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The Magazine of St. Paul VI Catholic High School • Fall/Winter 2021



“Now that school is back 100% in person, school spirit is more important than ever.”

“Ultimately, I feel like I blossomed as a person here.”

“Given each of our children’s strengths, interests, and challenges, it’s been wonderful for them to learn in a community with so many resources, activities, and course options to foster each one’s individual development.”





“The dishwasher deserves no less respect than the chef or general manager.”

“Flooded with memories, I realized that the same things that happened in Fairfax continue to happen in Chantilly.”



Students participate in an intention rosary during the Steubenville mission trip, held in late October. Students served at the city’s Urban Mission food pantry and thrift store, visited Franciscan University, and worked with the Franciscan Sisters.




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Together Again Student body reunited after the pandemic hybrid year.


A D M I N I S T R AT I O N Head of School Mrs. Virginia Colwell P ’97, ’99, ’05 Principal Dr. Tom Opfer ’96 Ms. Elba Campagna P ’16, ’18, ’19, ’21 Assistant Principal, Dean of Academics Mrs. Eileen Hanley P ’00 Assistant Principal, Admissions and Student Life Mr. Patrick McGroarty P ’09, ’10 Assistant Principal, Dean of Students Mrs. Michelle Pochick Chief Financial Officer Fr. Stephen Schultz Chaplain Dr. Peg Weimer P ’01, ’04, ’05 Dean of Instruction OFFICE OF ADVANCEMENT Ms. Kate Grimm Andreottola ’94, P ’25 Director of Advancement Mrs. Mary Ashooh Hamrick ’86, P ’19, ’20, ’22, ’23 Associate Director, Constituent Relations Mrs. Kiersten Caputy Annual Fund Manager Mrs. Jennifer Compton Advancement Coordinator

Survey Says Parents and students weigh in on what PVI means to them.


Uplifting Art New murals add beauty to campus.


O F F I C E O F C O M M U N I C AT I O N S Mrs. Amanda Darvill Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing

Student Profiles

Mrs. Eileen Kiley Curren ’98 Creative and Editorial Content Manager

Siblings find friendship and support as classmates.

PVI SCHOOL BOARD 2021-2022 President: Mrs. Angela Wilson P ’21, ’23 Vice President: Rev. Donald Heet, OSFS Secretary: Mrs. Marianne Moore P ’19, ’20, ’25 Mr. George Eastment P ’05 Mr. Mark Graham ’90, P ’22, ’24 Mrs. Jennifer Bell Keating ’92, P ’22 Mrs. Ann Zigo Orem ’00 Mrs. Kate Shanley P ’21 Mr. Gene Hubbard


Annual Report Recognizing Our Generous Donors


EVERY ISSUE School News.............................................................2 Class Notes.............................................................53 In Memoriam ..........................................................62 iv

PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021


HEAD OF SCHOOL Family. Community. Faith. Education. Fun. I cannot tell you how pleased it makes me to see these as some of the top words that our student and parent community associate with St. Paul VI Catholic High School. We have worked hard as a school and community to maintain a welcoming environment and sense of belonging for everyone associated with this school, regardless of our location. While not entirely normal, this school year has certainly been more normal. We have sports in play, concerts with audiences, and all the welcome noises of 100% of our students here in the building, with busy halls and chairs shuffling at the end of classes. In this issue, you will learn a little more about the feedback from our student and parent survey, features of a few of our students, some of the happenings of this school year thus far and see our annual report and overview of our generous donors. As most of you have likely already seen, this is my last school year at Paul VI as Head of School as I have recently announced my retirement effective June 30, 2022. I started at PVI as an English teacher in 1993. A full 29 years later, I look back on all that has transpired and how proud I am of how we have persevered. During my time here, I have experienced the kindness of our students, their victories (smiles), their defeats (tears), a move to a new campus and a pandemic. There is never a dull moment and it has been an interesting and rewarding experience every single day. I sincerely thank you all for your support, partnership and candor during my time here. I have the utmost respect and trust in the administration, staff and faculty who will continue to lead our school and maintain this strong community we have all built together.

Virginia Colwell, Head of School




Together Again After a year of hybrid learning due to the pandemic, the whole PVI student body is back in the building for the 2021-2022 school year. The Class of 2025 welcomed more than 300 new students, and over 30 of those are children of Paul VI alumni. Having 100% of our student body back in the building injected the vibrancy into our halls that is synonymous with PVI. The Panthers were happy to be reunited and making full use of our new home.


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

Spirit Week Students showed their school and class spirit with themed dress up days the week leading up to Homecoming.

PVI Prays Schoolwide Mass could once again be held with all students gathered together and "Pack the Chap" on first Fridays has also returned.




Pep Rally Students had a blast at the end of Spirit Week at a pep rally hosted on our stadium field.


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

Music Performances Our instrumental and choral concerts were held with audiences there to applaud our talented student musicians.

Homecoming Dance The Homecoming Dance was back and students enjoyed an outdoor dance held on campus.




VI Man Back in Action, Enhancing School Spirit By Natalie Askin ’22


magine a football game, but instead of the usual chanting, cheering and movement, all you hear is the grunts of the football team and coaches. Or rather than wall-to-wall cheering fans, only empty bleachers flank the field. That surreal situation was a reality last year for schools across the nation. At PVI, students wanted to make sure that a similar situation was not the reality this year — we needed our normal school spirit back. As Eli Trax, senior on the PVI football team, shared, “Now that school is back [100% in person], school spirit is more important than ever!” Paul VI has always stood apart from other schools, with a great sense of community. Even with COVID-19 last year, as many activities as possible were held, including music, arts, theatre, athletics, and clubs, all with various protocols, and the community kept on supporting each other. Thankfully, a full student section is allowed at games this year, and students are taking full advantage.

The VI Man began to take form at PVI in 2002 when thenprincipal Dr. Philip Robey asked theology teacher Mr. Chris O’Brien to form a student section “that would create enthusiastic support for our teams and bring pride and recognition to the school and students,” according to O’Brien, VI Man club moderator. Mrs. P.A. O’Neil and her son Rory O’Neil ’02 came up with the name “VI Man” and the VI Man was born. In 2004, students began wearing VI Man shirts to games and student leaders were added to stand in the front of the student section to create and lead students in chants. Leaders are expected to attend events together and cheer positively, maintaining Christian values. This year, with the VI Man back up and running they have introduced a few changes. For example, the VI Man created an Instagram account (@_theviman) to spread the word about the games they will be supporting and announce the night’s themes. Themes this fall have included Hawaiian, U.S.A., Neon, Pink, White Out and Black Out. Students love displaying their creativity and school spirit by dressing in fun attire.


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

The VI Man has also made a point of going to different sporting events, rather than only football this fall. At the first home game for Girls Varsity Volleyball, the VI Man brought an enormous student section and the gym was filled with nonstop cheering and chanting. Not only did the PVI volleyball team win, but they felt more support

SPIRI T “Now that school is back 100% in person, school spirit is more important than ever!” — ELI TRAX ’22

than ever before. Senior Anna Maresca, libero on the team, said it perfectly. “Seeing the VI Man and a packed student section at our game was so much fun! They definitely brought the energy and hyped our team up.” With PVI returned to 100% in-person learning, students have been thankful to have a more normal school year so

far. Now that students are all together again, they have rededicated themselves to the school spirit PVI is known for and have been using our new campus to its full potential. PVI continues to be a community for growth, support, and faith — even more than ever.




P V I PA RE N T S : “The complete package – solid academics, strong emphasis on faith and service to others, and ample opportunities for extracurricular activities that appeal to all students’ interests.”

How Would You Describe PVI? This is exactly what we asked of our families in

“Strong college prep high school that also strengthens students’ core spiritual values that will guide them in their future. We especially like the emphasis on helping others which we hope will be engrained into the minds of students as they become more successful in life.”

August. Our Communications team conducted research with parents and students to gather helpful

“Dedicated, well-educated faculty who truly cares about

feedback to guide Paul VI communications for this

the students they teach. Teachers who will be remem-

school year. We learned more about why they decided

bered and keep in touch with alumni. It’s a community

to attend PVI, their social media use, and how they

that’s a home away from home.”

want to hear from PVI. “Nurturing, welcoming environment for students of all We also asked some questions to guide PVI messaging

faiths to grow in knowledge and understanding of the

and we loved the feedback when we asked: What

Catholic Faith, God’s love for them, and the word around

words come to mind when you think of St. Paul VI Catholic High School? It was amazing to see how much overlap there were in the main words mentioned –

them, and how to use their gifts to make it a better world.”

PVI STUDENTS: “This school really pushes me and I’m sure I’ll be prepared

whether from students or parents, those new to PVI or

for college. I’m glad to have theology as a subject and

entering senior year. Family, community, faith and

a nice chapel at the school. The teachers that I had last

fun were four of the top words and the graphic on the

year were great. The school itself is beautiful.”

facing page shows the word submissions from more than 1,000 parents and students. Thank you all for

“I love the school spirit and school community, and I’m excited to be in new classes with new people.”

your feedback and for being a part of our PVI family! “A great school overall, very good teachers, very nice people, academics are very important, the sports coaches are very awesome people, the church is beautiful.

“What excites me most about attending high school at PVI is getting to be a part of the family-like community and having the opportunity to get involved in new activities.” 8

PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021





School Board Update We are recognizing three new School Board officers starting terms this year and one new board member. Mrs. Angela Wilson P ’21, ’23 — President Angela Wilson is the Chief Executive Officer of SeKON, a company that develops health information systems for the government and military. She is also a member of the Loudoun County Economic Authority. Her daughter Milan is a junior and her son Ty, who graduated from Paul VI in 2021, attends UCLA. Her favorite memory is when the PVI basketball team played Sierra Canyon in Massachusetts. “PVI’s family culture provides the essentials for an excellent education," shares Angela.

Rev. Donald Heet, OSFS — Vice President When the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales started Paul VI in 1983, Father Heet was appointed as the founding principal of the school and served in the role until 1991. He has remained involved in PVI over the years and has been a member of the school board since 2015. Father Heet currently serves as the Parochial Vicar at St. John Neumann in Reston. “One of my favorite memories was the first Echo Retreat. Two of our senior girls came down to my room late in the evening and knocked on the door; they just wanted to talk. I came out, we found a quiet corner in the retreat house and spent about two hours just talking; actually, they did most of the talking and I listened. It meant a lot to me because they saw me as a priest rather than as ‘the principal.’ Over the eight years that I was at Paul VI, I found the retreat program to be one of the greatest assets in helping students grow in their faith as well as creating healthy relationships among students who otherwise would not have had any interaction at all.” 10

PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

Mrs. Marianne Moore P ’19, ’20, ’25 — Secretary Marianne Moore is a business development consultant who has focused on building partnerships for small businesses in Loudoun County. She is also a member of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce and many other community groups. Her son Brian is a freshman at Paul VI. Her daughter Laura graduated in 2019 and her son Mark graduated in 2020 and both attend Villanova University. Marianne shared a few favorite memories of PVI including football games, lacrosse games, swim meets and early mornings of cross country. “I have enjoyed watching my kids grow through their years at PVI and turning into the people they are meant to be - confident in their faith, confident as individuals and leading others by example in their own unique way. PVI is our family and our community.” New board member: Mr. Gene Hubbard Gene worked with the Catholic Diocese of Arlington supporting the final construction of the new Paul VI campus and continued working with PVI to help provide an optimal learning environment for the first year of students in the building by working with school staff and faculty to resolve remaining building issues and respond to the COVID pandemic. Gene Hubbard is the newest member of the PVI School Board.

Gene is now serving as a Senior Advisor at the National Institutes

Current School Board members who are assuming new leadership roles are, pictured left to right: Fr. Don Heet, OSFS, Angela Wilson, and Marianne Moore.

of Health (NIH), supporting the NIH design and construction program. “I was honored to support the mission of PVI and, as a graduate of a Catholic high school myself (eons ago!), I believe in the PVI education. PVI students are the future, and the future looks bright as PVI provides a Catholic education that prepares students from all walks of life to be successful in all walks of life. A PVI education provides a productive and meaningful future

for everyone, including my kids and grandkids (5 of them now!), as PVI graduates lead their communities and the nation to prosperity and equity.” Other ongoing members of the PVI 2021-22 School Board include: Mr. George Eastment P ’05 Mr. Mark Graham ’90, P ’22, ’24 Mrs. Jennifer Bell Keating ’92, P ’22 Mrs. Ann Zigo Orem ’00 Mrs. Kate Shanley P ’21




A Gathering Place Fr. Stephen Schultz, PVI Chaplain, explains why he chose the Sermon on the Mount for the grotto: “This space opens up to our beautiful ‘back yard’ and serves as a gathering place for students beneath the sanctuary of the chapel. In this scene, Jesus proclaimed the words of truth to his hearers. This mural invites our students to consider that His words are alive in the life of our community.”

Art that Uplifts

Two new murals add beauty and meaning to campus spaces As students and faculty returned to campus this fall, they were welcomed by two new murals that had been completed during the summer. The Sermon on the Mount was painted in the grotto and a Pentecost scene was added in the chapel.

Chrissy Curtis, scenic artist, created the design and was the lead artist on both projects. She was assisted by Betsy Weich. “I wanted the scene to be inviting, to feel as though you are welcome to walk right into it, and be present in that moment. The figures are all life-sized and arranged in a way that directs the viewer’s gaze towards Jesus, while at the same time inviting smaller pockets of conversation,” Curtis shares.

Comfortable Friendship Instead of painting a huge crowd, Curtis was intentional in her approach of depicting a small group. “When I went back and read in the Gospel: ‘When he saw the crowds, he went up the mountain, and after he had sat down, his disciples came to him’ (Matthew 5:1), I was struck by ‘he sat down.’ That phrase tells us that Jesus wasn’t standing before a congregation of strangers lecturing; he was sitting comfortably amongst friends, 12

PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

speaking to them as individuals, not as an audience. This sense of comfortable friendship is one I strived to convey in my rendition,” shares Curtis.

Go Forth and Proclaim the Gospel In addition to enhancing the outside space, Fr. Schultz wanted to add to the beauty and simplicity of the chapel. He chose a Pentecost scene with Mary at the center, painted on the back wall. “Pentecost is the birthday of the Church, when the Holy Spirit empowers the disciples to go forth and proclaim the Gospel.” In this way, Fr. Schultz considers Pentecost a fitting scene for students, faculty and staff to view and reflect on as they leave the chapel.

We Are One Fr. Schultz notes the significance of the passage from John 17:22 beneath the mural: “I have given them the glory that you gave me, so that they may be one as we are one.” These words of Jesus praying to the Father at the Last Supper encourage the PVI community to be open-hearted to the Holy Spirit and each other.

moment. It was sudden. I wanted to visually convey that sense of suddenness, and pictorially evoke that ’strong driving wind.’ The scene is full of gesturing arms and garments thrown back as if by a gust of wind, to capture the thrill of the descent of the Holy Spirit. “The lone exception is Mary, whose connection to the Holy Spirit and her ability to keep and ponder all things in her heart, sets her apart as the only one in this chaotic moment to be consumed entirely by love and peace.” Curtis also explained the symbolism behind the two windows in the mural. “Through one window we see an eclipsed sun, and through the other a red moon. These details reference Peter’s speech at Pentecost when he quotes the prophet Joel, “The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the coming of the great and splendid day of the Lord” (Acts 2:20).

Action of the Moment The use of lighting was also very important to Curtis to help convey the drama of the moment. “As light spills from the dove of the Holy Spirit, the corners of the room are cast into deep blue shadow. These visual arrows help direct the viewer’s gaze to the middle of the painting, to the action of the moment: the coming of the Holy Spirit.”


Sense of Suddenness

The passage Curtis used for inspiration for the Pentecost mural was: “And suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind, and it filled the entire house in which they were” (Acts 2:2). Curtis explained how this passage influenced the style of her work. “I wanted to capture the drama of that incredible intense

Next time you are on campus, we invite you to spend a few moments to take in the beauty of these murals. These powerful scenes will inspire all who view them for years to come. ST. PAUL VI CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL



Eleven Students Recognized in National Merit Competition


ongratulations to our students who were recognized this fall in the National Merit Scholarship Competition.

Sophia Lama, Anna Gillespie and Christopher Alex were named Semifinalists. These three students will have the opportunity to continue in the competition for National Merit Scholarships worth nearly $30 million.

Alex Ashley, Austin Ashley, Elin Bejoy, Bryce Downey, Teresa Duong, Kevin Kirk, Anna Maresca and Evelyn Rienzi were name Commended Students (pictured on page 15). About 34,000 Commended Students were recognized throughout the nation for exceptional academic promise and placed among the top 50,000 students who entered the 2022 competition by taking the 2020 PSAT.


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

Freshmen Earn Scholarships

Student in the Class of 2025 were awarded a number of merit-based scholarships:

Salesian Scholarship: Logan Beale, Alexandra Blake, Alexandria Boland, Ethan Chisholm, Adam Delacourt, Joseph Sheehan, Marisol Sims, Angela Thomson St. Jane de Chantal: Liam Drummond, Ryan Guild, Abigail Hish, Aedan McConnell, Sophia Nguyen, Ryan Taylor

Did You Know?

St. Paul VI: Atalanta Cates, Angelique Desamours, Jacob Foster, Gabriel Herrera, Maryson Joseph, Jaden Kunutsor, Dante Massarini, Reagan McGovern, Elizabeth Reback, Sabrina Riveros St. Francis de Sales: Alexander Joseph Fromm, Abhiram Kopparapu, Karina Francesca Velasco, Connor Wightman Fr. Donald J. Heet: Ryan Carrier FINE ARTS: Instrumental: Angela Benedict, flutist Art: Charlie Balderrama Vocal: Grace Shippie


of students receive PVI scholarships and financial assistance totaling more than $2.5 million dollars.

Additionally, the following scholarships were awarded from parishes or members of parishes: the Fr. Diamond Scholarship (St. Leo’s Knights of Columbus), the Holy Spirit PTO Scholarship, the Monseigneur Cassidy Scholarship (St. Mark) and the Gregory S. Iarrabino Scholarship (St. Joseph).




PVI Athletics: Back in the Game After the struggles and uncertainty of last year, Fall 2021 has been a “return to normalcy” for PVI sports. While we have a few COVID-19 related restrictions, we are back to full capacity games and all of our teams are playing for championships once again.

The Cheerleading team has lifted school spirit while displaying their athletic talents at Friday night home football games. The cheerleaders have qualified for a bid to the National High School Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Florida this coming February. The Dance team led by new head coach Natalie Provost ’14 has showcased their precision routines at many different athletic events this fall as they prepare for the 2022 National Dance Team Championship, also in Orlando this coming February. The varsity Girls Soccer team battled back from a slow start which included several close losses posting a winning record in the WCAC, and clinching a home game in the WCAC Quarterfinals. At the time of printing, the Lady Panthers were also 4th in the Northern Virginia Independent Schools Girls Soccer rankings. The girls JV team shows a bright future for the program with an 8-2 record to finish the season. Despite a sub .500 record, the varsity Boys Soccer team has shown promise in several close matches against strong opponents. At the time of printing the boys were ranked 11th in the VISAA state poll, while prepping for the first round of the WCAC playoffs. The boys JV posted a winning campaign with a 5-4-1 record showing more promise for the future for the program.

game for the second time in school history. Also ranked in the VISAA state poll, the varsity Lady Panthers will be making their first ever appearance in the state tournament. The JV squad finished the season with 6-2-1 record, showing the forecast for a continued winning tradition. Varsity Football has played to a 6-2 record so far in front of capacity crowds, garnering local media recognition and rankings in DC area polls. The Panthers remain undefeated at our new stadium over the past two years (6-0) as they ready for a 3rd straight playoff appearance. Participation numbers are high and there is a very bright future for the program with successful teams at the JV and freshman levels. The Volleyball program continues to be a successful part of the PVI athletic program. The program won their 8th consecutive American Volleyball Coaches Association Academic Award, and the Lady Panthers are shining example of service to others (see feature article on PVI Volleyball team charity work on page 18). At the time of printing the varsity squad was preparing for another postseason run in the WCAC and VISAA tournaments. The JV and Freshman teams set the tone for the future with 14-3 and 9-1 records respectively.

