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April 2022

Primary Election Edition 2022 By Bryan Wachter


T’S ELECTION SEASON AGAIN IN NEVADA, AND AS WE APPROACH THE primary election, the RAN Team has formalized our support of candidates this year for several reasons: First, we cannot ignore the growing trend of antibusiness legislation coming from increasingly progressive legislators, and that means we need to be involved in more primary elections than we have in the past. Second, this will be the first election since the state legislature made mailed ballots the law in Nevada. The 2020 election gave us a preview, but two years later we have a better idea of how the mailed ballot process will work but there are still a lot of unknowns. For the 2022 Primary Election, RAN is endorsing the following candidates: l Congressional District 2 – Mark Amodei l Attorney General – Tisha Black l Senate District 8 – Jennifer Fawzy l Senate District 16 – Don Tatro l Senate District 20 – Jeff Stone

Bryan Wachter Assembly District 2 – Heidi Kasama l Assembly District 19 – Charlie De La Paz l Assembly District 23 – Danielle Gallant l Assembly District 26 – Greg Juhl l Assembly District 27 – Angie Taylor l Assembly District 29 – Joe Dalia l North Las Vegas Mayor - Pat Spearman We have included a short summary of each of these races on pages 6-7 as well as a few other races we’re watching closely. You’ll notice on this list that we’re engaging in a variety of races across the state. In both Republican and Democratic l

primaries, we are especially interested in candidates that understand the immense pressure that is being put on businesses in this state. In the case of Senator Spearman, running for North Las Vegas Mayor, we acknowledge that the executive role in local government is very different than the role of legislating. While we don’t agree on much at the state level, it’s a different story at the local level when it comes to topics like economic development and Continued on page 3

INSIDE Primary Concerns.....................2 Nevada Board of Pharmacy update.................. 3 Prescription Drug Round-Up.............................. 4 More Consumers Hunting for Bargains this Easter........ 5 2022 Primary Races RAN’s Watching..................... 6 Election Issues and Resources for Employers...... 8 Employer Lynx, Inc................ 9 Nevada Notes...................... 11

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Primary Concerns By Mary Lau, RAN CEO


ITH THE END OF CANDIDATE FILING, we now have a better idea of what to expect in the upcoming primary election. There are very few surprises, and there are some disappointments, due to the realities of redistricting in a Democrat controlled legislature. It is going to get fast and furious now. With a very crowded field to determine who will be the Republican candidate for Governor of the State of Nevada who will face off with Governor Sisolak on the November ballot. It’s too early to call as there seems to be a real division between the north, south and rural parts of the state. There may be enough momentum by fringe candidates to interfere with someone’s ability to


win the general election, but that remains to be seen, and nobody will know the answer to that until election dust settles. RAN’s responsibility is to keep our members informed so they can make their own decisions. It does not matter which party you belong to; what does matter is that you support the candidates that support business, and that may mean voting out some of those elected officials who have proven ineffective. As we have in the past, the RAN team is in the process of interviewing candidates so we can share with our members which candidates we believe will be an asset to you in the Legislature. Nothing about these interviews will be “gotcha” press, but neither will we allow for mere slogans. We expect candidates to share their

Mary Lau

opinions honestly and we expect them to be truthful. If all they can give you is platitudes, that speaks poorly for them. One of the tools available to you as your make your decisions about which candidates to support is the 2021 RAN Legislative Report and voting matrix (available at https://rannv.org/2021matrix/). That’s a good place to start, and we encourage you to do your homework. Each

candidate’s thoughts, their websites and their actions are all available with a little research. A well-informed voter is an asset to the political system. If there are any questions, comments or concerns by any of our members, please feel free to reach out to Bryan Wachter or Liz MacMenamin and have a frank discussion with them That goes for candidates too. You’re not excluded from the dialogue; we strongly encourage you to participate in it. We hope you, as a candidate, will be available for interview so your thoughts and ideals will be available to our members. Nobody quite knows what to predict for the outcome of this general election. Our concern right now is the primary, and we can move forward from there. ■

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Nevada Board of Pharmacy Update


N MARCH 2-3, 2022, THE NEVADA BOARD OF Pharmacy met in Las Vegas with the public being able to participate remotely. The board will resume in-person meetings in April with the option to continue to participate remotely. The board heard the following regulations at the March meeting: LCB File No. R038-21 – This regulation is the rules for a pharmacist to prescribe, dispense and administer the drugs for preventing the acquisition of human immunodeficiency virus. During the 2021 Legislative Session the statute was adopted to allow for the pharmacist to prescribe these drugs to combat the HIV virus in the state. The board has adopted the rules for the l

