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‫אני‬ ‫קוראת‬



‫ברוכים הבאים‬

Welcome Dear Parents and Campers,

Welcome to Camp Ramah in California. We see our younger chanichim as the launch to what we hope will be a Ramah Journey for a Lifetime. We know that to succeed, special care and attention are needed to make a smooth and successful transition to our kehillah. For your children to come home as avid Ramahniks, it takes thought, attention, nurturance, parental partnership and age specific staff training. We craft our schedule, meals, rituals, and programming to reflect a developmentally informed approach. We continue to recruit strong, enthusiastic and nurturing tzevet (staff) who can’t wait to welcome you to what we hope is the first of many Keitzim (summers) at Ramah! We have new Gesher majors, program and schedule “tweaks” and some exciting new camp wide initiatives that give a peek into their future camp experience. Some of our new initiatives include: ·Z ’man Sababa – an opportunity throughout the week to travel as a tzrif to different programmatic areas, in addition to the choice based chug and Gesher major. We hope this will give exposure to more camp fun and tzrif bonding. · Adjusted meal times based on age and seating configuration that accommodates relationship building and attention to health and nutrition. · Hanafat HaDegel – gathering as the tzrifim community every morning to rise and shine and start the day with ritual and camp shtick, b’yachad. Each edah (age group) has a value that they focus on at Ramah as part of our educational scope and sequence. This is done through programming, play, conversations, modeling and more. Our hope is that a Ramah graduate embodies these values and more not just at Ramah, but outside in the world. For our Gesher chanichim the Midah is friendship, as this is the core of the start of a camp journey. For our Nitzanim chanichim, the Midah is good deeds. This is an opportunity for them to think about becoming a tzrif community and caring for each other and others. Below you will see the visual of our “Midah L’edah.” Please know that we are eager to receive feedback from our camp families. We are always looking to grow, improve and evolve. Our youngest campers represent a beginning, the present and, most importantly, our future.

‫ בשותפות והתרגשות‬In partnership and excitement, now then Rabbi Joe

now then Ariella

now then

now then


Executive Director Camp Director Recruitment & Engagement Associate

Yael Program Coordinator

Camp Ramah is an American Camp Association accredited, residential summer camp affiliated with the Conservative Movement and National Ramah Commission and operates under the educational auspices of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at American Jewish University.

… y a s s t n e r a p What camper mensches. It is our children’s ond bey are s per cam and ff sta The “ home strong, confident, and with e cam er ght dau y M ce. pla py hap e challah. Our son came home enthusiasm taught us how to mak happy with camp.” more independent. We are very

“ Camp Ram ah does a a fun an great job d safe en providing vironmen independe t to be nt, feel a part of a Jewish c ommunity greater , meet fr all over iends fro and explo m re their identities Jewish away fro m home.”

re n atmosphe a s e t a re c ah ingful to be n a e “ Camp Ram m d n a both fun unity.” where it is ewish comm J e h t f o rt a pa Jewish and

her ced towards me with ra e sh , er ht ug da ng beaming d. She talked and sa “ When I picked up my re be em m re I an th y ing stronger seemed so ... worldl he arms open and look S e. m ho ive dr the whole hour fore.” and told me stories e bus two weeks be th at f of d pe op dr d we and wise! Not the ki

Ramah California is a magical place! Our child “ appreciation for the Jewish community and the independent and joyous! Ramah’s major strength compassionate Jewish leaders and instill a love

came home full of love and world around her. She is more confident, is that intangible ability to create for Judaism, and life, in children.”

Gesher Sample Daily Schedule 7:30AM 8:00AM 8:15AM 8:50AM 9:30AM 10:30AM 11:30AM 12:50PM 1:25PM 1:40PM 2:20PM 3:30PM 4:30PM 5:10PM

‫ קימה‬Kimah (Wake Up!) ‫ הנפת הדגל‬Hanafat HaDegel (Flag Pole) ‫ ארוחת בוקר‬Aruchat Boker (Breakfast) ‫ שחרית‬Shacharit (Prayers) ‫ חוגים‬Chugim (Electives) ‫ ספורט‬Sports ‫ חוגים ראשי‬Major Elective ‫ ארוחת צהריים‬Aruchat Tzohorayim (Lunch) ‫שירה‬/‫ ריקוד‬Rikud/Shirah (Dancing/Singing) ‫ מנוחה‬Menucha (Rest Time) ‫ישראל‬/‫ יהדות‬Yahadut/Yisrael ‫ שחיי ה‬Schiya (Swimming) ‫ נקיון‬Nikayon (Clean up) ‫פעולת צרי ף‬/‫ מקלחות‬Miklachot/Peulat Tzrif (Showers/Bunk Activity)


