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Two E Bar/Lounge

Blending classic elegance with modern mixology

Two E Bar/Lounge at The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York 2 East 61st Street at Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10065



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VOL 18


G e t Th i s L o ok By M i ch e l l e Bro w n G e t Th i s L o ok - P a rt Ii By M i che l l e B r ow n H o w To L o o k & F e e l G re a t W hi l e Tr av e l i n g Bi g, Bo l d & E x ot i c W h e n J e w e l ry Be co m e s Art

RAINEMA K ERS Consuelo Costin


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Top- Cheng Huai Chuang; Skirt Mathieu Mirano; Coat- Lie Sang Bong


Dark Winter Nights


Fur Shrug- Gucci; Dress- Guilietta; Shoes- Burberry

stairwell to Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, NYC. Photographer: Tim Francis Stylist: Ani Hovhannisyan Hair: Andrea Wilson, ( Artist by Next, New York) Make-up: Gabriel Cruz Model: Lauren H ( Wilhelmina, New York)

Fur- Helen Yarmak; SkirtMathieu Mirano; Dress- Huai Chuang; Boots- Chanel



VOL 18

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Pure Art Translated Into Clothing by Marilyn R. Wilson



Peter Jensen Photography

When international designer Noe Bernacelli’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection hit the runway at Vancouver Fashion week, the audience was captivated. The show began with beautiful, high-end ready-to-wear and flowed seamlessly into stunning Haute Couture evening wear – anchored by sheer lace – that caught the eye of every woman in the audience. “Covet” and “I want” were on the lips of many and the lineup of media, admirers and more after the show was enormous.   This collection was the perfect final note to a full day of fashion.    Bernacelli was born in Trujillo, Perú.  His first foray into the world of art was a nude art class. Only 14 at the time, it was a life-changing experience that opened the door to a life-long appreciation of beauty with women as the ultimate inspiration. Moving to Milan at the age of 18 to study at the Carlo Esciccoli Fashion Institute of Design immersed him in an international world where he could live and breath art. It inspired him to rethink the meaning of beauty. “I had the opportunity to see Italy with the eyes of an artist, hungry for inspiration.  Art influences the lives of people and you see it every day in this city.” Work during this time as an understudy for Gianfranco Ferré – the architect of fashion and a true perfectionist – taught the budding designer the value of hard work, consistency and discipline.   Six year ago the decision was made to return to Perú to build his own brand and redefine the meaning of couture here. Accolades both local and international soon began to pour in. Working out of his large studio space in Lima, Bernacelli creates magic – classic, Holly-wood style glamour, but with a modern feel.  His traditional palette is anchored by soft pastels and neutrals that allow a woman’s beauty take center stage and the garments often evoke a physical response. “Haute Couture is pure art translated into clothing. It involves the capacity to evoke feelings, sensations and more.”   Bernacelli’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection – titled DCO   – was conceived while travelling.  The designer shared, “When it’s time to create a new collection, I disconnect from the world and plan a trip for inspiration. This collection was inspired by a recent trip to Máncora beach in the northern region of Perú, as well as the magic of places like Capri and Positano.”  Luxurious ready-to-wear looks include a great selection of soft jackets in several styles and lengths, shorts, skirts, capris and blouses. The overall neutral palette has a beautiful, rich red added in to provide a counterpoint. Fabrics range from lace and sheers to satin. Tailoring is intricate and many garments are finished off with beautiful detailing.   There is no better word to describe Bernacelli’s Haute Couture pieces than stunning. Sheer lace or lace embellished looks offered in a wide variety of silhouettes and lengths hold center stage. Most require a bit of daring and all are absolutely red carpet ready.  Paired with these are looks in satin with glossy and matte creatively combined. Hues include classic white, gold and a pinky beige. Detailing on several involve delicate, slender feathers, adding movement as the wearer walks or dances the night away.  The looks are romantic, sensual and utterly show stopping.   Noe Bernacelli’s focus is luxurious garments for women who embrace their beauty. The international stage awaits and this designer is perfectly poised to step into that spotlight. For more information, go to www. or email his PR Manager Giannina Loyola at nbernacelli@






Meet Dr. Michael S. Spicer, renowned dermatologist and founder of Épicé, a leader in the beauty industry, with a focus on preserving your most precious asset: your skin. As a board certified dermatologist with a degree in biochemistry, Dr. Spicer has used his extensive knowledge to create the ultimate expression in care for all skin types. The Épicé line draws on Dr. Spicer’s years of practice developing products that are designed with your health in mind and driven by results that are lasting and beneficial. RAINE: Can you talk about your background as a doctor and entrepreneur? SPICER: I’m from Trinidad and my wife is from Barbados, and we currently live in Florida. I’m a dermatologist; I deal with a lot of skin problems and skin care has always been a passion of mine- in terms of finding the best product on the market for my patients. Over the years I came up with a line, and with my connections in Trinidad and Barbados, I was able to expand it there.   RAINE: Dr. Spicer, why did you start a business in skin care? SPICER:  Early in my career when I would see patients - usually children with severe eczema - I was taught to recommend moisturizing creams because it helps with itching, and I noticed that some creams worked better than others. Certainly, some of the brands that were popular at the time did not seem to do very well, and then there was a subset of moisturizing creams that did very well. I started to look into why there were some products that worked better, and that’s what got me into this whole thing. There really are some better ingredients, better formulations, and better ways of doing things that I don’t want to say aren’t popular. But, if you knew there were ingredients that worked better, then that’s what you’d make your cream out of - not just the standard oil and water or Vaseline and water, like most moisturizing creams out there.   RAINE: How did you start your business? SPICER: I had some ideas and went to one of the local labs in the area. They weren’t skin care companies, but they made products for other people [other brands], but not specifically what I was doing. I gave them an idea, and through conversations, we were able to come up with the ingredients we have today. It has been a joint effort between the chemists, the aestheticians, and myself.


RAINE: Why did you expand your business in the Caribbean? SPICER: We have a pretty strong presence in the Caribbean. I was doing it here in Florida, and I would visit, quite frequently, in Trinidad and Barbados- due to the family ties- and I kept talking with the local businessmen and the local aestheticians. I know some of the dermatologists, particularly in Barbados, and I decided it was a good idea to expand down there, especially with the business connections; and it’s really taken off. RAINE:  What are the pros and cons of doing business in Barbados and other Caribbean islands? SPICER: Well, the double-edged sword is primarily the expense of trying to get [import] products- particularly into Barbados, because they import virtually everything, so there is a very high tax on imported goods. The pro is that a lot of other companies based in Europe and the United States pulled out in the last several years because of the economy, and that opened the door for me to promise that we would always have product in stock. So even though it has been very expensive, we’ve been able to keep our clients fully stocked. Unfortunately, bringing the product into the country is very expensive. We try not to pass the entire cost on to the customer, because then it would be ridiculously priced. So we absorb some that cost, so that local Barbadians can afford a quality skin care product versus competitors. RAINE:  Can you tell me about the Épicé line and how you believe that your products are a leader in the beauty industry? SPICER: One of the ‘things’ that we offer is me: a dermatologist who can advise on what is best for the skin, so that a 25-year-old with oily, acne skin is going to have a different skin care regimen than a 55-year-old with very dry skin; someone who keeps environmental differences in mind and will also change your skin care routine. What we offer is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Over the last couple of years, what I have developed is a skin care regimen based on age, skin type, and geographic location. Technologically, it has been interesting trying to put all of that together, and that is one of the centerpieces of our company- to provide a skin care regimen that is unique to the client.


“Skincare has always been a passion of mine.” RAINE: What advice do you give to your patients with skin issues, and how does Épicé Moisturizing Lotion combat the signs and symptoms of problematic skin? SPICER: Patients with problem skin are usually seen in my dermatology practice and treated medically. Épicé Therapeutic Moisturizing Lotion has been a great adjunct to my treatment protocol, especially in patients with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and post-radiation- especially in women who have had radiation treatments for breast cancer. The aloe is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, the safflower oil is soothing to the skin, and Épicé Therapeutic Moisturizer contains no parabens, which are a concern for breast cancer survivors. RAINE: How did you manage to create a sunscreen that can be used on regular and sensitive skin? Is that due in part to using zinc in the formula? SPICER: The key was to try and create a zinc-only moisturizing sunscreen that does not burn the eyes or irritate the skin, so that it can be used as a daily facial moisturizer as well as a sunscreen. We do have other sunscreens that are coming out based specifically on personal preference, in terms of some people liking a heavier sunscreen and others preferring a more lotion-based sunscreen. We are also coming out with a mattifying tinted sunscreen, so that people with acne and oily skin can have a combination of blemish control and

something that is going to prevent shine at the end of the day…so we are really excited about that. RAINE: What is ClearZinc, and how does it set the Épicé line apart from brands that only use zinc in their formulations? SPICER: ClearZinc is a nanoparticle zinc formulation that goes on clear and contains a variation of micro fine zinc particles to reflect and refract the sunlight, protecting the skin from harmful UV radiation. Larger zinc oxide particles can leave a whitish hue or even make the skin look completely white. Épicé Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20+ goes on clear and smoothly, so it doesn’t feel like it is there.   RAINE: For people who want to protect their skin, what should they know about using Épicé Sunscreen? For example, do you need to wait to go out into the sun after you apply? SPICER:  It is recommended, even though zinc oxide is a physical block, and it does protect you as soon as you apply it to your skin. If you look at the daily facial moisturizer, once it is on, it’s on and that’s it; you’re good to go. Our Epi Dry does have some chemical sunscreens that do have to absorb into the skin, and that does take 15 to 20 minutes. The newer thought of applying sunscreen is that if you apply sunscreen and then reapply 15 minutes after you have been exposed to the sun, then you have much better protection.   RAINE: Dr. Spicer, if there is one thing that people should do on a consistent basis to keep and maintain healthy skin, what would that be? SPICER: Sun protection. About 80% of the aging process is from exposure to UV light. So by protecting your skin from ultraviolet exposure, you can maintain a healthy, youthful, appearance for substantially longer than if you were not using a daily facial sunscreen.





Liberian-born Doughba Caranda-Martin has called the United States his home for twenty-one years, but this rising entrepreneur still brings his African roots to life every day through his international tea and spice shop, Serengeti Teas. After fleeing his war-torn country, Caranda-Martin has worked tirelessly to highlight the rich abundance of agriculture and incredible variety of flavors that bloom in the African soil. His Harlem-based retail shop opened in Fall 2013 and he already has his eye on expansions to other major cities. Just like Africa’s exotic harvest, Serengeti Teas is growing fast thanks to the cultivation of Doughba Caranda-Martin. RAINE: How did you get involved in the tea business? CARANDA-MARTIN: My family has always been involved in agriculture. I’m the only one left in the business. My grandmother has been the genesis: she was a botanist and my family has been doing this for 5 generations, working with our own farms and other farmers of spices, cocoa, and tea.   RAINE: Where do you currently distribute? Will you be expanding to any more locales? CARANDA-MARTIN: Serengeti Teas sells worldwide. We distribute through Africa and the Middle East and we also do an Ecommerce Business. Our first retail operation just opened in Harlem in the fall. I plan to open two or three additional locations in the next 6 - 12 months, possibly Atlanta, San Francisco, and Chicago. I also operate wholesale, retail, and private label components under Caranda Brands. The private label is for clients and





hospitality companies and provides a very personal touch. We do both custom blends as well as design and packaging for companies that want their own tea line. RAINE: What is Africa’s influence on the hot beverage market? CARANDA-MARTIN: The global marketplace does not realize the amount of tea that Africa produces. Africa is actually the birthplace of coffee - the original coffee came from Ethiopia. Colonization spurred the planting of coffee in South America; however, the original bean came from Ethiopia. Often the stigma around Africa keeps people from promoting its agriculture goodness - tea, cocoa, coffee - everything we do here at Serengeti is based on these principals and honoring the farmers that produce it. We also provide the education that most of the products we use are from African farmers.   Liberia, Ghana and the Ivory Coast all produce grade 1 cocoa and most producers buy from these places due to the quality of the cocoa. The sub-Saharan continent is a major player of these food categories: for example, 90% of hot cocoa has African cocoa in it.   RAINE: What is the mission behind Serengeti Teas? CARANDA-MARTIN: For me, it’s simply about not trying to be mainstream. I focus on celebrating Africa and its goodness. I especially like to empower and promote female farmers. We are very involved in social responsibility and balance from whom you purchase from on the ground in Africa. Sixty percent of the farmers we purchase from are


women: they seem to be more efficient. We are very interested in the hands on relationships with the farmers: we need to know who made the cocoa and where it’s coming from. This same principle applies to the teas and coffees. RAINE: How do you stand out as a small business in a big business industry? CARANDA-MARTIN: We do all the packaging ourselves. We do not cut any corners. We are a boutique company that focuses on the process of handcrafting, from selecting the beans to the blending of our teas and coffees. Some of our specific teas are very rare and are aged for two to three years. A lot of this comes from my grandmother, LuLu. RAINE: What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome? CARANDA-MARTIN: My biggest obstacles have been finances and distribution. The problem with distribution is that people are so uneducated about Africa. If you try to present something African, they are unsure. I am not going to wait for anyone to move forward. I am going to do good work that will attract the right person. I enjoyed being in the Serengeti because I was told that persistence is the measure of success and integrity is important as well. I am here to represent the Diaspora of Africa and the global community as well. I don’t have the personality of complacency; life without diversity and challenges become meaningless. Challenges create solutions. It’s my goal to dream big dreams and make them happen one step at a time!   RAINE: What words of wisdom would you offer to aspiring entrepreneurs? CARANDA-MARTIN: Don’t cut corners. It’s ok to fail: regroup and keep your focus.   RAINE: What are you looking forward to as Serengeti Teas grows? CARANDA-MARTIN: We are going to push the envelope further it’s exciting. I am very happy.