With an 8-3 record at the time of printing, the Girls Tennis team was having one of their best seasons in many years. Ranked in the VISAA state top 10, the Lady Panthers were poised to make a run at the WCAC and state titles.

The Cross Country team has continued their annual success, with eight individual medalists, a 2nd place team finish for girls and 3rd place for boys at the Virginia State Catholic Championships. At the time of printing, our Running Panthers were preparing for the WCAC and VISAA Championship meets.

The Field Hockey program continues to make huge strides in just its sixth season of existence, and fourth season with a varsity level team. The varsity team finished the season 9-4 overall and will host a WCAC quarterfinal

Options Soccer had another great fall by hosting the Virginia Special Olympics Tournament and their annual “Under the Lights” event which attracted local media coverage.


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021





he St. Paul VI Catholic High School Volleyball teams have had a focus this school year on raising awareness and funds to support a few important causes.

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, the teams supported the local organization Hope Faster. Most childhood cancers do not have a good prognosis or have life-long side effects from adult-like treatments. Because of this, Joy Veazey (PVI ’21) started www.HopeFaster. org when sister, Hope (PVI ’24), was diagnosed with leukemia in 2013. Hope had a good prognosis, but to help other children who face huge challenges, 100% of Hope Faster funds go toward childhood cancer research to give families more hope, including the successful trial for a child in Ashburn. PVI Volleyball raised more than $1,500 for Hope Faster in support of childhood cancer.


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

PVI Volleyball also hosted its annual Dig Pink® match on October 22 during Breast Cancer Awareness month. The team partnered with Dig Pink® to raise funds for the Side-Out Foundation to support metastatic breast cancer research and treatments. The volleyball program has raised more than $12,000 over the last five years and raised more than $3,500 this year to support the Side-Out Foundation. The freshman team also spent time together serving at Women Giving Back, a nonprofit organization serving women and children in Sterling, Virginia. “All three of our volleyball teams have been active not only playing volleyball and winning games, but also giving back,” said Sam Farrar, PVI Volleyball coach.


Volleyball Plays for a Cause

The sale of Dig Pink shirts contributed to the $3,500 raised for the Side-Out Foundation. The freshman volleyball team bonded through service by volunteering their time at Women Giving Back in Sterling.

The Varsity volleyball team poses together at their Hope Faster match that raised funds for childhood cancer research.

Ted and Hope Veazey ’24




Bringing Youth to Christ

Three Youth Apostles Missionaries are serving at PVI this year. This school year, Paul VI is blessed to have a few new faces on campus: three Youth Apostles Missionaries. “Youth Apostles Missionaries desire to share the joy of the Gospel with young people by developing Christ-centered relationships with the students at PVI. Rooted in prayer and the sacraments, we hope to invite young people to encounter Christ, help open their hearts to Christ’s transforming love, and encourage them to become evangelizers of their peers,” shares Mr. Nick Zaso. In addition to helping with retreats and mission trips, the missionaries have been involved in the daily life of PVI, attending campus events, helping with activities during the school day, and encouraging students to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Jeffrey Badstubner

Mr. Jeffrey Badstubner is a lay consecrated member of Youth Apostles. He attended Virginia Tech and completed a degree in philosophy. A fun fact about Mr. Badstubner is that he was the HokieBird mascot while in college. He enjoys skateboarding, drawing, painting, playing guitar and singing. He also loves to read and pray with the Daily Mass readings, especially the Gospel.

“During this upcoming year at PVI, I am most excited about teaching Theology of the Body to freshman boys and going to the football games,” he shares.


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

Mr. Gary Bond graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He enjoys singing, swing dancing, board games, card games, fishing, video games, hiking, playing football, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. His favorite movie is Princess Bride and his favorite book is The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.

Gary Bond

“I am most excited about supporting the students in their sports, clubs, classes and especially their relationship with Jesus. I can’t wait to share in their joy in the football games and retreats,” shares Mr. Bond.

Nick Zaso

Mr. Nick Zaso graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys playing guitar, doing home maintenance projects, eating Chick-Fil-A, and sailing on the Potomac with friends. His favorite movie is Back to the Future and his favorite book is True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort.

“I am very excited to participate in the awesome PVI spirit at athletic events and in the daily life of school. I’m especially looking forward to experiencing that same spirit on retreats and in the sacramental life of the students!” shares Mr. Zaso.

Youth Apostles Missionaries desire to share the joy of the Gospel with young people by developing Christ-centered relationships with the students at PVI.




Gabriella and Isabella Henson-Vendrell ’22 Sisters excel in service, academics, leadership and lacrosse


oth in their senior year, sisters Isabella and Gabriella Henson-Vendrell ’22 reflect on their high school memories, sharing that Paul VI has granted them countless opportunities to succeed and achieve their goals in three distinct areas: leadership, service and academics.

activities I’ve been involved with. I attended the Bethany retreat junior year and after hearing the speakers and connecting with other people during the retreat, I definitely felt my faith grow,” she reflects. In addition to faith, both Gabriella and Isabella have found that service to others has contributed to their personal growth during their time at PVI. They have been able to not only serve through school-sponsored activities, but have been inspired to do service outside of school too. “With the dedication to service that is instilled in every Paul VI student, we have been influenced to go above and beyond in serving our community,” said Isabella. During the pandemic, they created masks for frontline workers and gifted them to local health centers in their area.

“We bought fabric online and elastics to make the ear holes. We used the sewing machine in our home; it usually took Isabella Henson-Vendrell ’22 Gabriella Henson-Vendrell ’22 about four hours to create one. We were inspired by our father’s contributions as These power sisters have gotten out of PVI what they have a doctor on the frontlines of the pandemic and wanted put in, having been involved in a myriad of activities to honor him and all of the workers for their bravery and as student leaders on campus. They have served on the perseverance,” shares Gabriella. executive board for Student Ambassadors, been executive In addition to helping at the local level, in 2019 the board members for both the Spanish and Tri-M honor sisters took their lacrosse skills to Puerto Rico – where societies, and been captains of two PVI athletic teams – both their parents are from – to volunteer at a sports lacrosse and track. camp and help young athletes. They describe this as Gabriella and Isabella also sing in the Choir, and have an amazing experience and that they could see the participated in many clubs, including Catholic Athletes changes they made in the lives of the children living on for Christ, the Debate Club and Model Judiciary. They the island, many who had never been exposed to also saw a need and created their own club – Panthers or played lacrosse before. During this trip, they also United – focused on promoting diversity and a sense of played on the first ever Puerto Rico National Women’s belonging for all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, or Lacrosse Team at the 2019 World Lacrosse Women’s socio-economic factors. U19 World Championship. Isabella described how her relationship with God has grown during her time at PVI. “I feel closer to Him and connected in different ways through the service 22

PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

As teammates on the field and in life, Isabella and Gabriella shared how much they love going to school with their sibling.

Isabella and Gabriella have served as captains of the PVI Girls Lacrosse team (pictured below), as well as represented Puerto Rico with their sister Antonella ’18 at the 2019 World Lacrosse Women’s U19 World Championship (pictured right).

“It’s super fun to have your best friend with you all the time. We have a lot of inside jokes and we’ve definitely become a lot closer through having a lot of the same classes,” shares Gabriella. “I know I can always go to her for help. I love having my sister here because she’s my best friend,” shares Isabella. Gabriella and Isabella both feel that they have reached their full potential academically through the rigorous courses provided at PVI, which have afforded them countless opportunities for the future. After receiving multiple Division 1 and Ivy League offers, Isabella and Gabriella have chosen Villanova University to continue their academic, athletic and

spiritual journey. Isabella plans to major in marketing and communications and go into real estate in the future. Gabriella plans to major in business and economics with the goal of becoming a corporate attorney. “I feel like I’ve gotten a lot out of PVI. The education itself, the faith-based community, and the environment itself has provided me with a lot of opportunities. Coming in eighth grade, I was nervous, but I knew PVI had a lot to offer, which is why I came here,” shares Isabella. “Ultimately, I feel like I blossomed as a person here,” Gabriella shares. “Had I not attended PVI, I don’t think I would have been involved in so many things and had the opportunities that I have had as a part of this community.”

“We feel blessed as the parents of four St. Paul VI Catholic High School student athletes. We believe in providing and achieving an education based on excellence in academics, athletics, faith, and service to others. We are truly blessed that PVI offers and has opened many amazing opportunities for our daughters to achieve greatness. We hope our daughters can be role models to young and future Panthers, as we have seen the wonderful things Paul VI has prepared and taught them.” — MARICARMEN VENDRELL-HENSON, P ’18, ’18, ’22, ’22



Ethan, Carson and Lindsay Hill ’23 24

PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021


Three of a Kind

Meet the Hill Triplets: Carson, Ethan and Lindsay Hill ’23


t is funny when other students or teachers find out that we are siblings who had no idea,” shares Lindsay Hill ’23.

Lindsay, Carson and Ethan Hill are triplets in the Class of 2023. While it’s pretty common to attend high school with a sibling, having three in the same grade is pretty rare. The Hills described the perks of being a triplet at PVI. Ethan shares that one of the greatest advantages is that it is almost impossible to sleep through his alarm because they all wake up around the same time. “If I ever forget a laptop charger, book, or sweatshirt, I always have someone to go to,” says Lindsay. Carson enjoys the camaraderie on the way to school. “I like carpooling with my triplet siblings because it gives us time to bond, be together, and talk about our days.”

The Hills are guaranteed to see one another during the school day as well, since they are all in Ms. Bower’s Advisory. “If anyone comes after the bell for Advisory they have to do 10 push-ups. The rule is enforced by both Ms. Bower and myself and it’s really funny when I have to ask my siblings to do push-ups,” says Carson. In addition to the humorous moments, Carson also thinks that it has been extra special growing in their faith together. “So far, we have received all of our Sacraments together, including Baptism, Holy Eucharist, and Confirmation. We even all have the same Confirmation sponsor: our older brother Adam (PVI ’21). The Hill triplets have gotten involved in various aspects of the PVI student experience. Ethan runs winter and spring track. Lindsay runs cross country and track and plays flute in the band. Carson is a sound tech for the PVI Players, on the Options Soccer and Basketball teams, and a member of Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC) and International Thespian Society (ITS). Participating on their athletic teams have provided all three siblings with some of their favorite high school memories. Ethan’s favorite PVI experience was spending the 2021 spring track season in-person with his friends. “I enjoy the friendly competition during practices and the unity we share on game day.” “My favorite PVI memory is when I got to travel to a cross country meet during the week. I always really

enjoy getting to compete and bond with my teammates,” Lindsay shares. According to Carson, “My favorite memory was either when I got to play at halftime of the PVI Varsity basketball game or when I got to play at halftime at George Mason University. I loved both but I probably loved doing it at PVI a little more. The atmosphere on our home court was electric because the PVI fans were cheering for us so loudly.” Lindsay, Carson and Ethan value PVI’s supportive environment in helping them be the best they can be. “Paul VI has helped me grow and develop as a person because of the supportive family-like community. I’ve made great friendships, learned important life-long lessons, and made memories I will never forget,” shares Lindsay. Carson describes a similar experience. “PVI has helped me grow my faith as a Catholic and academically as a student. I have built so many long lasting friendships and people have been very supportive. The teachers are really good and supportive, some of the nicest you could have.” According to Ethan, PVI has prepared him for his future. “PVI has helped me grow and develop as a person by giving me the opportunities to take courses that teach me knowledge and experiences that will be useful in my career path. The next step for me after PVI is to go to college to study mechanical or software engineering. I feel the engineering and computer science courses I have taken at PVI have helped me not only realize that it’s something I want to pursue a career in, but have helped me feel ready to study those subjects in college.” “As parents, we are truly blessed that our triplets are spending their high school years alongside one another at PVI. We appreciate the continued support of the PVI administration, faculty, and staff,” share Michelle and Monte Hill. “Given each of our children’s strengths, interests, and challenges, it’s been wonderful for them to learn in a community with so many resources, activities, and course options to foster each one’s individual development. We couldn’t be more pleased with our PVI experience, and we look forward to witnessing our daughter and sons continue to grow in grace and wisdom.” ST. PAUL VI CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL


A L U M N I T O D AY 26

Lorenzo D’Agostino ’09 poses in front of Tony’s NY Pizza’s new Oakton location.

“Having the daily presence of God in the classroom does leave a lasting impression on who you become as a person."

PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

— L O R EN ZO D ’ AG O S T I N O ’ 0 9

Faith, Family and Pizza


Lorenzo D’Agostino ’09 Article by Natalie Askin ’22

If you are in Northern Virginia, you’ve likely heard of the chain Tony’s NY Pizza. Most know it as a restaurant with big, delicious pizzas and other Italian food, but Lorenzo D’Agostino ’09 knows it as his family’s business. Lorenzo is currently taking over the restaurant and expanding it — and in doing so, he’s brought the values, lessons, and faith he received from Paul VI into the restaurants. After graduating from Paul VI, Lorenzo began his college career playing soccer at George Mason, then transferred to and graduated from American University. He worked in energy finance as well as technology and digital consulting, before taking over Tony’s NY Pizza. In 2018, Lorenzo took over the main location in the Fair Lakes area of Fairfax and two years later he opened a new location in Oakton. He currently runs both locations, making sure he maintains consistency. Lorenzo does not just run the restaurants, but works in them too. He manages all of the back of the house operations and is often in the kitchen or working at the front counter as well. “I try to find a healthy balance of working ‘in’ the business and working ‘on’ the business. I fill in wherever it helps the team most,” he shares. While running his restaurants, Lorenzo maintains the values he was taught at PVI, especially the virtues of respect, humility, and community. Starting with respect, he strongly emphasizes treating every single person with respect, saying, “The dishwasher deserves no less respect than the chef or general manager.” He also is compassionate and humble and still wipes tables and sweeps floors. He understands that there is no unimportant job in the restaurant. Lastly, he constantly emphasizes the importance of community because he understands that he is working for something bigger than himself. “I want to see each person succeed so their families are taken care of and that feeling is reciprocated towards one another.” Lorenzo has also brought his Catholic faith into the restaurants. When opening the Oakton location, he had a local priest bless the restaurant on the first day of operation and when he first got in the store, Lorenzo hung a new Crucifix, an image of the Holy Family, and Padre Pio. Since graduating and starting his career, Lorenzo has made it a point to give back to Paul VI. He has passed on a lot of useful advice as a mentor in PVI’s Entrepreneurship classes and he wants to pass on his lessons to even more

students. He says, “Learn what prayer means to you.” Whether it’s listening Tony’s NY Pizza first opened in 1994 with the original or talking to Fair Lakes location when Lorenzo’s father Giovanni God, Lorenzo D’Agostino moved from Naples, Italy. Lorenzo is pictured in front of photos of his father, as well as encourages with a crucifix and portaits of Padre Pio and the Holy students to Family that hang in Tony’s Oakton location. incorporate prayer into their daily lives. He also urges students to “stay true to the values that Paul VI is helping to instill and pray when you are faced with challenges.” He also mentions a specific part of the PVI community that he finds immensely important: the Options program. He hopes students spend as much time volunteering with the program as possible and thinks it is a blessing to the school. “This is a unique offering of Paul VI and I know that the students in the Options program love having engaging friends.” Lastly, Lorenzo has helped PVI students with jobs and loves when he sees PVI on someone’s resume, because it is a great talking point. He says that his door is always open to PVI students who want to work. “Paul VI has had a much bigger impact on my social and professional circles than I could have imagined,” he reflects. He says that all of his closest friends are PVI graduates and even his business partner in Oakton is his friend and fellow alumni entrepreneur, Anthony Oman ’09. Lorenzo was greatly impacted by his immediate family who started Tony’s, and has been impacted personally by the PVI family he’s blessed to be a part of too. He is grateful to have been a part of a high school environment full of great lessons, faith, patience, and compassion. “Looking back, I am very grateful for the Paul VI environment and the faculty and staff who make it possible. They all work towards a collective goal of having the students grow in grace and wisdom.” He feels blessed to have received such a great foundation at PVI and to be able to spread those values to everyone around him and every customer in Tony’s NY Pizza. “Having the daily presence of God in the classroom does leave a lasting impression on who you become as a person. I could see it sometimes feeling routine to students, but looking back it is one of the things I can say made me the man I am today.” ST. PAUL VI CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL



Design Thinking: Tackling Problems with Empathy Patti Duckworth Kwong ’99


hether finishing a degree or starting a business, Patti Duckworth Kwong ’99 stresses the importance of resilience, compassion and empathy. She is a student, practitioner and leader in Design Thinking, a field that allows her to combine her creativity with her business background to directly help others.

In high school, Patti was a competitive swimmer and her favorite PVI memories include her time on the swim team. “I was always swimming and swim team was fantastic. There was lots of bonding, fun activities and spirit boxes.” In addition to the team camaraderie, Patti values the relationships she had with her English teachers. “One of the big takeaways from Paul VI was the richness from the English teachers and all the things that I learned, not just specifically about English and poetry, but other life skills. You learn the core curriculum, but you learn so much from the faith aspect at PVI too. The theme of compassion that was stressed has carried into my adulthood.” After graduating from PVI, Patti attended George Mason, where she majored in English and minored in AfricanAmerican studies.

Throughout her time at Mason, Patti interned with Booz Allen and was hired full time after graduation. After about 12 years with the company, Patti was selected for a new initiative Booz was standing up. “We did interviews where we watched a video and they measured how much empathy we had. I had always been taught to be so business-like and five seconds in I’m tearing up. The two sides of my brain were competing; I was empathizing with the children’s struggles and at the same time telling myself, ‘Don’t cry. This is not professional.’ And funny enough, it’s what they wanted.” Based on these interviews, Patti was selected for a special cohort that helped to launch Booz’s Design Thinking capability. And what exactly is Design Thinking? “Design thinking essentially is a creative problem solving methodology where you go out, talk to people, ask them all kinds of questions, you empathize, and create innovative solutions. You include people from all walks of life, of different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities. It leads to unique and imaginative solutions that are more implementable than other solutions because you really know what the problem is — instead of assuming you know what the problem is.”

Patti, second from left, sits on a panel about the changing nature of work sponsored by the World Bank.

Patti highlights the importance of resilience for students. “Getting through PVI, George Mason and my majors taught me to be resilient. There were lots of times I did not want to finish and I just kept going. High school and college are both big learning experiences; you are growing in life, trying to figure things out. It’s important just knowing that you can finish something.”


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

After a few years helping to stand up the Booz Design Thinking capability, Patti left to start her own company, EthSynPro, where she combines Design Thinking and management consulting. According to Patti, “The Eth stands for ethnography, Syn stands for synthesis, and Pro stands for prototyping.”

