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I’ll See You Again --------------------------------------presented b y -------------------------------------

The Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society

The National C oncert Hall 17th - 23rd March 1989





UNIT 55A, DUBLIN INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, GLASNEVIN, DUBLIN 11. Telephone: (01) 304299 (4 lines)

The Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society; Presents

I'll See You Again with music from the shows of

Noel Coward, Ivor Novel Io • Vincent Youmans R udolf Friml Ralph Benatsk}^ & Robert S tolz •

Chorus & Principals with Patrick C am pbell (Narrator) A n to in ette Carroll Marie Hogan Ted i?yan

Barixira Graham Peter Lewis A n n e Maria S m ith

Heather Hewson Garry M ountaine Roderick Tierneii

Imelda Bradley), Joan Brittan, A n n e Crossen, A n n e Marie Curran. Brendan Galuin, Henrii Kenned];, Robert McKevitt, Toni; Sweeni>.

W ritten and Devised by John Allen Music Director, Gearoid Grant Staging and Choreography, Dex McGloughlin C horus Master, H eather Hewson

N A T I O m L C O N C E R T HALL Friday 1 7th & Thursday 2 3 March incl. 1 9 8 9

‘The ^ tfitn in e s & ^ tfig a r MtisicaC Society Presents

In tfu Qaiety H ^a tre ^rom 14 th 9{gvem6er to 25tfi 9{pvcm6er 1989

I’ll See You Again - The Dancing Years of Coward, Novello and Friends. Such are the diversity and talents o f this evening’s composers that it would be impossible to give the full history o f their many brilliant and entertaining works. Space merely allows us to take a brief glimpse at the world of operetta and musical comedy as portrayed by Coward, Novello and friends. Noel Coward first stepped onto the professional stage in 1911 at the age o f 12. This was to be the beginning of a love affair with the world of music and theatre which lasted right up until his death in 1973. He tried his hand, successfully, at everything - writing, directing, composing, acting, singing and producing. His different styles caught different atmospheres - as a playwright of manners he beautifully caught the clipped speech and brittle lifestyle o f the generation which emerged from World War I with disillusion and agnosticism; his songs and revue sketches also struck the world weary note of his times. And Coward had yet another style, sentimental but theatrically effective, which he used for romantically backward glancing musicals and for plays constructed around patriotism or some other presumably serious theme. Having stepped onto the stage at the age of 12, Coward took up writing in earnest in the early twenties with such light comedies as "I’ll Leave It To You"(1920) and "The Young Idea”(1923). His reputation as a playwright was firmly established with the appearance in 1924 o f "The V ortex". "Hayfever" came out in 1925 and the next few years were taken up with more plays and the production of the book, music and lyrics of several revues culminating in 1929 with the appearance of his most popular musical "B ittersw eet". A man who could rival Noel Coward’s reputation as the most versatile man o f theatre is Ivor Novello who was born David Ivor Davies in 1893. His mother was the celebrated W elsh singing teacher Dame Clara Novello. After his education at Magdalen College in Oxford, Novello became famous with a phenomenally successful wartime song 'Keep the Home Fires Burning' (1915). Like Coward he went on to try his hand at acting, writing, directing, composing - all with equal success. His greatest musical success included "Glamourous N ight" (performed 1936); “The Dancing Years" (performed 1936); "Perchance To Dream" (performed 1945) and "King’s Rhapsody" (performed 1939), all of which had lyrics written by Christopher Hassall. The strong European influences this evening come from the pen o f (Charles) Rudolf Friml who was bom in Prague in 1879. Having studied under the Czech composer Dvorak at the Pargue Conservatory, Friml served as piano accompanist for the violinist Jan Kubelik in Europe and the USA, w here he rem ained from 1906. In 1912 he was hired to replace Victor Herbert as composer o f a proposed operetta as a vehicle for the singer Emma Trentini. The resulting piece "The Firefly”, with book and lyrics by Otto Harbach was hugely successful. Friml achieved his greatest popularity in the twenties with musicals such as “Rose M arie” (1924 - with book and lyrics by Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein II) which is best remembered for the song 'Indian Love Call’; 'T h e Vagabond K ing” (1925 - with book and lyrics by Brian Hooker and W.H. Post) with its popular songs 'Only a Rose' and 'Some D ay’. This was followed by "The Three Musketeers" (book and lyrics by Clifford Grey and P.G. Wodehouse) in 1928. From 1934 he turned his attention to the world o f motion pictures. His last important song 'The D onkey Serenade' (Composed with Herbert Stothart; words by Chet Forrest & Bob White) was interpolated into a film version o f "The Firefly” in 1937. W e hope you enjoy this evening’s look at the multi-talented world of the legends Coward, Novello and Friends. Ashling K ito y P.R.O.

