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QUE ENS ' . COL LEG E 1927-1928

CHANGE OF ADDRESS. It would be of great service to the College if members of the Club would kindly inform the College Office of any changes of their permanent addresses. The College would welcome a!ly corrections of this record, . and any material for next year, especially from abroad. These should be addressed to the Rev. R. G. D. Laffan.

The dates given after the names of members of the College refer to their B.A. degrees. (s) indicates a former scholar of the College.



The King. President .

Rev. Thomas Cecil Fitzpatrick, D.D. Fellows.

Rev. Canon Joseph Henry Gray, M.A., Vice-President. Rev. Robert Hatch Kennett, D.D., Regius Professor of Hebrew and Canon of Ely. Andrew Munro, M.A., Bursar, Steward and Ma thematica l -Lecturer. Rev. Charles Travers Wood, B. D., Dean, Divin ity and Hebrew Lecturer. Arthur Bernard Cook, Litt.D., Classical Lecturer, University Reader in Classical Archaeology. ¡ Rev. Robert George Dalrymple Laffan, M.A., Chaplain, History Lecturer and Praelector. Cyril Montagu Sleeman, M.A. , Tutor and Natural Science Lecturer. Archibald Douglas Browne, M. A., Junior Bursar and Mechanical Science Lecturer. Leonard James Potts, M.A., Lecturer in English. John Archibald Venn, M.A., University (Gilbey) Lecturer in the History and Economics of Agriculture.

In July Mr A. D. Browne_was appointed a Tutor of the College.


Queens' College Honorary Fellows. On Sunday, June 17, C. T. Regan (1900), F.R.S., F.L.S .,

F.Z.S., (s), Director of the Natural History Departments of the British Museum, and R. J . Tillyar<l (1903), Sc.D., F.R.S., (s), Chief Entomologist to the Government of Austral ia, were admitted to Honorary Fellowships of the College.

Librarian. Francis Giffard Plaistowe, M.A.

Steward of the Mamwial Courts. Alfred Frank Topham, LL.M., K.C.

Directors of Studies. Frank Carr, -LL.D., Law. Robert Mary Stephen Theodor Momber, M.A., Modern Languages.


P. H. Duke-Baker, Organ Scholar. Dawes.

For 1928-9, J. S.

Assistant Libra·rian .

J. R. Thompson.

For 1928-9, \V. H. M,acartney.

In the Michaelmas term, 1927, there were 215 bachelors and undergraduates in residence; in the Lent term, 1928, 207; in the Easter term, 1928, 2og,

Dr Cook and Mr Browne are compiling~ quarto volume o f reproductions of all important maps, plans and view~ of the College. There will be some sixty or seventy plates in collotype and some coloured an'd half-tone blocks, with . accompanying descriptive text. · If any Queens' men know · of any rare prints, they are asked to· communicate ,with Mr Browne.

Queens1 College



Mathematical Tripos, Part L Classical Tripos, Part I. Nat11ral Sciences Tripos, Part I.

Part II. Oriental Languages T1-ipus, Part I. English Tripos, Part I. "MAYS" Classics. Natural Sciences. Mechanical Science.

M. Black. G. H. Bonser. F. J. Smith. D. B. Cater. R. A. Jones. F. W. Millar. L. P. Walls. ]. George. J. L. Smeal!. R. \11/ycherley. L. F. W. Knight. H. S. Thackray.


Hughes English Essay Prize Extra Prize Latin Essay (2nd Prize) Ryle Reading Prize

M. L. Parry. R. R. Bailey. J. R. Thompson. IE. N. Ducker. 1. W. A. F. Lee.

Prizes: were also.given to those who obtained fi~srclasses'· in Triµoses _a nd_''. Mays". ELECTIONS TO SCHOLARSHIPS, ETC.

The following· were elected to Entrance Scholarships of £80 on the results of the Higher Certificate examinations of July, 1927 :-C. F. Addlesee (Lincoln School), Mathematics, W. L. Clough (Crypt School, Gloucester), Classics. E. W. Chanter (Bradford Grammar School), Mathematics · and Natural Science. History Sheffield), School, D. E. Lupton (King Edward VII. and i\tlodern Languages. T. Padmore (Central Secondary School, Sheffield), History and English.


Queens; College

In December, 1927A. ~'I. Lester (Sedbergh) and C. Bicknell (Oundle), were elected to Haynes Scholarships.

