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MegaTila - building services centre Factory-built MegaTila is a factory-built building services centre with a steel structure, which contains, for example, the household heating, the main distribution board and ventilation with heat retention. Traditionally, the components used for building services come from different suppliers, and are either located in a dedicated space or spread around the building. The MegaTila components are all in the same fire-resistant space, integrated into the logic control. The challenges and surprises involved in construction that is done on site are a thing of the past. MegaTila is lifted onto the foundation during the construction phase. The electric cables and heating connections are brought in from top or bottom. The air ducts are connected to the fittings on top of MegaTila. After the connections have been made, all that needs to be done on site is to pour in the concrete for the floor, carry out waterproofing and tile the floor. A drain is also installed in the area. Simple and trouble-free! Heating, drying and the electrical supply can be quickly introduced as early as the construction phase.

Smart product The touch screen for the logic control is placed at a suitable location in the building. The smart product can also be controlled via a tablet’s web browser. Nice – isn’t it?

External dimensions: 2,200 x 2,200 x 2,500 Weight: 1,500 kg Handling: 4 lifting lugs on the top edge Equipment: Switchboard for home, heating, ventilation Control: All functions are connected to the logic control Fire safety: EI 60 class partitioning, air ducts isolated with fire dampers Piping: Pre-installed on the wall and equipped with shut-off valves. Filling set and expansion vessels. Electrification: The building’s electric lines are connected to the centre’s terminal blocks. Air conditioning unit: Installed on the wall. Ducts equipped with fire dampers and preinstalled all the way to the ceiling. Approval: CE-marking Country of manufacture: Finland

With the screen, you can control: - Heating - Ventilation - Lighting - Power sockets - Locks - Car heating - Sauna heating With the screen, you can monitor: - Status information - Cameras - Temperature data - Access data - Motion detectors - Humidity sensors - Fire safety - Functioning of devices - Alarms, etc.

Flexible. MegaTila can be equipped with the heating method of your choice and its controls, whether you want a modern hybrid system or a more traditional option. - Geothermal heat pump - Oil- or gas-fired boiler - Heat exchanger - Heat accumulator for a solar heating system, pumps, control - Exhaust air heat pump and heat accumulator - Solar power station, central vacuum system, etc. You decide – we implement!

Affordable to buy. The square metres of MegaTila have been used efficiently. No wasted space, but enough room for maintenance. You will already know the costs of MegaTila at the time of purchase – no need to worry about the unpleasant extra expenses that can be caused by delays in the work and unexpected increases in costs.

Reliable. We only use the best technology in our components. We trust in high Finnish quality! MegaTila has one year’s guarantee, and the equipment we use has an extensive maintenance network.

Safe. MegaTila is a fire-resistant space partitioned off from the rest of the building. The space is also waterproofed, which protects the building from damage in case of leaking pipes.

Why MegaTila? 1.

Cost control - Affordable purchase price - No surprises - Small operating costs


Quick to install - Reduces the need of HVAC and electrical installations on site - Delivery is at the construction site when agreed


Compact solution in a small space - No expensive wasted space - Easy to place


Fire-resistant - EI 60 class structures - Air ducts are partitioned with fire dampers


Easy to use - All functions are controlled via one smart panel - Can be controlled online with a tablet - Text menus can be customised


Quiet - The tight structure keeps noise inside


Innovative - Adjusts to the requirements of the user and the time


A Finnish high quality - Made in Finland

MegaKone Oy | Hellanmaantie 601, 62130 Hellanmaa, Finland Puh. +358 6487 4700 | Fax +358 6484 7530 | Finland and export: Jari Luoma Tel. +358 500 666 867 | Export to Russia/Baltic States: Maria Shulgina Tel. +358 40 482 3787 , or +7 (931) 288-47-87 |







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Megatila - Building services centre  

MegaTila is a factory-built building services centre with a steel structure, which contains, for example, the household heating, the main di...

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