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QUIET SECRET Photographer: Sebastian Schreiber Photographie IG: @studio_schreiber_photographie Model: Sophia Petricenko IG: @_misssophia_


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Spring is the time of renewal. In us, the desire for change awakens. By spending more time in nature again, we feel the inspirations that bring the awakening and flowering of nature. Nothing feels more beautiful than the first warm sun rays on the skin at the end of winter. The first walk barefoot in the grass makes us feel the energy of the earth. What the annual spring clean is to the home, gentle health rituals, for example on a short holiday, are to the body in order to increase our own vitality. Nutrient-rich meals support us. Look forward to spring in this issue of TENDENCY!

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A Visit to Palma de Mallorca 14 Hotel Cort 16 Hotel Tres 18 Tomeu 19 Ca'n Toni 20 Bar Nikolás Bei Schumann An oasis of well-being in the Upper Lusatia Gut Ising Hospitality with a long tradition



Spring Awakening


Radical Classic 2024


Tinted Creams & Make-up

Front cover image Model: Eliza May @djelizamay Photography: Anastasia Protas @anastasiaprotas Wardrobe: Gia Bianca


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Peach Fuzz – Pantone Color of the Year 2024

08 Embrace the Warmth Interior and Fashion Design

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Association of German Florists

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What's making you smile this spring?

images by tutkit.com

Spring is making it's way towards summer. A sea of colors brings our spring fever out of hibernation. Spring is the arche­typial time of new beginnings. It inspires us to all kinds of activities.


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Pantone Color of the Year 2024

Images: Pantone Color Institute

In seeking a hue that echoes our innate yearning for closeness and connection, we chose a color radiant with warmth and modern elegance. A shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless. – Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute

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Direct/diffused light suspension

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AVRO by Martinelli Luce

lamp with dimmable LED source. Diam: 60 cm / Height: 25 cm € 980 + VAT

BISANZIO by Casarialto Handmade mosaic stool, glass mosaic tiles on a ceramic base, 3997 € VAT included

RUCHÉ by Ligne Roset soft and welcoming sofa, 6240 €


EMBRACE THE WARMTH Discover how brands are using the color in order to share kindness.


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MEMO BOARD by Arighi Bianchi, £39

MIGHTY B PASTEL BEAN BAG by Cuckooland, £159

SIDE TABLE by Søstrene Grene, £33,40


VASE by Søstrene Grene, £7,56

I S S U E 1 / 2 024

Contemporary Tripod Floor Lamp featuring a matt blush and copper finish. Dimensions: H135.5 x D60 cm, £109.00


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SANDAL by La Strada, via DSI





FLOWER HEADBAND WITH PEARLS by QUEENMEE ACCESSORIES Set with enamel flowers, crystals and pearls, £59, €68,92 SNEAKERS by Dockers, via DSI


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A Visit to Palma de Mallorca: Hotels and Gastronomy Bei Schumann: An oasis of well-being in the Upper Lusatia Gut Ising: Hospitality with a long tradition Model: Annika Gassner Photographer: Kai Marc Pel


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A VISIT TO PALMA DE MALLORCA Hotels and culinary delights for a short stay

Good flight connections,

centre: Hotel CORT on the

a wide range of hotels

Plaza of the same name

and a varied cultural and

and the modern Hotel

leisure offer, in addition to

TRES in the nearby district

the warm sunny climate:

of La Lonja, both four-star

Palma is the ideal destina-

superior hotels in a perfect

tion for a short or longer

location to attractions,


typical restaurants, cool bars and attractive shops.

Travelers in Palma have a wide range of hotels

The preferred language is

available. Many have been

English. The hotels have

opening for some time

attractive rooms and mo-

even in the winter season.

dern technical comfort that makes them interesting for

Two sympathetic hotels

business travelers.

invite you to visit Palma’s

I S S U E 1 / 2 024


HOTEL CORT Plaça de Cort, 11

In a former bank building directly on Plaça de Cort, 14 suites and 2 double rooms were built in British club style, where guests in individually designed high rooms await a comfortable atmosphere since the opening in 2013. Behind the historic facade of the building

At Plaza Cort, the bus stops on line 2; it

from the 19th century, the Spanish interior

leads through the historic centre of Palma.

designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, on behalf of

If you get in, go on a very private sight­

the owners, two Swedes and a Mallorcan,

seeing tour for little money.

staged modern coziness with a touch of Mallorcan tradition.