EthSynPro offers strategic advisory, training, workshops, mentoring and general consulting services and Patti has worked with various federal agencies and commercial health organizations. Throughout her career, she has used Design Thinking to address problems such as sexual assault, suicide prevention, patient engagement, and preparedness for those with mental health challenges.

Patti is grateful to have found a field that allows her to use both her creativity and her analytical abilities. “When I was a consultant, I had to stuff my creativity down a bit because I was in program management and it’s very black and white. I’m so glad that God lead me to Design Thinking. I have the best of both worlds. I get to be creative and think off the wall and then bring it back down to how much is this going to cost? What’s the end result and impact?” In 2017, Patti was approached by Johns Hopkins University about a disconnect they were experiencing between their Dual MBA/MA program. This led to her creating and teaching a course called Intersections of Business and Design. At first, Patti was nervous about teaching and her lack of experience in designing a course. But she took up the challenge and it has been a very rewarding experience. This course is part of the Johns Hopkins Design Leadership program which offers students a Dual MBA from the JHU’s Cary business school and an MA from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). In addition to her role as an adjunct professor, Patti has provided her expertise to PVI students in the Entrepreneurship class. After seeing a call for “Sharks,” Patti got involved, first as a guest shark, and now as a class mentor where she comes multiple times over the course of the semester. “We go over the students’ business plans and what their ideas are. I always tell them, ‘Do your research, what are other companies doing? What other products and services are out there? Who could you partner with? What are the gaps? My message tends to be the same: go out and talk to people, figure out who your customers are and what they need.”

Patti and her family pose together after a fun run to support the resource department at Holy Spirit Catholic School.

When asked about the most rewarding thing in her work, Patti shares that it is helping people “I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. When someone is telling me their life story, I know that I’m having a oneon-one impact. There’s nothing more powerful than having someone hear you, listen to you, and understand where you’re coming from.” “Time is limited. When you give other people your time it means a lot to them.”

There’s nothing more powerful than having someone hear you, listen to you, and understand where you’re coming from.” — PATTI DUCKWORTH KWONG ’99




Made for Mission

Alumni serve as missionaries on college campuses and abroad Continuing to live out our school’s motto “Grow in Grace and Wisdom,” these alumni have gone on to serve as missionaries, spreading the love and truth of Christ on college campuses and beyond.

Mary Krolicki ’14 is serving as a missionary for Creatio, a Catholic nonprofit based out of Denver. Creatio guides missions, pilgrimages, and care for creation initiatives in the United States, Latin America and Europe. “In college, I fell in love with my Catholic faith and realized God was calling me to use my talents to serve Him. After college I began working as a missionary and later in administration at Creatio. While leading pilgrimages, backpacking trips and mission trips with Creatio, I was able to help young adults as they encountered life, the Creator, nature, the Catholic Church and the poor. Being a witness to the transformation that comes from a real encounter with God is the greatest honor of my life.”

John Winkert ’16 works with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) at the University of Maryland, leading students closer to Christ in bible studies and discipleship. “I felt called to be a missionary because the impact that the college campus ministry had on my faith made the world of a difference. The opportunity that I now have to make an eternal difference in someone’s life gives me the energy to lead guys on campus closer to their faith. I have already seen the effects of this spiritual multiplication in their friend groups and beyond.” 30

PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

“For if we received the love which restores meaning to our lives, how can we fail to share that love with others?” — POPE FRANCIS

Emily Fentress ’16 is a FOCUS missionary serving at Montclair State University in New Jersey. “I have only been a missionary for a few months, but I already couldn’t imagine doing anything else right now. Many things led to my decision to join FOCUS, but ultimately it was because God placed a deep desire on my heart to reach his suffering church. There are so many people (specifically college students) who have never heard the message of the Gospel and I am truly honored that God has called me to help save them. What I didn’t expect when I joined FOCUS was that God wasn’t done saving me either. Every day God has been radically calling me closer to his heart and transforming me into the person he created me to be.”

Brendan Keane ’11 is pictured with fellow alumni Joe Frommelt ’13 and Kathryn Mullin ’14 at their FOCUS missionary training held in Ave Maria, Florida.

Brendan Keane ’11 spent three years working for FOCUS at George Washington University in Washington D.C. “I learned in my high school years at PVI that friendship is a powerful force in a person’s life. In college, I experienced a friendship that totally transformed my whole life: a friendship with God. This friendship taught me how unconditionally loved I am, and when you know you’re loved then you want to go bring that love into the lives of others. During my time as a missionary, I learned how to be a friend who loves unconditionally to those who most need love in their lives.”

John Mullin ’16 is also a missionary with FOCUS, serving at UConn in Storrs, Connecticut. “Through encountering the Lord in prayer, scripture, and community, the Lord has moved my heart to share Him with others, to show the daily joy of the Gospel. I am blessed to walk with students in their personal relationship with the Lord, helping them to see the unconditional love of God. It is my greatest joy to witness the fire of Christ’s love burn within students’ hearts as they encounter Him in prayer and know they are made for more than what the world offers.”



With lock-downs, cancelled events, and social distancing in effect, many families spent more time in the great outdoors. Whether exploring different parks, tackling new hikes, or traveling somewhere adventurous, we loved seeing our Panthers enjoying the beauty of nature during the pandemic.

Ethan Chisholm ’25 climbed Mount Rogers, the highest summit in Virginia. “The 10 mile Mount Rogers climb had plentiful wildlife and views, with wild ponies and bulls,” he shares.

Kelsey Loesch ’17 spent March through July 2020 in New Zealand. She is pictured in the beautiful Milford Sound.

Kevin Connors ’11 completed the whole 2,193 miles of the Appalachian Trail. He started his hike at Springer Mountain, Georgia on April 4 (his birthday) and summited Mount Katahdin in Maine on September 2. During his trek, he raised $2,193 for charity through HIKE for Mental Health. Christopher Madden ’25 enjoys the Kona sunset. In July, Christopher and his family enjoyed the aloha of the Big Island and Oahu, Hawaii.

W I D E 32

PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

“I love hiking and the outdoors, and I was looking for a challenge and a new adventure. The AT is the longest hiking-only trail in the world, and one of the oldest long distance hiking trails in the world. Being from Virginia, I felt drawn to the trail and its history,” shares Kevin.


A week after Kilauea volcano erupted in December of 2020, Catie Jans ’22 and her family hiked the crater rim. They describe the experience, noting: “It was windy at the top! You can still see the smoke blowing and at night, the cracks along the rim glowed!”

Twins Tess and Lilia McKinley ’24 enjoyed paddle boarding on the May River in South Carolina.

Joe Flanders ’23 loves hiking with his family and is an expert at bird identification. During the pandemic, Joe hiked at the 45th parallel in Maine, the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge in Brazoria, Texas, and many local parks, including Virginia’s Mason Neck State Park.


The McCarthy family poses at Cracker Lake at Glacier National Park. From left to right, Damon ’20, Molly ’18, Liam ’25, Peggy ’88, Emma ’16, Aidan ’18 and Kieran McCarthy.

Making Family Memories “Every summer our family takes a trip to one or several of our country’s National Parks. This past summer was no different as we took on Glacier National Park in Montana. Given the limitations in our lives during the pandemic, getting a trail under our feet and being in the mountains felt extra special. We ended up hiking over 50 miles in six days, with spectacular vistas and non-stop wildlife sightings (including mountain goats, bighorn sheep, marmots, pikas, moose and eight grizzly bears!). We explored beautiful Lake McDonald in canoes and a paddle board, and no McCarthy trip is complete without some cliff jumping into frigid glacial waters! Some of our favorite hikes were to Grinnell Glacier, Cracker Lake, and along the Highline Trail, which had us traversing some very steep ridgelines and even walking through a waterfall. Of course, the best part about these trips is experiencing these adventures and making memories together as a family.” — Peggy Melanson McCarthy ’88




John Noel ’25 and his family enjoyed kayaking at Bear Lake near Wisp in Maryland and hiking up Wisp Mountain.

Erin McDonald ’10 moved to Arizona in 2017, and reports that the pandemic gave her more time to explore the beauty of the state. She is pictured at the Grand Canyon.

Linda Zanelotti P ’04, PVI Athletics staff, visited Sedona, Arizona with her husband John in May 2021. They climbed Bell Rock, Castle Rock and Cathedral Rock and explored Soldiers Pass. The Irons family loves a challenging hike. Last spring the family (Sean ’18, Catherine ’20, Maria ’22 and Clare ’24) hiked Old Rag Mountain.


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

That we may have life and have it to the full. – J OHN 1 0 :1 0


Photo by Stephanie Strike ’23



I sort of hoped it wasn’t from the science hall. (No offense to our science department). I battled through classes in that hallway and I learned how to work through things that didn’t come easily to me. Or maybe it was from the main hall. Had I sprinted past this brick trying to get from the original Art room to Math in 5 minutes? Maybe it had been in the auditorium, where I remember seeing Bye Bye Birdie in 1984, or attending a choir performance in 2018? Or did it come from the side of the school that faced the track and combination football/soccer/lacrosse/ baseball/everything-else field? Where else could you play under the lights and take a corner kick from third base? Or run on the only track that had two curves in a 200m? Flooded with memories, I realized that the same things that happened in Fairfax continue to happen in Chantilly. It takes a lot of bricks to build a school, but the role


hen alumni gathered at Paul VI over the summer to see one another and take a walk through the hallways of our new campus, I shared the following story with them.

The other day I found a small basket. Papers covered the top of it, and I quickly realized it was one of my many “to do” baskets. When I went to lift it, it was heavier than I expected. I pushed the papers aside and smiled. At the bottom was a brick. But not just any brick. A brick from the Fairfax building. I stopped for a moment and thought about this brick. I wondered where in the building it had “lived.” Had it maybe been from a wall in Mr. Salewski’s Algebra class, where he told us wild stories and taught us not to memorize, but to be patient and to think? Or had it come from the old gym, where I grew up watching my dad coach basketball and attended countless sell-out, overcrowded games? Or maybe from the PAC? At the first all-school Mass I went to when I started working at PVI, I looked around the space and thought, “Wow. This place is something really special. How lucky am I to get to work here?”


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

they play is critical. One brick doesn’t make a school, but a collection of them gives us a place to call home. This is the PVI community: a collection of people who come together, build us up, and support us in good times and challenging ones. Through the generosity of donors to the Fund for Paul VI and the Building on Extraordinary campaign, we can make sure that others can be a part of something special too. This year marked a record year with the most donors, gifts, and money raised in the history of the school. For that, we thank you. You continue to build us up and inspire us to be our best. Our bricks may be different colors now, but I can assure you that the hearts of the people who call this “home” are the same. We are grateful to count you as a member of the PVI family. With great appreciation,

Kate Grimm Andreottola ’94, P ’25 Director of Advancement


Operating Revenues and Expenses



18% 2%



5% 5%










5% 2%













Summary of Gifts and Commitments 7%





38% 16%







Contributions by Designation


Contributions by Constituent ST. PAUL VI CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL




$25,000 – $49,999

Dr. Peter J. Fecanin and Mrs. Louise Fecanin Mrs. Roberta A. Fisher Mr. Peter J. Hadinger and Mrs. Cheryl L. Hadinger Mr. Jeffrey Lee and Mrs. Carrie Lee Mr. John P. Leonard, III and Mrs. Sheila W. Leonard Mr. Andrew Lustig and Mrs. Megan Lustig Mrs. Laura A. Malnight ’86 and Mr. Richard Malnight Mr. Brian L. McDonnell and Mrs. Patricia McDonnell Mr. Thomas J. McGonigle and Mrs. Monica V. McGonigle Ourisman Chantilly Toyota Ourisman Fairfax Toyota Mr. Thomas S. Poole and Mrs. Lori Poole Mr. Thomas P. Shanley and Mrs. Katherine A. Shanley Mr. Patrick M. Sullivan and Mrs. Constance Sullivan Mr. Thomas J. Worosz and Mrs. Ann M. Worosz

Mr. John Emery and Mrs. Angela A. Emery SeKON Enterprise, Inc.

Grace & Wisdom

Mary, Mother of the Church ($100,000+)

Mr. George T. Eastment and Dr. Christine A. Eastment Mr. Thomas A. Woodley and Mrs. Nancy C. Woodley

Saint Paul VI

($50,000 - $99,999) Mr. Donald W. Bohn and Mrs. Mary Jo Bohn Claude Moore Charitable Foundation The Nader Family Foundation Mr. Craig R. Wilson and Dr. Angela F. Wilson

St. Francis de Sales

St. Jane de Chantal

$10,000 -$24,999

Anonymous (1) Carney Foundation Clarke-Hook Foundation Mr. Kenneth W. Coan and Mrs. Mary E. Coan The Honorable William Colwell and Mrs. Virginia D. Colwell Mr. Christopher F. Costello and Mrs. Shelly N. Costello Mr. Gen L. C. Lee and Mrs. Stephanie Lee Mr. Denis J. McFarlane and Mrs. Kathleen M. McFarlane McFarlane Family Foundation Mr. Daniel McGuire and Mrs. Jayme McGuire Mr. William J. McMenamin and Mrs. Sherri C. McMenamin Mr. Andrew M. Zaso and Mrs. Irene M. Zaso Mr. Edward C. Zigo and Mrs. Mary C. Zigo

Head of School Circle

$5,000 – $9,999

Colonel Ron Cheatham and Mrs. Darlene Cheatham Mr. Greg Crofford and Mrs. Heather Crofford Mr. Dan Davis and Mrs. Deborah Davis


PANTHER TRACKS Annual Report 2020-2021

($2,500 - $4,999)

Mr. Ben Albence and Mrs. Ann Albence Mr. John Bell and Mrs. Melissa Bell Carroll & Nuttall, P.C. Mr. Grant Cates and Mrs. Alicia Cates ConnerStrong Foundation Mr. Andrew Cripe and Mrs. Patricia Cripe Mr. Patrick Cristofari and Mrs. Jennifer Cristofari Mr. Richard Driscoll and Mrs. Erin N. Driscoll ’93 Mr. Joseph R. Fox and Mrs. Mary E. Burke Fox Mr. Kevin W. Keane and Mrs. Christine M. Keane Mr. Francis C. Kiley and Mrs. Monica A. Kiley Mr. Darryl D. Krolicki and Mrs. Joyce E. Krolicki Mr. James McDermott and Ms. Rebecca McDermott Mr. Thomas C. McLean and Mrs. Cynthia M. McLean Mr. Alfred J. Melanson and Mrs. Mary F. Melanson Microsoft Corporation Mr. Kevin S. Mitchell and Mrs. Jenny Mitchell Mr. John C. Neubauer and Mrs. Cathy L. Neubauer Oblates of St. Francis de Sales Mr. Matthew T. Reynolds and Mrs. Brenda S. Reynolds Mr. Brian J. Roach and Ms. Jill Foster Mr. Joseph J. Schmank and Mrs. Kelly O. Schmank Nino R. Vaghi Foundation Inc.

Pride, Values, and Integrity ($1,000 - $2,499)

Mr. Victor E. Alessi and Mrs. Susan Alessi Ms. Celeste Anderson Ms. Alla Bakhtina Mr. Timothy Banks and Mrs. Danielle Banks Mr. Sean Bare and Mrs. Lisa Bare Reverend Nicholas R. Barnes ’03 Mrs. Cheryl C. Blair-Kijewski Mr. Stephen J. Bozik and Mrs. Debora Bozik Mr. William F. Brinkley and Mrs. Kingsley H. Brinkley Mr. Matthew D. Brockwell and Mrs. Laura C. Brockwell Mr. Jeffrey A. Bucaro ’87 and Mrs. Susan A. Bucaro Mr. Vincent W. Caputy and Mrs. Theresa L. Caputy Mr. Robert E. Carpenter and Mrs. Maureen D. Carpenter Mr. James Carson and Mrs. Margie Carson Catholic Diocese of Arlington Mr. Richard Cecka Computerware, Inc. Mr. Michael G. Connors and Mrs. Cindy S. Connors The Honorable B. P. Cotter and Mrs. Mary A. Cotter Mr. James F. Cox and Mrs. Anne K. Cox Mr. Allen Cox and Mrs. Marie Cox Mrs. Eileen K. Curren ’98 and Mr. Stephen Curren Mr. Geoffrey S. d’Alelio and Mrs. Kathy S. d’Alelio Mr. J. William Dalgetty and Mrs. Marilynn Dalgetty Mr. Whiticar Darvill and Mrs. Amanda Darvill Mr. Timothy L. Davison and Mrs. Gretchen M. Davison Mr. Carl Desmarais and Mrs. Christina Desmarais Mr. Edward O. Devlin and Mrs. Maria A. Devlin Mr. Donald Ditko and Mrs. Amy Ditko Mr. Michael Effley and Mrs. Kathryn Effley Mr. Jeffrey E. Erhardt and Mrs. Sheila G. Erhardt Mr. William S. Fennell and Mrs. Maryann Fennell Mr. Remigio P. Ferrara and Mrs. Joy N. Ferrara Mr. Michael A. Ferraro and Mrs. Ann M. Ferraro Mr. Jason Fleetwood and Mrs. Phyllis Fleetwood Dr. Mark D. Fowler and Mrs. Christine A. Fowler Mr. David Frucht and Ms. Alexia Gospodinoff

ANNUAL REPORT Mr. Mark L. Fulchino ’86 and Mrs. Aimee Fulchino Ms. Susan Garvey Mr. John M. Gilligan and Mrs. Deborah C. Gilligan Dr. Chester Gipson and Mrs. Dorothy Gipson Dr. Thomas J. Green and Dr. Elizabeth G. Green Mr. Ed Grimm and Mrs. Monica Grimm Deacon Thomas L. Grodek and Mrs. Marilyn S. Grodek Mr. T. Patrick Hammeke Mrs. Mary A. Hamrick ’86 and Mr. Paul L. Hamrick Han Group LLC Mr. Michael Han and Mrs. Jennifer Han Mr. William Hanley and Mrs. Eileen Hanley Mrs. Janae Harrington Mr. Brian L. Hart and Mrs. Kimberly K. Hart Mrs. Cecilia M. Heller Mr. Stan Hines and Mrs. Teddi Hines Mr. J. Thomas Hines and Mrs. Judith K. Hines Mr. Thomas Horan and Mrs. Catherine Horan Colonel Frederick E. Johnston and Mrs. Merilyn Johnston Mr. Steve Jreige and Mrs. Bridgette Jreige Mr. Peter M. Jurich Mr. Steve Kaelber and Ms. Kelly Nighland Mr. Paul T. Kaplun Esq. Mrs. Jennifer Keating ’92 and Mr. Jonathan Keating Mr. Colum Kirk and Mrs. Gretel Kirk Mr. Steve Lam and Ms. Nina Ngo In Memory of Gus Lee ’17 Mrs. Tracy Li ’95 Mr. Carlo A. Madonna and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Madonna Manatee Community Foundation Mrs. Sally M. Mannion Mr. Michael H. Maslowsky ’05 Mr. Frank J. McCarthy and Mrs. Maura C. McCarthy Mr. Daniel J. McDonnell and Mrs. Jaqueline D. McDonnell Mr. Michael T. McFarlane Captain John C. McGlone and Mrs. Frances R. McGlone Mrs. Therese C. Menezes ’97 and Mr. Matthew Menezes Lieutenant Colonel Thomas D. Miller and Lieutenant Colonel Pamela D. Miller Mr. Lawrence E. Moore and Mrs. Marianne T. Moore Mr. Patrick Morrissey and Mrs. Lani Morrissey Mr. Thomas P. Murry and Mrs. Grace E. Murry Mr. John J. Nowadly and Ms. Kathleen G. Sullivan Mrs. Anne K. Nuttall ’88 and Mr. Edward J. Nuttall Mr. Patrick J. O’Brien ’19

