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2012 Annual Report

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A Year of Joyful Learning

A Message from the CEO of St. Benedict Preparatory School Vision of Excellence 2016 Year Two: Our Community is Strong! The 2011-12 school year proved to be successful in so many ways. Our “one school, one vision” realized so many goals: vertical alignment of an inclusive program and curriculum PS-grade 12, implementation of a new school governance model into one PS-12 advisory board, partnering of campus-wide parish and school organizations, markedly increased interest from potential PK-12 families, and financial vitality of the school. Our faculty, our students, our families and our donors are coming together as one community for one purpose: an exceptional PK-12 Catholic Parish School. One of the most significant blessings of the 2011-12 school year was the opportunity for teachers from grades preschool through high school to improve their professional practice through differentiating instruction. Supported by generous funding from the Christopher L. and M. Susan Gust Foundation, inclusive education expert, Paula Kluth, trained our faculty in a collaborative setting several times throughout the year with her “Joyful Learning” Strategies. Additionally, the foundation’s funding has brought us the inclusive education talent and support of Ms. Sheila Danaher and Ms. Leslie Garrison. With this backing, our teachers have strengthened their professional practice, which in turn, helps all students regardless of learning styles. Our year culminated in June when teachers shared videos of their professional practice, highlighting strategies taught by Kluth and Danaher. Besides improving professional practice, this also helped strengthen our professional PK-12 community; our teachers saw themselves as a team and a family. Who benefits the most? Our students! This annual report will share other tales of “joyful learning” and “joyful serving” of the last school year. I, too, had an extraordinary experience for joyful learning of my own. This past summer I had the unique opportunity to travel to China with 30 educators and school administrators from across the United States on a scholarship. The purpose of the trip was to formulate a better understanding of China, as well as ponder the impact of a global society on PK-12 education with fellow educators. While visiting Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai, we had the opportunity to explore China’s culture and history, as well as visit schools and meet with school administrators. It was an awesome experience that I will remember for a lifetime. Some of these insights I gained while traveling apply to the current reality of the “re-visioning” of the schools into one St. Benedict Preparatory School. We have just begun year three of this strategic plan, Vision of Excellence 2016, and it is more than appropriate that we take to heart lessons of leading change as we implement this plan. One of the most important lessons I learned while traveling: Don’t be afraid to take a chance…you just may miss something incredible. While I was at first a bit nervous about exploring such a different culture, I met some interesting people along the way, took some great pictures and could say that I really hiked the Great Wall. I’m glad I took a chance and risked getting lost (or left behind) – the payoff was worth it! The analogy for leadership is such an important one – if we play it safe, the experience will be common and mediocre. Sometimes we need to take calculated risks and go in a different direction from “where everyone else is going.” I am glad that the parish, the school families and the Archdiocese of Chicago have allowed us to take a chance on the “re-visioning” of the schools into one PK-12 school. Given the changes happening, I can see that the payoff will be worth it. This annual report is just one testimonial that, as a community, our leadership, our support and our gifts are creating an exceptional PK-12 Catholic school. Each day I am grateful for all who give of themselves to make this school what it is today: a vibrant, innovative and successful Catholic school. God Bless,

Ms. Rachel Gemo

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2012 Annual Report

Table of Contents Preschool Highlights............................... page 4 Elementary School Highlights.................. page 5 Secondary School Highlights................... pages 6-7 Our Faith In Action.................................pages 8 Inclusive Education................................ page 9 Student and Teacher 10 Class of 2012 Highlights......................... page 11 St. Benedict Preparatory School Advisory Board

Financial Highlights................................ page 12 Donor Lists........................................... pages 13-15 Preparatory ProtĂŠgĂŠ Internship Program... page 16

School Mission Statement At St. Benedict Preparatory School, we excel in educating the whole individual in the Catholic tradition, challenge students to develop their God-given talents, create a Christian community by sharing our gifts, honor the gifts and diversity of the community, and serve the Lord and each other in an ever-changing world.

The St. Benedict Preparatory School Graduate The St. Benedict Preparatory School Graduate enters post-secondary life well-rounded and prepared for learning, achievement, and service in a 21st century global society. Honoring the tradition of St. Benedict, our graduates possess the knowledge, reason, diligence, and perseverance to grow in faith, wisdom, and spirit.

2012-13 Administration Father Jason Malave, Pastor Father Robert Beaven, Pastor Emeritus Ms. Rachel Gemo, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Joe G. Accardi, Mission Advancement Officer Ms. Ericka Mickelburgh, Head of Secondary School Mr. Robert Potempa, Assistant Head of Secondary School Mrs. Nancy Feely, Head of Elementary School: Grades K-5 Ms. Rachel Waldron, Preschool Director

2012 Annual Report

Suzanne Devane (Chair, past Secretary) Shannon Archer ( Vice-Chair) Beka Kohmescher ( Board Secretary) Anne Connolly-Reif Audrey Cosgrove Jenny Courtad* Tony Couty Janet Davies Daniel Farris Adrienne Fasano Bell* Amy Gaylord Charles Greco Iris Hart Mary Jo Hayes Dan Kapcar Peggy Malone Mary Mangan (past Vice-Chair)* Todd McGovern* Rima Ports Ally Regnier Jennifer Russell (past Chair)* John Smith Jason Staley Ryan Stecz Mike Teolis* David Wolke Jo Marie Yonkus * indicates members whose terms ended June 2012

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Preschool Highlights 2011-2012

Adler Planetarium Comes To SBPS The Adler Planetarium, one of Chicago’s premier museums, visited St. Benedict Preparatory School (SBPS) last February. The “planetarium dome” was inflated in the gym and preschool students were able to enter and explore the universe. A video presentation, led by Sesame Street’s Big Bird, taught preschoolers about our solar system and planet Earth. Preschool students thought this presentation was out of this world!

Preschoolers Are Lucky To Have Their Dads Last March, preschoolers showed their appreciation with a “We Are Lucky to Have Our Dads” morning of activities. Dads and father figures were invited to spend the morning reading stories, creating appreciation ties and trophies, and sharing refreshments with their preschooler. Of course, dads are appreciated every day, but it was extra special to have them in our classrooms for a day.

Preschool Welcomes Grandparents Grandparents and “grandfriends” were welcomed to St. Benedict Preparatory School during the annual Grandparents Day celebration. In preschool, songs, stories, and craft activities highlighted the morning. Thank you to all of our grandparents and “grandfriends” who support our school.

Preschool & High School Prayer Buddies Throughout the school year, high school homerooms partnered with preschool classrooms as part of the “Prayer Buddy” program. Classes worked together on various faith-based projects to foster cooperation and learning about our faith. In addition, students at all grade levels felt more connected to the preparatory school model. In May, Mrs. O’Grady’s classroom had high school assistance in making flowers for our annual May Crowning celebration.