‫ ארוחת ﬠר ב‬Aruchat Erev (Dinner) ‫ פעולת ﬠרב‬Peulat Erev


‫לילה טו ב‬


(Evening Activity)

Lilah Tov

Nitzanim Sample Daily Schedule 7:30AM

8:00AM 8:15AM 8:50AM 9:30AM

10:30AM 11:30AM


‫ קימה‬Kimah (Wake Up!) ‫ הנפת הדגל‬Hanafat HaDegel (Flag Pole) ‫ ארוחת בוקר‬Aruchat Boker (Breakfast)

‫ שחרית‬Shacharit (Prayers) ‫ ספורט‬Sports ‫ חוגים‬Chugim (Electives) ‫ ישרא ל‬/ ‫ יהדות‬Yahadut/Yisrael ‫ ארוחת צהריים‬ Aruchat Tzohorayim (Lunch)


1:25PM Rikud/Shirah (Dancing/Singing) 1:40PM


Menuchah (Rest Time)


3:30PM 4:30PM

‫ שחייה‬Swimming ‫ מקלחו ת‬/ ‫ נקיון‬Nikayon/Miklachot (Clean up/Showers)

‫ פעולת צריף‬/ ‫זמן סבבה‬

FUNtime/Peulat Tzrif (Bunk Activity)


‫הכנה לארוחת ער ב‬


‫ארוחת ﬠר ב‬


Peulat Erev (Evening Activity)


Hachanah L’Aruchat Erev (Getting ready for dinner) (Dinner)

Aruchat Erev

‫פעולת ﬠרב‬ ‫לילה טו ב‬

Lilah Tov

A Note from the Desk of Our Director of Camper Care Dr. Aviva Levine Jacobs

some what they love about Camp Ramah, hen chanichim and tzevet are asked they feel tely convey the magic of camp that struggle to find the words to adequa erience exp p those of you who had a summer cam For r. me sum the ing dur ly nse inte so own camp te. For me, when I think back on my growing up, you may be able to rela of campsites standing programs and the names out few a ll reca can I e, sur , nce erie exp hips formed t I really carry with me are the friends from overnight trips (tiyulim), but wha best version of ay, and the feeling that I became the tod ng stro ain rem t tha th you my in ch research now t magic that occurs for chanichim, whi myself among the hills of Ojai. Tha nce, an increase skills, a stronger sense of independe tells us results in more adept social gic at all. It is the ed Jewish identity, is in fact not ma in self-esteem, and a more develop nally craft king throughout the year to intentio result of a team of professionals wor l environment k incredibly hard to create an optima programming and hire staff who wor in which children can thrive. into being, children ironment does not magically come In the same way that the camp env ly for some a first-time camp experience. Certain for dy rea e om bec lly gica ma not do l, readiness for easily than for others, but in genera children this readiness comes more s who care for ported by the adults in children’s live sup is and e tim r ove s elop dev p cam e for a successful of the things that help a child prepar them. The good news is that many few tips for helping y already be doing. Below are just a ma you gs thin are p cam at r me sum t. their camp journey on the right foo you support your child in starting off


Provide a listening ear

he/she is looking ce to talk with your child about what As camp approaches create the spa ings by s they may have. Normalize their feel cern con any as l wel as p cam ut abo forward to things they may are going away to camp have some reminding them that many kids who vous about re his/her specific concerns. Is he ner sha to d chil r you w Allo ut. abo s be nervou food? By voicing Is she worried that she won’t like the not being able to fall asleep at night? tions. better able to discuss potential solu their specific concerns you become