Intriguing International B u s i n e s s E n t r e p r e n e u r .

With no formal background in the beauty industry other than a lifelong love affair with skincare products and cosmetics, Nabila Khashoggi is becoming an iconic beauty entrepreneur. In 2010, she set out to assemble the best team possible to help create her vision of high-quality, naturally derived products. Her eye for luxury is in her genes: she is the eldest daughter of legendary billionaire Saudi tycoon Adnan Khashoggi and cousin to Dodi Fayed who dated Princess Diana and died with her in a car crash in 1997. In addition to her successful and growing Nabila K line, Khashoggi is also an actor, mother, and author of a children’s comic book series. She has been involved with a number of successful businesses and devotes much of her time to securing financing for charitable projects. Dive in as we uncover the sumptuous story behind this buzz-worthy beauty business leader. RAINE: Tell us more about your international background.

RAINE: What do you love about being a beauty entrepreneur?

KHASHOGGI: I was born in Beirut. My father is Saudi

KHASHOGGI: The Nabila K line is such a collaboration,

and my mother is British and Irish. We moved to England

from concept to packaging to the scents. It’s so exciting

in 1975 because of the war where we had a British nanny

to work with creative people. I didn’t plan it out a lot, I

who raised us and became a part of our family. From there

just started creating products I love. It’s a lifestyle brand.

we went to Switzerland and France and diversified our

Nabila K. has products for the home, the body, and a little

studies based on what we wanted to do.

bit of fashion. We feature products you need that are also of very good quality. I’m especially proud of the travel line,


RAINE: What was it like traveling so much as you grew

Voyages Garden, featuring uniquely designed toiletries.


Some European hotels and spas are already ordering the

KHASHOGGI: As children we were lucky to travel to lots of

line. We just created the first Nabila K. scarf which is based

different places including the United States, England, and

on the 1920’s travel stickers from trunks. It’s made with

Italy for holidays because of my father’s business. We’ve

all natural ingredients. The scarves are made in Italy with

been traveling ever since. My family inspired my love for

the help of my very talented cousin. We want retail buyers

travel: I enjoy experiencing all sorts of cultures and tradi-

to enjoy what they’re buying and come back for more. We

tions. Every day you learn something new. I’m very lucky

work on every scent and every product until we get it right.

to have had access to that.

RAINE: Where are your products distributed?

RAINE: What is the inspiration behind the Nabila K line?

KHASHOGGI: Our products are in various boutiques and

KHASHOGGI: My brother had a bubble bath line that he

spas at the moment and online at

called Nabila. It was packaged in large glass bottles made in the

South of France. We were brought up having a bath every night

RAINE: What other product lines are you working on? 

and thought, “wouldn’t it be great to create our own scents that

KHASHOGGI: We’re starting a toddler line with an all-

we had growing up?” That inspired us to expand the line.

in-one bubble bath and shampoo. We also have a line of


All Product Photos by Anzalone & Avarella Studios

perfumes coming soon. It took about a year to perfect and it will be something that you will want to collect. RAINE: How did you get involved with the many businesses early on in your career? KHASHOGGI: I’ve had a lot of great opportunities. With Infolex, a very clever friend of mine and I created this search engine displayed in train stations and hotel lobbies so you could make reservations right then and there. Mobile Medicine was a business to help package and finance projects to get them started. Today it has grown into a vehicle for charity. Right now I’m facilitating getting mobile medical units to Syrian refugees.   RAINE: When did you decide to foray into writing? KHASHOGGI:  I started writing when my oldest, Spartan, was 3 years old. I would just make up stories. He had this rubber green egg that he became attached to and so I turned the egg into his alien spaceship and that was the first journey we started in the Amazon series. The first book is set in Italy and addresses the plight of the honeybee. The idea is to take kids to new countries so they can experience new traditions and cultures and learn to give back to the planet. We go to a new country in every book and create an entire experience around it -  we have the doll, the puzzle, and the products to go with it. It’s exciting because you get to be a part of creating great stuff and get to give back to

photos by Laura Barisonzi

children as well. The proceeds from the books go directly to funding new projects that help children. RAINE: What do you love about being a creative? KHASHOGGI:  It gets you up in the morning. Whether it’s for business or to give back, it’s fun to get inspired and see other people enjoying your projects.

photos by JASON T. JASKOT


T H E W O R L D ’ S O N LY





Do you crave a lavish lifestyle made of million dollar dreams and champagne wishes? If so, we would like to introduce you to Oumy Diaw. Senegalese and French native Diaw, is the world’s only Champagne Sommelier, which makes her a rare jewel in an industry that focuses heavily on wine. From working with the most prestigious champagne houses to creating her own brand, Oumy Diaw is in a league all of her own, pioneering the way in which people understand champagne and sparkling wines.

Diaw’s introduction to wine came about as a child, during visits to her grandfathers home in Bordeaux-the

wine capital of the world. Inlater years she attended the University of Paris where she earned a degree in Biology and Biochemistry as well as an International Business Degree from the INSEEC business school. Upon graduation, she served her wine apprenticeship at the prestigious French department store, Galeries Lafayette. Armed with technical know-how and business savvy she worked diligently to secure her position as an expert. Within a year and a half she earned the title of Sommelier and was asked to exclusively manage the sale of champagne at the high-end retailer.

Her reputation selling champagne garnered her attention from a number of champagne producers, and in 2004

she was recruited by Champagne Gosset and Cognac Frapin. In her role with Gosset and Frapin she conducts knowledge 18


seminars, and works as consultant with many of France’s leading restaurants, sommeliers, and fine wine stores.

Today Diaw resides in New York

city where she founded her company, The Champagne Sommelier™; a brand management and consulting agency for prestigious champagne importers and




America, and Africa. With such a deep understanding for Champagne, Diaw has created a unique technique called Le Geste Champagne (The right move), to provide custom coaching and sales methods tailored to the needs of businesses and individuals. These tools bridge the subtleties that exist between the





that champagne requires. In the fall of 2014, Diaw opened her very own champagne showroom in Manhattan in which showcases a wide selection of over 500 kinds of champagne, ranging from popular brands to less well-known houses. The showroom offers a number of classes, ranging from Tasting 101 to Master Classes for the wine industry and restaurant professionals. In addition, Diaw runs a specific program for film studios and photographers to teach the proper techniques and cultural notes necessary for a more accurate portrayed of champagne in media.

With her love of champagne

and years of experience, Diaw works to educate people by using her company, The Champagne Sommelier™ as a platform to correlate the intricacies between champagne and the modern world. 


Meet Professional Jetsetter J a c q u e l i ne

RAINE: What has traveling taught you? WOOD: It takes a lot to shock me because I’ve traveled so many places and have experienced so many things. I’ve learned to never pass judgment on anyone. One day when I have children, I would like to teach them that as well. RAINE: How did you start DJing? WOOD: I was living in Toronto and was trying to make ends meet while

W ood

finishing school. I was taking a business course and decided to take a year off and figure out what I wanted to do. I began DJing in Montreal to pay the bills and just fell in love with it. Whenever I traveled with The Bold and the Beautiful I would DJ on the road. It’s a great creative outlet. It’s my time, I’m in the moment. I’m not thinking about tomorrow or yesterday. RAINE: How did you make the leap from The Bold and the Beautiful? WOOD: I was working on some other projects while with The Bold and the Beautiful. I decided to leave the show and take a leap of faith and see what happened. Sometimes you don’t want to look back and say “what if?” even though it felt good to have a safety net. I needed to take this leap. I wanted to travel for a month, but still get work and go on auditions. I got a call from my agent telling me the Wild On team from E! wanted to meet with me about a new show they were developing. After some great meetings, I got the call that I booked the show. RAINE: Can you tell us about your new show, Party On? WOOD: It’s the ultimate dream job: traveling to the world’s most exotic locations. I get plopped in a city or an island by myself with endless money and I just live in the moment. I make connections with people on social media and meet locals and fellow travelers along the way. I get to see the most popular parties, the most exotic villas, and learn about the food and culture. It gets crazy and we’re there to have a good time. The season was taped around the Mediterranean and North Africa including Morocco, Croatia, and Mikonos.   RAINE: What was your most embarrassing moment on set? WOOD: I had to do a Turkish bath, but had no idea what a Turkish bath really was. I ended up having a woman in her 70’s beating the crap out of me! On my last day of the season, I decided to treat myself to a massage and brought a friend along. The masseuse gave me a salt scrub and wrapped me in saran wrap and then abandoned me! I ended up lying there for 30-40 minutes before finally

All photos courtesy of EFG.

Seasoned soap vet Jacqueline M. Wood recently took a leap of faith, trading in her steady role as Steffy Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful for a whirlwind adventure as the host of E!’s newest hit travel series, Party On. Whether she’s racing against rock climbers in Croatia or spinning a set on the road, Wood lives in the moment and isn’t afraid to chase her dreams. Join us as we discover this international jetsetter’s secrets to success. RAINE: Tell us more about your international background. WOOD: I was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada which is right beside Detroit. As a child I traveled around Canada a lot. I am Scottish from my mother’s side and French, Brazilian, and Native American from my father’s side. My mom is originally from Scotland and she loves traveling, it’s a big part of her life. I’m definitely my mother’s daughter: I decided to spread my wings and make travel part of my life, too!   RAINE: How has your international background helped you as an actress in the US market? WOOD: One thing my family and agent have always told me is to “hone your skills” – know who you are and realize things happen for a reason. I developed confidence and honed my skills in Toronto. I had doors closed on me and that thickened my skin. I came to LA with little money in my pocket and on a one-way flight. My parents always encouraged me to go after my dreams. My heritage is good for auditions because if casting directors are looking for a certain type, I’m able to play a number of different roles.


“Don’t be afraid to be awesome.” rocking my body to get on my feet. I pushed through the swaying doors and hopped down the hallway, naked in saran wrap, calling for my friend to rescue me! RAINE: What has been your most challenging experience trying to break into the industry? WOOD: Coming from a different country is difficult. So is having a lot of doors shut on you. I’m a fighter, so when someone says no to me, I try to figure out what I need to adjust to hear yes. Everyone gets type casted and dealing with that is tough. I try to just keep on moving and remembering that everything happens for a reason. I was lucky to book a show pretty quickly after getting to LA, but I struggled getting started in Vancouver. If I had gotten those earlier roles, I wouldn’t have gone to LA to get the show that launched my career. RAINE: What are some of your long-term goals? WOOD: Number one is to be happy. As I get older, the things that I want are starting to make more sense. Being able to travel makes me happy and I am a person that lives in the moment. I also want to live a good life: this show has opened my eyes to different kinds of projects. If I try something and it doesn’t work out, I’m okay with that. I want to do things that excite me. Basically, I want to have that balance that makes a happy life. Traveling makes everyday issues seem so much smaller and really changes my perspective.   RAINE: Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring actors and entrepreneurs? WOOD: Keep on trying! If you really feel it, you have to keep learning and have thick skin. Don’t be afraid to be awesome. Sometimes being weird and different is good. When you think you’re working hard, there is always someone else working harder, so always be yourself and know your stuff.




Sun Lovers Producer: Suraj Maraboyina; Creative Director/Photographer: Stephanie Matthews; Fashion Stylist: Sunii Hendrix; Makeup: Sian Richards; Hair: Guy Romeo; Lighting Assistant: Naoe; Model: Amanda Siobhan; Model: Marina Vorobeva, courtesy of Pinkerton Models LA; Model: Alexander Parra, courtesy of NEXT Models LA; Special thanks: Art Brooks, Art Brooks Sea Co.

Organza Layered Bodice Wrapped in Chantilly Lace multi layered organza skirt: Goldsmith & Klein / Gold Fish Grain Crystallized Cuff: Moonisa RAINE MAGAZINE - VOLUME 18


Stretch Chiffon Evening Gown w/ long train: Lloyd Klein; Super T Bracelets: Trina Turk

White Italian Linen Suit & Blue Jade Button Down Shirt: Gianni Stage Veteran Oxford: Kenneth Cole New York

on her: Ribbon Halter Gown w/Bow Belt: Kevan Hall, Bracelet & Bauble Ring: Ice on him: Gianni Seersucker 3pc suit / Giorgio Armani White Button down shirt / Kenneth Cole Collection Ocean Blvd Brown Loafer

on her: Top image: Breeze Me Collection: Jean Fares Pierced Bangle, White & Gold Link Bracelet: Trina Turk Gold Leaf Earrings: Natasha; Bottom image: Sheer Stretch Chiffon Encrusted Orange Gown: Lloyd Klein; Freeform Circle Earring: Trina Turk on him: Seersucker Tailored Vest & Slacks: Gianni White Button down shirt: Giorgio Armani  RAINE MAGAZINE - VOLUME 18



INSIDE FASHINVEST’S CAPITAL CONFERENCE + 4 Fas hio n Tech Co mpan ies o n the R ise FashInvest the leader in offering investment opportunities to emerging fashion, fashion tech, retail, and branded goods held its 4th annual Capital Conference on December 11, 2013 at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City. The conference showcased some of today’s leading companies that are revolutionizing the way business is done. Here are four companies that were profiled as innovators pioneering the future of creative business.

