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Queens' College Directors of Studies.

Frank Carr, LL.D., Law. Robert Mary Stephen Theodor Momber, M.A., Modern Languages. Organist. P. H. Duke-Baker, Organ Scholar. Assistant Librarian.

P. J. J. Price.

For 1927-8.


R. Thompson.

On July 19 J. A. Venn was elected a Fellow. Mr. Venn is a distinguished authority on the history and economics of Agriculture and the editor of that monumental work Alumni Cantabrigienses. He has generously expressed his wish to be a supernumerary, i.e. unpaid, Fellow. The admirable services of Canon J. H . Gray, as President of the University Rugby Football Club since 1895, have received signal recognition. The Club presented £1,000 to the University to found a lectureship which should bear his name. In accordance with his. wishes the benefaction will provide special lectures in Classics. A change affecting the life of the undergraduates was carried out during the Christmas vacation. It had long been felt that the College suffered from the lack of a comfortable junior common room. Accordingly the Erasmus (commonly called Bernard) Room was re-furnished with arm-chairs, writing and tea-tables, carpets, a telephone-box and a letterrack. Tea and after-dinner coffee can· be taken there. · Meetings are no longer held there and consequently the St Bernard Society has removed its activities to the Old Chapel. We understand that the change has been much appreciated. With the Lent term, 1927, the Dial reached its majority. O ld members of the College would do well to procure copies of that number, which contains an excellent anthology of the best contributions of past years.

In the Michaelmas term, 1926, there were 203 bachelors and undergraduates in residence; in the Lent term, 1927, 205; in the Easter term, 1927, 203.


Queens' College FmsT


Natnral Science Tripos, Part I.

Economics Tripos, Part II. Mechaiiical Science Tripos. "MAYS." Classics. Natttral Science.



S. E. Chubb. F. W. Millar. L. P. Walls. F. I. Lamb. H. Constant. F. J. Smith. R. A. Jones. J. R. Cottrill. G. Llewellyn. D. B. Cater. R.H. Garforth. 1927.

English Essay. W. P. Jenson. Latin Essay. J. R. Thompson. Ryle Reading Prize. C. D. Horsley.

Prizes were also given to those who obtained first classes in Triposes and "l\Iays ". ELECTIONS TO SCHOLARSHIPS, ETC.

The following were elected to Entrance Scholarships of £80 on the results of the Higher Certificate examinations of July, 1926 : G. H . . Bonser (Central Secondary School, Sheffield), M atlmnatics. R. E. Wycherley (Wellington County School, Salop), Clas$ics. l\I. Black (Owen's School, Islington), Mathematics and Natural Science. L. F. W. Knight (Town and County School, Northampton), Mathematics and Natural Science. W. S. Morgan (Rendcomb College, Cirencester), History.

In June, 1927-

H. C. Hebard (Queens'), was elected Haynes scholar. Of the First YearD. B. Cater was elected to an Exhibition of £30 (Nat. Sci.) ,, ,, ,, ,, J. R. Cottrill R. H. Garforth






Queen/ College

Of the Second Yearof £60 s. E. Chubb was elected to a Foundation Scholarship (Nat. Sci.) ,, ,, F. W. Millar " " ,, L. P. Walls " " " Minor ,, of £40 ,, ,, R. A. Jones Of the Third YearH. Constant was elected to a Bachelor Scholarship (Engineering). Of the Fourth YearH. P. fvlulholland was re-elected to a Bachelor Scholarship (Mathematics). J. A. Chalmers was re-elected to a Bachelor Scholarship (Physics) . B. A. Southgate was re-elected to a Bachelor Scholarship (Agricultiire).


Rowing. Our first Lent boat lost three places, ending as tenth boat. The second, however, easily made four bumps and is now well up in the second division. The third fell three places. In the Mays our first boat met disaster, losing four places and ending eleventh. But again the second boat made four bumps, ending near the top of the third division. Our second boats have now made eleven bumps in three years. Cricket. We again had a good team and were only twice beaten. R. W. V. Robins scored centuries regularly when he could play. He took a leading part in the defeat of Oxford, scoring 55 and 41 and fielding like himself. N . G. Wykes played once for the 'Varsity and had an average of infinity, scoring 145 not out. He has since played successfully for Essex. Rugger. The XV. was the best of recent years. J. D. Hodgkinson and H. J. Hobbins were tried in the Freshmen's match. In the knock·out competition we defeated King's, and then met Pembroke with its Welsh internationa ls. The score against us (21-3) hardly does justice to the fine game put up by Queens'.

