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2010/11 YEARBOOK



List of Officers 2010/11

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Spaniels Field Trial Programme 2010/11 Trophies List for Spaniels


Retrievers Field Trial Programme 2010/11 Trophies List for Retrievers

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Chairman’s Report

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General Secretary’s Report

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Field Trial Secretary’s Report for Retrievers

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Field Trial Secretary’s Report for Spaniels

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Field Trial Results 2009 – 2010

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The Essex Field Trial Society Rules

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List of Officers 2010 – 2011:

President: Mr. Bernard Jenkin MP Vice-Presidents: J Lock & A V Parnell Chairman: Mr. Lee Wales Vice-Chairman: Mr. R Chapple ( Spaniels) Mr. D Gill (Retrievers) 2011 2012 2013 2014 Mr. M Colclough Mrs. J Cracknell Mr. R Chapple Mr.D Gill. Mr. W Greig Mrs C Bridgewater Hon. General Secretary: Mr. Mark Waterfall The Lodge, Grove Park Farm, Brinkley Road, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9NE T: 01638 508694 M: 07801 920740 E: Hon. Treasurer, Filed Trial Secretary, Spaniels: Mrs. Francess Colclough Church Farm Lodge, Kenny Hill, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 8DU T: 01353 675400 F: 01353 675453 E: Hon. Field Trial Secretary, Retrievers: Mr. Geoff Devine Jones Kingsfield Cottage, Brinkley Road, Carlton, Cambs CB8 9JY T: 01223 291989 E: COMMITTEE:

Mr. M Colclough , Mr. D Gill, Mrs. J Cracknell, Mr. R Chapple, Mr. W Greig, Mrs. C Bridgewater Delegate to Field Trial Council: Mrs. Christine Bridgewater Hon. Auditor: Mr. K Shanahan FCMA Bankers: National Westminster Bank Plc Saffron Walden & Essex Nationwide Anglia Newmarket Suffolk 1

SPANIELS PRO Trials Trial No.1 - Monday 6th November 2010.

16 Dog A.V. Novice Spaniel Stake. At Stoke-by-Nayland By kind invitation of The Trustees of the Tendring Estate Judges: J Lock (1986) & C Cole (N/P)

Trial No.2 - Thursday 9th November 2010 16 Dog Novice Cocker At Exning Estate, Newmarket Suffolk. By kind invitation of Simon Gibson. Judges: S Tyers (1685) & L Wales (N/P)

Trial No.3 - Wedesday 15th December 2010

16 Dog Open Cocker Spaniel Stake. At Eastwood Lodge Farm, Walberswick Nr. Southwold, Suffolk By kind invitation of Julian Warren. Judges: P Rawlings(2002) J Organ (2063) W Greig (2985) & J Semmens (2703)

Trial No.4 - Thursday 16th December 2010.

18 Dog Open English Springer Spaniel Stake. At Eastwood Lodge Farm, Walberswick, Nr. Southwold, Suffolk. By kind invitation of Julian Warren Judges: P Rawlings (2002 J Organ (2063) D Sowerby (2999) & J Semmens (2703)

Trial No.5 - Tuesday 18th January 2011. 16 Dog A.V. Novice Ravens Lodge, Gt. Dunmow, Essex. By kind invitation of Tim Brembath Judges: R Chapple(2531) & R Russell(N/P) 2

OGRAMME 2010/11 Trophies Any Variety Open Spaniel Stake (Except Cockers) W Lawrence Taylor Challenge Cup John Kent Memorial Trophy The “Sport of Roffey” Trophy Shadwell Estate Trophy (Gun’s Choice)

Open Stake Confined to Cocker Spaniels

The Wells Jennings Trophy The Blondie Challenge Cup for the Best Bitch in the Stake Peter Botham Trophy (Gun’s Choice)

Any Variety Novice Spaniel Stakes

The Lady Wyatt Cup Joanna Wyatt Rose Bowl Mrs. Steele Trophy in memory of Albert Steele (Gun’s Choice) Clarence and Francess (Gun’s Choice)

Any Variety All Aged Spaniel Stake The Carrbridge Trophy Peter Botham Trophy (Gun’s Choice)

Field Trial Secretary Hon. Treasurer, Filed Trial Secretary, Spaniels: Mrs. Francess Colclough Church Farm Lodge, Kenny Hill, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 8DU T: 01353 675400 F: 01353 675453 E: 3

RETRIEVERS PRO Trials Trial No.1 - 4th October 2010

14 Dog A.V. Novice. At Park Farm, Wormegay, King’s Lynn, Norfolk. By kind invitation of Mr. I Symmington. Judges: K Willimott(2398) R Beckerleg(2812) C Horwill(N/P) & B Boardman(N/P)

Trial No.2 - Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th October 2010 24 Dog A.V. Open Qualifing Stake. At Livermere Hall, Gt. Livermere, Suffolk. By kind invitation of Mr. P Rushbrook. Judges: T Prentice(108) P Hammond(53) S Ellis(672) & S Polley(2435)

Trial No.3 - Monday 18th October 2010 14 Dog A.V. Novice At Eastwood Lodge Farm, Walberswick, Suffolk. By kind invitation of Mr. J Warren. Judges: M Lennings (1884) M Skipper (1917) J Mutimer (N/P) & S Morley-Riches (N/P)

Trial No.4 - Monday 10th January 2011 12 Dog A.V. Novice. At Birch Estate,Colchester,Essex By kind invitation of Mrs. C Cottrell. Judges: P Cole (240) V Mitchell(2663) S Searle(N/P) & J Hughes(N/P)


OGRAMME 2010/11 Trophies Any Variety Open Stake

The W. Lawrence Taylor Memorial Cup The A. R. Heasman Memorial Trophy The Gilberston and Page Challenge Cup The Leo Kinsella Trophy (Gun’s Choice)

Any Variety Novice Stakes

The C. J. Moorhouse Challenge Trophy The High Roost Trophy (Gun’s Choice) The Flightline Retriever Trophy The Susan Scales Memorial Trophy (Gun’s Choice) The Flightline Pheasant Trophy The Bravenhyde Trophy (Gun’s Choice) The Erindore Trophy The Fane Trophy (Gun’s Choice)

Field Trial Secretary Hon. Field Trial Secretary, Retrievers: Mr. Geoff Devine Jones Kingsfield Cottage, Brinkley Road, Carlton, Cambs CB8 9JY T: 01223 291989 E:












This year has been both rewarding and challenging: for the Essex Field Trial Society:  Firstly I would like convey my thanks  to every  respective host for providing , through their generosity and benevolence; and in my view the prime fundamental and singularly  most important element-the grounds to to compete with our respective dogs. These are the Jewels in the Crown for  efficiently administered  Field Trials. and must be valued as such.   Both Retriever and Spaniel trials have been  very expertly facilitated and my gratitude and thanks to all who have participated to make all these events successful. A very special thanks to both Geoff and Francess for their collective unstinted efforts; A Field Trial Secretaries  skill and patience  are well and truly tested at these times and it is a tribute to their management  skills,tenacity and efforts that trial days would create the illusion of  appearing  to run so easily on the day of the event. The reward that I previously alluded too is that these have been very well appreciated by our competing members.   6

I also prefaced my report earlier with  the reference to challenge: Unfortunately our Spaniel trials were marred with two separate incidents of  poor  sportsmanship and discourteous behavior last season. This society along with most others will not tolerate these kind of ill mannered incidents, which are grossly disrespectful to our generous hosts and  both threaten the integrity of this well respected society and its  presiding committee members. It will be the collective duty of the residing committee  and membership as whole, to ensure that should an unfortunate re-occurrence of these un-seemingly incidents  happen again, they  are reported and dealt with accordingly.   To further reference reward: We are now the reciprocates of a new web-site and I would like thank Mark our Gen Secretary for  all his efforts and skills in instigating and progressing with this multi functional area of  electronic reference,. This is currently in a relative  embryonic stage  but has already provided  a new dimension to the Essex Field Trial society.   Finally I would like add a very special thanks to Francess. Francess is the corner stone  on which  Essex Field Trial society is built. Without  the aid of her wealth of experience   her  willingness to  assist and  to take on the work of others, this society would not function as efficiently as it does.   I wish you all well for 2010/11.   Mr Lee Wales Chairman, Essex Field Trial Society April 2010












It has been a good year for the society following the disruption of normal society business caused by the SGM. The new committee still have their arguments and heated discussions but this is through passion for the end cause rather than one-upmanship that so often occurs within our sport. If it takes an argument to bring members a good trial then so be it! This is followed by a unified drink in the bar afterward and no hard feelings! This year a special thank you needs to be said to Frances Colclough (FT secretary spaniels) who is truly the heart of the society. Her efforts and dedication to the society and sport are second to none and we are very luck to have her. This year is the first year in 18 years that she missed a trial and only because of illness. My sources tell me a close report was kept throughout the day by phone. With the retrievers, the field trial secretary’s position was left open after the AGM and Geoff Devine-Jones kindly agreed to take over the role. I think it even surprised him as to how much organisation is required for this, and he was faultless in pulling off his trials successfully. Geoff is widely experienced at both retriever and spaniel trials and his knowledge has been invaluable. Thank you Geoff. This year has seen a good attendance at the draws leaving me in no doubt that they have been conducted fairly and along the best lines of sportsmanship. 8

On the other hand, sadly we have had to take disciplinary action against two members of the society, following advice from the Kennel Club, for unsportsmanlike behaviour. The committee have put measures in place to deal with such occurrences which only bring the sport into disrepute. Every incident is documented, reported and either dealt with ‘in house’ or Referred to the Kennel Club. For the benefit of our sport, which is essentially a country pursuit, offenders can expect to be banned from running in Essex trials for a period of time. 2010 has seen the launch of the society’s first website (my pet project!). I have been lucky enough to persuade Mel Evans, one of the countries leading designers to produce this for us at a minimal cost to the society. Thank you Mel. The site will feature information about the society, trials, draws, results and any relevant forms for down loading. We are also pleased to offer a classified section with full video capabilities. This will help generate revenue for the society which can then be re-invested back into your trials. This may include subsidised guns to ensure the best shots are available, as well as opening up the possibilities for new grounds. In moving forward with technology we are also creating an e-mail contact system and member database so that we can communicate with members quicker, as well as save on postage. This will be a gradual process and information will start to be sent out to those who have signed up in the next few months. I hope that 2010/11 will be a successful and prosperous season for all our members and look forward to seeing you and you dogs at our trials. Mark Waterfall Hon. General Secretary: Essex Field Trial Society. The Lodge, Grove Park Farm, Brinkley Road, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9NE T: 01638 508694 M: 07801 920740 E:

March 2010 9

RETRIEVERS FIELD TRIAL REPORTS SEASON 2009 – 2010 Would like to open my report by thanking the committee of the Essex Field Trial Society in general and Francess Colclough in particular for the help and support that ensured the retriever trials were run as efficiently and professionally as possible. Together they made up the A Plus team. I would like to thank, the hosts, keepers, helpers and all the judges and guns for their time and effort in ensuring we had a very successful retriever trialling season. The season open with a 12 dog novice stake at Wormegay by kind permission of Mr Ian Symmington on 8 September 2009. The trial was walked up in sugar beet, with the addition of a duck drive. Poor scenting conditions on the day, meant that the dogs were required to ‘hold the area’ in order to succeed with their retrieves. Failing to do so, meant that first place was not awarded. Richard Beckerleg was placed second with Staverton Noah. The second novice trial was held on 8 October 2009 at East Wood Lodge Farm, Walberswick by kind permission of Mr Julian Warren. this is a new venue for the Essex. The estate proved to be superior ground to hold a trial on and even had a senior competitor remark that in 30 years of trialling this was the best novice trial he had attended. The trial was walked up in sugar beet, and was won by Denise Avery dog Tarrantsway Echo handled by Steve 10

