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Ramapo College: A Dynamic Institution Positioned for the Future

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Ramapo College: A Dynamic Institution Positioned for the Future

Nine consecutive years of state budget shortfalls in New Jersey higher education have required state colleges and universities to create and adopt new management methods in order to maintain balanced budgets and low debt service. In many cases the cuts have come with very short notice, especially last spring when all New Jersey state colleges and universities were asked to return five percent of their current fiscal year appropriation to the state. Ramapo College of New Jersey is not only maintaining its fiscal viability, but, through skillful management, remains dynamic. A surge in applications from

A N NU AL R EP OR T 20 0 2

potential students along with an 87 percent demand from freshmen for on-campus housing, rising SAT scores and class rank, new programs, construction and technology, attest to the vitality of the campus. In the face of nearly a decade of state appropriation cuts, Ramapo has: • achieved record-breaking enrollment of incre a s i n g l y better-prepared students • doubled the number of on-campus residential students • launched cutting-edge new academic programs such as bioinformatics • completed a number of major capital projects • infused state of the art technology throughout the campus. In addition, construction plans for a sports and recreation center, a 300-bed residence hall, a sustainability education center, and a center for international education and entrepreneurship are all on track for completion in 2004.

And, this is in a state that provides no direct support for capital projects. How has Ramapo College managed to enhance its offerings to students and boost its assets while coping with declining and uncertain state revenues? The College’s two-pronged approach combines sound fiscal management with a diversification of the revenue stream. On the fiscal management side, Ramapo works from a

Ramapo College of New Jersey is not only maintaining its fiscal viability, but, through skillful management, remains dynamic.

five-year budget model, prioritizing and balancing needs. In controlling costs, the College is focused on reallocating resources, instituting cost-saving measures such as outsourcing

and collaborative purchasing, and reducing spending. On the revenue side, Ramapo has very successfully increased FTEs (full-time equivalents), expanded graduate programs, instituted nominal increases in tuition and fees, and increased grant and donor revenues. When it comes to survival, Ramapo College is a model institution, especially in these times of budgetary restraints. Over the years, the trustees, faculty and staff have led the charge with creative solutions during lean fiscal periods, stood the test of time and are now seasoned fiscal planners. This clearly shows what institutions of higher education can do to both survive and thrive. Everyone has to share in a collective responsibility. Now positioned as very competitive and primarily residential, Ramapo College is enjoying unprecedented interest from potential students. This strong enrollment picture, supported by across-the board achievements in fund raising, creative cost-saving measures and reallocation of resources, has served to provide fiscal stability for the College. As the state wrestles with diminishing revenues and uncertain economic times, Ramapo is successfully working to strengthen its financial base and secure its future. Dr. Rodney D. Smith President ■

Edward Cody, Ph.D. Interim Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs

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world, thrill Berrie Center audiences with their improbable feats.

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Message from the Ramapo College Board of Trustees Promises Fulfilled This last year, which included a visit to the campus by Lech Walesa, the first democratically elected president of Poland, was characterized by numerous superlatives – our highest enrollment, largest number of applicants to the freshman class, best-prepared incoming freshman class, largest number of students living on campus, and largest graduating class. With nearly 5,500 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs, fall 2002 enrollment is the highest in the history of the College. The trend toward increasing selectivity, now in its eighth year, continued, with students admitted for fall 2002 having an average SAT score of 1140 and ranking in the top 25 percent of their graduating class. Applications to the freshman class were the highest in the history of the College; admission was offered to fewer than half (42 percent) of those applicants. Ramapo students come from all 21 counties in New Jersey as well as 23 states and more than 60 countries. And increasingly, students are choosing to live at Ramapo. Another superlative: In the spring we received approval for New Jersey’s first baccalaureate degree program in bioinformatics, an interdisciplinary major that builds on well-estab-

A N N UAL R EP O RT 20 0 2

lished Ramapo programs in biology and computer science. The pace of construction on campus continues to be

Selden Rodman Gallery of Popular Arts, a permanent collection of artworks primarily from Caribbean countries.

All in all, the year was one of fulfilled promises, promises made to students and their families, to faculty and staff, and to the larger community to provide the very best in public education and to send forth citizens of the world. a dynamic one. We’re nearing completion on The Village and the Thomases Commons, a beautiful 528-bed townhouse-style apartment complex for upperclassmen. We opened the newly-renovated A and B academic areas, creating smart classrooms fully equipped with the latest technologies to enhance learning. The B-wing also houses the just completed

Plans for the Mar g e Roukema Center for International Education and Entrepreneurship are moving forward and were boosted when the College received a federal appropriation of $800,000 for programmatic needs. To accommodate the larger residential population on campus, we will soon break ground on a $24.3 million


Message from the Ramapo College Foundation Board sports and recreation center and a 300-bed residence hall. All totaled, $80 million in construction projects are nearing completion or about to begin. Along with these important accomplishments, we were happy to welcome and inaugurate Dr. Rodney D. Smith as the College’s third president. Dr. Smith began his presidency at Ramapo in July 2001 and was inaugurated last May. The Inauguration was a very special event in the life of the College, made more so by guests who included Governor James McGreevey, delegates from other colleges and universities, and faculty and staff of Ramapo College and from Hampton University (VA), where Dr. Smith held positions as vice president for planning and dean of the Graduate College. Also attending were Ramapo’s two former presidents, founding President George T. Potter, who served the College from 1969 – 1984, and Adelphi University President Robert A. Scott, who was president of Ramapo from 1985 to 2000. All in all, the year was one of fulfilled promises, promises made to students and their families, to faculty and staff, and to the larger community to provide the very best in public education and to send forth citizens of the world. Gail Brady Chair, Ramapo College Board of Trustees ■

Resources that Make the Difference The Ramapo College Foundation added two new programs to its array of activities in 2002: the Parents Advisory Council and the Performing Arts and Dinner Series. The proceeds from these efforts – both in terms of financial revenue and goodwill – helped the Foundation continue to “provide the resources that make the d i ff e rence in Ramapo College’s quest for educational excellence.“ The primary purpose of the Parents Advisory Council is to involve parents of current Ramapo College students more closely in the life of the College. Parents were extremely enthusiastic this first year, organizing a number of successful events and fundraising activities. The group held the College’s first Parents Day, participated in the summer freshman advisory and registration sessions, and organized social events to introduce parents to President Rodney Smith and his wife, Dr. Christina Ramirez-Smith, among others. The Foundation Board created the new Performing Arts and Dinner Series as a way to promote the fantastic events at the Berrie Center and increase unrestricted

programs, scholarships, and faculty projects. • The Annual Appeal exceeded its goal by 14 percent. • A federal appropriation of $800,000 was secured for the Marge Roukema Center for International Education and Entrepreneurship.

fund raising revenue. The Series was great fun, featuring artists as diverse as the Peking Acrobats and the Moscow Boys Choir. Series subscribers were treated to a sumptuous dinner before each performance, and had the opportunity to meet the artists. The Performing Arts and Dinner Series is now the third major event organized by the Ramapo College Foundation

to generate unrestricted revenue for the College. Together the P e rf o rm i n g Arts and Dinner Series, the Distinguished Citizens Dinner, and the Annual Golf Outing raised $246,828 in fiscal year 2002, an 18 percent increase over the previous year. Other highlights of the year included: • Over $2.8 million was received for College

Other highlights of the year included: • Over $2.8 million was received for College programs, scholarships, and faculty projects. • The Annual Appeal exceeded its goal by 14 percent. • A federal appropriation of $800,000 was secured for the Marge Roukema Center for International Education and Entrepreneurship. 3

We are particularly pleased with the success of the Annual Fund. In addition to the dramatic increase in the financial goal, the Annual Fund exceeded expectations in two key areas: participation and pledge fulfillment. Excitement is building on and around campus for the proposed Sports and Recreation Center. Foundation Board members and staff worked closely to set the stage for the campaign to raise funds for the Center and other capital needs on campus. At the end of fiscal year 2002, $1,541,826 in gifts and pledges have been received toward these projects. My thanks goes out to all who have contributed, whether it be time, talent, or financial resources, to help assure the continued growth and success of the people and programs of Ramapo College. Bernard Milano Chair, Ramapo College Foundation Board of Governors ■




Ramapo Faculty: Shaping Higher Education Ramapo College is home to some of the greatest academic minds in the country. Ramapo’s faculty lead the way in building a growing national and international reputation for the College. Ninety-five percent hold doctorates or other terminal degrees. Ramapo faculty are national and international experts in their fields. Patricia Ard – Coauthored, with Michael Aaron Rockland (a professor of American Studies at Rutgers University), a pictorial history of New Jersey’s Jewish community, entitled The Jews of New Jersey. Ian Aronson – Completed Here in My Arms, an online documentary in which Tony Kahn (of “The World and Savvy Traveler” on Public Radio International) describes the international adoption of his son. Marta Bautis – Main speaker at the Third Annual Conference of ELLA (Educated Latinas Leading America), at Washington State University, where her documentary video, Morir por Amor: Latinas and AIDS, was also the featured screening. Ronald Brady – Published an article “Getting Rid of Metaphysics,” in English, in Elemente der Naturwissenschaft, at the Goetheanum, Donach, Switzerland. AN N U A L R EP OR T 2 0 02

Mack Brandon – Composer of the score for Brother Men, a onehour PBS documentary. Walter T. Brown – Was awarded his fifth Fulbright Scholar Grant through the United States Department of State, to support his teaching and research at the Institute of Asia and Africa in Tibilisi in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. Joe Cataliotti – Directed a research project entitled “Perceptual Grouping Effects on Perceived Lightness,” which was granted $137,273 in funding from the National Science Foundation. Constance Crawford – Contributor: “Accounting Trends and Techniques 2001,” 55th edition, Annual Survey of Accounting Practices by the AICPA. Angela Cristini – Recently re-elected president of the American Littoral Society. Niza Fabre – Published two articles: “Anatomia del miedo en ‘El Senor P re s i d e n t e ’ (1946) de Miguel Angel Asturias” in Latin American Studies, and “La poesia comprometida de Oswaldo Escobar Velado, escritor salvadoreno (1919-1961)” in Nuevas paginas. Arthur M. Felix – Coeditor of a book entitled

Synthesis of Peptides and Peptidomimetics, which was published by Houben-Weyl in Germany, in December 2001. Val Flenga – Published several articles this year including: “Jean Genet’s Political Brothels: The Perfect Prostitute and “l’erection tombe,” that was published in Text and Presentation 22 and “Le Theatre Ruine de Savannah Bay” that appeared in the spring issue of Chimeres. Henry Frundt – Was awarded a Fulbright Scholar Grant for a project on labor/management relations at the Intrapaz Institute of the Universidad Rafael Landivar in Guatamala City, Guatamala. Yuan Gao – Refereed conference proceedings concerning “Effects of Humor and Realism in Hypermedia,” in the Information Resources Management Association’s Issues and Trends of Information Technology Management in Contemporary Organizations. Shalom Gorewitz – His video art work was featured in “First Decade” at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC, a historical exhibition of early artist experimentation with video. Ting Gong – Her article, “Women’s Unemployment, Reemployment, and Selfemployment in China’s Economic Restructuring,” was published in Transforming Gender and Development in East Asia. Teodoro Halpern – Member of the American Association of Physics Teachers, helped 4

the Cuban Physical Society to organize the upcoming Inter-American Conference on Physics Education. Thomas Heed – Was awarded Professor Emeritus status by Volgograd Pedagogical University, and also received a grant from the U.S. State Department for a project to construct a model for American studies in Russia. Jason Hecht – Contributed to the textbook, Economic Issues Today, 7th Edition. Mitch Kahn – Co-wrote an article with Susan Scher, “Infusing Content on the Physical Environment into the BSW Curriculum” for the spring 2002 edition of The Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work. Frank Karpiel – His article entitled, “A Multinational Fraternity: Freemasonry in Hawaii,” was published in the annual Hawaiian Journal of History in May. Cherrie Kassem – Her work, “Theory into Practice: Best practices for a school-wide approach to critical thinking instruction,” was published by Resources in Education, in 2000. Patricia Keaton – Article: “The Sopranos and Genre Transformation: Ideological Negotiation in the Gangster Film,” New Jersey Journal of Communication, fall 2002.

Marcy Kelly – Received funding for an NSF u n d e rgraduate re s e a rc h grant entitled, “Effects of the anti-microbial agent triclosan on the emergence of antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus aureus.” Will Kollock – Published 12 poems in an anthology, Searching for Daylight. Iraida H. Lopez – Her book, La autobiografia hispana en los Estados Unidos: a traves del caleidoscopio, (“Hispanic Biography in the U.S.: Through the Kaleidoscope”), was published by Mellen Press. Carter Meyer – Her book, Selling the Indian: Comercializing and Appropriating American Indian Cultures, which she co-edited with Diana Royer, was published by the University of Arizona Press. Sam Mustafa – His book, Merchants and Migrations: Germans and Americans in Connection, 1776-1835, was published by Ashgate Press (London). Anthony Padovano – His 27th book, Resistance and Renewal, was released. He wrote 12 articles and gave 20 lectures in Europe and the U.S. He was interviewed by the BBC, CNN, WNBC, the New York Times and a number of other publications on both

sides of the Atlantic regarding the Catholic Reform Movement and the status of women. He spoke at the United Nations headquarters in New York and Geneva on the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. Judith Peck – Had three works displayed at United Nations’ Dag Hammerskjold Plaza. Yolanda Prieto – Her work, “The Catholic Church and the Cuban Diaspora,” was published by Georgetown University in

their December, 2001 edition of the Cuba Occasional Paper Series. Thierry Rakotobe-Joel – Co-wrote a journal article, “Evolutionary Benchmarking,” with P. McCarthy Fernandez, for the International Journal of Benchmarking for Quality Management and Technology. Murray Sabrin – Wrote an article, “A Ranking of the Most Productive Business Ethics Scholars and Faculties: A Five Year Empirical Study” for the 2002 edition of the Journal of Business Ethics. Susan Scher – Co-wrote, with Mitchell Kahn, an article entitled “Infusing

Content on the Physical Environment into the BSW Curriculum,” for the spring 2002 edition of The Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work. Edward Shannon – His book, Writing About Literature, was published by Prentice Hall last summer. Behzad Yaghmaian – His book, Social Change in Iran: An Eyewitness Account of Dissent, Defiance and New Movements for Rights, was published by the State University of New York Press, in January, 2002.

The bank of the lower lake in the Ramapo Reservation was rehabilitated by the planting of hundreds of trees and shrubs purchased through a grant received by Angela Cristini from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.





Excellence with a Global Perspective Ramapo hosted numerous intercultural and international events during the 2001-2002 academic year and continued to receive recognition as an institution that provides “Excellence with a Global Perspective.”

August 2001

of September 11 in honor of those lost or missing during the terrorist attacks.

Time.” Charny is executive director of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide, Jerusalem; professor of psychology and family therapy, and founder and former director of the Program for Advanced Studies in Integrative Psychotherapy at the Department of Psychology and Martin Buber Center, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. • Dr. Rodney D. Smith becomes the latest signatory of two environmental action plans, the Covenant of Sustainability: New Jersey Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the International Talloires Declaration, at a meeting with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. • The first Alumni Art Auction is held to raise funds for events for alumni.

October 2001 •

The Selden Rodman Gallery of Popular Arts of the Americas and the Caribbean opens.

• Ramapo College of New Jersey hosts the Sixth Annual Mid-Atlantic World History Association Conference. “Global Interactions and Interdisciplinary Perspectives” is the theme. September 2001 • Lech Walesa, the first democratically-elected president of Poland, presents a public lecture entitled

• John Stossel of ABC News 20/20 is the guest speaker at the Ramapo College of New Jersey Business Network presentation. His topic is ‘Freedom and Its Enemies.’

December 2001 •

“Democracy: The Never Ending Battle.” • The first Parents Day brings 650 students and their families together for a brunch and more. • Candelight vigil is held at the Bandshell on the eve

Dr. Walter T. Brown, a professor of history and international studies, is awarded a Fulbright Scholar Grant through the United States Department of State. This is his fifth Fulbright Award, with three previous awards funded through the U.S. Department of Education and one through the State. All of his Fulbright research deals with the subject of Muslim minority populations, their culture and politics. His Fulbright Scholar Grant supports teaching and research at the

The New Alumni Committee’s community outreach includes Mahwah Beautification Day and Habitat for Humanity projects.

November 2001 •

Israel Charny, editor in chief of the Encyclopedia of Genocide gives a talk entitled, “Genocide in Our AN N UA L R EP OR T 2 0 02


Institute of Asia and Africa in Tbilisi in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

January-May 2002 •

The spring 2002 Ramapo Lecture Series entitled World Sustainability: Realities and Strategies, offers lectures on various topics by keynote speakers such as: global activist Ward Morehouse; Ruth Caplan of Alliance for Democracy; Kristin Dakwins from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy; Joan Gussow, author and professor of nutrition at Columbia University; and Wolfgang Sachs, author of Greening the North and president of German Greenpeace. Topics include global crime, corruption, and corporate responsibility; creating sustainable agriculture and economies; sustainable design; and how the media can help awaken a radical sustainability movement.