After an adventurous day in Palma and perhaps a relaxing stay in the pool on the

Refined technical details, the use of typical

hotel’s roof terrace, the guest dreams with

materials such as the robust cotton fabric

heart in a sea of white pillows.

“Tela de lengua” with the flaming diamond pattern, noble textiles, dark oak furniture, a style mix of leather, linen and marble, hand-painted ceramics, opulent mirrors, antique lamps, historical nautical charts, old ceilings, chandeliers and mosaic floors underline the opulent elegance of the house. The basic redesign flatters the character of the city palace and gives the guest a feeling of walking through the times.


I S S U E 1 / 2 024

Mallorcan-Mediterranean specialties are served in the hotel restaurant with an attached terrace. Here, Mallorcans and island visitors meet until late evening to end the day comfortably. The Altillo Bar & Lounge on the mezzanine floor of the hotel is ideal for small meetings.

The à la card breakfast with a view of the more than nine hundred years old “Olivo” is the start of a sightseeing tour: the hustle and bustle of the town hall square. The olive tree was planted on the Plaza de Cort only about twenty years ago and has since been the most famous starting point for city tours, for example in the adjacent handicraft district of the city with many Art Nouveau villas, traditional cafés and small (art) craftsmen.

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HOTEL TRES Calle Apuntadores, 3

The taxi squeezes through the narrow alley of Calle Apuntadores and stops at number three, in Spanish “tres”, to release its guests on a holiday full of beautiful moments. The large wooden entrance gate of the former noble palace, dating back to 1576, is wide open during the day and gives the view into a typical patio, where another building from 1950, a tall palm tree and light and water games welcome


I S S U E 1 / 2 024

guests with quiet lounge music. Both buildings merge through stairs into a harmonious place of calm and well-being. International guests appreciate the central location and family service of the boutique hotel in La Lonja of Palma de Mallorca. The stunning views of the Cathedral of Mallorca are impressive, which both the sauna and the rooftop offer. The contrasting composition of Scandinavian design and Malloquinian casualness determines the ambience of the hotel’s rooms and suites. Architects Antonio Perez-Villegas, Tomas Grip and Anders

Within walking distance is the beach

Stjärna used a lot of glass, dark wood and

section at Paseo Maritimo, which offers all

light colors for walls, furniture and fabrics

year round for walks and cycling trips, but

to give the clearly divided rooms a puristic,

also for a swim in the sea until well into

cool look with a portion of extravagance.


The small extras include, for example, the mobile “Tres table” in the width of the bed.

I S S U E 1 / 2 024



First address of good taste Carrer de Sant Jaume, 22

Under the leadership of star chef Tomeu

are the starting point for the discovery of

Caldentey, a service and kitchen team


at the “Tomeu Restaurant amd Arrels” ­restaurant since June 2017 has been de-

Whether it’s a six-course menu Santa

signing classic Mallorcan cuisine, focusing

Magda, the nine-course menu Sant Jaume

on ingredients from the Balearic Islands.

or individual dishes of the menus, the start

To make the typical locals known, that

is the typical Sobrassada, on which a

is the culinary message of Tomeu. This

bunsen burner caramelises a little brown

explains the addition of the name “amd

sugar. Freshly baked bread and small fish

Arrels”: with roots.

strips with different sauces are served. The cheese plate offers a large selection of

The gem of the culinary island hotspot is


located on the ground floor of the boutique hotel Sant Jaume (with private entran-

The culinary journey continues, depen-

ce) in Palma’s old town. In the elegant,

ding on the chosen menu, with the finest

modern-style main room, guests dine at

and lovingly arranged dishes to the most

the highest level and enjoy an old school

famous wine-growing regions and wine

restaurant culture with modern accents

varieties that harmonise with the respecti-

that are rarely found today.

ve dish. For the finale there are pralines in the monastery style, also provided with an

Traditional products and recipes of Mallor-

excellent wine recommendation.

