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What did the Salvation Army do? 389,037 meals, drinks and snacks served Emergency financial aid to 31,208 people 28,891 hours of employee and volunteer service Emotional and spiritual care to survivors and first responders 1,107 cases open for long-term recovery, 1,589 cases closed — all in coordination with Oklahoma Disaster Recovery Project (ODRP)

Meet the Survivors

EH Pittman

Jason Crouch

After serving in Afghanistan, EH Pittman would face his most dangerous mission at home. As the sirens sounded, EH gathered customers into the bathroom of a convenience store and used his body to shield a mother and child. After the storm, his back broken, he still helped guide rescuers through the rubble. The Salvation Army is helping fund an all-terrain wheelchair for this hero.

“With The Salvation Army, it’s in their human nature to help people.”

Jason’s family lost their home in the devastating Moore tornado in 1999 and were struck again in 2013. Losing everything twice was difficult for everyone, but Jason’s children were hit especially hard. The Salvation Army made sure the children had what they needed to begin the recovery.

“A tornado doesn’t care how much money you make. It tattoos a place.” – Jason Crouch

– EH Pittman

Jeremy & Jessica Knox

In a single storm, Jeremy and Jessica Knox lost their home, their business and several of their pets. With the help of friends, neighbors, family and The Salvation Army, they’re in a new home and the business is running again.

“I began giving up. The Salvation Army let me know there is still good out there.” – Jeremy Knox

Linda House

Taking cover in the home she grew up in, Linda House never believed she would lose everything. But in a few minutes she watched her entire life being swept away by a tornado. The Salvation Army bought Linda a new home and furnishings.

“The Salvation Army goes above and beyond. They don’t put you in a place and go away. They keep checking on you.” – Linda House

To view the stories of survival, please visit youtube.com/user/SalvationArmyUSA

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Salvation Army  

The Storms That Changed Oklahoma Forever

Salvation Army  

The Storms That Changed Oklahoma Forever