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ON THE COVER Rider commuting from work on an e-scooter, South Perth foreshore PHOTOGRAPH BY Stewart Allen

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Common EV questions Separating fact from fiction on electric cars




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Perth to Esperance road trip Break up the drive and turn it into a journey full of adventure

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15 State budget

28 eRideable devices What are the rules and how will it impact the way we commute?

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Cars to be wary of Reliability problems to watch out for in some models

Geraldton and the Abrolhos Explore the gateway to the amazing Abrolhos Islands

Test drive

52 57 Car doctor

We’re in for safer roads RAC has supported safer roads for over 115 years, and we have no plans to slow down.

Plus, we advocate for important upgrades to dangerous roads and intersections for all road users.

We helped make seatbelts compulsory and we educate over 50,000 students a year on road safety.

You can join us to help make WA roads safer by nominating a risky road that you think needs attention.

Search RAC Risky Roads

Our State, People+Future

President's message DO YOU KNOW THE SAFETY RATING OF YOUR VEHICLE? Petrol or diesel? Five seats or more? Electric or hybrid? These are often top of mind as we prepare to purchase a car. While important, none of these will protect you or your family in a crash. Having the right safety features can. Every year, hundreds of people lose their lives on WA roads. Thousands more are seriously injured. One way to reduce the risk, is to travel in the safest vehicle possible. The risk of death or serious injury in a crash in a 2018 vehicle is around 40 per cent less than in a 2000 vehicle. Newer technology like Electronic Stability Control and Autonomous Emergency Braking help avoid a crash altogether, while modern design features dramatically improve your chances of surviving. Most people know safety matters. Nearly 90 per cent of RAC members recently surveyed said safety was of high importance when purchasing a new or used car. However, over half did not know the safety rating of their own vehicle. Do you know the safety rating of yours? Under the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP), cars are given 0 to 5 stars, with 4 and 5-star cars being the safest. The Used Car Safety Ratings program reviews data from more than eight million road crashes, covering hundreds of models to give each car a star rating.

RAC PRESIDENT Jacqueline Ronchi RAC COUNCIL Club Patron His Excellency the Honourable Kim Beazley AC, Governor of Western Australia President Jacqueline Ronchi Senior Vice President Professor Ross Dowling AM

Under our Safer Cars Commitment, RAC doesn’t insure or finance any new or used vehicles manufactured from 2012 onwards which have not achieved a 4 or 5-star ANCAP safety rating.

Vice President John Driscoll

There are ways governments could make it easier for car buyers to make safer choices.

MEMBERS OF COUNCIL Leanne Bishop Allan Blagaich Professor Donna Cross Freda Crucitti Jill Darby Tony Evans Stephen Fox Dalton Gooding Brian Hanson Jody Nunn Emmerson Richardson Jim Walker

There is currently no mandatory requirement to display vehicle safety ratings at the point of sale in Australia, yet the irony is that an energy rating on your microwave has been compulsory since 2012. Stars on Cars is a low-cost initiative which displays the safety rating on the vehicle. If it doesn’t have a rating this would also be identified. Over 80 per cent of drivers we surveyed support this initiative. The more we can make safety top of the car-buying shopping list, the fewer crashes we will record, the more injuries we will prevent and the more lives we will save. There are plenty of new and used cars that are both safe and affordable. The next time you’re in the market, please choose the safest option you can.

Jacqueline Ronchi RAC President


Our State, People+Future

Your feedback Electric highway We asked our Facebook followers about travelling to the South West using the RAC Electric Highway®. I have been using the RAC EV Highway since its inception. Over 100,000km already. Great to see it expand and great to see RAC caravan parks now getting destination chargers. Matthew Just did Perth to Margaret River and back over the weekend, super easy to travel the South West in an EV. I’d love to see this extend more north and east of Perth. Jarrad We used this very successfully on our trip to Balingup, enjoying a coffee and a look around Harvey while we charged. Ena

RESCUE HELICOPTER Some thanks from members who were flown to safety by the RAC Rescue helicopter. They do a fantastic job. They came to my car accident in Margaret River and flew me to RPH. I don’t remember much about the trip probably due to the pain meds. Thanks so much for helping me. You do a terrific job. Michelle Thank you for helping me and airlifting me to Royal Perth when I broke my back up in Lancelin. Don’t remember much of my first helicopter ride but thank you for what you all do. Jamie


SEND US YOUR FEEDBACK AND WIN Send us your opinions and feedback and you could win a year’s Classic Roadside Assistance.

So many new cars have indicators that are so small, strangely positioned (not easily seen) and quite dull when flashing on/off. Often, I can barely see the indicators, and of course often people are simply not using them at all. Terri

@RACWA @RACWA @RACWA editor@rac.com.au Terms and conditions on page 81. Published letters may be edited for style and length. While we try to respond to all letters we receive, a response cannot be guaranteed.


Our State, People+Future

BRING ON THE SMART CARS The article on how smart cars might improve driving in the future (Horizons, December/January) was immensely encouraging and I hope that the whizz-kids who program these devices will incorporate this functionality as soon as possible so as to eliminate some of the mistakes we too often witness on the roads. Wouldn’t it be great if cars of the future were forced by in-car technology to drive in the lefthand lane? This would prevent the ridiculous scenario of cars driving down Forrest Highway in the outside lane with no cars in front of them in either lane. Or make cars follow directional signs in carparks, or automatically slow the car when in school zones. For these and many other reasons I am waiting with bated breath for this new technology to be made mandatory in all cars! Keith

Blocked intersection A member asked us about entering a busy intersection before it’s clear of traffic.

If the blockage doesn’t clear in time, you risk being trapped in the path of oncoming traffic.

Drivers break this rule regularly during heavy congestion to avoid getting stuck at a set of traffic lights for too long.

In addition to being a collision risk, queuing across a blocked intersection can worsen congestion and delays.

But if the intersection or the road ahead that you’re trying to enter is blocked, you should not enter or attempt to cross until it’s clear. You need to wait until it’s completely clear of traffic or other blockages, even where there are no hatched yellow markings across the intersection (regulation 111 of the Road Traffic Code WA).

Always wait until it’s safe and clear to go, rather than edging forward and anticipating traffic will move in time. Motorists queuing at lights or intersections should also ensure they do not stop their car so that it blocks a side street (regulation 143) unless it’s to comply with another regulation, avoid a collision or it’s an emergency.

DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS I have noticed that a lot of the latest model cars come standard with LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) which make them quite visible to other road users. I have also noticed that a lot of car owners favour silver and dark colours. In the daytime, unless these cars have their headlights on, sometimes they can be difficult to see. If all cars were made to fit DRLs a lot of accidents at intersections and head-ons would be eliminated as a result of the increased visibility. John

INCORRECT IMAGE Page 20 of the February/March edition of Horizons contained an image of a cyclist who was not wearing a bicycle helmet. This image was published in error and RAC apologises for this unfortunate oversight.


Why the

GascoynE Murchison should be at the very top of your

2022 travel BuckEt List

If you’re looking for a self drive adventure with a difference, the Gascoyne Murchison should be at the very top of your travel bucket list. This expansive and untouched part of our state is filled with adventurous road trips, incredible scenery and world class outback hospitality.

Fancy an adventure of epic proportions? Take the incredible 9 day Road to the Rock from Perth all the way to the stunning, Burringurrah (Mount Augustus). This incredible rock formation is 8 kilometres long and covers an area of 4,795 hectares within the Mount Augustus National Park. During dawn and dusk, its colours are awe-inspiring, changing from deep indigo to bright pink, orange or red and occasionally green. Burringurrah is actually twice the size of Uluru, so prepare to be wowed. If you love impressive rock formations or are a keen hiker, you’re spoilt for choice in this part of the world. As well as Burringurrah, you’ll also find the spectacular Walga Rock, Peace Gorge, The Granites and Errabiddy Bluff. These incredible geological attractions form part of the newly created Murchison GeoRegion Trail which winds through 21 sites of natural and cultural significance across the region. Do part of the trail or all of it, there are loops and routes to suit anyone and you’re sure to be spellbound by these amazing natural wonders. If you really want to elevate your trip to the next level, try something different and stay at one of the many working stations in this region. The Station Stays of the Golden Outback offer an immersive experience like no

5 Stays

station we

in the Gascoyne Murchison 1. Wooleen Station 2. Nallan Station 3. Mellenbye Station 4. Melengata Station 5. Nalbarra Station

other, allowing you to get a new appreciation for country and experience true outback hospitality. Station owners really think outside the box when it comes to tours and experiences – we’re talking hikes across granite outcrops for sunset drinks, monster truck tours through the outback, horseback rides and relaxing birdwatching excursions. Another big drawcard for the Gascoyne region are the incredible displays of wildflowers in Spring. This region literally bursts into life between July and September, with thousands of species of wildflowers on display. From tiny, precious orchids and super-rare wreath flowers to carpets of everlastings, this really is a spectacular time to visit. Hotspots include Paynes Find, Burringurrah, Yalgoo, Morawa and Mount Magnet. As the sun sets across the rich, red earth of the Gascoyne Murchison, you’ll be awe-struck by the incredibly clear night sky. The lack of light pollution in these remote areas means you’ll see a truly dark sky, and with that comes hundreds of thousands of stars. Sit back and enjoy this incredible light show – on some nights you will even see the Milky Way glistening above you.



s p i r t d Roa

ne Murchison

oy through the Gasc

Road to the Rock ail Run 2. Kingsford Smith M ay 3. Wool Wagon Pathw 4. Miner’s Pathway on Trail 5. Murchison GeoRegi


Now’s the perfect time to start exploring the region, so visit explore.australiasgoldenoutback.com/gascoyne-murchison for more information, itineraries, articles and things to see and do.

News in brief from RAC and beyond


Do you know a risky road? Tell us. Last year, WA recorded the highest number of road deaths in five years.

The emergency stopping lanes and bays on WA’s roads and freeways should only be used in legitimate emergency situations.

Our state continues to have one of the poorest road safety records in the country with far too many people being killed or seriously injured on our roads every day.

Risky Roads is the largest survey of its kind in WA and previous campaigns have resulted in real action being taken to improve some of the state’s most dangerous roads.

Pulling over to send a text message, make a call or do anything else in your vehicle which would not be considered an emergency, where you or others are at risk and immediate action is required, is not permitted.

That’s why we’re asking you to let us know where some of the greatest dangers lie.

Nominations are welcome from all corners of our state. Members from regional areas, where roads are often particularly dangerous, are encouraged to contribute.

If you drive, ride or walk on any roads you believe pose a risk, let us know. Our Risky Roads survey is now open, giving you the chance to call out some of WA’s riskiest roads. Any road or intersection can be nominated, from local streets to major highways. Locations with the most nominations are used by RAC to advocate for more action on road safety.

To nominate a road, visit rac.com.au/riskyroads. If you’re unable to nominate online, call us on 9436 4579 and we can post you a Risky Roads nomination form. Let’s all do our part to keep each other safe. It only takes a few minutes to complete the survey and your nomination could lead to genuine change.

Some drivers are exempt from these regulations, for example police and ambulance officers driving with their lights and sirens turned on. If you don’t have an exemption, a situation in which you would stop in an emergency stopping lane or bay would be because your vehicle is disabled or inoperable, or for any unexpected situation in which the health or safety of the driver or a passenger is at risk and you must act immediately. If you do need to stop for any of these reasons, you must not stay in the emergency lane or bay for any longer than necessary in the circumstances. You should also only drive within these lanes or bays for the same reasons or if you’re avoiding a collision. While some emergency stopping bays have roadside help phones, where there isn’t one or where you can’t get out safely to use one, call Main Roads WA on 138 138 for assistance. If emergency services are needed, call 000. If you’re on the Kwinana Smart Freeway and can’t get to an emergency bay, stay in your vehicle, turn your hazard lights on, keep your seatbelt fastened and wait for the Incident Response team. The Smart Freeway is monitored 24/7, which means that stopped vehicles are detected quickly and an incident response vehicle may be dispatched within minutes.


Our State, People+Future

National Road Safety Week

PREMIUM FUEL USE INCREASING IN WA You may be surprised to know that each year since 2013, WA motorists have bought more 98 RON fuel than 95 RON fuel. This difference can partly be explained by the slightly lower availability of 95 RON fuels across WA.

RAC are proud to team up with the Road Safety Commission to fund events and projects as part of National Road Safety Week 2022. For more information, keep an eye on RAC’s LinkedIn page during National Road Safety Week from 15-22 May 2022.

In the greater Perth metropolitan area in late January 2022, there were 428 retailers offering 98 RON fuel for sale, according to FuelWatch. Over the same area at the same time, only 352 stations were offering 95 RON, while 454 were selling 91 RON. Over the ten years from 2012, WA motorists have gradually been reducing their usage of 91 RON unleaded petrol. In 2011, we used 1.623 billion litres of ULP, and in 2020, we used only 1.206 billion litres. However, that reduction doesn’t occur across all fuels, and there are many factors affecting that. While our usage of 91 RON fuel has been waning in the last ten years, there has been an increase in the amount of 98 RON premium fuels sold through fuel retailers, and a decrease in the volumes of 95 RON fuels.

VEHICLE FAULTS – YOUR RIGHTS Whereas a vehicle warranty is a promise by a car manufacturer that they will fix any manufacturing faults with the vehicle, Australian Consumer Law is in place to ensure that car makers keep that promise. Faults that are covered by the manufacturer warranty, an extended warranty or are automatically covered under Australian Consumer Law, are classed as either minor or major. Major faults are generally those that prevent the car from being driven, or make it unsafe, and cannot be repaired within a reasonable amount of time. In these instances, you have the right to ‘reject’ the vehicle and ask for a refund or replacement.

