the contract except as regards those of the Goods already delivered when the variation is made 4.3 Except as otherwise stated under the terms of any quotation or in any price list of the Seller and unless otherwise agreed in Writing between the Customer and the Seller all prices are given by the Seller on an ex works basis and where the Seller agrees to deliver the Goods otherwise than at the Seller’s premises the Customer shall be liable to pay the Seller’s charges for transport packaging and insurance. If the Customer asks the Seller to deliver Goods before any date quoted by the Seller for delivery and the Seller is willing to do this then the Seller may charge the Customer for the additional cost of such urgent delivery 4.4 The price is exclusive of any applicable value added tax which the Customer shall be additionally liable to pay to the Seller 4.5 Where no price has been quoted or a quoted price is no longer valid the price listed in the Seller’s list correct at the date of the Contract shall be used 4.6 Customers exempt from VAT or entitled to supply at zero rates must provide proof at time of order 5. TERMS OF PAYMENT 5.1 The Seller shall be entitled to invoice the Customer for the price of the Goods prior to on or at any time after delivery of the Goods or at any time after the Seller has notified the Customer that the Goods are ready for collection or delivery and shall be entitled to invoice for the price of Services on completion of the work 5.2 The Customer shall pay the price of the Goods and Services within 30 days of the date of invoice even though delivery may not have taken place and the property in the goods has not passed to the Customer. The time of payment of the price shall be of the essence of the Contract Receipts for payment will be issued only on request. The Seller shall be entitled to refuse delivery and retain possession of Goods until they have been paid for in full. 5.3 If the Customer fails to make any payment on the due date then without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to the Seller the Seller shall be entitled to: 5.3.1 cancel any other contract between the Seller and the Customer and to suspend any deliveries to the Customer under such contracts (without liability to the Customer) 5.3.2 cancel any other contract between the Seller and the Customer and to suspend any deliveries to the Customer under such contracts (without liability to the Customer) 5.3.3 appropriate any payment made by the Customer to such of the Services (or the Goods or Services supplied under any other contract between the Customer and the Seller) as the Seller may think fit (notwithstanding any purported appropriation by the Customer) and 5.3.4 charge the Customer interest (both before and after any judgment) on the amount unpaid at the rate of four per cent per year above HSBC Bank base rate from time to time from the date of the invoice to the date payment in full is made 5.3.5 if the Customer fails to pay on the due date the Customer shall be responsible for all legal and other costs (including commission) incurred by the Seller in recovering or attempting to recover any sums due to the Seller and in enforcing any other rights of the Seller arising under these conditions 5.3.6 in the event of cheques being returned by our bank then a charge of £20.00 to cover expenses incurred will be made. Any future deliveries can only be made on the basis of cash on delivery. 6. DELIVERY 6.1 Delivery shall take place: 6.1.1Where the Seller undertakes delivery, when the Goods are loaded off the Seller’s medium of transport at the station port or address specified by the Customer 6.1.2 where the Customer undertakes to collect the Goods when they are loaded onto the Customer’s vehicle or any other transport at the address of the Seller 6.2 Any dates quoted for delivery of the Goods or the supply of Services are approximate only and the Seller shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of the Goods or the supply of Services however caused. Time for delivery of Goods or supply of Services shall not be of the essence. The Goods may be delivered by the Seller in advance of the quoted delivery date upon giving reasonable notice to the Customer 6.3 Where the Goods are to be delivered in instalments each delivery shall constitute a separate Contract and failure by the Seller to deliver any one or more of the instalments in accordance with

