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Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society Presents.



by WS. Gilbert & A rthur Sullivan

at the National Concert Hall Monday 16th to Saturday 21st November 2009 inclusive

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From S u n d a y 2 7 t h D e c e m b e r 2 0 0 9 — Sun 3rdi ia n u a rv ^O A O M usic Director: / \ i d a n F aughey

D ire cto r: V ivian C o a t e s C h o r e o r g r a p h e r : S io b h a n M c Q u i l l a n

Tickets from € 1 8 -

€3 4.

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3 extra performances



Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society Presents.

by W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan . Director: GARRY MOUNTAINE C horeographer: MARINA KEALY Musical Director: GEAR6ID GRANT Chorus Director: JACKIE CURRAN-OLOHAN Production M anager: NORA O'ROURKE S e t Design: JOHN O'DONOGHUE W ardrobe: DENISE O'MAHONY & EDWARD O'GRADY WALSHE Lighting Design: DENIS TWOMEY Sound: PAT O'BRIEN




16th to 21st November 2009

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From the President o f Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society Welcome to the National Concert Hall and to ou r p ro d u c tio n o f "H.M.S. Pinafore". 'Pinafore' was the third o f the thirteen G ilbert & Sullivan operas, the tw o previous being "Trial by Jury" in 1875 and "The Sorcerer" in 1877. Both were reasonably successful. However, it was "H.M.S. Pinafore" th a t really started the remarkable popularity o f the 'G & S' "C om ic O peras" - as G ilbert liked them to be called. 'Pinafore' opened in May 1875 in the m idst o f a severe heatwave which affected ticket sales to such an extent " th a t at one point the closing o f the show was being considered. It was Sullivan w ho greatly rescued the situation. He was appearing nightly as conductor of the Promenade Concerts at the Covent Opera House and cleverly included a selection from 'Pinafore'. The charming tunes so captivated the audiences that the new 'Com ic O pera' became "th e only show in to w n ". By August, the theatre was playing to full houses and 'W h a t never? W ell - Hardly ever!' becam e th e latest catchphrase. The success o f 'Pinafore' lead to the fame and fo rtu n e o f W. S. G ilbert, A rthur Sullivan and th e im presario, Richard D 'O yly Carte. W ith o u t "H.M.S. Pinafore" w e m ight never have had the theatrical gems such as "The M ikado", The Gondoliers", Pirates o f Penzance" plus seven more, which w ould be unthinkable. But, more importantly, we m ight never have had the Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society, which w ould have been unbearable! So, fo r the next few hours, w hy not climb aboard the "H.M.S. Pinafore"?

PAT CAMPBELL, President, Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society. N ove m b e r 2009

2009 Autumn Production - H.M.S. PINAFORE

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2009 Autumn Production - H.M.S. PINAFORE


"H M S . PINAFORE" SYNOPSIS ACT I The British warship H.M.S. Pinafore is at anchor o ff Portsm outh. The sailors are on the quarterdeck, pro ud ly "cleaning brasswork, splicing rope, e tc." Little Buttercup, a Portsm outh "b u m b o a t w o m a n" (dockside vendor) - who is the "rosiest, roundest, and reddest beauty in all S pithead" - comes on board to sell her wares to th e crew. She hints th a t she may be hiding a dark secret under her "g a y and frivolous e x te rio r". Ralph Rackstraw "th e smartest lad in all th e fle e t", enters, declaring his love fo r the Captain's daughter, Josephine. His fe llo w sailors (excepting Dick Deadeye, the grim and ugly realist o f the crew) o ffe r the ir sympathies, b u t the y can give Ralph little hope th a t his love will ever be returned.

and aunts". He recounts how he rose from hum ble beginnings to be "ru le r o f the Queen's N avee" th ro u g h persistence, although he has no naval qualifications. He then delivers a hum iliating lesson in e tiq u e tte , te llin g the Captain th a t he must always say " i f you please" after giving an order; fo r " A British sailor is any man's e q u a l" - e x cep tin g Sir Joseph's. Sir Joseph has com posed a song to illustrate tha t p oin t, and he gives a co py o f it to Ralph. Shortly afterwards, elated by Sir Joseph's views on equality, Ralph decides th a t he will declare his love to Josephine. This delights his shipmates, e xcep t Dick Deadeye, who contends th a t "w hen people have to obey o th e r people's orders, equality's o u t o f the q u e s tio n ". Shocked by his words, th e o th e r sailors force Dick to listen to Sir Joseph's song before they exit, leaving Ralph alone on deck. Josephine now enters, and Ralph confesses his love in terms surprisingly e lo q u e n t fo r a "co m m o n sailor". Josephine is touched, b u t although she has found Sir Joseph's attentions nauseating, she knows th a t it is her d uty to marry Sir Joseph instead o f Ralph. Disguising her tru e feelings, she "h a u g h tily rejects" Ralph's "p ro ffe re d love".

