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The Schomberg Scholars Program funded two speakers to discuss race and culture for African American Heritage Month. Page 5






Forget about extreme couponing! Shopping online is the new way to save money when shopping. Page 11

Though they beat Rowan in the first round of the NJAC tournament, the Roadrunners lost yesterday to Richard Stockton College in double overtime. Page 13

Student Launches Paterson Tutoring Program By AUDREY ZABOHONSKI Staff Writer

Members of both mainstream and multicultural Greek organizations came together in a “unity stroll” at this year’s Meet the Greeks in an effort to unite the two divisions of the Greek community. Despite these efforts, the new recruitment events split up mainstream and multicultural groups to give each more time for different things. Photos courtesy of Naima Ricks

A Ramapo van filled with several students eager to tutor has gone to Oasis: A Haven for Women and Children every Wednesday excluding holidays and school breaks since the middle of the fall 2011 semester. Lauren MacDonald, a student coordinator in the Community Service Center (CSC), spearheaded the CSC’s first-ever reoccurring project with Oasis. The community-based non-profit organization in Paterson, NJ offers low-income and disadvantaged women and children services including after-school care that see OASIS on page 2

New Division between Orgs during Recruitment Receives Mixed Reviews from Greek Community By RACHEL WINTERMUTE Staff Writer For the first time, the Ramapo Greek community was divided for the bi-annual Meet the Greeks event. This semester, the mainstream and multicultural Greek organizations held their recruitment events separately. These events are aimed to connect interested non-Greeks with the Greek community. Tamika Quick, Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life, said that the decision to separate the groups was generated by leaders of campus Greek life to address

the time conflict between the mainstream organizations that prefer to simply talk with potential members and the multicultural organizations that emphasize stepping and other performance routines in their recruitment process. “There was a President’s meeting held at the end of last semester, and we talked about it,” Quick said. “The biggest reason for that is because the College Panhellenic and InterFraternity Council (IFC) groups recruit differently. The IFC and Panhellenic organizations wanted more time and the capabilities to be able to speak

weekend weather

to new members, whereas the United Cultural Greek Council organizations, when they have their Meet the Greeks, is more performance-based.” During past events, the program time was specifically designated to performances by mostly multicultural organizations. Though mainstream organizations also had the option to perform routines, most chose to focus their time on recruitment. “Time has always been an issue when we want to talk to the girls, but we don’t want to be disrespectful when orgs are stepping,” said Christina Crescimanno, a member



of mainstream sorority Alpha Omicron Pi. “Meet the Greeks is very important to us to get to know the girls that are interested.” Many members of Greek life, however, agreed that the reason behind this separation was unclear and may have contributed to an increased a tension between the two types of organizations. “There was a tension like, ‘Why is this happening? Is there one set group that’s better than the other? Is it just because they’re different? And if they are different, why are we being separated?’” said Porfirio Rodriguez, a member of see GREEKS on page 6


Senior Lauren MacDonald started up a tutoring program at the Oasis, in Paterson. Photo courtesy of Audrey Zabohonski


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Thursday, February 23, 2012

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OASIS continued from page 1

ranges from infants to teenagers, a GED program, various work readiness classes, food and clothing pantries, and lunch and dinner. In her past few years working at the CSC, MacDonald led groups of students to Oasis, and while volunteering there she noticed that Oasis was in desperate need of math and science tutors for their GED program, in addition to extra help with their after-school care program. “When we got there we realized we would need to make a serious commitment to them to help them pass their GED tests,” MacDonald said about getting the program initially started. “We asked a few serious volunteers from Ramapo to commit to coming every Wednesday and make a long lasting impact.” When students volunteer, they can expect to help tutor women who are studying for their GED, take care of children in the nursery, and assist teachers in GED classes. The program also has two permanent tutors that go every Wednesday: Jenna Crincoli, who tutors math, and Tiffany Liang, who tutors science. Crincoli said about the program, “They [the students] get personal attention and this helps us see their progress and how we can help them be more successful in their problem areas.”

Students aren’t required to volunteer every Wednesday, however, and many volunteers come just a few times or once a semester. Alexandra Marin, who volunteered last semester, described the most rewarding part of the experience. “What I noticed was that their [the children] courtyard was so small and they do so much with the little they have, I was really impressed.”


being here we can get the one-onone help that we need.” She also went on to say, “Jenna is a great help! She’s excellent, and I feel more prepared to take the GED now that I have the extra help.” Angie Cisneros volunteered last semester along with Marin and spoke about her time there. “I’m from Paterson, and it was comforting to see that something is being done to help the situation,” Cisneros said. “I felt encouraged that I could do something for the community.” Cisneros continued on to say that what made the experience at Oasis so worthwhile, besides the adorable children she worked with, was that volunteers are always genuinely needed, for small tasks, large tasks, and anything in between. Emily Schnier volunteered for the first time this semester and said, “I definitely want to come back to tutor!” MacDonald encourages students

looking to volunteer some of their free time to do so at Oasis; there is space on the Wednesday trips for one-time volunteers and their skills are always needed. With plans to continue visiting and volunteering at Oasis after she graduates in May, MacDonald has hopes that Ramapo students will continue to support the women and children at Oasis. “The program is very close to my heart and means a lot me, I hope the CSC will continue to grow this relationship with the Paterson community,” she said. For more information about volunteering at Oasis or with any service project, students are encouraged to visit the Community Service Center in SC-213.

Marin said that working with the GED classes can be a challenge, but all of the women and children at Oasis are happy that volunteers are there to work with them, and it means a great deal that there is someone there every Wednesday to help them. Tina Hutchins, a GED student at Oasis, said about the program, “With the Ramapo volunteers

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Oasis: A Haven for Women and Children, proivdes low-income and disadvantaged women and children in the Paterson area with education programs, healthy food and clothing. The center was in desperate need of tutors, so senior Lauren MacDonald organized a group of students to volunteer there every Wednesday with the Community Service Center. Photos courtesy of Audrey Zabohonsky

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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the rundown Community Reacts to Christie’s Veto on Same-Sex Marriage BILL REJECTED BY GOVERNOR DAY AFTER APPROVAL BY ASSEMBLY By COURTNEY RENZ Staff Writer

· N ATI O N A L NE W S · Last week, Governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage New Jersey, a decision that will affect all of the state’s LGBT population and their friends, families and allies. Though the piece of legislation passed in the State Senate on Feb. 13 with a 24-16 majority (including some Republican votes and even without some Democratic ones) and in the Assembly on Feb. 16, the governor’s veto the next day sent the bill back to square one. Christie had continually promised he would take “swift action” if a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage reached his desk, and in a statement released after the veto, he said that while he won’t support marriage, he would like to reduce discrimination in civil unions. “Same-sex couples in a civil union deserve the very same rights and benefits enjoyed by married couples—as well as strict enforcement of those rights and benefits,” the release said. While the state’s lawmakers will have until the end of the January 2014 legislative session to override Christie’s veto, the

governor proposed a referendum on the issue, letting New Jersey citizens decide whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage. If it were left up to the public to decide, however, the issue just might be approved. According to a recent poll, 52 percent of New Jersey residents support gay marriage, while 42 percent are against it. The Ramapo community seems also split on the issue. Christopher Gabbett, president of the College Republicans club on campus, describes himself as a “Main Street Republican,” a more centrist conservative group. Nevertheless, he said he agreed with Christie’s decision. “Governor Christie does oppose gay marriage on religious grounds, but does support civil union equality,” Gabbett said, explaining his reasoning behind the governor’s veto. Gabbett, though, recognized that the religious element to the argument against gay marriage is becoming less salient. “Equal rights…does become a human rights issue, as everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness,” he added. On the other side of the fence, Christopher Chapman, president of the on-campus College Democrats, said he was disappointed by the governor’s

84% 2% 10% WE ASKED...

How do you view Governor Christie's decision to veto the gay marriage bill?


decision, but saw it as a more political move. “I do not believe that the governor is anti-gay,” Chapman said. “I believe it was vetoed because the governor has national ambitions and signing the bill would have been a liability to his career.” While both the political groups on campus are aware of the issue, neither reported that they are taking action or interest in it at this time.


However, other organizations on campus are taking a stand. Kat McGee, assistant director of the Center for Student Involvement and coordinator of the Women’s Center, said she sees herself as an avid supporter and ally of the LGBT community and was unhappy with the decision that Christie made last week. “I find it outrageous that we have created a second class citizenship It was wrong; all NJ residents should get equal treatment He was sticking to his promise Voters should listen to him and ask for a referendum on the issue Don’t care; there are more important things going on in NJ right now

in this state based on who you love,” she said. “It is insulting that my friends and family don’t have the same basic civil rights I do. Civil unions are basically a ‘separate but equal’ policy if they are used in the place of same sex marriage, and I believe the U.S. Supreme Court will eventually find this unconstitutional.” McGee added that she doesn’t agree with Christie’s urge to open the decision of same-sex marriage to the public. “Civil rights of the minority should not be contingent upon the will of the majority,” she said. Students and staff involved with clubs on campus are only part of the people affected by Christie’s decision against samesex marriage. The community of LGBT students on campus and their supporters will also feel its effects. Chris Myerjack, a freshman who identifies as part of the LGBT community, said he felt the harsh reality of Christie’s veto firsthand. “It affects me personally because I am gay, and perhaps one day, if I wanted to get married, I would like to know the option is available,” Myerjack explained. “This is a political issue as well as a human rights one.” Although Myerjack said the road to equality is looking longer than before, he reports that he is hopeful the bill will be passed in the near future. He also said he believes that Ramapo students will be able to mobilize and put an end to inequality on campus. Gabbett, however, didn’t think the campus community would rally around the cause. “For some members of the student body, this bill will decide if they can marry their significant other in this state someday,” he said. “For other students, this bill will have absolutely no effect on them.

