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Marjal Campsites & Resorts offers a wide range of activities for you to enjoy the Costa Blanca’s cultural and natural richness, as well as the leisure programmes designed to enjoy around. At Marjal Campsites & Resorts you’ll find a vast array of outdoor activities to enjoy every nook and cranny of the natural surroundings and the Mediterranean to the full—you’ll love it. Our leisure programmes are designed with utmost care by our qualified entertainment team at Marjal Campsites & Resorts, which has been providing once-in-a-life-time holiday experiences for over 15 years. Sports and cultural activities, a safari outing, sailing, watching stunning sunsets and much more: to top it off, our guests have the opportunity to stroll along the Marjal eco-path, a long, greenway that crosses a unique, natural spot. This path, which connects both our campsites, offers a gentle, pleasant stroll on foot, by bike or electric Segway while enjoying nature. Your children can learn and have fun with their new friends—they can enjoy the tropical swimming pool to the full and take part in “edutainment” activities. So we invite you to relax and enjoy while your children have the time of their lives with a very special holiday programme. Our comprehensive entertainment programme has something for everyone— from adventure lovers looking to enjoy the natural surroundings to those who just want to relax, try out our workshops or enjoy on-site shows. A wide range of leisure activities and experiences for everyone. Just choose the ones you like the most and be ready to have a whale of a time! Our team of professionals is at your service to recommend the best activities according to your tastes and preferences. We aim to help you enjoy your holidays and learn about what our region has to offer. We’re looking forward to meeting you here at Marjal Campsites & Resorts! marjalactivities


Index 1. On-site activities

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1.1. Activities and edutainment

1.1.1. Mini Club (4-12 years old)

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1.1.2. Junior Club (12-18 years old)

1.1.3. Fun Club (adults) pg. 7 1.1.4. Senior Club (55+) pg. 9

1.2. Social and educational activities

1.3. Sports activities: Health centres, beauty salon,

spa and fitness studios.

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1.3.1. Marjal Sports & Health Centre (Guardamar)

and Marjal Sports Fitness & Spa (Crevillent)

1.3.2. Multi-sports courts, tennis, paddle

tennis, table tennis, pĂŠtanque, mini golf,

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and much more. pg. 12 2. What to do in the area (DESTINATION)

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2.1. Active leisure in nature

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2.2. Leisure and cultural days out

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2.3. Shopping

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1. On-site activities

1.1. Activities and edutainment Our weekly leisure programme includes all the daytime and evening activities at our resorts. The schedule is shown on the notice boards located at the reception desk and toilet/shower blocks. We will also announce each activity over the loudspeakers so that guests have enough time to put their names down. During special weekends (Halloween, Easter, long weekends, etc.), our entertainment team is also looking forward to welcoming you and giving you detailed information regarding both on-site and off-site activities for guests of all ages: children, teenagers and adults. Below we detail our star activities included in the weekly scheduled programme. If you particularly like an activity, let us know about by filling in the assessment and suggestion form and leaving it in the suggestion box “Help Us Improve” (“Ayúdanos a mejorar”) found at reception. At Marjal Campsites & Resorts we always strive to organise the activities that you like most!



4 - 12 años Fun, educational and social activities: children will learn while playing and sharing a great time with their new friends. - Meet our mascots Marjalito and Marjalita: Our friendly hosts will welcome you and your family when arriving at the resort. A special moment your children will love. FREE OF CHARGE. - Take part in our show: Your children will be the stars of our fun shows. FREE OF CHARGE. - Children’s show at the swimming pool: There’s nothing better when it is hot than having a ball all together with a refreshing show at the pool. FREE OF CHARGE. - Mini Disco: Let’s dance! Children can strut their stuff at the mini disco. FREE OF CHARGE. - Games and dancing at the swimming pool: For refreshing fun! FREE OF CHARGE. - Puppets: Who hasn’t enjoyed this timeless classic? Many generations later, it’s still a show that kids love. FREE OF CHARGE.