Polly. This trial saw a very high standard of dog work. Julian Warren was a gracious host, and ensured game came to hand regularly. His mother bakes some exceedingly good cakes! The twenty four dog two day open qualifying stake was held at the Ampton Shoot, Livermere by kind invitation of Mr P Rushbrook on 12 and 13 October 2009. The line was efficiently run by the keeper Alan Hammond who ensured game came to hand at regular intervals. The trial started in sugar beet, with an unusually lsh growth of fat hen. It then [progressed through maize, into a stubble field, then into mustard, and ended in a field of sugar beet. Sharon Coby with FtCh. Fordlemoor Whiskey Mac made an impressive early bid for the top dog spot with the retrieve of a hen pheasant that had planed down, over the brow of a hill, into a field of mustard, about 150 yards from the line. One cast, and the dog arrowed his way to the fall picking the bird with consummate ease. Unsurprisingly he was awarded first place at the end of the two days. The fourth stake was a 12 dog novice retriever trial held at Knights Farm, Halstead by kind invitation of Mr G Courtauld on 4 November 2009. The trial was on driven duck and pheasant, and was won by Mr B Kent with Faircotelabs Emma. We had a virtually unchanged team of guns for the four retriever trials, the standard of shooting was very impressive, as was their knowledge of dogs, guns choice going to tree of the four winning dogs. Geoff Devine-Jones Field Trial Secretary, Retrievers, Essex Field Trial Society. Kingsfield Cottage, Brinkley Road, Carlton, Cambs CB8 9JY T: 01223 291989 E: March 2010 11

SPANIELS FIELD TRIAL REPORTS SEASON 2009 – 2010 I open my report with the Society’s sincere thanks to all our hosts and their keepers for providing us with excellent trialing days enabling us to pursue our sport. Also our thanks to the guns who shot well and gave all the dogs a good chance of winning their trials. On behalf of the Society and all the competitors, I should like to thank all judges who gave their time and did a marvelous job. Our trial season opened this year with our A.V. Novice at Exning Estate, Newmarket by kind invitation of Simon Gibson. This was a marvelously managed trial by Clive and Matthew the keepers with game coming to hand at the right time. The winner was J Rake dog African Storm. Our thanks to the guns who paid for birds and gave all the dogs a chance to win the trial. A.V. All Aged Stake at Exning Estate, Newmarket by kind invitation of Simon Gibson. As usual we had a wonderful trial, Clive and Matthew the keepers gave us a day to show off the dogs and handlers skills of all the competitors. The winner was S Seward bitch Shalloakwest Shy Girl. Our thanks to the guns who paid for the birds and gave all the dogs a chance to win the trial. Our second A.V. Novice at Stoke-by-Nayland by kind invitation of the Trustees of Tendring Estate. 12

We had a very high standard of dog work and David the keeper as always gave us variety of game to test the dog work. The winner was S Light bitch Snalloakwest Sun Dance. We had 8 awarded given to the dogs. Open English Springer Spaniel Stake, which was held at High House, Congham, King’s Lynn by kind invitation of David Flux. I was ill for this trial and Lee Wales, Mark Colclough and lots of helpers ran the day for me. My thanks to you all. The weather was atrocious with 1ft snow and very cold. The trial went well with a good standard of dog work. Giles the keeper had feed well and kept the birds in the woods. The winner was B Thornton bitch Havenside Megan handled by R Laud. Open Cocker Spaniel Stake which was at Castle Rising Estate, Kings Lynn. By gracious permission of Lord Howard. The weather was atrocious with 1ft of snow and very cold . I was not able to go to this trial as I had the swine flu. The trial was run by Clarence, Mark Colclough and a lot of helpers. My thanks to you all. Danny the keeper gave us good day with game coming to hand at right time for dogs to flush and guns to shoot. My thanks to everyone who helped and supported me throughout the year and especially the ones who helped Mark Finally, my sincere thanks to you all and I hope 2010/11 is a good season for you all. Francess Colclough. Hon. Treasurer, Filed Trial Secretary, Spaniels, Essex Field Trial Society. Church Farm Lodge, Kenny Hill, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 8DU T: 01353 675400 F: 01353 675453 March 2010 13

TRIAL RESULTS 2009/10 SPANIELS STAKE NO.1. 2nd November 2009. A.V. NOVICE SPANIEL STAKE. at Exning Estate, Newmarket by kind invitation of Simon Gibson. Judges: S Pearson (A2067) & S Roberts(B2949) Trophies: Joanna Wyatt Rose Bowl & Guns Choice Trophy presented by Clarence & Francess Colclough. 1st Mr. J Rake D African Storm. 2nd Mr. C Coles D Beechwood Robbie.3rd Mr. S Bates & S Quinn B Kenmilquin Burnet Rose. Guns Choice: Mr. S Bates & S Quinn B Kenmilquin Burnet Rose.

STAKE NO.2. 30th November, 2009. A.V. ALL AGED SPANIEL STAKE. at Exning Estate, Newmarket by kind invitation of Simon Gibson. Judges: D Anderson(A1937) & M Waterfall(N/P) Trophies: The Carrbridge Trophy and guns Choice. Presented by Peter Botham. 1st Mr.S A Sewards B Shalloakwest Shy Girl. 2nd Mrs. J Cracknell B Dawsonlee Blizzard. 3rd Mr. J Pay D Kilglass Niall. 4th Mr. M Rivett D Ghostwood Nuthatch. Certificate of Merit: S Seward B Connaught Bella of Surefly. Guns Choice: Mr. M Rivett D Ghostwood Nuthatch.

STAKE NO.3. 7th DECEMBER 2009. A.V. NOVICE SPANIEL STAKE. At Tendring Estate, Stoke by Nayland. By kind invitation of the Trustees of the Tendring Estate. Judges: M Clifford(A2423) & I Andrews(N/P). 14

Trophies: The Lady Wyatt Cup Guns Choice Trophy presented by Mrs. Steele in memory of Albert Steele. 1st Mr. S Light B Snalloakwest Sun Dance. 2nd Mr. G Meeham D Springtime Squire. 3rd Mr.S Jones D Glenrussell Warrior of Ladecourt. 4th S Seward B Connaught Bella of Surefly. Certificate of Merits. A McGregor D Ghostwood Grebe. R Button B Sonnymead Smudge. P Bendall D Cheweky Ice Cracker. D Chudley D Harperbrook Hector. Guns Choice: Mr. G. Meeham D Springtime Squire.

STAKE NO.4. 22nd December 2009. OPEN COCKER SPAINEL STAKE at Castle Rising Estate Nr. King’s Lynn, gracious permission of Lord Howard.Judges: C ThurstonWoolnough(A2015) & S Roberts(B2949). Trophies: The Wells Jennings Trophy, The Blodie Challenge Cup for Best Bitch, Guns Choice Trophy presented by Peter Botham. 1st R Laud’s bitch FtCh. Fenlord Rosy. 2nd Mr. W Clulee B Moelfamau Mini.3rd Mr.S Tyers B Cheweky Twiggy.4th Mr. S Tyers D Churchview Task of Fowlersmoon.Guns Choice: Mr. R Laud B FtCh. Fenlord Rosy Certificate of Merit: Mr.C Turner D Sandlewood Sam. Mr. M Whitehouse D Cheweky Scholes

STAKE NO.5. 23rd December,2009. OPEN ENGLISH SPANIEL STAKE. At High House, Congham, Nr. King’s Lynn, Norfolk by kind invitation of D Flux. Judges: C ThurstoneWoolnough(A2015) & M Light(B2729) Trophies: The Lawrence Taylor Challenge Cup, The John Kent Trophy “The Sport of Roffey” Gun’s Choice Trophy by Shadwell Estate. 1st Mr. B Thornton B Havenside Megan. 2nd Mr. G Veasey B Twylight Mist. 3rd Mr. D Rayner D Halaze Oh Boy of

Woodash. 4th Mr. G Meeham D Morfudd Mungo. Certificate of Merit: Mr. J M Taylor B Glenlaggan Glamour of Bitebout. Mr. S Bates B FtCh. Sodburyvale Dula. Mr. S Lewis B Rakeerfield Mary’s Memorey. Mr. P Barker D Rosebay Cranford. Guns Choice: Mr. B Thornton B Havenside Megan


Sully(B2376) & D Barnes(B2197) Trophies: The W Lawrence Taylor Memorial Cup. The A R Heasman Memorial Cup. The Gilbert and Page Cup. The Late Bob Baldwin Memorial Award. The Leo Kinsella-Trophy- Gun Choice 1st S Coby D FtCh. Fordlemoor Whisky Mac 2nd W Mitchell B Jasminemilly Milly of Labdom 3rd D Wiggin B Dealminster Skylark of Brockweir 4th V Michell D Barkmadbury Desert Storm at Kirkmoor



At Park Farm, Wormegay, King’s Lynn, Norfolk.By kind invitation of Mr I Symmington. Judges: D Capel(A1843) P Darton(B1854) P Fulsher(N/P) & A Musk(N/P) Trophies: The Flightline Pheasant Trophy and Guns Choice The Fane Trophy 2nd R Beckerleg D Staverton Noah Guns Choice: S Dingle B Solgate Lottie.

Knights Farm, Halstead, Essex. By kind invitation of Mr G Courtauld. Judges: A Brazier(A15) G Stanley(B1920) H Vilendal(N/P) & M J Opie(N/P). Trophies: The C J Moorhouse Challenge Trophy and Guns Choice The High Roost Trophy. 1st B Kent B Faircotelabs Emma 2nd M Evan D Geordieland Earl of Tealmark 3rd R Benton B Kessgold Sorrel. 4th S Coby D Blyvalley the Adventurer of Longwalk C.O.M. F Baird B Treunair Rhum

STAKE NO. 2. 8TH October,2009. A.V. NOVICE RETRIEVER at Eastwood Lodge Farm, Walberwick, Norfolk. By kind invitation of Mr. J Warren. Judges: D Ryan(A119) G Nickols(B2527). K Nettlingham (N/P) & G Butcher (N/P) Trophies: The Flightline Retriever Trophy and Guns Choice The Susan Scales Memorial Trophy. 1st D Avery B Tarrantsway Echo Handler: S Polly. 2nd M Tallamy B Stockiemuir Opal of Garshake 3rd P Garton D Featherfly Archie Guns Choice: D Avery B Tarrantsway Echo

STAKE NO.3. 12TH & 13TH October,2009. A.V. OPEN QUALIFYING STAKE At Ampton

More information, results and pictures are available on our website in the trials section.

Shoot, Gt. Livermere, Suffolk. By kind invitation of Mr. P Rushbrook Judges: G Roberts(A1907) P Garton(A2178) H 15

THE ESSEX FIELD TRIAL SOCIETY RULES (Established 1951) (Amended 30th March 2009) The name of the Society shall be THE ESSEX FIELD TRIAL SOCIETY OBJECT The objects of the Society being: To encourage the breeding, training and handling of sound, pure bred retrievers and spaniels. To run field trials for retrievers and spaniels in accordance with the Kennel Club Field Trial Rules The Society shall not be a trading business and be non-profit making. After deducting expenses, all income shall be allotted to prize money and the balance of the Society’s funds to use for the benefit of its members, further education, support of veterinary research and game conservation ESTABLISHMENT AND CONSTITUTION The Society shall consist of an unlimited number of members whose names and addresses shall be kept by the secretary in a register provided for that purpose which shall be available for the inspection by members of the Society or by the Kennel Club at any reasonable time. Every candidate for membership shall be 16

proposed by one member and seconded by another, both fully paid up and elected by the committee, such members who have been members of this Society for at least one year. SUBSCRIPTION The Annual Subscription and the joining fee for the following year shall be proposed by the Committee and be such amount as agreed by the members at the Annual General Meeting and notified to the Kennel Club. It shall be payable on election and thereafter on the 1st February each year. No member whose subscription is unpaid is entitled to any of the privileges of membership and if the member shall fail to pay outstanding subscriptions by the 30th April his/her name shall be automatically erased from the register. Acceptance back on to the register will be dependent upon a new application and payment of both joining fee and back arrears. It shall be competent for any member to withdraw from the Club by giving notice to the Secretary, in writing before 31st January in any year, provided always that such member shall be liable for his or her subscription for the current year in which he or she gives notice and for any other monies due to the Club. Where dogs are owned in partnership both parties must be fully paid up members for their dog to participate and only one nomination may be applied for, the same as a single member.

