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Rainemaker and Supermodel

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Anne Hathaway on Movies, Broadway and Oysters

$250,000 Diamond Studded Nail Polish Cool and S t y l is h T ec h Toys Swag Style for Him

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VOL 13

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VOL 13

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EDITOR’S NOTE WELCOME TO RAINE MAGAZINE Wow! We’ve been on quite a ride! As we grow, we thank you for continuing to take this exciting journey with us. Raine answers the need for a platform for the must know creative and unconventional entrepreneur and those seeking the newest, hottest, next big brands across the globe! Last issue was a lot of fun. We had young fashion icon Kendall Jenner on the cover and hosted a media frenzy magazine signing at the Calabasas Barnes and Noble in California. The amazing Christopher Beyer shot the cover of Kendall at The Backyard at the W. Hotel Los Angeles. This fall we bring you an explosive issue of fashion and style. Join us as we showcase iconic Supermodel and Modelpreneur Beverly Johnson! Beverly shares with Raine her view on modeling and being a businesswoman. Also, get to know Hollywood’s rising star, Anne Hathaway of the Dark Night and who stars in the soon to be released Les Miserables. Treat your inner entrepreneur to insight from NBC’s JJ Ramberg’s new book, and enrich your soul with tunes from musical artist Class Actress. Be inspired with breathtaking travel destinations and fashion designs from International Designer to the Stars, Gert-Johan Coetzee and this is just the beginning! Enjoy! Our Mission To provide a multimedia platform for the creative and unconventional entrepreneur and to do it in a way that is both inspiring and empowering. Raine is the go to destination for the must know in fashion, entertainment, culture and technology. We discover the next big names around the world everyday! Raine provides real stories about real people going after their dreams. It also offers the must know products and services that can enhance the lifestyle of our readers. It’s the combination of beautiful imagery, personal journeys and the latest products that attracts new readers to Raine everyday. Our digital edition is available on and look for Raine Magazine on the Nook, the Nook App, and real soon. Want more? Visit or email us at Scan below to join the storm! Yours truly, Scan the code to join the storm!

Nova Lorraine Founder and Editor

Top- Michel Kors PantsAlice & olivia PumpsMarc by Marc Jacobs necklace- Barrera hatgladys Tamez



Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3

handbag VALENTINO dress SARA DAMM shoes CENTRO teddy crown HAND MADE

blouse peplum H&M trousers STRADIVARIUS handbag MAGYA shoes NINE WEST

dress SARA DAMM wool dress ST. OLIVIER handbag MAGYA shoes NINE WEST necklace HAND MADE

dress ELENA CIUPRINA blouse SPORTMAX for MAXMARA handbag MAGYA shoes NINE WEST bracelet MARNI for H&M

Model: Magdalena Chachalica @Fashion Color Stylist: Różena Grey & Tomek Gąsienica-Józkowy Make Up: Sonia Zieleniewska Hair: Bartłomiej Grześ Location: Crystal Suites, Cracow


Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

M e e t J e w e l r y D e si g n e r s Ni c o l e a n d Kim C a r o s e l l a Research by Michelle Winters

Victoria Serpente Cuff 12

Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3

Otto Studs

After seeking the perfect collection to highlight, we came across two sisters who recently debuted their stunning collection of fine jewelry under the name, Sorellina. Sorellina was founded by sisters Nicole & Kim Carosella and is a jewelry design house for the modern woman with refined taste. The pieces are influenced by the designers’ love of art, history and culture. Pieces from the debut collection range from $500 to $75,000. The jewelry brand is also an environmentally conscious enterprise focused on sustainability. Nearly all materials are recycled, reused and repurposed for later use. Their diamonds are either old cut stones that were mined and cut prior to the 1940s or modern, brilliant cuts that are monitored under the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme. Made exclusively in the USA, they pride themselves on the quality and craftsmanship of American jewelers. 
 Growing up in a small town on Long Island, NY, they were raised with a deep appreciation for the arts and have since shared a love of design.

 Nicole’s love affair with jewelry began at an early age. As a newborn, she was a colic baby who could only be lulled to sleep by her mother’s sparkling jewelry. Nicole studied Fine Arts at The University of Southern California with a concentration in photography. After college, Nicole began collecting vintage jewelry and returned to school with her focus on jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. 
 From an early age, Kim, Nicole’s younger sister, was taken by the emotions evoked from great design. This led her to study art history at Tulane University in New Orleans, a city rich in culture. After graduation, Kim chose to live in Florence, Italy, an art history mecca, to further her studies.

 Upon Kim’s return to New York, she and Nicole decided to set the course for their future business. After both working in the jewelry business, in early 2011, they started working on Sorellina and officially launched this past summer.

 With there impeccable taste of beauty and luxury, this design duo is sure to make a hit in the world of fine jewelry.

Five pieces of the debut collection are featured. Hail Storm Fiore Ring: The ring in this collection is inspired from a very snowy winter in New York City. The ombré effect from white to grey to black illustrates the snow covering the gritty city. 6.44 ctw of G-H/SI1 diamonds in a Platinum setting with 2.02 ctw of vintage Old Mine diamonds in an 18K Yellow Gold bezel setting with 18K Yellow Gold accents. Pricing starts at $75,000

 Victoria Serpente Cuff: The cuff in this collection is inspired by the undying love of Queen Victoria for Price Albert. During the Victorian era snakes were symbols of wisdom and eternal love. 2.15 ctw of G-H/SI1 diamonds with pink and green tournmaline set in 18K Yellow Gold and Oxidized Silver. Price: $16,000

 Puccini Cage Earrings: The earrings in this collection is named after Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly and inspired by love in all its forms from true love to heart break, from overwhelming joy to the feeling of isolation.  Rotating 18K yellow gold cage earrings covered in 1.44 ctw of G-H/SI1 diamonds.  Inside the cage, a grey gold branch holds 6 platinum butterflies containing 0.5cts of marquise cut rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Price: $33,000

 Otto Studs: The studs in this collection were inspired by a flea market.  After purchasing a vintage chandelier with beautiful octagonal shapes, Nicole couldn’t help but be inspired. These octagonal studs have a paved frame containing 0.40ctw of G-H/SI1 diamonds surrounding an 18K Yellow Gold prong set octagonal rough-cut stone. Price: $2,100

 Axl Marquise Earrings: The earrings in this collection are named after a rock icon. Oxidized silver with rough cut blue sapphires set in 18k yellow gold prongs surrounded by 0.92 cts of G-H/SI1 diamonds with 1.20dwt of 18k yellow gold venetian box chain. Price: $3,995

Hail Storm Fiore Ring

Axl Marquise Earrings

Puccini Cage Earrings




h B

i o

s t l d




c a t e d . E d g y . S t a t e m e n t J e

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g a n l r y



D e sig n er S e le n Bayrak i n tro du ce s "U rb an Pewter " w


















Fashion Meets Technology

By Heather UleryÂ


Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3

Nelou featured designer Katrin Kafka Designer: Austrian Born Katrin Kafka Photographer: Peter Giodani Model: Dajana Hair / Makeup: Mario Kalt

Regine Harr, co-founder of Nelou and Elad Baron, founder of Sparkrebel, have taken online shopping to a higher level, aiming to provide the best experience possible while enhancing ecommerce for the fashion consumer. What makes them unique? To start, Sparkrebel takes the discovery element in shopping and combines it with sharing and blogging. Think Pinterest but solely for fashion. Their site, Sparkrebel. com, has a simple concept: make it easy to search for the perfect outfit. Elad Baron built Sparkrebel with the intention of combining fashion and technology in a fun and innovative way. Users of his site can post and share their interests, also known as “sparking,” as well as be directed to where they can purchase their favorite items they just sparked. The website’s format allows users to keep their enjoyed picks shared on one page, while having the ability to group their favorite designers or styles together by interest. The site has different

categories ranging from accessories, apparel, beauty, celeb style and much more. Nelou, another technology driven company, offers 24/7 access to really amazing fashion talent from one corner of the globe to the next. “ is a platform for independent fashion labels from around the world. We started in January 2010 and have since gathered in one-place almost 500 designers from over 30 countries. The talent is really amazing and the demand really great, stated Harr.” Nelou’s site is extremely easy to navigate while also being very entertaining. Their designer pages offer personal profiles of the designers to help build a personal connection between the designer and the Nelou user. Elad and Regine shared with Raine some of their inspirations, goals and ideas and why their companies are creating a new fashion revolution.