By Liz MacMenamin

at the next Legislative Commission meeting for final approval. LCB File No. R01321 – This rule sets the fees relating to the use of an automated drug dispensing system or a mechanical device at certain locations; authorizing a pharmacy to dispense prescription drugs to a patient using an automated drug dispensing system under certain circumstances. This was adopted during the public hearing and will be presented at the next Legislative Commission for final approval. l

Liz MacMenamin type of training a pharmacist must have before engaging in this practice. The pharmacist must maintain professional liability coverage if they are going to prescribe these drugs, and the pharmacist must also counsel and complete an assessment of the patient prior to prescribing. This regulation determines what must be included in this assessment. This regulation was adopted and will now be presented

LCB File No. R02521 – This rule will require an applicant for registration as a pharmacist, pharmaceutical technician, or pharmaceutical technician in training to undergo a criminal background check; revising requirements for l

an outsourcing facility engaged in the compounding of sterile drugs. This was adopted during the public hearing and will be presented at the next Legislative Commission for final approval. LCB File No. R040-21 – The proposed amendment to NAC 639.208 will change the requirements necessary for an applicant to obtain a registration as a pharmacist by reciprocity. This was adopted during the public hearing and will be presented at the next Legislative Commission for final approval. RAN will continue to monitor these regulations as they move through the process of becoming law in Nevada. If you have any questions, please contact Liz MacMenamin at lizm@rannv.org. ■ l

Primary Election Edition 2022 Continued from page 1 implementation of state law. We are supporting Senator Spearman because we believe that she will do well in an executive role and look forward to working together on our common goals. Every election is critical for the future of this state, but this year there’s more on the table. This will be the first election

since redistricting, so some candidates may be introducing themselves to a very different district. This will be the first election since mailed ballots became the law in the state, and it will be interesting to see if that increases voter turnout as predicted. Finally, unexpected things happen in midterm elections, especially when there

is low voter turnout. I urge you to make sure you vote in this primary election. Look for your ballot in the mail at least 20 days before the election. Early voting will run from May 28th-June 10th, and the Primary Election will be on Tuesday, June 14th. If you don’t know where the candidates on your ballot

stand on business, either ask them directly or reach out to anyone on the RAN Team. We’ve worked with many of the candidates across the state and can help get you information before you cast your vote. With your help, we can elect leaders who will stand with Nevada businesses. ■


Prescription Drug Round Up Retail Association of Nevada • www.rannv.org

Proper disposal of medications protects teens, children, pets and the environment.

DEA National Take Back Day

9:30AM - 2:00PM April 30, 2022 Unused or expired prescription medications Prescription Liquids Pet medications Over-the-counter pills

Locations RENO: Raley's 18144 Wedge Parkway 1630 Robb Drive Reno Elks Lodge - 591 Kumle Lane Smith's 750 South Meadows Parkway 175 Lemmon Drive Reno-Sparks Indian Colony 405 Golden Lane SPARKS: Smith's - 1255 Baring Boulevard



Other Options Dispose in permanent drop boxes in the lobbies of the Reno Police department, Sparks Police Department, Washoe County Sheriff's Department, and UNR Police Department Some pharmacies have permanent drop boxes. Talk to your pharmacist. If you can't get to a drop box, crush your prescriptions in a seal-tight plastic bag. Add kitty litter or wet coffee grounds. Seal bag and dispose in the trash.

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More Consumers Hunting for Bargains this Easter



ASHINGTON: With just more than Inflation concerns CONSUMERS half (51 percent) of are driving consumers PLAN TO consumers planning to seek the most value SPEND AN in-person celebrations, for their dollar when average $169.79 this up from 43 percent the shopping for the Easter year on Easter-related previous year, food will holiday. If the price of items, according to account for the largest an Easter-related item is results of the annual spending category. higher than expected, survey released today Among those planning 42 percent of consumers by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. A total of 80 percent of Americans will celebrate the holiday and spend a collective $20.8 billion, down slightly from last year’s forecast of $21.6 billion. “Consumers are eager to return to their pre-pandemic holiday traditions, particularly as it relates to purchasing food and gifts for into celebrate Easter, the said they will look for it person celebrations average spend is $53.61 at another retailer and 31 this Easter,” said NRF percent will find President an alternative and CEO “If the price of an Easter-related like another Matthew item is higher than expected, 42 brand or color. Shay. “Friends percent of consumers said they will Like last year, half and family look for it at another retailer (50 percent) of want to be together, and and 31 percent will find an alternative holiday shoppers plan to purchase consumers like another brand or color.” gifts at discount are willing on food, followed by stores, 41 percent at to spend money to $28.04 on gifts and department stores and make these events $27.93 on clothing. 35 percent online. memorable.”