Only paid up members may vote at Annual General and Special General Meetings. 4. COMMITTEE Composition: The affairs of the Society shall be conducted by a President, Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen, Honorary General Secretary and two Field Trial Secretaries – Retriever and Spaniel, all of whom are ex-officio members of the Committee with full voting powers, and a committee of 9 members. The posts of any one of the Secretaries and the Hon. Treasurer may be held by one person. Five members form a quorum. All officers and three members of the committee shall retire in rotation annually, but shall be eligible for reelection at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members on to the Committee in the event of positions becoming vacant between Annual General Meetings. 5. POWER OF COMMITTEE The entire control and management of the Club shall be vested in the Committee who shall have the power to make by-laws and decide all matters of dispute not provided for in the rules, subject to final appeal to the Kennel Club, who are the final authority for interpreting the Rules and Regulations in all case relative to Canine and Social Matters.

ACCOUNTS Banking accounts shall be maintained in the name of the Society, with the National Westminster Bank and the Nationwide Building Society and all cheques must be signed by any two officers i.e. President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer. The financial year is from the 1st February to 31st January. The accounts of the society will be certified annually by one qualified accountant or by two unqualified individuals with accountancy experience and presented to the members at the Annual General Meeting. APPLICATION TO COMPETE IN THE SOCIETY’S TRIALS First preference in the Draw for all stakes will be given to those members fully paid-up at 30th April of each year. CLUB PROPERTY The Property of the Club shall be vested in the Committee. In the event of the Club ceasing to exist, a General Meeting shall be called to decide the disposal of the Club’s assets and the outcome of the meeting notified to the Kennel Club. (If a registered Club is wound up or ceases to be a Registered Society under these Regulations a final statement of accounts with a record of the disposal of the property of the Society shall be forwarded to the Kennel Club within six months and the persons named as Officers and Committee of the Club, 17

will be held responsible for the proper winding up of the Club). GENERAL MEETINGS To receive the report of the Committee and Balance Sheet, to elect Officers and to discuss any resolution duly placed on the Agenda of which prior notice has been given to the Hon. Secretary. No business shall be transacted at an Annual General Meeting unless notice appears on the Agenda, with exception of routine matters or those which in the opinion of the Chairman of the Meeting are urgent. Notice of such meetings will be given in writing. Members will be sent an agenda at least twenty-eight days before the date when the meeting will be held. Items for inclusion – should any member wish to include an additional item on the Agenda they should contact the Secretary – with the item duly proposed and seconded – within ten days of receiving the agenda. In this event a revised Agenda will be circulated at the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held within fifteen months of the preceding meeting. 9. A. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING A Special General Meeting shall be summoned by the Hon. Secretary if twenty-five members send a signed requisition stating the subject to be 18

discussed and requesting a Special General Meeting to do so. The Committee of the Society is also empowered to call a Special General Meeting. Any such meeting will be notified, in writing, to the Membership at least twenty-one days prior to the meeting. No business other than that detailed on the agenda can be discussed at a Special General Meeting. The members calling the requisition will be required to deposit the sum of £50 with the requisition, which is returnable if the point of the requisition is proved. If within twenty-eight days after such a requisition the Committed do not summon such a Special Meeting, those seeking the requisition may call the meeting themselves. Procedure of Meetings: At all General Meetings or Special General Meetings, members present and voting shall form a quorum provided at least fifteen members are present. Voting will be by majority on a show of hands, or by secret ballot, if required. AMENDMENTS TO RULES The Rules of the Society may not be altered except at a General Meeting, the Agenda for which contains specific proposals to amend the Rules. Any proposed alterations to the Rules may not be brought into effect until the Kennel Club has been advised and

approved the alterations. EXPULSION OF MEMBERS Any member who shall be suspended under Kennel Club Rule A42j (4) and/or any member whose dog(s) is disqualified under Kennel Club Rule A42j (8) shall ipso facto cease to be a Member of the society for the duration of the suspension and/or/disqualification. If the conduct of any Member shall, in the opinion of the committee of the Society, be injurious or likely to be injurious to the character or interest of the Society, the Committee of the Society may, at a meeting the notice convening which includes as an object the consideration of the conduct of the Member, determine that a Special General Meeting of the Society shall be called for the purpose of passing a resolution to expel him/her. Notice of the Special General Meeting shall be sent to the accused Member, giving particulars of the complaint and advising the place, date and hour of the Meeting that he/she may attend and offer an explanation. If at the Meeting, a resolution to expel is passed by a two-thirds majority of the Members present and voting, his/her name shall thereupon be erased from the list of Members, and he/she shall thereupon cease for all purposes to be a Member of the Society except that he/she may, within two calendar months for the date of such Meeting, appeal to the Kennel Club upon and subject to condition as the Kennel Club may impose.

12. ANNUAL RETURNS TO THE KENNEL CLUB The Officers acknowledge that during the month of January each year, Maintenance of Title fee will be forwarded to the Kennel Club by the Secretary for continuance of Registration and that by 31st July each year, other returns, as stipulated in the Kennel Club Regulations for the Registration and Maintenance of Title of Societies and Breed Councils, and the affiliation of Agricultural Societies and Municipal Authorities be forwarded to the Kennel Club. The Officers also acknowledge their duty to inform the Kennel Club of any changes of Secretary of the Society during the course of the year. ALL REGISTERED SOCIETIES – KENNEL CLUB MANDATORY RULE No person whilst an un-discharged bankrupt may serve on the Committee or hold any other office or appointment within a Kennel Cub Registered Society. KENNEL CLUB FINAL COURT OF APPEAL The Kennel Club shall be the final court of appeal in matters of dispute. 15. THE SOCIETY The Society shall not join any federation of Societies or Clubs.


LIST OF MEMBERS 2010 Mr M Ager, 281 Broadway, Yaxley, Peterborough PE7 3NR (01733 244763) Mr C Airey 2 Fettlebridge Cotttages London Road Attleborough NR17 1AY (07879 420096) Mr R J Aldenton Marton Road Farmhouse, Marton Road, Long Itchington, Warwickshire CV47 9PY (01926 633091) Mobile: 07702 588691 E: Mr G Allen 11 Crows Lane, Woodham Ferrers, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 8RR (07971 543674) Mr P Allen South Lodge, Frogmore, Watton-at-Stone, Ware, Herts SG14 3RU (01920 830662) Dr S P Allison The Old Vicarage, Downton on the Rock, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 2HX (0115 9332663Mobil: 07774298439) Mr D Allmark, Brooklyn, Stortford Road, Olavering, Essex. CB11 4PE.(01799 550771 Mobile:077785 990821 Mr David Anderson 30, Park Drive, Sutton-in-Craven, Keighley, W Yorks BD20 7JQ (01535 631115) Mr V Anderton Cedar Lodge,Market Street, Tunstead, Norwich, Norfolk, NR12 8RB (1603 783987) Mr I J Andrews, Whincourt Farm, Gullpit Drove, Stowbridge, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE34 3PU (01366 384686) Mr P D Askew Meadow Cottage, Station Road, Barnham, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 2PE (01842 890425) Mr. R C Atkinson Holway, Cattistock, Dorchester, Dorset. DT2 OHH (01300 320246) Miss D Avery, Cheval Court Stud, High Road, Chipstead, Surrey CR5 3SD (07979 504381) Mr P E D Avery, Sparrows Farmhouse, Sparrows Corner, Gt Oakley, Essex CO12 5AB (01255 880219) Mr R Babel 2,The Cottages, The Green, Old Buckenham, Norfolk NR17 1RB (01953 860098) Mr M Bagg 3,Packmores Road, Eltham Heights, Eltham, London SE9 2NB (0208 8506157) Mrs F Baird Southon House, Maidstone Road, Marden, Kent TN12 9AE (01622 832991) Mr J Bailey Churchview Gundogs 12 Stoneheads Whaley Bridge Derbyshire SK23 7BB (01663 719506 / 07974 651519) Mr. J G Bailey, 1 Stour Close, Stone Croos, Pevensey, East Sussex, BN24 5QU (01323 743455 Mobil: 07880828361)


Mr P Barker 18 Carnford Road, Barton Seagrave, Nr Kettering, Northants NN15 5JH (01536725688 ) Mr C Bannister 21 High Road, Carlton in Lindrick, Worksop, Notts, S81 9DY (01909 732837) E: Mr B J Barker Clematis Cottage, 49a, Main Street, Greetham, Rutland LE15 7NJ (01572 812581) Mr D R Barnes, 25 Manor Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire EN11 9EB Mr J Barnes Deerbridge House, Milford Road, Elstead, Surrey GU8 6LA (01252 702493) Mrs E Barnes Same Address Mr K P Barraclough 9 Puttenham Rd, Chineham, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8RB (01256 477317/078794111900) E: Mr A P K Bates, Frog Hollow, Somerby, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire Mr P N Bates Keepers Cottage, Moreby, Naburn, York YO19 6HN (01904 720379) Mr S Bates 5 Shetland Drive, The Raywoods, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV10 7LA (02476 374423) Mrs J Baveystock Bentworth House, Bentworth, Nr Alton, Hampshire (01420 562218) Mr N Bayley Holly Bank, Victoria Street, Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 1HB (01270 763807) Mr R Beckerleg Keepers Cottage, Fen Farm, Wormegay, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE33 0SL (01553 841525) Mr K Bedford Kayteens Bungalow, Wisbech Road, Manea, March, Cambs PE15 OHW (01354 688266) Mr G Beeton, 3 Long Dolver Drove, Soham, Cambridgeshire CB7 5UP (01535 721496 / 07789 690577) E: Mr K Bellamy Poolbank House, Crewe Road, Walgerton, Nr Nantwich CW5 7LG (01270 842711 Mobile: 07711466000) E: Mr P Bell 23 Welby Drivw, Gosberton, Spalding, Lincs. PE11 4HU (01775 840668 Mobil:07961 965454) Mr P Bendall 1 Sherbourne Street, Boxford, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 5QE (01787 210707) Mr D J Benson Field House Farm, South Ferriby, Barton-inHumber, N Lincs DN18 6BN (01652 618218) Mr R Benton, High Hedges, Green Lane, Kessingland, Suffolk NR33 7RH (01502 740770) Mrs S E Berman, 29 Foster Road, Chiswick, London W4 4NY (0208 9940428 07976 601842) E:

Mr M Bettinson Bridgecroft Kennels Heol Adam Gelligaer Mid Glam CF82 8FU (01443 875149 / 07949 915984) E: Mr M C Billingham 9 Belle Vie, Stone, Aylesbury, Bucks HP17 8PJ (01296 748767) Dr R J Birts The Dower House, Todenham, Moreton-inMarsh, Glos GL56 9PE (01608 650952) Mrs. Sjoblom Bitte. Naddo, S-59291, Vadstena, Sweden.(+46 16-91260 Mobil: +46-709 427021) Mrs A Black 19 Banks Close, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 5DF (01275 877381) Mr V Bleming 50 Luton Road, Chalton, Bedford, Bedfordshire LU4 9UG Mr B Boardman 12 Hall Farm Gaeden, Eastwinch, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 INS Mr S Bolton Strawbyn Kennels Hancocks Lane Welland Malvern Worcesterhshire WR13 6LG (01684 573752) Mr P Booth Twyford Cottage, 2 Meadow Lane, Milton, Derbyshire DE65 6PL (Mobil: 07979 708087) E:perter. Mr J Bowyer 2, Camps Hall Cottage, Camps Hall Cottages, Camp Hall Lane, Camps End, Cambs. CB21 4TP (01799 584044 Mobil:0794 1100696) Mrs H Bradley Stroudly, Wallop Road, Grateley, Andover, Hants SP11 7EB (01264 889762) Mr T Brain Ashford 100 Station Road Ibstock Leicestershire LE67 6JJ (01530 260133 / 07866 917458)