The g entlem anly and p o p u la r Captain greets his "g a lla n t cre w " and co m p lim e nts them on th e ir politeness, saying th a t he returns the favour by never ("w ell, hardly ever") using bad language, such as "a big, big D ." A fte r the sailors leave, the Captain confesses to Little Buttercup th a t Josephine is reluctant to consider a marriage proposal fro m Sir , , W. S. GILBERT ( 1 8 3 6 - 1 9 1 1 ) Ralph summons his Joseph Porter, the First Lord shipm ates (Sir Joseph's o f th e Adm iralty. B uttercup fem ale relatives also arrive) and tells them says th a t she knows how it feels to love in th a t he is b e n t on suicide. The crew vain. As she leaves, th e Captain remarks expresses sympathy, e xcep t fo r Dick, w ho th a t she is "a plum p and pleasing person". provides a stark c o u n te rp o in t o f dissent. Josephine enters and reveals to her father Ralph puts a pistol to his head, b u t as he is th a t she loves a hum ble sailor in his crew, a b o u t to pull the trigger, Josephine enters, b u t she assures him th a t she is a dutiful a d m ittin g th a t she loves him a fte r all. Ralph d a u g hte r and will never reveal her love to and Josephine plan to sneak ashore to this sailor. e lop e th a t night. Dick Deadeye warns them to "forbear, nor carry o u t the schem e", but Sir Joseph comes on board, accom panied th e joyous ship's com pany ignores him by his "a d m irin g crow d o f sisters, cousins

" H M S . PINAFORE" SYNOPSIS A C T II Later th a t night, under a full m oon. Captain Corcoran reviews his concerns: his "kind ly crew rebels", his "d a u g h te r to a tar is p artial", his friends seem to desert him, and Sir Joseph has threatened a court-m artial. Little Buttercup offers sympathy. He tells her that, if it w ere not fo r the difference in th e ir social standing, he w o uld have returned her affection. She prophesies th a t things are not all as the y seem and th a t "a change" is in store fo r him, b u t he does not understand her cryptic warning.

and his relatives, w ho have overheard this oath, are shocked to hear swearing on board a ship, and Sir Joseph orders the Captain confined to his cabin. When Sir Joseph asks w hat had provoked the usually p o lite officer's o utburst, Ralph replies th a t it was his declaration o f love fo r Josephine. Furious in his turn at this revelation, and ig no ring Josephine's plea to spare Ralph, Sir Joseph has th e sailor "lo a d e d with chains" and taken to the ship's dungeon. Little Buttercup now comes forw ard to reveal her long-held secret. Many years ago, when she was a young nursemaid, she had cared fo r tw o babies, one " o f low c o n d itio n ", the o th e r "a regular patrician". She confesses tha t she "m ix e d those children up .... The w ellborn babe was Ralph; your Captain was the other."

Sir Joseph enters and com plains that Josephine has n o t ye t agreed to marry him. The Captain speculates th a t she is pro ba bly dazzled by his "e x a lte d rank" and th a t if Sir Joseph can persuade her th a t "love levels all ranks", she will accept his proposal. They w ithdraw , and Josephine enters, still feeling g u ilty a b o u t her planned e lo p e m e n t with Ralph and fearful o f giving up a life o f luxury. W hen Sir Joseph makes th e a rgum ent th a t "lo v e levels all ranks", a d e lig h te d Josephine says th a t she "w ill hesitate no lo n g e r". The Captain and Sir Joseph rejoice, b u t Josephine is now m ore d ete rm in e d than ARTHUR SULLIVAN ( 1 8 4 2 - 190 0 ) ever to marry Ralph. Dick Deadeye intercepts the Captain and tells him o f the lovers' plans to elope. The Captain confronts Ralph and Josephine as the y try to leave the ship. The pair declare th e ir love, justifying their actions because "H e is an Englishm an!" The furious Captain is unm oved and blurts out, "W hy, dam m e, it's to o bad !" Sir Joseph

