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Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Sullivan

2nd, 3rd & 5th April, 1984 NATIONAL CONCERT HALL

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Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Sullivan 2nd, 3rd & 5th April, 1984 NATIONAL CONCERT HALL Devised & Scripted by Wilfred Judd Directed by Dolores Delahunty Musical Director, Gearoid Grant Accompanist, Carmel Moore Chorus Master, Heather Hewson

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WHAT IS THE “ R & R” ? F o u n d e d in 1913 and still going strong, the “ R & R ” , as it is p o p u larly called, enjoys the unique distinction of having presented light o p e ra and musical com edy at least once, usually twice and occasionally th ree times each year in a Dublin theatre. (Usually the G aiety ).

Policy T o co m p e te successfully for so long in the commercial theatre has d e m a n d e d from an a m a te ur society such as the “ R & R ” , the setting a n d m aintaining of unusually high performance standards. The Society does not employ guest artistes. All its members, w hether on stage or in the administrative area, give their services without receiving any rem uneration. In return, the best available musical a n d stage direction is engaged. With orchestra, costumes and sc e n e ry o f a correspondingly high standard, m embers appear in public perfo rm an ces u n d e r conditions which would not otherwise b e available to them .

M usical Influence T h e musical influence exercised by the “ R & R ” , not only in D u b lin but throu g h o u t the country, is incalcuable. Its example is follow ed by a growing n u m b e r of similar societies to which its helpful advice a n d experience is freely available. It provides a c o n s ta n t flow of well-equipped artistes who, when free from “ R & R ” p roductions, move into o th e r groups an d add to the enjoym ent o f tourists a n d citizens alike.

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OlEDEil d o b Educational Building Society

PATRICK CAMPBELL Patrick Campbell is now completing his 39th year as a M em ber of the Society. He combines the duties of General Secretary with that of performing principal roles. He is very pleased to be portraying W. S. Gilbert who created the characters which he has played on m any occasions with the R & R — T he D uke of Plaza-Toro, King Gam a, The Major G eneral, Sir Joseph Porter, The Judge, Bunthorne, Koko, John Wellington Wells, and his favourite The Lord Chancellor.

EMER O ’FLAHERTY E m e r O ’Flaherty has appeared with the R & R in our last two Seasons of Gilbert and Sullivan, playing Constance in The Sorcerer last November. She was a prizewinner at the W aterford Light O pera Festival last year, she also played Cathleen in Riders to the Sea, D iana in La Calisto and the Sorceress in Dido and A eneas with other musical groups. She now looks forward to the role of Lidoine in the Irish prem iere of Dialogues o f the Carmelites in Wexford with T he Y ou n g Irish Artists.

GEAROID GRANT G e arbid G ra n t studied piano with the late Dr. J. J. O ’Reilly in the College of Music and graduated from U .C .D . with a B.Mus. in 1972. Since then he has worked as Conductor, Musical D irector and A rranger for many theatrical companies. H e has been M .D . with the R & R since 1978 and has a ppea red as G uest Conductor with the R T E C oncert O rchestra, O u r Lady’s Choral Society, N .I.C .O . and the Irish Y outh Orchestra.

W M . (BILLY) BLOOD SMYTH W m . (Billy) Blood Smyth, when a boy soprano at school in Portora, sang in the choir of St. M acartan’s Cathedral. His first introduction to Gilbert and Sullivan was with Clontarf Parish Musical Society was the role of Poo-Bah in The M ikado. H e has played with the R & R in M ikado, Patience, lolanthe, Yeom en o f the Guard, Brigadoon and A nnie G et Y o u r G un. H e has also played roles with Greystones O peratic & D ram atic Society. H is favourite show is Yeomen o f the Guard — his favourite songs “T he Sentry Song” (lolanthe) and “W hen the Night Wind Howls” (Ruddigore).




Bryan H oey in his early days sang with Howth Childrens Choir, and went on to London to win the supreme soloist in international competition. H e later studied singing with M artin Dem psey and drama in the Brendan Smith Academy. A t 19, he won The Joseph O ’Mara Cup at the FeisCeoil; in the same year he joined R & R to sing Ralph in H M S Pinafore. H as played throughout the country in musicals, in oratorio, in opera, is a m em ber of the Palestrina Choir, and has played roles in eleven shows with the R & R.