Of the First Yea1'-H. S. Thackray was elected to an Exhibition of £30 (Mech. Sci.)


the Second Year-

F. J. Smith was elected to a Foundation Scholarship of £80 D. B. Cater

J. L. Smeall

" "

" Minor



(Classics). of £60 (Nat. Sci.) of £40 (English).


the Third YearR. A. Jones was elected to a Bachelor Scholarship (Natural Science).


Rowing. Captain, H. C. Hebard. Secretary, T. F. S. Brass. We had an unsuccessful year. In the Lents our first boat lost one place, ending as eleventh on the river. Our second boat fell three places in the _second division. And our third boat fell three places in the fourth division. · In the Mays our first boat dropped two places to the unlucky thirteenth position. Our second boat, however, provided our one success by making two bumps and rising into the second division. Cricket. Captain, N. G. Wykes. Secretary, H. J. Hobbins. We again had a very good Xl, which never lost a match. We had also two Blues. R. W. V. Robins had a brilliant season for the University and for Middlesex, emerging as a slow bowler as well as a great batsman. Against Oxford he made 53 and IOI not out and took 8 wickets for 15r. N. G. Wykes, a firstclass left-handed batsman, played for the University and Essex, and made 24 and 19 not out against Oxford.



November, r928.


H. GRAY, 1879· 1929.

IN 1929 Canon Joseph Henry Gray wiH have completed fifty years as Fellow of Queens'. At its a nnual meeting, on June 16, 1928, the Queens' College Club decided to present Ca.n on Gray with a token of the very real affection and esteem with which its members regard him.

It was therefore decided that a fund for this

purpose should be raised; that all Queens' men should be invited to subscribe; and that subscriptions should be limited to not more than one guinea.

A list of names of subscribers

(I.Jut not of amounts) will be presented to Canon Gray, together with the gift, at the meeting of the Club in June, 1929. We should like to emphasize that a large number of subscribers is, in our opinion, of more importance than the size of the subscriptions; and we hope that no ohe will be deterred from contributing because he can only afford to send a small amount. If you wish ;-to join the list of suLsc.:ribers, will you, please,

· send a remittance to Rev. R. G. D. Laffan, Queens' College, Cambridge, at your early convenience and in any case before March r, 1929.

Commi'tt.:.:-W. T. FARMILOI£, Archdeacon of Sudbury (1886). A. MUNRO (1892). C. M. HOBSON (1921). R. G. D. LAFFAN, Secretary (1914).

.." ....�� ::::-

'O Cl



Queens; College

Rugger.· ·captain, B.A: Rober�s.- Secretary; i. b.:�odgkinson. \Ve were not very successful, winning 6 mat_ches and'losi'ng 7· In· the cup-ties we inet the holders, Sf. Catharine's,' iri the·nrst round and were soundly,beaten. But we 'did run three XV's. ·in the ·October ·Term ·and no third XV. match ·was 'ever. scratched. . . . . .. . .. . .. D 'Captain, 'Soccer. Price. . G ' Secretary, ·1. M:,K Wolfe. · We were still in the second division· of' the League'. : ._-:vlfe ·defoated King's and St John's in the cup-ties', �ut :went ·down in the third round to Selwyn. Our star performer, R. W· V. Robins, was captain of the University XI. · · · .': ·· · ' ' · : · . Hockev. Captain, R. P. S. Protheroe. Secretary, T. L .. Rowan. This g;me is at present our speciality. . We won the .inter·­ collegiate cup, beating St Catharine's in the. final. T. L. Rowan again played for the University at half and was .elected Secretary of the University XI. He also played fo/'and against the Rest in the final English .Trial Match. .J. H. Pope also played sometimes for the University and was twelfth man. For the first time we ran three Hockey Xi's. ·, . _ .-. ·.· _ Athletics. We beat Fitzwilliam H·ouse, bufwent down to Corpus in the cup-ties. P. Norton received \his first. team colours for the University Hare and Hounds.'" ;: : :·. · ·. _. ·: · Lawn Ten�is. Our first pair, J. · Sowerb�tts �nd 1> E. F. Rawlins, usually won their matches, but the. rest of the team · �'.'-' : · · · .·,. · were not often successful. Golf. J.E. F. Rawlins"played for the Uriivers{ty ·and ·iron . the decisive match against his O�ford opponent'.: · i l't 'G . .Wykes played several times for the· Un'iversity>·, : · : ·'' Union Society. G. C. Harding, thrice elected to the Com- . mittee, became permanen.t'member of it. 'A. Chapman was t�".ice elected �o. the Committee.


