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As part of their 75th Anniversary celebrations


Rathmines & Rathgar M usical Society

Tuesday 22nd Novem ber to S aturday 3rd Decem ber, 1988 at th e Gaiety Theatre, Dublin


A r d n a m o n a . B r e n n a n s to w n R oa d .

C edar M o unt. M o u n t Merrion.

S w ^ n n e r to n . Brighton R d .. Foxrock.

B e u lah. Harbour R o a d . Da/key.

A d a r e Manor. Limerick.

B o h o m e r . Malahide.


Laure l L o d g e . Foxrock.

5 T h e Cres cent. M o n k s to w n .

5 K no ck sinna Park. Foxrock.

/ D u n d e la Park. Sandt^coue.

1 R a t h d o w n Park. Terenure.

2 0 St. Hele ns Ro ad. B o o te r sto w n

C a m e lo t. Vico R o a d . K;7/iney.

1 0 S y d n e y A u e n u e . M o u n t Merrion.

Kenilworth H ou se . R a th m in e s .


Hamilton Osborne King

I Q k-

Ph: 760251/765501/615511


rrJ0lIj!iL f t


pre se n ts

Fiddler on th e Roof Fiddler on the Roof is based on Sholom Aleichem stories by special permission of Arnold Perl.

Book by J o se p h S tein Music by J e rry Bock Lyrics by S heldon H arnick

Music Director : G earoid G rant Chorus Master ; H eath er Hewson C horeographer & A ssistant to Producer : Dex M cGloughlin Stage Design : Alan F arquharson Costumes : W atts Ltd.

Entire Production : Jam es Belchamber


R A N K X ER O X (IRELA N D) LIMITED in their 25th year

Wish Every Success to Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society in their 75th year


RANK XEROX (IRELAND) LIMITED, Unit 75, Dublin Industrial Estate, Glasnevin, Dublin 11. Phone: 01-301833.

Fiddler on the R oof T h e story of Fiddler on the R o o f is adapted from the stories of Sholom Aleichem by Joseph Stein, who gained one of the ten awards achieved by the show. Stein once said “Just as Marc Chagall expressed the lives, the dream s and aspirations of his people in his art, Sholom Aleichem put them into his stories” . He was the folk-singer of the ‘S h te tr, those small ramshackle poverty-stricken Jewish villages in Czarist-Russia. His tales caught the hunger, the hum our, the irony of a people maintaining an absurd pride under desperate circumstances. Like so many children of immigrants to American and W estern E urope, Joseph Stein was raised on the tales of Sholom Aleichem and when Jerry Bock, Sheldon Harnick, Jerom e Robbins and Stein decided to attempt a contemporary musical play based on his Tevye stories, Stein knew they would have to move far from them in content but resolved to rem ain true to the feeling and spirit of the original. Fiddler on the R o o f was first performed in New York in 1964 and since then has travelled round the world. T h e story goes that Tevye is the milkman of Anatevka. He has a loving but sharp-tongued wife, five lovely but unmarried daughters, a faithful but lame horse, a friendly but oppressed village. H e has no money but is on speaking terms with God. A natev ka in the Ukraine, just south of anywhere, is unrem arkable, only a meandering jumble of dismal houses hedged by corn and wheat fields, sprinkled with a market place, a butcher shop, a smithy, a synagogue, a Hebrew school, a tanner, a tailor and a tavern. There is also a fiddler on the roof. He is there, just Hke the village and just like Tevye, trying to scratch out a pleasant simple tune without breaking his neck. I t’s the tradition, and the people of A n atev k a sing of it. T h e Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society presented the first am ateur production of Fiddler on the R o o f 'm the world in 1972. Nora Pat Slowey, P.R .O .

