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Th e CQI Magazine has been promoting and supporting independent authors since its inception. The growth of the indie writer's movement continues to develop along with the technological advancements and new global networking platforms. From loose organisations who offer help and advice, through to established groups jointly and severally publishing their individual or collective works, the growing independents can no longer be ignored by the established big publishing houses who have dominated and controlled the publishing marketplace for far too long. In all countries across the world, people who choose to read books written by indie authors is growing by the day. This is partly due to online companies, such as Amazon, but also the growing number of established alternative suppliers like,, and



some figures indicate a balance of percentage is slowly becoming evident. We, at CQ International Publishing, shall wait and see what new technology and innovations enter the marketplace before hanging our hats on any definitive statements. Within this edition of THE

LIST are books from

independent authors, many who featured in past editions of CQI Magazine, (formerly CQ International Magazine) others writers are here through recommendation or from independent trusted sources. Take your time browsing and reading about the books contained within THE LIST. There is no order of listing, no form of merit employed so searching and browsing is exciting, like rummaging through a disorganised bookshelf. In a library. Clicking on the highlighted hyperlinks will take you to an online retailer where you may complete your purchase.

For any reader, there is little to distinguish a book displayed as being published via a mainstream publisher, via an independent publishing house or directly by an indie author.

Once you have read your selection, please return to the supplier's websites and leave a short, honest review of the book. This will help other readers select their choices.

What is more, the reader usually has little, if any concern about where, or how the book the book came to be, only that the content be to their liking.

Remember to bookmark THE

This is true of all fictional genres, every age group from children's books, YA through to adult literature, along with non-fiction, technical, instruction and educational publications. If the content and quality of production matches ,or exceeds, the reader's expectations, all is well in the world of indie publishing. The number of sales of eBooks fluctuates against paperback and hardcover versions constantly. But

LIST so you can

return and find your next favourite book easily.

‘Sharing is caring’ so do not forget to share THE LIST with your friends and family too. Happy browsing and better reading.

Paul White, CEO CQ International Publishing

E LE CT RI C E CLE CT IC Electric Eclectic books are wonderful novelettes, especially written by some of the best indie authors in the world, to give you the opportunity of sampling ‘new to you’ authors and trying a new genre of book, without

having to commit to buying an entire novel or collection of stories. Each Electric Eclectic book has been carefully assessed for the quality of its storytelling before being given the coveted ‘EE’ logo. What is more, it is so easy to find an Electric Eclectic book. Simply go to the Amazon books website and enter the words

‘Electric Eclectic books’ into the search bar.

I t r e a l ly i s t h at e a s y Electric Eclectic books are priced at just 1.00 (Dollar/Pound/ Euro)* for ease & convenience. Once you have found an author or two you really enjoy you will know you can buy their other books with confidence. Visit the

E le c t r i c E c le c t i c W e b s i t e * or equivalent in other currencies.

Released in February 2018, Dark words is one of those books we should all read, one of those books we should keep on our bookshelves to be taken down and read again, re-read and re-

read; like reminiscing with an old friend, the one you can open up too, the one who will comfort you when you are feeling down, yet never ask for anything in return.

Dark words is that friend. The tales within ask questions of our personal vulnerabilities and humanity, making us think and question ourselves. The poetry touches the soul, sometimes softly, sometimes with the harsh bite of steel. But always deeply penetrating into our own dark interiors.

Paperback only

Available from Amazon

There are twenty-five elite kidnap and ransom (K&R) specialists in the world. Only one is a woman: Thea Paris. And she's the best in the business. Twenty years ago, a terrified young boy was abducted in the middle of the night by masked intruders while his sister watched, paralyzed with fear. Returned after a harrowing nine months with his captors, Thea's brother has never been the same. This life-shattering experience drove Thea to become what she is today: a world-class freedom broker. Most hostage-recovery work is done at the negotiation table, but when diplomacy fails, Thea leads Quantum Security International's black-ops team on highly sensitive rescue missions to political hot spots around the globe. Her childhood nightmare resurfaces when her oil magnate father, Christos Paris, is snatched from his yacht off Santorini on his sixtieth birthday, days away from the biggest deal of his career. The brutal kidnappers left the entire crew slaughtered in their wake, but strangely, there are no ransom demands, no political appeals, no prisoner release requests-just obscure and foreboding texts written in Latin sent from burner phones. Knowing the survival window for kidnap victims is small, Thea throws herself into the most urgent and challenging rescue mission of her lifebut will she be able to prevent this kidnapping from destroying her family for good?

Honeysuckle Lane is a street like any other, with secrets behind every door. Compulsive gambler Frank O’Shea is trying to hide his addiction from his family, but that’s hard to do with the local gangster and loan-shark coming to collect. Next door to the O’Sheas, the Murphys are a young and upwardlymobile couple whose marriage is thrown into ruins by Martha Murphy’s instant attraction to their sexy new neighbor. Across the street from the Murphys, the Sweeny's abusive patriarch, Pat, has finally pushed his wife, Mary, to the breaking point. Their teenage daughter, Angie, finds escape whenever possible in the company of her boyfriend, Tony, whose life is in danger when the neighbourhood creep sets his eyes on Angie. As the residents of Honeysuckle Lane’s stories collide, their secrets spill out for the world to see . . .