72L u x

72Lux is a software as a service company with patent-pending technology that enables digital publishers to sell the products they feature in their editorial. With 72Lux’s Shoppable platform, the process of incorporating a turn key e-commerce experience is easy and inexpensive, leading to quick profitability from a new revenue stream. Heather Marie; Founder & CEO, 72Lux: Heather Marie is the founder and CEO of 72Lux, Inc., a software technology company enabling a shoppable layer across digital content and a cloud-based platform enabling mass product distribution for merchants and brands to tens of millions of consumers. Prior to founding 72Lux, Heather was on the founding team at Affinity Labs, a digital media company that became the largest collection of online professional communities. While at Affinity Labs she played a critical role in their sales efforts and lead the company display advertising and lead generation sales and business development from the ground up to profitability. In January 2008, Affinity Labs was acquired by Monster Worldwide (NYSE: MWW). While assisting with the Affinity Labs and post-acquisition integration, Heather expanded her role within Monster first to lead ad sales for Affinity Labs and FastWeb and then to run national lead generation sales strategy for all five U.S. divisions of Monster Worldwide.
 Heather has also spent over six years working in retail for women’s clothing retailers such as Ralph Lauren (NYSE: RL), Express (Limited Inc.) (NYSE: LTD), and Abercrombie & Fitch. She launched her first “venture” at age eleven, an arbitrage business on eBay. She received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from a combination of the University of San Francisco and the London School of Economics.
She previously served as a Board Member for the San Francisco Opera BRAVO! board as the Social Media and Communications chair. Heather has spoken at several conferences including Fashinvest Capital Conference, Social Edge Summit and Decoded Fashion.

B a mb ec o

Susan Aplin;Co-founder and CEO, Bambeco: Susan Aplin is co-founder and CEO of bambeco. Bambeco is Aplin’s brain child and is the culmination of a successful career at premium retail brands, combined with her lifelong love for the outdoors, passion for the planet and for making the world better for all who inhabit it. Aplin’s career spans 20 years and has included some of the best known and respected premium retail brands in the industry. Her experience encompasses key executive roles at Williams Sonoma, Inc., The Gap, The Sports Authority, and Staples. Affirming her vision and leadership, Bambeco was named to Internet Retailer’s HOT 100 in 2009. While at Williams-Sonoma, she was able to combine her love for home décor and design into her role; she was responsible for providing leadership for the company’s $1B direct-to-consumer division for all brands responsible for the company’s future growth. Charged with redefining and reshaping the DTC division, Aplin played a key role in driving innovation and sales throughout the various lines of business for each of the company’s brands, Williams Sonoma, Williams Sonoma Home, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, PB Teen, and west elm. In 2002, during a business flight with Williams-Sonoma Founder Chuck Williams, Aplin and Williams discussed his professional and personal journey to create Williams-Sonoma. During that flight Williams shared the challenges, ah-ha moments and the high points. He told her, “If you love what you do, the world will fall in love with you.” After the three hour conversation, Aplin knew one day that she would combine her professional and personal passions to start a retail brand. 30


All photos courtesy of FashInvest.

Bambeco is the home furnishings and décor company where the eco-conscious consumer intersects with home décor and lifestyle needs. Imagine a home where your values live throughout, where you don’t have to sacrifice style or quality to live sustainably. At Bambeco, that dream becomes a reality. Bambeco is the leader in stylish, sustainable furnishings and home décor. All of our products are sustainable; made from recycled, reclaimed, repurposed, renewable, organic, or natural materials. Every product is a step toward our goal, changing the world, one room at a time. Launched on Earth Day 2009, Bambeco celebrates bamboo, the planet’s most renewable and versatile resource, and ecology, the essential relationship we have with the environment. Bambeco is based in Baltimore, MD and backed by New Atlantic Ventures, Maryland Venture Fund, and a group of environmentally conscious angel investors, including Team in Training founder, Bruce Cleland. For more, or to shop, go to

Aplin is no stranger to the start-up and early stage brand arena. She has held senior executive positions at two ventures that merged successfully into larger brands. In 2012, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley recognized Aplin and bambeco in his State of the State for her great work in Maryland. Also in 2012, Smart CEO named Aplin to the list of top CEO’s and recognized her for her success, leadership and philanthropy. bambeco’s early success in the marketplace is no surprise to the industry with Aplin at the helm. Aplin plans to change the planet one room at a time.

Unique Solutio n s D es ign L t d ( “ Me-Alit y”) Unique Solutions Design Ltd. has been developing innovative fit solutions and technologies since 1994. The company’s patented body scan system “Me-Ality” (Measured Reality), uses Unique Solutions’ patented millimeter wave technology and proprietary software to collect more than 200,000 points of reference on the human body (fully clothed) in just 10 seconds. The result is the world’s largest database of accurate body measurements that reflect the true size and shape of today’s consumer. The benefits of Unique Solutions can be applied to numerous industries, including apparel and health & wellness. With a Me-Ality user base of over one million shoppers, Unique Solutions has Me-Ality Size-Matching stations in selected Bloomingdale’s locations throughout the United States. Me-Ality’s free shopping service provides consumers a revolutionary new way to find their best fitting clothing both in-store and online from a database of over 150+ fashion labels. After a successful 2012-13 national mall campaign, Unique Solutions is scheduled to launch its’ “Find Your Fit by Me-Ality” online service in 2014. Utilizing proprietary algorithms and collected body data, the new service provides a scanner-free fit solution for online shoppers. For more information about Unique Solutions Design Ltd. and Me-Ality, please visit Tanya Shaw; Founder and President, Unique Solutions Design Ltd.: As founder and President of Unique Solutions Design Ltd., Tanya Shaw has spent her career providing strategic solutions to many aspects of “individuality” and “fit”. Her technically savvy nature, tenacity and sharp business acumen have resulted in the development of numerous products and applications that provide both resolutions and revolutions, related to shopping, body measurement and body data. Through her leadership, passion and vision, Unique has garnered international attention having been featured prominently in publications such as the New York Times and People Magazine and on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, The Gail King Show and numerous other television shows, print and online publications. Tanya is considered an inspiring and leading technology entrepreneur having won numerous awards throughout her career including: • Junior Chamber International Outstanding Young Canadian of the Year Award • CATA Alliance Sarah Kirke Award – Top Canadian Woman in Hi-Tech • Top 40 Under 40 Award • Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Atlantic/Emerging Category Tanya has served as an active Director on several Boards throughout the years and is currently on the Board of the Diocesan Franciscan Society as well as the Faculty of Management Advisory Board at Dalhousie University. Tanya attended Dalhousie University’s internationally recognized Costume Studies Design Program, graduating in 1991. She also attended Saint Mary’s University, studying Commerce. Tanya is honored to be a member of the 2010 class of Henry Crown Fellows at the Aspen Institute.

i nSparq

inSparq helps retailers accelerate sales with big data. inSparq’s first application is the Social Merchandiser, which translates social and website activity into real-time trending product recommendations. Innovative retailers like C. Wonder and Lolly Wolly Doodle are seeing conversion rate increases of 200%+. You can see it live on  Lolly Wolly Doodle. Founders Veronika Sonsev and Richie Hecker are veteran entrepreneurs and industry influencers. You can also read more about inSparq on TechCrunch and Stores Magazine. Veronika Sonsev;CEO and Founder, inSparq: Veronika Sonsev is the CEO and Founder of inSparq, a company that provides social merchandising technology to retailers and brands. Her innate knowledge of retail and social media has driven inSparq to become the social merchandising leader. Previously, she was an executive at AOL and Jumptap, where she designed and launched new products, developed foundational strategic partners for product launches and expanded into international markets. She is also a cofounder of WIM Accelerator and Women in Wireless. Veronika earned an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Economics from American University. She was recently honored by Fast Company as one of 60 members to The League of Extraordinary Women. She was named one of the Mobile Women to Watch 2012 by Mobile Marketer and one of the Top 50 Women to Watch in Tech by Femmeonomics.
















Over the past year, we have seen an explosion of growth across a number of crowdfunding platforms, websites geared to help entrepreneurs raise money for new and innovative products. Some of the more well know platforms include Kickstarter and Indiegogo with newly launched platforms like La Mode out of France are creating great niches for entrepreneurs. An increasing number of people across the globe continue to come together and finance the coolest new tech toys, debut albums, fashion lines, non-profit causes, and more. What makes crowdfunding so lucrative? Entrepreneurs are empowering consumers to become a part of their stories while introducing groundbreaking products and giving their supporters the hottest must-haves. Read on to get a peek at the future of crowdfunding while discovering a few unique and successfully funded projects along the way.   

Engaging Story: Landfill Harmonic is Inspiring Dreams One Note at a Time

Cool Perks: Revolutionizing the Handbag Industry with Martin Marino

This documentary is about “The Recycled Orchestra”, a group

of children from a Paraguayan slum who play instruments

Martin Marino offered their very own products as perks to

made entirely of landfill materials. It is an extraordinary

promote their Kickstarter campaign. A beautifully produced

story about the transformative power of music, which also

video showcased their mission to provide customizable

highlights two vital issues of our times: poverty and waste

luxury handbags to their customers, as well as an avenue for

pollution. The campaign raised over $200,000 through its

aspiring handbag designers to bring their ideas to life. The

beautifully filmed, incredibly honest video.

handcrafted expert high-end bags drew in supporters while

the customization platform encouraged a whopping average

Innovative Product: Beddit Your Bed Into a Smart Bed


Beddit, the automatic sleep and wellness tracker, launched on the popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to rave reviews. While you sleep, Beddit automatically tracks your sleep, heart rate, breathing rhythm, movements, snoring and bedroom noise and light. You simply place the Beddit ultra-thin film sensor in your bed, under the sheet. There are no wearable sensors, ensuring undisturbed sleep. Essentially, you turn your bed into a smart bed. Beddit’s revolutionary technology and practical cool factor pushed it to raise over 600% of its funding goal.

donation of $160. Countless successful campaigns have been built on these tried and true steps, but new emerging trends will be sure to lead the way in 2014. Watch as platforms become more niche, allowing you to target your audience and investors more closely. Crowdfunding platforms already have a great deal of social engagement, but the platforms themselves will develop even more of a community atmosphere within their realms. Storytelling will also become a requirement for a successful campaign: videos and daily updates will be the must-haves for every budding entrepreneur.








2 0 1 4

By Christine Perez

Entrepreneurs are the ringmasters of their businesses. Not only are you at the helm of your organization, you often act as your company’s salesperson, public relations manager, tech support, and more. It can take all of your energy to maintain your status quo, let alone even think about how to grow. Luckily, not all marketing efforts require a big ad spend or endless hours of work. Discover RAINE’s best marketing tips to grow your company to a new high in 2014.

+ Tell your story. Engage potential customers and investors

+ Get your product in the right hands. Reach out to targeted

through the media that make sense for your brand. Broad-

tastemakers and offer them a freebie. You don’t even neces-

cast your mission and highlight the features that make you

sarily need to ask for anything in return: often buzz will build

stand out from the crowd.

on its own as a result of your generosity.

+ Establish a public relations protocol. Press contact infor-

+ Employ basic SEO. Add buzzwords and popular search

mation should be readily available on all of your online plat-

terms throughout your online platforms.

forms. Always have a press packet ready to send and keep it

up to date. The packet should include information on your

+ Reward loyalty. Offer discounts to your repeat customers,

business as well as any products or services, high-resolution

the inside scoop to the reporter who broke the story of your

images, a fact sheet, and the story behind your business.

latest product, and always thank your supporters.

+ Be proactive. Make yourself available and respond to que-

+ Optimize your assets. Encourage your current customers to

ries. Reporter source services such as Help a Reporter Out

be your brand ambassadors. Get your investors to network

can be invaluable to a start-up. Create a detailed press con-

on your behalf. Your success will benefit everyone in your

tact list and tailor your press releases and media alerts to


your audience. Pay attention to current news and trends and

use hot topics to your advantage: angle your story to fit with

+ Don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s always better to do a

a current event.

few things wholeheartedly and well than to try to have a lim-

ited reach everywhere.

+ Follow up. Make sure your contacts have everything they need to spread the word about your business. RAINE MAGAZINE - VOLUME 18


T EC H N O L O G Y | T R E N D S

Tech Toys

By Javin Forrest Researched by Bryson Littlejohn

ZOKU This winter… we going get it poppin’… literally. The company of Zoku is bringing innovation to the kitchen The Quick Pop Pro. The Zoku Quick Pop makes Ice pops from zero to freeze in just seven minutes. Amazingly, this is all done right on your counter and without the use of electricity. You can create yogurt pops, striped pops of all different colors and flavors. You can even use fruit, candy and nuts if you desire. So let your imagination and taste buds run uninhibited. The kit comes with six reusable long-lasting plastic pop sticks. Their exceptional design allows for the pops to adhere firmly while its unique drip guards keeps things tidy. Up to 9 pops can be created instantly before having to reset the unit again. It comes with 1 Quick Pop Maker, 6 sticks, 6 drip guards, and 1 Super tool to ease the release the icy treats from their mold. Price: $49.95

The Ba boom i So what goes under your pillow, is white and wakes you up pleasantly, Give up? It’s called the Baboomi. It’s a silent alarm that wakes only you up and not the person sleeping next to you, not the baby in the crib, or any other unintended persons. It’s programmable and uses an “intuitive alarm timeline system”. The Baboomi works with IOS, Android, Mac, PC and Linux. The App is free or if you are using a computer you can connect to uses it’s included software. To eliminate the use for wires it connects via WIFI. Why have irritating alarm clock on the nightstand when you can reach for it right under you pillow. If you have a roommate, a baby, a significant other, or just live by yourself, here is a very pleasant gift. Price $119 (available in March 2014)

SY D NE E 4 P O RT STATION In a world where the number of mobile devices in your home is growing you have to ask yourself… where are you going to charge them all. Well one company called Kanex has an answer to assist with this dilemma. It’s the Sydnee 4-Port Charging Station for Mobile Devices. This charging station comes equipped to handle MP3 players, E-readers, Smart Phones, and tablets simultaneously. The Sydnee Station is built with a “smart charge” feature that detects each device independently for optimum charging while simultaneously pumping out 2.1 amps/10W of power per port. It’s intelligent design is not only a space saver, it also eliminates cable clutter as well. It uses just one power cable and keeps the rest of the cables tucked away. Price: $99.00



Wo oj e r Ever like a song so much that you crank it up as soon as you hear it? Or maybe you were watching a movie or game on your mobile and wished that you could feel it like there were in a theater? Well now, your problem is solved. Meet Woojer. The lightweight mobile device that you can attach to your body that releases the vibes of whatever sounds enter your ear, right into your body. How is this possible you ask? Well the concept is very simple. This silent wearable sub… “Woofer” connects between the audio devices and your audio output device such as headphones. Then you place it on an acoustic hot spot located on your body. For example the sternum and on the spine, just opposite of where you would wear a belt are two of the best points. If you use two Woojers simultaneously, via the low frequency that is emitted, you become completely immersed into an polyphonic auditory experience. There are no apps to invest or install with this devices. You just simply plug… and play. The Woojer bring a new level of enjoyment with sound and the hearing impaired and is this amazing device is only the size of a Matchbox mini racecar. http:// Woojer (after recentlyp reaching their goal on kickstarter) will be available soon.

