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The Rathmines & Rathgar IVIusical Society Present Lerner and Loew e’s



Myles Antony Watercolours

‘Queen of Tulips’ 71cm x 50cm (28”x20”) Myles Antony’s command of Watercolour has been described as quite superb. The flowers appear to glide and whisper as through a light breeze. The delicate line, soft focus, imaginary and highlighting of detail gives his work character and vision. In 1991 Myles Antony’s work was exhibited at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin Myles Antony PO Box 8941 Dublin 15

Telephone: + 353 1 811 9267

M y Fair Lady

R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4


The Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society Presents

My Fair Lady Book & Lyrics by: Alan Jay Lerner Music by: Frederick Loewe Adapted from George Bernard Siiaw’s Play & Gabrial Pascal’s Motion Picture ‘Pygmalion’

Director Musical Director Chorus Director Choreographer Accompanist

: : : : :

Noel McDonough Gearoid Grant Jackie Curran-Olohan Marina Kealy Niamh McDonough

S et Design : John O’Donoghue S et Construction : Theatre Production Services Lighting Design : Pat Farrell Stage Manager : Gerry McKnight Deputy Stage Manager : Fiona Hurley S tage C rew : Derek Bunyan, Eileen McCall,

Elaine Nestor, Mary Galvin, Sarah Conroy & Una Sm yth

At the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin Tuesday 23rd March to Saturday 3rd April 2004

The Glasnevin M usical Society w w w.glasnevinm

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From Broadway to Disney these timeless showstoppers never grow old

The National Concert Hall Saturday 24th April 2004 at 8pm

The Glasnevin Chorus & Soloists with David W ray an d Ensemble Music Director

Col m an Pearce

Chorus Director

Jackie Curran Olohan


Brian Keogh

R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4

My Fair Lady


A Welcome to You From the President o f the Rathmines & Rathgar M usical Society Well, here we are back again in our much-loved 133-year-old Victorian theatre - “The Gaiety” - and, as President of our equally-beloved 90-year-old Musical Society “The R & R - 1welcome you to our production of M y Fair Lady. O f all the musicals (apart from the canon of Gilbert & Sullivan light operas) that the Society has presented since 1913 M y Fair Lady is now the most frequently performed, this being our fifth production of this great show, our first was the Irish premiere in 1969. Next to M y Fair Lady in frequency came four productions each of Bitter Sweet (our first presentation in 1944) and S how Boat (our first presentation in 1955). It is no surprise that M y Fair Lady is considered to be the best musical of all tim e. George Bernard Shaw’s P ygm alion has been m agnificently adapted w ith a fine score by Frederick Loewe together with clever lyrics and a Shavian style script by Alan Jay Lerner. Not alone is M y Fair Lady a great favourite with audiences ever since its premiere on Broadway in 1956, but it is an ideal show for societies such as the R & R , because it is a splendid vehicle for choral and solo singing and provides an opportunity for character actors to demonstrate their talents. And so on behalf of the R & R, 1 hope you will enjoy our 2004 production, as we meet Londoners leaving Covent Garden Opera House follovi/ing a performance of Gotterdammemng.

MUS CAl/. s o c r t

Pat Campbell, President, Rathmines & Rathgar M usical Society. FounnetJ

V i , ' 1913

March 2004

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R e s i d e n t i a l S a l e s and L e t t i n g s

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R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4