If the fault is classed as minor, where the new car can be repaired and this can be done in a reasonable amount of time, the dealership can choose to make the repair, replace the car or provide a refund. In the event that the repair is not done within a reasonable amount of time, you’re then within your rights to request that the vehicle is replaced, ask for a refund or to take it elsewhere for repairs and then recover the costs, in addition to any further costs or damages you suffer as a result. For more information about your rights, visit accc.gov.au/ consumerguarantees To find out which cars are among those with a worse reliability record than most, see page 23.


The other potential contributor to this increase in the volumes of 98 RON fuels sold is the extensive marketing campaigns of these fuels, which tell consumers that they clean engine parts, a claim which we are yet to see verified in an independent analysis. 

Our State, People+Future

Hovering in the dark With the tide coming in fast, a strong coastal wind and nothing but a dark ocean in front of them, the RAC Rescue helicopter crew had to work quickly to find and save two people who had fallen from a three-metre cliff near Ledge Point. Using night vision goggles and the helicopter’s Forward Looking InfraRed camera, the pair were found seriously injured in a cramped space near jagged rocks and with the ocean starting to roll in not far away. RAC Rescue Critical Care Paramedic, Chris Oakes, is pictured here after securing one of the patients in a stretcher ready to be winched to safety. It was a complex mission with the wind making it difficult for the helicopter to maintain a steady hover and little space into which the stretcher could be lowered. Both were successfully rescued with one transferred to hospital by road ambulance and the more critically injured patient airlifted to Royal Perth Hospital.  The RAC Rescue helicopters are sponsored by RAC, funded by the State Government and managed by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).


Our State, People+Future


Regional Road Safety Program

Safer intersections

The problem Nearly 70 per cent of serious crashes in regional WA involve cars running off the road or into oncoming traffic. Deaths and serious injuries that could be avoided with low-cost road upgrades.

The problem One in two crashes in Perth occur at an intersection.

The priority In partnership with the Federal Government, fully fund the $900 million Regional Road Safety Program, a landmark State Government proposal to deliver low-cost safety treatments across 17,000km of WA’s regional road network.

The priority A program to trial innovative, low-cost intersection treatments across Perth ($10 million each year).

Major grade-separations, traffic lights, roundabouts, turn pockets and slip lanes can make roads safer. But they’re often costly with long lead times.

Active transport

A total of $669 million has been jointly committed by the State and Federal Governments, however a commitment to fund the remaining $231 million is urgently needed.

The problem Cars are the dominant method of travel in WA. Half of all car trips are less than 5km with many under 1km. Most of us can ride 5km in 15 to 20 minutes or walk 1km in around 10 minutes. The priority A program of active transport infrastructure to encourage cycling and walking ($80 million over two years).

Road deaths per 100,000 people (2020) Source: Main Roads Western Australia, ABS and Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics.

Affordable transport The problem Vehicle registration fees have increased by over 80 per cent in the past 10 years – almost five times the rate of inflation. These fees were increased again by four per cent in the most recent State Budget, more than twice the rate of inflation.






National average

WA (inc. metro)

Regional WA

RAC welcomed the WA Government freezing motor vehiclerelated fees in 2020-21 and public transport fares again in 2021-22 – proving it can be done. The priority Freeze vehicle licence fees and public transport fares for three years to bring them back in line with inflation. 





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For many people, the topic of electric cars prompts polarising debates, questions, assumptions, misconceptions and even fears – not just about costs and range, but also about their impact on the environment, support and charging infrastructure. So, we’re going to help you separate EV fact from fiction. Electric cars are too expensive to buy.

Batteries are expensive and can account for tens of thousands of dollars of manufacturing costs for an EV. Car makers and major battery manufacturers are working to lower manufacturing costs. In 2010 a single kilowatt-hour of battery capacity cost more than $US1200, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). For an EV with an average 60kWh battery capacity that’s $US72,000 in batteries alone. By 2021 BNEF estimated that the cost of manufacturing lithium-ion batteries had fallen almost 90 per cent, to $US132 per kilowatt-hour. Yet that is still almost $US8000 in manufacturing costs for the average EV. That is the biggest reason EVs can cost upwards of 50 per cent more than a comparable ICE vehicle. But prices are coming down, with a 2021 BNEF study predicting parity between EVs and ICE vehicles around 2027.

That parity will partly come about by the increasing manufacturing costs of petrol and diesel engines as they are engineered to meet stricter global emissions standards. Some state governments are already offering financial incentives to purchase an EV, something that has further reduced the price premium. While the Western Australian government currently offers no incentives to purchase an EV, it has committed to ensuring at least 25 per cent of its own vehicle fleet is electric by 2025/26. The uptake of EVs by governments and corporate fleets does mean that eventually those vehicles will enter the used car market as more affordable options. They’re not really sustainable if you’re charging them from the electricity grid which relies on coal-fired power stations.

Electricity generated using fossil fuels such as coal, gas or diesel results in the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other harmful emissions. So while an EV is not emitting any CO2 as it drives, if the place that created its electricity is using fossil fuels there will be CO2 emissions attributable to the electricity generation source.


But it’s worth putting that into perspective. In 2017 the Department of Energy and Environment estimated that for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity generated in WA, about 700 grams of CO2 was produced. An EV typically uses between 12 and 25kWh of electricity per 100km, which translates to between 8.4kg and 17.5kg of CO2. Most petrol-powered cars use between 6 and 12 litres of fuel per 100km and each litre produces 2.3kg of CO2. So, over the same 100km, a petrol-powered car produces between 13.8kg and 27.6kg of CO2. So where similar sized vehicles are compared over the same distance, recharging from WA’s grid electricity still results in the CO2 emissions released directly from an EV being lower than a petrol vehicle. Diesel vehicles typically sit between EVs and petrol vehicles in terms of their CO2 emissions over a given distance, however diesels do generate other, more toxic emissions such as oxides of nitrogen and fine particulate matter. In the five years since 2017, the WA grid has become significantly cleaner. In 2017 the 12-month average for electricity generation across WA’s South West Interconnected System was 49 per cent coal, 41 per cent gas and 8.5 per cent


wind, and for 2021 that average was 44 per cent coal, 34 per cent gas and 19 per cent wind across the year. By the end of the year, the second largest battery in the country will be storing excess solar electricity at the decommissioned Kwinana Power Station. Of course, using rooftop solar directly or utilising an energy plan that only supplies green electricity can lower CO2 released from energy generation to zero. The batteries don’t have a long lifespan.

The technology in an EV battery is similar to that used in a laptop or mobile phone. However, there are many more smarts designed to make EV batteries go further, including having their own dedicated temperature control systems. In extreme heat or cold they can heat or cool the batteries to maintain an optimum temperature to extend longevity. EVs also have advanced software that monitors every cell to ensure it is within its optimum parameters for voltage and temperature. Also, EVs don’t use the entire battery capacity, typically eliminating the very top and bottom. So, when an EV says its battery is 100 per cent charged, it’s not, and when an EV says it’s flat, it’s also not. It’s all about extending the life of the batteries.

That’s why car makers can offer big warranties on their batteries. Most provide at least eight years and 160,000km of warranty coverage and typically guarantee between 70 and 75 per cent of the battery’s original capacity. They’re only economical to run if you have solar panels to charge them.

Not true at all. Household grid electricity in WA costs about 30c per kilowatt-hour. So an economical EV would cost about $3.60 to travel 100km while a larger, faster one might cost $7.50. Considering an economical petrolpowered car such as a hybrid uses about 5 litres per 100km and a thirsty one might use more than double that, it would mean the price of petrol would have to drop to around 70 cents per litre to match the energy costs of running an EV. With fuel costs the way they are, EVs typically cost less than half what a petrol-powered car does to travel the same distance. Anyone able to recharge from home solar or using free public chargers can lower those costs to zero. Of course, when considering your household budget and the potential benefits of an EV, you’ll need to take into account the upfront costs. 19

Traditional ICE vehicles are getting more fuel efficient, so why bother?

Internal combustion vehicles have been getting more efficient for more than a century. But even the most efficient still lose about 60 per cent of the energy in their fuel as heat. An electric vehicle, on the other hand, uses about 90 per cent of the energy in the battery to move the vehicle, however EV batteries are far less energy dense than liquid fuels. EVs also have the advantage of not producing any harmful emissions when in-service, whereas ICE vehicles produce many. Many car makers have reduced or ceased development of engines due to the cost and complexity required to make them meet stringent emissions regulations in places such as Europe and America. In short, it will cost a lot more to make an ICE slightly cleaner whereas EVs today are producing no tailpipe emissions. The maintenance costs are higher.

This is incorrect. Electric motors have substantially fewer parts than internal combustion engines, and EV motors and drivetrains need less maintenance throughout the life of the vehicle. 

Anton Ukolov / Shutterstock.com


Most EV batteries have liquid cooling systems, and that fluid must be replaced periodically. But it’s a lot cheaper than the cost of oil, filters, belts and more. That said, EVs still need regular maintenance for perishable items such as suspension and steering components, auxiliary (12V) battery replacement, wiper blades, air-conditioner servicing, cabin air filters and fluid top-ups. Brakes also need to be checked, although because EVs utilise regenerative braking – often using the electric motor to slow the car more than the brake pads – they typically wear a lot slower than they do in an ICE vehicle. EV tyres can cost more because the large battery packs mean EVs are usually heavier than their ICE counterparts and the near-instant torque delivery puts additional wear on the rubber. But, generally speaking, EVs cost significantly less to maintain than ICE vehicles.

There aren’t many charging stations around WA.

Most cities and towns throughout WA have somewhere to charge a vehicle, even if it’s just a power outlet in a motel carpark or shopping centre. You can do an online search for charging locations or use apps such as PlugShare. The RAC Electric Highway® currently offers 16 locations across Perth and the South West, including 13 ultra-rapid and fast DC charging stations. In total there are now 33 publicly accessible ultra-rapid and fast DC chargers across WA, as far north as Paraburdoo, as far east as Caiguna and as far south as Pemberton, as well as hundreds of publicly accessible chargers. And the number continues to increase. As part of the WA Government’s Electric Vehicle Strategy, there are plans for a fast-charging network allowing travel between Perth, Kununurra, Esperance and Kalgoorlie.


EVs won’t tow my boat or caravan.

Forget what Scott Morrison said about EVs ending the weekend. It simply isn’t true. Some EVs today can tow more than two tonnes and there are large utes (or pick-up trucks) in America that will be able to tow more than a Toyota LandCruiser. Sure, the options are limited today in Australia for EVs that can tow, but they’re coming. And rest assured they’ll have no issue shifting your Jayco. The biggest challenge for EVs with towing will be how long they can do it for. EVs use a lot more electricity when you’re carrying a load, so an EV with an unladen range of 500km might drop to 200km or less when towing. So covering big distances will be a challenge until more fast charging networks are put in place. 


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St Ives Carine is in

m! looout. ll bmiss fuDon’t

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Kallaroo (Northshore)

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Jolimont (Centro)






Albany Mandurah



ABOVE: Holden Cruze.



ABOVE: Ford Focus.

Over time, vehicle manufacturers have become much better at making their cars more reliable through research and development practices, such as improved computer modelling, durability testing and more advanced materials. But problems still arise. That could be due to rushed development, problems with components supplied by third parties or general corner-cutting, as manufacturers try to extract as much profit as possible. In a 2016 report, Australian consumer advocates Choice revealed that two-thirds of all new car owners nationally experienced problems with their cars within the first five years, with nearly 15 per cent of these resulting in nonoperational vehicles. It must be added that such surveys usually attract responses from dissatisfied people. So the survey may not have picked up those who had issues but were satisfied with the fix. Nonetheless, Mazda,

Its ‘Powershift’ DPS6 sixspeed dry-clutch dual-clutch transmission (DCT), also fitted to the WT/WZ Fiesta light car and BK EcoSport small SUV, tends to vibrate, shudder and hesitate before engaging gear over time, even when in sound working order. Many failed, resulting in huge repair bills. Associated knock-on issues with engine mounts are also reportedly commonplace.

Honda, Toyota, Suzuki and Subaru did best; Holden, Ford, Audi, Jeep and Volkswagen were the worst. Drilling down into actual models, a survey by research agency Canstar in 2020 asking Australians to rate their most reliable experiences revealed a familiar bunch of winners, including Mazda2, 3 and 6, Toyota Yaris and Corolla, Hyundai i30, Honda Civic and Subaru Outback.

Over the years, thousands of owners complained to Ford.

Here are some of the popular mainstream models sold in Australia over the past 10 years which have a worse reliability record than most.

As a consequence of this and other related issues, Ford was fined $10 million in 2018. According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, despite knowing the shuddering was a quality issue with the vehicles, Ford frequently told customers that the shuddering was the result of the customer’s driving style. Class action lawsuits remain active against Ford, and it has committed to a court enforceable undertaking to review customer requests for refunds or replacement vehicles.

Ford LW Focus (2011-2015) Ford WT/WZ Fiesta (2010-2016) Ford BK EcoSport (2013-2016)

While the third-generation, German-developed Ford Focus small car had above-average comfort, safety and handling, the LW series 1 and 2 in that generation suffered from one highly publicised problem: automatic gearbox issues.




LEFT: Toyota Prado; ABOVE: VW Golf.