Cut off from the rest of the world, the Land between the Mountains and the Sea had belonged to the Golden Eyed Siritoch since time before memory. Now these peaceful, pastoral people, who worship the life force under the guise of Music and who have no word for murder, are confronted by bearded, blueeyed horse people from the south. The Epanishai entered the land from the Stone Corridors, themselves pursued by an even more warlike tribe, and they are looking for a place to claim as their own. They see the Siritoch as an affront to all their needs and aspirations. When two such people clash together, who has the most to lose? Having read all this author's previous books, I found this realistic fantasy story (a departure from her highly enjoyable science fiction series about Intelligent Termites), to be every bit as compelling and engrossing. As with her previous stories, the author's worldbuilding skills made it easy for me to get immersed and alongside the characters in no time, even though the 300 year span covered in the book. An insight into what can (and often does) happen when two differing peoples meet. In this case, they have physical, belief and mindset differences. Injustice is rife. Fear is mutual. Result?

Slated for execution, shapeshifter, Dahlia Nite, flees her world to hide in the human realm. As payment for the shelter they unknowingly provide, Dahlia dedicates herself to protecting humanity from what truly lives in the shadows. Moving from town to town, she hunts the creatures that threaten an unsuspecting human race; burying the truth that could destroy them all. But when Sentinel City is threatened by a series of brutal murders, light is shed on what should never be seen. The secrets that have kept humanity in the dark for centuries are in danger of being exposed, and the little bit of peace Dahlia’s found in this world begins to crumble


Rupert is snatched off the street, by two men in a white van, on the day he is to propose to his girlfriend Carla. Confused by Rupert’s disappearance Carla, along with Rupert’s boss, George start to seek Rupert’s whereabouts. Becoming increasingly concerned George enlist the help of the police. Enter Sergeant Skinner. Rupert and Sergeant Skinners paths have crossed before. That past encounter had a dramatic, life changing effect on Skinner. The kidnapped Rupert learns he is to be taken to the General. It will be the General who holds Rupert’s fate in his hands. Travelling with Rupert we learn of his past; his dysfunctional parents, of Aunt Carol, the Filipino nymphomaniac and Rupert’s intense love for Carla. Carla’s own tumultuous past is revealed; the sudden death of her father, her mother’s long and anguishing depression and Carla’s own emotional breakdown. George, Rupert’s employer has a hidden, dark background, but has that anything to do with Rupert’s disappearance? All Rupert wants, is to return home and propose to Carla. Carla wants to find Rupert. The General wants to retire. George wants to live a life of luxury in Cyprus. Sargent Skinner wants to close his case. The Abduction of Rupert DeVille is, a fast paced suspense thriller, laced with humorous happenstances and a romantic tale rolled into one amazing story. A story which will take you down dark alleyways of the past, before bringing you back into the glaring light of now. Above all The Abduction of Rupert Deville features the most important matter of all, the human condition. The hopes, dreams and fears, the self-doubts and uncertainties that lie within us all. The Abduction of Rupert DeVille is like no other story you have ever read

UK. Kindle/eBook worldwide. USA.

Have you ever wondered why people go missing? Sometimes it's complicated and sometimes people are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Five fictional short stories set in three different countries, Scotland, England, and America.

We meet Amanda, whose secret has just been discovered; Ellie searching for her missing brother, Marina found dead and Michelle still missing. The final story set in a small American town where Mary-Jo has gone missing.

Aliza Anderson’s whole world imploded three years ago, in a devastating accident that took her entire family. Her life is now filled with the lingering pain and tearful memories that continue to haunt her day and night. She’s merely existing. Barely living. Barely breathing. She picks up her semblance of a life and leaves a small town in Pennsylvania that holds nothing but painful memories and the excruciating weight of guilt for her past transgressions. With her pain like a black shadow lulling her into the darkness she finds herself more vulnerable than ever in a new city across the coast. San Diego, California. In one of the most desirable cities in the world, she crossed paths with a man whose intensity frightened her and blue eyes captivated her. The alluring stranger was none other than the handsome, well- known playboy, Chase Roland. He’s irresistibly charming, and intensely domineering. Aliza doesn’t want to feel. She can’t. It’s safer that way. Aliza’s already imperfect world is turned upside down when she finds herself drawn to Chase forcing her to reopen old wounds that haven’t properly healed. Through her chink of armour, Chase Roland finds a way into her cold heart, rekindling her ability to open up and love again. Soon enough, Aliza realizes she’s not the only one broken; hiding a past filled with guilt and secrets. As Aliza struggles with her unrecognizable feelings for the womanizing stranger and the suffering darkness she fights to escape on a day to day basis she’s left with a life altering choice: Does she continue living in the past or does she take a leap of faith and move forward? One thing about running from the secrets of your past…they always catch up and find you.



In 2013, while having a household de-clutter I found an old cardboard folder in a box in my loft. It contained many writings from the 1970’s & 1980’s. Many were hand scribbled, most were type-written, yes I did say type-written! Some of the writings and poetry I recalled instantly, others staggered out from the mists of amnesia, all however, transported me back to another time, another world, another life which was connected yet somehow detached from myself. It was partially like an out-of-body experience, but somehow more so while being less direct, less united. Possibly that is the effect of passing years?

Bunched at the back of this folder was a wad of A4 sheets held together by a rusting paperclip, an untitled story. A light hearted black comedy, if that is at all possible, of selfishness, of greed, impatience and latent curses. I first scribbled out a rough draft of a storyline in 1978, according the dates on the draft. In 1980 I reviewed and re-wrote it, apparently! It was thirty five years later, after I had become a professional writer and published author I rediscovered this early work, first started when I was in my late teens. At first I simply returned it to the folder, the archives if you wish. But something was nagging at me. It was the fact that this story was in fact pretty good, it was something different, there was an originality about it. So I pulled the manuscript from the dusty cardboard folder once more and began, letter by letter, word by word, to type onto the computer, to re-write certain parts, to edit and eventually to complete the story. Once I was as happy as I was ever going to be I gave the work a title for the first time. I called it Miriam’s Hex. In November 2014, thirty six years from its conception, I published Miriam’s Hex as an eBook. Miriam’s Hex is a very long short story. A Novelette of twenty two pages. It is an introduction to my writings priced at just £1.00 It is a story I would like you to read, not only because I am certain you will enjoy it, but because of this story, the story behind the book.