M y Fair Lady


My Fair Lady a Syneifi of Talents Occasionally we are asked to admit that an adaptation, into a new form , can actually improve on the original. There is certainly a case for M y Fair Lady to be numbered in this tradition, since it not only supersedes Pygmalion dramatically, but also provides the work with an ending im plied by but missing from the original play. Shaw’s abiding obsession was with the inconsistencies of spelling and pronunciation of the English language. By turning his Pygm alion into a professor of phonetics, he transformed the existing plot into a fable through which he could focus, as an Irishman, on some of his favourite targets, such as English class, the inequality of English society, and English snobbery. But inevitably, too, it made the Pygm alion male fantasist figure, Higgins, into something akin to self-portraiture. The actors in the original Pygm alion were not satisfied with Shaw’s ending of the play and in performance Mrs Patrick Campbell as Beerbohm Tree as Higgins presented Eliza, with a bouquet, before they posed together in what was unmistakably a “wedding photograph” tableau. Shaw allegedly disapproved but did not forbid, and their additions were allowed to continue. Shaw’s real life obsession with his leading actress gives Higgins and Eliza autobiographical identity - as Shaw and his protegee Mrs Pat Campbell - and all becomes clear: Shaw wants his close relationship with her to continue, but he daren’t propose that it should have a sexual content; a shared life of a permanent kind “for the fun of it" is as far as the “Irish Pope” was prepared to go. But in between the first performance of the play and the publication o f the text, a momentous change had occurred in Shaw’s private life. Mrs Pat Campbell had married a handsome aristocrat and empty-headed young man called George Cornwallis-West, despite a flow of letters from GBS begging her not to. Shaw was clearly hurt and felt rejected by the actress he thought owed her success and fame to him. The 1916 version o f Pygm alion and lame afterwork ended with Elliza marrying Freddie a veiled private message willing Mrs Pat Campbell to a wretched life in a bad marriage. Alan Jay Lerner, in his m agnificent adaptation of Pygm alion for the musical stage made incisive additions to the text. It is actually quite a shock to discover that Shaw’s play contains no elocution lesson, no m om ent of celebration when Eliza as “got it” , no visit to Ascot, no trium ph at the ball, no return of Eliza to Covent Garden to discover that she moves unrecognised through the scenes of her past life, and no m om ent when we see her appalling father in his home territory, as a member of the “undeserving poor” . Lerner and Lowe added these scenes with unerring analytic accuracy. But the real achievement of the adaptation was their insight, that the story requires not one, not two, but three personal journeys. Doolittle is changed into a respectable member o f the reviled middle classes, Eliza into an independent new woman, but the third metamorphosis in M y Fair Lady is of Professor Higgins, chronically unable to express his feelings for others, who is finally and movingly transformed into a more complete emotional human being. Pygm alion is a collection of very brilliant theatrical and com ic ideas, but M y Fair Lady quite simply is a masterpiece. Noel McDonough

R&R Spring Season 2004

My Fair Lady


Over Ninety Years of Musical Magic! Introduction: It all started in 1913 at a meeting iield in 48 Summerville Park, Rathmines Dublin. C. R Fitzgerald, who was the young organist at that time in Rathgar's Church of the Three Patrons, wanted to establish a musical society whose membership would be formed from residents of the Dublin townships of Rathmines and Rathgar. Original Objectives of the R&R: The objectives of the proposed musical society were the study of, , . r u I j i U u u and production of, operatic, choral and other highclass musical works. Notwithstanding the passing of the years and even into the 21st century, the society remains faithful to its original objective. O perational E thos of th e R&R: While the production team, orchestra and technical crews r including lighting and set design - for each of the society's productions is provided by experienced theatrical professionals, the chorus m em bers and pnncipal line-up that appear on stage remains amateur. This ethos is guarded by the society's voluntary Executive Committee that is m ade-up or representatives of all the elements of the society s interest groups, associate m em bers and corporate supporters. .






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....... — M O N D A Y ,




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f NI N E E s S ,\r»(l r RA a t h g a r Th He E R RA AT TH HM M THGAR



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Kaikka, Mk tJUlT 4«» rnH*» wkI I Mi-i <^ •liJk Haakl-9«* II 1HI** tlHUt* ^ 4«lM€i9 «44«U, Neh£*» rlt# . I rsi*!-. I #1 ^ ‘I >' * n i ^ M V I • • .•••II >• wk>-

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Initial & Subsequent Early Musical Productions:

8 th,




A H O I l l. N m f c , T r t t W p » s .

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h-T '!. v> ^i I » I I H i *«»..• .K I. i*..-. <1 jr i..-




The first production - Gilbert & Sullivan s Mikado Ke-S4'» ■» was staged by the R&R in the Queen's Theatre, f t n d A w g m * n t *4 «r UIICI.4 HHI, > I' iHW>.i)UI|r Pearse Street. Dublin in December 1913. The hj A following year, also in December the society ornnn « * o i H i c t & b v mt. 4. c KymmKn, performed for the first time in the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin with another Gilbert & Sullivan operetta Yeomen of the Guard. As the society developed and mem bership expanded it was decided to Copy of the poster for the 1913 show complement the society’s Gilbert & Sullivan performances by including other musical comedy productions in its repertoire. In 1915 Planquette's Les Cloches de Corneville was performed and this broadening of the society's range of productions afforded its m em bers many different opportunities to use their individual and combined range of musical talents and dramatic skills. ■ M W tV ri«. r Irf f I

K » •.IIHMfliN!" «' M ' - t \‘ feiwfi'f

The O ngoing Contribution of th e R&R to th e M usical T heatre life of Dublin: The society has, since its establishment 90 years ago, becom e a major contributor to the musical theatre life of Dublin city. The twice-yearly productions professionally presented in prestigious locations - including Ireland's National Concert Hall - continue to attract maximum audiences. The society offers associate membership to those friends who regularly support its musical productions. It also maintains close links v^th a host of individuals and organisations that have a keen continuous interest in the musical productions of the R&R. Peter Nolan, R&R [Marketing Sec.

