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R athm ines & R athgar Musical Society p re s e n ts

s S ing O! (From th e b e s t of G ilbert & Sullivan)

with full Orchestra, Principals and Chorus

The N ational C oncert Hall from Sunday 18th to Saturday 24th March at

(no performance Friday 23rd)

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A Song to Sing 01 Featuring the music of Gilbert & Sullivan With Chorus & Principals of the Society

Produced by: Musical Director: Chorus Master:

Beryl Dixon Gearoid Grant Heather Hewson

National Concert Hail Sunday 18th to Saturday 24th March 1990 (Excl. Friday 23rd)

Clem Ryan, President, Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society.

A Song to Sing O! T h e music of Gilbert and Sullivan has long had a very firm place in the hearts of the m e m b e rs of the Rath min es and Rath g ar Musical Society. In fact o ne of the first public pe rform ances by the R & R was a pro ductio n of The M ika do in the old Q u e e n 's T h eat re in D e c e m b e r , 1913. O v e r the years we can safely say that o u r m e m be rs and public have derived a lot of enjo yment from o u r perform anc es of A r t h u r Sullivanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stirring music and W S Gilb ert's witty lyrics. Even today in the 1990s Gilbert & Sullivan is still as melodious and as topical as ever. T he ma ny and varied op e re tt a s are too n um ero us to mention but in A S o n g to Sing O ! ou r intention is to give you a representative selection from the repertoire. Fashions com e and go and W S Gilbert and A r t h u r Sullivan are sadly no longer with us but, thankfully, the music lives on and we in the R & R are prou d that we too are still ar o un d after 77 years and helping to remin d you, o u r audienc e, of the wonderful legacy Gilbe rt & Sullivan left for all of us to enjoy. Mary Neville Press Officer

The Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society presents R ecital by

The Hunt Sisters, piano & violin

at our Concert Centre, Rathmines on 25 April, 1990

ONE OF OUR EARLIEST CONVERTS Originally lit by gas the Five Lamps* were converted to electricity in the late 1930s. Today the Five Lamps are illuminated by high pressure sodium lamps bringing to this century-old monument the most advanced lighting technology. Electricity brings living to life.


â&#x20AC;˘The Five Lam ps m o n u m e n t is one of D ub lin 's fa m ous landm arks This fine exam ple o f decorative cast iron was erected c.1870 as a m em orial to a Galwegian, General Henry Hall

PAT CAMPBELL Pat C a m p b e l is well know n to R & R audiences bein g a p erfo rm in g m e m b e r since joining the Society in 1945. H e has b ee n playing leading roles for m a ny years b o th at the G a iety T h ea tre and h ere at the N atio nal C on cert Hall. Last C hristm as E v e , he to ok part in a special G ilbert & Sullivan Television P ro g ra m m e in the Jo h n O 'C o n o r series o f 'P ia n o Plus'. In this y ear's co ncert, 'A Song to Sing O ' Pat sings excerpts from several of the G & S character roles he h as played including his favourite the L o rd C h ancellor in lolanihe.

BERYL DIXON Beryl D ix on's c are er started in local operatic and d ram atic societies in native N orth East of E n glan d before joinin g D 'O y ly C a rte O p era Co. H e r first professional perform an ce was as P eep -B o in The M ik a d o . She subsequently played all the m a jor s o u b rette roles including 'Melissa' (Princess Ida) an d 'A ng ela' (Patience) which she re-created in new productions. She retired from the professional stage for the birth o f he r d a u g h te r (Melissa) now a young professional actress and b ecam e a freelance d irecto r working with many of the principal o peratic societies in E n gland. Scotland a n d , of course, the R & R from 1966-1976. She is delighted to be b ack in D u b lin and again with the R & R after an absence b ro u g h t a b o u t by accepting a th ree y ear te a c h e r training course at D u r h a m University. N ow a full tim e te a c h e r of active 10-11 y ear olds (she has 'c o m m u te d ' b e tw een Y orkshire and D ub lin for rehersals). She finds children m ost responsive to music an d d ram a an d great satisfac足 tion in nurtu rin g a nd developing the ir talents.