Mr M Brown The Old Barn, Church Road, Widdington, Wiltshire, SN4 0HB (01793 790827) Mr J Buck Rose Cottage, School Road, Kirrby Cane, Bungay, Suffolk NR35 2HL (01508 518534 Mobile: 07947 249432) Mr A R Buckland 28 Lous Ride, Ascot, Berks SL5 8QY (01344 883369/07801731651) Mrs G W Butcher The Old Butchers, Station Road, Groombridge, Kent TN3 9QX (01892 860456) Mrs J Butler, 20 St James Avenue, Ongar, Essex CM5 9EL (01277 3636579) Mr K Byron Aston Rookery, 21 Rookery Road, Wyboston, Beds MK44 3AX (01480 213356) Mrs V Byron Address as above Mrs J Campton, 1 Rosebank Cottage, Marsh Road, Shabbington, Buckinghamshire HP18 9HF (01844 201269/ 07771 566011) E: Mr D Capel Little Riste Farmhouse, West Meadow Lane, Long Whatton, Loughborough, LE12 5DW (01509 843510) Mobile: 07932774862 Lady Celina Carter c/o John Halstead, Sixpenny Sykes Farm, Carleton, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 3HR (01756 796736 Mr A Casserly Force Green Kennels, 4 Force Green, Westerham, Kent TN16 2DN (01959 564774) Mr K A Chandler 42 Farm Road, Old Woking, Surrey GU22 9HL (01483 832441) Mrs S M Chandler Same Address

Mr R Bramwell Little Acre, High Street, Austerfield, Doncaster DN10 6QU (01302 711740)

Ms. Goreux Chantal. Rue des Combattants francais, 16-7181 Feluy, Belgium (32 67 879752)

Mr M Brandson 79 Brunel Road, Luton, Bedford LU4 ORY (01582 510885)

Mr R G Chapple The Fenns, Fen Lane, Earl Stonham, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 5TD (01449 723551)

Lord Braybrooke Brunketts, Wendens Ambo, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 4JL (01788 541354)

Mr S Charlton Fell House, Allendale Farm, Northumberland NE47 9AG (01434 683730)

Mr A D Brazier Pinfold House, Green Lane, Ellington, Huntingdon, Cambs PE28 0AZ (01480 896086)

Mr B Chesser 41 Spurgate Hutton, Brentwood, Essex. CM13 2JS (01277 226315 Mobil:7837497907) E:brian.chesser@sky. com

Mr D Breach 1, Mayfield Place, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN22 8XJ (01323 724385) Mrs. C Bridgewater, North Lodge, Preshaw Estate, Beauworth, Alresford, Hants. SO24 OPF (01962 793152 Mobil: 07818 393244)

Mr D Chudley, 25-27 Statnion Road, Brigstock, Kettering, Northants NN14 1DZ (01536 373243) Miss A Clarke, The Cottage, Church Hill, Wistow, Selby North Yorks YO8 3UJ (01757 268683)

Mr N Brinsdon Cedarwood Cottage, Ningwood, Yarmouth, Isle of Wright PO40 OTQ

Mr R Clarke, Brookside. Lodge Lane, Purleigh, Nr. Chelmsford, Essex (016218 828460 Mobil: 07740844221)

Mr K Broomfield 14, Yeomans Way, Totton, Southampton, Hants SO40 3JX (023 8086 1711)

Mrs J Clarke 86 Wannock Lane, Lower, Willington, East Sussex BN20 9SL (01323 488919 Mobile: 07729 1613090 E:

Mrs D Broughton Willow House, Bulby, Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10) RU (01778 591121) Mobile: (07747773729) E:

Mr E Cleary, Tipnoak, Henfield, Sussex BN5 9DE (01273 492080)


Mr M Clifford Corner Cottage Main Street Denton Grantham Lincolnshire (01476 870842/01664 822260)

Mrs A Cotton Barkers Farm, Newland Lane, Ash Green, Coventry, CV7 9BB (02476 367051 Mobil:07875 233546)

Mr W Clulee Brookland Cottage, Farlow, Nr Kiddermister, Worcestershire DY14 8TA (01746718137 Mobile: 07798 755039) Web Site:

Mr Graham Cox Winfarthing, Widcombe Hill, Bath, Avon BA2 6AE (01225 310339)

Mr D Cobb 62 Hazelton Road, Colchester, Essex CO4 3DX (01206 530134 Mobile: 0776163612) Miss S Coby, Highcroft, London Road, Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 8LR (01986 872861) Mr J Cochrane Acorns, Jekil’s Bank, Moulton, Eamgate, Spalding, Lincs PE12 OSX (01406 380783) Mr P Cody Launde House Farm, Sutton-on-the Forest, York. Y061 1EQ (01347 810555 Mobil:791736639)E:paul.cody@ Mr C R Colclough Church Farm Lodge, Kenny Hill, Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 8DU (01353 675400)

Mrs J Cracknell 107, Folly Road, Gt Waldingfield, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 ORX (01787 371347) Mrs S M D Cradock Sleepy Hallow, Plaistow Road, Kirdford, West Sussex RH14 OJR (01403 820288) Mr J Crawford 60 Clinton Crescent, Aylesbury, Bucks HP21 7JW (01296 424617) Mrs F Creaner.1, Broomside Cottage, Sherburn, Durham. DH6 1AA (01913 720057)

Mrs F A M Colclough Same Address

Mr A Creed 14 Bates Lane, Weston Turville, Aylesbury, Bucks. HP22 5SL (01296 612370Mobil:07815946340)

Mr Carl Colclough, 38 Woodpecker Way, Isleham, Ely, Cambs. CB7 5SL (Mobil: 07801920742)

Mr I A G Crompton Brickyard Barn Hedenham Bungay Suffolk NR35 2DE

Mr M R Colclough Church Farm, Kenny Hill, Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 8DU

Mr S Crookes Moscar Grange Cottage, Hollow Meadow, Sheffield. S6 6GL (01142 301436)

Mr C R Cole 77 Boughton Road, Barton Bendish, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE33 9DW (01366 347333)

Mr T Crotch 21 Long Lane, Stumpshaw, Norwich, NR13 4HZ (01603 211892 Mobile: 07721381444)

Mr P Cole Chase Cottage, Waltham Road, Boreham, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 3AX (01245 467260)

Mr S T Cullis Precious Pets Kennels and Cattery, Blaize Bailey, Newnham, Gloucestershire GL14 1HL (01594 516326) E:

Mrs V Cole Same Address Mrs S Cole Green Lea, Lower Ham Lane, Elstead, Surrey, GU8 6HQ (01252 706806 Mobile: 07751046554) Mrs R J Coley Highbanks, Working Lane, Gretton, Cheltenham, Glos GL54 5EU (01242 602336 / 07976 552008) E: Mrs E Constantine Lower Linscott, Moretonhampstead, Devon TQ13 8PS (01647 440260 / 07747 867487) E: Ms A Collins Gaberlunzie Cottage, Farlsham Road, Guestwick, Norfolk, NR20 JRR (01362 680188 Mobil:07961 965454) Mr J R Cook Mendip Farm, Green Ore, Wells, Somerset BA5 3ET (01761 241131) Mr L Cooper Rectory Cottage, Hopton Bank, Hopton Wafers, Nr. Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, DY14 OND (7803 185040) E: Miss L Copping 6 Rylands Close, Thurston, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP31 3QF (01359 230661 Mobile: 07803 176531) E: Mr R Corbett Wharfedale, 4 Seaview Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 3PD (01903 239366) E:


Mrs M Cox, Harley Cottage, St Breward, Bodmin Cornwall PL30 4LN (01208 850490)

Mrs P Cullis Same Address Mr M Cullum Top Farmhouse, Green Lane, Upyon, Huntingham, PE28 5YE (01480896527 Mobil::07789906906) Mr. P Curtis WinterfloodsFarm ,Easthorpe ,Kelvendon Colchester. Essex (01206 330707)Mobile:07733277555. E: Mr M Dance The Spinney, Cooks Lane, Awbridge, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 OHS (01794 516948 Work No 07850 495436) Mr J Daniel 52 Norton Road, Coleshill, Warwickshire. (01675 462505 Mobil: 07955 124317) Mr J Darley Gledehill Green End Road Radnage High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP14 4BZ (01494 484414/07941 967620) E: Mrs M Darton Willow Farm House, West Dereham, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE33 9RQ (01366 501366) Mr P Darton Same Address Mr H Davidson Bracken Lodge Kennels, Warred St Road, Charing, Ashford, Kent (01233 713072)

Mr F D Davies 1, Ringers Barn, Rushford, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 2SH (01842 755008)

The Duchess of Devonshire Chatsworth House, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1PP (01246 565435)

Mrs L M Davies Gremlin, Domewood, Copthorne, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 3HD (01342 715016)

Mrs J H Dunckley Smithsteads, Hethersgill, Carlisle, Cumbria CA6 6JB (01228 577246)

Mr J M Davies Westcleave, Burrington, Umberleigh, North Devon EX37 9JW (017969 520703) E:

Mr R Ellershaw 1, Cuckoo’s Nest, Valley Road, Hayfield, High Peak, Derbyshire. (01663 743949 Mobil:07891949393)

Mr S Davis, 12 Summerfields Avenue, Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 3BP (01323 847315)

Verity Easey 1 Cockrills Farmhouse, Combs, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 2LU (01449 676634 Mobil:07776146181)

Mr R Daws 62, Charles Avenue, Eastwood, Nottingham NG16 2AF (01773 764275)

Mr M K Easter Fingerpost Cottage, 8 Lynn Road, Great Bircham, Kings Lynn, Norfolk (01485 578773)

Mr Martin Deacon Hill Farm, Illston-on-the-Hill, Leics LE7 9EG (01162 596703)

Ms J Elborough 202 New Place Farm, Angmering, West Sussex BN16 4ES (01903 871397 E:

Mr J Dean Laundry Cottage, Tottenhill, Kings Lynn, Norflok (01553 810038)

Mr O J M Eley Highlands House, East Bergholt, Suffolk CO7 6UP (01206 298691)

Mrs L Dearlove Rose Cottage, Main Road, Wendlebury, Bicester, Oxon OX25 2PW (01869 25219)

Mr P Elmy 2 Coopers Close, Witnesham, Ipswich IP6 9ES (01473 785754)

Mr G Devine-Jones, Kingsfield Cottage, Brinkley Road, Carlton, Cambs CB8 9JY (01223 291989)

Mr S C Ellis 42 Old Yarmouth Road, Sutton, Norwich NR12 9QW (01692 82505)

Mrs C Ward Dickson The Warren, Yafforth, Northallerton, N Yorkshire DL87OLT (01609772817)

Mr E J Elwick 2 Estwick Avenue, Eastwood, Nottingham, NG16 3EF (01773 718589)

Mrs J Dimmock Marton Cottage, Horsley Road, Nailsworth, Stroud, Glos GL6 0JZ (01453 834700 / 07867 514300) E:

Mr & Mrs Elsey Radio House, Hall Street, Long Melford, Suffolk, CO109JR (01787 371412)

Mrs T D Dinsdale, Queen Manor Cottages, Clarendon Park Estate, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 3BOX (01722 411056) Mrs Dingle Bowers Farm, Bell Road, Rocklands, Attleborough NR17 1UL (01953 488683 Mobile: (07889 857525) E: Sharon@petrell co uk Mr Giusseppe Dizenzo 34 Rush Lane Cheshunt Hertfordshire EN8 8PY (01992 635320 / 07967 019684) Mr G E Dobb Talgoed, Leeming Lane North, Mansfield Woodhouse, Mansfield, Notts NG19 9EE (01623 640299) Mr B G Dodson Blackthorn, 21 Barbrook Lane, Tiptree, Nr Colchester, Essex CO5 OEE (01621 819799) Mr K Doughty North Lodge, Bourne Hill, Wherstead, Ipswich, Suffolk IP2 8ND (01473 688825) (Mobile 07723 070142) Mr P Down, Dove Cottage, Moat Farm, Gribthorpe, DN14 7NT (01757 289892 Mobile (07802437895) Mr W J Dowding, 25 Pepys Way, Girton, Cambridge CB8 OPA (01223 277047) Mr T Downham 14a, Oak Glen, Ardleigh Green, Hornchurch, Essex RM11 2NS (01708 475714) Mr P Dyson, Dean Bridge Farm, Hepworth, Huddersfield West Yorks (01484 685052)

