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MAY ‘13

CONTENTS 3 FORWARD Very Queer Spring

28 MOSAIC Live Your Life

6 SCENE Patios, People, Volleyball & Events

29 CULTURE Great Venues

12 THE TASTE BUDS Clever Crow Pizza

32 SEXPERT Risky Business

14 DEVELOPMENT A Shining Example

33 FITNESS Start at the Beginning

18 BARTENDER OF THE MONTH Keith Egert, Jury Room


21 FEATURE Viva Valezz Is FIERCE!

37 TRANSlation Advice from Jackie

26 COUPLE Stephen & Joshua Snyder-Hill

40 PERSPECTIVES Our Daily Truths


VERY QUEER SPRING | MICKEY HART What a queer spring this is shaping up to be. Spring is certainly in the air, but much like me learning to ride a bike as a child, this one seems to be a bit wobbly. I predict that it will soon balance out to be a most fantastic season — especially since after this winter we all need it to be. Quorum Columbus launches our second issue, the way that May is kicking off in Columbus with a queer burlesque showcase. If you liked the cover image, turn now to Brook Cartus’ revealing feature story to see and learn more. Even with spring just opening up, you can already feel the pace and pulse of the city increasing. Our Scene Team is on it with patios, parties, volleyball, shows, fundraisers, and more. We are gearing up for even warmer days with a few of Columbus’ best summer venues and our featured couple Stephen & Joshua Snyder-Hill, who will serve as grand marshals of June’s Pride parade. We also offer a shining example of Columbus’ future, pizza to crow about, a classy bartender, interesting perspectives, and colorful words and advice. Mickey J. Hart Editor

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| MICHAEL LOVETT BUMP, SET, SPIKE! THE CAPITAL CITY VOLLEYBALL (CCV) league is Ohio’s oldest gay volleyball organization. Twenty-seven years ago the organization started with only a few teams and this year CCV ended with 30 teams and over 200 players. CCV prides itself on being all-inclusive, which means everyone is welcome to play. Have you been playing for years and can dig a spike from Misty May-Treanor? They have a place for you. Can’t tell the difference between a volleyball and a basketball? No worries, they have a place for you too. The league encourages brand new players to join and learn through playing. While the CCV is primarily a LGBTQ organization, it is also open to allies. The 2013 winter season just wrapped up, but the excitement of CCV is set to pick back up in the fall. Until then, you can follow the league by liking the CCV’s Facebook page. We can’t wait to see you on the court! Engage:

Photographs|Nathan Dunmoyer



SPRING HAS FINALLY SPRUNG in Columbus! In addition to the budding and blooming trees and flowers popping up everywhere, you’ve probably noticed bar and restaurant patios spaces becoming crowded once more. This is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s hard not to be in a good mood when the sun starts shining and temperatures climb, especially when you can enjoy happy hour with friends on your favorite patio.

Like trees and flowers, many of us tend to hibernate during the winter; I know I do. The short, cold, and snowy winter days make us want to stay inside, but that resting period is what makes this time of year so exciting and refreshing. It’s time to break out the short shorts and flip flops again and let yourself blossom.

Be sure to enjoy it while you can. This beautiful but short season of perfect spring weather seems to transition into sweltering summer almost as quickly as it began. One not-to-be-missed opportunity is upon us. Cinco de Mayo at LaFogata in the Short North always proves to be muy loco with live music, good people, and mucho margaritas on their expansive patio.

Make the rounds. AWOL, Exile, and Union all have great patios that have been recently renovated. Cavin Irish Pub, Club Diversity, Fuel, and Tremont all offer great outdoors spaces. Best of all, these outdoor spaces will be packed with fun and interesting people taking full advantage of all that is bustin’ out.




Clever Crow Pizza: Cleverly Delicious TheTaste Buds | CRAIG CHADWELL & MIKE MOFFO THICK, THIN, HAND-TOSSED or pan crust is usually your biggest choice when it comes time to fix that pizza-pie craving. If you’ve missed the uniqueness that is Clever Crow Pizza, then you must walk, drive, longboard, segway, unicycle, or pogo stick up to Circus Club & Grub to try something wonderfully different and truly delicious! Located just north of 5th Ave. at 1227 N. High St., Circus is best known for its late-night bump-and-thump alternative music, its great microbrew selection, and its fun back patio area. But its hidden secret is cooked up nightly before 9 p.m. when Circus dishes out Clever Crow Pizza in a much quieter setting. The crust and toppings show more care, attention, and preparation than Dolly Parton prepping and fluffing up her mammoth – um – hairdos. Let’s start with the crust. Clever Crow describes it this way, “Our hand-crafted cornbread-style pizzas are made with Harvest King high-gluten Winter Wheat flour and organic cornmeal; which is grown and ground locally at Stutzman Farms in Millersburg, OH.” For the tasty toppings, they use locally-grown ingredients as much as possible. Some of Clever Crow’s interesting ingredients that we’ve had include eggplant, smoked Gouda cheese, corn, shaved asparagus, and prosciutto ham.


SOME OF CLEVER CROW’S INTERESTING INGREDIENTS THAT WE’VE HAD INCLUDE EGGPLANT, SMOKED GOUDA CHEESE, CORN, SHAVED ASPARAGUS, AND PROSCIUTTO. Now, the insanely-creative topping combinations for the special pizzas they assemble can only mean one of two things: 1. There’s an amazingly- creative mind putting these things together, or 2. Something recreationally mind-altering is going on during the creativity sessions. No matter what their daily special is, we suggest you try it! There may be some ingredients you’ve never envisioned on a pizza, but we’ve not had a bad one yet. Yes, they are always creative and delicious. But to keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with a good old pepperoni pizza or – kinda stuck on the spicy Italian sausage here for the moment – the pepperoni and sausage! The flavorful spices are well done and temperature is always perfect. Don’t want a whole pizza, no worries because those clever crows will make a half pizza. And whether it’s Red, Mike, Heidi, Lisa, or TJ bringing the goods to the table, it’s always a good, tummy-busting time.