R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4

M y Fair Lady

President; Pat Campbell Executive Committee Members to July 2004 I

Chairman General Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Business Secretary Production Secretary Rehearsal Secretary Wardrobe Master Wardrobe Mistress Press & PR Marketing Secretary Booking Secretary Block Booking Secretary Social Organiser Active Members Representatives

Oliver Hill Camillus Mountaine Ig Lyons Dodo O ’Hagan Liam Carroll Nora O ’R ourke Michelle Foynes Noel Byrne Denise O ’Mahony Mary McDonagh Peter Nolan Margaret Dickson Barney Gorman Imelda Bradley Brendan Galvin Fergal O ’Sullivan Reiltin Bowes Shay Gibson

All Executive Committee Members serve the Society in an Honorary Capacity

My Fair Lady Marketing, Compilation and Designing of the Programme by; Peter Nolan Wardrobe by; Denise O ’Mahony & Pioel Byrne Assisted by: Dympha Bavin & Peter Nolan Costumes by: Homburgs of Leeds R&R Cast Committee: Dympna Egar (Convenor), Gearoid Grant, Barbara Graham, Jackie Curran-Olohan, Shay Gibson and Barney Gorman The Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society acknowledge the work of AIMS And their Adjudication Scheme for AIMS Member Societies

W e'll keep you singing in th e rain


AXA and You. Perfect Together. w w w

R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4

My Fair Lady


Director: Noel McDonough Noel’s credits include The M erry Widow, Die Fledermaus and Give M y Regards with Glasnevin M.S. in the National Concert Hall. He has been very successful at the W aterford International Festival of Light Opera winning the Best Director Award seven times with M ack & Mabel, Chicago, Cabaret, Barnum, Crazy For You and Chess. He specialises in premieres, L il’A bner, Dames at Sea, On Your Toes, 42nd Street and Evita with Arthurs Team. He also directed A Slice o f Saturday N ig h t and The Last o f the Red H ot Lovers in Andrews Lane, and the world premieres of Rebecca Storms’ H ollyw ood Ladies and Brian O’Reilly’s Buskin at The Tivoli Theatre. Noel’s TV credits include winning four national finals of John Player Tops, he devised and directed Different Dreams for RTE and staged The Last N ight o f the Proms - Viennese N ight - for the Bank of Ireland Proms. His recent credits include Someone W ho’ll Watch Over Me by Frank McQuinness, Assassins by Stephen Sondheim at The Samuel Beckett Theatre, Fiddler on the Roof, O klahom a! Carousel, Guys & Dolls, Me and M y Girl for the R&R at the Gaiety Theatre and An Evening w ith Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Sullivan at the NCH. Cinderella and Jack and the Beanstalk at the Gaiety and the acclaimed Annie and M ouseio’s M agic House at the Tivoli. Noel’s production of The N ew Pirates o f Penzance for Wexford Light Opera won Best Overall Show in AIMS in 2002 . Noel graduated in 1997 from the Samuel Beckett School, Trinity College with an Honours Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies. This is Noel’s seventh production with the Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society. He wishes to thank the production team, a brilliant cast, crew and com m ittee for all the support and creative input in making M y Fair Lady a success.

Musical Director: Gearoid Grant Gearoid Grant was born in Dublin and graduated with a B.Mus degree from University College Dublin. Since then he has combined a freelance career as conductor with a career in music education. He has conducted all the principal orchestras in Ireland, the National Symphony Orchestra, the RTF Concert Orchestra, the Ulster Orchestra, the Irish Chamber Orchestra and the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland. Gearoid devised and continues to present and conduct the acclaimed series Music in the Classroom which introduces music to 30,000 Irish children annually, with performances at the National Concert Hall in Dublin and in major venues around Ireland. The programme is developed in conjunction with RTE, The Irish Times and the Department of Education. Gearoid has toured in England with the Irish Chamber Orchestra. He has conducted all of Shaun Davey’s major works, and premieres of Shaun Davey’s Relief o f Derry Symphony in 1989 and his Concerto for Oilleann Pipe performed for the first time at Greenwich Festival in London. These works are recorded for Tara Records. He has done a great deal of film work with the Irish Film Orchestra, of which he is Associate Musical Director. No stranger to television and theatre, Gearoid Grant has conducted a wide repertoire ranging from Mozart to Sondheim. Gearoid has been the conductor of the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland Cinder 18s since it was formed in 1980 and is a member of the Board of the NYOI. This is Gearoid’s 25th year as Music Director with the R&R.