A s u b s id ia r y o f Hilfon H o te ls USA

Opening Autumn 1989 opposite the National Concert Hall

EARLSFORT C entre (DEVELOPMENTS) Promoter of the project

Earlsfort Court, Earlsfort Centre, Dublin 2, Ireland Telephone: (01 )6 l 97 78/61 97 79, Fax: (01) 61 97 17.

PAT CAMPBELL Pat C a m p b e l l is well k n ow n to R & R audiences, being a p erfo rm in g m e m b e r since joining the Society in 1945. H e h a s play ed m an y leading roles in the Society's Shows at th e G a ie ty T h e a tre particularly in the G ilb ert & Sullivan o p e r a s. Pat has b e e n th e " P r e s e n t e r ” o f all six previous R & R P ro d u c tio n s at th e N ational C o n c ert Hall to g e th e r with playing th e Ju d g e in Trial b y Jury in 1983, W . S. G ilb ert in 1984 ( A n E ven in g with Mr. Gilbert & M r. Sullivan) an d S igm und R o m b e r g ( R o m b e r g & R o m a n c e ) in 1987,

ANNE M A R IA S M IT H (Soprano) A n n e M a ria S m ith, is on e o f I re la n d ’s most ta le n te d y o ung singers. She b egan h e r studies in the C ollege of M usic. D u b lin , an d is no w w orking u n d e r the direction of the in tern atio n ally r e n o w n e d m e zzo -so p ran o , B e rn a d e tte G reev y . S he has also stu d ied with R o b e r t Keys. C o n v e n t G a r d e n , L a u ra F rancescinni, R o m e a n d recently with T o m K rau se, M a rle n a M a las an d D anielle O r l a n d o at th e E u r o ­ p ean C e n tr e for O p e r a a n d V ocal S tudies in A ld e n B iesen, Belgium . A s a m e m b e r o f St. A gnes C h o r a l Society in h er native city o f Belfast, she played Eliza in M y Fair L a d y and O tto lin e in W hite H o rse Inn, both at th e Belfast Civic A rts T h e a tre . R e cently she r e tu rn e d to th e world o f shows to play K a te in Kiss M e Kate, an d th en Julie in the R & R p ro d u c tio n o f J e ro m e K e r n ’s S h o w b o a t in Dublin.

B A R B A R A G R A H A M (Soprano) B a rb a r a G r a h a m has stu d ied at the C ollege of M usic and s u b s eq u en tly at th e R .I .A .M . H e r m usical ca re e r includes guest a p p e a r a n c e s in Cabaret, co ncerts to o ra to rio w o r k , as well as a w ide variety o f show s in D u b lin an d o t h e r parts o f the co u n try . Since jo ining th e R & R in 1967 she has a p p e a r e d regularly in the se aso n s o f G & S at th e G aiety T h e a tre , w here she has p la y e d m ost o f th e leading so p ra n o roles.


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HEATHER HEWSON H e a t h e r is a leading artiste with the R a th m in es an d R a th g a r and is well k n ow n fo r h er p o rtray als o f such G ilb ert & Sullivan roles as K ates h a, L ady Ja n e an d the D u ch ess of Plaza T o r o . A lso ren o w n e d for her p erfo rm an ce in such m usicals as S o u th Pacific, M y Fair L a d y, Gigi an d recently as G o ld ie in Fiddler o n the R oof. H e a t h e r has t a k e n p art in m any plays an d won individual a w ard s in D r a m a Festivals on several occasions. She has recen tly c o m p le te d a fo u r y ear course in Trinity College in D u b lin , leading to a B .A . M o d e ra to r D e g re e in Music and D r a m a Studies.