DCTs are highly efficient but complex gearboxes that require specialised servicing. Even with proof of a DCT being properly serviced, we’d recommend car buyers fully research the history of the particular vehicle model they’re interested in, or even better, avoid this model altogether. The extensively facelifted Focus LZ series from 2015 to 2018 (as well as BL series EcoSport from 2017) switched to an entirely different and far-less problematic six-speed torque-converter auto. Toyota Prado (2015-2018) Toyota HiLux (2015-2018) Toyota Fortuner (2015-2018)

Over a quarter-million HiLux utes, and the related Fortuner SUV and Prado SUV vehicles, fitted with the 1GD-FTV 2.8-litre (or 2GD-FTV 2.4-litre) four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, have been caught up in a class-action lawsuit against Toyota for defective diesel particulate filter (DPF) operation.

These filters are designed to capture harmful pollutants such as soot created in the combustion process and burn them off once the system reaches full operating temperature – usually at highway speeds.

Some owners claim that jerky transmissions and clunky tail-shafts are associated with the faulty DPF issue, even when the burn-off is not in operation. If you drive for more than 30 minutes at speeds of over 80km/h at least once a week, you may not experience these DPF issues. Otherwise, if you commute daily in heavy traffic and/or do only short trips – steer clear.

However, the DPFs in the affected vehicles were claimed to be defective and had a propensity to become blocked. It’s been alleged that engines then lose power, use more fuel, are louder and work harder, and thus suffer from excessive wear and tear, and intermittently pump out plumes of white smoke into the atmosphere.

Volkswagen dual-clutch transmission (DSG)

As well as Ford with its Powershift DCT issue, Volkswagen’s DSG dual-clutch transmission has also been in the spotlight for claimed failures and faults, resulting in lawsuits and other legal action over the years.

While Toyota is meeting the costs and fitting manuallyactivated DPFs to pre-2018 models, as well as extending the warranty of affected models to 10 years where applicable, the lawsuit claims that – among other issues – the steps do not address the fundamental point that these vehicles are defective to begin with. The matter is still in the courts.

One of the larger DSG recalls in recent years has centred around the loss of oil pressure in the transmission, rendering the vehicles undriveable. This led to a recall of more than 100,000 vehicles in Australia alone by 2019, spread among


Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi models with the same transmission configuration. The most common Volkswagen with DSG is the Golf, which adopted this transmission en-masse when the Mk6 was released in Australia in 2009. It was then followed by the Polo, Passat, Beetle, Caddy, Jetta, Tiguan and others. Curiously, by the Mk8’s arrival in early 2021, the non-performance grades of the Golf have switched to a regular torque-converter auto, just like most Fords now have as well. After a spate of bad publicity, Volkswagen Australia has acted to address widespread customer concerns with DSG, though older cars long out of warranty now remain an expensive proposition to repair if anything goes wrong. Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee (2012-2021)

Handsome, spacious and with a go-anywhere reputation, the WK2-series Grand Cherokee proved to be a popular model in Australia. 


ABOVE: Holden Captiva; RIGHT: Nissan Pathfinder.

But one big problem concerns the totally integrated power module (TIPM), which is like the vehicle’s computerised brain that controls most electronic functions. In a nutshell, it’s been known to go haywire, with reports of stalling engines, faulty starter motors, random power window/central locking failures, broken fuel pumps, intermittent horn/alarm activation, inactive cruise control and a glitchy climate control system. Earlier models also had an auto gear shifter that confused drivers as to whether it was in Park or not. Other major issues reported include automatic transmission failure or rough/ clunky operation in models made before 2016. The Grand Cherokee has been recalled in Australia more than 20 times. The manufacturer has embarked on extensive servicing improvements in Australia to improve customer service, address reliability concerns and speed up spare parts delivery times. We’d

suggest avoiding having to rely on any of that by buying something else.

Holden Cruze (2009-2017)

Like its Captiva big brother, the Cruze was created in South Korea by what was formerly GM Daewoo, as an inexpensive global small car. And the cost cutting showed, even in the Holden-made JH series built in Adelaide from 2011.

Holden Captiva (2006-2018)

Though benefitting from Australian design input, the Captiva was a GM Daewoo product built down to a price in South Korea, and unfortunately suffered from extensive reliability and quality problems.

Early models suffered from transmission failures, including in the ability to select gears. The 1.8-litre engine is known for oil leaks and electrical issues, especially with glitchy sensors. The 1.4-litre turbo engine is prone to water pump failures and coolant leaks, which of course leads to overheating. And the optional 1.6-litre turbo that came later is known for its turbocharger woes.

Among these are engine troubles, with oil leaks, timing chain failures, camshaft problems and diesel particulate filter issues, as well as transmission breakdowns and electrical system hiccups, due to poor wiring connections and faulty computer body modules that control many of the vehicle’s functions. Even the selfdiagnosis system often threw up incorrect codes.

Would we buy a Cruze (or indeed the Captiva, Trax or TK/TM Barina that are also ex-Daewoo) now that Holden is no longer an entity? No. The engineering quality isn’t on par with the corresponding Australian-developed VE/ VF Commodore, and with no direct dealership contact, we

The cost of sorting out a sick Captiva can often eclipse its worth. Given that the workmanship is poor and the interior presentation cheap, our advice is to steer clear.


don’t hold out hope of obtaining the service and back-up you’d find from other brands. Nissan Pathfinder (2013-2021) Nissan X-Trail (2014-2021) Nissan B17/C12 Pulsar (2012-2016)

What do these three wildly different Nissans built in different countries have in common? They are all offered with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) – an automatic gearbox with a belt between two variable-diameter pulleys instead of gears. The issue is that the belt – steel in the X-Trail and chain-driven in the Pathfinder – may wear prematurely or start slipping, resulting in shuddering and vibrations, that can lead to damage and breakdown which is costly to repair. To Nissan’s credit, most of the fixes are carried out quickly and at no cost to the owner, so a careful inspection by a qualified mechanic should provide peace of mind when buying used. 


I truly don’t know why people would want to go anywhere else

You may recall my story of when I first got fitted with hearing aids: “Hello, my name is Jeff Peek and I am the owner of Auto1 in Midland, WA. It took me a lot longer to commit to hearing aids than it should have – around 10 years in fact. My wife Joanne and my kids, Chris and Jess, had to repeat themselves about three times for me to get what they were saying, and even then no-one quite knew that what I heard was right. It was really tiring just trying to listen. I’d given up working on the front counter at my Auto1 shop because customers needed to spell out what they wanted, and sometimes they weren’t quite as forgiving of my hearing loss as my family. In business meetings, I’d have to catch up on decisions taken without my input – all because I wasn’t able to effectively participate in the discussion. This was very frustrating. I’d lost my hearing over many years working on cab-less heavy earthmoving machinery and through my involvement in motor sports, of course all without wearing hearing protection. And I simply didn’t realise what a heavy toll this was taking on those around me. I’d been for a hearing test previously, but didn’t feel comfortable at the outcome. But on the day I went for a test at Brad Hutchinson

Hearing, audiologist Melanie Atkinson won my trust and I went back to the shop fitted with my new hearing aids where my family was astonished at my newfound hearing. I was speaking quietly and I could easily hear their conversation. Joanne and Chris knew immediately that I’d had hearing aids fitted. In their delight, they called a staff meeting to test the reaction, with some of the staff saying that they liked it better when I couldn’t hear. It worried them that I was speaking so quietly. Now I’m a very proactive member at Auto1 brand meetings, participating fully in business decision making, and this is really positive for me. My family is particularly encouraged by my new hearing status. If I’d known the impact my inability to hear well had on my family, I might have acted sooner. Melanie made getting fitted with hearing aids really painless and I’m wearing my aids often for up to 16 hours a day. I wouldn’t be without them, even at loud Formula 1 meetings. I’m very happy that I went to Brad Hutchinson Hearing and believe without a doubt it is very important to choose your audiologist before choosing your hearing aid.” The best part is that I feel I’ve had the best service from this company and I’d recommend them to anyone who needs hearing help. Jeff Peek.

Register for a FREE hearing aid trial Let us show you how effortless hearing should be - even in background noise - with a 2-week home hearing aid trial. No cost and no obligation when trialling hearing aids. Excludes free hearing aids available to eligible clients under the HSP*


For further info, call 9228 9928 or email info@bhhearing.com.au

NORTH PERTH (08) 9228 9928 MIDLAND (08) 9250 2447 MELVILLE (08) 9317 7072 WOODLANDS (08) 9244 2259 DIANELLA (08) 9275 0078


Accredited by the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (HSP)*

*Eligible pensioners and veterans may be entitled to free or subsidised digital hearing aids and free hearing services. Conditions apply to clients under the HSP. To find out if you’re eligible, visit hearingservices.gov.au.

Stewart Allen

Our State, People+Future


Our State, People+Future


Electric scooters are one of the fastest growing forms of mobility in the world, beaten only by e-bikes. Every day, thousands of Western Australians zip their way to the shops or the office on these and similar devices. Yet despite the numbers, until December 2021, it had been illegal to ride these or the broader family of micromobility devices like e-skateboards, e-skates and e-unicycles, on roads and paths. Under WA’s Road Traffic Code 2000, the use of devices with more than 200w of power or able to travel above 10km/h when propelled by the motor, was previously illegal. If an electric device could travel above 10km/h it could technically have been considered a ‘motor vehicle’. So, a rider could have been regarded as operating an unlicensed vehicle and there was a lack of clarity around how the device could be licensed for legal use. 29

Now, new road rules have paved the way for legal micromobility riding, while also acknowledging the risk of crashes with other road or path users and personal injury.

How the rules work The new rules apply to small electric rideable devices (classed together as eRideables), that are no more than 125cm long, 70cm wide and 135cm high, weigh 25kg or less, and are not capable of travelling faster than 25km/h when propelled by the motor on level ground. To be considered an eRideable, the device must also have an electric motor or motors, be designed to be ridden by only one person, have at least one wheel, and have a stopping system controlled by brakes, gears, or motor control. They don’t include e-bikes, the old-style Segway, motorised wheelchairs or lowpowered scooters under 200w, which are covered elsewhere in the Code. 

Our State, People+Future

On shared paths and bicycle paths, and on local roads where the speed limit is 50km/h or less, they can travel at no more than 25km/h.

hese devices can T reduce unnecessary vehicle trips, helping to manage congestion and reduce vehicle emissions as well. But they remain banned from travelling along roads with a speed limit above 50km/h, or where there is a dividing line or median strip down the centre, or on oneway roads with more than one marked lane. However, eRideables can be ridden in a bicycle lane, as long as the speed limit on the road is not more than 50km/h. RAC acting senior manager, Public Policy, Anita McCracken, says the organisation welcomes the decision to bring clarity to the legal status of eRideables, adding that the new rules provide guidance for how riders should interact with other road users.

“Our research shows that one in three members don’t feel safe sharing paths with these devices or with e-bikes,” McCracken says.

shower, and because the rider stands, they don’t need to worry about work clothes getting tangled in chains. They are also a far greener option than most other vehicles.

“We want to make sure that people can use them safely around different types of road users. “They are becoming more common and whether they remain popular over the shorter or longer term will be impacted by how well we manage them. It will be important to ensure the rules remain current and fit for purpose and a review of the new laws down the track should play an important role in this. “It’s also vital the new laws are supported by enforcement activities, as well as public awareness and education campaigns, to ensure compliance and enhance safety for all road users.”

A new way to commute The appeal of eRideables is clear. Besides being fun to ride over flat ground, they offer a lightweight and relatively inexpensive option for commuters.

“These devices can reduce unnecessary vehicle trips, helping to manage congestion and reduce vehicle emissions as well,” McCracken says. “According to the Department of Transport, around half of all car trips are less than five kilometres, so for short distances and commutes these devices really do offer a fantastic alternative.” It’s perhaps not surprising, then, that Australian sales of micromobility devices, and e-scooters in particular, have soared. The annual MetroCount census of cycling traffic shows the number of ‘short cycles’ (e-scooters and children’s bikes) doubled between 2018 and 2020 along the South Perth foreshore, with an estimated 20,000 trips now taking place a year.

Many can fold up under a desk or travel in a lift, or they can fit into a car boot for those who split their commute.

While that’s substantial, other places in Australia have seen even greater growth. Hobart saw almost a tripling of e-scooter numbers last year, and in some cases, they appear to be outnumbering traditional bikes in cycle lanes.

They also don’t require the same effort as traditional bikes, so riders might not need end-of-trip facilities or a

There are also around 1500 rideshare scooters in Canberra and similar numbers in Brisbane.

Stewart Allen

Under the rules, if an eRideable is ridden on an ordinary footpath, it must not exceed 10km/h.

But with a wave of new riders, many of them adults who haven’t been on a scooter since childhood, there has also been a rising tide of rider and pedestrian injuries. Statistics are mostly kept at the state or hospital level, but reports include nearly 800 injuries over 18 months in Brisbane from devices such as e-bikes, e-skateboards and hoverboards. The majority of injuries were from e-scooters that had been hired.