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I [

JIMMY DIXON Originally from A rk lo w Jimm y began his stage ap p e a ra n c e s with W exfo rd Light O p e r a Society playing a variety of parts. Following this he speflt a year tourin g the U S A , C a n a d a and South A m e ric a with the I n t e rn a tio n ­ al Musical G r o u p - ‘U p with P eople'. O v e r the past seven years he has ta k en le ading roles with m any societies. H e a p p e a r e d with the A nglo Irish B an k's show on the nationally televised 'T ops of the T o w n ' final and also for the R & R as Motel, the Tailor, in Fiddler on the R o o f in 1988 and C orn eliu s in H elloD o lly in 1989. All at the G a i­ ety T h eatre.

BARBARA GRAHAM B a rb a ra G ra h a m first becam e interested in singing while still at school and subsequently studied at the College of Music an d the R IA M . A Feis Ceoil prizewinner, her musical c a re e r includes guest ap p earan ce s in cabaret, concert and o ra to rio work as well as a wide variety of shows in Dublin and o th e r parts o f the country. Since joining the R & R in 1967, she has a p p e a re d regularly in their A u tu m n Seasons of G ilbert & Sullivan at the G aiety T h e a tr e , w here she has played m ost of the leading s o p r a n o roles.

FRED GRAHAM F red G r a h a m began his singing c a re e r as a boy so p ran o w ith the D u b lin G ra n d O p e r a Society a n d m a d e his first live ra dio broadcast in ’Chil­ d re n at the M i c ro p h o n e ' at the age o f 13, H e la ter studied at the College of Music where he was a w a rd e d a singing scholarship. A Feis Ceoil prizewinner, he has a p p e a r e d with various musi­ cal societies a n d has b e e n a regular m e m b e r of the R & R since 1939. F red has played in m a ny shows, nota bly th o se o f G ilb e rt & Sullivan in which he has played most of th e leading b aritone roles.

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GEAROID GRANT G e a ro id stu died music with the last D r. J. O 'R eilly in th e College of Music and gradu ated with a B .M us. from U C D . Subsequently, he studied conducting with, a m o n g othe rs, G eorge H u rst in L o n d o n . Since th e n he has w o rk ed as C o n d u c to r, Musical D ire c to r and a rra n g e r for m ost Irish T heatrical C o m p a n ie s in w orks ra n g 足 ing from M o zart to S ondheim . A t p resent, he is resid ent c o n ductor with the R & R . G e a ro id has a p p e a re d as guest co nductor with the Irish C h a m b e r O rc h e stra , O u r Lady's C h oral Society and b o th the N ational Symphony a n d C o n cert O rchestras. HEATHER HEWSON H e a th e r is a leading artist with the R & R . wellknow n for her portrayals of such Gilbert and Sullivan roles as Katisha, Lady J a n e , the Duchess o f Plaza T o ro , and o f a wide variety o f 'ch aracter' parts in musicals, nota bly B loody Mary in South Pacific, Mrs. Pearce in M y Fair L ady, M am ita in the 1978 p rem ier of Gigi, Q u e e n ie in Show boat, G o ld e in Fiddler on the R o o f and E rnestina in Hello Dolly. She has taken part in many plays and won individual aw ards in d ram a festivals on several occasions, and has recently com p leted a fouryear course in Trinity College, D ublin leading to a B .A . M o d e r a to r degree in Music and D ra m a Studies. In recent years she has had the added role of C horus M as ter of the R & R and has played an im p ortan t part in expanding the range of music p e rfo rm ed by the com pany. AUDREY KANE A u d re y K a n e is no stranger to the N C H having b e e n a soloist in the R & R L e rn e r & L ow e C oncerts in 1988. She was also soloist in the A I M S / R T E C eleb ratio n C oncerts, and has guested with m a ny musical societies th roug hout D u blin , which include le ading roles in King & /, O kla h o m a , S o u n d o f Music, Finian's Rainbow, M y Fair L ady, M usic Man (for which she received an A IM S A w a rd N o m in a tio n ), Mr. C in ders and Pitti-Sing, in the R & R 's p rod uction of The M ik a 足 do. She had studied singing with Prof. Paul D eegan and is a past pupil of H oly Faith, H ad dington R o a d , w here du rin g their joint productions with M arian College, she was in trodu ced to the world of musical com edy.

