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CONTENTS Pge 4 The Iberian Coast. A short story from Josh LaMore Pge 10 Ron Shaw Media. Author, Radio host and media guy! Pge 16 Rajacenna Amazing pencil drawing artist.. Pge 30 The Digital Dake Age An article on data storage. Pge 38 CQ Poetry Challenge The Best Nine Poems .

Pge 50 Kelly Ferren Fantasy & Flouzies, Artist & Dollmaker. Pge 60 Stephanie Slevin Singer/songwriter. Pge 64 Nikhil ES Metal artist/RUGGEDGEARZ Pge 68 Paul White Author & Novelist. Pge 72 Pamela Foster Blogger. Aging Warrior. Pge 76 Mona Lisa Artist, Painter /digital & combination. Pge 84 Rika Inami Tanka poem. This month’s cover credits:. FRONT Original image courtesy of New Old Stock (CC0). Digitally altered and manipulated by Paul White. REAR Bert Hardy: Tearful Goodbyes

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Josh LAMore

My name is Josh LaMore. ‘Midwest Action’ describes me as an “Adventurer, musician, and writer. A Midwest native and Brooklyn, New York, resident with a California driver’s license and passport.” I can’t say that they are too far off, although I no longer have the California Driver’s license / passport.

To be more precise… I’m a creative individual with a passion for writing, travel, education, and the arts. I am currently aspiring to gain more experience writing and working in the publishing industry.

In late 2016/early 2017 I will begin pursuing a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science. I have experience writing non-fiction book-length manuscripts, travel writing articles, promotional brochures, music reviews, interviews, and blog content on WordPress. I also have experience as a freelance copy editor and academic writing coach for dissertation and masters thesis projects. Thus far, I have helped NYU, Columbia University, and

New School students achieve and maximize their academic writing and research project goals.

The first CQ Short Story Challenge was a closely run competition, with this story, from Josh LaMore earning a well-deserved second place.

The writers took their prompt from this image and then let their imaginations run riot!

‘The Iberian Coast’ is told from an oblique angle and is hauntingly narrated.

As she slept, he thought of their final quest. His eyes from the third story window, lost behind clouded thought, searched the puddled streets. The kerosene lamps weren’t revealing a single shadow. After that evening’s report, no one would venture into the dark. Even though the report was just a prediction, it was enough to keep most people inside. He was only looking for one person, but they had to be alert and in the know, someone who would be a challenge; unafraid. He’d have to wait. Would she be able to go through with taking another life to save her own? He didn’t know. Best to think of other things and let her sleep. “Do you remember how simple it used to be, George? Before the future came,” Sheela’s words constantly looped through his head. How sorry he was, even though it wasn’t directly his fault that things played out as they had: with him at the center and she quickly gravitating towards it. It was only one strange moon. What were the chances of stumbling into an enchanted hotel 500 miles from the Canadian border, while driving on a whim to see where the road would take them? Apparently, the chances were better than they thought. Now she had to kill to live and he had to decide whether he would kill her to keep the innocent alive. It’s true, she had been innocent as far as he knew, happy and in the throes of love. Together they had ignited their deep longing for travel. They took back roads and flipped coins to decide their turns. It was the coin’s insistence that brought them here. That was the one thing he knew for sure. If he ignored the pleas of the innocent much longer and if he didn’t find someone capable of believing him soon, he and Sheela would be off to New Orleans. Another chance, perhaps, far, far away. How many would it take to save her? How many would he watch her take?

They had been married for a year but met several years before, off the coast of Vancouver on a cruise liner headed for Alaska. She said she had taken the trip because she needed to experience something new. To him, it seemed she was on a search like himself; running away from his tradition-obsessed family in Romania, whose only concern was that he find a job, stick with it, and in that fashion, live his life. The same town. The same neighbourhood. The same experiences as countless generations before him. A waste. He wouldn’t have it. What would she find in Alaska, he had wondered? How would his life be any different if he always worked the same route on a cruise ship, she had asked. Another round of martinis, although hers was straight vermouth. As that first night came to a close, they realized they were left with two choices: they could go their separate ways and let themselves get caught in the trap alone, or they could leave and get caught together. Choosing it seemed to them, would only propel the trap, as their choices only led to the mundane they were trying to avoid. Would it be better not to decide at all? “Another round for the beautiful happy young couple,” a man in a top hat with a crystal cane said as he took a seat at their table on the ship’s third tier balcony. “Sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear,” he said through flat lips and a crooked grin. “Might I offer a suggestion?” Random happenstance intrigued them greatly, it was their only way of escape. So they listened to him speak, taking in his charm and patchouli scent. He had been a shepherd boy off the Iberian coast, like his father and his father before him. But he longed to see what fortunes lie in things other than sheep. Life eventually led him to this moment, on a cruise liner headed for Alaska with a couple debating the same thing he once had. It was a real surprise. He hadn’t thought or heard anyone talk of being locked into their life’s position since he had made the choice to sell his flock and travel aboard the Maria

to wherever it may lead.