these Conditions or any claim by the Customer in respect of any one or more instalments shall not entitle the Customer to treat the Contract as a whole as repudiated 6.4 If the Seller is liable to the Customer for failure to deliver Goods and/or carry out the Services the Seller’s liability shall be limited to the excess (if any) of the cost to the Customer (in the cheapest available market) of similar Goods and/or Services to replace those not delivered and/ or carried out over the price of the Goods and/or Services 6.5 If the Customer fails to take delivery of the Goods or fails to give the Seller ad4equate delivery instructions at the time stated for delivery (other than because of any cause beyond the Customer’s reasonable control or the Seller’s fault) then without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to the Seller the Seller may: 6.5.1 store the Goods until actual delivery and charge the Customer for the reasonable costs (including insurance) of storage or 6.5.2 sell the Goods at the best price readily obtainable and (after deducting all reasonable storage and selling expenses) account to the Customer for the excess over the price under the Contract or charge the Customer for any shortfall below the price under the Contract 7. RISK AND PROPERTY 7.1 Risk of damage to or loss of Goods shall pass to the Customer: 7.1.1 in the case of Goods to be delivered at the Seller’s premises at the time when the Seller notifies the Customer that the Goods are available for collection or 7.1.2 in the case of Goods to be delivered other than at the Seller’s premises at the time of delivery or if the Customer wrongfully fails to take delivery of the Goods at the time when the Seller has tendered delivery of the Goods 7.2 Notwithstanding delivery and the passing of risk in the Goods 7.2.1 all Goods supplied by the Seller to the Customer will remain the Seller’s sole and absolute property both in law and in equity until ALL debts owed to the Seller by the Customer have been paid 7.2.2 The Seller will allow the Customer to have possession of all Goods the Seller supplies to the Customer solely as the Seller’s bailee until the Customer has paid the Seller the full agreed price 7.2.3 Until the Customer becomes owner of the Goods it will store them on its premises in a manner which makes them readily identifiable as the Seller’s Goods 7.2.4 Until the property in the Goods is passed to the Customer (and provided they have not been resold) the Seller shall be at any time (whether or not payment is overdue) to require the Customer to deliver the Goods to the Seller and if the Customer fails to do so the Seller and/or its duly authorised agents at once to enter upon any of its premises or the premises of any third party where the Goods are stored or thought to be stored for the purpose of repossessing the Goods 7.2.5 Until, in accordance with these terms the Customer has ceased to have the right to retain possession of the Goods or has acquired the property in them the Seller will allow the Customer to sell the Goods on the Seller’s behalf as the Seller’s agent (except that the Customer will not hold itself out as the Seller’s agent but shall sell o9n its own account) and the Customer shall hold the proceeds of sale (together with the proceeds of any insurance on Goods the property of which has not passed to the Customer) on trust for the Seller [and the Customer shall pay them into a separate bank account and shall in no circumstances allow the proceeds to become mixed with other money or to be paid into an overdrawn account but shall make sure that the proceeds are identifiable as the Seller’s money] 7.2.6 If the Customer has not received the proceeds of any sale of the Goods the Seller may revoke the agency referred to in paragraph 7.2.5 of these terms and require the person, firm or company by whom proceeds are owed to pay the Seller direct or alternatively the Customer will at the Seller’s request assign to the Seller all the Customer’s rights against the person, firm or company by whom proceeds are owed 7.2.7 The Customer shall not be entitled to pledge or in any way charge by way of security for any indebtedness any of the Goods which remain the property of the Seller but if the Customer does so all moneys owing by the Customer to the Seller shall (without prejudice to any other right or remedy of the Seller) at once become due and payable 8. WARRANTIES AND LIABILITY 8.1 Subject to these Conditions the Seller warrants that it has the right to sell the Goods, that the Goods will correspond with any description applied to them by the Seller, are of merchantable quality and where the Customer expressly makes known any particular purpose for which the Goods are being bought that they are reasonably fit for that purpose. Where Services are supplied the Seller