can cuisine, which were previously used,


I S S U E 1 / 2 024


Toni Costa de Santa Creu, 5

Traditional restaurants such as the Ca’n Toni on the square near the church of Santa Catalina can be found in Palma when you leave the usual tourist trails and curiously cross the streets of the city. From the hotel TRES it is

In the morning, the iron wood-burning oven (Horno) is he-

only about five minutes

ated in an inconspicuous corner of the restaurant so that


guests can melt on their tongues hours later. Experienced waiters welcome guests with typical Majorcan friendliness in the cosy restaurant and in the 1955 Café Bar. You have to try the in-house sobrassada and the homemade ham. Most of the time, you don't need a main course anymore. Many other Mallorcan specialties (“worked with the classic culinary methods of yesterday”), such as meat, fish, appetisers and tapas, are waiting for an order on the multilingual menu. Among locals and international visitors, the Ca’n Toni, open all year round (with the exception of a few weeks in December) is a recommended address. It is best to inform yourself about the opening hours before the visit and reserve a table.

I S S U E 1 / 2 024


BAR NICOLÁS Plaça del Mercat, 19

At Plaça del Mercat, guests sit on the terrace of the bar in the morning at breakfast. Spanish snacks, tapas and, of course, classic, sweet or spicy cocktails are served here until the night. In winter, the bar opens from 5 pm to one or two o'clock in the night.

The Nicolás bar in the style of a chic bistro is also known for its delicious, healthy salads, but above all for its gin lounge in the basement with a uniquely extensive selection of gin varieties.


I S S U E 1 / 2 024


4-star superior hotel with historical charm and modern comfort – Your holiday paradise directly on the Baltic Sea (Usedom)

HOTEL KAISERHOF https://t1p.de/108s4

I S S U E 1 / 2 024





I S S U E 1 / 2 024

An oasis of well-being in the Upper Lusatia

With the Ortenburg of the town of Baut-

Wide green country, then finally pass the

zen in my back I approach my destination

entrance to the hotel “Bei Schumann” in

by car in the tri-border triangle Germany,

Kirschau. The automatically opening glass

Poland, Czech Republic. Scattered clouds,

entrance door of the Art Nouveau villa

which gave the Upper Lusatian hill country

offers a view of the bright blue, discreetly

a rain shower, play with the sun.

patterned carpet and bright red upholstered furniture. The fireplace fire crackles quietly: “Welcome!”

I S S U E 1 / 2 024


“Just a few formalities.” The friendly receptionist will give me a welcome drink and a pen for various signatures. As my luggage embarks on the journey to the dorm suite, I am happy to follow her invitation to a guided tour of the house, which soon turns out to be a sensory journey.

Winding corridors and lovingly decorated

architect Max Hans Kühne from 1921

niches point the way through the mul-

to 1923. The current owners Petra and

ti-storey building with double rooms and

Rüdiger Schumann bought the beautiful

suites. A total of four restaurants, flooded

Art Nouveau building in 1996 and opened

with light or rustic, a Bedouin tent and a

their luxury hotel “Bei Schumann” in the

bar suggest that the guest will lack no-

high summer of 1998. In the hotel parents

thing from a culinary point of view.

especially enjoy the peace and spend a few days without the little ones. Children

During the tour of the hotel I learn a lot

aged 16 and over are welcome as young

about the history of the house, once


“Fremdenhof zum Weber”, built by the


I S S U E 1 / 2 024

After the excursion, we enter the spa area, immersed in a pleasant tranquillity, with spa reception and cozy sitting areas. From a balcony in the style of a feel-good lounge, we descend a red carpeted staircase, which appears to lead directly up to “cloud 7”: to the wellness temple with meter-high dome. Ancient Roman baths inspired the owners Schumann to create a place,

» when time seems to stand still and bows down before the eternity of love. «

“Yes, here it is, I have arrived in the hide­away of pleasures!” In a state of well-being, I feel the hustle and bustle of everyday life gradually falling away. The dream of the hotelier couple is fulfilled: do not marvel at it, but come down and switch off.

I S S U E 1 / 2 024


KultHippoBar Kidnapping and seduction

adorable arabesques. Un-

cocktail, cognac, sherry or

alike, the chilly Hippo bar

til the night, guests like to

homemade tonic and gin.

with smoking lounge, invi-

sink into good conversa-

A bit of a thousand and

ting divans, separates and

tions, in hand the favorite

one night for an evening or even more often.