2011-12 Project Vision of Excellence Preschool Accomplishment: Preschool Staff Inclusive Education Training and Student Support

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2012 Annual Report

Elementary School Highlights 2011-2012

Jane Yolen “Virtually Visits” St. Benedict Preparatory School Author and poet Jane Yolen “virtually visited” St. Benedict Preparatory School in February. Through the power of Skype, Ms. Yolen spoke with elementary school students about her book, Owl Moon. Students read the book, researched owls, and created projects about owls in preparation for the author’s presentation. In addition, students prepared questions for Ms. Yolen and had the opportunity to ask her about her work and life as an author. Ms. Yolen’s presentation was part of a week of activities highlighting Catholic education during Catholic Schools Week.

Grandparents Take Center Stage Grandparents and Grandfriends joined our elementary school students during a special liturgy in honor of Grandparents Day. This annual event recognizes the support and love that our grandparents provide throughout our lives. Special treats and refreshments were served in each classroom after Mass. In addition, students planned special activities to show their appreciation for their grandparents.

Kindergarten Loves Their Moms! Kindergarten students invited their moms to the classrooms for a morning of celebration. Muffins, cookies, and juice were served to the “guests of honor” as students showed their appreciation for all that their moms do. Students also sang a special song in honor of their moms. There were plenty of hugs and cheers to go around on this special

2011-2012 Project Vision of Excellence Elementary School K-5 Accomplishments: New Positions: * Additional 1st grade teacher for the fourth 1st grade classroom * Additional 2nd grade teacher for the third 2nd grade classroom * Band Instructor

New Programs:

* K-5 Staff Inclusive Education Training and Student Support

* Reader’s Workshop fully implemented in Grades K-5 * Strings and Winds program for Grades 1-5

2012 Annual Report

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Secondary School Highlights (grades 6-8) 2011-2012

Team Building at Irons Oaks All secondary school students participated in a day of team building activities at Irons Oaks Learning Center in Olympia Fields. Each grade level participated in activities designed to encourage communication, enhance personal confidence, and increase mutual trust and support. Middle school students reported that the day helped them build a stronger “team� at school. In addition, the activities provided the opportunity to develop new insights with fellow classmates. The Irons Oaks experience will continue in the coming year, with the possible addition of the high ropes course and the climbing wall challenge.

Performing Arts Takes Center Stage Performing arts classes at St. Benedict Preparatory School allow students to express their creativity in a variety of ways. Introduction to Dance and Contemporary Dance classes, taught by middle school homeroom teacher Ms. Yvonne Grabe, offered students the opportunity to explore and express themselves through movement. In addition, students choreographed and performed their own dances for the entire group. Plans to expand the dance program this year include course offerings in Kinesiology (the study of movement) and Conditioning for the Dancer and Athlete.

Middle School Honors Saints During Catholic Schools Week During Catholic Schools Week, students throughout St. Benedict Preparatory School participated in activities designed to show their pride in Catholic education. One activity that all grade levels took part in was the Hall of Saints. Homerooms chose a saint whose life provides special inspiration. They researched their saint and created an image depicting special characteristics about that person. Saint images were displayed in the hallways throughout the school as a reminder of the holy men and women who model Catholic values for us. St. Nicholas and St. Valentine were among the saints chosen by middle school students.

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2012 Annual Report

Secondary School Highlights (Grades 9-12) 2011-2012

Hunger Banquet Teaches Students About Inequities During the 2012 Hunger Banquet, Secondary School students received sheets of paper representing first, second, and third world countries. When students went to lunch, first world countries received a full lunch with dessert and ate their lunch at tables. Second world countries received a meat sandwich with fruit and were seated at tables. Third world countries, however, received only chicken soup and were seated on the floor. After lunch, students were given the opportunity to reflect on their experience and discuss the inequities of our present socioeconomic systems. This activity helped many students realize how fortunate they truly are.

Wrestling and Track & Field Make a Big Comeback 2011-2012 saw the return of wrestling to St. Benedict Preparatory School. Coach Dave Curby, a member of the Illinois Wrestling Coaches & Officials Hall of Fame and an internationally certified wrestling coach, worked with a group of 14 freshmen through seniors who turned out for the team. Two SBPS wrestlers advanced to the Illinois sectional tournament and Coach Curby was named the USA Wrestling 2011 Doc Counsilman Coach of the Year by the US Olympic Committee.

Track & Field also made a comeback last year at St. Benedict Prep. Three athletes created a new team and participated in spring track meets. Hard work and determination helped athletes establish personal bests in various events. We are looking forward to continued improvement in the coming year.

2011-2012 Project Vision of Excellence Secondary School (grades 6-12) Accomplishments: New Positions: * Additional 8th grade teacher (2nd classroom) * Band Instructor * Dance Teacher * Protégé Program Coordinator * HS Wrestling Coach and Program * HS Track Coach and Program New Programs: 6-12 Staff Inclusive Education Training and Student Support * New Protégé Program * Strings and Winds Program Grades 6-12 * One-to-One Technology Program expanded grades 6-10 * New electives for Middle School: Spanish II, French II, Dance * New High School Courses: AP Physics, The Cold War, Contemporary Issues in the Middle East, Music Appreciation

2012 Annual Report

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Our Faith in Action 2011-2012

Kairos 2012 Kairos 2012, an annual student retreat, was held at Camp Manitoqua in January. Eight student leaders, four adult leaders, and twenty-one juniors and seniors entered the retreat with open hearts and minds. The focus of the retreat was to help students find God in their lives and learn to find God in others. The weather provided an exciting twist to the weekend when the first major snowfall of the year added seven inches of snow. Despite the weather, students strengthened bonds with their faith and with one another.

SBPS Hunger Heroes Come Through In A Big Way! The St. Benedict Preparatory School Hunger Heroes lived up to their name in a big way. The Lenten Almsgiving Food Drive, coordinated by our Home and School Association (HSA), collected 4,367 food items and personal hygiene products for distribution through Catholic Charities of Chicago. This total was 62% more than the goal of 2,700 items. Items were donated by preschool through high school students and families. Because of the large amount of food, Catholic Charities needed to make two trips to the school in order to pick up everything. During the special season of Lent, it was nice to know that our Hunger Heroes helped so many needy families in the community.

Sandwiches for the Needy in SBPS Community

8th Grade Living Stations of the Cross

One of the social justice teachings of the Catholic Church is taking care of the poor in our own communities. Many students at St. Benedict Preparatory School (SBPS) put this teaching into action by making sandwiches for distribution at our parish rectory. Many homeless and hungry people seek out St. Benedict Church for assistance. They receive a meal as well as help in locating resources in the community. SBPS students know that their acts of kindness have a direct impact on the poor of the community every day.