Pro-active problem-solving

s. For a child who strategies to address their concern Talk through with your child some /her to read e, you might send up a letter with him hom sing mis ut abo ed cern con be y ma to make the ind them of your belief in their ability when missing you. In it, you may rem e overcome in other challenging experiences they hav of and nce erie exp p cam r thei of st mo a friend’s house m, riding a bike, or sleeping over at the past such as learning how to swi es such as, “if you may be try to avoid making promis it as g ptin tem As e. tim first the for will come pick you and you still want to come home, I make it to the end of the first week you to your word g to such statements and will hold clin n dre chil t tha nd fou e hav We ” up. by the third day. even if they are enjoying themselves

Practice makes perfect

r child with “campbe duplicated, you can provide you While the camp experience cannot eriences in helpful to plan some overnight exp be y ma It p. cam to r prio s nce erie like” exp ate to spending a or relatives to help your child acclim advance of the summer with friends k to later. d as helpful touchpoints to refer bac use be can se The e. hom from y night awa

“Remember when you felt nervous about sleeping over at Grandma’s hou se, but then you did it and it wasn’t so scary after all.” Exp ose your child to some new activitie s, such as a new game or a new hiking trail. Remind him/her tha t there will be lots of new things for them to try at camp and encourage them to try out those acti vities before making a judgment abo ut whether they like it or not. Help raise your child’s comfort level with independent living skills suc h as showering (there are no baths at camp!), putting awa y clean clothes where they belong, gett ing ready for bed at night (brushing their teeth, combing their hair). Of course there will be counse lors (madrichim) providing reminders and available to give a help ing hand, but the more comfortable you r children are with these tasks, the more they will be able to focu s on having fun and getting lost in the magic of camp.

What is the role of a yoetz/yoetzet,

Can’t wait to see you at Camp!

Dr. Aviva Levine Jacobs

a parent lia

ison? We are fortunate to have one parent liaison working directly with each eda h. Each parent liaison: •P rovides support and guidance to rash ei edah and madrichim throughout the summer on the topics of child development, relation ship building skills, active problem-sol ving, and much more • Manages communication with par ents of chanichim during the session • Spends time with the edah and is visible and accessible to any chanich im in need of support Here are some reasons you might con tact the yoet/yoetzet: •Y ou receive a letter mentioning hom esickness and you want to know whe ther it has lessened •Y our travel plans have changed and you want to make sure your child is aware •Y ou want to make us aware of somethi ng significant that was going on for you r child prior to camp Our parent liaisons check voicemail and e-mail frequently and make eve ry effort to return parent inquiries within 24 hours. Yoatzim spe nd most of their time out around cam p with chanichim and madrichim, and not in the office, so please mention the best times of day /evening to reach you when you leave a message. How to reach your yoetz/yoetzet: On the first day of camp you will rece ive an e-mail with your child’s bunk assignment and with the name and contact information of you r child’s parent liaison. These e-mail addresses are great way to reach yoatzim during the summer : Gesheryoetzet@ramah.org • Nitzan imyoetzet@ramah.org Before the summer feel free to be in touch with our Director of Camper Care regarding any questions or concerns at aviva@ ramah.org.

Sample Two & Four Week Schedules SUNDAY Yom Rishon

MONDAY Yom Sheni

TUESDAY Yom Shlishi


THURSDAY Yom Chamishi

FRIDAY Yom Shishi

SATURDAY Yom Shabbat






Welcome to Camp!

First Day of Gesher Majors

Camp Scavenger Hunt

Getting Ready for Shabbat

Popsicle and Story Time on the Givah





DAY 10

DAY 11

DAY 12

Picture Day

Leil Eilat: Night Swim for Gesher

Laundry Day

Camp Concert in our Amphitheater

Tiyul Experience – Gesher: Treehouse or Lake Casitas

White Shabbat – Don’t forget to bring your white clothing

Motzash: Rikud Dance Party on the Basketball Court

DAY 13

DAY 14

Camp Banquet and Final Farewells

Lehitra’ot and See you Next Summer!

FRIDAY Yom Shishi

SATURDAY Yom Shabbat

SUNDAY Yom Rishon

MONDAY Yom Sheni

TUESDAY Yom Shlishi


THURSDAY Yom Chamishi






Welcome to Camp!

First Normal Day of Camp and Pick your Chugim!

Icebreakers with the edah!

Getting Ready for Shabbat

Popsicle and Story Time on the Givah





DAY 10

DAY 11

DAY 12

Picture Day

Leil Eilat: Night Swim for Nitzanim

Yom Balagan – Campwide Fun Day

Camp Concert in our Amphitheater

Mystery Auction Night!