George declined the random man’s offer to pay for the drinks, since he was a member of the crew, he was entitled to them free of charge. The man only grinned in the same manner he had when he approached, this time, he took out a coin. “Heads you leave together. Tales you never see each other again.” They were not yet ready to go their separate ways; too many questions were still unanswered. But as much as they wanted answers, their desire to escape the preordained was even greater. They let him flip. Soon she would awake. The fight to stay alive and keep others alive would commence. Her golden blond hair and her sweet scent would lead him back to spontaneity and the coin. New Orleans was looming. Disobeying the coin was a chance he was willing to take. They had disobeyed it that first night, they could disobey it now. There, at the peak of disobedience, they would surely find him and she would no longer kill. And naturally they would find each other again, using a plan they had left behind long ago, off the Iberian coast.


Who is

Ron Shaw?

Ron Shaw is an Atlanta, Georgia, native who currently resides in Gwinnett County, Georgia, with his wife and daughter. He attended Roosevelt High School in Atlanta and continued his education at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia for two years. Ron met his future wife in Atlanta after his second year at Mercer and transferred his junior year to Georgia State University. Both Donna and Ron were born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Little did I know, back then, that the lady of my dreams resided only a few miles from me. In fact, she attended a rival high school. In 1973, with new responsibilities, he became an Atlanta Police Officer while attending college full time. Ron attained a BA degree in English Literature from Georgia State University in 1974.

He retired from the Atlanta Police Department in 1996 after a very fulfilling and personally satisfying career . He retired from the Atlanta Police Department in 1996 after a very

fulfilling and personally satisfying career . As fate or blind luck would have it, the City of Atlanta needed more cops, and they were willing to pay good money as well as provide full scholarships for officers who attended college. This was exactly

what I needed. When I was a Lieutenant assigned the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit, eventually, retirement knocked loudly on my career door in 1996 due to an on duty injury sustained in 1992 while training for the coming Atlanta Olympic Games. I never saw those games in person. After a fulfilling and highly interesting career, my retirement became official in 1996.

Retirement rocked on at its own pace until that fateful sleep in early October 2013. That night my first book was presented to me. While peacefully sleeping, a wonderful, marvellous dream occurred. It was the most amazing dream that any person could have‌or, a near death experience.

You can experience what I did that night in my initial book SEVEN FISH TREE. It became the result of that dream or NDE. This book was written within less than thirty-seven hours after waking that morning.

http:// m/Seven-FishTree-Ron-Shaw/ dp/1631855522

Within a few short months while SEVEN FISH TREE was at my publisher, I finished my second book THE YELLOW BUS BOYS. This one will take you back to 1964 when I was a sixth grader living in an inner city housing project. The reader will see how my life was saved due to the kindness and love of those

around me. Take a ride with the yellow bus boys from Atlanta as we explore Florida from coast to coast for ten days from during the summer of 1964.

http:// /Yellow-Bus-BoysRon-Shaw/ dp/1632687992

As far back as I can remember, reading poetry has always been a passion. It may well have been one of the key factors in choosing English Literature as my college major. This collection is the result of exposing my soul and heart in a way I’ d never dreamed of doing so. While my other works in publication are integral parts of me, I now understand that poetry is the essence of who I was, am, and forever will be. With the understanding that these are my inaugural offerings and with the compassion to allow a heart without and soul within to falter, I hope you enjoy my poems.

Click on Cover images to Read more about these Books

Listen in to the Ron Shaw radio show.

Listen, email, and contact Ron Shaw on Twitter as we continue our amazingly fun, crazy journey together. Ron is always looking for highly interesting guests from all walks of life in literature, music, art, and just ordinary, everyday people... the invisible people just like me with awesome stories and wonderful life experiences. That's what makes life interesting... Me, you & Ron together, sharing the humorous and sad stories from simply living. Write and tweet Ron live, or afterwards, when listening to the archived tape of the show here at The ArtistFirst Radio Network at You never know... when you might just be on my live show.

I guarantee you one thing... expect the unexpected every Monday night from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on

The Ron Shaw Show - Right Here

Rajacenna is a 22-y

right, she's 22. But ev taken any art lessons years ago.