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TERMS & CONDITIONS warrants that they will be carried out with reasonable care and skill 8.2 The above warranty is given by the Seller subject to the following: 8.2.1 the Seller shall be under no liability in respect of the Goods supplied or Services carried out arising from any drawing, design, instructions or specification supplied by the Customer provided the Goods or Services correspond with the drawing, design, instructions or specification 8..2.2 the Seller shall be under no liability in respect of the Goods supplied or Services carried out resulting from fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence, failure to use the Goods for the purpose for which they were designed, failure to follow the Seller’s or manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations regarding storage, handling or use or failure properly to maintain service or repair the Goods. The Seller shall be under no liability in respect of the Goods resulting from the operation of other goods not supplied by the Seller with which the Goods are set to work 8.2.3 the above warranty does not extend to parts, materials or equipment not manufactured by the Seller in respect of which the Customer shall only be entitled to the benefit of any such warranty or guarantee given by the manufacturer to the Seller which the Seller will assign to the Customer 8.3 Nothing in these Conditions shall exclude or restrict the statutory rights of a Customer who deals as a consumer within the meaning of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 8.4 Except as set out in these Conditions all warranties conditions or other terms implied by statute or common law are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law 8.5 Any claim by the Customer which is based on any defect in the quality or condition of the Goods or their failure to correspond with specification or to damage or loss in transit or the quality of Services provided by the Seller shall (whether or not delivery is refused by the Customer) be notified to the Seller within forty eight hours from the date of delivery or (where the defect or failure was not apparent on reasonable inspection) within a reasonable time after discovery of the damage, loss, defect or failure. If delivery is not refused and the Customer does not notify the Seller in accordance with this term the Customer shall not be entitled to reject the Goods and the Seller shall have no liability for such defect or failure and the Customer shall be bound to pay the price as if the Goods had been delivered in accordance with the Contract. 8.6 All Goods in respect of which a claim is made must be returned to the Seller’s premises at the Customer’s expense. If the Customer’s claim is valid then the Seller will refund all reasonable costs of returning the Goods (UK deliveries only). 8.7 Where any claim in respect of any of the Goods which is based on any defect in the quality or condition of the Goods or their failure to meet specification is notified to the Seller in accordance with these Conditions the Seller shall be entitled to replace or repair the Goods (or the part in question) free of charge or at the Seller’s sole discretion refund to the Customer the price of the Goods (or a proportionate part of the price) but the Seller shall have no further liability to the Customer. 8.8 Where the Seller is liable to the Customer for a defect in the quality of Goods or Services the Seller shall be allowed a reasonable time in which to rectify the defect. The Customer shall not dispose of Goods the subject of a claim by the Customer without the Seller’s consent and the Customer shall not repair Goods subject to a claim without the Seller’s consent in Writing 8.9 Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the Seller’s negligence the Seller shall not be liable to the Customer because of any representation or any implied warranty condition or other term or any duty at common law or under the express terms of the Contract for any consequential loss or damage (whether for loss of profit or otherwise) costs expenses or other claims for consequential compensation whatsoever (and whether caused by the negligence of the Seller its employees or agents or otherwise) which arise out of or in connection with the supply of Goods or their use or resale by the Customer of the supply of Services, except as expressly provided in these Conditions 8.10 The Seller shall not be liable to the Customer or be deemed to be in breach of the Contract because any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of the Seller’s obligations in relation to the Goods or Services if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond the Seller’s reasonable control 8.11 The Seller gives no warranty that the Goods or Services comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 or any subordinate or replacement legislation 8.12 All particulars of second hand Goods are believed to be correct but the Customer must inspect the Goods prior to purchase as no liability is accepted as to description, specification, quality or fitness for purpose of second hand Goods

9. INDEMNITY No warranty or representation is given by the Seller that the Goods do not infringe any letters, Patent, Trade Marks, Registered Designs, Copyrights or other intellectual property 10. INSOLVENCY OF CUSTOMER If 10.1 The Customer makes any voluntary arrangement with its creditors or becomes subject to an administration order or (being an individual or firm) becomes bankrupt or (being a company) goes into liquidation (other than for the purposes of amalgamation or reconstruction) or 10.2 An encumbrancer takes possession or a receiver is appointed of any of the property or assets of the Customer or 10.3 The Customer ceases or threatens to cease to carry on business or 10.4 The Seller reasonably believes that any of the events mentioned above is about to occur in relation to the Customer then without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to the Seller the Seller shall be entitled to cancel the Contract or suspend any further deliveries under the Contract without any liability to the Customer and if the Goods have been delivered but not paid for the price shall become immediately due and payable notwithstanding any previous agreement or arrangement to the contrary 11. EXPORT TERMS 11.1 Where the Goods are supplied for export from the United Kingdom the provisions of this clause 11 shall (subject to any special terms agreed in Writing between the Customer and the Seller) apply notwithstanding any other provision of these Conditions 11.2 The Customer shall be responsible for complying with any legislation or regulations governing the importation of the Goods into the country of destination and for payment of any duties thereon 11.3 The Seller shall be under no obligation to give notice under section 32(3) of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 11.4 The Customer shall be responsible for all payments relating to freight handling charges, payment of all duties and insurance and arranging for testing and inspection of the Goods at the Seller’s premises before shipment. The Seller shall have no liability for any claim in respect of any defect in the Goods which would be apparent on inspection and which is made after shipment or in respect of any damage during transit 11.5 The Seller reserves the right to require payment in advance before delivery of any Goods or carrying out of any Service 12. GENERAL 12.1 The Seller may sub-Contract the whole or any part of the work agreed to be done 12.2 Any notice required or permitted to be given by either party to the other under these Conditions shall be in Writing addressed to that other party at its registered office or principal place of business or such other address as may at the relevant time have been notified pursuant to this provision to the party giving the notice. A notice shall be deemed to have been given forty eight hours after posting and in proving such service it shall be sufficient to show that the envelope was properly addressed and put into the post 12.3 No waiver by the Seller of any breach of the Contract by the Customer shall be considered as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provisions 12.4 If any provision of these Conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part the validity of the other provisions of these Conditions and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected 12.5 The Contract shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the Seller and Customer submit to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales 13. ECONOMIC LOSS Subject to Condition 13 and notwithstanding anything contained in these Conditions or the Contract in no circumstances shall the Seller be liable in contract tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise howsoever and whatever the cause thereof: 13.1 For any loss of profit business contracts revenues or anticipated savings or: 13.2 For any special indirect or consequential damage of any nature whatsoever.