Every year, the St. Benedict Preparatory School (SBPS) 8th grade class presents the Living Stations of the Cross to the school and parish community. Praying the stations in this way provides students and community members the opportunity to go deeper into the story of Jesus’ passion.

Major Facility Improvements From 2011-2012 * * * * * *

New First Grade Classroom painted and remodeled with new furniture and books New Second Grade Classroom with new furniture and books * New tricycle and helmet sets for preschool 2nd & 3rd floor elementary classrooms plastered and painted * New classroom rugs in several PreK – Gr. 5 classrooms Additional intercom phones installed in classrooms New tables and chairs in secondary classrooms to accommodate one-to-one technology New scoreboard and sound system in gym (thanks to Athletic Fundraiser)

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2012 Annual Report

Inclusive Education 2011-2012

St. Benedict Preparatory School Strengthens Inclusive Education Program with Generous Support from the Christopher L. and M. Susan Gust Foundation St. Benedict Preparatory School (SBPS) is committed to providing quality Catholic education to our families. Each child learns differently, has different strengths and weaknesses, and needs individualized attention in order to reach his or her potential. The celebration of each unique child is a central part of our preschool through grade 12 mission. Inclusive education allows us to welcome all students into the general classroom and equips teachers and families to help students learn and thrive. Through the generous financial assistance of the Christopher L. and M. Susan Gust Foundation, SBPS has expanded the inclusive education efforts with the implementation of new initiatives. This foundation has supported the cost of year-long teacher professional development focused on Mrs. Shannon Brusca (right), Secondary School Science teacher, national inclusive education expert, Paula Kluth, in Joyful Learning Strategies shared by Educational and her “Joyful Learning” strategies. In addition, participates Consultant Ms. Paula Kluth (left) at a teacher professional development presentation. the foundation has also given $50,000 toward additional PK-12 professional development costs. These funds have helped teachers grow not only in the area of inclusive education but also teacher training in specific content areas, student assessment, and teacher leadership. In addition to professional development training, the Christopher L. and M. Susan Gust Foundation supported to cost of two learning specialists: one for a high school student cohort and one to support inclusive education training in grades PK-12. Educational research shows that when teachers use instructional best practices to create a positive environment, all students benefit. The Christopher L. and M. Susan Gust Foundation has made a profound impact on the educational climate of SBPS preschool through high school and we are most grateful for their generosity.

Looking Ahead To The New Year New Secondary School Classes for 2013 * Middle School Scientific Inquiry * Conditioning of the Dancer and Athlete * Catholic Social Teaching * Scientific Method * PC Support Practicum * Media Literacy * Introduction to Health Occupations * Contemporary Issues of the Middle East * WWII and the Western Front (with Foreign Travel component)

2012-2013 Planned Improvements * Web-based textbooks for Secondary School Social Studies * Expansion of the Protégé Program to secondary and middle school students * Learning specialist for preschool through grade 5 * Additional kindergarten, second, and third grade teachers * Heating system upgrades * Implementation and training for AIMSweb assessment & tracking tool for Grades K-5 * New classroom furnishings for preschool, elementary, and secondary programs * Wireless internet and technology infrastructure upgrades campuswide * Introduction of iPads in preschool classrooms * Improved faith-based retreats for secondary school students * Music instruction resources for grades PS-12

2012 Annual Report

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Student and Teacher Travels 2011-2012

A Touch of the Tropics in Costa Rica Fifteen high school students and five staff members had the travel opportunity of a lifetime in June. On this foreign travel trip, SBPS travelers discovered the rich culture of Costa Rica and got up close to the world’s most magnificent plant and animal habitats. Activities included horse-back riding, zip lining through the rain forest, white water rafting, and a visit to a local school. Thank you to the Christopher L. and M. Susan Gust Foundation for providing several scholarships to allow students to experience this adventure of a lifetime.

Ms. Gemo Travels to China

Ms. Landor’s Spanish Summer

Sarah Landor, Secondary School Spanish Teacher, spent her summer in Middlebury, Vermont. She attended the well-known Graduate School program, which offers a complete immersion experience in Spanish. The program included four hours of class each day and one-on-one meetings with professors. In addition, she participated in the Spanish School choir, spent hours in the library researching and writing papers, and fell in love all over again with the magic of Spanish. This was the first of four wonderful summers that she will spend in the Middlebury Language School. By August 2015 she will have a Master’s Degree in Spanish with a focus on either language or pedagogy.

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This past summer Ms. Rachel Gemo, SBPS Chief Executive Officer, had the unique opportunity to travel to China with thirty fellow educators and school administrators from across the United States. The tour was part of a scholarship program provided by EF Tours. The purpose of the trip was to formulate a better understanding of China, as well as ponder the impact of a global society on PK12 education. While visiting Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai, she had the opportunity to explore China’s culture and history, as well as visit schools and meet with school administrators. Her experiences affirmed the need to ensure that critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and innovation are integrated in the general curriculum so that SBPS students are prepared for their college future and beyond.

2012 Annual Report

Class of 2012 Highlights We are proud to announce that the Class of 2012 St. Benedict Preparatory High School graduates have been accepted at the following colleges and universities:

Illinois State Scholar 2012

American Academy of Art

Congratulations to Bridget Miller, St. Benedict Preparatory School’s 2012 Illinois State Scholar. Bridget was among the top 10% of Illinois seniors chosen for this honor. This award recognizes seniors for outstanding academic achievement, based on SAT and/or ACT scores and cumulative grade point average at the end of junior year.

Ball State University Bradley University Carthage College Chicago State University Columbia College Chicago Concordia University DePaul University Drexel University Eastern Illinois University Eastern Michigan University Indiana University at Bloomington Iowa State University Kansas State University Loyola University Chicago

Top of the Class

Illinois Institute of Technology Illinois Wesleyan University Indiana State University Marquette University Marymount Manhattan College Miami University Oxford Michigan State University Missouri University of Science & Technology Monmouth College Northeastern Illinois University Northern Illinois University School of the Art Institute of Chicago Southern Illinois University St. Olaf College The University of Iowa The University of Memphis The University of Tampa University of Dayton University of Illinois at Chicago University of Illinois Urbana Champaign University of Kentucky University of Minnesota Twin Cities University of Missouri Columbia University of Wisconsin Madison Valparaiso University

2012 Annual Report

The valedictorian and salutatorian awards are typically presented at the annual Honors Day awards ceremony. Last year, however, an unusual three-way tie occurred with the senior grade point averages prior to final exams between Bridget Miller (left), Sungjin Park (center), and Gendell Fernandez (right). Because of this unique situation, the awards were presented at the Graduation Ceremony on June 8. After final grades were calculated, Gendell Fernandez was awarded the valedictorian award for the highest grade point average. Sungjin Park was awarded the salutatorian award for the second highest grade point average. Congratulations to all three graduates!