Sir Joseph now realises th a t Ralph should have been the Captain, and the Captain should have been Ralph. He summons both, and the y em erge wearing one another's uniforms: Ralph as Captain, in com m and o f th e Pinafore, and Corcoran as a com m on sailor. Sir Joseph's marriage with Josephine is now " o u t o f the q u e s tio n " in his eyes: "lo v e levels all ranks ... to a considerable extent, b u t it does n o t level them as much as th a t." He hands her to Captain Rackstraw. The fo rm e r Captain's nowhum ble social rank leaves him free to marry Buttercup. Sir Joseph settles fo r his cousin Hebe, and all ends in general rejoicing

2009 Autumn Production - H.M.S. PINAFORE

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"H.M.S. PINAFORE" - A HISTORY M u s ica l g e n iu s a n d p o litic a l satire b o b a lo n g t o g e t h e r on t h e ocean w aves in this S av o y O p e r a classic!

'H.M.S. Pinafore' or 'The Lass that Loved a Sailor' as it was also known, is a comic opera in tw o acts, w ritte n by th e renowned operatic duo, G ilb e rt and Sullivan. It opened at the O pera C om ique in London, England, on 25 M ay 1878 and ran for 571 perform ances, which at th e tim e was a staggering achievem ent making it the second-longest run o f any musical theatre piece up to th a t tim e. H.M.S. Pinafore was G ilb ert and Sullivan's third operatic collaboration and th e ir first international sensation marking th e b eg in ning o f the spread in p op u larity o f the G&S genre beyond Britain - a p op u larity which endures to this day.

fo llo w e d by the similar success o f a series o f G ilb e rt and Sullivan works. Their works, later known as the Savoy operas, d o m in a te d th e musical stage on b oth sides o f the A tla n tic fo r m ore than a decade and continue to be p erfo rm e d today. The structure and style o f these operas, particularly Pinafore, were much copied and c o n trib u te d significantly to the d e v e lo p m e n t o f m odern musical theatre.

The story, set aboard the British battle ship H.M.S. Pinafore, follow s Josephine the d a u g hte r o f Captain Corcoran and her travails to marry her sweetheart, Ralph Rackstraw a lower-class sailor despite her father's wishes th a t she marry Sir Joseph Porter, th e First Lord o f the Adm iralty. She abides by her father's wishes at first, b u t Sir Joseph's advocacy o f the equality of hum ankind encourages Ralph and Josephine to overturn conventional social order. They declare th e ir love fo r each o th e r and eventually plan to elope. The captain discovers this plan, but, as in many o f the G ilb e rt and Sullivan operas, a surprise disclosure changes things dram atically near th e end o f th e story. Following previous fo rm o f pokin g fun at all things aristocratic, G ilb e rt im b u ed this p lo t w ith m irth and silliness. The opera's hum our focuses on love b etw een m em bers o f d iffe re n t social classes and lam poons th e British class system in general. Pinafore also pokes g o o d -n a tu re d fun at patriotism , party politics, th e Royal Navy, and th e rise o f 'u n qu alified p e o p le ' to positions of authority. The title o f th e piece comically applies th e name o f a little girl's garm ent, a pinafore, to the fearsom e symbol o f a naval warship. T iieatre p o s te r fo r H.M.S. Pinafore, 1879