@PhantomTexas - I like Christie for his bravado but if he vetoes the gay marriage law he needs to go for a long drive in the country with tony soprano. @vickytorialol - “Regular” marriage and “Gay” marriage are bikini tops and bras. The exact same thing, but only one is allowed in public. @Jamal922 - I #support NJ Governor Chris Christie keep marriage between a man and a woman @rweingarten - NJ:Christie veto on marriage equality puts him on the wrong side of history @ChrisRRegan - NJ’s Chris Christie hates gay weddings, surprisingly tolerant of gay wedding cakes @nomtweets - Victory! @GovChristie Vetoes #SSM Bill in #NJ, keeping his promise @FrankConniff - Chris Christie will veto NJ Marriage Equality Bill. The only same sex union he recognizes is the one between Ben & Jerry. @JCLayfield - Gay marriage vote in NJ biggest news? Two dudes getting married doesn’t bother me, high debt, few jobs and a war in Afghanistan does! @FrankConniff - Sorry NJ Gay people who want to get married, but Chris Christie will not tolerate an unhealthy, selfdestructive lifestyle. @temacube - Kudos to the legislature, even a veto is better than nothing

The majority of Ramapo students disagreed with Governor Chris Christie’s veto on the marriage equality bill, which would legally allow New Jersey same-sex couples to marry. Currently, the state supports civil unions, but many still feel this is a discriminatory practice. The state Senate and Assembly has until January 2014 to resend the bill through the legislature to override the veto.




joke of the day

“I flung the middle finger. That was for the suits at the Brit Awards, not my fans.” - Adele, after her speech at the British awards show was cut short

Happy 29th Birthday Aziz Ansari! Put on some “Tommy Fresh” and “treat yo’self” to some Snake Juice. Sorry Dakota Fanning, maybe next year.

Today in 1945, U.S. Marines rose the U.S. flag on top of Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima as Louis Lowery took the now-iconic photo of the patriotic act.

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, how many hipsters wil buy the album?

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Job Market, Economy Leaves Students with Uncertain Futures By CANDACE MITCHELL Staff Writer With graduation rapidly approaching, seniors are more than likely looking toward their future. The next step, of course, would be finding a job and starting their own life, including supporting themselves financially. However, in the current economy, it is becoming more and more difficult for new college graduates to get a job and support themselves financially. Students at Ramapo College are feeling the effects of this when attempting to find jobs for after graduation and even internships during their college career. “You can hand in 50 resumes and maybe only get a response back from one of them,” Dana Sweatlock, senior, said. This leaves many students wondering what employers are actually looking for on their resumes. “I feel like the only way to get a job is to have a special quality, like studying abroad,” Nicole Nidle, junior, said. “If you are just an average student who gets good grades, there is not a place for you.” Because of the competitive job market and harsh economy, students now recognize that they need to do more than just be a good student and get good grades; they need something extra. They need to do volunteer work, hold leadership positions within clubs, or spend time studying abroad. They need something that makes them different. However, it may seem like these extra activities that dedicated students participate in is still not enough. They still need another qualification: experience.

The Cahill Center offers students help with job and internship hunting, resume writing, and networking. Photos by Stefanie Mauro

experiences, and the Cahill Center is a good source to help a student write it all down and condense it into an impressive resume.

“We help students with resumes, interview skills, cover letters and anything else so if they do get an opportunity for a job, they are prepared,” she said. However, the most difficult part is actually getting these opportunities for a job and a chance to show off your resume. “It’s important to use your entire network,” Ricca advised. “Talk with faculty, friends, family. Tell everyone you know you’re looking for a job.” In addition to acquaintances, Ricca suggests using the Cahill Center to assist your job search. “The Cahill Center has connections to employers that know the high quality of a Ramapo graduate,” she explained. If the job hunt comes up null, there are other options to pursue after graduation. According to Ricca, 25 percent of Ramapo students continue to graduate school immediately after they graduate. This is not just a phenomenon localized to Ramapo, however. A lot of students are choosing to go to graduate school across the country. “Nationally, a lot of students are going to graduate school. It’s a trend,” Mike DiBartolomeo, Ramapo’s associate director of Adult and Graduate Admissions, said. The College offers six graduate programs, including a master’s degree in educational leadership and a new Master’s of Business Administration program launching this fall. “Having a degree makes you much more marketable,” DiBartolomeo said.


“[Employers] always want you to have experience before they hire you, but nobody will hire you without experience,” said Nidle. But with the job market so competitive, students are having a difficult time gaining experience while in college that will lead them to get jobs in the future. Of course, though, somebody has to get the jobs that are available. The factor that gets these students the jobs they need seems more often than not to be contacts. “Through a friend, I got a bunch of phone numbers for possible internships, and I called all of them until one got back to me and told me they would schedule a meeting with me,” Sam Badillo, junior, said. Forming reputable relationships with contacts makes inquiring for jobs easier, as students can discover where to look or who to call, but networking is not something a student can study for or get themselves involved in. They need resources such as Ramapo College’s Cahill Center. The Cahill Center is a resource that can be taken advantage of early on in a student’s college career, though many do not. “Students come to us in March before graduation and haven’t done anything yet,” according to Beth Ricca, director of the Cahill Center. This delay makes it even more difficult for the Cahill Center to help network and job hunt, because by then, students may be missing important qualifications on their resume, like an internship. “We encourage students before graduation to participate in an internship,” Ricca said. “That is what’s going to make them competitive when they leave Ramapo.” Ricca added that it is important to keep track of all useful

The majority of students reported via Facebook poll that they plan to go on to graduate school after graduating from Ramapo. Currently, the College offers six grad programs for students to work toward high degrees.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Charity Provides Love, Sense of Security for Needy Children By ALEJANDRO HERNANDEZ Staff Writer Ramapo College residents decided to give their time to a good cause by sewing patches on a blanket that would be later donated to children in need. Pine Hall Resident Assistant Hayley Rappa scheduled a day to make the blanket with her residents for Project Linus earlier this year. According to the organization’s website, Project Linus’ mission is “to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and Afghans, lovingly created by volunteer ‘blanketeers.’” While the blankets can be knitted, crocheted or sewn with fleece, they all must keep a patriotic theme. Students who attended the event felt good about volunteering. “I came to this event because I

got an invite on Facebook,” said freshman Mac Figueroa. “I had nothing to do, and now I’m here doing something for someone else and not just for myself.” After working with Project Linus for Resident Assistant training, Rappa said she had been yearning for the opportunity to bring this organization back to the College and hoped other students would enjoy working on the project as much as she had. “I just fell in love with the project and the idea of helping out children who need it the most,” Rappa explained. “I figured bringing it to Pine Hall for a freshman program could help the first year students realize the same thing.” Rappa was happy with the turnout of the event, which drew a crowd of about 15 residents. “I would say it was pretty successful,” she said. “We managed to make eight blankets, which will be combined with the blankets made during Laurel Hall’s Project next week.”

In all, Project Linus reports that they have delivered 4,025,297 blankets to children in need. There are a total of 368 chapters currently and more are being developed. “I had never heard of anything like this before,” said sophomore

Evelyn Rosario. “It’s unique, and it actually does something for someone else. Who doesn’t want to help a child, or more than one?” Blankets created by volunteers will be displayed at the Project Linus conference, though Rappa said that it isn’t so much about the

conference as it is about helping those in need. “My main goal would be to inform others about the project and just get the name out there, in hopes that others will be just as interested in this cause,” Rappa said.

Resident Assistant Hayley Rappa, of Pine Hall, organized an event for Project Linus with her residents. The blankets will be dontated to children in need. Photo courtesy of Pax Christi Photos, Flickr Creative Commons

Speakers Deconstruct Race in Terms of Evolution, Culture

Ramapo College hosted two speakers funded by the Schomberg Scholars Program for African American Heritage Month. Alondra Nelson, appointed in the department of Sociology and the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at Columbia University, lectured on the geneticization of the African American race. Monique Scott, the assistant director of Cultural Education and a research associate in the department of anthology at the American Museum of Natural History, addressed how human evolution communicates racially encoded messages. Both women are recent authors: Nelson’s latest book, “The Social Life of DNA,” discusses race, ethnicity, ancestry and genetic analysis in social ventures; Scott’s work, “Evolution in the Museum: Envisioning African Origins,” provides an overview of different percetpions of human evolution exhibitions. Photos by Steve Fallon

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GREEKS continued from page 1

Theta Phi. “I think the feelings were really mixed.” Indeed, some students felt somewhat neutral about the change. “From what I’ve heard and

experienced myself, it’s nothing that’s causing a major concern,” said Alexandra Trebino, a member of mainstream sorority Sigma Delta Tau. “It was just a change that I didn’t expect.” The separation of events undoubtedly pronounced the distinction between the two types

of organizations, but it did not necessarily discriminate against either. “When you’re going out [for Greek Life], you know whether you want to go out for a multicultural or mainstream org,” Crescimanno said. “They just provide different experiences.”

