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A COLLECTION OF RESOURCES, ART, AND UPDATES FROM QUEER MCGILL #432/402 3600 Mc Tavish St, Montreal, Quebec H3A 0E7 events.qm@ssmu.ca resource.qm@ssmu.ca


Queer McGill is a SSMU service dedicated to providing support to queer individuals at McGill and in the wider community through events, resourves, our office, and many other avenues. QM functions from a anti-oppressive and intersectional feminist orientation.

About this zine!

This zine contains a collection of art created by our members over the summer, as well as our gender-affirming product descriptions, and information on how to stay connected with QM.

Contact information!

Our office for the 2021/2022 year is located in the SSMU Building, at the following address: #432/402 3600 Mc Tavish St, Montreal, Quebec H3A 0E7 You can reach us by email at events.qm@ssmu.ca, resource.qm@ssmu.ca, on Facebook @Queer McGill, or on our website queermcgill.org.

CONTRIBUTORS Edited by Grey Cooper and Jordan Elbualy, QM Events Coordinators Resources compiled by Natan Shaviv, QM Resource Coordinator

Art by: Grey Cooper Mars Deary Jordan Elbualy Mélanie Felix O'Connor vc Renaud Natan Shaviv Iona Sobral

Grey Cooper

I am always tired And this isn't a vey good poem (finals does that) But I wanted to say thank u Thanks to all the people who introduced me to dance a few years back, Whose music I still listen on repeat Soft and still thudding through a beat Tracing connections of turns and dips Who have helped my room feel less empty, keys less like they are writing out monologues to highschool loneliness Made me miss the office kettle less The over green glow of playlists at 2 am, the whispers of what other people are hearing Traces of postcards and stamps on the wall This year is my apartment, My skateboard if I push it But there are edges of other people blurred on my walls, Lined with film snapshots of the neighbourhood Of the cat from last year, And the memory of summer warmth Aching to return If a little different this year. . thanks

Pastel and ink commissions available through Instagram: sunflowers_art__

Felix O'Connor

Commissions available through felixoneillwriter@gmail.com Instagram: @spiralingnotebook @felixohfckwriter

Excerpt from Felix's zine BISEXUAL RABIES which can be found at felixoneillwrites.wix.com. Credit goes to Michelle Gurevich's song I'll Be Your Woman for the text on the left hand side. Materials are acrylic paint and all the glitter they could find.

Iona Sobral

Fern Lou Fernandez

Commissions available at fernloufernandez@gmail.com

"Essay on Queerness"

Jordan Elbualy

Commissions available through Instagram @jrdnelb

As a teenager, I resented living in Florida, an overwhelmingly dystopian state characterized by individualistic materialism, endless beige, low strip malls and wide roadways sloped for water runoff. As an adult, I appreciate it more, relishing the profound solitude of the hot and damp suburban sprawl. To stand on a street corner here is to experience reallife static, an assault on the senses with no information conveyed. To go to a grocery store is to be on an island in a sea of people, avoiding eye contact while pushing a rattling cart down infinite aisles. --salt&cement, 2020 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bdP5sW5ElGfK5SQNi2hr2HBE7W4MF1bIzkFv8eOBEM/edit? usp=sharing

Jordan Elbualy

We sit at the kitchen table, caught in the lull of conversation. Too early for lunch, too late for breakfast, he rests his head in his hand as he tilts his coffee cup to watch the milk’s foam collect on its walls. I study him, his focus not on me or the cup but turned inward, noting how his eyebrows raise when he inhales, but just barely. I knew that, once, years ago, but miles apart for months at end have blurred these specific traits for me, half-erasing memories like water on fountain pen. I had missed him, and dreamt of this for seemingly time eternal, but he has changed—I have changed—and today is not what I imagined in my many, intricately detailed, daydreams. He looks up from the cup, meets my eyes. His green flecked with brown, mine a dull blue. He almost seems mournful, as if he lost something intangibly irreplaceable, and I suppose I, too, feel that way. --Once More to the Station, 2018 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uyrcXSmCX eYFX2k2V7T0dAtNOeC8wYw7mLzYu6VZWhQ/edit? usp=sharing

Jordan Elbualy

Birthday candles on your plate, nearly melted, stubs. Your wife took too long in the kitchen, and all but one are liquified, making a blue puddle on the white frosting —a lake in an Arctic tundra. 49, midway through. Around the








remnants. Your daughter’s with a sizable segment left, the frosting scraped to the side; your wife’s scoured. The







Birthdays no longer a big deal to your family. The cake from the supermarket, made by a nervous teenager with spotty acne. You picked it up last night, left it in the fridge, where it hardened, perceptibly. You push your cake to the center of your plate and mash it with your fork, repetitively, the motion taking your mind off the scene. --exquisi, 2018

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZwyClk0Sz G97lveX1V3VO-jqw8NMYyIBuerw59IDYs8/edit? usp=sharing

Mars Deary and vc Renaud

Mars Deary and vc Renaud

Mars Deary and vc Renaud

A cute comic based on kickthepj’s adventures to the moon! The story comes from an @kickthepj Instagram story, with illustrations by mars deary and colours by vc renaud.

Natan Shaviv

"A (not-so-)dystopian story about discovery, escape, and nature. Inspired by a real place, near and dear to me. This is my first time publishing anything, so I really hope you enjoy!" https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sGnbn9iPLG YBBw2ky4YEIpjU8hIgkbRW/view?usp=sharing

CW: sexual content and mention of choking and genitals


This work is in two parts: first is 'La liste d'épicerie' and the second is 'Au menu ce soir -It's a collective work by us three sisters, we like to call our group 'Sororité de Confidence'-'



PRODUCT GUIDE About The Product Guide

Our gender affirming products are running by a mail order system, with discrete packaging. You can request supplies through this form: https://forms.gle/FXSk6UVVAmg3HRtC9 Please expect a delay, as we have to go to our office building and then mail the supplies. For resource questions please reach out to resources.qm@ssmu.ca

Half and Full Tank Binders

In a wide selection of sizes (XS - 5XL) and three color options (white, grey, black), our binders come from gc2b, a well known and high-quality binder provider!

PRODUCT GUIDE Bikini and Lace Gaffs

Ranging from S - XL, with the bikini in black and beige and the lace in red, white, and black, these gaffs help with tight and secure tucking.

Packers and Packing Pouch

Packers and packing pouches in three colours.


Stand-to-pees in four colors - “vanilla, caramel, chocolate, olive”


Medical-grade silicone menstrual cups, in two sizes. See website for sizing https://www.mooncup.co.uk/buy-the-mooncup/


Small, Medium, Large, and Overnight organic cotton pads in a variety of colors. See website for sizing https://partypantspads.com/collections/pads.

Breast Forms

We haven’t offered these before, but we’re working on adding them to our stock! Breast forms can be worn in bras, and are made of silicone to better resemble the texture of skin.

THANK YOU! We hope you've enjoyed this zine! To stay connected with QM in the summer, come to one of our events and join our groups and Discord, linked below! To attend an event or join the Discord, you must be in the Social Distancing Group or message the page directly

Stay tuned for weekly Gaymes and Movie Nights this summer, as well as biweekly breakfast events and monthly events!

Art Share Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/287518979116455

Social Distancing Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/2719879811444676/ ?__tn__=HH-R

Discord: https://discord.gg/5VeApmF3YH

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