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Baggot Street Bridge, Dublin 4. Tel. 681777. Telex 93784 Dublin Airport (01)378179 Cork Airport (0 21 )9 6 67 3 6 Shann on Airport (061) 6 16 1 8 Headford Road, Galway (091) 62222

R ed m o nd Place, Wexford Rosslare Ferryport Bridge Street, Sligo Dunrmore Road, Waterford

(053) 22122 (0 5 3 )3 2 1 8 1 (0 7 1 )4 2 0 9 1 (051)76127

N ow that you have seen the Jews from Anatevka stetle (village) You are invited to discover the Jews o f Ireland at the Irish Jewish Museum at Walworth Road, Dublin 8. Open Every Sunday 10.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

JAMES BELCHAMBER Jam es is celebrating his 20th year directing for the R athm ines & R athgar Musical Soceity. His first show in 1969 was, the first production of M y Fair Lady in Ireland. Ja m es was also producer of the first amateur production of Fiddler on the R o o f in the world. W h en n o t producing for the Rathmines & Rathgar, he is an actor of renowned international acclaim in both film a nd theatre.

DESMOND CAPLIS Currently studying with Mary Brennan in the College of Music. M em ber of the R T E C ham ber Choir. Has done several shows — his last being G ypsy Love, where he played Laurence.

JIMMY DIXON O v e r the past six years he has played a variety of roles with m any societies. Jimmy returns to this year’s R athm ines & R a th g a r production having played song and dance m an, Frank Schultz, in last year’s successful Showboat. Originally from Arklow, he began his stage appearance with the Wexford Light O pera Society, playing M ercury in Orpheus in the Underworld and Joseph and the A m a zin g Technicolor Dreamcoat. Following many performances with them and the W exford D r a m a G roup, he spent a year touring the U S A , C a n ad a and South Am erica with the international singing group “ U p W ith People” .

GEAROID GRANT G earoid G ra n t studied piano with the late Dr. J. O ’Reilly in the College of Music and graduated with a B. Mus. Degree from UCD . Subsequently he studied con­ ducting with, am ong others, George Hurst in London. Since then he has w orked as conductor, musical director and arranger for most Irish theatrical companies in w orks ranging from Mozart to Sondheim. A t present he is resident conductor with the R & R, Gearoid has appeared as guest conductor with the Irish C ham ber Orchestra. O u r Lady’s Choral Society and both the R T E Symphony and Concert Orchestras.

^A TL^

Allied Telephones Ltd. 727 South Circular Road, Dublin 8. Telephone: 01 -712277 — FAX: 719279 Telex: 91641 ATL El Tait Business Centre, Dominic Street, Limerick. Telephone: 061 -49477 We supply, install and maintain the very latest telephones systems from 2 to 10,000 lines



Merven has been a member of the R & R since 1984 when he joined the chorus for the production of The Gondoliers. He has played in every production of the Society since then, taking the parts of Maitre Duclos in Gigi (1986) and Max Greene in last year's presentation of Show Boat at the Gaiety. In 1987 he was awarded a scholarship under the Society's 75th Anniversary Scheme and has also served on our own Executive Committee as an Active Members' Representative.


Aisling began her dancing career with Nuaia MoiseUe and later attended the Dex McGloughlin School of Ballet. Some of the shows Aisling has appeared in are Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof, The Wizard o f Oz and Carrie in which she played the title role. Aisling studies singing with Emer O ’Flaherty and between all her musical activities is presently in her final year in UCD studying a B. A. in History and English.


Heather is a leading artiste with the Rathmines & Rathgar and is well-known for her portrayals of such Gilbert & Sullivan roles as ‘Katesha’, ‘Lady Jane’ and ‘The Duchess of Plaza Toro’. Also renowned for her performance in such musicals as South Pacific, My Fair Lady, Gigi and Show Boat. Heather has taken part in many plays and won individual awards in drama festivals on several occasions. She has recently completed a four-year course in Trinity College, Dublin, leading to a B.A. Moderator degree in music and drama studies. PATRICIA HOUGH

Patricia has played a variety of leading roles in over 25 shows with several musical societies. These have been as diverse as those of Ado Annie in Oklahoma, Polly in The Boy Friend, Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof, and Phylhs in lolanthe. She received the Best Female Performance Award for her portrayal of the title role in Love from Judy at the Waterford International Festival of Light Opera. In the same year she was awarded Best Female Principal by the Association of Irish Musical Societies. With St. Louis Musical Society she was leading lady in then- three award-winning productions; The Golden Years, The Boy Friend, and Love from Judy. She has also played female lead in Anne o f Green Gables and in The King and /.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society from

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DOLORES HUGHES D olores started her career with St. Louis Musical Society and has played with most Dublin societies. She has also a p p eared as a soloist in the first AIMS concert in the C oncert Hall in 1986. H er favourite part to date was Eliza in M y Fair Lady for which she was nominated as B est Actress. O th e r shows include,/! Little Night Music, R obert & Elizabeth, Love fro m Judy, South Pacific, Fiddler on the Roof, Dames at Sea and Two by Two. She trained with the late Winifred O 'D ea.