M y F air Lady

R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4

Chorus Director: Jackie Curran-Olohan Daughter of Josephine Scanlon and the late Chris Curran, Jackie has distinguished herself as a performer, musician, music director, chorus master and teacher. Her musical education thrived under Sr. Agnes Nolan at St. Mary’s College, Arklow, Eithne Troy at the College of Music and subsequently (JCD from which she graduated with a B Mus. (Hons.). Jackie has been Music Director and Conductor for many show premieres and was awarded Best Music Director at the Waterford Festival of Light Opera for Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods. This, and conducting her father in Annie at the Olympia, she regards as her highlights to date. As a performer she has appeared at the NCH and on RTE radio and television. Most recently Jackie performed in Joy of the Musicals in the NCH. She looks forward to working with Lyric Opera in the Autumn.

Choreographer: Marina Kealy Marina has been involved with dance from an early age. She has performed in all the major theatres, professional cabaret and on national television. Marina’s work has been wide and varied. Having danced in numerous John Player Tops of the Town finals, she was delighted when the show she choreographed reached the national final and was broadcast live by RTE. Other successes include, Godspell, Chess, Guys and Dolls, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar, Wonderful Town and many dance workshops throughout the country. Marina's work received a nomination from AIMS for Grease and won Best Choreographer Award from both AIMS and the Bangor Festival for her work in Me and My Girl. Following this Marina was asked to co-choreograph the professional production of Me and My Girl at the Olympia Theatre. Marina has a long association with the R&R, firstly as a dancer and performing the role of Liat in South Pacific and choreographed the recent R&R production of The Pirates of Penzance in the NCH. Marina also choreographed the R&R 90th Birthday Celebration during 2003. Marina is pleased to be involved in this production of My Fair Lady and thanks the cast for all their hard work.

Set Design: John O ’Donoghue John is a graduate of the National College o f A rt & Design. His recent design credits include; Ham let for Cork Opera House, La Boheme for Lyric Opera, Into the W oods for Full Circle and Camelot for Festival Productions. For the R&R Musical Society he has designed their 90th Anniversary Concert, their recent G&S Mikado and Pirates of Penzance productions, Oklahoma! Guys and Dolls, Fiddler on the Roof and A Century of Song. Other credits include The Lion, the W itch and the Wardrobe and Jack and the Beanstalk, (Cork Opera House), The Sound of Music, La Traviata, Oliver (NCH.) Dog House and The Hired Man (Draiocht), Buskin’ (Tivoli Theatre and Cork Opera House), Return to the Forbidden Planet, Oncle, Oncle and Nothing Compares to You (Andrews Lane) and Assassins (Samuel Beckett Theatre). Play credits include War, Canaries and Juno and the Paycock.

R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4

M y Fair Lady

Professor Henry Higgins: Garry Mountaine As a baritone Garry has appeared in Dublin, and around Ireland playing roles as diverse as Finch in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying to Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. Garry studied with Dr Veronica Dunne at the Leinster School of Music and at the RIAM with Professor Paul Deegan. He appeared in the Opera Theatre Company’s production of Mahogany Songspiel for the Dublin Theatre Festival and Scenario’s production of In Company With Sondheim in the NCH.

G arry

Garry, while with the D’Oyly Carte Opera Connpany, played Poo-Bah in their production of The Mikado and Wilfred Shadbolt in Yeomen o f the Guard. Garry’s TV and radio work in Ireland includes appearances on The Late Late Show, Live at 3 and Theatre Nights. He has also appeared in productions of The Mikado and Yeomen o f the Guard for the BBC. Garry played Ramades in Risen People and Prof. Henry Higgins in M y Fair Lady, both productions staged in the Gaiety, Other parts include Joe Kellor in All My Sons, Eddie Carbone in A View from the Bridge, Emile De Becque in South Pacific, Sam Byck in Assassins, Khruschev in JFK and Dancairo in Carmen. He played The Man in Buskin in the Tivoli Theatre and Nathan Detroit in the recent R&R production of Guys & Dolls in the Gaiety. Last year Garry co-directed the R&R’s 90th Birthday Celebration Concert, having previously directed The Mikado (2001) and The Pirates o f Penzance (2002).