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Financial Highlights 2011-2012 Each year, St. Benedict Preparatory School relies on the generosity from alumni, school families, parishioners, the community, foundations and friends to help us remain innovatively mission driven. Enrollment growth was seen from preschool through ninth grade, a very positive sign that the mission and vision of St. Benedict Prep is one that people want to support with time, talent and treasure. Furthermore, the parish’s three-year campaign, “Restoring the Past; Preparing for the Future” initiated by our former pastor, Father Beaven paid off the Bell Tower construction (thanks to a matching grant by the Archdiocese of Chicago). Our new pastor, Father Jason Malave, plans to give the campaign one last push so that we can take this unique opportunity of the matching grant to eliminate the parish and school loans, and possibly start an endowment for the school. We have much to celebrate! As you can see, the various annual appeal campaigns did well last year and we are looking forward to another successful year. The financial vitality of the school can be credited not only to tuition, but to several fundraising programs, campaigns, and events.

Annual Fundraising Appeals and Events Annual Parent Appeal (PK-12) - $112,596

In its seventh year, this advisory board sponsored-appeal has grown very much (in 2005, the appeal generated $5000 in total), and we are grateful for the board’s efforts. Last year we saw a 40% increase in overall giving! Formerly called the Paws for Excellence Parent Campaign, this parent appeal reached 25% parent participation. In keeping with our commitment to the vision of St. Benedict Preparatory School, our school charges tuition less than the true cost of educating a student. This appeal helps to fund the “gap” between the cost of tuition and the cost to educate one student. One hundred percent of donations fund program enhancements for the school.

St. Benedict Prep 11th Annual Ball & Auction Passport to Paradise - $152,750

Thanks to Ball and Auction Co-Chairs, Meggan Flom and Katie Troelstrup, last year’s event at The Galleria Marchetti was the most success since its inception 11 years ago with over 425 attendees. Last year’s Ball and Auction netted $172,000+. Ten percent of the proceeds go for debt reduction payments. The rest of the funds go to support the school program and curricular costs. Congratulations on a job well done!

Parish Support: Bingo - $44,296

After our PK-5 Grandparents and Grandfriends Day Events, we send out a Thanksgiving Appeal to our guests. We are fortunate to have so many generous grandparents who value Catholic education and demonstrate support through their donations.

Each Tuesday, parishioners and community members gather to play Bingo in the gym. This weekly event helps to support the school scholarship program. Last year, BINGO had an extraordinary year – the net proceeds to the school more than doubled over the 2010-11 net proceeds. Thanks go out to Daralis ‘73 and Gary Oliver and a wonderful crew of volunteers. Congratulations on a fine year!

Alumni Appeals - $50,825

Parish Support: BenFest - $16,472

Athletic Fundraiser - $9,421

Corporate Donors & Miscellaneous Sources - $14,839

Grandparent Appeal - $920

Elementary Alumni $1025.00; High School Alumni $26,580.48; and High School Alumni Spring Phonathon $23,219.00. Each year, hundreds of SBPS alumni give back to their school in the form of time, talent and treasure. They understand the gift of a St. Benedict education and are proud to support it! Thanks to all our high school students and families, as well as our alumni who help support the work that goes into our mailings and phonathon!

Each year, the St. Benedict Athletic Association, hosts a fundraising concert for music lovers and revelers alike. Last year’s 80’s themed-event was an absolute blast. The funds raised from this event go to support gym facilities upgrades. New windows in the weight room were installed as well as new backboards using proceeds from this event. Thanks to Jenny Courtad and Rick Petrillo for spearheading the 2012 event!

Restricted Fund Donations - $7,845

The Restricted Fund is comprised of donations targeted for particular projects. Most of this year’s donations were earmarked for technology upgrades as well as scholarships.

This Parish summer festival in honor of St. Benedict is split with the parish. One half of the proceeds go to support the school. This and Bingo are the two forms of parish support on which we rely. We definitely thank the BenFest chairs and volunteers, particularly BenFest 2011 Chair, Stephen Meskan (who also served as the 2010 and 2012 Chair!). We also would like to give a big round of applause for the BenFest 2012 committee who raised over $30,000 for the parish and school this past summer. Each year, we receive donations from national corporations like Target and Box Tops, along with more local businesses who want to support our school, such as Van Gogh Photographers, Lands End, Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce, Cubs Care, RibFest and more. We are pleased to be partners with all of our community supporters!

Market Day - $2,180

Thanks once again to Mrs. Peggy Shubrych (mother of Hannah and Kate) for her leadership in running this school fundraising program. We appreciate all those who support this tasty school fundraiser.

2011-2012 Revenue vs. Expenses School Revenue Tuition and Fees $5,075,294 Fundraising Efforts $468,199 Miscellaneous $156,254

Total Income $5,699,747

School Expenses Salaries $3,547,033 Benefits $1,128,320 Instructional Supplies $144,747 Furniture and Equipment (instructional) $22,168 Administrative Costs $160,381 Utilities $154,371 Food (Preschool) $85,165 Maintenance and Repair $85,391 Property/Casualty/Auto Insurance $117,336 Miscellaneous $207,392

Total Expenses $5,652,304

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2012 Annual Report

Financial Highlights and Donor List 2011-2012

2011-2012 Scholarship Funds and Donations ES Scholarship Fund $18,203; HS Scholarship Fund $37,271 and HS Scholarship Support from Outside Organizations $166,700 Many of our students in grades K-12 require tuition assistance in order to afford quality, Catholic education. About 25% of the elementary school, and 50% of the high school families receive some tuition assistance. Donations come from school families, parishioners, the Home and School Association, alumni, board members, Big Shoulders and other foundations. In particular, SBPS would like to thank the Christopher L. and M. Susan Gust Foundation for providing over $125,000 in scholarship funds to high school students. With everyone’s help, we are pleased to be able to assist our school families with a tuition assistance package that makes a difference.

HOME AND SCHOOL ASSOCIATION ACCOMPLISHMENTS Home and School Wreath and Wrap $22,000* Home and School Baby and Kids Garage Sale $14,000* The preschool and elementary school Home and School Association is comprised of parents who enjoy being involved and who work hard planning events and activities to benefit the school, as well as build community. The 2011 NCEA-award winning organization hosts two main fundraisers each year to support its operating costs, teacher Christmas bonuses and teacher wish-list items. The HSA makes a significant contribution each year, and their contributions come in more forms than money alone. The Home and School Association is an invaluable source of volunteers and school support for which we are truly grateful. *After 10% debt reduction payment.