PETER LEWIS Peter Lewis studied singing with Frank Cowle, and won FeisC eoil gold medals in 1973 and 1974. Since then he has sung m any principal roles with the R & R, mainly in G ilbert & Sullivan. O f these most notable would be Pish Tush in The M ikado on several occasions, and the Bosun in H M S Pinafore on two occasions. Also a regular contributor as principal to the concert repertoires, at Mt. Argus, Kilkenny Castle and Kings Hospital.

DEX McGLOUGHLIN D ex is a registered teacher of ballet and m odem dancing L S .T .D . and runs h e r own school in Dublin w here she specialises in classical and modern dancing. She has lectu red in choreography for A .L M .S . both at national and regional level and to date has worked on My Fair Lady, S o uth Pacific, No, N o, Nanette. She won the C h oreo grap h y A w ard for Hello Dotty and Finian’s Rainbow. This is D e x ’s third season with the R athm ines and R a th g a r and she is currently preparing the concert for next season.

ROBERT McKEVITT Robert McKevitt joined the R & R in 1978 as Sgt. Meryll in Yeoman o f the Guard, but was already quite an experienced performer having made his debut in the Gaiety Theatre as long ago as 1949 with Old Belvedere Musical and Dramatic Society. He has appeared in vari­ ous roles with many of the Dublin musical societies. With the R & R, Bob has been more prominent in the Bass G & S roles, but his most recent appearance with the Society was as Joe in Showboat last November. Bob says he is very proud to be a second generation R & R m em ber as his father was with the Society in the 1920s. R o b e rt ap p ea red in L e m e r <4 Loew e at the N ational C oncert Hall in M arch this year.

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BRENDAN McSHANE B rendan M cShane, whose brilliant performances as Professor Higgins in M y Fair Lady, Tevye in Fiddler on the R o o f m d the title role in The King and I and H onore in Gigi will always be rem em bered. He can recall up to thirty leading roles in the great musicals and Gilbert & Sullivan o p eras, in which he as appeared in Dublin and throughout th e country. T hese include Oklahoma, Carousel, The M erry Widow, The Student Prince and B itter Sweet, while one of his outstanding performances was as T he D o n in The Gondoliers.

PAUL MONAGHAN Paul M onaghan was born in 1963. His theatrical debut was at the age of twelve, in Noel Pearso n ’s production of Joseph and the A m a zing Technicolor Dreamcoat, at the Olym pia T h eatre, Gaiety Theatre and C ork O pera House. H e studied dram a with Brendan Smith for two years and subsequently piano with Catherine Hamill in the College of Music, and singing with Peter McBrien and V eronica D u nne. O n joining the O ’Connell Musical Society he ap peared in the world prem iere of The New M ikad o and The Witness. In 1983-84 he appeared with Colm C. T. Wilkinson in Jesus Christ Superstar at the O lym pia T h eatre playing the role of Pontius Pilate. Since then he has appeared in more than thirty p roductions playing principal roles. E arlier this year Paul played the role of Jesus in Godspell at Dundalk Town Theatre. He has been a guest soloist with the R T E C oncert Orchestra in the annual A IM S/R T E concerts a t the N ational C oncert Hall, for the last three years. As a vocal coach/music director he directed G uinness' Musical Society’s three winning entries in the New Ross Choral Festival (1986-87-88). H e also directed Samra Variety G roup, who won first place in the Tops of the A re a com petition in the Gaiety Theatre (1988). Future engagements include a concert of Step h en S o ndheim ’s music, the Pyjama Game, and Assistant Music Director of the world p rem iere of Shay H ealy’s new musical The Knowledge.