A mainstream sorority meets to discuss upcoming events. This year for Meet the Greeks, the community decided to try separating the different organizations to allow the College Panhellenic and InterFraternity Council groups to focus more on interacting with potential recruits and give the United Cultural Greek Council chapters more time for their performances. Photo by Stefanie Mauro

Nevertheless, members of Greek Life seemed to still prefer the unified event. Despite the attempts of a “unity stroll,” in which mainstream organizations performed with the multicultural groups during this year’s Meet the Greeks to promote unity, the separated nights of each organization’s recruitment noticeably altered the atmosphere of the events. “I personally would have voted to keep them together because I like the unity that it forms,” said Jorge Ruiz, president of Lambda Theta Phi and member of the Inter-Greek Senate. “It’s nice to have all of us together having fun and listening to each other about what our organizations stand for.” Joe Morris, of the mainstream fraternity Phi Kappa Sigma, agreed that the separation hurts the relationship between the organizations. “I don’t feel like any of these changes are really helping,” Morris said. “I try to meet people whenever I get a chance to, but now we really don’t get to know who is in the multiculturals. They’re just kind of strangers to me.”

Quick said that though she liked the unified program, she wanted to let the students try out their ideas. “I support it being together,” Quick said. “I’m trying to stay away from being top-down heavy and making all of the decisions for the community. I’m trying to get them to the point where they see the value in them working together and being together, and I think they’ll end up getting it, because they’ve been getting it for a lot of other things.” Quick said that the annual Greek Week competition will also be undergoing a few structural changes aimed to further unify the community. Unlike in past years, when each organization participated as its own team, Quick said that teams for certain portions of Greek Week this year will be composed of members from different chapters. That will serve as a transition period for next year’s Greek Week, where all of the events will be team-based in this way.

Comics courtesy of

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Campus views are the sole opinion of their respective authors, submitted to The Ramapo News and in no way reflect the views of either The Ramapo News or Ramapo College of New Jersey.

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VIEWPOINTS Oh, the Hypocrisy of Rick Santorum And Here I Thought GOP CANDIDATES WON’T STAND FOR GOVERNMENT Being a Citizen of the INTERVENTION - EXCEPT FOR IN THE BEDROOM “Nation of Nations” Was Something to be Proud of By ELYSE TORIBIO Editor-in-Chief

By now, most Ramapo students have been invited to take the campus climate survey developed by the Diversity Action Committee. Both the organization and the survey were created in an effort to not only support diversity on campus, but also find ways to make it better (read: existent). Ramapo College isn’t exactly the United Colors of Benetton, but I do respect the attempt to acknowledge the variety of cultures and lifestyles found within the student body. As cheesy as this all sounds, though, it’s nothing to look down on, right? I mean, how could spreading the awareness and acceptance of different nationalities or religions possibly be a bad thing? Well, according to political pundit Pat Buchanan, it’s not only a bad thing, but it’s contributing to what he considers to be an act of suicide by the United States. True story! After 10 years of similar statements, Buchanan was finally fired from his position at MSNBC as conservative commentator, following a suspension over the publication of his latest controversial book, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” In an interview with CBS earlier this week, Buchanan said that American is slowly falling apart and losing its “common moral consensus.” If only we could go back to simpler times, Buchnan posited. “When I was a young man in 1960, because of the melting pot we had all come together - Irish and Germans and English and Polish and Jewish and Czech

and Greek - into one nation and one people under God.” Real eclectic melting pot you’ve got there, Pat. The best part of his argument, though, is when he accuses the elites of the U.S. of telling people, “‘Come to America, keep your culture, keep your separate religion, keep your separate different beliefs.’ America is becoming a nation of nations.” I’m sorry, maybe I was asleep during this lesson in Intro to U.S. History so I could be iffy on the details, but isn’t that what this country was founded on? And what exactly is he so scared of? What are people against the cultural growth of this country so afraid of? More importantly, what exactly is their plan of action? Kick out any American who speaks anything other than English, who isn’t Christian and in favor of keeping church and state separate? I’m actually curious to read what Buchanan thinks the country will be like in 15 years, when it’s finally been brought to its knees by all these invasive ethnics -- I’m getting some Wellsian, “War of the Worlds” vibes. To be quite honest, it’s disheartening that this is even a legitimate political conversation. But to see schools and communities making an effort to ensure that this so-called Tower of Babel of a nation survives these ludicrous attacks gives me at least some piece of mind. Well, that’s until that affirmative action lawsuit gets heated. But that’s a story for another day.

By JAKE HYMAN Staff Writer It’s official: my palm is permanently stuck to my forehead after another week of listening to Rick Santorum. I tell myself, “Jake, don’t bother with trying to inform yourself about this guy anymore. Just ignore the ignorance and move on with your life.” However, I’m at the point where I can’t keep silent about Santorum anymore. It is my Constitutional right and obligation as a journalist to point out the sheer insanity and bigotry of this man. In my piece in which I described the front-runners in the GOP Presidential candidate race, I failed to mention Rick Santorum because, at the time, he was insignificant. I wish this were still the case. After winning contests in Colorado, Missouri, and Minnesota, Santorum has emerged as a potential candidate to win and steal the Republican nomination from Mitt Romney. The hyper right wing religious conservative Santorum, who was once a senator in Pennsylvania, is gaining ground and momentum with his message revolving around vital Catholic beliefs. For someone who comes from a party so obsessed with limiting government power, Santorum is adamant about eliminating contraceptives, a woman’s right to choose, and gay marriage. The stance on these issues is where the hypocrisy comes into play. Republicans and Tea Partiers want the federal government crippled in its power to regulate financial aspects of your life, yet have this desire to control American’s reproductive organs. The new slogan of the GOP party should be: “Out of your wallet, into your bedroom.”w So, basically the government should not have a say in how much in taxes you pay or ensuring that all Americans are medically taken care of. But, it is up to them to tell you whether to wear a

Republican candidate Rick Santorum has made clear his staunch opposition to abortion, even in cases of rape. He has been quoted as saying that women should make the best out of a difficult situation. Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia

condom or not. Something is not adding up. In October 2011, Santorum was asked about contraception, and he replied, “It’s not OK. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.” How are things supposed to be Rick? Are you actually saying sex is only for reproductive purposes? Married couples in the Bible are encouraged to have sex for pleasure. In 1 Corinthians 7:5 reads, “Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.” In simple terms that means, it’s ok to have sex and not reproduce. I’m not sure why Santorum and these ultra right-wingers are so obsessed with sex and what happens in your bedroom. Is it because they themselves are sexually repressed? I’m not sure but it’s worth a thought. In regards to abortion, Santorum opposes it to the extreme and allows for no exceptions. In a January 2012 interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Santorum said, “I believe and I think the right approach is to accept this horribly created — in the sense

Letters to the Editor (Viewpoints) should be brief and must include the name and contact information, including a phone number of the writer. Anonymous letters will not be printed. Letters with multiple signatories must provide proof that every name listed agrees to the content of the letter. If one name does not agree, the letter will not be printed. For this reason, letters must be submitted by 7p.m. on Monday to allow for verification. Letters containing obscenities, profanity or libel will not be published. The Ramapo News reserves the right to edit letters for clarity, content or space purposes.


of rape — but nevertheless a gift in a very broken way, the gift of human life…we have to make the best out of a bad situation.” Most conscious people agree that in some severe cases abortions are necessary, but not Rick. There are plenty of Americans opposed to gay marriage, so Santorum’s dislike for that is not completely off the wall. Is it narrow minded? Yes, but that’s a problem I believe the whole party has.

“THE NEW SLOGAN OF THE GOP PARTY SHOULD BE: ‘OUT OF YOUR WALLET, INTO YOUR BEDROOM.” I am sure there are also plenty of people who think the same way Rick Santorum does, which explains his rise in the polls. I find this quite frightening but there is really nothing I can do, besides point out facts, to try and change their minds. Maybe the fascist, alien, dictator Obama can do that using his Kenyan magical powers. Or, simply he can just use competence and reason: two of the many Presidential qualities that Rick Santorum lacks.

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Arts & Entertainment After Dark Event Gives Students Chance to Win Big Prizes By ERICA BUCKMAN Staff Writer Last Friday, in cooperation with the After Dark Program, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), Creative Media Club and other organizations, hosted “Jeopardy!” in the Pavilion. Apart from the game itself, a raffle was conducted throughout the night with prizes like Kindle Fires, Nooks, iPod Touches and a single iPad, resulting in a turnout of approximately 100 people of all ages, students and non-students alike. Available spaces to participate in Jeopardy went fast, including a round of students versus faculty. Professor Rikki Abzug, a professor of Management in the Anisfield School of Business, was only too happy to participate.