Yom Yisrael: Israeli Carnival

Star Gazing in the Camp Observatory after Havdallah

DAY 13

DAY 14

DAY 15

DAY 16

DAY 17

DAY 18

DAY 19

Nitzanim’s Got Talent

Laundry Day!

Yom Tikun Olam

Jewish Superhero Night!

Breakfast in the Bishul Kitchen

Shabbat in Kikar Tzion

Motzash: Rikud Dance Party on the Basketball Court

DAY 20

DAY 21

DAY 22

DAY 23

DAY 24

DAY 25

DAY 26

Celebrating Differences Activity

Maccabiah Opening Ceremonies

Maccabiah – campwide Color wars planned by the oldest edah!

Tiyul: Nitzanim Overnight at Lake Casitas and Trip to the Water Park!

Leil Hofa’ah: Camp Musical!

Mud Hugs from Machon and White Shabbat

Havdallah on the Givah with Nitzanim!

DAY 27

DAY 28

DAY 29

Late Night Bunk Banquet Activity: Warm and Final and fuzzies! Farewells!

Lehitra’ot and See you Next Summer!

What Will I Eat?

At Ramah we work to create balanced meals, made from fresh ingredients, that are both healthy and tasty for our campers. All meals are served family style and we have plenty of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian options!



Sunday Make Your Own Taco

Sunday Bagels & Scrambled Eggs Monday Pancakes & Bananas


Tuesday Breakfast Burrito

Sunday Mac & Cheese

Wednesday Cheese Omelet & Hashbrowns

Monday Pizza with Salad, Carrots & Celery

Thursday Yogurt Parfait Bar – Blueberries and Granola Friday Waffles & Strawberries Saturday Chocolate Muffins & Hardboiled Eggs



Tuesday Wrap Sandwiches & Bissli Wednesday Falafel with Pita, Hummus & Israeli Salad Thursday Turkey Burgers Friday Make Your Own Burrito

Monday Stir Fry & Egg Rolls Tuesday BBQ (Hamburgers, Hotdogs, French Fries & Watermelon) Wednesday Chicken Nuggets & Mashed Potatoes Thursday Tortellini & Tomato Soup Friday Shabbat Dinner (Chicken, Broccoli, Potatoes, Chicken Noodle Soup, Challah) Saturday Spaghetti & Garlic Bread

Saturday Deli Sandwiches, Cholent & Cole Slaw

Every Breakfast

• Cereal & Granola • Yogurt & Cottage Cheese • Fresh Fruit • Oatmeal & Berries

Every Lunch and Dinner • Tuna & Hardboiled Eggs • Quinoa or Rice • Salad Bar with Fresh Vegetables • SunButter & Jelly Sandwich

THE BASICS • Kosher – All food is certified kosher and under the supervision of the Conservative Movement. • Vegetarian – When we serve meat or fish there is always a vegetarian option. •G luten-Free – While our kitchen is not gluten-free and cross-contamination is possible, there is a selection of gluten-free food offered at meals for those who need. •D airy-Free/Vegan – At every meal we strive to serve a dairy-free (usually vegan) option for campers and staff as well as offering soy milk and lactaid milk at breakfast. •D aily Snacks – We provide healthy snacks like fruit, popcorn, or cheese sticks for all campers and staff during the day. • Nut-Free – Camp Ramah is a nut-free community, however we do serve prodcuts that are made in a facility that also processes nuts.

Tips for Gesher & New Camper Families Before Your Child Goes to Camp

Important Tips to Share with Your Child

• Encourage as many sleepovers at friends’ homes as possible (group sleepovers are even better). • If your child isn’t coming to camp with a friend, call or email us and, if possible, we’ll connect you to other campers in your area. • Discuss strategies with your child if he/she has a difficult time falling asleep or wakes up early (i.e. reading, drawing). • You may want to pack a letter in their luggage for them to open when they arrive at camp • Send a letter to camp a couple of days before they leave so they will get it soon after they arrive. • Send your camper with stationery, stamps, and address labels for anyone that they might want to write to while at camp. • Consider getting a lap desk that holds their stationery. • At camp everyone makes their bed everyday! If your child doesn’t do this already, it’s a great skill to teach.