Eliza Doolittle: Roisin Sullivan Roisin graduated from GCD with an Honours Degree in Business and Legal Studies... however, her real love is for the theatre. She began her training at a young age with the Billie Barry Stage School and continues to study performance and dance with Lorraine Barry. She was also a student at the Gladys Sheehan School of Drama and currently receives voice coaching from Kay Lynch of The Three Irish Sopranos. Recent theatre credits include La Cage Aux Folles presented by DAYMS The Musical V\/orkshop where she played the part of Anne Dindon in The SFX City Theatre. She also appeared as female soloist in the Glasnevin Musical Society’s production of Showstoppers On Tour at The Helix Theatre, Dublin. Other theatre credits include Les Miserables Masterclass (The Palace Theatre, London), Celebration, Dance Everybody Dance, The Millennium Beat, and All I Wanna Do Is Dance (all at The Gaiety Theatre Dublin), The Wizard o fO z (The Olympia), and Oklahoma with Festival Productions in the NCH. Operas include Madam Butterfly and Hansel and Gretel, both produced by Lyric Opera and staged at the NCH. Roisin has also worked as a professional dancer at various corporate events and cabarets around Ireland. Her film credits include Sweeney Todd in which she played the kitchen girl. The Miracle, Last o f the High Kings, The Money Go Round and In the Name o f Love. Her TV credits include The Late Late Toy Show, Open House and Billies Babies. This is Roisins first appearance with the R&R and she would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved for making her feel so welcome!


R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4

My Fair Lady - R&R Cast of Principals Professor Henry Higgins Eliza Doolittle Colonel Pickering Alfred P. Doolittle Mrs. Higgins Freddy Eynsford Hill Mrs. Pearce

: Garry Mountaine : Roisin Sullivan : Terry Martin : Pacelli O’Rourke : Glynis Casson : Paul Byrom : Melanie Keating

My ?air Lady Synopsis of Scenes Ad 1 Location: London in 1912 1. Outside the Opera House, Covent Garden - A Cold March Night 2. A Tenement Section, Tottenham Court Road - Immediately Following 3. Higgins’ Study - The following Morning 4. A Tenement Section, Tottenham Court Road - Three Days Later 5. Higgins’ Study - Later That Day 6. Ascot - A July Afternoon 7. Outside Higgins’ House, Wimpole Street - Later That Afternoon 8. Higgins’ Study - Six Weeks Later 9. The Ballroom of the Embassy - Later That Night

R&R Spnng Season 2 0 0 4

M y F air Lady


My Fair Lady - R&R Cast of Principals Mrs. Eynsford Hill : Marion Magannety Zolton Karpathy : Dara Carolan Harry : Killian O’Dowd Jamie : Rhys Kerrigan Lord Boxington : Siiay Gibson Lady Boxington : Ann Gorman

My Fair Lady Synopsis of Scenes Act 2 1. Higgins’ Study - Three AM The Following Morning 2. Outside Higgins’ House - Immediately Following 3. Flower Market of Covent Garden - Five AM That Morning 4. Higgins’ Study - Eleven AM That Morning 5. Conservatory/Mrs Higgins Home - Later That D ay 6. Higgins’ Study - Immediately Following

Supporting Roles Mrs Hopkins Barman Butler Mcyor Dome Chauffeur Constable Flower Girl Queen o f Transylvania Prince of Transylvania Mrs Higgins’ Maid

Clara Dalton Paschal Walsh Robert Devereux

Supporting Roles

Robbie Keogh Tynan Hooper

Servants: Edel Glblin

Brendan Galvin

Liam Carroll

Gail McGrath

Michael Horan

Laura Whelan

Michelle Foynes

Nigel Dugdale

Siobhan Hughes

Nigel Dugdale

Tynan Hooper

Paul Merriman

Robert Devereux

Edith Lynch

S usan Lyons



M y F air Lady

R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4

My Fair Lady - R&R Chorus Ladies Chorus

Men’s Chorus

Ann Gorman Clara Dalton Dawn Gallagher Edel Giblin Edith Lynch Gail McGrath Kelly Kierans Laura Whelan Lorraine Frewen Michelle Foynes Reiltin Bowes Roisin Cooper Sara Dunne Sarah Guilmartin Sharon Coffey Siobhan Hughes S usan Lyons