Pinafore's extraordinary p opularity in Britain, Am erica, and elsewhere was


Jimmy Dixon


Paul Kelly


Brian Gilliqan Gilligan Nicola Mulligan


Jackie Curran-Olohan


Gerald Bloomer


Michael Clark


Emmet Cahill


Annaliesa Evans

ACT I "W e sail th e ocean blue" (Sailors) "H ail! m en-o'-w ar's m en" ... "I'm called Little Buttercup" (Buttercup) "B ut te ll me w ho's th e yo uth" (Buttercup and Boatswain) "The nightingale" (Ralph and Chorus o f Sailors) "A m aiden fa ir to see" (Ralph and Chorus o f Sailors) " M y gallant crew, good m orning" (Captain and Chorus o f Sailors) "Sir, you are sad" (Buttercup and Captain) "Sorry her lo t w ho loves to o w ell" (Josephine) "O v er th e brig h t blue sea" (Chorus o f Fem ale Relatives) "Sir Joseph's barge is seen" (Chorus o f Sailors and Fem ale Relatives) "N o w give th re e cheers" (Captain, Sir Joseph, Cousin H e b e and Chorus) "W hen I w as a lad" (Sir Joseph and Chorus) "For I hold th a t on th e sea" (Sir Joseph, Cousin H e b e and Chorus) "A British ta r" (Ralph, Boatswain, Carpenter's M a te and Chorus o f Sailors) "R efrain, audacious ta r" (Josephine and Ralph) Finale, A c t I: "Can I survive this overbearing?" ACT II "Fair m oon, to th e e I sing" (Captain) "Things are seldom w h a t th e y seem " (Buttercup and Captain) "The hours creep on apace" (Josephine) "N e v e r mind th e w h y and w h e re fo re " (Josephine, Captain and Sir Joseph) "Kind C aptain, I've im p o rta n t inform ation " (Captain and Dick D ead eye) "C arefully on tip to e stealing" (Soli and Chorus) "P re tty d au g h ter o f m ine" (Captain and Ensemble) and "H e is an Englishman" (Boatswain and Ensemble) "Farew ell, my ow n" (Ralph, Josephine, Sir Joseph, Buttercup and Chorus) "A m any years ago" (Buttercup and Chorus) "H ere, ta k e her, sir" (Sir Joseph, Josephine, Ralph, Cousin H e b e and Chorus) Finale: "O h joy, oh raptu re unforeseen" (Ensemble)

CHORUS Rachel Moore Megan McGrath Caroline Keane Meadhbh McHugh Lisanne McCreanor Gina Condell W endy Thompson Lisa Collins Ritzy Murray Eileen Gildea Lorraine Frewen Imelda Bradley Georgina Nolan

Joe Swan G arrett Reynolds Shay Gibson Liam Carroll Nick Mansfield Alan Mulvihill Paschal Walsh Stephen O 'M ara Darren Johnson Brendan Galvin Robert Devereux Barney Gorman

BEHIND THE SCENES Production Manager: Technical Director: ASM:

Nora O'Rourlce Derek Bunyan Maureen Cusacl< Gearoid 0'Rourl<e Ally Lynch

W ardrobe Mistress: Denise O'Mahony W ardrobe Master: Edward O'Grady Walshe W ardrobe Assistants: Dympna Bevan Dympna Egar Dodo O'Hagan Mary Craig Niamh O'Connell Costumier: Selected Costumes:

Utopia Ltd. Peadar Bourke

Make-up & Wig Design: All Murphy Assisted By: Jenny Houlihan Repetiteurs:

Niamh McDonough Pauline C ooper Myles Lallemant

Casting Committee:

Dympna Egar, Convenor Jackie Curran-Olohan Gearoid Grant Shay Gibson Barney Gorman

S et Painting:

John O'Donoghue

Show Artwork: Printing:

Blue Ark Design Ltd, CRM Design + Print Ltd.

Front of House: Helen Hurley Michelle Poynes Ann Gorman Deirdre Connolly Marion M egannety M argaret Carroll Lewis Clohessy Diarmuid O'Neill John McCall Robbie Keogh Jo e Griffin Camillus Mountaine





Garry studied singing w ith Dr Veronica Dunne at the Leinster School o f Music and at the RIAM w ith Professor Paul Deegan. He appeared in Mahogany Songspiel (Opera Theatre Company, Dublin Theatre Festival) and In Company With Sondheim (Sceanario, National Concert Hall). He has played many roles including Tevye in Fiddler on The R oof (Gaiety Theatre), Ramades in Risen People (Gaiety Theatre), Emile de Becque in South Pacific (Gaiety Theatre), Sam Byck in Assassins (The Beckett Theatre), Khruschev in JFK (Olympia Theatre), The Man in Buskin (Tivoli Theatre/ Cork Opera House), Nathan D etro it in Guys and Dolls (Gaiety Theatre), Prof. Henry Higgins in M y Fair Lady (Gaiety Theatre) and Honore Lachailles in Gigi (Gaiety Theatre), Baron Zeta in The Merry W id o w (Gaiety Theatre), Ali Hakim in Oklahoma (Gaiety Theatre), Max Bialystock in The Producers (Gaiety Theatre) and Daddy Warbucks in Annie (Olympia Theatre/Cork Opera House). Other roles include Joe Kellor in A ll My Sons (Andrews Lane Theatre), Eddie Carbone in A View From The Bridge (Andrews Lane Theatre) and George in Who's A fra id o f Virginia W b o /f (The Mill Theatre). With th e D'Oyly Carte Opera C om pany he played Poo-Bah in their production o f The Mikado and W ilfred Shadbolt in The Yeoman O f The Guard (Sadler's Wells Theatre, London). Further operatic roles include Dancairo in Carmen (National Concert Hall), Colonel Franc in Die Fledermaus (National Concert Hall). Television and radio work include The Late Late Show, Live at 3, Theatre Nights and The Derek M o o n e y Show. He also appeared in the BBC productions o f The M ikado and The Yeoman o f the Guard. Directing includes The M ikado (2001), Pirates o f Penzance (2002), Lets Celebrate (2003), Yeoman o f The Guard (2004), The Gondoliers (2006), lolanthe (2008) and HMS Pinafore (2009) all in the National C oncert Hall. Garry has presented and appeared in numerous concerts at the National Concert Hall.