I predict that there is going to be a bit of a boom in these devices now we have some clarity on the laws. 30

Our State, People+Future

Safe eRideable use Road Safety Commissioner Adrian Warner says WA’s new legislation strikes a balance between enabling riders to continue their love of eRideables and reducing the risk of injuries to riders or pedestrians. “I predict that there is going to be a bit of a boom in these devices now we have some clarity on the laws,” he says. “In WA we have some fairly good cycling and shared path infrastructure and we’re generally saying, where bikes can go, that’s where we want to guide eRideables. “When you’re on those paths, it’s fair enough that you can travel up to 25km/h which is a similar speed to bicycles, but if you’re on a footpath or in a shared zone where there is likely to be more pedestrians you have to slow down to 10km/h.” As with bicycles, riders also need to wear an approved helmet, and the device or rider must have reflectors and lights if being ridden where visibility is restricted (e.g. in poor weather or at night). Unless it’s not practicable to have one, the eRideable must have a bell or warning device fitted. Riders must not ride recklessly or without care and attention, or while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

And while children under 16 are able to ride low-powered scooters that cannot exceed 10km/h when propelled by the motor, they cannot ride an eRideable with the power engaged.

Check before you buy If you’re considering buying an eRideable, WA Consumer Protection has warned buyers to do their homework. Some models available for sale fall outside the guidelines and would still not be legal to operate on paths or roads, leaving riders at the risk of a fine if they break the rules. A quick scan online shows some devices can travel far faster than the 25km/h maximum speed required under WA law, and not all have speed limiters as standard, while others fit the size restriction but not the weight. Some second-hand scooters being sold have had speed limiters removed, meaning some can travel up to three times faster than the legal limit. Warner says most retailers are doing the right thing. “Many devices that we see, that are designed for the recreational and commuter market, have an inbuilt


speedometer, have limiting devices and have push-button bells, so I think this is an example where, if you’re clear with the rules, the market will adjust,” he says. The new rules also make it easier for ridesharing services to operate in WA, which would have been impossible under the previous laws. Community consultation by the Road Safety Commission in advance of the law change found 83 per cent of respondents were supportive of e-scooter rentals in WA. And although many road users are still becoming used to e-scooters, over time he believes they will become a regular feature of the mobility mix. “I think you'll see the uptake of these sort of personal mobility devices, particularly in places like Perth where there are over 200 days of sunshine a year,” he says. “I think there'll be an increasing appetite from local governments and local communities to promote active and liveable streets, as opposed to thoroughfare roads, and these devices will have a very positive role to play in that regard.” 


15 % CA R H





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2023 ADVENTURES ON SALE Australia’s Great Rail Journeys





F O R TR AV E L : JA N - D EC 2 0 2 3

F O R TR AV E L : APR - O C T 2 0 2 3




The breadth of Australia’s staggering diversity and unparalleled grandeur unfolds before your eyes travelling between Perth and Sydney.

$3,260 *







Settle into The Ghan’s gentle rhythm as you travel into the Red Centre and immerse yourself in the NT’s breathtaking natural wonders.



Cook • 4 day / 3 night all-inclusive Kalgoorlie rail journey on the Indian Pacific Rawlinna • Ponder the vastness of the PERTH Adelaide Australian continent as you cross the Nullarbor Plain • Off Train Experiences in Kalgoorlie, Rawlinna, Cook, Adelaide and the Blue Mountains • 3 nights’ accommodation in Sydney including breakfast daily • Cruise Sydney Harbour on a 78ft luxury vessel and enjoy a premium two-course lunch onboard

$9,010 *

Blue Mountains 3









Kings Canyon Uluru 2




Alice Springs 2


Manguri • 4 day / 3 night all-inclusive Coober Pedy rail journey on The Ghan Expedition (break in Alice Springs) ADELAIDE • Visit the natural wonders of Uluru and Kings Canyon on a guided scenic walk • Dine under the stars at the breathtaking ‘Sounds of Silence’ dining experience • Explore the rock formations of Kata Tjuta and Walpa Gorge • Experience the internationally acclaimed ‘Field of Light’ display at Uluru • Accommodation in Alice Springs and Kings Canyon, plus two nights at Uluru in the 5-star Sails in the Desert Hotel

*Sydney Discovery: Advertised prices are per person, based on the Advance Purchase Holiday fare in a Gold Service Twin Cabin on the Indian Pacific in June 2023. Package valid for travel between 01 January to 31 December 2023. Red Centre Spectacular: Advertised prices are per person, based on the Everyday Motor Organisation Member fare in a Gold Service Twin Cabin on the Ghan Expedition in April 2023. Package valid for travel between 01 April to 31 October 2023. Offer is subject to availability. If advertised hotel is not available, a similar property of Journey Beyond’s choosing will be booked. Booking and credit card fees may apply. Should suspension of services occur due to government-imposed restrictions, 100% of the monies paid will be placed in a future travel credit. Cancellation fees apply, contact RAC Travel for full details. For full terms & conditions visit www.journeybeyondrail.com.au/terms-conditions/. Prices correct as at 9 February 2022. 00586JBR

News and info for WA travellers

WA travel brief Dunsborough foodie cruise sets sail The recently launched half-day Taste of the Bays Cruise offers a deluxe food and wine experience against the backdrop of the beautiful South West coastline. The cruise is a 7-course progressive dinner on a 60-ft boat that winds through Geographe Bay to reveal beautiful bays and beaches from Dunsborough to Bunker Bay. The menu reflects the best of the region, including locally caught fresh fish, crab and scallops, Manjimup marron, Albany rock oysters and rye bread from Yallingup Woodfired Bakery with olives, dukkah and olive oil from Olio Bello. Each course is accompanied by paired wines from Howard Park Margaret River, and locally brewed craft beers. Cruises depart from central Dunsborough, starting at $279. Bookings essential at southwestcruises.com.au

BUCKET LIST SPORTS EVENTS IN THE KIMBERLEY The Kimberley region is home to some of WA’s most beautiful landscapes and natural attractions that provide a perfect backdrop for its annual roster of epic sports events. In 2022, visitors to the region can participate in or watch events including the Lake Argyle Swim (7 May), the Ord River Paddle (4 June), the Kununurra Half Marathon (19 June), the Broome Marathon (7 August) and the Lake Argyle Adventure Race (27 August), which includes swimming, running, mountain biking and paddling legs. These unique Kimberley sporting events are facilitated by FIT Events. View the full schedule and register to participate at fitevents.com.au 34


MINI-GOLF, GIANT CHESS AND PLAYGROUNDS NOW AT MONKEY MIA The resort’s tennis court will be converted into a new playground area which will include a giant chess set, a 9-hole mini-golf course, and plenty of shade sails to keep the area cool in warmer months. These upgrades are set to be completed in March 2022.

FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE OUTBACK ECO TOUR WA’s iconic Holland Track from Hyden to Coolgardie offers a thrilling but challenging four-wheel drive route for outback travellers. Group tag-a-long tours of the track are ideal for less experienced drivers.

New marketplace in Busselton

Great Southern Outback Tours & Accommodation have recently launched an 11-day 4WD Holland Track Woodlands, Rocks and Trails Outback Wilderness tag-a-long tour. Led by self-confessed history buff Wayne Monks, you’ll learn about the creation of the track in 1893, view the PUBLIC Silo Art Trail and Great Western Woodlands, and hear from Ngadju people about their connection to the land. 

Launched late last year, Busselton’s Origins Market showcases more than 60 makers, growers, producers and artisans from the South West and beyond. The variety of offerings make it a one-stop shop for everything from hand-crafted jewellery and photography to freshly roasted coffee and cuisine from around the world. One of the market’s aims is to blur the line between production and consumption, which means you’ll also find unique features like an observational beehive with 42,000 live bees. The market is also home to locally produced artworks that celebrate the Indigenous land on which the market sits.

Tours meet in Katanning during autumn and spring. Pricing starts at $450 per person.

NOTE All tours and events confirmed at time of publication. In the event of COVID-19 disruptions, please refer to health advice and check for restrictions/cancellations.

Russell Ord

There’s also a rotating calendar of workshops, which include gin masterclasses, pottery workshops and celebrity chef cooking demos. The market is open from 8:30am to 6pm Thursday to Sunday, with night markets on Fridays and Saturdays, from 6pm to 9pm.

Ian Elliot

RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort is set to undergo some major refurbishments. The Monkey Bar Beer Garden will soon feature a new playground area, fresh lawn and paving, and the indoors section of the Monkey Bar will have a new bar space.




Timothy Campbell






Timothy Campbell

We’re giving you the chance to win a family holiday package to stay at the newly redeveloped RAC Esperance Holiday Park. Located right on stunning Esperance Bay, and only a 15-minute walk from the town, you’ll enjoy beachfront accommodation in a two-bedroom Bay Villa. We’ll also give you five-day car hire with SIXT Australia, a fuel voucher, and a wildlife cruise so you can explore the region’s spectacular coastline. Your prize includes 

  

3 nights in a 2-bedroom Bay Villa 5-day car hire with SIXT Australia $150 Puma fuel voucher National Park Pass A half-day wildlife cruise with Esperance Island Cruises

Timothy Campbell

To enter

For your chance to win, visit racparksandresorts.com.au/ winesperance and fill out the entry form. Entries close 31 May 2022. See page 81 for terms and conditions.



Perth to Esperance with stops By Fleur Bainger

There are so many interesting, and even unlikely, things to see and do on the way to Esperance, that it really would be a shame not to take some extra time getting there. Driving from Perth to Esperance is a long haul, stretching 696km at its most direct, so a stop here and there is essential. Driving directly there also means you miss out on more than you realise, including Australia’s biggest yabby export operation, a secret farm shed full of vintage vehicles and a world record-breaking jet engine – not to mention WA’s own ‘Dead Sea’. Why not break the drive up and turn it into a journey full of adventure – one that’s different for each direction and can be done over a few days.

Perth to York; 98km/1.5hr Your first stop is York and Penny Farthing Sweets. This old-school lolly shop delivers a nostalgia hit to the tastebuds, but also to the eyes, with historic curios covering every inch of wall space. Next, wander down to the Avon River, which runs parallel to the café-filled main street. There’s a flying fox playground, a swing bridge and an idyllic riverside campground.

York to Corrigin; 135km/1.5hr Watch the landscape change and the paddocks broaden as you reach Corrigin. Turn off at the Corrigin Dog Cemetery, established in 1974. A large, flower-wrapped statue of a kelpie marks the entrance to hundreds of heartfelt memorials to our furry friends. Wander the tombstones and pay your respects to Shep, Phoenix, Lassie (not that one) and all the other pooches.

Corrigin to Kulin; 54km/36min It only adds 15min to the day’s total road time if you add in a side-trip to Kulin – worth it if you’ve never seen the Tin Horse Highway. Stretching 15km and made up of more than 70 tin creatures, the quirky roadside attraction is like a game of eyespy – you never know when a new one will pop up. In town, the massive 18m-tall, 182m-long water slide is hard to miss - it’s the biggest in regional WA. Check ahead for Kulin Aquatic Centre’s opening hours. 38

Tourism Western Australia


ABOVE: Travelling the Great Ocean Drive, west of Esperance.


@stevefraserphotography / Tourism Western Australia


ABOVE: Aerial View of Wave Rock, Hyden

Kulin to Hyden (Wave Rock); 83km/53min – overnight pit stop Hyden is Wave Rock’s hub town; drive five minutes beyond it and find the 2700-million-year-old rock formation that draws visitors from far and wide. Rather than explore it during the day, wait until sunset. As the heat recedes, the light softens and colours emerge, making the 15m-high wave seem even grander. Carefully scale the side of the 110m-long granite cliff and turn to drink in endless views of the region’s bush and farmland. Back on ground level, the rock’s natural stripes look like an earthy, vertical rainbow. Snap an obligatory shot of you ‘surfing’ the wave. Follow the bush path to Hippo’s Yawn, another remarkable formation that very

much fits its name. Kids love crawling to the back of the gaping jaw and scrambling up boulders; agile adults will fit through the gaps. Afterwards, follow the trail towards Wave Rock Resort over wooden boardwalks to salty expanses studded with sculptural, brittle tree branches. Gaze over Lake Magic, a captivating gypsumbased salt lake.

It’s the most astonishing feeling of weightlessness and the closest you’ll likely ever get to being an astronaut in zero gravity.

If you arrive with time to spare before sunset, it’s worth taking the 18km graded dirt road out to Mulka’s Cave. Inside are hundreds of Aboriginal handprints formed by ochre spray. Many other rock art motifs are also visible – in all there are 452 motifs depicted in seven different colours. The site holds the largest collection of Aboriginal paintings in the south west of WA – most other sites bear less than 20 works.

Stay in a self-contained cottage at the Wave Rock Resort, reached via a winding track past Wave Rock Airport and a long fence dotted with steel emu cut-outs. Pull on your bathers and stroll to the weird and wonderful salt pool, which is six times saltier than the sea (it’s also accessible to non-guests; $10 per adult, $5 per child). After stepping onto the bath’s muddy bottom, launch yourself into the


Tourism Western Australia

Bewley Shaylor, courtesy of FORM

Tourism Western Australia


TOP: Twilight Cove, Esperance; LEFT: The salt pool at Wave Rock Resort is six times saltier than the sea; RIGHT: Giant painted grain silos - part of the PUBLIC Silo Art Trail at Ravensthorpe.

jade-hued water, turn on your back and stop swimming. You’ll float like you’re in the Dead Sea. It’s the most astonishing feeling of weightlessness and the closest you’ll likely ever get to being an astronaut in zero gravity. Swinging day beds are soon to be added to the circular pool, along with private showers and toilets, giving it a desert day spa feel.