“I’m an advisor to the NSCS and a handful of students have come out tonight to participate,” Abzug said. “I want to support them in this new and exciting event, not to mention I’m a huge a cappella buff.” Ramapo’s a cappella group, 4gotten Suitcase, gave a performance before the game actually started. The group sang a variety of popular songs such as “Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars, “Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance, and “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. Even one duet was sung by co-presidents A.J. Minutillo and Lisa Tordo: “Runaround Sue” by Dion. “This is our first campus performance of the semester,” Minutillo explained. “We were contacted by Danielle Mazza, head of the NSCS, requesting

us to perform. ‘Runaround Sue’ is a song we always like to sing to [an] older crowd.” After 4gotten Suitcase’s performance, Mazza, who acted as the game’s moderator, called the first three contestants up to the podiums. The categories and questions, all taken (and fact checked) from the real Jeopardy, ranged from a variety of topics, including Sushi, String Instruments and Toys. Several Ramapothemed categories were included in the game, such as Ramapo Acronyms (AIIS, CAAFYE, etc.) and Ramapo Classes, in which the answers were all specific classes taught at Ramapo. After several rounds of Jeopardy, the Alpha Psi Omega Comedy Troupe, Fooligans performed several improvisation skits that

On Tuesday, the P.l.a..y.e.r.s. Club performed a step show in the Sharp Theater at 9:30pm as part of the CPB Tuesday night performance series.


oN C

left the audience howling with laughter. “Celebrity Jeopardy!”, the once-popular recurring skit on “Saturday Night Live,” kicked off the Fooligans’ performance, satirizing Sean Connery, Russell Brand, and Ke$ha. The audience’s enjoyment was evident. “I though the Fooligans were hilarious,” senior Carissa Nastasi, a said. “Their performance in the middle of “Jeopardy!” was a great way of avoiding monotony during the event.” By the end of the evening, everyone was in high spirits. The anticipation of the raffle kept the majority of the audience in the Pavilion until the game ended at two o’clock in the morning. True to its goal, the After Dark Program kept a majority of Ramapo students occupied until the wee hours of the

morning, keeping underclassmen away from the temptations of drinking or otherwise engaging in illegal behavior. Danielle Mazza, the President of NSCS and organizer of the event, felt that the combining the After Dark Program with “Jeopardy!” drew enough interest to keep students out of trouble. “I’m a huge ‘Jeopardy!’ fan and I thought enlisting the After Dark program would help bring people to the event. There’s not much to here on the weekends and I thought this would be an excellent, safe was to spend a Friday night.” Indeed, the success of this event can be a sign that more students will be drawn to more After Dark events in the future.

On Friday, students got the opportunity to attend Jeopardy, an After Dark event. Those who attended got a chance to win several door prizes, including a Kindle, a Nook, and an iPord touch. Ramapo’s acapella group, 4gotten Suitcases also performed. Photo by Ssteve Fallon




“Karaoke for a Cure” @ 9:30pm, J.Lees

“Video Game Night” @ 8pm, J.Lees

“Stressbuster” @ 6pm, Alumni Lounges

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Don’t Let the Cold Stop Your Style, Warm Up Your Wardrobe By JULIANNE BRANDA Staff Writer Walking outside in a skirt at this time of year is a risk. The wind sweeps a huge dose of cold onto bare legs, and immediately the decision to expose any part of the flesh is vehemently regretted. It seemed like a good idea before we headed out, because the skirt was just too cute and the outfit tied together nicely--but it is not suitable for the cold. It’s too late to turn back, though; not with the bus temporarily waiting

IF YOU REFUSE TO LET YOUR FASHION SENSE SUFFER IN THE WINTER, THEN IT IS PROBABLY A GOOD IDEA TO INVEST IN A HEAVY WINTER COAT. This is a common dilemma in the colder months--look cute and sacrifice comfort, or wear warm, functional clothing that is sometimes less than stylish. Or perhaps the winter eliminates the possibility of looking fashionable altogether, and comfort should be the highest priority. Sweatshirts are

indeed very comfortable and especially handy in the cold months, however they are not known for their sartorial merit. While it’s tempting to go down the comfort route, it is not fair to neglect all of our pretty dresses and skirts until at least

Stylish winter coats are one way to stay warm this winter without giving up fashion. Photo courtesy of Rodrigo Carvalho, Flickr Creative Commons

March or April. Thus, there are some ways to marry fashion and functionality when this dilemma becomes too pressing to still be ignored, and the relief the spring brings is weeks away. For all of the summer dresses and skirts that lie in the closet collecting dust for months, buy a pair of thick

leggings to shield your legs from the wind. Add a nice cardigan, or even--gasp--a sweatshirt to achieve the laid back, yet quirky style of Ellen Page or Zooey Deschanel. If you have a chunky sweater, add a belt to cinch in the waist, and you won’t need to turn the heat up to 75 degrees If going pants-less is not an option, do not let yourself get uninspired. Just wear a chunky knit or a warm blouse with some skinny jeans to create an interesting silhouette. Add a sweater or a hoodie if you need that extra bit of coziness. If you refuse to let your fashion sense suffer in the winter, then it is probably a good idea to invest in a heavy winter coat. It doesn’t have to be bulky or unflattering, but make sure it serves its purpose and comes equipped with cold-weather combating technology: a secure zipper or buttons, a hood, and falls at the knees (in the least). Whichever way you feel, it is a personal choice as to whether you decide to sacrifice comfort for chic or vice-versa. If you opt for comfort, no one will be judging you; they will probably commend you for your intelligence. If you decide to be fashionable, distract yourself from the cold by reminding yourself how good you look. Either way, a balance between the two is everything but impossible, as long as you have just a few cold weather basics to see you through the winter.

Add a Certificate to Your Resume!


Attend an Info Session Soon!

8-15 online hrs/week in 14 weeks = Certificate

INFORMATION SESSIONS Wednesday, Mar. 7 & TUesday, Apr. 17

Add a Middle School Endorsement!


Add Technical & Management Skills! PROJECT MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE 4 modules = Certificate

15 credits+2 seminars = Certificate



4:30-5:30 p.m. D-212

1:30-2:30 p.m. SC-217 & 6:30-7:30 p.m. ASB-522

Saturday, Mar. 3 webdevelopment/index.html project-mgmt-stu.html middleschool.html

INFORMATION SESSIONS Wednesday, Feb. 29 & 7-8 p.m. SC-217 1-2 p.m. B-217

3 online courses+ knowledge of programming = Certificate

Tuesday, Feb. 28

Course + workshops + classes = Certificate

Thursday, Mar. 1

7-8 p.m. ASB-522 paralegal/index.html


Wednesday, Feb. 29

INFORMATION SESSIONS Monday, Feb. 27 & 7-8 p.m. ASB-527 yoga.html

Non-Business Majors: Invest in Your Future!

BUSINESS ESSENTIALS CERTIFICATE 4 courses+2 seminars = Certificate

INFORMATION SESSION Thursday, Mar. 1 6-7 p.m. ASB-522

1-2 p.m. ASB-527 essentials.html





“The Legendary Count Basie Orchestra” @ 7pm, Sharp Theater

“Higher Education Roundtable Discussion” @ 1pm, J.Lees

“Eating Disorder Awareness Week Keynote Speaker: Lesley Kinzel” @ 7pm, J.Lees

“Voices Not Bodies” @ 8pm, J.Lees

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And the Nominees Are... Countdown to the Oscars: Writers’ Pics for the Winners Showcase of Talent By ALEJANDRO HERNANDEZ Staff Writer With The 84th annual Academy Awards soon approaching, stars are readying up for what promises to be an unforgettable night. Year after year, stars come out to support their fellow thespian. This year, we see the usual nominees, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep. However, they are joined by some of the most promising acts of our time. Streep has been nominated for 17 Academy Awards; her first was in 1978 for her role as Linda in “The Deer Hunter.” This year she has some competition, both Michelle Williams and Viola Davis are eyeing that Oscar. Michelle Williams is the actress that caught my eye this year. After her amazing performance in “My Week with Marilyn,” she has proven that she indeed deserves the award. However, she is up against one of the most talked-about women in past weeks. Viola Davis gave

THESE ARE THE NAMES TO LOOK FOR IN FILM AND SOME OF THE MOST TALENTED PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD WHO AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE ANY TIME SOON. an amazing performance in “The Help.” Meryl Streep may be a legend, but these two women are definitely giving her a run for her money. Unfortunately for Rooney Mara and Glenn Close, who both gave very forgettable performances in 2011, it puts them out of the race. As for best actor in a leading role, after his performance in “The Descendants,” George Clooney is the actor to beat. Also nominated for best actor in a leading role are actors Damian Bichir, Jean

George Cloony is just one of the nominees for Best Actor at this year’s Ocars, for his performance in “The Descendants.” Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Dujardin, Gary Oldman and Brad Pitt. “The Tree of Life” is the only movie with an actor that has the potential of

taking the Oscar away from Clooney. Brad Pitt has proven time and time again that he is someone to look out for. This year has been an amazing season for Hollywood. Unfortunately, like every year there are only a few “new comers” to the Oscar nominations. In a perfect world, people would support up-and-

Top 10 Movies of the Year By JEREMY KELLY Staff Writer

10. “Friends with Benefits” This movie is not just a repeat of “No Strings Attached.” The characters are different and the story about two friends who choose to have a purely sexual relationship plays out much differently. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have much stronger chemistry in this than Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. It doesn’t do anything new, but it knows how to work with what it has.

9. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

While not up for any Oscars this year, Ryan Gosling and Reese Witherspoon are two actors who have proven their talent time and time again in movies. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

coming talent. Some great talents are not nominated for anything this year. These are my Top 10 picks for actors and actresses this year. In number 10 I would place Ryan Gosling who had an incredible year. “Crazy, Stupid, Love” did amazingly in the box office and won the hearts of millions of women. You all may remember a movie called “The Notebook,” Since then, Gosling has become the go-to actor for all romance movies. Following Gosling I would place Jake Gyllenhaal who starred in “Source Code” this year and is known for his roles in “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Brokeback Mountain.” Also included on this list would be Patrick Dempsey and Shia Labeouf As for actresses, at the top of my list would be Sandra Bullock who starred in “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” an amazing movie about 9/11. Following Bullock would be Reese Witherspoon. Witherspoon has been very wise with the roles she accepts and is no longer the same girl who played Elle in “Legally Blonde.” To round off this list, up-and-coming actress Kristen Stewart, who stars in “Twilight,” one of the most successful film series in history. Next, would be the beautiful Natalie Portman, who still has people talking after her stunning performance in “The Black Swan.” Last but not least the very funny Katherine Heigl whose film “Life as We Know It” grossed $106 million, with a budget of only a mere 40 million. These are the names to look for in film and some of the most talented people in Hollywood who aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

You don’t have to see the Swedish film to appreciate the American take on this dark mystery thriller directed by David Fincher. There are enough subtle changes to give this movie its own identity. Rooney Mara is powerful in her portrayal of troubled computer hacker Lisbeth Salander, which helps make up for a slightly long runtime.