• Help your child set realistic expectations… Remind your child that much like home, their days at camp will overall be great, but not every moment will be perfect.

What to do While Your Child Is Away at Camp • Write letters frequently but keep them light and upbeat. E-mailing your child through your Ramah account is also an option, but please note that campers cannot e-mail back. • Be matter-of-fact about your day (kids like to know what you are doing but not that you are having too much fun). • Add as much humor as you can. • Try not to emphasize how much you miss them. • If you have concerns about your camper contact the yoetzet (parent liaison) by email or phone, and they will get back to you as soon as they can, typically within 24 hours. • Please remember Ramah will only accept flat envelopes, not packages. Letters, cards, and postcards are great ways to send a heartfelt “care package” that highlights “care” over “package.

• Send your child with something that allows him/her to feel safe and familiar at night…a blanket, stuffed animal, or comfort item. • If your child is feeling anxious about going off to camp, you can talk about other times that your child experienced anxiety and ended up getting through the situation just fine. • As we say at Ramah, “Camp starts on the bus”… the send-off at the bus is easy for some and difficult for others. If your child has any friends going to camp try to arrange for them to sit together on the same bus. • Be sure not to send your child with candy, iphones or any other 4G wireless capable devices) or other items that are not permitted. We want camp to start off with nothing but fun. Having to give these items to a counselor is disappointing for children.

Mail letters to: Child’s Name c/o Camp Ramah Bunk # 385 Fairview Road Ojai, CA 93023

t is L g n i k c a P im Gesher/Nitzan l shirts 10 t-shirts/casua s or sweatpants 2–3 pairs of jean

ts 6–7 pairs of shor irts ightgowns/nightsh 3 pairs pajamas/n ts/boxer shorts 14 pairs underpan 14 pairs of socks

toothpaste Toothbrush and n Moisturizing lotio ble size Clip-on fan porta Chapstick

l) Bathrobe (optiona im shorts) iece, tankini, or sw 2 swimsuits (1 p kinis No Speedos or Bi eeved rashguard 1 short or long sl for pool use ed rts that can be us 2 plain white t-shi for projects tional required for boys, op t) as le t (a ot pp ki 5 for girls ses/contact lenses 1 extra pair of glas s king/athletic shoe 1 pair sturdy wal for Shabbat 1 pair nice shoes r pool and shower 1 pair of shoes fo s tshirts/light jacket 2 sweaters/swea eve shirts 2 warm, long-sle 2 sun hats/caps only) r camping trip use Sleeping bag (fo ily use) 2 blankets (for da cases Pillow and pillow sheets (required!) 2 sets of twin size Comb/brush hcloths 4 towels and was r the pool) (2 for bathing, 2 fo ash g holder or Body W Soap with travelin 15 or higher) Sunscreen (SPF d.

itte *Tankinis are perm

Bug spray nditioner Shampoo and co d beled with first an 2 water bottles la ah last name, and ed 1 laundry bag Clothes hangers tteries Flashlight and ba stamps Pens, stationery, aypack Small backpack/d ove, racket, baseball gl Suggested: tennis era, extra s, disposable cam le gg go g in m im sw cards, ps, books, playing batteries, extra stam ts musical instrumen


: nicer than d Shabbat Morning For Friday night an rtable and casual. weekday, but comfo SUGGESTIONS s/outfits • 3–4 dresses/skirt irts (long or short) • 3–4 dress/polo sh akis r dress slacks or kh lo co lid so of irs • 2 pa (no jeans) te Shabbat” • 4th Friday is “Whi ) alet and Nitzanim (Gesher Bet and D vered cks need to be co • Shoulders and ba for shoulder cover-ups by either sleeves or all T’fillot