MARIE HOGAN M a rie H o g an s tu d ie d at U C D w here she o b ta in e d a B .A . D e g r e e in M usic a n d English. She is now studying at the College o f Music u n d e r D r. V ero n ica D u n n e . M a rie has w on the T h o m a s M o o re a n d G e r t r u d e MorrisG r a n t T ro p h ie s in the Feis Maitiu a n d in the Feis Ceoil has w o n the J u n i o r R o s e b o w l, M a rg a r e t B u rk e-S h erid an R o s e b o w l and th e G erv ase Elw es C u p , th e P lu n k e tt G r e e n e C u p f o r i n te r p re ta tio n and th e F re n ch a n d M a h ler Cups. In 1982 she w on th e vocal section o f the R T E Musician of th e F u tu re C o m p e titio n and has su n g in m an y College p ro d u ctio n s. R e cen tly she p lay ed th e p art o f M a ria in D A Y M S p ro d u ctio n o f West Side S to ry and M a g n olia in the R a th m i n e s & R a th g a r Musical Society's p ro d u ctio n o f S h o w b o a t in th e G a ie ty T h e a tre .

TED RYAN (Tenor) T e d h a s a p p e a r e d in every R & R ou ting t o th e N C H to -d ate. H e h as b e e n the Society’s lead in g te n o r for so m e tim e a n d has a long list o f success in G & S roles, to his credit. H a v in g tra in e d in th e R o y al Irish A c a d e m y an d M u n icipal C o lleg e, T e d has also h a d som e o p e ra tic and o r a to rio success in his c a r e e r an d w as a w in n er o f the lead in g m ale voice a w ard o f the W a te r f o rd Festival o f Light O p e r a for his p o r tra y a l o f L ion el in F lo to w ’s M artha. O t h e r o p e r a tic successes include T am in o in th e M agic Flute an d D o n J o s e in B i z e t ’s C arm en. H e has a p p e a r e d o n n u m e ro u s occasio n s with th e D G O S . But we forgive h im for these b r ie f lapses of loyalty to th e R & R o f which h e has b een B usin ess S ecretary fo r th e p ast four years.







THEGENUINEGERMAN PLS Comans Wholesale Ltd., Irish Agents fo r Moisten Piis.

GARRY MOUNTAINE Garry M ountaine entered the music business as a boy soprano, winning various feis competitions throughout Ireland. His previous appearances with the R & R were as Will P arker in Oklahom a and as Torry Keeler in A nnie Get Your Gun. Garry is at present studying under Paul Deegan at the R .I.A .M .

RODERICK TIERNEY Roderick Tierney first appeared for the Society in 1937 in the chorus of The Pirates o f Penzance and H. M. S. Pinafore. The first of many principal parts played by him was D o n A1 H am bra del Bolero in The Gondoliers in N ovem ber, 1938. Since then he has appeared as principal in over fifty pro­ ductions, culminating in what many consider to be his most outstanding role as Alfred P. Doolittle in My Fair Lady. It is of interest to know in connection with the present production that he played the part of Captain August Lutte in all four production by the Society of Noel C oward’s Bitter Sweet. H e is an honorary life m em ber of the Society and form er H onorary General Secretary and Chairman of the Executive Committee.

PETER LEWIS Peter Lewis studied singing with Frank Cowle and won Feis Ceol Gold medals in 1973 and 1974. Since then he has sung many principal roles with the R & R, mainly in Gilbert & Sullivan. O f these, most notable would be Pish Tush in The M ikado on several occasions, the Bosun in H. M. S. Pinafore on two occasions and recently as Avran in Fiddler on the Roof.