Ms. Molly M. O’Brien ’21 Mr. Thomas O’Brien and Mrs. Jacquelyn O’Brien Dr. Thomas Opfer ’96 Mr. George J. Opfer and Mrs. Elizabeth Opfer Mr. Michael H. Orfini and Mrs. Patricia Orfini Mrs. Mary M. Peters Mr. Brian Piccioni and Mrs. Vanessa Piccioni Mr. Al A. Pisani and Mrs. Renee T. Pisani Mr. Scott Pochick and Mrs. Michelle T. Pochick Mr. William Pulsipher and Mrs. Betty Jean Pulsipher Mr. David T. Ralston and Mrs. Mary Ralston Mr. Clifton Rankin and Mrs. Mary K. Rankin Mr. Bernard P. Reca Mrs. Elizabeth Rhodes ’96 and Mr. Nick Rhodes Mr. Herman C. Rollandini and Mrs. Martha A. Rollandini Mr. Kenneth J. Ronald and Mrs. Beverly A. Ronald Mr. Victor Steven Rosini and Mrs. Isabella Rosini Dr. Patrick J. Rozmajzl and Mrs. Pamela B. Rozmajzl Mr. Thomas J. Rudden and Mrs. Marcella S. Rudden Mr. Charles Russo and Mrs. Cat Russo Mr. Jason R. Rutherford ’92 and Mrs. Stacey Rutherford Mr. Andrew J. Schulman and Mrs. Mary Rose Schulman Mr. Arthur V. Schultz Sheehy Auto Stores Mrs. Janice B. Siegfried Mr. Gilbert Sorebo Mrs. Amy Sheridan Mr. John M. Spivey and Mrs. Alison T. Spivey Mr. Billy B. Springer and Mrs. Ellie Springer Mrs. Mary R. Strenko ’86 Mr. Joel C. Susco and Dr. Michelle S. Susco Ms. Susan Thomas Mr. Steven Trax and Mrs. Jennifer D. Trax Mr. Ricardo Trinidad and Mrs. Amy Trinidad Mr. Zachary Venegas and Mrs. Marisol Venegas Mr. Gerald G. Waldrop and Mrs. Christine M. Waldrop Mr. Douglas L. Walls and Mrs. Ann K. D. Walls Mr. Carl S. Wang and Mrs. Joan M. Wang Mr. Andrew Webb and Mrs. Suzanne Webb Mr. Douglas Weimer and Dr. Peg Weimer Mr. James Weiskopf and Mrs. Kamay Weiskopf

Mr. Christopher B. White ’86 and Mrs. Chawn Oakley Mr. Gregory A. Wiegand ’08 Mr. Davie Wilberding and Mrs. Cindy Wilberding Mr. Jaewon Yoon and Ms. Jungin Jang


($500 - $999)

Anonymous (1) Mr. Robert J. Abbott and Mrs. Joanne Abbott Mr. Edgar Adamson and Mrs. MaryAnn Adamson Mr. Charles K. Adkins-Blanch and Mrs. Sara Adkins-Blanch AmazonSmile Foundation Ms. Kate M. Andreottola ’94 Mr. Mark Arban and Mrs. Joan Arban Mr. Scott Bacon and Mrs. Katharine E. Bacon Dr. Mary J. Barron ’95 Mr. Alexander Bertoldo and Ms. Rosa Espina Boeing Company Mr. Bernard L. Bower and Mrs. Pamela M. Bower Mr. Jerome Bozek and Mrs. Rita Bozek Mr. Garland Brill and Ms. Jean E. Moody Mr. Peter S. Brohoski and Mrs. Cindy A. Brohoski Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Co. Mr. Sheldon Buytenhuys and Mrs. Allison Buytenhuys Mr. Chris Carrier and Mrs. Melissa Carrier Mr. Raymond R. Cassidy Chantilly Auto Care Center LLC Chariots for Hire Mr. Paul Chiapparone Ms. Ruth Chiapparone Mr. Gautam Chugh and Ms. Priya Luthria Mr. Michael J. Ciatti ’88 and Mrs. Julie Ciatti Mr. Christopher Cipperly and Mrs. Catherine M. Cipperly Mr. James F. Corcoran and Mrs. Catherine Corcoran Mr. Peter Davey ’95 Mr. Bradley Dean and Mrs. Amber Dean Mr. Christopher M. DeGrassi and Mrs. Colleen M. DeGrassi Mr. Thomas A. DePont and Mrs. Jill DePont Mr. Michael Dorf and Mrs. Maury Collins Mr. David C. Duncan ’89 and Mrs. MaryLynne Duncan ’89 ExxonMobil Corporation Educational Alliance Program Mr. Fernando Flores and Mrs. Marcela Flores Flynn & O’Hara Uniforms, Inc. Mr. Lawrence Furey

Mr. Steven Garcia and Mrs. Christine Garcia Mr. Patrick S. Gaston and Mrs. Sheryle Gaston Mr. Brandon L. Girmus ’09 Grafted Strategies LLC Mr. Stephen A. Hamer Master Sergeant John R. Hauser ’88 Mr. Rich A. Hayden and Mrs. Lynn F. Hayden Mrs. Anne Henry-Gross Dr. Jesús Henson and Dr. Maricarmen Vendrell-Henson Mr. Montgomery Hill and Mrs. Michelle C. Hill Mr. James Hogan and Mrs. Jennifer Hogan Mrs. Erica K. Howley ’88 and Mr. Sean Howley Mr. Robert W. Hunter and Mrs. Mary Anne Hunter Mr. Paul A. Hunter and Mrs. Andrea L. Hunter Mr. David Ingemie and Mrs. Nancy E. Ingemie Mr. Thomas Judge and Mrs. Cynthia Judge Ms. Joan M. Karas Mr. Christian A. Kassis and Mrs. Julia D. Kassis Mr. Matthew Kelpy and Mrs. Katja Kelpy Mr. James Krueger and Mrs. Noreen Krueger Lieutenant Colonel James R. Kyte ’92 and Dr. Jennifer J. Kyte Mr. Randy Lafranchi Mr. Gary W. Lee and Mrs. Nadine Lee Mr. John E. Lemm and Mrs. Susan E. Lemm Mr. Mark D. Lineberry and Mrs. Lissett Lineberry ’95 M.H. Lawrence & Associates, PC Mr. John P. Maguire ’88 and Mrs. Wendy Maguire Mr. Thomas Marilley and Mrs. Maria Jeanette Marilley Mr. Eric Marshall and Mrs. Jessica Marshall Mr. Myron Maslowsky and Mrs. Eileen H. Maslowsky Ms. Michele M. McAllister ’87 Mr. Timothy J. McCarthy and Mrs. Pamela C. McCarthy Mr. Eric McKinley and Mrs. Mandy McKinley Mr. Thomas McLaughlin and Mrs. Kimberly G. McLaughlin Dr. Timothy J. McNiff and Mrs. Margaret McNiff Mr. David Mead and Mrs. Sheila Mead Mr. Scott Montgomery and Mrs. Katelyn Montgomery Mr. James Moran and Mrs. Caryn Moran Mr. Robert P. Mueller and Mrs. Madeleine F. Mueller Northrop Grumman Charity Mr. Sherman D. O’Brien and Mrs. Victoria O’Brien Mr. Stephen J. O’Connell and Mrs. Beth O’Connell





Black & Gold ($250 - $499)

Anonymous (3) Mr. Daniel E. Adamson ’90 and Mrs. Melissa K. Adamson Mr. Dan Akin and Mrs. Sue Akin Mr. Alpio Anastacio and Mrs. Angelique Anastacio Mr. Sanjay Arora and Mrs. Namita Arora Ms. Caroline M. Ashe ’91 Mr. William D. Atwood and Mrs. Nina Atwood Mrs. Sheila C. Barnett ’03 and Mr. Kevin Barnett Mrs. JoAnne Barron Mr. Richard Beck and Mrs. Lynda Beck Mr. William J. Becker and Mrs. Anita S. Becker Mr. Peter A. Birch and Mrs. Kerry Birch ’92 Mr. Jesse Birch ’95 and Mrs. Erin Birch BMW of Fairfax Mr. Gregory J. Branic and Mrs. Kimberly A. Branic Mr. Christopher Brasco and Mrs. Katherine Brasco Mr. Daniel Braun and Mrs. Michelle Braun Mr. Marc Breissinger and Mrs. Susan Breissinger Mr. R. Scott Brown and Mrs. Mary Beth Brown Mr. Timothy J. Brown ’87 and Ms. Monica L. Mencini Mr. Douglas Brown and Mrs. Geraldine Brown Mr. Ian P. Burns ’91 and Mrs. Tara Burns Mr. Hugh M. Cannon ’95 and Mrs. Amy Cannon Mr. Dave Capuano and Mrs. Eden Capuano Mr. Timothy J. Caputy ’08 and Mrs. Kiersten J. Caputy Mr. Carlton Carter and Mrs. Annette Carter Mr. Randall H. Casey and Mrs. Christine Casey Mr. Robert M. Chadwick and Mrs. Alejandra Chadwick Mr. Paul M. Ciatti and Mrs. Nancy C. Ciatti Mr. Daniel S. Ciatti ’89 and Mrs. Catherine M. Ciatti Mrs. Susan M. Clark Ms. Lillian Colavecchio Mr. Brendan Collins and Mrs. Dawn Collins Mr. Robert M. Cornejo and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Cornejo Mr. Matthew Craig and Mrs. Anne R. Craig Mr. Michael S. Culver ’02 and Mrs. Stephanie-Rose B. Culver Mr. Michael G. Cunningham and Mrs. Kelly K. Cunningham Mr. Luke David

PANTHER TRACKS Annual Report 2020-2021

Mr. James Dear and Mrs. Christine Dear Mr. Martin A. DeConcilis and Mrs. Kathleen R. DeConcilis The Honorable Thomas DiGirolamo and Mrs. Jane DiGirolamo Mr. Nicholas M. DiGregory and Mrs. Jenny DiGregory Mr. Daniel F. Drummond and Mrs. Kerry A. Drummond ’92 Mr. John P. DuBois ’90 and Mrs. Suzanne DuBois Mrs. Mary Lou Duren Mr. William M. Ellis and Mrs. Lisa M. Ellis Mr. Daniel Fata and Mrs. Cheri Fata Mr. Steven P. Fentress and Mrs. Tracy A. Fentress Mr. Michael A. Ferrier ’89 and Mrs. Eileen Ferrier Mr. John Foley and Mrs. Dawn Foley Mr. Mark R. Fostek ’88 and Mrs. Laura Fostek Mr. Paul G. Freeborne and Mrs. Kirsten S. Freeborne Mr. Jeffrey Furgal and Mrs. Lisa Furgal Mr. Patrick Gallagher and Mrs. Michelle Gallagher Ms. Ling Gao Mr. Sean M. Gibbons ’87 and Mrs. Carolyn Gibbons Mr. Matthew Gibson and Mrs. Jennifer Gibson Mr. Philip G. Gillespie and Mrs. Carol Gillespie Mr. Daniel Gillespie and Mrs. Bernice M. Gillespie ’86 Mr. Mark Gombo and Mrs. LeAnn Gombo Mr. Keith W. Grange and Mrs. Arpita M. Grange Mr. Gary B. Greene and Mrs. Marilyn M. Greene Mr. Maurice D. Hammond and Mrs. Tracy W. Hammond Mr. Joseph R. Hasto and Mrs. Christine A. Hasto

Mr. John Hengesbach and Mrs. Bernadette Hengesbach Ms. Linda Herman Mr. Richard Hoffman and Mrs. Marilyn Hoffman Mr. Jonathan A. Hollm ’04 Mr. Sonny Howard and Mrs. Kay Howard Mr. Creg Howland and Mrs. Margaret Howland Mrs. Mary Hrastar Mr. Monte Ingram and Mrs. Evelyn Ingram Mr. Rodney Johnson-Finan and Mrs. Kimberly Johnson-Finan Mr. Craig Kendall and Mrs. Constance Kendall Mr. Francis Kenefick and Mrs. Susan Kenefick Ms. Leilani Keough Mr. Kenneth R. Kerrigan and Mrs. Elizabeth Kerrigan Mr. Jeffrey A. Ketron and Mrs. Teresa A. O. Ketron Mr. Paul Kolebuck and Mrs. Meaghan Kolebuck Mr. Theodore P. Kruczkowski and Mrs. Laura M. Kruczkowski Mr. Lincoln Krueger and Mrs. Julia Krueger Mr. Neil C. Kuehnast and Mrs. Carol C. Kuehnast Mr. Walter Kuhn and Ms. Colleen Quintana L3Harris Technologies Mr. Michael Lang and Mrs. Brea Lang Mr. Matthew Lanham and Mrs. Laura Lanham Mr. Ryan Lauridsen and Mrs. Susan Lauridsen Mr. Steven Lee and Mrs. Leanne D. DelPorto Lee Mr. Patrick Leffas and Mrs. Kathleen Leffas Mr. William Liberti and Mrs. Eileen Liberti Mr. Jean Mabout and Mrs. Sonia Mabout



Mr. Michael A. O’Hara and Mrs. Kimberly A. O’Hara Colonel Peter O’Neill and Mrs. Patricia O’Neill Mrs. Ann M. Orem ’01 and Mr. Kenneth Orem Mr. Michael Orr and Ms. Kasey Miller Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church Mr. Brent R. Perry and Mrs. Kim D. Perry Mr. Andrew Petrie and Mrs. Jennifer M. Petrie Ms. Melissa Rosato Racklin Mr. Gerald J. Rankin and Mrs. Maria Rankin Red Coats, Inc. Mrs. Beth M. Revor ’90 and Colonel Mark Revor Mr. Charles F. Riceman ’87 and Mrs. Maria Riceman Mr. Darren D. Rittenhouse and Mrs. Pamela P. Rittenhouse Mr. Scott Roberts and Mrs. Kimberly Roberts Mr. Charles Roder and Mrs. Karen Roder Mr. Alexander Romero and Mrs. Allison Romero Mr. William E. Rouck ’89 and Mrs. Kandis Rouck Mr. R. James Saylor ’89 and Mrs. Deborah Saylor Mr. Joseph Sebastian Mr. John Sirotniak and Mrs. Emma Sirotniak Mr. Adam W. Smith and Mrs. Allison Smith Mr. Robert J. Smith and Mrs. Lauren Smith Mr. Channing Steele and Mrs. Kim Steele Mr. Jon Steen and Mrs. Meredith Steen Mr. Peter K. Stevenson and Mrs. Kathi A. Stevenson Mrs. Eleanor A. Storage Mr. Gregory P. Sullivan and Mrs. Anne M. Sullivan Mr. David A. Tan and Mrs. Chrystal A. Tan Mr. Trenton Tebbe and Mrs. Mary-Beth Tebbe Mr. Richard Toussaint and Ms. Jennifer Shay Mr. Daniel J. Townsend and Mrs. Eileen D. Townsend Mr. Philip Westhoff and Mrs. Wende Westhoff Miss Alysha K. Wiegand ’05 Mr. Norman Wilmans and Mrs. Patricia Wilmans Mr. Kevin R. Woodley ’01 and Mrs. Lauren A. Woodley ’01 Mr. Daniel F. Woodley ’98 and Mrs. Nicole Woodley Mr. Ali Zandi and Mrs. Alessandra Zandi Zeta Associates Mrs. Marissa T. Zures ’98 and Mr. Jeffrey Zures


“It has been a wonderful three years, during which I’ve seen firsthand how PVI has evolved and improved since I was a student, yet somehow maintaining the integrity and preserving the traditions that are so very important to all of us." — Jennifer Bell Keating ’92, P ’22



ANNUAL REPORT Mr. Glenn R. Madelmayer and Mrs. Loretta E. Madelmayer Mr. Mark J. Magliocchetti ’93 and Mrs. Leslie Maggliocchetti Mr. Manolet E. Mangilit and Ms. Faith M. Serrano Ms. Bernadette Margin Mr. David Marshalonis ’91 and Mrs. Suzanne Marshalonis Mr. Ron Martel and Mrs. Eileen Martel Mr. John B. Marut and Mrs. Cecilia V. Marut Mr. Corey Maso and Mrs. Megan E. Maso ’94 Mr. Paul Mayhew Mrs. Francine McArdle Mr. Eugene McCarthy and Mrs. Mandy McCarthy Mr. James M. McGinn III and Mrs. Barbara McGinn Mr. Sean P. McGlone ’88 Mr. Jim McGuire Mr. Robert C. Merkel and Dr. Victoria L. Merkel Mr. Christopher D. Miller ’04 and Mrs. Karen Miller Mr. Herbert Millward and Mrs. Kris Millward Mr. Raymond Muench and Mrs. Joyce P. Muench Mr. Kenneth A. Myers ’87 and Mrs. Heather H. Myers Mr. Fernando Olivencia and Mrs. Edna Olivencia Mr. Marcus Ordonez and Mrs. Sandra Ordonez Mr. Sean O’Shields and Mrs. Ann O’Shields Ms. Anne Owen Mr. Christopher Payne and Mrs. Leslie Payne Mr. Anthony L. Pease and Mrs. Nancy E. Pease Mr. Corey Perdue and Mrs. Mary Beth Perdue Ms. Joanne Petak Mr. John Pollard and Mrs. Deborah Pollard Mr. Thomas F. Previ and Mrs. Cheryl S. Previ Mr. Sergio J. Ramírez and Mrs. Tracey J. A. Lewis-Ramirez Mr. James Rannazzisi and Mrs. Barbara Rannazzisi Mr. Alonso Revilla and Mrs. Carmen V. Butron-Revilla Mr. Joseph Richardson and Mrs. Stefanie Richardson Mr. Renato Romero and Mrs. Carla G. Romero Mr. Bien Samson and Mrs. Claudia Samson Mr. Patrick D. Scholl and Mrs. Margaret B. Scholl Reverend Stephen J. Schultz Mr. John M. Shea and Mrs. Joanne Shea Mr. Michael H. Sherman and Mrs. Theresa A. Sherman Mr. Steven F. Shervanick and Mrs. Paula E. Shervanick Ms. Sheri Siegel

Mr. Kieno Simeon and Mrs. Lisa Simeon Ms. Mary Sirois Mrs. Tracie L. Sparks ’99 and Mr. Jonathan Sparks Mr. Mark A. Sportack and Mrs. Karen J. Sportack Mr. Anthony J. Steele and Mrs. Lisa Steele Mr. Christopher Summers Mr. Joselito Tacogue and Mrs. Carey Tacogue Mr. David N. Talton and Mrs. Amy Talton Mr. EJ Thomas and Mrs. Pamela C. Thomas Mr. William Tighe and Mrs. Erica Tighe Mrs. Katie E. Tinsley ’02 and Mr. Clifton Tinsley Mr. Edwin Veazey and Mrs. Kristin Veazey Mr. Jeffrey Villaver and Mrs. Ellen Villaver Mr. Jason Waldrop and Mrs. Christine Waldrop Mrs. Cynthia Wallace Mr. Steven Wallace and Mrs. Erin Wallace Mr. Charles Westberg Jr. and Mrs. Kimberly Westberg Mr. Dale R. Whitfield and Mrs. Kathryn Whitfield Mr. Thomas R. Wiedemer and Mrs. Anne Marie Wiedemer Mr. Thomas Wilk and Mrs. Kristina Wilk Ms. Isabel R. Williamson ’21 Mr. Jeffrey C. Williamson and Mrs. Carola R. Williamson Mr. Robert Wilson and Mrs. Yajaira Ortiz-Wilson Mr. William D. Wiltgen Mr. Lawrence J. Wiltshire and Mrs. Nancy R. Wiltshire Mr. Andrew Young and Mrs. Kelly Young Mr. John L. Zanelotti and Mrs. Linda Zanelotti