Packing Tips & Advice Do I pack my child’s favorite t-shirt? What if it gets lost? Should I send up enough pairs of socks for one per day or more? What’s the best way to label clothing? These may be a few of the questions going through your mind as you begin the packing process. Below are a few tips offered by veteran camp parents who have perfected the art of packing for camp. And yes, it is most certainly an art! • Pack WITH your child, not at night after he or she is fast asleep. You may be surprised about what clothing items your child doesn’t want to leave home without. More importantly this helps familiarize them with what is in their luggage so that upon arrival at camp when they begin the unpacking process it’s easy for them to pull out their bedding to make their bed and to locate pajamas and whatever else they may need. • Provide tools for organization. Campers’ clothing is stored in cubbies. For some children it’s a real challenge to keep things folded and organaized. If this sounds familiar to you, you may want to consider sending up certain items like socks and underwear in mesh laundry bags. • Ziplock bags are your friend! Use them for the following: • Underwear – send extra • Socks – send extra • Shabbat Outfits • Shampoo and Conditioner • Sunscreen • Pack a waterproof basket for your child’s toiletries. Once at camp, the counselors will instruct your child to put their toiletries into this basket, and it will be used daily to help keep your child organized and to carry the items to and from the showers. If you have not purchased this before, Target usually has this item. • Order sticker nametags. LabelDaddy.com offers a 25% discount to Ramah campers. (Visit LabelDaddy.com use the code CAMPRAMAH.) • Label, label, label. Use sticker labels or iron-on labels to label everything that you send with your child (including the clothing they wear on the bus). Believe it or not, the stickers stay on even after numerous washings. Please take the time to label everything you are sending up to camp including water bottles, flashlights, even shoes. We ask that you label your child’s water bottle with a first and last name and edah in order to help us return bottles to their owners in a timely manner to keep everyone hydrated. Labels make bunk clean-up occur more smoothly and allow us to return items left around camp before the session ends. Iron-on work as well. The good, old-fashioned permanent marker method often results in hard-to-read names or only initials, and you’d be surprised how many kids there are up at camp with the same initials! • Don’t pack anything valuable or expensive. Kids have are so busy at camp that often keeping track of their things is the last thing on their mind. • Please don’t pack items like candy or cell phones that are not allowed at camp.

Shir Gesher Anu adat hagesher v’anu chadasheem Lomdeem v’shareem Ut’feelot bayn hehareem S’cheeyah bab’raychah u’shabbat bak’heelah Anu ohaveem et machanaynu Ramah Anu adat hagesher v’anu chadasheem Sport v’chugeem chavayreem m’yuchadeem S’cheeyah bab’raychah v’shabbat bak’heelah Anu ohaveem et machanaynu Ramah

Check out our Soundcloud to hear YOUR edah song: https://soundcloud.com/ramahcalifornia/shir-gesher https://soundcloud.com/ramahcalifornia/shir-nitzanim

Shir Nitzanim Ma ha’aydah hatovah b’ramah Adat hanitzanim Lomdeem, M’sachakeem S’maycheem lee’hiyot Yihoodeem toveem G’doleem vachazakeem N’h’yeh tameed hareeshoneem

Wow! This ____________(season) is going to be so fun! I can’t wait to pack my _____________(noun) and go to Camp Ramah! I am excited to sign up for ____________(chug/elective) and learn how to make ___________ (noun). I hear that every Tuesday there is a barbecue for dinner and everyone sits on the __________________ (Hebrew name for hill) and eats ________________________________________(favorite barbecue food). Hmm … I wonder what else do we do at camp. I wonder if they will serve _______________________________ (favorite breakfast food)? I can’t wait to go to the breicha (pool) and I know I won’t forget my ____________(noun) and ______________(noun). After schiya (swimming) maybe I will head down to the sports courts and play ___________________________ (favorite sport) with my new bunkmates! Yay! That would be a pretty awesome day! I can’t wait until we head to the _______________________ (Hebrew word for dining hall) for dinner and a ruach filled shira session! After such a long day, I am sure I will be _____________________(adjective) to head back to my tzrif for harga’ah. I hope my madrichim sing __________________________(favorite song) or read ______________________________(favorite book). Lilah tov!! Can’t wait for camp in ________(number) days!


Check out our MAJOR Options for Gesher Participants* Here is a list of SOME majors that might be offered during your Gesher session. More information to follow as we approach the summer with specific major options and a sign-up form. Stay tuned … High Up in the Sky – Have you ever been on a ropes course? Always wanted to go down a zip line? Wait until you see the incredible course located in Ramah’s orange grove. With trained staff, you will have the opportunity to participate in trust games, leadership activities, conquer your fears and hang out up in the sky. Gymnastics – Jump, tumble, roll, cartwheel and stick the landing in this super active major! Someone’s in the Kitchen – Through the magic of cooking, take a trip in Chef Danny’s Jewish kitchen time machine and go back thousands of years to experience the “Four T’s” – Torah, Tikkun Olam and Tasty Treats! Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or not, get ready for some awesome cooking and yummy creations! Kindness is Cool Club – We all know how great it feels when we are the recipients of random acts of kindness. Here is a chance to give a little back and have a blast at the same time! From arts and crafts, food, video making and more, spread fun and ruach around camp! Lights, Camera, Action – Rolling…Take One! In this major you will write a script, shoot a scene or cut them together to create a short film or commercial! *4-Week Nitzanim Campers will learn about these options and more on the first day of camp when they sign up for their chuggim (electives)! We have some amazing options in store.