For a laid-back, unpretentious atmosphere with great food and drinks at affordable prices, it’s tough to beat the combination of Clever Crow Pizza at Circus Club. Oh but wait, there’s more! Prefer pizza from the comfort of your own couch yet like your pizza ovenfresh? Call ahead and order a take-andbake pizza. They partially bake the pizza so you’ve only got a 10 to 15 minute wait before jammies, couch, and Clever Crow collide in tasty goodness. Since we could (but won’t) disagree with the typically-grumpy Yelp crowd (93% thumbs up for Clever Crow Pizza), The Taste Buds – having two hands each and four thumbs between us – give the Clever Crow Pizza experience, four thumbs up!


Solar energy is the most abundant energy source on Earth.


The project will produce about 40% of the building’s needs

OUR REGION RELIES almost exclusively on fossil fuels for power, but that is changing in the City of Columbus with one fully operational and one nearly complete roof-mounted solar power panel project. The first project, one that few people may know about, is on the roof of Milestone 229, the restaurant in Bicentennial Park on the Scioto Mile. The Fleet Management Division Building on Groves Road is home to the second project; it will be dedicated on May 9. This new project represents a culmination of efforts by several Columbus companies as well as the first US project for Taiwanbased General Energy Solutions (GES), which manufactures the solar panels. This project is the result of a July 2010 request by the City of Columbus and is expected to produce 802,000 kilowatt-hours per year. As a comparison, the Milestone 229 panels generated 57,721 kWhs of electricity last year; or enough electricity to power over five Ohio homes for an entire year. The Fleet Management Division Building’s set up will consist of 2,650 240-watt GES panels and will generate approximately 40 percent of the building’s current electricity usage.

THE FIRST ROOF MOUNTED SOLAR PROJECT IS ON TOP OF MILESTONE 229 AT THE SCIOTO MILE. development (see map below). This potential partly explains why the industry has seen triple digit growth in recent years. However, we still are not the world’s largest generators of solar power. In 2011, Germany produced 36 percent of the total solar power output followed by Italy at 18 percent and then the US at 7 percent. Communities that encourage conservation of current energy supplies and development of new sources will be best positioned for the future. With that said, Columbus will be a shining example for other cities if the trend continues. Imagie | National Renewable Energy Laboratory

City officials hope this project will be declared a Qualified Exempt Energy Facility under the provisions of Senate Bill 232. As part of the qualification process, Franklin County has designated itself to be an Alternative Energy Zone with the hope of encouraging more alternative energy projects to locate their operations within Franklin County.

The project consists of 2,650 240-watt solar panels




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It may come as a surprise to many that much of the United States, including Ohio, is well positioned for solar power


So why invest in solar power? Because solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on Earth — 173,000 terawatts of solar energy continuously strikes our planet. That’s more than 10,000 times the world’s total energy use. Solar energy is also a fuel source that is pollution and noise free. The versatility of the technology also allows for solar cells to generate energy for satellites in Earth’s orbit as easily as they can power urban buildings.

kWh / m2 / yr Solar intensity is higher in the United States than in Germany.

THE JURY ROOM IS COLUMBUS’ OLDEST, CONTINUOUSLY OPERATING BAR, AND USED TO BE A BORDELLO! KEITH IS ALL ABOUT MEETING NEW PEOPLE and says it’s byand-large his favorite thing about being a bartender. So head to the Jury Room to say hi and visit one of Columbus’ finest! The Jury Room is Columbus’ oldest, continuously operating bar. Keith shares that it also used to be a bordello back in the day. While it is decorated to feel like you are stepping back in time to when it first opened in1831, the unique cocktails and LGBTQfriendly environment have kept up with the times. Keith talks with a strong sense of pride when he shares that all their specialty cocktails are made with Columbus distilled OYO and Watershed liquors. If you opt for a beer Keith says, “We don’t carry Budweiser, so try a craft beer instead!”


Keith Egert


The Jury Room 22 E Mound St, Columbus, 43215 614-220-0964


Lorenzo’s Revenge: OYO Rye Whiskey + St. Germain + Ginger Beer + Lime Juice + Bitters.


Keith has a damned impressive LEGO collection and used to live in France!

Photo | Joshua McCarty




1586 S. High Street | Columbus | | 614.725.0155





A Queer Burlesque Experience


is | BROOKE CARTUS IT’S A STORMY SPRING Wednesday night at Viva Valezz’s Clintonville home, and my girlfriend Rian and I are enjoying a couple slices of pizza with Viva and her 7-year old son, Esai. We clear the table, and Rian and Esai head into the living room to watch cartoons. As I sit down to interview Viva, I realize instantly why all of her burlesque girls call her “mama.” She pulls out a picture for me to admire; it is one of Easi’s drawings. It’s a picture of his mama that he drew to help advertise Fierce! International Queer Burlesque Festival, to be held in Columbus this month – May 2 - 5. The drawing is precious, and why wouldn’t it be? Esai adores her, and it’s easy to see why. As Viva and I chat, he occasionally pops his head in for a quick hug or really, any excuse to be near her. He feeds his fish, asks to go to the bathroom, and requests a glass of water. I know this drill, I used to do the same thing with my mom. Viva’s joie de vivre doesn’t just echo through her home, it

permeates and entices the entire city. This incredible woman transitioned from belly dancing queen to burlesque diva in a matter of months and took Columbus by glittery, boobalicious storm.

