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S o n g s f r o m w e l l -k n o w n MUSICALS WITH FULL CHORUS, SOLOISTS & ORCHESTRA


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N a t io n a l C o n c e r t H a l l F ro m : S a tu r d a y , M a r c h 2 0 t h

To: S a tu r d a y , M a r c h 2 7 t h ( I n c l u s iv e ) ^•V.-w»-v\• . »'



M a tin e e : S a tu r d a y , M a r c h 2 7 t h

W h e r e v e r you live, we b r i n g y o u r m e s s a g e home.

MW ^

For f u r t h e r i n f o r m a t i o n w r i t e to: L etter P os t C u s t o m e r Services, An P o s t , G P O , F R E E P O S T , D u b l i n 1 or C a l 1 S a v e 1 8 5 0 57 58 59.


s e POSC


Songs from ivell-loued musicals w ith full chorus, soloists and orchestra Gearoid Grant, Music Director Jackie Curran Olohan, Chorus Master Rita Kealy, Director/Choreographer Ger Nolan, Assistant to Director/Choreographer Pat Farrell, Lighting Design Hon. Stage Management, Clodagh Foley and Nora O’Rourke t he NATIONAL CONCERT



CEOLARAS Ai s i u n t a


Saturday 20th to Saturday 27th March ( in c l u s iv e ) M a t in e e :

27th March 1999

S o c ia l E v e n t s a n d

B l a c k t ie Even unconcious after 12 pints, you’ll look exceedingly well dressed







L r . G e o r g e ’s S t r e e t , D u n L a o g h a ir e

230 0400

140 L r . B a g g o t S t r e e t 676 3711 26 W e s t m o r e l a n d S t r e e t 678 1444 52 L r . D o r s e t S t r e e t , D r u m c o n d r a 855 7312 M a in S t r e e t , B l a c k r o c k 288 0155 111 R a n e l a g h 466 6600 T h e S q u a r e , T a l l a g h t 459 8345 M a r i n o M a r t , F a ir v i e w 833 0600 125 P a t r i c k ’ s S t r e e t , C o r k 18-19 P a t r ic k S t r e e t , W a t e r f o r d 051 304242 27 O ’C o n n e l l S t r e e t , L i m e r i c k 061 314288 T e r e n u r e V il l a g e C e n t r e , D u b l i n 6W 492 5404

In Westmoreland Street, the man to see is Gerry Lee



On behalf of the Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society, I welcome you to this splendid venue - The National Concert Hall - for our con cert R om berg to Rodgers. It was fifteen years ago in 1984 that, with a certain am ount of trepidation, our Society first ventured to perform at the NCH. We did so with a concert called An Evening w ith Mr. Gilbert a n d Mr. Sulliuan which featured favourites from the Savoy operas. We need not have had any fears, for the formula (“these you have loved” sort of thing) proved to be an immediate success. In fact, this formula has been taken up by other groups since then. Apart from these concerts, we have staged full “G & S ” operas here at the NCH - The Mikado, The Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore, The Gondoliers - all to considerable acclaim. Of course the Society, annually, stages shows at th e Gaiety Theatre and has been doing so for the past 86 years.

This evening we will take you from the desert of North Africa (Sigm und Romberg) to the plains of Oklahoma (Richard Rodgers) by way of the music of George Gershwin, Lionel Bart and other such luminaries. In the Autumn, we shall stage the full show of Oklahoma! at the Gaiety Theatre. This will be the Society’s third production of this great show. Oklahoma! is a show for young cowboys so why don’t you young singing cowboys com e along for audition in the late summer. (Tel: 298 9061). In the meanwhile, sit back, relax, don’t worry, be happy, forget all about scandals and tribunals and enjoy this evening’s niusic.

Pa t C a m p b e l l ,



The Rathmines & R athgar M usical Society. March 1999


10/11 South Leinster Street, Dublin 2. Tel: 618 2700; Fax: 678 5839

Also at Cork, Limerick and Belfast

Insert Quantities required .... CD I— I Cassette I— I I enclose £ ....... (£14.99 CD/£10 Cassette inc. p+p) N am e................................................................... A ddress................................................................ ................................................... T el....................