I'll See You Again Part One

Narrator: Pot Campbell

Part Two

White Horse inn

Bitter Sweet

I'll See You Again


No, No, Nanette

The White Horse Inn Good-Bye

Marie Hogan, Chorus / Dancers Garry Mountaine / Chorus

Words and Music

Flappers Are We

Dancers / Chorus

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Pat Campbell



Mrs. Worthington

Pat Campbell

Ttie Vagabond King


Only A Rose Song of the Vagabonds

Rose Marie

No No Nanette

The Mountles Rose Marie Indian Love Call

G arr/ Mountaine / Chorus Peter Lev^^ls Marie Hogan, Peter Lev\/is & Chorus

I Want To Be Happy

Marie Hogan / Peter Lev^/'ls Peter Lev\/is / Chorus Barbara Graham, Pat Campbell / Dancers

Set To Music

I've Been To A Marvellous Party Heather Hev\/son



Sigti No More

I Wonder What Happened To Him

Roderick Tierney

Glamorous Night Shine Through My Dreams


The Stately Homes of England

Giannorous Niglit

Brendan Galvin, Henry Kennedy, Robert McKevitt, Tony Sv\/eeny


Anne Marla Smith Ted Ryan

Perctiance To Dream

Love Is My Reason For Living We'll G ather Lilacs

Barbara Graham Barbara Graham / Chorus

Ace Of Ciubs

Ttie Dancing Years

Waltz of my Heart My Life Belongs to You Primrose I Can Give You The Starlight My Deorest Dear The Leap Year Waltz

Anne Maria Smith / Chorus Ted Ryan, / Chorus Antoinette Carroll / Dancers Anne Marla Smith / Chorus Ted Ryan Dancers




Three Juvenile Delinquents

Heather Hewson, Pat Campbell, Robert McKevitt

Narration Bitter Sweet

Ladies Of The Tovi^n The Last Dance Green Carnations

imelda Bradley, Joan Brittan, Antoinette Carroll, Anne Crossen, Anne Marie Curran Chorus Brendan Galvin, Henry Kennedy, Robert McKevitt, Tony Svi/eeny

Tol<ay I'll See You Again

Garry Mountaine / Chorus Anne Maria Smith, Ted Ryan / Chorus

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Shows & Composers Noel Coward

Vincent Younnans

Bitter Sweet Sighi No More Operette Words And M lbIc

No No Nanette

Rudolf Friml The Vogabord King Rose Marie (With Herbert Stothart)

Ivor Novello The Dancing Years Giamorous Night Perchance To Dream

Ralph Benatsky & Robert Stolz White Horse inn

Ladies of the Chorus Imeida Bradiey, Joan Brittan, Kathy Byrne, Joanna Cam pbeli, Antoinette Carroii, Joan Cavanagh, Deirdre Connoiiy, Anne Crossen, Orla Cunningham, Anne Marie Curran, M argaret Dicl<son, Dympna Egar, Rosemary Fitzgeraid, Micheie Foynes, Nuaia Garton, Eiieen G iidea, Eveiyn Hearns, Yvonne Higgins, Eiaine Horan, Catherine Martin, Marion M egannety, Noreen Moiioy, Patricia Moore, M argaret McAiiister, Angela McBrien, Micheie O'Byrne, Ursula O'Byrne, Dodo O'Hagan, Lorraine O'Haiioran, Eva Staveley, Maura Sweeney, Margaret Tlmoney, Solly Young.

Gentlemen of the Chorus Frank Brennan, Dom Carroll, Eddie Corry, Denis Deasy, Robert Doyle, Bill Eliffe, Brendan Galvin, Martin Galvin, Patrick Garton, Barney Gorman, Joe Griffin, Henry Kennedy, Tom Ladd, Peter Lewis, Frank Murray, Michael McFall, Robert McKevitt, Rorxan O'Hara, Ted Ryan, Larry Shelley, Tony Sweeny, Ary Van Oosten, Paschal Walsh, Paddy Yeats.

Dancers Fergus Beary, Aldan Bushel, Jenny Manly, Natasha Keamey, Gerry McCann, Laonie McGloughlin, Niamh-Ann McGloughlin, Una Mason, Bairbre Murphy, Leo O'Kennedy, Demnot Snedker, Mary Snedker, John Staunton, Gerry Stone.