Viva Valezz has become a household name (in any queer household that’s cool). Her metamorphosis stemmed from her urge to combine the beauty of belly dancing with the overt sexuality of burlesque.

IT WAS PART OF MY UPBRINGING … HAVE AN APPRECIATION FOR THE PEOPLE WHO PAVED THE WAY FOR US. YOU CAN’T GO INTO BURLESQUE AND NOT KNOW WHO THE GREAT BURLESQUE PERFORMERS ARE. YOU DON’T DESERVE TO BE ON THE STAGE UNLESS YOU’VE STUDIED A LITTLE BIT. Since she traded in her scarves for bedazzled pasties, Viva Valezz has performed throughout the city, state, and country at hundreds of shows. Her queer burlesque troop, Viva! And the Velvet Hearts, isa staple on the performance scene in queer and straight venues throughout Columbus. And her latest project, Fierce! is no small feat … even for a veteran like Viva.

“On stage, I felt sexy. Belly dancing is innately sexy, but you focus on your femininity and not your sexuality.” For Viva, she taught and performed belly dancing through graduate school, but when she decided to perform a burlesque number for a belly dancing show in October 2007, something “clicked.”

In a matter of months, Viva quit belly dancing and started pursuing burlesque full time. The Columbus burlesque scene was growing, but there was a void; there was not a distinctly queer burlesque troupe. Viva set out to change that, and by March 2008, she had produced her first burlesque variety show. Since then, her well-known troupe has grown from five performers to the largest one in Columbus. And with a current average of over 100 shows a year, Viva isn’t slowing down. Her secret? Hard work. Plus, dedication. Viva traveled to New York City and throughout the country to learn from themasters of her craft … and it shows. “I’m from a small Ohio town, and I had to go to the big cities to learn burlesque. I took classes with notable burlesque performers because I wanted to know my sh*t. It was part of my upbringing … have an appreciation for the people who paved the way for us. You can’t go into burlesque and not know who the great burlesque performers are. You don’t deserve to be on the stage unless you’ve studied a little bit. And there is a lot to learn, and you want to respect the art form.” That small town upbringing is exactly what inspired her to create Fierce! It also impacted the location. She wanted it to have its start in Columbus, one of the queerest cities in the Midwest. “I realized I wanted to do something bigger than what I was doing,” she explained. “There had to be other people like me, there are queer burlesque performers all over the country, and as I toured throughout the years I met them all. There were other

performers like me who were queer and who were from small towns that would benefit from this festival.” Thus, Viva is bringing some of the biggest names in burlesque to town, and she gets positively giddy when gushing over the incredible lineup of acts she has booked for Fierce! “How cool is it for these young dancers to network and hobnob with these fabulous queer performers? Get ready, Columbus!” Fierce! is about celebrating the Q in “LGBTQA” we sometimes leave to the way side, even within our own community. Viva’s reason for using “queer” in the festival name was simple. “I didn’t grow up thinking “queer” was a positive word for us. But all the young kids are using it now, and you have to take back the word. You have to own it. Our audience knows what the word means and they are comfortable with it. I bit the bullet and decided to use the word.”

Since Viva is a mama to many, I could not end the interview without asking one piece of advice she gives to new dancers starting out in burlesque “Stay humble and don’t forget who your friends are,” she advised. “And if there’s a burlesque performer who says she’s not doing it for herself, then she’s not doing it for the right reason.” She concluded by saying, “I’m so privileged that I even get to be on stage doing this.” With all her notoriety and success, it’s that lack of attitude, her humility, and her honesty with the audience, fans, and friends that makes Viva the perfect burlesque mama. Follow Brooke at:

Sadly, using the word queer has made it nearly impossible to get the hetero-media to bite the sparkly queer bullet. “It’s been an uphill battle and we have not gotten much straight media attention. The caliber of talent coming to Columbus is outrageous; it’s going to be so amazing.” Some of the world’s pioneers of burlesque are making an appearance at this four-day festival, which is taking place at four queer venues: Bossy Grrl’s Pin up Joint, Camelot Cellars, Axis, and Wall Street Night Club.


Are you Fierce! International Queer Burlesque Festival Schedule of Events Thursday, May 2

–– Fierce! Kick-off Party at Bossy Grrl’s Pinup Joint (2598 N. High St.) emceed by the famously offensive Kaiser Colonic. 8pm door /9pm show

Friday, May 3

–– Fierce! featuring Tigger! (AKA:“Godfather of Boylesque”) at Axis (775 N. High St) emceed by the fabulous Nina West. 7pm doors /8pm show

Saturday, May 4

–– Fierce! featuring Indigo Blue (Miss Exotic World 2011) at Wall Street Nightclub (144 N. Wall St.) emceed by Chicago queer comedienne Tamale Sepp. 7pm doors /8pm show

Sunday, May 5

–– Fierce! High Tea & Wine Tasting at Camelot Cellars (958 N. High St.) with a variety show emceed by Kaiser Colonic. Noon doors open /1pm show



COUPLE Stephen & Joshua Snyder-Hill


Photo | Amy Tannenbaum

| AMY TANNENBAUM WHEN STEPHEN SNYDER-HILL HEARD that questions were being solicited via YouTube for a Republican presidential debate in 2011, he jumped at the chance to record his question, because, “It needed to be asked.” Under President Obama’s administration, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was being repealed, but several Republican candidates had expressed that should they take office, they would keep DADT in place. The potential of a reversal of the repeal of DADT horrified Stephen. For too many years of him service in the military he was forced to hide who he was: hide under an escalator to say goodbye to his now husband Joshua before his deployment; hide pictures of the couple in his house when other soldiers would visit; refer to Joshua as his brother during military ceremonies; and use predominately texting to communicate while apart with code words for “I love you.” The possibility that the rug could be pulled from underneath him and many other LGBTQ members of the military, left Stephen feeling betrayed. So, he risked his career and put everything out there to ask the question, while stationed in Iraq. Stephen explains, “I wanted to call the candidates on it, and have them answer candidly in front of the American people . . . because this is real life. Up until then they only made statements in interviews, but not in actual debates.” In asking the question live, only two days after the repeal of DADT went into effect, Stephen came out to the military, and the nation.