LO V^ofAioiiomLid. Unit 23, Stillorgan Industrial Park, D-6D■ . Dublin, Ireland. Tel: (01) 294 1433 fax: (01) 294 1430


The R & R is very much a part of Dublin life. It was founded in 1913 by the then Choirmaster o f the Church of the Three Patrons, Rathgar, Mr. C. P. (Chris) Fitzgerald, and comprised residents of the townships of Rathmines and Rathgar. The Society’s first presentation was of The M ikado at the Queen’s Theatre, Dublin on December 13th, 1913. Eighty-five years later the R & R is still going strong. It is a totally amateur society, dedicated to its amateur status, but performs side by side with the professional theatre and is judged on that basis. For many years, the R & R concentrated on Gilbert & Sullivan and became acknowledged experts in that field. At that time, it had two seasons in the Gaiety Theatre each year. But fashions change, and now the Society has presented alm ost every musical show and operetta worth performing. Since the advent of the National Concert Hall, the Society now has two prestigious venues in which to perform. The R & R’s assciation with the Gaiety Theatre was broken in 1992 due to rising costs and other difficulties, but happily it was able to go back to the Gaiety again in October 1995 with a presentation of M y F air Lady. It still uses the NCH for its Spring productions. The Society’s rehearsal hall is in Rathmines. The hall was bought in the late 1960s and had been a Church o f Ireland boys’ and girls’ school for the Parish of Rathmines. It was damaged by vandals in December 1987, but this was used as an opportunity for carrying out m ajor im provem ents. Now the tim e has once again com e for further refurbishment/extension and it is hoped to put these plans into operation within the next year or two. The R & R has participated in lunchtim e concerts sponsored by AIB Bank, and has given a number of concerts in the NCH in conjunction with RTE, as well as taking part in the Arts Festival in Kilkenny. It reached a further milestone in 1990 when it launched its firstever commercial recording. This was made in association with RTE and was marketed by Lunar Records. It is titled Curtain C all and comprises music from a number o f shows presented by the Society down through the years with principals, chorus of the Society and orchestra under the direction of Gearoid Grant. It was made to a very high standard and has been very successful. The R & R is delighted to be back once again in the NCH for its presentation of Romberg To Rodgers from March 20th to 27th. M ary N e v il l e ,

Hon. Press & P.R. Executive, M arch 1999.


s s o c ia t e


e m b e r s h ip

The Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society invites you to becom e an Associate Member. Very probably you are a regular supporter of our Shows, where you will have noticed the happy atm osphere which prevails in our Society; this is a tradition of 85 years. Our Associate Members are an important and valued section of our Society, and for an Annual Subscription of 1R£65 enjoy significant benefits. 1. Two seats of their choice to both Spring and Autumn presentations, at no charge. 2. Priority booking facilities for our Spring and Autumn presentations in advance of the general public. 3. Notification of all social functions during the year. 4. Associate Members take a major role in the affairs of the Society; they elect two of their m em bers to the Executive Committee annually. The Associate Members’ representatives are Mrs. Barbara Graham and Mr. Oliver Hill. The crippling financial costs involved in presenting two Seasons of shows each year could put the financial viability of the Society in jeopardy except for the loyal support of the active members, the associate members, our friends and the public. For this we are very grateful. We would welcome you as an Associate Member. G if t T o k e n s o f A s s o c ia t e M e m b e r s h ip A v a il a b l e .


wish to become an Associate Member o f the Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society.

Mame Address

Signature___________________________________ Phone____________________

Please hand to any member of the Society or send to our Assistant Honorary Treasurer: Ms. Dodo O’Hagan, 16 El Greco, St. Jam es Court, Serpentine Ave., Dublin 4. Phone; 668 5862


For Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society President, Pat Campbell C hairm an, Oliver Hill H ono ra ry General Secretary, Camillas Mountaine H ono ra ry Treasurer, Ig Lyons A ssistant H ono ra ry Treasurer, Dodo O ’Hagan H o norary Wardrobe Master, Noel Byrne H ono ra ry Wardrobe Mistress, Dympna Bevan H o norary P roduction Secretary, Brendan Galvin H ono ra ry M a rke tin g Secretary, Margaret Dickson H o no ra ry Business Secretary, Liam Carroll H onorary Press/Public R elations Officer, Mary Neville H ono ra ry S o cia l Secretary, Helen Hurley H onorary Rehearsals Secretary, Michelle Foynes H ono ra ry B o o k in g Secretary, May Hally H onorary B lo c k B o o k in g Secretary, Arthur Salmon M a rke tin g C om m ittee: Margaret Dickson, Frank Beadle Wardrobe: Dympna Bevan, Noel Byrne C asting and C o-O rd in atin g C om m ittee: Patrick Campbell, Dympna Egar, Brendan Galvin, Dodo O ’Hagan

The Rathmines & R athgar Musical Society acknowledges the support and sponsorship o f the AIMS Awards and Adjudication Scheme by First Active.

DC' ) N ’ T

lo s r


111. A R T






La Traviata VERDI



mm A t 7.30pm, April 1 0 ,1 2 , 1 4 ,1 6 & 18 1999. Tickets (£9 - £46)

01-677171774535519 ' S u b j e c t t o b n o k i n c j fe e.





For further inform ation o r to be added to o u r m ailing list,


please write, phone, fax or e-mail us at: Opera Ireland, John Player House, 276-288 S outh Circular Road, D ublin 8. Tel: (00 3 53 1)453 5519 Fax: (00 3 53 1)453 5521 www.opera-lreland.le e-mail: info@opera-ireland.le


g a ie t y A t 7.30pm, April 1 1 , 1 3 ,1 5 & 17 1 9 9 9 . Tickets (£9-£46)

01-677171774535519 * S u b j e c t t o b o o k i n g fe e.



based on the play by Oscar Wilde


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FAX: (01) 6 76 6540








GEAROID GRANT Gearoid studied music witii the late Dr. J. O’Reilly in the College of Music and graduated with a B.Mus. from CJCD. Subsequently, he studied conducting with, among others, George Hurst in London. Since then he has worked as conductor, music director and arranger for most Irish theatrical companies in works ranging from Mozart to Sondheim. At present, he is resident conductor with the R & R. Gearoid has appeared as guest conductor with the Irish Chamber Orchestra, Our Lady's Choral Society, the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland and the RTE Concert Orchestra.

JACKIE CURRAN OLOHAN Daughter of Josephine Scanlon and Chris Curran, Jackie has distinguished herself as a performer, musician, music director and chorus master. Her musical education thrived under Sr. Agnes Cecilia at St. Mary’s College, Arklow, the College of Music and CICD. She has been Music Director for many show premieres including Zorba, The Hired Man, Most Happy Fella, Anything Goes, Into the Woods, La Cage aux Folles and A Chorus Line. She was awarded Best Music Director at the 1992 Waterford International Festival of Light Opera for her work on Sondheim’s Into the Woods and this, with conducting her father in the production of Annie at the Olympia, she regards as her highlights to date. Jackie has made many solo appearances in the NCH and works regularly on television and radio. With husband Sean, she sings as part of the group Avoca and works as a backing vocalist on the session scene. She teaches music at Our Lady’s School in Rathnew.

RITA KEALY Dublin-born Rita originally trained and danced with the famous choreographer Alice Dalgarno. As a professional dancer she appeared in all of Dublin’s major theatres, in a variety of shows. She has worked in films and television, including many RTE light entertainment shows. Turning to choreography, Rita has worked with countless musical societies throughout the country. Recognition has come in the form of many endorsements including ‘Best Choreographer’ at the Waterford International Festival of Light Opera on four separate occasions and also similar awards from AIMS. Rita has choreographed several national finalists in the popular John Player Tops of the Town’ competition. Most recently she has choreographed many shows and concerts for the Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society and the Glasnevin Musical Society at the Gaiety and National Concert Hall, together with the ‘Bank of Ireland Proms’ for RTE. Her work has also been seen on the stages of the Grand Opera House, Belfast and several seasons with the lORC at the Cork Opera House. She recently choreographed the very successful Me and My Girl for the lORC at the Olympia Theatre. Admired for the vitality and dedication of her work, Rita has also given workshops to a variety of groups countrywide. Rita is delighted to be back with the R & R for their 1999 Spring concert.

