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CHANGE OF ADDRESS. It would be of great service to the College if members of the Club would kindly inform the College Office of any changes of their permanent addresses.

The College would welcome any corrections of this record, and any material for next year, especially from abroad.

These should be addressed to The Praelector,

Queens' College. The Praelector gratefully acknowledges receipt of a number of items of news from members during the past year.

The dates given after the names of members of t he College refer to their B.A. degrees. scholar of the College.

(s) indicates a former


¡ Visitor.

The King. President.

Rev. Thomas Cecil Fitzpatrick, D. D. Fellows.

Rev. Canon Joseph Henry Gray, M.A., Vice-President. Rev. Robert Hatch Kennett, D.D., Regius Professor of Hebrew and Canon of Ely. Andrew Munro, M.A., Bursar, Steward and Mathema t ical Lecturer. Rev. Charles Travers Wood, B.D., Dean, Divinity and Hebrew Lecturer. Arthur Bernard Cook, Litt.D., Cl~ssical Lecturer,. Uni-. versity Reader in Classical Archaeology. Rev. Robert George Dalrymple Laffan, M.A., Chapla in, History Lecturer and Praelector. Cyril Montagu Sleeman, M.A., Senior Tutor and 'a tura l Science Lecturer. Archibald Douglas Browne, M.A., Tutor and Mechan ical Science Lecturer. Leonard James Potts, M.A., Lecturer in English. John Archibald Venn, Litt.D.,Junior Bursar and University (Gilbey) Lecturer in the History and Economics of Agriculture. Honorary Fellows.

Charles Tate Regan, M.A., Hon. D.Sc. (Durham), F .R.S. Robert John Tillyard, Sc.D., F.R.S. Librarian.

Francis Giffard Plaistowe, M.A.

Queens' College


Steward of the Manorial Courts.

Alfred Fran·k Topham, LL.M,, K.C. Directors of Studies.

Robert Mary Stephen Theodor Momber, M.A., Modem Languages. Hugh Treherne Llewellyn Roberts, M.A., Law. OrKa»ist.

J. S. Dawes, Organ Scholar. Assistant Librarian.

For 1930- 3r, J. :rvicLellan.

\V. H. Macartney.

In the Michaelmas term, 1929, there were 222 bachelors and undergraduat es in residence; in the·Lent Term, 1930, 2r3; in the Easter term, 1930, 212.

01) August 12th occurred the rare and happy event of the marriage of a Fellow of the College. . Mr Potts was· married at Wallasey to Miss Mary Crichton, to whom the College extends a warm welcome. /




Mathematical Tripos, Part I.

Part II. Classical Tripos, Part I:

Part II.

M. S. Bartlett. W. T. Holloway.

G. H. Bonser. W. L. Clough. R. E. Wycherley (Distinction in Archaeology).

Natural Sciences Tripos, Part I.

E. W. Chanter. ·

Historical Tripos, Part I.

D. E. Lupton.

Queens, College


Modern Languages Tripos, Part II. J. C. Aspden .

C. P. Holder. H. S. Thackray.

.\lechanical Science Tripos.


1'vfathemat ics.

E. A. Maxwell.

Classics. Natural Sciences.

C. F. Addlesee. G. E. Kirk M. T. Terry.


J. McLellan.

1'vlodern Langttages.

J.E. Pater. T. Padmore.

Mechanical Science.

\V. H. Diamond.



Hughes English Essay Prize. ¡ H. Coombes. Special Prize. W. S. Morgan.

Latin Essay.

R. E. Wycherley.

Ryle Reading Prize.

{ H. Sutcliffe. R. de B. Welchman.

Chase Divinity Prize.

{H. Sutcliffe. R. de B. Welchman.

D. E. Lupton was placed proxime accessit for the Cecil Peace Prize (open to all British Universities).



Elected to Entrance Scholarships of £80 on the results of the Higher Certificate Examinations of July, 1929 : J. C. Frost (Central Secondary School, Sheffield), Mathematics.

C. H. Westcott (St Bartholomew's Grammar School, Newbury), Mathematics and Natural Sciences. i'vI. Ingram (Bradford Grammar School), Natural Sciences. P. Allen (King Ed ward VII School, Sheffield), 1\.loder11 Languages and History.