Rajacenna was born on 24th January in The Netherlands. At 4 years old she started modelling for various well known Dutch companies. Her first time on TV was when she was 5 years old in a Dutch TVshow. After that she had some roles in Dutch soaps, films and TV-series.

also broadcasted on the local television. She interviewed many famous Dutch people but also world famous people like Phil Collins, David Faustino, Ken Kercheval and Lorenzo Lamas.

Rajacenna is now a Dutch 22year-old hyper photo realistic pencil artist. She is a former child prodigy and a natural talent who became well known When she was 12 years she at 16 after being discovered by began as a presenter of the first an American art publisher. Dutch WebTV for children. She

year-old artist from The Netherlands. Yes, you read that

ven more astonishing is the fact that Rajacenna has never s and she only started doing realistic illustrations three

Yes, this IS a pencil drawing

Already at 16 she belongs to the best artists in the world and her drawing videos are being used in art schools all over the world. At just 16 years old from scratch Rajacenna has the exceptional natural skill to draw stunning hyper-photorealistic drawings in such a manner that people do not see the difference between the photo and the drawing. From the age of 17 she is a professional artist and illustrator. Soon after being discovered Rajacenna appeared in many Dutch TV

programs, magazines, newspapers, on the radio and even on Japanese TV. In 2011 the management of Justin Bieber asked her to give him the drawing which she made in 2010. In 2011 she was featured in the Elite exhibition in the Mailbox in Birmingham England. In 2015 the band Owl City, singer-songwriter Adam Young, asked her to make the promotional drawing for the time-lapse video of the cover art of his album, Mobile Orchestra.

Your eyes deceive you. These are NOT photogr

raphs . They are all DRAWINGS BY RAJACENNA

THE BREVITY OF TWIT Poetry in 140 characters

Trending Trending is when thousands of people across a state, country, countries, or continents, (depending on your settings) all decide to tweet about the same topic. This usually involves hashtags, a topic listed under “Trending,” and many, many people looking for their moment in the spotlight. Generally, trends are about something happening on social media, the news, movies, music, or taking place in the world at the moment. New releases, and celebrities often dominate. Celebrity deaths and death hoaxes also make their appearance. For example, as I write, #royalbaby is trending because that news was just announced and 3— not 1, not 2, but 3 trending subjects are about 1Direction. There is also a #HappyBDayCamCam trending about someone named Cameron Dallas who has 3.4 Million Twitter followers, and I don’t know who he is because, well, I’m old. Not that these aren’t THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS EVER, but occasionally, just occasionally something will trend that is interesting to writers, or nerds, or writer-nerds like me. Sometimes these are more local trending subjects, but occasionally even God arises and says- “I am TIRED of Chris Brown, and Margaret Atwood is not tweeting today— Let the Higgs-Boson Particle be found!” Then suddenly science nerds and writer nerds and wordplay nerds form a bond. Higgs-Boson trends, writers have a field day, scientists nash their teeth at all the incorrect explanations going around, thunder claps, rivers overflow, and for a brief moment, even science makes twitter news.

Higgs-Boson Tweets: •Higgs Boson- “The Force is strong with that one.”#laymangeekbutIcanthelpit •Ok Kids: Higgs, Top Quark, Ultra High Energy Ray, TOE. In that order. I’ll be waiting for a report at dinner. Higgs Boson •Wow- articles are now out saying US sees stronger hints of Higgs. Way to grab the spotlight for a dead collider. CERN is EU. Higgs Boson •True- the US found hints of Higgs Boson too, but wasnt up to more so it was kind of expected from CERN. Atom Smasher suffers collider envy.

•They might have found Higgs Boson. They might have not. Schrodinger is happy. •Oh my- Higgs is now trending without Boson. Seriously! •People who can make Higgs Boson jokes return my faith in humanity. •Higgs Boson? How quaint. Where’s the (S)top Quark? What- did I just suck all the air out of CERN? Oh no wait that’s another experiment. •Higgs Boson Why Science Works: There is no religion around supersymmetry.

<< >> Even less occasionally, and usually locally, movie or word puns will trend and writer hacks like me who can never resist a bad pun or play on words will indulge our version of fun for a bit. This happened once, I have no idea how, when #writerhell started trending. We may never know what caused that anomaly but writers were so surprised to see themselves trending, that after doing a spit-take and cleaning the eleventh cup of coffee off their keyboard, they found themselves compelled to participate. Below sit my offerings. Of course better writers wrote better things, but they were not me and there are no release documents for this book because who the hell knows who they were anyway, and unfortunately, also, who the hell actually cares? Besides us, I mean: the lone writer wolves, sitting in our den of words, parsing grammar and our own lack of trending lives simultaneously.