Mr M Evans Christmas Cottage, 1 The Footpath, Aylsham Road, Swanton Abbott, Norfolk NR10 5DL (Mobile 07725611065) E: Mr G Evans Field Barn, Anmer, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE21 6RP (01485 601330) E: Mrs P J Fane Feering Place, Feering, Colchester, Essex CO5 9QX (01376 570420) Mrs J Fairclough, Cutler Brook Cottage, Cutler Lane, Weston Underwood, Ashboure, Derbys. DE6 4PD (01335 360018 Mob: 07867 977708) E: Mr K P Farmer Hathern Station House, Rempston Road, Normanton-on-Soar, Loughborough, Leics LE12 5EH (01509 842828 Mobile: 07930 731169) Mr R Faulkner 156 Willow Road, Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1ZG (01371 876702 Mobil: 07814266712) Mr S Fawcett 46 Pennine Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 2HG (01245 263663) Mr C Fearn Rayleigh Cottage, Over Lane, Baslow, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1SA (01245 583235 Mobile: 07769947524) E: Mr D Field The Lea, Yarlet, Stafford, ST18 9SB (01785 228177 Mobile: 07734 680413) E:


Ms C Finlan c/o Sixpenny Syke Farm, Carleton, Skipton, N Yorks (01756 796763) Mr M Fitch The Cottages 27 Station Road West Haddon Northamptonshire NN6 7AU (01788 510015 / 07860 532547) Mr T Fitzjohn 45 Orchard Farm, Kings Delph, Whittlesey, Peterborough Cambs (01773 205459 Mobile: 07775995125) Mrs N Fiske Debden Hall Farm, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 3LB (01799 540349) Mrs H Flecther 2 Wallis Cottage, Hurn Court Lane, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 6AA (01202 488796) Mr I Flint 18 Sedar St, Mansfield, Nott. NG18 2RZ ( Mobile: 07735573757) Mr W K Foster 34 Trenchard Crescent, Chelmsford, Essex CDM1 6FG (01245 467427) Mr A W Ford Walnut Tree Cottage, Ipswich Road, Brome, Suffolk IP23 8AR (Mobile: 07976853456) E: Mrs M P Ford Mill Barn Cottage, Witheridge, Tiverton, Devon EX16 8NX (01458 251271) Mrs P A Ford 2 Alpine Cottages, Pickwell Road, Leesthorpe, Leics (01664 454779) Mr P Ford Same Address Mr P Forder 8 Aima Cottage, Pirnhow St, Ditchingham, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 2RT (01986894431) Mr N Franklin Hollyside, Bottle Lane, Rodmershaw Green, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 0PR (01795 473222 Mobile: 07885252444) Mr R J Frosdick 14 Oaklands Close, Halvergate, Norwich, Norfolk NR13 3PP (01493 700643) Mr P D Fulcher 45 Nightingale Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 0LN (01473 412930) Mrs S Gadd Feb Foot, St. Nicholas, South Elmham, Norfolk. IP20 OPS (01986 783925) Mobil: 07764615437. J.R Gale 232 Hitchin Road, Henlow, Bedforshire. SG16 6BA (01462851046) Mr P Garton Hillcrest, West Langton, Market Harborough, Leics LE16 7TY (01858 545486) Mr F Geraghty May Cottage, Church Road, Tattingstone, Suffolk IP9 2LY E: Mrs J Gibson. Willow Trees, Delgate Bank, Weston Hills, Spalding, Lincs. PE12 6DN (01406 370687 Mobil: 0775 9527509 ) Mr D Gill Heath Farm, Little Livermere, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 1QA (Mobil:07990720918) Mr R Gisby 15 York Ride, Weedon, Northants NN7 4PF (01327 340782)


Mr G Goldthorpe 16 Cherry Tree Grove, Hatfield, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. (Mobil:07890866091) / Mr R Goodsspeed 2 Moore Close, Norsey Farm, Billericay, Essex, CM11 1SY (01277 659929 Mobile: 07901 901834) Mrs S Grainger 1 Sunnyside Cottages, Thurston End, Hawkedon, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP29 4LQ (01284 789345) Mr D Greaves 54 Inglestone Road, Wickwar, Wotton-UEdge, South Glos, GL12 8NH (01454 299821) Mr J G Greeves Honeycomb, 29 Low Road, Grimston, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE32 1AF (01485 600394) E: greeves honeycomb@virgin net Mr.C.Green Threegates Farm Broadgate Lane Great Moulton Norwich NR15 2HX (01494 715540) Mr W E Greig Hillside, Broadway, Wickham Skeith, Eye, Suffolk IP23 8LT Mr A Griffiths 23 Breinton Avenue, Hereford, HR4 0JZ (01432 350852) Mr D Griffiths 29 Burcroft Hill, Conisborough, Doncaster, S Yorks DN12 3EE (01709 324699) Mrs T Habbin Kayteens Bungalow, Wisbech Road, Manea, March, Cambs PE15 OHW (01354 688266) Mr D R Hales The Barn, Green End, Dane End, Herts SG12 0NU (01920 438810) Mr J Halstead Drakeshead Kennels, Willow Garth, Lodge Bank, Brinscall, Chorley, Lancs PR6 8QU (01254 831363) Mrs S Halstead Same Address Mr John W Halstead Brocklebank Labradors, Sixpenny Syke Farm, Carleton Lane, Carleton, Nr Skipton, N Yorks BD23 3HR (01756 796736) Mr D S Hammond 3 New Cottages, Nacton Road, Levington, Ipswich, Suffolk IP10 0LE Mr P D Hammond Livermere Hall, Gt Livermere, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP31 1JH (01359 268445) Mr S Hansell Tan Y Bryn, Felidre, Llangadog, Llandeilo, Carms SA19 9BU (01550 777522/07917214595) Mrs J Hankey Broom Cottage, Rushford, Norfolk IP24 2SG (01842 763501) Mr P Hargreaves, 85 Elmers Green, Skelmersdale, Lancashire WN8 6SG (01695 728993/ 07717 464 351) E: Mr P Harper 2 Browns Farm Cottage, Church St, Belchamp St. Paul, Suffolk. (07711907688) Mrs D Harrison Claypit Farm, Chuck Hatch Lane, Colemans Hatch, Hartfield, East Sussex TN7 4EN (01342 823610/ 824969)

Mr W O Harrison Beacon Hill Cottage West Morden Wareham Dorset (01929 459364) Mrs R Harvey Frenches Farm, Waxham, Norwich, Norfolk NR12 0DX (01692 598457) Mr Harvey same address Mr S Harvey The Vinery Fornham Road Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP32 6AX (01284 723727) Mr G Heaney 30 Main Road, Drayton Parslow, Milton Keynes, Bucks MK17 0JS (01296 720711) Mr K E Hearley Brow Cottage, Horningsham, Warminster, Wilts BA12 7NB (01985 844350) Mrs C Heasman 1 Pauls Farm Cottage, Little Bardfield, Braintree, Essex CM7 4TN (01371 811555) Mr T A D Hellicar 1 Minster Close, Farnborough, Hants (10252 541542 Mobile: 07900 637875) Mr P J Hembury 138 Prestbury Drive, Warminster, Wilts BA12 9LQ (01985 213646) Mr D A Haylock. The Hill Farm, Hempstead, Saffron Walden, Essex. CB10 2PJ. (01799 599238) Mr L J Herbert Gothic Cottage, Moreton Road, Shelley, Ongar, Essex CM5 0EZ (01277 363553) Mr D Higgs 27 Hallsland Crawley Down West Sussex RH10 4XZ (07871040220) Mr P Highfield Cottesmore View, Launde Road, Halstead, Leics LE7 9DF (0116 2597366) Mrs L Hill Dog Kennel Barn, Nottingham Road, Lount, Leics, LE65 1SD (01530 411518 Mobil: 07879 607993) Mrs J M Hillier, Tofts Lodge, Lt Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 4BX (01245 225794) Mr R Hinks The Cottage High Street Carlton Goole North Yorkshire DN14 9LT (07775 672076) Mr F Hlisnikowski 14 Oakwood Drive, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 1XA (01825 763240) Mrs A Hogsbjerg, The Grooms Cottage, South Lawn Farm, Swinbrook, Burford, Oxfordshire OX18 4EW Mr K Holeman, 5 Westgate, Shropham, Norfolk NR17 1EX (01953 498575) Mr G Homes, 3 Malt house Cottage, Westwell Lane, Westwell, Ashford, Kent (01233 712641) Mr A Hopkins-Young 36 Pendle Ave, Northampshire, NN16 9FA (01536 516365/07899953085) Mr P Hopper Southcroft, Inkerman Hill, Hazlemer, Bucks, HP15 7JH (01494 715540 Mobil:07552177081)

Mr D J Horne Nightingale House, Strood Green, Wisborough Green, Billinghurst, West Sussex, RH14 OHJ (01403 700935 Mobile: 07940111508) Mr N Hoyle 17 Farmoor Close, Harlington, Doncaster, DN5 7JP. (07971272971) Mrs L Hudson Fenbank Stables 24 Prickwillow Road Isleham Ely Cambridgeshire CB7 5RQ (0768 103461) E: Mrs L V Hudson The Meadow, Queen Street, Castle Hedingham, Halstead, Essex CO9 3EZ (07887 932465) (09783 976054) E: Lady V Hugh Smith The Old Rectory, Grendon Underwood, Aylesbury, Bucks HP18 0SY (01296 770200) Mrs J Hughes Vine Lodge, Hardingham, Norwich, NR9 4AW (01953 850460 Mobile: 07795 841376) E: Mr N Hutchinson 36 Addison Road, Maltby, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 8DW (017098 813861) Mr D G Hutchinson 116 Shepherds Lane, Darford, Kent DA1 2NN (01322 408359) Mrs D G Hutchinson Same as above Mr J W Iliffe Highfields, Melbourne, Derbyshire DE73 1DG (01332 863663) Mrs E Ingram Hayes Cottage, The Street, Bulmer, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 7EP (01787 375655) E: Mr L Jackson Lane End Farm, Heightington, Rock, Nr Kidderminster DY14 9SX (10299 266271 Mobile: 07779397927) Mr D Jackson 7 Gorselands, Tadley, Hants, RG26 3HS. (0118 9813153 Mobil: 07951636616) Mr M Jacques 61 All Saints Circle, Woodesford, Leeds LS26 8LZ (01532 81738) Ms E James c/o 41 Pratton Avenue, Lancing, West Sussex, BN15 9NX (07802 212709) Mr S J Jeffrey Thorns, High Street, Chrisall, Royston, Herts SG8 8RJ Ms S A Jenkins Mill Barn Cottage, Witheridge, Tiverton, Devon EX16 8NX (01884 861229) Mr M P Jennings White Post Corner, Fressingfield, Eye, Suffolk IP21 5SN (01379 586662) Mr P Jennings, 1A Vale Drive, Worthing, West Sussex (01903 873125) Kim Jinks Orchard Cottage, Dry Hill Farm, Dormansland, Surrey, RH7 6PD (01342 870638 Mobile: 077103 57861) E:


Mr N Jones 75 Pilgrims Way, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1YA (01227 464640 Mobil:07803 041419)

Mrs T Lawrence Smithsteads Cottage, Hethersgill Carlisle, Cumbria, CA6 6TB (01228 577035)