Marina has been involved with dance from an early age. She has perform ed in all the major theatres, professional cabaret and on national television. Marina's w ork has been wide and varied. Having danced in numerous John Player Tops o f the Town finals, she was d elighted when the show she choreographed reached the national final and was broadcast live b y RTE. O ther successes include, Godspell, Chess, Guys and Dolls, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar, Wonderful Town and many dance workshops th ro u g h o ut the country. Marina's w ork received a nomination from AIMS fo r Grease and w on Best Choreographer Award from both AIMS and the Bangor Festival fo r her w ork in Me and M y Girl. Following this Marina was asked to co-choreograph the professional production o f Me and M y Girl at the Olympia Theatre. Marina has a long association with th e R&R. Firstly as a dancer, and perform er in the role o f Liat in South Pacific. She successfully choreographed numerous R&R productions including The Pirates o f Penzance, the R&R 90th Birthday Celebration, M y Fair Lady, The Yeomen o f the Guard, Gigi and The Merry Widow, the very successful production o f Chess fo r Glasnevin Musical Society and was D irector/C horeographer for the R&R's Let's Celebrate the Magic o f the Musicals! and Choreographer for A nything Goes, all at the National Concert Hall. Most recently she choreographed The Producers at the Gaiety. Marina is delighted to continue her association with the R&R as C horeographer fo r this season and would like to thank th e entire cast fo r th e ir very hard work and dedication over the last num ber of months.


Musical Director

Gearoid Grant graduated from UCD in 1972 and since then has combined a freelance career as -conductor w ith a career in music education. He has recently retired from teaching in the FCJ School in Bunclody where over the years he established a "school of music" with over 250 students playing in tw o very large ensembles. Gearoid started conducting in RTE over 30 years ago and has perform ed with RTECO and RTENSO on television, in concert halls, and even in the rain w ith a 6,000 strong choir in Lansdowne Road. In 1990 Gearoid devised and continues to present and conduct each year the acclaimed The Irish Times/RTE series "Music in the Classroom" which introduces music to 30,000 Irish children annually, w ith 24 performances at the National Concert Hall in Dublin and in major venues around Ireland. The program me is developed in conjunction with RTE, The Irish Times and the D epartm ent o f Education.


Chorus Director

Jackie has a d is tin g u is h e d c a re e r as a p e rfo rm e r, m u sicia n , d ire c to r, c h o ru s d ir e c to r a n d te a c h e r. H er m u sica l e d u c a tio n th r iv e d u n d e r Sr. A g n e s N o la n a t St. M a ry 's C o lle g e , A rk lo w , E ith n e Troy a t th e C o lle g e o f M u s ic a n d s u b s e q u e n tly U C D fr o m w h ic h she g ra d u a te d w ith a B M us. (H ons.). J a c k ie has b e e n M u sic D ire c to r and C o n d u c to r fo r m a n y s h o w p re m ie re s in c lu d in g A n y t h i n g G o e s in 1991 w ith D A Y M S d ir e c te d b y Brian M e rrim a n a n d w as a w a rd e d B e st M u s ic D ire c to r a t th e W a te r fo rd In te rn a tio n a l Festival o f L ig h t O p e r a fo r S te p h e n S o n d h e im 's In to t h e W o o d s . This, an d c o n d u c tin g h e r la te fa th e r, C hris, in A n n ie a t th e O ly m p ia , she re g a rd s as h e r h ig h lig h ts t o d a te . J a c k ie is d e lig h te d w ith h e r lo n g a s s o c ia tio n w ith th e R&R.