DODO O’HAGAN D o d o who plays Y ente the M atchm aker is well known to R athm ines & R athg ar audiences having played with the Society for m any years in both musicals and G ilbert & SuUivan operas. She originally studied singing in Belfast with Leslie Jones the Welsh baritone. H er favourite role is Lady A ngela in Patience. D o d o has been an Executive C om m ittee m em ber of the R athm ines & R athgar Musical Society for many years.

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Printers o f your

Fiddler on the Roof programme

CECILIA REDMOND Cecilia R edm ond, aged 22, was born in Wexford. She began vocal training at Loreto Convent, Wexford, under Sister Mary Walshe, where she won various Feis awards. Currently studying under Paul Deegan at the R IAM . Recipient o f R & R 75th Anniversary Scholar­ ship. Cecilia will appear in Purcell's D ido & Aeneas in the R IA M in the new year.

JO Y C E TEEVAN Joyce is a long-time student o f dance and drama and has been studying singing with Deirdre Grier Delany for seven years in the College of Music, where she was aw arded three successive scholarships. Some of the shows she has appeared in are Oliver, Fiddler on the R o o f and Peter Pan. Last year she was aw arded one of the Rathmines & Rathgar 75th A nni­ versary Scholarships. She also won Best Female Singer in Peg O ’ M y Heart and Best Overall Performance in this y e a r s AIM S/ILBS.

For Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society President, Clem Ryan Chairman and Honorary General Secretary, Stephen A. Faul Honorary Treasurer, Bernard Cullen Honorary Business Secretary, Ted Ryan Assistant Honorary Treasurer, Dodo O ’Hagan Honorary Marketing Secretary, Mark Murray Honorary Booking Secretary, Catherine Ryan Assistant Honorary Booking Secretary, Malcolm McCambridge Honorary Production Secretary, Brendan Galvin Public Relations Officer, Nora Pat Slowey Honorary Social Secretary, Barbara Graham Rehearsals Secretary, Eva Staveley Wardrobe Master, Arthur Salmon Wardrobe Mistress, Cynthia Taylor Assistant Wardrobe Mistress, Dymphna Bevan H onorary Stage M anagement Nora O ’Rourke, Clodagh Foley, Grainne R iney, M ichael W alton BLO CK BOOKING ENQUIRIES R&R 67 Upper Rathmines Road, Dublin 6. Tel: 971577

^ fd d itr on the ^00f CAST Tevye {a dairym an)........................................... ............Brendan McShane Golde (his w ife )................................................. ................Heather Hewson Tzeitel \ ......................................................... ................. Dolores Hughes Hodel 1 ......................................................... .....................Joyce Teevan Chava > (their daughters) .......................... ....................Aisling Green Shprintze j ......................................................... .......................... Zoe Healy Bielke | ........................................................... ....................Faye Hueston Rebecca Holland Y en te (a matchmaker) ..................................... ................. Dodo O’Hagan Motel Kamzoil (a tailor) ................................. .....................Jimmy Dixon Perchik (a student) ............................................ ................Paul Monaghan Lazar Wolf fa butcher)..................................... .............. Robert McKevitt Mordcha (an innkeeper) ................................... ................. Alfie Branagan R ab bi.................................................................. ...................... Cecil Barror Mendel ............................................... ................Merven Grealey Avram (a bookseller) ....................................... ........................Peter Lewis Nahum (a beggar) ............................................. ....................Larry Shelley Grandma Tzeitel (Golde’s grandmother)....... .................. Patricia Grant Fruma-Sarah (Lazar W o lf s first wife) ............ ............. Cecelia Redmond Constable........................................................... ...................... Donal Dixon Fyedka (a young man) ..................................... ......................... Des Caplis Sasha (his fr ie n d )............................................... ...................... Gerry Stone Shandel (M otel’s m other)................................. ..................... Eva Staveley Leibus / .................................... . Adam Lewis/Ian Hueston Marcus ( .......................Gareth Moppett/Timothy Holland The Fiddler........................................................ ..................... John Stanton