R. C. Latham (County Grammar School, Wolstanton), History.

Elected in June, 1930. First Year :-

J. J\kLellan.

Exhibition of £30 (History).

Second Year :-

C. F. Addlesee. Fouodn. Scholarship of£8o (Mathematics). £80 (Matlmnatics). ,, ,, E. A. i\Iaxwell. £80 (C lassies). ,, ,, W. L. Clough. £80 (Natural ,, ,, E. \V. Chanter. Sciences).

D. E. Lupton. T. Padmore.




£80 (History).

£8o(Modern Languages). eclianical M ( £80 Holder. C. P. " " Scie11ce). W. H. Diamond. Minor Scholarship of £40 (Mechanical Science).



Third Year :-

R. E. Wycherley. Bachelor Scholarship (Classics). Elected to the Campion Scholarship of £40, for Natural Sciences,A. R. Oliver (Tonb~idge School).

Queens, College


AMALGAMAT ED CLUBS, Ere. Captain, A. G. R. Mooring. Secretary, C. A. J. Barrington. In the Clinker Fours we successively defeated Clare, Caius and Emmanuel, but lost in the Final to St Catharine's. In the Lents we met disaster, the first boat falling two places, the second four, and the third one. In the i\Iays our first boat was over-trained and unexpectedly lost three places, finishing thirteenth. But the second boat went up three places and very nearly won their oars. Cricket. Captain, J. D. Foster. Secretary, A. B. Habibullah. We had a good side, especially strong in batting, and never lost ten wickets in a match. Most of the matches were drawn. A. B. Habibullah did well to score 340 runs with an average of 56. The second XI won 3 and lost 4 matches. Rugby. Captain, A. H. Watkins. Secretary, I. C. Fletcher. \Ve had a typical Queens' XV, of good forwards and plucky, but unsuccessful, backs. \Ve won 8 and lost 7 matches: In the cup-ties we beat Peterhouse, and then lost to Pembroke, the eventual winners. Association. Captain, A. H. Head. Secretary, D. A. Gray . We had a moderately successful season. We met Christ's in the cup-ties and drew, but lost in the re-play. A. H. Head played several times for the University. Hockey. Captain, D. R. R. Pocock. Secretary, E . J. Hutchings. We had a strong side. In the knock-out competition we defeated Trinity Hall and Downing, losing ~o Peterhouse by a goal scored in the last minute. T. L. Rowan for the second time captained the University. He ¡ also played for the Rest against England. G. T. M. Mitchell got his International colours for Scotland. Athletics. In the knock-out competition we defeated Jesus, but lost to Emmanuel, the ultimate winners. In the Freshmen's sports J. 0. Fielding was equal first in the 120 yards high hurdles, and second in the high Jump. J: K. Maw was third in the weight. A. G. Chappell ran in the University cross-country team several times. Lawn Tennis. Our first pair, T. L. Rowan and A. J. Thomas, were a strong combination and received enough support to enable us to win 5 out of 9 league matches. Lacrosse. J. H. J. Crosse again played for the University and was the outstanding player of the match against Oxford. A. J. Thomas also gained his half-blue. Rowing.



Sir \V. Peel, K.B.E., C.M.G. (1896), (s), appointed Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Hong Kong. C. T. Regan, F.R.S. (1900), (s), became Hou. D.Sc. of Durham, !\lay, 1929. He was awarded the Geoffroy St Hilaire medal by the Sociitl 11atio11ak d'accli111alatio11 dt: Fm11ce, 1929. J. A. Venn (1905), proceeded to the degree of Litt.D. He has been appointed Senior Proctor for the year 1930-1 G. B. Harrison (1920), (s), appointed Reader in Engl ish Literature, London. In 1929 he was Frederick Ives Carpenter Visiting Professor of English Literature at Chicago University. H. R. Youngman (1922), proceeded to the degree of M.D. ECCLESIASTICAL.