Here Are a Few of Our Fabulous Gesher MAJOR Teachers Danny Corsun (Someone’s in the Kitchen) Danny Corsun has been a Chef-Educator for 15 years. In 2005, Danny retired from teaching in just one classroom and started Culinary Kids Academy. As a result, schools all over the city (both public and private) began to sign up for CKA’s cutting edge and fun workshops!

Mindy Horwitz (Kindness is Cool Club) Mindy Horwitz has worked at Ramah nine summers first dating back to 1993. She has a Master’s in Social Work from Yeshiva University and has an expertise in group dynamics. Her nurturing and warm personality led to the creation of the Kindness is Cool Club in 2014. Mindy currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri, has three boys who all spend summers at Ramah, and loves her job in Ojai!

Jacob “Spike” Kraus (You’ve Got the Beat) Jacob “Spike” Kraus, has been song leading for over a decade at synagogues, day schools, and summer camps. A member of the Jewish A Cappella group Six13, JSK believes in music’s power as a community-builder. He tours the country singing with communities and using Jewish music as a tool to educate and engage the next generation of Jews.

Who Will Take Care of My Child at Camp? SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM Executive Director – Rabbi Joe Menashe Camp Director – Ariella Moss Peterseil Recruitment & Engagment Associate – Gaby Natelson Program Coordinator – Yael Kornfeld

Yoetz/et – Parent Liaison

You can let your child know that there will always be someone he or she can turn to if something is bothering them.

The Marp – Health Center Staff

Rosh Edah – Unit Head

Madrichim – Counselors

Quick Tip! Parents are our partners. We welcome you to be in touch if you receive a letter with concerning information. We may turn to you for helpful strategies if your child experiences challenges.

Hebrew Words Commonly Used at Camp ‫ גשר‬ ‫ ניצנים‬ ‫ גבורי ישראל‬ ‫ עדת שלום‬ ‫ אמיצים‬ ‫ סוללים‬ ‫ צופים‬ ‫ כוכבים‬ ‫ מכון‬

‫ בנים‬ ‫ בנות‬ ‫ ברכת המזון‬ ‫ ברכת המוציא‬ ‫ בריכה‬ ‫ חדר אוכל‬ ‫ עדה‬ ‫ גן‬ ‫ הרגעה‬ ‫ קיץ‬ ‫ כיכר ציון‬ ‫ מרפאה‬ ‫ מרפסת‬ ‫ ניקוי המחנה‬ ‫ פעולת ערב‬ ‫ פעולות‬ ‫ ראש עדה‬ ‫ רוח‬ ‫ שחייה‬ ‫ תפילות‬ ‫ צוות‬ ‫ צריף‬

Gesher – 2 week edah for entering 3rd–5th graders Nitzanim – edah name for 4th/5th graders Giborei Yisrael – edah name for 6th graders Adat Shalom – edah name for 7th graders Amitzim – edah for campers with special needs Sollelim – edah name for 8th graders

Tzophim – edah name for 9th graders Kochavim – edah name for 10th graders Machon – edah name for 11th graders Banim – boys Banot – girls Birkat Hamazon – the prayer after a meal Birkat Hamotzi – the prayer for bread before a meal Breicha – the swimming pool Chadar Ochel – dining hall Edah – a division in camp divided up according to grade Gan – a group of young children with parents working in camp Harga’ah – story or other “soothing” program in cabin before sleep Kayitz – Summer Kikar Zion – the outdoor sanctuary area in front of the breichah Mirpa’ah – (known as the “Marp”) – Health Center Mirpeset – porch or patio area Nikui HaMachaneh – camp clean up Peulat Erev – evening activity Peulot – activities Rosh Edah – a division head Ruach – spirit Schiyah – swimming T’fillot – morning, afternoon or evening prayers Tzevet – staff Tzrif – cabin