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For Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society President, Clem Ryan Chairman & Honorary General Secretary, Stephen A. Paul Honorary Treasurer, Bernard Cullen Honorary Business Secretary, Ted Ryan Assistant Honorary Treasurer, Dodo O'Hagan Honorary Marketing Secretary, Ronan O'Hara Honorary Booking Secretary, Catherine Ryan Assistant Honorary Booking Secretary, M alcom M cC am bridge Honorary Production Secretary, Brendan Galvin Public Relations Officer, Ashling Kilroy Honorary Social Secretary, Barbara Graham Rehearsals Secretary, Eva Staveley Wardrobe Master, Arthur Salmon Wardrobe Mistress, Dym phna Bevin Honorary Stage Management, Nora O 'R ourke

BLOCK BOOKING ENQUIRIES R&R 67 Upper Rathmines Road, Dublin 6. Tel: 971577

TONY SWEENY First p e r fo r m e d with the R & R in 1958 with their p r o d u c tio n o f Bittersweet. He studied voice training with the late D en is N oble in th e R .l .A .M . and since then has a p p e a r e d in m any stage an d concert prod u ctio n with the Society a n d o t h e r groups. Fie has also played roles with Noel P e a r so n an d E a m o n n A n d rew s S tudio P roductions an d h as to u r e d extensively in Ireland a n d the U nited States for se v era l years with th e S hannon Castle Singers based in K n a p p o g u e C astle, Co. Clare.

ROBERT McKEVITT R o b e r t McKevitt joined the R & R in 1978 as Sgt. Meryl! in Y eom an o f the Guard, but was already quite an experienced p erfo rm er having m ade his debut in the G aiety T h eatre as long ago as 1949 with Old Belvedere Musical an d D ram atic Society. H e has appeared in vari­ ous roles with m any o f the Dublin musical societies. W ith th e R & R , B ob has been m ore prom inent in the Bass G & S roles, b u t his most recent appearance with the Society was as Joe in Sh ow boat last Novem ber. B o b says he is very p r o u d to be a second g en e ra tio n R & R m e m b e r as his f a th e r was w ith the S ociety in t h e 1920s. R o b e r t a p p e a r e d in L e m e r & L o ew e a t the N a t i o n a l C o n c e r t Flail in M a rch this year.



HENRY KENNEDY H e n ry K e n n ed y stu d ied p iano at th e R e e d School in D u b lin , sub seq u en tly w inning a scholarship to O u n d le School in N o r th a m p to n w here he studied percussion with th e school o rc h e stra . T his eventually led to his p a r ­ ticipation in two co ncerts at the R oyal Festival H all as a p ercu ssion player with the L o n d o n S enior O rchestra. H e jo i n e d the R & R in 1971 and has since a p p e a r e d in m any roles m ost recently as Vallon in Show b oa t.

BRENDAN GALVIN B r e n d a n h as p l a y e d in all o f the soc iety ’s p roductions since he jo in e d som e tw enty years ago. For th e p a s t t e n y ears h e h a s se rved as H o n o r a ry P ro d u c tio n Secretary, a n d has h ad a m a jo r im pact o n all t h e s o c ie ty ’s p ro d u c tio n s. H e h a s a p a rtic u la r in te re st in the G ilb e r t & Sullivan o p erettas, and has played m an y roles in o u r G & S p r e s e n ta tio n s .




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ANTOINETTE CARROLL M e m b e r o f th e R & R since 1983. A p p e a r e d as M a rg o t in W h itehall Musical S ociety prod u ctio n o f The Desert S o n g in 1988. A ls o in the sa m e year p layed the title role in B aldoyle M usical S ociety p ro d u c tio n o f Little M a ry Su nshine which w on th e best show aw a rd at the B a n g o r Light O p e r a Musical Festival last year. She is at p re s e n t studying with E velyn D ow ling.