OSTRICH PIL L OW Here we have another innovative product from Studio Banana Things. Right on the heals of the Ostrich Pillow, comes the Ostrich Pillow light (OPL). This clever design is even more portable then the original Ostrich Pillow but just a comfortable. It’s also totally adjustable and very practical for that power nap. Hand made in the Country of Spain, the Ostrich Pillow Light is devised from the same ground breaking concepts, and materials of its predecessor. The dimensions of the OPL is listed as a size of 31.5L x 16.52 x 10H cm (12.4L x 6.5W x 3.9H inches) and is made of 95% Viscose – 5% Elastomer with a Micro Polyestirene beeds for filling. Allow you to sleep at short convenient intervals; the Ostrich Pillow Light is a cloth helmet of perfection, helping the world be a better place, one nap at a time. Price $34 Euros ($47 US)

E U B O OM Nowadays we are on the go more than ever and so is our music. So of course we need a portable speaker to fit our needs. Here is one such devices. A “360-degree sound” in a portable bluetooth speaker by Ultimate Ears called the UE Boom. It’s a cylindrical design is very pleasing to the eye. When standing is just a mere 7.1 inches high. That is about one inch shorter than Apple’s iPad Mini & weighs in at 538 grams’. It’s water resistant “acoustic skin” matches up well with the aligned rubber coating, which keeps it from rolling about. On one end of device there is a D-ring for tethering. The D-ring can be unscrewed to reveal the tripod mount below. The EU Boom physical buttons are well placed below it’s rubber covering. The volume buttons are easily marked but immense plus and minus signs. On one of the ends is where the power button is found. The EU Boom has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 15 hours and can be pair to bluetooth devices. You can also connect to via NFC or it’s 3.5mm audio input jack. One interestingly unique feature of this device is that you can pair two EU Boom 360 Speakers together for a stereo effect. One sound channel plays per device. If you want, you can even use the two speakers and pair them up together just to give you an extra… wait for it… Boom. $99.00

T EC H N O L O G Y | T R E N D S

YOUR MUST-HAVE TECH-SESSORY FOR TRAVEL Don’t stick yourself in a box when you’re crossing boundaries. Your great adventure deserves an innovative tool to capture your experience.RICOH’s Pentax K-50 DSLR offers the serious specifications any traveler could desire with the serious color of a tastemaker’s dreams. The K-50 is ideal for photographers looking to transcend the traditional. Personalizable in 120 color combinations, this hot new camera meets the demand of the creative consumer’s personal style. The K-50 rivals its higher-class competitors and boasts incredibly advanced specifications not usually found in similar DSLRs. With 81 weather seals, high-speed continuous shooting at approximately 6 frames per second, super-high-sensitivity shooting at ISO settings up to 51200, the K-50 is the perfect travel companion. Additionally, the K-50 features a 100% field of viewviewfinder,

innovative shake reduction system, and four optional interchangeable focusing screens and a fast shutter. With the ability to shoot at speeds up to 1/6000 of a second, the Penatax K-50 enables photographers to push the boundaries of high-speed shooting while providing total confidence that their vision is framed accurately and captured in complete focus. With Eye-fi SD card compatibility built in, photo and video sharing is a breeze! Users can enable automatic transmi-ssion of images and video to a smartphone for rapid sharing and even select their favorite images and re-size them before transmission, allowing you to turn your friends green with envy as you share your overseas adventures. The K-50 is available in 120 brilliant color combinations and sets a new standard in the customization of electronics. You’ll be sure to turn heads as you jetset with a Pentax K-50 on your latest journey.

2013 Imaging Resource Camera of the Year: Best Entry Level DSLR

All photos courtesy of RICOH.



MISSING YOU photo & retouch: Koty 2 ( model: Pamela @Millenium Models stylist: Klaudia Wcislo makeup & hair: Joanna Sliwinska assistant: Różena Grey designer: Klara Wcislo place: Crystal Suites, Cracow











RAINE: How has being born and raised in the epicenter of the international music scene - New York City - influenced you as an artist? ARIANA:  In every way possible. It’s influenced my perspective and how I see things. I have a dry sense of humor. I like writing that way, the way I speak. New York has inspired that. People watching helps me make up and tell stories which makes for a good song.   RAINE:  Where do you find inspiration for your music? ARIANA: My songs will start from a story about my life or my friend’s life, but it’s rare to write a song completely biographically. I use experiences to make relatable songs. It’s funny how it works, when you write the art can end up imitating life.   RAINE: Tell us about your upcoming album. ARIANA: It’s called Head vs. Heart. My EP is a great introduction to me and who I am as an artist. I feel like I found my way on the album. It’s a real mix of acoustic instruments and electronic sounds. I’ve worked to find a sound that feels unique to me. The songs explore different parts of love and loss: I called it Head vs. Heart because the songs themselves are about the battle between your instincts and emotions. RAINE: Who are you compared to in the industry? ARIANA: I’ve gotten a bunch of different artists. Some say I’m a mix of LaRue and Regina Specktor, I’ve been compared to Lady Gaga, Barbara Streisand, and even got Fiona Apple in there once. It’s a big mix and I don’t mind being hard to place, I like that. That means I’m doing something different. RAINE: A lot of your songs have been featured in international runway shows, what role does fashion play in your career? ARIANA: Fashion has a big influence on me. Growing up in NYC gives you a reason to put on a great pair of heels and look wonderful. I grew up in a fashion family, my parents design swimwear, so I’ve been going to fashion week shows since high school. It was interesting to go to the fashion community as an artist and they were so open and generous and welcoming to my music. It’s been 40

really amazing and such a natural fit. RAINE:  You have a lot of great fashion in your music videos. What’s your personal style like? ARIANA: I love mixing high and low – I’ll pair a really great vintage piece with a designer piece. Mixing and matching and creating a high fashion look in an everyday world. It’s similar to my sound, my personal style definitely influences my musical style. My whole tour has its own look. I have pieces from Top Shop, I went and found cool unique pieces from little boutiques in the East Village – it’s a great mix.   RAINE: What’s your favorite part of being on tour? ARIANA: I love traveling to different cities and getting to meet new people. It’s so interesting. I was just working in Europe and touring in England. It’s been great to meet people from all over the country and the world.   RAINE: What’s your favorite city that you’ve visited thanks to your career? ARIANA: I was just in Stockholm and that was really cool. It literally becomes nighttime at 3pm. The city has such a cool energy; everyone is so fashionable and impossibly cool. I was writing new music and working with producers and really enjoyed the great vibe and atmosphere.   RAINE: What was it like working with a legend like Paul McCartney? ARIANA: It was crazy just to be in the room with him. I was waiting for them to say they didn’t actually need me. I was so excited, I didn’t even care if I ended up in the video. He was so genuine, and so open and generous of himself with every single person in the room from the big celebrities who walked in to the assistants getting water. I got to talk to him for a while about musician things. He’s so amazing, I had just seen him at the Barclay’s center and he talked to me about the sound there like I was about to play the venue. Getting to work with him will always be a high point.   RAINE: Who are some of the artists and producers you’d like to collaborate with? ARIANA: For producers, Paul Epworth, he did Adele’s last two records. With other artists it really runs the gamut. I would die to do something with Justin Timberlake. I have a weird dream to do a tribute record or some small funny EP with Jimmy Fallon. And a duet with Robyn would be incredible.   RAINE: What advice do you have for aspiring performers? ARIANA: Try and make the music that comes out of you and keep making it. Finding your way isn’t about the first song you write or the tenth lyric – it’s about the hundredth song and the thousandth lyric. It’s always about doing more.   RAINE: What are three things most people don’t know about you? ARIANA: I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and it was unbelievable. I have a brother and a sister, two nephews, and a niece, so I’m Aunt Ari. Everyone in my family, including my dog, has the middle name Rose – that’s where the name of my band comes from!


Photos by Julian Marshall

Newcomer Ariana & the Rose just embarked on her first US tour in celebration of her upcoming debut album, Head vs. Heart. With a slew of international performances under her belt, Ariana has already worked with greats like Paul McCartney. Her style plays a huge role in her career as her hottest songs are played on catwalks around the world. Let’s dive into the story and inspiration behind this glowing talent.


Photo courtesy of Pinnacle Public Relations.

With starring stints in Aaron Sorkin’s fan favorites The West Wing and Sports Night, Joshua Malina is a seasoned actor making a splash on the latest must-see show, Shonda Rhime’s Scandal. Malina has guest starred on a long list of popular shows, from the Big Bang Theory to American Horror Story. Between playing pranks on his costars to creating and producing Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown, Malina is making quite a name for himself.  We uncovered the inside scoop from the star of television’s hottest drama.   RAINE:  How did you decide to pursue acting professionally? MALINA: I cannot pinpoint an exact moment because I decided so early. I know there was a brief period when I thought I’d be a professional baseball player, or a rabbi, or a Good Humor man, but after about 8-years-old, I was focused on acting, and never considered anything else. Sometimes I wish I had.   RAINE: What’s it like being a part of a show like Scandal that has such a widespread and international fan base? MALINA: “Scandal” is a thrill ride. I’ve never been on a series that started slowly and then took off like a rocket. I am relishing the experience because I’ve been around long enough to know how lucky I am. I love “Scandal” fans; their unfettered exuberance is like nothing I’ve seen before.   RAINE: What do you enjoy most about interacting with your fans? MALINA: Acting onstage is more rewarding than film in that you get an instant response to your work. The most enjoyable thing about meeting fans of stuff I’ve done on television is finally getting their response.   RAINE: How do you get into character, where do you find inspiration? MALINA: When the writing is good, getting into character takes a nanosecond. I have a very no-nonsense approach to acting: “The character I’m playing is the person who says these things.” I just go out there and say those things.   RAINE: Who would you love to work with in the future? MALINA: Daniel Day-Lewis, Terry Gilliam, Paul Thomas Anderson, Judd Apatow, Will Ferrell, and not Michael Ian Black.

From the West Wing to Scandal There’s No Stopping Producer and Actor Joshua Malina

RAINE: What’s the most scandalous thing you’ve done recently? MALINA: I started reading a second book before finishing the last one.   RAINE: Which of your costars do you think has the most secrets? MALINA: Hard to say. Kerry Washington is extremely private because she has such a high profile, but possibly also because she’s done terrible, terrible things.   RAINE: What’s it like working with television greats Aaron Sorkin and Shonda Rhimes? MALINA: I’ve been lucky to work with some great writers, and Aaron and Shonda stand out among them. They both write terrific dialogue – fast, funny, cutting riffs that are a joy to act.   RAINE: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? MALINA: I’m a family man. I like hanging out with my wife and kids.   RAINE: Can you give us your best poker tip? MALINA: Play with people who are worse than you.




OM RE AE NT G ED AI SS CT HH EA NPE OWL AB NU ZC ZO Orange is so in this season: take it from the stellar cast of inmates at

RAINE: Since you spend a lot of time filming in prison garb, what is your

whose storylines and relationship arcs have made her a favorite among critics and fans. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York,

usually dress for my mood, not the occasion.

Polanco brings a fresh perspective to the groundbreaking series. After acing her first Orange audition while still wearing her nursing school scrubs, Polanco is quickly becoming one to watch.

RAINE: When did you decide to pursue acting?

POLANCO: I have taken theatre courses pretty much throughout my early childhood and adult education. In 2010 my fiancé registered me in BIH acting studios with concentrations in film and television and that’s when I started pursuing acting more seriously. RAINE: How does your life experience and heritage influence your work?

RAINE: Why do you think Orange is the New Black has become such a hit? POLANCO: It has become such a hit for many reasons. Jenji Kohan and the writers have set up such interesting dynamics, storylines, and

unexpected plots. Jen Euston casted the show in a way that is diverse and represents the real world. The actors are able to portray these characters and give them depth and layers. The women of the world are represented in Litchfield. RAINE:



upcoming projects do

POLANCO: My experiences help keep me from judging the characters and

you have in the works? POLANCO: I have the

RAINE: Where do you find inspiration for your role as Dayanara? POLANCO: I find inspiration by remembering individuals I came across, grew up around. I tend to absorb my surroundings and observe and use

RAINE: What writers,

situations I encounter. I am willing to learn from and find commonalities in each character.

experiences where I felt similar emotions, even if it was not the same situation.