How do you defeat a foe who knows exactly how you operate and every secret of your organization?

It’s the question on former Delta Force officer Max Kenworth’s mind when he receives information about stolen nuclear weapons in Panama. The theft was arranged by Bart Madison, an ex-special forces officer, who has big plans for the devices. Max teams up with an old flame in an attempt to locate the devices in time to stop a national catastrophe. But can he outwit a man who is always thinking three steps ahead? In his quest to stop Bart’s evil plans, Kenworth will not only be up against the most devious terrorists in the world—he’ll also face pushback from America’s own national security organizations. When Homeland Security is only concerned about the optics of the mission, how will Kenworth

marshal the forces needed to take down Bart once and for all?


Have you met SAM? Child-loved, Award Winning, SAM: The Cat Without a Tail? "5 / 5 stars. Fantastic read, engaging, enthralling. A must read. I loved the whole concept of this book, the imagination of the author is brilliant. It's always quite a feat to introduce a new story and making it believable. Gloria makes it perfect. It is absolutely brilliant! Very entertaining. Great fun. "This is a great book to teach children not to make fun of others just because they are different. The message behind this book is something to consider in the education of children today. As a teacher I will advise this book to my students. "Well written and colorfully illustrated, it has the capability of captivating children. My verdict, very good, excellent read, top class. A MUST READ!" THE BOOK CLUB - Books and Literature Sam: The Cat Without A Tail follows the trials of Sam, a young Manx cat with a

soft, white puff of a tail. As he discovers that he is indeed different from everyone around him, he learns and helps to teach the importance and beauty of diversity and self-worth.

An unexpected treasure handed over from an ex-spouse via the divorce lawyer; a classic mother-son bonding experience on a roller coaster ride; tragic tales of survival of ordinary Cuban citizens in the 1960s; a paranormal happening in the Museum of the Weird, the

Sad, and the Wretched; and a complex murder mystery; a short fanciful poem – all of these stories in one volume from the mind of romantic suspense author Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra that will take your imagination on a ride across all genres.

Delve into For the Fun of Writing, where flights of fancy are given voice in “Jerry’s Gift” and “Rites of Passage.” Glide into Soul Songs, stories from the Cuban Diaspora, where the author weaves many of her own exile experiences in “The Fish Tank” (award winner), “Bubbles Don’t Bring Smiles,” “Lullaby,” and “A Day in the Life of Benito José Fuentes.” Take a peek at Prologues, two prequel short stories that introduce characters in upcoming novels. Twists and

turns run rampant in “Into the Light,” and “Mirror, Mirror: A Detective Nick Larson Story.” Finally, enjoy, The End, a short short of whimsy in “Everyone’s a Critic.”

Life in the War Zone is NOT a WAR story. It is a collection of poignant, eye opening stories and articles, written primarily as fictional accounts, yet based on true experiences of people living and working in major war zones around the globe. It is about being trapped, about growing up, about living amongst the rubble, about fighting for survival and for life in areas of conflict. Each story and article has been formed from interviews, discussions, reports and dialogues from those directly involved and affected by conflict.

Here, with ‘Life in the War Zone’, Paul has gently coaxed from the depths of people’s hearts the truth of how destructive and debilitating the effects of war are to individuals, families and entire communities. Each tale reflects true events; Paul has managed to elicit the emotions, the feelings and the inner anxieties of those whose accounts are represented here.

Yet he has also found stories of great courage, of fortitude and resilience and of human spirit strewn amongst the detritus of war. Whilst these stories are particular to the individuals to whom they belong, the sad fact is, each recount could just as easily be told by so many. This book may be finished, but sadly the strife continues.

Myrtle is a lovely Turtle. Not an ordinary Turtle. She is Purple and different from other turtles. After being bullied by another turtle, Myrtle tries to become someone else. In the end, Myrtle and her friends help children learn to not be afraid of being different. Myrtle the Purple Turtle is a thoroughly engaging story that stresses the importance of self-acceptance and friendship.

Children are not born with prejudices - they are learned from their parents, family and friends as they grow up. This beautifully written and illustrated book is a great way to teach kids that, just because other people may be different in some ways, it doesn’t make them bad, or, to be avoided. It can also teach kids to be comfortable about themselves.

"I am Ilanna, Journeyman of House Hawk. I do the impossible." A cunning thief of unrivalled ingenuity, Ilanna is determined to secure her freedom. Nothing will prevent her escape from the Night Guild's callous cruelty, not even the most powerful man in Praamis, Duke Phonnis. Commanding a crew of pickpockets, bounty hunters, poisoners, and assassins, Ilanna schemes to disgrace the Duke. She must survive blackmail, a bloodthirsty rival syndicate, and enemies within her own House to claim her spoils: vengeance for the deaths of her friends and gold to buy independence. But all Ilanna's skill may not suffice to protect the one person who matters most: her son. Fans of Sarah J. Maas and Scott Lynch will love Queen of Thieves‌

This novel deals, in a gusset-splittingly funny way, with a young teacher's first two terms at a school in Cornwall. Geraldine Dolan meets bizarre colleagues, menopausal dinner ladies, peculiar children, toned builders and a selection of livestock. During all this mayhem and madness, she actually learns a bit about teaching English as well. Fictional - but based upon my thirty years as a teacher!

