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Volume 14 • Number 7

November 15, 2013

Bikers Pedal Their Hearts Out

Founder’s Day Celebration

25 Years of Accomplishment to Last Many Lifetimes

By Ann Reilly Cole ~ the journal

They came and went over an October weekend, but it took a year of planning to transform Jess Martin Park from a quiet roadside playground into self-contained tent city for hundreds of cyclists riding to raise awareness and money to create a world without cancer through Pedal the Cause. Each rode for personal reasons: in memory of someone loved and lost; in honor, or in spite of, their own cancer diagnosis; and some with a mission to support San Diego’s cancer research facilities. All rode because of an abiding hope that a collaborating community can eradicate this disease that touches everyone in some way. Pedal the Cause was founded in St. Louis in 2009,


By Ann Reilly Cole ~ the journal

ounders and friends of Volcan Mountain Foundation (VMF) came out in numbers last month to enjoy the inaugural Founder’s Day celebration, a day of music and memories. The gathering marked 25 years of preserving the landmark mountain’s unique habitat, the wildlife that inhabits it, and the rich cultural history that it represents. The event kicked off with a morning hike up the mountain, led by docent Sally Snipes, followed by festivities in the afternoon at Menghini Winery, where longtime residents and VMF founders shared how the idea to preserve the mountain was born and how it has evolved through the years. In 1987, when a few concerned Julian residents learned that a private developer planned to build roads and houses on 220 acres of privately owned land on the mountain, they jumped into action to see what could be done. Through a grassroots organization, dogged determination and crucial partnerships with agencies that had resources to purchase land, the motley crew was successful in finding a win-win solution to protect the

National Cancer Institutedesignated cancer centers: UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. Partnerships among these organizations help fast-track research from the bench top to the bedside, which means faster access to lifesaving treatment and cures. Riders arrived in Julian on Saturday by way of a 50-mile or 90-mile course, beginning at UCSD, traveling through Poway and Ramona to Santa Ysabel, where they then chose between biking to S2 down to the desert and up Banner Grade, or biking up through Wynola to reach Julian. Michelle Oakland of Rancho Bernardo, an avid cyclist, was diagnosed with multiple

 op, VMF Education Coordinator Kathleen Beck teaches a group of T children to make seed balls to plant native species. Above, children don’t mind getting their hands dirty making seed balls. Photos by Ann Reilly Cole

mountain and the landowner’s financial interests. Since then, this small band of citizens joined with others to form the foundation and successfully acquire land at fair market value from willing sellers to preserve the mountain habitat. In addition to acquiring land, VMF is committed to preservation, stewardship, education and public outreach to keep the mountain wild for future generations.

“I’m proud to be part of the miracle that started with 220 acres and now is 18,000 acres preserved for the public and future grandchildren,” said Snipes. As part of their commitment to education and preservation, VMF Education Coordinator Kathleen Beck presented a workshop on making native See 25 Years of Accomplishments continued on page 5

Accommodations at the Pedal the Cause riders’ village and camp. Photo by Ann Reilly Cole

myeloma, an incurable blood cancer, when she lost a vertebra after a ride she did

by two-time lymphoma survivor Bill Koman, who brought the event to San Diego to fund research at three

See Bikers Pedal their Hearts out continued on page 10

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Indie Film Features Familiar Places and Faces


By Ann Reilly Cole ~ the journal



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ozens of Julian residents recently answered a casting call for extras to perform in an indie feature film “Carving A Life,” produced and directed by Pine Hills resident Terry Ross. Scenes will be shot in familiar Julian locations. The film is a drama and love story about a woodcarving artist’s struggle to confront a haunting childhood memory and recover from an addiction that threatens to destroy his future and everything he has worked for and loves. The idea for the project was born when Lisa Bruhn approached Ross with a short screenplay she wrote for her actor son, Tyler Bruhn. Ross saw the potential for the story to be a feature-length film instead. The two knew that even if they could get a major motion picture studio behind their project, they would likely have to give up creative control. So they created Life in Reels Productions and jumped into production of

than 160 short films, showcasing the work of students she trains through classes at her San Diego-based business, Acting Professionally. Her extensive experience performing on stage, television and in films, as well as her involvement as acting coach for the ABC series “Push” and casting director for the independent film “Pushing Thirty” rounds out the talents, skills and expertise she brings to this tremendous undertaking. With her connections, Ross was able to easily put

Mom’s Pies Wynola 4510 Hwy. 78 Wynola, CA 92036 760-765-2264

P.O. Box 2367 • Julian, CA 92036 email: facebook@Mom’s Pie House

Producer/director Terry Ross, right, interviews Taylor Cole for a part in the movie “Carving A Life.” Photo by Ann Reilly Cole

“Home of Julian Sourdough”



European Bakery & Bistro

together a strong cast and crew. The first real hurdle was raising the money to produce the film. The team went to Kickstarter, an online crowd-funding platform where creative people solicit arts patrons for donations small and large in exchange for some nifty incentives, such

Bruhn’s compelling story. Ross, who is stepping into the role of producer and director of a feature film for the first time, is no newcomer to the world of filmmaking or the business of acting and directing. This venture is a logical leap forward from her experience making more

as signed movie posters, T-shirts and even a role in the movie. They raised more than $48,000 in just 30 days. The next challenge is to work within the Screen Actors Guild ultra-lowbudget contract (less than $200,000), which sets rules and regulations for working conditions and requires, among other things, that filming of the movie be completed within 20 days. That is a very short time to coordinate actors and crews, secure locations, and feed and transport people and equipment, among a myriad of details and logistics. On the upside, the SAG contract gives the company credibility in distribution and enables them to hire Guild actors, including Navid Negahban of the Emmy Award-winning series “Homeland.” “It’s creative problemsolving, that’s what making a movie is,” said Ross, who is anxious to get past the pre-production phase and be on set. The casting call was an upbeat experience, as residents, many familiar to the local theater scene, came by to fill out the necessary paperwork, hoping for a chance to be in a movie. With some scenes to be shot at Don Madison’s wood mill on Volcan Mountain, Spencer Valley School and Julian Union High School, Ross’ project is a feather in the cap for the town. “I’m excited to bring the beauty of the region to the screen, and it means a lot to me to involve the community,” said Ross. The film is scheduled for release in the spring of next year. For information, visit carving-a-life-the-movie. n