RAINE: What do you enjoy about being a part of such a talented ensemble cast? POLANCO: Watching castmates becoming these incredible characters and do such a great job at it - makes me want to work harder. It motivates me to do my best when I am on set. I enjoy watching the project come to life. It is amazing to be able to be part of this creation.

RAINE: You’ve done brilliant work in a number of gripping scenes on

Orange is the New Black, which was the most challenging for you and how did you approach it?

POLANCO: The most challenging scene for me was when I had a scene with “RED” (Kate Mulgew) and she receives Daya in a moment of vulnerability. It is so difficult for me to allow myself to show vulnerability, especially to a stranger. For her to not have her mom or someone she trusts was very difficult.


street style like? POLANCO: I love fashion and I dress in pretty much anything I feel like. I

movie Gimme Shelter coming out in January and also I just finished filming The Cobbler.

directors, or actors would you love to work with? POLANCO: I would love to work with many of the directors from Orange again. I’d also like to work with Quentin Tarantino, Tom McCarthy, Martin Scorsese, Alfonso Cuaron, Brian Depalma, and Spike Lee. I’d love to act with Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Sofia Vergara, Melissa McCarthy, Liam Neeson, Leonardo Dicarpio, James Franco… in the end this question would be easier if I knew who would want to work with me! My list is endless. RAINE: What advice do you have for aspiring actors? POLANCO: It is a very competitive field and you must be able to not take rejections personally. It takes persistence, perseverance, and dedication. Train hard and be willing to fall, every fall just teaches you how to stay up longer. Aim beyond your goals and surround yourself with the art,. RAINE: What are three things your fans don’t know about you? POLANCO: I love cars and driving. I pretty much base all my choices depending on my mood: I like to call upon my mood ring to see if I’m feeling like a nut or not! And finally I want to win the lottery so I can share and help even more.


Photos courtesy of Netflix.

Litchfield Penitentiary, fictional home to Netflix’s hottest original series, Orange is the New Black. Leading the pack is newcomer Dascha Polanco




Iris Zhang Height: 5’10 Measurements: 34, 23.5, 34 Dress: Size: 0-2 Age: 19 From: Beijing, China


I am Iris Zhang from Beijing, China. I just started modeling in the latest fashion week. However, with my fashion design background and hardworking attitude, I found myself to be a perfect fit for this job. Clothes have stories. Models are the storytellers. Now, I am ready to tell the next story. Fun facts: 1. I study philosophy at New York University. 2. I eat chocolate every single day. 3. I have played the saxophone for 11 years.    


Credits: Photos: Jason T. Jaskot, Make-up: Tamara N. Wade, Hairstylist Magda Bonheur; Wardrobe: Dania N. Richardson for dnr Designs LLC; accessories courtesy Anthology, Hoboken


Justin DeRoy Height: 5’11 Age: 19 From: Ladner, just outside Vancouver B.C. I started working out when I was 16 because I was skinny and self conscious. I love fitness because I am always improving myself; going to the gym is the healthiest habit anyone can have. I love modeling because I can showcase all the hard work and dedication I’ve put into reaching my goals. In the near future I would like to become a pro physique competitor, a very successful fitness model, and have my own chain of gyms or brand of fitness gear. My advice to anyone just starting out with fitness is “if your mind can believe it, your body can achieve it.” Fun Facts: 1. I played baseball for 14 years. 2. I’m a dance music junkie and I aspire to one day be a DJ or producer: favorite current DJ is Nicky Romero. 3. I love my small town, but I am meant for a big city. One day I want to move to LA or Miami.     


Credits: Photos: Jason T. Jaskot; FreWardrobe courtesy of Rufskin and Underwood NY


Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Love of Beauty is taste. The creation of Beauty is art.” Everything in this creation is trending this season. From the smoky eyes, vampy lips, grunge hair and retro veil, this look would surely turn heads.



Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL; MakeUp by KATE ROMANOFF for MAC; Manicure by KATE ROMANOFF for BROADWAY NAILS; Model Marell kull - MUSE (NY)

Get This Look by Michelle Brown

Beauty Products MAC Fluidline in Waveline, MAC Tinted Lip Gloss in Myth 


Beauty Products: MAC Lipstick in Odyssey, MAC Pigment in Old Gold

Get this look: Toss those tweezers. Thick, full brows are not only popular right now, they’re also quite youthful in appearance. If you have thin brows, you can make them appear fuller by filling them in with a brow pencil, powder or gel. For that smoky eye, the trick is in the brush. The denser the brush, the more concentrated the color. The fluffier the brush, the softer it is. Use this tip to create a diffused, gradient effect on the eyes. To create a cat eye, extend your liner or shadow out from the outer corner of your eye as far as you want it to go. You can also accentuate that smoky cat eye by adding a pop of color to your upper and lower lids. Blue is hot right now. Matte, red lipstick, contoured cheeks, “morning after” hair and black polish, finish off this beautiful retro-grunge look. If you want to soften the look, do a soft pink nude lip instead of red. Francois Nars, described the gothic-grunge look as a “very cool, fun girl and very underground, but still so sophisticated,” and sophisticated she is!



Get This Look - Part II by Michelle Brown

From the retro 1920s finger-waved hair, pale porcelain skin, and rose petal lips, this look is like a beautiful Dream come to life.

“I Dream my painting and I paint my Dream.”

- Vincent Van Gogh. This romantic, aristocratic look was a popular look on the runways for this season and looks particularly fascinating on blondes. Get this look: To achieve that porcelain like skin, use a skin illuminator and get a beautiful, iridescent, healthy glow. You can also highlight the high points of the face; like the forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin. Use a very soft pink or peach blush to give cheeks that flushed look like you just came in from the frigid cold. Create a soft, romantic smoky eye using brown, bronze or copper shadow. The undefined lip is also quite popular; particularly in wine and berry shades. Create that ombré look on the lips by wearing two lipsticks in the same color family; using the darker color on the outer lips and have the two fade into each other. This can give the appearance of fuller lips. You can use your finger or a q-tip to diffuse the edges a bit. Finish off the look with metallic gold polish on your fingertips and your beautiful dream has become reality. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL MakeUp by KATE ROMANOFF using STILA; Manicure by KATE ROMANOFF for BROADWAY NAILS; Model Alyona - MC2 (NY); Hairstyle by SHINYA NAKAGAWA


Beauty Products: STILA CC Color Correcting Cream STILA All Over Shimmer in Pink Shimmer STILA Jewel Eye Shadow in Citrine STILA Color Balm Lipstick in Olivia RAINE MAGAZINE - VOLUME 18


Visit and use code RAINE20 for a 20% discount upon checkout.

B EA UT Y | F I T N E S S 10 1

H o w t o L o o k & F e e l G r e a t W h i l e T r a ve li ng By Maik Wiedenbach

Flying can be a nightmare for your physique. If you have worked hard to show your flat abs and toned arms at the beaches of Barbados or want to dazzle the crowd at your big business conference, check out these easy tips to help you look and feel great as soon as you step off the plane!

Why does flying wreck so much havoc on the body? There are a couple reasons:

S t r e s s . Flying and traveling can be stressful, especially in this post 9/11 world where  airport delays are normal. That leads to anxiety and, in turn, to increased cortisol output. Once cortisol goes up, it starts breaking down your muscle and pulling water under your skin. 

What can you do?

G e t t h e r e e a r l y . Having time to spare at the airport will lower your cortisol levels dramatically. Since we all have tech toys at our fingertips, it should not be hard to kill the extra hour. Flying business class or economy plus is also a

D e h y d r a t i o n . The air on an airplane contains only 10% humidity but makes up for it with a highly toxic mix of bacteria. Dehydration makes fat loss impossible, contributes to the feeling of jet lag, and makes your skin look ashen. Ugh. Poor food choices. Even though airline and airport food has gotten better ( the Jetblue terminal at JFK is actually quite good) it is still far from covering all your needs.  

R o u t i n e i n t e r r u p t i o n . Your body does not react kindly to having your internal clock uprooted.

good idea to de-stress the trip when possible.

D r i n k . One quart of water per hour is a good idea since you are basically traveling in the Sahara. If you can add some lemon juice, even better. It will also force you to get up to the bathroom, which in turn helps with fighting off body stiffness. In regards, to bacteria, do not bother with the multitude of cold prevention products. Instead, make sure to take enough Vitamin C and Zinc. Washing your hands often is also extremely helpful.  

B r i n g y o u r o w n f o o d . If you are going transcontinental, I recommend packing

So if you are not careful, you’ll arrive at the sandy beaches of St. Barth’s looking watery, tired, and sick.

2-3 meals. If you are staying under 4 hours of flight time, quest bars, rice cakes and P 28 bagels should suffice. Another option is to bring oatmeal and protein powder: just add water.

R o l l i t o u t . Sitting for a long time leads to muscle tightness and trigger point build up. The best way to regain your flexibility and overall happiness is to foam roll right upon arrival in the hotel. Since traveling with a foam roller can be cumbersome, simply use your steel water bottle that you have been drinking from excessively to fight dehydration. I would definitely consider rolling the following muscles (in no particular order): hamstrings, glutes, calves and the IT band. All of them get very tight from prolonged periods of inactivity, which leads to aches and pains. Spend bout 5-10 minutes on finding the trigger point, address it for 30 seconds unless you feel it releasing.  

W o r k o u t a s s o o n a s y o u a r r i v e . A quick 20 minute whole body workout will reset your inner clock, move the water into the muscle, and help store the glycogen properly; in other words, it make you look fabulous and lift your spirits considerably. Even though you might feel like going to bed at the end of a flight, that’s actually the worst thing you can do. Your body needs a chance to wash out the toxins and restore its water and electrolyte balance. In order to do so I always pack exercise bands, since hotel gyms can be a hit or miss. The last thing you want to do in a foreign city is search for a gym. Bands are easy to carry and will absolutely suffice during your travel.

Stick to these travel tips and you’ll be sure to impress at the beach and the boardroom! Til next time, Maik




Hair, Hair & More Hair Big, Bold & Exotic Hair, Hair & More Hair Big, Bold & Exotic Hair, Hair & More Hair Big, Bold & Exotic Hair, Hair & More Hair Big, Bold & Exotic Hair, Hair & More Hair Big, Bold & Exotic Hair, Hair & More Hair Big, Bold & Exotic Hair, Hair & More Hair Big, Bold & Exotic Hair, Hair & More Hair Big, Bold & Exotic Hair, Hair & More Hair Big, Bold & Exotic Hair, Hair & More Hair Big, Bold & Exotic Hair, Hair & More Hair Big, Bold & Exotic Hair, Hair & More Hair Big, Bold & Exotic Photographer:  Keith Bryce Photo editing:  Keith Bryce & Adam Nelson Models: Courtney Marie Money, Sheena Marie, Miquelle Hard, Erica Van Nov Hair: Amy Fruedenberg Braid Work: Damia Shanae and Katy May McBride Make-up: Courtney Dawn Mortensen Design/Styling: Keith Bryce




WHEN JEWELRY BECOMES ART Zozo Rijo is a jewelry brand founded in London in 2009 by Lisbonborn musician Maria Rijo. Her music career focused on the renaissance and neo-renaissance movements in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. She developed a passion for the visual arts that led her to create her own jewelry brand. Living between, London, Lisbon and Beirut, Maria’s work reflects the refinement of each place by blending vintage pieces with semi-preciousstones and textiles that create unique personalized pieces. Committed to sustainable and localized production the entire jewelry-making process is done at Maria Rijo’s London Studio. International photographer Ramses Radi is an award-winning artist whose work has been featured across the world. Radi’s fashion editorials have been published in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Japan and Spain. He has produced video and editorial work for a number of international production companies and magazines. See his work at Photographer: Ramses Radi MUA: Alessia Mancini Hair Stylist: Melanie Menendez Jewelry designer: Maria Rijo Model: Natalie Nayd 58




all Jewelry by Rj Graziano; Mustique Kaftan Gasparee by Gillian Harding




– Just Me by Marilyn R. Wilson

Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL; Styling by MINDY SAAD; Hairstyles by YASU NAKAMURA for ORIBE products; MakeUp by KATE ROMANOFF for STILA; cover beauty products by Kate Romanoff for STILA; Sheer color tinted moisturizer spf 20; Lip Glaze in apricot; Custom Color Blush - Coral; Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in comex gold; Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in lionfish; MAJOR Major Lash Mascara; Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color in medium.