Part O ne

Presente 5

THE DESERT SONG Garry Montaine & Men’s Chorus Sandra Kelly & Chorus Frank Beadle, Martin Briody & Men’s Chorus Peter Lewis & Chorus

R iff Song* French M arching Song Eastern Western Love One Alone

THE STUDENT PRINCE To the Inn We’re M arching D rinking Song Serenade Deep in M y Heart

Men’s Chorus Peter Lewis & Men’s Chorus Paul Kelly & Chorus Sandra Kelly, Paul Kelly & Chorus

Jimm^ D i x o n

Par t T w o

THE MUSIC MAN 76 Trombones

Chorus & Dancers

OLIVER Where is Love I t ’s a Fine Life Reviewing the Situation Consider Yourself a t Home

Christopher Stewart or Oisin McNamara Fiona Murphy, Chorus & Dancers Garry Montaine Chorus

THE DANCING YEARS The Wings o f Sleep M y Life Belongs to You

Sandra Kelly, Fiona Murphy Paul Kelly & Chorus


THE MEW MOON Wanting You

Sandra Kelly & Chorus

Fiona Murphy MACK & MABEL I W on’t Send Roses* Time Heals Everything

THE BOY FRIEND W on’t You Charleston w ith Me I t ’s Never Too Late The B oy Friend

Niamh Flanagan, Joh n McCall & Dancers Melanie Keating, Jim m y Dixon Chorus


Garry Montaine Fiona Murphy

THE SOUND OF MUSIC The Sound o f M usic Clim b Every M ountain

Chorus Chorus


Someone to Watch Over Me

GAY DIVORCE Night and Day*

Mary Flaherty

Fiona Murphy, Paul Kelly Sandra Kelly, Jim m y Dixon & Chorus

I Have Dreamed Shall We Dance

SOUTH PACIFIC Garry Montaine

This Nearly Was M ine*

OKLAHOMA! Oh What a Beautiful M orning

ME & MY GIRL Me & M y G irl Leaning on a Lam p Post The Lambeth Walk

Jim m y Dixon, Niamh Flanagan Paul Kelly & Dancers Jim m y Dixon, Lisa Kelly, Chorus & Dancers

Oklahom a! - Finale

Garry Montaine & Chorus

Paul Kelly & Chorus Full Company

INTERVAL *Saturday March 2 7th - Philip Byrne

*Saturday March 27th - Philip Byrne


Romberg to Rodgers Gentlemens Chorus Frank Beadle

B rendan Galvin

Richard More O ’Ferrall

Frank Brennan

Barney G orm an

Brian Newell

Martin Briody

J o h n Keegan

Robbie Power

Dorn Carroll

Tom Ladd

Derek Ryan

Liam Carroll

Adam Lewis

Shay Ryan

Cian C ondon

Peter Lewis

J o h n S w eetm an

Eddie Corry

Michael McFall

Ladies’ Chorus Im elda Bradley

Michelle Foynes

Lisa Kelly

Lynn B ranagan

Lorraine Frewen

Ruth Kirwan

Ruth Cahill

Eileen Gildea

Aoife Lawless

Deirdre Connolly

Antoinette Heery

Lorna M aher

Lisa Costello

Jacin ta Heslin

Treasa Ni Mhiochain

M argaret Dickson

J e a n H um phries

J o a n O ’Malley

Mary Flaherty

Mary Beth Je n n in g s

Kim S h ee h a n

Niamh Flanagan

Melanie Keating

N aoise Stuart-Kelly

Siobhan Flood

Dancers O o n ag h Barrett, Ger Nolan, Audrey Nolan, Orla Savage

RAYMOND BARROR Ray Barror com es from one of Dublin’s best known musical families and is a leading performer with the R&R, Irish Concert Artists and Glasnevin Musical Society. His career has em braced Revue, Pantomime, Restoration Comedy and Musicals. He has played leading roles in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas including The Duke of Plaza Toro in The Gondoliers, The Judg e in Trial b y Jury and his favourite part, Koko in The Mikado. His recent appearances on The Late Late S how showed his comic style to great effect and has resulted in many guest appearances throughout the country. He toured Ireland recently with Opera Theatre Company’s production of The Dublin Mood adapted by Gerry Stembridge from Wienerblut by Strauss, for which he received exceptional reviews.