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Cole ~ the journal By Ann Reilly

represe Congressional s. of their opinion met with to review ulian residents Jacob went on isor Dianne Board of County Superv issues before the Town Hall ing with Jacob at Julian Supervisors, beginna map news from hear of to y tation recentl the presen isors and the Board of Superv and raise ation to share inform issues that concerns about Those in affect the public. nted a broad attendance represe community, the cross-section of s to fire from school district l foundation, districts, medica of orgamerchants, a variety orhood nizations and neighb ts. residen with The meeting began which during introductions, a chance to attendees had ing events announce upcom interest to the and activities of ~ the journal quesBy Ruth Lepper Citizens raised red public. discove s in their wall sconces cleaned out and tions about problem broader everal original had conand have the lights. Lewis he had neighborhoods and chandeliers if the county. to the tacted him to see concerns across been returned an original attentively and Gold Rush happened across Jacob listened 116-year-old Julian ces stove from the urning assuran tely with wood-b comple ded respon but offered Hotel after being Jacob meets would follow hotel. He had not, of hand-rubbed Supervisor Dianne part of her 20-year that her office refurbished and as a box er necessary Julian residents “Coffee with original brass to show Lewis through wherev s. Lewis to bring out their once again tradition of having s and inform old light fixture to solve problem ss. as having Constituents.” PHOTO BY ANN REILLY COLE finish before being which recognized them hotel, the public of progre to the installed at the hotel and the ded from ously come Jacob respon to the is the oldest, continu lity of wildfire risk to turned them over n of the possibi in Southern the g hotel questio d showin operate . becoming again is high present owners San Diego County the county, which residents whose California. ated test site W.T. Kirkman Lanterns and Gig Steve Ballinger, Bill Hubler, with a federally design ing to Jacob, this year. She urged the Innkeepers Steve one of the pieces and referred family has owned an inforof Ramona, showsrestored. for drones. Accord could be to be prepared be red hotel Ballinger hosted m e for useful that has yet to LEPPER nationally registe ed of the Julian the drone progra Several PHOTO BY RUTH them to her websit preparedmal gathering tool. fire on Sept. 25 for 32 years, contact information on s a fire-fighting out in favor of Historical Society n about lighting fixture announced Woody Kirkma “Lighting of the people spoke researched the ness. Jacob also Kirkman drone to witness the lights. the starting the to g David to remove before restorin historian and in opposition for six months Kirkman that federal funds Lights.” Local be wledging that background is the owner of W.T. and trees would soon days, program. Ackno on the restoration. you’d a Lewis gave a brief and a issue, Jacob dead next 90 Lanterns in Ramon for “They were what it is a controversial a Town available. In the ide n of the hotel’s origins will be worldw Kirkma hosting lights trees to known case,” is the old committed call a basket some 4,400 dead the fuel antique report on how of g on the topic, his expertise in in a barn and had to do a lot to reduce Meetin d “We Hall said. remove gton, were discovered s. in Washin I took the best lighting fixture hotel. should officials OUT FOR straightening. returned to the drones to NITY COMES to make n determined the had bring current COMMU to we Kirkma — See what decide ssen d on page 5 D.C., parts of , made Tim Rasmu COFFEE continue also suggested ty once lights were, indeed the county. She ON AT hotel was owner of the proper See LIGHTS TURNED 7 Jacobs, who prior to 1900. The continued on page the time owned by Martin JULIAN HOTEL built in 1897, and former owner . Kirkman was the hotel’s on periods meshed an old barn Shop now and save — was having

Original Lights Turned On at Julian Hotel




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2 NovemBER 15, 2013 E JULIAN Journal


mes Out Community Co Jacob h their for Coffee wit that citizens advise ntatives

2013 OCTOBER 15,

ers One of the chandeli in the that originally hungHotel is Julian Gold Rush now restored.

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Journal Writers Take 14 Top Honors at Press Club Awards

By Ann Reilly Cole ~ the journal


he San Diego Press Club (SDPC) has recognized excellence in journalism for 40 years. For more than seven of those years, husbandand-wife publishing team Carol and Darrel Kinney of the Ramona Home Journal and

want stories to inform and entertain, and the Press Club sets a standard to which journalists in pursuit of excellence can strive. Although there has been a decline in readership of big daily newspapers, the demand for localized reporting remains strong. The Kinneys began a news

— a child or an adult,” said Carol. “If someone from outside the community picks up our paper, we ask, ‘What will they think about our community from this paper? Does this look like a place where you would like to live?’” said Darrel.

professionals from around the nation who judge the awards validates their commitment to professionalism. Office administrator and writer Annette Williams, whose editing skills make each issue shine, enjoys working with writers. “I love working with writers who find and create interesting stories with their words,” said Williams. It all comes down to the stories and the people and places behind them. A storyteller by nature, and top award winner for the Journal, Tracy Rolling enjoys the people she meets and the challenges that writing about

them presents. “It is my privilege to write for the Ramona Home Journal and their family of publications,” said Rolling. “Not only am I impressed with the quality and commitment that goes into each issue, but also I have a deep respect for the caliber of people that live, work, and play in Ramona. To be able to cover their stories, and have the San Diego Press Club recognize it, is truly a blessing.” “It seems everybody has a story to tell,” said Darrel Kinney. “It is an honor to take these stories and be able to share them with the communities that we love.” n

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Ramona and Julian Journal staff and guests pictured at the San Diego Press Club Excellence in Journalism awards ceremony are, from left, publishers Darrel and Carol Kinney, Art Cole and Ann Reilly Cole, Annette Williams, Ruth Lepper, and Tracy and Leland Rolling.