2011-2012 Donor List ANNUAL PARENT APPEAL Gold ($1,300 & Over) Raymond Arenson Baxter International Foundation Beebe Family Courtad Family Paul & Holly Edlund Faris Family Goetz Family Foundation Christopher L. & M. Susan Gust Foundation Julie Watts & Dan Klein Mr. & Mrs. Karl Kuhn MacMillan Family Mary & John Mangan Marsico Family McGovern Family Microsoft Matching Gift Program James O’Donnell Teri Ford & Quintin Kevin Kelly & Tom Rieckelman Rief Family Schubrych Family Soroka Family Stern Family Walton Family Wells Fargo Community Support

Maroon ($250 - $1,299) Adams Street Partners Matching Gift Program Annulis Family Anonymous Anonymous Archer Family Thomas & Ronely Arvia Atwood Family Julie & Christopher Balzarini Barclays Educational Gift Matching Program Paul Berkowitz Campbell Family Joseph & Judith Izewski Castillo Elizabeth & Kenneth Chada Kristen & Christopher Cooper Helen & Andrew Costello Devane Family Angela & Brian Dillon Gina & Mark Doleski Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company Exelon Matching Gifts for Education Program Fifth Third Bank Educational Gift Matching Program Elizabeth & Alex Galiano Anna & Patrick Gallagher

2012 Annual Report

Maroon ($250 - $1,299) (continued)

White (Under $250) (continued)

White (Under $250) (continued)

Amy & Tom Gaylord Goergen Family Melissa & Daniel Guilofoyle Guzina Family John P. Harney Hart Family Anne Suh & Alan Hauser Mary Jo & William Hayes Kristin & Dan Hoffman Charlene & Chadwick Hoyt Daniel Hynes Tammy & Thomas Jeffery Cathie & Ray Karenas Susan & James Klein Alison & Samuel Krauss Michelle Matthew Mann Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Nolan Heather & Christopher Nordloh Colleen Sullivan & Max Nutkowitz Megan & John O’Connor Jennifer & Patrick Patras Anne-Marie & Erik Petersen Jennifer & Richard Petrillo Janet Davies & Jeff Preston Puccio-Johnson Family Kimberly & George Radich Allyson & David Regnier Marta & Bob Rhyner Gina & Charles Rice Anne & Clark Richter Rivers Family Liz & Dan Roarty Isabelle & Thomas Ryan Malissa & John Smith Stephanie & Ryan Stecz Jennifer & Scott Stephen Cobey & Erich Struckmeyer Susan & Sean Sullivan Family Aileen Blake & Thomas Tansor Theresa Thomas Fiona & Tim Urquhart Janet Possell & John Van Houten IV

Ivette & Rafael Class Sophia Clay Perlinda Cruzado & Romel Dalalo Bridget & James Davis Rebecca Bruney & Thomas Dellin Trisha & Matthew DePreter Diann & John DeSantis Maria & Erik Fagrelius Mr. & Mrs. David Fisher Shaun Considine Fitzgerald Christine & Edward Fleming Kathleen & David Flores Christine Allison & Gregory Furman Judith & Gus Ghuneim Wendi & Robert Gillespie Kelly Glenn Laura & Andy Guschwan Alicia & Kenny Haller Kelly Hodgeson Insko Family Alan & Ann Watson Johnson Kerry & Bob Kinsloe Elizabeth & Stuart Kirk Bryan Kirkland Julie Arrand & Andrew Kogen Donna & Peter Koulogeorge Chris & Peter Krackenberger Michelle Nakfoor & Todd Kramer Bernardo & Maria Luz Lorbes Ma Family Cheryl & Tim Mahon Margaret Malone James & Eileen O’Donnell Mattimore Ryan & Heidi McFarland McJessy Family Michael & Petra McKewin Curtis & Kimberly Miller Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Mulderink Elizabeth & James Murphy Eileen Moran & Eamon Nash Karen Neimanas Ellen Papacek & Eric Nielsen Amy & Tom Novicki Shelly & Daniel O’Brien Ann Connolly & Liam O’Connor Aimee & Chad Ogren Halina & Mariusz Pydych Annie & Peter Quinn Maria & Milton Rivera Bridgett & Francesco Sessa Lorraine & Eugene Sikora Sean & Michelle Smyth Martha Pagliaria & Tom Stoodt Margaret & Larry Strimple II Sweat Family

Michelle Thelin Canella & Eddie Torres Trimarco & Markarian Family Renee & Michael Ujiki Mary Eileen & Andrew Weber The Christopher John Weber Living Trust Maria Tubay & Donald Williams Jill Corcoran & Brian Wittenwyler Annie Braverman & Bill Wooten Yahoo Matching Gift Program Zach Family Kelly Zitka & Valer Zitka

White (Under $250) Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Margaret Ahlheim Melissa Ann Anderson Tiffany & Damon Auer Aylward Family Joan & Michael Balcsik Mirna Balestas & Jaime Barrios Maureen Turman & John Bernbom Margie & Steve Best Bridgette Blake Erwin & Debra Jerger Canciller

GRANDPARENT APPEAL Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Sharon Ahlfors Ms. Julia Ann Arche Mr. & Mrs. John Bowles Fr. John Braverman Mrs. Anita Butler Mrs. Margaret Finnegan Mr. Bruce Finke Mr. Edward L. Fleming Mr. Gary Heist Mr. & Mrs. Clark & Sue Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Carole Rice Mr. Paul Schierl Mr. & Mrs. Roy & Earlene Watts Mr. Leo Wesley

HS ANNUAL FUND St. Benedict Association ($1,000+) Anonymous Anonymous Kathleen Haran ‘64 Maureen Holtzman Charles G. Joseph ‘62 Katherine ‘72 & James ‘70Kartheiser Fred Luby ‘59 Peoples Gas Light and Coke Co. William Ziemann ‘60

Founder’s Society ($500-$999) Robert Bruett George ‘54 & Lenore Crowe Mary Lee Geesbreght ‘61 Barbara ‘59 & Robert ‘58 Herrmann Mary Francis F. Jablonskis ‘55 Libby & Thomas ‘61 Koenig Noreen ‘57 & Michael McCormack Sandra & Don ‘57 Wiskes

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Donor List 2011-2012 HS ANNUAL FUND cont. Maroon & Gold (Under $250)