To say I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book would be a gross understatement. The story is strong, the characters are priceless, the scenes painted in words

drew me into them and provided me with so many laughs throughout, but particularly in the closing chapters, I had to take breaks to recover so I could carry on reading. If this were a movie it would be like 'St. Trinians' scripted by the cleverness of 'The Two Ronnies' and the characters perfectly portrayed by the 'Carry On' Actors and Actresses.

This is a book I'll be reading again, more than once.

I’ll email you the three book covers by separate email - in case you need to include them - because I can’t simply add them using my iPad…

An unlikely friendship blossoms into a community… Eighth grader Sara Love’s parents transplant her from Austin to the tiny town of Pollen, Texas, where she stands out like a blackhead on a bright red nose. Her classmates bully her, her teachers bully her and her parents think she’s the problem. A simple act of kindness leads her to the homeless Mr. Fisher. Mr. Fisher repays her with stories that teach Sara to embrace and overcome her challenges. The only problem? No one believes he’s real. When the one teacher Sara likes selects her as star of the Christmas play, her

classmates declare open war. When she needs him the most, Mr. Fisher disappears. How will Sarah rely on his lessons to turn rivalry into friendship, earn acceptance and save her father’s job? (Not the mention the Christmas play.) Author Phillip T. Stephens will release Seeing Jesus in two versions. This edition, the Young Adult version, and an unabridged version for adult readers. A humorous, coming of age story, suitable for Christmas reading, Seeing Jesus also introduces young readers to questions of spirituality and philosophy, questions they might not be challenged to explore. Without being doctrinaire, Seeing Jesus poses questions young readers will confront in the news, their classes and professional lives.

You don’t know pain until you’re staring at yourself in the mirror with tears streaming down your face and you’re begging yourself to just hold on and be strong. “The day our last touch was cold and you left my life; was the day that I lost myself and all emotions. I never knew my decision would be so lethal.” You will witness how to exit your darkness and venture into the light. How you can gain control of your life, and get Empowered to be free from pain. Pain Changes You. Pain changed the authors of this book This book will allow you to answer Who am I? You will go from feeling like the picked over material waiting to be chosen from the designers of life to the artist that added detail, boldness, and belief on your canvas of character I am giving you the palette to start your masterpiece of self So, when you are told that you have changed

Then reply with “I had to” Because “Pain Changes You.”


"TANKA” is surely tanka poetry and “HARAKO” is the name of a place where I walk. If I translate this literally, it is “Field of Fox”. The cover images are my photographs of Harako. I chose seasonal photographs in Harako for the book covers. I truly hope you enjoy this existent Tanka having roots in the environment of Japan.


I have called this book Teardrops & White Doves for it contains poems of life’s traumas, trials, tribulations, joy’s, happiness and questions. All matters which touch each and every one of our lives at some point in time. The Teardrops represent the pain, the fear, the sadness and the uncertainties we all hold within our souls. The White Doves are the romances, the passions, the love, and the sensual moments we share. The Face on the cover symbolises our eternal search for understanding through wisdom.

Eyes searching for answers, an innocence challenged. Introspection. Tears of both unhappiness and joy. Find Teardrops & White Doves here, all regions, anywhere in the world

Paperback UK Kindle UK Kindle worldwide Hardcover worldwide checkout/14716200169619823/234509/doveshardv3

Child of the Night Guild (Queen of Thieves Book 1) "They killed my parents. They took my name. They imprisoned me in darkness. I would not be broken." Viola, a child sold to pay her father's debts, has lost everything: her mother, her home, and her identity. Thrown into a life among criminals, she has no time for grief as she endures the brutal training of an apprentice thief. The Night Guild molds an innocent waif into a cunning, agile outlaw skilled in the thieves' trade. She has only one choice: steal enough to pay her debts. The cutthroat streets of Praamis will test her mettle, and she must learn to dodge the City Guards or swing from a hangman's rope. But a more dangerous foe lurks within the guild walls. A sadistic rival apprentice, threatened by her strength, is out for blood. What hope does one girl have in a world of ruthless men? Fans of Sarah J. Maas, Scott Lynch, and Brent Weeks will love Queen of Thieves‌

Who are the people behind the music? The writers, the singers and the bands. We know who they are on stage, but who they really? Six fictional short stories set in the past. The burnt-out rock star trying to find himself, the local boy made good, the artwork illustrator who has a secret, an interview with a successful female artist, and a fairy tale with music at its core.

A suspense-filled novel that crosses the globe in a world of corrupt politics, a ruthless greedy opportunist, terrorists, and a pawn with

deadly skills. Dydre Rowyn wants out, but to leave her working relationship with Clayborne Zsigmond, a ruthless black market arms broker, could be a bullet. Dydre uses the next assignment Zsigmond gives her—the deliverance of new technology to terrorists—to escape his merciless grip. The risk she takes puts her on the firing line when her plan goes deadly wrong. Not only is her life in jeopardy but also her son’s as she finds herself pitted against Zsigmond, his mercenaries, a double-crossing businessman, terrorists, the FBI, and a man from the Defense Department.


It’s Like the Full Moon is a contemporary romance with a hint of comedy. This is the first of the Sayings Series, likely to appeal to fans of the TV show Friends and modern adaptations of Jane Austen’s work. Rebecca considers marriage to her long-time boyfriend, Virgil, when she and her bestie, Lisa, vacation in Italy.