Mr & Mrs. P Jones 16 Maesydderwen, Johnstown, Carmarthen, Dyfed, SA31 3LX (01267 234758 Mobile: 07811 378715) Mrs P Jones Same as above

Mr A Lettin, Red Road Lodge, Kettering Road, Islip Northants NN14 3JJ (01832 733249 Mobile: 07967884309)

Mrs S Jones 8 Chestnut Close, Denmead, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO7 6EL (02392 632858 Mobile: 07725 690103) E: Mr S Jones, 4 Oak Tree Cottage, Bekesbourne Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT3 4AD (01227 764700) Mrs F Joint Chalkey Lane Cottage, Chrishall, Royston, Herts SG8 8QX (01763 838479) Mr N Jupiter 60 Hamlet Road, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 8QQ (01440 704046 Mobil: 07846906536) Mr J Keeble, Hay Farmhouse, Police Row, Therfield, Royston, Herts, SG8 9QE (01763 287741) Mr J Keegan, Fern House, Station Road, Brickett Wood, Herts AL2 3PG (07476 437465) Mrs E Kannard Charlwood Farm Lodge, Legsheath Lane, East Grinstead, West Sussex (01342 810116 Mobil:07879411448) Mr B R Kent Homefield, Platt House, Fairseat, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 7LX (01732 823008) Mr R Ketley 9 Vicarage Avenue, White Notley, Witham, Essex CM8 1SB (01376 584158)

Mr. J Light, 138 Carnation Road, Strood, Kent, M22 2YH (01634 220828) Mr.MLight,20ComumbineRoad,Strood,Kent.(016343284) Mr S Light Toilers Crost, Snarnal St, High Halstow, Rochester, Kent ME3 8QR (01634 250535 Mobil: 07813181575)E:donnalight757@msncom Mr C Linney 1 New Barn Cottage, Hockley Twyford, Winchester, Hants SO2 11PH (Mobile: 07947 249432) Mr J Lock Little Boaleys Cut Maple Sible Hedingham Halstead Essex CO9 3RL (01787 460141) Mr D Lloyd 22 Haugh Lane, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP21 1LA (01394 384646 Mobile: 07515 747019) E: cedarose@hotmail co uk Mrs M Lloyd Same Address Mr D J Locke 2 Coombe Lodge, Milton Abbot, Tavistock, Devon. PL19 OPQ Mr R Loomes Warwick House, Tuxhill Road, Terrington St Clement, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE34 4PX (01553 827404) Mr T Lowe 22 Edies Lane, Leavenheath, Suffolk E:

Mr S King Knowle Game Farm, Knowle Hill, Ulcombe, Maidstone, Kent ME17 1ES (01622 851299) E:

Mr M Lucas 5 Gorringe Close, Lower Willington, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN20 9SU (0323 486065)

Mrs W Knight Abbey Cottage, Frating Abbey, Colchester, Essex CO7 7HJ (01206 251426)

Mrs M Lucas 3 Fairlawns, Petersfield Road, Greatham, Hampshire GU33 6HA (01420 538149)

Mr D Knight Address as above

Mr Lucas Same Address

Mrs B Kuen Woodside Cottage, 86 Kings Lane, South Heath, Buckinghamshire, HP16 0QU (01494 862640 Mobile: 07778424928) E: kuenb@alo com

Mr P Mapson Farm, Farm Cottages, New Suleham, Nassington, Peterborugh, PE8 6QT. (01780 784141)

Mr A Lack 63 Sunnyside Road, Epping, Essex, CM16 4JW Mobile: 07956 238765) E: Mr A Ladyman Meadow View, 11 North Street, Castlethorpe, Milton Keynes, MK19 7EW (01908 337989) Miss. Sofia Larsson. Himmelsands Gard 2, 5-635 06, Eskilstunn, Sweden (+46 16-91260 Mobil:+46-16-709 427021) Mr D S Latham 12 Sutton Lane, Middlewich, Cheshire CW10 9AU (01606 836975) Mr R Laud 29 Rectory Road, Bluntisham, Huntingdon, Cambs PE17 3LN (01487 841840)


Mr S Lewis 22 Cheveley Road, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8AD (01638 605273)

Mr T G Main Woodfold, 84 High Street, Waltham on the Wolds, Melton Mowbray, Leics, LE14 4AH (01664 464587) Mrs K Martin Brown’s Hill Cottage, Low Road. Earl Soham, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 7RN (01728 685375) Mrs K McCarthy 28A Kennylands Road, Sonning Common, Reading RG4 9JT (01189 724714 Mobile: 07762 597532) E: Mr A McGregor 10 Steward Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 9BA (01725 553155 Mobile: 07957861120) Mr G Meeham Newsella, Newsella Park Stud, Barkway, Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 8DY (01763 849010 Mobile: 07834 088170) E:

Mrs S J Mills 3 Ashcombe Road, Mertsham, Surrey RH1 3BY (01737 649674)

Mr D G A Openshaw 38 Heaton Street, Standish, Wigan, Lancs WN6 0DA (01257 423178)

Mr A Mills Address as above

Ms M J Opie White Tones, Ridge Close, London NW4 1ER (0208 2033259)

Mr V Mitchell Woodclose, Clothall Bury, Clothall, Baldock, Herts SG7 6RJ (01462 790533) Mr W Mitchell, Sunnyview, Kebs Road, Todmorden, Lancashire OL14 8SB (07970586063) Mr R R Moloney 1 Langford Downs Cottage, Nr Lechland, Glos GL7 3QL (01367860537 Mobile: 077821273461) Mrs S Morley-Riches Rushbrigg House, 4 The Low Meadows, The Street, Hacheston, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 ODT (01728 747107) Mr I Morris Little Chill, Mill House, Tibbs Court Lane, Brenchley, Kent 01892 723909 Mobile 07785 255537 E: Mr K J Morton, 92 Coleshill Road, Water Orton, Birmingham B46 1RD (0121 749 3341) Mrs J Munday Breezybrook, 3 Manor Farm Cottages, Knotting, Beds MK44 1AE (01234 783402 Mobile: 07788814547) E: Mrs C Munn 2 Yelvertoft Rd, Lilbourne, Rugby, Warks (01788 860734/07736809695) Mrs A Musk Clipper Cottage, Honeypot Lane, Wattisfield, Diss. IP22 1PA (01359 252203) Mr J Mutimer Skinners Cottage, Barnaby Green, Wangford, Beccles, Suffolk NR34 8AZ (01502 578527) Mr C Myers Mossthwaite Cottage, Dunsop Road, Newton-inBowland, Clitheroe, Lancs BB7 73ED (01204 448264) Miss S Neary, 118 Fillongley Road, Meriden, Coventry CV7 7LT (01676 522405) Mr P G Neill The Old Byre, Elderwood Farm, Bottom Street, Witham-On-Hill, Nr Bourne, Lincs PE10 OJS (01778 590108)

Mr J J W Organ Orchard Green, Southam, Cheltenham, Glos GL5 23PB (01242 242892) Mr D Ormond Red Roses, Carmarthenshire, SA34 OPL (01834 831801) Mr D O’Sullivan 10 Village Courts Netherton Liverpool L30 7RE (Mobile: 07973 125935) Mr P Owens 5 The Bungalow, South Hetton, Co Durham, DH6 2SJ (0191 561877 Mobile: 07966 333558) E:Paul Owens@wavin co uk Mr P J Palmer 2 Mill Street, Duddington, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3QG (01780 444440) Mr S Parker 10 Silversea Drive, Westcliffe-on-Sea, Essex SS0 9XE (01702 471547) Mr P W Parkins Corner Cottage, 18 Hulcote, Towcester, Northants, NW12 7HT (07787 521628) Mr A V Parnell The Nook, Back Lane, Potts Row, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 1BT (01485 601399 / 07785 582333) Mr N Partiss Orchard Cottage, Ashwell, Ilminster, TA19 9DY (01460 259585) Mr G Paterson Hyndford Kennels, Avonstream, Slamannan Road, Avonbridge FK1 2JL (01324 861640) Mr J A Pay Walnut Tree Cottage, Bull Lane, Stockbury, Maidstone, Kent ME9 7UB (01795 843280) Mr C Pearce 15 Rushmoor, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 7YR (01275 873160 Mobile: 07976 823480) Mrs M Pearce West Ayrlow Banks, Haukwell, Leyburn, North York DL8 5NJ (01439771590) Mr V Peck 302 Sidegate Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk. IP4 3DN (01473 718264)

Mr K Nettleingham, 339 Singlewell Road, Gravesend, Kent DA11 7RW (01474 3217140

Mr C Pelham, Norlands, Norlands Lane, Thorpe, Egham, Surrey TW20 8SS (01932 563691)

Mr M T Newsam Barnfield Cottage, Brookside Bank Road, Stannington, Sheffield, SG6 6GU (01142 341605)

Mr T W Pinner Bettisville, Briscoe Road, Pitsea, Basildon, Essex SS13 1AD (01268 554338)

Mr M J Newton 9 Brewery Lane, Formby, Merseyside L37 7DY

Mr R Plunkett Besom Farmhouse, Longframlington, Northumberland, NE65 8EN (01665 570973) E:

Mrs V E O’Brien West Lodge, Gt Hallingbury, Bishops Stortford, Herts CM22 7UE (01279 654403) Mrs S Olner. 6 Sevenfield, Highworth, Swindon, Wilshire. SN6 7NF (01793 764271) Mr V Olner. Same address.

Mr M L Polley 36, Malting Lane, Orsett, Essex RM16 3HJ (01375 892959) Mrs J R Polley 1 Park Road, Spixworth, Norwich, Norfolk NR10 3PJ (01603 890908) Mrs S Pomfret-Wade Orchard House, Crittendon Road, Matfield, Tonbridge, Kent TN12 7EN (01892 833916)


Mr J Potter Castle Hill Riding School, Brandon, Coventry CV8 3HQ (01203 542762)

Mr D Reed 22 Briar Road Armthorpe Doncaster South Yorkshire DN3 2EE (01302 832001)

Mr N Potts 31 Gordon Road Baxsted East Sussex TN22 4LG (01825 732798 / 07979 337436)

Mr D S A Rees Delfryd, Capel Seion, Drefach, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire SA14 7BS (01269 841281) E:

Mr J Powell 2 Lindisfarne Court Wickford Essex SS12 0HQ (07817 577319) Mr J Prentice Weldon House, Little Oakley, Corby, Northants. NN18 8HA. Mr T Prentice Woolney Hall, Low Lane, Creeting St Mary, Ipswich Suffolk IP6 8QB (01449 711442) Mrs V Prichard Park Farm, Caerleon, Newport, South Wales, N98 3PB (016633 423342 Mobile: 07899 756883) Mr A J Price Tawnyhill Kennels, Homestall Road, Doddington, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 0HF (01795 886046) E: Mr N Price Heddon Gate Cottage, Gribb Hill, Lutton, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 95G (01752 837879) Ms S Quinn, 14 Ladyfield Way, Holbrooks, Coventry CV6 4PB (02476 363132) Mr J Rake 26 Station Road, Beccles NR34 9QJ (01502 715436 Mobile: 07708 042046) E: Mrs J Rake as above Mr B Randall North Longwood Farm Beggar Bush Lane Falland Bristol BS8 3TH (01275 393311)

Mrs I Reid 31 St Rumbolds Court Buckingham Road Brackely Northamptonshire NN13 7BF Mr H Richardson The White House, Cavehill, Shibden, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX3 7SY (01422 201387 Mobile: 07970 071896) Mr S Richardson Wedgnock Rifle Range Wedgnock Lane, Warwick, CV35 7PX (01926 491948) Mrs S Richardson 21 Waller Close, Leek Wotton, Warwickshire, CV35 7QG (01926 852434) Mr G Ridley, Deanraw Cottage, Langley on Tyne, Hexham, Northumberland NE47 5LY (01434 684683) Mr M Rivett Brockliegh Barn, Bulls Green Road, Maypole Green, Toft Monks, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 ODR (01502 677494 Mobil:07963201602) Mr G C Roberts 1 Wharf Cottages, Haywards Heath Road, Balcombe, W Sussex RH17 6QP (01444 415886) Mr S Roberts Home Farm Lodge, Audley End, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 4JG (01799 520632)