Gearoid has conducted the National Youth Orchestra o f Ireland since its inception and has never missed a concert in nearly 30 years. The Rathmines and Rathgar music society has had similar service. For the last 10 years he has conducted the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland (including a sell-out concert in Carnegie Hall) and he organises and conducts the Hallelujah Christmas Concert at the Point Theatre with over 9,000 children singing. When he has the tim e Gearoid conducts orchestras in Europe, America and Africa in Halls from Cape Town to Boston in a w ide repertoire ranging from Mozart to Sondheim. He has no intention o f stopping just yet!


Production Manager


S e t


2009 Autumn Production -





Sir Joseph P o rter


Captain Corcoran

O rig in a lly fro m A rklow , Jim m y began his stage appearances w ith W e x fo rd L ig ht O p e ra Society playing th e role o f M ercury in O rpheus in th e U nd erw orld. O ve r th irty years later th e roles have been m any and varied. His first appearance w ith th e R&R was in th e ir 1897 p ro d u c tio n o f S h o w b o a t at th e G a iety Theatre. Since th en he has played several parts and p re sen ted many C o n c e rt Seasons fo r th e Society in th e NCH.

Paul has sung various roles in G ilb e rt & Sullivan w ith th e R&R as w ell as Freddie in M y Fair Lady. He has also sung regularly in the Society's concerts at th e NCH. In a d d itio n , Paul has sung roles in operas by M ozart, Handel, Poulenc, Smetena, A. J. P o tte r and James W ilson in a d d itio n to m aking extensive appearances in o p e re tta and musical comedy.

He returns to th e G&S cannon having previously p layed th e role o f M a jo r General in The Pirates o f Penzance on tw o occasions and The Duke o f Plaza Toro in The G o nd oliers fo r th e R&R.

He has also app ea re d on th e co nce rt p la tfo rm in o ra to rio including Messiah, Bach's St. John Passion, Haydn's Creation and Elijah by M endelsohn as well as in recital at th e John Field Room.

M ore recently he has a pp ea re d w ith Festival Productions in The Soun d o f Music, South Pacific & Hello, Dolly! He also a ppeared w ith Glasnevin Musical Society in th e ir recent p ro d u c tio n The M e rry W id o w & Jekyl & Hyde. J im m y looks fo rw a rd to ta k in g on th e role o f Sir Joseph P o rte r and wishes everyone on board th e H.M.S. Pinafore a successful voyage. N e x t m on th he forsakes th e sea, retu rning to dry land, to head over th e ra in b o w as he will recreate his role o f The Tin M an in Festival P ro du ction s' highly acclaim ed The W izard o f Oz over th e Christmas season here in th e NCH.



Ralph Rackstraw

Brian is ste p p in g in to his second p ro d u c tio n w ith The R&R, and is glad to be involved in th e ir p ro d u ctio n o f HMS Pinafore as Ralph Rackstraw. Brian has been involved in various areas o f music p erform an ce fo r m any years. His past p erform ances in G ilb e rt and Sullivan o pe re tta s include Lord Tolloler (lolanthe), Frederic (Pirates o f Penzance), M arco (The Gondoliers) and Edwin (Trial b y Jury). He has played many roles in Musicals such as Oklahonfia, Copacabana, Jesus Christ Superstar and Fidd le r on the Roof. Brian is cu rren tly stu dyin g in The Royal Irish A ca de m y o f Music, D ublin this year w ith a view to d o in g the M asters in Performance w ith M ary Brennan. He w ou ld like to th an k th e R&R fo r all th e ir kindness