There she discovers, Paul, the handsome English tourist. Back in the states and preparing for her wedding, mildmannered Rebecca gets caught up in a most unlikely love-triangle when Paul becomes her brother, Teddy's, new BFF. What's a girl to do?

Sometimes a book comes along which is just that 'little bit different.' So it is, with 'The Rabbit Joke' Take another look at the cover, is says 'as told by Fat Boy Pop's' What is The Rabbit Joke and who is Fat Boy Pops?

The Rabbit Joke is a children's book, which has been written for adults to read aloud to children. Divided into distinct chapters, the book can be read in several sessions, which makes it an ideal evening read, or as a bedtime story. Of course, any competent reader can enjoy the tale of Fluffybunny, joining with him in his quest to find food, to save his warren and Pinky Paws, from starvation during a harsh winter. The Rabbit Joke is an evolution of a story the author, Paul White, told many times as an after-dinner Joke, his legendary, notorious 'Rabbit Joke'. Paul has since developed and changed the story to become a captivating children's tale, written as a gift to his granddaughter, then aged four, who affectionately called him 'Fat Boy Pop's'. The Rabbit Joke is an exclusive edition book, an 'oversized' hardback, prefect bound, glossy, full colour, fully illustrated and is ONLY available directly from the authors printers. The Rabbit Joke is only available from the author, using this link, The Rabbit Joke makes the perfect present, a most thoughtful gift.

These books are a compilation of many short and not so short stories. The ideas and inspiration are many and as varied as each of the individual tales themselves. Although the basis of all the stories in this collection are about committing crime, or being involved in acts of violence, the real story is that of the people involved, why and how they came to be in this position.

Are they the perpetrators or the victims? The innocent caught in the crossfire, or is there more to their presence than meets the eye? Maybe they are willing participants, or have they been forced, or coerced into taking part? Or perhaps circumstance has colluded to force their actions?

The stories in the ‘Tales Crime & Violence’ collection have underlying factors, deeper meanings, twists and stings to savour and enjoy as they look deeper into the human psyche, the mind and spirits of those involved.


Meet TAMSIN – a foundling - powerful, ingenuous and fearless - a girl who can do the impossible. Who is she? Why are sinister and powerful people after her? This

exciting novel introduces a new heroine who will steal your heart and have you fighting at her side.

Set mainly in the rugged beauty of New Zealand, Tamsin’s story opens a door through which we glimpse a hidden evil in our own world. But where does the real

power in this struggle lie?

TAMSIN’s story with its paranormal elements will hold you spellbound and take you on an incredible ride through situations, relationships and places that will leave you gasping for more.

Look out for book 2 - TAMSIN Waking Fire

Heroes are not always the traditional man on horseback coming to rescue a maiden in distress. They can come in many guises and sometimes they come from within ourselves. Here are nine very different short stories

about heroes. Tanya is an aid worker and is kidnapped along with a couple of journalists by a group of insurgents. Libby, an English girl with a deadly secret she is desperately trying to keep from her Mafia boyfriend. Two penfriends, who have never met, swap letters of their lives. Then Jen is arrested and only one person can help her. All Sarah Lane wants to do is help people and then she becomes a footballer’s wife and discovers another world. Jamie is looking for a place to live and comes across an angel in a church. But not everyone wants him to stay. A young girl must face her biggest fear to save someone's life. In 18th century England, the highwayman is on the prowl and gets more than he bargained for when he meets Saffron. Marlene, a depressed and anguished young woman is on the brink of suicide. Can she be saved? Sharon grew up in poverty with memories of loss and sadness. Now she must revisit that time and face the things she had forced herself to forget.

Toi Thomas originally wrote these educational children’s books while working as a Special Education T.A. Her students enjoyed them, while learning the lessons intended, Toi

decided to share these light and loveable stories with the world.

Plants and Animals Change Over Time (Changes Duet 1) & Land Changes Over Time (Changes Duet 2).

These two simple, yet vibrant, stories teach young children, and those with special needs, the importance and inevitability of change in living things and the world.

Plants and Animals Change Over Time

Land Changes Over Time

Just over a year ago, I was having a conversation with some other veterans, ex-Royal Navy Sailors. The subject soon turned, as it so often does, to food. All serving and ex-military personnel will tell you how important is a good, hearty meal. Food is the mainstay, a necessity in keeping the spirits up; especially when you are away from home for a length of time. Mealtimes are sociable occasion, a time to share stories and tales, to catch-up with mates and comrades, to bounce ideas, hopes, dreams and wishes for the future off old friends. This is one reason why so many military personnel carry with them a like, a fondness of certain foods, of certain dishes, often giving them strange names which civilians find unfathomable. I could find recipes books from the American Navy, even one written by an Australian sailor. Yet I could not find a single book which housed the main, the regular, the most popular and well-known dishes from the Royal Navy. I decided it was about time such a book existed. So, I wrote one! Hence 'The Pussers Cook Book' Along with Twenty-two traditional recipes for food from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's, are a few insights into things such as Limers, Grog and Khai. This book confirms historical facts and dispels some myths that 'Jack & Jenny' believed true. The Pussers Cook Book finishes with a round of observations from 'Jolly Jack Tar' himself, on memories of the places he could once find 'Big eats' after a 'run ashore'. If you are a serving member of the armed forces, particularly Royal Navy, Royal Marines, WRNS, Fleet Air Arm or Royal Fleet Auxiliary, or if a family member once served and is now a veteran, then The Pussers Cook Book is a must to own yourself, or as a gift to someone you love. The Pussers Cook Book is more than a simple book, it is a book of memories, a historical record of military social life and it is a legacy. One which can be cooked, smelt and savoured, bringing those loved and missed dishes, along with fond memories, back to life once again in a way no other book could possibly manage to do.