Canon F. W. 路 Dwelly (1906), Vice-Dean of Liverpool Cathedral. H. H. A:shley Nash (1883), Hon. Canon of Norwich and Proctor in Convocation, 1929. H, F. S. Adams (1885), (s), Hon Canon of Southwark. W. T. Farmiloe (1886), late Archdeacon of Sudbury, has accepted the British Chaplaincy at Rome. R. G. Johnson (1889), Rural Dean of Sudbury. F. H. Cooke (1902), Vicar of Hooton, Cheshire, 1928. E. C. Douglas (1907), Chaplain, Seamen's Institute, Tilbury Docks. ' E. W. Selwyn (19n), Rector of Grimston, orfolk (College living). R. A. tvlarsh (1912), Rector of St Mary's, Wavertree. H. C. White (1913), Vicar of All Saints, W. Dulwich. N. A. Bligh-Hill (1920), Vicar of Bethersden, Kent. G. W. Boddy (1921), Vicar of N. Ormesby, Middlesbrough. L. Galley (1921), Vicar of Oakington, Cambs. (College l~n~ 路 T. K. Lowdell (1921), Vicar路 of Holy Trinity, Haverstock Hill, N.W.3. G. N . Brummitt (r923), Vicar of St Mark's, Southampton, G. H路. K. Pedley (r923), (s), Succentorof Coventry Cathedral. W. R. Griffiths (1926), Vicar of Stokesay, Shropshire.

Queens' College



R, D. Thompson (1923), St Barbara's, Earlsdon, Coventry.


i\I. Cartwright (1927), Christ Church, Gipsy Hill. A. S. Gribble (1927), St Mary's, Windermere. R. R. Bailey (1928), St Anne's, Manchester. . F. A. Casson (1928), Parish Church of St Helen's. E. N. Ducker (1928), St Stephen's, Nottingham. P . H. Duke-Baker (1928), St James's, E. Cowes. C, i\larr ( 1928), St Mary ivlagdalene's, Millfield, Sunderland. N. A. L . .Miller (1928), St Luke's, Redcliffe Square, S. W. EDUCATIONAL.

H.J. Green ( 1913), Headmaster of Crypt School, Gloucester, F. L. Norden lr92r), Headmaster of Cockburn High School, Leeds. S. i adaraser (1926), on the staff of University College, Colombo. F. F. W. S. Williams (1923), Inspector of Schools, Gold Coast. SPORT.

R. W. V. Robins (1928), played in the first two Test matches against Australia. At Nottingham he made 50 not out and 4, and took 7 wickets for 132. At Lo1:d's he made 5 and Ir not out and took 3 wickets for 206 . He also played in a few matches for Middlesex. N. G. Wykes (1928), (s), played cricket occasionally for Essex. E. S. Hoare (1925), played for England in a ll the International hockey matches. MARRIAGES. Rev. M. S. Douglas (1901), to¡ Miss Constance Portal, on December 3, 1929. P. A. Curtois (1914), to Miss Emily Mary Norman, on August 16. H. H. Fisher, M.B., R.N. (1919), to Miss Barbara Large, on July 23.


Queens' College

Rev. L. Hills (1920), to Miss Margaret Miller, on July 10. Rev. T. K. Lowdell (1921), to Miss Wiltshire, on February 5. H. R. Youngman, i\•I.D. (1922), to ivl iss Mildred Adams, on May 7. Rev. G. N. Brummitt (1923), to Miss Cook, on July r. T. G. Clarke (1923), to Miss Monica Bantoft, on December 28, 1929. Rev. V. H. Copestake (1923), to Miss Stratton, on July 5. A. F . Alsop (1924), to Miss Margaret Shaw, on July 22. A. F. Doggett (1925), to Miss Betty Hord er, on July 15. A. D. Hamilton (1926), to Miss J. W. Mawdesley, on March r+¡ NEWS OF QUEENS' MEN.

E.G. D. Wright (1906), on the stall of the Sao Paolo Railway, Brazil. B. S. Maine (1916), (s), musical critic of the lvlorning Post and Spectator. S. G. Jary (1922), Assistant Master, Bolton School, ianchester. P. G. Dore (1923), (s), Organist at the Pavilion, Bournemouth. L. J. Haydon, B.Ch., (1923), in general practice in Kensington. A. L. C. Smith (1924), Assistant Master, Crypt School, Gloucester. S. C. Manchanda (1927), practicing at t he High Court, Lahore. W. Sumner (1927), (sJ, Geologist to the Sarawak Oil Fields, Ltd. N. S. Arunachalam (1928), Assistant Collector, Chiltoor, S. India. D. H. Watts (1928),.(s), Assistant Master, Caldey Grammar School, W. Kirby. T . L. Rowan ('r929), passed 7th iu the Civil Service Examination. Appointed to Colonial Office. L. F . W. Knight, (1930), (s), appointed to the Patent Office.