Gourmet tour through the hotel restaurants Ristorante "Al Forno" Mediterranean flair, Italian

tic dishes, during which

oven hot and topped with

hospitality and the scent

guests can watch thanks

fresh herbs on the plates.

of freshly baked pizzas are

to the open kitchen. Italian

The southern good mood

reminiscent of a holiday in

classics, meat and fish

of the staff is contagious!

the sun. Fresh ingredients

dishes come here from the

are used for the authen-

pot, the pan or the wood


I S S U E 1 / 2 024

Spa Restaurant Kirschgarten Extensive breakfast or he-

treatments, saunas or

welcome in the bathrobe

althy snack in between –

swimming for a meal. In

to be pampered with sea-

in the hotel you don't have

the light-flooded “Kirsch-

sonal regional delicacies,

to change between beauty

garten” guests are also

smoothies and home-baked cakes at coffee time.

The hotel “Bei Schumann” offers a unique culinary diversity. Countless loving details and gestures around food and drink make the enjoyment experience as such for all senses.

Restaurant "Weberstube"

Inspired by the log rooms

Regional cuisine is served

Hearty food, freshly

of the house weaving mills

here, such as air-dried

caught fish and crisp mar-

in the region, the rustic

country ham, wafer-thin

ket vegetables are best

and cozy restaurant was

cut, and freshly baked

enjoyed here in a convivial


sourdough bread from the


in-house bakery.

I S S U E 1 / 2 024


Gourmet restaurant JUWEL Elegant ambience in lacquered black and silver, precious amethyst as colouring accessories on the tables and a professionally qualified accompaniment form the setting for an eventful evening. The curtain for the great opera of culinary delights falls. With every bite, with every sip, the guests of the restaurant “JUWEL” celebrate the discovery of a special taste, enjoy the finesse of the creations and are grateful for so many explanations of the right harmony of food and wine.


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I S S U E 1 / 2 024


background image: @ kjpargeter / Freepik

Spa & Wellness

The Schumanns took it literally during the construction of the spa and wellness complex: In the spa temple with a high dome supported by 12 columns, guests should be able to “feel freedom above their heads” and breathe through without feeling constricted in time and space.

The SPA-TEMPEL was opened in 2005

down on daybeds by the indoor pool, dre-

and, thanks to its luxurious design, is

am on a comfortable lounger by the open

reminiscent of the ancient bathing estab-

fireplace or retreat into one of the elegant-

lishments of the Romans.

ly designed relaxation rooms. If you like, the “Dolce far niente” interrupts the “Dolce

The indoor pool is available 24 hours a

far niente” with a few moves in the 1.35 m

day. For rest and relaxation, you can settle

deep indoor pool or breathes through the


I S S U E 1 / 2 024

fresh air while swimming in the year-round heated, twenty-metre long outdoor pool. Individually designed rooms in the surrounding corridor of the magnificent building await guests for beauty and wellness treatments. If you want to experience complete relaxation and do something for the inner and outer beauty, here you go into expert hands to feel “like new born” after a treatment.

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GUT ISING Hospitality with a long tradition Pure rural life. The picturesquely located

in the buildings, underline the original,

estate with accommodation, festival halls,

stately character.

stables and outbuildings reminds many visitors upon

The staff members employed

arrival of past days, when

at Gut Ising give their guests

time was still in quieter lanes.

a sense of home. The slogan of the house “Gut Ising is

Nostalgic-romantic building

home – you are more than a

ensemble, frizzy decorations

guest” is fully supported by

on the house walls and color-

them: “All help together.”

ful shutters, countless objects from past centuries, lovingly placed on the property and


I S S U E 1 / 2 024

Traditional hospitality and modern comfort await guests for a relaxing holiday, an event and/or many sporting activities in front of the magnificent Alpine scenery of Chiemgau.

Those who allow it, enjoy a lot of space for body and soul on the 170-hectare property on the eastern shore of Lake Chiemsee in harmony with nature. A wide range of services for the most diverse activities such as golf, horse riding, polo, hiking, water aerobics, sailing and tennis make staying at Gut Ising interesting for all ages. Excursions to the wooden bathhouse on Lake Chiemsee about ten minutes away and further out into the surrounding area to the nearby, numerous sights and natural beauties bring many interesting and happy moments.