FRANK BEADLE Frank won a scholarship to the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama in 1994 studying under Mary Brennan and Deborah Kelleher. Since then he has sung m any leading tenor roles in College productions including ‘1st Sailor’ (Dido & Aeneas) and excerpts from West Side Story, Showboat, The Magic Flute and The Marriage o f Figaro. In 1997 he won the Tenor Solo in the RDS Feis Ceoil. He joined the R & R for their production of S h ow boat and sang the role of the Russian Tenor in their recent production of Fiddler on the Roof. This year he was joint runner-up in the Robert McCullagh Bursary.

MARTIN BRIODY Martin joined the Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society in its current season. He recently returned to Ireland from the OK where he performed in a wide range of operas and m usicals, notably in Orpheus in the Underw orld by Offenbach in a production by West Bridgford Operatic Society in Nottingham. Martin has also been active as a recitalist and has given several concerts, performing music by Schum ann, Schubert, Ivor Gurney, Peter Warlock and others, accom panied by the pianist Antony Clare. Currently he studies voice with Veronica Dunne having previously studied with Pamela Cook. He also sings with the Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin and is completing a Ph.D. on Aspects of Twentieth Century Music from the University of Nottingham.

JIMMY DIXON Jim m y began his stage appearances in Wexford, playing a variety of parts. Following this he spent a year touring the USA with the international musical group “Up With People”. Over the past fifteen years he has performed roles with many societies in Dublin. Appearances with the R & R since 1987 have been many and varied. Shows include Hello Dolly, Show boat, Fiddler on the R oof and Kiss Me Kate. In Gilbert & Sullivan he has played the Major General in The Pirates of Penzance and the Duke of Plaza Toro in The Gondoliers. He is delighted to be returning to the National Concert Hall for another Spring Season, this being his fourth concert as compere.

MARY FLAHERTY Mary has been interested in singing from an early age. She has studied with Veronica Dunne and Evelyn Dowling in the past and is currently studying with Mary Brennan. She has perform ed on num erous occasions including narrator in Jo seph an d the A m azing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Golde in Fiddler on the R oof and Maria in The Sound o f Music. Mary played the part of F rum a-Sarah in last year’s production of Fiddler on the R oof

NIAMH FLANAGAN Niamh trained at the Billie Barry Stage School and has m uch professional experience to her credit in theatre, cabaret, television and radio productions throughout Ireland. She has been an active m em ber of the R & R for two years now, and thoroughly enjoyed playing the part of Ellie May Chipley in the R & R’s production of Sh o w b oa t in the Gaiety Theatre in 1997.

MELANIE KEATING Melanie studied speech and dram a with Rosalind Lloyd and singing with Professor Paul Deegan at the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Melanie has worked with many dram a groups and musical societies. With the Kilmacud Musical Society she performed the title role in Irene, and for her role as ‘Ado Annie’ in Oklahoma! she was nom inated for an AIMS Best Comedienne Award. She won the Best Actress Award in the Arklow Drama Festival for her title role in the Greek tragedy Antigone and played ‘Laura’ in The Glass Menagerie which won the Best Overall Play Award in the festival the following year. Melanie has taken part in several R & R productions. Her leading roles with the Society include ‘Gertie’ in Oklahoma!, ‘Winnie Tate’ in Annie Get Your Gun. and Tzeitel in last year’s production of Fiddler on the Roof.

LISA KELLY Over the last year Lisa gave lunchtime recitals in the National Concert Hall with Landow Productions: The Magic of Gershwin and the Magic of Cole Porter, and was a runnerup in the finals of the Moore Singer of the Year 1998 Competition with Kevin Hough, broadcast on RTE. She is a m em ber of SMCO since 1995, and played the part of ‘Velma Kelly’ in their production of Chicago in 1997, which won the ‘Best Overall Show’ Award in the Bangor Festival of Light Opera and has also played the parts of ‘Frenchie’ and ‘Sandy’ in Grease, ‘Sarah Brown in Guys & Dolls, ‘Gilmer’ in Godspell and ‘Hodel’ in Fiddler on the Roof, with a junior dram a group. Lisa has participated in the Feis Ceoil for m any years and has won num erous medals. She played the part of Hodel in R & R’s production of Fiddler on the R oof ar\d also cam e joint second in the R & R Bursary. At present, she teaches piano and is also in the process of completing a teaching diploma with the Ballyfermot College of Music while studying singing in the Leinster School of Music with Kathryn Smyth. Lisa runs her own Folk Group in Knocklyon and sings at weddings throughout the year.