Queens' College


OBITUARY. The Right Hon. J. F. E. Goodeve-Erskine, Earl of Mar, (1856), premier Earl of Scotland, on June 16, in his 95th year. Rev. T. D. Gray (1865), (s), a Wrangler in 1865, on September 14. Rev. Canon J. Watson (1872), Sub -Dean of York, on August 21. Rev. W. i'vI. Baker (1879), (s), a Wrangler and stroke of the College boat, in i\farch 1929. Rev. S. J. H. Newman (1879), in September. Rev. Canon G. Shorting (1897), (s), Diocesan Secretary, St Albans, on June 25. Rev. H . A. Brewer (1900). H. G. Yates (1908), a Soccer blue in 1907 and 1908, on January 14. H. C. Bathurst (1909), in Penang, F.M.S. Capt. W. L. Dyson (1915), late Border Regiment, on September 5. Rev. G. D. D. Watt (incorp. 1917), in December, 1929. A. T. Langston, on March 27. R. C. G, Gale, on January 14. GIFTS TO THE COLLEGE. The fo llowing generous gifts have been madeA. B. Dunne, M.B., B.C., J.P. (1891), presented a pair of oak Communion rails for the College Chapel. A. H. Noble (1908), (s), presented the College with a sum of £ ro for the fifth time. ¡ A. i\fonro (1892), (s), and C. tvI. Sleeman (1905), presented a clock for the Erasmus Room (undergraduates' common room). R. ortham (1921), presented a silver match-box for the Combination Room. B. S. Collins (1923), presented a clock for the Guest Room. GIFTS TO THE COLLEGE LIBRARY.

Presented by Queens' College Historical .SocietyThe Emperor Charles V. E. Armstrong. r9rn. Presented by C. 0. Beane (1922)Ur of the Chaldees. C. L. Woolley. 1929. Richelieu. H. Belloc. 1930.

Queens' College


J. Y. Dawbarn (1878)A Dutch Book of Hours and Kalendar with ill11minatio1is. 1453. [A very interesting a nd valuable MS.] A Photog1,aph of Queens' College Frontage on Queens' Lane, c. 1850. By T. Craddock of Queens' College. A Photograph of Queens' College Mathematic al Bridge, c. 路 1850. By T. Craddock. (1914)Presented by M. H. Kantawala A Thesis on Thesawalam i. i\'1. H. Kantawala. 1929. Presented by

Presented by R. G. D. Laffan~elect Dowme11ts of European History, Vol. I. Ed. R. G. D. Laffan. 1930. Presented by D. G: Lean (1930)L'Etwope et la Revolution Franfaise, (1 ;,,, partie). A. Sorel, 1926. Constitution al History of England. G. B. Adams. n.d. Principles of Economics. A. Marshall. 1920. The Popes and tlie Hohenstaufen. U. Balzani. 19og.

Presented by L.



Tales by A. Strindber.g.

Transl. L.





G. B. Harrison (1920) (s). Trial of the Lancashire Witches, A.D. 1612. 1929. 路 Elizabethan England. 1930. (Ed.) Advice to his路 son, by Henry Percy, ninth Earl of Northumber land. 1930. M. H. Kantawala. A Thesis on Thesawalam i. 1929. R. G. D. Laffan (Ed.). Select Documents of European History, Vol. I. '1930. B. S. Maine (1916) (s). Reflected Mnsic and other essays. 1930. Rondo. 1930. 路 R. A. Marsh (1912). The new outlook and the old message. 1930. C. W. Pilkington- Rogers (1924). Days on Dartmoor. 1930. L. J. Potts (Trans.) Tales by A. Strindberg. r930.