#Writerhell Tweets: In #writerhell, Latin makes a comeback. #writerhell- where brevity is the soul of run on sentences. #writerhell- where the Algonquin Round Table is held at, #writerhell- Where Van Gogh's Starry Night only goes to Five.

The road to #writerhell is paved with bestseller intentions. The road to #writerhell is paved with comma splices #writerhellâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; located right under the publisher hell lavatory.

To see more, grab your copy of

The Brevity of Twit today! Brevity-Twit-K-D-Roseebook/dp/B01C9KZJQS? ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entr ies*=0 ref=nb_sb_noss?url=searchalias%3Daps&fieldkeywords=the+brevity+of+twit

K. D.

is a poet and aut

K. D.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s book, Ins tional Silver Med

K. D.'s poems ha ject, and featured Her poetry was s The Stray Branch thology (Shabda

She possesses a Work. K.D. regre hopes you won't her other favorite

KD Rose Website: Social Media Links Twitter: Facebook: authorkdrose/

. Rose

thor. Her latest release is The Brevity of Twit.

side Sorrow, won the Readers Favorite 2013 Interna-

dal for Poetry.

ave been published in Candlelit Journal, the Voices Prod in the Tophat Raven Art and Literary Magazine. showcased on Creative Thresholds and is forthcoming in h Fall/Winter 2016 issue and in The Nuclear Impact AnPress).

a B.S. in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Social ets not possessing a piece of paper that says MFA but hold that against her. Her favorite poets are dead and e poets are unknowns that she reads in Lit mags.

Tumbler: LinkedIn: preview?vpa=pub&locale=en_US Goodreads: show/6038789.K_D_Rose

Are you backing-up your If not, you risk

What would happen if we, as a species,

What if, either by the slow creep of technological obsolescence or

of of knowledge accru

What if we fell into…a We live in the present and embrace new technologies that move at a faster and faster pace, but without effective systems in place to store our memories is it possible that, as Mark Twain once wrote, in the future we won’t recall ‘any but the things that never happened?’

You can't count on the web, okay? It’s unstable. You have to know this.

It is not just access to

knowledge, but the knowledge itself that’s at stake. Thousands of years ago, the Library of Alexandria was, as the astrophysicist Carl Sagan wrote, “the brain and heart of The web, as it appears at any the ancient world.” For seven one moment, is a centuries, it housed hundreds phantasmagoria. It’s not a of thousands of scrolls; great place in any reliable sense of works of philosophy, literature, the word. It is not a repository. technology, math, and It is not a library. It is a medicine. It took as many constantly changing patchwork centuries for most of its of perpetual nowness. collections to be destroyed.

r data on ‘Hard-Copy’? of losing it all

, lost access to our electronic records?

r sudden cosmic disaster, we no longer could draw from the well

ued through the ages?

Digital Dark Age? The promise of the web is

In 1997, the average lifespan of a web page was 44 days; in that Alexandria’s library might 2003, it was 100 days. Links be resurrected for the modern go bad even faster. A 2008 world. But today’s great analysis of links in 2,700 library is being destroyed even digital resources—the majority as it is being built. Until you of which had no print lose something big on the counterpart—found that about Internet, something truly 8 percent of links stopped valuable, this paradox can be working after one year. difficult to understand. By 2011, when three years had The life cycle of most web passed, 30 percent of links in pages runs its course in a the collection were dead. matter of months.

More recently, a researcher at the Internet Archive has been running an analysis on the Wayback Machine to figure out what survives. “It won't be surprising to say that preliminary findings are showing things stick around for much shorter and changing constantly before they disappear,” Scott told me. It is, as Jill Lepore wrote for the New Yorker earlier this year, “like trying to stand on quicksand.” This is, after all, the great promise of the Internet: All of the knowledge, for all of humanity. A mix of legend and history tells us that the Library of Alexandria almost got there in its time. “We needed a technology change to be able to see this idea through again,” Kahle said.

“At this point, if you mean the web when Tim Berners-Lee invented it, right now that web does not exist,” Scott said. “Not really. News organizations kill old articles, YouTube’s old videos go away. And while the Archive and other entities are saving—quoteunquote saving—these sites, even those will go to new URLs. They won’t be in the same place. You’ll have to search for them... There are success stories. But meanwhile, silently, thousands of useful things are disappearing. As time goes on, I have even less and less hope for how long it will last.”