Julian Journal have collected awards that acknowledge the standards to which they strive with their three monthly and two semi-annual publications. Painstaking attention to detail, people who work together as a team, and strong relationships in the community are a few of the ingredients necessary to create publications they aspire to be worthy of the communities they serve. This year, their publications have been honored with five first-place, four second-place and five third-place awards for excellence in journalism from the SDPC. The publishing landscape has changed since the SDPC established itself in 1973. While the media may be different today, people still

magazine — Ramona Home Journal — to fill a niche that they saw missing in community news. They felt that news and feature stories could provide context to local events. Carol Kinney’s background in the newspaper business, and the philosophy that good journalism creates readership and brings advertising opportunities, made the papers viable in the community. Later, the Julian Journal was added to the publication list, as well as The Guide to Ramona and The Guide to Julian, and the Ramona Journal. The Journal has always worked side by side with people and organizations to be a positive news source. “We’ll always put in something that anybody can read

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“That’s huge for us,” said Carol, finishing his thought. Honored this year were Journal writers Ann Reilly Cole, who received one firstplace award, one second and two thirds; Ruth Lepper, who received one second and one third; Tiffany Pressler, who received one third; Tracy Rolling, who received three firsts, two seconds and one third; and Annette Williams, who received one first. Getting recognized for their sucCome cesses is one fun aspect of the business, but it is more than fun. The high regard of

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A Bright Country Christmas 1672 Main St. Ste. E Ramona, CA 92065 Fax: 760-789-5517 M-F 8am-6pm S 9am-5pm

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hile it’s estimated that a few thousand lights will adorn the live, 80-foot-tall Christmas tree in Julian this year, one thing’s for sure — the town will offer visitors and residents alike a bright country Christmas. Kicking off the season on Nov. 30, the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, Julian Country Christmas and Tree Lighting will be presented by


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town leaders and local merchants. Held at Pioneer Museum Park and beginning at 1 p.m., the all-day event will feature live performances from the music and theater communities. “It’s a wonderful smalltown, old-fashioned Christmas tree lighting,” says volunteer organizer Ed Glass. “It’s an all-volunteer event and it gets better every year!”

Santa Claus will make a special appearance, and Christmas carolers will stroll though the park, proclaiming the reasons for the season. Among the entertainers scheduled to appear are Jake’s Mountain, Joe Rathburn, Roger Taylor and Rick Kaylor, Josh and Alicia Rasmussen, Cierra Rayne, Ramona/Julian Academy of Dance, Victorian Carolers and the Ramona High School Jazz Combo.

At 5:30 p.m., the tree will be illuminated by Merchant of the Year Liz Smothers of the Julian Pie Company. Local boutique shops go all out by decorating their storefronts in an old-fashioned Victorian style. While the town is reminiscent of one you’d find in a snow globe, shopkeepers offer personal attention in helping find that unique, one-of-akind Christmas gift. Lodging establishments and eateries also welcome holiday visitors with hot cocoa, spiced cider and a variety of specialty dishes and desserts. Because of the cool mountain air, visitors are encouraged to dress warmly. Though no one can predict if it will be a white Christmas in Julian, it’s bound to be a bright country Christmas. Visit to learn about the tree lighting and other Christmas activities. n

‘A Christmas Carol’ Reader’s Theater A production of “A Christmas Carol,” an annual Julian tradition, will be staged this year as a reader’s theater at Side Street Theater. Directed by Don Winslow and Kait Mushet, the show will feature John Culver, who has famously portrayed

Scrooge in previous local productions. In addition to the program, there will be pre-show entertainment and an optional dinner. Shows are at 7 p.m. Dec. 13 to 15 and Dec. 20 to 22, at Side Street Theater,

2722 Washington St. Tickets for show only are $15 for adults and $10 for children. Dinner and show tickets are $30 and $15. Call 970-987-4684 or visit www. juliansidestreetproductions. com. n

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4 NovemBER 15, 2013 E JULIAN Journal

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Fabulous Homes Grace Holiday Tour


he annual Holiday Home Tour hosted by Julian Woman’s Club will take place Friday, Dec. 13. Tours depart from Community United Methodist Church on Highway 78 promptly at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Rich Morgan on C Street in Julian. Guests should plan to arrive half an hour early and take time to enjoy refreshments. At the church there will be a baked goods sale and craft shop featuring Christmas gifts and hand-crafted and quilted items, which will be closed after the second tour. Guests may not drive on their own. They will be assigned to a car with a driver who knows the route to each home on the tour. Tour cost is $20. For tickets and reservations, visit Julian Tea and Cottage Arts, 2124 Third St., or mail a check to Julian Woman’s Club, P.O. Box 2062, Julian, CA The home of Terry and Jerry Jordan will be on this year’s Holiday Home Tour. 92036, Attn: Photo Courtesy of Julian Woman’s Club Edie Seger, and specify morning or This year’s tour will feature the homes afternoon tour. of Priscilla and Keith Webb in Apple Lane For tour information, call Orchard; Barbara Hedrick off highways FAMILY Diana Garrett at 760-765-3647. 78/79 near Wynola Flats Produce; Terry For reservations information, and Jerry Jordan in Wynola Estates; Liz call 760-765-0832. n Smothers in Wynola Estates; and Teri and

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25 Years of Accomplishment Continued from page 1

seed balls. She put a new twist on the child’s play of making mud cakes by turning it into preservation work. With a variety of native species of seeds, clay, mud and sand on hand, she invited those who were willing to get VMF President Michael Pinto presents the Guardian Award to Keith and their hands dirty to Priscilla Webb, while Executive Director Colleen Bradley looks on. Photo by Ann Reilly Cole make seed balls to plant in the open spaces. When asked what being at the No celebration of the mountain and first Founder’s Day meant to Carol its beauty would be complete without the presence of the arts that it inspires. Schloo-Wright, one of the early founders of the organization, she Local musicians Haywire, Glenn replied, “This day is actually a very Smith, The Volcan Mountain Boys emotional day because I am so in awe and Paul Cruz and Jason Postelnek of of the accomplishment we made in Grand Canyon Sundown performed just 25 years. I am so proud of to the enjoyment of those present, members of the Julian community while oil painter Bettie Rikansrud and beyond who came together to exhibited her paintings of the backmake it happen. I’m thankful.” n country and demonstrated her plein air technique.

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For Advertising, Call 760-788-8148 or Email: To Submit a Press Release Email: or Fax: 760-788-8413 • • © 2013 The Ramona Home Journal & Julian Journal. Published on a monthly basis and ­distributed free of charge. Advance written ­permission must be obtained from the Publisher for partial or c­ omplete ­reproduction of any part or whole of the Ramona Home Journal or Julian Journal ­newsmagazine, including advertising material contained in its pages. Opinions expressed by ­contributors are not necessarily the opinions of this publication. The publisher is not r­ esponsible or liable for misinformation, misprints or ­typographical errors in ­editorial or advertisements printed in the publication. We reserve the right to edit s­ ubmittals. Editorials and information on calendar events are ­welcome. Send to the Ramona Home Journal, 726 D Street Ramona, CA 92065; or phone (760) 788-8148; FAX 788-8413; e-mail or send to Julian Journal, P. O. Box 1318, Julian, CA 92036 or e-mail

n e w

StAt e

o f t he


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1 Gallon: $2.00 • 5, 7 or 8 Gallons: $10.00 Fruit Trees: 2-4 Years Old, 4-8 Feet Tall-Grafted-Fruiting Age $10.99 Cypress-Junipers-Rose Trees-Shade Trees-Vines-Palm Trees: 5-8 Gallons $10.00

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Ground Cover: Flats $7.00 5 Gallon Shade Trees, 97 Kinds: Hardy Varieties 6-12 Feet $10.00 Dogwood, Forsythia, Lilac, Spiria, Flowering Quince, Rock Rose and Rose of Sharon: 5-8 Gallons $10.00 Thousand and Thousands of Plants to Choose from!