8. “The Muppets” Everyone’s favorite Jim Henson puppets have returned, and with the help of Jason Segal, Amy Adams and a brand-new Muppet named Walter, they must save the Muppet Theater from demolition. It’s a funny, affectionate story about a group of characters that have seen better days. The cast (which includes celebrity cameos) doesn’t roll their eyes; they’re having fun with this film.

7. “The Help”

4. “Moneyball” This movie does for Major League Baseball what “The Social Network” did for Facebook. Coincidentally, both films are written by Aaron Sorkin, who puts in just enough technical jargon so nonbaseball fans can follow along. Even if you know how the Oakland Athletics ended their 2002 season, it’s worth seeing how they get there. Brad Pitt is great as the stubborn and hot-headed general manager Billy Beane, and Jonah Hill as his overwhelmed but loyal assistant.

3. “Super 8” A group of kids in 1979 attempts to make a movie while something supernatural comes to their town. This plays out like a film Steven Spielberg would have directed in his early days, similar to “Close Encounters” or “E.T.” It’s interesting seeing these kids tinker with filmmaking in a time where it wasn’t as easy. Thankfully, these actors are talented enough that they make you care about what’s happening, even if the ending is rather clumsy.

2. “My Week with Marilyn” In 1956, Colin Clark works as an assistant on the British film “The Prince and the Showgirl,” which stars American icon Marilyn Monroe. Whether or not Monroe really behaved the way she does in this film is anyone’s guess, but Michelle Williams is fantastic in her portrayal. She performs the sexy aspect of her character quite well, but also delivers on her vulnerability.

In 1960s Mississippi, journalist Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan boldly chooses to write a story about African American maids from their point of view. It benefits from well-deserved Academy Award-nominated performances from Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer, and it has enough heart and enough subtle humor to keep it fresh and enjoyable.

6. “The Descendants” George Clooney plays the Hawaiian head of what looks like one of the biggest families in the world whose wife is in a coma. This movie immediately impresses with Clooney’s opening narrative, where he states that life happens on Hawaii too; it’s not just an island paradise without any problems. Shailene Woodley gives an electric, Academy-snubbed performance as Clooney’s older daughter Alex, and there’s a wonderful family element in this film.

5. “The Artist” One of the several films of 2011 about filmmaking from years ago, and this one’s a real gem. Jean Dujardin plays George Valentin, a film star from the silent, black-and-white era of the 1920s whose career deteriorates when Hollywood transitions into “talkies.” Dujardin’s silent performance is heartfelt and even slightly tragic; he speaks volumes while mostly never speaking at all.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” is just one movie that has been nominated for an Oscar this year. This film has been nominated for awards in Art Direction, Makeup and Visual Effect. Photo courtesy of Indri Rizal, Flickr Creative Commons

1. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” It’s the final showdown between Harry and his nemesis, Lord Voldemort. The scale is huge and each character has a shining moment. But it’s Alan Rickman who almost steals the show as Professor Snape; he does so much with his eyes— he plays each scene with an almost tragic bravado. This film may work more for nostalgia and affection than anything, but it’s still a thrilling conclusion to a franchise that has defined a generation.

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l iv in g Local Restaurant is Budget-Friendly and Close for Comfort By AMANDA DALEY Staff Writer Ramapo College students tend to get sick of eating the same food from the Birch and the Atrium everyday. Driving up and down Rt. 17 to eat at the same places can also get boring and expensive. Many students that go to Ramapo don’t venture down the other side of Ramapo Valley Road to see what other places there are around the school. The Valley Stables is just a five minute drive from Ramapo College down Ramapo Valley Road in Oakland. It is a small bar and grill right next to the Delta gas station. The outside of the restaurant looks like it could be a house. It has cobblestone archways as well as wooden posts outside this two-story building. When I first pulled in I couldn’t tell if they were open or not because there was no one in the parking lot and there were no hours of operation posted outside on the door or on their website. After sitting in the parking lot for a few minutes more cars started to arrive and people went in. When you first walk in, the entire room to the left is a marble topped bar that takes up the entire room. To the right are a few tables and upstairs is the main seating area. Upstairs there is another smaller bar to the right and the

Valley Stables Food & Drink, located near campus on Route 202, has a reasonablypriced menu and aims to provide a cozy, familiar atmosphere for its patrons. Photo courtesy of Valley Stables Food & Drink

walls are lined with booths. On the far wall across from the bar all the booths have private televisions that your waiter

or waitress can program to any channel that you want. The private televisions were about the best part of the restaurant. The menu is reasonably priced and everything is named after a race, horse or racetrack. They have everything from mozzarella sticks as an appetizer, to pizza, to burgers and sandwiches, as well as steak dinners. Upon getting to our table the service seemed to be quick, however it took almost 45 minutes to get the food. The mozzarella sticks were triangle shaped and extremely greasy. Though they tasted good, the grease soaked through the parchment paper that lined the basket. They were seasoned with different spices and the marinara sauce was good. The cheeseburger looked like it was going to be good and was a decent sized burger. The only thing I did not like about it was that in the patty there were mushrooms. The menu didn’t state that the burgers were made with mushrooms. And like the mozzarella sticks, it was greasy as well. This restaurant is a good place to go for college students because it is inexpensive and not far from the school. However, it is not a very healthy place to eat. I wouldn’t go there again.

Say Goodbye to Clipping Coupons, the Best Deals are Now Online By KELLY RUSSELL Staff Writer “A penny saved is a penny earned,” stated Benjamin Franklin many centuries ago. While Franklin wasn’t talking about bargain shopping, the same can still apply today. For countless people, saving that extra cent can really go a long way. Recently, daily deal websites have become all the rage. These clever sites feature specific products or services at a discounted price. Daily deal websites were virtually unheard of a few years ago. Gone are the days, however, where coupons came in the mail or a newspaper. Now, people can simply log onto


their computer and find amazing steals and deals with the click of a button, without having to sift through the load of coupons and clip the ones they like. These sites pride themselves on featuring deals that are at least 50 to 90 percent off the full list price. Since their birth, daily deal websites have become more localized. When signing up for daily deal websites like Groupon or LivingSocial, a person must input their zip code, so they can start receiving deals near where they live or work. Often times, small local businesses benefit from the traffic of having their company featured on the site. Julianne Apa, who works for SuburbanMomma, a local daily deal website designed just for Bergen County residents, explains what makes her site so successful. “Businesses want new customers and this is a great way

to get them in the door. The businesses that want to be featured usually seek us out and want us to contact them back. Customers sometimes request certain businesses as well,” Apa said. Nicole Benasillo owns a small Italian restaurant in Norwood, N.J. Since opening her restaurant in November, she has been featured on SuburbanMomma. Her deal offered

“NOW PEOPLE CAN SIMPLY LOG INTO THEIR COMPUTER AND FIND AMAZING STEALS AND DEALS WITH THE CLICK OF A BUTTON.” customers $50 worth of food for $25 at her establishment. “We chose SuburbanMomma because it is a local website (Bergen county) and since we are a new restaurant we thought it was a good choice for advertisement. They told us they have an email blast of 35,000 people. We sold about 120 deals, so I would say we did pretty well,” Benasillo said. With their growing popularity, daily deal websites have become more focused. Now, a person can find sites with deals just featuring clothes, products or services. The real catch with daily deal websites, however, is that they are very timely. A purchaser only has a few days maximum to make their purchase before the deal expires. Krista Salinardi, a junior at Ramapo, likes the idea of having the steals available with the click of a button. “I think overall those websites are a good idea for promoting and allowing for purchasing that much easier,” Salinardi said. Daily deal websites are also a beneficial solution for college students, who are infamous for deal searching. Chegg, a website designed just for students, offers visitors daily deals on textbooks and eBooks. Students on strict college budgets can purchase discounted deals for restaurants, online stores, textbooks and even supermarkets. “Everyone benefits – customers get a deal, the business owners get new clients, and we make a profit by offering a great deal,” Apa concluded.

A Ramapo College Student's

Online Deal Checklist Check out these websites to find some of the best deals on local restaurants, shops, textbooks and more!

þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ

Websites offering discounts are a great way to save money, especially for thrifty college students.

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yog a ’s he a l t h bene f its By KRISTINE DONOVAN Staff Writer The practice of yoga is the spiritual, physical and mental discipline that originated in ancient India. Today, it is practiced all across the world, and men and women find that it revives their sense of reality. Yoga’s focal point is to understand the state of a perfect spiritual harmony within.