Brendan Galvin Darren Johnson Diarmuid O’Neill Fergal O’Sullivan Jo e Swan Jo h n FitzGerald Killian O’Dowd Liam Carroll Mark Delany Michael Horan Nigel Dugdale Pascal Walsh Rhys Kerrigan Robbie Keogh Robert Devereux Shay Gibson Tynan Hooper

The R&R will welcome your enquiry if you are interested in becoming an R&R Active Chorus Member To get more details log on to the R&R Web Site or alternatively contact Michelle Foynes, R&R Rehearsals Secretary on Dublin 2980906

My Fair Lady - Dancers Andrea Olin Audrey Nolan Carl Hanlon Danielle Maher Ja so n Lane Paul Kinsella Paul Merriman Sonya Dunne

R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4

M y Fair Lady

Colonel Pickering: Terry Martin

15 T e rry

T eriy a tte n d e d the Meredith School of Acting a n d the Abbey S ch o ol of Acting. H e is a m e m b e r of various a m a te u r m usical and d ra m a g ro u p s and h as played in n u m e ro u s productions with Sundrive Players. His ch aracter parts include: Christy M ahon in T he Playboy of th e W estern World, Fluther G o o d in T he Plough an d T he Stars, Joxer D a ly in J u n o and th e Paycock, Algernon M oncrieff in T he Im portance of B eing E rnest a n d K. Kaffkas in Trial. Terry also played E a m on n in Red R oses for Me, S ep h en D ed alu s in S tep h en D a n d Shaun in T he Voice of S h e m - all of vvrhich were All Ireland Winners. He was also twice winner of th e B est A ctor C ategory in th e All Ireland D ram a Finals in Athlone.

Alfred R Doolittle: Pacelli O’Rourke

P acelli

Pacelli h a s a theatrical b a ckground having perform ed with th e Sundrive Players since 1970. H e h as m any acting aw ards including being n o m in ated in the B est Actor category a t the Athlone All Ireland D ram a Finals. As an active m e m b e r of th e H arold’s C ross/Tallaght Musical Society h e h a s played A n drew Carnes in O klahom a! - And w as an AIMS n o m ination for th e Best S upporting Actor for th e role. H e also played Alfred P. D oolittle in their pro ductio n of My Fair Lady. As an English T each er in Tallaght C om m unity School, Pacelli h a s directed a large n u m b e r of m usicals including Sm ike, Calamity J a n e , Guys an d Dolls, O ur Day O ut, Oliver, W est Side Story, O klahom a! Annie G et You G un a nd m o s t recently G rease.

Mrs. Higgins: Glynis Casson Born in Dublin, G lynis c o m e s from th e well-known C asson theatrical family. S h e is the gran d d au g h te r of D am e Sybil Thorndike an d Sir Lewis C asson. With her father C hristopher C asson, sh e perform ed in Ireland a n d Europe with the Recitals “Mystery an d History,” a n d “D ance To Your S h ad o w ” - a celebration of his eighty years on the stage. With the R & R sh e h as played T he D u c h e ss in “ Me a n d My Girl,” Katisha, Ruth and lolanthe in G&S Productions, Aunt Alicia in “Gigi” an d s h e is delighted to play Mrs H iggins for the s e c o n d tim e with th e society at the Gaiety T heatre. S he h as played in “T he H ouse of B ernarda Alba” a t the A bbey T h eatre and is looking forward to playing R ose in “Very H eaven,” a new C anadian play, a t th e F o c u s T heatre in May. Glynis h a s to u red in N orth a n d S outh America a n d Europe. S h e h a s also d o n e a considerable a m o u n t of T.V. w ork in Australia a n d New Zealand. S h e h ad h er own Radio S how with th e A.B.C. in Sydney for two years. S h e played Ms K ram ovitch in the Film “T h e Big Mistake” for Walt Disney’s Incredible Stories Series a nd will be returninq to “Fair City” in a new role in April. H er o n e-w o m an show “O sc a r a n d th e Sphinx” w as p re se n te d at Bewley’s Cafe T heatre for the centenary of O sca r W ilde's death. It h a s to u red the Festivals in Ireland a n d th e National T rust H ouses of N orthern Ireland and w as featured on RTE’s “Im print” p ro g ram m e. S h e w as invited to perform th e show a t th e H anagar Arts C entre in Cairo a n d at th e C helsea Festival in th e C ad o g an Hotel L ondon. This year s h e h a s b een touring with a new recital “S even A ges.”