Queens' College


S0cce1 Our Soccer is under a temporary eclipse. We went down to the second division of the League. W. R. Griffiths played occasionally for the 'Varsity. R. vV. V. Robins was again a brilliant member of the 'Varsity side and is the 'Varsity captain for 1927-8. Hockey. We excelled. L. T. Rowan obtained a well· deserved blue. J. H. Pope played occasionally for the 'Varsity; and W. D. Kerr in the trials. We .finished second in the League, after tying for first place with Emmanuel and losing the final re -play. The second XI. was top of the fourth di vision. Cross Country. I. J. Franklen-Evans obtained his half-blue, and was the first Cambridge man home against Oxford. W. H. Buchanan and R. C. Tucker have run for the 'Varsity. We were third in the inter-collegiate competition. Law1i Tennis . The VI. did well, losing only three matches and defeating St Catharine's, the leaders of the third division. Union Society. G. C. Harding was twice elected on to the Committee. 1•

Ecclesiastical Appointments, etc. E. A. Cook (1910), Rector of St James's, Dover. G. E. Davis (1894), Vicar of Membury, Axminsler. R. A. Down (1922), Chaplain, Mena House, Cairo, Egypt. C. H. Gill, D.D., late Bishop of Travancore (1883), Vicar of

Gerrard's Cross, Bucks. A. M. Harper (1883), Hon. Canon of Leicester. R. J. Hitchcock (1910), Vicar of Kilmeston with Beauworth, Hants. · T. H. W. Maxfield (1921), Vicar of St Cyprian's, Hay Mill, Birmingham. F. A. Redwood (1912), Vicar of The Hill, Four Oaks, Sut· ton Coldfield. T. G. Rogers (1908), Vicar of Swinton, Rotherham. W. Stanley (1897), Rector of Little Dean, Gloucs. H. L. Stevens (1910), Vicar of St Mary's, Hornsey Rise. F. T. Thornburgh (1904), Organising Secretary, C.M.S., i\Ielbourne. H. S. Vinning (1905), Vicar of Green's Norton, Towcester. W. Welchman, Hon. Canon of Bristol (1892), Archdeacon of Bristol. T. Hannay (1910) and B. P. Thomas (1912) have joined the Community of the Resurrection, Mir.field, Yorks.


Queen/ College

Ordinations to the Diaconate. Advent, 1926J. S. L. David (1925), St i\fary Magdalene's, Colchester. W. R. Griffiths (1926), Church Stretton, Salop. A. H. Marks (1925), Ashton Parish Church, Birmingham. Trinity, 1927H. H. Bloomfield (1925), St Mary's, Hunslet, Leeds. C. R. Claxton (1926), St John's, Stratford, E. B. M. Dale (1926), St Andrew's, Catford. N. E. H. Westall (1923), Asst. Chaplain, Deaf and Dumb Association. Michaelmas, 1927W. Baker (1925), St Michael's, South Westoe, South Shields. G. Hodgshon (1925), St Aidan's, Leeds. E. W. Maxwell (1921), Bebbi.ngton, near Birkenhead. W. H. Wagstaffe (1926), St Andrew's, Sharrow. Distinctions and Appointments.

C. T. Regan, F.R.S., F.L.S., F.Z.S. (1900), Director of the Natural History Departments of the British Museum. C . Robbins (1912), called to the Bar (Inner Temple). G. A. Millward (1905), Headmaster of King George V. School, Southport. W. G. Butler (1907), Headmaster, St Faith's School, Cambridge. A. S. Oswald (1926), Lecturer at Bede College, Durham. A. I. Forde (1926), Asst. Master, Harrow School. H. Collingham (1918), Asst. Master, ferchant Taylors. Marriages.

P. Spencer Smith (1904). Rev. J. E. L. Warren (1921) to Kathleen Ardill, on Jan. I. S. R. Matthews (1922) on Jan. ¡28. L. J. Haydon (1923) to Susan Eleanor Richmond, on Mar. 17. S. H. Day (1902) to Dulce Muriel Morrison, on May 31. R. M. Gabriel (1924) to A. M. Dore, on June 4. G. F. :M. Lyster (1924) to Doreen Middlemiss, on July 26.

Queens' College


E. C. Lamplugh (1924) to Eleanor Iadge Farrow, on Aug. 4. Rev. B. M. Dale (1926) to Kathleen Mabel O'Meara, on Aug. 31. Rev. R. J. Hitchcock (1910) to H ilda Caroline Geare, on Sept. 22. Rev. P. H. Turnbull (1912) to Lady Jane Grey, on Sept. 29. Obituary. Rev. A. H. Ellaby (1872), formerly incumbent successively of Eversden and Grimston. S. Gordon (1893), novelist. F . L. Marley (1907). Rev. T. P. Ring (1872), Canon and Prebendary of Lincoln (June 19). Susan Montgomery Coates,widow of the lat e W. M. Coates, for many years Fellow and Bursar of th e College, (May 26). A memorial service was held in the College Chapel. Many old Queens' men will remember with affection her charming per· sonality. GIFT TO THE COLLEGE.

A. H. oble (1908), sometime scholar of the College, fo r the third time generously sent the College £ro in gratitude. GIFTS TO THE COLLEGE LIBRARY.

[;:' P resented by their Authors. t Work s by members of the College.] Presented by Clare Coll. English StudentsThe Lion and the Fox. The Role of the Hero in the Plays of Shakespeare. \¥. Lewis. 1927. Poetic Unreason and other St11dies. R. Graves. 1925. Transition. Essays on Contemporary Literature. E. Muir. 1926. Presented by Queens' Coll. Historical SocietyEurope in the XVllth Century. D. Ogg. 1925. The Modern State. R. M. Maciver. 1926. The Legacy of the Middle Ages. G. C. Crump and E. F. Jacob. 1926.