I WANTED TO CALL THE CANDIDATES ON IT, AND HAVE THEM ANSWER CANDIDLY IN FRONT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE . . . BECAUSE THIS IS REAL LIFE. The question received boos from the audience, which was shocking. Stephen says, “My initial reaction was, ‘did I do something wrong’?” (Joshua, watching back in Columbus, admits he didn’t hear the initial boos over his own reaction upon seeing Stephen’s question aired – he was jumping up and down and screaming.) To make things worse, Rick Santorum’s answer confirming that he would reinstate DADT and oddly making the question about sex – which received roaring applause. Immediately, the exchange went viral - the couple discovered if they Googled “gay” that the debate story was the first hit! It was never Stephen’s intent to make it about him, but, now that he

was out, the couple decided to continue sharing their story and throw themselves into the fight. Stephen and Joshua are from Ohio, and met in Columbus at a chance meeting at a karaoke bar. Mutual friends had encouraged them to meet for a long time, but it never quite happened – and coincidentally they hit it off that evening, eventually discovering they had been meant to meet all along. A spontaneous trip to Chicago to help Joshua’s friend move forced them in a car together for 6 hours. Upon returning to Columbus, which they both admit they initially dreaded. The car ride ended up allowing them to truly get to know one another very well. They bonded over their mutual love of arcade games and computers, as Joshua put it, “Our inner nerds were searching for each other!” The ride went by in no time. Their relationship was tested several months in when Stephen found out he would be deployed to Iraq for one year. They exchanged rings, promising each other: “If we can get through this, we’ll get married.” In December 2010, Stephen was deployed to Iraq. During that time, communication was discreet because Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was still in effect. Six months later, Stephen was back home on leave. It had been a tough six months, but the experience had strengthened them. Halfway through the weekend visit, they began discussing plans to get married when Stephen’s deployment was over. Upon further discussion, they agreed that since marriage was not legal for them in Ohio, there was nothing stopping them from getting married that very weekend! And so, Stephen and Joshua took a spontaneous trip to Washington DC and were legally married by officiant Tiffany Newman. She helped choose the symbolic site for the ceremony: the grave of the first soldier to fight the government for being discharged for being gay. “It was a great beginning for us,” says Stephen. The couple has decided to delay an Ohio wedding celebration until it is legal here. That fall came the repeal of DADT, and Stephen’s now famous question. While it did throw them into the current fight against DOMA, for same-sex marriage, and for spousal benefits, Joshua’s activism started years prior during the 2004 anti-gay marriage bans. Since the debate their activism evolved as more and more people wanted to know their story and thus MarriageEvolved was born. As Joshua explained, “I wanted to make people realize they can take marriage out of Ohio.” –. This year the organization makes Joshua’s dream a reality by introducing the CBus of Love, which will take 25 couples to Washington DC to be married on the steps of the Supreme Court by Tiffany Newman. The newlyweds will have a honeymoon celebration back in Columbus as part of the Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival. As leaders in the fight for marriage equality in Ohio, Joshua and Stephen will served as the grand marshals of the Pride parade.




| BOWEN MARSHALL “LIVE YOUR LIFE, LIVE YOUR LIFE, LIVE YOUR LIFE.” These are the words of the late Maurice Sendack, author of Where the Wild Things Are and one of our gay brothers who passed from us this past year. He said this toward the end of his journey to tell those younger than him what he believed must compel us on our journeys through life. In our first issue, I wrote about the choice we have in embarking on the journey of coming out of the closet and coming in to embracing the mosaic of beauty that all LGBTQA people have within us. I now want to focus on that moment after we fling open the closet door and step into the future of who we are. The journey ahead is terrifying and one that seems filled with tremendous loss, mourning, and acceptance. We know it will require us to be brave — braver than we have ever been before. While we fear that we may not have it in us to set forth, we do — you and I — for it is on this journey that we find hope blazing like the sun on a summer afternoon, illuminating all the parts of us that we were scared to see, scared to touch, and scared to be. The journey of living our lives requires that we be. And being, though deceptively simple, is no easy task. It requires the loss of a known path, the straight forward path, and a mourning of who we thought we were going to become. It requires that we build a sense of self from an understanding deeply grounded in acceptance. Acceptance that we like the same sex, multiple sexes, or that our true self may outshine the sex to which we were born or the gender to which we were assigned. And then we change, the world changes, and the journey of discovering ourselves saves us. It becomes a path of cherishing ourselves, of proclaiming our beauty to the world, of living our lives, of hope for a new and expansive future that will unfold in a celebration of pride, and love — real earth-shattering love — the likes of which once you have felt, you never forget. In all the pain (and there will be pain), in all the moments of confusion, of stumbles, and of quiet moments of sorrow, we find that in being on this journey we are the lucky ones. Our stories have not yet found their endings and every day we wake up to new beginnings.


What if childhood began this way? What if we began our journeys being told to live our lives, our authentic lives, and to run from those forces and those expectations that would seek to twist and to force us into persons we do not recognize? I believe that day is coming.

OUR STORIES HAVE NOT YET FOUND THEIR ENDINGS AND EVERY DAY WE WAKE UP TO NEW BEGINNINGS. Surely the years will roll, and in living our lives, in traveling our journeys we will shorten the time, and the pain it takes for those who come after us to travel the path to who they are. This is why you must “live your life” because in doing so, you honor yourself and those who follow.