Marsha Adamek Mr. & Mrs. Kyle and Ruth ‘72 Albrecht Armand’s Pizzeria Baxter International Foundation Justine ‘76 & Thomas Beck William Bergfalk Stephanie M. Bortko ‘82 Bonnie ‘61 & Gerald Brouder Mary & James Burke Peter Buzzek ‘60 Debra Jerger ‘78 & Erwin Canciller Beverly ‘60 Kenneth Carlson Mary Cascino ‘56 Eileen Taylor Cechner ‘57 Class of 1972 Frederick A. Colantonio ‘68 James Coughlin ‘58 Bernadette M. Davel ‘54 Jim Dolan ‘62 Ann P. Duffy ‘65 Charles Dulay ‘62 Elizabeth & John Dunn Ecolab Foundation Edna & Bernard ‘54 Ford Joanne ‘63 & Ernest Frankovich Jacqueline M. Garland ‘68 Elizabeth ‘67 & RobertGavitt Timothy P. Gibbons ‘77 Mary Lou Ginter ‘66 Thomas Hasheer Josephine & Richard ‘63 Hellgeth Patricia & Andrew ‘03 Hull Rosanne Jarvis ‘55 Eileen & Jerome ‘75 Johnson Alan G. Kalitzky ‘62 Marianne Kattner ‘57 Carol J. Kloser ‘67 Catherine & Mark ‘69 Kuhlman Joseph Lasch ‘63 Bruce Lemke ‘61 Helen Locke ‘70 David B. Lyng ‘74 Karen ‘76 & Erwin Machel Christine M. Martens Mary & George ‘55 May Donna ‘73 & John McCarthy Diane & Thomas ‘66 McGuire Mary Jane ‘83 & Robert Moran Bonnie & Michael ‘63 Mularski Mary A. Nugent Ellen O’Gallagher Lila C. Petitti ‘59 Stephen Portenlanger SFO ‘56 Richard K. Rapp ‘71 Frances & Thomas ‘60 Rich Barbara ‘76 & Kenneth ‘76 Rose Erin ‘82 & Perry Ross Jeanette D. Saletta ‘56 Suzanne Schmidt ‘60 Joseph A. Schmit John W. Schmitz ‘70 Barbara ‘65 & William ‘65 Schneider Carl Silvestrini ‘58 Edith ‘72 & Peter ‘71 Soraparu Joan ‘74 & Robert Stafford Janet Stevens & Berton Louis, Jr. ‘69 Theresa B. Thomas Carol ‘67 & Jules Van Rengen Carl Wagner ‘67 Marianne Wehrle ‘79 Judy Wicker ‘60 Jeffri & Ronald & Wojcik Sandra A. Woodhouse Jacob ‘88 Lydia & Francisco Zoleta

Thomas Alessi ‘59 Philip Anselmini ‘62 Barbara ‘59 & Syros Antonopoulos Margit Arsenijevic Joann Aylward ‘56 Barnes Family Kaldeen Barrett Susan ‘62 & Alfred Barrett Baxter International Foundation Jennifer Begovic ‘01 Catherine ‘67 & Kenneth Berglund Marjorie Bicknell ‘67 Jo Lynn Blomquist ‘74 Christine ‘65 & Richard Burkhardt

HIGH SCHOOL PLANNED GIVING APPEAL Rose Marie ‘57 & Joseph Reynolds Paulette & Frederick ‘57 Sanzenbacher Katie & Robert ‘57 Stumpf Maxine Wallisch ‘56 Beverly & Herbert ‘54 Weidinger

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Carol (Busser) Canivez ‘58 Beverly ‘60 & Kenneth Carlson Patricia ‘54 & Richard Chapman Frederick A. Colantonio Maureen ‘66 & Stanley Cubala Bernadette Davel ‘54 Shirley & Frank DeChristofano Cynthia & Charles ‘84 Decicco Kimberly M. Dieball Monique DiVarco ‘72 John Durso ‘68 Shirley ‘68 & John Durso ‘68 Ecolab Foundation June Ernst Layla Erzrumly Jeanne & Thomas ‘59 Fitzgerald Carol Fucarino Madeline Fucarino Patricia Gaerditz Gailard Evans Family Geraldine Piscitello Groves ‘60 Loretta ‘55 & Stephen Harders Matt Hauman ‘71 Hugh Hegarty Josephine & Robert ‘63 Hellgeth Howard Henneman ‘72 Ann F. Heraty ‘62 Dianne ‘59 & Willis ‘59 Hoff Linda ‘72 & Robert Hoffman Maureen & Gary Holtzman Arthur J. Hundrieser ‘61 Donna Ioppolo James K. Janiak Carolyn ‘56 & Donald Jensen Carolyn & Michael ‘74 Jerger Marilyn Jerger ‘76 Nancy Jerger ‘76 Elizabeth (‘67) & James Kaese Bonnie & Donald Kapolnek ‘75 Linda Lewis Kappas ‘73 Nancy Marie Klein ‘71 Kevin R. Kloss Sr. Sheila Kloss, SSSF ‘56 Jeri & Samuel Knighton Ellen Kostro Jose I. Lacson Roberta J. Latham Barbara ‘74 & Michael Leverso Barbara Lima ‘56 Lynn-Ann ‘67 & Ron Linka Brigitte & Frank ‘61 Lovitz Raymond A. Luth ‘74 Edward Maggi ‘74 Marianne Maggi ‘74 Margita Mandel Dale Marcus ‘57

Marlene ‘69 & Bill Marshall Larry Martin & Raquel Bech Kathleen M. Martin ‘72 Patricia Matthews Thomas McDonagh ‘86 Margaret ‘63 & Brian ‘62 McKitterick Mary Mika ‘60 Margarita Miller Donna J. Mohrlein Janice Rae Moran Karen & Longinus ‘62 Mueller Nancy M. Mulkerrins Kathleen Mullen ‘74 Ronald Neidhart ‘69 Karen ‘67 & Don ‘67 Neustadt Mary & Paul ‘76 Neustadt Noela ‘70 & Thomas Norris Nuveen Investments, Inc. Ellen Blie O’Gallagher Arlene & Ronald ‘58 Ohlhaber Christa O’Keefe Gary R. Osgood ‘69 Mary A. Ostrenga Gloria Ottesen Linda ‘80 & Stefan Palfi Albert Parry Jack Pasquale ‘84 Mary & Herman ‘71 Perilla Therese & Gerhard ‘65 Perschke Shannon Picart Christine & James ‘68 Piper Jesse Ponce de Leon Susan ‘59 & Joseph Port Stephen Portenlanger Jennifer Prey ‘84 Kathy ‘71 & Kevin Richards Mr. & Mrs. Thomas ‘61 Richards Thomas H. Rudnik ‘57 Donna & Sean ‘77 Ryan Catherine & Frank ‘60 Sansone Paulette & Frederick ‘57 Sanzenbacher Euguene Sattelmaier ‘57 Malia & William ‘60 Schaefer Jerry & Carol Mabus ‘56 Schemitsch Aloysius Schmidt M. Pat & Arthur Schmidt Sally Ann Schmitz ‘69 Barbara & William ‘65 Schneider Dr. Frederick Schram ‘61 Margaret M. Scully Denise & James ‘63 Shaw Carl Silvestrini Valerie & Stephen ‘62 Smigaj Mary Lou Smiskol ‘55 Judith & Frank ‘56 Somogyi Mary Pat & Frank ‘84 Stefan Darlene Steinbeiss Mary Rose & Robert ‘60 Strezewski Mary C. Sugrue Barbara ‘67 & Joseph ‘67 Thomas Dolores ‘61 & Don Tichenor Barbara A. Urban Patrick Van Anita ‘58 & David ‘56 Vilter Jeanette ‘65 & Charles Vogt Carolyn ‘74 & Anton Wagner Evelyn & Gerald ‘69 Walker Judith & James ‘59 Weniger Joan ‘65 & Howard ‘64 Wilcox Judith ‘61 & Carl Wisniewski Robert Wolf ‘59 Patricia ‘60 & Kenneth Woodhouse Peter Wysgalla Rita T. Zeitner