PAUL KELLY Paul Kelly studied with Dr. Veronica Dunne at the College of Music, Dublin and has won many prizes for his singing including the John McCormack Cup at the Feis Ceoil. Paul has sung roles in operas by Handel, Mozart, Smetana and Poulenc and has many roles to his credit in light opera. Equally at home on the concert platform , he has given several song and lieder recitals and has regularly featured in performances of oratorio. He is well known to Dublin audiences for his with the Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society has sung Col. Fairfax, Nanki Poo and Frederick and Sullivan repertoire as well as appearing in concerts at the National Concert Hall.

appearances for whom he in the Gilbert several of its

SANDRA KELLY Sandra was born in Dublin and studies singing with Mary Brennan and Alison Young at the College o f Music Dublin. This year’s winner of the Gold Medal for singing at the College, Sandra has also won several prizes at the Dublin Feis Ceoil, including the Derm ot Troy Trophy for oratorio, the Ford-Taylor Prize for G ilbert & Sullivan and the Rathmines & Rathgar Cup. She has performed with many m usical societies around the country playing roles as diverse as Adele in Die Fledermaus to Sarah Brown in Guys & Dolls. Sandra performs regularly in cabaret, concerts and oratorio and was the soprano soloist at the re-opening o f the National Gallery, Dublin. She has also performed at the Bank of Ireland Arts Centre. Radio work includes playing the role of Laurey in The Gay B ym e S how production o f Oklahoma!. Sandra has also performed operatic roles in the National Concert Hall. These roles include the Queen o f the Night and Gretel in excerpts from The M agic Flute and Hansel & Gretel. Sandra played the part of Magnolia in the R & R’s recent production of Showboat in the Gaiety.

PETER LEWIS Peter studied voice with the late Frank Cowle and won major competitions in the Feis Ceoil. He has sung many Gilbert & Sullivan roles including Pish-Tush and Pooh-Bah in The Mikado, and Leonard Merrill and Bosun in Yeomen and Pinafore respectively. He has appeared as a soloist in The Gay B ym e Gala Concerts and recent AIMS concerts at the NCH and Mansion House. Peter is an established member of the R & R and has played many leading roles with the Society at the NCH and Gaiety Theatre. He is a soloist on the recent R & R recordinq Curtain Call. He played Marco in the recent production of The Gondoliers at the NCH.

GARRY MONTAINE As a baritone Garry has appeared in Dublin and around the country, playing major roles as diverse as ‘Finch’ in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying to ‘Tevye’ in Fiddler on the Roof. Born in Dublin, he became a member of the popular Young Peoples Theatre Group and has appeared in their productions to date including Plaza Suite (Jessie Kipplinger) and Nicholas Nickelby (Lord Hawke and other roles). He has won many awards for his work as an actor and singer. He studied with Dr. Veronica Dunne at The Leinster School of Music and Professor Paul Deegan at the RlA/^l. He appeared in the Opera Theatre Company’s production of Mahogany Spongspiel for the Dublin Theatre Festival and Sceanarios production of In Company with Sondheim staged at the National Concert Hall. He appeared with D’Oyly Carte Opera Company, playing ‘Poo-Bah’ and ‘Wilfred Shadbolt’ in their productions of The Mikado and the Yeomen o f the Guard (which has been recorded for TER/EMl), at Sadlers Wells, London and the Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham. Television and radio include The Late Late Show , Live at 3, Theatre Nights all for RTF. ‘Shadbolt’ in Yeomen o f the Guard and ‘Pooh-Bah’ in The Mikado for BBC Television. Garry’s most recent productions include ‘Ramades’ in the Risen People at the Gaiety Theatre. ‘Henry Higgins’ in My Fair Lady at the Gaiety Theatre, ‘Jo e Keller’ in All m y Sons at the Andrew Lane Theatre, ‘Emile’ in South Pacific at the Gaiety Theatre, ‘Sam Byck’ in Assassins at the Beckett Theatre, ‘Kruschev’ in JFK at the Olympia Theatre, ‘Dancairo’ in Carmen at NCH, and completed a twelve week run playing ‘The Man’ in B uskin’ at the Tivoli Theatre and the Opera House, Cork. Garry played the part of Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof last year.