I S S U E 1 / 2 024


The 1260-year-old property exudes its charm: On cobbled courtyards, large and small guests reach the seven historic hotel buildings and the eighth house built in July 2011 with the new “Gut Ising Spa & Wellness”. They live in modern or Bavarian-style rooms or suites or in one of the two spa lofts. Gut Ising raises holistic well-being to the standard. This also means that animals are allowed to be brought. After all, it has been scientifically proven that they do us humans well. Dogs and horses are simply part of a varied rural life. Professionals travel with their own horse and use the large area with stables, training and tournament courts, a country cross track, a polo system, a galloping alley and riding halls to fully live their sport on the estate. This not only makes you fit, but also happy! Whether young or old, beginner, advanced rider or Best Ager: Anyone who has always wanted to ride on Gut Ising will have fun riding. Children and adults are required and trained in groups (rare) or individual lessons. Of course, children are particularly attracted to the horses and find it a highlight to ride. Beginners will receive appropriate assistance already during the preparation for the riding lessons. The riders can spend enough time with a horse and prepare it themselves for riding under guidance.


I S S U E 1 / 2 024

It is known that horses have a calming effect on people, especially on children. Riding motivates, strengthens self-confidence and promotes skills, such as forward-looking thinking. But even just caressing and watching so many (young) guests should please – with a lasting effect!

I S S U E 1 / 2 024


Traditional restaurants, cosy guest parlours and quaint beer gardens make Gut Ising an ideal culinary location for holidays, celebrations, meetings or weddings. The estate pampers its guests with German, Bavarian, Italian and international cuisine.

Gut Ising Spa & Wellness is the hotel’s newest building with a swimming pool, a private spa area, treatment rooms and a large outdoor hot tub. Hotel and day guests get their personal pampering program at wellness ­arrangements.


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modified by the editor

Original graphic by slidesgo / Freepik;


SHOPPING EXPERIENCES With TENDENCY you go on a shopping tour in this issue. For this purpose, the editors selected all products independently. The following pages contain links (advertising). We mark this type of advertising with the symbol . In case of a purchase of the product after clicking on the link, we may receive a commission. Links are not valid indefinitely. Tendency assumes no liability for prices and product specifications of the manufacturer.


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VINTAGE CHRISTIAN DIOR EARRINGS Annabel James Gold-plated clip on heart earrings with Swarovski crystals. Dates circa late 1980s/ early 1990s. In excellent condition. Signed Chr. Dior © Germany on reverse. There is only one pair available, €203,79

 https://t1p.de/s7qm0 FLOWER MULTICOLOURED ZIRCON ON GOLD JEWELLERY Natalia Willmott Super fine and colourful silver gold plated jewellery with multicoloured zircons. Handmade by artisans in London. £120, €140,78

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QUEEN OF HEARTS JEWELLERY Fool's Gold Jewellery Infused with the dark and mysterious aesthetics of the Gothic subculture, this collection is a tribute to the whimsical yet powerful spirit of the Queen of Hearts. Garnet Heart Charm Hoop Earring, €79,95

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IVORY ENAMEL DRUM FACTORY LIGHT Loomlight 40cm ivory enamel Drum ceiling light. It has been made using the original 1930's design and production methods. Width: 406mm, Height: 431mm, Weight: 2.4kg, £300, €350,46

 https://t1p.de/ilotb MALMO WICKER LOUNGE CHAIR Ella James Timeless Scandinavian style. The wicker effect finish gives it a natural and, contemporary feel. £590, €489,24

 https://t1p.de/4m1r5 SHEEPSKIN SHELL CUSHION - PEARL Lime Lace Beach’s luxury with the Sheepskin Shell Cushion by Natures Collection, lovingly crafted from real New Zealand sheepskin. In three sizes. Bring the classic and chic Pearl colour into your home! £269, €314,25

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LANDIS TABLE LAMP Lime Lace From Hudson Valley Lighting Enjoy the metal dome shade and its captivating style – light from within reflects downward to create an exquisite and functional glow. Plus, the statement-making soft black metal shade and aged brass base ensure you’ll never tire of its warm presence. £360, €420,55