Growing Grounds Open Different Days Each Week. Please Call. Rosalyne, Owner/Grower 951-538-2733 or 951-538-2731

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The Territory. . . Julian and Beyond By Johnny McDonald ~ the journal

Room for One More Beer


t last count there were 71 craft breweries in San Diego County, but there apparently is room for more in this fast-growing industry. That’s why Tom Nickel intends to open his Nickel Beer Co. in Julian with accommodating tasting rooms. Nickel said this is a brewery operation, not a pub. Already, he owns O’Brien’s pub in Kearny Mesa and is a partner with West Coast Barbecue & Brew in La Mesa. Nickel said 95 percent of the hops used in San Diego are grown in Yakima Valley. “The popularity of craft beer in general was a niche part of the market but not necessarily a huge share, maybe 10 percent of total beer sales,” Nickel said. “Today it has become a

million-dollar business, but far less than the billion dollars wineries produce.” National figures show sales are up 15 percent, and nearly 1 million more barrels than last year were sold by small and independent craft brewers, from 6.4 million to 7.3 million barrels, the report says. The number for 2009 was 4.4 million. “That’s a kind of national trend, and in the county we have some respectable beers,” he appraised. “I’d say we’re beer’s Napa Valley.” He indicated that when the local beer companies began operating 10 to 15 years ago, they were in warehouses, selling wholesale. Now they operate from much smaller buildings and focus on tasting rooms. “Go to one of them and you can buy four- or five-dollar pints and pay $14 or $15 for a gallon,” he added. “They can

easily sell a keg at $400.” Craft beer is typically more expensive than the beer of major distributors. “We may mimic the wine industry, but we’re not a million-dollar investment,” he said. “These beer companies are just bit players in total dollars and clout.” He pointed out that when Karl Strauss opened in 1989, they had a little restaurant, but it never occurred to them that someone would come out and drink their beer at the brewery. This year they have remodeled to offer tasting rooms. Nickel said his building will soon be complete, and later the tasting room will be opened, giving time for the beers to ferment. “We’ll sell 32-ounce and 64-ounce jugs for people who might be camping, which will be a big portion of our business,” he concluded. n

Apple Days Fun

Julian’s Apple Days drew thousands to the area to enjoy the abundant beauty of the backcountry. Photo by Darrel Kinney

“I Choose Quality.”

“I Choose “I Choose “I Choose Trust.” Compassion.” Expertise.”


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We Choose Health. Palomar Health. At Palomar Health, we understand you have high expectations from your health-care provider. You should. You need a doctor you can trust. Someone who cares about getting to know you. A medical expert in your community who can give you advanced options. And most importantly, a caregiver who has a personal commitment to keeping you and the ones you love at your physical best. You have a choice. Choose wisely. Choose health. Palomar Health.

★ RESIDENTIAL ★ ★ COMMERCIAL ★ ★ AGRICULTURAL ★ 24 Hour Emergency Service • Free Leak and Safety Inspection.

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“For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, for love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Yarn-Lover’s Paradise By Ann Reilly Cole ~ the journal


on’t resist the temptation to touch the merchandise when you enter Kat’s Yarn & Craft Cottage in the Wynola Farms Marketplace in Julian, where you’ll find a mouthwatering selection of yarns and all the tools and notions you’ll need to take a fiber arts project from

communities in need. In addition to needles and hooks, books and patterns, Dupre says she is excited to supply two types of specialty buttons. Clay buttons by Sharilyn Miller are so unique that no two are alike, and colorful iridescent dichotic glass buttons by Paul Fernandes and Debbie Solan of

available for purchase separately. If you’re new to knitting or crocheting, Dupre offers free beginner instruction to get you started before you go out the door. Classes for intermediate and advanced kits will be available for those interested in taking their skills to the next level. Dupre, inspired by her aunt’s yarn store on the East Coast where she grew up, has long dreamed of owning her own yarn shop. Now that she has launched her business, she is eager to create more than a place to pick up needed supplies for creativity, but a gathering place where friends and businesses can collaborate to create a strong community. “Learning a skill, to make something by hand, is an empowering experience,” says Dupre. “It builds self-esteem.” The first Friday of every month, look for a Sip, Sit and Knit group that coincides with nearby Orfila Vineyards and Winery’s “First Friday Friend-zy,” a mix-and-mingle event from 5 to 8:30 p.m., with wine glass and bottle specials. Bring your knitting or crochet project in progress or pick up a new project at the shop to get started while enjoying

Hand-painted and novelty yarns in luscious colors.

JULIAN PHOTOS AVAILABLE Having health insurance issues? Our agency has over 40 years of local experience!


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Sample garments on display. Photos by Ann Reilly Cole




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Fusionglass Co. will put the perfect finishing touch on any project. Beautifully made garments and accessories deserve these Not to worry if you one-of-a-kind buttons. can’t figure out where to get started, the gathering. Dupre has your back. With A new place to come project kits for people at all together and support levels, from beginners to creativity in the fiber arts advanced, much of the guessis a welcome addition to the work is taken out of the equabackcountry. tion. You just need to decide Kat’s Yarn & Craft Cottage which accessory or blanket West is located at 4470 Highway project you like best. Each kit 78, and is open Wednesday to includes yarn, pattern and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. buttons, if needed. Knitting Visit n needles or crochet hooks are


concept to completion. Proprietor Kat Dupre recently opened her shop and stocked it with everything from basic yarns in varying weights to novelty yarns with beads, baubles and feathers. Going into the fall and winter, you’ll find yarns perfect for the chilly season in pure wool, wool blends, cotton, bamboo and silk in a full spectrum of colors and a variety of textures. Dupre is especially proud to offer yarns made in America, and in particular, some yarns made locally by artisans in San Diego County. She also carries yarns from companies dedicated to supporting health and education in developing countries by giving back a percentage of proceeds to