Photos courtesy

RAINE: How did Sparkrebel get started? What was the inspiration that “sparked” such a global trend? SPARKREBEL: We noticed very interesting developments that started happening on the Internet and from there we had the idea to expand it to fashion and beauty for all women and not just teenagers. The trends we spotted were mainly the visual discovery tools that are popular, as well as the rise of social curation. RAINE: What inspired you to launch Nelou? NELOU: As consumers ourselves, wherever we’d go we would see someone with the same item that we already owned. We needed a solution to the problem. We thought okay; in order to be able to fully express who you are, you need to be able to access items from all around the world. The solution: as there are thousands of independent and immersing designers that no one knows about, there are just as many ways of diversifying one’s wardrobe by shopping from these independent labels. Nelou successfully introduces these designers to a growing global community. RAINE: What was your greatest challenge? NELOU: The biggest challenge in the beginning was to get up and running. Finding the right people and starting the business was the biggest challenge.  RAINE: What do you see the company doing next? SPARKREBEL: Well, we just launched a month ago, so we have a very long way ahead of us. We have so many ideas. In general our goal is to have you log in wherever you are and we will effectively be able to guess what will wow you. This is of course is very challenging but we will always strive to get closer and closer to predicting what you love best. For true fashion lovers, Sparkrebel and Nelou are must haves on your browser bookmarks.  Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3



A Rising Design Star by marilyn r. wilson


Meteoric is the only word that can describe how quickly South African fashion designer Gert-Johan Coetzee’s star has risen. After laying a strong foundation through internships with established designers, 2010 saw the launch of his personal label to wide acclaim. Recognition quickly followed when he won the South African Designer of the Year Award that same year – an honor repeated in 2011 and 2012. With magazines such as Grazia, Elle and Cosmo taking notice, it’s only a matter of time before this label will become a well-known international brand. Coetzee grew up in a small farming community, but with different interests from dressing pencils in tissue paper at school to creating red carpet dresses for his sister’s dolls at home, fashion was an obsession. Rather than discourage these unique gifts, his parents became his biggest supporters. “I had the best parents in the world. They realized I saw things from a different angle than other kids and they tried to instil that it was okay.” By age 6 his mother was teaching him to sew. At the tender age of 8, this future talent created his first red carpet gown. “The red carpet is my first love and what drew me to fashion – cameras flashing, excitement, beautiful women getting out of cars and walking in dresses with amazing trains. In South Africa I’m now called the Designer to the Stars.” Formal training at the West Coast School of Design along with important internships helped focus his talents. Valuable lessons were learned including what “design style” is and that this career is more than just

Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3

teaching her about fashion and helping her become a style icon younger girls can look up to. The brand h a s also become a favourite of local media. Bonang Matheba is the face of the label – one the country’s best-known TV personalities and an inspiration for young women. Strictly Come Dancing’s host, Tess Daly, is also a client and Gert’s gowns are a regular on the red carpet. Over the last two years the Gert-Johan label has expanded from its couture, red carpet origins to include ready-to-wear, an online store and a tight selection of extravagant leather handbags. These dramatic bags offered in red, purple, dark green and black, are the perfect accessory for a diva wearing one of his bold garments. Future goals include a line of shoes to complete the look and a signature perfume line, but for now Coetzee’s focus is firmly on expansion into the United States. There is no doubt this innovative label will soon be taking the country by storm. For more information or to visit the online store, please go to www.

Photos courtesy Gert-Johan Coeztee

ideas. Fashion is a business that must be taken seriously if one is to succeed and one should never stop learning. “Self study is one of the biggest journeys you must undertake to be a successful fashion designer. I do research every day to continue to develop my skills.” Working as a designer on Strictly Come Dancing – South Africa’s version of Dancing With the Stars – proved the stepping-stone that launched his luxury label and there is still a touch of that influence. Coetzee shares, “My label is about glitz and glamour, luxury and decadence. Wearing a Gert-Johan piece is about setting a lifestyle – not wanting to put your bag on the floor because it’s beautiful and feeling like you’re on the red carpet in everyday life.” Inspiration arrives from diverse places, but where Coetzee truly shines is an ability to meld conflicting ideas into a cohesive vision. One example is last year’s unusual direction – glamour and the American trailer park lifestyle. Spring/Summer 2013 will see 1920’s retro paired with a neon, futuristic influence. This unique talent is just one reason why industry accolades continue and the brand’s popularity affirms the designer’s finger is firmly on the pulse of where fashion is heading. Each collection showcases just the right hue whether bright or subdued, a balance of edgy and classic silhouettes, carefully selected luxury fabrics and the intuitive inclusion of texture (woven and laser cut) – all-important counterpoints to his strong design work. “When you look at the final collection, it must be an expression of my creativity. If you take the pieces separately, each must also be wearable. I always think of how it would fit into the buyer’s wardrobe and what they might pair it with.” Coetzee is proud to be a part of the fashion industry in South Africa. “I am one of the blessed designers who earn a living in fashion here. Mine is a serious business. I am here to stay and make a difference.” Each year he works closely with the winner of Miss South Africa,

Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3







Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3






F a s hio n So c k s for M e n ? T he


Give s

T h e

W or l d


so c k s

Researched by Michelle Winters

Rene Boerkamp founded Mensocks in 2008, a company specializing in fashionable socks for men. Who says men don’t have style? Not the Dutch. The first Mensocks store was opened in Amsterdam in 2009 and now the company celebrates the opening of its third store this year. The delightly patterned and colorful socks are constructed in Italy to maintain consistent quality and is offered in several lines. There’s the Busines Line, which is made up of long socks for the sutied man, the Color Socks Line to no surprise is the most colorful line, and the Luxury Line is a must have with pieces made from silk, cashmere and bamboo. All lines come in a variety of lengths and textures: short, medium or long, smoothed or ribbed. With fine comfort, excellent quality, unique color patterns and an attractive price to performance value, this collection is proving that men across the globe are seeking more options to personalize their wardrobe. “It’s been a long time, but now men are no longer afraid to return to making a statement by wearing bright colors and motifs on their feet while seeing socks as a real fashion item for their wardrobe,” states Boerkamp. Full fashion item “It was a long road, but many men scared there is currently no longer return to make a statement by bright colors and motifs on their feet and carry the sock is currently regarded by many as a real fashion item in their wardrobe. It is now known how often it should be, as always, long socks under a suit, occasionally even an exotic materials such as cashmere goat or silkworm” Said Rene Boerkamp, owner of Mensocks. To view more styles, check out Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3




Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3

A n i ma t i o n M e e t s t h e R e a l W or l d By Nekisha Slade

Jump from Paper, made up of design duo: Chay Su and Rika Lin

from Taiwan, puts is a unique twist on designing handbags. Their creative and colorful designs would easily be mistaken for paper cartoons but in actually, they are real life accessories for work and play.

RAINE: Tell us how the idea of JumpFromPaper™ got started? JumpFromPaper™: We love daydreaming and the whole idea came from our crazy imagination. We love designer bags however most of them are so expensive and way beyond our reach. We started imagining, if only we could create our own bags which are beautiful and yet in our style. Both of us are full of wild ideas and appreciate fun and humorous stuff. We wanted to create something that could bring surprises and laughs to people’s lives. Afterwards, we continued talking about it and started sketching, and an unexpected idea popped up – “How amazing it would be if a two-dimensional hand-drawn illustration could come to life as a real bag!” We tried everything and finally decided to render fantasy handbags in “perspective”, and then JumpFromPaper™ came alive. RAINE: Do you have a history in fashion design or is this your first project? JumpFromPaper™: While we both majored in commercial design in college and although we both love fashion, we didn’t do any projects related to fashion until JumpFromPaper™. However we think the designs we did so far share something in common with fashion, which is blending both product design and fashion design intended to make people happy. Also, from the very beginning, the goal of JumpFromPaper™ has been to make our customers look beautiful, unique and speak to their own individual styles.  RAINE: What is your vision for your company? Do you work hands on with the designs. JumpFromPaper™: Instead of the designers themselves, we, Pinzaan, are responsible for JumpFromPaper’s branding, intellectual protection, manufacturing, as well as sales and marketing, so that the designers could focus on creating the best designs.  While more and more talented Taiwanese designers come to the forefront, many of them are like a flash in


the pan. Due to the lack of companies who specialize in the commercialization of design, the work of many of these designers fail to be marketed and merchandised properly and therefore these designer soon disappear. Vito Lin, the founder of Pinzaan saw the problem, and thus established Pinzaan with a vision of helping Taiwanese designers launch their works and glow on the world stage. Pinzaan develops diversified business models for different designers and operates in such fields as the production, brand management, marketing and selling, as well as the intellectual property protection. Another brand we are proudly presenting to the fashion and design-savvy readers of Raine, is FlexibleLove. It has gained tremendous attention and preference since its global debut in 2006. We hope to share that story with Raine Readers in the near future. RAINE: Who is your target audience? JumpFromPaper™: The brand targets those who want to reveal their individual styles! RAINE: The designs really come to life right off the paper…no pun intended, what made you think this would be a great idea to go with? JumpFromPaper™: We never knew this would be a good idea. Any unique design could fail before it is proven successful in the market. The little black dress was reserved for mourning and considered indecent when worn outside, until Coco Chanel launched the “Chanel’s Ford.” In most cases, fashion or innovation is different from the current fad. What we can do is to trust ourselves and stick to what we believe. This might enhance the possibility for us to lead a trend or even invent an era. JumpFromPaper™ is a product of imagination; it’s simple but unconventional. No matter what you wear, carrying a JumpFromPaper™ will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. It is an expressive product by which people could easily show their uniqueness and individual style.

Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3

Photos Courtesy of JumpFromPaper™

Keeping modest and learning from our customers is also very important to keep our brand moving forward. That’s how we developed our extended version - we listened to what customers needed and pushed ourselves to be better. We will keep on working and listening in order to create superior designs. RAINE: What was the hardest part about starting this project and what would you recommend to other designers? JumpFromPaper™: At the early stage of JumpFromPaper’s launch, many people, especially those who learned about JumpFromPaper™ online, were wondering, “Is it a real bag?” Since many would question the functionality and reality, there were very few orders. We then employed many different ways to help people understand JumpFromPaper™ is real and functional, and then JumpFromPaper™ started to seriously attract tremendous attention and preference. Now enormous inquiries are coming from other countries as well, including the US, France, UK, Italy, etc. We learned from this experience that it is very effective to communicate with consumers about the design concept. Not only do we have to create good designs, we also have to employ an effective medium to help others understand what we want to bring to people. Therefore what I’d like to say to designers is that, if you love something, do not give up. Focus on creating good designs, trust yourself, and learn how to communicate to your consumers – and one day your creations will then generate real value. RAINE: Where can we purchase your products? JumpFromPaper™: Besides Taiwan, JumpFromPaper™ is available from our authorized resellers in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia as well as some countries in Europe. We also do direct sales from our headquarters via our website. Please visit for more information.

Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3



An Exclusive with Class Actress A S e x y, S e d u c t i v e a n d O l d S c h o o l A m e r i c a n S o n g s t r e s s

Photo by Victoria Jacob

By Tina Chen

Elizabeth Harper, also known as Class

any future love stories in your next tracks? CLASS ACTRESS: When you asked me earlier about my ethnicity, I wanted to answer romantic. I’m in a bit of a limbo truthfully. My heart was just recently let out of the ICU. They say “Damaged people are dangerous because they know they can survive, and are more reluctant to trust and give it their all”.

Prior to our exchange, after being refreshed with the melodies of Harper’s tunes, a series of seductiveness and an indefinite amount of romance filled the room. A woman who fell into music by simply picking up a guitar and practicing until callouses were adamant is not one individual to be ignored. Acquiring musical inspiration from past relationship trauma, relationship ecstasy or just an idea to make you want to move your body is how she invites us to connect with her.

RAINE: I’m sure this was all constructive for your last album and through the heartbreak; it has given your music a wider taste of you. The fear can be empowering. CLASS ACTRESS: Agreed, I’m just a bit numb. So I’m not sure how to defrost the damage and throw myself to the wolves again. But if I don’t I won’t have anything to write about, I suppose it’s nice to know the unknown.

Actress, is what you would deem a titillating, feminine songstress. Right off our initial greeting a wave of warmth soothed the atmosphere for the proceeding interview to come.

Here is Harper uncensored. RAINE: What is your full name? CLASS ACTRESS: Elizabeth Harper, at times - I go by Vanessa Rhodes but let’s call me Class Actress for the sake of my fans. RAINE: How about a bit of background telling for your fans? CLASS ACTRESS: Ah…well, I’d say I’m old school American, my mom’s Russian and my dad’s of Cherokee American blood. Born near the beaches of Los Angeles, Southern California is home. RAINE: Sweet mix you have going on. When did you decide to dedicate yourself to music or better yet choose this as a career? CLASS ACTRESS: Well I picked up a guitar, downloaded tablature and just stayed indoors, playing music like a maniac. I was enveloped in some emotional upheaval in my 20s and it was my outlet, which I’m sure it’s the age many can relate to. RAINE: Of course they say 20s are your selfish years. We all must live a little. With that said, are you from a musical background or did you slowly get into the craft on your own? CLASS ACTRESS: I actually majored in theater and dramatic arts before singing. I’ve done work with Avant Garde but music is truly my calling and I’m just glad I get to indulge in it. RAINE: I understand you collaborate with Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal? CLASS ACTRESS: Oh yes, Class Actress is my project but those two are wonderful producers. Scott even tours with me from time to time. RAINE: What genre would you say you’re in? Do you see yourself as a storyteller or more of a songwriter? CLASS ACTRESS: I’d like to say electro, indie-synapop, and/or chillwave. I’m definitely a storyteller at first - getting into short ideas, thriving off past relationships, anguish and even the ecstasy from them. However, I started connecting more with the beats, chants and hooks in the last couple of years. I wanted to show the seductiveness in a woman and how powerful it truly is - to not be afraid of being a woman and all the coquetry that it can entail. There was so much restraint as a solo act. Therefore having Class Actress, it allows me to push past all that.

R A I N E : Now lastly I must ask, why Class Actress? C L A S S ACTRESS: I wanted an attentionseeking title channeling a bit tragic a la Judy Garland persona with a double SS. Then and there, Class Actress was decided. As we parted from the interview, she left us with a sense of faith. Leaving Harper to her questions as only she can answer them for herself. And that’s the journey she can take with her music and her fans. Give her track, Careful What You Say, a solid listen; you won’t be disappointed.

RAINE: Freedom is always attractive. As for inspirations, who are some of your icons? CLASS ACTRESS: Ha Ha, I love hip-hop actually. Dre and Mariah Carey will always be in my iTunes. I can’t get Frank Ocean out of my head. Madonna, Bossanova, Eric Satie, The Beach Boys, 808 State, Cole Porter, pretty much everything except... probably death metal. RAINE: Ha, fair enough. What images complement your personal style, are you particular with fashion? CLASS ACTRESS: Think of a sexier 80’s Woody Allen vibe mixed in with modern pieces such as a bustier or a strapless one-piece body suit. Rick Owens or Diane Keaton are unquestionably style-icons for me. I cannot live without my Balmain boots, they’re my absolute must-have. RAINE: Clearly a romantic at heart, should we expect Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3



A N N E H A T H A W A Y m o v i e s , b ro ad w ay and o y s t e r s ! Compiled by Ariel Coen

We were just blown away by Anne Hathaway in the finale

of the “Batman” franchise, “The Dark Knight Rises.” And now we

will have her this holiday season in the film adaptation of “Les Miserables.” Yes, with each passing film, Hathaway continues to astound us with her versatile talents and her in-ate ability to reinvent herself with every film role.

Hathaway willfully inherited an acting tradition that such greats as Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Michelle Pfeiffer, among some notables, before her did when they all starred in Shakespeare at the Delacorte in Central Park, lured by Joe Papp’s vision of free theater amid the chipmunks and raccoons. In 2009, Hathaway

became part of those prestigious alumni, when she starred as Viola in “Twelfth Night” with Audra MacDonald and Raul Esparza.

Just one mention of Shakespeare in the Park or Joseph Papp, and Hathaway can’t stop gushing.

Despite her multi-layered performances in a multitude of complex film roles from the beginning in “The Princess Diaries” to “Brokeback Mountain” and “The Devil Wears Prada” to “Rachel Getting Married” and “Love and Other Drugs” to present day in “The

Dark Knight Rises Again” and her much anticipated role in the film

adaptation of “Les Miserables,” Hathaway is far more comfortable

in layered T-shirts with jeans, a scarf, corduroy jacket and cute matching cap by Dolce & Gabbana.

Rather than Manhattan’s high-end fashion emporiums,

Hathaway favors thrift shops and funky stores. She’s often seen in

the East Village, which extends east of Broadway from 14th Street down to Houston, where independent designers and eclectic artists take advantage of the relatively lower rents to open storefront shops and galleries. She’s also been spotted in the West Village, west

of Greenwich Avenue, wandering the maze of streets with names

hooked on the organic health line, Karen & Sisters, particularly the Tokyo soba noodles, dumplings and veggie turkey.

Between movie gigs, Hathaway has attended classes at

Vassar College and exploring museums, a passion she shares with

her father, Gerald: “He and I are museum nerds – we love doing stuff like that together.”

It’s hard to believe that it was only 11 years ago that

Hathaway had a wholesome start in Hollywood, establishing her

strong screen presence with breakout roles in family fare “The Princess Diaries” (2001) and “Ella Enchanted”(2004). While many of her peers were getting far more attention for their rehab and party antics, Hathway focused on her career and the work -- and it has paid off quite handsomely.

The well-grounded, well-educated Hathaway has held focus on her career, evolving into impressively three-dimensional

adult roles in widely heralded films such as “Nicholas Nickelby”

(2002), “Brokeback Mountain”(2005) and the role which proved she could more than hold her own against the greatest talents, as well as carry a film herself - “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006). Having proven her potential range and her flair for intelligent, feisty, and

often unpredictably intense characters, Hathaway found herself with steady offers in both comedies and dramas and a promising career usually far from the tabloid spotlight.

Anne Hathaway was born in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 12,

1982, and raised in suburban Millburn, NJ. Her father, Gerald, was a lawyer while mother, Kate McCauley, was an actress who inspired Hathaway to follow the same creative path. Hathaway’s

natural talents proved to be far more evolved than the average high school theater star, resulting in the teenager being accepted into the prestigious Barrow Group Theater Company in New York City.

like Bank, Perry, Charles, Christopher, West 10th and West 11th

A trained soprano, Hathaway also performed at Carnegie

Street provides a microcosm of West Village shopping.

Three days after that momentous performance at Carnegie Hall,

streets. If you only have limited time, a short walk down Bleecker

An avid vegetarian who hasn’t eaten meat since she

was 12 and an advocate of a dairy-free regime, Hathaway loves

slurping oysters with just a squeeze of lemon, explaining, “I’m a Scorpio, a water sign.” She favors Greenwich Village restaurants that offer her kind of fare like Sacred Chow, Caravan of Dreams,

Angelica Kitchen, Red Bamboo, Maoz, Dojo and Café Spice and is


Hall as part of the All Eastern U.S. High School Honors Chorus.

she was offered a role in the short-lived television drama “Get Real” (Fox, 1999-2000). After a stint in Hollywood, Hathaway returned to graduate from Millburn High School and studied at the

academically competitive Vassar College before transferring to New York University.

In 2001, the unknown 19-year-old became an overnight

Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3

sensation with her lead role in Disney’s “The Princess Diaries,”

after having charmed director Garry Marshall by accidentally falling off her chair during her audition.

The slip convinced Marshall that Hathaway was perfect for the role of the awkward American teenager

who discovers she is a princess

after the death of her absent father, and is groomed for the throne by her









directed “Pretty Woman” (1990)

- also saw more than a fleeting glimpse of a Julia Roberts-like look





performance. The family film was a box office success and Hathaway found herself in the position of

reluctant role model to tweens everywhere.

Almost a decade since

then, Hathaway surprised many as she blossomed and grew both as a person and actress right in front of our eyes. She has chosen

each film role carefully and has managed to avoid the pitfalls of being




Dark Knight Rises,” Hathaway continued to show us there is quite

a complex talent that continues to defy the odds as she shined in one of her most multi-dimensional

performances as Selina Kyle a/k/a The Catwoman.

Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3




M EET R E B E C C A SI M P S O N W A LL A C K By Nadirah Jilaan

At first glance, Rebecca Simpson Wallack appears to be a typical 17-year-old suburban teenager. Standing 5’2’’tall, one might not realize her commanding presence onstage with an Ethel Merman-sized voice. For her role as Peter Pan in Peter Pan at the Westchester Broadway Dinner Theater (WBT), Rebecca won the National Youth Arts (NYA) Award for Best Actress in a Musical, as well as the highly coveted CARE Award. She also portrayed Little Louise in Gypsy, Bird Girl/ Marshal in Seussical, The Musical and Mary Jane Wilkes in Big River, winning the NYA Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical. Her regional/ youth theatrical performances include Beth in Little Women, Patrice in 13 The Musical, Fantine in Les Miserables, and Marta in Spring Awakening. Also, a director/choreographer and songwriter, Rebecca wrote and released a 2011 single, “Catch Me”. Rebecca describes her daily routine. “I have three drawers that I pick my clothes from. I have a drawer for normal people clothes, a drawer for leotards and tights, and a drawer for jazz pants and I pick them out one by one!” Rebecca’s mother makes sure she has time for friends and family, as well as her other passions: skiing, kayaking and paddle surfing. She also thinks about college. “Performing is my main goal right now. Of course I could say, oh, I want to be on Broadway as my goal right now, but it’s not. It is a goal of mine, someday! I’m just trying to improve any weaknesses that I have to get into a good college.” At the tender age of 8, Rebecca realized her passion. “One day I saw a flyer for auditions for Annie and asked my parents if I could audition. I ended up getting Annie! Which was a big deal for me, I never had another dream.” Rebecca readily admits she admires unconventional performers, such as Barbra Streisand and Sutton Foster. The rising star offers this advice to young people, “Just go for it. If you have the drive and the passion, do what you love and don’t let anything stand in the way.”


Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3


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Printed Blouse-Theory Skirt- Prabal Gurung Earrings- Givenchy Bracelet- Alexis Bittar Suede Pumps- Prada



beve rl y


j o h n s on By Nova Lorraine

M o d elin g

B usiness W oman / M o d elpreneur

RAINE: What impact did modeling have on your life goals and dreams? BEVERLY JOHNSON: I started modeling very young. My dream as a young woman was to be financially independent and I thought I would achieve that through college and a law degree.  My modeling career has realized my dreams by being in a business that afforded me the freedoms that my lucrative career provided.

RAINE: As a “modelpreneur”, you have accomplished so much in your life. i.e. Actress, Author, Spokesperson, Manufacturer, Retailer, your own TV series...Which of these pursuits outside of modeling are you most proud of? BEVERLY JOHNSON: I love what I am doing now. And that is going into business for myself.  Instead of being the pretty face on the box, I am now owning the box my pretty face is on.  Very empowering!

RAINE: There has been an explosion of diversity in the advertising world in the past 4 years - what trends do you foresee in the coming years? BEVERLY JOHNSON: As the world recognizes and acknowledges our likeness as well as our differences, I foresee continued diversity in the way of nationalities as well as plus size models and mature models.

RAINE: What was your most challenging venture? BEVERLY JOHNSON: I would say being in business.  It takes a team of professional people and it is a slow process.

RAINE: As a model trying to “make it” - how does a young star avoid the dark side of the industry? BEVERLY JOHNSON: I think to continue to educate yourself and prepare yourself for the day when you are no longer modeling. RAINE: What did you love most about modeling?  BEVERLY JOHNSON: I love the “art” of modeling - working with some of the greatest photographers and designers in the world.  And through being photographed, trying to create an exciting, magical, and timeless photo. RAINE: What are your thoughts on shows like Top Model and Make me a Supermodel?  BEVERLY JOHNSON: I love and watch all shows on modeling. RAINE: What is the number one thing a young girl should focus on if she wants to become a high fashion model? BEVERLY JOHNSON: First, she should assess whatever she meets the requirements: height, weight, age and desire are all crucial.

RAINE: Re: The Beverly Johnson Luxury Brand - Fashion, Jewelry, Perfume, Housewares - what is the anticipated launch date of the additional products you will introduce to market? BEVERLY JOHNSON: Please visit for product updates. RAINE: Will Target be the exclusive retailer of all your future products? BEVERLY JOHNSON: No, Target is not exclusive. I am in selective Target Stores and in Frederick’s of Hollywood’s Beauty division, 117 stores as well as online. RAINE: Who has been the most instrumental person in helping you launch your various projects?  BEVERLY JOHNSON: My business partner Brian Maillian.  He is a brilliant businessman. RAINE: What words of wisdom would you share with other current working models or creative entrepreneurs?  BEVERLY JOHNSON: Have faith…stay in action…and never give up!

Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3


Blouse - Rachel Zoe White Blazer - Jason Wu Pants- Alexander Wang Broach - Alexis Bittar Leopard Heels- Giuseppe Zanotti

Blazer-Theory Blouse- Vince Brocade Pants- Dries Van Noten Shoes-Marc by Marc Jacobs Horn Necklace- Tory Burch Ring- Alexis Bittar

PHOTOGRAPHER: Dove Shore; HAIR: Emily Kate Warren; MAKEUP: Luke Chamberlain of Starworks; www. STYLISTS: Luke Storey ; and Lauren Messiah;


Nails – Nails – Nails Fashion’s Newest Hit! Written by Kia Rodriguez

Beautiful and creative new fall looks from Alice + Olivia and Nicole Miller debuted during Fashion’s fall preview, but all eyes were not just on the clothes. The spectators were also drawn to the artistic endeavors and bold colors on the models’ nails. Yes, nails. Designer Rachel Antonoff offered up sparkly hues to pair with her new line and Christian Cota’s models were privy to chocolate milk manicures that created a deep, rich, earth tone. Fashion takes a bold step forward with nail art this fall season, so pamper your set with inspiration from these tips and unique manicure ideas.

Ultra dark nails with designs are the ultimate nail luxury. Beauty Tip: Find a skilled nail artist and keep the designs simple. Try, flowers, leaves or minimal sparkle for a great start. The filigree seen here are detailed but not over the top. Using a dark base such as mauve or almost black with dots or stripes has been seen on and off the runway as well. Uber-dark polish is perfectly fine alone as we will be seeing a lot of it this season.

Metallics are where we will be seeing a lot of creativity and mixed usage with fashion. Matching outfits with nail art is quite fashionable right now and was also seen at Betsy Johnson’s Fall preview show. The various tones in the shimmering hues of metallic paints allow us to mix-up our wardrobes without having to do a color change each time we want to match it up. Look for gold, rich lavender and rust in just this manicure alone. So, be daring and try one of the looks above or create your own. This season fashion shakes it up with exciting nail art options for.

And Featuring…The Most Expensive Nail Polish in The World! Written by Kia Rodriguez Photos provide by Azature

The world’s most expensive nail polish is by luxury jewelry company AZATURE. Having created one of a kind jewelry designs worn by celebrities like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Zoe Zaldana, AZATURE has just branched out with a beauty offering for just the one-percenters. The .05 oz bottle contains over 265 black diamonds that adds an authentic glittery sheen to your next manicure. The cost? A whopping $250,000 per bottle. Don’t fret, however! Fred Segal is offering up diamond shaped bottles of AZATURE nail polish containing a single real black diamond for $25. For more information visit


Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3

Photos #1 #2 and #4: Photographed by Camille Elisa; Photo #3: Photograph by Emily Poole

Stylists and nail artists were spotted backstage at the runway shows concocting new colors on site. In makeshift labs backstage, pigments like these came together and never before seen colors were born out of fashion necessity. You can get creative by mixing your own pigments or experimenting with different topcoats. For example, super matte and high shine are some options to finish off your look.

FINALLY, A SPA FOR THE BUSY PROFESSIONAL! WHY VADA? •For Men and Woman •Centrally Located •Open Everyday: 10a – 9p •Full Menu of Services •13 Treatment Rooms •Excellent Service, Expertise Staff •Priced So Well, You Can Do Vada Everyday!

VADA MAKES IT EASY! 212-206-1572 387 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10014 Free manicure with an online purchase Code: RAINEMAG

It’s all about healthy skin ®




A Q & A with Dr. Spicer By Nova Lorraine

As the fall and winter season approaches, so many of us see changes to our skin. Some keep the same routine; some change it. The majority of us are still in the dark about the best way to maintain great looking skin during the cooler months of the year. Raine takes a moment to ask leading Dermatologist, Dr. Michael Spicer some quick questions to steer us in the right direction. Please see the Q & A’s below:    1. As the fall and winter season approaches, what modifications should we make to our skincare regimen to maintain healthy, glowing skin? The fall and winter months bring cool drier air. These changes can affect the skin is several ways. Persons with oily, acneic skin may receive some improvement while persons with dry, sensitive skin can be severely affected. Know your skin type and adjust your skin care regimen accordingly. Continue to cleanse as you would normally, but persons with oily skin may exfoliate less and persons with dry, sensitive skin may have to moisturize more.  I cannot stress how important this simple skin care tip is in keeping the skin healthy and glowing.   2. Are there any dietary changes we should make as well? I always recommend a healthy balanced diet composed of fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and antioxidants, but for the cooler weather I recommend Flax seed oil daily. This has been shown to help the skin retain moisture longer and protect the skin from dehydrating. Caffeinated beverages can act as diuretics that can ultimately dehydrate the skin. Limiting such beverages as coffee and caffeinated sodas can help keep the skin hydrated. 3. What trends do you see in the skincare industry in terms of facial cleansers? The latest trends have been to add exfoliating agents to facial cleansers. Exfoliating beads are an example of a physical exfoliating agent. These beads help remove dead skin cells and debris