‫עברית‬ !‫זה כיף‬

GESH ready! d) this kayitz ited to be your Rosh Edah (unit hea exc D ON BEY am I and a Set nca My name is Bia Indiana University Valley kid, and just graduated from true a , eles Ang Los from am I er)! (summ Go Hoosiers! I’ve been running lism, Public Relations and Spanishrna Jou in ree deg a with on ingt om Blo tzevet orei, followed by my 5 years spent on Gib in itz kay first my e sinc l) (hil h up and down the giva ays felt like my p has been a place where I have alw Cam H! EDA SH RO a g bein o ont (staff) and now re the magic 385 Fairview t out in all of you this kayitz and sha tha g brin to able am I e hop I and , best self that enters its gates. Road brings to every single person U! In Gesher, you will: Enough about me, let’s talk about YO jors! • learn new skills through Gesher Ma down the waterslides! • swim in the breicha (pool) and go new chaverim (friends)! • adventure around camp with your ernight)! explore Lake Casitas for our tiyul (ov • spend a night at the treehouse OR him (counselors)! w chanichim (campers) and madric fello r you with ) nks (bu m tzrifi the • live in rikkud! show off your dance moves during • sing your heart out during shirah and chaverut (friendship)! • explore our edah’s midah (value) of our entire machaneh (camp)! • celebrate the beauty of Shabbat with ve got ruach (spirit) and ke sure EVERYONE knows that we’ ma and p cam und aro P CLA P, • HIT, SNA the beat ! AND SO MUCH MORE…!

k forward to! Make sure rt weeks — we have so much to loo sho few a just in ALL you et me to t I can’t wai ntly… all of your EXCITEMENT s and water bottles, but most importa hat , irts t-sh and rts sho r you k pac to kayitz in Gesher! for what is going to be an incredible ARE YOU?! this kayitz, but the real question is, I am most definitely ready to take on See you sooooooon!

Bianca Seta

when That’s ME, esher! I was in G

NITZA NITZA NITZA WHAT !!!!! !‫ ניצנים שלום‬Shalom Nitzanim! My name is Yarden (but you all can call me Yard or Yardy) and I am

going to be your Rosh Edah this kayitz (summer)! I am from sunny Los

Angeles and currently go to school at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo studying psychology. I started going to Machaneh Ramah just around the same age as all of you, in gesher! I went all the way throug h machon and worked as a madricha (counselor) for four WONDERFUL kaytzim (summers) and now can not wait to be returning as a rosh edah for the first time! Now to give you a little sneak peak into what this kayitz will look like. First

Nitzanim is one of the most incredible summers you will have at camp

coming for a WHOLE MONTH — which means all the more fun! You

breicha (pool), hanging out on the givah (hill) with friends, embark on

of all, let me just say that

because it is your very first time

will get to experience fun in the

a daily chug (elective), and enjoy tzrif (bunk)/edah activities planned just for you by your amazing madric him (counselors). BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! You will also go on the tiyul (overnight trip) at Lake Casitas and the water park, have a blast during shirah (music) and rikud (dance), and participate in maccab iah (color wars)! Best of all, you will get to spend four beautiful Shabbatot at the machaneh (camp). In just a few short weeks you will all be stepping off the bus and onto the

givah, smelling the wonderful Ojai air. Are you ready to sing and dance all summer long?! Are you ready to explore our midah of ma’asim tovim (good deeds)?! Most importantly, are you ready to be the mightiest and most ruach (spirit) filled edah at Machaneh Ramah?! Get NITZA-READY because I can not wait to meet each and every single one of you and to start this journey together!!

‫( הרבה אהבה‬lots of love), Yarden Mazor

me That’s p! at Cam

17525 Ventura Boulevard Suite 310 Encino, CA 91316

! i a j O n i u o Y See


Summer Contact Info: 385 Fairview Road • Ojai, CA 93023 • Phone: 805-646-4301 • Fax: 805-830-1522 The National Ramah Commission acknowledges with thanks the generous support of The AVI CHAI Foundation and the Zell Family Foundation in making the OpenDoor program possible. *Be sure to remind the new family to list you as their referral on their application.

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