M y Fair Lady

R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4

Freddy Eynsford Hill: Paul Byrom Paul

Paul’s interest in music was evident at an early age. Before lie turned seven, Paul started voice training witli tlie late Daniel McNulty. He has won many competitions throughout Ireland, including the Feis Ceoil, and was subsequently awarded the Rose Bowl for achieving the highest points in the competition that year. Since then, Paul has taken lead roles in many shows and musicals. Such as, Brigadoon, South Pacific, Fiddler on the Roof, Grease and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. His first operatic role was as Amahl in Amahl and the Night Visitors. Paul has also appeared with the Anna Livia Opera in their production of Faust. In 2001 Paul joined the R&R for their production of The Mikado where he played the part of Nanki Poo and then Freddy in The Pirates o f Penzance. He also had the pleasure of celebrating the Society’s 90th birthday celebrations with two concerts in the Spring and Autumn. Through music, Paul has had the opportunity of travelling to some exotic places. Most recently he performed as a special guest of Phil Coulter in the Caribbean. He also performed with Neil Diamond in the Phoenix Park . Paul is still in training at the Leinster School of Music, Dublin, working under the watchful eyes of Dr. Veronica Dunne and Ms. Jeannie Reddin.


Mrs. Pearce: Melanie Keatihg M elanie studied speecVi & drama with Rosalind Lloyd and singing with Professor Paul Deegan at the Royal Irish Academy o f Musfc. She also studied drama at the Gaiety School o f A cting and T.V Presentation at the Bill Keating Centre for TV and Theatre Studies. Over the years Melanie has worked with numerous drama groups and m usical societies, but m ainly w ith the R& R Musical Society and has won m any awards for her acting roles. These include Laura in The Glass Menagerie, the title role in the Greek tragedy Antigone, Ado Annie in O klahom a! Gertie in O klahom a! (Gaiety Theatre), the title role in Irene, Winnie Tate in Annie Get Your Gun (Gaiety Theatre), TzeiteUn F iddler On The R oo f (Gaiety Theatre), and Mrs. Mullen in Carousel (Gaiety Theatre). She also perform ed as a soloist in the R&R’s 1999 Romberg to Rogers Concert (/VC/f). More recently Melanie played The Baroness in The Sound o f Music (NCH) and Morgan Le Fey in C am elot (tiCH) w ith Festival Productions (in association w ith L yric Opera Productions).


Melanie has presented many concerts and variety shows in various venues in Dublin including the NCH and Jury’s Hotel. Last year she co-presented the R&R’s 90th Year Celebration Concert also in the NCH.

Mrs. Eynsford Hill: Marion Magannety M arion started her singing career with the Young D ublin Singers and sang on a num ber o f their many recordings. She also to o k part in TV productions while with the Young Dublin Singers. Marion studied music in the Royal Irish Academy o f Music with Matt Smolenski. She co-directed many musicals for children. Marion joined the R&R as an Active Chorus Member in 1983 and since then has appeared in m ost o f its productions and concerts. In H ello D o lly Marion played Mrs Rose and played the part of Mrs. Brown in Showboat. Marion also played Grandma Tzeitel in the R&R production o f Fiddler on the R oof

R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4


M y Fair Lady

Zolton Karpathy: Dara Carolan

D ara

Dara is an accomplished actor and playwright. He has performed in

m any plays and musicals in The Abbey, Gaiety and Olympia Theatres. Favourite roles include A lexis in the award winning A Month in The Country. Jo hn in My Night With Reg. Jo hn (again) in Rutherford and Son and Dr B a yliss in All My Sons (Cloud Nine). Dara’s production credits include A View From The Bridge (Cloud Nine) and The Price. Recent film work includes Tiger Dot Con and Dominic’s Last Word for HBO, Sins of the Father, and Intermission. He has directed the award winning Silence on the Battlefield, Next Time I’ll Sing To You and The Risen People (East Wall PEG). His own work includes Small Change Low Voices (Lincoln Prize winner 2003) and Mr Carr’s Alibi which was recently premiered.