"If we're thinking 1,000 years, 3,000 years ahead in the future, we have to ask ourselves, how do we preserve all the bits that we need in order to correctly But the thing unsaid, the fact that interpret the digital objects we unravels even an optimist’s belief create?," Cerf said. in what the web can be, is that the ancient library was eventually "We are nonchalantly destroyed. Not by technology or a throwing all of our data lack of it, but by people. Saving into what could become an something and preventing its information black hole destruction are not entirely the same thing. without realizing it,".

Vinton G. Cerf is Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google.

Check out this


Kirkus Review for Inside Sorrow In 11 bare-bones, free verse poems, Rose (Heavy Bags of Soul, 2012) refines a yearslong grieving process into a heartbreakingly potent distillate of sorrow. “I am at a loss,” declares Rose’s bereft narrator after her husband’s death. Ostensibly referring to her uncertainty about what to do with his belongings, the narrator is also confronting an existential fact; she has arrived at loss and seemingly has nowhere else to go. This technique—the evocation of loss on one level to imply an unspeakably more profound loss beneath—is one Rose frequently employs....The sparseness of her verse—often a single beat or two per line—borders on gaunt and serves to codify the body’s and psyche’s inward collapses under the weight of grief, the instinctively protective drawing inward until “we are balled up in the fetal position.” She also structurally simulates the simultaneous, and paradoxical, scattering of self that accompanies a loss of this magnitude. Upon her husband’s death, she is at once “a wall” with “no door,” “the I’s that must witness” and the peripatetic who has “been bleeding out /all over the house./I can walk / up and down the stairs/tens of times.” The difficulty of relationships—“So much compromise/when it comes to another”— urges her to acknowledge that “some part should feel like freedom/it should feel like freedom/it should,” yet what she finds is that his absence has become a violation of self: “Sorrow has left me naked/ in a way I couldn’t have imagined,/leaving my life open to all./Every nook and cranny.” The recovery of self, the poems reveal, is a long and always

incomplete process. Though slightly marred by a handful of prosaic moments, the overall force of these poems is such that lines as simple as â&#x20AC;&#x153;I see a blue sky today. It seems like a triumphâ&#x20AC;? will, in context, shock readers with their cathartic power. Startlingly touching poetry; be prepared to step inside the sorrow. dp/B00C1068K8?ie=UTF8&keywords=inside% 20sorrow&qid=1464984849&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1 dp/B00C1068K8/ref=sr_1_1? ie=UTF8&qid=1464984802&sr=81&keywords=inside+sorrow

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss out on so

Take a look at the CQ



ome great content


back editions


The following collection of poetry have been selected by CQ Magazine, from the many entries we received in the

The challenge was to write a ten line poem, each with five words per line. The prompt for the poems theme was a pictorial one, the image shown opposite. Thank you to ALL those who entered the challenge.

Babara Chiffoi Untitled. She waits with an invitation. Her décolletage speaks for itself. If you enter her lair,

Linda St

You may find yourself bereft, For she will embrace you

With tentacles of poisoned charm, Intent on purloining your essence. Pass by if you dare. Resist her lure of sexuality, Or be lost to damnation. © 2016

"My Joh

When this guy s

He better be o

Not like my las That was truly

I smoked a wh

And sat at tha

Could not watch t

The joint had n

Well, what do yo Here comes my © 2016

David W. Palmer Proposal I could be with anyone But tonight, I consider you


Amuse me with something original So tired of pickup lines


I’ve swam through satin sheets

Sex sans love is boring

shows up

Entice me with your story

on time.

If I want chapter two

st trick—

Then we could be together

a crime.

Seduced, ravished within each other.

hole pack

at table

the game—

no cable.

ou know? new beau!

© 2016 David W. Palmer

Half Pint ...Lust Love.... Is it Lust or Love. reflections eye glance back above. my glass brims with sadness. torment wheals lips wet thrust. first taste ushers my happiness. bottoms up alleviates all madness. nights passions now can last. last glass forgets my past. solitude mornings abrupt in Lust. passions drink whom I Love. ŠHalf Pint 2016



What was she

Oh, right, for h

Cursed to s

Get married to a

Staring into th

Of her Jamison

Wondering where t

They had love

Now he has

She wonders wh

Š Kelly Rose J

Rusty Rimes Sorrow Again, in this lonely place



e doing here?

her daughter.

see her ex

another woman.

he dark depths

n whisky shot,

things went wrong.

e and romance

s moved on.

hat went wrong.