COLUMBUS HAS MANY great outdoor cultural events during the spring and summer months that allow you to get some fresh air, soak up the sun, enjoy a crisp breeze, taste the best of foods and explore culture. Here are some of my favorites.



You may have heard of this longtime summer offering, but have you ever been? Picture it: It’s a beautiful summer evening and you are looking for a high-class way to entertain a date without breaking the bank. German Village has the perfect opportunity for you to experience some traditional humor, tragedy, and drama in a way only Shakespeare can provide. Grab a bottle of wine (or two), pack a picnic basket, grab a blanket, and head on down to Schiller Park in the heart of German Village. And if the date is going well, you are just around the corner from many Southside community bars where you can socialize until the wee hours of the morning.

The Scioto Mile is located along the Scioto River just west of downtown Columbus and it is ready for you to enjoy. While the renovations, swings, and fountains are wonderful, the focal point is Bicentennial Park. This lovely venue features a restaurant, a huge fountain area (great for kids of all age to play in on hot days), a small concert stage, and plenty of benches and shade. This area also has beautiful paths, bridges, and walkways that play host to a variety of outdoor festivals. Nearly every weekend from June to September features Rhythm on the River. This free concert series at the Performing Arts Pavilion makes for great nights out with friends, a loved one, or the whole family.

Show details at:

THE COLUMBUS COMMONS As part of last year’s bicentennial celebration, Columbus renovated the old City Center Mall site and turned it into a city park featuring a huge stage equipped with state of the art LED screens and sound equipment under a striking white stretched fabric covering. The stage plays host to a number of free and paid events all spring and summer long that give you the opportunity to get some fresh air and create some great memories! One of my favorite events is the Columbus Symphony Orchestra Simulcast, which gives you the chance to hear the symphony performance for free on the big screen and under the night sky. This event does not allow coolers to be brought it, but there are some restaurants within walking distance so you can grab dinner, maybe a cocktail or two, and walk over to hear a thrilling performance. Or you can grab a meal from one of the many food trucks at the concert. Best of all, Columbus Commons features a large parking garage beneath it and another parking garage one block away. Details and dates at:

One of my personal favorite Columbus events is the Jazz & Rib Fest. This year is the 34th annual festival (July 19-21) and will host two main stages and several smaller stages featuring world-renowned jazz soloists and bands. And who could forget the 23 rib teams all competing for the “best ribs” bragging rights. I don’t know of any carnivore who wouldn’t want to sample the best of the competition (sorry vegetarians). And for a little added fun, Saturday features The Color Run that is affectionately known as “The Happiest 5K on the Planet.” So grab some friends, register, run, get covered in paint, and enjoy all the ribs and jazz you can take! More information at:

Culture is all around, but in the warm months, you can easily find it outdoors. Join the thousands of Columbus residents attending these events and support all our community has to offer. I’ll see you at the show!


AIDS Walk Central Ohio 2013


SEXPERT RISKY BUSINESS WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY? | SHAUN WHYBARK “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING. He said he didn’t have anything… he said he was clean!” This is a sentence that I’ve heard too many times doing prevention work in public health. As each person was told of their status – whether it was HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, or any other STD, it’s all part of the same conversation – I wondered why just asking the question was good enough evidence to have unprotected sex with someone. Here is a scenario to think about: You meet a nice guy/girl at the bar and you two hit it off, everything seems to be going great. After an evening of conversation and great connecting, you realize you could get laid tonight. As fate turns out, you were right and you two end up back at your place. Kissing, petting, and some good groping is happening when you confidently lean over and quietly ask “Are you clean?” “Totally – I don’t have anything,” is the response given. You look at the drawer where the safe sex supplies are kept and think “He/she said he/ she is clean. I’ll be ok.” You give in to temptation based upon someone’s word – someone you don’t know. Why does this idea of taking someone’s word have so much power? I’m not saying we shouldn’t trust people. I’m just curious as to why such a risk would be taken without knowing the actual truth. Someone’s perception of truth is typically not the actual truth.

YOU GIVE INTO TEMPTATION BASED UPON SOMEONE’S WORD - SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW. “Are you clean?” “Totally – I don’t have anything.” These are two very vague ways to convey important information. If you end up with a burning sensation (or something worse) on your genitals, is it their fault or your fault? Blame, typically, gets


placed on them, because if they were honest with you, you wouldn’t have had unprotected sex, right? I say the blame goes on both of you: You didn’t ask more questions. They didn’t offer more answers. You didn’t know their truth. They didn’t know their truth. You let someone else have access to your body unprotected. You both chose to not use protection. You can change. You can’t blame someone for not offering up information when you don’t require the information to be given. We all have choices. They may make or break a night of sex, but choices are available. Always ask follow up questions: “When was the last time you had unprotected sex?;” “When was the last time you were tested?;” “How often do you get tested?;” “What do you get tested for?;” and “Tell me your HIV and STD status.” These are all great questions to consider and important answers to know. Remember, if they are going to freely have unprotected sex with you, think of who else have they had unprotected sex with. The question I leave you with is, “Which choice will you make?” Free confidential HIV and STI testing is available at ARC Ohio’s locations. Anonymous HIV testing is available. For more information call 614-299-2437 or visit