from the skin; smoothing out the skin. Lactic and glycolic acids are chemical exfoliating agents that clean the skin by dissolving dead skin and excess oil. 4. Which of these trends should we avoid? Excessive cleansing with these exfoliating agents can strip the skin of their natural oil barrier leading to an initial dry scaling of the skin. Continued use can actually lead to oilier skin by the skin over compensating for the induced dryness. My advice is to limit exfoliating cleansers to two of three times a week. 5. Many health conscious individuals wash their face with just plain water. What are your thoughts about that? I do not agree with the philosophy. As my grandmother used to say, “You wet with water, but you wash with soap”. Using a facial cleanser is important for the removal of excess oil, and environmental debris that accumulates on the skin throughout the day. Skin oils contain fatty acids; which are food for microorganisms that live on skin. These organisms can aggravate skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis. I strongly recommend a gentle cleanser twice daily; morning and evening 6. What are your thoughts about Acne control facial washes during the winter months or anytime of year? You have to be careful with so called “acne washes”. Many contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which are usually a bit harsh to Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3

begin with, but especially in the winter they may lead to dry, scaling skin. For the winter months I recommend decreasing the acne wash use by half, substituting a gentle cleanser in its place. Moisturizing is also very important even if you have acne prone skin! 7. As our skin becomes a little drier in the coming months - should we decrease the number of times a day that we wash our face to maintain a better moisture balance? No, I recommend continuing your cleanser but add a moisturizer to your current regimen. Changing your cleansing routine can disrupt the natural balance of your skin. 8. Finally, what secret ingredients should we look for when purchasing a great cleanser and moisturizer for our face this fall? A lot depends on skin type. Persons with dry, sensitive skin should look for a gentle moisturizing cleanser. Moisturizing ingredients may include glycerin, jojoba or aloe. Similarly, these ingredients may be found in facial moisturizers. I particularly like glycerin, dimethicone and jojoba esters. If possible look for non-comedogenic, nonacnegenic, oil free moisturizers.

Dual trained in both dermatology and dermatopathology, Dr. Michael Spicer founded the international beauty brand, Epice International. To learn more about Dr. Spicer and how you can achieve great skin, visit: www.epiceinternational. com. 45

B EAUT Y | F I TNES S 10 1

How to Separate the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the World of FitnesS By Maik Wiedenbach

When it comes to training and diet, the many choices we are bombarded with by the media can truly be overwhelming. With so many trends in exercise and diet out there how do you even begin to choose which one might be right for you? To help simplify this process we have come up with a formula allowing you to run a quick checkup on your current diet and exercise program to see whether it is a legitimate solution for you. Is it doable and practical? Can you do it in your gym or at home and for a prolonged period of time? As an example, tire flipping might be fun for NFL players, but here in NYC, most gym owners would show you the door if you engage in such said activity. The same goes for single-food diets. Can it be individualized? If the program or diet follows a “one-size-fits all” approach, stay away. Does it have any scientific back up? Have there been independent studies done on the subject? (A Google scholar is your best friend here) With that in mind let’s look at some popular diet and workout trends these days and evaluate them. Exhibit A: The Cabbage Soup Diet. Practical? Yes, but you can hardly make it a lifestyle, if you eat only cabbage soup for 2 weeks with some added protein. Individualized? No, everyone gets the same eating plan.

As a counter point, let’s examine the caveman diet. The caveman diet is simple; you basically eat like a caveman. Cavemen ate what was available at the moment, usually some type of animal protein source, as well as some berries and leafy vegetables. Breads, candy and pasta were not around at this time because they are man made; the pinnacle of a dessert would have been 46

Individualized? You can customize your caloric needs as it fits your activity level. Scientific Background? Yes. We do know that processed foods are unhealthy and easy to overeat. By skipping them you have an automatic calorie reduction. Considering that the caveman carried about 30% more muscle than we do and that diabetes was unknown, the caveman diet passes the test. This diet has to be one of my favorites; it keeps everything simple and is very straightforward to follow. With the evolution of the human species our bodies do need some sources of carbohydrate, so add a bit of oatmeal or rice to the caveman diet and you have a perfect recipe for a well balanced diet. As with any diet, remember that you are human. Give yourself some breathing space. An occasional dessert won’t kill you. All in all, the caveman diet gets a 5 out of 5. When it comes to training, it seems there is a new trend born every minute. From group fitness such as boot camps and yoga to resistance and strength training we are once again given so many options that it seems virtually impossible to choose what works and what doesn’t. Lets put group fitness and resistance training through our checkpoint list first. One positive aspect of any group fitness activity is that you are not alone. There is support from others around you. This can be comforting; especially when it comes to doing things you may have never done before. So the practicality

aspect is covered. As for individualism, the very term of group fitness denies that. It is very hard to find 15 or more people who are at the same performance level, so you must be the judge as to what you can handle. The bottom line is, some people will over train in a class, whereas others will under train The scientific background is a mixed bag, since some group fitness programs are relatively new and do not have much backup and some are simply fads. In general, moving always beats sitting. But the repetitiveness of certain classes like step aerobics takes a toll on the joints and the extreme stretches performed in some yoga class can also cause problems in the lower back and shoulder areas. For me, group fitness gets 2 ½ out of 5 stars. Resistance and strength training has been around for a long time, and is still among the top choices when it comes to training routines. If done properly resistance training can be very safe and very efficient in changing the body. It is the only form of exercise that will allow you to change the shape of your body according to your wishes by adding muscles and reducing body fat. Since a good training program needs to be individualized and should be very practical, resistance and strength training fit the bill. The overall time commitment is about 45 minutes, three times a week so it can become a life style. Gyms are plenty in the US, so that’s not an issue either. Science is pretty clear on resistance training being the best way to strive for overall health, better skin, less body fat and stronger bones, so that’s 5 out of 5 stars. There you have it, a 3-step program to analyze diet and exercise routines. Where does yours fall? For more fitness and training tips, visit Maik’s site:

About Maik:

Maik (pronounced Mike) Wiedenbach is a fitness coach and physique architect based in New York City and East Hampton. He is an NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer and AFPA (American Fitness Professionals Association), certified nutrition and wellness Photo by Dorothy Shi

Photo by Dennis Dean

Scientific Background? Glad you asked. While cabbage is certainly a healthy food (it provides fiber, Vitamin C and some minerals), it is also deficient in many other vitamins, most importantly protein. This means you will lose a lot of muscle on this diet, but not all that much body fat.

honey. Practical? Yes, very, and you can make it a lifestyle. Simply order some grilled meat and vegetables when you are eating out, omelet for breakfast and snack on nuts and berries.

consultant and weight management consultant.

A two-time World Cup and Olympic trial swimmer in his native Germany, Maik arrived in the US on

a swimming scholarship at Fordham University, where he was introduced into the Hall of Fame in 2012. After a stint as a Wall Street stockbroker, Maik founded his company Adler Training in 2006

and quickly became one of the most sought after trainers in Manhattan. As a medalist athlete and scholar, he uniquely combines professional dedication, empathy, and intellectual rigor in keeping up with the latest fitness and health study findings in medical journals.

Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3



77 Eight Avenue (Cor. 14th St.) New York, NY 10014 212-242-3203

Full Name : Ana Tomic Height : 5'8'' Hometown: Belgrade, Serbia Hobbies: reading, workout (aerobics), music, movies.... Favorite Food: Sushi and crab cakes Favorite movie: some old Serbian classic movies Favorite Books: Roots (Alex Haley) and Long Walk to Freedom, The autobiography of Nelson Mandela

Photographer: MĂŠgane Claire


NAME: Maksim

AGENCY: Agency Model Management FUN FACTS BIRTH PLACE: Ivanovo, Russia NICKNAME: Max ABOUT FOOD: "Two years ago I became a vegetarian and feel great!" HOBBIES: Swimming, Samba, Skating, Parkour, Running

T E CH TOYS By Milan Rowson

Sony HDR-GW77V Handycam Camcorder As the weather conditions seem to get increasingly extreme, you’re going to need a camcorder that can handle such unpredictable patterns during your travels. The Sony HDR-GW77V Handycam Camcorder is ready to withstand dirt, dust, shock, snow, and water. Whether you are scuba diving in Bermuda or rock climbing in the Colorado Rockies, you can be prepared to capture all your memories. This stylish camcorder can record and store up to four hours of high definition video while keeping your images and videos crisp and clear. A built in GPS and NAVTEQ maps allows you to navigate correctly wherever your destination. Price: $699.99

LG 55’ Class Cinema 3D 1080P 120HZ TV with SmartTV There’s an old phrase that says “bigger is better.” When it comes to flat screen televisions, the new phrase is, “3D is better.” The LG 55’ Class Cinema 3D 1080P 120HZ Television with Smart TV brings 3D from the cinema to your living room. Watch your favorite movies come to life with LG’s 3D technology that allows you to convert 2D to 3D, control the 3D depth and includes 3D glasses that do not require batteries or recharging. Say goodbye to split screens with two player full screen action. External storage and built in wi-fi are the icing on the cake to a new generation of television. Price: $2299.99

Klipsch Image S3 Brazen Blue In-Ear Headphones You may or may not have heard of Klipsch Image Series Headphones, but they are known for their good quality and affordable pricing. The Klipsch Image S3 Brazen Blue In-Ear Headphones are noise isolating, tangle resistant, and are stylishly colored in brazen blue. These headphones fit the contours of your ear canals giving you comfort and stability. They will only be available at Radio Shack, and will be available there soon, so keep your eye out for their arrival. Price: $49.99

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS19 14.1 Megapixel Digital Camera A digital camera is must have gadget. The latest in social media focuses on sharing your memories through photographs. Panasonic continues to unveil the latest in capturing photography with its Lumix DMC-ZS19 14.1 Megapixel Digital Camera. It has 20x optical zoom, 40x intelligent zoom, and a 24mm Ultra Wideangle lens. More featured technology such as zoom shots, night portraits, and macro shots make this an excellent digital camera. Price: Contact Dealer