Yoga provides many health benefits, including improving sleep and weight loss. Photo courtesy of luluman athletics, Flckr Creative Commons

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, and it connects the mind and body within an individual. According to “” yoga is proven to be a form of modern medicine. Thousands participate in the practice of Yoga to feel fitter, more energetic and to be at peace. Ramapo College offers two yoga programs. One is for the students who want to learn or advance their education of yoga. The second allows students who have one year of yoga experience to be able to teach other interested students, in hopes to obtaining a position as a professional yoga teacher. “Our program focuses on teaching yoga philosophy and developing a strong asana practice-the physical part of yoga,” Carol Bowman, a yoga professor at Ramapo College said. “Breath is central to all aspects of yoga practice, and we focus very much on teaching the varieties of breath restraint, or Pranayama, which are central to Yoga’s benefits.” Yoga benefits a person’s physiological, psychological and biochemical needs. The

practice of Yoga benefits the areas of, sleep improvement, balance improvement, blood pressure rates, decrease in anxiety and depression, memory improvement and a boost of Vitamin C. “Yoga helps increase circulation and supports heart health, relieves anxiety and mood fluctuations, supports one’s ability to focus, supports healing and relieves pain in a variety of injuries, diseases, calms, energize, strengthens, and stimulates creativity,” Bowman said. “It is used as part of a treatment for epilepsy, ADHD, back pain, arthritis, menstrual problems, depression, asthma, hypertension, digestive disorders and more.” A positive practice in yoga will result by attending sessions with knowledgeable teachers and therapists, Bowman added. “The teacher must be attentive, and the student must be self aware to limit practice to asanas that are beneficial,” Bowman said. There are differences in practicing yoga and attending an exercise class. Although they both have a physical strain on the body, yoga tends to deepen into a more enhanced workout. The practice of Yoga can conclude in weight loss, but not in the same way that exercising on a regular basis would. “It is physically strenuous and tends to build flexibility and strength. The serious student of Yoga will adopt a lifestyle that enhances mental, spiritual and physical health. This includes what and how we eat and drink. In that way, Yoga can have an effect on weight as we eat healthier foods, maintain a calmer outlook on the world and use asana practice to develop strength. However, weight loss is not a proven benefit of yoga.” Bowman said. The practice of yoga strengthens one’s mind, body and spiritually well being. Yoga has health benefits that are both physical and spiritual for every individual. Yoga takes time, patience and persistence, but the outcome is substantial to one’s well being.

D uch es s o f Des s erts By LAUREN SANTANIELLO Staff Writer

Panna Cotta Want to bring a little culture to Ramapo? Looking for something exotic? Try panna cotta, a traditional Italian dessert that is simple to make, but will convince your friends that you are a culinary genius. Panna cotta is not easy to find here in America, so for those who do not know, this is a sort of creamy, delicious custard. Think of it as the Italian version of flan, but with so many more possibilities.

What you’ll need: • • • • • •

4 cups heavy cream ½ cup sugar 2 tsp vanilla extract 2 packets powered, unflavored gelatin 6 tbsp cold water Topping of choice: strawberry syrup, caramel, chocolate sauce, mixed fruit

Directions: • • • •

Panna cotta is an Italian dessert that can be topped with fruit and makes an excellent dish to serve to friends. Photo courtesy of Kimberly Vardeman, Flickr Creative Commons

• •

Heat the heavy cream and sugar in a saucepan until sugar is dissolved Remove from heat and stir in vanilla extract In a separate bowl add cold water to gelatin and let stand for 5-10 minutes Pour the warm cream mixture over the gelatin and stir until the gelatin is dissolved

• •

Lightly oil custard cups (I use muffin tins for convenience. Mixture can also be poured into wine glasses so the panna cotta does not have to be unmolded.) Pour mixture into custard cups and chill until firm for about 4 hours To remove from cups, use a sharp knife around the edges and place panna cotta on a plate Top panna cotta with topping of choice and serve cold Enjoy!

*Note: for fruit topping, take two cups assorted berries and toss in a bowl with ½ cup sugar. Add liquor of choice (rum, grand Marnier, amaretto, orange triple sec, etc). Be sure to let topping sit for at least 30 minutes before using.

yo ur we e kly h or osco pes Aries: Even when you think you have worked through a certain set of feelings, all sorts of emotional remnants can make their way to the surface. While you are working on your stuff, stop and take the time to energize your dream. This week it will have a magical way of motivating you.

Leo: This week will encourage you to rest and relax versus pushing or trying to control the tides. When there is trust, whether it is in a person, in the timing of things or simply in where your journey is all headed, something deep can settle.

Sagittarius: Life and all of the responsibilities that go along with it are high in focus now as people in all directions are currently vying for your attention. This week will allow you to exhale, it will remind you that there are forces far larger than this to take some of the heat and shoulder some of the burden.

Taurus: This week, you will be reaching for the dream which is having a way of expanding your horizons and your sense of all that is possible.

Virgo: The fear of anything is never productive for fear simply causes you to freeze. Often times all it takes is a nudge or the presence of someone who truly cares about you to snap you out of it and get you going in a healthy direction again.

Gemini: The fastest way to feel in control of a situation where you feel some behind the scenes manipulation is going on is to surrender. Something will feel unusually effortless this week, a certain stress will disappear as soon as you simply let go.

Libra: This week, you will be able to heal an area of your life where you have had an ongoing wrestling match. You will experience a new lease on life where you previously felt like you were pulling teeth to get something going.

Aquarius: Dreams can become a living reality this week as what you value most illuminates your potential. A good, strong wave is building, one that is destined to take you places but you must be fully on board for the ride.

Cancer: This week, you will feel naturally inspired and will find a great deal of strength. Friends and like minded others will have a way of showing up for you in the coming weeks which will increase your feeling of community and connection.

Scorpio: You are in the process of ridding yourself of people that energetically do not mix with your make-up and replacing them with people that do and can. It is a prime week to clear some of those inner decks so better things can make their way in.

Pisces: This week new beginnings and fresh starts give you a new vantage point and a horizon of hope. Life is slowly but surely lining up well for you now and will secure something meaningful in your world.

Capricorn: Some old structures containing old beliefs are coming down and a wide open road with a far better feel will be the result of you removing some of those personal walls.

horoscopes courtesy of

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SPORTS Men’s Basketball Top Rowan, Fall to Stockton in NJAC Thrillers

ROADRUNNERS SCHOOL PROFS IN LATE WIN BEFORE FALLING SHORT TO OSPREYS By ANDREW GOULD Sports Editor The men’s basketball team rallied to defeat Rowan University in a 76-74 nail-biter on Saturday in the opening round of the New Jersey Athletic Conference Tournament before suffering a heart-breaking defeat to Richard Stockton College last night. Guard Will Sanborn drove to the basket and nailed a game-winning shot with 26.9 seconds left to erase what was once an eight-point deficit late in the second half and send Ramapo to the semifinals. “We showed character in the last five minutes to find a way to dig deep and pull [a win] out,” head coach Chuck McBreen said. Down 67-59 with 4:52 left in the second half, the Roadrunners orchestrated a 9-0 run capped by a Jermaine Emmanuel jumper to gave Ramapo a 68-67 lead over the Profs. Rowan fought back and traded baskets with Ramapo during the game’s last two minutes. After guard Kendall White stopped the run with 2:06 left and regained Rowan’s lead with two free throws, guard Garret Thiel answered right back with a jumper to give Ramapo a 70-69 edge.

After Sanborn missed a free throw that would have tied the game, Rowan lost possession of the rebound, providing Ramapo with a chance to take the lead. Sanborn, who finished with a team-high 23 points, capitalized and nailed a shot to give Ramapo the lead. An offensive foul on White with 7.3 seconds left appeared to have sealed the deal for Ramapo, but the Roadrunners were called on an inbound violation after the inbounder shuffled his feet before making the pass. McBreen would not say that the call was wrong, but it caught him off-guard and forced him to double-check the rulebook after the game. “I haven’t seen it called in a long time,” McBreen said. “To see it called at that point of the game was a surprise.” With one final chance to send Ramapo packing, the officials called a traveling violation on Rowan guard Jason Rosenberg with a little more than one second left to secure the victory for the Roadrunners. McBreen said the team increased their energy level in the closing minutes to escape with the victory. “We just decided to finally give an effort for the last five minutes,” McBreen said.

Stephon Treadwell scored 14 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in Ramapo’s 76-74 win over Rowan University on Saturday. Photo by Lindsey Jachens

“Our effort for 35 minutes was horrible.” One area of concern for the Roadrunners has been free throw shooting, which McBreen said cost them a win against Montclair State University last Wednesday and almost led to a loss against Rowan. “If we were on the road and shot 15-of-28, we would have lost.”

Although the crowd was not quite roaring with enthusiasm throughout the game, the fans came alive in the second half with the help of Kelly Cameron, wife of assistant coach Marc Cameron. “Energy from the crowd was big. I really think that played a huge role when we needed it most,” McBreen said. “Kelly Cameron was a huge sixth man.” Ramapo lost a double-overtime thriller, 89-87, to Richard Stockton College in last night’s semifinals game. Leading up to the season, McBreen had high hopes for the Roadrunners, who he expected to make a run deep into the NCAA Division-III Tournament. They then lost six of their key players from last season, including a season-ending injury to star forward/center Laquan Peterkin. McBreen said they lost a lot of depth, which he originally viewed as one of the team’s biggest strengths, and added that some freshmen that would have been learning from the upperclassmen were instead “thrown into the fire.” “I think our team has done a great job of hanging in there,” McBreen said. “I’m proud of what we had to overcome.”