- Mini Cinema: Fancy watching a movie? We love movies! So join us for one of our favourite hobbies. FREE OF CHARGE. - Music workshops: Do, re, mi... Music cheers the spirit, so in these workshops children will learn to feel the sensations that the melody transmits and understand the universal language of music. - Little painters: Children can express themselves by drawing and painting with and then show their artworks to their proud parents. Look how beautiful I’ve painted you mum! FREE OF CHARGE. - Creative workshops for families: Building new ideas and objects together, a great activity for the whole family. FREE OF CHARGE. - Story telling and creative activities: ‘Once upon a time...’ Let our imagination run wild and have fun with a thousand and one adventures. This activity aims to develop children’s enthusiasm for reading and stimulate their creativity. They’ll love it. FREE OF CHARGE. marjalactivities


4 - 12 years old

- Adventure Club: Let’s play pirates exploring in the search of hidden treasures. And tomorrow we’ll rescue a princess from the tall castle tower. Fancy playing? FREE OF CHARGE. - Huge Arts & Crafts: Let’s go big! Making huge handicrafts is really fun. FREE OF CHARGE. - Farewell photo: Remember your friends! Have a great photo taken with all your friends from Marjal Campsites & Resorts to remember the amazing moments you spent together. FREE OF CHARGE. - Indoor and outdoor playgrounds: There’s no time to get bored, your children will enjoy themselves at the play areas. FREE OF CHARGE. - Bouncy castles: To jump, and jump, and jump all day long. FREE OF CHARGE. - Minigolf: Let’s score a birdie! Show your friends what a great golfer you are and beat them at our minigolf championships. FREE OF CHARGE. - Eco-activities: Activities to enjoy and appreciate nature, as well as learn how to respect it. We organise guided walks along Marjal eco-path, recycling workshops our organic garden and many other activities, specially recommended for children, tomorrow’s adults. FREE OF CHARGE.

12 - 18 years old

For all the teenagers staying at Marjal Campsites & Resorts to have the summer of their lives with their families and friends! - Super Teen Disco: Get out your best moves and show that you’re the kings and queens of the dance floor! FREE OF CHARGE. - X-Box championships: Show who’s the best, win the X-Box championship at your Marjal tourist resort and compete in the inter-resort final for the Marjal Territory Champion’s Ring. FREE OF CHARGE. - Music workshops: We’ll learn to dance to the latest hits like a true star! FREE OF CHARGE. marjalactivities


12 - 18 years old

- Teen Cinema: Great movies starring teenagers who love embarking on exciting adventures. FREE OF CHARGE. - Teen Scavenger Hunt: Ready, set, go! Come on, hurry up! There are lots of clues to discover and every team wants to win! This is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities of the Teen Club every summer. FREE OF CHARGE. - Sports activities: Practise your favourite sport on our multi-sports, tennis and paddle tennis courts. Be brave and put your name down for our championships and summer Olympic Games. FREE OF CHARGE


While your children are having a ball... you just have to relax and enjoy our entertaining activities. Fun for the whole family guaranteed! - Live Shows: You’ll love our fantastic shows and superb choreographies. Our team of performers and entertainers have designed a high quality show programme to satisfy our guests. FREE OF CHARGE. - Wake up your body: Good morning! Let’s stretch out and activate our bodies to be ready for a full day. A little bit of exercise is always good for you. FREE OF CHARGE. - Welcome reception: You’ll receive a friendly welcome upon your arrival where we will inform you about all the activities and shows planned so that you can sign up for those you like the most. FREE OF CHARGE. marjalactivities



- Music workshops: Let’s play music! Learn about and enjoy the universal language of music. FREE OF CHARGE. - Disco party: Meet up with the rest of the guests and friends at the disco party, where you can have a good dance, laugh and live unforgettable moments. FREE OF CHARGE. - Dance lessons: One, two, three, left foot you swing... You’ve already got the rhythm, now show what you can do on the dance floor and amaze everyone with your style! FREE OF CHARGE - A choice of games, including “A Marjal Minute to Win It”: You can do many things in a minute... Can you think of some? FREE OF CHARGE. - Karaoke party: Be a pro singer in our Karaoke. There are songs for all ages and moments for you to remember with the family. FREE OF CHARGE. - Musical bingo: A very special and entertaining bingo. You’ll have a tremendous time. FREE OF CHARGE. - Super Trivial: You must know the answer. Test your knowledge with our Trivial that includes more than a thousand questions. Fancy trying? FREE OF CHARGE. - Sports activities: Enjoy our sports facilities where you can play your favourite sport, individually or in a group, such as fitness training, tennis, paddle tennis, basketball, five-aside football, and much more. What’s more, you can enter the tournaments we organise all year round. FREE OF CHARGE.