THE BERNARD HORN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND Marie ‘82 & John ‘84 Moran Emily Bouzarelos-Vidas Leonard Catalano Class of 1980 Milka & Michael Conley Michael Emmett Connelly Arlene H. & Patrick J. Craddock Molly D’Esposito

James K. Duszak Robert Egan, Sr. Colleen & James Fleming Carol F. & Dan G. Gallo Katherine & Lawrence Gnapp Marian & James Greene Mark J. Harlan Olivia Hasten Nancy Heavey Carylin J. & Paul D. Hedstrom John Hodel Mary & William Horn Andrea & Timothy Horn Scott Kalis ‘80 Theresa Kattner ‘57 Marianne Kattner Lisa Noel Kennedy Joanne Kernan Mary & Louis Lusignan Roseann & Philip F. Maher Joan & James ‘69 Martin Thomas Moran Patricia L. Moran Carolyn & John Moran Thomas Moran, Esq. Terry Mullarkey Paula B. & Thomas E. Nannicelli NJL Appraising Ltd. Peoples Gas Light and Coke Co. Shirley & Dennis Sharkey John C. Shem Matthew Shrake, Inc. Sandra L. & Walter T. Stancy Timothy Stiles ‘76 Marlene ‘75 & Ronald ‘73 Victorine Kirk Vidas Barbara & Edward Wolke



THE CAROL MOLENDA SCHOLARSHIP FUND Rafael Fontan Jack Keller Co., Inc. Laurette M. Kittler Lillian S. Molenda Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Sikora Scott Stephen Deborah Stevenson Testa Produce Inc. Lindsay Tomich Michelle Zadrozny ‘91

HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP FUND Mr & Mrs Phillip Adams Naty Alejo Mr. & Mrs. Ramon G. Alpasan Leonard Aluise Carissa Androkites Anonymous Athletic Fundraiser Tips Joseph T. Babbo Laura Bardowski Beebe Family Sue Breunig Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brimstin Robert Bruett Christine Burkhardt Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Byler Erwin Canciller Mr. & Mrs. Bienvenido Capeles Mr & Mrs Michael Carter Robert Cassidy James Chambers John C. Chan Carmen S. Chevere Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Contreras Mr. & Mrs. Romel B. Dalalo Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Davis James & Catherine Dolan

2012 Annual Report

Donor List 2011-2012 HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (continued) James Doney Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dossett Ecolab Foundation Robert J. Egan Dradyne Robyne Eudeikis Brian W. Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Flaherty Virginia C. Frechette Robert Gaertner Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Galiano Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Gannon Jean Luber & John R. Garrahy Martina Gavigan Sarah K. Gilger Patricia Glunz Catholic School Memorial Katherine Gnapp Gloria M. Goerner Patricia Gollehon Consolacion Golloso Percival Gutierrez Gabriel Guzzo Mr. & Mrs. Bryce Hanna Anne Suh & Alan Hauser HighSight Hoellen Family Foundation Anne M. Hoellich Rachel Hohner Kathleen Hubberts Anne Hunt Irish Fellowship Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Irizarry James Janiak, Sr. Jessica Johnson Charles G. Joseph Mr. & Mrs. Hans Kaim Emilie Kaim Mary Ann Kattner Mrs. Peter Kattner Theresa A. Kattner Edward J. Kestler Brian Klucznik Knight Partners, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Steve Koch Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kruczewski Corazon A. Lopez Howard H. Luecke, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Lydon Maggie Matthews Alexandra Gomez & John McMahon Janice McNeill Mr. & Mrs. Anthony A. Mendes Mr & Mrs Brian Miller Mr. David A. Moran Marge Mueller Regina A. Mulhern Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Mulvenna Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Neumann North Center Chamber of Commerce Nuveen Investments Benjamin Oliva Mr. & Mrs. Jim O’Malley Richard Paschall Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Paterno Patrick Patras Lila & Silvio Petitti Mr. & Mrs. Arturo G. Recinto Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reedy Mr & Mrs Armando Rivas Mr & Mrs Ronald Rooney, Jr. Janice Ryan Leone Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Pedro L. Sanchez Patrick Schaefer Norman J. Schmit John J. Schmitz Barbara L. Schroeder William & Mary Jo Strusz Shaver Mr. & Mrs. Eliot Sherwin Mr. & Mrs. Edward Shine Six Corners Association

2012 Annual Report

Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Sobrepena Kerry Sorvino Mary Speciale Kelly Novit & John Stark Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stockwell Sulzer Family Foundation Joan M. Theis Michael J. Thoms Mr. & Mrs. William Vachuska Diane Van Buren John Van Houten Mr. & Mrs. John Van Houten IV Gloria Vergara Mr. & Mrs. Tim Walker Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wimberly Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Wolke Mr. & Mrs. Howard Wong

ES ALUMNI APPEAL Andrea Bielski & Adalbert Rose Fleming Helen & W. Martin Locke Katherine & Robert Martiny

ES SCHOLARSHIP FUND Gloria Aguilera Solita & Ramon Alpasan Annulis Family Athletic Fundraiser Tips Kristie & Stetson Atwood Joseph Babbo Joan & Michael and Balcsik Adam & Jennifer Betzen Dolores Bielski Wilma & Lazar Bityou Diane Borowczyk Sue Breunig Kathleen & Kevin Buchar Christine Burkhardt Campbell Family Kevin Canlas Marsha & Rob Cassidy James Chambers John Chan Edward Clement Romel & Maria Perlinda Dalalo Patricia & Ronald Damore Regina & Richard Davis Donna & Michael Dietrich Rudolph Duda Virginia Frechette Camela Furry Theresa & Patrick Gannon Patricia Glunz Catholic School Memorial Katherine Gnapp Goergen Family Gloria Goerner Patricia Gollehon Consolacion Golloso Gerard J. Haslwanter Anne Suh & Alan Hauser Megan & Jim Heneghan Shawn Heneghan Mary Henneman Hoellen Family Foundation Anne Hoellich Kathleen Hubberts Insko family Nilda & Manuel Irizarry Marilyn Jacobsen Marilyn Jerger Jordan - Bell family Theresa Kattner Edward Kestler Mary Lou Kestler Christina Kneitz Knight Partners, LLC Donna & Peter Koulogeorge Kathryn & Jack Lavin Corinne & Mark Lengyel Karen & Eugene Leone King Leong Corazon Lopez Howard Luecke Andrea & Fernando Matro Anne & Bob McCollam