,·;,.: ,:-. ---


_. .L:

J. Baggott ('191'4);· Rect6i. of N;wca�tle:·��-J�/f�rd�: /.....

nna'.�t.· (1904);· ·has be'en . 'w... J." paickling,N .livingofH . l:PP�i�ted)oji e Coliege. citts.::· '' . ',;... ·. · · {

:·.' ..'�::·..:.'.',' _'.. ·.,./.:,; E. C. Douglas (1907), Chaplain of Training Ships Arethusa, Warspite, Cornwall and Worcester.


Queen/ College

A. E. Foster (1920), Vicar of St John's, Bradford. L. W. Foster (1921), Vicar of Buglawton, Cheshire. E. \V. Gedge (1922), Departmental secretary to the Church Missionary Society. W. H. Green ( 1915), Vicar of Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire. G. E. N. Molesworth {1922), Vicar of All Saints, Bradford. C. L. Price (1892), Vicar of _St Mellons with Llanedeyrn. W. S. A. Robertson (1916), has joined the Order of Christa Seva Sungh, Poonah_. F. G. Scovell (1896), Hon. Canon of Sheffield. H. G. Williamson (1921), Chaplain of the National Nautical School, Portishead. Ordinations to· the Diacouate. Advent, 1927-

R. .P. L. Parkin (1926), Clapham. · . R. V. Seymour ( 1925), The Ascensior., Victoria Docks. E. E. F. Walters (1925), The Priory, Great Malvern . . 3 D .. ]. Wilson (1924), Holy Trinity, Dartford. Tri11ity, 1928-:-

; �/. 1.\_E.\Vilkinson (1927), Christ Church, N. Brixton. Michaelmas, 1928- ·

E. M. Hall (1927), Great Yarmouth. J. H. Spencer (1926), Walsall Wood. G. E. Yeulett (1927), (s), St Michael's, Sutton Court, Chiswick. DISTIN�TIONS AND APPOINTMENTS,

W. Peel, G.M.G. (1896), (s), Chief Secretary to the Govern­ ment of the Federated Malay States, has received the honour of a K.B.E. H. Bryan (1893), (s), is Superintendent of Education, Natal, and Vice-Chancellor of the University of South Africa. C. T. Culverwell, whose career at Queens' was cut short by the War, was elected M.P. for the ,i\Testern division of Bristol on February 2.

Queens' College


T. E. Morris (1885), (s), _for 13 years Recorder of the North Wales and Chester circuit, has been appointed Associate of the circuit and received a presentation from his fellow­ members. W. R. G. Whiting, M.B.E., (1906), has received the King's licence to wear the. insignia of the Order of St Sava (Third Class), conferred on him by the King of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. S. N. Mukarji (1911), (s), Principal of St Stephen's College, Delhi. Rev. J. W. Oman (r9og), D.D. Edin., Principal of West­ minster College, received the degree of D.D. at Oxford. Rev. B. V. F. Brackenbury (1913), Headmaster · of St Lawrence College, Ramsga te. C. T. Seltman (1921), (s), University Lecturer in Classics Cambridge. W. T. Marsh (1922), (s), Headmaster of · Hertford Gramma1 School. . C. K. Rutter (1924), ·Sub-Warden of Toynbee Hall . .· A. E. Rogers (1923), Asst. Master at Cheltenham College .. E. W. N. Mallows (1927), ·(s), Architectural Association; Howard Colls Travelling Studentship, 1928. · · · ·. N. G. Wykes (1928), (s), Asst. Master at Eton College.... A. R. B. Fuller (1928), Asst. Master at Glenalmond. J. George (1928), (s), and G. E.W. Hannington (1928), (s), have passed into the Indian Civil Service. MARRIAGES.

Rev. H. G. Bullen (1922) to Ella Mabel Oswald, on June 9. Rev. A.H. Cullen (1915), (s), to Natalie Beatrice Waller. R. Ede (1925) to Marion Yelland. F. W. Gentle (1915) to Ursula Wilmer White. E. C. Kennedy (1925), (s), to Marjorie Loten Sainsbury, on December 21. Rev. F. H. Pickering (1924) to Winifred Dobbie Borland, on June r. J. F. M. Taylor (1921), (s), to Mary Catherine Goodrich; on December 31. J. R. Wade (�912), to Penelope Dorothy Haig Ferguson, on July 3.


Queens1 College OBITUARY.