55 +

Workshops, shows and activities to enjoy throughout the year. - Live shows and performances: Marjal evenings will be unforgettable. Live music and an assortment of shows: flamenco, Elvis, country music, mariachis... FREE OF CHARGE. - Handicraft workshops: Express yourself, sharpen your senses and fire your imagination by creating, painting, drawing and sculpting. Our art workshops are a good way to develop your creativity and talent. FREE OF CHARGE. - Language courses: Have fun learning Spanish with our teachers. FREE OF CHARGE - Keep-fit lessons: Get your body moving with our easy exercises and sports activities. FREE OF CHARGE. - Hiking: Join us and you’ll get the chance to discover our beautiful surroundings and breathtaking landscapes. - Bicycle tours: Get your bike ready and join us on an unforgettable ride. FREE OF CHARGE. - Archery: Tune your aim to hit the target of fun. FREE OF CHARGE. - Dance lessons: Strut your stuff to the songs specially chosen for you. FREE OF CHARGE. - Line dancing: Will you be able to dance to the rhythm without losing the steps? We bet you can! FREE OF CHARGE. - Tap dancing lessons: Hit the dance floor and become Marjal’s Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers. FREE OF CHARGE. - Jazz lessons: Awaken your senses and open your mind up to a new music experience. FREE OF CHARGE. - Conversation lessons: Learn and practice languages easily and effortlessly. FREE OF CHARGE. - Musical bingo: Spend an entertaining afternoon at the bingo. Our money’s on you! FREE OF CHARGE. - Karaoke: Just ask for your favourite song and show your talent. FREE OF CHARGE. - Poker: We bet on your fun and entertainment. FREE OF CHARGE. - Cribbage: Be the first to beat the score! Camper dinner: a finger-licking meal from €7 - Pétanque: Show your skills at playing this fantastic game. Bowling FREE OF CHARGE. - The Painter’s Club: Grab your paintbrushes and paint whatever you want. We’d love to exhibit your artwork on the walls of the clubhouse. FREE OF CHARGE.



1.2. Social and educational activities

At Marjal we’re one big family. Our understanding of outdoor enjoyment, together with the advantages of the local weather and affability of the hundreds of visitors and friends from different countries who join us each year, make it possible for you to enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere that fosters social relationships amongst guests, sharing hobbies and getting to know new friends and cultures. That’s why we strive to offer you a series of activities for you to enjoy surroundings and meet new friends. - Themed parties: Such as the popular “Dutch Party”, with its market full of typical products, plus our Hippie, Caribbean and Mexican parties... Dress up and enjoy with us at the best parties in honour of the five continents. Fun guaranteed! FREE OF CHARGE. - Marjal Galas: Special and unique themed evening events such as the Hollywood-style “Movie night 2012”, the white evening at the Tropical swimming pool (evening swim) just like in the Caribbean, celebrations of Marjal Campsites & Resorts anniversaries... FREE OF CHARGE.

- Inter-resort events: Marjal Campsites & Resorts comprises two tourist resorts connected by the Marjal eco-path, which is 18 kilometres long. This footpath can be easily travelled by bicycle over flat terrain crossing wetlands, nature reserves, ancient Arab irrigation ditches and hundreds of years of history. We also organise events to meet up and get to know each other as well as sports championships, tournaments, activity days... FREE OF CHARGE. - Eco-workshops: to learn about organic seeds, recycling and the Marjal organic garden. Parents and children can learn together how to take care of our planet and promote sustainable practices. Because future is everyone’s business. FREE OF CHARGE. - The best of the week: Meet up to share the photos and videos of the previous week’s activities and adventures. Together we will remember the best moments, outtakes and all that we missed. Don’t miss it; you may appear on a photo you haven’t seen yet. FREE OF CHARGE. marjalactivities


1.3. Sports activities: Health centres, beauty salon, spa and fitness studios.


Marjal Campsites & Resorts boasts two state-of-the-art and fully equipped sports and health centres. Marjal Sports & Health Centre is located at Marjal Guardamar Camping & Bungalow Resort in the town of Guardamar. This centre features the latest JOHNSON fitness equipment and a highly qualified team of professionals looking forward to advise you on your needs. Access to the fitness studios and swimming pool area of Marjal Sports & Health Centre (Guardamar) is free of charge for guests staying at our resort. FREE OF CHARGE. Marjal Sports Fitness & Spa is located at Marjal Costa Blanca Eco-Camping Resort in the town of Crevillent. This centre is one of the most modern sports centres in the Costa Blanca region. It features avant-garde Star Trac fitness equipment, four modern fitness studios, a social area, and a pool area with fantastic indoor swimming pools and a spa circuit overlooking the garden and the tropical pool. From €5. - Wellness Centres: Our state-of-the-art centres boast different fitness studios fully equipped for every activity—weights, cardiovascular training, group fitness classes, situps and stretching, and much more. Group classes are given daily, such as aerobics, fitness, Pilates, body fitness, spinning, body combat, yoga, and many more. MSG: FREE OF CHARGE. MSCB: FROM €8.