March 2002 • The first Alumni/ Faculty/Student CONNECT, co-sponsored by the Cahill Center and the Alumni Association, provides a venue for networking, business card exchange, mentoring, and career guidance. April 2002 •

Cornel West speaks at Ramapo College’s Conference on the State of the African-American Professoriate. Cornel West (at the time) held the position of university professor at Harvard University, a title held by only 14 of Harv a rd ’s 2,200 faculty, and is one of the first black scholars to be appointed to the university’s highest faculty post.

February 2002 •

In recognition of her longstanding support for higher education and vigorous international commerce, Ramapo College of New Jersey names its planned Center for International Education and Entrepreneurship for Congresswoman Marge Roukema (R-NJ). • Men’s basketball wins ECAC Division III Metro Tournament.

Administrators from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana meet with their counterparts at Ramapo College of New Jersey to work out the details of an exchange agreement which will produce study abroad opportunities for Ramapo students and exchanges of

May 2002

faculty between the two institutions. • A team of computer science students from Ramapo win the first prize in the Student Programming Contest held at the n o rt h e a s t e rn conference of the Consortium for Computing in Small Colleges in Worcester, MA. • Pulitzer Prize-winning author, cartoonist, artist, and essayist, Art Spiegelman, speaks about his work “Comix 101.” Spiegelman is known for his provocative and sometimes controversial covers for The New Yorker. • Anne Frank: A History for Today, an exhibit created by the staff of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, and co-sponsored by the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, New Jersey/ Rockland Jewish Media Group, and Ramapo College, is on display at Westfield Shoppingtown Garden State Plaza in Paramus. The exhibit depicts Anne Frank’s life story using a wide selection of family photos and passages from her diary. • Ramapo College Athletic Alumni Hall of Fame inducts five alumni athletes: Jorge A. Comas ’85 of Springfield – baseball, John Durkin ’78 of Suffern, NY Long Term Service Award, Thomas Ebert ’80 of Gaithersburg, MD - football Malik El-Amin ’95 of Hillside football and wrestling (club), Doris Ann Pezzolla ’93 of Lyndhurst - softball.

Dr. Rodney D. Smith officially becomes the third president of Ramapo College of New Jersey in an investiture ceremony on the College campus. In his remarks, Dr. Smith presents his vision for Ramapo in a talk entitled, “Ramapo College of New Jersey: Leading International Understanding and 21st Century Partnerships.” Attending the Inauguration are Governor James McGreevey, who accepts his first honorary degree, delegates from other colleges and universities, and faculty and staff of Ramapo College.

• Ramapo College of New Jersey receives state approval for its new interdisciplinary major, bioinformatics, which builds on well-established programs in biology and computer science. Ramapo’s program is believed to be the first baccalaureate degree program in bioinformatics in New Jersey and one of the first in the United States offered by a primarily undergraduate four-year college. Bioinformatics is a young interdisciplinary science that was born from the marriage of biology 7

and computer science. It is applied to manage biological information and solve biological problems with the help of computer science-based technology.

• MSNBC anchor Rick Sanchez is the Ramapo College of New Jersey commencement speaker at the College’s 2002 ceremony. A total of 976 students who completed their studies in 2002 graduate. Author/ journalist Adele Stan (Ramapo class of 1983) receives the President’s Award of Merit. • The New Jersey Pops, Lenahan, The Infernos, and Zydeco A-Go-Go headline the Commerce Bank Summer Concert Series on the Ramapo College of New Jersey campus. In addition to Commerce Bank, the series is sponsored by Friends of Ramapo, the Ramapo College Alumni Association, and McBride Agency, Realtors.



Ramapo College: Establishes Roukema Center for

A Dynamic Global Institution

International Education and Entrepreneurship

Priscilla M.Tovey Van Aulen ’86

Ramapo College has been awarded an $800,000 federal appropriation to build the Marg e Roukema Center for International Education and


(CIEE). Named


Congresswoman Marge Roukema, in recognition of her long-standing support of higher education and international commerce, the Center will build upon the myriad of curricular and extracurricular offerings, and academic and business partnerships that make Ramapo College the strong and dynamic global institution it is today. “In educating students as to the needs of the economy and the importance of study abroad, Ramapo has been an absolute national leader, not only in New Jersey but in the national economy,” states Congresswoman Roukema. “The notion that students will have ‘The Ramapo advantage in the global village,’ is not an exaggeration.” Roukema’s strong support is evident through her continued efforts in Congress to garner additional resources for the Center. “I am working with Congress on getting a second installment for the College in the appropriations process,” states Roukema. Ramapo’s new President, Dr. Rodney Smith, has an ambitious and far-reaching vision for the College, of which the Center will be a key component. “When people talk about Ramapo College I would like for them to picture a United Nations or Harvard School of Government setting, whereby people from all over the world are represented and come here to speak and to learn. I would like to see us expand our summer programs to offer ongoing development institutes for professionals from around the globe. I would like to see us expand and develop relationships with Washington as well as with the United Nations’ member countries so that we can provide some of the training that is needed in their respective regions. I can see this campus becoming an international microcosm, basically a living international community; everything is here for it. When anyone walks on this campus in the future, they should be able to sense Ramapo’s strong A N N UA L R EP O R T 20 02


emphasis on international partnerships with corpoand intercultural education,” rate groups in New Jersey he says. “Whenever anyone to assist their managethinks of attaining a global ment staff to work in education, Ramapo College countries around the will be thought of within the world. top ten institutions nationally. For more than 20 years, What we’re going to be the four pillars of Ramapo’s concentrating on is quality. undergraduate education We’re going to continually have been, and continue raise the bar higher and to be, international educahigher.” tion, intercultural under“Ramapo has all it takes standing, interdisciplinary to move ahead,” states teaching, and experiential Dr. Smith, “and develop the learning. One of the most absolute best in internanotable achievements tional education programin internationalizing the ming: location, access to the campus occurred in 1986. international community, Under the leadership of access to countries abroad former President Robert A. Congresswoman Marge Roukema and Ramapo President Rodney D. Smith unveil plans for the Roukema through the United Nations, Center for International Education and Entrepreneurship. Scott, Ramapo was a highly qualified internaawarded the prestigious tional and foreign language faculty, and an international student New Jersey Governor’s Challenge Grant. This $3.4 million grant project, body representing 60 countries.” With all of these critical components, directed by Drs. Clifford Peterson and Walter Brown, enabled the College Ramapo is poised to take its global mission to the next level, and the to internationalize most areas of the curriculum. The project included president is committed to moving forward. Recently, Dr. Smith met with faculty and curriculum development; expanding experiential learning the Permanent Representative of Bulgaria to the United Nations. “The programs; bolstering international student enrollment; developing ambassador is interested in working with Ramapo on the Center for educational partnerships abroad; and building the International TelecomInternational Education and Entrepreneurship,” states Dr. Smith. munications Center. As a result of the project, prominent international and “Ramapo has the kind of campus where UN programs will thrive.” intercultural lecturers such as Ambassador Vernon Walters, Archbishop Funding for the Center will enable the College to increase study Desmond Tutu, Coretta Scott King, and Julian Bond are regularly on abroad opportunities, international internships, and career counseling. campus. Many courses are infused with global or intercultural perspectives. Expanded teleconferencing facilities will continue to augment Ramapo attracts visiting international Fulbright Scholars, and other outreach to local and global communities. Workshops on international visiting scholars. Academic institutions from all over the country look at the and intercultural education will be developed for teachers and teacher College as a national model in global education development. As a result education students, and close ties will be further established between of Challenge Grant initiatives, Ramapo is now known as “the College of the College, the United Nations, and consulates and missions in the Choice for a Global Education.” Going forward, it has continues New York metropolitan area. The Center will also support faculty to enhance its global curriculum and programming through a wide research on international and intercultural topics. variety of activities. According to Dr. Peterson, “After having established In conjunction with Ramapo’s School of Administration and Business, both a state and national reputation as a global institution, Ramapo now the Center will work on a number of corporate initiatives, including has an opportunity to move to the next level. The Center will create assisting with feasibility studan anchor for further ies for business development international and intercultural abroad. Ultimately, there will program development.” be a site designated abroad Faculty and Staff as an international business The faculty and staff incubation center. Shortexpertise in international term executive development and intercultural education is programs and foreign lanimpressive for an institution guage immersion programs of Ramapo’s size. Most have for business professionals will international experience and be offered. Ramapo College many are proficient in more Desmond Tutu speaks on campus in 1993. Julian Bond speaks at the fall 2002 Academic will continue to form strong than one language. A brief Convocation. 9



The Curriculum

International and intercultural perspectives have been infused within the core general education program, and within many of the individual academic programs. All of the programs within the School of American and International Studies have an international or intercultural emphasis. Major areas of study include American studies, international studies, law and society, political science, literature, and anthropology, as well as East Asian, Judaic, and Latin American studies. Foreign language offerings include Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Hebrew. The School of Business Administration offers an international business program, and the School of Contemporary Arts emphasizes global and intercultural communication, and the use of satellite technologies. The School of Theoretical and Applied Sciences includes “science in cultural perspective” and offers studies in global environmental issues. The School of Social Science and Human Services has a rich intercultural curriculum including programs in sociology, culture studies, gender studies, Africana studies, gerontology, economics, and environmental studies. The teacher certification program also has a strong global focus. In addition to the undergraduate curriculum, the Master’s of Art in Liberal Studies (MALS) and Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) programs also emphasize global perspectives. The MALS curriculum has a strong international and intercultural emphasis, and has received national recognition for its content. The MBA program offers a study abroad program in Ireland focused on the international business environment. A wide variety of international and intercultural speakers have been to campus. The most prominent in recent years was Lech Walesa, Poland’s first democratically-elected president. A recent, well received lecture series brought experts from a variety of professional backgrounds to discuss global warming and other aspects of sustainability.

Dr. Kwadwo Yeboah-Gyan, head of biology (second from left), and Dr. Aboagye Menyeh, dean of the science faculty (middle), both from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana, meet with Ramapo President Dr. Rodney Smith (far right) and Dr. Kwesi Aggrey, associate provost for technology at Ramapo (far left), to finalize details of an exchange agreement between the two institutions.

overview of some of the activities they have been involved with in recent years illustrates their strong global commitment: an historian was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to South Africa and Oxford; a political scientist led a group of students on an intensive program at the United Nations; a professor of international business lectured in Bosnia and Kosovo; another historian traveled to a university in Ghana to discuss a formal exchange partnership; a botanist launched a study program in Jamaica; an international studies specialist secured a research grant at the Institute of Asia and Africa in Tbilisi; an environmentalist was a guest faculty member at the Environmental Policy Institute in St. Petersburg; and a linguist was part of an educational delegation to South Africa. In addition, a number of professors are leading a New Jersey higher education program for global sustainability; while others have secured a major grant for research and course development in ecological literacy. Indeed, the faculty and staff have a distinguished record in securing national grants. They have received Guggenheim, Fulbright, Social Science Research Council, Ford Foundation, FIPSE, National Endowment for the Humanities, and U.S. Department of State Fellowships to conduct research abroad on almost every continent. In addition, quite a few have received funding from the Ramapo College Foundation. The College continues to attract visiting scholars from around the world who share their expertise with faculty and students through lectures and participation in other campus activities. Scholarsin-residence positions are available for faculty from Shanghai Teachers University in China and the Volgograd State Pedagogical University in Russia; and a new faculty arrangement was recently established with the University of Science and Technology in Ghana. One of the objectives of the College is “to expand the scholars-in-residence program,” according to Susan Rachouh, director of international and intercultural education, “and develop expanded exchange partnerships where Ramapo College exchanges faculty and students with partner institutions abroad.” As faculty and staff undertake research projects, teach and lecture at universities abroad, or attend conferences with an international or intercultural emphasis, Ramapo’s majors, minors, and individual course offerings are enhanced with global perspectives. For example, Dr. William Frech, convener of the international business program, was a recent Fulbright Scholar at the University of Sarajevo, in the former Yugoslavia, where he lectured to undergraduate and graduate faculty and students on western business issues. While in Sarajevo, he co-authored an article with a Bosnian professor. Upon returning to Ramapo, he added modules to the courses he teaches on the economies of post-war societies. A N N UA L R EP O RT 20 02

Associate Professor of Physics Daniela Buna works with (right) Dragoslav Grbovic ’03 and Jelena Pjesivac ’03. Dragoslav is a physics major with double minors in computer science and mathematics. He will attend the doctoral program at the University of Tennessee upon graduating in January. Jelena is double majoring in physics and computer science. She is also minoring in mathematics. She will graduate in May, and is currently second in her class.



International Students

New York City. There are different cultures and ways of looking at the world. It has been one of my best experiences at Ramapo. I’m considering another program before I graduate.” Study Abroad is typically a springboard into other experiential programs, such as International Cooperative Education, or Service Learning. It’s not uncommon for a student to return from a study experience only to start researching other opportunities abroad.

Ramapo actively recruits students from around the world and, as its global reputation grows, so do the number of international students. Currently, there are approximately 255 students representing 60 countries. South Koreans are the single largest group, followed by Kenyans and Bulgarians, Indians and Pakistanis, former Yugoslavians, and Japanese. In recent years, there has been a significant growth in students from Eastern Europe. While most students are from Asia, Europe, and Africa, there are a number of students from Latin America, Canada, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Oceania. The College provides a wide variety of support services for international students including advisement on visa and immigration issues and cultural adaptation workshops.

Experiential Learning With Ramapo’s strong emphasis on experiential learning, the College sponsors Study Abroad, International Cooperative Education, and Service Learning programs, as well as a plethora of intercultural student clubs and organizations.

Twenty two students and three staff members at the gates of Warwick Castle in England during a Study Abroad trip in January of 2002.

International Cooperative Education The International Cooperative Education program provides students with the tremendous opportunity of securing professional internships in multinational corporations worldwide. An average of eighteen students participate, annually representing a wide variety of majors. Most positions are paid, which enables students to support themselves while abroad. Ramapo is among a handful of national institutions offering this program. A highly valuable experience, International Cooperative Education puts Ramapo students a notch above most new graduates when looking for employment. “It’s really an Ivy League experience,” says Donna Kauder, director of international cooperative education. “When potential employers see that an applicant has worked abroad professionally, that’s all they want to talk about. Program alums have an edge over other candidates when applying for jobs after graduation.” The countries that students have been placed in include Austria, Germany, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Russia, the Czech Republic, Holland, and Costa Rica. Opportunities exist in a wide variety of corporations, and placements have been made in positions ranging from communications and computer science, to international marketing, teaching and training, in both profit-making and nonprofit sectors. Among the many companies that have participated are UNESCO in Paris, Merrill Corp of Frankfurt and London, Jaguar in the United Kingdom, INTENSA Language School of Costa Rica, SGL Carbon of Germany, Volvo of Sweden, and Sharp of Canada. Jasmina Bisanovic, an international student from Bosnia, spent a semester in Germany working for SGL Carbon, where she was a marketing assistant. Responsible for conducting a competitive analysis for a new brake product, she initiated the development of a database that the company still uses today for market research. “The

(Far left) Jesse Prekel ‘02, Tanya Bouknight ‘02, (far right) and Veronica Tekli ‘02, worked in England for Jaguar and Bunac. Photo taken in the U.K.

Study Abroad The Study Abroad program takes students to the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Jamaica, China, and South Africa. Courses range from the study of language and culture, to tropical ecosystems, political science, art, history, literature, film, and business. There are also field programs to the American west and the American southwest, where national parks and forests are explored and analyzed. Led by Ramapo professors, these two-to-five week programs offer credit-bearing academic courses, excursions, and interaction with the people of the respective countries or regions. Offered during the winter and summer sessions, introductory through advanced classes are available allowing a student to participate in more than one program during his or her college career. Ramapo also has an agreement with Regents College in London, for semester-long study opportunities. Going forward, Study Abroad offerings will be expanded to include more semester programs. In recent years, Ramapo has sent an average of 200 students annually to study abroad. For many, these programs are among the high points of their college careers. Shaun Frame, a junior from Woodbridge, New Jersey, participated in two Study Abroad programs: one in Quebec City and the other in London. “Study Abroad has helped me realize that there’s life outside 11




Road to the Future, Partners in Progress Highlights: with disabilities, and to New Mexico to assist with a literacy program on an Indian reservation. Student Clubs and Organizations

Ramapo has more than fifteen student clubs and organizations with an intercultural focus. Many sponsor campus-wide activities that seek to raise diversity and global awareness. An overview of some of the main activities illustrates the vitality they bring to the campus.The International Student Organization (ISO), in conjunction with the office of International and Intercultural Education, sponsors International Week. A highlight of the week is the Food Festival, where cuisine from all over the world is enjoyed by the college community. African Ancestry Month, sponsored by a number of clubs including the Organization of African Unity, offers an extensive range of activities focused on African culture and history, including lectures, music, and excursions. The Organization of Latin Unity sponsors Latino Heritage Month, and Asian Awareness Aracely Santos ‘02 worked outside of Paris at Month is sponsored by the Catholic University in Lille in the international Filipino American Student student office. Association and ISO. The Culture Club also runs a variety of activities and publishes The Cultural Journal, a collection of poems, essays, and short stories. In addition, the Model United Nations Club participates in realistic UN simulations with colleges and universities worldwide. The Club has had an awardwinning record at national conferences for over a decade.