Honor Roll ($100 - $249)

Anonymous (3) Mr. Edward S. Adams and Mrs. Patricia K. Adams Mr. Darrick Akiyama and Mrs. Joanna Akiyama Mr. Matthew T. Albence and Mrs. MaryBeth Albence Mr. J. Ferrell Alexander and Mrs. Shelia Alexander Mrs. Birute Alisius Mr. Edison P. Alvarez and Mrs. Jacqueline Alvarez Mr. Lazaro Andino and Mrs. Lori Andino Mr. Kevin Angel and Mrs. Lauren Angel Mr. Vincent Antignano and Mrs. Kristy H. Antignano

Mr. Gary Appleton and Mrs. Sheron Appleton Mr. Richard Armstrong and Mrs. Morrow Armstrong Mr. Robert Arquette and Mrs. Mary Arquette Mr. Ruwan Arseculeratne and Mrs. Cici Arseculeratne Mr. Charles Ashley and Mrs. Bobbie Ashley Mr. Kenneth R. Baine Mr. Mark R. Baker and Mrs. Araceli S. Baker Mr. Stephen J. Banta and Mrs. Parastoo Athari-Banta Mr. Stephen Barnes and Mrs. Monica Barnes Mrs. Jill T. Bartko ’01 and Mr. Nicholas Bartko Ms. Robin Batchelor Mr. Paul T. Batigne ’91 and Mrs. Julie Batigne Mr. Cliff Baum and Mrs. Catherine Baum Mrs. Catherine B. Baum Gillespie Mr. Mark Baxter and Mrs. Suzanne Baxter Mr. Scott A. Bennett and Mrs. Kristen A. Bennett Mr. Andrew N. Bonk ’04 and Mrs. Erin Bonk ’04 Mr. Bob Bouchard and Mrs. Sharon Bouchard Ms. Ellen M. Bower ’06 Mr. Patrick K. Brant and Mrs. Barbara Brant Mr. Paul Braun and Mrs. Mary Braun Mr. Thomas Brinker and Mrs. Betsy Brinker Mr. Terrence A. Brock and Mrs. Rosario L. Brock Mr. Daniel L. Brosnan ’05 Mr. Theophil J. Bruce and Mrs. Virgina Bruce Mr. Richard Brzezanski and Mrs. Karen Brzezanski Ms. Ava C. Burkat ’20 Mr. Tom Cahill and Mrs. Marilyn Cahill Mr. Eduardo Caldera and Mrs. Beth Caldera Mr. Robert Callander and Mrs. Mary Callander Mr. Sean Campbell and Mrs. Julia Campbell Mr. Jack Canan and Mrs. Annette Canan Mr. Robin K. Capp and Mrs. Deborah W. Capp Mr. Neil R. Cassese and Mrs. Margaret Cassese Mr. Zeus Celi and Mrs. Jessica Celi Ms. Ann S. Cervino Mrs. Janina Cikotas Mr. Charles Clavelli and Mrs. Melissa Clavelli Mr. Donnell Clements and Mrs. Judy Clements Mr. Carl A. S. Coan III Mr. Javier Colmenares and Mrs. Alexandra Colmenares Mr. Ryan W. Colwell ’97 and Mrs. Melinda J. Colwell

Mr. Edward Coney and Mrs. Kathleen Coney Mrs. Jennifer L. Conroy ’90 and Mr. Jeff Conroy Mr. Stanley A. Cook Ms. Leslie Corrigan Mr. Zachary M. Costello ’07 and Mrs. Casey K. Costello ’07 Mr. Michael Culligan and Mrs. Maura Culligan Mr. John K. Cunniff and Dr. Laura C. Cunniff Mr. Philip Curran and Mrs. Kimberly Curran Ms. Nona Dailey Mr. Ralph Daley and Mrs. Mary E. Daley Dr. Robert Darrow and Mrs. Ruth Darrow Mr. Jack A. Davis ’24 Ms. Catherine R. Davis Ms. Janet L. Day Mr. Joshua Dearmon and Mrs. Christina Dearmon Mr. Remigio Del Toro and Mrs. Alessandra Ricci-Del Toro Mr. William R. Derasmo and Mrs. Jennifer A. Derasmo Mr. Luis Diaz and Mrs. Brooke Diaz Mr. James Dion and Mrs. Seleni Matus Dion Mr. Walter Dobranski and Mrs. Jane Dobranski Mr. Mark Donnelly and Mrs. Kelly Donnelly Ms. Angela Donovan Mr. John Downey and Mrs. Nancy Downey Mr. Franklin Dubon-Diaz and Ms. Joanna Montoya Ms. Jean R. Duffy Mr. Jeffrey Duggan and Mrs. Adrianna K. Duggan Mr. Thomas J. Duncan and Mrs. Frances S. Duncan Mr. Michael Duong and Ms. Thuha Nguyen Mr. John J. Eiden ’90 and Mrs. Amy G. Eiden Mr. Gary Eisner and Mrs. Jennifer Eisner Mr. Ken Elder and Mrs. Jennifer Elder Ms. Joan Elfeld Mr. Mark Elszy and Mrs. Maria Elszy Mr. Christopher G. Farrales ’05 Mr. Paul Feira Mr. Eric G. Francis and Mrs. Martine A. Francis Mr. Steven J. Freschi and Mrs. Regina Freschi Mr. Erik S. Geho and Mrs. Christy M. Geho Mr. Christopher J. Giaimo ’87 and Mrs. Kimberly A. Giaimo ’87 Colonel Christopher J. Giaimo Mr. Thomas E. Gillman and Mrs. Mary M. Gillman Mr. Anthony Gledhill and Mrs. Dina Gledhill Mr. Caelen L. Grange ’20 Mr. Peter F. Grau and Mrs. Lisa A. Grau



ANNUAL REPORT Mr. Paul R. Grepps and Mrs. Lisa Grepps Mr. Charles H. Grim and Mrs. Barbara S. Grim Captain James B. Groff and Mrs. Elizabeth Groff Mr. Conrad E. Grundlehner and Dr. Marietta G. Grundlehner Mr. Charles Gunn and Mrs. Carole Gunn Dr. Henry B. Haller Mrs. Ann M. Hallett ’08 and Mr. Sean Hallett Mrs. Allison M. Hamilton ’86 and Mr. George Hamilton Mr. Thomas Hammar and Mrs. Diane Hammar Captain John J. Hammerer and Mrs. Nancy Hammerer Mr. Maurice Hammond Sr. and Mrs. Maurice Hammond Mr. Peter J. Hampel Mr. John Hannigan and Mrs. Vickie Hannigan Mr. John Hardy and Mrs. Cindy Hardy Mr. Michael Hargadon and Mrs. Hope Hargadon Mrs. Cindi Harkes Mr. Brian C. Harper ’88 and Mrs. Susan Harper Mr. John Hart and Mrs. Margaret L. Hart Mr. Richard Hayden and Mrs. Irene Hayden Mr. Anthony Hebenstreit and Mrs. Anna Hebenstreit Mr. James Henman and Mrs. Irma Elena Henman Ms. Sheila D. Herbst Mr. William A. Hingston and Mrs. Ruth Hingston Mr. Nicholas Hinko and Mrs. Susan Hinko Mr. Matthew Ho and Mrs. Kristen Ho Mr. Michael J. Hoess and Mrs. Lisa Z. Hoess Mr. Joseph A. Hoess ’21 Mr. Patrick R. Hollen and Mrs. Kristen M. Hollen Mr. Paul Homan Mrs. Caroline H. Honzo ’98 and Mr. Robert G. Honzo Mr. Bill Hoofnagle and Mrs. Mikal Hoofnagle Mr. Kevin Horner and Mrs. Jennifer Horner Mr. Robert Irlan and Mrs. Lajeane Irlan Mr. Paul N. Jelcic and Mrs. Theresa A. Jelcic Mr. Chuck Johnson and Mrs. Judy Johnson Mrs. Andrea Jones Mr. John Joyce and Mrs. Nancy Joyce Mr. John J. Kane and Mrs. Janice K. Kane Mr. Joseph Kanyan and Mrs. Virginia Kanyan Mr. Abhimanyu Kapil and Mrs. Pamela Kapil Mr. John Karas and Mrs. Kelly Karas


Mr. Ronan Keane and Mrs. Dana Keane Mr. Kenneth J. Kelleher and Mrs. Sheri D. Kelleher Mr. John T. Kelly and Mrs. Mary L. Kelly Mr. Michael Kelso and Mrs. Candice Kelso Mr. Patrick Keough Mr. Kenneth R. Kerrigan ’06 Ms. Maureen M. Kiley ’99 Mr. John Kilgariff and Mrs. Traci O. Kilgariff Mr. Michael Kilkeary ’93 Mr. Gregory Knowles and Mrs. Kerry Knowles Mr. Jim Koczela Mr. Eric Kodrowski and Ms. Sarah Guixens Mr. Mark A. Koebke and Mrs. Lynn Koebke Mr. Chris Korte ’96 and Mrs. Rebekka Korte Mr. Kevin Kramp and Mrs. Paula Kramp Mr. Charles Krizek and Mrs. Marie Krizek Mr. Krzysztof Kupczak and Mrs. Jadwiga Kupczak Mr. Richard LaFrance and Mrs. Jean LaFrance Mr. Kevin Lander and Mrs. Lisa Lander Mr. Darrell LaRoche and Mrs. Linda LaRoche Mr. Jack Lawlor Mr. Jerry Laymon and Mrs. Cheryll Laymon Lieutenant Colonel Stephen J. Lebo ’96 and Mrs. Theresa Lebo Mr. William A. Leslie and Mrs. Brandy Leslie Mr. Thomas J. Lindblad and Mrs. Diane M. Lindblad Mr. Wesley Lineberry and Mrs. Judy Lineberry Mr. Cabell Lloyd and Mrs. Barbara Lloyd Mr. Charles M. Loving and Mrs. Susan R. Loving Mr. Timothy P. Lyons ’08 Mr. Timothy Ma and Mrs. Kathleen Ma Mr. Charles M. Magrum and Mrs. Lenore Magrum Mr. Matthew K. Mahoney and Mrs. Jennifer Mahoney Mr. Timothy Mahoney and Mrs. Jill Mahoney Mrs. Amy M. Malouf ’06 and Mr. Raymond Malouf Mr. Carmine Mandarino and Mrs. Annmarie Mandarino Ms. Bridget Manley Mr. Kevin Martin and Mrs. Marcie Martin Mr. Bruce McAfee and Mrs. Pamela McAfee Mr. Frank McAlpin and Mrs. Angela McAlpin Mr. Kieran McCarthy and Mrs. Margaret A. McCarthy ’88

PANTHER TRACKS Annual Report 2020-2021

Captain James T. McCormick and Mrs. Mary H. McCormick Ms. Regina McGrath Mr. Matthew McHugh and Mrs. Alanna McHugh Mr. Jerome McIntosh and Mrs. Tara McIntosh Ms. Elsa M. McKenney ’21 Mrs. Inge M. McKenney Mr. Paul J. McKenney Mr. Robert F. McLaughlin and Mrs. Monika McLaughlin Mr. Larry McLaury and Mrs. Janice McLaury Mr. Michael F. McMenamin ’08 and Mrs. Mary McMenamin Mr. Fernando Melendez and Mrs. Kate Melendez Mr. Brendan T. Melody and Mrs. Mary Ann T. Melody Rear Admiral Mark Melson and Mrs. Stephanie Melson Mr. Jim Melvin Dr. Gregory F. Meyer and Dr. Claudine G. Meyer Mr. Tadeusz Mich Ph.D. and Mrs. Beth Mich Mr. Thomas M. Mihich and Mrs. Kathleen A. Mihich Mrs. Niamh M. Minus Mr. Walter Moore and Mrs. Linda Moore Mr. Brett L. Moore ’06 and Mrs. Jennie Moore Mr. John Moran and Mrs. June Moran Mr. Matthew L. Mosqueda ’88 and Mrs. Natalie Mosqueda Mr. Gerald T. Mulligan and Mrs. Caroline C. Mulligan Mr. Michael T. Murphy and Mrs. Madeline M. Murphy Mr. Eric P. Murray Mr. Vincent A. Mustachio and Mrs. Jennifer C. Mustachio Mr. Dominic A. Mustachio ’21 Mr. Ron Myers and Mrs. Rosemarie N. Quinn Mr. Terry Neal and Ms. Jill C. Hudson Mr. F. Haywood Nelms Dr. Richard F. Neville and Mrs. Alison D. Neville Mr. Thomas A. Nickle and Mrs. Isabel Nickle Mr. John G. Noory and Mrs. Amy F. Noory Mr. Ed Nuttall and Mrs. Theresa Nuttall Mr. Davis R. O’Brien ’05 Mr. Andrew O’Connell and Mrs. Lori O’Connell Mr. James P. O’Donnell and Mrs. Patricia L. O’Donnell Ms. Kathleen O’Grady Mr. Paul O’Leary Mr. Rory L. O’Neil ’02 Mrs. Allison M. Opfer Ramirez ’03 Mr. Carlos H. Ortega and Ms. Alicia J. Palmer Mr. Phillip Owens and Mrs. Jeraldine Owens PAE

Mr. George Paine and Mrs. Linda Paine Ms. Viltis M. Palubinskas ’09 Mr. William Paniszczyn and Mrs. Ann R. Paniszczyn Dr. Edmond L. Paquette and Mrs. Teresa L. Paquette Mr. Robert Peters and Mrs. Elizabeth Peters Mr. Dennis Philippart and Mrs. Gail Philippart Mr. Jeffrey D. Philippart and Mrs. Erin E. Philippart Mr. Jeffrey Pizzino and Mrs. Nancy Pizzino Mr. Thomas A. Pollock and Mrs. Kathleen D. Pollock Mr. John M. Powell and Mrs. Marie A. Powell Mr. Michael Powers and Mrs. Celie M. Powers Mr. Stephen Prince and Mrs. Leslie A. Prince Mr. Robert Prosser and Mrs. Catherine Prosser Mrs. Natalie K. Pulsifer ’91 and Mr. Steve Pulsifer Mrs. Jennifer Pyrek Jones ’87 and Mr. Colin Jones Mr. Darren Raiguel and Mrs. Jill Raiguel Mr. Edward Ramirez and Mrs. Margarita Ramos Ms. Nakayra Ramos Mr. Robert Raphael and Mrs. Carol Raphael Mr. Leo Renzette and Mrs. Mary Jane Renzette Mr. Mark Rienzi and Mrs. Edna Rienzi Mr. Leonard Rienzi and Mrs. Kathleen Rienzi Mr. Peter J. Romeo and Mrs. Nancy Romeo Mr. Anthony Ross and Mrs. Frances Ross Mr. Thomas J. Russell and Mrs. Deneen M. Russell Miss Jessica J. Rutherford ’24 Mr. Michael Ryan and Mrs. Kimberly Ryan Mr. Richard Sanders Mr. Juan Santisi and Mrs. Marisa Santisi Mr. Robert Santos and Mrs. Radilyn Santos Mr. Don Schieffer and Mrs. Katherine Schieffer Mr. William E. Schinkel Ms. Corinna Schwartz Ms. Marilyn Scripko Mrs. Julia Shervanick Mr. Brian Sloboda and Mrs. Sami Sloboda Mr. Stephen Smith and Mrs. Rhina Smith Mr. Richard L. Smith Mrs. Melissa B. Smith Mr. Peter Speros and Mrs. Jessica Speros Mr. Joseph Stankiewicz and Mrs. Sandra Stankiewicz Mrs. Mabel Steele Mr. Tristan A. Steen ’21


(up to $99)

Anonymous (2) Mr. Steven D. Adamson ’17 Mr. Sojan Alex Ms. Mia I. Alfaro ’25 Ms. Vivian N. Alonso ’03 Mr. Edison Aponte and Mrs. Dawn Aponte Ms. Olivia J. Aponte ’18 Mr. Edward Appel Sr. Ms. Elizabeth Arens Ms. Florinda Atup Mr. Christopher J. Bacon ’08 and Mrs. Katherine M. Bacon ’08 Ms. Alma Banta Ms. Catherine A. Bare ’21 Mr. William J. Barnes ’21 Mr. Robert D. Barnes and Mrs. Therese M. Barnes Mr. Norven T. Baskerville and Mrs. Rosalyn Baskerville Mr. Tom Bennett Mr. Ryan C. Berry and Mrs. Jill M. Berry Mr. Robert J. Billak and Mrs. Laura Billak Ms. Laurie Blakeman Mr. James Boland and Mrs. Madhu G. Boland Mr. Shelby N. Bostick Mr. Donald Bowers and Mrs. Seung L. Lee-Bowers Mr. Dennis Boyle and Mrs. Magal Boyle Ms. Angela L. Bozik ’15 Ms. Lindsay Brandow ’20 Mr. James Branic Ms. Geraldine Bridge Mr. Michael Brinker and Mrs. Margaret G. Brinker ’93 Ms. Kate Brockwell ’16 Mrs. Lisa Buchanan ’96 and Mr. Andrew Buchanan Mr. Howard Buchanan and Mrs. Michelle Buchanan Mr. John Buckreis and Ms. Mary Carr Mr. Erik J. Burgos and Mrs. Cecilia M. Burgos Mr. Thomas J. Burkat and Mrs. Patricia Burkat

COMMUNITY "We are lucky to have such a committed community of fellow parents, teachers and coaches who desire to have our children continue to grow academically and spiritually. The PVI community is like no other — it truly is a special place!" — Maura Graham P ’22, ’24





Mr. John T. Winkert and Mrs. Catherine A. Winkert Mr. Mark Wishner and Mrs. Laurie Wishner Mr. John Wittkoski and Mrs. Therese Wittkoski Mr. Robert S. Workman Mr. Brian D. Wright and Mrs. Michelle L. Wright Mr. Phillip J. Yanchulis and Mrs. Julie G. Yanchulis Mr. Kevin N. Young and Mrs. Deborah A. Young Mr. Mark D. Zavacky and Mrs. Andrea A. Zavacky Mr. Darin A. Zywan and Mrs. Jennifer F. Zywan