A Song To Sing O!1 Part One

Part Two

Items introduced by The M errym an (Jimmy Dixon) Mikado If Y ou W an t T o Know W ho W e A re Mens Chorus T h re e Little Maids F ro m School Barbara Graham, A u d re y Kane, Iris B urke & Chorus So Please Y ou Sir Robert McKevitt, A u d re y Kane, Iris B urke Barbara G raham & Ladies Chorus I've got A Little List Pat C am pbell & M ens Chorus Braid the R aven H a ir A u d re y Kane Ladies Chorus T he M oo n A n d I Barbara Graham Finale Act II 'F o r H e 's G o n e ' Barbara Graham, A u d re y Kane, Ted Ryan, Pat Campbell, Peter Lewis, Iris Burke, Robert M cKevitt & Chorus

Yeomen of the Guard H ere's a Man o f Jollity I have a Song to Sing Oh!

Chorus Jim inv D ixon & Chorus

Trial by Jury All Hail G reat Judge Pat C am pbell Chorus Judges Song Pat C am pbell & Chorus A Nice Dilem m a Barbara Graham, Pat Campbell, D ona! Dixon, Peter Lewis, R obert M cK evitt <4 Chorus

Pirates of Penzance Climbing over R ocky M oun tains Ladies Chorus Oh! Is th ere not T ed Ryan & Ladies Chorus Poor W an de ring O ne Niam h M urray & Ladies Chorus What O u g h t W e To D o A u d re y Kane How Beautifully Blue The Sky Niam h M urray, Ted Ryan & Ladies Chorus With Catlike T r e a d Peter Lewis, M ens Chorus When T h e Foe m a n Robert McKevitt, N iam h Murray, A u d re v Kane, Doni Carroll & Chorus

a !i

Yeomen Of The Guard 'Tis D o n e I A m A Bride N iam h M urray Finale Act I "The Priso ner C om es' Niam h Murray, Ted Ryan, D onal D ixon, Peter Lewis, L u cy Lane, A u d re y Kane, Fred G raham Robert McKevitt, Frank Murray & Chorus

Ruddigore Madrigal

Patience Sad Is T h a t W o m a n 's Lot Soldiers of the Q u e e n If you want a Receipt (H e a vy Dragoon) In A Doleful Train

L u cy Lane Mens Chorus Frank O 'B rien & Chorus Chorus

lolanthe Sentry Song If you g o in Finale A c t I Shall I Inactive

Frank O 'Brien Pat Campbell, Fred Graham, & Ted Ryan Fred Graham , L u c y Lane, Pat Campbell, Barbara Graham, A u d re y Kane, Peter Lewis, Robert M cK evitt

N ia m h Murray, L ucy Lane, Peter Lewis Robert M cKevitt & Chorus I O nce W as A Very A b a n d o n e d Person Pat C am pbell & A u d re y Kane W hen The Nightw ind Howls Frank O 'Brien & Chorus

Gondoliers For T he M erriest Fellows A re We Peter W e 'r e Called Gondolieri Ted Ryan Cachucha T ake A Pair O f Sparkling Eyes H e re Is A Case U n p r e c e d e n te d Barbara G raham , A u d re y Kane, Ted Ryan, Finale A ct II Once M o re G ondolieri

Lewis Chorus & Fred G raham Chorus Ted Ryan Niam h Murray, & Fred G raham AH

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Cast Iris Burke Pat Campbell Donal Dixon Jimmy Dixon Barbara Graham Fred Graham Audrey Kane

Lucy Lane Peter Lewis Robert McKevitt Niamh Murray Frank O â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien Ted Ryan

Producer: Beryl Dixon Music Director: Gearoid Grant Chorus Master: H eather Hewson

Ladies o f the Chorus Sinead Bates M ichele Bevan Im elda B radley Jo a n B rittan Iris B u rke K ath ry n Byrne J o a n n e C am p b ell G e rm a in e C arlos Jo a n C av an ag h D e ird r e C onnolly A n n e M arie C u rra n M a rg a re t D ickson

Dympna Egar C arm el Fitzgerald R o se m a ry Fitzgerald Michele F oynes Nuala G a rto n Eileen G ild e a Je a n H u m p h ries Frances Jo n es Louise Loughlin M arg aret M cA llister B ronach M cC o rm ack C ath e rin e M artin