Jasmina Bisanovic ‘02 at the front entrance of SOL Carbon Group in Germany.

experience of working in Germany gave me stronger self-confidence and a definite career direction. I now know I want to pursue a career in market research,” said Bisanovic. In addition to working for SGL Carbon, Jasmina was also required to study German at a local school. “When I began my work experience,” Jasmina stated, “I didn’t use German very much in the office because I didn’t think my language skills were good enough. By the last month I was there, I was only using German.” Jasmina plans to pursue a career in marketing and an MBA specializing in international business. The International Cooperative Education program has realized considerable growth and diversity in participants over the past five years. Students from most majors are represented, as is Ramapo’s international student population. This growth is due to the strong institutional support for the program and Ramapo’s commitment to global education. “International Cooperative Education fulfills the College’s mission to educate global citizens within a rich liberal arts tradition,” states Kauder. Service Learning Ramapo’s Service Learning program provides students with short-term international and intercultural experiences in the U.S. and abroad. Nearly 300 students annually participate in courses with service learning components. Since its inception, Service Learning has given students the opportunity for rich intercultural engagement through courses and programs such as the Student Literacy Corps and Alternative Spring Break. The Community Builder’s Coalition, a campus organization, also offers international and intercultural service opportunities. Programs run on weekends, during school breaks, and summer vacation periods. Past activities have included traveling to Oaxaca, Mexico, sponsored by Sharp Electronics Corporation, to work with Maryknoll Sisters helping children

• The Parents Fund, begun in 2001, grew at an amazing rate from $600 last year to over $9000 in 2002. The Parents Advisory Council (PAC) is over 100 members strong and meets monthly, holding panel discussions and social events. • Friends of Ramapo membership revenue was $7,720, up from $6,620 last year. The Friends Board

Center for Performing and Visual Arts. CIT Group Inc and Perillo Tours Foundation provided major corporate sponsorship. Foundation board members Joseph Leone and Robert Tillsley directed the Series committee.

• The Alumni Recruitment Outreach Committee hosted a reception and gospel concert enlisting the help of alumni to assist in the recruitment of high-achieving high school students, especially in under served areas.

• The Business Network hosted three lectures on campus for students, faculty, and the business community: Rick Cerone of the Newark Bears, John Stossel of ABC NEWS, and Lea N. Soupata, senior vice president of UPS. Corporate sponsorship for the Network was provided by the Private Client Group of Merrill Lynch. Robert Tillsley chaired the committee.

• The Alumni Golf Outing raised funds to provide five student scholarships–one from each of Ramapo’s five schools of study. • The Performing Arts and Dinner Series raised over $20,000. Patrons enjoyed four performances and dinner receptions at the Angelica and Russ Berrie

• The Distinguished Citizens Dinner raised more than $137,000. Guided by Chairman Bernard Milano and members of the committee, the 20th annual dinner welcomed more than 350 guests for a spectacular evening honoring Senator Jon S. Corzine, Edward (Ned) B. Lipes, Michael J. Regan, and Carol D. Schaefer '84. Dinner sponsors were KPMG LLP, Howemedica Osteonics Corporation, and Goldman Sachs. • The Foundation's 14th Annual Golf Outing, Chaired by Don Mahoney secured over $64,000. SEIKO CORPORATION OF AMERICA generously sponsored this major golf outing.

Business Partners: 20th Annual Distinguished Citizens Dinner Goldman Sachs

Community Outreach The College is involved in a variety of community outreach activities including partnerships with local businesses and secondary institutions. Moreover, the performing arts center, galleries, and the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies all welcome members of the northern New Jersey community and beyond. Sponsored by the Ramapo College Foundation, the Business Network hosts nationally-recognized leaders on the campus to discuss significant topics in today’s global business environment. The College also hosts the Governor’s School of International Studies. Established as a result of a grant Ramapo College received from the State of New Jersey, this month-long program for high achieving high school seniors provides them with a substantive international studies experience. Berrie Center Built in 1999, the Angelica and Russ Berrie Center for the Performing and Visual Arts offers a wide range of international and cultural arts performances for the northern New Jersey community. Housed in the Berrie Center are The Kresge and Pascal art galleries, which mount exhibitions by well-known artists as well as faculty, students, and community artwork. Ramapo College’s strong international and intercultural foundation puts the College in an ideal position to move forward with the Center for International Education and Entrepreneurship. In the words of President Smith, Ramapo College is “leading international education and 21st century partnerships.”

Katy Moore ‘03 worked at the Hygiene Museum in Dresden, Germany. Photo taken in a Mercedes Smart Car. A NN U AL RE P OR T 20 02

• The 2002 Annual Fund raised more than $114,000, a 30% increase over last year, thanks to the generosity of alumni, parents, board members, and community friends. The total number of donors increased by 13%.

successfully recruited new members and enhanced program offerings.


14th Annual Foundation Golf Outing

Special Events Sponsors: Alumni Golf Outing

Performing Arts and Dinner Series

Summer Concert Series

New Alumni Champagne at Sunset

Business Network Merrill Lynch




Ramapo College of New Jersey STATEMENT OF NET ASSETS


JUNE 30, 2002 AND 2001 (dollars in thousands)

YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 2002 AND 2001 (dollars in thousands)




$ 10,483



Current assets Cash and cash equivalents


Short-term investments Receivables



$ 18,746

$ 16,808

Revenues Operating revenues Student tuition and fees (net of scholarhip allowances of $7,337 in 2002 and $6,536 in 2001)

Students, less allowance for doubtful accounts of $272 in 2002 and $322 in 2001



Loans, less allowance of $508 in 2002 and $540 in 2001



Gifts and grants









Other Total receivables

Federal grants and contracts



State and local grants and contracts











Auxiliary enterprises (net of scholarship allowances of $1,760 in 2002 and $1,050 in 2001) Other Total operating revenues

Total current assets

Expenses Operating expenses

Noncurrent assets Long-term investments


Student loan receivables Plant facilities, net Total assets








Instruction Academic support



Student services







Institutional support Student financial aide and scholarships

LIABILITIES Current liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses


Deferred revenue Deposits Long-term liabilities - current portion Total current liabilities












Operations and maintenance of plant


























$ 53,243

$ 54,070

Auxiliary Total operating expenses Operating loss Nonoperating revenue (expenses) State of New Jersey appropriations

Noncurrent liabilities

Investment income, (net of investment expense of

Other liabilities Long-term liabilities Total liabilities



$922 in 2002 and $63 in 2001)



Interst on capital - asset related debt


$ 77,845

$ 31,837

$ 32,043

Net nonoperating revenue

NET ASSETS Invested in capital assets, net of related debt Restricted for: Grants Loans Debt service







Renewal and replacement



Capital projects



Unrestricted Total net assets

A N N UAL R EP O RT 20 0 2


Other nonoperating revenue



$ 53,243

$ 54,070

(Decrease) increase in net assets Net assets - beginning of year Net assets - end of year





2002 Honor Roll of Donors

Ramapo College Foundation

2002 Annual Fund Ramapo College recognizes the individuals, corporations, foundations, and organizations that have supported the 2002 Annual Fund in the following giving categories.

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION JUNE 30, 2002 (With comparative totals for 2001) 2002


ASSETS Assets Cash and cash equivalents Accounts receivable Unconditional promises to give Allowance for doubtful accounts Investments Interest receivable Prepaid expenses Total assets

$498,923 17,710 2,457,308 (50,890) 6,759,402 80,386 5,990 $9,768,829

President’s Council Gifts to the College of $2,500 or more

$297,120 18,578 2,639,248 (50,000) 6,638,101 55,546 16,300 $9,614,893

Daniell Family Foundation, Inc Jocelyn Gregg 1979 Robert Hiden Jennifer Maerz-Ferreyra 1986 Mobil Foundation, Inc.

Foundation Fellow Gifts to the College from $1,000 – $2,499 Mr & Mrs. Buhl Timothy Buhl Marion Dugan Manfred Edelman James Essig W. Peter McBride Kenneth Neilson Thomas Palmer Prudential Foundation Harold Rabner Vitus Stablein Angelo Tarallo Vista Management, LLC Warner Wada

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Liabilities Accounts payable Due to Ramapo College of New Jersey Refundable advances Deferred income Due to agency Total liabilities Net assets Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets

$3,995 36,479 4,653,812 138,322 365,321 5,197,929

$ 48,215 4,621,279 142,280 298,262 5,110,036

1,324,076 237,298 3,009,526 4,570,900 $9,768,829

1,023,331 559,180 2,922,346 4,504,857 $9,614,893

YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 2002 (With comparative totals for 2001)


Permanent Restricted

2002 Total

2001 Total

Operating support and revenue Donations Fund raising Special events Memberships Program service Other Investment income Net unrealized loss on investments Net assets released from restrictions Reduction in promise to give Total operating support and revenue

$170,349 368,586 13,224 7,720 50,377 18,598 256,834



99,826 (313,998) (383,861)





$528,911 368,586 13,224 7,720 50,377 18,598 356,660 (313,998)


$444,110 396,710 3,311 6,620 13,777 17,737 291,846 (268,770) (139,600) 765,741

Operating expenses Foundation operations Alumni Scholarships 1 Fund raising College grants Friends Total operating expenses

528,789 66,742 199,053 114,701 51,585 2,169 964,035

528,789 66,742 199,053 114,701 51,585

429,887 60,205 174,778 147,060 54,675



Other changes in net assets Transfers Other changes Change in net assets Net assets, beginning of year Net assets, end of year 1

(4,769) (4,769) 300,745 1,023,331 $1,324,076

4,769 4,769 (321,882) 559,180 $237,298

Total scholarships and awards available were $336,490 and $315,000 for June 30, 2002 and 2001, respectively.

AN N U AL RE P OR T 2 0 02


87,180 2,922,346 $3,009,526

66,043 4,504,857 $4,570,900


Founder’s Society Gifts to the College $500 – $999



(103,033) 4,607,890 $4,504,857

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc Allied Health Care Services, Inc. Millicent Anisfield Alfred Battaglia BD Foundation Christine Beck 1974 Bergen County Building Construction Trades Council BOC Gases Gail Brady Howard Cantor Joeen Ciannella Laurence Egerton 1981 Jacqueline Elkins 1989 Alan Epstein Naomi Epstein 1979 Frances Hackett 1980 Elizabeth Harz 1992 Joseph Haynes Pamela Lewis-Cantor 1993/1997 Ned Lipes Richard Morales-Wright New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign Judith Peck Barbara Ripston Noha Thomas 1985 Mark Yamout 1979

Arch Society Gifts to the College $250 – $499 G. Kirk Bennett Elaine Cimis 1991 James Clark Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Galton Peter C. Goetz 1989 Stephen Insdorf 1994 ITT Industries Jeanmarie Jacoby 1983 Nancy Mackin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Marko Thomas McGurn Nadine Mooers 1990 Eugene Muller 1978 Susan Murray 1994 New York Life Foundation Thomas Novack 1973 Susan Patton 1987 Brenda Perkins Sheila Pfafflin Timothy Robinson Estelle Rogol 1975 Fernando Suarez United Parcel Service Foundation Eileen Whitney 1977

Ramapo Associates Club Gifts to the College $100 – $249 Abbott Laboratories

Suzanne Adrion 1983 Keld Alstrup American General Corporation American International Group Shelia Anderson 1999 David Applebaum 1984 AstraZeneca AT&T Foundation Kathleen Austin Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Jean Balutanski Lorraine Barney 1999 Geraldine Beatty 1977 Ann-Marie Behringer 1982 Michael Berger 1991 Bernard Bernesser 1989/2002 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Bernice David Berntsen 1985 Neil Best 1980 Henry Bischoff Pamela Bischoff Anne Bivona Norma Blechman 1987 Mr. & Mrs. Marc Blumenthal Nancy Boone Sharon Boss 1986 Sherrie Botwick 1981 Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Brewer William Briggs Janet Buck 1976 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Carletto Robert Cella Carol Clinger 1973 Christine Cohan 1979 John Colagreco 1975 Christopher Cole 1985 Con Edison Mr. & Mrs. Tom Conneely Robert Cottignies Joan Coughlan 1985 Jan Crumb 1992 Salvatore Daccurso Fred Damiano Jennifer Damiano 2002 Cathleen Davey Deluxe Check Printers Foundation Arthur DeMaio 1984 Jeanne DeMasi 1974 Michael Demshock Janet Dengel 1987 Ronald Depoalo 1986 Phyllis DiAmbrosio 1983 Kathryn Dundorf 1978 Thomas Dunn John Durkin 1978 Steven Engravalle 2000 Exxon-Mobil Foundation Fidelity Foundation Thomas Filan 1994 Robert Fischer Nora FitzGerald 1992 Dennis Foerter 1987 David Fogel 1975 Eileen Ford 1992 Todd Fox 1989 Bonnie Franklin Daniel Furphy 1992 Christine Gabriel 1981 Robert Garbutt William George 1990 Philip Godwin 1988 William Gonzalez 1979 Mark Grannon William Griffin 1979 Patricia Gruber 1976 William Gunner 1980 Eileen Hammond 1979 William Harnden II 1981 Douglas Hayes 1987 Erika Henao 2002 Edith Henderson 1997 Elaine Hendricks 1975 Mark Hiltke 1989 Robert Hlywa 1979 Evan Holstrom Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hopkins Theresa Horvath 1976 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Hult Lisa Hummell 1985 Mary Hutchins 1990 IBM Mary Ippolito 1982 Irene M. Tribe Trust Marilyn Jaehnel-Clark1979 Mr. & Mrs. John Jansen Virginia Jensen 1983 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jester Johnson & Johnson JP Morgan Chase Donald Kasten 1978 Kenetha Kilmurray 1982 Neil Kirby 1975 Susan Kobler 1976 Peter Koutros 1999 Patricia Kozakiewicz Keith Kulin 1973

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Laino Marilyn Lennon 1976 Bruce Light 1978 Frank Lutz 1986 Simona Makwaia 1997 Raymond Maresca 2000 Mr. & Mrs. John Masterson Peter Mauro 1981 Virginia McCandless 1996 Rachel Mccann 2001 Brian McGeary 1983 McGraw-Hill Foundation, Inc. Daniel McHugh 1995 Elinor Merl 1973 Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc Hal Meyers 1979 Joseph Moriarty 1987 Julia Morris 1980 Rosa Mulryan Erin Napolitan 1987 Lori Nelson 1989 Gloria Nobles 1988 North Jersey Media Group Beverly O’Hearn 1993 Dennis O’Keefe 1977 Kenneth Osborn 1991 Pearson Education Lilia Pena Debra Perry 1984 Martin Petersen John Peterson 1980 Ursula Pico-Selbach 1998 Mr. & Mrs. John Policastro Maulton Powers 1987 Sean Powers 1999 Mr. & Mrs. James Przyborowski Elizabeth Quackenbush 1975 Donna Quinn 1980 Jesse Reisman Mandolin Restivo 1999 Judith Rooney 1984 Robert Rooney 1983 Hon. Marge Roukema Albert Ruh 1981 Kari Rundquist 1990 Dorian Rush McClintock 1983 Theresa Santise LSW 1996 Joshua Sarfity 1999 Paul Sbrocco 1977 William Sbrocco 1977 Eileen Schilling 1982 Phyllis Schipper 1987 Merle Scorodo 1986 Carl Schwaighofer 1975 Cipora Schwartz 1980 Janine Serell 1984 Beth Shapiro-Steele 1979 Robert Shine Todd Siben 1980 Gail Signorelli Stephen Silverstein 1987 Simply Divine Inc Sirius Technology, L.L.C Patricia Sisco 1990 Six Continents Hotels Mr. & Mrs. Barry Smith Jason Smith 2000 Kendall Smith 1974 Robert Smith 1975 Franz Soni 1984/1994 Marty Spitz 2002 Scott Stahlmann 1979 Laura Steinhauser 1985 Diana Stephen 1983 Bryan Steros 1998 Susy Suarez 1981 Jennifer Sullivan 1984 Thomas Swanton 1982 George Tabback 1982 Dianne Takeuchi 2000 Robert Taylor 1994 Helen Thayer David Thibodeau 1975 Margaret Tobin 1976 Fred Trautmann Louise Tuchman 1986 John Tyszkiewicz William Unrath 1985/1992 Cornelius Van Der Horn 1984 Katherine Van Der Mey 1978 James Van Der Wall 1975 Jonathan Vandermaas 1993 Roland Viotti Sean Walsh 1979 Russell Walther 1979 Judith Weisbuch 1975 Lester Williams 1980 Donald Winget 1977 Harrison Wood Thomas Zahuta 1984 Jane Zuroff 1990