While consumers are prioritizing inperson celebrations, virtual holiday plans have declined sharply since the beginning of the pandemic. Only 13 percent are planning to visit family and friends virtually, a 62 percent decrease from 2020. Virtual church service attendance is also expected to be down, with only 12 percent planning to attend by phone or video compared with 32 percent in 2020.    “Even those not celebrating Easter still plan to spend an average of $18.49 per person, underscoring this popular holiday’s wide economic reach,” said Prosper Insights Executive Vice President of Strategy Phil Rist. The survey of 8,155 consumers was conducted March 1-9 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.1 percentage points. ■


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Republican Primary - North Senate District 16: This seat is currently held by Don Tatro who was appointed to fill the remainder of the term when Ben Kieckhefer resigned to accept an appointment to the Nevada Gaming Commission. Tatro is being challenged by Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner, well-known talk show host Monica “Jaye” Stabbert and Sparks businessman Tim Duvall. RAN is supporting Don Tatro in this race. Senate District 17: In this race Republican Assembly Minority Leader Robin Titus will face off against Assemblyman Jim Wheeler to fill the seat currently held by the term-limited Senator James Settelmeyer. Assembly District 26: In the seat currently held by Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner who is running for Senate. With a significant GOP voter advantage in the district, the winner of this multi-candidate primary will likely be their next representative. RAN is supporting local doctor and businessman Greg Juhl. Republican Primary - South Senate District 8: Republicans are facing a 7-way primary in the GOP’s top target in the senate against Democratic Senator Marilyn Dondero Loop. RAN is supporting realtor and businesswoman Jennifer Fawzy in this race. Senate District 20: In a surprise move after the close of filing, Assemblyman Glen Leavitt withdrew from the race, leaving primary opponent Jeffrey Stone in a strong position to win the seat previously held by Keith Pickard. RAN is supporting Jeff Stone in this race. Assembly District 2: Local realtor Heidi Kasama is running for re-election in District 2. RAN is supporting Heidi Kasama for her re-election. Assembly District 19: In this Republican-only race, RAN is supporting Charlie De La Paz for her proven record as a community leader and her passion for her community. She is running against realtor and perennial candidate Amy Groves, attorney and retired law enforcement officer Thaddeus "Toby" Yurek, and construction worker and retiree from the Teamsters Union Gerald “Jerry” Swanson. Assembly District 23: RAN is supporting Danielle Gallant in this open seat previously held by Glen Leavitt who is not running for re-election. Other Races: North Las Vegas Mayor: RAN is supporting Pat Spearman for North Las Vegas Mayor. While it’s no secret we disagree on her views of state government, there is much we do agree on when it comes to economic development, and we are excited to see her in this elected executive roll. 6

www.rannv.org • Retail Association of Nevada Republican Primary Governor: Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo has taken an early lead in the race, but it’s too early to tell if Former US Senator Dean Heller has the residual name identification when it comes to the ballot box. In a 15-way primary there may be an opportunity for a “dark horse” candidate to slip ahead. Attorney General: Tisha Black and Sigal Chattah are competing for a chance to face off against Democratic incumbent Aaron Ford in the November election. RAN is supporting Tisha Black because Nevada needs an Attorney General with a focus on sound policies, not national headlines. Congressional District 2: In a last-minute filing, Douglas County Commissioner Danny Tarkanian filed to run against Congressman Mark Amodei. Amodei has previously been considered untouchable, and Tarkanian has never successfully won a campaign outside of Douglas County. RAN is supporting Mark Amodei for re-election. Democratic Primary - North Assembly District 27: In the race to fill the seat left open by the termlimited Assemblywoman Teresa BenitezThompson, Democrat primary voters will choose between Washoe County School Board Trustee and Clark County Education AssociationEndorsed Angie Taylor verses the Executive Director of the Nevada State Education Association and Washoe Education Association-Endorsed Brian Lee. RAN is supporting Angie Taylor. Democratic Primary - South Assembly District 16: Assemblywoman Cecelia González is facing a primary challenge from Chuck Short, local businessman and the former Clark County Court Administrator. Assembly District 29: Assemblywoman Lesley Cohen, known for her strong anti-business views, is facing a tough primary challenge from local attorney Joe Dalia. RAN is supporting Joe Dalia in this race.