Roadrunners Make Splash at Metropolitan Championships By LARISSA LOHMAN Staff Writer The men and women’s swim teams competed at the Metropolitan Championships last weekend at Rutgers University. The men finished fifth overall and the women came in at seventh place out of the 22 conference teams. “College swimming is about swimming fast once a year,” head coach Gary Orr said. The Roadrunners did just that, breaking nearly every school record to date. On Friday, senior Chelsea Neders came in 23rd in the women’s 500-yard freestyle and freshman Maggie Nagle placed 12th in the women’s 200-yard IM. Freshman Lauren Keller also placed sixth in the 50yard freestyle. The 200-yard freestyle relay team consisting of sophomore Kari Lefebvre, senior Stephanie Sinck, freshman Kelly Rosko and Neders placed 11th. In the 400-yard medley, Nagle, Sinck, freshman Amanda Wilson and Keller placed sixth. On Friday, the men’s 200-yard freestyle relay squad of senior Mike Waterhouse, sophomore Maciej Maj, junior Andrew English and senior Stephen Fox placed



seventh. The 400-yard medley relay consisting of Fox, senior Richard Maier, Waterhouse and freshman Philip Sokoloff placed sixth overall. Sokoloff ranked 11th in the men’s 500yard freestyle and sophomore Derek Schlieman placed 23rd. English finished 15th in the 200-yard IM while Fox placed 22nd in the 50-yard freestyle. Orr described his team’s overall performance as “tremendous” and said “they’ve never swam better.” Nagle, Sinck, Wilson and Keller finished sixth in the 200-yard medley relay, sophomore Bree Salazar finished 11th in the women’s 440-yard IM and freshman Jamie Ann Stein finished 24th in the 100yard butterfly. In the 200 yard freestyle, Keller placed sixth and Sinck finished 20th in the 100yard breaststroke. Nagle and Rosko placed fourth and 11th, respectively, in the 100yard backstroke. The women’s 800-yard freestyle relay swam by Keller, Sinck, Neders and Nagle placed sixth, bringing the women to seventh place out of 22, scoring 501 points, over 200 more than the women’s team has ever scored before. On the men’s side, the 200-yard medley

FRIDAY Men and Women’s Track and Field - NJAC Championships at The Armory, New York, N.Y.

relay consisting of Fox, Maier, Waterhouse and Sokoloff earned second while English placed eight in the 400-yard IM. In the 100-yard butterfly, Waterhouse finished eight while Sokoloff placed 13th in the 200-yard freestyle. Maier, junior Robert Stein and junior Kyle Plucinsky all swam the 100-yard breaststroke, placing ninth, 15th and 19th, respectively. In the 100-yard backstroke, Fox captured seventh place, Waterhouse finished 22nd and freshman Jimmy Campbell took 23rd. The 800-yard freestyle relay team consisting of senior Johnny Olsson, English, Maj and Sokoloff placed eight, leaving the men fifth overall at the end of day two with 522 total points. On Sunday, freshman Kylie Suydam and Neders placed back-to-back in the 1650yard at eighth and ninth while freshman Kathleen Fitzgerald placed 13 and freshman Megan Breznak finished 16th. Nagle finished ninth in the 200-yard backstroke and Rosko placed 18th. Keller earned fourth place in the 100-yard freestyle and Lefebvre placed 23rd. In the 200-yard breaststroke, Sinck placed 12th, sophomore Jill Tracey placed 19th and sophomore Chelsea Cummings finished 24th.

MONDAY Men’s Volleyball at Yeshiva University at 8 p.m.

Stein ranked 19th in the 200-yard butterfly and Fitzgerald placed 23rd. Keller, Rosko, Nagle and Neders finished sixth in the 400yard freestyle medley, leading the women’s team to a seventh-place finish. For the men’s side, Sokoloff finished third in the 1620-yard freestyle with Schlieman behind him in 16th place. Fox placed sixth in the 200-yard backstroke with English in 16th and Campbell in 20th. The 200-yard breaststroke gave Stein, Plucinksy and Maier 12th, 20th and 24th place, respectively. Waterhouse swam eighth in the 200-yard butterfly with freshman Anthony Cusmano behind in 23. The 400-yard freestyle relay consisting of Waterhouse, Sokoloff, Olsson and Fox finished sixth, placing the men fifth overall. While the team accomplished great things in the pool and broke nearly every Ramapo record, Sinck was honored with the Dick Krempecki Outstanding Senior Award. “She was recognized for who she is as a person and what she’s going to do for the rest of her life,” Orr said. The team looks forward to continuing to train for next year. “I’m proud of the kids,” Orr said. “We’ve come a long way.”

WEDNESDAY Men’s Volleyball at Mount Saint Vincent College at 7 p.m.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Player Spotlight: Taylor Furman Men’s Volleyball Bested TRACK STAR REWRITES RECORD BOOKS By NYU, Rutgers-Newark By BILL PIVETZ Staff Writer Sophomore Taylor Furman of the women’s track and field team has been throwing her way to records at Ramapo College for the past two seasons. “She’s a very versatile athlete,” head coach Mike Jackson said. “We’re confident she can score at big meets.” She broke the records for the indoor shot put and 55-meter hurdles during her freshman year. Furman later broke the record in weight throw this year. “As a whole, the women’s track team has broken seven records this year,” Jackson said. Furman placed third in a field of 32 competitors in the shot put at the Collegiate Track Conference Championships hosted by Wesleyan University on Feb. 11. She also placed third in a field of 23 throwers in the weight throw. The performances by Furman helped place Ramapo fourth overall in the 17-team CTC Championship. Surprisingly, Furman competed in her first meet only three weeks ago. “The doctors said a bone in the arch of my foot grew too big. I had to sit out during the fall,” Furman said. “Surgery was an option, but damage to the surrounding tendons was a possibility. So I decided against it. I just didn’t want to deal with the doctors anymore.” She returned to the team after winter break to continue throwing. Despite the difficulty of trying to focus on school and athletics, Furman said she has managed to handle both tasks. “Track is a big commitment,” she said. “Of course, school comes first, but if you love track you’ll find time for it.” Furman’s track and field career began at Morris Knolls High School in 2007, where she was a runner and jumper. She switched to

throwing during a high school meet. “One meet, there was an open spot for a thrower,” Furman said. “I decided to try it. It was something new for me to try.” Furman met Jackson during one of her meets and quickly decided to attend Ramapo College. “Ramapo was the only school I considered. I took a look at their website to see what they offered. Plus, it’s not too far from my house,” she said. Furman is more upbeat about this season. “Last year, it took a little bit to adjust to the college lifestyle,” Furman said. “In high school, you have the same head coach in all four years. I also had to adjust to a new head coach.”


“She continues to keep positive,” Jackson said. “She lives a balanced life with school, track, and work. We want to help her reach her full potential.” Furman continues to look into the future. “After Ramapo, I would like to go into advertising. I like the graphic design part, but I also like the business side to it as well,” she said. “I will go to grad school, but I don’t know where yet.” With Furman only in her second year at Ramapo, there is still plenty of upside for her and the Roadrunners. “We’re excited on what she can do,” Jackson said. “We want to finish the job and win a championship.”

By KATIE BRUNO Staff Writer It was a tough day for Ramapo men’s volleyball team as they were swept at New York University during a tri-match on Saturday afternoon. The Roadrunners suffered a 3-1 loss to NYU and a 3-0 defeat to RutgersNewark. “We had a rough start to our match yesterday,” senior Colin McNeil said. “We are a talented team, however very youthful, and that shows at times.” The Roadrunners started off against NYU, where senior Paul Konopacki led the team with 14 kills and 28 attacks while sophomore Chris Sidnam was not too far behind with nine kills and 20 attacks. Luke Hamlet of NYU led his team with 12 kills and 15 attacks. The final scores of each set were 25-18, 22-25, 25-20 and 25-21.


When it was time to step it up against Rutgers-Newark, the Roadrunners fell short with losses of 25-20, 25-22 and 25-22. McNeil led

the Roadrunners with six kills, two solo blocks, three assisted blocks and 13 attacks. Following up McNeil was junior Joel Castro with six kills and 12 attacks. Marcin Midura led Rutgers Newark with 10 kills.


“We need to gain a little more court confidence and swagger. I have been telling the younger guys how important swagger is on the volleyball court,” McNeil said. Even though it was a tough day for the Roadrunners, they will continue to keep their heads up high as they have many matches left in the season, including a trip to Florida during spring break. “As a unit we mesh well, on and off the court,” McNeil said. “This year, I feel we have the best team chemistry of any team or organization I have ever been a part of, and that should help us through our season. I’m just hoping we peak at the right time.” kbruno2

Softball Team Has Optimistic Outlook for Upcoming Season By DAN GEARY Staff Writer The Ramapo Roadrunners softball team is no stranger to success, but they have some unfinished business to attend to. Following an impressive 27-11 season, they are aiming to reach a higher level this year. Their season begins in Florida on Mar. 16 with 12 games against teams from all across the country. “The goal is to make it to the NJAC playoffs,” said 14-year head coach Ben Allen. “We’re trying to get to the NCAA Tournament.” The top six out of 10 teams in the New Jersey Athletic Conference qualify for the NJAC Tournament. The winner receives an automatic berth in the NCAA contest, which is the biggest college tournament of the year. “It’s all about consistency,” Allen said. “For us to be successful, everyone must contribute.” Allen will rely heavily on his team captains to lead their team to victory. Senior outfielders Danielle Rothenberger and Tiffany Fischer, both all-conference players

Ramapo’s softball team looks to prove that they are a better team than their sixth-place ranking in the preseason NJAC poll indicates.. Photo courtesy of Ramapo Athletics.

last year, will be joined by pitcher Lauren Shaw to fulfill captain responsibilities as team leaders. Allen stated that he is “counting on them big.” The players and coach have the same long-term goals for the upcoming 2012 season. “My main goal for the team is to win the NJAC,” Fischer said. “In Ramapo