Rev. R. L. H. Bailey (1923), died on June 20, m consequence of a motor accident. Rev. A. Eddowes (1905), of Hutton Rudby, Yorks., on March 13, 1927. W. Haig Ferguson (1913), M.C. and Bar, Capt. R.A.M.C., M.B. [Edin.], who was· Boat captain 19II- 19r2 and rowed 3 in the light four that won the Wyfold Cup at Henley, 1912; in March. Rev. T. E. C. Frodsham (1884), of Uplyme, Devon, on August 16. H. P. G. Haynes (1881), late of the Imperial Ottoman Bank, Constantinople, on December 22, aged 68. A. G. K. Hayter, F.S.A., (1885), (s), the distinguished Egyptologist, on October I 5, aged 64. Rev. T. L. Jones (1874), Vicar of Glanadda. Rev. W. H. Langhorne (1854), of Sefton, Cheltenham; in September. . · Rev. M. W. Larcombe (1886), Vicar of Crossens, Southport. Ven. P. S. Luscombe (1901), sometime Archdeacon of Gloucester, N.S.W. Rev. J. Peck (1879), Chaplain of Holloway Sanatorium, Virginia Water, on March 25. R. D. Prior (1881), (s), who rowed 7 in the University boat and became Director of Education in Bombay; in January. Rev. H. C. Strickland (1882), formerly Vicar of St. Jude's, Bethnal Green ; in July. Jane Elizabeth Pollard, widow of Rev. G. C. Pollard, sometime Fellow and Bursar of the College, on September 17, 1927, aged 93. GIFTS TO THE COLLEGE.

B. W. Campion (1891), {s), generously presented the College with £1,000, 4 per cent. Funding Loan, to found a Scholarship in memQry of his uncle, Rev. Vv. ·M. Campion, D.D., formerly President of the College. A. H. Noble (1908), (s), for the fourth time generously sent the College £ ro.

Queen/ College


Mrs Jennings has carried out the wishes of her great-uncle, Richard Hobson, of Leeds (Fellow-Commoner of Queens' 1822, M.B. r825, M.D. r830), in presenting t o the College an interesting old portrait of Hobson, the famous carrier and original of "Hobson's choice" (of whom Dr Hobson was no relative). Under the will of the late Rev. T. E. C. Frodsham (r884), the College is ultimately to receive half of his estate for the purpose of scholarships for resident undergraduates who are sons of poor clergy. GIFTS TO THE COLLEGE LIBRARY.

Presented by Gonville & Caius CollegeA Descriptive Catalogtie of the Incunabula in the Library of Gonville & Caius Coll., Cambridge. G. A. Schneider. 1928. Presented by Queens' Coll. Historical SocietyBismarck. E. Ludwig. Tr. by C. & E. Paul. r927. 2nd English Democratic Ideas in the XV II. Century. edition, ed. by H.J. Laski. 1927. The Government of France. Joseph Barthelemy. Tr. by J. B. Morris. 1924. Merchant. C. Gross. .2 vols. 1927. Gild The of the NI iddle Ages. O. Gierke. Tr. by Theories Pol-itical F. W. Maitland. 1927. Presented ' by Miss Niven.Trait! de M!canique ce/este. P. S. Laplace. 4 vols. 1802-5. Mtcanique analyft'que. J. L. Lagrange. 2 vols. 1811, 1815. Trait! de la Resolution des Equations numlriques de tous /es Degres. J. L. Lagrange. 1808. Introduciio in Analysin Injinilorum. L. Eulerus. 2 vols. 1797. Recherches exptfrimenta/es et mathbnatiq"es s11r /es Mouvements des Molecules de Lumiere aulo"r de /eur Centre de Gravitt. M. Biot. ¡ 18r4. Application de /'Analyse a /a G!omttrie. M. Monge. 1809. Essai s11r la Thtort'e des Hombres. A. M . Legendre. r8o8. Th!orie analytiqut des Probabt'/it!s. Le Comte La Place. 1812.


Queen/ College

Presented by L. J. PottsThe Poems of J. Dryden. Ed. by J. Sargeaunt. Wordsworth. W. Raleigh. 1925. Presented by C. 0. BeaneA History of England. H. Belloc.


James II.

(3 vols. published as

1925, 1927, 1928. H. Belloc. 1928.

The Evoltttion of the Monastic Ideal.


H. B. Workman. 1913.

(Presented by M. Parsons). Studies and Notes supplementary to Stubbs' Constitutional History. C. Petit-Dutaillis. Tr: by W. T. Waugh.


(Presented by A. R. B. Fuller).

Modern European History.

W. F. Reddaway. Simpson).

A general sketch, 1492-1924.