- Zumba classes: Do you know what Zumba is? It’s the latest fashion. Have fun while learning how to take care of your body. From €3. - Body combat classes: Dance or fight? The activity that is triumphing in Europe is now within easy reach! From €3. Body pump, Pilates and abdominal classes: The perfect exercise, an ideal way to keep your body in perfect shape. From €3. - Spinning classes: Keep fit with your favourite sports activity. Classes with an instructor and now interactive classes are available to do spinning at any time. From €5. marjalactivities


- Indoor swimming pools: Both tourist resorts have indoor heated swimming pools with aquaerobics and swimming classes for both children and adults. MSG: FREE OF CHARGE. MSCB: FROM €5. - SPA: At Marjal Sports & Health Centre (Guardamar) the spa features an indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and water jets. FREE OF CHARGE. Marjal Sports Fitness & Spa (Crevillent) boasts whirlpool tubs, swan neck fountains, back and lumbar jets, a children’s heated pool, 25-metre swimming pool, sauna, steam room, foot bath, relax corner, cold water plunge pool, and much more. FROM €5. Don’t forget to book now! - Marjal Therapy: Ask for advice on our special relax and beauty treatments. Because you’re worth it! From €15. - Massages: We offer a wide rage of massage treatments—toning up, relaxing, physiotherapy, etc. MSG FROM €20. MSCB FROM €30. - Beauty treatments: Peelings, body wraps, chocolate therapy, and the latest organic farming treatments. Look your best at our beauty salons. From €30. - Doctor’s surgery and check-ups: At Marjal Guardamar Camping & Bungalow Resort we have a doctor’s surgery and emergency care service. Find out about the timetable upon your arrival at the resort. FROM €10. At Marjal Costa Blanca Eco-Camping Resort in Crevillent you will find Clínica Norden health care centre, right at Marjal Square. At the centre, besides the check-ups and emergency service, we offer you a comprehensive programme of medical care and clinical treatments without leaving the campsite. From €10.

1.3.2. Multi-sports courts, tennis, paddle tennis, table tennis, pétanque, mini golf, and much more. - Multi-sports courts: Practise your favourite sport on our multi-sports courts: basketball, football or five-a-side football. Have fun with your friends! FREE OF CHARGE. - Beach volleyball: Have a great time with your friends playing beach volleyball as if you were on the sand. FREE OF CHARGE. - Tennis: Book your tennis court and play your own Roland Garros grand slam. Tennis is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports at Marjal Campsites & Resorts. From €3. - Paddle Tennis: The sport that is all the rage. Just book your court and enjoy yourself. Specially recommended for doubles. From €6.



- Paddle tennis lessons: Fancy learning? Don’t hesitate, it’s easy. Put your name down and become pro. Lessons are given by an instructor member of the national federation. From €20. Paddle tennis school group: from €45. - Minigolf: Available at both tourist resorts. Don’t miss the new miniature golf course at Marjal Costa Blanca Eco-Camping Resort. You’ll love it. From €3. - Open-air circuit fitness training: At Marjal Campsites & Resorts we have designed a wide range of workout sessions beneficial to your heart and health. Working out in the open air is healthy and fun. (2012/13 at MSCB) FREE OF CHARGE.

- Table tennis: A classic. If you’re an expert player, let us know and we’ll introduce you to some advanced rivals. FREE OF CHARGE. - Archery: Robin Hood would be proud of you. Score a bull’s eye and become the king or queen of archery. FREE OF CHARGE. - Pétanque: A game for all ages. There are several pétanque courts as it is one of the most practised activities. We organise professional tournaments throughout the year. FREE OF CHARGE.