Wave Rock to Ravensthorpe; 175km/1hr 44min It’s a misperception that all there is to do at Wave Rock is, well, Wave Rock. A series of niche attractions sit just a few minutes’ walk from the formation. Check out the 10,000-strong collection of pinkyfinger-sized war figures at The Miniature Soldier Museum. Each figure was made

by the collection’s former owner, who recreated scenes of everything from the Napoleonic and American Civil Wars to the Great World Wars. There are also large ships made from spam cans, sardine tins and bottle tops. Next door is The Lace Place, an extensive lace collection kept in low light to preserve the intricate creations, many of which are as fine as a spiderweb. “It takes one hour to embroider an inch of lace,” says Sheenagh Collins, whose family bought both collections and who leads tours of them. In an adjoining café, look up and see the butterfly-shaped dried flower creations Sheenagh made in the 1980s, to act as insulation. She and her late husband Dennis started the cafe as a lifeline, after the farm they borrowed money to buy


went through a drought and two frosts. Pre-COVID, Sheenagh would host up to 12 coaches of tourists a day; now, things are decidedly quieter. A $20 pass grants entry to all the attractions, plus the wildlife park run by Sheenagh’s mother, and the Pioneer Town Museum. From here, head to Ravensthorpe, via Lake King.

Ravensthorpe to Esperance; 207km/2hr 15min Ravensthorpe is surrounded by incredible wildflowers – if you’re visiting in September, don’t miss the 40th anniversary of its Wildflower Show (12-24 Sept). Glance up as you drive under the town’s entry statement, a 100m-long overpass painted with giant honeyeaters. The town’s grain silos are splashed with enormous banksias 

Travel+Touring LEFT: Walker’s Hill Vinyards, Lake Grace; BELOW: Mary’s Farm Cottages, Kukerin.

and honey possums, part of the PUBLIC Silo Art Trail. The floral theme continues through the main street, where you’ll find a couple of shops and cafes.

Make the breathtaking Great Ocean Drive a priority, stopping at beaches such as Twilight Cove and Blue Haven. Continue on to Esperance. To the west of town, make the breathtaking Great Ocean Drive a priority, stopping at beaches such as Twilight Cove and Blue Haven. To the east, Cape Le Grand National Park awaits, with roos lazing on Lucky Bay’s ivory sands and glass-clear water at Hellfire Bay. Climb Frenchman Peak and reward yourself with a locally made beer at Lucky Bay Brewery, a short drive away. Spoil yourself with a chopper ride (Oct-Apr) to Woody Island, or beyond to the bubblegum-pink Lake Hillier.

taste the ironstone terroir in their shiraz. Book ahead if you want a feed for lunch or dinner. Motor on to Kukerin and Cambinata Yabbies, where farmers Mary and Michael Nenke will show you around their bubbling refrigerated tanks, which can hold up to three tonnes of yabbies at any one time. The pair started with one tank in 1991 and now run the biggest yabby export business in Australia. “We had three kids at boarding school and we needed to make $30,000 - necessity is the mother of invention, as they say,” says Michael. Mary, a former National Rural Woman of the Year also manages Mary’s Farm Cottages, polished, self-contained accommodation wrapped in blue and merlot-hued corrugated iron. Overlooking grain fields, they back onto a vintage pickup truck with a barbeque under its hood. Better yet, order a feed of steamed yabbies with Mary’s homemade dukkah and bread, delivered to your door. Farm tours are included for guests, or $25pp for visitors, by appointment only.

The return journey: Esperance to Kukerin;

Kukerin to Perth;

416km/4hr 20min

Book ahead to visit another Kukerin secret: a private car collection. Kaye and Johnno Cook house all sorts of beauties in their farm sheds, from a black and white Sheriff car fitted with a police siren to a classic Torana and a yellow Mustang, along with 1850s tractors. There’s even a room in the

Make tracks for Lake Grace via Newdegate and its painted silos of native creatures. Five-minutes’ drive north of pretty Lake Grace is WA’s most inland winery, Walker’s Hill Vineyard. They do an excellent ‘drought rosé’ and you’ll



shed recreating what the couple owned when they got married, including a 1920s kerosene heater, metal eggbeaters, gravy boats and a 1970s TV. “We don’t really throw much out,” laughs Kaye. The pair often host car clubs and will open by appointment (ph 0428 993 445). It’s a short drive to Dumbleyung, where you can see a replica of the ‘bluebird’ hydroplane that crossed Lake Dumbleyung at 444.71kph in 1964, breaking the world water speed record. A wire sculpture of the pilot, Donald Campbell, sits across the road, in front of Along Came Henry café and the Community Resource Centre, filled with tourism information. Grab takeaway rolls and head out of town to the top of Pussycat Hill for a lofty view of the wide lake. Finish your adventures with a nod to Bart the Giant Ram, the icon of Wagin, as you return to Perth, and marvel at the number of things to see and do in Australia’s Golden Outback. 

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Diving deep into the Abrolhos By Julie Hosking

Often overlooked as little more than a pit stop on the way to somewhere more exotic, Geraldton is an attraction in its own right and a gateway to the amazing Abrolhos Islands. Not all roads lead to Geraldton but there is more than one way to drive to the regional city from Perth, each with its own appeal.

Coorow, Three Springs and Mingenew. For suggested self-drive itineraries, check wildflowercountry.com.au

Only have a few days up your sleeve? Hit the Brand Highway and you’ll cover the 420km in about four hours. It’s not the most scenic of routes but it is the quickest.

In and around Geraldton

For a prettier and more leisurely road trip, take Indian Ocean Drive. As the name suggests, it hugs the coast so there is plenty of opportunity to get out, stretch the legs, have a dip at one of the pristine beaches or explore one of the attractions along the way. This route will add about half an hour to your journey, more if you head off the main drag to take in sights such as the spectacular Pinnacles, but it’s worth doing in one direction. If you’re heading to Gero (as the locals call it) in late winter or early spring, consider taking an inland route. This is the time to stop and smell the wildflowers that transform the Mid West into a sea of brilliantly coloured carpets. The more eastern Wildflower Way takes you north from Perth, through Dalwallinu, Perenjori and Mullewa before looping around to Geraldton; while the newer Midlands Route weaves through

No matter how you choose to get there, Geraldton is worth the fuel. Its Mediterranean climate means the sun is shining more often than not, though the winters are cooler and the wind that whips in off the sea can take you by surprise – it’s a favourite with wind and kite surfers for good reason. Often used as a base to explore the stunning Coral Coast, or as a pit stop heading north, Geraldton has much to offer those who linger. With a laidback country meets cosmopolitan vibe, you get all the charm of somewhere regional with the benefit of a vibrant nightlife, dining, shopping and arts scene. Accommodation is as varied as your budget. For those who prefer a little luxe, the Gerald Apartment Hotel is a well-appointed four-star hotel that’s just a few steps from shops, restaurants and Geraldton’s fabulous foreshore. Or just enjoy a couple of drinks in the hotel’s rooftop bar overlooking the foreshore, before retiring to one of the more wallet-friendly holiday parks.  44


Stewart Allen / Alamy Stock Photo

The islands are replete with glorious diving and snorkelling spots.

ABOVE: Site of the Batavia shipwreck on Morning Reef in the Wallabi Group of the Houtman Abrolhos.


Richard Rossiter




Wherever you choose to stay, swing by the visitor centre, in the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery (GRAG), to get tips on where to go and what to do.

Simply relax in the shade by the foreshore, while the kids lap up the impressive water play zone. There are bushwalking and biking trails to explore year-round, while in the summer, water sports are the go. Thrillseekers can jump on a jetski or jetfoil, kayak or standup

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Beresford Foreshore; Yamaji Art Gallery; HMAS Sydney II Memorial at night.

paddleboard, while wind and kite surfers head to Point Moore or Separation Point, which is also a popular spot for surfing. Or you can simply relax in the shade by the foreshore, while the kids lap up the impressive water play zone. There’s also plenty to do indoors. Aside from GRAG, where you can wander around an ever-changing array of exhibitions and pick up some local art, don’t leave town without visiting the Yamaji Art Centre. Named for the local Aboriginal people, it’s also 100 per cent Aboriginal owned and operated, providing support for artists in a range of mediums, including painting, textiles and weaving. The talent on display is breathtaking. 46

As the day ends, head up the hill to Mount Scott to pay your respects at the HMAS Sydney II Memorial. This stunning tribute to the 645 sailors who lost their lives off the WA coast in World War II - its domed Sanctuary sculpted with 645 seagulls is a poignant place to watch the sun set, grateful for their sacrifice. If you want to know more about the ill-fated voyage, visit the impressive Shipwrecks Gallery at the Museum of Geraldton. This treasure trove of history also gives insights into the region’s most infamous shipwreck, on the Houtman Abrolhos Islands.

Sarah Henderson

Dan Avila

Sarah Henderson


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Batavia shipwreck site off of the Abrolhos Islands; Charter tours can take you out to explore the islands on a day trip or longer; Sunbaking sea lion, Abrolhos Islands.

The ‘Galapagos’ of the Indian Ocean

Ever heard of Frederick de Houtman? The Dutch navigator first laid eyes on the islands that bear his name more than 400 years ago, but you could be forgiven for not making the connection given almost everyone simply calls them ‘the Abrolhos’. What is widely recognised is the importance of the 122 islands about 60km off the Geraldton coast. Such is the biodiversity of the Abrolhos, which stretch some 100km, they have been described as ‘the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’. The State Government declared the pristine environment a marine national park in 2019, with funding devoted to

managing sustainable tourism to the Abrolhos.

the archipelago, including the Zeewijk almost 100 years after the Batavia.

Houtman marked them as ‘Abrolhos’ on his charts, in what is believed to be a contraction of the Portuguese ‘abre os olhos’ or ‘open your eyes’, after almost colliding with the archipelago. Something the crew of the Batavia should have heeded a decade later, when the Dutch ship ran aground in June 1629 carrying 322 people and untold riches.

Today, it’s one of the many reasons to visit the Abrolhos. Experienced divers can explore the Batavia shipwreck site, depending on the weather (the islands are replete with glorious diving and snorkelling spots) while history buffs can visit Wiebbe Hayes Stone Fort, Australia’s oldest surviving European building, and learn more about the brutal mutiny that claimed the lives of more than 100 men, women and children.

The story of the shipwreck and its bloody aftermath has been retold many times since, but it is by no means the only vessel to run afoul of the islands. More than 60 have officially met their end in


It is hard to believe something so heinous could happen somewhere so beautiful. 


They know the marine wonderland inside out and will take you to fish, walk, swim, snorkel and explore shipwrecks.

Getting out to the Abrolhos

Divided into three main clusters, the Wallabi, the Southern or Pelsaert (after the Batavia’s captain) and Easter, the Abrolhos is best visited when the wind drops in autumn or during the milder spring, though all tours are weather dependent. There are air and sea charter tours from Geraldton to the islands, though much of the land is off limits to protect its biodiversity. If you need some guidance, check in at the Geraldton Visitors Centre and book ahead to ensure a berth. Abrolhos Adventures do just about everything, from a day of fishing to whale watching, diving and more. Its luxury ‘fast ferry’ catamaran will take you from Geraldton Fisherman’s Wharf to the Southern islands in 90 minutes for an all-day adventure that includes a glass-bottom boat ride over the coral, snorkelling, dolphin spotting and a guided tour of Long Island. As there is no accommodation on the Abrolhos, the best way to get the most

out of this magnificent corner of Western Australia is to book a cabin on a boat and hang around for a few days with someone else doing the navigating.

day ‘Shipwreck Special’ that takes you out over the islands for a bird’s eye view before landing near Turtle Bay to enjoy snorkelling or a guided walk.

Eco Abrolhos offers a five-day tour aboard a luxurious 32-passenger catamaran (each cabin has its own suite), where you’ll be spoilt onboard while exploring the islands. Run by Jay and Sonia Cox, former crayfish operators who lived on the Abrolhos for decades, they know the marine wonderland inside out and will take you to fish, walk, swim, snorkel and explore shipwrecks. Starting from $2700pp twin share, this books up quickly for private charters, too.

Shine Aviation also runs a similar tour, for about $420 per adult, that provides stunning aerial views as well as time in Turtle Bay. Or pay a bit extra to fly over the famous Pink Lake, north of Geraldton, before heading out to the Abrolhos.

Abrolhos Adventures’ more rustic Sea Shack charter boat, which sleeps 10, offers a four-day tour for about $3000. You can sightsee on one of the tenders, take off on a jetski or standup paddleboard, fish and pull up cray pots, as well as explore the beauty of the islands. If you don’t have the time – or the sea legs – for a boat, take to the skies. Geraldton Air Charter offers a full or half 48

For about $300, you can enjoy a 90-minute scenic trip, enough time to snap hundreds of impressive shots of the watery wonders below. Back on the mainland, if you want something a little more tangible to remember your island adventure, treat yourself to an Abrolhos pearl. While pearling is a relative newcomer to the Abrolhos, the rich corals and pristine waters work their magic on the black lip oysters, creating gems with a natural lustre in a stunning array of colours. Not unlike the islands themselves. 



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advanced inverter on the market and can do ALL of the following SIMULTANEOUSLY: • • • •

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Our State, People+Future

Future moves FLYING ELECTRIC UBER RIVAL California-based aeronautical company Joby Aviation has spent the past 10 years developing an electric aircraft designed specifically to be used for airborne ridesharing services. Joby said its aerial ridesharing service will combine the ease of conventional ridesharing with the time-saving abilities of flight. Joby anticipates the service would be summoned similarly to the way services like Uber are now with a smartphone app, which would be enhanced by aircraft which can take off and land vertically. The Joby aircraft is currently undergoing certification for commercial operations.