ORDERING FROM HORSE REQUISITES Orders can be taken by one of six methods as shown below. Should a product be out of stock, or if we have a query then we will contact you by phone. Generally, goods are despatched by carrier on the same day that payment has cleared, with delivery to UK customers in about 3 working days. 24 hours delivery is available on request. Please place your order by one of the following methods: BY PHONE: 01638 664619, Our phones are fully manned during shop opening hours. Outside of these hours an answer phone ‘order line’ us in operation. When calling this, please state (a) your name, (b) address, (c) daytime telephone number, (d) goods you require (use our code, plus colour/size if appropriate). One of our sales supervisors will call you if we have a query. BY FAX; 01638 661562, Our fax is open 24 hours a day. Please give us all details, including (a) your name, (b) address, (c) all credit card details (d) daytime telephone number, (e) goods you require (use our code, plus colour/size if appropriate). One of our sales supervisors will call you if we have a query. BY POST; A written order can be sent by post, we require the following details: (a) your name, (b) address, (c) all credit card details (including your security code) (d) daytime telephone number, (e) goods you require (use our code, plus colour/size if appropriate). One of our sales supervisors will call you if we have a query. IN PERSON; We are always delighted to see customers in our store. Newmarket is a pleasant town with many attractions, not least of which are the number of horses that can be seen exercising on the heath every day. EMAIL; Our email address for orders is sales@ Please include on your e-mail a daytime telephone number, the goods you require, including our product code, not forgetting size or colour if appropriate. One of our sales supervisors will call you if we have a query. ONLINE; We have recently developed a new website and online shop to enable our customers to shop 24 hours a day from the luxury of their home or office. The online shop currently carries 1000 product lines and is being developed to carry our entire range. Payments are safe and secure, and delivery is within 7 days. Log on to www.horserequisities. and follow the simple instructions to find out more.

CARRIAGE & PACKING CHARGE Once your order has been received, we will calculate the most cost-effective method of carriage, then contact you to advise actual cost and agree carrier. This small extra will then be added to your total bill. When shopping on-line, this charge is calculated automatically.

PAYMENT FOR GOODS We welcome payment by cheque (please allow 4 days to clear UK cheques before despatch), most major credit and debit cards (except American Express), or cash. When using credit card please state the following: (a) type of card and number (b) your full name and address including post code (c) card expiry date and start date (where applicable) (d) issue number (where applicable) (e) security number from signature strip. Overseas orders clear faster if paid by credit card. We can also accept bankers draft and sterling travellers cheques. Credit accounts – We are happy to open credit accounts for customers and professional studs and stables buying on a regular basis. Please ask for more details.

PRICES AND TERMS Prices shown in this catalogue are correct at the time of going to press, but Horse Requisites reserve the right to adjust these in accordance with our trading terms. We will advise you of any price changes before despatching your order. Prices are shown excluding Value Added Tax, with the VAT figure, currently 15%, shown to the right. EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES; VAT registered customers within the European Community need to supply written evidence of VAT Registration to enable VAT free sales. EXPORT; Goods leaving the European Community are treated as VAT exempt, providing we have proof of export in any of the following formats: airway bill, shipping note, postage receipt. Over the counter VAT claimant forms are also available for personal callers.