Lic# 0D95247

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Annette Williams Ongoing Events Julian Doves and Desperados award-winning historic comedy skits Sundays at 1, 2 and 3 pm (weather permitting) at the stage area next to Julian Market and Deli. 760-765-1857 Jeremy’s on the Hill music Saturday and Sunday 5 pm, Monday at 6 pm at 4354 Hwy. 78. 760-765-1587

Music at the Marketplace Sundays live music starting at noon; wine, beer and hard cider tasting; and outdoor barbecue on the back patio at Wynola Farms Marketplace, 4470 Hwy. 78. Santa Ysabel Store & Backcountry Visitor Center open Friday-Sunday from 11-5 at 30275 Hwy. 78, Santa Ysabel. index.htm Dr. Kentaro Dr. Susan Yamada, M.D. Cervantes, O.D

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We offer a huge selection of eyewear from economical to designer, including: • Coach • Fossil • Fendi • Guess • Diva • Ray-Ban • Nike • Kate Spade. . . and More!

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Warner-Carrillo Ranch House open Saturday & Sunday, 12-4, at 29181 San Felipe Rd., Warner Springs. warnercarrillo.htm Warner Springs Farmers’ Market Thursdays from 3:15-6 pm at Warner High School, 30951 Hwy. 79, features student-grown produce and countywide vendors. 760-782-3517 ext. 50 Wynola Pizza & Bistro live entertainment Fridays and Saturdays, 6–9 pm, at 4355 Hwy. 78. Music calendar at 760-765-1004 Guided Nature Hikes schedule and information at 858-674-2275 ext. 12 Quarterly Art Exhibit Julian Art Gallery, 2229 Main St. 760-765-1551 www.thejulianart Volcan Mountain Foundation art adventures, trail explorations, lectures and educational hikes. 760-765-2300

MEETINGS Architectural Review Board 7 pm the first Tuesday at the Witch Creek School. 760-765-1343 Intermountain Republican Women Federated meets monthly and welcomes members, spouses and guests from Julian, Santa Ysabel, Ramona and surrounding areas. 760-788-6645 Julian Arts Guild 3 pm the second Wednesday in the Community Room at Julian Library, 1850 Hwy. 78. Julian Chamber of Commerce Mixers from 5:30–7:30 pm the first Thursday. Location 760-765-1857 Julian Chamber of Commerce Board 6 pm the third Thursday downstairs in Julian Town Hall, 2129 Main St. 760-765-1857 Julian Community Planning Group 7 pm the second Monday downstairs in Julian Town Hall, 2129 Main St. Julian Historical Society 7 pm the fourth Wednesday at 2133 Fourth St. 760-765-0436

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7-23: Victorian Christmas Teas Julian Tea & Cottage Arts, 2124 Third St. at 11:30, 1:15 and 3. Reservations required. 760-765-0832 8: Pine Hills Lodge Breakfast with Santa from 9-1 at 2960 La Posada Wy. Reservations 760-765-1100 13: Holiday Home Tour at 9 am and 1 pm with Julian Woman’s Club. Tickets $20 at Julian Tea & Cottage Arts, 2124 Third St. 760-765-3647 13-15: ‘A Christmas Carol’ reader’s theater featuring John Culver at 7 pm at Side Street Theater, 2722 Washington St. Tickets 970-987-4684 www. julianside 15: Handel’s Messiah Julian Community Choir, 7 pm at Town Hall, 2129 Main St. 16-31: Town Hall Market & Arts from 9-5, local artisans with handmade items for sale. 2129 Main St. 20-22: ‘A Christmas Carol’ continues.

JULIAN LIBRARY Flu Shots available Dec. 11 from 11-2. Children, Teens & Family Baby Story Time for babies and moms Wednesdays at 10 am. Preschool Story Time Wednesdays at 10:30 am. Bilingual Story Time second Friday at 1 pm. Lego My Library for grades K-5 at 2:30 pm Nov. 21. Materials supplied. Teen Lego My Library at 3 pm Nov. 22. Adults Beginning Computer Class second and fourth Thursday at 9:30 am. Feeding America produce and staples distribution second and fourth Wednesday at 10 am. Laura Silveria, 619-481-9695. Sit and Fit for Older Adults every Wednesday at 11. Yoga every Tuesday at 4 pm and Friday at 9 am. Friends of the Library Bookstore open from 11-5 Tues.-Sat. 760-765-2239 Fine Free Friday Return overdue materials the last Friday of the month and fees will be waived, with the exception of Circuit, Link+ and interlibrary loan items. Julian Library hours of operation are Tuesdays from 9 am–8 pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9–6, and Fridays and Saturdays from 9–5 at 1850 Hwy. 78. 760-765-0370. n

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Julian Merchants Association 8 am networking breakfast the third Wednesday. $8/$10. Location 760-765-1857 Julian Planning Group 7 pm the second Monday at Julian Town Hall, 2129 Main St. Julian Woman’s Club 1 pm the first Wednesday at 2607 C St. 760-765-4702 New Baby/Breastfeeding Support first and third Wednesdays at Wynola’s Daily Perc, 4470 Hwy. 78. Free. 760-877-9939 Playgroup for Learning for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and a parent from 8-9 am Mondays through Nov. 18 at Julian Elementary School, Pathways. Free. Sponsored by the Julian Woman’s Club. 760-765-2228 Shelter Valley Mobile Clinic Services from 8-11 am third Tuesday at Shelter Valley Community Center. Warner Springs Mobile Clinic Services from 8-11 am third Wednesday at Warner Springs Resource Center. Women’s Self-Empowerment Group 10 am Wednesdays at Julian Library, 1850 Hwy. 78. Linda Immonen, 760-834-1338 November 2013 16: Sally Snipes’ Daffodil Show at 10 am at Julian Library, 1850 Hwy. 78. 760-765-0370 16: Music on the Mountain with cellist Alvin Wong 1 pm at Julian Library, 1850 Hwy. 78. 760-765-0370 27, 29-30: Town Hall Market & Arts from 9-5, local artisans with handmade items for sale. 2129 Main St. 30: Julian Country Christmas & Tree Lighting from 1-5:30 pm, Pioneer Museum Park. Entertainment, Santa visit and more. 30: Shelter Valley Art Fun Fundraiser from 10-4 at nonprofit Shelter Valley Community Center, 7217 Great Southern Overland Trail. Register $5 by Nov. 20 at December 2013 4: Back Country Voices Citizens Group from 6:30-8 pm in Julian Town Hall, 2129 Main St., to address possible drone testing in the backcountry. 6: Community Christmas with Santa from 5−8 pm at Town Hall, 2129 Main St.