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TREASURES 66 PIECE DINNER SET Micucci Interiors Hand-crafted and hand-painted porcelain designed by Brunno Jahara. Inspired by a selection of banknotes and stamps from all over the world; the author chose motifs, colours and graphics, which, by harmonizing with the porcelain, amplify its richness. 24 x Dinner Plates, 12 x Soup Plates, 12 x Dessert Plates, 12 x Bread & Butter Plate, 2 x Large Oval Platter, 2 x Regular Oval Platter, 1 x Large Salad Bowl, 1 x Tall Salad Bowl, £1995, €2330,56

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Mango wood, wonderful textured burnt wax finish, W75cm x D45cm x H89cm, £595, €695,08

 https://t1p.de/nx3gt DOMO MATT GOLD CUTLERY Micucci Interiors Hand-crafted, stainless steel 18/10 (18% Chromium & 10% Nickel), hand-finished with 24k matte gold. Available sizes: 16 pcs, 24 pcs, 130 pcs, £420, €490,64

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LUXURY SNUGGLE CAVE BED KONA CAVE® The bed is proven to calm and soothe pets (even those with severe anxiety) by fulfilling their natural sleeping instincts. OEKO-TEX certified, €279,

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Photo: Faustmann via FASHN ROOMS/Igedo Exhibitions

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion: Spring Awakening Hair: Radical Classic Beauty: Tinted creams and Make-up Model: Annika Gassner Photographer: Kai Marc Pel


I S S U E 1 / 2 024

SPRING AWAKENING Lively and casual fashion trends for the start of the year

Our fashion reflects the dynamic spirit of the times. In 2024, we will see an even greater commitment from brands in terms of environmental and social RUHE AUF DEM LAND Photographer: Joanna Schendziolek IG: @joanna_schendziolek Makeup artist: Magdalena Kołodziej IG: @magdalena.k_makeup Female Model: Agnieszka Wozniak

I S S U E 1 / 2 024



MODERN 60'S Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director/Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist: Les Deux X Stylisme Privé IG: @styliste_max_valmont Model: Emmanuelle Pinheiro IG: @manue3131 Wardrobe Credits: Vintage clothing, Joelle clothing


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A TOUCH OF SENSUALITY Delicate, neutral colours and flattering silhouettes underline the Quiet Chic that doesn't do without a certain casualness in the summer of 2024.

images Gantner, Gabor, Sioux: Deutsches Schuhinstitut




I S S U E 1 / 2 024








I S S U E 1 / 2 024

images "Sporty Men": Deutsches Schuhinstitut


NEW YORK FASHION WEEK Photography: Sebastian Schreiber Photographie IG: @studio_schreiber_photographie Models: Olivia Nicole IG: @olivia.deathbed David Hand IG: @misterdavidhand Charles Lebon Mendy IG: @ _lebondakarous_515 Jonathan Rosario IG: jr_topman_model Design: Pia Bolte Fashion

I S S U E 1 / 2 024



Photography: Sebastian Schreiber Photographie, IG: @studio_schreiber_photographie Model: Jennifer Schreiber


I S S U E 1 / 2 024

SWIPE THROUGH TIME Photography: Sebastian Schreiber Photographie, IG: @studio_schreiber_photographie Model: Franziska Holzer IG: @franzisca_official Design: Laura Kastel

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RADICAL CLASSIC 2024 Modern, luxurious and quality-conscious looks, presented by the Central Association of Germans Hairdressing crafts; Photos by ZV Friseurhandwerk

The fashion team combines the two approaches with RADICAL CLASSIC: elegantly styled, strict hairstyles in a high-gloss look and undone style loosely styled with pony.


I S S U E 1 / 2 024

Curls Addict

Neo Mod

Textured Volume

New Biz

Balanced Bangs

Slic Boy

Focus on Details

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Tinted Creams & Make-up For daytime activities, a tinted day cream with sun protection factor is enough to look well-groomed. In the evening it may be a little more. A subtle make-up emphasises your personality.