K illian

Harry: Killian O’Dowd Killian joined the R&R back in 1995 and com es from a varied musical background. He has played Lt. Cable in South Pacific and has featured in Oklahoma! Fiddler On The Roof and Guys & Dolls. Killian was cast in the Wesley Burrows’ musical Carrie playing the leading role of H eloise. He has also taken part in the Gay Byrne Gala Concerts and the Bank of Ireland RTE Proms. He is delighted to return to the Gaiety stage after a brief absence, to play the role of Harry, having also played the sam e role in 1995 in his first R&R appearance.

Jamie: Rhys Kerrigan Rhys has been involved, from an early age, in musicals and theatre productions. His first appearance on stage was in the Gaiety in 1987 in a National Variety Show. He has since appeared with many Musical Societies around Dublin performing roles that included Pharaoh in Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat, W ill Parker in Oklahoma, Pontius Pilate in Jesu s Christ Superstar. Theatre roles include R alp h in Leonard Gershe's Butterflies Are Free and Algernon in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance Of Being Earnest Rhys has been involved in R&R productions since 1995 his favourites being South Pacific and Guys and Dolls. In 2002 he performed in the highly successful Irish premiere of Evita, which was awarded runner-up in the Waterford Festival of Light



M y F air Lady


R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4

Lord Boxington: Shay Gibson Shay is currently a member of the R&R Executive Committee where he represents the interests of the R&R Active Members. Shay also serves on the R&R Cast Committee. For more years than he cares to remember! Shay has danced his w a y through a comprehensive range of Dublin’s musical theatre productions as a member of Arthur’s Team, O’Connell’s, Festival Productions and Glasnevin Musical Societies. He has also competed in John Player Tops with many award-winning groups. Shay has appeared in ail the recent R&R productions and when he is not cast in supporting roles you will find him singing in the tenor-line of the R&R chorus.


Lady Boxington: Ann Gorman Ann is a very long-standing Active Member of the R&R. This is her third My Fair Lady with the Society. Ann considers herself fortunate to have the role of Lady Boxington, a non-speaking, non-singing, principal part! She looks forward to playing many more parts in the future?

M y Fair Lady Logo Design: Myles Antony Myles was commissioned by the R&R’s Marketing Secretary to design the show’s exclusive logo for this 2004 production of My Fair Lady. Born in Dublin, Myles lived in Rathmines until he was 18 when he re-located to London to complete his art studies programme. He has always been an admirer of the R&R and claims that it was the Society’s production of The Dancing Years in the 1950’s that began his life-long love affair with musical theatre. Myles returned to live in Dublin in 2003 and looks forward to a renewed association with the Society. Myles will shortly commence his second R&R commission to design the 2004 Winter Season production’s logo for the Yeomen of the Guard. (For further details and contact information please refer to Inside Front Cover)

R&R Spring Season 2 0 0 4

M y Fair Lady


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M y Fair Lady




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My Fair Lady

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Jurys Hotel & Towers Ballsbridse, Dublin 4 for their support in the production of

My Fair Lady

T he R athm ines 81 R athgar M usical S o cicty is p le a se d to an n o u n ce th e 2 0 0 4 W inter S e a s o n

G i l b e r t 81 S u l l i v a n â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Yeomen of the Guard With Full Orchestra, Principals and R&R Chorus In The N ational C oncert Hall From Sunday 2 1 st November to Friday 26th November 2004 For 7 Perform ances Only! All Evening Perform ances commence a t 8.00 pm Note: M atinee comm ences a t 2.30 pm on Sunday 2 1 st November D i r e c t o r : G a r r y M o u n t a in e M u s ic a l D ir e c t o r : G e a r o id G r a n t C h o r u s D ir e c t o r : J a c k ie C u r r a n - O l o h a n C h o r e o g r a p h e r : M a r in a R ea ly


IJ U l E H H E S F

I A lis ta ir Beaton

Lyrics b y


STA R R IN G : K a t h r y n S m i t h , P h illip

and T o n y F in n e g a n

w ith special guests



Louise S tu dley anWA u s tin Gaffney D ir e c t o r /D e s ig n e r V iv ia n C o a t e s

N a tio n a l C on cert H all, D u b lin on S atu rd ay 17th A pril & M onday 19th A p ril 2004 a t 7.30pm B ooking ookine now o p e n a t (OJ) fOI) ^4 1 7 0000 also o n w w w

) he pirates M ^ ^ S





Words & Lyrics By W.S Gilbert

In a new swashbiicldi! Tony Finn


if Arthur on by

The National Conc6WHall, HWbmi

Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th & Sunday 20SPf^gust 2004

• • •

•••••** • • • •

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