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Logitech Harmony Link Too many devices to control at once? Do not worry, Logitech has you covered. Once you download the Logitech Harmony Link app to your smartphone, signals from your Logitech Harmony Link allow your smartphone to become a universal remote. With one touch on your smartphone you can watch a movie, listen to music and, hopefully, even control the temperature of your house. With five thousand and counting brands supported by this device, the sky is the limit on what you can control. Price: $99.99

Android Based Ouya The Android Based Ouya, pronounced “Booyah” with the B, is the first of its kind. This product is not officially ready to be sold because it hopes to reach its funding goal of $950.00. If released it will be the first hackable console with free games. It is priced at $99.00, but do not let the price fool you. Developers plan to have the latest in graphics in controls. If released it will be the first console that truly gives power to the people. Price: $99.00

Edifier Tick Tock Dock Remember the classic alarm clocks that were shaped like a bumblebee? They are back in style as; you guessed it, iPod speakers. The Edifier Tick Tock Dock is a charging station, speaker system, and FM radio player. It is cute enough they you will forget that it actually has uses and is not a toy. Unlike your old alarm clock, the Edifier Tick Tock Dock is here to stay. Price: $99.99

Sharper Image Inflating Climbing Water Tower Imagine if you were camping near a river or on the beach an island, wouldn’t you love to play in the water? Now imagine if you had a Water Tower in the water. Sharper Image brings your imagination to life with the Inflating Climbing Water Tower. This gadget is exactly what it sounds like. Bring the water park with you and leave the lines behind. Price: $1.999.99

Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3


M ark e t i n g . F i n a n c e . M a n a g e m e n t

by David Freschman

Michael Pilla Photography;



MARKETING What are the key elements that angel investors and VC’s seek in a Fashion Start Up?

Fashion startups are the new rage in angel and venture investing.

Financials: Fashion and fashion technology entrepreneurs are

One of my ventures, FashInvest (, was

creative individuals. Financials are sometimes pushed to the

launched three years ago as the very first global platform to

backburner; however, they have to be front and center. Know

create a community between fashion, the fashion-technology

your numbers. What are your costs?  How do you drive your

entrepreneur and the investment world which consists of

venture to cash-flow breakeven? How much total investment

angel, venture capital and private equity investors. FashInvest

is necessary to exit the business? How are your competitors’

recognized that fashion and online fashion technology sectors

margins as stacked up to yours? If investors find you don’t have

were seeking to build a bridge with the professional investment

a good handle on the numbers they will shy away. Venture

community and that investors were seeking knowledge about

investors, even Angels, want to know that entrepreneurs are

this new emerging sector. Through FashInvest, we have had

good stewards of their investments.

the opportunity to greater understand not only the investment

parameters that are sought out, but also invest in fashion and

Market: Know your market and how your company will be

fashion technology ventures for our own funds. So what key

positioned. How large is the market and how much your company

elements are necessary today when seeking investment capital?

will achieve in market penetration. A venture backed opportunity

A few thoughts:

needs to experience beyond average growth. Achieving sales

of one, two or even five million dollars in annual sales is nice

Uniqueness: Entrepreneurs always believe that their new

but does not typically interest professional investors. They are

venture is unique, first of its kind, best of class and if you ask

seeking companies that have the ability to grow to $50 million or

their competitors they believe the same. But is it? A venture has

$100 million in annual sales within five years. Your venture should

to be unique in its offerings, designs, distribution channels, and

demonstrate how you could realistically employ to achieve such

marketing. How does your venture rise above the “noise” in the


marketplace? We hear every day about social media strategies. 

Yes it is important, however, every venture is now employing that

Exit Strategy: Investors ultimately require their investment be

strategy. As an emerging company’s CEO, you need to really

returned with a profit. As a fashion entrepreneur, you need to

show how your venture is different and it’s not just in the designs.

demonstrate that you have a plan and understand the market

It can be in how you approach your prospective customers, your

dynamics of exiting a business. Having experience is great but if

marketing strategy, your pricing and positioning. It can even be

you don’t, don’t despair. Entrepreneurs have to start somewhere. 

in how you create “perceived” scarcity, as is done with flash sale

But you have to concisely and convincingly demonstrate you

fashion company websites. But something has to be uniquely

have an understanding and a plan of who would acquire your


business and an estimate at which point. Use other examples in

the marketplace to show that there is a demand to acquire similar businesses to yours.

Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3



How much should an Entrepreneur expect to raise in their first round of funding from an angel investor versus a VC?

Angel Investors are critical to the entrepreneurial eco-system. As an entrepreneur how should you approach an Angel and how Angel Investors are typically wealthy investors who wish to provide

much should you expect to raise in the first round of financing?

more than just money to a startup enterprise. They want to invest

in businesses in which they understand and of which they can

First. Network, network, network.  Angels can be found at venture

add their experiences to the management of the business. They

events, through your professional advisors such as lawyers and

don’t typically want to run your venture in a day-to-day fashion but

accountants, or even by applying to angel groups. They are out

want to offer their experiences to management when warranted.

there and can be found but it takes effort. Start with the internet

Emerging entrepreneurs should take advantage of the growing

and search out angel groups in your market sector or geography.

Angel community throughout the nation. They are not only

Also read press releases from other entrepreneurs who received

investors but sounding boards for ideas, concepts and strategies.

angel investments. Angels typically build portfolios of their

They can be your best ally and partner in success. And think

holdings and do not invest solely in one company.

about it. Angel investors are not extracting cash they are putting

it in hoping for success in order for them and management to

Second. Understand how much investment to seek.  Angel

successfully exit the venture! They are in effect paying YOU to

rounds are typically used to build prototypes, prove business

help you succeed!

models, launch the initial business and secure the first customers.

The angel round should be an amount adequate to prove out your

Angels typically fund the launch of a business at a concept

concept and raise the interest of the venture community. It should

stage. They are investing because of deep interest in the

be used to “squeeze some risk” out of a deal. Typically, angel

industry, business strategy and also the management. Some

rounds can be as little as $50,000 from an individual or as much

Angels may only invest in industries that they had professional

as $1 million from an Angel group. However, it should be enough

personal experience in and that is good. Imagine having as

to adequately prove a model or assumption. Raising too little can

an investor an influential executive from your industry who can

only cause failure with certainty and raising too much can cause

open doors previously unattainable. It says a lot.  Angels take

too much dilution of ownership. Make sure you plan out your

on the initial risk as typically the first investors. As founder of

business well enough to understand an appropriate amount to

the ARC Angel Fund ( in New York we

raise in the round.

have seen hundreds of new opportunities but we tend to only

invest in enterprises where one of our 70 investor-members

Your angel round should be enough to take you to your first

has experience and deep understanding of the industry. They

Series A institutional venture capital round. Typical venture

typically take on a board or advisory board role in the entity to

capital rounds for Series A range from $1 million to $5 million and

assist them in their strategy, management and growth plans. And

are used for market launch and expansion.

they open doors to customers, to vendors and to Venture Capital investors. Again, they are critical in the ecosystem.  


Who are the first 3 key people in order of importance that an entrepreneur should consider hiring when bringing on staff for their growing company?

Launching a venture can be a lonely exercise. mistake to avoid is to hire a “market rate” professional at launch.  Typically, startups begin with one person with an idea or

Cash is king and must be preserved. An experienced startup,

perhaps a couple but it can be lonely and scary. As a startup

marketing professional understands that and if they are truly

entrepreneur you are typically doing everything in the enterprise

passionate for the enterprise they will work for less than market

but at some point either before raising capital or most certainly


after raising capital you have to expand the team and bring on

essential hires that are essential to your success. They are

Finance: A key important hire is a financial professional.  One

key hires that can make or break your venture as there is little

who can handle the books, as well as, prepare the company

barrier between them and the market. I have had the privilege

for its investor activity. Your financial professional is essential

of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years and

to identifying, interacting and driving investment from investors

hiring the first employees of a venture is one of the most difficult

to Angel investors to Venture Capitalists. These individuals

and challenging exercises of launching a company. I have

are also critical in capturing the key data in analyzing how

literally seen many ventures and even some of my own crater

your business operates. Many business models are so new

with poor hires. Don’t take it lightly.  These employees may be

that revenue recognition and performance metrics may not be

with you for years and their experience and values can set the

widely understood. An effective finance professional can guide

course you follow. One thing you should NOT do is to just hire

management, investors and the market through such critical

friends because it is convenient. You need to focus on bringing


in the most qualified who share the vision, passion and values

you have. Most startups fail in their first year. Hiring the right

Administration: Many people would think the third key person

team can reduce that risk substantially. Some key initial hires

is one who is a COO or President - an operations professional.

to consider are as follows:

My view is the third key hire is an administrative professional,

Sales and Marketing: Although two separate

an assistant, a secretary. Many times overlooked in their

disciplines, most startups initially combine that role due to limited

contributions, these professionals are intricately entwined in the

resources. Eventually they split off one of those responsibilities

success of a business. They set critical schedules. They run the

to another professional which is typically the sales function. business and office in your absence.  They are the first face or A strong marketing hire is essential at launch.  They set the

voice that customers and investors are greeted with. They help

tone in the marketplace for your company and how potential

set the tone with the outside world. And they keep your busy

customers, vendors and even the marketplace perceive it. life as an entrepreneur organized.  Their importance cannot be Hire an individual who can demonstrate they have experience

overlooked. This key hire can be with you through thick or thin

but who understand there is a contribution of “sweat” they are

in this launch and through its exit. And even on to your next

investing in return for initial founders equity or options. One

start up!