Nicola, 22, is a full tim e s tu d e n t in her th ird year o f th e BA Music Perform ance d eg re e at th e Royal Irish A c a d e m y o f Music. Nicola first began her vocal studies in her h o m e to w n o f D undalk w ith G eraldine M cG ee and a ccom panist M arg a re t M cAuley. She is now stu dyin g under th e d ire c tio n o f Dr. Veronica D unne and w orks regularly w ith renow ned rep etite urs A o ife O'Sullivan, D earbhia Collins and Jeannie Reddin. She has w on many Feis Ceoil awards inclu ding u nd er 16's, U nder 18's and The M erchant Cup. She was aw arded Young Voice A w a rd in both Ballymena Festival and Portadow n Feis. Nicola has p e rfo rm e d in th e N ational C on cert Hall as p a rt o f 'Young Musicians o f th e Future'. She has also a pp ea re d as a g ue st soloist w ith St. Peter's Male Voice C hoir in th e Helix Theatre and D ro gh ed a C athedral. She has also recorded a Christmas CD w ith St. Peter's Male Voice Choir, which has ju s t been released. Nicola has fe atured on broadcasts including RTE lyric fm , D undalk FM and LM FM . She has p e rfo rm e d w ith Lyric O pera, O pera Ireland, O p era M o n ta lto , S.O.N.G. Musical Society, th e R&R and D un da lk Musical Society. She has p e rfo rm e d concerts recently in Darver Castle, Renvyle House and K illru dd ery House. Roles include G ianetta, The G o ndoliers (Rathmines and Rathgar) Barbarina, Le Nozze D i Figaro (R.I.A.M.) Clorinda, La Cenerento la (O pera M o n ta lto ) A rm in d a , La Finta Giardinera (R.I.A.M.) Galatea, Ac/s a nd Galatea (O pera Theatre Com pany) Bastienna, Bastion and Bastienna (O pera Theatre C om pany) Casilda, The Gondoliers (Festival Productions/Lyric O pera) and co n ce rt perform ances o f G ilda in Rigoletto, Zerlina in Don Giovanni and M usetta in La Boheme. Nicola has p a rtic ip a te d in Masterclasses w ith D am e Anne Murray, W o lfg a n g Holzm air and Mikael Eilasen.

2009 Autumn Production - H.M.S. PINAFORE



As a perform er, Jackie has app ea re d w ith the R&R, Glasnevin Musical Society, Jim M o llo y Productions and Festival Productions. She played Ruth in The Pirates o f Penzance, Katisha in Festival Production's aw ard-w inning The M ik a d o in 2007 in w hich she received th e Best C haracter Actress at th e Buxton International Festival o f G ilb e rt & Sullivan. She re tu rn e d in 2008 as Ruth in The Pirates o f Penzance alo ng side Brian G illigan. M o st recently, Jackie enjoye d playing th e p a rt o f The Duchess o f Plaza Toro in th e R&R's p ro d u c tio n o f The G o nd oliers at th e NCH. She has also a p p e a re d as Lady Beaconsfield in Jeykll & Hyde a t the N ational C o n c e rt Hall fo r th e Glasnevin Musical Society in th e ir 50th anniversary p ro d u c tio n . Jackie works regularly as a session sing er fo r radio, television and various re co rd in g artists.


Dick D ead eye

Having c o m p le te d his Barrister at Law D egree at th e Kings Inns w ith first class honours in 2006, Gerald (27) has taken tim e o u t to pursue a career in Dressage and Three Day Eventing w hich he hopes to co m b in e w ith his musical and theatrical interests! To-date he has rep re sen te d Ireland many tim es in th e equestrian sphere and is currently based at his fam ily's Brennanstow n Riding School in Co. W icklow. M usic and dram a have been a huge p art o f G erald's life from an early age. W h ils t at The King's H ospital he c o m p e te d w ith success at th e Feis C eoil, Wesley Feis and th e A rk lo w Feis in singing, piano and d ra m a tic m o n o lo g u e c o m p e titio n s and was a m e m b e r o f th e Kings H ospital C h a m b e r C hoir w hich to u re d Venice and Vienna in 1998. He enjoyed m any roles inclu ding th e A rtfu l D o d g e r in Bray Musical Society's p ro d u c tio n o f O liver and Henry Irving in The A ctor's N ig h tm a re at th e N ational C o n ce rt Hall in 1999. W h ilst stu dyin g law at UCD, Gerald was an active m e m b e r o f Dram soc and roles included Mr. Farthing in Kes, W ithenshaw in D irty Linen and Bri in A Day in the Death o f Jo e Egg which was chosen to represent UCD at th e Irish S tu d e n t Drama Aw ards Festival in 2004. Gerald also won an Individual G o ld M edal at the W o rld University Equestrian C ham pionships in Tokyo in 2004 and UCD Sportsperson o f th e Year in 2005. G erald is d e lig h te d to be playing D ick Deadeye w ith the R&R and w o u ld like to wish all o f th e cast and crew the very best o f luck fo r the show!