Pat M o o re D o d o O 'H a g a n L orrain e O 'H a llo ra n Caroline O 'R eilly Aoifi'n Nf Sheartam E v a Staveley M arg aret Tim oney C athy V a r d G rainn e Walsh Pauline W o o d s Sally Y o u n g

Gentlemen o f the Chorus F ra n k B re n n a n Noel Byrne D o m Carroll P earse Coyle B rian C anning B re n d a n D e m p se y D o n al Dixon D om in ick D aly B re n d a n G alvin F ra n k Galvin

Patrick G a r to n B arn ey G o r m a n Jo e Griffin M artin H en nessy T o m L add Pat Law lor D enis L eah y P ete r Lewis F ra n k M u rray R o n a n O 'H a r a

A ry V a n O ostan Ray R y a n T ed R y a n Larry Shelley Jo h n S w e etm an Paschal W alsh C iaran W alsh Pat Y e a te s

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LUCY LANE Lucy L ane has played the whole range of fem ale parts in G ilbert and Sullivan in th e many years she has b e e n a m e m b e r of the Society. She has sung in the N C H on m any occasions both with the Society an d as a guest artist with Glasnevin Musical Society an d with R T E in their series of G & S C oncerts. She has also a p p e a re d in Joh n O ’C on or's ■Piano Plus' C hristm as E ve edition on R T E .

PETER LEWIS P ete r Lewis studied singing with F ran k Cowle and won Feis Ceol G old Medals in f973 and 1974. Since th en he has sung many principal roles with the RifeR. mainly in G ilbert & Sullivan. O f these, most nota ble would be Pish Tush in The M ikado on several occasions. T h e Bosun in H .M .S . Pina­ fo r e on tw o occasions, and also too k the part of Avran in Fiddler on the R oof. Fie has ta ken part in previous NCFI concerts with the R&R.

ROBERT McKEVITT R o b e rt M cK evitt joined the R & R in 1978 as Sgt. Meryll in Y eo m a n o f the Guard, b ut was already quite an experien ced p erf o rm e r having m a d e his d e b u t in the G aiety T h e a tre as long ago as 1949 with O ld B elvedere Musical and D ra m a tic Society. Fie has a p p e a re d in various roles with m a n y of the D ublin musical societies. W ith the R & R R o b e r t has b een more p r o m i­ nent in the Bass G & S roles bu t also a p p e a re d in the R & R 's p ro duction of L e r n e r & Lowe in the N C H in March 1988. Flis most recent appearance with the Society was as L a zar W olf in Fiddler in N o v e m b e r 1988.




R&R Record/Tape Im m ediately on com pletion o f the present N C H C oncert Season the Society is going into rehearsal for an album o f songs to be record ed in June. This will be the first record p ro du ced by the R & R and th e re is already great interest and anticipation for it by o u r m e m be rs and the public. R&R Concert Centre - Recitals In addition to functions and concerts by the Society an d oth ers in our new C oncert C e n tre in R ath m ines, it is a great pleasure to re p o rt that o u r recital p ro g ra m m e has been most successful and well a ttend ed. The inaugural recital was by B e rn a d e tte G reevy followed by recitals by F ran k O 'B rie n with A n n e Marie Smith, John Finucane and on W e d n e s足 day 25th A pril, th e recital will be given by the H u n t Sisters (violin and piano). W e are grateful to U lster B ank, R anelagh , B ank of Ireland, R athm in es, an d M u rp hy & G u n n M otors, R a thg a r, for their generous sponsorship o f these recitals. Other Matters The Society continues to go from strength to strength. T h e first re c o rd 足 ing to be m ade by the Society, and the recital p ro g ra m m e are all part of the ongoing d e ve lo pm e n t o f the Society and its contribution to the com m unity. M e m b ers of th e Society and its officers are unpaid and give their talents and sevices generously in the best interests of the Society. T h e success of the R & R results from th e great co m m itm en t, enthusiasm and hard work of its active and associate m em b ers, patrons and the great audience of friends w ho, w ith ou t fail, a ttend o u r p erform ances. W e would like to express o u r th ank s an d appreciation to th e m , and to em phasise how m uch we are e nc o ura ge d in ou r w ork by th eir generous support. T he R & R is a m e m b e r of A IM S and N O D A .