David J. Freschman, the foremost early-stage business expert and top venture capitalist is the Managing Principal of Innovation Capital Advisors. He is also the Founder and CEO of FashInvest the leading global platform for the most innovative fashion / fashion-technology entrepreneurs and investors, including: angel, venture capital and private equity investors.



By Mariessa Terrell, ESQ.

A month or so ago, I received an email from an

file an official response. Instead, she contacted a fashion attorney

independent fashion designer in Seattle, Washington. She was

and was able to negotiate a settlement on her own before the

concerned because a first tier department store sent her a cease

response was due. In this instance, the designer entered into a

and desist letter. The letter was short and succinct and contained

consent agreement with the department store that allowed her to

a request that she “cease and desist” from using her federally

continue using her trademark so long as she advertised and sold

registered trademark.

her product in certain markets.

Why? The department store argued that

the designer’s trademark was confusingly similar to the trademark

they owned for similar fashion goods. Interestingly, the designer

of the tale is simple: a business is only as strong as its owners,

did everything right. She selected a strong brand name, conducted

boards, and advisors.

a search to determine the availability of the mark, filed a trademark

application with the US Patent and Trademark Office, obtained a

relationships with expert advocates in a variety of fields who can

federal trademark registration and continued to properly use her

provide advice and guidance when needed. In this instance,

registered mark to identify products sold in her online boutique.

obtaining a federal trademark registration was not enough to

What else could she have done? The answer to this question is;

prevent the west cost designer from being targeted. Instead, it

nothing, really.

was her decision to reach out to an advocate that made all the


Imagine the designer’s dismay when she received the

This trademark tale had a happy ending. And the moral







first letter from the department store challenging her trademark.

Soon thereafter, she received a second letter. This time instead

assist artists, including fashion designers, with legal matters

of receiving a cease and desist letter, she received a Notice

at discounted rates or at no cost (pro bono). The Washington

of Opposition.

Area Lawyers for Arts (WALA) is a not for profit organization

The opposition to the designer’s use of her

own trademark was official.

There are many nonprofits that have been created to

The grounds as stated in the US

that provides access to education, advocacy and legal services

Patent and Trademark Opposition Notice included 1) priority (the

through workshops and seminars, legal clinics and pro-bono

department store believed they were the first to use the trademark)

referral services for creatives and cultural organizations. WALA

and likelihood of confusion (the department store believed that,

and other volunteer lawyers organizations are happy to match

because the designer’s trademark was similar to their trademark,

creatives with solo practitioners and law firms who specialize in

consumers would likely be confused about who actually produced

arts advocacy including intellectual property, real estate, contract

the fashion goods).

and business law, etc.

Whether the claim presented by the department store

It is imperative that creative entrepreneurs surround

was valid, the designer was faced with a dilemma. She would

themselves with advocates who can assist when needed. Don’t

have to respond to the Notice of Opposition within the 40 days

wait until you receive a disturbing Cease and Desist or Opposition

allotted by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board or possibly lose

Notice in the mail. Get to know the members of your local volunteer

the Opposition by default. Thankfully, the designer never had to

lawyers groups today. They can be tremendous assets.

Mariessa Terrell is President of the Board of Directors of the Washingotn Area Lawyers for the Arts ( She is an intellectual property attorney, brander and founder of SBC Law Group with over 10 years experience providing intellectual property law services to fashion designers, defense contractors, nonprofits and start ups. Mariessa endeavors to make the trademark registration process simple and affordable by helping clients select marks that will be afforded the most protection, conducting comprehensive searches of potential trademarks and filing trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Prior to starting her own firm, Mariessa worked as Trademark Examining Attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and helped to register thousands of fashion brands including, Revlon, L’oreal, Estee Lauder, Balenciaga, Chanel, Dooney and Burke, Avon and countless others. 56

Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3


I T ’ S Y O U R BUS I NESS As the host of the popular MSNBC-TV show “Your Business”, JJ Ramberg  has become the most visible face of entrepreneurship and one of the most reliable sources for practical advice. At a time when small business has been at the center of Washington politics, she reveals on a weekly basis what it’s really like on Main Street. In  IT’S YOUR BUSINESS  (Oct 16; Business Plus), Ramberg shares the smartest wisdom she’s learned from the thousands of entrepreneurs she has interviewed on her show as well as from her own experience as a successful social entrepreneur and a busy mom of three. With fresh, clever and sometimes quirky advice you won’t find anywhere else, Ramberg will amaze would-be and veteran entrepreneurs at how accessible it can be to start and grow a successful business. From the leaders of well known companies like TOMS Shoes, Zipcar, Sam Adams Beer and Solas Fashion to under the radar homespun success stories like  Bubbles Galore Car & Dog Wash, Ramberg shares such in-the-trenches tricks of the trade and a-ha moments as: ·         Find a market for the stuff you’re throwing out ·         Be ready with a photo pitch on your phone ·         Improve self-confidence by standing differently ·         Turn your inexperience into an asset ·         Change your tone of voice to make a sale ·         Use an odd number to be more memorable ·         Look in the mirror when on the phone to look smiling

and engaged ·         Give your ideas a name so everyone remembers them You’ll never find street-smart wisdom like this in an MBA course or instruction manual. The secret of a successful business is less about the grand plan and more about the small details. JJ Ramberg  has been the host of MSNBC-TV’s “Your Business” show for the last six years and is the cofounder of, a company which transforms your everyday actions into ways to support your favorite charity or school. As of this printing of this book, GoodSearch has been used by more than 15 million people, 100,000 nonprofits, 2,500 top retailers, and 10,000 restaurants and has raised of Duke University and has her MBA from Stanford University. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and three children.

Photo courtesy NBC

around $10 million dollars for good causes. She is a graduate

by MSNBC-TV host JJ Ramberg with Frank Silverstein and Lisa Everson Researched by Michelle Winters

| roz tayger | work . travel . life for him & her


Dick Harrington


What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur and Build a Great Business By Tony Tjan, Dick Harrington and Tsun-yan Hsieh Story Researched by Michelle Winters


Tsun-yan Hsieh

Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3

Tjan Anthony

Do you have what it takes to become the next Mark Zuckerberg or Howard Schultz? Certain to startle you with newfound self-awareness, HEART, SMARTS, GUTS, and LUCK: What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur and Build a Great Business (Harvard Business Review Press) shows how you can assess your own attributes to determine which will help or hinder you at every step along the business-building journey.   The book’s Entrepreneurial Aptitude Test (EAT)--a “Myers-Brigg style” survey of your entrepreneurial profile--will diagnose which of four key traits are dominant for you: Heart, Smarts, Guts, or Luck. (You can take the test now at www.   Are you heart-dominant like chef Alice Waters or Starbucks’ Howard Schultz? How about smarts-dominant like Jeff Bezos of Amazon? Or even guts-dominant like Virgin’s Richard Branson or Nelson Mandela?   With this awareness, you’ll learn which traits in your profile you should “dial up” or “dial down” during critical milestones of the business cycle from founding, to scaling, to shifting strategy, to selling. You’ll also learn what kind of people you may need beside you. The book will help you look forward—to know what to improve and when you’ll need help, but you’ll also learn to look back at decisions you’ve made to understand what drove them so you can do better next time. The book’s reference sections contain digestible case studies, practical wisdom and business-building habits and provide time-tested tools needed to drive long-term business success.   The book is written by a trio of accomplished entrepreneurs, businessbuilders and advisors-turned-venture capitalists, and is based on their interviews with hundreds of executives and business-builders across the globe including Google’s Sergey Brin and Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.   Among the many insights they discovered, is that having a high degree of self-awareness may be the best marker of a successful entrepreneur, and even more critical than having a high IQ.    HEART, SMARTS, GUTS, and LUCK will help identify the right path for any entrepreneur—ranging from those who are dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur to veterans scaling growth.   Tony Tjan is Managing Partner of the venture capital firm Cue Ball Capital, and founder of the Internet advisory group, ZEFER. Dick Harrington is Chairman of Cue Ball Capital. He lives in Boston. Dick began his career as a small business owner and transformed a Canadian holding company into Thomson-Reuters, now the world’s largest information services and media company. He lives in Connecticut. And Tsun-yan Hsieh, based in Singapore, is the founder of LinHart Group, he counsels founders and CEOs throughout the Americas and Asia and serves on the boards of Sony Corporation and Manulife Financial.


A R TISTI C EX P R ESSI O NS B Y J UL I ENNE J O H NS O N Researched by Michelle Winters

Ozymandias (detail) 2012, 63 x 61" , oil with mixed media, direct pigment transfers and collage on canvas 60

Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3

"I make art to communicate what I cannot in words...what's going on in the world around us; what I cannot fix; what I wish I could make different..." -Julienne Johnson

Obbligato I (detail) 2012, 30 x 40", oil with mixed media, direct pigment transfers and collage on canvas Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3







Researched by Nova Lorraine

Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3


Soaring 90 stories in the New York skyline, ONE57 is now the tallest residential tower in New York City and will feature 92 ultra-luxury condominium residences designed by Thomas Juul-Hansenhighlighting custom details, intricate interiors and enviable views of Central Park as well as the New York skyline. This glass skyscraper designed by Christian de Portzamparc’s was conceived in part to resemble the movement of water. The building itself changes shape from every angle and its unique layout offers a different vista at every turn. Sales were recently launched in December, including a recordbreaking $115 million penthouse listing.

View of Central Park from living room.

