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Caramel Wonder Yule log

la manufacture du go没t


Caramel Wonder Yule log

Recipe designed by Philippe Parc Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Pastry Making) World Champion (Pastry, Chocolate, Ice-cream making)

2 molds rounded bottom - ref. : 29112 CARAMEL MOUSSE Glucose Fine caster sugar  Whipping cream  Water  Egg yolk  Z60 % Laboratory chocolate  Frothy whipped cream 

30 g 130 g 300 g 50 g 100 g 400 g 800 g

Process : bring glucose to the boil. Gradually add caster sugar in and cook caramel. Deglaze with boiling water and boiling whipping cream. Add whipped egg yolk in. Simmer and keep whisking. Off the stove, add melted lab chocolate in, stir and mix, leave to cool down to 32° C and add frothy whipped cream and chopped nougatine in. Serve right away. DRIED FRUIT NOUGATINE Icing sugar  NH Pectin  Butter at room temperature  Glucose  Roasted nuts Roasted pistachios Roasted hazelnuts

180 g 4g 100 g 80 g 60 g 70 g 70 g

Process : heat up the glucose. Add the mixture of fine caster sugar and pectin in, then add butter in. When mixture is homogeneous, add roasted dried fruit in. Spread dough between two silicone sheets. Bake at 180°C for approximately 15 minutes. Remove from oven, leave to cool down and crush nougatine. Add half of crushed nougatine into caramel mousse. GIANDUJA CREAM Frothy whipped cream  “Intense Hazelnut” Gianduja  Whole milk Gelatine sheet

580 g 440 g 290 g 9g

HAZELNUT BISCUIT 1 baking tray: 40 x 60 Egg white  Fine caster sugar  Chopped roasted hazelnuts  Hazelnut powder  Icing sugar  Flour 

320 g 70 g 70 g 250 g 250 g 50 g

Process : whip egg white with fine caster sugar. Add mix of icing sugar, hazelnut powder and flour in. Pour onto a silicone sheet. Add chopped roasted hazelnuts in. Bake at 180°, with door semi-opened, for approximately 10 minutes. DARK CHOCOLATE ICING Whipping cream  Glucose  Z60 % Lab chocolate ‘Los Ancones’ cocoa paste 

Z60 % Laboratory chocolate Ref. 20040 “Intense Hazelnut” Gianduja Ref. 21100 ‘Los Ancones’ cocoa paste Ref. 20801 Vegetable Pearls Ref. 27337 «Happy Holiday» Messengers Ref. 28951 Christmas Magic Yule Log end fitting  Ref. 28204 Golden sparkling powder Ref. 27910

All the ready-made chocolate decorations used in the picture are from our Food Service Products catalogue.

670 g 200 g 540 g 135 g

Process : heat whipping cream and glucose up to 80°C. Add 1er Cru de Plantation® cocoa paste and melted Z60 % lab chocolate in. Blend. Add a little water if necessary. Use icing at approximately 28° C. Setting out  : coat tins with caramel mousse. Add a stripe of hazelnut biscuit, a little caramel mousse and the gianduja frozen insert. Finish off with caramel mousse. Seal with a stripe of hazelnut biscuit and deepfreeze. Finishing touch : remove tins. Ice Yule logs while very cold, with chocolate icing at 30°C. Decorate with chocolate decorations and golden powder, using a brush.

Process : heat milk up to 80°C and add soaked and squeezed gelatine in. Add Gianduja in. Mix and add frothy whipped cream at 30°C. Set in inserts and put through deep-freezer.

Caramel mousse Crushed nougatine Hazelnut biscuit

Gianduja cream

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Hazelnut biscuit

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la manufacture du goût

Yule Log :: Caramel Wonder Yule Log  

Recipe/Michel Cluizel/La Manufacture du Goût/English

Yule Log :: Caramel Wonder Yule Log  

Recipe/Michel Cluizel/La Manufacture du Goût/English