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Election Issues and Resources for Employers By Josh Hicks and Lindsay Knox


ECENT ELECTIONS HAVE BEEN MORE divisive than ever. Nonetheless, casting a ballot is one of the greatest responsibilities we have as Americans. The results of elections shape our future and can have significant impacts on our families, health, and economy. Employers have a unique opportunity to encourage employee participation in the election process. Some employees may not know how to register or the options available to them to cast a ballot. Some employers may have concerns about how to communicate election related information to employees. This article is intended to provide employers with some basic information and resources on both issues. Registering to Vote Nevadans interested in voting in the primary or general elections 2022 have several options to register to vote. To participate in the primary


election on June 14, 2022, voters can register by mail or in person by May 17, 2022, or online by June 9, 2022. To participate in the general election on November 8, 2022, voters can register by mail or in person by October 11, 2022, or online by November 3, 2022. Voters can choose to affiliate with an established political party or register as a non-partisan. Registered voters can change their party affiliation or nonaffiliation and update their voter information through the Nevada Secretary of State’s website. Voters can register on the same day they vote in certain circumstances. Those voters must register and vote in person at a polling place and must present a Nevada issued driver’s license or identification card displaying a Nevada residential address. To be eligible to vote, a person must be a U.S. citizen, be at least 18 years old by election day, be a resident of Nevada for at least 30

Josh Hicks

Lindsay Knox

days before election day, not be imprisoned for a felony, and not have been declared mentally incompetent by a court of law. Voters with felony convictions have their right to vote restored automatically upon release from prison, even if serving parole or probation. Unregistered Nevadans who transact business at the DMV are automatically registered to vote unless they affirmatively opt-out. To register online, or for further information on registration options, please visit https://www.nvsos. gov/sos/elections/ voters.

ways to vote in an election. All active voters (i.e. voters for whom the registrar or county clerk has verified a correct mailing address) will be sent a mail ballot and can submit their ballot via mail or at a designated drop box. Voters can also direct that their mail ballot be prepared and submitted by another person. Voters also have the option to cast a ballot in person, either on election day or during early voting. Early voting sites are established at various locations throughout the state in the 14-day period prior to election day. On election day, voters may cast a ballot at a polling place of their choice.

Casting a Ballot Nevadans have three

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RAN Member Business Profile


MPLOYER LYNX, INC. IS A WOMAN OWNED, FULL-SERVICE background investigation company. They specialize in the areas of Employment Screening, Tenant Screening and Client – Vendor Screening. The company has been providing Nevada employers with these services since 1996. This company will thoroughly investigate the background of your potential candidate to ensure that you are hiring, contracting with, or renting to the most reliable, talented, and responsible candidate possible.They will provide

an in depth prospective on the background of the potential candidate you choose. The information provided will give you the power to make informed decisions and will help strengthen your financial status. Pre-employment background screening promotes a safe and profitable workplace. It shelters the employer from negligent hiring exposure, wrongful termination lawsuits, incidents of harassment, economic loss, false claims, theft, workplace disruption or time wasted in hiring and training the wrong candidate. Here are why more businesses turn to them for screening services: l Licensed by the State of Nevada. l They

Jenny Hunsaker and K.J. Smith to bringing you the most customize searches for accurate and current each applicant. information. l They offer a wide Get your free range of services to cover consultation and learn all your needs. how this company can l They have assist you and your knowledgeable staff hiring practices at www. to assist you with your EmployerLynx.com. ■ questions. l Reports are clear, Editor’s Note: In the interest of full transparency, we would like to note concise, and easy to that Mary Lau, RAN’s President & understand. CEO, is a partial owner of Employer Lynx, Inc. l They are committed ◆9

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Important Information for SIG Members NRS requires all existing members of a self-insured group to be notified of all new members. NRNSIG new members are listed below. COEH Corp dba Budget Blinds of Reno Gilcrease Nature Santuary Great Basin Decoration Company LLC Hap-E-Dog Natural Food & Bakery dba Hap-E-Dog QAC Fueling LLC dba Quail Air Center TBW LLC dba Shell Creek Car Wash

NRNSIG members who wish to register a negative vote on a new group member, please write NRNSIG at 575 S. Saliman Road, Carson City, NV 89701, indicating which member and the reason(s) for the negative vote.

“Workers’ comp that works for you” Retail Association of Nevada


Membership Information: Find out more about RAN’s self insured group. Call Pro Group, 800-859-3177, or the RAN office at 775-882-1700 (toll free in Nevada 800-690-5959). Don’t forget to check out our website, www.RANNV.org.