Ladies of the Chorus Emeir Barnes Imelda Bradley Lynn Branagan Antoinette Carroll Anne Crossen Orla Cunningham Anne Marie Curran Susan Dowdall Dympna Egar Rosemary Fitzgerald Michele Foynes Eileen Gildea Anne Gorman Deirdre Hodgins Catherine Martin Marion Megannety Angela McBrien Iris Neylan Lorraine O ’Halloran Justine O ’Reilly Sally Young

Gentlemen of the Chorus David Alexander Fergus Beary Robert Doyle John Gillen Joe Griffin Brian Hayes Martin Hennessey Sean Heritage Frank Hickey Henry Kennedy Tom Ladd John Lambert Frank Murray Michael McFall Ronan O ’Hara John Sweetman Pat Yeates Russians/Dancers A rthur Little Jerry McCann Conor McGowan John Stanton Paul Staunton


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The R & R . . . Reflections at 75 . . .

This is surely a time to pause — to look back with gratitude, and pride, on the great achievements of the Society, to many memorable productions and many heroic performances by its members. It is also a time to look forward, which we do with confidence, to many more years of success. The contribution of this Society to the musical life of Ireland — and Dublin in particular — is immeasurable. This contribution flows directly from the Society, in its own productions and indirectly, through many other musical societies where o ur m em bers perform and take with them the experience and disciplines learned in the R & R. O u r unique reputation has been earned through our determination; To achieve the highest possible standards in our performances; O u r dedication to the hard grind of rehearsal; O u r loyalty to our am ateur status; O u r policy of recruiting new, young, active members to secure the future of the Society; O u r confidence in the ability of the Society to undertake and manage complex productions to a successful conclusion. B ut the R & R is more than that. It is a Society of friendship and good humour, a caring Society, where individual talent is respected and developed. In it you will find — inspiration and challenge; passion and com passion; determ ination and scholarship; unselfish commitment; loyalty and integrity; all working together in a great tradition of service to the Society, for the benefit of the community. As long as this great Society, which has endured well for 75 turbulent years in an area of endeavour, where the golden rule is “that there are no golden rules"; as long as it is true to its cherished ideals, and remains united, in one spirit and one purpose, then the Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society has greater promise for the future than has yet been achieved. Stephen A . Faul, H o no rary G eneral Secretary and Chairman of the Executive Committee.

NOVUS OFTICE EQUIPMENT Furniture, Office Supplies and Printing

40 Upper Grand Canal Street, Dublin 4 Telephone: 689641/682185


N e w Centre for the Performing Arts in Rathmines O u r premises at 67 U pper Rathmines Road, which was badly dam aged by fire in December, 1987, was re-opened on 22nd O ctober, 1988 with a very successful concert version of

The Mikado. T h e most up-to-date technical facilities have been installed in the premises and it is our intention to present in the future, concerts and recitals by established and emerging singers, in addition to concerts by the Society itself. This is a new and interesting development by the Society, which it is hoped will establish our premises as an attractive venue for the performing arts in our home parishes of Rathm ines and Rathgar.

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H ead Office: H addington Road, D ublin 4. Tel: (01) 6 0 8 2 8 8 .

We can help yo u

R & R Club Draw c\o


O He


tV e t





o O TVs and videos <0>

O G ilbert’s lines can be applied to the very attractive prizes being offered in

The R & R Club Draw Proceeds go to repay the cost of rebuilding our premises, following the disastrous fire of Decem ber last. Shares are £50 each or £5 per month for 12 months. W e can’t repeat G ilbert’s promise that if you go in, you’re sure to win b u t we can guarantee that if you’re not in, you cannot win. We need the supp o rt of all our active and associate members, as well as that of our m any friends outside the R & R. The Draw is starting now, please leave yo u r nam e and address with Dom Carroll, Chairman (886753) Marie Culliton, Secretary (860142) Canice Mansfield, Treasurer (537528) who will send you details of the start date and the great prizes on offer.

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'VOUCHERS WILL BE FORWARDED AFTER DELIVERY. YOU MAY PAY BY VISA OR ACCESS. A s k a b o u t th e J o n e s Oil B u d g e t P la n .