Start at the Beginning | MICHAEL GREENHOUSE

It is similar to the phase “can you start on Monday?” Now why would an employer want you to begin work on Monday and not Tuesday? The main reason is Monday sets up the rest of the week. If you have a bad Monday there is a better chance you’ll have a bad week. So forgetting Monday seems to make the rest of the week easier to skip. It happens all the time: You skip Monday because you are tired or have had a long weekend and you think, “I’ll just make it up tomorrow.” Then Tuesday comes around and you get stuck at work. “Well, there is always tomorrow.” But Wednesday is Happy Hour day with friends. It’s that easy to skip your workout. Once you skip the first day, it becomes easier and easier. Before you know it, it’s been a week of not exercising. Then that week turns into two weeks, and then a month, and then a season, and then a year. Sound familiar? Working out to be healthier is a lifestyle and a habit. It is not something you can do on-the-fly or whenever it’s easy. Starting your week with a positive and healthy approach is the easiest way to stay on top of your fitness goals. It makes it easier to add additional exercise days and build toward your weekend. Let’s face it; it is much easier to add an extra workout than it is to find your first one. When you skip a workout, the only one who suffers is you. Make it a point never to skip. Also, make time to train more often. The more you train – even in small doses – the faster your fitness level will increase. Extra time could be as simple as adding a long walk, 20 pushups, or 50 jumping jacks. It does not have to be adding another high intensity workout; it just has to be something. Inputting your workout times into your calendar can help you from skipping them. When you add business appointments to your schedule, you keep them. Exercise “appointments” should be just as important as your business appointments. Keep them. Yes, you work to make money. But you need to work out to be a healthier you who is able to enjoy your money. How important is having money if your body is letting you down in the end? Working out and staying healthy is hard enough so do not make it harder by skipping days; start your week right and on a health step.


IN THE FITNESS WORLD, Monday is one of the most important days of the week. Yes, Monday is always the day after the weekend; and it always will be. Exercising on Monday is very important as it kick-starts your workout week.


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| BROOKE CARTUS WHEN I WAS asked to interview an NFL player in front of an audience at The Ohio State University, my initial reaction was, “HELL NO.” After all, the last time I remember being interested in football was as a chubby-kneed 6-yearold being dragged to Buffalo Bills games in sub-zero temperatures. Lezbe honest, Columbus … I went for the nachos. In moving to Ohio, my rule became: cheer for anyone but the Steelers. Yeah, I hold a special spot in my black, booze-soaked heart for the Bills, but only because I like following a team that gives me a bulletproof excuse to binge drink whiskey on a Sunday afternoon. Browns fans, you know what I mean. After Googling the name “Chris Kluwe,” I called back and immediately said yes.

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Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has been kicking balls and taking names since he was a kid in California. He grew up playing soccer, and by the time he went to UCLA, he was a bona fide punting machine. You may have heard about Kluwe a few months back, when he publicly lambasted Maryland delegate Emmett Burns (whom Kluwe affectionately calls “Mr. Burns”) after Burns tried to silence Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo for his vocal endorsement of marriage equality. In his letter, on the Maryland House of Delegates stationary, to the owner of the Ravens , Burns essentially told Ayanbadejo to concentrate on football and stay the f#*%k out of the marriage debate. Kluwe, a straight ally, responded with an open letter that not only reminded Mr. Burns that he is an elected official in a country that prides itself on free speech, but also candidly asked why he hates freedom. The best line from this gem of a letter goes something like this:

“I can assure you that gay people getting married … will not magically turn you into a lustful cockmonster.” Since posting the letter, Kluwe’s life has exploded with appearances on Anderson Cooper 360°and Ellen, speaking engagements, and writing a forthcoming book. He even filed an amicus brief on behalf of overturning Proposition 8 in the Supreme Court! He credits his remarkable eloquence and colorful language to his obsession with World of Warcraft coupled with his history degree from UCLA. While spending the day with him, the consistent message was simple: equality is a basic human right. On April 8, Kluwe rolled into the Ohio Union wearing flip flops, carpenter jeans, a “Gamma Bunny” t-shirt and a backward ball cap. His understated humility was so refreshing, and not at all what I expected from an NFL player. He gave the audience a brief tour of American history, described marriage as a fundamental human right (citing Loving v. Virginia), and citing the battles our nation has faced through segregation, suffrage, and slavery. We discussed locker room talk and how difficult it would be for an NFL player to come out because, as Kluwe so perfectly stated, “I think [sports] is the only industry other than porn where you walk around naked with your co-workers.”



When asked about former Columbus Crew veteran Robbie Rogers (who came out and retired simultaneously to avoid backlash in the sport he loves), Kluwe quieted himself and discussed how devastating it must be to look up in the stands after winning a game, and know that your partner can’t be in the family section or you may lose a job you have worked your whole life to get. It’s the weight of that thought that sobered the crowd, and led to one of the most poignant moments of the evening. OSU student athlete Derrick Anderson walked to the microphone to ask Kluwe a question. In asking his question,

Anderson revealed that he is a member of the men’s track and field team and that herecently came out to his teammates and coach. Their reaction? Acceptance. There was no firestorm of hatred or negative reactions, just acceptance. Kluwe’s response? “We are human beings first and athletes second.” Kluwe’s book, Beautiful Unique Sparkleponies: On Myths, Morons, Free Speech, Football, and Assorted Absurdities , will be released on June 25. When asked about the title, Kluwe laughed and said, “I didn’t think ‘Lustful Cockmonster’ would fly as a title.” Agree to disagree on that one, I guess. To one of the most open, kind, and honest men I have met in a while: Thanks for taking the red eye in from LA and

Photohraphs | Mickey J. Hart

giving Columbus a few hours of your time. And to Maryland delegate Emmett Burns: … well, I bet you can image what I’m going to say.


| KRIS LITTLER YOU ARE GETTING BETTER RACERS! Just remember the key to a winning crab, is giving it a winning name! We are averaging 50 racers a night, but as the weather heats up so does the competition. Last summer we had as many as 80 crabs on the table. Show up at 9:30 p.m. or earlier because the crabs will go fast (pun intended). Cash Crab is another way you can win at the races. All those who come to the races know about this, but those of you who are not attending are missing out. I suggest you get off your couches and get CRABS!  We race twice weekly and our next big themed race night will be June’s PRIDE Races. It is sure to be colorful! Until next time, stay crabby! Fascinating Fact: Hermit crabs can live up to 15 years with the majority living six to eight years.   Come join the race: Local Bar: Mondays at 9:30 p.m. Exile Bar: Thursdays at 9:30 p.m.