NIAMH MURRAY Niamh Murray studied singing at tiie RIAM under Prof. Paul Deegan and also received a Diploma from the London College of Music. She has won most major awards in Ireland and has sung with most major musical and choral soci­ eties. She has sung with the R& R on a number of occasions and was recipient of an R& R scholar­ ship in 1988 and 1989. We are very pleased to welcome Niamh back from Manchester where she is now studying at the Royal Northern College of Music.

FRANK O'BRIEN Frank O 'B rien is one of Ireland's most experi­ enced singers. Born in Dublin, he studied singing with Dr. Veronica Dunne. Frank has appeared in many R&R productions both in the Gaiety Theatre and the National Concert Hall. He also appears frequently with the Dublin Grand O pera Society, where he has received major critical acclaim for his roles in Hansel & Grelel. Cosi Fan Tiitti, Madame Butterfly, Don Carlos, The Barber o f Seville and Morales in Carmen. Frank has made guest appearances on many television shows including ’The Late Late Show'. 'For Your Pleasure' and 'Live at T hree'. He broadcasts regularly on RTE Radio and was guest singer at the R& R Concert Venue in January last. Tours of the United States. England and Scotland are part of his schedule. His repertoire covers operas, musicals and oratorio.

TED RY'AN (Tenor) Ted has been the R & R 's leading tenor for some lime. Having trained at the Royal Irish Academy and the College of Music under Veronica Dunne, he has played operatic roles in the Magic Flute. Martha. Carmen, Tiirnadot. Nahucco. He has also sung most of the tenor roles in G & S and received the leading male voice award at Waterford in 1984 for his portrayal on Lionel in Martha. Ted is currently Business Secretary of the Society, a position he has held for the last 5 years.





All -Inc lu s iv e


DUBLIN Reservations: Tel: (01) 776971. 1 H a n o v e r S tre et, D u b lin 2. Tel: (01) 774010. 51 G r a f t o n S tre et, D u b lin 2. Tel: (0 1 ) 7 7 8 8 7 7 Jury's H o t e l, D u b lin 4. Tel: ( 0 1 ) 6 8 3 3 9 4 .



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For Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society President, Clem Ryan Chairman and Honorary General Secretary, Stephen A. Faul H onorary Treasurer, Bernard Cullen H onorary Business Secretary, Ted Ryan A ssistant Honorary Treasurer, Dodo O ’Hagan H onorary Marketing Secretary, Ronan O ’Hara H onorary Booking Secretary, Catherine Ryan A ssistant Honorary Booking Secretary, Malcolm McCambridge H onorary Production Secretary, Brendan Galvin Press & Public Relations Officer, Mary Neville Honorary Social Secretary, Barbara Graham Rehearsals Secretary, Eva Staveley Wardrobe Master, A rthur Salmon Wardrobe Mistress, Dympna Bevan Honorary Stage Management Nora O ’Rourke B LO C K B OOKING E N Q U IR IES R & R, 67 U pper Rathmines Road, Dublin 6. Tel; 514558/971577

Casting and Co-ordinating Committee D ym pn a Egar, Brendan Galvin, D o d o O'Hagan, Maurice O ’Sullivan.

Credits Niamh M urray’s Gowns by Soft Touch Designs


tagctl|cx- l ik e (ox* 05 Sc

Elo P r e s s , 49 R euben Ave., Dublin 8. Telephone: 531257/536219

Associate Membership The Rathm ines and Rathgar Musical Society invites you to become an Associate Member. Very probably you are a regular supporter of our Shows at the Gaiety, where you will have noticed the happy atmosphere which prevails in our Society; this is a tradition of over 75 years. O u r Associate Members are an important and valued section of o u r Society, and for an Annual subscription of £40 enjoy significant benefits. 1. Two seats o f their choice to both of our Autumn and Spring presentations, at no charge. 2. Priority booking facilities for our Gaiety and NCH presentations in advance of the general public. 3. Notification of all social functions during the year. 4. Associate Members take a m ajor role in the affairs of the Society; they elect two of their members to the Executive Com m ittee annually. The Associate Members representatives are Mrs. Joan O ’Shaughnessy and Mr. Oliver Hill. T he crippling financial costs involved in presenting two Seasons o f shows each year could put the financial viability of the Society in jeopardy except for the loyal support of the active members, the associate members, our friends and the public. For this we are very grateful. We would welcome you as an Associate Member. Gift Tokens of Associate Membership Available.