College softball history, we have never won the NJAC, and it would be such a great experience to be part of this accomplishment.” Rothenberger agreed by saying that she wants to “win the NJAC” and “go to the NCAA’s.” Due to the loss of two all-conference pitchers, the Roadrunners are projected as a sixth-place finisher in the NJAC, which is the lowest in all of Allen’s years as Ramapo’s head coach. The players plan to use the low preseason ranking as motivation this year. “We’re all surprised and a little disappointed, but we know we deserve to be higher and will prove ourselves in the season,” Rothenberger said. “We have almost every position returning this year, including great hitters, and I believe they really underestimated us in the rankings,” Fischer said. “The NJAC league is looking at us as the underdogs, but we are going to surprise a lot of people this year. It’s always fun to upset the rankings.” The Roadrunners have seven position players returning for this season. On their

20-player roster, there are only four seniors and four juniors. “I’m looking for the juniors to have outbreak years and get the respect they deserve,” Allen said. “On paper we’re good, but unfortunately the game isn’t played on paper. We have to play it on the field.” The softball team has plenty of raw talent, but they know that strong teamwork is a necessity for victory. “The most amazing thing we have this year is team chemistry,” Fischer said. “The two other captains and I strive to make sure that everyone feels comfortable. This year, I can say that everyone truly enjoys each other and playing together as a team.” The team loves playing with their backs against the wall as underdogs. According to Rothenberger, their motto is “pressure makes us.” Ramapo plays 40 games this year and aims to win at least 30. Despite the odds against them, the Roadrunners are keeping their heads held high. “We’re all looking forward to the challenge this year,” Allen said.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Heat, Thunder and Linsanity Hot Topics at Halfway Point DWIGHT HOWARD TRADE TALK AMONG STORIES TO WATCH LATER IN NBA SEASON By JEREMY KELLY Staff Writer For almost five months, an air of doubt surrounded the future of the NBA as the lockout threatened to send the league into a nuclear winter. Finally, the shortened 66-game 2011-12 season began on Christmas Day. With the All-Star break approaching, there’s been plenty to talk about. Despite winning the 2011 NBA Finals, the Dallas Mavericks hardly appeared to be a team poised to repeat as they began the season 0-3. But thanks to a defense that is best in the league in opposing field goal percentage, they’re 21-14, only 2.5 games behind the San Antonio Spurs for first place in the Southwest Division of the Western Conference. The Miami Heat, runners-up last season, came in as a favorite in the Eastern Conference, and they’ve played like one thanks to the highest scoring offense in the league. They currently lead the East with a 26-7 record. Right behind them is the Chicago Bulls, who went 15-4 in January thanks to a balanced scoring attack initiated by league MVP Derrick Rose. The New York Knicks struggled to open the season, but have quickly become the

Forward Kevin Durant is averaging 27.7 points per game for the Oklahoma City Thunder, who are ranked first in the Western Conference with a 26-7 record . Photo by Keith Allison , Flickr Creative Commons

feel-good story of the season with the emergence of undrafted Harvard graduate Jeremy Lin. Thrust into the starting lineup after a breakout performance against the

New Jersey Nets on Feb. 4, Lin has helped lead New York to nine wins in their last 11 games. They’re currently 17-17 and play the Heat tonight in Miami. As expected, the Oklahoma City Thunder began the season strong, going 12-2 behind the play of small forward Kevin Durant and point guard Russell Westbrook. They are now first in the Western Conference with a 26-7 record. Long considered “the other Los Angeles team,” the Clippers have re-emerged into NBA relevancy in search of their first playoff berth since 2006. Blake Griffin has averaged 21 points and 11 rebounds per game, while new point guard Chris Paul is third in the NBA in steals per game and fourth in assists per game. The Clippers lead the Pacific Division and are third in the Western Conference. It’s anyone’s guess how long Dwight Howard will remain with the Orlando Magic, but he’s still the best center in the NBA, averaging 20 points and 15 rebounds per game. Despite losing six of their final eight games in January, Orlando is third in the East ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers. Also in the Atlantic Division, behind Philadelphia are the aging Boston Celtics, who are 15-17. With a new head coach, the Los Angeles

Lakers have become stronger on defense but lack the threat they’ve had over the past few years, thanks in part to the trade of Lamar Odom. Kobe Bryant leads the league in scoring and recently passed Shaquille O’Neal for fifth on the all-time scoring list, but the Lakers are currently fifth (OR 6th) in the West.

NBA LEADERS: Points: K. Bryant (LAL) - 29.0 Assists: S. Nash (PHO) - 11.0 Rebounds: D. Howard (ORL) - 15.3 Blocks: S. Ibaka (OKC) - 3.3 Steals: M. Conley (MEM) - 2.5 FG %: T. Chandler (NYK) - 70.7% FT %: J.J. Reddick (ORL) - 96.0% Courtesy of

The 61st annual All-Star festivities begin Friday in Orlando with the AllStar Celebrity Game and the Rising Stars Challenge. Saturday features the Shooting Stars Competition, the Skills Challenge, the Three-Point Contest and the Slam Dunk Contest. Sunday showcases the All-Star game on TNT at 7:30 p.m.

Campus Clash: Are Knicks Better Without Carmelo Anthony? ANTHONY IS STILL ONE OF NBA’S ELITE By JAKE EDINGER Staff Writer Carmelo Anthony remains the most prominent player on the New York Knicks. Throughout his career, Anthony has averaged 24.7 points per game and is considered one of the top-five scorers in the NBA. He has the ability to score from inside the paint as well as behind the arc. Despite Anthony missing seven games with a groin injury, the Knicks, led by Jeremy Lin, went 6-1 in his absence. In his first game back, the Knicks lost to the 10-25 New Jersey Nets, leading some fans to believe he is hurting the team more than helping. Although the New York Knicks have gone 31-31 since they traded for Anthony, the franchise has also gone through a lot of change. Anthony has received a lot of criticism for not producing immediately, and some fans remain worried that he will ruin the success the Knicks earned while he was on the sideline. It takes time for players to develop chemistry on the court, and this is hard to do without an offseason that was blocked by the lockout. Until the recent emergence of Lin, the role players the Knicks acquired to help Anthony have not shown the ability to drive to the rim and draw defenders away from Anthony. Anthony has a rare set of skills that very few players in the history of the NBA possess. He can score in the low post as

well as shoot effectively from anywhere on the court. Anthony can also drive to the hoop, and his size makes him a nightmare to defend. The Knicks lost small forward Wilson Chandler, point guard Raymond Felton, small forward Danilo Gallinari, center Timofey Mozgov and their 2014 firstround draft pick in order to obtain Anthony. This was a steep price to pay for essentially one player, but Anthony is not only is a future Hall-of-Famer but one of the more recognizable faces in sports, which brings in revenue for the Knicks as well as New York. According to, revenue for Madison Square Garden rose 7.8 percent after the Anthony trade. Anthony is also regarded as one of the most clutch shooters in the NBA, and recently witnessing LeBron James struggle to hit clutch shots in Miami proves how irreplaceable Anthony is to the Knicks. The players lost in the Anthony trade have produced respectively, but Anthony’s clutch factor has a great deal of weight when discussing his value to the Knicks. Anthony has played in a total of 49 playoff games, as opposed to 19 games combined by the players traded to Denver. It is too soon to determine if the trade has been a failure, but if a team has an opportunity to acquire a Hall-of-Fame caliber player in the prime of his career, that squad will most likely take the trade.

LIN IN, MELO OUT: LOOK WHO’S WINNING By RYAN HOHNER Staff Writer On Feb. 4, Jeremy Lin came off the bench and stole the show at Madison Square Garden, scoring 25 points along with five rebounds and seven assists. Two days later, Carmelo Anthony took Lin’s former seat on the bench. Anthony, who suffered a strained right groin injury against the Utah Jazz on Feb. 6, missed seven games, and the Knicks didn’t miss his services one bit. Since the almighty Lin-master has jumped into the Knicks starting lineup, he has fit in as the last piece of Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni’s puzzle. As a result of Lin’s success, many fans have begun to wonder how the Knicks will perform when Anthony returns to the starting lineup. Anthony has played in 24 games this season for the Knicks, who have a 11-13 record with him on the floor. While Lin has been on the court, it’s been quite a different story. The Knicks are 9-2 with the “Prob-Lin” child controlling the reigns of the offense as the starting point guard while Anthony observes the action in his latest designer suit on the sidelines. As a result, skepticism as to whether Anthony fits into the Knicks newly found “team basketball” has been quite the discussion during his injury. Ever since Anthony’s arrival in New York, heated debates have thrived regarding whether or not the predominantly stagnant, isolation player is a reasonable fit for the

Knicks offense. D’Antoni’s spread offense that capitalizes on ball movement and coastto-coast, run-and-gun basketball has been mastered by Lin in the past nine games, predominately without Anthony’s presence on the floor. Since Anthony’s arrival last season, which resulted from the Knicks trading three starters, a young starter and a future first round pick (better known as an arm and a leg), they have yet to win games consistently. More apparent now more than ever is that the trade executed by Knicks General Manager Donnie Walsh may have completely dismantled team basketball. Anthony may average around 22 points, six rebounds and four assists this season, but he also averages 18.5 shots per game with a field-goal percentage below 40 percent. Not to mention, this season Anthony has averaged a career low in minutes per-game with just over 34. When Anthony shoots 10-of-30 from the field or 5-of-22 like he did earlier this season against the Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns, he doesn’t win games. He loses them. A typical box score of a Knicks game currently features five to six players scoring double-figures because Lin distributes the ball around the floor. With Anthony now back in the Knicks’ rotation, how exactly Anthony and Lin co-exist within the Knicks offensive will ultimately determine whether the team is a playoff contender.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Men’s basketball defeats Rowan, 76-74, in NJAC Tournament before losing in double-overtime to Stockton. photo by Lindsey Jachens

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