Queens' College

Presented by A. B. Dunne (1891)Bronzes of Siris. P. 0. Bronsted. 1836. Plates of Paestm11. The Military History of Charles XII, King of Swiden. M. G. Alderfeld. 1740. ¡~tGreat Durham Church. J. F. Williams. 1925. The Grasmere Wordswo1,th. Ed. by J. Hawke. 1925. (Presented by t he Editor). A History of British Birds. ,, . Yarrell. 1856. (Presented by C. T. Wood). The Colloquies of Erasmus. Tr. by N. Bailey. 1878. (Presented by L. J. Potts). R. J. Tillyard, "'tThe Insects of .4.ustralia and New Z ealand. F.R.S. 1926. Dictionary of Applied Physics. Vol. r. Sir R. Glazebrook. 1922. (Presented by V.,T. D. Lorimer). £1,asmi Colloquia. Elzevir ed. n. d. (Presented by C . E. Cuthbertson). J ew S1"iss. L. Feuchtwanger. Tr. by \V. a nd E. !'vfuir. 1926. (Presented by P. J. J. Price). Flamstead, Its Clwrch and History. I. V. Bullard a nd others. 1902. (Presented by F. C. Clcire). Presented by R. G. D. LaffanHistorische Schul-Atlas. F. W . Putzger. 1922. Anglo-E11ropecin History. K. M. Gardner. 1924. History of the Book of Common P rayer. Procter and Frere. 1901. The romanization of Roman Britain. F. Haverfield. 1912 . Other r ecent books by Queens' men. History of Queens' College (revised editioo). J. H. Gray. 1926. Alumni Cantabrigienses, fourth and concluding volume of Part I. J. A. Venn. 1927. Charfolary of W inchester Cathedral. A. W. Goodman. 1927. Cambridge A ncient History, Vol. I . of Plates. C. T. Seltman. 1927. A first school music co11rse. W. J. R. Gibbs. 1927.

Queens' College



Mr Youles, who has worked at the Mission for seven years and has been in charge for two years, has sailed for Australia where he hopes to be trained for Ordination. We are glad to say that he is to be succeeded in the late autumn by the Rev. V. H. Copestake (Queens' 1920-23), who will also act as part-time Curate to Mr Ashman. In the· interim Mr Ashman is carrying on the work at the Mission, and would be glad to receive an offer of personal help from any member of the College. There was a successful summer Camp this year .at Grantchester, in a field by the river, owing to the kindness of the proprietors, Messrs Lilley and Mansfield. QUEENS'



During the year (calculated to June 30, 1927), the total of membership was brought up to 486. The annual meeting was held in the Combination Room on June 16, 1927, the President in the chair. It was decided to invest £50, if the club's balance should exceed £80 by June 30, [it did-£87. 2s. 8d.]. Messrs. A. G. Waddell, S. H . Day, P. J. Oldfield and Rev. R. Broxton were elected to serve on the committee till 1931. The financial policy of the Club was defined as the investment of surplus balances until such time as the Club's income from investments should be sufficient to meet ordinary annual expenditure. It was hoped that that object would be achieved in about five years. Thereafter surplus balances might be put to other purposes approved by the Club's members. The annual dinner was held that evening in Hall. Speeches were made by Revs. G. A. Chase, M.C. (1908) and R. G. D. Laffan, Professor C.H. Reilly, O.B.E., of Liverpool University (1896), and the President. There were also present the other Fellows, the Ven. Archdeacon of Sudbury and Messrs G. H.K. Pedley, H. G. Lemmon, A. M. Mitchell, G. E. J. Foster, F. Bird, C. W. Pilkington-Rogers, A. E. Storr, F. G. Plaistowe, E. Reynolds, J. B. Richardson, L. W. Foster, F. C. Clare, W.R. Johnson, J. A. Pocock, J. F. Williams, D. L. Macdonald, J. Peck, L. M. Westall, W. H. Braine, L. Patrick, P. J. Oldfield, L. S. Thorp, S. Rogers, R. Northam, D. J. Wilson, W. Stanley,


Queens' College

A. B. Dunne, B. S. Collin~, W.W. Partridge, T. S. Pedler, D. W. Plaistowe, J. Strong and Dr. Robinson. That the numbers were slightly smaller than last year (45 as against 52), may have been due to the dinner having been for once on a Thursday. Those present, however, had a most genial evening, enlivened by the humour of Professor R eilly and th e other speakers. NOTICE.

Photogravure copies of the portrait of the President, by \\'. I de Glehn, A.R.A., which was exhibited in the Royal Academy, I can be obtained from the College Office, price 1/3, by post 1/6. Also copies of the Vice-President's History of Queens' College ) (revised), 1926, can be obtained from the College Office, price I 6/6, by post 7/-.


The Record 1926-1927  
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