The Pussers Cook Book is full colour, fully illustrated and available in both Hardcover and Paperback.

To order the Hardcover version go to: To get the Paperback from Amazon:

The Eternal Curse Series is a ‘what if’ of biblical proportions. Imagine there’s a side to the story of the fall of Lucifer that’s never been told, a side of the story that connects humanity to a conflict that started before their time, a conflict personified by the tearing apart of two best friends and the curse that befalls their descendants. The Eternal Curse Series is a paranormal saga with, an edgy, Christian worldview. In book one, Giovanni’s Angel, a creature out of time. Mira’s a doctor trying to classify him. Beauty and the Beast meet Jekyll and Hyde as the eternal curse is discovered. In book two, Battleground, a family saga touches the past and future. Giovanni’s story blurs the lines of hope for what is to come, as he faces his greatest enemy. Giovanni’s Angel Battleground

Time Travel is real. History teacher Fritz Russell walks through his classroom door to find Robert E. Lee resting in the woods on the day after the surrender at Appomattox. Fritz loves history, and entering the past seems a gift, the chance for a great adventure. He’s been bored teaching the same old stuff year after year, and here’s a chance to make it new. But when the classroom door opens to the Oval Office, he realizes that his time portal might also be put to serious purpose. The

president wants his help on behalf of national security. Fritz does not believe he will be endangered by using his door to travel across time and space. And the president appears to be a great guy.

But will Fritz’s own government consider him expendable if he cannot solve the mystery of the portal? He doesn’t have much time.

Young Simon Reynolds lives a bucolic life at his family home, White Pastures, surrounded by a loving family and a charming community. Simon finishes his A levels and looks forward to unwinding while his sisters work on their tans. Meanwhile the tiny community of Meriton has been plagued by a spate of burglaries, and White Pastures seems to be next. A shadowy figure stalks the house, but the police can find no signs of an intruder.

As the summer progresses, the shadows take on an altogether more sinister implication, and White Pastures begins to reveal a terrifying secret. The epicentre of an event that has scarred an entire community, White Pastures grows more and more dark, possessed by a shadow that yearns, a shadow that will not be

denied. At White Pastures, someone will die – but love never will.

A rape. A war. A society where women are bought and sold but no one can speak of shame. Shanghai 1937. Violence throbs at the heart of The Dancing Girl and the Turtle.

Song Anyi is on the road to Shanghai and freedom when she is raped and left for dead. The silence and shame that mark her courageous survival drive her to escalating self -harm and prostitution. From opium dens to high- class brothels, Anyi dances on the edge of destruction while China prepares for war with Japan. Hers is the voice of every wom-

an who fights for independence against overwhelming odds. The Dancing Girl and the Turtle is one of four interlocking novels set in Shanghai from 1929 to 1954. Through the eyes of the dancer, Song Anyi, and her brother Kang, the Shanghai Quartet spans a tumultuous time in Chinese history: war with the Japanese, the influx of stateless Jews into Shanghai, civil war and revolution. How does the love of a sister destroy her brother and all those around him?

DITS are the stories of Jacks escapades, antics and adventures experienced whilst sailing the oceans and visiting every port, in every far-flung corner, of the world. Dits are sailor’s stories, passed from one to another, regaled time and again. Each telling, stretching facts and inflating conflicts, magnifying Jack's stupidity, his bravado and amplifying his laughter. Dits are blunt, truthful and forthright. Often course, vulgar, full of profanities, sexually explicit, lewd, bawdy and ribald. Most of all, they are humorous, comical, whacky, whimsical and often side-splittingly funny. (Especially, when you have been there.) These tales are always entertaining, engaging, absorbing and compelling. The regaling of such, is mess deck theatre at its best. Some Dits simply tell a story, explain a situation or an event which occurred to the storyteller or, more often, his oppo. Others are shaggy dogs, black cats, or occurred while serving on the 'Massive'. Whichever they are, Dits are of social and historical importance. They define generations of the world’s finest seamen, the sailors of the British Royal Navy.


Toi Thomas originally wrote these educational children’s books while working as a Special Education T.A. Her students enjoyed them, while learning the lessons intended, Toi decided to share these light and loveable stories with the world.

Chip and Skip Need Each Other (Needs and Wants Duet 1) & What Does Joe Need? (Needs and Wants Duet 2). These two simple, yet vibrant, stories teach young children, and those with special needs, the difference and importance of needs and wants, at home, at school, and in general life.

Chip and Skip Need Each Other

What Does Joe Need?

The Misadventures of Father Tom is a three-part collection of stories following the trials and tribulations of a people living and growing up in rural Ireland. The

stories involving Uncle Mike and Father Tom are full of humour and local colour. The last section, Duggie Finn, is a darker look at modern life.

In August 1939, five carefree Englishmen set off to the Baltic aboard a motor cruiser from the Norfolk Broads. The crew of Naromis – “Skip”, “Fattie”, Bill, Mike and “Honest George” Jones – drank beer, ogled flaxen-haired girls and caroused the streets of Cuxhaven singing “Land of Hope and Glory” with their German companions bawling out “Horst Wessel”. They also took many photographs of ships, bridges and naval yards which were later passed to Naval Intelligence.