MERCEDES’ NEXT AUTONOMOUS STEPS Mercedes-Benz has become the first car maker to gain worldwide approval for a new level of autonomous functions in its upcoming S-Class luxury sedan. It means the German manufacturer has satisfied the requirements for a Level 3 autonomous driving system in a car, as defined by SAE International, which develops standards for the transport industry. Level 3 means the car can take over certain driving tasks, but the driver must be ready to take control of the vehicle at all times when prompted. It’s a major step for a vehicle manufacturer to have a Level 3 system reach technical approval. However to operate in markets such as Australia, the specific road rules around autonomous cars will need to be in place before it can be driven on our roads.

HYDROGEN MAKES OLD NEW It may have far-reaching links to the past, but the Land Rover Defender is now being developed to use one of the most promising future vehicle fuels: hydrogen. While hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles are currently very scarce in Australia and worldwide, hydrogen does have important advantages over internal combustion engine cars and even battery-only vehicles, namely that hydrogen cars emit only water, and can be refuelled in a few minutes. Land Rover has been testing a hydrogen fuel cell prototype since late 2021 and is planning to have zero tailpipe emissions from all its vehicles by 2036. 



Test drive

SMALL SUVS GO BACK-TO-BACK We compare the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross with the Peugeot 2008 By Alex Forrest

With 25 different models to choose from, the market for small, affordable SUVs is broad. It’s a category that’s highly competitive for manufacturers and often bewildering for buyers.

TOP: The Eclipse Cross has a more affordable price, with lower fuel costs and also better overall equipment levels; LEFT: The Peugeot 2008 has higher quality finishes inside and a more striking and sophisticated exterior design; ABOVE: The small and very low-set steering wheel of the Peugeot takes some getting used to.


Car+Motoring The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a solid seller, sitting at fifth out of 25 different models in the small SUV class for sales in WA in 2021, while the lesser-known Peugeot 2008 was at 21st. While they have their differences, these two seemingly disparate small SUVs do have some commonalities. Both the Eclipse Cross and the 2008 are powered by small, turbocharged petrol engines, they both stand out in the crowd, and yet both are often overlooked by buyers. In a very price-sensitive segment such as this, many buyers are conservative with their choices and cars like these often don’t even make the initial shopping list. So, should these slightly less common baby SUVs be getting on more shopping lists? Let’s find out. Value for money

For variants that are roughly comparable on equipment levels, you’ll be looking at $45,870 for the Peugeot 2008 GT and $38,690 for the Eclipse Cross Aspire. Both get cruise control, but only the Mitsubishi gets it with stop-and-go functionality (meaning if traffic ahead slows to a stop, the adaptive cruise will automatically bring the car to a stop, and then go again when safe). There are similar finishing materials inside, with both the Eclipse Cross Aspire and the 2008 GT getting seats with some leather-like “I can’t believe it’s not leather” coverings. Elsewhere in the cabin, such as the quality of the centre console and door coverings, the Peugeot has the edge.

ABOVE: The Mitsubishi’s cruise control is adaptive and can automatically bring the car to a stop, and then go again when safe.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

But the Mitsubishi’s sound system gets more speakers – eight compared to the Peugeot’s six. On equipment alone, it’s a win to the Mitsubishi here. On the road

If you thought the four-cylinder, 1.5-litre turbo in the Eclipse Cross was small for an SUV, then the Peugeot’s three-cylinder, 1.2-litre turbo takes it a step further. However, the Peugeot is also a significantly lighter vehicle, with a kerb weight of 1247kg against the Mitsubishi’s 1499kg. Both these vehicles are sprightly in traffic and on dry roads, grip wasn’t an issue. What does take some getting used to is the small and very low-set steering wheel of the Peugeot. This has been a design feature on Peugeots for the last 10 years and while it’s always odd when we get back in one, it doesn’t take long to adjust. Both are pretty nimble, but the lighter Peugeot is a little more agile, despite its slightly less sporty tyre sizes.

ENGINE 1.5-litre turbo petrol POWER 110kW @ 5500rpm TORQUE 250Nm @ 2000-3500rpm CLAIMED FUEL ECONOMY 7.3L/100km PRICE $38,690 drive away ANCAP SAFETY RATING 

Safety and practicality

Both the Peugeot and the Mitsubishi have 5-star ANCAP safety ratings, however there are some differences between the two.

Peugeot 2008 GT

The Peugeot has a rather advanced AEB system which can detect pedestrians and cyclists in low light situations. It can also detect when a driver is about to make a dangerous lane change and steer away from the approaching car, even if the indicator is on. Rear cross traffic alert, the excellent safety tech which detects cross traffic in the path of a reversing vehicle, is available in the Mitsubishi, but not in the Peugeot. Mitsubishi gives Eclipse Cross Aspire owners an electrically adjustable driver’s seat, but that’s optional in the Peugeot. Verdict

There’s no doubt that the Peugeot 2008 is the more premium of these two. It has higher quality finishes inside and a more striking and sophisticated exterior design. However, with the Eclipse Cross’s more affordable price, better overall equipment levels and more affordable fuel costs (it uses 91 RON whereas the 2008 needs 95), we’d recommend this as the better buy for most. Unless you really want an unusual small SUV with some cool European flair and are prepared to pay for it.  53

ENGINE 1.2-litre turbo petrol POWER 96kW @ 5500rpm TORQUE 230Nm @ 1750rpm CLAIMED FUEL ECONOMY 6.5L/100km PRICE $45,870 drive away ANCAP SAFETY RATING 


LAND ROVER DEFENDER 90 The Defender, and its ancestors, is the model line that the Land Rover brand itself is built upon. It therefore follows that Land Rover would want to use its 2022 models to make a few references to those ancestors, while also bringing some much-needed modernity to the current Defender range. The new Defender 90 therefore comes with the capability to download software updates remotely, a vehicle key fob you can wear on your wrist like a watch, and a suite of modern safety features. But the Defender 90 also echoes its predecessors. Examples include the windows on the sides of the roof, the checker plate finishes on the bonnet, and the option of the traditional-looking white painted steel wheels. In these ways, the Defender is utterly charming. But with very little space behind the rear seats – which don’t fold anywhere near flat – and pricing that puts it close to the more practical Defender 110, the Defender 90 is an illogical, if delightful and elegant indulgence. The example we tested was a P300 model, meaning it had the 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine making 221kW and 400Nm, which had an eight-speed auto bolted to it. In the optional “Pangea Green” metallic paint colour (a $2060 option) teamed with the white contrast roof ($2171) and white steel wheels, the test Defender made for a striking presence on the road given its “shorty” proportions. ENGINE 2.0-litre turbo petrol POWER 221kW @ 5500rpm TORQUE 400Nm @ 1500-4500rpm CLAIMED FUEL ECONOMY 10.1L/100km PRICE $92,100 plus on-roads ANCAP SAFETY RATING 

The optional Clearsight Interior Rear-View Mirror is a clever solution to seeing out the rear window, which is partially obscured by the spare tyre. A camera mounted on the roof sends a video feed to the rear-view mirror, which doubles as a video screen - a very helpful feature. The 90 in its name used to refer vaguely to its wheelbase. Nowadays, we reckon it refers to the Defender being 90 per cent fun and frivolity, and 10 per cent sensible.



TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 300 SERIES Right from when Toyota started developing the 300 Series seven years ago, it was clear the new vehicle needed to be more fuel efficient and yet more powerful, safer yet lighter and handle better on sealed roads while still being brilliant off road. The twin-turbo V8 is gone from the Landcruiser, but so is that engine’s associated thirst and weight, while there’s also a new 10-speed transmission. Among the true showpiece features on the 300 Series is its electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (e-KDSS). In both the 200 and 300 Series Landcruisers, KDSS enables the vehicles to unlock their anti-roll bars as required, which provides the dual benefits of good wheel articulation when off road, while being able to re-secure the anti-roll bars to retain acceptable roll control when on sealed roads. A simpler, hydraulic version of KDSS was introduced on the 200 Series when it was launched in 2007. Now, in the 300 Series GR Sport, the system is electronically controlled. On very rough off-road tracks, the system makes for a surprisingly smooth ride, especially when you get out and look at what the vehicle has been traversing. The 300 has a smaller fuel tank than its predecessor, and even though the 300’s V6 is more economical, the 300’s overall fuel range is down by about 200km, using ADR test consumption rates. There’s been a major revamp of the interior for the 300, with a large, highmounted touch screen central to the experience, but we were pleased to see the screen operations were supported by several actual buttons for audio volume, sat nav, main menu and to switch between audio sources. Despite being notably more expensive than its predecessor, we reckon Toyota will sell as many 300s as they can make, and for quite some time after production gets back on track. 


ENGINE 3.3-litre twin turbo diesel POWER 227kW @ 4000rpm TORQUE 700Nm @ 1600-2600rpm CLAIMED FUEL ECONOMY 8.9L/100km PRICE from $99,470 drive away ANCAP SAFETY RATING not rated


ROAD SAFETY STARTS WITH GOOD VISION After months of lockdown and border closures many Australians are looking to escape on a road trip. The trouble is, many of us have neglected to get an up-to-date eye test over the break. RAC Exclusive Optical Partner OPSM commissioned research on Australian drivers and found that three quarters of drivers are planning a long road trip this year with an average length of 4 hours. Despite this, over 90% of Australian drivers and riders don’t get their eyes checked before their journey. OPSM Optometrist Elizabeth Kodari says: “Covid lockdowns resulted in a significant reduction of people getting their eyes tested. Reduced eye testing and increased road journeys is a concern which led us to commission the OPSM Driving and Eye Health Report 2021, to better understand Australians’ attitudes and behaviours towards vision and road safety.”


We all know how important our vision is for road safety, but what is surprising is how many of us get behind the wheel with vision problems. A staggering 1 in 3 Australian riders and drivers don’t feel comfortable driving at night due to their vision, 9 in 10 drivers and riders are bothered by glare, and 84% of Australian drivers and riders admit their vision isn’t perfect. OPSM recommends regular visits with your optometrist based on your eye health needs for optimal road safety. OPSM optometrists strive to ensure you have the best possible vision to be safe on the road and provide innovative lenses that are built for comfort and road safety, so you can drive and ride with confidence and clarity.

Put an eye test on your road safety checklist, because road safety starts with good vision. To book an eye test, learn more about OPSM’s lenses range, or see which lenses might be right for your next road trip, visit opsm.com.au



*When purchased as part of a complete pair (frame and lenses). Brand exclusions and further T&Cs apply. Visit special offers on OPSM website for details. Offer available from 11/04/22 to 08/05/22.


Car doctor RAC members can take advantage of our Motoring Advice Line. If you have a motoring question, call 6150 6199 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm to speak to one of our experts.

Q We have a Toyota

200 Series 2012 V8 diesel Landcruiser and have just fitted new tyres. The original tyres were 265-65-17 and we now have 265-70-17. It seems that the automatic transmission takes longer to get into overdrive, and when towing the caravan it doesn’t hold 5th gear as well. Can this happen or is it my imagination? Sharon, Quinns Rocks

A Assuming you kept the

same wheels, this change means your new tyres have a slightly bigger diameter than the old ones, and therefore a bigger circumference. With the new tyres, your Landcruiser will roll slightly further for each complete rotation of the wheels. In turn, your vehicle will effectively be slightly higher geared than it was before, and this could be

build date. With dealers often keen to move on cars with older build dates, this can be used as a negotiation point.

affecting the operation of its transmission in the ways you describe. The larger tyres could also be affecting the accuracy of your vehicle’s speedometer, and we’d recommend having this checked.

Q I have a Mazda BT-50

that is used largely as a farm vehicle. It does a lot of work at low speeds meaning the 15,000km service interval could be double (in terms of engine hours) that of a car used primarily on the highway. Is this a problem, and should a shorter service interval be considered? Rob, Williams

Q I have an MG manufactured in September 2020, compliance date December 2020 and first registration date 5 January 2021. Do I have a 2020 or 2021 model for resale purposes? Christine, Southern River

A Even though your MG

A Running your BT-50 at

was registered in January 2021, its build date of September 2020 is the date that will be used when the vehicle is offered for sale as a used car. For vehicles which are offered for sale towards the end of a calendar year, or early in the new year, it is important to validate the

low speed and low revs for long periods means it could be advisable to service it every six months rather than annually. Alternatively, if the vehicle is registered and roadworthy, regularly taking it for an extended highway drive would be beneficial. 


WIN FREE FUEL Send us your question for the Car Doctor and if it’s published, you’ll receive a $50 fuel voucher to use at any Puma location Australia-wide, thanks to RAC Member Benefits. Send your questions to editor@rac.com.au or post to The Car Doctor, Horizons, GPO Box C140, Perth WA 6839 Please include your full name, address and daytime telephone number with your question. If your question is chosen for publication, please allow up to eight weeks for delivery. See page 81 for terms and conditions of entry.

People, places, prizes and RAC news

Member lounge COLLECTION FOR A COMMUNITY HERO RAC member Robin is a Maylands local who loves to give his time to help elderly people in his community by driving them to appointments and cooking meals. Robin is a regular visitor to our Dianella Member Service Centre and once mentioned to one of our consultants, Claire, that he collects cans and bottles for the Containers for Change program for a bit of spare change. So the Dianella team now regularly collects containers for Robin. They also recently arranged to get Robin’s car serviced at an RAC Auto Services centre to ensure it was running safely.