Red and Gold Club Gifts to the College under $100 Diane Abis Joseph Abramo


1987 1982


Bennett Abrams George Ackerman Andrew Adams Carol Adams Lawrence Adamski Eileen Ahle Pervez Ahmed Concetta Aiosa Carol Aitken Brigitte Alamo Alan Paul Accessories, Inc. Albert Albrizio Michele Alcalde John Alex Eric Alleyne Mary Altendorfer Diann Alway Joseph Amato Karen Amato Malisse Carolyn Amdurer American Express American Quality Consulting Amersham Health Mark Amodio Birthe Andersen Steven Andersen Andersen Foundation P. Wayne Andre Elaine Andrews Neil Andrito Brenda Anthony-Jones Lisa Antropow Bethany Apel George Apriceno Debra Archimbaud Susan Arnone Richard Aronson Juan Arroyo Richard Auerbach Dana Autenrieth AXA Foundation Gregory Axel-Lute Anne Ayala Patricia Ayres Kathleen Azzara William Babicz Joan Badin Gail Bado Sheryl Bagalio Diane Bagner Laura Bahto Carl Baker Michael Baker Claudia Bakhtiary Nader Bakhtiary Catherine Bales Oscar Balin Louis Baram Kimm Barfield Kenneth Barile Michael Barr Elizabeth Barrett Virginia Barrett Louis Barriale David Bauer Marialisa Bazela James Becher Christopher Beck Alfred Becker Mary Bedder Brian Begin Susan Behrens Linda Beisty Caroline Belbo Thomas Belcher Lisa Bell Christian Beltran Melissa Benjamin Jonathan Benoit Bruce Berardi Silvia Berastain Sharon Beres-Bowen Robert Berger Nicholas Bernice Todd Berry Carole-Ann Bersano Mary Ann Berthrong Claire Bertollo Noreen Best Michael Bialek Andrea Bills-Hoilett Vincenza Biribin Margaret Bischoff Florence Bishop Patricia Bishop Nancy Bison Donna Blocher Richard Bodek Csilla Bodnar Barbara Bolger Brad Bollen Corinne Boniello Jeffrey Bonn Michele Bontya Gary Borowiec Robert Botti Waffaa Bourmaf

1991 1984 1994 1989 2002 1973 1982 1996 1998 1998 1996 1975 1995 1981 1976

1986 1981 1987 1976 1976 1977 2002 1986 1989 1984 1984 1998 1977 1979 2002 2002 1976 2002 1983 1994 1988 1997 1997 1999 1997 1989 1993 1992 1981 1986 1975 1975 1987 1985 1997 2000 1985 2000 1983 1979 1995 1997 1983 2002 2002 1990 1983 1990 2002 2001 1988 1991 1997 1976 1995 2001 1991 2001 1977 1990 1997 2000 1975 2000 2002 1994 2002 1989

Todd Bouverot Roseann Bowerman Ronald Boyce Kurt Bozenmayer Vivian Bozza Francois Bradford Bruce Bradley Gordon Bramwell Jennifer Branin Thomas Brattvet Amy Bravo Christopher Brawley Chandra Braxton Steven Braybrook Steven Breeman Cynthia Brennan Donna Brennan Gerald Brennan Maryann Brett Matthew Brinton Dot Brodkowitz Milton Brodkowitz Geraldine Brophy William Brophy Michael Brower Gayle Brown Todd Brown Yvonne Brown Marcia Browne Kathleen Bruinooge Wally Brunetti Phyllis Bruno Helen Brunoff Ann Bucenec Ann Bufardeci Richard Burch Thomas Burdel Jennie Burgos Joseph Burke Louis Burkhardt Gael Burman Shaun Burstein Luis Bustamante Sharon Butler Robert Caccamo Mildred Cadicamo Joseph Cadillac Katya Calixtro Michael Cammarano Walter Camuso Jonathan Canter Tracy Cappeluti Robert Capra Lucille Caputo Mr. & Mrs. John Cardosa Carol Cardoza John Carey Eileen Carmody Laura Carn Joan Carnevale Elisa Carnicelli Hugh Carola Mark Caselli David Castaldo Carol Ann Castelbuono Giuseppe Castellano Elida Castro Louis Catanese Yahkup Cavas Asdrubal Cedeno Frantz Celestin Laura Chaffee Richard Chamberlain Monica Chammings Christopher Check Andrew Chermark Thomas Chernowetz Joseph Chervony Joseph Chester Lorraine Chouinard Susan Christopher Marie Cicirello Andrew Cilderman Margaret Cinquegrana Mark Ciocco David Claeys Cornelius Clarke John Clary Michael Clay Coca-Cola Company Jean Coe Mark Cohen Andrea Colangelo Heather Colletti Elaine Collins Joseph Collins Richard Collins Patricia Conklin Karen Conkling Doreen Conlon Michele Conlow Leslie Connolly Peter Connolly Jason Conrad Patricia Conrad Ruth Contreras Alice Conway

1998 1976 1977 1982 1995 1975 2001 2002 1979 1996 1999 1991 2002 1999 1973 1991 1973 1973 1996 1999 1977 1977 1999 1983 1988 1993 1978 1986 1995 1976 1994 1980 1984 1982 1987 1987 1991 1977 2002 2002 2000 1984 1977 1988 2001 1995 2002 2002

1988 1976 1996 2001 1986 2002 1980 1982 1984 1998 1990 2000 1995 1994 2002 2002 1998 1990

1976 1985 1976 1997 1982 1973

1975 1977 2002 1985 1975 1993 1998 2002 1997 1975 1987 2002 1982 1977




(2002 Annual Fund continued)

Glenn Cooperman 1989 Ronald Cornella 1976 Steven Corodemus 1980 Jennifer Correa 2002 Almiro Correia Brian Corvino 1999 Mary Coscia 2000 Cathy Cosenza 1999 Teresa Costa 1998 Robyn Cowlan 1986 Carole Cowles 1982 Brian Crane 2001 Christopher Crawford 1994 Tim Creadick 1984 Christopher Crescenzo 1993 Andrew Cross 1999 Lisa Crotti 2002 Jason Crowe 1999 Eleanor Crowley 1985 Frank Cuccio 1985 Gretchen Cuccio 1988 Margaret Cugini 1993 Craig Culuko 1994 Jean Cunningham 1985 Edgar Curtiss 1993 Barbara Cutler 1990 Angela Cuzzo 2002 Dorothy Dabbs 1977 Michele Dagle 1997 Rebecca Daino 2002 Robert Dally 1999 Paul Dannenfelser 1982 Ann Davaris 1998 Ann Davey 1974 Mayra David 2002 Saul David 1973 Cynthia Davis 1978 Vivian Davis 1993 Jon-Michael De La Cruz 2002 Louis De Molli Jon De Stefano 1977 Nancy De Vries 1977 Kyle DeBoer 2000 Gregory Deeg Lisa Degelman 1988 John De Gennaro Timothy Dekoker 1979 Nancy Del Moro 2001 Catherine Delcolliano 2000 Diane Delgado 1984 Toni Delisi 1994 John Della Penna 1994 Laura DeLuca 2002 Michele Demaio 1980 Anthony DeMeo Jr 2002 Rose Demos Loré Denver-Basil 1978 Kenneth Depree Anthony Deprima 1981 Jane DeRosa 1975 Michael DeSessa 2001 Marilyn DeSteno 1983 Helene Devivo Capicotto 1975 George Devonshire 1973 William Devries 1986 Gerald Dey 1975/2001 Gisselle D’Guerra 2002 Maria Diaz 2002 Cristine Dicarrado 2001 Victoria Didrich 2002 Stephen DiGiaimo 1977 Patricia DiGiovanni 1991 Kelly-Ann DiGiulio 2002 James DiLascio John Dill 1993 Christopher Dilling Mary Dinos 1998 Lauren DiOrio 2002 Mary Diserio 1995 Robert Dixon Barbara Doherty 1991 Chantal Doktor 1995 Peter Dolan 1985 Patricia Dolezal 1994 Patricia Domenici Kenneth Domonkos 1974 Dorothy Donovan 1995 Stephen Dooley Patricia Doran 1995 Irene Doudonis 2002 Maureen Dougherty Joseph Douglass 1980 Thomas Dourgarian 1990 Shawn Dowiak 2001 William Downey 1993 Thomas Downs 1980 Chris Drown 1975 Karla Drumm 1981 Joshua Dubnick 1979 Carol Dudonis 1990 A N N UA L R EP O R T 20 02

(2002 Annual Fund continued)

Joseph Duffy Linda Dujack Ian Dunsdon Paul Durante Gary Duryee Kurt Dutschmann Linda Eastman Michael Eddy Selma Edelman Ernest Ehling Elizabeth Ellingsen Ellen Ellis Evan Ellison Kimberly Elmore Cort Engelken Amy Ennis Jan Enthoven Patricia Epstein Catherine Erickson Florence Erickson Kristina Ernst Richard Errante Claudia Esker Gina Esposito Joseph Esposito Christopher Esserman Lillian Essex Eveline Etienne Donald Evans Hollis Even Dorothy Faasse Mercedes Fabor Brian Fabrykant Scott Fairbanks Margaret Falcon Michael Falcone Barbara Faresich Jillian Farrell Don Faruolo Christopher Fasulo Shelly Fedor Patrick Feenaghty Robert Felber Arthur Felix Scott Felmley Scott Fener Karen Feola Frank Ferdetta Michael Ferrante Salvatore Ferrante Carol Ferrero Angeolina Ferreyra James Finch Marie Finnegan Maureen Fiori Lisa Firenze Barbara Fisher Efim Fishman Harvey Fishman Charles Flannery Joseph Florio Karen Flynn Michael Fober Patricia Foley Steven Folkertsma Lori Force Brian Forsythe Rita Fortunato Paul Forziati Ronald Fotiu Ronique Fougha-Hicks Catherine Fowler Scangarella Ryan Fox Laura Fracchia-Riviello Gary Frasco Nancy Freibaum Monica Friedberg Warren Friedland Alan Friedman Lora Friedman Arlene Funiciello Maureen Gaffney Mary Gagnon Cindy Galarcep Linda Gallo Casburn Galpin Mauricio Garcia Anthony Gargani Thomas Gartner Bruce Gaunt Laura Geberth Riva Geer Claudia Gentner Alissa Gervera Brian Giblin Curtis Gibson Neil Gibson Nicholas Giglio Catherine Gilmartin Cailyn Gilvary

1981 1975 2002 1998 1994 1998 1991 1977 1986 1980 1992 2002 1974 1984 1987 1981 1981 1976 1997 1975 1977 2000 2000 1978 1983 1976 1986 2002 2002 1982 1995 1995 2002 1976 1995 1994 1975 2002 1980 1986 1977 1977 1977 1990 2002 1980 1997 1986 1990 1981 1998 1996 2000 1983 1996 1981 2001 1985 1996 2002 2001 1974 2000 1979 1999 1998 1986 1996 1981 1976 2000 2001 1980 1989 1991 1977 2002 1999 2001 1978 1999

Vincent Gimmelli Brenda Gingerelli Roger Girardin Sandra Girault Eileen Giunta Barbara Given Charles Givonetti Barbara Glass Darlene Glayat Sheryl Glovin Adrienne Glubo Luthgarda Go Kenneth Gobbo Lisa Gobolos Sharon Godbolt Arlene Goldberg Ira Goldklang Roberta Goldstein Marie Gomez Corissa Gondecki Linda Gonska Lenora Gonzales Daniel Gonzalez Ronald Gonzalez Richard Goodman Phyllis Goodwin Amy Gordon Joseph Gordon Edwin Gordon Michael Gordon Ken Gorman Arthur Gosselin Kathleen Gosselink Gerianne Gourlay Gwendolyn Grace Beatrice Graham Dena Granelli Debra Greco Phyllis Greenberg Madeline Greene Noeline Grefrath Donald Griego Elizabeth Grieve Sheila Griffin William Griffin Glenn Grillo Jane Grinch Catherine Gross Laura Grube Sara Gruber Christopher Guddemi Margaret Guiteras Margaret Gulick Elaine Gustenhoven Tana Hacken Eric Hague Ruth Halkuff Grant Hall Juliana Hall Eleanor Hallstrom Patricia Hamara Tracey Hamlin Pete Hammerschmidt Aidan Hand John Haney Laura Hanisch William Hanisch Helen Harrington Darleen Harris Hartford Christina Hartman Dawn Hawthorne Amy Hayenhelm Lauren Hayes John Hazekamp Craig Heinzinger Craig Heinzinger Kerry Heiser Stacy Heit W. Lance Hemsarth Carol Henderson Angela Hendricks Gina Hennessey Mary Hennessey Mark Henni Francis Hennion Janet Herlihy Dolores Herrick Tammy Herrmann Edward Herter Jordan Heykoop Henry Heyzer Timothy Hickey Kate Higgins Jeffrey Hill Richard Hobatuk Elissa Hochman Susan Hodge Sandra Hoff Bjarne Holden


1990 1996 1980 2002 1996 1986 1984 1974 1984 1983 1974 1989 1982 1984 1992 1980 2000 2002 1986 1998 2002

2002 1982 1985 1986 1994 1987 1995 1994 1999 1992 1993 1998 1997 1980 1992 1978 1973 1984 1983 1982 1976 1999 2001 1982 1990 1985 1982 1978 1984 1978 1998 1982 2002 2002 2001 1998 1991 1996 1979 1977 1993 1989 2001 1985 1977 1985 1998 2002 1987 1996 1975 1990 1977 1988 1989 1985 1989 1976 1999 1987 2002 1986 2002 2002 1978 1995 1978 1993 1998 2001

Jennifer Holland 1998 Donna Hook 1982 Linda Hopper 1985 Richard Hopper 1985 Tiffany Hoskins 1994 Richard Howell Christina Hunter 2001 Ronald Hurley 1985 Shlomo Hury Leslie Hutcheson 2002 Walter Hutchinson 2002 Lynne Hutnik 1987 Karen Huysers 1980 Oklan Hwang 1982 Jerry Ianni 1989 Frances Ibanez 1977 Juan Ibanez 1977 Lynn Idehen 1993 Gregory Inguanti Richard Irwin 1980 Brian Ivory 2002 Mark Jakubek 1985 Anthony Jannicelli 1976 Stefanie Jaskula 2002 Geoffrey Jenkins 2002 Sunilda Jimenez Natalie Johnsen 1983 Wayne Johnson Linda Johnson 1999 Maryann Johnston 1998 Manshi Joisher 2002 Debora Jones 1981 Julia Jones 1983 Kenneth Kaeumlen 1997 Joan Kaldawi 1987 Harold Kalleberg Maureen Kalmbach 1990 Ashima Kapoor 2001 Nicholas Karadimas 1991 Janis Karlin 1996 Dale Karlson 1979 Trisha Karolewicz 2002 Elaine Karpovich 1985 Gary Kasper 2002 Cherrie Lou Kassem Elyssa Kates 1996 John Katirgis 1998 George Kauffmann Edward Kaufman 1983 Satish Kauta 1995 Matthew Kayan 2001 Sandra Kaye 1977 Geraldine Kearns 1997 Patrick Keller 1994 Carolyn Kelly 1986 Christine Kelly 1989 Louis Kelly Clifford Kempton Lucille Kent 1983 William Kerwin 1975 Judith Keyes 2000 Mona Khalid 1989 Patricia Kibildis 1997 Sentelle Kinard 1977 Kathleen Kirby 2002 John Kirby Heather Klatt 2000/2001 Adam Klein 1996 Murray Klein Donna Knutsen 1977 Carol Kobbe 1985 John Kober 1996 Jacob Kollakuzhiyil 1993 Diane Kostick 1980 Daniel Kotkin 2002 Demetrios Koutroubinis Joseph Kraatz James Kraft 1985 Asher Kramer 1975 Jennifer Kraner 1996 Richard Krassy 2001 Freda Kreiner 1989 Brian Kuehnapfel 1975 Steven Kuiken 2000 Warren Kupfer 1984 Gregory Kurilla Louis Kwiatkowski 1994 L & L Billing John La Russo 1989 Craig Lacaruba 1974 Stephanie Lackowitz 2001 Jeanette Laforet 2002 Denise Laforgia 2000 Laura Lai-Minteer Peter Lakawicz 1977 Jean Lamberty 1985 Kathleen Lampeter 1983 Brian Landau 1985 Gregory Langan 1977 Assaf Langer 2002