Mr. Charles R. Steen and Mrs. Dee Steen Mr. Tom Stein and Mrs. Yolanda Stein Ms. Susan Stinson Mr. Joseph T. Stoskus and Mrs. Joanne Stoskus Dr. Mary Sullivan-Haller Mr. Tyler Sutherland and Mrs. Lisa Sutherland Mr. Matthew Sweeney and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Sweeney Mr. Richard F. Sweeney and Mrs. Richelle L. Sweeney T. Rowe Price Mr. Vincent Talucci and Mrs. Michelle Talucci Ms. Sharon L. Taylor Mr. Bejoy Thomas and Ms. Bincy Baby Lieutenant Commander Marc B. Tinaz ’88 Mr. Hongphong Tran and Ms. Kimthu Dang Mr. George T. Tran and Ms. Pauline P. Vu Mr. Robert Tranbarger and Mrs. Brenda Tranbarger Mr. Joseph M. Turchiarolo and Mrs. Kendra K. Turchiarolo Mr. John A. Turner and Dr. Jeanine W. Turner Mr. Paul Turner and Mrs. Sandy Turner Mr. Michael B. Underwood ’11 Mr. Donald Urbancic and Mrs. Ruth Urbancic Mr. Michael Urgo and Mrs. Donna Davis-Urgo Mr. Pedro F. Valdes and Mrs. Ana M. Aldana Mr. Dario Valli and Mrs. Nina Valli Mr. Vic Vehemente and Mrs. Violet Vehemente Dr. Joseph Vorbach Mr. Michael Wade and Mrs. Chris J. Wade Mr. Sean P. Walsh and Mrs. Maria Walsh Mr. Kevin P. Walsh ’89 and Mrs. Carrie Walsh Lieutenant Commander Kevin W. Walter ’02 and Mrs. Joanne Walter Mr. James Ward and Mrs. Pamela Ward Mr. Michael Ward and Mrs. Karen Ward Mr. Christopher A. Warren and Mrs. Susan C. Warren Mr. Robert Watson and Mrs. Jacqueline Watson Mr. Karl Weimer ’01 Mr. James P. Weingart and Mrs. Mary E. Weingart Mr. Karl Weisenberger and Mrs. Brenda Weisenberger Ms. Joanne Weisskopf Ms. Sophia G. Whitfield ’21 Mr. Claude A. Whiting and Mrs. Lisa Whiting Ms. Virginia L. Wiles ’12 Mr. Craig S. Wingo and Mrs. Betty Lou Wingo

A C A D E M I C A L LY Mr. Joseph Burke and Mrs. Ann Burke Ms. Alicia Burns Mrs. Rosa Caldera Ms. Elba Campagna Mr. Arnold Campbell and Mrs. Marcia Campbell Mr. Robert Castle and Mrs. Dolores Castle Ms. Jennifer L. Chan ’19 Mr. Charles Chard and Mrs. Betty Jean Chard Mr. Frank Ciavarro and Mrs. Susan Ciavarro Mr. Darrell Cindrich and Mrs. Annette Cindrich Mr. Loreto J. Clavelli and Mrs. Judith M. Clavelli Coca Cola Give c/o King Solutions Inc. Mr. Ted Cochrane and Mrs. Mary Jane Cochrane Mr. Lawrence Colby and Mrs. Jodi Colby Mrs. Erica L. Collins ’02 Mr. Donald Coney Sr. and Ms. Lillian Coney Mr. Russell Constantine and Mrs. Marie Constantine Ms. Eileen Corrigan Mrs. Carrie L. Courtillet ’01 and Mr. Marcel Courtillet Ms. Meredith T. Cripe ’15 Ms. Molly G. Cripe ’17 Mr. Thomas Crishock and Mrs. Patricia Crishock Ms. Erin K. Cunningham ’20 Ms. Catherine Curley Mr. Spencer L. Darling ’20 Ms. Abigail L. Dawson ’10 Mr. Robert DeBroeck Mr. Frank DelBorrello and Mrs. Joyce DelBorrello Mr. Peter J. Devlin and Mrs. Kathy Devlin Ms. Tricia Deweese Ms. Daniela Di Tullio

Mr. Ennio Di Tullio Mr. William Doyle and Mrs. Mary Doyle Mr. Sean E. Dunbar and Mrs. Debra L. Dunbar Mr. Richard Edwards and Ms. Carol Friedman Ms. Elizabeth A. Eisenberg ’16 Mr. Clyde S. Eisner and Mrs. Norma J. Eisner Ms. Elizabeth Emery Mr. Vasily I. Epatko and Mrs. Mary C. Epatko Mrs. Carol C. Erhard Mr. Daniel J. Evans ’99 and Mrs. Kelly Evans Mr. Kenneth E. Eyerman and Mrs. Julie A. Eyerman Ms. Sophia A. Fadoul ’21 Mr. Matthew B. Fadoul and Mrs. Denisse N. Fadoul Fannie Mae Mr. Peter J. Fedyszen and Mrs. Michelle Fedyszen Mr. Remigio T. Ferrara ’21 Ms. Grace C. Ferraro ’21 Mr. Eduardo Ferrufino and Ms. Delia Quiroz Mr. Miguel Ferrufino and Mrs. Elizabeth Ferrufino Mr. Matthew E. Fihlman and Mrs. Ellen Fihlman Mr. Anthony J. Fisher ’14 and Mrs. Liza C. Fisher ’14 Mr. Christopher T. Flynn and Dr. Elizabeth D. Flynn Mr. Seamus C. Flynn ’21 Rear Admiral Jay Foley and Mrs. Charlene Foley Mr. David A. Franceschini ’86 Mrs. Elizabeth F. Fraser ’93 and Mr. Doug Fraser Mr. Walter Frucht and Mrs. Sharon Frucht Mr. Ted Furgal and Mrs. Janet Furgal Furgal Family Revocable Trust Mrs. Marie C. Gabl ’99 and Mr. Thomas P. Gabl ST. PAUL VI CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL


ANNUAL REPORT Mr. Peter Gallelli and Mrs. Patrice Gallelli Mr. Matthew W. Garber and Mrs. Christina S. Garber Mr. Kevin J. Gaughan and Mrs. Joanne M. Gaughan Mr. John Geiran and Mrs. Anne M. Geiran Mr. John Georges and Mrs. Jessie Georges Mr. Stephen Gertenbach and Mrs. Jennifer Gertenbach Mr. Ryan R. Gertenbach ’21 Colonel Joseph M. Gesker and Mrs. Jane S. Gesker Mr. Donald Gibson and Mrs. Linda Gibson Ms. Jean Gigliotti Mr. Gary Gleason and Mrs. Julie Gleason Ms. Bethany J. Gledhill ’21 Mr. Jeffrey Glynn and Mrs. Shelli Glynn Mr. Manju Gomathinayagam and Ms. Gomathinayagam Sankararamalingam Mrs. Linda Gott Mr. Jurek Grabowski and Mrs. Alice Grabowski Mr. Mark P. Graham ’90 and Mrs. Maura Graham Mr. Dennis Grayson and Mrs. Rita Grayson Mr. Daniel E. Grimm ’93 and Mrs. Luisa E. Grimm ’93 Mrs. Donna J. Gustave Miss Mary P. Hamburger ’02 Ms. Katherine E. Hamrick ’20 Mr. John L. Hamrick ’19 Mr. William J. Harrigan and Mrs. Doreen J. Harrigan Mr. Daniel Harris and Mrs. Peggy Harris Mr. David Harrison and Mrs. Cassandra Harrison Mr. Kevin P. Hart and Mrs. Kathleen M. Hart Ms. Riley C. Hayden ’19

Mr. Patrick C. Hayden ’21 Ms. Victoria A. Henderson ’86 Mr. Eduardo Herrera and Mrs. Colleen Herrera Mr. Terry Hess and Mrs. Shirley Hess Mr. Christopher W. Hines ’08 Mr. George Hohmann and Mrs. Emily Hohmann Mr. Charles Hoskins and Mrs. Barbara Hoskins Mr. Eugene Hubbard Mrs. Audrey L. Taylor Hubbard ’06 Mr. Jeffrey W. Hummel and Mrs. Katherine C. Hummel Mr. Michael S. Hunter and Mrs. Kathleen M. Hunter Mr. Lawrence Hurwitz and Mrs. Suzanne M. Spalding-Hurwitz Mrs. Jean Hutnyan Mr. Stephen S. Huvane ’06 Mr. John J. Hyland and Mrs. Sandra S. Hyland Mr. Gordon Irons and Mrs. Tara A. Irons ’88 Mr. Iskender Iskenderoglu and Ms. Tamara De Nigris Mr. Christopher L. Jahn and Mrs. Marianne Jahn Mrs. Bernadette G. Judge Dr. Stephen T. Kapushoc and Mrs. Heather C. Kapushoc Mr. Lucian T. Kapushoc ’21 Mr. Darren Kaufman and Mrs. Angela Kaufman Mr. Walter James Kehres and Mrs. Phyllis Kehres Dr. Kevin J. Kelleher and Mrs. Karen Kelleher Mr. Christopher Kelly and Mrs. Colleen A. Kelly Mr. James B. Kenney ’87 and Mrs. Jennifer Kenney Mr. Jonathan F. Kloc ’88 and Mrs. Christy Kloc ’87 Mr. Michael A. Kopac ’91 and Mrs. Cynthia Kopac Ms. Jennifer R. Kowalski ’89




"Equally as important as the academic education are the lessons of compassion, empathy, and service to others provided by the PVI faculty, staff, and administration as they continue to foster the next generation of students." — Jason Rutherford ’92



PANTHER TRACKS Annual Report 2020-2021

Mr. Roger Kramp and Mrs. Marilyn Kramp Ms. Jessica Kurtis La Leche League Mr. Nicholas LaDuca Mr. Carlos F. Lama Mr. Cleo Lanham and Mrs. Mary Lanham Mr. Apolonio Latar Mr. Matthew P. Lehn ’91 and Mrs. Ronda Lehn Mr. Romulo Lindo and Mrs. Teresita Lindo Mr. Bennett G. Lloyd ’13 Mr. Robert J. Lloyd and Mrs. Margaret O. Lloyd Mr. Harold Lobos and Mrs. Liliana Lobos Mr. Louis Lonetto and Mrs. Kathleen Lonetto Mr. Brian Love and Mrs. Amye Love Mr. Catalin M. Lupu and Mrs. Claudia M. Lupu Mrs. Kathleen Macri ’01 and Mr. Nick Macri Mrs. Erin Madonna ’96 and Mr. Matthew Madonna Ms. Madeleine F. Mangilit ’19 Mr. Lawrence D. Mangin and Mrs. Susan A. Mangin Mr. Frank Maresca and Mrs. Carol Maresca Mrs. Meaghan K. Martin ’98 and Mr. James Martin Mr. Patrick Masterson and Mrs. Tara Masterson Mrs. Rosalila Mastriano Mr. Michael Matthews and Mrs. Dawn Matthews Ms. Patricia McCoy Mrs. LaVerne M. McDonald Mr. Liam C. McDonnell ’17 Mr. Gavin V. McDonnell ’20 Mr. Burke D. McFarlane ’21 Mrs. Karen L. McGirk ’88 Mrs. Helen F. McGuire Mr. Daniel McManus and Mrs. Patricia McManus Mr. Herman W. McNeely and Mrs. Delcie H. McNeely Ms. Emily R. Mead ’21 Mr. William Mead and Mrs. Jennifer Mead Mr. Andrew P. Meisenheimer ’21 Mr. Greg Meredith and Mrs. Linda Meredith Ms. Pam Metcalf Mr. William Meyers and Mrs. Jane A. Meyers Mrs. Paige E. Miccio ’09 and Mr. Keith Miccio Mr. Paul Mock and Mrs. Donna Mock Mr. Gene Moehring and Mrs. Cathy Moehring Ms. Megan Molloy ’96 Ms. Laura M. Moore ’19 Mr. Richard J. Morvillo and Mrs. Florence Morvillo Mr. Norman Mufarreh and Mrs. Shadya Mufarreh Mr. Larry Mullins and Mrs. Kimberly O’Donnell

Mr. William Nashwinter and Mrs. Toni Nashwinter Mr. Ayden M. Nation ’21 Mr. Edmund Nazzaro Jr. and Mrs. Karen Nazzaro Mr. Alexander F. Nguyen ’22 Mr. Caesar Nieves and Mrs. Liza B. Nieves Miss Meghan M. Nuttall ’21 Ms. Margaret O’Toole Mr. Lars Oakman and Mrs. Gail Oakman Mr. Christopher R. O’Brien Mr. Michael O’Byrne and Mrs. Claudine O’Byrne Mr. Charles D. O’Connor ’20 Ms. Meghan O’Connor Ms. Meghan J. O’Neill ’12 Mr. John A. O’Neill and Mrs. Sharon A. O’Neill Mr. Paul J. Ottariano and Mrs. Colleen J. Ottariano Mr. Michael L. Owen and Mrs. Kara P. Owen Ms. Madeleine G. Owen ’19 Mr. Jeff Packard and Mrs. Laleh Packard Ms. Lisa M. Pearce Mr. Ed Peltier and Mrs. Carol Peltier Mr. Joseph Peluso and Mrs. Pauline Peluso Mrs. Meredith C. Perkins ’89 and Mr. Will Perkins Mr. John L. Perry and Mrs. Tracy A. Perry Mr. Stephen Petti and Mrs. Janelle Petti Ms. Maria Pike Mr. Richard Polacek and Mrs. Gloria Polacek Mr. Nicholas S. Poole ’19 Ms. Sarah C. Poole ’21 Mr. Thomas F. Pugsley and Mrs. Carol Pugsley Mr. Raymond Pugsley and Mrs. Cathy Pugsley Mr. Mark Quarry and Mrs. Melissa Quarry Mr. Philip Quintana and Mrs. Karri Quintana Mr. Daniel Quintana ’21 Mr. Walter J. Rabe and Mrs. Dorothy J. Rabe Mrs. Mariellen K. Ralston Hale ’02 Ms. Eliana C. L. Ramirez ’21 Mr. Charles J. Rayome ’06 and Mrs. Katherine A. Rayome ’06 Red Hat, Inc. Mrs. Mary M. Reddy Mr. Matthew Reidy and Mrs. Catherine Reidy Ms. Marcia Reidy Mr. John Reilly and Mrs. Maureen Reilly Mr. Steve Revor and Mrs. Jan Revor Mr. Warren Richardson and Mrs. Jenna Richardson Mr. Blaine Richardson ’24 Mr. Roderick C. Rionda and Mrs. Marilyn R. Rionda Mr. Matthew B. Rionda ’22 Mr. Paul Rixon and Mrs. Rosemary Rixon

ANNUAL REPORT Mr. Harry Robinson and Mrs. Mary Ann Robinson Mr. David Rodrigues and Mrs. Elsa Rodrigues Dr. David Rogowski and Mrs. Mary Rogowski Mr. Chris Roller and Mrs. Tina Roller Mr. Randolph N. Roy and Mrs. Mary L. Roy Mr. Jon Ryckeley and Mrs. Nicole Ryckeley Mr. Steven Sampilo and Mrs. Allison Sampilo Mr. Fede Sarabia and Mrs. Emerita Sarabia Mr. Sean C. Scanlin ’01 Ms. Catherine A. Schifferli ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Robin A. Schmuff Ms. Sophia Scotto Ms. Adrienne Shelton ’95 Mr. Jeffrey T. Sheridan ’24 Mr. Brian M. Sloboda and Mrs. Karen S. Sloboda Mr. Gregory J. Smith ’86 and Mrs. Phuong Smith Mrs. Christine L. Stemple-Facca ’86 and Mr. Thomas Facca Mr. Richard Strasser and Mrs. Christine Strasser Mr. Andrew Stratford and Mrs. Gina Stratford Mr. Scott D. Strider and Mrs. Linda E. Strider Ms. Esther B. Sullivan Mr. Paul C. Sullivan and Mrs. Margaret A. Sullivan Mrs. Susan Sweeny Mr. Neal E. Swientisky and Mrs. Donna Z. Swientisky Mr. David Swisher and Mrs. Alanna Swisher Mr. Matthew T. Tan ’21 Mr. John Tarascio ’96 and Mrs. Melissa Tarascio ’96 Mr. Walter Taschek and Mrs. Hilda Taschek Mr. Joseph F. Terpenning and Mrs. Christina E. Terpenning Mr. Paul Thibodeau and Mrs. Ruth A. Thibodeau Mrs. Donna Thomas ’94 and Mr. Cliff Thomas Ms. Cora L. Thomas ’20 Ms. Nicole M. Tomlinson Mrs. Mary Ann Torrico Miss Kristine D. Tran ’21 Mr. Luke J. Triggs ’21 Mr. John Triggs and Mrs. Lynne Triggs Miss Beatrice Tynan ’21 Mr. Jeffrey L. Urlwin and Mrs. Kim H. Urlwin Mr. Matthew J. Valleskey and Mrs. Pamela A. Halm-Valleskey Vanguard Mr. Ed Virusky and Mrs. Cynthia Virusky Deacon John A. Wagner and Mrs. Joyce Wagner Miss Natalie L. Waple ’21 Mrs. Barbara A. Weber Mr. Chris Wells and Mrs. Katie Wells

Mr. James W. West and Mrs. Vivian A. Bagares-West Mr. Jay S. Willer and Mrs. Cynthia A. Willer Ms. Vittoria V. Winterton Mr. Neiland Wright and Mrs. Catherine Wright Mr. ZiSui Wu and Mrs. Michelle Wu Mr. Shane A. Zavala ’06 and Mrs. Christine A. Zavala ’06 Ms. Suzanne M. Zelnis ’10 Mr. Martin T. Ziobro and Mrs. Maureen A. Ziobro Ms. Mallory C. Ziobro ’20

Alumni Donors Anonymous (1) Mr. Daniel E. Adamson ’90 Mr. Steven D. Adamson ’17 Ms. Mia I. Alfaro ’25 Ms. Vivian N. Alonso ’03 Ms. Kate M. Andreottola ’94 Ms. Olivia J. Aponte ’18 Ms. Caroline M. Ashe ’91 Mr. Christopher J. Bacon ’08 Mrs. Katharine E. Bacon ’86 Mrs. Katherine M. Bacon ’08 Ms. Catherine A. Bare ’21 Reverend Nicholas R. Barnes ’03 Mr. William J. Barnes ’21 Mrs. Sheila C. Barnett ’03 Dr. Mary J. Barron ’95 Mrs. Jill T. Bartko ’01 Mr. Paul T. Batigne ’91 Mr. Jesse Birch ’95 Mrs. Kerry Birch ’92 Mr. Andrew N. Bonk ’04 Mrs. Erin Bonk ’04 Ms. Ellen M. Bower ’06 Ms. Angela L. Bozik ’15 Ms. Lindsay Brandow ’20 Mrs. Margaret G. Brinker ’93 Ms. Kate Brockwell ’16 Mr. Daniel L. Brosnan ’05 Mr. Timothy J. Brown ’87 Mr. Jeffrey A. Bucaro ’87 Mrs. Lisa Buchanan ’96 Ms. Ava C. Burkat ’20 Mr. Ian P. Burns ’91 Mr. Hugh M. Cannon ’95 Mr. Timothy J. Caputy ’08 Ms. Jennifer L. Chan ’19 Mr. Daniel S. Ciatti ’89 Mr. Michael J. Ciatti ’88 Mrs. Erica L. Collins ’02 Mr. Ryan W. Colwell ’97 Mrs. Jennifer L. Conroy ’90 Mrs. Casey K. Costello ’07 Mr. Zachary M. Costello ’07 Mrs. Carrie L. Courtillet ’01 Ms. Meredith T. Cripe ’15 Ms. Molly G. Cripe ’17 Mr. Michael S. Culver ’02 Ms. Erin K. Cunningham ’20 Mrs. Eileen K. Curren ’98 Mr. Spencer L. Darling ’20 Mr. Peter Davey ’95 Mr. Jack A. Davis ’24