It was the first time 21-year-old George Jones had travelled abroad, and when he returned to England on 2 September 1939 his call-up papers were already waiting. “It was as though I had been conducted through the scene of a great drama and just managed to get off the stage before the curtain went up.” This is a coming-of-age story set against a vivid historical backdrop.

HMS Tiger—Chronicles of the last big cat is not only a unique historical insight into the times of one of the Royal Navy's most loved ships, but a insight into the life and times of the Royal Naval sailors , the ships company who served on her from the 1950’s through to the 1980’s. The story of life aboard , the run’s ashore and the time spent at sea are their stories. The pictures, the photographs the jokes and details all belong to the men who proudly crewed “The best draft and most loved ship” of the Navy. This is military social history at its best, told by those ‘Who were there’.

Dr Pritchard The Poisoning Adulterer.: A Chilling Account of A Victorian Killer Doctor. Dr Edward William Pritchard was born in 1825, in Southsea, Hampshire, he was the son of a navy captain and came from a family with distinguished naval connections. On the surface, the doctor was well mannered and respectable. He was a kind and loving husband who adored his wife and family. Beneath that pleasant exterior, however, lurked a darkness that few would have guessed

existed. He was a loathsome, arrogant man, a serial adulterer, and a sociopathic liar who would go down in history as one of Britain's most evil killers. But, was the doctor innocent of such sinister crimes? What was his motive for murder? In a case that gripped the nation, reports suggest the possibility of even more victims. Based on historical records, and written creatively, this account closely examines the Pritchard’s lives and the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the sinister doctor’s victims.

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary universe revealed by the most original storytelling you’ll ever experience. “Science fiction yes, but so much more.” Praise for The Blind Alien: “The Blind Alien is a story with a highly original concept, fascinating characters, and not-too-subtle but truthful allegories. Don’t let the sci-fi label or alternate Earth setting fool you--this is a compelling and contemporarily relevant story about race, sex, and social classes.” – Raymond Benson, Former James Bond novelist and author of the Black Stiletto books “I’ve not read a book like this before, full of alternative perspectives, excellent characterisation, plots, emotional turmoil and torment. Ripped from Earth, Malcolm, a well-read but relatively insignificant earthling, finds himself suddenly transported to a planet in another universe. During this transition, he loses his sight, so he must face this alien world with a different culture, language, morals and ethics, totally blind. Here, the elite treat him like a science experiment probing and analysing every part of him - inside and out. But through the months of experiments and torment, he devises a plan to escape using the only weapon he has - his own uniqueness. Therein, other characters emerge helping him with is struggles and adding their cultural and emotional perspectives. The plot and dialogue are densely packed with ideas and the unique structure of the plot transport the reader to this new world. Dr Britton has successfully created a parallel world; something that many sci-fi books fail miserably at. Well worth the read! – Robert Cole, author The Ego Cluster “This is the first book of a series where Robinson Crusoe meets Fringe in a parallel Universe dominated by women because of a disease that kills 3 to 1 the males who are born … Dr Wesley Britton is a natural born storyteller who has worked so much on his craft that it seems effortless. Don’t let yourself be deceived by that. It takes a lot of effort and talent to create so many characters that can stand on their own, have your own, a simple yet particular voice as a writer that can keep you on reading and reading and once you are done, you wonder … “That’s all? I definitely need to know what happened next.” – Amanda Spark, author of Janus Quadrifrons

One empty bus seat. Two aching hearts. A future written by Fate… When Raquelita Muro’s overbearing mother rips her and her little sister away from their beloved Papa, one tiny, rebellious corner of Raquelita’s heart is grateful the bus is crowded, and the only seat left is out of Mama’s sight. Next to a handsome young man. Matthew Buchanan’s beautiful traveling companion is more than something pretty to look at before he ships out for Viet Nam. Deep in her sad, whisky-colored eyes he glimpses a

new dream to replace the ones he’s leaving behind. It breaks his heart to leave Raquelita in her tyrannical mother’s hands, but she gifts him with a token of love and a tender promise to exchange letters in secret. But their first, shy “hello” has reached the ears of Fate. Fate is in the mood to see how far it can push two lonely hearts—to the brink of temptation, desperation, and despair—before they break. Perhaps beyond any hope of healing…

Iconic is an 8� x 8� full colour, hardcover, perfect bound, glossy collectors edition, coffee table book, containing wonderful artwork from the artist Paul White. Paul has managed to captured these legendary musical maestros in portraiture of stunning clarity, each which lends itself to the artists own personality. Accompanying each portrait is the artists biography, giving further insight into their life and times. Iconic is a truly unique book, ine that every music lover should own. checkout/14716200169619823/279042

Loyalty holds an empire together, betrayal tears it apart. Thirty Pieces of Silver is a modern day tale of tribal warfare. A criminal overlord is threatened when a band of brothers refuse to fall into line and try to move in on his territory. As they battle, innocent and

guilty, are caught up in the spiralling conflict. The prize for the victor? Money, drugs and power. B012QQ1XAG/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

Her fight begins the day the world ends. Scarlett Fisher is an average California teenager. She likes hanging out with her friends and talking on the phone. She does all right at school, and she's made the best of her parents' divorce. But in one way, she's special: on her fifteenth birthday, a fast-moving plague wipes out everyone she’s ever known, yet somehow it passes her by. Her family dead, alone in a corpse-strewn metropolis, she has no choice but to survive. She needs food, shelter, a safe place

to sleep. She discovers that an ordinary girl is capable of extraordinary things, and that she's more resilient than she imagined. Even so, she wishes more than anything that she could just find another survivor. Unfortunately for Scarlett, not everyone who survived the plague is looking for companionship. And she’s about to find out just how difficult survival really is.