ES SCHOLARSHIP FUND (continued) Donna & Paul McConville Janice McNeill Bernadette & Thomas Molloy David Moran Joann Moretti Marge Mueller Melissa Mulhern Dori & Robert Nolan Louis Nutoni Janet & Keith Olson Gerald & Gloria Ottesen Richard Paschall Janet Davies & Jeff Preston Anne & Peter Quinn Belinda & Arturo G. Recinto Wendee & Michael Reedy Lara & Ronald Rooney Leone R. Ryan Tracey & Tim Samonds SBPS Home and School Association Dolores Schillizzi John Schmitz Barbara Schroeder Mary Speciale James Strzalka Susan & Sean Sullivan Family Sulzer Family Foundation Joan Theis Margie Tomlinson Nelia Valera Diane Van Buren Jane & John Van Houten Michele & Walter Vargas Gloria Vergara Rosemary & Charles Wimberly Collette & Howard Wong Patricia ‘60 & Kenneth Woodhouse

FRIENDS OF ST. BENEDICT PREPARATORY SCHOOL Athletico. LTD Paul T. Berkowitz Big Shoulders Fund Sophia Clay Christopher L. & M. Susan Gust Foundation SBPS Home & School Association John Shackleton St. Benedict Women’s Book Club

CORPORATE DONORS Armand’s Pizza Box Tops for Education DirecTv4 Schools eScrip Homemade Pizza Company, LLC. Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce Safari Cup Coffee Target

PROTÉGÉ INTERNSHIP PROGRAM SPONSORS Yvonne Grabe Kelly Halper Linda M. Krier Don J. Wiskes William Ziemann

2012 BALL & AUCTION PASSPORT TO PARADISE: Sponsorship, Underwriters & Fund-A-Need Jane & Kirk Ahlfors Julie & Brian Annulis Amy & Shannon Archer Sheila & Sean Castette Chicago Cut Steakhouse Constellation Wines Crown Imports, LLC Jenny & Andy Courtad Fred Matvias & James Currie Lynne & Jim Damsma Caitlyn DeRose Photography Gina & Mark Doleski Jean & Chris Faris Julie Wasserman & Timothy Farrell Kim & Dave Fisher Meggan & David Flom Teri Ford & Quintin Kevin Anna & Pat Gallagher Theresa & Patrick Gannon Christopher L. & M. Susan Gust Foundation Anne Suh & Alan Hauser Margaret & Shawn Heneghan Infinium Spirits Jamee & Mike Insko Doug Johnson Eileen & Dan Kapcar Theresa Kattner Marianne Kattner Stephanie & David Keenan Julie & Dan Klein Donna & Pete Koulogeorge Karl & Cindy Kuhn Aaron/Robert Lau Rachel & Jason Legendre Linda & Martin Lunkes Julia & John Lynch Cheryl & Tim Mahon Larry McCarthy Bob & Ann McCollam Dr. Heath McKinley Carrie Mocarski & Stephen Meskan Heather & Chris Nordloh Chad Ogren Jenni & Rick Petrillo Janet Davies & Jeff Preston Kim & George Radich Yvette Velasquez & Miguel Rea Marta & Rob Rhyner Kelly & Tom Rieckelman Anne Connolly & Greg Rief Liz & Dan Roarty Isaelle & Tom Ryan Katie & Kimo Sanderson SBPS Home & School Association John Schmitz Amy & Jeff Stern Tami & Patrick Tray Trimarco & Markarian Family Jane van der Zanden-Thompson & Greg Thompson Katie & Tate Troelstrup Maria Tubay-Williams Jane & John Van Houten Velasquez & Sons III, Inc. Joy & Larry Walton Pat ‘60 Woodhouse

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Protégé Internship Program Highlights 2011-2012

St. Benedict Preparatory Protégé Internship Program Are there parts of your life and career that you wish you could do over? Do you love what you do? What if you had had a chance to experience your career before you chose your college major? Would you still have gone into that field? St. Benedict Preparatory School helped high school students answer some of those questions through the Protégé Internship Program. This career oriented program allowed students to examine a field from the inside out and get “hands on” experience before they chose their college major. After completing the Career Preparation class in the first trimester, students interviewed in the community during the second trimester. Early dismissal during trimester three allowed the protégés to intern in their selected field on a daily basis over a twelve week period. The Protégé Program celebrated its first year of success at a June reception attended by protégés and business partners. Plans for the 2012-2013 school year include expanding the program to the middle school grades. Thanks to our local businesses for partnering with us last year: Weiss Memorial Hospital, Jakubco, Richards, and Jakubco Law Offices, Northside Catholic Academy St. Gertrude Campus, National Museum of Mexican Art, Lincoln Park Community Bank, ANDCO Management, Experiential Public Relations Agency, Raven Theater, Dun-Wel Lithograph, Birthways, and the 47th Ward Office.

Edward Shivers heard what is behind the “heartbeat” of our community while helping out at the 47th Ward Office of Alderman Pawar.

Fawaz Sarumi, Class of 2012, learned about the medical field during his internship at Weiss Memorial Hospital.

Mary Fran Usenik learned what it is like to be the teacher and not the student by assisting in preschool education at NCA, St. Gertrude Campus.


Ashleigh Vazquez explored other art forms and expressions of her talent at the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Program Director Ms. Suzanne Stone addresses interns and attendees at the end of year Protégé Intern reception.



Jocelyn Cabanin, Class of 2012, learned that there is more to legal work than courtroom drama at the law firm of Jakubco, Richards & Jakubco, P.P.C. Mr. P. Jerome Jakubco is a SBPS alumnus, Class of 1959.


St Benedict Preparatory School 3900 N Leavitt St, Chicago, IL 60618


St. Benedict Preparatory School Annual Report 2012  

Recap of the 2011-12 School Year at SBPS as well as a comprehenisive donor list.

St. Benedict Preparatory School Annual Report 2012  

Recap of the 2011-12 School Year at SBPS as well as a comprehenisive donor list.