Associate Membership T he R ath m in es and R ath gar Musical Society invites you to beco m e an Associate M em ber. V ery probably you are a regular su p p o rte r of o u r Shows at the G a ie ty , w h e re you will have noticed the happy atm osphere which prevails in o u r Society; this is a tradition of 75 years. O u r A ssociate M em bers are an im portant and valued section o f o u r Society, and for a n A nnual subscription of £40 enjoy signi­ ficant benefits. 1. T w o seats of their choice to b o th of o u r A u tu m n and Spring p re sen tatio n s, at no charge. 2. Priority b ooking facilities for o u r presentatio ns in advance of the general public. 3. Notification of all social functions during the year. 4. A ssociate M em bers ta k e a m ajor role in the affairs of the Society; they elect two of their m em bers to the G e n e ra l C o m m it­ tee annually. T h e A ssociation M e m b e rs representatives are Mrs D y m p n a B e v a n a n d M r. O liver Hill. T he crippling financial costs involved in presenting two Seasons o f shows each year could p ut the financial viability of the Society in je o p a rd y except for the loyal support of the active m em b ers, the a ssociate m e m b e rs, o u r friends and the public. For this we are very g ra te fu l. W e w ould w elcom e you as an Associate M em ber.

I wish to becom e a m e m b e r of the R athm ines & R athg ar Musical Society. N a m e .................................................................................................................. A d d r e s s .............................................................................................................. S ig n a t u r e ...................................................................... P h o n e .................... Please h a n d to any m e m b e r of the Society o r send to our A ssistant H o n o ra ry T reasurer: Ms. D o d o O ’H ag a n , 16 El G re g o , St. Jam es C ou rt, D u b lin 4.

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n If'Sh . Permonenc The People's Choice

The Society welcomes this opportunity to acknowledge the Generous and Continuing Support from our Friends A D M /Londis Allied Irish Bank Ltd. Allied Irish Finance pic. A m erican International Ins. Ltd. BP Ireland Ltd. B ank of Ireland Beamish & Crawford Ltd. Mr. Chris F. Bruton Campbell Conroy Flickey, Arcts. Mr. Oliver Carrigan Paul Carroll & Co. Mr. Desm ond Cashell Mr. Anthony Collins C o m a n ’s Wholesale Ltd. Coyle Hamilton Ltd. G. & T. C ram pton Ltd. C rean Jam es pic. T he Cross Chemical Group Educational Building Society Ergas Ltd. Esso Ireland Ltd. Guinness Ireland Ltd. G ypsum Industries Ltd. H ibernian Insurance Co. T h e Investment Bank of Ireland Ltd. Irish Distillers G roup Ltd.

The Irish Times Jem m a Publications Ltd. Johnson Brothers Ltd. The Jones G roup Jones Lang Wootton KM G Reynolds McCarron Lenehan Thos. & Co. Ltd. Lisney & Son Lloyd A rm strong & Ramsey Ltd. Mr. Fintan Massey McCullough Pigott M clnerney Properties pic. Mercantile Credit Co. of Ireland Ltd. C. M orton & Sons Ltd. K a rlD . Mullen, M R C O G National Irish Investment Bank Noel M cCabe Distributors Ltd. Nokia Limited Readymix Limited Mr. Dick Roche Royal Insurance G roup Smurfit Ireland Mr. H. Timoney Trinity Bank Ltd. W. P. & R. O. Holdings W aterford Glass Ltd.

The Society would also like to acknowledge the generous support o f The American Ireland Fund. Donations to the Society in excess of £100 by individuals and corporations qualify for tax relief under Section 32 of the Finance Act, 1984.

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CRAFT ’88 Mansion House, Dublin Tuesday 13th to Sunday 18th December 1988 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Tony Sweeny will be in attendance to assist you with your selection o f Christmas Gifts.