Share your cutest pet pics to win RAC’s Pet Search is back for 2022 Ready to show off your pet’s pawsonality? Our Pet Search is on from 8 March to 5 April, and we’re excited to see a favourite snap of your furry friend. Each week, we’ll be selecting the best pet photo and giving away a $500 RAC Parks & Resorts voucher. Then, on 13 April we’ll announce our overall dog and cat winners for 2022, whose owners will receive a $1500 Visa gift card. We’re looking for shots that best capture your dog or cat’s personality. Make sure your photo is taken in natural daylight and your pet’s face is clear to see. And remember, the best shots are captured when your pet is in their natural environment, doing something they love or doing something that makes you smile. To enter

To enter your pet pic, or view the competition terms and conditions, visit rac.com.au/petsearch2022. If you need some inspiration, check out #racwapets on Instagram.

SAVE ON PET INSURANCE Protect your family’s furry bundle of joy with RAC Pet Insurance. Buy online and save $50 on your first year* *Conditions, limits & exclusions apply. Discount applies to the first year of insurance only. RAC Insurance Pty Limited is authorised by RACQ Insurance Limited as an agent to issue RAC Pet Insurance. Check the PDS, SPDS (where applicable) and TMD at rac.com.au to see if the product is right for you.



NOT SURE ABOUT THE OLD ALARM IN YOUR NEW HOME? If you’re moving into a new home with an existing security system, RAC Security’s senior technician, Tim Higgins, recommends you get the master code from the previous owner, or landlord in the case of a rental, and change it before you move anything in. “Moving into a home that already has a security system is a great bonus, but you can’t be sure how many other people know the code, so changing it immediately is essential. “If you’re not sure how to do this without a manual or if you’re simply not able to get hold of the code, our security technicians can reset the system for you, even where you have no code at all.”

Logbook servicing – what you need to know Most car makers won’t advertise it, but Australian Consumer Law requires that they must not make servicing your car at the dealer a condition of maintaining the car’s warranty. If you have a car that’s under warranty, maintaining the warranty as specified is important so wherever you choose to go, make sure the work is performed by qualified staff, according to the manufacturer’s specification and using appropriate quality parts - although they don’t need to be genuine parts. You should avoid skipping a scheduled service as that will almost always void your car’s warranty. And ask your mechanic to fill out the service logbook each time. To keep your car running safely, reliably and efficiently, you should continue with the recommended service schedule even after the warranty period finishes. This will provide peace of mind and help you sell it more easily when that time comes. WA has a licensing scheme so you can check if your mechanic is licensed. Choose a good service centre and you’ll get both a competitive price and the choice of taking it to the location you want. To check if a repairer is licensed visit mtawa.com.au Due for a logbook service? RAC Auto Services perform manufacturer logbook servicing on a wide range of makes and models, plus members save 10% on labour.* To book, visit rac.com.au/Logbook


RAC Security can come to your property and check the entire system including the battery to ensure everything is in sound working order. They can also program the alarm to your individual needs, such as adding more user codes or tailoring your night-time arming settings, and will give you a full tutorial on how to use the system. To book a service or repair for your security system, call RAC Security on 1300 132 735 and press option 2.


12 ways we’re reconnecting WA in 2022 As part of RAC’s Reconnect WA initiative, which supports councils and shires in revitalising streets and public spaces, we’re excited to be partnering to bring the following projects to life. Paddy Troy Mall in Fremantle will be revitalised, including creating al fresco space and improved connections for pedestrians.

Road into a pedestrianised area with activations and permanent safety improvements.

A regeneration of a shopping precinct on Grand Promenade in the City of Bayswater will include an al fresco area with seating, shade, lighting, and exploration of a speed limit reduction trial.

A trial to redesign and beautify the high street in the Bassendean town centre, between Wilson Street and Guildford Road, along Old Perth Road, will create a more pedestrian-friendly space.

A 12-month program for The Strand in Wellard, including activations, beautification and temporary changes, is set to create a more vibrant and pedestrian-friendly community space.

A 12-month pilot project on Ruddock Street in Leeman will create new seating areas with greenery, public art and play elements for the community.

Subi POP Postal Walk will bring new life and vibrancy to an underutilised space in Subiaco’s town centre, with increased seating and community activities giving people a reason to stay. In the City of Vincent, a trial will temporarily convert part of Grosvenor

In the town of Beverley, the installation of pedestrian crossings will create safer access to and along Vincent Street and will include al fresco spaces, greenery and bike racks. In the Dardanup Shire, the Shire-owned former depot site will be revitalised into a vibrant place for the community to use, 60

with space for activations and outdoor art. On Clive Street in Katanning, the creation of pop-up spaces will bring colour, life, and new energy to the heart of Katanning. The laneway between the Pingelly Town Hall and local businesses will be turned into a vibrant small park as part of a threemonth trial. In Trayning, the area next to the Don Mason Community Centre will be transformed into a shaded, colourful area, with murals, raised seating, play elements, greenery, and shade sails. To read more about RAC’s Reconnect WA initiative, visit rac.com.au/reconnect More than 4200 RAC members helped us decide which projects to support. We’re so pleased to see so many Western Australians passionate about getting involved to help drive positive change in their local communities.

Cancer information Regional support services

Staying well during and after cancer

We’re your compass through cancer.

Caring for someone with cancer

Practical support

Statewide counselling

Accommodation for country patients

Connecting with others

For cancer-related information, advice and support call our cancer nurses on 13 11 20.


Cancer education programs

Emotions and cancer

Wig service

Legal and financial services



RAC MEMBERS SAVE 20% Head out to Perth’s favourite island paradise, Rottnest Island! Only 19km from the coast of Perth, Rottnest Island offers a laid back atmosphere, picturesque scenery and history to discover. Occupy your trip with a range of local tours, dining on island cuisine or cycle the island and dive in to any of the 63 beaches or 20 bays, discovering snorkeling trails,diving and surf breaks along the way. With departures from Fremantle and Elizabeth Quay, SeaLink Rottnest Island is the way to go to Rotto. With fast, smooth vessels and friendly customer service, go blue on your next trip to Rottnest Island!

RAC MEMBERS SAVE 20% Depart Perth by boat, and arrive in an award winning wine region on the same day. Relax and enjoy the iconic city skyline and beautiful picturesque landscape as you escape the city and cruise leisurely into the upper regions of the Swan Valley. • • • • • •

Morning tea, coffee & muffins served on arrival Premium WA wine tasting on board with cheese and biscuits Behind the scenes winery tour & exclusive gift shop discounts Taste of six premium wines at Sandalford Estate Dessert served on the return cruise plus live entertainment All-inclusive wines on board the return voyage from 3:15pm Quote RACWINE15 to your member consultant to save 15% on your cruise.

Book your tickets online to save 20% on your cruise. T&C apply.


Book your tickets online to save 20% on your cruise. T&C apply.


in WA Book and relax with us The power of membership

Our beachfront sites at RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort.


Call 1800 871 570 or visit racparksandresorts.com.au Terms and conditions apply. Discount varies according to season. See website for full details.

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As a member, the more you spend, the more you save on lounges, bedding, dining, outdoor furniture, and more. Plus, get 5%* off sale items. Show your RAC membership card in-store at one of their stores located in Cannington, Cockburn, Joondalup, Mandurah, Midland, Osborne Park, and Rockingham.


Visit rac.com.au/bazaar *Terms and conditions apply. Visit rac.com.au/bazaar for full terms and conditions.



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Free remote upgrade for RAC members with every roller shutter purchase* Until May 31st, and exclusive to RAC members, Nu-Style Shutters are giving away a free remote upgrade with every electric roller shutter purchase valued at $165 per shutter, that’s in addition to the 10% RAC Members Benefit saving! That’s the power of membership


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Vaccinations Wizard Pharmacy is proud to be part of the initiative to increase vaccination rates amongst Australians. Our fully trained Pharmacists are able to administer a range of vaccines including Influenza (FLU) and COVID-19.

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For more information on Vaccination Services or to book your Flu or FREE COVID-19 vaccination visit wizardpharmacy.com.au or scan HERE To speak to a Pharmacist about our Vaccination Services call 1300 929 929 or visit your local Wizard Pharmacy. *Available to all current RAC members when a valid RAC membership card is presented in-store or online. RAC members don’t need to be a Wizard Rewards member to receive the 5% discount. Discount not available on PBS prescriptions, clearance lines or postage. RAC membership can only be associated with one Wizard Rewards card.



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Get more than you bargained for when you shop at Retravision this May! For the entire month, you’ll score big bonuses on almost every purchase. That means you not only get a great deal – but you get a great deal more. It’s a big month of bonuses at Retravision!

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For more information, visit retravision.com.au

@RetravisionAU Shop online 24/7 at retravision.com.au Available to all valid RAC Members when a valid RAC membership card is displayed in-store or used online. Discount not applicable to the following brands which are excluded from the RAC member offering including but not limited to: Asko, AEG, Falcon, Falmec, Gaggenau, La Germania, Miele, Speed Queen and Neff. Retravision acts as an agent for these brands and isn't permitted to offer a discount or bonus. Discount applies to products only and does not apply to installation services. Bonus Bonus Sale offers available WH88069 between 1/5/2022 to 31/5/2022.


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SPECIAL Roller Shutters OFFER for RAC Members

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Free Remote Upgrade for RAC members with every roller shutter purchase. Install premium quality Nu-Style Roller Shutters on your home today!

FREE REMOTE Limited Offer valid until 31.5.22

Until May 31st, and exclusive to RAC members, Nu-Style Shutters are giving away a FREE REMOTE UPGRADE with every electric roller shutter purchase valued at $165 per shutter, that’s in addition to the 10% RAC Members Benefit saving!

Benefits of Nu Style roller shutters with easy remote operation: • Increase security

• Blockout light & the heat

• Stay cool

• Save on energy bills

• Increase privacy

• Professional installation


1300 798 776

Members save 10%. Plus claim the $400 Safety and Security State Government rebate^


179 Beringarra Ave, Malaga

Stand #89, Homebase Subiaco

*T&Cs apply. Offer ends 31 May 2022. Visit our website for more information. Security Agents License no. 20818



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and 15% off all other services




Normally $355. Offer only available once per household.

The CSIRO strongly recommends Annual Termite Inspections.

INCLUDES Termite & Borer Inspection 12 Month Service Warranty Free Spider Treatment Termite Management Plan



Termite damage is estimated to cost Australian homeowners $780 million per year. Termico can eliminate invading termite colonies using the latest termite management systems.




Trusted West Australian owned & operated company PEST MANAGEMENT SERVICES


OBLIGATION FREE QUOTES * Discount only applies to the Termico Pest Management services listed. Offer available in Perth metro area and selected country areas, for more information call 9443 9470. Spider treatment not available with pre-purchase inspections. Discount does not apply to warranty renewal contracts, Termico special offers or to other products / services of the Termico Group. Available to all valid RAC Members when a valid RAC membership card is quoted over the phone or presented at time of purchase. Valid until 31/05/2022.


9443 9470 termicopestmanagement.com.au

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Outdoor Blinds End of Season


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Enjoy your alfresco all year round!

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Install premium quality Nu-Style outdoor blinds on your home

Maximise your outdoor living all year round by installing premium quality Nu-Style outdoor blinds. They not only look stylish but will blockout the heat & strong winds. With our End of Season Sale now on, there has never been a better time to save! FOR A FREE MEASURE AND QUOTE CALL


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Security Doors & Screens SALE NOW ON Members save



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• Premium Promesh Stainless Steel • Tough & affordable SecureGrille • Aust Standard triple locking system • Replace old flyscreens & doors Members save 10%. Plus claim the $400 Safety and Security State Government Rebate^



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*^T&Cs apply. Available only on new purchases. Offer ends 31.5.22. Visit our website for more information. Security Agents License no. 20818

Colour Tip

Pale blue tones evoke calm and relaxation. Combine with off-whites and beige for complete peace and simplicity.

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off paints, stains & accessories

All Wattyl products are proudly made in Australia

Find a Wattyl Paint Centre near you wattyl.com.au *Exclusions apply – see in store for full details at all Wattyl Paint Centres. Online promo code: RACA22 (Apr) and RACMY22 (May). Colours featured: Lower wall, texture and top coat Wattyl GranoImpact in ‘Driftwood’. Upper wall, texture and top coat Wattyl GranoImpact in ‘Invisibility Cloak’. Leaning wall panel, Wattyl I.D Advanced in ‘Vitesse’.



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Cicerello’s has been an iconic Fremantle destination

since its founding in 1903. Today, nearly 120 years later, we are still a local family owned business.

Whilst we have grown and evolved over the years, we are still famous for traditional fish ‘n’ chips. On any visit you can also enjoy a selection of fried or grilled delicacies, including fresh local fish that is hand cut onsite, local lobster, crabs, prawns and even abalone. A Cicerello’s experience is so much more than fish ‘n’ chips, our Fremantle location is home to WA’s largest private free aquariums which we invite you to explore. We are pleased to partner with another local WA icon, RAC WA.

Members save



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FREMANTLE – 44 Mews Road, Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour MANDURAH – Unit 2/73 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah




Other offers

“This Hearing Aid Has Changed My Life” Testimonials

“Wish I had gone to Hearing Loss Specialists sooner, my hearing aids have changed my life. I now hear sounds I had not heard for many years and my family and friends no longer have to repeat themselves. Thank you, Gerry and staff, for your honesty, integrity and support. You are amazing!” T.Kirk, WA.