Q #1: Dear Jackie, I’m having a problem with my new boyfriend. We’ve been dating for a couple of months and I really like him. He’s such a really great guy! The problem is he doesn’t seem interested in sex. We’ve fooled around some but that’s it. I shared my concern with him and he said sex is not a big deal for him.  Well, it is for me! I think closeness and sex are important parts of a relationship. Is it me? Am I not sexually attractive to him? Or is it him? What should I do? ~ Jason   Dear Jason, A partner is a best friend, lover, and companion all wrapped up in one! Intimacy and physical contact are important to any relationship — especially early on. If not, then that is a “friend.” A friend is a person we DON’T have sex with. Perhaps, that is what the two of you are meant to be. He’s a great guy and he may really care about you. That’s wonderful and all, but he is just not THE great guy for you. If he’s not willing to try, it’s time to fly! ~J Q #2: Dear Jackie, We have a donut/bagel day every Friday at work. Without question, someone always leaves a half donut or bagel. Sometimes it’s pulled apart or cut into, but either way no one wants to eat the leftover piece. What would be the best way to squelch this rude behavior?  ~ Sharon   Dear Sharon,  Workplace etiquette is always hard to police. Maybe a sign in the lunchroom stating “Please take the entire bagel or donut. They are free!” would help. Or maybe some mini-bagels or bite-sized donuts for the “smaller appetites” would help. Now, if those are cut in two, then it’s time to hire the donut police or install a bagel-cam! ~J


Q #3: Dear Jackie, My girlfriend and I have been together for over 6 years. While she has never been unfaithful, I remain very jealous when I see her talking with other women. She is a big flirt. It has been this way since we first met and we have talked about it some over the years. She is less flirty now (most of the time), but lately my jealousy has gotten worse when she is. How should we handle this? ~ Lindsay Dear Lindsay, We? It sounds like she has met you halfway. Who is having the real issue here? You are the one who needs to get a handle on this! I bet you were first drawn to her flirty personality. Do you really want that to change? She may be social, fun, and flirty with others, but you have clearly won! You know you are taking her home each night. I’m sure everyone else knows this too! Lighten up! It’s time to set down the jealousy and learn to trust. In a relationship, trust is a must! ~J



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4 Club 20 Old North Columbus 20 E Duncan Ave 614.261.9111 8 Exile Italian Village 893 N 4th St 614.299.0069 10 Wine on High Short North 789 N High St 614. 294.8466 13 Local Bar Short North 913 N High St 614.670.8958 14 Slammers Downtown 202 E Long St 614.221.8880

2 Axis Short North 775 N High St 614.291.4008 22 Wall Street Night Club Downtown 144 N Wall St 614.464.2800

EAT + DRINK. 11 12 21 23 25

La Fogata Grill Short North 790 N High St 614.294.7656 Level Dining Lounge Short North 700 N High St 614.754.7111 Union Short North 782 N High St 614.421.2233 Circus Short North 1227 N High St 614.421.2998 Barrel 44 Short North 1227 N High St 614.421.2998

SHOP. 9 The Garden Short North 1186 N High St 614.294.2869 18 Torso Short North 772 N High St 614.421.7663 19 Torso (in Exile) Italian Village 893 N 4th St 614.299.0069

ENGAGE. 5 ARC OHIO Clintonville 4400 N High St 614.299.2437 24 ARC OHIO Medical Ctr + Pharmacy Short North 1033 N High St 16 Stonewall Columbus Short North 1160 N High St 614.299.7764





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24 Explorer’s Club South Side 1586 S High St 614.725.0155

A.W.O.L. Bar Olde Towne East 49 Parsons Avenue 614.621.8779 Cavan Irish Pub Merion Village 1409 S High St 614.725.5502 Club Diversity Brewery District 863 S High St 614.224.4050 Columbus Fuel Bar Merion Village 1312 S High St 614.725.0130 South Bend Merion Village 126 E. Moler St 614.444.3386 The Toolbox Saloon South Side 744 Frebis Ave 614.670.8113 Tremont Brewery District 708 S High St 614.445.9365



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PERSPECTIVES OUR DAILY TRUTHS | SARA ERNEST LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO DANCE TO BAD MUSIC. It’s an apropos saying for someone who has spent her entire life dancing in a variety of forms, but it’s made all the more dear knowing it was the motto of a special man whose life was way too short. My friend was a force of nature. Anyone who met him was hard pressed not to smile in his presence because he was vivacious and exuberant. Most people probably could not think of a time when he wasn’t smiling himself. He was the person everyone looked to for cheering up, which makes his death so much harder on so many people. For me, his suicide was a call to action. It’s a reminder of all the times I’ve thought that I need to be better at seizing the day. After discussing with my partner Lori, about my desire to get a “carpe diem” tattoo, as a reminder to be better about this, she encouraged me to take that thought and make it my own. To that end, I have come up with a new mantra for myself; “Don’t be afraid to live your truth. Every day.”