James Lanning Elizabeth Lapham Lucille Lasala Howard Lasky Madeleine Latham Andrew Latincsics John Latini Andriette Latronico Gregory Lawless Doris Lazur Christina Leber Luanne Lee Joseph Leeb John Legrande Paul Leonard Tamara Lesman Kenneth Leuer Thomas Leusen Henry Levenstein Ira Levinton Susan Lewicki Brian Lewis Eugene Lewis Mitchell Licata Claire Lichack Kathleen Lichtstein Lorraine Lillis Robert Lillis Chris Linnartz Edward Linnartz Claire Lisa Lawrence Lish Ted Liszewski Samuel Litt Dorothy Livaudais Donald Loberfeld Greta Lochen Peter LoCurto Jeffrey Lodewick David Lombard Mr. & Mrs. John Lombardini Maria Lopez Melody Lopez Jennifer Lorencovitz Timothy Lorencovitz Heather Lorenzo Maria Lorenzo Louis Lotito Antoinette Louttit Jeanine Louttit Neal Ludeke Henry Luensmann Raymond Luisi Julie Lutz Richard Lutz David Lydon Karen Lynch Sean Lynch Kenneth Lyons Patricia MacKay Jeanne Mackay Ripp Nicholas Madensky Edward Madura Kathleen Magennis Christine Maggio Serfuddin Mahmood Donald Mahoney Michael Mahoney Todd Mahoney Shannon Maier Steve Makoski Dmitri Malikhin Krista Malizia Leslie Malone Mary Jane Malone Craig Maloney Lauren Malora Todd Malora Albert Malyso Angela-Artemis Mangano Lisa Mangieri Jamie Mantone Lisa Maranella Thomas Marciniak Paul Marengo Joyce Maresca Matthew Margolies Judith Margolin Matthew Marino Sharon Marotti Barbara Marshall Staci Marshall Justin Marsling Cheryl Martin Jeffrey Martin Tracey Martin Adrienne Martini Ronald Marulli Michele Mascola Roger Mason

1982 1973 1978 1982 1989 1977 1981 1985 1978 2001 1974 1983 2001 2002 1998 2001 1976 1999 1990 1980 1981 1997 1992 1977 1978 1994 1983 1985 1992 1994 1980 1996 1996 1989 1976 1992 1995 1994 1995 2002 1997 1987 1996 1980 1988 1980 1999 1995 1982 1994 1976 1981 1983 2001 2000 1977 2002 1973 1978 2000 2002 2002 1991 1993 2002 1979 1979 1998 1987 2001 1988 1995 1985 1986 2002 1985 1981 1997 2000 2001 1995 1995 1997 1978 2002

John Massaro 1985 Chris Massie 1985 Patricia Mastellon 2000 James Mastrogiovanni Patricia Matallana 2002 Paul Materia Kristan Mathews 1998 Josette Mathieu 1986/1991 Mary Mathisen Philip Mattia Kimberly Mattson 1993 Donna Maurice-Hoffman 1990 Barbara Mavrovitis 1996 Lawrence Mawn Beverly Mayser 1994 Michael McCambridge 1993 Kelly McCloskey 1991 Janine McCormack 1999 Linda Mccormack 2000 Mary McCormick 1993 Mary McCusker 1999 Valerie McDermott 1980 Michael McDonald 1978 Penny McDonald 1984 Thomas McDonough 1976 Jerrold McDowell Edwina McEntyre 1983 Mary McFadden 1977 Frederick Mcgarril 2000 Brian McGrath Erin McGrath 2002 Patrick McHugh 1986 James McKeon 1984 Hazel Mcleod 2000 Thomas McManus Bart Meehan Melissa Meehan 2000 Matthew Meenan 1986 Steven Melamed 1992 Heather Melnick 2002 Eric Melniczek 1997 Rosalie Mendel 1986 Mercedes-Benz USA, Inc. Merck Company Foundation Claire Mercurio 1980 Edwin Merrill 1973 Richard Mersitz 1983 Mary Ellen Mertz 1984 Marybeth Milius 2001 Catherine Miller 1991 Joanne Miller 1980 Melanie Miller 1991 Patrice Miller 1988 Rosemary Miller 1999 Kevin Mills 2002 Garo Mimaryan 2002 James Miner 1996 Theresa Miner 1993 Cynthia Minervini 1996 Joseph Minervini R Paul Minnich 1995 Andria Minto 1997 Erin Mitchell 1979 Zita Mobayed 1999 Jeff Moczydlowski 2002 Robert Moe Monique Mollet 1987 Joseph Monaco 1985 Shirley Montanari 1997 Alexander Montes 2002 Alonzo Moody 1976 Sarah Moody 1988 Claire Mooney 1979 Francine Moran 1987 Jeanne Moran 2000 Laurence Moran 1986 Lisa Moran 1985 Jason Morgan 1998 George Morimoto 2001 Takako Morimoto 1994 Gilbert Morris 1985 Peter Morris 1996 Kathleen Morrissey 1987 Heather Morse 2000 Dennis Mortensen Charles Moscatello 1994 Martine Moscovita 1979 Mona Mosser 1981 Lawrence Mraz 1993 Deborah Mulligan Gerry Mulligan 1992 Lester Mulligan 1978 Thomas Mulligan 1994 Luis Murcia Elizabeth Muroski 2000 Brian Murphy 2000 Catherine Murphy 2000 Mark Murphy 1989 Peter Murphy 1979 Paula Murray 1989

Gary Schlossman John Mutch Darlene Mutchko Donna Mutford-Roxbury Martha Myers Mary Myers Myron & Elaine Adler Foundation Robert Myshkoff Steven Nagengast Christine Nagle Syed Nasir Kenneth Nawoschik Michele Neats Eugene Nekrilov Georgia Nelson Francis Nestor New York Times Company Foundation, Inc Beth Newman Sekema Newton Virginia Newton Tram Nguyen Cristina Niederstrasser Michael Nieves Christopher Niskoch Anthony Njiru Lynn Norcia Elana NorLander Stacey Norris Ilene Nosel Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation Richard Nussbaum Joseph Obiso Christine O’Brien David O’Brien Julie O’Brien Nora O’Brien Patrick O’Brien James O’Connell Andrew O’Connor Robert Oddo Enosh Odera Susan O’Keefe Charles Oksenberg Marypat Olivarius-Imlah Michael O’Neil Caitlin O’Neill Kristie O’Neill Christine O’Neill Vandersnow Dorothy Orth Frank Ortiz Leon Owen Monica Owen Natalie Page Cheri Pagliaro Sara Pagliaro Jose Palicas Barbara Pallotta Kimy Palmer Robert Pantano Dorothy Papa Elaine Papa Marie Papaleo Efrain Pardo Linda Parsells Linda Passori-Brennan Marianne Patino Paul Patoray Rachel Paul Ralph Peet Wilbert Peji John Pela Miriam Peled Alex Pellegrini Janet Pepperted Sheree Perez Wendy Perez Roseann Perkosky Joan Perrone Stephen Pertusiello William Pescevich Lena Peters Joseph Petro Lauren Petrocelli John Petrone Andrei Petrov Elizabeth Petrullo Linda Pfeffer Edward Pfister Pfizer Foundation Georgette Pfund Pharmacia Foundation Marianne Picinic Nikola Picinic Scott Piekarsky Gary Pignata Michael Pignataro Ronald Pires

2002 1984 1978 1999 1993 1987 1997 1994 2001 2000 1975 1978 1989 1999 2000 2000 1990 1991 2002 1998 1978 2002 1999 2000 1973 1992 1989 1985 1989 1982 1994 1986 1999 1996 1985 1975 1979 1979 1995 2002 1999 2001 2002 2001 2002 2002 1998 1989 2002 2002 2002 1987 1982 1999 1996 1999 1976 1979 2000 1984 2001 1984 2001 1978 1980 2001 1992 1981 1974 2002 1974 1999 1983 1999 1975 1984 1998 1983 1990 1981

Robert Pisaeno Pitney Bowes Julie Pitonak 2002 Donald Ploch 1999 Mikhail Plotsker Margaret Plumhoff Florio 1986 Liselotte Pobieczky 1995 Alex Poehlemann Joan Policastro 1977 Ruth Polifrone 2001 Joseph Ponsi Stephen Posten 1975 Elaine Potes Michael Potter 1993 Barbara Powers 1981 Rose Prager 1979 Sadie Prince 1997 Keith Progebin 2000 Serena Provenzano 1991 Public Service Electric & Gas Company Jerryl Pulis 1996 Susan Pulis 1975 Douglas Puzio 1977 Luigi Quaglia 2002 Alfred Quattrocchi Kathleen Quintero 1993 Sharon Rachbach 2002 Veronica Raddin Richard Ranaudo 2002 Richard Rapetti 1977 Robert Ravener Reckitt Benckiser, North America Geraldine Regan 1997 Clifford Regenye Mildred Reicher 1989 Travis Reid Dina Reilly 1999 Patricia Reiners 2000 Brendan Rempel 1990 Karen Remy 1997 Mandolin Restivo 1999 Klara Reznik 2000 Gloria Riccardello Linda Ricci-Bell 1985 James Rice Kasoon Ricketts 1999 Kevin Riebesell Dolores Rigg 1985 William Riker Jason Riker 2002 Alexis Rinaldi 1982 Nancie Rinaldi 1980 Cheryl Ringelheim 1978 Dawn Riordan 1985 David Riscinti 1981 Joshua Ritter 2002 Kathleen Ritter 1992 Carol Rivas Sandra Rivera 2000 Victor Rivera John Rizzo 1977 Margaret Rizzo 1978 Mary Roberto 1981 Ronald Robinson Kyoung Robinson 1993 Roche John Rodriguez 1976 Zulina Rodriguez 1979 Carl Roeck 1979 Jessica Roehrer 1984 Helen Rogers Jennifer Rohrbach 1999 Angelo Romanelli Marjorie Romano 1997 George Romanowski 1994 Stephanie Romanowski 2002 Josephine Romito 1997 Donna Rosenberg Rebecca Rothberg 2002 Robert Rovinsky Jason Rubin 2001 Michael Rubin 1992/1995 Dianne Rude 1994 Kimberly Rude 2002 Maribel Rudecindo 2002 Patricia Ruggiero 2002 Tarajee Russell 2002 Clare Russo 2002 Robert Russo 1984 Ann Rutella 2002 Lisa Ann Ryan 1984 Michael Ryter 2000 Laura Salerno 2002 Theresa Salerno Eric Salsbury 2000 Karen Saluga 1977 Estrella Samaniego Robin Samoilow Jennifer Sandmann 1996


John Sands Al Sanza Judith Sappah Jan Sarnowski Marie Sathananthan Beth Sawickie Denise Sayers Karen Scales Greaney Nick Scarangella William Scarola John Schaefer Eva Schaub Margaret Scheulen Hal Schild Gary Schlossman Frank Schmelz Steven Schmid Edward Schmidt Gudrun Schmidt Adam Schoenberg Helen Schoenknecht Matthew Schulman Louise Schultz William Schultz Brett Schwartz Martin Schwartz Richard Schweighardt Patricia Scott Ralph Scrofani Ruth Sebzda Richard Segal Kathleen Seiden Kathleen Seiden Roland Serwin Ernest Shadow Waltraut Shadow Karla Shanahan Edward Shannon Scott Shapiro Eileen Sharp Thomas Shaw Jonathan Sheehy Robert Shepard Anthony Shillingford Paul Shnyder Kelley Shuart Michael Shumer Eugene Sieglitz Siemens Corporation Evelyn Silver Judith Silver Raymond Simnor Janet Simon Wendy Simonis Michael Simpson Amy Skinner Joan Sloane Barbara Smith Christopher Smith Diane Smith Lauren Smolinsky Fred Smolinsky James Sneddon Seri Snyder Gregory Soboleski Nancy Soboleski Lawrence Soehnel Karl Soehnlein Thomas Sommers Diane Sondej David Sonshine Carole Soria Robert Sosnowski Frank Spaccarotella Jill Sparling Anderson Sherill Spellman Susan Spencer Janice Speranza Amparo Spielholz Raymond Spinella Robert Spinelli Benjamin Spivack John Spond Patrice Squillante Geri Squire Frank Stack John Stancarone Thomas Stark Robert Steiner Lisa Stephen Jill Stewart Maria Stika Thomas Stika Cynthia Stille Tracy Stirpe Frank Strano Cynthia Strom Suzanne Sturtevant Ronald Suchodolski John Sudol

1989 1980 2001 1983 1987 1999 1989 1983 1986 2000 1994 1982 1977 2002 1991 2002 1998 1998 1990 1981 2002 1976 1980 2000 1981 1983 1986 1986 1973 1985 1975 1988 1985 1981 1979 1979 2002 1999 1984 1997 1991 1984 1978 1976 1977 2002 2002 2002 1973 1978 2001 2001 2002 1999 2002 1978 1983 1979 1981 1983 1994 1996 1986 1986 1986 1980 1994 1981 1974

1980 2002 1985 1989 1986 1987 1987 1983 1991 2001 1980

Fumiko Sugahara Debra Suhr Mark Sumner Annie Sunny Orazio Suriano Robert Sutherland Marion Sweeney Naomi Swickle Catherine Swords Ellen Tackach Beth Tagliabue Paul Tahan Leonard Tallo Vincent Tamburro Craig Tanay Joyce Taormina Jeffrey Tarleton Robert Taylor Tracey Taylor Sharon Taylor-Daley Jaco Ten Hove Patrick Thaw Adele Thomas Patrick Thomas Saramma Thomas Ginger Thompson Terasa Thompson Harry Thomson Mark Tibak Michael Tiedemann Patricia Timony Harold Tippy Jeffrey Titelius Gregory Tomalesky John Tomaszewski H. Marina Topken Jennifer Torpey Jean Torres Debora Tracey Anthony Traina Tuan Tran Maria Trapani Elizabeth Triantafilidis Moshe Trinz Vincenzo Tripoli Robert Trubac Kenneth Tucci Harvey Turer Valerie Turer Marilyn Turnamian Kerry Uhler Douglas Ulbrich Jiro Umemoto Unilever United States, Inc Thomas Ursetti USAA Matching Gift Fund San Antonio Area Cathy Vacirca John Valentine Jaclyn Van Blarcom Donna Van Cleef Sharon Van der Veen Dawn Van Dorpe Dona Van Dyke Joyce Van Dyke Kathleen Van Loan Andrew Vander Plaats Debra Vangieson Garry Vanheest Patricia VanVliet Mark Vassil Robert Veca Brenda Velez Thomas Venator Sidsel Venger Louis Venosa Felicia Venutolo Cowie Tara Verbovsky Verizon Communications Richard Vetterlein Anamarie Vidaic Thomas Vilardi Edward Villegas Stephen Vinciguerra Helen Von Glahn Richard Vonfrolio Wachovia Foundation Judy Wagman Inge Wagner Richard Wagner Virginia Walker Warren Wallis John Walsh John Walsh Kathleen Walsh Yun Wang Nicole Warren Washington Center for Psychotherapy Christopher Watt Donna Weber Robert Weber

1995 1986 1993 1996 1982 1986 1983 1979 1990 1973 1976 2001 1994 1996 1991 2000 1982 1989 2001 1980 1994 1993 1985 1995 1995 1999 1990 2002 1987 1999 1994 1999 2001 2001 2000 2001

1985 1989 1976

1982 1975 1980 2002 2001 1994 2000 1992 1986 1981 1995 1993 1974 1993 1992 1980 1998 1980 1989 1986 2002 1983 1995 1986 1981 1998 1985 1997 1983 1986 1981 1977 2000 1987 1997 2002 1989 2001 1988




(2002 Annual Fund continued)

Kathleen Webster 1986 Donald Weekes 1975 Jeffrey Weil 1983 Chaim Weisman 1993 Daryl Weiss 1995 Julie Weissbach 2002 Dianne Weisselberg-Harelick 1993 Sophi Weitz 1985 Daniel Weldin 1996 Patricia Wellington 1979 Cynthia Wellins 1996 Mark Wendrychowicz 1993 Deborah West 1988 Barry Weston Edward Wetzel Christa Whalen 1976 Michelle White 1998 Nancy White 2000 Viva White 2001 Jayne Whitley 1981 Frederick Wickemeyer 1975 Rosemary Wiegartner 1977 Jonathan Wiener 1990 Eileen Wildey 1990 Annemarie Williams 1980 Patricia Williams 1984/2000 Richard Wilson Iris Wilson 1995 Caroline Winter 1995 Veronica Wisniewski 1998 Francis Wohlrab Scott Wolfe Michael Wolthoff 2001 Robin Woltjen 1975 Susan Woods Thomas Woodward 1992 Izabella Wozniak 2001 Stephanie Wright 2002 Wyckoff Auto Stanley Wyka Diana Yacobi 1990 Michael Yacuk 2002 Maureen Yasso Lorna Yerkes 1990 Mary Rose Younghouse 2000 Richard Yurman Anne Zaikowski 2002 Eitan Zamonski 1998 Irene Zander 1977 James Zangara John Zelenoy 1983 Carol Zepatos 2000 Robert Zicker 1984 Marianna Zilizi 1978 Matthew Zimmerman 1998 Robert Zinn 1975 Arthur Zirpoli 1983 Lucille Zirpoli 1984 Howard Zuckerman 1973 Gerald Zurawiecki 1976 Eric Zweigbaum 1996 Raymond Zylstra 1986