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The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has developed an online community survey for residents to complete, saying the results will impact the services and programs offered by the department.

The survey is available at sdsheriffsurvey. For information, call Rural Area Crime Prevention Specialist Barbara J. Wallace at 760-738-2425. n

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Borrego Days Parade a Hit!


highlight of the annual Borrego Days Desert Festival last month was the big parade, with a flyover providing an amazing start, says Linda Haddock, Executive Director of the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce & Visitors’ Bureau. Haddock says paradegoers loved the float resembling a suite, fixed up by La Casa Del Zorro desert resort. “They just put so much into it.” Mini-cars decked out for

Halloween were also popular parade entries. Music at the festival was outstanding this year, and the children’s carnival was a huge success. “We had three extra inflatables, including a 27-foot ‘Cliffhanger’ with two slides,” she says, adding, “This is like Disneyland for desert kids.” Haddock estimated festival attendance at more than 10,000. n

New Life Assembly of God’s Advocates for Christ motorcycle club joined Borrego Springs American Legion Post 853’s American Legion Riders in the parade. Photos by Darrel Kinney

Representatives from Ramona Disposal Service participated in the parade. From left are Josh Symons, Jamie Symons, Patrick Osio, Guadalupe Diaz, Michael Lepe and Tony Ruiz.

A float resembling a resort suite and mini-cars were enjoyed by parade-goers. Photos courtesy of Trails End

Keep the freshness of your homegrown herbs by preserving them for winter. San Diego native Nan Sterman, host of KPBS’ “A Growing Passion,” has a few ways to use herbs to add flavor to soups, dressings and sauces, while saving money throughout the year. Sterman’s gardening program visits local landscapes to teach and promote a sustainable, water-wise approach to gardening. With an abundance of herbs this season and not enough time to use all of them, be sure to preserve your crops with these quick and easy how-tos. • Frozen: Chop washed parsley, dill, chives, basil and mint. Place the herbs in ice cube trays, top with water and freeze. Store ice cubes in a tray or freezer bags and use for stews, sauces or drinks.

Drying Preserves Herbs for Winter

tablespoons leaves. Feel free to add garlic or citrus to the butter for added flavor. Pulse until chunky, place in ice


cube trays or flattened plastic bags and freeze for future use. n





Dried herbs

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

• Dried: Hang tied bundles of sage and rosemary in a dark area with good air flow. Once completely dried, store in closed containers and fully crush before use for the best flavor. • Frozen Oil or Butter: Wash and dry preferred herbs and place in a food processor with 1/3 cup oil for 2 cups leaves or ½ cup butter for 4


1 70 lb.

$ .

WE BUY • All Scrap Metal • All CRV

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Ron and Deborah Richardson

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Share-Your-Holidays is Right Around the Corner

By Tiffany Pressler


he holiday season marks the perfect time to give unto others. “I think inside, everyone wants to give back,” says Jae Marciano, the new general manager of Ramona Food & Clothes Closet. “Everyone wants to do something nice around Christmas.” Ramona Food & Clothes Closet would like businesses

and organizations to help collect new and unwrapped toys and canned food for its Share-Your-Holidays Program. “We bring Christmas to kids who wouldn’t have it,” says Marciano. “We want everybody to have a Christmas.” Low-income families may apply for the program from noon to 4 p.m., Dec. 2 through 6, at the store. In order to

qualify, the families must live in the areas of Julian, Santa Ysabel, Ranchita, Warner Springs, Borrego Springs or Ramona; prove that they are low-income; and show identification, and they will be allowed to shop for their family, including children, and at a reasonable price. The store will give out boxes of food to make sure the families have a Christmas meal. If the families qualify, they will receive an invitation to the Share-Your-Holiday event. Last year, they had 200 families participate and they are shooting for the same number this year. “All of the proceeds of this store go back to the community,” says Marciano. Every donation goes back in four ways: student scholarships; giving out food and clothes for free to low income families and homeless; Share-YourHolidays; and the medical equipment loan program,

Ramona Food & Clothes Closet General Manager Jae Marciano, left, with Brittany Sego, donation clerk and cashier. Photos by Tiffany Pressler

where the thrift store loans out crutches and wheelchairs for free, which are returned after they are not needed. It’s the honor system, she says. “If you donate here, it stays here.” The organization offers a variety of ways to give back to the community. This can be done by dropping off used items, checks or food, or by volunteering. It’s easy to donate at the drive-through donation lane behind the store, where store employees and volunteers unload items and give donors a slip for tax write-offs. Ramona Food & Clothes Closet is a Section 501(c)(3)

nonprofit organization, so donations are taxdeductible. The donation deadline for Share-Your-Holidays is Dec. 13, and the holiday shopping event for families will be Dec. 19. Those who would like to become a volunteer need to attend a volunteer orientation. High school students are welcome to participate and get credit for volunteer hours before they graduate. For information, visit the store at 773 Main St.; call 760-789-4458; email Ramona-foodclothes@sbcglobal. net; or visit www.foodand n

Bikers Pedal Their Hearts Out Continued from page 1

in Oregon. Oakland believes it is important to keep moving. “I was very happy to see the town of Julian,” she said after pushing herself to make the trek from La Jolla. Triathlete Kelsey Flynn-Granquist, granddaughter of Julian resident Laurel Granquist, rode with a mixed group of triathletes and novices representing Source Intelligence, an environmental consulting firm, in honor of Gil Friesen, executive producer of “The Breakfast Club,” who died from leukemia. “We all stuck together; it has been one of the best races by far,” said FlynnGranquist of the first-time San Diego event. “I will absolutely do it again next year.” Cheers greeted riders as

Wynola Materials

Kelsey Flynn-Granquist catches up with her grandmother, Julian resident Laurel Granquist. Photos by Ann Reilly Cole

We have been supplying masonry materials to Wynola, Julian, Shelter Valley, Warner Springs, Ranchita, Santa Ysabel and other surrounding areas for 10 years!