“Thank you to you Gerry and your wonderful staff. My experience with your hearing loss practice has been excellent. The hearing aids you recommended are the best I have ever had. It’s a life-changing experience to be able to hear clearly and I so appreciate your patient and caring manner, Kind regards” M.Bowden, WA.

“I would recommend Hearing Loss Specialists for their service and understanding. I have tried other types of hearing aids for a few years, which have not been very successful, the noise of shopping centres etc. was unbearable, I would not wear them half the time because of that. The new ones I have now are brilliant, noisy areas are not a problem. The staff at Hearing Loss were very helpful and understanding. Five out of Five stars!” G.Finnie, WA.

“I simply cannot believe the difference it has made to my life! The ability to actively engage in conversation both one on one and in a myriad of social settings borders on disbelief. The sheer joy of being involved and indeed contributing to discussions is something I had long forgotten and drives home just how much I have missed over the years.”

Richard Bryndzej, WA.


$600 OFF

tttttttttt t

Every Hearing Aid

This Invisible Hearing Aid is virtually undetectable!

There’s no need to suffer in silence

Enjoy your life with dramatically improved hearing, you will be able to hear family, friends, TV, the telephone & in groups so much clearer with this new 2022 hearing aid technology.

It’s time to say goodbye to your old hearing aids

Introducing our brand new 2022 hearing aid technology that is customised for your individual ear size and hearing loss. It’s so small it can fit deep inside your ear canal, it begins where other hearing aids end. This makes it virtually invisible to anyone else.

Increasing evidence with hearing loss and the link to dementia

Findings from a recent study* revealed a striking measurable improvement in memory after 6 months of daily hearing aid use. *(Anderson 2019 and Glick and Sharma)

Free In-Clinic

Hearing Test, Consultation & Demonstration

Home Visits

Hearing Test, Consultation & Demonstration

All clinics

9350 6311




$1,599ea Less Private Health Insurance Refunds

Free 30 Day

Exchange Program if you are not completely satisfied with your new hearing aids


Call today to book your appointment

CANNINGTON 12 Pattie Street



31 Arnisdale Road

Hollywood Specialist Centre Valid until 31/05/22

Members save $600 off every hearing aid 73


Waikiki Specialist Centre

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$1 Save Save



RAC members pay $4,000



plus get a free tap and

pressure release valve RAC members (worth $240)* pay $4,000 More RAC bore •



packaged & depths available

0’s $100 000’s on ongoing water bills

on ongoing water bills

• Submersible bore drilled to 18 metres (ideal in most lower-lying Perth suburbs) • Tier one multi-stage stainless steel submersible pump with an industry Submersible bore drilled beating P. M. Technology to 18 metres (ideal in most Italian 1hp motor • Standard electrical lower-lying Perth suburbs) connection to house power Tier one multi-stage • Plumbed to existing reticulationsteel submersible stainless • Your stainless steel pump pump andeep industry will bewith invisible, beneathP. theM. ground. beating Technology


– Ask us today!


plus get a free tap and Italian 1hp0111 motor Call for a quote on 9246 Troy 0408 454 130 David 0499 248 562 | PERTH METRO pressure release valve on • Standard electrical on going Check us out online virginbores.com.au (worth $240)* connection to house power


water bills

• Plumbed to existing More RAC bore reticulation packaged & • Your stainless steel pump • Submersible depths availablebore drilled will be invisible, deep *Subject to obligation-free site visit. Other depths & pump configurations recommended/available as required depending on your location & depth to water. Assumes electrical & reticulation connection nearby & accessible, up to 10m cable and pipe run. Cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other special offer. Valid until 31/03/20.. Must be claimed at time of quotation.

to 18 metres (ideal in most

beneath the ground. today! Perth suburbs) RAC members – Ask uslower-lying drilled to 18 metres $4,000 • Submersible •Call Tierbore one 18 METREpay BORE formulti-stage a quote on 9246 0111

(ideal in most lower-lying Perth suburbs) stainless steel submersible Troy 0408 454 130 David 0499 248 562 | PERTH METRO

$3,600 $4,100

• Tier one multi-stage pump with stainless an industrysteel RAC members beating M.with Technology Check usP.out online virginbores.com.au submersible pump an industry pay $4,570 plus get a free tap and Italian 1hp motor

$30 OFF

beating P. M. Technology Italian 1hp motor *Subject to obligation-free site visit. Other depths & pump configurations recommended/available as required depending pressure release valve • electrical Standard electrical on•your location & depth to water. Assumes electrical & reticulation connection nearbypower & accessible, up to 10m cable and Standard connection to house pipe run. Cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other special offer. Valid until 31/03/20.. (worth $240)* toclaimed house power Must be at time of quotation. • Plumbedconnection to existing reticulation plus get a free tap and • Plumbed to existing • Your stainless steel pump will be invisible, More pressure release valveRAC bore reticulation deep beneath the ground. (worth $300)*packaged &


• Your stainless steel pump depths available will be invisible, deep More –RAC bore packages available — Ask us today! beneath the ground. Ask us today!


Call for a quote on 9246 0111

Troy 0408 454 130 David 0499 248 562 | PERTH METRO


Check us out online virginbores.com.au

1300 663 634 SKYDIVE.COM.AU

*Subject to obligation-free site visit. Other depths & pump configurations recommended/available as required depending on your location *Subject to obligation-free visit. Other connection depths & pump configurations recommended/available as required & depth to water. Assumes electrical &site reticulation nearby & accessible, up to 10m cable and pipe run.depending Excludes low yield areas. on your location & depth to water. Assumes electrical & reticulation connection nearby & accessible, up to 10m cable and Cannot be claimed in Cannot conjunction with in any other special Applies to package only. Valid until 31/05/22. pipe run. be claimed conjunction with offer. any other special offer. Validdeals until 31/03/20.. Must claimedat atthe timetime of quotation. Must bebe claimed of quotation.

EC 14442

Members receive $30 off 15,000ft tandem skydives

Members save $710

Having Difficulty on the Stairs? 31/05/22 Valid to 30/09/20 30/11/20

· Gutters and downpipes · Roof restoration Gutters and downpipes · Ridgecap re-pointing Roof restoration

• The only company to supply and install our own stairlifts • For straight or curved staircases • Indoor and outdoor lifts • Free home assessment • Fast installation • Safe and reliable

We will beat any · Skylights Ridgecap re-pointing il!l e owte qu W · All general roof repairs beat any Skylights quote! · All work guaranteed general roof repairs

· All Re-roofs/Roof extensions work guaranteed · Free quotes extensions Re-roofs/Roof · Free quotes

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Everything here comes from here. Thanks to our pristine environment and shorter distance from producer to plate, WA produce is the superior choice. Look for the Buy West Eat Best logo. @buywesteatbest #buywesteatbest

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development


RAC PARKS & RESORTS ESPERANCE COMPETITION, PAGE 36 & 37 The competition begins on 15 March 2022 at 9am and ends on 31 May 2022 at 5pm (Australian Western Standard Time). Up to 1 entrants (winners) may each be awarded only one prize as follows: 3 nights’ accommodation in a 2-bedroom bay villa at RAC Esperance Holiday Park, 5-day car rental with SIXT Australia - SUV vehicle including Ultimate Protection (valued at $1044.57), $150 Puma fuel voucher, a WA National Park Pass, a half day wildlife cruise with Esperance Island Cruises, valid for two adults and two children (under 12 years of age). Valid for travel during low-mid season only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Prize is valid for 12 months of issue date. The winners shall be chosen by the judges from the entries at random. The winner will be drawn on 2 June 2022 and notified by writing. When the winner is notified of their prize they will also be provided with details as to the collection of their prize. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The promoter reserves the right not to select Winners of all or any prizes in its absolute discretion. Each winner must claim its prize on or before 16 June 2022 . Prizes must be claimed in person unless a winner is otherwise advised. Identification, which includes a photograph, will be required. Prizes will only be awarded following winner validation and verification. This competition is subject to the Promoter’s Privacy and Security Statement and Group Privacy Policy. CAR DOCTOR, PAGE 57 Entrants may submit more than one entry. Up to three entrants (winners) will be awarded only one prize as follows: one $50 fuel voucher to use in one transaction at any Puma Energy location Australia-wide.

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The prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Entries that do not, in the absolute discretion of the panel of judges, comply with these requirements are invalid. The winner will be notified by email, telephone or letter. When the winner is notified of their prize they will also be provided details as to the collection of their prize. Entrants published in April/May 2022 Horizons must claim their prize by 16 May 2022. In the event that no contact details are supplied, or RAC cannot make contact with the winner, the prize may be withdrawn at the absolute discretion of Horizons magazine. Prizes will only be awarded following winner validation and verification. This competition is subject to the promoter’s privacy and security statement and group privacy policy.

The Royal Automobile Club of WA (INC) 832 Wellington Street, West Perth GPO Box C140, Perth WA 6839 T: 13 17 03 W: rac.com.au

WINNING MEMBER COMMENT, PAGE 8 & 9 Entrants may submit more than one entry. One entrant (winner) will be awarded only one prize as follows: a year’s Classic Roadside Assistance valued at $186. If the winner already has Roadside Assistance, the Classic Roadside Assistance will be applied as credit to their account until their cover runs out. Entries that do not, in the absolute discretion of the panel of judges, comply with these requirements are invalid. The winner will be notified by email, phone or letter. When the winner is notified of their prize they will also be provided details as to the collection of their prize. Entrants published in April/May Horizons must claim their prize by 16 May 2022. In the event that no contact details are supplied, or RAC cannot make contact with the winner, the prize may be withdrawn at the absolute discretion of Horizons magazine. Prizes will only be awarded following winner validation and verification. This competition is subject to the promoter’s privacy and security statement and group privacy policy.

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Travel Centres APPLECROSS Shop 2, 14-16 Riseley Street T: 6150 6459 CAROUSEL Shop 1098, Westfield Carousel, 1382 Albany Highway T: 6150 6454 DIANELLA Shop 20, Dianella Plaza, 360/366 Grand Promenade T: 6150 6455 JOONDALUP Shop T31, Lakeside Joondalup SC, 420 Joondalup Drive T: 6150 6477 MANDURAH Shop SP037, Halls Head Central, 14 Guava Way T: 6150 6456 WEST PERTH (Head Office) 832 Wellington Street T: 9436 4830 @RACWA


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Ten best WA DAY HIKES Eagle View Walk Trail

Tourism Western Australia

John Forrest National Park 15km (return), 5-6hr Winding through jarrah and wandoo woodlands, this trail follows Jane Brook before dipping into a valley, tracing creek lines and then heading back up to the park’s main picnic area. It can be a challenging track with a few steep sections.

Nancy Peak Porongurup National Park 5.5km (return), 1-3hr Starting at the ‘Tree in the Rock’ picnic area, the Nancy Peak circuit trail passes through lush karri forest and over granite outcrops to reveal sweeping views of the Stirling Ranges. Some sections of the track are steep and rough, so prior hiking experience is advised.

Bigurda Trail Kalbarri National Park 8km, 3-5hr This relatively easy trail hugs the coastline and provides amazing views, contrasting the park’s rocky red cliffs against the ocean. It covers sandy and rocky terrain and is dotted with lookouts that also offer views of migrating whales from July to November.

Kitty’s Gorge Jarrahdale 7km, 1-3hr Following the Serpentine River and Gooralong Brook, this trail passes waterfalls (best viewed in late winter

ABOVE: Frenchman Peak, Cape Le Grand National Park.

and spring) and impressive granite outcrops. It does have some steep sections with uneven ground, but is still suitable for beginner hikers.

Chichester Range Camel Trail Millstream-Chichester National Park 8km, 3-4hr The one-way walk along this trail starts at Mount Herbert and finishes at popular swimming hole Python Pool. On the way you’ll be surrounded by red rock walls and iconic Pilbara wildflowers like Sturt’s desert pea and mulla mullas. As the track is quite remote, prior hiking experience is advised.

Bald Head Walk Trail Torndirrup National Park 12.5km (return), 5-7hr This challenging hike follows the ridge lane of the Flinders Peninsula to reveal stunning views over King George Sound. The terrain is very steep and difficult, so prior hiking experience is recommended.

Frenchman Peak Trail

Bluff Knoll

Cape Le Grand National Park 3km (return), 1-3hr This short yet difficult trail climbs to the summit of Frenchman Peak, revealing outstanding views over the granite peaks and iconic white sandy beaches of Cape Le Grand. Due to steep inclines and uneven sections, only experienced hikers should attempt it. Avoid setting out in wet or very windy weather.

Stirling Range National Park 6.8km (return), 3-4hr At 1095m above sea level, Bluff Knoll is the highest peak in the South West. The climb to its summit can be challenging so take care. At the top you’ll be rewarded with incredible views and plenty to see along the way. A good level of fitness and some hiking experience is required. 82

Z Bend River Trail Kalbarri National Park 2.6km (return), 1-3hr After admiring the Z Bend from above, descend into the gorge for beautiful scenery and direct access to the Murchison River. You’ll need to navigate tight passages, boulder climbs, ladders and rough terrain, so only experienced hikers should attempt it.

Mount Bruce Summit Karijini National Park 9km (return), 6-7hr This challenging trail follows the western ridge of Mount Bruce to reach the summit, where you’ll be treated to views of the surrounding Hammersley Range. Due to its difficulty, this trail is only recommended for very experienced bushwalkers.  DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA FOR THE TEN BEST? Send your suggestions to editor@rac.com.au

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