Boatswain's M ate

M ichael has recently c o m p le te d his d o cto ra l studies in UCD and cu rrently w orks as a te ach er in Ranelagh. This is his ninth show w ith th e R&R, having jo in e d th e society in 2004. His m ost recent roles include Cascada in The M e rry W id o w in A p ril 2008 in th e G a iety T heatre and Earl M ou n ta ra ra t in last year's p ro d u c tio n o f lolanthe in th e NCH. Last A u g u s t he played th e p a rt o f A n to n io in The G ond oliers fo r Festival Productions in th e NCH and th e international G ilb e rt & Sullivan festival in Buxton. He has also p e rfo rm e d in th e chorus many tim e s fo r Lyric O p era, c o u n tin g Turandot, Tosca, I D ue Foscari, M adam a Butterfly and N orm a a m o n g his favourites. He was ele cte d to th e R&R Executive C o m m itte e in 2005 and currently serves as th e Society's Treasurer. M ichael is very pleased to be playing the p a rt o f the 'B oatswain's M a te ' and w o u ld like to thank all th e cast and p ro d u c tio n te a m fo r m aking th e entire experience such an enjoyable one.


Carpenter's Mate

Em met, 19 comes from M ulingar, Co. W estm eath. He is a fo rm e r s tu d e n t o f th e Schola C antorum in St. Finian's o f M u llin ga r and is currently studying his BA in Perform ance a t the Royal Irish A ca d e m y o f Music u nd er th e tu te la g e o f Vocal Coach M ary Brennan. He was aw arded th e Overall Prize fo r th e A rk lo w M usic Festival in 2009 and th e Baritone Solo C o m p e titio n fo r th e Dublin Feis C eoil in 2009. He has had th e h on ou r o f singing th e N ational A n th e m in Croke Park on tw o occasions, m ost n ota b ly fo r th e 125* Anniversary o f the G .A.A . This is his second show w ith the R&R having appeared in The Producers at th e G aiety Theatre. He has also p e rfo rm e d in the chorus o f Lyric Opera's p ro d u c tio n o f Carmer) last Septem ber.



Annaliesa studied at th e D.l.T C onservatoire o f Music and Drama d urin g which tim e she won the annual S h o w b o a t musical theatre C o m p e titio n . She continues vocal studies w ith C o n o r Farren. Annaliesa played Nellie in Glasnevin Musical Society's Jekyll a nd Hyde (N.C.H) and has been a soloist in Glasnevin's annual S h ow sto pp e r series (NCH, Helix) since 2003. She also was a soloist in th e AIMS A p p la u se C on cert (Helix), and in a S e p te m b e r 11th Firefighters Benefit, W ic k lo w to w n fe a tu rin g Rebecca Storm and Helen Jordan. Previous roles w ith th e R&R include Fruma Sarah, Fiddler on the R oof (Gaiety Theatre) and Victoria, The Gondoliers (NCH). O th e r productions include Jeu Jeu in The M erry W id o w (NCH, & Gaiety Theatre), Eliza D o o little in M y Fair Lady, Annas in Jesus Christ Superstar, A d d a p e rle in The Wiz (Myth Productions, W icklow), M a g ic o f the Musicals fo r Jim M olloy Prom otions (NCH), Carmen Lyric O pera (NCH), and Pirates o f Penzance, (NCH). M o st recently she played th e part o f Kiss M e Feel M e in The Producers at th e Gaiety. Annaliesa previously ta u g h t music and vocal p erform an ce at, (Gorey Youth Perform ance School) and has w o rk e d w ith Stagebratz, R o u n d w o o d and CBC M on kstow n as Chorus Mistress.

2009 Autumn Production - H.M.S. PINAFORE







r/Choreographer Aisling Doyle Colman Pearce c Director ^ us D Directottk, irectof^ ^ David Wray


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Active Membership... W HY NOT BECOME AN ACTIVE MEMBER? Each year auditions are held fo r new A ctive M em bers o f the Society. If you are interested in becom ing an Active M em ber please com plete the details be lo w and forw ard them to the R&R Rehearsal Secretary;

MICHELLE FOYNES, 4 The View, Woodpark, Ballinteer, Dublin 16. Tel. 087-310 9207 or visit our website: randrmusica/society./e REHEARSAL SCHEDULES There is usually a nine-week rehearsal lead-in to both the Society's Annual Productions. A co m m itm e n t is expected from all members to atten d all rehearsals in preparation fo r either th e Spring or A utum n Productions. Rehearsals take place tw o or three nights a week p rio r to staging a production and may also be held on Sunday afternoons as O pening N ig h t approaches!

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2009 Autumn Production - H.M.S. PINAFORE

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2009 h m s pinafore 16th 21st november