DEX McGLOUGHLIN D ex is a registered te a c h e r o f ballet a n d m o d e rn d a n c ­ ing L S .T .D . an d ru n s h e r ow n school in D u b lin , w here she specialises in classical a n d m o d e rn dancing. She has lectu red in c h o re o g ra p h y for A IM S b o t h at N atio n al and R e g io n a l level a n d to d ate has w orked o n M y Fair Lady, So uth Pacific, N o , N o , N an ette and F iddler on the R oo f. She w o n th e c h o re o g ra p h y aw ard fo r Hello D olly and F in ia n ’s R a in b o w . This is D e x ’s fo u rth season with th e R a th m in e s and R a th g a r.

G E A R 6 ID GRANT G e a r o i d G r a n t stu d ied m usic with the late D r. J. O 'R eilly in the C olleg e of M usic a n d g ra d u a te d w ith a.B .M us. from U . C . D . S u b se q u e n tly , he stu d ied c o nducting w ith, a m ong o t h e r s ,G e o r g e H u r st in L o n d o n . Since th e n he has w o rk ed as C o n d u c to r , Musical D ir e c to r an d a r ra n g e r for m o st Irish T h e a tric a l C o m p a n ie s in w orks ranging from M o z a rt to S o n d h e im . A t p re s e n t, he is resident c o n d u c to r with the R & R . G e a r o i d h a s a p p e a r e d as guest c o n d u c to r w ith the Irish C h a m b e r O r c h e s tr a , O u r L ady's C h o ra l Society and b o th th e R . T . E . S ym p h o n y a n d C o n c e rt orchestras.

R & R News The Society in 1988 celebrated the 75th A nniversary o f its foundataion with a year of very special events. It was a year o f great p ride and jo y for members o f the Society and its friends. The Society was honoured by the attendance o f His E xcellency the P resident of Ireland Dr. P.J. Hillery and the Lord M ayor of Dublin the Rt. H onourable Mr. Ben B riscoe T.D. at â&#x20AC;&#x153;Fiddler on the R o o f â&#x20AC;&#x2122; in N ovember. To these and to all the other great friends o f the Society we offer our sincere thanks for their support and encouragem ent. It is pleasin g to report that our prem ises at 67/69 U pper R athm ines R oad, which had been severely dam aged by fire, are com pletely refurbished and in full use again. A lot o f effort has been p u t into attracting new, young, active (perform ing) m em bers to the Society. T he 75th A nniversary Scholarship Scheme, the R obert M cC ullagh Bursary (see below), the Feis Cheoil R & R cup and Forde / T aylor prize have all contributed to increasing the young active m em bership to the R & R. New A ssociate Mem bers, G uarantors and S ponsors are alw ays particularly welcome. Special functions are held for them, and they contribute greatly to the running of the Society. Their con stan t support is an im portant factor in the success of the Society. The R & R is a member o f A.I.M.S. D u ra b ility to present new shows is very inhibited by the fact tha t they are initially restricted to professional production, and only released for am ateur production when the professional tours are com p leted .W e are pleased to announce that for the A utum n Season the Society w ill present "H ello D olly" for 2 weeks com m encing Tuesday 14th N ovem ber 1989 at the Gaiety Theatre. T he Society has not presented this show before. W e look forward to seeing you there.

THE ROBERT McCULLAGH BURSARY The Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society is the recipient of a very generous bursary from the Robert McCullagh family. The Bursary was made to honour Robert McCullagh, an esteemed life member and for many years a leading tenor of the Society, now retired. The Bursary was awarded on the recommendation o f the Adjudication Panel to the following; Ms Aisling Green Ms Joyce Tee van Mr. Paul McNamara. On this occasion the Bursary was made for a period of three years to be used to defray the cost of vocal training. The Society would like to record its gratitude to the Robert McCullagh family for initiating this very generous bursary and we regard it as an honour to be charged with its management. The foundation of the Bursary coincided with the 75th Anniversary o f the Society. S.A.F. (March 1989)

Associate Membership The Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society invites you to become an Associate Member. Our Associate Members are an important and valued part of our Society, and for an annual subscription of £40 enjoy significant benefits; 1. Two seats of their choice at both our Autumn and Spring Presentations, at no charge. 2. Priority booking facilities for all our presentations in advance of the general public. 3. Notification of all social functions during the year. 4. Associate Members take a majoe role in the affairs of the Society: they elect two of their members to the General Committee annually. The Association Members representatives are Mrs. Joan O ’Shaughnessy and Mr. Oliver Hill. The crippling financial costs involved in presenting two Seasons of shows each year could put the financial viability of the Society in jeopardy except for the loyal support of the active members, the associate members, o\ir friends and the public. For this we are very grateful. We would welcome you as an Associate Member.