Ms. Abigail L. Dawson ’10 Mrs. Erin N. Driscoll ’93 Mrs. Kerry A. Drummond ’92 Mr. John P. DuBois ’90 Mr. David C. Duncan ’89 Mrs. MaryLynne Duncan ’89 Mr. Garrett M. Effley ’25 Mr. John J. Eiden ’90 Ms. Elizabeth A. Eisenberg ’16 Mr. Daniel J. Evans ’99 Ms. Sophia A. Fadoul ’21 Mr. Christopher G. Farrales ’05 Mr. Remigio T. Ferrara ’21 Ms. Grace C. Ferraro ’21 Mr. Michael A. Ferrier ’89 Mr. Anthony J. Fisher ’14 Mrs. Liza C. Fisher ’14 Mr. Seamus C. Flynn ’21 Mr. Mark R. Fostek ’88 Mr. Kirk R. Fox ’89 Mr. David A. Franceschini ’86 Mrs. Elizabeth F. Fraser ’93 Mr. Mark L. Fulchino ’86 Mrs. Marie C. Gabl ’99 Mr. Ryan R. Gertenbach ’21 Mr. Christopher J. Giaimo Jr. ’87 Mrs. Kimberly A. Giaimo ’87 Mr. Sean M. Gibbons ’87 Mrs. Bernice M. Gillespie ’86 Mr. Brandon L. Girmus ’09 Ms. Bethany J. Gledhill ’21 Mr. Mark P. Graham ’90 Mr. Caelen L. Grange ’20 Mr. Daniel E. Grimm ’93 Mrs. Luisa E. Grimm ’93 Mrs. Ann M. Hallett ’08 Miss Mary P. Hamburger ’02 Mrs. Allison M. Hamilton ’86 Mr. John L. Hamrick ’19 Ms. Katherine E. Hamrick ’20 Mrs. Mary A. Hamrick ’86 Mr. Brian C. Harper ’88 Master Sergeant John R. Hauser III ’88 Mr. Patrick C. Hayden ’21 Ms. Riley C. Hayden ’19 Ms. Victoria A. Henderson ’86 Mr. Christopher W. Hines ’08 Mr. Joseph A. Hoess ’21 Mr. Jonathan A. Hollm ’04 Mrs. Caroline H. Honzo ’98 Mrs. Erica K. Howley ’88 Mrs. Audrey L. Hubbard ’06 Mr. Stephen S. Huvane ’06 Mrs. Tara A. Irons ’88 Mr. Lucian T. Kapushoc ’21 Mrs. Jennifer Keating ’92 Mr. James B. Kenney ’87 Mr. Kenneth R. Kerrigan Jr. ’06 Ms. Maureen M. Kiley ’99 Mr. Michael Kilkeary ’93 Mrs. Christy Kloc ’87 Mr. Jonathan F. Kloc ’88 Mr. Michael A. Kopac ’91 Mr. Chris Korte ’96 Ms. Jennifer R. Kowalski ’89 Lieutenant Colonel James R. Kyte ’92 Lieutenant Colonel Stephen J. Lebo ’96

Mr. Matthew P. Lehn ’91 Mrs. Tracy Li ’95 Mrs. Lissett Lineberry ’95 Mr. Bennett G. Lloyd ’13 Mr. Timothy P. Lyons Jr. ’08 Mrs. Kathleen Macri ’01 Mrs. Erin Madonna ’96 Mr. Mark J. Magliocchetti ’93 Mr. John P. Maguire ’88 Mrs. Laura A. Malnight ’86 Mrs. Amy M. Malouf ’06 Ms. Madeleine F. Mangilit ’19 Mr. David Marshalonis ’91 Mrs. Meaghan K. Martin ’98 Mr. Michael H. Maslowsky ’05 Mrs. Megan E. Maso ’94 Ms. Michele M. McAllister ’87 Mrs. Peggy McCarthy ’88 Mr. Gavin V. McDonnell ’20 Mr. Liam C. McDonnell ’17 Mr. Burke D. McFarlane ’21 Mrs. Karen L. McGirk ’88 Mr. Sean P. McGlone ’88 Ms. Elsa M. McKenney ’21 Mr. Michael F. McMenamin ’08 Ms. Emily R. Mead ’21 Mr. Andrew P. Meisenheimer ’21 Mrs. Therese C. Menezes ’97 Mrs. Paige E. Miccio ’09 Mr. Christopher D. Miller ’04 Ms. Megan Molloy ’96 Mr. Brett L. Moore ’06 Ms. Laura M. Moore ’19 Mr. Matthew L. Mosqueda ’88 Mr. Dominic A. Mustachio ’21 Mr. Kenneth A. Myers III ’87 Mr. Ayden M. Nation ’21 Mr. Alexander F. Nguyen ’22 Mrs. Anne K. Nuttall ’88 Miss Meghan M. Nuttall ’21 Mr. Davis R. O’Brien ’05 Ms. Molly M. O’Brien ’21 Mr. Patrick J. O’Brien ’19 Mr. Charles D. O’Connor ’20 Mr. Rory L. O’Neil ’02 Ms. Meghan J. O’Neill ’12 Dr. Thomas Opfer ’96 Mrs. Allison M. Opfer Ramirez ’03 Mrs. Ann M. Orem ’01 Ms. Madeleine G. Owen ’19 Ms. Viltis M. Palubinskas ’09 Mrs. Meredith C. Perkins ’89 Mr. Nicholas S. Poole ’19 Ms. Sarah C. Poole ’21 Mrs. Natalie K. Pulsifer ’91 Mrs. Jennifer Pyrek Jones ’87 Mr. Daniel Quintana ’21 Mrs. Mariellen K. Ralston Hale ’02 Ms. Eliana C. L. Ramirez ’21 Mr. Charles J. Rayome ’06 Ms. Katherine A. Rayome ’06 Mrs. Beth M. Revor ’90 Mrs. Elizabeth Rhodes ’96 Mr. Charles F. Riceman ’87 Mr. Blaine Richardson ’24 Mr. Matthew B. Rionda ’22 Mr. William E. Rouck ’89 Mr. Jason R. Rutherford ’92 Miss Jessica J. Rutherford ’24




Corporations and Organizations

Faculty/Staff Donors

AmazonSmile Foundation ATW & Company, Inc. BMW of Fairfax Boeing Company Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Co. Carney Foundation Carroll & Nuttall, P.C. Catholic Diocese of Arlington Chantilly Auto Care Center LLC Chariots for Hire Clarke-Hook Foundation Claude Moore Charitable Foundation Coca Cola Give c/o King Solutions Inc. Computerware, Inc. ConnerStrong Foundation ExxonMobil Corporation Educational Alliance Program Fannie Mae Flynn & O’Hara Uniforms, Inc. Furgal Family Revocable Trust Grafted Strategies LLC Han Group LLC L3Harris Technologies

Anonymous (2) Mrs. Patricia K. Adams Mrs. Ana M. Aldana Ms. Celeste Anderson Ms. Kate M. Andreottola ’94 Dr. Mary J. Barron ’95 Mr. Scott A. Bennett Ms. Ellen M. Bower ’06 Mrs. Debora Bozik Ms. Kate Brockwell ’16 Ms. Elba Campagna Mrs. Kiersten J. Caputy Mrs. Christine Casey Mr. Raymond R. Cassidy Mrs. Susan Ciavarro Mrs. Virginia D. Colwell Ms. Meredith T. Cripe ’15 Mr. Greg Crofford Mrs. Eileen K. Curren ’98 Mrs. Kathy S. d’Alelio Mrs. Amanda Darvill Mr. Robert DeBroeck Mrs. Christina Desmarais Mrs. Maria A. Devlin


Gift-In-Kind Donors ATW & Company, Inc. Mr. Robert J. Billak and Mrs. Laura Billak Mr. R. Scott Brown and Mrs. Mary Beth Brown Mr. Sean E. Dunbar and Mrs. Debra L. Dunbar Mrs. Mary A. Hamrick ’86 and Mr. Paul L. Hamrick Lieutenant Colonel James R. Kyte ’92 and Dr. Jennifer J. Kyte Luck Stone Mrs. Beth M. Revor ’90 and Colonel Mark Revor Virginia Concrete Company, Inc. Virginia Contractor Supply

PANTHER TRACKS Annual Report 2020-2021

Mrs. Julie A. Eyerman Mrs. Tracy A. Fentress Mrs. Elizabeth Ferrufino Mrs. Roberta A. Fisher Mrs. Mary M. Gillman Mrs. LeAnn Gombo Mrs. Linda Gott Mrs. Luisa E. Grimm ’93 Deacon Thomas L. Grodek Mrs. Mary A. Hamrick ’86 Mrs. Eileen Hanley Mrs. Cindi Harkes Mrs. Anne Henry-Gross Mrs. Kelly Karas Mr. Gregory Knowles Mrs. Joyce E. Krolicki Mrs. Laura M. Kruczkowski Mr. Nicholas LaDuca III Mr. Apolonio Latar Mrs. Kathleen Leffas Mrs. Eileen Liberti Mrs. Loretta E. Madelmayer Mrs. Annmarie Mandarino Mrs. Eileen Martel Mrs. Rosalila Mastriano Mrs. Anne K. Nuttall ’88 Mr. Christopher R. O’Brien Mrs. Beth O’Connell Ms. Meghan O’Connor Mr. Fernando Olivencia Dr. Thomas Opfer ’96 Mrs. Meredith C. Perkins ’89 Mrs. Renee T. Pisani Mr. and Mrs. Pochick Mrs. Beth M. Revor ’90 Mrs. Elizabeth Rhodes ’96 Mrs. Tina Roller Dr. Patrick J. Rozmajzl Mrs. Emerita Sarabia Reverend Stephen J. Schultz

Ms. Corinna Schwartz Mr. Joseph Sebastian Mrs. Janice B. Siegfried Mrs. Sami Sloboda Mrs. Allison Smith Mrs. Sandra Stankiewicz Mrs. Anne M. Sullivan Dr. Mary Sullivan-Haller Mr. Christopher Summers Mrs. Kathleen E. Tinsley ’02 Mrs. Mary Ann Torrico Mrs. Kim H. Urlwin Mrs. Joan M. Wang Mrs. Pamela Ward Dr. Peg Weimer Mrs. Lisa Whiting Ms. Virginia L. Wiles ’12 Mrs. Julie G. Yanchulis Mrs. Linda Zanelotti

Campaign Donors Mr. Edgar Adamson and Mrs. MaryAnn Adamson Mr. Charles K. Adkins-Blanch and Mrs. Sara Adkins-Blanch AFNOVA Mr. Leopoldo Alonso and Mrs. Beatriz G. Alonso Ms. Kate M. Andreottola ’94 Mr. Keith Ardinger Mr. Richard Armstrong and Mrs. Morrow Armstrong Mr. Scott Bacon and Mrs. Katharine E. Bacon Mr. Mark R. Baker and Mrs. Araceli S. Baker Mr. Sean Bare and Mrs. Lisa Bare Mr. Dan Barlow Mrs. Cheryl C. Blair-Kijewski


D E D I C AT E D "I was truly blessed to have such dedicated and passionate teachers as my role models. I learned responsibility, service to others, courage and resolve. My four years at PVI gave me the foundation to succeed in life, as a person, as a Catholic, and now as a mother." — Therese Farrales Menezes ’97, P ’23


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PVI-12 Sustainers Club Members* Anonymous (1) Mr. Victor E. Alessi and Mrs. Susan Alessi Ms. Kate M. Andreottola ’94

Mr. Stephen J. Bozik and Mrs. Debora Bozik Mr. Timothy J. Caputy ’08 and Mrs. Kiersten J. Caputy Mr. Raymond R. Cassidy Mr. Peter Davey ’95 Mrs. Carol C. Erhard Mr. Peter F. Grau and Mrs. Lisa A. Grau Captain James B. Groff and Mrs. Elizabeth Groff Mr. Stephen A. Hamer Mr. Maurice D. Hammond Jr. and Mrs. Tracy W. Hammond Mrs. Mary A. Hamrick ’86 and Mr. Paul L. Hamrick Mrs. Anne Henry-Gross Ms. Joan M. Karas Lieutenant Colonel James R. Kyte ’92 and Dr. Jennifer J. Kyte Mr. Richard LaFrance and Mrs. Jean LaFrance Mr. Patrick Leffas and Mrs. Kathleen Leffas Mr. Alfred J. Melanson and Mrs. Mary F. Melanson Mrs. Anne K. Nuttall ’88 and Mr. Edward J. Nuttall Mr. Scott Pochick and Mrs. Michelle T. Pochick Ms. Nakayra Ramos Mr. James Rannazzisi and Mrs. Barbara Rannazzisi Mrs. Elizabeth Rhodes ’96 and Mr. Nick Rhodes Dr. Patrick J. Rozmajzl and Mrs. Pamela B. Rozmajzl Mr. Joseph Sebastian Mrs. Janice B. Siegfried Mr. Brian Sloboda and Mrs. Sami Sloboda Mr. Christopher Summers Mr. Joselito Tacogue and Mrs. Carey Tacogue Mr. Douglas Weimer and Dr. Peg Weimer Mr. John L. Zanelotti and Mrs. Linda Zanelotti

St. Paul VI Catholic High School is a charitable, tax-exempt organization pursuant to section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent the law allows. The donor year for this purpose of this report is July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021. Our donors are important to us. We have made every attempt to list names and donors properly. However, we know that errors sometimes occur. If your name has been omitted or improperly listed, you have our most sincere apologies. Please bring these errors to our attention by contacting the Office of Advancement at 703-352-0925 x1101.

*The PVI-12 Sustainers Club is made up of donors who make monthly, recurring gifts to St. Paul VI Catholic High School. ST. PAUL VI CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL



Our Path to PVI

Parent Reflection by Darlene Cheatham P ’22

e truly believe in PVI’s mission. Our journey to Paul VI is really a story of God’s love and promises kept. I am a retired United States Air Force officer and my husband Ron is still serving on active duty. When The Cheatham family in the Lake District in Northern England

our daughter Trinity was in the fourth grade we were assigned to the Pentagon. We chose to live in Bristow because Linton Hall School (LHS) was

Trinity attended in San Antonio, Texas, the area

so similar to the Catholic elementary school

we were leaving. Even though Trinity was only in the fourth grade, we attended a high school night held at LHS. There were several schools represented, however, to this day, we remember how the assistant principal from PVI stood out. She was so impressive when she spoke about the values, love of Christ, care, fellowship, and preparation for life, not only academically, but most importantly, spiritually that PVI provided. Until that night, I had never heard of PVI. However, after that night PVI became squarely planted on our radar. In middle school, Trinity transferred to All Saints Catholic School. While there, a group of PVI students came and gave a talk to the seventh and eighth graders. I was volunteering at the school that day and listened to the presentation. Once again, I was blown away by the demeanor and confidence the students demonstrated. Each student shared how

Spending time in Edinburgh, Scotland


PANTHER TRACKS Annual Report 2020-2021

they wanted to be at PVI and loved their experiences

there. Many of the students even told how they asked their parents to transfer them from the public school they were attending to PVI. They spoke about

Q&A with Darlene Cheatham What made PVI the best option for your family? We have always wanted Trinity to have the best

how they appreciated the teachers developing them

education possible. We wanted spiritual and personal

and preparing them for life and how they valued

growth to coincide with her academic learning. Those

being able to show their love for the Lord while

offered that opportunity.

have always been important to us as a family and PVI

in school. When we were both on active duty, we were

What advice would you give to other PVI parents and future PVI parents?

fortunate to work at the United States Air Force

We aren’t necessarily worthy enough to offer advice

Academy, where we helped developed future Air

the values we want our kids to model. It is definitely

Force leaders. I’ve worked with college age students

a team effort. Work with the school to help build the

and know first-hand the ones who came prepared

but we’d encourage parents to reinforce at home all

next generation of strong, moral and compassionate leaders and world citizens.

for success and the ones who were not prepared. Just witnessing the confidence and oratory skills of the

You choose to give — of your time and financially. What inspires you to do so?

PVI students, we knew the school was on the right

This one is simple; we have been blessed throughout

track. After that presentation, we prayed that we

our adulthood and Trinity has been blessed with

would be allowed to remain in Virginia long enough for Trinity to graduate from PVI. At that time, I spoke to Mr. Dave Conroy, All Saints’ principal and a member of PVI’s first graduating class, about our desire to have Trinity attend PVI. He

opportunities that Ron and I might not have had as kids. We feel it is our moral responsibility and community imperative to give. We all grow stronger together than we can ever grow as individuals. What are your hopes for the future of the school? Our hope for the school is that it serves as a beacon and example for others. If we continue to move

thought it was an excellent choice and said he knew

forward with all the promise and potential bestowed

our family and Trinity would thrive there. However,

on this school, the example we set will hopefully

when Trinity was entering 8th grade, our family was

communities to model. If everyone continues to

reassigned to a post in England.

serve as a shining light for other schools and other support the school, even far beyond the years they are physically at the school, then the wisdom, grace,

Our time overseas was a wonderful experience. We

and blessings they receive from PVI will ensure PVI is

were able to visit many countries and learn about so

forever that beacon that will continue to bless so many.

Our Path to PVI, continued page 50 ST. PAUL VI CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL



Our Path to PVI, continued from page 49 many different and rich cultures, histories, and people. It was a perfect time for Trinity to explore and appreciate other countries and cultures. She traveled more than any of us due to her participation in Model United Nations, track & field and basketball, which allowed her to compete in different countries. Visiting the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

After our time in England, our family was reassigned to a military base in the Norfolk, Virginia area

As soon as we were notified of the opportunity, I

and Trinity completed 10th and 11th grade at a

reached out to Ms. Elba Campagna, whom I knew

wonderful highly respected academy there.

from All Saints, and asked if there was any way we

Then this past April, out of nowhere my husband

could get Trinity into PVI. We knew it was a long

Ron was notified that he had been selected for

shot since she would be entering her senior year, but

an opportunity that would allow us to return to

we knew we had to try. When we received word that

Northern Virginia. We were stunned! In order for

Trinity was accepted, we were thrilled beyond words.

this opportunity to avail itself, it is amazing how

I looked at the PVI acceptance letter and clearly

many right pieces at the right time had to fall in

heard the Lord say, “See I did not forget; I always

place to make the move happen.

keep my promises!”

“We truly believe in PVI’s mission. Our journey to Paul VI is really a story of God’s love and promises kept.” — DARLENE CHEATHAM P ’22


PANTHER TRACKS Annual Report 2020-2021




















The Fund for Paul VI strengthens our ability to provide financial aid for our families, new technology and tools to enhance and support our students' instruction, professional development for our teachers, and so much more!

It is through the generosity of time and talent of many that we can advance the mission and vision of Paul VI through our fundraising efforts. With great appreciation, the Office of Advancement recognizes the following volunteer leaders for their time, input, and friendship during the last fiscal year. BUILDING ON EXTRAORDINARY C A M PA I G N C O M M I T T E E Virginia Colwell P ’97, ’99, ’05 Head of School Don Bohn P ’19,’21 Matt Brockwell P ’16 Mark Graham ’90, P ’22, ’24 Reverend Don Heet, O.S.F.S. Bob Smith GP ’17 Bob Waters

F U N D F O R PA U L V I C O M M I T T E E Laura Brockwell P ’16 Tracy A. Fentress P ’17, ’20 Maura Graham P ’22, ’24 Jeffrey Ketron P ’19, ’21, ’24 James Kyte ’92, P ’18, ’21 Laura Worosz Malnight ’86 Kevin Woodley ’01 and Mrs. Lauren A. Crook Woodley ’01 Kiersten Caputy, Manager, Fund for Paul VI

Angela Wilson P ’21,’23 Kate Grimm Andreottola ’94, P ’25 Director of Advancement Jennifer Compton Advancement Coordinator





Black & Gold Gala UNDER THE STARS



PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021






What’s New?