Since the release of her single Naked two years ago, dance-pop artist Consuelo Costin has been burning up the charts. Naked was on Billboard Charts for 16 weeks reaching #11. Next came Feel So Alive which spent 21 weeks on on the charts and earned her the title  Billboard›s #2 Breakout Artist.  Now Here We Go is proving a sensation internationally – top 40 on all German Dance Charts, #11 on the UK Music Week Charts and # 3 on the Polish DJ charts – and the singer just signed a deal for distribution in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. What’s next? The much anticipated release of her first solo album - Just Me.   Costin credits her musicality to a wide variety of influences, but probably the first was family vacations in the Caribbean. The soulful sound of Reggae artists such as Buju Banton along with the freedom, warmth and vibrancy of island culture was a revelation.  “I remember visiting a wonderful village in Montego Bay.  Inside this market there were six of the most outrageous, colourful and vibrant Jamaican women dancing. They brought me into the circle with them and taught me how to dance – how to feel it – because I had never been exposed to this type of music before.  It was a huge moment in my life and transformed me.” A deep love for island culture draws her back often. In fact, she chose to celebrate New Years 2013 on the beautiful island of Barbados at the home of one of her long time friends.   As her journey to become a recording artist unfolded, those island experiences helped Costin open up stylistically, to reach deep and come from more soulful place. Life also stepped in several times to influence that journey. There was a devastating car accident at the age of 19 which smashed the left side of her face. With the support of her mother, she was back on her feet a year later embracing a new determination and focus – the only evidence a small dimple christened an “angel’s kiss.” A year later she signed her first contract. Then her mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. The singer wrote Better Days as a tribute to her mother and her journey – a song the American Cancer Society ended up licensing. Proceeds from another single – Find A Way – were donated to  the Ovarian Cancer Coalition of Great California where she continues to give back in her role as Vice President. There were also numerous performances at fund raising events with all proceeds going to charity.   When it comes to her music, Costin trusts both her intuition and a very talented support team. Her latest single –   Here We Go – has an amazing, contagious hook. While in development, they chose to test it out in the European market because of the strong, positive response to her recent tour. It was a validating moment she will never forget. “I was performing on this phenomenal boat in the French Riviera with my dancers, and the people listening went insane for the song. Literally crazy.” Then came the opportunity to launch the single in Germany. At the same time the video was released, she was featured on  Rockin Berlin – a popular show on Pro7, one of German›s largest networks. It was basically a day in the life of an international artist trying to break into the German market. Cameras followed her around as she prepared for a live performance – finding a studio, working with a new choreographer, etc.  The show was a hit and garnered the station›s highest ratings in their 17-year history.   Costin embraces the responsibility for all areas of her career – both as a recording artist and as a entrepreneur. She writes most of her lyrics and has launched her own label – C & R Productions – which handles distribution and territory deals. “It’s a very interesting time in Social Media and being your own best advocate is the only way to go. If you can start your own label, own your own masters, have the creative control to be the kind of artist you want to be – it’s just extraordinary what you can do.” The experience in Germany with Rockin Berlin reinforced her belief there was a strong need in the industry for a “black book” of trusted and reliable resources artists could access.  Work is now almost complete on this new venture developed with business partner Umi McGuckin. Called SohoMuse, the website is scheduled to launch  2014 as the industry’s “Trusted Source for Creativity.”  At the same time she will be embracing a new role as television co-host on RTL Network’s Exclusiv Das Stamagazine’s segment covering the Oscars.   Balancing daily life, a solo career that has gone viral and several new business opportunities is a challenge Consuelo Costin handles with grace. Away from the limelight, she has a refreshing down-to-earth attitude and a great sense of humor.  “I’m a little bit quirky and love to laugh. I have a white Pomeranian named Bugsy Malone and a beautiful husband who makes everything real. I feel blessed every day.” She values home, family and friends above all else. That same spirit is evident when she steps into the public eye.  As her new album declares, she is truly Just Me.   For more information on  Consuelo Costin go to or www.sohomuse. com. For social media go to – Twitter  @consuelocostin and Facebook costin. RAINE MAGAZINE - VOLUME 18


Jewelry RJ Graziano; Red Romper: Rachel Pally

All Jewelry by Rj Graziano Mustique Kaftan Gasparee by Gillian Harding Shoes by Brian Atwood


A Book Review: The E Myth

Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It. When I think of books that have had an impact on me as an entrepreneur - there are a few that stand out. One of these extremely genius reads is The E Myth. Michael E. Gerber authored this incredible guide in building and / or rebuilding your business with a strong foundation and the ability to successfully scale as the greatest franchises in history have done.  He takes you through a journey of facts, emotion, business and branding sensibility while keeping you hanging on each and every word. You fall in love with his keen talent of story telling with vivid imagery,  strong character development and examples of how each business owner created their own path to success. The book opens up with a statement by Aldous Huxley about how entrepreneurs “intoxicate themselves with work so they won’t see how they really are.” This in itself is profound. He breaks down who the entrepreneur is before he/she goes into business and who they become after being in business - often just a shadow or memory of an entrepreneur. He takes a close look at the fact that the person that understands the technical work of a business does not have to be the person that does that technical work. This is a big mistake that new business owners make. They often fall prey to being enslaved by the business rather than freed from it - the main reason why they go into business in the first place, to be free to do what they want, when they want. He further explains how the entrepreneurial dream often turns into the technician’s nightmare.  In his book, you become the fly on the wall as he helps Sarah, the owner of All About Pies, rediscover who she is an entrepreneur and how to rebuild her business in such a way where she is no longer the technician but once again the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is the visionary and without the visionary, the business can not grow. Therefore, Gerber teaches Sarah how to restructure her baking business into a successful, scalable enterprise that speaks the true story of why she started the business in the first place.  The E. Myth is an excellent read for any entrepreneur seeking a resource for setting up a step wise approach in building the infrastructure and operations of their business. It is done in such a way that it shows the business owner how to turn their dream into a desirable proposition to one day sell to a savvy buyer. What are you waiting for? If you haven’t gotten up to order your book online or have started heading to the local book store to purchase...then you’re losing time and time is money. Happy reading!




by Nova Lorraine


Italian Fare with Scottish Flair:

NYC’s Incognito

One of 60,000 Scottish-Italians in Scotland, Paolo Montana’s first and chosen food is always back-tobasics Italian. The combination of his Roman roots and the struggle to get out of his difficult childhood makes working hard at something he believes in second nature. Montana found his start at a high-end Italian restaurant in his native Glasgow at just 14 and eventually moved on to New York City where he opened his signature restaurant, Incognito. With an incredible Italian menu featuring a Scottish salute as well as gorgeous décor by renowned Scottish artists, Montana has found a way to bring his home and heritage together into a perfectly delicious harmony. RAINE: How did you discover your passion for food and cooking? MONTANA: When I was at school I took a home economics class and everything I made just worked out. I was a drop out at school but some how I understood this class and the mechanics of making good food. The passion came later when at the age of 15. I was working full time in a very busy, high-end restaurant. I was so young at the time, I kept moving to different parts of the restaurant so I quickly became an expert in all areas. RAINE: How has your international background influenced your culinary style? MONTANA: In Scotland back when I started as a boy, everything was very refined, details were very important. These were not Michelin star places but they were at the top of their game and things were done to a high level. We carved at the table, flambe, the old fashioned, elegant way of doing things was everywhere. That is what I bring to the US, though Incognito is a bistro and our prices reasonable, I always want elegance and refinement - it is engrained in me. RAINE: How do you combine your Italian heritage and Scottish roots in your work and restaurant? MONTANA: Being half Italian in Glasgow, Scotland, is not unusual, there are Italians everywhere. I have always worked in high end, traditional Italian restaurants with their strong culture. Then of course living in Scotland with that strong culture is quite a mix. I never thought about it when I lived there, but being here I realize what an amazing combination that is and how the strengths of these two cultures helps me. The work ethic is strong in both cultures so hard work is second nature to me, which is a plus in this business. Also I introduced elements of Scotland to the menu with our Scottish Corner and people love it. RAINE: Can you tell us the story behind the Clan Italian Tartan? MONTANA: My wife, Adriana Moretti, who is also Scottish/Italian, does all the decor and PR for Incognito. She found out about this Italian Tartan that was created by another Scot/Italian Michael Lemetti. We both wanted NY to know we are part of a huge Scottish/Italian community in Scotland and this presented itself as the best way Photos courtesy of Incognito.


to show it. She put the tartan on the walls, got ties for our waiters, and then we told the story. Michael Lemetti, who owns a Fish & Chip shop in Scotland, has so many famous people in his tartan - the AC Milan team, Andrea Boccelli, the Pope, Michael Bublé so he is a great connection for us. We celebrate Scottish holidays and will be marching in the 2014 Tartan Day Parade as Clan Italia. RAINE: What inspired you to open your own restaurant? MONTANA: Since age 24 I have always been the GM/Executive chef so I have been in training to own my own place my whole career. Having my own place has always been the aim, one day my wife and I decided it was time and that was that. RAINE: What is your favorite dish to prepare and is there a story behind it? MONTANA: I like simple food, I have a dish that is not on the menu but people who know me know they can order it any time. It is my spaghetti San Paolo - little neck clams, pancetta, garlic, oil & chillies. Sweet, salty and spicy all at the same time - delicious. RAINE: Where do you find inspiration for your dishes? MONTANA: Adriana and I have travelled a lot. When we go to places like Greece or Italy it is always amazing how you will go to a tiny, beaten up village, eat in the most basic of places, a real hole in the wall and have the best food. I take a lot from that - keep it local, simple and pure as possible. RAINE: What advice do you have for aspiring chefs? MONTANA: There is a danger for those who spend a lot of time and money at a culinary school, they leave thinking the world is at their feet, that the certificate is all they need. Cooking, running a kitchen, is such an all-consuming career, you need to know everything, from the basics to the top. Some chefs want to miss out the basics, jobs they feel they are above but all of that is the nuts and bolts of a kitchen, miss that training out and you are incomplete. Hard graft is what this business is about - this is not what you see on TV.




Art Basel in Miami Beach 2013 | Kabinett | Galerie Lelong | Sean Scully MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG

Art Basel in Miami Beach: a grand reunion for connoisseurs of modern and contemporary art; it is a coming together of collectors, curators, and directors,  building on the tradition and vision of a small group of Basel gallerists. Now in its 40th year, Art Basel is world-renowned as the premier international art show and is a hotbed for immerging talent. With three opportunities annually at three distinct  venues in Europe, Asia, and the states, we fix our gaze on Miami for the moment. This year’s installation enjoyed over 75,000 international visitors and participation from more than 250 of the world’s leading galleries. Seven sectors - Galleries, Nova, Positions, Edition, Kabinett, Public, Film, and Magazines – comprise the show, promising a mixture of mediums to satisfy every visual pallet. LEFT: Art Basel in Miami Beach 2013 | Film MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG RIGHT: Art Basel in Miami Beach 2013 | Galleries | Helly Nahmad Gallery MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG





Sam Sarpong is a renaissance man in the entertainment world. He’s appeared in dozens of shows and movies, modeled for Tommy Hilfiger for 6 years, and is a successful singer, designer, host, and more. His latest single, BOY LONDON, recently dropped late December in celebration of his feature in BOY LONDON’S Spring 2014 campaign, alongside UK’s Top Model Carly Stratton. Take an inside look at the making of the BOY LONDON campaign.

“My inspiration behind my single Boy London is a UK boy living the dream in sunny LA. At heart I’m still this London Boy. Even with my style and persona - it’s all UK all day.”

“Music and fashion are the same to me. I live both. How you dress is influenced by what you listen to. Sometimes I wanna hear mellow R&B love songs and with clothes sometimes I wanna rock a suit and be fly, but it’s all still a part of Sam!”

“The message of Boy London is be free and confident with who you are. Boy London is a rock star. You love his attitude. He doesn’t care about what people think and he lives life his way. Love that!” RAINE MAGAZINE - VOLUME 18


I n t e r n at io n a l P h oto g r a p h e r

M a n n y

R o m a n

All photos by Manny Roman.


What is it like being an in-demand international photographer? Follow along with RAINE as we discover the story behind highly acclaimed fashion photographer Manny Roman. RAINE: Have you always been interested in photography? ROMAN: Since I was a kid I have always loved visual arts. When I was 14 years old, the passion became stronger and I began testing models for local modeling agencies in South Beach. I still wasn›t sure then if it was a profession I wanted to pursue, because I saw it more as a hobby. I actually haven’t had any technical training.   RAINE: Who were your role models as a budding photographer? ROMAN:  I really didn›t have a role model in my early years in dabbling with a camera. I mainly studied old films and European fashion magazines.    RAINE: What has been the greatest challenge you have faced as a photographer? Greatest reward? ROMAN: My greatest challenge thus far was learning how to work with difficult people who have little to no appreciation for what you do. The end result of beautiful imagery has and will always be the reward.   RAINE: Who is your favorite photographer? ROMAN: I admire many but Peter Lindbergh, Richard Avedon, and Bruce Weber are my favorites.   RAINE: Can you talk about your creative process before you start to photograph a subject? ROMAN: My process is quite minimal. If I cannot meet with my subjects prior to the shoot date, I chat with them during the Hair and Make-up. Sometimes it annoys the Makeup and Hair artist (haha) but I do this to get a feel of who they are. This process is very important to the results of my images. In any shoot I do, this process helps me capture the essence of my subjects. It takes it from just a pretty picture to a photo with depth and emotion.   RAINE: What is it that you believe makes your work stand out against the myriad of other photographers? ROMAN: Well, I am not sure if my work stands out amongst others. I have been told by my peers about my ability to master natural lighting as I don’t shoot with strobes or studio lighting. I just take photos and create lasting memories of moments that I love.

RAINE: If you were not a photographer, what other passions do you have that you would pursue as a career? ROMAN: I would be an elementary school teacher. Educating children on more then just the basics. I’d teach them about different cultures, the value of unconditional love, respect, communication and show them that they are #1. It’s extremely important for our youth to have a positive role model that will help guide them in becoming honorable people of society.    RAINE: What special skills are required to make not only a good photographer but an extraordinary photographer? ROMAN: Everyone has their own style. I would simply say to stay true to your aesthetic, master your lighting, and love what you do.    RAINE: What are the industry trends right now? ROMAN:  I don›t follow trends to be honest. If there is something that I like then I am drawn towards it.    RAINE: Who have you worked with in the past that you would like to work with again? ROMAN: Adriana Lima, only because I shot her briefly when she competed in Miami for FORD›s Super Model Of The World. It was a quick shoot on the beach, I would have loved more time with her.    RAINE: For young photographers following in your footsteps what advice would you give them? ROMAN:  Don›t be in a hurry and do not let anything that you can not do at the moment get in the way of what yo can do. Study and work hard and all will pay off beautifully.    RAINE: Manny, a lot of people have a motto in life, what is yours? ROMAN: That idea in which you look towards as inspiration - to keep you moving forward pursing your goals and ultimately your dreams? In the industry I work in, people cultivate an amazing external world but many of them forget to nourish their internal. Regardless of what industry we may be in, it›s important to make sure that our internal is as strong as what our external looks like. Always be sure to take time for you.   RAINE: For people interested in seeing your work or contacting you, where are you on the web and social media? ROMAN: MannyRomanFotos






Oistins Fish Market

Visit the Oistins Fish Market on a Friday or Saturday night and enjoy

the excitement and buzz of Barbados’ most popular market place. Enjoy rubbing shoulders and partying with locals to the sweet strains of

Calypso music coming from the dance hall in the middle of the markets. Bajans dance arm in arm to music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Of course

all that dancing builds up an appetite, so head for the food and beverage

stalls and enjoy traditional Bajan fare such as fish cakes, Jug-Jug (guinea corn and green peas) fried fish and Pudding, all washed down with a

cool Banks Beer. Local arts and crafts can also be found in abundance as local craftsmen take the opportunity to display their wares.