Gift Tokens o f Associate Membership Available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I wish to become a member of the Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society.

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Signature -------------------------------------------------------------- Phone -------------Please hand to any member of the Society or send to our Assistant Honorary Treasurer; Ms. Dodo O’Hagan, 16 El Greco, St.James Court, Dublin 4.

The Society welcomes this opportunity to acknowledge the Generous and Continuing Support from our Friends ADM /Londis Allied Irish Bank pic. Allied Irish Finance pic. Am erican International Ins. Ltd. BP Ireland Ltd. Bank of Ireland Beamish & Crawford Ltd. Mr. Chris F. Bruton Campbell Conroy Hickey, Arcts. Paul Carroll & Co. Acctnts. Mr. Desm ond Cashell Mr. A nthony CoHins C o m an 's Wholesale Ltd. Coyle Hamilton Ltd. G. & T. Cram p ton Ltd. James Crean pic. The Cross Chemical Group DubUn Plywood & V eneer Co. Ltd. Educational Building Society Ergas Ltd. Ernst & Whinney Esso Ireland Ltd. Guinness Ireland Ltd. Gypsum Industries Ltd. Hibernian Insurance Co. pic. The Investment Bank of Ireland Ltd. Irish Distillers G roup Ltd. Jem m a Publications Ltd.

Johnson Brothers Ltd. The Jones Group Jones Lang W ootton Lenehan Thos. & Co. Ltd. Lisney & Son Lloyd Arm strong & Ramsey Ltd. Mrs. Pauline Massey McCulloguh Pigott Sean MacHale & Assoc. M clnerney Properties pic. Mercantile Credit Co. of Ireland Ltd. C. M orton & Sons Ltd. Karl D. Mullen, M R CO G National Irish Investment Bank New Ireland Assur. Co. Ltd. Noel McCabe Distributors Ltd. Nokia Limited Readymix Limited Mr. Dick Roche Royal Insurance G roup Mr. Ted Ryan Smurfit Ireland Mrs. H. Timoney Trinity Bank Ltd. W. P. & R. O. Holdings P. J. Walls (Dublin) Ltd. W aterford Glass Ltd.

The Society would also like to acknowledge the generous support o f The American Ireland Fund. The Society would like to invite contributions to its Rebuilding Fund to repair fire damage. For details contact Mr. Ted Ryan, Business Secretary, 67/69 U pper Rathm ines R d., DubUn 6. Donations to the Society in excess of ÂŁ100 by individuals and corporations qualify for tax relief under Section 32 of the Finance Act, 1984.

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G a llic D istrib uloj's L td .. G ow an House, Naas Road. D u b lin 12. Telephone: 5(W5K8. M em ber o f the G ow an G roup. A 100% Irish O w n e d C o m p a n y


* Under test conditions.




PHONE: 760251 765501 615511

Hamilton O sborne King



17 & I7A Castle Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin 3.

37 Clarem ont Road, Sandymount, D ublin 4.

Alma, Sandycove Avenue East, Sandycove.

WOMEN & PROPERTY SEMINAR H am ilton O sborne K in g are pleased to announce that they are h o ld in g a second Women and Property Seminar. O n: Saturday 1st A p ril, 1989. Venue: The B urlington H otel. T im e: 10.30 ^ - 1 .3 0 pm . Coologe, Brennanstown Road, Canickm ines, D ublin 18.

R e gistratio n: 10.15 am. ADM ISSIO N FREE

Kingsleigh, 25 G reenville Road, Blackrock, Co. D ublin.


14 Granite Hall, Dun Laoghaire, Co. D ublin.

69 The Elms, M ount M eriion Ave., Blackrock, Co. D u b lin

18 Henley Villas, Churchtown, D ublin 14.


1989 i'll see you again 17th 23rd march