June 13, 2016

as I await some company, hoping it will be okay, knowing it will never be. Finding surcease from my pain, relief from life gone bad, wishing for that other road, life I could of had. Choices made, oh choices made, this bed, I have made. Š 2016 RustyRimes

C. A. Keith Red Lipstick Her eyes were sultry, seductive. Her perfume hung sensuously,



provocatively. Her breasts peeked out invitingly. Her red dress; snug and sexy. Red

lipstick stained her glass. She looked across the room. Their eyes locked, hungrily, lustfully. He gestured towards the door.

I'm waiting

Alas! I h

What kind o

Made grow tho

Remember? W

With tiny wh

She smiled and stood up, “Hundred bucks and I’m in!” © C.A.Keith 2016

Your promis su

Each word y

So my s

I'm leavin

© Jone V

C. A. Keith Vasaitis

cipation here for you...

Lovers Tryst She looked at him hungrily. With a smile he came. “You want another rye babe?” She nodded; she wanted him.

have no clue

of inner doubts

ose baleful sprouts.

They sipped and chatted randomly. “Follow me,” she deviously spoke.

We sealed the deal Leaning forward he kissed her. His arms wrapped around her. “My hite gold rings? place or yours sweetie?” “Happy Birthday baby, let’s go!” ses now sounds © C.A.Keith 2016 urreal,

you say- stings!

solution is ideal,-

ng you. For real.

Vasaitis 2016

Conservation RedList is a documentary magazine dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging support of the most critical wildlife protection and conservation efforts. RedList is the term used by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) to classify threatened species.

All five remaining Rhinoceros are on this RedList. At the top of the IUCN’s RedList are the critically endangered species, those which face imminent extinction. Three of these five Rhinoceros species are classified here. This edition of RedList Magazine has been produced to aid an

amazing initiative, led by Angie Raab, called ‘Boots

on the

Ground’. Boots’ is directly involved in supporting all those who are working hard to save the Rhinoceros from being systematically killed by poachers. If this mass killing; the butchering of these magnificent beasts for their horns, is not halted, soon there shall be no wild Rhinoceros. None.

RedList highlights the Rhinos situation, gives you insight into the amazing people involved in the fight to save the Rhino and show what a sterling task BOOTS on the GROUND are doing as they continue their efforts and endeavour to film, in documenting the current crisis. It is even possible that Boots on the Ground may capture the image of the last wild rhino ever to walk the earth.

Yes, it is that critical. Read Conservation

RedList today

Author Publicity, for an author, is an important factor in getting the word out about your books. As a matter of fact, your job as an author doesn’t stop once you finish your book. That is when it starts! You must continuously work at marketing yourself and marketing your books, that is if you want people to know who you are, and what books you have authored.

AUTHORSdB is a data base for books and authors with a similar look to IMDb for films, TV and stars. They just added retailers links: those shiny “BUY NOW” icons directing readers to estores all over the world., with over 4000+ members. The website is designed specifically to help authors and to get them listed in the popular search engines, such as Google. Thus, giving the author and their masterpieces the best exposure possible on the internet today.

Here is what they offer. AUTHOR BOOKSHELF Add you book listing to your author profile (see example). Simply click on ‘Submit a Book’ and enter your book details. Do not have time to add your books with direct links to your online booksellers such as Amazon? Check out our VIRTUAL ASSISTANT SERVICES. Look out for our TOP10 weekly books.

BOOK COVER CONTEST The winners of the 2015 Book Cover Contest have been announced. Details are posted here http:// , including the Judge’s Corner. With close to 30,000 votes this year and a very busy Facebook campaign, the amount of exposure to authors has been phenomenal. The 2016 Book Cover Contest is now open. COMMUNITY HUB The new Community Hub is a great place to share what is happening this year as an author. Add your book blog tours, your twitter feeds or your Facebook or Blog Page updates. SOUNDCLOUD

Fantasy an

Kelly Ferren w

always said I was b hand!

I went to Northern commercial art. I h time my love for ho art, so I worked for but after a while I g that went on behin turned back to my

Acrylic paint was m off with paintings o found the cloth dol different to do unreal world. I hav of kind dolls and pa wooden boxes and small tables.