A leading artist of the R & R, well-known for her outstanding protrayals of such Gilbert & Sullivan roles as K atisha, Lady Jane, and of character roles in musical shows, notably M am ita in Gigi, Mrs. Pearce in M y Fair Lady, and G olde in Fiddler on the Roof. She has also taken part in m any plays and has won individual awards in drama festivals on several occasions. In recent years she has taken on the additional role of Chorus Master of the R & R.


Fred G ra h am started his singing career as a boy soprano with the D .G .O .S . He later studied at the College of Music and was a Feis Ceoil prizewinner. He has appeared with various musical societies and has performed frequently on radio and television. A m em ber of the R & R since 1959, Fred has played in many shows, notably those of Gilbert & Sullivan in which he has played most of the leading baritone roles.


B a rbara G ra h am first became interested in singing while still at achool and subsequently studied at the College of Music and the R .I.A .M . A Feis Ceoil prizewinner, her musical career includes guest appearances in concert and oratorio work as well as a wide variety o f shows in Dublin and o th e r parts o f the country. Since joining the R & R in 1967, she has appeared regularly in their A utum n Seasons of G ilb ert & Sullivan at the Gaiety Theatre, where she has played most of the leading soprano roles.

An Evening with Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Sullivan Narrators: Mr. Patrick Campbell as Mr. Gilbert— Mr. Maurice O ’Sullivan as Mr. Sullivan PART TWO

PART ONE Trial by Jury

Princess Ida

A ll Hail Great Judge

A lf Branagan as Judge, W m . B lood Smyth as U sher, and Chorus

C horus B arbara G raham

Mighty Maiden Minerva, Hear Me

The Sorcerer The Mikado

Fred G raham C horus C arolann Lowe

A Pale Young Curate Ring Forth, Ye Bells Oh, Happy Young Heart

We Are Gentlemen of Japan A Wandering Minstrel ^ The Sun, Whose Rays

H.M .S. Pinafore

Finale A c t 1

Bryan H oey Lucy Lane B a rb a ra G ra h a m , Fred G ra h a m , A lf Branagan

A Maiden Fair to See I ’m Called Little Buttercup Never Mind the Why and Wherefore


Etiquette Song I Once Was a Very Abandoned Young Person

The Pirates of Penzance B a rb a ra G raham E ddie G uilm artin, B arb ara G rah am , E m e r O ’Flaherty

Poor Wandering One When the Foeman

In a Doleful Train If You’re Anxious for to Shine Silvered is the Raven Hair Sing Hey to You Double Chorus

Chorus Fred G raham H e a th e r Hewson Fred G ra h a m , H e a th e r Hewson C horus, E m e r O ’Flaherty, B arbara G rah am , Fred G rah am


Sentry Song Nightmare Song Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady

W m. Blood Smyth P at Campbell Bryan H oey, A lf Branagan, Fred G raham

INTERVAL Gentlemen o f the Chorus Joe Bevan, Cecil Barror, William Bennett, David Barry, Brian Crowley, Ray Collins, Dom Carroll, Brendan Dempsey, Denis Deasy, Dominic Daly, Barney Gorman, Brendan Galvin, Martin Galvin, John Gillen, Sean Hogan, Frank Kennedy, Henry Kennedy, Pat Lawlor, Peter Lewis, Denis Leahy, Seamus Murphy, Ivan McKenna, Frank Murray, Ronan O ’Hara, Raymond Ryan, Ted Ryan, Larry Shelley, John Sweetman, Alastair Smeaton, Paschal Walsh, Peter Winckworth, Owen Walsh.