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Nevada Notes NEVADA SENATE GOP LEADER CALLS FOR SPECIAL SESSION ON GAS TAX Senate Minority Leader James Settelmeyer has asked Governor Steve Sisolak to call a special legislative session to address a gas tax holiday. By state law, if the US government temporarily suspends the federal gas tax, the state tax is increased to offset the revenue loss, preventing Nevadans from seeing any savings on gasoline. Settelmeyer also called for an amendment to be made to state laws that would automatically create a state fuel tax holiday once a baseline price of $4 per gallon has been reached. Nevada Appeal

JUDGE RULED AGAINST INJUNCTION IN REDISTRICTING CHALLENGE While the Republicanbacked attempt to challenge Nevada’s electoral maps may continue through the legislative process, in a ruling from the bench, Senior District Judge Robert Estes refused the request for a preliminary injunction, allowing the election to proceed using the boundaries adopted by the Nevada Legislature. “Without clear standards, without a clear constitutional statement, there’s nothing that this court can find that the plaintiff is probably going to

win, and have this court declare that there is unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering,” said Senior District Judge Robert Estes. “Not to say that in another kind of hearing that they might prevail, but I can’t say that it’s real clear that they’re going to.” The Nevada Independent NEVADA DMV ANNOUNCES TECHNOLOGY FEE REFUND In a plan approved by Nevada’s Interim Finance Committee, Nevada individuals and businesses can request their refund at DMV branches across the state; however, they are asking customers to wait until they are visiting the DMV

for another reason rather than to wait in line for the $1 refund. Fox 5 Las Vegas CULINARY UNION SUES STATION CASINOS OVER COVID-19 ‘RIGHT TO RETURN’ LAW Nevada’s Culinary Union is accusing Station Casinos of failing to abide by the state’s ‘Right to Return’ law to protect workers laid off due to closures in 2020 as a result of the COVID pandemic. Reports show 98% of union members were laid off during the state-mandated casino closures in March 2020; 80% of union members have since been rehired but many remain unemployed. Associated Press

Election Issues and Resources Continued from page 8 Communicating With Employees Do: l Provide election information to employees: If employees are not registered, let them know their registration options for the primary and general election. l Invite candidates into the workplace to meet with employees: Providing employees with the opportunity to meet candidates from the local, state, and federal level allows them to ask questions and develop

their own opinions. Provide employees time off to vote: Employers are required to provide paid time off for employees to vote. Employees must give at least one day notice to an employer if they want paid time off to vote. l Encourage employees to become educated on the issues and candidates: Many trade associations, including RAN, produce candidate and issue guides that can be a useful resource to voters. l Remind employees to vote: Demonstrate the employer’s commitment l

to the electoral process by reminding employees to vote. Don’t: l Pressure employees to vote a certain way: Allow employees to make their own decision. l Promise something of value for a vote: Nevada prohibits direct or indirect attempts to provide something of value to a voter in an effort to get their vote or discourage them from voting. l Ask employees to make financial contributions to candidates or

promise an employee reimbursement for their political contributions: Nevada prohibits “conduit” contributions, which are contributions made by one person but directed and paid for by another. If an employee chooses to make a political contribution, it should be their own choice and their own money. l Allow employees to set up betting pools on an election: Despite Nevada’s history as a gaming-friendly state, betting on elections is against the law. ■

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Nevada News Nevada News is published by the Retail Association of Nevada, a nonpartisan, nonprofit corporation founded in 1969 representing the Retail Community, the Chain Drug Council and the Grocery Industry Council.

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NRF Chief Economist Says Economy Has ‘Strong Momentum’ Despite Challenges From Inflation and Ukraine


ASHINGTON: TOP CHALLENGES HAVE shifted from COVID-19 to inflation and the war in Ukraine, but the U.S. economy will continue to face uncertainties in the year ahead, National Retail Federation Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz said today. “While the public

National Retail Federation

health situation has greatly improved, the impact of the pandemic continues to spread,” Kleinhenz said. “That ripple has extended into 2022 and includes a disproportionate impact from inflation reaching a 40-year high brought about by strong consumer demand interacting with

restricted supply.” “Complicating the picture is the very high uncertainty associated with the war in Ukraine and its effect on the world economy,” Kleinhenz said. “While the United States has a limited trade link with Russia, the war continues to overshadow economic news and could have a

potentially serious effect on prices for energy and commodities, adding to inflation concerns. The bottom line is that there are just as many uncertainties weighing on the outlook for growth as there were a year ago even if some of the forces at play have changed.” ■