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For a flawless complexion, for example in winter or for a glamorous appearance in the evening, make-up is often the better choice, because it covers stronger. Choosing the right primer, both in terms of consistency and shade, plays a crucial role in the result. Make-up often clogged the pores and is not beneficial for women with stronger skin irritations. If you are more prone to oily skin, you should reach for matting powder products. For dry skin, a foundation also moisturises. Important: Although tinted day creams of the latest generation are equipped with UV filters, they do not replace sun protection. Photo @konradbag/Depositphotos.com

Whether tinted cream or make-up – the products are available in many light and dark shades. Matched to the skin tone,

Every woman dreams of well-groomed

they come to its best!

facial skin. But nature has a word to say here. Make-ups and tinted creams are the means of choice to conceal so-called blemishes. Tinted day care with microfine color pigments and natural minerals is suitable for a natural coverage of small flaws without having to look make-up. The complexion is evenly concealed and maintained at the same time. Unlike make-up, tinted cream does not settle in the wrinkles so quickly. The creams nourish, moisturise and conjure up a fresh radiant look with less opacity. Make-up, on the other hand, can quickly appear masky in daylight.


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Photo by @drobotdean_freepik

Pictures on packaging can sometimes deceive. Before buying, you should try out the desired product and apply a blot on

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the facial skin, not on the hand, in order to

pen, others go a step further and put on

be able to assess the color result.

make-up, discreet, of course. Make-up has also become socially fit for tough guys.

Since the skin color varies in summer and

The beauty industry has long reacted and

winter, you can mix different nuances and

has a variety of products tailored to men’s

experiment a little for the best possible

skin. And that’s also important, because

shade. For further effects, other cosmetic

a man’s skin is oilier and thicker than a wo-

products can be mixed:

man’s. Other peculiarities, such as hormonal differences, water retention, sweating,


With a few drops of moisturiser, a

body hair, connective tissue and muscles,

make-up turns into a “light version”.

are taken into account in the development of products for men in order to meet the


If you have to look particularly per-

needs of the male skin.

fect: Primers use, preferably free of silicone. They make the make-up lon-

Conventional or natural?

ger lasting, visually balance wrinkles, cover redness and, depending on the

Modern women and men not only want to

product, provide an ultimate shine.

look good, but increasingly opt for natural

Glow effect: Instead of the primer,

ding to reports from the international trade

women like to grab the trick box,

fair for natural cosmetics VIVANESS, more

which is cheaper. They mix highligh-

and more customers are turning to natural

ters or optionally brightly shimmering


cosmetic products – for their health. Accor»

eyeshadows under the primer to enhance their look in this way.

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Of course, close to nature, green – consumers usually can't see perfectly whether they buy what they are promised on the packaging. The distribution of products via pharmacies is also natural. Well-known manufacturers of natural cosmetics have therefore developed certified labels to differentiate themselves from pseudonature cosmetics. As a result, the end-user has some transparency. In high-quality natural cosmetics, the substances under fire are prohibited. Among

ARGAN OIL CARE CREAM FOR NORMAL / SENSITIVE SKIN by ARGAND´OR COSMETIC This light yet rich cream with its active ingredients provides intensive care even for very sensitive skin. The cream is fragrance-free, absorbs quickly and gives the skin a velvety feel. Make-up can then be applied wonderfully without crumbling. 100% natural cosmetics certified to ICADA standard. Application: Apply gently to the face and neck in the morning and/ or evening after cleansing. €30,90  https://t1p.de/0gy9r

the critical substances are paraffins, which are produced as a waste product in petroleum production and are therefore very favourable. Your disadvantage: When used frequently, they lie over the skin like a film with the result that a mixture of the skin cannot take place. Dangerous substances can easily be replaced by natural raw materials, such as valuable plants, seeds, fruits and seeds. With these ingredients, cream can work in harmony with the skin. Natural cosmetics contain pure vegetable oils, such as jojoba oils, olive oils, as well as fats, such as shea butter (wound healing), beeswax and lanolin (like skin fat), so that the skin is supplied with minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids.


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ARGAN SERUM INTENSIVE WITH HYALURON by ARGAND´OR COSMETIC The perfect glow for any skin. For all skin types, especially for dry, mature skin and skin with reduced elasticity. Nourishing power with organic argan oil, organic pomegranate extract and organic sea buckthorn and hyaluronic acid for deep moisturisation. 100% natural cosmetics certified to ICADA standard. €32,90

Graphics @elements.envato.com

 https://t1p.de/in88n

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