E m e r O ’Flaherty H e a th e r H ew son, A lf Branagan

Yeomen of the Guard



C horus Bryan H oey Carolann L owe C horus

Tis Done, I A m a Bride The Prisoner Comes Night Has Spread

C arolann Low e C arolann Low e, C horus Lucy Lane, C horus

The Gondoliers

For the Merriest Fellows Are We On the Day When I Was Wedded Take a Pair o f Sparkling Eyes A Regular Royal Queen Once More Gondolieri

P e te r Lewis, C horus Lucy L an e Bryan H oey B a rb a ra G ra h a m , C arolann Low e, Bryan H oey, Fred G raham Full Com pany

Ladies o f the Chorus Michele O ’ Byrne, Joan Cavanagh, Pat Moore, Sheila Molloy, Catherine Ryan, Dodo O ’Hagan, Sari Ryan, Michelle Foynes, Michele O ’Carroll, Bronach Kelly, Angela McBrien, Ann Fetherston, Ann Gorman, Germaine Carlos, Mary Darmody, Sandra Neylan, Cathy Vard, Cathy O ’Malley, Marie Culliton, Marian Megannety, Marian Mullins, Niamh Murray, Deirdre Connolly, Catherine Martin, Fran Delaney, Margaret McAllister, Joan Brittan, Margaret Dickson, Margaret Timoney, Iris Neylan, Gina Hanley, Maureen Griffin, Lyn Branagan, Paula Hannan, Pauline Owens, June Molloy, Sally Young, Eva Staveley, Denise Long, Lorraine O ’Halloran, Maura Sweeney, Dympna Egar.

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MARUICE O ’SULLIVAN M aurice O ’Sullivan is a long-term m em ber of the Society, and has played quite a variety of leading roles, both in G ilbert & Sullivan and in musical comedies. He first developed his interest in music and musicals in Blackrock College. In addition to playing roles with other societies he has produced musicals for them.

EDDIE GUILMARTIN E ddie Guilm artin has distinguished himself in various parts with the Rathm ines & Rathgar Musical Society over a period of 25 years. A native of Roscrea, he showed his interest in musicals, at an early age. From a family of five all of whom played leads in the very first Roscrea production which was The Pirates o f Penzance. Eddie has over the years played the Sergeant of Police with the R & R on four occasions. He has also made solo radio and T V appearances and has appeared with many of the Dublin and Provincial musical societies. In his long career he has played in over one hundred shows and enjoyed every mom ent of his participation.


ALE BRANAGAN A lf B ranagan has been playing in Gilbert & Sullivan since he was a boy in Kings Hospital School. Later he played the H enry Lytton parts as a m em ber of Clontarf Parish Musical Society, in all, about nine of these in his repertoire. He has played roles with R & R through the years— his most recent was in The Sorcerer in Novem ber last.

LUCY LANE Lucy Lane has sung every type of female role in Gilbert & Sullivan with the R & R over the past two decades, from Phyllis in lolanthe, through Tessa in The Gondoliers, to m ost o f the character parts. O v e r the last twelve months she sang in most of the G ilb ert & Sullivan concerts, (by R T E ) in the National C o ncert Hall, and in our “ Victorian Evening” in th e R .D .S .

For Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society H onorary G eneral Secretary : PATR IC K CAM PBELL H onorary Treasurer : STEPH EN A. PAUL H onorary Booking Secretary : FRED TA Y LO R H onorary Production Manager : B R E N D A N GALVIN H onorary W ardrobe Master : A R T H U R SALMON H onorary W ardrobe Mistress : CYNTHIA TA Y L O R H onorary Business Secretary : SEA N H O G A N Casting and Co-ordination : D O D O O ’H A G A N DENIS DEASY B R E N D A N GALVIN SEAN H O G A N Stage Director : D A P H N E M ILLAR Assisted by : N O R A O ’R O U R K E Public Relations : GLAD YS MacNEVIN Block Booking Enquiries : FR ED T A Y L O R Honorary Booking Secretary, ‘D artry’, A rdtona Avenue, Dublin 14. T elephone:981249

Costumes by P. J. Bourke & Co. Furniture by Carrolls of Bachelors Walk Flowers by Irish Nurseries Ltd.

CARMEL MOORE Joined the R & R in autumn 1948, is our constant rehersal pianist, has graced the orchestral pit during our seasons in the G aiety since then, and indeed is a much loved pianist at all R & R functions. In addition has played with many other musical societies in D ublin and throughout the country. T onight she joins o ur Musical Director at the pianoforte.