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ACID EASE Acrylic Stable Mirrors ACTIV WASH AEROCLENS Agritape AIRWAYS ALKALINE SYRUP American Feed Tub AMIGO ANIMALINTEX Anti-Cast Rail Antique Numerals Anti-Weave Grills Anti-Weave Infills APPLYTES AQUATHERAPY BOOTS Arena Mirrors ASCORBIC ACID AUSTRALIAN NOSEBAND Autlock Animal Bolt Auto Drinker Spares Auto Drinkers

77 13 101 101 11 74 77 19 132 - 133 102 17 22 10 10 69 156 13 67 124 11 20 20


36 36 22 103 102 - 103 37 115 85 85 105 5 151 69 79 119 119 116 - 118 94 26 74 74 122 122 86 60 140 76 12 102 22 23 104 - 105 143 11 109 89 114 114 112 71 121 11 22 113 71 33 33 33 33 104 30 30 30 30 17 132 37 27 109 72




10 97 70 86 59 87 74 57 157


34 27 27 143 145 48 20 90 33 73 99 147 146 146 - 149 27 3 3 48 66 73 102 111 67 153 124 71 76 78 13 66 135 68 26 26 20 19 80 72 73 102 120 121 8 121 121 54 - 55 110 76 94 103 90 111 90 78 141

DANDY BRUSHES DEET DEGREASEING WIPES DERMO SALVE DERMOLINE CONDITIONER DERMOLINE SHAMPOO DETTOL DEVILS CLAW ROOT DIGEST PLUS Directors Chair Disinfectant Mat DISINFECTANTS Display Aids DIURETIC POWDER Divider Grills DMG Door Grill Sockets Door Grills Door Magnet Door Numbers Door Roller Dressage Markers Driving Cones Drop Bolts Drum Stands Drum Taps D-TOX DUST MASK Dustbins

140 65 91 100 86 86 87 71 77 59 15 87 56 78 9 75 10 10 11 22 9 62 62 11 38 38 76 91 26


127 71 81 127 103 49 69 20 75 68




64 48 87 86 76 64 39 64 67 76 17 66 103 124 130

FACE BRUSHES FACE MASKS FAM 30 FARRIERS FORMULA FARRIERS TOOLS Feed Bowls Feed Scoops Fencing - Electric Fencing - Post & Rail Fencing Nails FERTILISER Fire Point Stand First Aid Box FIRST AID KIT Fixed Mangers Fixings Flat Back Buckets FLEECE RUGS FLEXABILITY Floor Feeder FLY MASKS FLY REPELLANT FLY RUGS FOAL ASSIST FOAL BOTTLE Foal Creep Feeder Foal Creep Pen FOAL MILK FOAL RUG FOAL WEDGE Foaling Alarms FOALING EQUIPMENT Foaling Observation Systems Fogging Machine Footwear Organiser Forks Frost Protection for Pipes FUNGATROL SAHMPOO Funnels FYBAGEE LEG PADS

141 94 87 79 155 26 26 49 48 12 93 24 26 151 19 12 30 132 73 21 111 65 132 153 153 21 50 76 132 153 56 153 57 59 23 32 29 86 26 102


20 102 71 75 66 71 46 48 45 44 45 129 23 126 121 126 154 73 75 89 20 58 92 93 93 143 141 30 143 141 141 77