Flying Fish & Cou Cou

Sample the delicious local Bajan fare of Flying Fish with Cou Cou (a popular corn meal and okra dish) at the Atlantis Hotel and the Waterfront Café.




Mount Gay Rum Tour

Enjoy a cocktail with expert shakers at the Mount Gay Rum Barbados

distillery, and discover the colorful history of Mount Gay Rum. Learn how the world’s finest rum is made, and enjoy tasty Bajan cuisine in

the Verandah restaurant overlooking the sea. Watch as the Distiller

shows you how to create this precious spirit and become a rum expert yourself as you explore the subtleties of flavors that will tickle your palate.

In 1981, Harrison’s Cave was officially opened to the public

as a “show” cave, providing visitors an opportunity to view a variety

of natural features unique to the geography of Barbados. Electricpowered carts take guests through the caves , and commentary provides an amusing background to the different halls in the Caves. Keep your eyes peeled for “Mirror Lake.”


The Nidhe Israel Synagogue

This 350-year-old synagogue in Bridgetown, built in the 17th century


Island Safari Tour

Visit the highest cliff on the island where according to legend, Jim Hackleton, devastated by unrequited love, rode his horse off the edge. Professional guides take tours through the gullies,

forests, remote bays and roads with coastal views, exposing the hidden secrets of Barbados. Embrace the nature, history, culture

and folklore of Barbados at captivating places of interest, usually inaccessible to ordinary vehicles, posing no challenge to the fleet of 4x4 Land Rovers.

(1654), was destroyed by a hurricane in 1831, rebuilt, but fell into

disrepair and was later sold in 1929. In 1983, it was bought back by the local Jewish community and is now restored, complete with

beautiful Gothic arches. The synagogue is now a Barbados National Trust protected building and an active place of worship that is open year round.

7 & 8. St. Nicholas Abbey and Sunbury House St. Nicholas Abbey, located in the parish of St. Peter, was built

5. The Crystal Room in Harrison’s Cave With an abundance of stalactites, stalagmites, streams, lakes and waterfalls, leading speleologists consider the Crystal Room Cave to be among the finest showcases of its type in the world. The Caves are located near the geographical center of Barbados, in the parish of St. Thomas and are a natural phenomenon in the tropical world.

First mentioned in historical documents in 1795, the caves

were virtually forgotten for nearly 200 years, until Barbadian Tony

Mason and Danish speleologist Ole Sorensen rediscovered them in 1976.

in 1660 and is one of only three genuine Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere. A video shown hourly in the old stables,

features unique footage about the history of the family and the early days of St. Nicholas Abbey. Sunbury Plantation House is

more than 300 years old. The House is steeped in history, featuring

mahogany antiques, old prints and a unique collection of horsedrawn carriages. Both are working plantation houses, beautifully

restored; each demonstrating the history of Sugar Cane, how it was grown, harvested and eventually turned in to sugar.

a sumptuous meal prepared by some of the Caribbean’s top chefs.

9. Welchman Hall Gully Welchman Hall Gully, located in St. Thomas parish, is a three-quarter

mile long gully that is home to a number of tropical plants and trees, including nutmeg, bamboo, clove and palms. The gully was formed

by the collapsed roofs of caves and is still geologically connected to Harrison’s Cave.

After lunch, gently ease yourself over the side and enjoy snorkeling in the light blue waters.

13. Crop Over Festival Every Summer Crop Over, a five-week summer festival, is Barbados’ most popular

and colorful festival. Its origins can be traced back to the 1780’s, a time when Barbados was the world’s largest producer of sugar. At

10. Open House Program The Barbados National Trust’s Open House program enables the

public and visitors alike to visit Barbadian private homes, ranging from historic treasures and amusing abodes, to lap-of-luxury

mansions. Open House takes place every Wednesday afternoon

from 2:30 to 5:30, beginning in January and lasting through early April. Tours are similar to an English garden party, as the National

Trust staff circulates about the house, anxious to exchange tidbits about its history and unique features. This offers tour guests

a fascinating way to see magnificent architecture normally unaccessible to the public.

the end of the sugar season, there was always a huge celebration to mark the culmination of yet another successful sugar cane harvest - the Crop Over celebration.

Canes and the crowning of the King and Queen of the Festival - the most productive male and female cane cutters of the season.

Calypso is one of the main features of the Crop Over Festival. The

calypsonians are organized into “tents” (Conquerors, Untouchables, House of Soca, Pioneers, Stray Cats, etc) and these “tents” are sponsored by Barbados businesses.

11. Sunset cocktails anywhere on the Caribbean Sea-side of the Island Barbados has many fantastic hotels with glamorous lounges, from which to view a spectacular Caribbean sunset.

The festival begins with the Ceremonial Delivery of the Last

Calypsonians compete for several prizes and titles,

including the Party Monarch, the Road March Monarch and

the Pic-O-De-Crop Monarch. The semi-finals of the Pic-O-DeCrop competition are held at the picturesque East Coast Road.

As calypsonians perform on a stage with the Atlantic surf as a backdrop, spectators gather in the hillside with their picnic baskets. This magnificent spectacle should not be missed!

12. Catamaran Cruise on the Caribbean Picture yourself relaxing on the deck of a luxurious catamaran while gliding over the sparkling crystal-clear Caribbean, passing beautiful palm-fringed beaches. At lunchtime, each Catamaran is anchored in one of many beautiful coves on Barbados where visitors can enjoy

The finals of the Pic-O-De-Crop competition are held at the

National Stadium followed by the “Fore-Day Morning Jump-Up!”

Crop Over features many activities during the festival. These include

Arts and Crafts markets in Bridgetown, and Cohobblopot, a huge carnival-like show with members of the Kadooment bands displaying their elaborate and stunning costumes.



The grand finale is the Grand Kadooment! This carnival

public golf course opened. The course, which was created in

costumes to depict various themes. Designers compete for the

respected and experienced golf course architects in the world.

parade features large bands with members dressed in elaborate

coveted Designer of the Year prize while the revelers seem more intent on having a good time! Crowds make their way from the

National Stadium to Spring Garden accompanied by the pulsating rhythm of calypso music. When they reach Spring Garden, the party continues with more fantastic music, plenty of food & drink and, for some, a quick swim at the nearby beach.

Kirby reconstructed the 18-hole, par-72 golf course to be fair and

challenging, yet pleasurable and relaxing. Sandy Lane Golf Club: The prestigious five-star Sandy Lane Resort added two 18-hole courses in 2001 for a total of 45 holes of championship golf. Sandy

Lane now ranks among the top golf resorts in the world. The two new courses, designed by world-renowned Tom Fazio, are located on a luxurious tropical estate, replete with beautiful homes amid lush

14. Surfing the Soup Bowl at Bathsheba in November Kelly Slater, world-renowned Surfing champ, has declared The Soup Bowl in Bathsheba on the North East Atlantic coast as having some

of the best surfing in the Caribbean. The Soup Bowl comes alive

when the swells arrive from the North or North East, and break over a shallow reef, producing the perfect barrel or “tube” that surfers

relish so much. Surfers from the United States, Jamaica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Trinidad, and the US Virgin Islands “match their lefts and rights” each year with top local surfing talent competing for a prize of USD $10,000.

landscape. Royal Westmoreland Golf & Country Club: Designed by

Robert Trent Jones II, this superb 18-hole championship course has

established itself as one of the Caribbean’s finest, with the front and back nine holes offering contrasting challenges, stunning scenery, a

constant view of the sea and a succession of “feature holes.” Rockley Golf Club: Set amid the South Coast’s all-inclusive Club Rockley Resort, this course features a simple nine-hole, 18-tee

layout, with a second nine holes playable from varying tee positions.

16. The Spa at Sandy Lane The Spa is housed within a splendid Romanesque building of 42,000

15. Golf at any of international courses

1974, was re-designed by architect Ron Kirby, one of the most

square feet fronted by a spectacular waterfall cascading into a large,




For those who want to play golf while visiting the Island, Barbados has some of the region’s most luxurious and breathtaking courses

and has received unprecedented attention from golf aficionados. Barbados Golf Club: In June 2000, Barbados’ first championship

freeform swimming pool. World-class facilities include VIP treatment suites enhanced with honed granites, warm woods and mood-enhancing lights. Each suite offers a private shower, bathroom and changing facilities where

visitors can relax and unwind. Nine suites feature private landscaped gardens and three hydrotherapy pools.

located closer to shore and have smaller coral formations and more

17. George Washington House

Visit the only house that young George Washington lived in outside

of the United States. George Washington and his sick half-brother

Lawrence resided in this historic plantation house, also known as Bush Hill House, for two months in 1751.

Barbados was the only country outside of the U.S. ever visited by

the future “First Father” of the USA. This visit is a little known but very important chapter in the life of the then unknown 19-year-old

man, who would go on to become, as later described by LightHorse Harry Lee, “first in war, first in peace, first in hearts of his countrymen.”

The Barbados National Trust is restoring the house and outlying

buildings, creating a heritage site on the historic Garrison, celebrating the visit and the role that Barbados played in the settlement of America.

abundant plant life than the barrier reefs.

Shipwrecks have created fascinating habitats for marine

life. Barbados has several excellent sites for wreck diving; Carlisle

Bay, which has more than 200 reported wrecks, and the Stavronikita, located at Folkestone Marine Park, are two of the most popular

dive sites. Each features an artificial reef, purposefully formed by the sinking of the ship Stavronikita, which was destroyed by a fire

in 1976. The ship rests in 120 feet of water, less than half a mile from the shore. As a result of its depth, diving the Stavronikita is

recommended only for experienced divers in the company of others.

19. Sunbathing at Crane Beach There is nothing better than getting a large fluffy beach towel from your suite in the luxurious Crane Hotel and strolling over to the pure, white, sandy beach on the ocean side of the Island.

Crane Beach has been named as one of the “10 best beaches in the

18. Scuba Diving in Barbados

World” by the television show, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”.

Come face to face with Turtles and Sea Horses. The fringes and reefs found off Barbados’ coast blossom with sponge, coral & plant

life. There are several types of reefs, each one unique in its own special way.

The barrier reefs, located approximately one mile off-

shore, contain large coral heads that form the habitat for thousands

of beautiful fish. Larger marine creatures also exist on these reefs, feeding on the smaller fish.

The Hawksbill Turtle, Frog Fish and Giant Sand Eels

can also be found on these reefs. Fringes and patching reefs are




Sushi at The Crane

In keeping with the eclectic range of cuisine in Barbados, a new Sushi

restaurant called “Zen,” right next door to L’Azure at the Crane, has a

delightful selection of Japanese and Thai delicacies. Its black lacquered

tables and sumptuous interiors offer a wonderful contrast to the rolling turquoise waves below.

21. Fall in love again at The Cliff Restaurant The Cliff is neatly perched above the lapping waves of the Caribbean Sea and is lit by fiery lanterns that burn brightly high above the tables.


Cliff opened in 1996 and in April 2004 was voted number 28 as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world by Europe’s industry magazine, The Restaurant. It is currently ranked #1 in the 2008 Barbados Zagat Guide.

Its exquisite multi-tiered setting complements Chef Paul Owen’s

menu, strongly influenced by the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. The Cliff

boasts an extensive wine cellar and groovy cocktail lounge, perfect for watching Barbados’ cognoscenti. There is also a large choice of cigars from an imposing humidor.



22. Visiting Local Rum Shops Visitors can stop by to taste some rum from a choice of over 1,600 Rum shops dotted across the island.

23. Romantic walks on the beach Barbados has many wonderful long beaches, perfect for long romantic walks

either during the day or in the cooler hours of the early evening. Savor millions of glistening stars set to a chorus of tree frogs.

24. Barbados Gold Cup Every March The Barbados Gold Cup is one of the most renowned events in the Caribbean.

It is preceded by a week of activities, headed by stunning performances by Broadway stars. The day of races is marked by a parade through the streets of Bridgetown.

25. The Barbados Jazz Festival Every January Each year a number of luminaries from the international Jazz scene arrive in Barbados to perform in the annual Jazz Festival. The festival runs for six days and nights and provides visitors and locals alike with the smooth sounds of

contemporary and traditional Jazz. Past headliners have included Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu and Anita Baker, among others.


Professor Henry Fraser

Sir Garfield St. Aubrun Sobers affectionately known as Sir Garry, is the island’s only living National Hero, and in the sport of Cricket, a man known as “The greatest all-rounder the world has ever seen.” A bronze statue of this great Barbadian can be found at the Kensington Oval Facility near the Sir Garfield Sobers Players Pavilion (other structures on the island bear his name). Sir Garry is now an avid golfer. You can meet him any day on one of the courses at Sandy Lane Golf Club enjoying a round of golf.