DOLORES DELAHUNTY Born in L ondon and,trained as a ballet dancer in Dublin and C hester. First performed with the R & R while still at school. Invited by L ondon producer Freddie Carpenter, to dance professionally in Scotland. O n return to Dublin becam e an active m em ber of the Society. Appearing first as principal dancer and later playing leading roles as well as choreographing many of the shows. A s assistant to the late N orm an M eadm ore, she gained valuable knowledge of all of the G ilbert & Sullivan operas. C horeographer for many other am ateur musical societies including several seasons with the D .G .O .S. C h o reographer of the winning team in the John PlayerTops of the T ow n Com petition for two successive years.

CAROLANN LOWE C arolann Lowe ia a full-time student with Ms. Veronica D u n n e in the College o f Music in Dublin, a n d is a finalist in this y e a r’s “Golden Voice of Ireland” . She has played Cherubino in M ozart’s L e Nosse de Figaro in a V .E .C . production, and will play M other Marie in the Y .I. A . production of Poulenc’s Dialogue o f the Carmelites in May. She now looks forward to the role of Octavia in M o n te v erd i’s L ’Incoronazione de Poppea, again with V .E .C . G roup. V ery recently she played the lead in Bless the Bride with Bray Musical Society.

Associate Membership T h e R a th m in e s and R a th g a r Musical Society invites you to b e c o m e an A ssociate M em b er. V e ry p robably you are a regular supporter of our Shows at the G a ie ty , there you will have noticed the happy atm osphere which prevails in o u r Society; this is a tradition of over 70 years. O u r A ssociate M em bers are an im p ortant and valued section of o u r Society, a n d as such enjoy significant benefits. 1. A ssociate M em bers take a m a jo r role in the affairs of the Society; they elect two of their m em bers to the G eneral Com m ittee annually. 2. T w o seats of their choice to both of our A u tu m n and Spring p re s en ta tio n s, a t no charge. 3. Priority booking facilities for our presentations in advance of th e g en eral public. 4. N otification o f all social functions during the year. T h e crippling financial costs involved in presenting two Seasons o f show s each y e a r could put the financial viability of the Society in je o p a rd y except for the loyal support of the active members, the associate m e m b e rs and the public. N o w tha t you have found o u t quite a lot ab out this Society, decide to b e c o m e a n A ssociate M em ber. Y ou are most welcome. T h e ann u a l subscription is £25.00. H a v in g m a d e up your m ind, just te a r out this page, add your n a m e a n d add re ss and hand to any o f o u r Society, or send to ou r A ssista n t H o n o r a r y Treasurer: Ms. D o d o O ’H ag a n , 16 El G rego, St. Jam es C ourt, Dublin 4.


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Col. F. O’Callaghan

Seoirse Bodley

Donald J. Potter

Noel Coade

Moira Fyne

Veronica Dunne

John Ruddock

Bernadette Greevy

Richard Stokes

Dame Ruth King

Gerard Victory

Manager : Frank Murphy House Manager : John J. Dunne Booking Office Manager : MaryLehane Public Relations Officer : Laurie Cearr Stage Management: Richard Levins, Denis Daly, Paul Kohlman and Laurence Levins.

Make it a memorable evening at

Coufl Before the show or after the show. A visit to the Berkeley Court will make the evening memorable. 'ru o . i r- ^ . Dublin’s only 5-star hotel with an atm osphere of i u r i o u s elegance throughout. M eet your friends for a relaxing drink or two in the Royal Court Conservatory Bar.

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13 The Berkeley Court is at Lansdowne Road, Dublin 4 . Tel: 6 0 1 7 1 1 .

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We’re here because we hear... T he In v e stm e n t B ank o f Ire la n d is a m e rc h a n t b an k w ith a sp ecial ta le n t fo r listening. L isten ing to p lan s, listen in g to p ro b lem s an d th e n u sin g our ind ep th e x p ertise to com e up w ith positive resp o n ses.

O f course we also app reciate the ta le n t o f good singers, and we ta k e th is opportunity to w ish The R ath m in e s an d R athgaj_ “gar-----M usical Society every su c c e ss in th e N ational / C oncert H all.


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P rinted by E lo P ress Ltd. Du blin 8.

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