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What if all the crushes you ever had found out how you felt about them… all at once? Sixteen-year-old Lara Jean Song keeps her love letters in a hatbox her mother gave her. They aren’t love letters that anyone else wrote for her; these are ones she’s written. One for every boy she’s ever loved— five in all. When she writes, she pours out her heart and soul and says all the things she would never say in real life, because her letters are for her eyes only. Until the day her secret letters are mailed and suddenly, Lara Jean’s love life goes from imaginary to out of control.

SHADOWS of EMOTION is an eclectic collection of poignant and emotive poems formed from the pen of the author, Paul White. Paul is known for his distinctive storytelling. In Shadows of Emotion he brings his exceptional and diverse talents as a wordsmith to the genre of expressive and touching poetry. Shadows of Emotion takes you on a journey that is sometimes as disquieting in its proportions as it is expressively heartrending.

Kindle UK Paperback UK Kindle worldwide Paperback USA

What happens in the roaring twenties when a daredevil barnstormer falls in love with a wing-walking flapper threatened by dangerous men out to exploit her?

Orphan and wing-walker Gloria needs a job when her boss dies in a barnstorming accident. With no other jobs available, she sweet-talks Rand into letting her walk his wing. Flying Ace Rand fights wartime injuries that hamper his flying even as he works to gain the world-record for solo flight across the Atlantic. He bucks his wealthy dad’s plans for him to settle down, join the

company, and marry a socialite.

Rand falls in love with the courageous, fun-loving, and daring Gloria. But Orphan Gloria’s experienced too many men who promise love and marriage and instead take advantage of her being alone in the world. She holds Rand at arm’s length. Without her knowledge, Rand protects her and makes sure she doesn’t starve. When Gloria’s offered a movie contract Rand knows he must intervene.

What's Your Poison? How Cocktails Got Their Names

Why do we call mixed alcohol drinks “cocktails”? How do they get their exotic names: names like the Singapore Sling, Screw Driver, the Alamagoozlum, the Angel’s Kiss, the Hanky Panky, the Harvey Wallbanger, Sex On The Beach, the Monkey Gland, the Brass Monkey, the Margarita, the Japalac, the Lion’s Tail, and many, many more? Who makes up these names, where are they invented, why, and how do you make them? These questions will be answered in “What’s Your Poison?” by exploring the incidents, people, and places that prompted the creation of these exotic


Four years ago life for Sophie Keech was perfect. A new start in Greece with Alekos, her boyfriend of just six weeks, removes Sophie from a mundane 9-5 job, takes her away from the difficult relationship she has with her mum, and gives her the opportunity and belief that she is finally doing something positive and exciting with her life.

But a lot can change in four years. An engagement, a domineering mother-in-law to be and the reality of life in Greece not being quite what Sophie imagined, puts a strain on her relationship with Alekos. When her estranged mum is involved in an accident, it’s the perfect excuse to escape back to the UK to reassess her life and her idea of family.

Faced with a physical and emotional distance from Alekos, a complicated relationship with her mum, an emerging friendship with a handsome and newly divorced man, and a shock discovery, will Sophie be able to make the tough decision of where she wants to be and, ultimately, who she

wants to be with?

In 1941, after a tip off, the Metropolitan police find the body of a young woman, Sarah Davis. The murder victim was found in a rather rundown South London terraced house. This was a swift, clinical killing, and a single bullet wound to the forehead had killed Sarah Davis instantly.

If the police had not reached her body, the auxiliary services would have assumed she died as a result of the bombing. As Chief Inspector Luke Garvan felt this was no ordinary murder; it had all the hallmarks of a professional killing.

At Scotland Yard he is introduced to Spencer Hall, who is, like Sarah Davis, a member of MI5’s shadowy Twenty Committee. Hall explains MI5 believe Sarah was killed by one of their double-agents on the direct order of German Intelligence.

The price and the stakes are high; the Investigation becomes a race against time to track down the killer of Sarah Davis before it’s too late, the result could affect the final outcome of the War against Nazi Germany

When your grandparents go shopping with funny money, and your dad flaunts his degree from the school of hard knocks, you grow up learning that, "life ain't no gotdem picnic." These lessons are handed down to Cathy Curran by Eastern European immigrants

who learned how to survive caring little for aesthetics, "if it works, who gives a gotdem what da hell it looks like." Lucky for Curran, her mother is a gentle soul with a dry wit. Lillian Low's homespun values, people come in all flavours just like ice cream, bring joy into the Low house. When restless Joe Low ditches one suburb for another because he wants a do-over, Lillian tells him, "How the hell many do you need? Don't you know that wherever you go, you've got to take yourself with you?" Along for the ride is the colourful Low clan, who turn up to celebrate the arrival of Joe and Lillian's army of kids. They eat, drink, sing, Joe gets plastered, and all too often scotch-fired arguments lead to some good old-fashioned fistfights, which are immediately forgiven with an unspoken rule, shut up and forget it, then it all gets swept under the rug. But when Curran finally pulls up the carpet, pandemonium emerges from hell with a vengeance. Through the vision of a sensitive young girl with a wickedly funny voice, "Secondhand Scotch" uncorks some harsh realities, but never ceases to warm and entertain.

A discovery in the Siberian tundra turns the entire world upside down, rewriting history and setting seemingly unstoppable forces in motion. In a race against time in a quickly changing world, they must learn to adapt to survive. Will people accept their fate or fight to save an existence that was always meant to end? Can humanity survive?

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