10 NovemBER 15, 2013 E JULIAN Journal

We Are Pleased to Announce We Will Now Offer Masonry Supplies As Well As: Plumbing • Electrical Complete Line of Hardware and Tools

3578 Highway 78

(Next to Julian Auto Body and Redi-Rental at the Julian Industrial Park)

Store 760-765-0062 • Mobile 760-703-6606

On day two of the event, riders get an early start as they head back down the mountain.

they arrived in Julian to firstclass accommodations at the park, with secured parking for wheels, personal gear waiting for them, hot showers, massages and yoga classes. A charging station and satellite Internet service enabled riders to stay connected. RVs, luxury tents and shuttles to hotels and B&Bs provided upscale choices

for those who opted out of the free camping tents. Gourmet meals catered by Giuseppe Ciuffa and dancing to live music by Rockola made for a festive evening. By dawn Sunday morning, riders were gearing up for the trek back down to the coast, as one by one they pedaled out, doing their part to work for a cure. For information about Pedal the Cause, visit To donate to a specific rider’s goal, use the site’s search function. n

Harvest-time Celebration Kat’s Yarn & Craft Cottage Country Village Yarn West

In the Wynola Farms Marketplace

4470 Hwy. 78

(3 miles west of Main St. in Julian)

OPEN Wed - Sun: 10 am - 6 pm or by Appointment

Call 619-246-8585


JEWEL BOX Vintage u Estate u Custom

Silversmith and Artist Patricia McConnell


Julian’s Only Silversmith

NEW SERVICE: Watch Batteries


2125 Main St u Julian


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All Phases of Tree Maintenance and Removal Chipping and Hauling and Firewood Sales (760) 440-9138 (619) 258-5828

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The Only Full Service Water Treatment Company in Ramona!


~ 25 Years experience ~

Beautiful Showroom INORGANIC CHEMICAL Many Styles & Finishes 3-D Computer VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS 760 Designs Quality Cabinets & Countertops HERBICIDE AND PESTICIDE 760-788-6900

780 Main Street, Ste. G Ramona


“Your Recipe for a Beautiful Kitchen” ~ 25 Years experience ~

Beautiful Showroom Many Styles & Finishes 3-D Computer Designs Quality Cabinets & Countertops


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GOT PROBLEM WATER? For over 35 years our dad has been taking care of Ramona’s water problems, big or small. Call our dad today and eliminate the problems!

The Only Full Service Water Treatment Company in Ramona!

GOT PROBLEM WATER? For over 35 years our dad has been taking care of the Backcountry’s water problems, big or small. Call our dad today and eliminate the problems!

Bad Taste, Nitrates, Hard Water, Iron... NO PROBLEM! Call Bert Huff

Bad Taste, Nitrates, Hard Water, Iron... NO PROBLEM! Call Bert Huff

Residential • Commercial • Drinking Water • Water Softeners WE REPAIR ALL MAKES & MODELS

Residential • Commercial • Drinking Water • Water Softeners WE REPAIR ALL MAKES & MODELS

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Personal, Professional Service Since 1977 Locally Owned and Operated



CONTRACTOR LICENSE — California law requires that contractors taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor and/or materials) be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. Check contractors’ license status at Business and Professions Code section 7030.5 says that licensed contractors are required to include their license numbers in (a) all construction contracts; (b) subcontracts and calls for bid; and (c) all forms of advertising, as prescribed by the registrar of contractors.

JULIAN Journal E NovemBER 15, 2013 11

Liability Insured Workmans Comp.

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COMPLETE WATER A“Your NALYSIS Recipe for a Beautiful Kitchen”



(In the Downstairs of Warm Hearth)


CARPENTRY There was no shortage of fun when St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church hosted its Oktoberfest celebration last month. Guests of all ages enjoyed food, fun, music and Cabinetry Photos by Darrel Kinney dancing.

Open 10 am - 5pm Closed Tuesday

Shelter Valley Arts and Crafts Fundraiser


he nonprofit Shelter Valley Community Center welcomes artists and crafters from the greater Julian area, Borrego Springs and Ramona to take part in its Art Fun Fundraiser Nov. 30. The free event will feature an arts and crafts show, craft demonstrations, fine art show, 
art contest,
and classes with Donna Beers, Jolanda De Luca and Paula Poole. Also on the roster are a prize-winning needle felter, a wood lathe demonstrator,

Senator Anderson to Host Holiday Open House State Senator Joel Anderson invites locals to kick off the season at his annual Holiday Legislative Open House, Nov. 21. The event provides an opportunity for Senator Anderson and staff to meet with residents and hear their ideas on how to improve California. Anderson says that many of the bills he has introduced in the past originated from people who attended the event. “It is important for me to represent my district to the best of my ability,”stated Anderson. “This event gives me an opportunity to hear directly from my constituents about their opinions and legislative ideas. Certainly my best legislative ideas have come from the people I serve.” According to the senator’s office, last year there were more than 1,500 residents who attended the event, resulting in three to five bills the senator carried in the last legislative session. The free event, which is open to all, will also feature a 2013 legislative update. The open house will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at Toyota of El Cajon, 965 Arnele Ave., El Cajon, 92020. Hors d’ oeuvres and refreshments will be provided. RSVP by Nov. 7 by calling the El Cajon District Office at 619-5963136 or visiting www.senate.

and an old-fashioned quilting bee. Those who sign up for the quilting bee will be able to continue working on it after the fundraiser. Prayer quilts will be made for those in hospitals, veterans in wheelchairs and people in need, including children in institutional homes. According to event organizer Donna Beers, the group wants to use the fun art experience to share people’s

12 NovemBER 15, 2013 E JULIAN Journal

talents while raising money for the center. “This experience is for us to have fun and see how talented our neighbors are,
 and maybe buy a piece of original art or craft.” Vendor cost is a $5 donation. Art contest entry fee is also $5, and cash prizes will be offered. All ages, subject matter, media, and art forms are welcome. “You don’t have to be a

Museum in Oklahoma. Beers says these pieces are perfect for a show in Shelter Valley, where all the street names are cowboy or Western themed. The fundraiser will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 7217 Great Southern Overland Trail in Shelter Valley. A potluck follows from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Vendors and contestants must register by Nov. 20 at or email n