I still have a full tim hoping that my art

business fantasy my artwork and flo spelled flouzies wr

nd Flouzies

was born in Toronto. My parents born with a paintbrush in my

n Secondary where I studied have always loved art but at the orses were more out ranked my r many years with racehorses, grew depressed over the cruelty nd closed doors, so I quit and art.

my favourite to work with. I started on canvas and then one day I lls which gave me something ntasy, dragons fairies of the ve loved so now I paint crazy one aintings on slab wood and d now I am painting dragons on

me job but with a little work am will be my full time job. I call my

y and flouzies; fantasy for

ouzies for my dolls and yes I rong on purpose.

www.fantasyandf Google+ kferren28@gmail.c om







Tea P




Tree Guardian

Fantasy and Flouzies

Stephani Singer


Stephanie Slevin is a Singer/Songwriter/Psychic medium//Poet and Author. Swift as a ghost but always the Poet first and foremost Stephanie sayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s she sings from her pain and the pain of others; for no matter who we are, or from whence we came, one thing we all feel, at one time or another in life is the power of pain. Stephanie also write jokes and tells a few too ;} I can knock out an upbeat tune or two and like to resonate with my audience.






Listen to Stephanie now


dedicated to bringing read

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ders and authors together

bsite today

"When I becom

Hi my name is Nikhil. I was born on 1st May 1989 at K technology major Mechanical Engineering from Calicut U Specialized in Welding, Structural designing and Fabricatio

Founder of RuggedGearZ, a place where i show my of custom jobs in mild steel, stainless steel(SS304, SS316L SkyDiveDubai, XDubai, Jetman, DubaiFilm, Xline etc. I love to design stuff in Metal. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s artwork for me.




me an artist, Metal became my canvas."

Kerala/India. I now live in Dubai. Graduated in bachelor of University '2010. Currently working in Dubai as a mechanical Engineer. on.

y creations, arts and sculptures. I do freelance designing and fabrication L) and aluminium all over in Dubai. i did some projects for

Pau l W h

Au t h o r , w r i t e r , b l o g g e r , p o e t & a l l r

Paul White lives in Yorkshire, England. He says he would like to be fully retired but â&#x20AC;&#x153;people keep asking me to do thingsâ&#x20AC;? which prevents him from putting his feet up permanently. Paul is a novelist, poet, short story writer and blogger. His fiction writing covers various genres and topics including life, love, emotions, depression, trauma, suspense, sex, romance, social and world affairs. He has that rare ability to weave the most important matter of all into his work, the human condition; the hopes, the



ro u n d g o o d g u y !

dreams and the wishes, the excitement and passions, along with the fears, the self-doubt, and uncertainties that lie within us all.

These issues are portrayed through the characters which inhabit the worlds within the pages of Paulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s books and short stories. They are reflected in his poetry, various essays and blogs. Find out about Paulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s current works in progress and what writings he has planned for the future. Visit his website today.

tALES OF Crime

Tales of Crime & Violence are a compila

The ideas and inspiration are many and as varied

Although all the tales in these books are about committing crime, or being e why and how they came to be in this position, whether they were

The stories in the ‘Tales Crime & Violence’ collection have underlyin

Some of these stories have been posted on Paul’s blog ‘A little more Fiction’ now

Paul say’s, “I hope you enjoy reading these ta

Tales of Crime & Violence are available in three volumes of p Ideal for the collector, or in one complete set in Kind

e & Violence

ation of many of Paul’s short, and not so short stories.

d as is each of the individual stories themselves.

embroiled in acts of violence, the real story is that of the people involved, e forced or coerced, willing participants or victims themselves.

ng factors, deeper meanings, twists and stings to savour and enjoy.

’ during the last two years, others have never seen the light of day, before w.

ales as much I have enjoyed writing them.”

paperback books, dle format

Kindle Worldwide

This was first posted on April 14, 2015 by Author and Speaker Pamela Foster.


Twenty-one years ago Pamela

Foster married her hero.

The authorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s husband is a disabled Marine, Vietnam vet, and a man who would walk through fire for her without ever acknowledging that he ignited the flames. Accompanying her hero on his quest to escape the dull gray

of life-after-combat, Foster has lived in the redwoods of the Pacific Northwest, on the side of a volcano in Hawaii, in the Yucatan beside the Caribbean Sea, the stark desert of southern Arizona, the jungles of Panama, and the Ozark

Mountains. Never a Dull Moment would be an appropriate title for a memoir of her life of loving this man living with raging Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Aging Warrior


esterday I checked Jack into a nursing home. For the first time in the twenty-five years, I cannot care for him and keep him safe.

Through all of our adventures together â&#x20AC;&#x201C; scuba diving, backpack travel around Asia, dragging a trailer the length of Mexico and parking it under a grass-roofed palapa on the beach, moving to the Republic of Panama with two giant service dogs strapped to our wrists, riding out a hurricane in a cement block room in the Yucatan â&#x20AC;&#x201C; through it all, Jack has bulled and laughed and maneuvered his way through some damn tough spots. This time is different. He can no longer bull his way past the effects of the stroke he had four years ago.