If you need to see Barbados through the eyes of a real ‘Bajan’, then you must meet Professor Henry Fraser - a Medical Doctor, Heritage Consultant, Writer, Artist, Television Presenter and Architectural Historian among other things. His passion for the island can be seen in many of the books he has authored over the years including, Barbados Chattel Houses, A-Z of Barbados Heritage, Historic Houses of Barbados, to name a few. Professor Fraser can be referred to as a modern day ‘Renaissance man’

Cuz Fish Shack

Reginald “Reggie” Medford

An institution on the island, located in Needham’s Point, St. Michael, just two minutes away from the Hilton Barbados and top rated on Trip Advisor for the best fish sandwiches. Meet Cuz, the man behind the Fish Shack which was voted by Newsweek as one of the ‘101 best places to eat around the world’ and earned a spot on the list compiled by 53 “luminary chefs” from different parts of the globe and published in Newsweek’s current edition.

Experience great works of art on the island! Meet self-taught artist “Reggie” Medford, an artist who transforms the roots of the Barbados mahogany trees into the most beautiful works of art imaginable. The pieces are abstracts, woven by nature and enhanced by Reggie. His success has been seen in his exhibits throughout the Caribbean, the USA and Europe. He has the distinction of being, the youngest ever recipient of one of Barbados’ highest honours, namely, The Barbados Centennial Honour.

Dr. Anthony “Gabby” Carter Dr. Anthony Gabby Carter is known to many as “The Mighty Gabby” and has the ability to take you on a cultural journey (musically). He is a past Cultural Ambassador for the island of Barbados. Gabby is a singer/songwriter extraordinaire, who has penned many songs for himself and other artists on the island with some of his songs still as popular today as they were three decades ago. RAINE MAGAZINE - VOLUME 18



D ESI GNER GI LLI AN HAR D I NG All Jewelry by Rj Graziano Kaftan Mustique collection Gasparee by Gillian Harding Shoes by Brian Atwood

Mustique Kaftan Gasparee by Gillian Harding All Jewelry by Rj Graziano Shoes by Brian Atwood


L U X U R Y,


Entrepreneur and founder of several successfully run businesses in New York, Los Angeles and the Hamptons, Gillian Harding is set to take the fashion world by storm. She is armed with years of know-how and a can do attitude that only the most accomplished visionaries are able to claim. Gillian sits down with Raine to talk business and her brand Gasparee, a line of elegantly inspired kaftans sold exclusively at the world famous hotel and resort Sandy Lane. RAINE: What describes the essence of the Gillian Harding brand? HARDING: The Gillian Harding brand is a lifestyle brand epitomized by personal style, luxury, comfort and beauty.   RAINE: Why did we choose resort wear, more specifically Kaftans? HARDING: My resort-wear collection, Gasparee by Gillian Harding, reflects my love for the Caribbean (where I was born), and my love affair with the islands. I chose resort-wear because I love the feeling of always being on vacation. I chose Kaftans because they embody easy-breezy comfort. I began as an artist, and I love to fill my canvases with brilliant colors, which translates to the fabrics I choose to design my Kaftans with.


B E A U T Y by Kristopher Johnson-Hoyle

RAINE: What was your “Aha” moment to start your fashion line? HARDING: My Aha moment, great question. My favorite island is Mustique. It’s a place that I love. My boyfriend and I attended the Peacock Ball for New Years in 2010. I wore a beautiful Kaftan with a peacock design and a headpiece made by the Carnival-designer Richard Affong of Trinidad. I walked into the party and felt like a million dollars. Dancing next to me was Tom Ford. He said I looked amazing in my Kaftan and my headpiece. The following day, I wore another Kaftan. Everyone was asking me, where did you get that from? I would smile and say, “Look for the launch of my collection.” That evening I attended another party. I felt so beautiful and regal in my Kaftan. It was the evening I felt most in love; it was the evening I got engaged; and it was the moment Gasparee by Gillian Harding was born. RAINE: What separates your Kaftan from existing Kaftans in the market? HARDING: Because I’m an island girl (I was born in Trinidad and Tobago), my Kaftans reflect the vivacity and bright colors of the Caribbean. My individuality and my passion for the tranquility of island life inspire my collection. Kaftans always make one feel beautiful, free and regal.

RAINE: What is the inspiration behind your line? HARDING: The inspiration behind my line is the amazing way I feel when I think of my time on the island of Mustique and the bliss I feel when I am there. When wearing my Kaftan, it always takes me back to the happiest moments of my life. RAINE: Tell us about Gillian Harding, the artist and the designer. HARDING: As an artist and a designer, I love beautiful things. I always want people to feel luxurious and beautiful. I enjoy creating things that move and inspire people to live a beautiful life.   RAINE: You owned several businesses in the past—can you share a little about those? HARDING: I started out having a luxury-brand of high-end floral boutiques, two in LA and one in Manhattan. I expanded my brand to a lifestyle store in Sag Harbor. My lifestyle store in the Hamptons took my brand to another level. Stems became the go-to store for all things luxury for the home and the yachting community. I met the most amazing people from around the world and created the most incredible relationships.   RAINE: Which is the most challenging experience you have faced as entrepreneur? HARDING: As an entrepreneur, and especially as a woman, you are constantly trying to prove yourself. The essence of my brand is being confident in whom I am. At the core of who I am is an island girl who came to the United States with big dreams. Business is often about the bottom-line, but at the end of the day, it’s really about what moves you. As women, we feel things, we are emotional, and we create. We are connected to what we do, and the success of my business is all about relationships. I live my life knowing that at every breakdown there is breakthrough. As an entrepreneur you will be faced with many breakdowns, but you keep moving and creating those breakthroughs.   RAINE: What are some tips you share with a fellow designer trying to break into the industry? HARDING: Breaking into the industry is much more than a fashion degree. You have to learn the business inside-and-out. As a fashion entrepreneur, you have to bring the whole package: creating a business plan, knowing where you want your brand to go, establishing goals, and most importantly, seek legal advice.   RAINE: What of your past experiences have shaped your viewpoints as a designer? HARDING: My mother was a dressmaker and designer in my country. As a child, I would stay up late in her sewing-shop, watching her work, helping her hand-bead wedding dresses, and learning all about design. My mom taught me you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it.   RAINE: What are you keys to success? HARDING: Being intentional, being committed, being my best, and being touched, moved and inspired by everything I do.   RAINE: Where and when do you plan on launching? HARDING: I plan on launching my line in January at the Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados.   RAINE: Can you give us a hint as to what the launch will look like? HARDING: Sandy Lane is a world-famous luxury resort in Barbados. It is one of the premiere destinations in the Caribbean and I’m so excited to sell my collection there. There will be a cocktail party, beautiful people, and the debut of my new line. 

Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL Styling by MINDY SAAD Hairstyles by YASU NAKAMURA for ORIBE products. MakeUp by KATE ROMANOFF for STILA





Sandy Lane

Breathtaking Barbados boasts one of the most exclusive and notable resorts: Sandy Lane. This “must know” tropical hotspot has a reputation of being one of the stylish and most family friendly 5-star destinations around. The hotel features 112 guest rooms and suites, a five bedroom villa, a world renowned luxurious spa, four restaurants, seven bars and three golf courses.   Sandy Lane is also noted as having three of the best golf courses in the Carribbean - The Old Nine, The Green Monkey, and The Country Club. With so much to see and do there is no wonder why Sandy Lane is a haven for the rich and famous.  Come take a look at the luxurious life that is awaiting at Sandy Lane Hotel and Resort. 

All images courtesy of Sandy Lane and the Barbados Tourism Board. TOP: For beachside Barbados dining, the atmospheric Bajan Blue restaurant at Sandy Lane is perfect; BOTTOM:The crystal clear waters of the pool and spa at the luxury Sandy Lane hotel; RIGHT:Impeccable golfing at Sandy Lane.



CITY Photography: Milos- Styling: Elle Perring Art direction: Gemma McLellan Hair/Make Up: Lesley Cameron Model: Phoenix- London Management Sydney Photo Assistant: Jeremy Shaw, Levon Baird

Shakuhachi top & bottom Lovisa necklace



MIllie Loves Min top & bottom Lovisa bangles

MIllie Loves Min top Ginja bottoms Ebony Fleur necklace

Lisa Marie Fernandez bodysuit Vera Xane jewellery

Fashion Faceoff 2013 Winner Keon Brown Designer Keon Brown stunned the judges and crowd at NYFW’s Fashion Faceoff 2013, beating out nine other designers with his incredible hockey-inspired couture. Brown showcased three knockout outfits inspired by the New Jersey Devils – highlighting a vivid color palette,

Photos by Jason T. Jaskot

C U LT U R E | A G O O D C A U S E

Ice Hockey in Harlem (IHIH) is a charitable organization with a mission to improve the social and academic well being of children from the Harlem Community. It offers programming that allows youth access to both educational and athletic opportunities. IHIH teaches studentathletees the fundamentals of the game, while they engage in an active lifestyle and add to their life experiences. Learn more at www. and get involved.




1981 by Nana Brenu


Tuedor & Wright

House of Marie

FAS HION GOES I NTERNATI ONAL Ghana Fashion & Design Week Ghana Fashion & Design Week is a contemporary international platform envisioned to direct, lead and promote both emerging and established designers to a global audience. This year’s event brought together fashion and accessories designers from Ghana, the Africa Diaspora, and internationally renowned talents toshowcase their collections to local and international retail buyers, Africa’s neo-fashion consumers, Sarah Ama Duah

influential press, media, and fashion savvy celebrities. Incorporating an outstanding display of fashion shows and a creative exhibition hub, Ghana Fashion & Design Week gave fashion and creative businesses the opportunity to exhibit their collections. Check out the hottest runway looks straight from Ghana! All images courtesy of Ghana Fashion & Design Week. Sarah Ama Duah

Jil Boutique


Modella B

Trish O Couture

Trish O Couture

Emefa Cole





By Christine Perez and Kristopher Johnson-Hoyle

tops and peek-a-boo skirts are very in for spring. Standard florals are turned on their heads with designers featuring dimension as well as architectural elements. There’s even a new take on the white shirt with unexpected details giving this wardrobe essential a fresh look. Draped layers are adding a casual vibe to even the most sophisticated pieces. The classic monochrome combination has staying power into the warm months with sharp contrasts highlighted in new ways. Although we still have a few months to wait, these exciting looks have us wanting to skip winter and jump right into spring.

Dennis Basso

– Dennis

Basso is an American icon and a premier designer with a penchant for luxurious furs. His couture creations are sought after pieces of art that capture the depth and understanding of high fashion.

Jeremy Scott

– Jeremy

Scott, off-beat and sometimes campy, has risen through the “push and shove” ranks that is fashion and carved out a name for himself. The “look” is equal parts edgy and playful, with splashes of genius that keep Scott at the forefront of the industry. Scott’s collections leave you asking for more from season to season and never fail at delivering urban art-wear that has inspired his following.



words come to mind when describing Kaufmanfranoc; sexy and modern. With an emphasis on chic designs that exude a modernity that is approachable and functional for everyday life. Designers Kaufman and Franco have an innate sense for what women crave for, in well thought out body conscious pieces that provoke an alluring appeal.

Photo by Jason T. Jaskot

We may still be bundling up, but spring is already on our minds; especially with the incredible looks New York Fashion Week brought us. Get ready to wear the hottest trends of Spring/Summer 2014 from our must-have designers. Lilac is the shade of the season. Present in a number of hues, this more sophisticated “pretty in pink” vibe is a luxe necessity. Nineties’ trends are making a big comeback. Many designers paid tribute to the pop decade with street style inspired looks. Look out for lots of skin this season: midriff baring




Creative tastemaker,

Johnson Hartig has been the creative force behind this




more than a decade. A true art aficionado, Hartig’s designs are like art canvases sashaying down the runway. His work with graphic prints has garnered him a high degree of success in the industry and he is routinely sought after by celebrities for his take on the world of fashion.

Noon by Noor

– A

newer label, Noon by Noor has been making splashes on the scene since their successful launch in 2011. The impact of their clothing is felt in their exotic collection of embellished dresses, tailored blazers, and separates that flatter women while taking inspiration



styles. Noon by Noor is feminine in its approach to design and one to watch now and in the future.



– What can be said for designer Rebecca Minkoff? She is a jack of all trades with several luxury lines that work seamlessly to comprise her global lifestyle brand. Minkoff has a true understanding for the business of fashion with a diversified selection of handbags, accessories, footwear and apparel. That being said it is not hard to imagine that her edgy-playful designs are readily seen the world over. RAINE MAGAZINE - VOLUME 18


Skingraft – A line that is equal

parts modern and unconventional that speaks to the non-conformist mind; Skingraft walks to the beat of a different drummer. The collection is built around a palette of blacks and whites with moments of excitement from lively graphic patterns. The aesthetic employed by Skingraft is as individual as it is avantgarde and pushes the boundaries of modern clothing design.



Kati Stern’s passion for music and




in her strong designs. Taking inspiration from rock music the line is composed of dazzling pieces noted by strong tailoring to create forms best described as rock-and-roll haute couture. From season to season Venexiana offers




thoughtfully executed collection that is a consistent show stopper.

Nautica – An American classic

that has endured the whims of fashion’s ups and downs. The line is a lifestyle brand with a smart focus on quality and value. Over the course of its history Nautica has captured the essence of the American spirit with active every day wear that is easy and approachable. Nautica’s smart design approach has kept them at the forefront of fashion, reinterpreting classics that everyone wants to wear.

Raine 18 - The International Issue  
Raine 18 - The International Issue