FIONA MURPHY Fiona Murphy was born in Dublin and com m enced her vocal training with Irene Thom pson at Kylemore College. Highly successful in competitive singing, Fiona has won several awards in Feiseanna. In 1995 she won the coveted Olive W atson Young Singer Award in Belfast. She was also the recipient of the Drawingroom Ballad Cup, and the Pearl Atock Trophy for the Mezzo Soprano class in 1998 Feis Ceoil, Dublin. Fiona is in regular dem and for concert work and has appeared many times at the National Concert Hall. Most recently she enjoyed a Gala Performance of Opera alongside som e of Ireland’s best known singers. Experienced in musical theatre also, Fiona has apeared with the Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society on previous occasions. In 1997, she played the part of Julie La Verne in their production of Show boat. She is delighted to be working with them again. Future work this year includes playing the role of Mrs. Herring in Benjamin Britten’s Opera Albert Herring, which will be staged in May. Fiona recently graduated from University College Dublin, with an Honours Bachelors Degree reading Music and English. She is currently pursuing advanced vocal studies with her singing teacher Irene Thom pson, and her repetiteur/accompanist, Jeannie Reddin.

JOHN McCALL Since first taking to the stage at the age of eleven, J o h n has been heavily involved in both acting and singing. His successes on stage include ‘Kurt von Trapp’ in The Sound o f M usic’ and also Tevye’ in a junior production of Fiddler on the Roof. He has also performed for MYTh (Musical Youth Theatre) of Wicklow Town, playing ‘Zebulun’ in Joseph and the Am azing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Jo h n m ade his first appearance with the R & R last season as Fyedka in Fiddler on the R oof

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We are delighted to announce our Autumn Production

by Rodgers & Hammerstein AT THE

G a ie t y T heatre Tuesday October 26th to Saturday November 6th, 1999

A salon professional hair 'care and treatment' range

beautiful hair begins with bonacure

centred around the true needs of your hair.

Schwa r z k ^ f P R O F E S S I O N A L

Phone Berni at 0 1 478 5131 for your nearest stockist.

COLM O ’NEILL ENGINEERING SE R V IC E S LTD. WHITE SWAN BUSINESS CENTRE, GREENVILLE AVE., DUBLIN 8. Phone: 4 54 1377; Fax: 4 5 3 1187 S p e c i a l i s t s i n t h e I n s t a i .l a t i o n a n d M a i n t e n a n c e OF


e a t in g

V e n t il a t io n A l R C O N D lT l O N lN G AND


l u m b in g

I n st a l l a t io n s

In a society that’s genuinely mutual, everyone gains.

Badgers are an extrem ely social anim al an d their closely knit community ensures the mutual benefit of all its members. EBS w orks on similar principles. EBS is ow ned by its custom ers, and run for th eir benefit. This m eans a higher return on savings and lower m ortgage rates, particularly over the long term . That's w h at being a m em ber o f a m utual building society is all about.


Passing value back to the customer - and only the cus­ tomer. Like the badgers we w o rk together. So, w heth er you're saving, investing or buying a home, you 're better off in the long run w ith EBS. To find out m ore ab o u t how you can benefit by doing business with EBS, drop into your local EBS office or call « E B S D I R E C T » o n 1850 6 5 4 3 21.


You’re b etter off in the long run. Chief Office: P.O. Box 76, 30 /34 W estmoreland Street, Dublin 2.

HEALY FOOD INGREDIENTS Servicing Irish Food Industry with a comprehensive range of food ingredients. Proud to support the arts. Best wishes to the R & R HCL House, Cookstown Ind. Est., Tallaght, Dublin 24. Tel: 404 9200 Fax: 404 9201 ns&i I.S./1S0 9002/EN 29002

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