Laughing in the face of tremors and dizziness and chronic falls does not save him from the pain of the impact. His manoeuvring cannot stop the creep of dementia. Six months ago he fell for the thirteenth time in a few months, banged up his entire right side, bruised his knee, ankle, and ribs, and tore his rotator cuff. Everything healed, more or less, except the shoulder. Finally overcome by the constant pain, he agreed to go in and allow the surgeon to stitch and bind and do his best to repair the damage to the tendon and joint.

At 320 pounds, Jack is almost twice my size. His left side never recovered fully from the stroke and he has limited use of his hand and arm. The stroke took his gag reflex causing him to cough and aspirate liquid and requiring him to eat slowly and carefully. His legs, which were the most affected by that landmine he stepped on outside Danang in â&#x20AC;&#x2122;65, can no longer lift him from a sitting or reclining position. He uses his right arm to get up and down from a chair or bed. All of these challenges meant that, after the rotator cuff surgery, with his right arm strapped to his chest, there was no way I could care for him at home. It took a very long time to convince the VA that this was true. But with the help of several good people within the Fayetteville VA system, those in charge finally looked away from their computer screens and saw Jack. Bureaucrats and social workers agreed that he could not possibly go home to be cared for during recovery by one crazyassed woman who loves him madly but is still, only one woman. So, yesterday, after his surgery, the nurses helped me get him loaded in the car and I drove him thirty minutes up the mountain and checked him into the VA approved nursing home. He will be there about five weeks â&#x20AC;&#x201C; until he regains the use of his right hand and arm. I found the home to be a perfectly nice place. As long as I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t allow myself empathy for the old folks sleeping in wheelchairs with their mouths hanging open, or staring blankly at walls, or calling out to me as I hurried past with a sleep apnea machine under my arm, medical paraphernalia slung over my shoulder, and the five sets of clothing marked with the name of the man who is my husband dragging behind me in the suitcase that has seen better adventures.

I have had a few moments of grief in my life. Few people get to be my age without knowing the pain of losing someone or something dear to them. Kissing Jack good-bye and leaving him in the care of strangers is certainly right up there in the top two or three. It was all I could do not to go back in and load him up and bring him home. Even knowing I could not care for him the way he needs while recovering, even understanding that trying to do so would be dangerous to him and to me â&#x20AC;&#x201C; still it was difficult to drive away. I got a call from him this morning saying they tried to put him on a liquid diet. He managed to get himself to the administrator and she arranged for him to have sausage and eggs for breakfast. The old guy in the bed next to him keeps the room too hot so they are moving Jack to another room. And my dear husband has bribed one of the nurses to bring him a milkshake when she comes back from lunch. I think heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going to weather this latest adventure just fine.

Mona L I began creating visual artwork on a daily basis shortly after the death of my four year old son, Gabriel. I have no formal training in art beyond high school. My main medium is the postal system; I am a mail artist and have played with many different formats within that system. The two main mediums I have chosen for executing my ideas are paint on canvas and digital collage; often combining both approaches into a single style I call â&#x20AC;&#x153;mixed media digital collage.â&#x20AC;? I write poetry and have been doing it regularly since I was nineteen years old.

Lisa Aka Punk Barbie

My Mail art has traditionally been a not-for-profit venture, and I have decided to embrace that ideology. My work is not for sale. From paintings to prints I will offer my works to the public (for free), using the postal system as a medium of exchange. I am tired of galleries. In a world where the dollar rules, creativity becomes ill and the mantra has become, â&#x20AC;&#x153;create what thou can sell.â&#x20AC;? I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to be the subject to this sort of conditioning.


Š Mona Lisa 2016


© Mona Lisa 2016


© Mona Lisa 2016

my funeral ― hope to be buried in flower clusters of void

… fading into thin air … 花群れの空木の花にうづもれて我が葬儀とし空に消えたし

※ In this Tanka, ‘void’ is ‘deuzia’, which is called ‘Utsugi 空木’ in Japanese. When ‘Utsugi 空木’ is translated literally into English, it is ‘Void Tree’ or ‘Empty Tree’. So I use ‘void’ as ‘deuzia’.

Rika Inami lives in Akita Prefecture, Japan, graduated from the First Department of Literature, Waseda University, and a membership of “Muro Saisei Society”, “Kaze-noKai”, and a former membership of “Tanka Topos”.


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