113 91 23 23




Harrows 58 Hasp & Staple 10 Hat & Coat Hooks 23 Hat & Coat Organiser 22 Hat Rack 22 Hay Bag 18 Hay Bar 18 Hay Soakers 38 Haylage Nets 18 Haylage Racks 18 Hayloft Door 9 Haynet Filling Ring 18 Haynets 18 Hayracks 18 Headcollar Hook 23 HEADCOLLARS 106 - 107 Heat Lamps 39 HEAVY SWEAT 69 HEMCORE 85 HERBS 71 HIBISCRUB 87 HIBITANE 87 HIDE FOOD 89 Hinge Bolts 12 Hinges - Cranked Hookes & Bands 11 Hinges - Hooks & Bands 11 Hinges - Reversible 11 Hinges - T-hinges 11 HOBBLES 152 HOCK BOOTS 104 HOLE PUNCH 106 HONEY 75 HOOF APPLICATIONS 80-81 HOOF BRUSH 144 HOOF CUSHION 154 HOOF HARDENER 80 HOOF KNIVES 155 HOOF MOIST 81 HOOF OIL 80-81 HOOF OIL BRUSH 144 HOOF PICKS 144 HOOF POLISH 81 HOOF REPAIR 156 HOOF SUPPLEMENTS 79 HOOF TESTER 155 HOOFAID 79 Hook Over Manger 21 Hooks 23 Hopper Windows 9 Horse Shower 12 Horse Walkers 51 Horse Weighers 42 - 43 HORSELYX 68 HORSEWALKER RUG 134 HORSEWARE 131 - 134 Hose Cart 28 Hose Connectors 28 Hose Nozzles 28 Hose Pipe 28 Hose Tidy 28 HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 100


ICE BOOTS Ice Flake Maker Incinerator Infra Red Heat Lamps Internal Stabling Grills Internal Stabling/Stalls IODINE SOLUTION ISOLYTE ITCH FREE ITCH SALVE ITCH STOP


JEYES JOINT CARE Joint Sealant Jump Blocks Jump Cups - Barrel Jump Cups - Plank Type Jump Cups - Pole type Jump Cups - Safer Jump Poles JUTE RUG





105 63 59 39 9 7 100 69 71 65 65

87 72 - 73 14 62 62 62 62 62 62 134

99 80 10 104 89

79 79

sales 01638 664619




79 102 32 92 108 - 109 124 89 89 99 120 39 39 39 99 68 129 99 76 66 66 15 10 65 9 22 114 108/115 114

M R S OINTMENT 101 MAGIC CALMER 70 MANE AND TAIL CONDITIONER 86 MANE AND TAIL RAKE 142 MANE COMBS 142 Manger Support Frames 19 MARTINGALES 112 Mash Barrows 38 Mash Boilers 35 MASKS 110 - 111 MASSAGE PAD 143 Matbond Adhesive 14 Matting Adhesive 14 MEASURING STICKS 121 MEDIHEX 87 MELOLIN 102 Mighty Lite Matting 16 MILK THISTLE 71 MINERAL LICKS AND SUPPLEMENTS 68 MINT 71 MIRRA COAT 76 Mirrors 13 MOBILITY MIX 71 Model Horse 56 MOJO PASTE 74 MOLASSES 75 MOLE TRAP 96 Monkey Tail Bolt 11 Mounting Blocks 24 MOUSE POSION 96 MOUSE TRAPS 96 MOUTH GAG 152 MOUTH PAINT 100 MSM 72 MSM OINTMENT 101 Muck Forks 32 Muck Sacks 31 Mucking Out Barrows 37 MUD FEVER PINTMENTS 101 Multi Mucker Stable Fork 32 Munch Station 19 MUZZLES 110 - 111





65 106 74 89 133 59 111 88 90 72 72 64 112 - 113 124 128 - 129 67 129

34 71 140 76







105 70

58 92 - 93 50 126 92 29 10 94 55 64 85 151 104 75 85 115 96 - 97 101 76 20 32 71 144 24 31 36 66 81 62 103 19 128 43 21 86 156 146 77 6 77 79 104 70 136 - 137 67 154 8 101 100 - 101 20 87


72 52 53 138 - 139 122 - 124 27 109 99 93 32 32 132 - 133 152 96 96 112 70 74 74 115 132 - 133 47 129 91 21 69 109 93 16 15 - 16 15 31 25 88 25 25 88