2. What to do in the area (DESTINATION)

2.1. Active leisure in nature:

- Route and trail maps: We offer you a map of the major paths and trails in the area to explore on your own on foot or by bike. Explore the area, you’ll love it! - Activities along the Marjal Eco-path: Fun activities such as Nordic walking, as well as Segway, electric bicycle or mountain bike rides. Stroll along the 11.2-mile greenway that connects the two Marjal tourist resorts. A unique experience is guaranteed. - Mountain bike routes: There are several mountain bike routes in the area. Learn about them and enjoy your favourite sport. - Mountain routes: The mountain of Crevillent will surprise you. From its summit you will catch sight of several provinces, the Mediterranean Sea and the nearby islands. Trails of varying difficulty. - Coastal routes: Visit the beautiful Mediterranean coast and its long, golden, sandy beaches, hidden coves and other wonders of the Mare Nostrum. - Outing on a Segway: explore El Hondo Nature Reserve, the Guardamar dunes and the marina in an entertaining and different way of doing tourism. From €35. - Free fishing: Our tourist resorts’ proximity to the Mediterranean makes free fishing one of the most popular activities among our clients. We recommend a place known as “la punta del río” (the breakwater of the Segura river mouth), which as a perfect spot to go fishing in Guardamar. - Guided sport fishing by boat: Come fishing with professional fishermen who will show you the best places and teach you the most useful tricks for fishing in the waters of Guardamar bay. From €150. - Charter boat: A boat trip along the stunning coastline of Alicante, plying the clear waters of the Mediterranean with the mountains of Alicante in the background. Recommended in spring and autumn. Feel the typical atmosphere of a fishing village and its people. From €50. - Sailing school: Make the most of your holidays and enrol in a sailing course. A unique experience that will bring your closer to the sea, to your feelings and to a sustainable and special sport. From €25. marjalactivities


- Kitesurf school: Learn kitesurfing, one of the world’s most extreme sports, on the beaches of Guardamar. Amazing! From €35. - Windsurfing, kayaking and stand-up paddle surfing at the marina: These are ideal sports to practise with your friends. From €25. - Scuba diving: Both for beginners and advanced divers. From €50. - Golfing in Alicante: The Costa Blanca is a privileged destination for golf lovers and one of the main international spots to practise this sport. From €100. - Balloon flights: Get a bird’s-eye view of the landscape of Alicante—the coastline, the inland mountains, the fertile, irrigated lands and the palm groves, always with the sea as the star. The flight lasts 3 hours and it is a unique gift. From €125. - Horse riding: Around the wetlands, close to the sea and at dusk. Just one word: fantastic! From €50. - Climbing: The mountain range of Crevillent and its surroundings are an ideal place to climb steep slopes and prove your physical and mental strength. Are you game? - Orienteering in the sand dunes: Guardamar del Segura is considered the best place in Europe to practise this sport that requires good navigational skills. - Karting: Are you crazy for speed and racing? A few kilometres away from both tourists resorts there are three courses where you can show us how fast you are on the circuit. From €25.



2.2. Leisure and cultural days out

At Marjal Campsites & Resorts we are pleased to recommend you a vast array of cultural outings and guided visits so that you can enjoy the best our region has to offer. - Crevillent, town of culture: Home to well-known artists and thinkers, Crevillent is also an industrial centre and meeting point of different cultures. The artistic activity of the town is exciting. - Guardamar, sand dunes, pine groves and sea: Guardamar is a unique place closely linked to nature and Mediterranean traditions. We offer one-day guided tours. - Elche, World Heritage Site by UNESCO: Ilici, as the Romans called this city, bears the resemblance to an Arab oasis. Elche is particularly important for its strategic location and special resources. The city boasts the largest palm grove in Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Mystery Play of Elx, both declared by the UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, respectively. Moreover, you can visit its ancient castle and museums, and get to know its people at its lively squares. And do not miss the botanical garden “Huerto del Cura”. All these make Elche a must. - Orihuela, city of monuments: Former capital of the region and home of sacred art, Orihuela boasts more than 50 churches and fine works of art, such as an original painting by Velazquez that is exhibited at the Museum of Sacred Art. Orihuela is also the birthplace of poet Miguel Hernández. Don’t miss the visit to this town. - Río Safari Park (Elche): The perfect outing for the whole family, just a 15-minute drive from Marjal Costa Blanca and a 30-minute drive from Marjal Guardamar. From €15. - Tabarca Island: This is another destination in the Costa Blanca visitors should not miss. Tabarca is the only inhabited island of the Valencian Community and is a short distance offshore from Guardamar del Segura and near to the cape of Santa Pola. From €25.



2.3. Shopping

Want to go shopping? Marjal Campsites & Resorts will make it easier for you. Thanks to the agreements reached with different local associations of retailers, we offer you advantages and discounts even without leaving our resorts. - Member stores of Marjal Fun Card: With your Marjal Fun Car, you will get great benefits and discounts at more than 30 associated shops in the towns nearby the resorts. Discover lots of shops selling unique, hand-made products. Highly recommended. - Shopping around Elche. Clothing and footwear: The city of Elche is well known for its high quality shoe industry. A wide variety of the world’s most famous brands are based in this area. We are delighted to show you where you can go shopping and also organise a group trip for you. - Camping & Caravanning products and spare parts: At our supermarkets you can find an assortment of items you may need for your caravan or tent, but we also have an agreement with Caravanas Cruz whereby if you hold the Marjal Fun Card, you’re entitled to a discount when buying at their store in Elche.



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