WE OWE IT TO OURSELVES NOT ONLY TO ACKNOWLEDGE OUR TRUTHS BUT TO OWN AND EMBRACE THEM. “Live your truth.” It sounds simple enough, but it takes work. To get started, we have to identify what our truths are. Identifying our truths can be tricky because we have them in all aspects of our lives. Our truths can be anything from, “I’m going to write a novel;” to “I cut myself to feel something;” to “I lived in my car after my parents kicked me out;” or to “I am the youngest person to ever win an Oscar.” Whatever our truths are, they are a part of us. We owe it to ourselves to not only acknowledge our truths, but to own and embrace them. Next we have to become fearless. Some of us find it hard to live our truth because we are afraid we are going to be judged for letting the real us shine through. So what if we are? What is the worst that could possibly happen by being judged? Someone disagrees with our view of the world. Does that make it any less a part of what makes us happy?


The next step is the most important one. We have to embrace and exemplify our truths every day. Every day. I know this is a huge undertaking. If we don’t make a point to do this every day though, it’s a slippery slope to not doing it on any day. It’s like exercise or minding our diet; in order to be our truest and consequently happiest self, we have to remind ourselves daily to live our truth. The fear we feel over being judged is not unfounded. We know it’s going to happen. We will more than likely be the judge that keeps someone else from living their truth at one point or another. The final piece of living our truth is learning to be open minded enough to allow others to live their truths as well. We will never know why my friend killed himself, but it seems that if he had believed it was OK to live the truth of whatever was going on that made him secretly unhappy that perhaps his outcome could have been different. In memoriam of him, I promise myself that I will not be afraid to live my truth. Every day.


MUNITY RESOURCES HEALTH Randi Cohen, LPCC-S 614-267-1993 Private practice in counseling working with adults helping to create strong sense of self, good communication tools & to get a clearer sense of how others see you, by focusing on awareness and working in the present. Shawn D. King, PhD., LISW 614-655-3554 Providing individual, family, and group counseling services to the LGBT community. Specializing in relationship issues, anger management and mental health services including anxiety and depression. ARTS Evolution Theatre Company 614-233-1124 A semi-professional theatre company that presents musicals, dramas and comedies that have not been seen in the area before. Recent Off-Broadway and Broadway shows as well as new works and world premieres at an affordable price! Imagine Productions 614-398-1110 Imagine Productions is a non-profit community theatrical troupe committed to entertaining and educating community stakeholders in the Columbus Metro area through performing arts. We believe in inclusiveness, openness, and tolerance, and recognize that empowerment and growth occurs with audiences and performers, alike Wexner Center for the Arts 614-292-3535 Internationally known contemporary arts center at Ohio State, offering visual arts, performing arts, film, and educational programs, as well as a store and a café (Heirloom), all under one roof in an architectural landmark.

ARC Ohio 800-252-0827 Fghts the spread of HIV, works towards reducing its transmission, stigma and the resulting discrimination through education and awareness, and provides quality services to individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS. Equality Ohio 614-224-0400 A statewide lobbying organization working to secure equality for LGBT Ohioans. Kaleidoscope Youth Center 614-294-5437 Provides advocacy, education, support and a safe environment for LGBT youth in Central Ohio. P-FLAG Columbus 614-806-8025 An educational advocacy group working to increase awareness and understanding. Education and advocacy are the primary means of creating a hospitable environment for Central Ohio’s LGBT citizens and our families, friends and allies. Rainbow Sisters A social and community-oriented group for lesbian women age 40 and over. Sisters of Lavender A social/support for women 40 and over. S.O.L. is the oldest lesbian organization in Columbus. TransOhio 614-441-8167 Serves the Ohio transgender and allied communities by providing services, education, support and advocacy to promote and improve the health, safety and life experience of Ohio transgender individuals.

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS Stonewall Columbus 614-299-7764 The leading visionary, inclusive and fun-spirited LGBT organization in Central Ohio – sets the pace for increasing the visibility and acceptance of the community. It continues to be the driving force on LGBT issues and our Center is the first stop for many in the LGBT and allied community.

GLAAD National organization that promotes fair, accurate and inclusive representation as a means of challenging discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity.

BRAVO (Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization) 614-294-STOP Works to eliminate violence perpetuated on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identification through prevention, advocacy, violence documentation and survivor services.

NGLTF The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) is a leading progressive civil rights organization that has supported grassroots organizing since 1973.

Human Rights Campaign The nation’s largest gay and lesbian political organization.

The National Coalition for LGBT Youth A wide range of resources available for youth and educators.

The Queer Resources Directory The QRD contains over 20,000 files about anything and everything queer including families, youth, politics, resources, media and more. The Crystal Club 614-214-4828 A non-profit support group for crossdressers, transsexuals, female impersonators, and other transgender individuals. Capital Pride Band of Columbus 614-325-1590 An Ohio-based LGBT organization that formed in 2003 and currently has a membership of over 70 instrumentalists. The musical backgrounds of members range from band directors and those with degrees in music to others who have not touched their instrument since high school. Our "all are welcome" policy applies to anyone interested in membership, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age and sexual orientation. Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio, Inc. 614-224-2235 The nation's oldest and largest sexual and reproductive health care organization. America's most trusted name in women's health. Huckleberry House 614-294-5553 Established in 1970 to provide a safe place for runaway youth in Columbus. Today, it provides many programs to help teens all over Franklin County who are in crisis situations, who are homeless or runaways. NetCare 614-276-CARE Provides twenty-four hour mental health and substance abuse crisis intervention, stabilization and assessment for Franklin County residents. Trevor Project 866-4U-TREVOR Determined to end suicide among LGBT youth by providing life-saving and life-affirming resources including our nationwide, 24/7 crisis intervention lifeline, digital community and advocacy/educational programs that create a safe, supportive and positive environment for everyone. CHOICES 614-224-4663 Takes pride in being the premier direct service provider of accredited domestic violence programming in central Ohio. Since 1977 they have provided counseling, shelter, crisis intervention, education and community and legal support and advocacy to central Ohio residents facing domestic violence.


Quorum Columbus May 2013  
Quorum Columbus May 2013  

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