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Ponderosa Custom Home

SPLIT-LEVEL- This is one of Julian’s finest homes, 4BD / 3 BA, 2,758 sq.ft. on 6.84 park-like acres. Zoned for horses! Lovely pastoral views overlook Ancient Oaks, Ponderosa and Coulter Pines. Gourmet kitchen includes: Oak cabinets, all stainless steel Kitchen Aid appliances, cooking island, roll-out shelves, and a hidden pantry, screened sunroom. Huge master has bath and walk-in closet. 180 Degree views from the guest bedroom harkens back to childhood memories of looking out from a beautiful Tree-house. This is an extraordinary House! The 2,181 sq. ft., 3 Bedrooms, 3 full Bathrooms Home received the prestigious SANDEE Solid Oak floors, vaulted open-beam ceilings, Laundry & mud room. New dual-zone Heating & Air, Six award from the CA Center for Sustainability Energy. Craftsman-style home w/separate fully equipped guest house person spa, 2-car garage w/10ft ceiling, barn, potting shed, Trex deck, and automatic back-up generator. Lush, private setting. Home has almost no electricity-bill. Marvin windows, Brazilian granite, Wood-burning stove, ORIGINALLY: $839,500 NOW: $789,000! Walk-through Gourmet kitchen with a large opening to the dining room. Stainless steel appliances, pantry, breakfast area with views to the gardens, patio and gazebo. 9 foot ceilings, Gorgeous built-ins. English summer house, climatecontrolled green house, 23 fruit trees, brick patio w/gas grill, great for entreteinment. Home and grounds are impeccable!

Unique Mountain Retreat in Julian

Mountains & Desert Views


For more details and information go to :

OffERED AT: $449,000!

Shelter Valley - 1 Acre, 832sq.ft. 3BD/1BA HOME. Carport and large concrete patio surrounded by beautiful natural stone walls. Plenty of parking. Fully fenced. New Sedona color Ceramic Tile in shower. New carpet. Interior freshly painted. Beautiful ornate Wood Burning Stove with red brick backdrop, Living dining area. Close to Anza-Borrego trails and amenities. OffERED AT :$135,000!

Nice Home In The Pines 1,600sq.ft. 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms on 0.24 acres. Nice home is looking for a new owner. Sellers are looking for serious, qualified buyers or investors. Home was completed in 2010 with tile flooring throughout including kitchen counter tops, tub, and shower. Carpet in living room and bedrooms. Dual pane windows. Separate laundry/utility room. Great opportunity and potential for new owner. OffERED AT: $280,000!

Charming Julian Home

NEWNG TI LIS The Peacefield Orchard Apple Farm

Welcome to The Peacefield Orchard Apple Farm. 2,475 sq. ft. 3BD/2BA home with vaulted ceilings on 2.5 acres. This farm has an abundance of water and includes two wells, 553 fruit trees, 500 of which are Apple. The history of this family orchard features possibly the biggest & oldest Gravenstein Apple Tree in Julian… It’s over 115 years old! In 1909 Julian Gravenstien Apples won Blue ribbon awards in Fairs all over the USA. Semi-Formal dining and living room has 90-degree fireplace. Kitchen with butcher block island and rollout drawers, pantry, mud room and laundry room. Large Master bedroom with Balcony, separate sitting room & sunken Roman Bath, Buildings include: Tractor barn, sorting room, RV Barn, Large refrigerated cold storage & Caretaker Quarters. Harvest is up to 1,200 boxes of fruit each year. U-Pick (open to public) generates up to $35,000 in annual revenues, 100% fenced with electric gate plus 6.5 kw GRIDTIE SOLAR POWER SYSTEM SUPPLIES 100% OF NEEDED POWER FOR BOTH HOME & FARM.

The peace and beauty of Julian has never been so easy to obtain. Home includes 910 sq.ft., 2 Bath, 1 Bedroom plus a separate downstairs guest quarters, Living and Dining area, Nicely laid-out and upgraded kitchen, Separate laundry room for washer and dryer. Downstairs features separate Guest quarters with ffull bath. Electrical system has been upgraded. Enjoy Breathtaking views and deep shade from property’s large mature trees. Approximate 20 minute walk to the Julian Township. OffERED AT :$185,000! LAND FOR SALE


Reserve your advertising space today! Call 760-788-8148 Deadline for advertising is the 1st of each month Visit www. JulianJournal. com to see stories online.

professional artist to enter,” said Beers. “This contest is just for fun.” The Fine Art Show, separate from the art contest, is free to enter, and artists may present their work for display or for sale. Any art can be shown in the Fine Art Show, be it fabric art, sculpture, paintings and more. One show entry is a collection of pewter figurines the Franklin Mint commissioned master sculptor Jim Ponter to create for the National Cowboy & Western Heritage




OffERED AT: $765,000!

CE PRI CED U RED 1 Acre - LAND Cuyamaca Woods - Security NG


of a gated community, Well on site. Usable land and very gentle slope. Underground Telephone is located at road. OffERED AT: $40,000!


9.53 Acres - LAND Wynola Estates - 9.53 acres in the

prestigious Wynola Estates. The San Diego River flows through this property. Three separate legal lots (lots# 78, 79, and 80) OffERED AT: $150,000!

2.67 Acres - LAND Cuyacama - This lot has the Best

Ocean & Mountain Views in SD. Over $160,000 in Property Improvements. ORIGINALLY: $329,000 NOW:$125,000!

CE PRI CED U RED 1.01 Acres - LAND


This 1.01 Acre lot is one of the few remaining Pine Hills parcels with hilltop Panoramic views. This one has one of the nicest Mountain Views in the area. ORIGINALLY: $115,000 NOW: $99,000!


0.62 Acres - LAND - Great views from

Palomar Observatory and Volcan Mountain and Salton Sea. County approved septic lay-out for 3 BD/2BA home with garage OffERED AT: $43,900!


4.32 Acres LAND

- The property consists of spectacular views to the ocean , Lake Cuyumaca and the surrounding mountain peaks. ORIGINALLY: $100,0000 NOW:$ 90,000!

NEWNG TI LIS 0.62 Acres LAND Whispering Pines - Build your getaway

cabin or full time residence with views to Volcan Mountain. Near down town Julian 0.62 usable acres. Owner will OffERED AT: $56,000. carry.

13.85 Acres LAND Aguanga -

Great Highway Frontage property! Fantastic Mountain Views. Start a vineyard, OK for horses, build your dream home. One of a kind property OffERED AT: $95,000. Must see to appreciate!.

P.O. Box 484 • 2902 Washington Street, Julian CA 92036 (The Old Feed Store Bldg.) Apple Tree Realty & Allison James of California Inc. are affiliated residential real estate brokerage companies. License # 01885684 & 01419334


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