Senior Gift Drive Concetta Aiosa 2002 Brenda Anthony-Jones 2002 Gregory Axel-Lute 2002 Anne Ayala 2002 Kathleen Azzara 2002 Christian Beltran 2002 Melissa Benjamin 2002 Bernard Bernesser 1989/2002 Nicholas Bernice 2002 Corinne Boniello 2002 Michele Bontya 2002 Waffaa Bourmaf Jennifer Branin 2002 Steven Braybrook 2002 Gael Burman 2002 Shaun Burstein 2002 Jonathan Canter 2002 Tracy Cappeluti 2002 Elisa Carnicelli 2002 Laura Chaffee 2002 Monica Chammings 2002 Heather Colletti 2002 Karen Conkling 2002 Jason Conrad 2002 Jennifer Correa 2002 Lisa Crotti 2002 Angela Cuzzo 2002 Michele Dagle 1997 Rebecca Daino 2002 Jennifer Damiano 2002 Mayra David 2002 Jon-Michael De La Cruz 2002 Laura DeLuca 2002 Anthony DeMeo Jr 2002 Gisselle D’Guerra 2002 Maria Diaz 2002 Victoria Didrich 2002 Kelly-Ann DiGiulio 2002 Lauren DiOrio 2002 Irene Doudonis 2002 Ian Dunsdon 2002 S P RI N G 2 00 2

(2002 Annual Fund continued)

Kimberly Elmore Mercedes Fabor Brian Fabrykant Jillian Farrell Scott Fener Lisa Firenze Laura Fracchia-Riviello Alissa Gervera Sandra Girault Corissa Gondecki Daniel Gonzalez Amy Gordon Patricia Hamara Tracey Hamlin Craig Heinzinger Erika Henao Jordan Heykoop Timothy Hickey Kate Higgins Leslie Hutcheson Walter Hutchinson Brian Ivory Stefanie Jaskula Geoffrey Jenkins Manshi Joisher Trisha Karolewicz Gary Kasper Kathleen Kirby Daniel Kotkin Jeanette Laforet Assaf Langer Tamara Lesman Brian Lewis Maria Lorenzo Christine Maggio Shannon Maier Dmitri Malikhin Craig Maloney Matthew Marino Michele Mascola Patricia Matallana Erin McGrath Heather Melnick Kevin Mills Garo Mimaryan Jeff Moczydlowski Alexander Montes Darlene Mutchko Christopher Niskoch Elana NorLander Caitlin O’Neill Dorothy Orth Leon Owen Monica Owen Cheri Pagliaro Sara Pagliaro Barbara Pallotta Robert Pantano Lauren Petrocelli Julie Pitonak Luigi Quaglia Sharon Rachbach Richard Ranaudo Jason Riker Joshua Ritter Jessica Roehrer Stephanie Romanowski Rebecca Rothberg Kimberly Rude Maribel Rudecindo Patricia Ruggiero Tarajee Russell Clare Russo Ann Rutella Laura Salerno Steven Schmid Adam Schoenberg Brett Schwartz Jonathan Sheehy Wendy Simonis Michael Simpson Amy Skinner Lauren Smolinsky Seri Snyder Marty Spitz Lisa Stephen John Tomaszewski Jean Torres Jaclyn Van Blarcom Tara Verbovsky Nicole Warren Julie Weissbach Stephanie Wright Michael Yacuk Anne Zaikowski

2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 1994 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002

Ramapo Parent Fund Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Abrams Mr. & Mrs. George Ackerman Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Adamski

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Albrizio Mr. & Mrs. Richard Aronson Mr. & Mrs. Dana Autenrieth Mr. & Mrs. William Babicz Mr. & Mrs. Michael Baker Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Balin Mr. & Mrs. Louis Baram Mr. & Mrs. Michael Barr Mr. & Mrs. David Bauer Christian Beltran Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Berardi Silvia Berastain Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Bernice Anne Bivona Mr. & Mrs. Marc Blumenthal Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bodek Mr. & Mrs. Robert Botti Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Bradley Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Brewer Mr. & Mrs. Michael Brower Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cammarano Mr. & Mrs. Walter Camuso Mr. & Mrs. Robert Capra Lucille Caputo Mr. & Mrs. John Cardosa Mr. & Mrs. Edward Carletto Mr. & Mrs. Mark Caselli Elida Castro Mr. & Mrs. Richard Chamberlain Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Chernowetz Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Chervony Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Chester Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Cilderman Margaret Cinquegrana Mr. & Mrs. John Clary Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clay Andrea Colangelo Mr. & Mrs. Tom Conneely Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Connolly Patricia Conrad Mr. & Mrs. Almiro Correia Robert Cottignies Mr. & Mrs. Fred Damiano Mr. & Mrs. Louis De Molli Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Deeg Mr. & Mrs. John De Gennaro Rose Demos Michael Demshock Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Depree Mr. & Mrs. James DiLascio Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Dilling Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dixon Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dooley Maureen Dougherty Mr. & Mrs. Gary Duryee Mr. & Mrs. Evan Ellison Eveline Etienne Mr. & Mrs. Michael Falcone Shelly Fedor Mr. & Mrs. Robert Felber Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ferdetta Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ferrante Marie Finnegan Efim Fishman Karen Flynn Mr. & Mrs. Alan Friedman Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Galton Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gargani Mr. & Mrs. Brian Giblin Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Gibson Adrienne Glubo Luthgarda Go Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gonzalez Richard Goodman Phyllis Goodwin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gordon Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Gordon Mr. & Mrs. W. Lance Hemsarth Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. Richard Howell Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Hult Mr. & Mrs. Shlomo Hury Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Inguanti Mr. & Mrs. John Jansen Sunilda Jimenez Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kalleberg Mr. & Mrs. George Kauffmann Mr. & Mrs. Louis Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Kempton Mr. & Mrs. John Kirby Mr. & Mrs. Murray Klein Demetrios Koutroubinis Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kraatz Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kurilla Mr. & Mrs. Paul Laino Mr. & Mrs. Howard Lasky Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Leeb Mr. & Mrs. Henry Levenstein Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Lish


Mr. & Mrs. Donald Loberfeld Mr. & Mrs. John Lombardini Maria Lopez Mr. & Mrs. Sean Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jester Mr. & Mrs. Serfuddin Mahmood Mr. & Mrs. Steve Makoski Mr. & Mrs. John Malone Mr. & Mrs. Albert Malyso Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Marciniak Judith Margolin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Marko Roger Mason Mr. & Mrs. John Masterson Mr. & Mrs. James Mastrogiovanni Mr. & Mrs. Paul Materia Mary Mathisen Philip Mattia Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Mawn Mr. & Mrs. Jerrold McDowell Mr. & Mrs. Brian McGrath David McGuigan Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Gordon Mr. & Mrs. W. Lance Hemsarth Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. Richard Howell Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Hult Mr. & Mrs. Shlomo Hury Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Inguanti Mr. & Mrs. John Jansen Sunilda Jimenez Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kalleberg Mr. & Mrs. George Kauffmann Mr. & Mrs. Louis Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Kempton Mr. & Mrs. John Kirby Mr. & Mrs. Murray Klein Demetrios Koutroubinis Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kraatz Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kurilla Mr. & Mrs. Paul Laino Mr. & Mrs. Howard Lasky Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Leeb Mr. & Mrs. Henry Levenstein Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Lish Mr. & Mrs. Donald Loberfeld Mr. & Mrs. John Lombardini Maria Lopez Mr. & Mrs. Sean Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jester Mr. & Mrs. Serfuddin Mahmood Mr. & Mrs. Steve Makoski Mr. & Mrs. John Malone Mr. & Mrs. Albert Malyso Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Marciniak Judith Margolin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Marko Roger Mason Mr. & Mrs. John Masterson Mr. & Mrs. James Mastrogiovanni Mr. & Mrs. Paul Materia Mary Mathisen Philip Mattia Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Mawn Mr. & Mrs. Jerrold McDowell Mr. & Mrs. Brian McGrath David McGuigan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McManus Mr. & Mrs. Bart Meehan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Minervini Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moe Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Mortensen Deborah Mulligan Mr. & Mrs. Luis Murcia Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schlossman John Mutch Donna Mutford-Roxbury Mr. & Mrs. Jose Palicas Kimy Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Peet Alex Pellegrini Lilia Pena Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Pertusiello Mr. & Mrs. William Pescevich Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Petro Nikola Picinic Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pignataro Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pisaeno Mikhail Plotsker Mr. & Mrs. Alex Poehlemann Mr. & Mrs. John Policastro Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ponsi Elaine Potes Mr. & Mrs. James Przyborowski Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Quattrocchi Veronica Raddin Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Regenye Mr. & Mrs. Travis Reid Gloria Riccardello Mr. & Mrs. James Rice Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Riebesell

Mr. & Mrs. William Riker Barbara Ripston Carol Rivas Mr. & Mrs. Victor Rivera Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Romanelli Donna Rosenberg Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rovinsky Theresa Salerno Mr. & Mrs. Estrella Samaniego Robin Samoilow Mr. & Mrs. William Scarola Mr. & Mrs. Hal Schild Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schlossman Mr. & Mrs. Edward Schmidt Kathleen Seiden Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Shillingford Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Sieglitz Gail Signorelli Mr. & Mrs. Barry Smith Mr. & Mrs. Fred Smolinsky Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sommers Mr. & Mrs. Frank Spaccarotella Susan Spencer Janice Speranza Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Spinella Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Spivack Mr. & Mrs. John Spond Frank Stack Mr. & Mrs. John Stancarone Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stark Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Suchodolski Orazio Suriano Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sutherland Mr. & Mrs. Craig Tanay Saramma Thomas Dumitru Tirisi Mr. & Mrs. Harold Tippy Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Tomalesky Maria Trapani Mr. & Mrs. Vincenzo Tripoli Mr. & Mrs. Robert Trubac Kenneth Tucci John Tyszkiewicz Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Ulbrich Mr. & Mrs. Jiro Umemoto Thomas Varughes Mr. & Mrs. Louis Venosa Roland Viotti Mr. & Mrs. Richard Vonfrolio Inge Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Barry Weston Mr. & Mrs. Edward Wetzel Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Francis Wohlrab Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wolfe Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Wyka Maureen Yasso Mr. & Mrs. Richard Yurman Mr. & Mrs. James Zangara Astra Zeneca

Corporate and Foundation Annual Gifts Ramapo College acknowledges the corporations, foundations and organizations that have supported the following areas of interest: Annual Appeal, Summer Concert Series, Business Network, Business Partners, Distinguished Citizens Dinner, Golf Tournaments, Restricted Annual Scholarships, Endowments, and Restricted Gifts. Abbott Laboratories Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Alan Paul Accessories, Inc. Alans Jaguars of Paramus Ltd., Inc. Allied Health Care Services, Inc. American Express American General Corporation American International Group American Quality Consulting Amersham Health Andersen Foundation Arenson Office Furnishings Armistead Mechanical, Inc. Arthur Andersen, LLP Ashland, Inc. AstraZeneca AT&T AT&T Foundation Automatic Data Processing, Inc. AXA Foundation Bartson Fabrics, Inc. BD Foundation Beattie Padovano Counselors at Law Bergen County Building Construction Trades Council Bestfoods

BMW of North America Inc. BOC Gases Brogan Cadillac of Ridgewood Butler International, Inc. Century 21 Construction Corporation Chilton Memorial Hospital CIT Group Inc Coca-Cola Company Coldwell Banker Comerro, Coppa Architects, PC Commerce Bank/North, N.A. Compaq Computer Corp. Con Edison Construction and Marine Equipment Co., Inc. Czonka & Youhas DAF Products Inc. Damon G. Douglas Company, Inc. Daniell Family Foundation, Inc. Deluxe Check Printers Foundation DialAmerica Marketing, Inc. DMS, Inc. Dollinger & Dollinger Edward & Stella Van Houten Trust Eii, Inc. Elda M. & Joseph Coccia, Jr. Foundation Empire International, LTD Entrope Companies, Inc. Equitable Life Assurance Society ESDAEV LLC Exxon-Mobil Foundation Fidelity Foundation Ford Motor Company GBQC Architects Goldman, Sachs & Co. Grand Marnier Foundation Grant Fire Protection Systems Greater Mahwah Chamber of Commerce Hackensack Anesthesiology Associates., P.A. The Hartford Harwood Lloyd, LLP Heritage Financial Recovery Services Hudson City Savings Bank Hudson United Bancorp Hughes Environmental Engineering Inc, Hunter Associates Hunter Douglas, Inc. IBM Ingersoll-Rand Company Inserra Supermarkets Inc. Insignia/ESG, Inc. Insurance Services Office, Inc. Interchange Bank Irene M. Tribe Trust ITT Industries Jack Daniels Porsche Audi Jack Shainman Gallery Inc. NYC Jaguar North America Jewish Standard Johnson & Johnson Joseph L. Muscarelle Foundation, Inc. Joseph M. Leone Family Fund JP Morgan Chase K. Hovanian Companies Northeast, Inc. Karen A. & Kevin W. Kennedy Foundation Konica Photo Imaging KPMG LLP L & L Billing Lakeland Bancorp Lamart Corporation Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz Levine Family Foundation Lincoln National Foundation Linwood Engineering Associates, PA Mancini Duffy McBride Corporate Real Estate, Inc. McGraw-Hill Foundation, Inc. Meldisco Mercedes-Benz USA, Inc. Merck Company Foundation Merrill Lynch Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. MFS Investment Management & Subsidiaries Minolta Corporation Mobil Foundation, Inc. Murphy Capital Management, Inc. MWW/Strategic Communications, Inc. Myron & Elaine Adler Private Foundation National Food Trading Corporation New Castle Operating Co. #3, Inc. New Jersey Basketball, LLC New York Life Foundation

New York Times Company Foundation, Inc. North Jersey Media Group Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation O‘Connor Davies Munns & Dobbins, LLP Orange & Rockland Pearson Education Perillo Tours Foundation Pfizer Foundation Pharmacia Foundation Pimco Funds Distributors PipeVine, Inc. Pitney Bowes Playtex Products, Inc. PNC Bank Prestige of Ramsey, Inc Price Communications Corporation PRT Associates Prudential Foundation Public Service Electric & Gas Company Reckitt Benckiser, North America Robert G. & Jane V. Engel Foundation Robert W. Stubbs Foundation Roche Rrooff Di Namex Ltd. Sagemark Consulting Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation SEIKO CORPORATION OF AMERICA Seyffer & Skylar, PC Sharp Electronics Corporation Shepherd Foundation Siemens Corporation SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA FOUNDATION Simply Divine Inc. Sirius Technology, L.L.C. Six Continents Hotels SNS Architects & Engineers Sony Electronics Inc. Stanton Foundation Stern Greenberg & Kilcullen Stryker Howmedica Osteonics Syms Corporation TAM Metal Products, Inc. TASDEV, Inc. Temco Service Industries Terminal Construction Corporation The Educational Foundation of America The Hertz Corporation The Valley Hospital Toys ‘R Us Children’s Fund, Inc. Trust for Mutual Understanding TWIN Management Forum Tyco Capital Corporation (NJ) UBS PaineWebber Inc. ULRICH Inc. - Custom Kitchens & Baths Unilever United States, Inc. United Parcel Service United Parcel Service Foundation United States Transfer Corp. United Way of Bergen County Urban Farms, Inc. USAA Matching Gift Fund San Antonio Area Verizon Communications Vista Management, LLC VTS Travel Wachovia Foundation Washington Center for Psychotherapy Westfield ShoppingtownGarden State Plaza William H. Donner Foundation, Inc. Willis North America, Inc. Winne, Banta, Rizzi, Hetherington & Basralian Wolff & Samson, P.A. Wood Company Wyckoff Auto

Matching Gift Companies Abbott Laboratories Air Products and Chemicals, Inc American Express American General Corporation American International Group Amersham Health Andersen Foundation AstraZeneca Automatic Data Processing, Inc. AXA Foundation BD Foundation Bestfoods BOC Gases Coca-Cola Company Con Edison Deluxe Check Printers Foundation

Exxon-Mobil Foundation Fidelity Foundation Guardian Life Insurance Company Hartford IBM ITT Industries Johnson & Johnson JP Morgan Chase Lincoln National Foundation McGraw-Hill Foundation, Inc. Mercedes-Benz USA, Inc. Merck Company Foundation Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc Mobil Foundation, Inc. New York Life Foundation New York Times Company Foundation, Inc North Jersey Media Group Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation Pearson Education Pfizer Foundation Pharmacia Foundation Pitney Bowes Prudential Foundation Reckitt Benckiser, North America Roche Siemens Corporation Six Continents Hotels Time Warner Foundation Unilever United States, Inc United Parcel Service Foundation USAA Matching Gift Fund San Antonio Area Verizon Communications Wachovia Foundation

Restricted & Scholarship Gifts Annual Scholarship Funds Myron & Elaine Adler Private Foundation Anonymous Orange & Rockland Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation Toys ‘R Us Children’s Fund, Inc. TWIN Management Forum Wachovia Foundation Louise Benoit Fund Joan Davi 1981 Jochen Heydel Richard Keenan Lincoln National Foundation Sharp Electronics Corporation Berrie Center Grand Marnier Foundation Konica Photo Imaging John Minkoff Jack Shainman Gallery Inc. NYC Carole Rodman Selden Rodman Charles Vialotti Henry Bischoff Excellence in Teaching Award Nancy Mackin Marguerite Morehead Timothy Robinson Daniel F. Boylan Scholarship Gerald Urban 1999 Carole Campana Scholarship Endowment AT&T Foundation Sarah Buckley-Brelvi 1983 Carole Campana Kay Dundorf 1978 Kathryn J. Good Lincoln National Foundation PipeVine, Inc Kendall B. Smith 1974 Lee Weinberg Celtic Investigations Grant William H. Donner Foundation, Inc. Contemporary Arts Dean’s Fund Dorothy Szefc 1985 Culture Club Robert Scott Manfred Edelman Memorial Fund Millicent Anisfield Susan Lamoreaux-Ballanco Nadine Mooers 1990 Environmental Studies Fund Robert G. & Jane V. Engel Foundation Mary K. Fanale Memorial Scholarship James Fanale Abraham & Helene Fishman Social Work Award Helene Fishman 1978