Queens' College


QUEENS' HOUSE IN ROTHERHITHE. The Rev. E. M. Vanston has now been for a year Head of the House, and has unquestionably won the confidence and liking of the Rotherhithe boys. They came to camp at Grantchester for a fortnight in the Long Vacation Term and enjoyed themselves in spite of broken weather. On the Saturday evening when they returned to Rotherhi the, they found No. 49 Rotherhithe Street, where Mr. Vanston lives, a smoking ruin. The fire had broken out at 2 a.m. and is attributed by the Police to housebreakers. Mr. Vanston lost all his possessions. The next house, where the boys' club is, was not injured except unhappily the Chapel on the top story. One more loss has to be recorded, the Rev. E. H. Williams Ashman, of Queens', who has been Vicar of the Parish for several years and whose help to Queens' House it is hard to overestimate, has gone to a large Parish in Bethnal Green. However, he is to be succeeded at the Vicarage by another Queens' man, the Rev. Leslie Hills, who has been abroad as a C.!\1.S. Missionary. C. T. W.

QUEENS' COLLEGE CLUB. During the year, July 1, 1929-June 30, 1930, 68 new members joined, bringing the total of membership up to 784. The annual meeting was held in the Combination Room on June 21, at 7 p.m., the President in the chair. It was agreed to invest £50 fn 3½ per cent Conversion Loan. Messrs. W. W. Gibson and J. F. Moylan, C.B.E., C.B., Rev. G. H. K. Pedley, and General A. C. Temperley, C.M.G., n:s.o., were elected to serve on the Committee till 1934. The annual dinner was then held in Hall. There were present besides the President and Fellows, Dr. C. T. Regan (Hon. Fellow), Archdeacon Farmiloe, General Temperley, and Messrs. C. E. Allen, R. H. Atkinson, A. F. Alsop, A. F. Binnie. F. A. Bird, S. P. Boase. G. H. Bonser, W. H. Braine, H. Brewer, H. B. Burrows, vV. S. Butler, D. P. Bailey,

Queens' College


Black, LV. Chilton, H. A. Close, B. S. Collins, H. Constant, J. L. Cowdell, L. W. R. Cox, P. A. Curtois, P. Dore, B. Dunne, F. S. A. Etheridge, H. H. Fisher, A. Galletly, D. A. Goring, E. Hanson, E. C. Hamer, F. G. Harvey, B. Harrison, A. E. N. Hitchcock, C. M. Hobson, R. G. Johnson, H. G. Lemmon, J. A. R.. Moffatt, G. J. Maxted. A. G. R. Mooring, W. W. Partridge, L. Pa t rick, H. Pettman, G. C. J . Phi11ips, C. W. Pi lki ngton-Roge rs, D. V,l . Plaistowe, F . G. Plaistowe, D. R. R . Pocock, J. A. Pocock, J. Privett, A. J. Perkins, F. C. Ray, R. LL Rees, .J. B. Ricliard~on, D. C. C. Roberts, G.D. Rob inson, C. T. Seltman, R. D. Shorten, M. H. Slater, H. R. Sproule, A. E. Storr, J. Strong, A. J . Thomas, M. T hompson, W. L. Tillett, L. W . Underwood, W . R. G. Whiting, J. McM. B. Wolfe, A. H. Watkins and H. R. Youngman, making a total of 80. The toast of the Club was p roposed, with an elegant wit, by G. B. Harrison (1920), (s). Canon Gray replied. A. B. Dunne, M.B., B.C., J.P. (1891), proposed the Co llege and entertained his audience with reminiscences of the good and bad points of College l ife in his day. The President made the final speet:h . A considerabl e number of members stayed over the weekend and so were able to en joy the organ recital which P . G. Dore, formerly Organ Scholar (r925), kind ly gave on the Sunday evening. Well practisrd in addressing audiences from the organ, Mr. Dore gave a short and" admirable explanation of each piece of music before playing it, thus add in g greatly to the enjoyment of his most beautiful performance . M. G. A. C. G.




Queens' College



£ s. d.

8 8

Balance in hand July 1, 1929 214 Dividends: 4½ per cent. Conversion Loan 2 31 per cent. Conversion Loan 15 4 per cent. N.S. Wales 4 68 New Members @ £1 IS. 71

2 16 8





5 0 2


£ s. d. Purchase of £200 3½ per cent. Conversion Loan, Tuly 31, 1929 151 4 9 Ditto £65 ditto, June 25, ... 50 18 10 1930 Printing Circulars I 6 0 Sundries, printini:: etc. 17 3 0 Typewriting office ... 19 2 Balance in hancl, June 30, 81 8 3 1930 ...





Copies of the Vice-President's History of the College can be obtained from the College office, price 6/6, postage 6d.

The Record 1929-1930  
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