SABLENE 80 Sack Barrows 36 Saddle Horses 24 SADDLE PADS 128 Saddle Poles 25 Saddle Racks 25 SADDLE SOAP 89 SADDLES 124 - 125 Safety Mirrors 13 SALES BRIDLES 120 SALT 68 SALT LICK 69 Salt Lick Holders 11 SAUSAGE BOOT 104 SAWDUST 85 SCISSORS 150 Screws 12 Scrubbing Brush 33 Sealant Applicator Gun 14 SEAWEED 71 Security Bars 9 Security Grills 9 SELANAVITE-E 67 SHAMPOOS 86 Shavings Forks 32 SHEATH CLEANER 86 SHEDDING BLADE 143 SHEEPSKIN NOSEBAND 122 Shelf Unit 22 Shovels 33 Show Markers 62 SHOWSHEEN 86 SIDE REINS 114 Signs 62 - 63 SKINTACT 102 Skips 31 Sliding Door Gear 5 Sliding Doors - External 5 SO KALM PLUS 70 SODIUM CHLORATE 93 Solarium Accessories 40 - 41 Solariums 40 - 41 SOLOCOMB 142 SONIC REPELLERS 97 SOYA OIL 66 Spa 39 SPLINTEX 99 SPONGES 145 Sprayers 59 Spraying Boom Horse Shower 12 Spring Balance 26 Spring Loaded Bolt 11 Stable Doors 4/5/7 Stable Matting 14 Stable Mirrors 13 STABLE RUBBERS 145 STABLE RUGS 132 Stable Windows 9 Stablemate 33 STABLEZONE 87 Stabling 6 Stall Chain 27 Stall Guard 27 STALLION ROLLER 120 STALLS RUG 134 STARTING STALL PUSHER 122 Starting Stalls 52 STAY SOUND 99 STAYCALM 70 STETHOSCOPE 151 STIRRUP LEATHERS 127 STIRRUPS 127 STOCKHOLM TAR 81 Stocks 8 Stokbord 17 STOMACH TUBE 151 Stopwatches 53 Storage Containers 26 STROPPY MARE 71 Stud Card Holders 12 Stud Card Wallets 12 Stud Cards 12 Stud Rail 48 STUDS 154 SUBSTI-BUTE 72 SUDOCREM 100 SUMMER SHEET 131 SUN BLOCK MUZZLE 111 SUPER SOLVITAX 66 SUPER SOLVITAX R & A 73 SUPERCODLIVINE 72 SUPERLYTE 69 SUREFOOT 79 SURELIMB 67 SURELYTE 69 SURGICAL SPIRIT 100



Tack Boxes TACK CLEANING Tack Cleaning Holder Tack Room Accessories Tack Room Door Tack Room Fittings TAIL BANDAGE TAIL COMBS TAIL GUARD TAR VARNISH TASTELESS SALT TEA TREE OIL SHAMPOO TECH WASH THERMOMETERS THINNING KNIFE Tie Rings Tipping Barrows TOILET ROLLS TONGUE LAYERS TONGUE STRAP Tool Brackets Tool Holders Tower Bolts Training Aids Training Starting Stalls TRANSVITE TRAVELLING BOOTS Trough Drain Offs Troughs Trucks & Trollies Turn Out Pens TURNOUT RUGS TWITCH Tying Up Post Tyre Bowl Feeder






145 135 19 152

26 89 22 22 4 23 103 142 105 94 69 86 88 150 142 10 37 - 38 91 119 119 23 23 11 56 52 77 105 20 31 36 50 132 152 12 21

153 153 68 99

151 26 150 -151 150 8 99 103 154 87 66 - 67

Wall Manger 19 Wall Matting 17 Wall Padding 8 Washdown Area Mat 15 Water Boilers 35 WATER BRUSHES 145 Water Container 26 Water Pipe Frost Protection 29 Water Tanks 31 Water Troughs 29 Water Tubs 31 Watering Cans 28 Weathervanes - Cast Aluminium 2 Weathervanes - Copper 2 WEIGHT CLOTH 124 Welly Crown 22 Welly Rack 22 Wheel Barrows 37 Wheeled Bin 26 WHITE SPIRIT 94 Wicker Hamper 26 Window Grills 9 WITCH HAZEL 100 WITNEY DAY RUG 132 WITNEY EXERCISE SHEET 131 WOODSHAVINGS 85 WOOF WEAR 104 WORMER 64 WOUND CARE 100 - 101 WOUND CREAM 100 WOUND POWDER 100


Yea-SACC Yard Vacuum

77 60


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Horse Requisites Newmarket Limited

Black Bear Lane, Newmarket, Suffolk. CB8 0WB 01638 664619 路

Horse Requisites Product Catalogue 2009/10  

Horse Requisites Product catalogue 2009

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