Anne Frank Exhibit Jewish Standard Westfield Shoppingtown Garden State Plaza Jackie & Paul Garber Scholarship Fund Jackie Garber 1975/2002 Paul Garber Sidney J. Geltman Memorial Endowment Emily Geltman Anne Glickman Memorial Endowment Marshall Glickman Teddy Halpern Scholarship Fund Edward Bernstein Lavonne Heydel James Hollenbach Stephen Klein Nancy Mackin Timothy Robinson Barbara Wiklinski Bernice Yampell International Student Scholarship Bernice and Robert Yampell Italian Studies Endowment Elda M. & Joseph Coccia, Jr. Foundation PRT Associates Library Donation SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA FOUNDATION Katherine Liessem Memorial Scholarship Estelle Taffel 1974 LoriAnn Oldenhage Scholarship Fund The Caruso Family Muscarelle Foundation Scholarship Joseph L. Muscarelle Foundation, Inc. NJ Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability AT&T Peter Smouse The Educational Foundation of America Nursing Scholarship Edward & Stella Van Houten Trust Planned Gifts Vitus Stablein 1976 Gary Spivak 1992 Sharon G. Pierson Scholarship Bernard Milano Ramapo College Foundation Scholarship Endowment Bestfoods Cynthia Brennan 1973 Elizabeth Miller Shepherd Foundation Jack Richardson Memorial Award Henry Bischoff Cynthia Brennan 1973 Robert Christopher Martha Ecker Nancy Mackin Timothy Robinson Russian Scholarship Stephen Eley Carol Schaefer Human Services Award Shepherd Foundation School of Administration & Business Mark Shefts Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation Selden & Carole Rodman Collection Catalogue Jonathan Demme Larry Kent Carole Rodman Selden Rodman Dr. Ernest Simon Book Award Endowment Ernest Simon Specialized Services Roche Corporation Summer Concert Series Commerce Bank/North, N.A Friends of Ramapo College Ramapo College Alumni Association W. Peter McBride US/Russia Exchange: Future Sustainability Trust for Mutual Understanding Upward Bound Carol Cohen Lou Massa Women’s Center Sheila Pfafflin

Special Events Gifts Ramapo College gratefully acknowledges these individuals who have supported the following special events: Alumni Fundraisers, Distinguished Citizens Dinner, Golf Tournaments, Performing Arts and Dinner Series, Friends of Ramapo Fundraiser, Holocaust Center Dinner Elaine & Myron Adler Scott & Terry Albracht Keld Alstrup Tony Anderson Millicent Anisfield Joe Asselta Michael Azzara Kathleen Azzara Nader Bakhtiary Claudia Bakhtiary Theresa Battaglia Andrea Behar Robert Bernstein David Berntsen Pamela Bischoff Melissa Bischoff Ken Boglia Gail Brady William Brotherton Timothy & Carol Buhl Edmund Cancelmo James Cavaluzzi Robert & Becky Cella Frederic Champlin Joeen Ciannella Richard Conti Christopher Craven Donna Crawley Juliette Daniels Linda Dator Mauro Dattilo John Del Colle Elaine Del Colle Bartholomew DeLuca John Dengel Elizabeth Dickinson Thomas Dunn Dorothy Echols Tobe Manfred & Joy Edelman Michael English Irene & Robert Feldsott Paul Felsen William Findlay Robert Fink Brian Flynn Peter Forenza Isao Fukuda Daniel Furphy Robert Garrett Marc Goldstein Mark W. Grannon Francis Gregory William S. Guttenberg Michael Hall Joseph Haynes Patricia Hemphill Edward Herter Robert Hiden Benjamin Hobson Lawrence Inserra Joseph Ippolito Roger N. Johnson Ellen Kaiden Joel Kampf A. Gary Katz Geeta Khanna-Gorwara Yong Kim Frances Knight Laura Koch John Kohlhas Edward Kopko Daniel Kotkin James Kraft Frank & Becky Kraus Keith Kulin Donna Lacey Benvenuto Joseph LeMay Joseph Leone Alexander Levine John Lieser John Macejka Nancy Mackin David Mahle Thomas Mahoney Ralph Mancini Emily Mann Robert Mariani Anthony Marino Ernest Maser Robert Mazzella Chuck McBreen

2002 1989 1997




1998 1987


2002 1985 1973





(2002 Annual Fund continued)

W. Peter McBride Thomas McGurn Conrad McMillan Carolyn Merkel 1978 Merrill Lynch Bernard Milano William Miller Nadine Mooers 1990 Laurence Moran 1986 Lisa Moran 1985 Peter Morris 1996 Andrew Mougis William Mulligan Moira Murphy Murphy Capital Management, Inc. Kenneth Neilson Linda Neilson Mark O’Connell Tim O’Hara Thomas & Alice Palmer Judith Peck Stephen Perillo Doris Ann Pezzolla 1993 Sandra Prestifilippo William Rahal Russell Reinhardt Nancy Riggio Timothy Robinson Monica & Michael Rome Daniel Rosen Maura Ryan Murray Sabrin Thomas Saffioti Edward Saiff Albert Salvatico Daniel Saxon Anthony Sciuto Kent Seyffer Todd Siben 1980 James Sorace 1984 Thomas & Joyce Srednicki Bryan Steros 1998 Doris Swenson Rita Tepper Stephen Thompson Robert Tillsley John Underwood Michael Vacca Doris Vacca Martin & Marita Van Vliet Terry Vavra Lynn Vreeland James Wall Judith Webster Edward Weisselberg

Friends of Ramapo Cultural Arts Membership $125 Lynn Bagley Mr. & Mrs. William Briggs Joseph Celentano Elaine Cimis 1991 Lesley DeVore ESDAEV LLC Alan Fedeli Colleen Frobose Milton Halvorsen Miru Ikeda Karin Kaczorova Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kocher Mr. & Mrs. Robert McKenna Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Palmer James Ray David Sharff Richard Sliwinski Mr. & Mrs. Fred Trautmann Judy Webster

Friends of Ramapo Friends Plus $100 Russ Bellew Peter Griffin Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Hazard Barry Herstein Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hoover Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Januski Marianna Kovacs Elzbieta Krzyzanowski Cynthia Medina Nadine Mooers 1990 John Mulcahy Mr. & Mrs. Frank Purcell Col. David & Mrs. Elizabeth Quackenbush 1975 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Repetti Harrison Wood Nancy Yarish AN N UA L R EP OR T 20 02

Friends of Ramapo Special Membership $75

William & Linda Dator Cathy Davey & Ray Corbett

Peter Bolten Emerson Callahan Michael Carrier May Lou Ciavarra Mr. & Mrs. Riccardo Daniele Mr. & Mrs. Irma Demaio Mark DeSimone Daniel Donigian Joan Downie Eloise Fagan Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Fishman Joseph Giro Eileen Hannon Mr. & Mrs. William Harkins Teri Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kerbel Julia Kipke Mr. & Mrs. Vinay Kothari Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Lederer Mr. & Mrs. Mladen Livakovic Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mann Joseph Manus F. James McGilloway Nancy McKeon Jim McKeon Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mullen Robert Mutch, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Nelson Mr. & Mrs. John Nugent Mr. & Mrs. Peterson Andrei Petrov 1999 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Puleo Kanokporn & Nancy Ratanan Mr. & Mrs. Jim Recktenwalt Lauren Saalfeld Mr. & Mrs. Gary Sakamoto Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sementilli Mr. & Mrs. Semigradskaya Mr. & Mrs. Nitin Shah Ashini Shah Stephen Sorkenn Susan Steinberg Mr. & Mrs. Dan Trolaro Robert Ulrich Mr. & Mrs. Goran Vukobratovic

$5,000 – $9,999 Donna Crawley Patricia & Robert Kozakiewicz Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation

Friends of Ramapo General Membership $35 Kathleen Azzara Michael Azzara Robin Steinman Barbara Bolger Mr. & Mrs. John Bristow Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cella Vincent Ciavarra Dr. Anna Debska-Chwaja Salvatore Daccurso Elizabeth Dickinson Peter Galletly Mr. & Mrs. Angel Garcia Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ippolito Frances Knight Wallace Krzeminski Robert LaSalvia Mary Lehmann Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rodriguez Doris Swenson Robert Taylor Jacqueline Tomaselli Mr. & Mrs. J. Watters



Capital Campaign Gifts Sports & Recreation Center Ramapo College acknowledges all gifts, pledges, and bequests to the Capital Campaign, which supports the Sports and Recreation Center. $250,000 – $499,999 Vitus Stablein 1976 Sharp Electronics Corporations $50,000 – $99,999 Damon G. Douglas $25,000 – $49,999 Fred J. Brotherton Foundation $10,000 – $24,999 Thomas & Alice Palmer Drs. Rodney D. Smith & Christina Ramirez-Smith Russ Berrie Foundation Estate of Alfred Battaglia Dr. Pamela Bischoff

$1,000 - $4,999 Dollinger & Dollinger Martin Dollinger, Esq. Todd & Kathleen Austin Nancy and Donald Boone Bonnie D. Franklin Ron & Kathleen Kase Rosa and William Mulryan John & Janet Dengel Iona Agams Ellen Dowling Robin N. Keller The Mooers Family Steven Perry Mark & Donna Singer $500 - $999 Anne Boland & John Tomasicchio Robert & Shirlee Caruso Claudia & Dominic Esker

Capital Campaign Gifts Ramapo College acknowledges all gifts, pledges, and bequests to the Capital Campaign, which supported the Berrie Center, Endowments and Special Projects. $1,000,000 and above Russell Berrie Foundation (Angelica & Russ Berrie) $500,000 - $999,999 BD (Becton Dickinson) Gregory Bukstein Eleanor B. Reiner Foundation Sharp Electronics Corporation US Department of Housing and Urban Development $250,000 - $499,999 Millicent Anisfield Butler International, Inc. Haband Company (Max Habernickel) Kresge Foundation Myron Manufacturing (Elaine & Myron Adler) $100,000 - $249,999 American Home Products Corporation Bergen Record Corporation Martin & Marilyn Blauer Julia Keay-Chanes Meldisco/Footstar John Pickering Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation Sony Electronics Inc. $50,000 - $99,999 CIT Group Inc DialAmerica Marketing, Inc. Duncanson & Holt Group Fleet Bank Follett College Stores Corporation Ingersoll-Rand Company Jaguar Cars Inc. Lucie Kirylak Mann Family Foundation W. Peter McBride Minolta Corporation Reckitt & Benckiser, North American, Inc. Stella Show Management Company Styker Howmedica Osteonics United Parcel Service Volvo Cars of North America, Inc. Wood Company $25,000 - $49,999 Philip M. Anderson III & Ruth Zowader Century 21 Construction Corporation Commerce Bank/North, N.A. Damon G. Douglas Company, Inc. Florence and Fred Thomases Foundation Friends of Ramapo


Hudson United Bancorp Mary Ippolito Frank & Becky Kraus Bernard Milano O’Connor, Davies & Company, LLP Playtex Products, Inc. Summit Bancorp Verizon Communications

$10,000 - $24,999 Armistead Mechanical, Inc. Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Bank of New York— Nat’l Community Division Bayer Corporation, AGFA Division Beattie Padovano Counselors at Law Pamela Bischoff Victoria Bruni Comerro, Coppa Architects, PC Daniell Family Foundation, Inc. Cathleen Davey Exxon-Mobil Foundation Fred J. Brotherton Charitable Foundation Paul & Jackie Garber Mark Grannon Joseph Healy & Jeanne LaChapelle HunterDouglas, Inc. William Kuipers Kurt Versen Company Nancy Mackin & Timothy Robinson Donald Mahoney McBride Enterprises Carolyn Merkel Neuman Distributors, Inc. Ollendorff Family Philanthropic Fund Thomas Palmer Public Service Electric & Gas Company Robert Ripston Robert S. Hekemian Family Foundation Inc. Sharon Rubin Carol Schaefer Robert Scott Rita Tepper Robert Tillsley United Retail, Inc. Jeffrey & Andrea Warren $5,000 - $9,999 Alfred Battaglia Christine Beck Joeen Ciannella Linda Cioppa Deb Di Gregorio & Marilyn Savoya Joan & Tom Dunn E.J. Grassmann Trust Bernard Glickman Greater Mahwah Chamber of Commerce Frances Hackett Derek Hughes Marcal Paper Mills Inc. Stanley Marcus PepsiCo Foundation Donna Quinn Arthur Ramirez James Sorace George Tabback Time Inc. Union Foundation Judith Webster $1,000 - $4,999 Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. William Alagna All Risks Limited Mary Ellen Allison Keld Alstrup American Forum Thomas Ammazzalorso Associated Textile Converters, Inc. Frank AtLee Evelyn Atwater Claudia Bakhtiary Jean Balutanski Gordon Bear BD Foundation (Becton Dickinson) Kenneth Bell Kirk Bennett David Berntsen Henry Bischoff Simon Blom Anne Boland & John Tomasicchio Nancy Boone Allison Boucher Gail Brady

Timothy & Carol Buhl Miki Cammarata Barbara Canace Shirlee & Robert Caruso Robert Cella Frederic Champlin Patrick Chang Christian Health Care Center Robert Christopher Citibank James Clark Class of 1998 Richard Conti Robert Coppenrath Robert Corman & Laura Landy Beatrice & Daniel Cronin Charles D’Agati James D’Agostino August Daquila Linda Dator Paul DeMaio Martin Dollinger Kathryn Dundorf John Durkin Manfred & Joy Edelman Judi Eicher Julius Eisen Robin Endicott James Essig Brian & Diane Flynn David Freund Michael & Wendi Furman Daniel Furphy Dale & Janet Gambil Beverly Gelber Theresa & Joseph Giardino Peter Goetz Marc Goldstein Gralla Family Philanthropic Fund - JCF Guardian Life Insurance Company Kay Gura Hackensack University Medical Center Joseph Haynes Elaine Hendricks John Hsu Hudson City Savings Bank Interchange State Bank Nancy Jaeger James Jaworski Judith Jeney John L and Grace Soldoveri Foundation Johnson & Johnson Barbara Johnson Ellen Kaiden Ronald Kase Andrew Kaslow Donna Knutsen Konica USA, Inc. Ramona Kopacz Korff Foundation Wanda Kosinski Patricia Kozakiewicz Beth Leftwich Rhoda Leshowitz Theodore Lilley Seymour Lipton Scott Lustig Bryant Malcolm Matsushita Electronics Corp. of America Donna Maurice-Hoffman Joseph McCann Margaret McLaughlin Christian Mekarzel Veronica Meletta Joseph Menegus Merck & Company, Inc. Grace Meyer Nadine Mooers Richard Morales-Wright Laurence Moran Marguerite Morehead Carol Morrison MWW/Strategic Communications, Inc. Arnold Mytelka Gerard Nolan Sue Nussbaum Lucille O’Connor Thomas O’Malley Gary Pearl Judith Peck Penwal Affordable Housing Corporation Brenda Perkins Steven Perry Sheila Pfafflin

George Potter Prudential Foundation Harold Rabner Kenneth & Lois Rand Michael Ricciardi Donald Rice Beate Riesterer Earl Ritchie Richard & Phyllis Roberts Johanna Roccanova Christopher Ross Ellen Ross Roukema Committee for Re-election Edward & Roberta Saiff Theodore Sall Howard Schmidt Schwartz Family Foundation SEIKO Corporation of America James & Mary Jane Sexton Frances Shapiro-Skrobe Chung Yu Shen Eileen Sheron Christiana Simon Ruth Spellman David Sypen Katherine Talbird Angelo Tarallo Dorothy Tobe William & Marina Topken Peter & Priscilla VanAulen Warner Wada John Wells James Wessel Western World Insurance Group Barbara Wexler Jay Wholley Elaine Winshell Robert Wood Norma Yueh Nicholas Zoda

$500 - $999 Advertisers Services Group, Inc. American United Life Insurance Company AT&T Foundation Kathleen & Todd Austin Steven Beering BOC Group Jeffrey & Sharon Boss Anna Marie Breen Eileen Buckley Cairola-Barber Post No. 2342, Inc. Arthur Chill Citizen Watch Company of America, Inc. Catherine Collins Peter Connolly Salvatore Daccurso Alida Diab Mary Diserio Carol Duncan Claudia Esker James Fanale S J Fanale Toni Fay Harvey Fishman Ford Motor Company William Frech GE Capital William Glendon Joseph Glickman Shalom Gorewitz Mitchell Gwinn Hampshire Management Company Elizabeth Hansen Terry Hensle Carol Hovanec Mary Hutchins IBM Leanza & Agrapidis, P.C. Paul Marengo Vera Marse Malcolm McCloud Angela McLeod Marc Melamed Michael Maggiano & Associates-Attorneys Monsanto Fund, Matching Gift Center Richard Morrill Norman and Barbara Seiden Foundation Oakland-Franklin Lakes Rotary Club Mary Ellen O’Grady Jaye Lynn Peabody Price Waterhouse Foundation Prudential Insurance