I wish to become an Associate Member of the Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society. N a m e ........................................................................................................ A d d r e s s .................................................................................................... Signature ..................................................................... P h o n e ........... Please hand to any member of the Society or send to our Assistant Honorary Treasurer: Ms. D odo O ’Hagan, 16 El Grego, St. James Court, Dublin 4. P h o n e :685862

The Society welcomes this opportunity to acknowledge the Generous and Continued Support from our Friends A D M /L o n d is A llied Irish Bank pic. Am erican International Ins. Ltd. B P Ireland Ltd. Bank o f Ireland Battersby & Co. Beam ish & Crawford Ltd. Jonathan Bewley Mr. Chris F. Bruton Patrick Campbell Paul Carroll & Co. Acctnts. Dr. D esm ond Cashell Mr. A nthony Collins C om a n ’s W holesale Ltd. C oyle Hamilton Ltd. G . & T. Crampton Ltd. G. A . Creedon

T he Cross Chemical Group P. V . D o y le H o t e l s L td .

Dublin Plywood & V eneer Co. Ltd. Educational Building Society Ergas Ltd. Ernst & Whinney Esso Ireland Ltd. Mr. Stephen Paul G uinness Ireland Ltd. G ypsum Industries Ltd. Hibernian Insurance Co. pic. The Investment Bank o f Ireland Ltd. Irish Distillers Group Ltd.

Irish Shell Ltd. Jemma Publications Ltd. Johnson Brothers Ltd. T he Jones Group Jones Lang W ootton J. A. Lenehan Lisney & Son Lloyd Armstrong & Ramsey Ltd. Mrs. Pauline Massey Sean M acHale & Assoc. M c ln e m e y Properties pic. Mercantile Credit Co. o f Ireland Ltd. C. Morton & Sons Ltd. Karl D. Mullen, M RCOG Ms. Deirdre Murphy N e w Ireland Assur. Co. Ltd. N oel McCabe Distributors Ltd. N okia Limited Readymix Limited Brian S. Reddin & C o. Actuaries Mr. Dick Roche Royal Insurance Group Mr. Ted Ryan Smurfit Ireland D ick Tennant Trinity Bank Ltd. Trustee Savings Bank W . P. & R. O. Holdings P. J. Walls (Dublin) Ltd.

The Society would also like to acknowledge the generous support o f The American Ireland Fund, and Dublin Corporation (Arts Grant Division) The Society would like to invite contributions to its Rebuilding Fund to repair fire damage. For details contact Mr. Ted Ryan, Business Secretary, 67/69 Upper Rathmines Road, Dublin 6. W h e r e d o n a t i o n s to th e S ociety are in excess o f £100 by in divid uals and c o r p o r a t i o n s , t h e e n t ir e a m o u n t qualifies for tax relief u n d e r S ectio n 32 o f t h e F in a n c e A c t 1984.


Curragb Chase House, Co. Limerick.

Courtesy o f the Nadonal GaUery o f Ireland.

P r o p e r t y To A F in e A r t you thought Hamilton Obsome King I fwere only experts in residential property, we would like to p u t you in the picture. W ith over 100 years experience in the property business, H amilton Osborne King, one of Irelandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading estate agents, are recognised experts in several other propÂťerty related areas including Fine Art, Commercial, Valuation, Property M anagement, Financial Services and Building Surveying. T his combination of services offers a far greater depth ofaU-round property

expertise and we think you will agree, paints a rather different picture. Should you wish to buy, sell, value or au aio n anything from Fine Art to property, contact Hamilton Osborne King, we would be dehghted to talk to you.

Hamilton Osborne King T he P rop erty P rofessionals 32, Molesworth Street, D ublin 2. Tel: (01) 760251/765501. Fax: (01) 767066. 11, South MaU, Cork. Tel: (021) 271371. Fax: (021) 272348.

SONG TO SING O! 18th-24th MARCH 1990  
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