Gaietystage Productions Ltd. Directors Chairman, Roger J. Copsey Joe Dowling, Fred O ’Donovan, Maurice Cassidy Managing Director, Joe Dowling House Manager, Mary Lehane Bar Catering Manager, Tony Kennedy Public Relations/Marketing Ojficer, Gerry Lundbeig Assistant to Managing Director, Christine Meehan Administration Assistant, Janet Stokes Bar Supervisor, Sally Keane Box Office, Joan Glendenning, Christine Sheridan, Maria Collins, Liz Maloney, Debbie Kelly, Alan McQuillan Production Manager, Brian Power Chief Electrician, Sean Burke Stage Manager, George McFall Stage Crew, Victor Sturdy, Peter Greene Electricians, Paul Agnew, Paul M cGrane Stage Door, Michael McElhinney, Billy Gaffney, Tony Early Celia rman, Andy Byrne Ushers, Eddie King, John Joyce, Colm Wade, Jimmy Kelly, Denis O ’Kane Kiosk, Marie Comally, Brenda Grist Bars, Joan Boles, PhyUis Rigney, May Benton Bars/ Usherettes, M aureen Rooney, Liz Fogarty, Marie Murphy, Eric Boles, Irene Kearney, Audrey McHugh, Mary Vickers, Tom Whelan, Derek McGuinness.

Gaiety Theatre Information and Services Booking Information: The Box Office is open on Monday-Saturday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. for advance bool<ings. Visa, Access and American Express Bookings are accepted at tine counter, or by telepfione 771717. Postal Bookings are processed in order of receipt. Please make cheques payable to Gaietystage Productions Ltd. and enclose SAE, or add postage to your remittance. Gift Vouchers: May be purchased at the Box Office. Car Parking: We offer car parking facilities, in association with Dublin Corporation. You will receive, with your tickets, a voucher for Drury Street Car Park; this enables you to use the car park for 50p, between 6 p.m. and midnight. The Car Park is closed on Public Holidays. Latecomers; In response to general request, latecomers will not be admitted until there is a suitable break in the performance. Fire Procedure: In the event of an emergency, please follow the instructions of the staff, who are trained in evacuation procedure, and walk quickly through the nearest Fire Exit, which is clearly marked. General Information: Smoking is prohibited in the auditorium. Glasses and bottles may not be brought into the auditorium. The use of cameras and tape recorders is prohibited. Kiosk: The Gaiety Kiosk is situated in the foyer and is open before the performance and during the interval. The kiosk stocks minerals and confectionery. Ices: Ices are sold on each level of the auditorium during the interval. For the benefit of party organisers, orders may be placed in advance. Bars are situated on the Parterre, Dress Circle and Grand Circle levels. All bars are open half an hour tiefore the performance and during the interval. To avoid queueing for your interval drinks, you may pre-order your drinks and reserve a table in any of the Bars. The interval order form is displayed in the Foyer and in each Bar. Coffee is available in all the Bars. At the end of the performance the Bars on the Dress Circle and Parterre levels will remain open. The Gaiety Bars offer an attractive setting for Conferences, Press Receptions, Fashion Shows and Meetings. The Management reserves the right to refuse admission and to make any alteration in the cast or programme which may be rendered necessary by illness or other unavoidable cause.


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G a llic D lst^ bu to^^ L td .. G o w a n H o u s e . N a a s R o a d . D u b lin 12. T e le p h o n e : M e m b e r o f th e G o s v a n G r o u p

'U n d e r te s t c o n d itio n s

A 100"'o Irish O w n e d C o m p a n y

\easg. t c v K o s s la r t


W E'LL M A K E Y O U R M O N E Y G R O W W h e n you invest u^ith The Investm ent Bank of Ireland you are investing with the best. As Ireland's leading in v estm e n t b an k we m a n a g e in excess of ÂŁ2 billion on b eh alf of investors. O u r stren g th lie s in o ur p ro v e n track record. This year alone m ore t h a n 5,500 individual investors hav e joined o u r IBI Lifetime P o rtfo lio -a new range of investm ents for m e d iu m to l o n g term g ro w th . So if you're looking for a way to m ake y our m o n e y grow ...


( M M BW i

w h y not co m e and talk to us?

THE INVESTMENT BANK OF IRELAND LIMITED Head Office: 26 Fitzwilliam Place, D u b lin 2. Tel. 616433 Investment Centres: 10 Suffolk Street, D u b lin 2. Tel. 796288 28 South Mall, Cork. Tel. 275711 Park House, Forster Street, Galway. Tel. 63167/8/9 IBI IS A BANK OF IRELAND GROUP COMPANY.

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