Tell us your latest accomplishments and milestones by submitting your news to Class Notes. Email alumni@paulvi.net to be included in our next issue. We can’t wait to hear from you!



Vicki Henderson ’86 and Lin Singleton Gallo ’86 met up in San Diego, California in June 2021.

Rich Wiersberg ’88 was promoted to Captain for the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office in Salisbury, Maryland. He is currently the fourthhighest-ranking officer there.

Members of the Class of 1986 roadtripped to Norfolk, VA to visit John McCormick at The Bakehouse at Chelsea. John treated his classmates to an array of delicious pastries and breads followed by an afternoon of The Bakehouse’s famous brick oven pizzas. You can find John’s delicious pizzas at Elation Brewing on Colley Ave, and at his flagship store on West Olney Road in Norfolk. Pictured left to right are Mary Ashooh Hamrick, Vicki Henderson, Nancy Morley Lear, John McCormick, Bernice Clark Gillespie and Chris Ackby.

1987 Chris Ragan ’87 was selected as the 2020 Virginia Soccer Association Coach of the Year for the Suburban Friendship League. Chris has coached his daughter’s team since 2009 and currently coaches the U19 girls, recent champions in the SFL. Chris lives in Haymarket with his wife Kim and their two daughters and is the Director of Digital Marketing at JK Moving Services in Sterling.

2005 Benjamin Burnheimer ’05 and his wife Meghan welcomed twins Ethan Isaiah and Noah Paul on June 2, 2021.

2006 Amy Smith Malouf ’06 and husband Ray added a tiebreaker to their family on August 7, 2021 with the birth of their daughter, Bernadette. Bernadette weighed 6 lbs 3 oz and measured 19.5 inches long. She was baptized at Sacred Heart Church in Raleigh, North Carolina on October 9, 2021. Her siblings, Thomas and Abigail, are over the moon in love with her! ST. PAUL VI CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL



2008 Emily Chrisinger Woods ’08 and her husband Greg welcomed identical twin daughters, Frances Josephine and Mae Elizabeth, on December 21, 2020. Francie weighed 3 lbs 12 oz and Mae weighed 3 lbs 9 oz. After close to a month in the wonderful care of the Marjorie Sands NICU, they welcomed the twins home. The girls are thriving and older brother Jack is thoroughly enjoying his new role.





New Home Same Panther Spirit We loved seeing so many alumni and families at the tailgate and Homecoming football game on October 8, 2021.

2010 Erin McDonald ’10 lives in Tempe, Arizona and is an Event and Sponsorship Coordinator at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, the spring training facility for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies. Outside of the spring training months, the venue hosts a variety of events and festivals ranging from car auctions to food festivals, high school graduations to non-profit walks and runs. The pandemic gave her more time to explore the beauty of Arizona. She is pictured in Monument Valley, most memorable from the scene in Forest Gump where he decides he’s done running.


A) J.T. Tani ’94 and son Elliot B) Beth Alessi Fraser ’93 with daughters Carly and Olivia, Meredith Cawley Perkins ’89 with daughter Ellen C) Andrew McCormick ’15, Tom Opfer ’96, John Freeman ’16


D) Caroline Tacogue ’16 with parents Carey and Joselito E) Alumni enjoy the football game F) Michele McAllister ’87, Bernice Clark Gillespie ’86, Sandra Gonzalez Curran ’86 G) Mac Cannon ’95, Beth Revor ’90 and Mark Revor H) Mike Ferrier ’89, Kerry Mannion Drummond ’92, Sharon Paulovich


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021


2013 Dr. Cali Hutson ’13 had a very busy year during COVID-19. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy and got engaged to Jeffery Bacon, a fellow graduate from the PVI Class of 2013. She is now living and working in the San Francisco Bay area.

Kayla Sharpe ’13 recently received the William & Mary Alumni Associations’ Douglas N. Morton Young Alumni Service Award, which is given annually to recognize individuals for their exceptional service to the W&M Alumni Association and W&M through their efforts to connect and engage alumni. She will be presented with the award in February during W&M's Charter Day weekend. Now an associate editor at Axios, she had previously participated in the New Media program through W&M’s Washington Center and now as a member of their Advisory Board, works to expand access to the W&M Study in D.C. program, connect alumni in the D.C. area, and continue the success of W&M’s Washington campus. She has served on W&M’s Young Guarde Council, helping plan events and programs for alumni who graduated in the past 10 years and currently serves as co-chair, representing the council on the WMAA Board of Directors. She was also a member of the Strategic Planning Committee for James Monroe’s Highland.

2014 Benjamin Sansaver ’14 and Alice Rowley Sansaver ’14 welcomed daughter Lydia Bernadette Sansaver on July 13, 2021.

Alumni vs. Returning Players Face Off at The Scottie It was a very special evening at Scott Eastment Memorial Park (also known as The Scottie) in July as the ‘returning players’ topped the PVI ‘alumni all-star team’ by the score of 7-4. “It’s a blessing to have so many past players, coaches and parents from many decades remain a part of our baseball program,” shares Varsity Baseball Coach Billy Emerson.

2018 Jack Mead ’18 was selected as the 2021 Peter Casey Gillcrist Memorial Scholar. The scholarship is awarded to a rising fourth-year Engineering student who exemplifies the qualities of servant leadership, character, integrity, community service and fierce loyalty to friends. Jack attends the University of Virginia, where he studies Biomedical Engineering.

2020 Katherine Hamrick ’20, currently a sophomore at University of Tennessee, was visited by Al and Renee Pisani P ’10, ’13, ’16 at Lupo Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach in July. ST. PAUL VI CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL



Alumni Class Ambassadors Carry Legacy Forward The PVI Alumni Class Ambassadors have remained busy over the last several months advancing alumni programming into 2021. Since its inception in 2018, the program has grown to over 40 ambassadors representing 8,000+ alumni.

Becoming a CAP was a

In July, the ambassadors hosted a “Welcome Back” event during which they viewed the Farewell to Fairfax video and toured the new campus. In October, they cheered on the football team at Homecoming with approximately 400 alumni and alumni family members.

to be part of the community

The ambassadors volunteer on campus, connect with their classmates about alumni events, and support PVI with their time, talent and treasures.

into the future, I will not

For more information about becoming an Alumni Class Ambassador, reach out to Mary Hamrick at 703-352-0925 x1106.

enrolling at PVI, and I wanted as an alumni parent. Looking always be a parent of a PVI student, but I will always be an alumni. The CAPs have

I love reconnecting with the

formed a great bond and

school - students, parents

PVI gave so much to us. We hope to give

and board members. Talking

back in a meaningful way. PVI allowed us

about and sharing our Fairfax

to grow in faith, friendship, wisdom, and

traditions, connecting the

character during our high school years. We

community, and carrying the

hope past, present, and future Panthers can

legacy forward as we transition

stay connected through the same PVI spirit.

into Loudoun has been a great

— Zach & Casey (Bridges) Costello ’07

experience. I have made several

natural fit as my kids started

welcome all our alumni with open arms! — Lissett Lopez Lineberry ’95 Lifelong friends, a healthy focus on faith, and a great education that set me up for career success can all be

new friends, appreciate that I

attributed to my time as a Panther.

can support PVI, and I love the

Being an Alumni Class Ambassador

ambassadors; we have a great

has given me an opportunity to

time together.

reconnect with these roots.

— Chas Rayome ’06

— Jennifer Bell Keating ’92

Costello family

Chas Rayome ’06, Twiggy Rayome ’06, Michele McAllister ’87, Bernice Clark Gillespie ’86


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021

Jennifer Bell Keating ’92 and Jamie Kyte ’92


Maurice “Mo” Hammond III ’20 led the Stevenson University football team in rushing in their October contest against Wilkes University. His sophomore campaign as a running back for Stevenson University is filled with excitement as his Mustangs battle each weekend against tough battle-tested opponents from the Mid-Atlantic Conference. He is pictured with his parents Tracy and Mo, Jr. after a game. Tracy shares, “Mo III takes pride in carrying on the legacy of the PVI Panthers, and does his best to keep tabs on how well things are going on the new Chantilly campus. He sends his love. Go Panthers!”

2021 Edwin Ramirez ’21 is currently playing soccer in the Netherlands, looking for a challenging opportunity to sign a professional contract. “Definitely the experience here is fantastic. We have been facing many competitive pro academy teams, having an opportunity to showcase ourselves in front many pro agents and scouts for great clubs in Europe. It took me a few weeks to adapt to the European system and style of play, but after a lot of perseverance I have been able to get used to the speed of play. Not only have I been developing as a better soccer player and looking for a chance to sign, but I’ve also been learning a lot about myself and maturing as an independent adult. To help me with this I’ve been praying every day, going to Mass every Sunday, and even reading daily scripture. Even though the chances to sign are difficult and require time, I have learned through a lot of prayer that I should be patient and humble, understanding that God knows what He is doing with my life and where He’s leading me to. One advice for everyone at PVI: embrace the gift in front of you, and enjoy Edwin is pictured second from left. life day by day.”

Save the Date


Reunions for Classes ending in ’7 and ’2 will take place on campus on June 11, 2022. Interested in being a part of your class planning committee? Email Mary at alumni@paulvi.net

A Match Made at PVI! According to our records, PVI has been a matchmaker for over 120 couples. Whether they were high school sweethearts or reconnected after a number of years, many alumni have “grown in grace and wisdom” together — into marriage, raising a family, and even welcoming grandkids. If you happen to be one of our PVI couples, please save the date for a special evening on February 12, 2022, to include a special blessing by Fr. Ed Ogden, OSFS, followed by a reception in the Fr. Donald J. Heet, OSFS Lobby. If you are married to another fellow Panther, make sure you’re included! Call Mary Hamrick at 703-3520925 x1106 or email alumni@paulvi.net.




Kevin Chrisinger ’10 married Mollie Johnson on September 5, 2021 in Long Neck, Delaware. They held their reception at Baywood Greens, a country club and golf course near Bethany Beach, their favorite place to vacation. Gus Anderson ’10, Nick Molthen ’10, James Naylor ’10, Eric Schultz ’10 and Michael Primaeu ’10, along with Mollie’s brother, stood by Kevin’s side in support at the altar, while Mollie’s friends and Kevin’s sister Emily Chrisinger Woods ’08 joined her as bridesmaids. Kevin and Mollie live in Burke, Virginia. Kevin works as a special agent with the Department of Defense and Mollie works with a few of Kevin’s groomsmen as a mortgage loan processor at Homeside Financial.

Chuck Carlton Jr. ’10, Mickey Kassis ’10, Kiernan O’Brien ’14, Tyler Costello ’10, Stephen Muskett ’10, Joe Chelena ’13, Phillip Boisvert ’07, Kelli Caputy ’10, Ashley McGrath ’10, Mary Kazarian Muskett ’10, Erin McDonald ’10, Kellie Ruffer ’10, Haley Molthen ’17, Jake Molthen ’11, Colleen Gallagher Zender ’97, Zachary Molthen ’07, Kevin’s aunt Linda Zanelotti P ’04 and cousins Michael Ciatti ’88, Cara Ciatti Hardin ’91, and Patrick Zanelotti ’04 also joined in the celebration.

Kaci Kostelnik ’10 married Luke Smith on June 4, 2021 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kaci has been working as a special education teacher in Arizona since 2017 and Luke is a crew chief with the United States Air Force. Kaci became a bonus mom to Luke’s 8-year-old son Grayson.


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021


Ryan Becker ’12 married Lizzy Norcott ’12 on April 17, 2021 in Vienna, Virginia. They were married at Church of the Holy Comforter with only their immediate family in attendance due to COVID. On August 6, 2021, they shared personal vows and celebrated their marriage with all their friends and family. Ryan’s best man was Sean Arcayan ’12. Ryan and Lizzy live in Alexandria with their puppy Maggie. Ryan works in human resources for the Washington Nationals and Lizzy works in project management for a digital marketing agency in Old Town Alexandria.

Lizzy and Ryan at senior prom in 2012

Pictured from left to right: Erin McDonald ’12, Alvaro Bustillos ’12, Ryan Becker ’12, Jack Murphy ’12, Lizzy Norcott ’12, Anthony DiGrado ’14, Sean Arcayan ’12, Liz Frank ’12, Brian Ruiz ’12, Mark Gunst ’12, Alyssa Gurley ’12 and Pamela Cristi ’12.

John (Jack) McGuire ’13 married Christine Holst on June 5, 2021 in McCloud, California. They celebrated with family and friends at the historic McCloud Guest House. Jack’s best man was Michael (Mick) McGuire and the wedding party included Cory Kromer ’13, Jack Sweeney ’13 and Connor Jahelka ’13. Jack and Christine are happily living in Mount Shasta, California where Christine works for the U.S. Forest Service and Jack is completing his training as a paramedic and fly fish guide. ST. PAUL VI CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL



James Nellis ’94 married Jessica Quiñones in Annapolis, Maryland on July 17, 2021. They celebrated with a reception at Whitehall Manor.

Pictured left to right: Geoffrey Gregory ’94, Michael Mulherin ’94, Cornelius Roberts ’94, Christopher McArdle ’94, Brendan Cox ’94, James Nellis ’94, Jessica Quiñones Nellis, Christopher Boyd ’94, Dana Barney Johnson ’95, Aimee Curry Dehney ’93, Thomas Ferri ’94, Courtney Willis Banks ’94, Colleen Curry ’94. Not pictured: Bonnie Velazco Criado ’94. Bonnie’s daughter served as the flower girl.

Annie Desmarais ’08 married Sean Hallett on Saturday, June 19, 2021 in Vienna, Virginia.

Bottom row, from left: Mary Jane Cochrane, Joan Wang P ’03, ’04, ’10, Linda Zanelotti P ’04, Chris Desmarais P ’06, ’08, Annie Desmarais Hallett ’08, Sean Hallett, Mary Desmarais ’06, Karly Gardiner Lawson ’08, Christina Jancuska Mayer ’08. Top row, from left: Kate Grimm Andreottola ’94, P ’25, Joe Sebastian, Eileen Kiley Curren ’98, Christina Brainard ’08, Molly Snyder Koch ’08, Ally Esposito Santini ’08, Krissy Rud Sridhar ’08, Kaitlyn Vaughn ’08, Ashley Pidal ’08, Ian Lyons ’08.


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021


Hanna Ashby ’15 married Jacob Burke on July 9, 2021 in Annandale, Virginia. They were married at Holy Spirit Church surrounded by family and friends. Hanna’s maid of honor was Maggie Hunter ’15 and Megan O’Leary ’15 was in her bridal party. Hanna works at Paul VI in the Options Program and Jacob is a financial advisor for Edward Jones. The two now live in Stafford. Other Panthers in attendance included Patrick Ashby ’20, Sarah Beidleman ’14, Alyssa Summers ’15, Matt Kocis ’15, Trish Adams P ’15, ’17, ’17, and Kim Urlwin P ’16, ’17, ’18.

Abigail Prince ’11 married Zach Hartwick in South Carolina on November 13, 2021. They celebrated with family and friends at Brookgreen Gardens. Bridesmaids included Sara Prince (current PVI teacher), Amanda Gosnell ’11 and Caroline Kristek ’12. JJ Chahine ’09, Erin O’Shaughnessy Chahine ’11 and Taylor Norman ’11 were also in attendance.



IN MEMORIAM The Paul VI community extends its prayers and condolences to the relatives of faculty, staff, alumni, students, parents and friends of the school who have passed away recently.

Oliver Kyte | father of James ’92; grandfather of Thomas ’18 and Robert ’20 Barbara Ann Wheeler | mother of Patrick Wheeler ’86 Jason Garrett Jamieson ’87 Lou Pharao | long-time PVI Social Studies teacher; father of Tony, Kelleigh ’98, Erin ’00 and Diana ’03 Señor Ron Pompei | retired PVI Spanish teacher Justin Patrick Berney ’89 Dennis Caporiccio | brother of Deacon Richard Caporiccio, retired PVI teacher Mr. Bennett Brown | father of Adam, Kevin ’98, and Cory Kenneth (Pete) Jahelka | father of Connor ’13, Troy ’15 and Rachel ’16 William Naylor | father of Will ’05, Christopher ’07, Kathryn ’08 and James ’10 James M. Branic | grandfather of Ben ’20 and Claire ’23 Donald Luke | father of Monica Luke Moriak ’89 Scott Arnott | father of Keith ’92 and Meredith Arnott Dobranski ’93 Logan Chase Kuney | son of Gretchen Homan Kuney ’87 Thomas Hall | grandfather of Sean Hall ’22 and Patrick ’21 and Theresa ’19 (Boyd) Joan Cargill | mother of Briean ’00 and Whitney ’03

Jeanne Bridges Findling | mother of Maggie Bridges Malcolm ’05 and Casey Bridges Costello ’07 Walter “Jake” Girard | grandfather of Noah ’22 and Joshua ’25 (Trinidad) Frances Wargo | great-grandmother of Adam ’21, Carson ’23, Lindsay ’23 and Ethan ’23 (Hill) Mary Alice Goldsmith | mother of Fr. Joe Goldsmith ’96 Julieta Senson | mother of James Senson, PVI math teacher Bill Emerson | father of Billy Emerson III, PVI Athletic Director and Varsity Baseball Coach; grandfather of Amanda ’17, Haley ’19 and Will ’25 George Gabriel Noory | grandfather of Sarah ’17 and Franny ’22 Frank Kucera | grandfather of Audrey Collier ’21 Deacon Vern and Vera Korchinski | father and mother of Lisa Korchinski ’89 Anne Henry-Gross | long-time PVI religion teacher and mother of Caroline ’98 Marie Christine Donnelly | mother of Derek Donnelly, former PVI assistant principal Anna Marie Maresca | mother of Laura Maresca Haro ’87 Raymond LeSage | father of Kimberlee ’91, Kristee ’93 and Christopher ’96 Mark Arban | grandfather of Samantha Peluso ’22 Aileen Onufrychuk | grandmother of Nicole ’99, Brian ’00 and Jacob ’03

Eternal rest, grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.


PANTHER TRACKS Fall/Winter 2021


During Hunger Action Week in November, PVI collected over 22,000 pounds of food for Food for Others. About 90% went to the Power Pack program to provide weekend backpack meals to students who do not get enough food on the weekends without their school-provided meals.



Advancement Office


42341 Braddock Road Chantilly, VA 20152 T 703.352.0925 www.paulvi.net


Dulles, VA Permit No. 6418

Meet My Friend Harvey The PVI Players performed Harvey from November 18-21. The play tells the story of Elwood P. Dowd and his best friend, Harvey — a six-foot tall, invisible rabbit. According to Mrs. Kathy d’Alelio, Director of Theatre Arts, “We were searching for something fun, joyful and heart-lifting after the year we’ve all had. The charm of this play lies in the unwavering loyalty and friendship between Harvey and Elwood.”

PVI Throwback Spotted in the 1985 Yearbook: photos from The PVI Players production of Harvey in November 1984!