Company of America Michael Ricra Gudrun Schmidt Merle Scordo Sheraton Crossroads Hotel & Towers Robert Shine Sigma-Netics, Inc. Ernest Simon Carol Sommerfield Kathryn Spooner Anita Stellenwerf The Valley Hospital Thomas Edison State College Foundation Joseph Torre Washington Center for Psychotherapy Michael Weisgarber David Welch Edward Werbel Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer Diana Williams

Under $500 Suzanne Adrion Flavia Alaya Jack Alter Roland Alum Amalgamated Transit Union American Education Products Andora, Palmisano & Geaney P.A. Anne L. Glickman, Attorney at Law Anthony Impreveduto Election Fund Paul Anzano Stanley Applebaum Stephen Arianas Juan Arroyo Byron Baer Judith Barzilay Annette Benedict Bergen Community College Bergen County Democratic Organization Bergen County Trades & Labor Council Ruth Berman Ann Beyer Anna Blackledge Barbara Bolger Mary Bonanno Richard Bond Grace Borowitz Donna Brennan Robert Brody Catherine Burns Albert Burstein C. Raimondo Ltd., Inc. C Calder John Cameron Carole Campana Capital Alternatives Corporation Carmine Caponigro Isabelle Caputo Jack Caputo Charles Carreras John Caruccio Bonnie Caruso John Cassidy Virginia Castro Centenary College Stephen Chaberski Chase Manhattan Corporation Cliffside Park Democratic County Committee David Cobin Lawrence Codispoti Edward Cody William Cohen College Connections Marilyn Comeskey Continental/Marmorstein Agencies Constance Crawford Donna Crawley Bruce Creager Elizabeth Crewe W. Crouse Pete Curry Kashyap Dalal Catherine Daniels Christopher Davey Franklin Davis Antoinette DeRosalia Frank DeRosalia Davida Deutsch Frances DiGiovanni Patricia Dodge Donna Dorgan Doria Democratic Leadership Fund

Joseph Doria Mary Eaton Martha Ecker Alma Edwards Arlene Eisenman Election Fund of Friends of Roma Election Fund of Ken Zisa for Assembly Election Fund of Myers/Goldberg Election Fund of Neil Cohen Election Fund of Paul DiGaetano Election Fund of Rose Heck Election Fund of Weinberg for Assembly Election Fund of William Pat Schuber Paul Elovitz Naomi Epstein Violet Etler Executrain of Northern New Jersey Niza Fabre Sal Fanale Charles Farricker Myron Feldman Louis Ferrari Cynthia Finch Carolyn Finnerty Robert Fisher Charles Flannery Ed Fleischman Michael Fluhr Stanley Ford Beth Foster Kathleen Fowler James Fox Matilda Fox Fram Credit Union Bonnie Franklin Andrew Frazier Ronald Freiman Friends of Charlotte Vandervalk Henry Frundt Mary Gagnon Pamela Gallagher Kelvin Ganges Gay Activist Alliance in Morris County Rosetta Geller Edward Giambalvo Paul Giblin Althea Giles Mitchell Glickman Barbara Glucksman Ting Gong James Gordon Sanford Gordon Raymond Gramkow Martin Gross Melissa Hager Teodoro Halpern Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates Joseph Harris Barbara Harrison Dorothy Hartwick Jason Hecht George Heise Robert Hennessy James Hollenbach Mimi Holtzman Howard Horowitz Hospital Professionals & Allied Employee House of Salsberg Teresa Hutchins Independent Testing & Consulting, Inc. International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers Local 195 AFL-CIO David Jacobs Jayson Oil Company Jewish War Veterans of U.S.A. Post 498 Roger N. Johnson Mitchell Kahn Morton Kalb Donald Kalfus Henry Karpinski Lara Kattekola Charles Kaufman Thomas Keen John Kessler Greta Kiernan Yongman Kim Muriel Kissner Stephen Klein E. Richard Knox C. Jerome Koffler Fred Koffler Shigeyosh Komatsu


KPMG Peat Marwick Maria Krupin Harold Kullman L J Steuerwald Communications Donald LaGuardia Richard Lane Marilyn Larkin Doris Lehman Lesbian and Gay Coalition of New Jersey Robert Liessem Edward Lifson Lois Lipton Local 99 United Lorraine Lynn Vincent Macri George Mader Ellen Mai Henry Mardyks Pasquale Marinacci Heiner Markmann Maureen Marotta-Tonelli Bruno Martinelle Edward Martone James May John McAlevey Joan McCaffrey Margaret McDonnell William McDowell Linda McEnery George McEwan Philip McLewin McPhillips Family Mercer County Democratic Committee Julius Merl Message & Media, Inc. Helen Mintz Margaret Monges Marilyn Morello Vera Mullen Paul Muller Thomas Mulligan Gerhard Munz William Murnion Leonard Murphy Marilyn Murray Nancy Murray Catherine Napolitano Nat Infurna Associates Neglia Engineering Associates Richard Nest C.H. Neukirchen New Jersey Institute of Technology New Synogogue of Fort Lee, Inc. Richard Newman Carole Nichols NJ Business & Industry Association Jeffrey Norman Richard Norman Thomas Novack Michael O’Connor Patrick O’Connor Orange & Rockland Cameron Ormiston Lisa Oropallo-Mekarzel Anne O’Sullivan R. Tracy Page Haiga Pagel Roswitha Pagel Anthony Palazzotto Parashoot Productions Charles Penn Cliff Peterson Marie Pierson Plural, Inc. Michael Porfido Gary Post Rick Postle Yolanda Prieto Margaret Quann Sebastian Raciti Raymond Levy Associates II, L.L.C. Allen Reichler Charles Reid Russell Reinhardt Gina Reiss Christa Riesterer Cheryl Ringelheim Elaine Risch Francis Robinson Helen Rogers John Rooney Max Rosenthal Gotz Roth Pauline Rothstein Terrye Rumsey Linda Sadlock Laurisa Sampson

Anne Schettino Peter Schmidt Kristen Scholl Jeff Scott John Scura SEAK International, Ltd. Kim Senatore Lee Sennish Matthew Shapiro David Sharff Shortline Sigma Xi Club of Ramapo College Claude Signore Mark Singer Richard Smith Roberta Sohmer Nolan Sommer Sony USA Foundation Inc. Ira Spar Felicia Spiegelman Joan Steider Steve Rothman for Congress, Inc. Student Activities Revenue Management Thomas Sullivan George Sutherland Robert Taylor Patrick Thaller Helen Thayer Tracey Thayer Willard F. Thayer Willard K. Thayer Adele Thomas Grace Tomkins Mildred Tuffield United Parcel Service Foundation United Water New Jersey Beatrice Van Eck Patricia VanVliet Marie Vojitovitz Robert Waite Dennis Wall Craig Wallace John Ward Shirley Waters Manfred Weidhorn Loretta Weinberg Sydney Weinberg Saul Weisman Morris Weiss West Bergen Mental Health Martha Whitfield Janet Wilder John Wimberger Arlene Winter WRPR Bernice Yampell Young & Rubicam Foundation Arabella Young Jerome Zaccaria Kathleen Zdrodowski

Honor Roll of Donors The Ramapo College of New Jersey Honor Roll of Donors reflects gifts received between July 1, 2001 and June 30, 2002. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please bring them to our attention: Tel: (201) 684-6834 Fax: (201) 684-7950 E-mail:





17 22

to March 20, Phonathon for the 2003 Annual Fund. 10 a.m. Breakfast 11 a.m. Gymnasium Alumni Basketball Reunion Women’s Basketball vs. Stockton College Tip off is 2 p.m. Men’s Basketball vs. Stockton College Tip off is 4 p.m.



5:30 p.m. Dinner York Room 7 p.m. Performance Berrie Center Dinner and gospel concert sponsored by the Recruitment Outreach Committee. $10 per person.



4 p.m. The Trustees Pavilion State of the College Address 5 p.m. The Trustees Pavilion Dedication of the The Trustees Pavilion



1 8




Noon Mahwah Train Station Mahwah Beautification Project and Picnic sponsored by the New Alumni Committee. Bring a picnic lunch. 6 p.m. The Grove Champagne at Sunset Toast the Class of 2003 and their families. 10 a.m. The Bandshell Commencement

Save the Dates!

Sport-O-Rama, Monsey, NY Alumni Hockey Reunion

The Commerce Bank Summer Concert Series dates are: July 10 with fireworks and alumni tent July 17, July 24 and July 31 All concerts begin at 8 p.m. at the Bandshell. The concerts are free. Parking is $5. Music ranges from popular to jazz; big band to patriotic; cajun to Sinatra.

6 p.m. Rockleigh Country Club 21st Annual Distinguished Citizens Dinner This year’s honorees will be awarded for their personal and professional commitments to advancing the goals of higher education and for their leadership roles in providing significant service to the community. Honorees include: Vernon W. Hill II, chairman and president Commerce Bank; Lawrence R. Inserra, Jr. and family, Inserra Supermarkets; and M.Leone Joseph executive vice president and CFO CIT Group; Dr. Carolyn Merkel ‘78, executive director of product development, McNeill Specialty Products (a division of Johnson & Johnson). Proceeds from this event support student scholarships, and faculty research and critical College needs. Contact Kathleen Austin at 201-684-6834 or kaustin@ for registration information.


14 26

11 a.m. Tuxedo Club, NY The 15th Annual Foundation Golf Outing 2-8 p.m. Bar-A, Belmar New Alumni Summer Reunion Tickets $10.



7 p.m. The Trustees Pavilion The Friends of Ramapo and The Valley Hospital Department of Community Health will present a free program on nutrition and obesity. For more information or to make a reservation please call Nadine Mooers at (201) 684-7115. 5:30 p.m. Student/Faculty/Alumni CONNECT Share career tips with Ramapo students/network with alumni

11 a.m. Central Valley Golf Club Alumni Golf Outing

For information or to volunteer at any Alumni events, call (201) 684-7115 or e-mail



6 p.m. The Trustees Pavilion Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame Honorees this year are: John Brown ‘91, Kevin Kernan ‘77, Rosabel Koss (coach), Bruce Medley, Harold Sharp (coach), Robert Steiner ‘80, Russell Tricoli.

For Ramapo College Foundation events, call (201) 684-7612. For Friends of Ramapo events, call (201) 684-7115.

3 p.m. Friends Hall Honors Convocation

Ramapo College Alumni Association

Board of Trustees, June 2002

Election Ballot

Gail P. Brady B. Lawrence Branch Geraldine Reed Brown Thomas W. Dunn David C. Gann, Alternate Student Trustee Emily Kosstrin Mann W. Peter McBride Raymond Ocasio Arthur C. Ramirez Jeffrey A. Shepard Dr. Rodney D. Smith, Ex Officio Ruth E. Spellman Megan Callahan, Student Trustee

Board of Governors, June 2002 Elaine Adler Keld Alstrup Millicent G. Anisfield Robert Belisonzi Kirk Bennett David Bernsten ‘85 A. Roger Bosma Timothy R. Buhl M. Teresa Champion Joeen Ciannella James Clark, D.D.S. Richard Conti Robert Corman Fred Damiano Linda Dator Cathleen Davey, Ex Officio Dr. Paul DeMaio, DMD Katherine Marie DeNova, Student Governor Martin Dollinger, Esq. James K. Dziekonski Manfred Edelman Robert Fischer Robert Garbutt Akifumi Goto Mark W. Grannon Joseph A. Haynes Louis Hendi Robert B. Hiden, Jr. Howard Kocmond Edward Kopko Joseph M. Leone Edward (Ned) Lipes Ronald F. Luino Donald J. Mahoney ’73 W. Peter McBride Thomas O. McGurn Patricia McMillan M. Peter Mellett Bernard Milano Andrew C. Mougis Kenneth T. Neilson Joseph Nothwang Kevin O’Toole, Esq. Thomas Palmer Martin Petersen

Harold Rabner, Esq. Robert D. Ravener, Jr. Janice Rotundo Honorable Marge Roukema Rodney, D. Smith, Ex Officio Robert Sommer George Sutherland Robert Striano Gary Temple Helen Thayer Robert Tillsley John F. Ward

The following slate of candidates has been endorsed by the Alumni Association Board of Directors Nominating Committee.

Board of Directors September 2003-August 2006 (Vote for two officers, three members.)

Alumni Association Board of Directors, June 2002 Suzanne Adrion ’83 David Berntsen ’85 Claudia Bakhtiary ’97 Cindy Davis ’78 Joe DeAngelis Steve Fonder ’74 Edward Herter ’87 James Kraft ’85 Lesley Maklin ’89 Kristan Mathews ’98 Peter Morris ’96 Lisa Ryan ’84 Laurisa Sampson ’89 Bryan Steros ‘98

Kathleen Austin Shirlee Caruso, Secretary Jane Chenoweth Jennifer Fischer Brian Flynn, Treasurer Mary Ann Iommazzo Mary Ippolito ‘82 Shelly Jacobs Frank Kraus Dr. Seyma Oko Levine Margaret Mullen Francis Rodriguez George Sutherland Muff Thayer, President Dominick Truglio Judy Webster, Vice President Dee VanSaders


❏ David Berntsen ’85


❏ Steve Fonder ‘74


❏ Claudia Bakhtiary ‘97 ❏ Ed Herter ‘87 ❏ Gary Spivak ’92 ❏ Todd L. Siben ’80

Write-in Candidates:


Governance listing reflects board membership of June 30, 2002. Ramapo College of New Jersey provides equal opportunities in all areas of admission/ employment regardless of race, color, ethnic or national origin, religion, age, sex, disability, veteran status, or affectional or sexual orientation. Inquiries may be directed to the Office of Affirmative Action and Compliance, room D-105, ext. 7656.

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Page 5 article entitled “New MBA Course Developed” should have credited Angelo Tarallo, associate professor of international business, with original concept development and syllabus of the new MBA course.

6 p.m. Alumni Lounges Scholarship Reception Ramapo College Foundation acknowledges Foundation scholarship recipients.


Friends of Ramapo Board of Directors, June 2002

Page 3 pictured Radcliffe Bailey’s installation. It should have been credited: Spiritual Migration, 2002, Radcliffe Bailey, courtesy Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.

5 p.m. Thomases Commons Dedication of the Thomases Commons

A NN U A L RE P OR T 20 02

Ramapo College Board Leadership

Page 6 photo credit: Journal News

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Inside Back Cover Figure and Puppet image should have been credited as: What's Happening, 1996, animation by Elizabeth King and Richard Kizu-Blair, animation courtesy of the artists and the Kent Gallery, New York.



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505 Ramapo Valley Road Mahwah, NJ 07430-1680

New Jersey’s Public Liberal Arts College

Scholarship Recipients The goal of Toys ‘R Us philanthropy is to improve

historical evolution of the law, which I consider invaluable

the lives of young people. Thanks to the company’s

knowledge in understanding the state of our legal system,

generosity, the lives of four Ramapo students are improved

and to put it in perspective. Second, the Office of Special-

through scholarship support. One of those scholarship

ized Services presented a necessary support system on-site

recipients is M e ryem Cavas of New Milford, an

to assist me with most problems I would incur as a

international business major. “Toys

disabled person.” The Paramus

have always been a wonderful asset for

resident has a 3.56 grade point

a child to learn and grow in a creative

“This scholarship

and advantageous way,” says Meryem.

has given me

“This scholarship has given me the fortunate opportunity to learn and grow without the worries of the financial component of a typical college career.” she adds. Meryem has a grade point average of 3.69. “My disability is at the center of my aspirations,” says senior Marvin A. Wilson. “My life‘s formula includes, at

the fortunate opportunity

average. A native of West New York, New Jersey, Pedro Hernandez is one of the first recipients of the Jackie and

Paul Garber

S c h o l a r s h i p . Started by an

to learn and grow

alumna of Ramapo College and

without the worries

Garber award is to give an extra

of the financial

her husband, the purpose of the financial





a in

good need.

component of a

“College is a very expensive

disabilities.” Marvin transferred to

typical college career.”

have to resort to loans in order to

Ramapo College with an associate’s

Meryem Cavas

pay for it. This scholarship

the conclusion of my education, working as an advocate for others with

degree in paralegal studies from Brook-

investment and usually students

has definitely helped me out

dale Community College. He is the recipient of the David

financially,” says Pedro, who

Blauer Memorial Scholarship, named in honor of a

works at Johnson & Johnson to help pay for his education.

Ramapo student, also a law and society major, who died

The senior history major is a member of the men’s

in a car accident the day before graduation in 1994.

volleyball team and has a 3.41 grade point average. He is

Marvin decided to attend Ramapo for two reasons: “The

pursuing teacher certification in social studies, and is

law and society major offers a comprehensive study of the

currently in the process of applying to graduate schools.

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