Mrs L Randall 4 Bransgore Gardens, Bransgore, Dorset BH23 8JD (01425 673661)

Mr A Robinson. Cotterdale Farm, Cotterdale, Hawes, North Yorkshire. DL8 3LT (01969 666817 Mobil:07887 591879)

Mr D D Raven Greenlands, Hyde Chase, Woodham Mortimer, Maldon, Essex CM9 6TN (01245 222955)

Miss M Robertson 72 Whitehorns Way, Drayton, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4LJ (01235 534567)

Mr P E Rawlings, Ormewood Kennels, 111 Benwick Road, Whittlesey, Peterborough PE7 2HD (01733 208529)

Mr S Robson Frogwell Lodge, Haddon Hill, Skilgate, Taunton TA4 2DS (01398 331927)

Mrs B J Rayner 3 Woodlands Cottage, Storrington Road, Thakenham, West Sussex RH20 3EJ (017898 813816 Mobile: 07866477904) E: beth&andrewrayner@orangehouse co uk

Mr K Roe No 2 Cottage, Warren Farm, Steventon, Basingstoke, Hants, RG25 3BL (01256 397907 Mobile: 07836691169) E: keith@aroe freeseve co uk

Mr D Rayner Woodash Cottage, Easterton, Lymsham, Somerset, BS24 OHT (01934 751221 Mobile: 07973360943) E:dave@woodashgundogs.couk

Mrs K Roe Same above

Mrs P A Rayner Green Hallow, Hold Road, Cley-Next-Sea, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 7TZ (01263 740293) Mrs C Raymond New House Farm Winslow Bromyard Herefordshire HR7 4SF ( 01885 400765 Mobile: 07890 757539) E: Mr A J Read, 17, Kings Stile, Middleton Cheyney, Banbury, Oxon OX17 2QZ (01275 849637) Mr J Reavil 17 Laura Place, Rocherster, Kent, ME1 3JX (01634 826823 Mobil:07545476381)


Mr N Rees Whistlewinds, Leys Road, Harvington, Evesham, WR11 8SS (01386 871710)

Mrs A Roff 25 College Close, Rowlands Castle, Hants PO6 6AJ (02392413145) Mr P Rogers. Wagtails, 89 Grove Road, Tiptree, Colchester, Essex. CO5 OIG (1621 817144) Mrs A Ross-Smith Croft Farm, Spreyton, Crediton, Devon EX17 5EB (01647 231656) Mr B Ross-Smith Same Address Mrs. R Rous. Dennington Hall, Woodbridge, Suffolk. IP31 8AU (01728 638292)

Mrs N Rudgard, Low Mill, Eamont Bridge, Penrith, Cumbria (07989 239856)

Mr A Skinner, 12 Northney Road, Hayling Island, Hants (02392 460108 Mobile: 07782476748)

Mr O Russell Field Lodge, Field Lane, Hempnall, Norwich, NR5 2PB (01508 533022 Mobile: 07841 142072)

Mr G Slater, Carlton Cottage, 1 Frank Lane, Nun Monkton, York, YO26 8EJ (01423 330762)

Mr R N Russell 21 Prioress Road, Canterbury, Kent CT12 8NX (01227 786503)

Mr D Smith Dunmarroch Brewerrs Lane West Tisted Hamspshire SI224 0HQ (01730 828101 / Mobile: 07887 778119) E:

Mr S Russell 56 Greenpark Road, Northfield, Birmingham B31 5BD (01216 089523) Mrs D S S Ryan Barnavara, Bircham Newton, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE31 6QR (01485 578276) Mr. B Sadler. 17, Wigmore Close, Ipswich, Suffolk. ( 01473 413271) Mr J Sait Crosbi, Clacton Road, Thorrington, Colchester, Essex CO7 8JN (01206 251623) Sandringham Estate Estate Office, Sandringham, Norfolk PE35 6EN (01553 772675) Mr M M Sargent 50 Camp Hill, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire NN7 3PH (01604 830997) Mr N Satchwell 51 Norris Hill, Moira, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE12 6ER (01283 224018) Mr M Scales Culverdown, Great Henny, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 7LY (01787 269252) Mr A B Schofield Eastdale, 9 East Street, Helmshore, Rossendale, Lancs BB4 4JT (01706 213877)

Mr G Smith, 12 Chelmsford Drive, Wheatley, Doncaster DN2 4JM Mr G Smith, Little Glebe, Challows Land, Biddestone, Chippenham, Wilshire SN14 7DT (01249 714426 Mobile: 079096888243) E: Mrs J Smith, 8 Riverside, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5HB (01342 825171 Mobile: 07968 357444) E: Mrs J Smith 11 Crows Lane, Woodham Ferrers, Chelsford, Essex, CM3 8RR (Mobil:07866000668) Mr T Souster, Tower Lodue, Chadacre Rd, Hartest, Suffolk IP29 4DS (01284 830597) Mr J D Sowerby Ivy Cottage, Robbs Lane, Lowick, Kettering, Northants NN14 3BE (01832 734688) Mr J Sowerby Rock House, 71 Main Road, Collyweston, Stamford Lincs PE9 3PQ (Mobile: 07791597121) Mr R J Stallard Harley Cottage, St Breward, Bodmin, Cornwall.

Mrs E Scott The Laurels, Chisbury, Marlborough, Wilts SN8 3JA

Mr G Stanley, 24 Marshall Road, Rainham, Gillingham Kent ME8 0AP (01634 231994)

Mr P Scott The Laurels, Chisbury, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 3JA (01672 871208)

Mr T Steadman 9 Glebe Road Cuckfield Haywards Heath West Sussex RH17 5BG (01444 456343 Mobil: 07721 391473) E:

Mrs S J Searle 30 Engel Park, Mill Hill, London NW7 2NS (020 8346 4789) Mr S Seward, 41 patton Ave, Lacing, West Sussex. BN15 9NX Mobile: 07976 532379) Mrs A Sherriff Cromer Hyde Farm, Lemsford, WGC, Herts AL8 7XD (01707 322328) E:

Mrs G Stewart Foxholes, 1 Church Lane, Benniworth, Market Raisen, Lincs LN8 6JP (01507 313732) Mrs J Stewart-Brown Washall Green, Buntingford, Herts SG9 0HH (01279 777351) Mr G A Stubbing, 85 Kingsway, Heathfields, Duxford, Cambridge CB2 4QN (01223 835826)

Mr A Shotton The Meadows, Ditton Priors, Bridgenorth, Shropshire WV16 6SP (01746 712176)

Mrs H Sulley Sunhill House, Rystwood, Forest Row, E Sussex RH18 5NB (01342 822166 / 07810

Mrs A Simpson Manor Farmhouse, Sheringham Road, East Beckham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR11 8RP. (1263 823074 Mobils: 7810294360-07780661844)

Sir John A Swire Luton House, Selling, Faversham, Kent. ME13 9RQ (01227 752234)

Mr M Silveter, 47 Carter Road, Drayton, Norwich NR8 6DY (01603 868243)

Mr G J Symonds Brumble Cottage, Upgate, Swannington, Norwich, Norfolk. NR9 5AW (01603 261326)706215) E:

Mr P C Sipling, Heron Lodge, Heron Holt, Ermine Street, Broughton, North Lincolnshire DN20 0BG (01724 858459)

Mr M J Tallamy Eeb Foot, St. Nicholas, South Elmham, Norfolk IP20 0PS.(01986 786 783925)

Mr M P Skipper, Hall Farmhouse, Kirby Cane, Bungay, Suffolk NR35 2HN (01508 518249)


Mr M Taylor 11 The Dene Chestermoor Chester-le-Streeet Co Durham DH23 3TB (01913 871454 / 07836 767550) Mrs G Thompson. Mill House, Chrishall, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 8QH (01763 838004 Mobil:7905 33937 ) Mr R Thompson 118 Fillongley Road, Meriden, Coventry CV7 7LT (01676 522405) Mr B Thornton 59 Hessle Avenue, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 8DE (01205 367261) Mr Paul Thorpe Hillside, Union Hill, Semer, Ipswich, Suffolk IP7 6HN (01473 824572) Mr C Thurston-Woolnough Cripstone Cottage, Braddock, Lostwithiel, Cornwall PL22 0RJ (01579 320524) Mr P Tidey No.1 The Cottages, Royston Road, Litlington, Royston, Herts. SG8 0RJ. Mr R Tomlinson Honeysuckle Cottage, Delley Farm, Yarnscombe, Barnstaple EX31 3LX (01271 858321) Ms J Carrington-Thompson. 32 Nunney Road, Frome, Somerset. BA11 4LA Mrs K Tuck Manor Farm, Oldbury on the Hill, Didmarton, S Glos GL9 1EA (01454 238236 Mobile 07967 706846) Mrs J Tudor, 18 Greenmead Avenue, Everton, Hampshire SO41 0UF (01590 645225) E: Mr A J Turner Louisville, High Street, Farningham, Kent DA4 0DE (01322 862686) Mr C J Turner Flambards, Mount Rule, Braddan, Isle of Man (01624 852786) E: Mr K Turner The Gables, Rheast Lane, Peel, Isle of Man (01624 843359) Mrs J E R Tydeman Cherry Tree House, Sissinghurst Road, Biddenden, Kent TN27 8HD (01580 715910) Mr S Tyers Brookfield’s, Green Barn Lane, Little Hay, Lichfield, Staffordshire. WS14 0QN (01543 480927 Mobil: 07881815963 E: Mrs L VanLennep-Hutema Oirschotsedijk 3c Hut, NL-5651, GB Eindhoven (+31 40 2513713) Mr Ben Van Praagh Faircote Hall, Hartfield, East Sussex, TN7 4EX (01892 770904 E:


Mr G Vidler Little Wakering Hall, Great Wakering, Essex SS3 0HQ (01702 219366) Mr H Vilendal, Lake Lodge, West End Road, Maxey, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE6 9EJ (01778 380231) Mobile: 07952907867) E: Mr R Waddingham Manor Farm, Briston, Melton Constable, Norfolk NR4 2HJ (01263 860367) Mr C M Wadsworth Billings Cottage, Flash Village, Quarnford, Derbyshire, SK17 OSW (01298 71150) Mr B Wade 331 Rochester Road, Gravesend, Kent (01474 352 384) Mr P J Wagland 33 Almond Grove, Worksop, Notts S80 1AU (01909 476024) Mr L R Wales 3 Lark Close, Brandon, Suffolk IP27 0UQ (01842 812863) Ms. D V Walls. Grange Cottage, Wood End Lane, Fillongley, Coventry. CV7 8BD (01676542471) Mr J Walker 1 Betterton Road, Rainham, Essex RM13 8NA (01708 552784) Mr S Wanstall Gibbletore Cottage, Wotton, Canterbury, Kent CT4 6RY (01303 844393) Mobile 07801 228737 Mr A Ward Mayflower Cottage, The Street, Pebmarsh, CO9 2NH (01787 269277) Mrs P A Ward 5 Almshoebury Cottages, St Ippolyts, Hitchin, Herts SG4 7NS (01462 458950) Ms K Ward 12 Northney Road, Hayling Island, Hampshire, PO11 OND (0292 460108 Mobile: 07712530978) E: Mr A Ward-Smith Gardners Farm. Bray Hill, Ashburnham, Battle, East Sussex, TN33 9NZ (01323 832219) Mobil:07812389856 E: Mr C Warner Veraton, Sandy Lane, Fillongley, Coventry, Warwickshire, CV7 8DD (01676 549171 Mobile: 07814) E: Miss S A Warwick The Bungalow, 3 Homelye Chase, Braintree Road, Dunmow, Essex CM6 3AW (01371 874117) Mr G R Watkins 55 Pond Hill, Stonesfield, Witney, Oxon, OX29 8PZ (01993 891189) Mobil: 07889821711) E:

Mr G Veasey 46 Main Street, Rotherby, Melton Mowbray, Leics LE14 2LP (01664 434407)

Mr M Waterfall Honeypot Cottage, The Lodge, Grove Park Farm, Brinkley Road, Burrough Green, Newmarket, Suffolk. CB8 9NE. (01638 508694 Mobil: 07801920740)

Mrs J Venables Drum Cottage, Quarley, Hants. SP11 8PY. (01264 889246 Mobil:07745 746207)

Mr M Watson Garden Cottage Shotesham Park Shoteshan St Mary Norwich Norfolk NR15 1XA (01508 499475 / 07850 982005 E:

Mrs J Venturi-Rose The Keepe, Conford, Liphook, Hants, GU30 7NQ (01428 751125)

Mr J D Way Greystones The Slad Popes Hill Newnham Gloucestershire GL14 1JX (01594 823171 / 07950 470091)

Miss J Wayman Brooklyn, Stortford Road, Clavering, Essex, CB11 4PE (01799 550771 Mobile:(07896039475) E:juliewayman@btinternetcom Mr R Wicks 21 Seaforth Drive, Taverham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR86 YU (01603 261422 Mobil:07745 746207) Mr A Willmott The Owls, Woodham Road, Stow Maries, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 6SA (01621 828292 Mobile: 07770 663223) Mr M Willisher 75 Horringer Road Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP33 2DQ (01284 752265 / 07889 308707) E: Mrs A E White The Stables, Bennetts Hill Court, Long Hyde Road, Offenham, Worcs WR11 8TA (01386 833685) Mr I White Minstead, Bontuchel, Ruthin, LL15 2DD, (01824 707893 Mobile: 07970 663414) Mrs J White As above Mr J White Myrty Lodge, The Dene, Ropley, Hants. (01962 772290 Mobil:07850965409) Mr A Whitehouse, Crossbows Hill Road, Harworth, Doncaster (01302 752124) Mr M Whitehouse, Ashlea, Gt North Road, Scrooby, Doncaster, S Yorks DN10 6AT (01302 711812) Mr A R Whiting Burnt Fen Lodge, Long Lane, Hoveton, Norfolk (01603 783907) Mrs J Whybrow 4 Fordham Place, Ixworth, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 2GJ (01359 233234) Mrs D Wiggin The Upper House, Mitchel Troy Common, Monmouthshire NP25 4JQ (01600 715324) Mr R Willatts Tithe Farm, Tithe Lane, Wraysbury, Berks TW19 5NQ (01784 483449) Mr K A Willimott Hunters Lodge, Grove Lane, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6ED (01263 712379) Mrs J Willimott Same Address Mrs C Winfield Avonford, 18 Westfield Crescent, Welford, Northant, NN6 6HY Mr M Wills Glenview House, 29 Voylart Road, Dunvant, Swansea SA2 7UA (01792 201429) Mrs M Wills same as above Mr M J R Willis Quickswood, Baldock, Herts (01460 279382) Mr G Wilson Kingfisher Cottage, West Lane, South Hetton, Co Durham. DH6 2RZ (0191 5171313) Julian Williams Lenmore Cottage, The Street, Rayne, Braintree, Essex. CM77 6RN (0376 339183 Mobil:07977 122685)

Mrs C E Winfield Avonford, 18 Westfield Crescent, Welford, Northants (01858 575721) Mrs R E Wise Church Farm Barn, Wendy, Royston, Herts SG8 0HJ (01223 208485) Mr S P Woods Amberhill Boarding Kennels, Sutterton Drove, Amberhill, Boston Lincolnshire, PE20 3RF (01205 290590) Ms C Wood 3 Chestnut Corner Blackheath Guildford Surrey GU4 8RA (01483 894 018 / 07836 230 014) E: Dr Morris-Worrall Spring Cottage, The Street, Washington, West Sussex, RH20 4AS (01903 891572 Mobile: 077950 94971) Mr. R Worral 3 Russells Close East Preston West Sussex BN16 1BP (01903 779574 / 07931 959744) Mr F L Wright Rose Cottage, Moseley Green, Parkend, Nr Lydney, Glos GL15 4HN (01594 563070) Mrs G Wright Prospect Cottage, St Arvans, Chepstow, Gwent NP16 6DN (01291 627421 / 07715 681041) Mr A Wright Whiteleaf, Cold Christmas Lane, Thundridge, Ware, Herts, SG12 OSJ (01920 462628 Mobil:07791668728) Mr F Wright Greenfields FarmKerry Hill, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. ST2 8NA (01782 304487 Mobil:07850965409) E: Mrs F J Young 27 Downham Road, Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes, MK17 8NG (01908 584580) Dr L Young Moat End Dunstall Green Newmarket Suffolk (01638 500036 / 077712 360920) E: Mr R A Young Same Address

Please email the general secretary with any Changes, plus to add your name to the email update list for news & draw info etc. 31

HELP SUPPORT THE SOCIETY: Sponsorship/Support Opportunities

The following sponsorship/support and advertising opportunities are available. These help the society keeps costs down for projects such as the website and help keep membership fees low - please contact Mark Waterfall (details above) for more details or booking information.

‘Puppy For Sale’ Advertising

We can advertise ‘Puppies for sale’ on the society’s website. The advert is placed on a monthly basis. The advert can include upto 5 images, pedigree (in .pdf format) and video (.flv video format). Example advert layout is above. Cost: £25 per month for members / £30 per month for non-members

‘Dogs at Stud’ Advertising

We can advertise ‘Dogs at Stud’ on the society’s website. The advert is place on a monthly basis. The advert can include upto 5 images, pedigree (in pdf format) and video (Flv video format) similar to that of a puppy for sale. Cost: £25 per month for members / £30 per month for non-members, or £250 per year for members / £300 per year for non-members (Includes lising of dog at stud in Society Yearbook)

Corporate Sponsorship Package

Businesses/Organisations can also help support the society. Support is placed either monthly standing order, or yearly. The package includes a page advert & weblink on the society’s website, an advert & weblink on the monthly eNewsletter plus an advert in the Soceity’s yearbook. Cost: £45 per month for members / £50 per month for non-members, or £450 per year for members / £500 per year for non-members


Nick Ridley photography

‘working with’

READY, WILLING & ABLE Chudleys working diets are designed to help improve stamina and recovery, therefore making your dog sharper and more efficient throughout the day.

For advice on feeding please contact

0845 345 2627

Paul French Video International leading producer of gundog films
























See the full range of our gundog DVDs @ Paul French Video, P O Box 370, Market Deeping, PE6 9DH Telephone: 01778 341255

Cleaning Equipment Limited Keep those germs and viruses away with some of our top of the range cleaning equipment. Ideal for sanitising and disinfecting dog kennels.

AJE 100.12 Cold Water Pressure Washer 1500 psi 12 ltr/min 15m hose reel

Karcher Cold Water Pressure Washer With Hose Reel 15m hose reel

Karcher Hot Water Pressure Washer (Hose Reel Option Available)

Steriliser Detergent

Environmentally friendly steriliser detergent for superior antibacterial and cleaning performance. Independently tested to EN 1276 on a wide range of bacteria. Steriliser is a blend of advanced quaternary ammonium biocides and amphoteric surfactant to produce a broad spectrum of killing power on both gram+ve and gram-ve bacteria. Steriliser is ideal for animal handling, animal housing and agricultural buildings. Available in: 5 ltrs / 25 ltrs / 200ltrs

Tel: 01449 722098



Full range of dummies made by Quest from puppy up to Hare size.

Special Requests can be catered for.

Full Range of whistles and calls

We stock everything for beginner up to professional standard. Quality Gundog Training Equipment at affordable prices. When ordering be assured that p&p is only charged at cost.

Full range of training vests and game bags in stock.

Quest Gundog Training Equipment, Unit 24 Standish Court, Bradley Hall Trading Est, Standish, Wigan WN6 0XQ—01257 425222 E-MAIL

Web site


Perfect for the protection of timber; masonry and metal, both inside and out! Cost-effective paint available in three lead free, non toxic types:

Perfect for kennels as it has numerous applications, plus can be sprayed-down with a power hose jet spray!

TRADITIONAL A non toxic economical acrylic polymer suitable for a large range of applications on the Estate, Farm or Stables or Stud. • Covers timber, masonry, metal - colour-fast for 3 to 5 Years • Harmless to animals & plants - superb for fence, barn, stable • Oil Based - available in Black and Brown FLEXCOAT A water based ‘elastomeric’ coating developed to expand and contract with various substrates; additionally, avoids peeling problems often associated with white paint. • Rubber-like coating outstanding durability • UV Resistance - ideal for timber that is exposed to sunlight • Excellent adhesion, perfect for gates, fencing and masonry • Water Based - available in White Only ENAMELCOAT An extremely tough oil-based enamel developed for use on wood, metal or concrete. With excellent resistance to oil, grease and water, Enamelcoat has proved to be a superb choice for use inside and out. • Withstands Repeated Power Washing and Steam Cleaning • Flexible to Cope with Movement of Substrate • Dries in 8 Hours, dry to touch 2 Hours • Gloss finish is oil based - available in Black, White and ‘Devon Cream’ • Matt finish is water based - available in Green only

Find out more information on our website: or call: 01638 664619

Virkon S tablets ®


● ●

Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi, including Canine parvovirus, and animal origin MRSA Ideal for cleaning & disinfecting hard surfaces, equipment and utensils in one easy step Outstanding user safety profile Easy to prepare and use Can be applied using a mop, cloth, sponge or spray UK DEFRA Approved

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Copyright © 20010 DuPont. All rights reserved. The DuPont Oval Logo, DuPont™ and The miracles of science™ are registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. Virkon® S is a registered trademark of Antec International a DuPont company.


We are a small but dynamic media company offering a range of solutions from traditional design to full video services & everthing in bewtween. We like to work with businesses & organisations to offer part-time marketing assistance on a 1 or 2 day a month basis, helping with all aspects of sales and marketing in a cost effective way with no set contracts - just a good, honest working relationship. Below is some examples of work:



Please do get in contact to discuss how we could help you:

m e d i a . c o . Tel: u k07595 022943 Email: Web:

The Essex Field Trial Society would like to thank rarebreed media, who have helped us with our branding, website and this yearbook! Please mention the society when calling.






. £9 up






Guaranteed to keep your dog moving.

Mobile Bones is the perfect addition to a field trial dog’s diet. It will ensure that they can perform to the best of their potential at the trials and do not experience any stiffness in the days after the event.

*See website for terms and conditions

Mobile Bones contains a powerful combination of: Glucosamine HCL, omega 3, omega 6, MSM, antioxidants: selenium, vitamins C & E, bioflavenoids, B complex vitamins, manganese, calcium, phosphorous, silicon, mint, alfalfa & yucca. Mobile Bones mixes with your dog’s regular food. It is the natural, pain-free, ethical way to healthy, mobile joints and strong bones. It could save you money on vet bills, medication or expensive prescription food. and give your dog that extra edge.

Stop itching & scratching. “My little terrier, Holly, has always had sensitive skin in past years, in spite of injections and antihistamines. This spring (since changing her diet and using Bionic Biotic), we have had a relatively scratch free pollen time. Much improved from the nights we were all kept awake by one very uncomfortable and unhappy little dog, scratching all night.” Patsy Cullen

“I had been trying to find something to soothe one of my dogs, Comet’s skin for three years. He constantly scratched and licked his coat. His skin was almost permanently raw, wet and weeping.... (since feeding Bionic Biotic) Despite all the hot weather we’ve had recently, there has been no scratching or chewing or red patches.” Kathy Wright

The UK’s First Ethically Approved Dog Supplement Specialist Available now from Pets at Home, selected independent retailers, 0844 247 2122 (24hr order line) and

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Essex Field Trial Society Yearbook 2010/11  
Essex Field Trial Society Yearbook 2010/11  

The Essex Field Trial Society Yearbook 2010/11