(Presented by R. R. W.

Recent books by Queens' men. Cuneiform Texts from Cappadocian Tablets.

Smith (1911).


Early History of Assyria to

1928 ..





Sidney Smith (19u).

Old Testament Essays. R. H. Kennett; D.D. 1928. The Cambridge Ancient History. Vol. II. of- Plates . . C. T

Seltman (1921), (s).



G. B. Harrison (1920), (s). 1928. Shakespeare. G. B. Harrison (1920), (s). 1928. For Weal of All. G. H. Crump (1912). 1928. Relativity and Religion. H. D. Anthony (1914), (s). 1928.

John Bunyan.

Study in. Personality.


The great event in the past year has been the coming of the Rev. V. H. Copestake as Head of the House a�d as part­ time Curate to Mr. Ashman. He served in the War, and came to Queens' in 1920. He left a curacy at Mildenhall to

Queens' College


go to Queens' House last December. He found the House in a somewhat dilapidated ·condition, but managed to collect a special fund for its restoration: In particular he has made the Chapel a new place, and has improved the sanitation of the House. In dealing with the boys, he wisely decreased the numbers for a time, in order to secure better efficiency and a sound spirit. The summer camp was held at Kemsing, near Sevenoaks : a few Queens' men went to help there, but not as many as we had hoped. There is no more delightful and easy way to help .the work than to go to Camp.

C. T. W. [Senior members of the College will no tice a change of nomenclature. Queens' College Mi~sion" has now become "Queens' House".]


QuEENs' CoLL·EGE CLUB. During the year 88 new members joined, bringing the total of membership up to 574. The annua.l meeting was held in the Combination Room on June 16, at 7 p.m., the President in the chair. It was decided to invest £50. Messrs. W. L. B. Hayter, W. G. Fraser, R. A. Hayes and A. C. Crooke were elected to serve on the committee till 1932. It was decided that members of the College, who had not yet joined the Club, should be circularized, to inform them of the Club's existence and to encourage them to join it; that the Club should have a tie, green with a diagonal, thin, double stripe of white; that the Club should make a presentation to Canon J. H. Gray in 1929 on his fiftieth year as a Fellow of the College and that the members should be circularized accordingly. The annual dinner was held that evening in Hall. Speeches were made by · C. H. Whittle, M.D. (r9 i 9); C. T . Regan, F.R.S. (1900), the newly elected Honorary Fellow; A. D. Browne ; and the President. There were also present the other Fellows, the Archdeacon of Sudbury, Drs Tillyard and Robinson, and Messrs Barford, Binnie, Bourchier, Braine, Brass, Brewer, Butler, Chase, Coggins, Collingham, Collins, Constant, Curtois, Darton, Dunne, Duke Baker, Ede, Ever:,Swindell, H. W. Ford, S. H. Hamilton, Harding, Harling,

Queens' College


G. B·. Harriso n, Harvey , \V. L. B. Hayter, Hebard , Hobson , Kennab y, Kruckenberg, Lemmo n, Lowdel l, Norris, Northam , Partrid ge, Patrick , Pettma n, D. W. Plaistowe, Pocock , Pringle , Rees, Richard son, Robbin s, W. S, Rogers, Sale, Schooli ng, Scudamore, Seltman , Simpson, Slater, T. R. Smith, Stephen , Stevens, Stiong; Thorp, Topham , Webb, Westal l and Yeulett . Tliese made a record attenda nce of 75 and the crowde d aspect of Hall added to the general well-being.


Expenditu re.

£ s. d.

Balance in hand July r, 1927 37 2 8 Dividend s: £50, 4-½ per cent. Con2 5 0 version Loa n £150 6s. 4d. , 4 per cent. 4 16 2 N.S. Wales £260 6s. 9d., 3~ per cent. 7 14 8 Conversion Loan .. . 88 New Members @ £1 I s . 92 8 0 £144

£ s. cl. Printing Circulars, postage, etc. 5 13 9 .. 7 5 0 Hall & Son, Printing Purchase £ 63 6s. jd. , 3½ n per cent. Conversio .. . 50 0 0 Loan ... Ba lance in hand, June 30, 81 7 9 1928 ... £r44 6 6

6 6

in [NOTE. The balance in hand \Vas considerabie, because 1927- 8 was a year printed]. was addresses of list which no

Some copies of the Vice-Pres ident's History of the College are still available ana can be obtained from the College office, price 6/6.


J. Hall & Son.


The Record 1927-1928  
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