View from living room and dining room



I N T R O D UC I N G … F O R T Y 1 ° N O R T H Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3


accommodations: Located in the heart of historic downtown Newport with a stunning backdrop of the harbor, Forty 1° North is a waterfront destination close to Bellevue Avenue’s famous mansions, the International Tennis Hall of Fame, and just steps away from shopping, galleries and museums. Forty 1° North offers a modern take on the marina-side luxury hotel, with a deliberately innovative and contemporary interior design to represent a new era in Newport hospitality. The boutique hotel offers full-service facilities including a state-of-the-art marina, two unique restaurants, 28 beautifully appointed lodgings, tailored corporate and event packages and extraordinary service.

food & leisure: The Grill is Forty 1° North’s exclusive dockside restaurant designed to deliver a fresh, upscale dining and entertainment experience while providing a unique and serene respite from Newport’s bustling waterfront scene. The menu features grilled meats, seafood, and raw bar, as well as organic and locally sourced selections. There is an open-air dining area, with individual tables and bar seating surrounding the covered bar pavilion. Inviting dockside lounge seating creates a perfect setting to relax with cocktails and conversation. Indoors the Dining Room, Oval Bar and Lounge offer sweeping views of the Harbor in a casual elegant setting to enjoy timeless cocktails and the full menu. Christie’s transforms eating out into a fun, hip and playful modern experience. From the swing seating, to the outdoor dining, to the Neptune chairs and 20-person communal table, there is a fun spot for everyone to eat, drink and lounge.

marina services: A Full program of yacht services provided, including dockside dining, on-board cleaning, launch services, wash-downs and pump-outs There’s also a Yacht Tender Program for daily access for vessels less than 36 feet, and use of marina services.

Photos courtesy Forty 1° North






Researched by Michelle Winters

A small town produces a global delight for the senses with a new class of caviar from Northern Divine Canada. Sechelt BC, CANADA - Northern Divine, located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, is the only world-class sustainable black caviar producer in British Columbia. Northern Divine is Canadian caviar from white sturgeon raised using fresh water from the majestic mountains in the town of Sechelt also known as the “land between two waters”. The caviar is locally raised, delicious and luscious with a clean, delicate flavor and finish. It is delivered fresh and rated among the top 5 caviars in the world. “When the USSR fell in 1991, its fisheries also fell apart and our door opened for Northern Divine,” stated Justin Henry, General Manager of Target Marine Hatcheries which produces Northern Divine caviar. “In 1998, a plan was created, and this year we harvested 300 kilograms of caviar from 89 fish that were in their eleventh year.” These sturgeon were raised by Vancouver Island University’s sturgeon conservation program; Target Marine Hatcheries will use their own roe to hatch the next generation of sturgeon. Northern Divine caviar is recognized as Ocean Wise ™, sustainable, eco-friendly and the sturgeon are raised according to ethical food production processes making it a great choice for consumers who are concerned about their world and environment. Northern Divine caviar, a great way to celebrate any occasion, is best served simply with refined elegance as an appetizer or garnish to relish the flavor in small bites to savor the texture of the grains. Enjoy Northern Divine caviar naked on the back of your hand, on our mother of pearl spoon or add to a cracker and enjoy with your favorite chilled champagne or iced vodka. To indulge in Northern Divine’s world-class caviar, check out Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3

Photos courtesy Norther Divine




T h e M u s t K n ow

Parramatta River Urban Design Strategy

Incredible and talented architects have created all

of the astonishing buildings in the world that stand today. The brains, vision, and amazing patience and dedication that it takes to erect any structure should be rewarded and

recognized by all who see and use the facility. Meet three powerhouse architects from around the world whose designs are anything but ordinary and far from boring. Adrian






environmental design studio based in Sydney, Australia. McGregor is a landscape architecture and urban design professional who began his career in Sydney. He was just a little boy when he discovered a love for land as he dug around

in his grandmother’s garden in Newcastle, Australia. After graduating with a bachelor of landscape architecture in 1988 from the University of Canberra and working in North America

and the UK, he established the Urban Design Alliance in 1997 with the intention of refining the quality of urban life in

Australia. McGregor and Partners was founded in 1998 and was renamed McGregor Coxall in 2009 to better showcase

the collaboration of McGregor and his longtime colleague

Itaoui Woodland Park

This park is unique in that it provides for natural

burials, internment of ashes and social occasions all

in the reserved and peaceful woodland setting of the Cumberland Plain Woodland ecosystem.

“Everyone knows we’ve got immense challenges ahead of us- with the end of oil, climate change, a huge loss

of biodiversity, and soaring population growth, we’ve got some big issues to deal with. Cities are where most of the human population lives now, so that’s why

we’re interested in how we can work with cities to make them more sustainable and also how to transition into the future when we can’t put oil in our cars anymore,” McGregor explains.

I n t e r n a t i o n a l A rc h i t e c t s By Jenna Drancsak

McGregor Coxall won the highly coveted

international Parramatta Road Competition for their momentous work on the 200-year-old road connecting Parramatta with Sydney. More recently,

the fourteen person McGregor team won the 2009 Topos Magazine Landscape award, the 2009

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects New South Wales award for their work on Ballast Point

Park in Birchgrove, and they were ranked 12th

out of 4,000 small businesses (fewer than 100 employees) across Australia by Telstra Business

Awards for its leadership role in the business community. McGregor Coxall is a unique company

whose passions about the environment as well as design deserve to be shared and praised.

With a $100,000,000 budget, this design

sits on the Parramatta River foreshore and is the

meeting point of the harbor and river. It smartly serves as a connection point between Sydney’s Central Business District and Circular Quay.

Rai n e M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3



This multi use skyscraper catches the eye with its waterfall like appearance and glassy structure. The expected completed date is 2014 and it is to be in Reforma, Mexico City.

Next up on the list of must-know architects is Rojkind Arquitectos. Michel Rojkind Halpert is the force behind the company that was founded in 2002 with the

vision of designing compelling structures that go deeper than just functionality. This Mexico City based innovative firm works across a diverse platform. Their multinational

team is comprised of experts from all fields that assist in the collaborative and intricate design process. Of course, not everyone has a straight and narrow path that they take to get to the career they have today.

Michael Rojkind was a drummer in the band “La

Gente Normal” for twelve years until 1999, when they broke up. While playing as a musician, Rojkind studied architecture and urban planning at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, and teamed up with Isaac

Broid and Miquel Adria to establish the architectural firm Adria+Broid+Rojkind, where he stayed until 2002 when

he established his independent firm. Rojkind Arquitectos was later recognized in 2005 by Architectural Record as “one of the best ten Design Vanguard firms.” Along with other creative entrepreneurs Arturo Ortiz, Derek Dellekamp and Tatiana Bilbao, Rojkind co-founded the

MXDF Urban Research Center in 2004. This center’s

objectives are to appropriately intervene in specific areas of the urban development, adjusting the construction of urban space in Mexico through the regular study of social, political, environmental, global and cultural conditions.

More recently Rojkind has been short listed to participate in several large scale international projects, including Canada, Kuwait and Spain. In addition to being a regular contributor in several architectural and design

publications, Michel Rojkind has served as the editor of the technology section “FWD” in the architecture journal Arquine International and has held several visiting professorships at prestigious universities.

Level Green

Opened June 4, 2009 for the Autostadt in Olfsburg, Germany; it seeks to unfold the various aspects of sustainability. Photographed by Alexandra Lucka


J. MAYER H. Architects round out the list of must

Completed August 2008. This 12,800 square foot, three story modern home is located in Ludwigsburg, a city in BadenWurttemberg, Germany.

know architects. Founded in 1996 in Berlin, Germany, this firm’s focus is on the intersection of architecture,

communication and new technology. Recent projects include a gorgeous student centre at Karlsruhe

Photographed by David Franck

University, the villa Dupli Casa near Ludwigsburg,

the redevelopment of the Plaza de la Encarnacion in Sevilla, Spain, the office building ADA1 in Hamburg,

and the extension of the science park in Danfoss,

Denmark. This firm is surely busy year round from planning urban schemes and building to installation work and objects with new materials. One thing is for

certain, the relationship between the human body, technology and nature form the background for a new production of space.

Jurgen Mayer H. is the founder and principal

of this noteworthy cross-disciplinary studio. He earned

his degrees from Stuttgart University, The Cooper Union and Princeton University. His work has been exhibited and published worldwide and is currently

part of numerous collections, some of which are the Museum of Modern Art in New York and San Francisco. He has also won national and international

recognition by winning awards that include the Mies

van der Rohe Emerging Architect Special Mention in

2003, the Holcim Award in 2005 and the Audi Urban Future Award in 2010. Jurgen has also taught as a

professor at his Alma Mater Princeton, along with

Photo by Paul Rivera

the University of the Arts Berlin, Harvard University, Kunsthochschule Berlin, the Architectural Association

in London, Columbia University, and the University of Toronto.

Whether Jurgen and his team are designing

homes, office buildings or other structures, it’s a guarantee that quality and sustainability, as well

as a modern and unique twist will be present in the architecture.

Tori Tori Restaurant

This stunning caged Japanese restaurant was completed in 2011 and is located in Polanco, Mexico City


nu image print


430 Nepperhan Avenue Yonkers, NY 10701 | 888.726.7172 |


p l

a i





s t




hotogr f





m e


i d


p d






hy york



On August 18th, Raine Magazine held a signing of its Volume 12 Innovate! Issue with it’s cover model, Kendall Jenner. The event was held in California at the Barnes and Noble Calabasas store. Attendees lined up as early as 7am and magazines on hand sold out in a matter of hours. Various press outlets were present and the event caused quite a post media frenzy. Stay tuned for the next Raine event and hope to see you there!

Kendall Jenner during her magazine signing of her cover at the Calabasas California Barnes and Noble.


Rai ne M a g a z i n e - V o l u m e 1 3

Raine 13 - The Fashion & Style Issue  
Raine 13 - The Fashion & Style Issue