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For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 NIV PurposePals, LLC.

OUR MISSION Imagine a world where every woman knew exactly why they were created. Despite their economical background, past failures, trials, or tribulations they believed they were more than enough to thrive as the person God created them to be with ease and flow. Our Vision is to create an international publication that creates unification and connection amongst women from different walks of life, giving them an opportunity to uplift each other by sharing stories, resources, products, and expertise.

OUR VISION Purpose Driven Women Magazine’s Mission is to inspire and encourage women to discover and surrender to the plan God has for their life. We give everyday women a voice and platform by means of testimonials, interviews, training, resources, and informative articles to share stories of how their faith helped them to overcome hardship. EBSITE: pdwag.com

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“I always thought I wasn’t good enough until I found out I was more than enough. Now I have embarked on a journey to inspire other women to embrace their God-fidence and be all they were created to be!” -Kimi Johnson

I made it by Fantasia feat Tye Tribbett

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Kimi Johnson











PRIORITY Our souls embraced stillness through breathing Mediation, a practice she speaks about in her new book. While I 40 onCOMUNITY closed my eyes and focused taking deep cleansing breaths Juanita guided me through the process of being and ARE YOU 41 ItWHAT taking in the breath of God. was evident that the words Within seconds I realized why the Creator would allow our CARRYING Juanita speaks to encourage others around the world are paths to cross. Our purpose journeys had presented us with not just words of inspiration, but they are truly apart of the a remarkably similar call: A call of surrenderance to a life 44 LETS TALK LOVE woman she has become. As the old saying goes, “You of ease and flow. must practice what you preach” and she does just that. 46 THE POWER OF A Juanita and her husband Rudy Rasmus stepped out in faith Hearing Juanita’s inspiring story encourages me to QUEEN to start St. John’s United Methodist Church located in embrace the uncomfortable and painful moments that life downtown Houston with only 9 members and later became sometimes brings our way and ask a thought-provoking 48 DETERRED FAITH pastors to over 3000 including Tina Knowles Lawson and question, “What are you here to teach me.” We can choose family. This was not an easy assignment. The vicarious to embrace life’s challenges or we can choose to run from trauma of ministry work along with the desire to serve with 50Rasmus, THERE WILLthe BEtime GLORY them. In the words of Mrs. “Take to perfection was silently taking Juanita’s strength. In the AFTER THIS notice what you are noticing.” mist of showing up great for everyone else the lack of fully showing up for herself was leading Juanita to the occurrence of a day she would never forget. A day she later refers to as the “Crash.”

doesn’t surprise me that author Juanita Rasmus and I would have such an instant connection. Her peaceful yet captivating presence creates an atmosphere of love and light that embraces everyone she meets.

Since then Juanita has released her NEW book, “Learning to Be” and shares a compelling story about how she battled and overcame depression. The touching and heartfelt foreword written by her dear friend Tina Knowles Lawson moved me to tears and points out why we all need to learn how to “Be.” Juanita and I met through Zoom on a Sunday morning right after St. John’s United Methodist Church 8 am service. Before starting our interview, Juanita invited me to experience a piece of what it meant to Learn how to Be.

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Michele Badie is the host of Career Tipper podcast that features interviews of seasoned professionals in different industries sharing their expertise and professional development resources on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher Radio. Her efforts with Career Tipper are rooted in wanting to encourage amazing professionals to evolve to their professional best by keeping their skills recharged. www.careertipper.com

Tikia McGhee, affectionately known as Lady T, loves the Lord with all her heart, mind and soul. She is the beautiful wife of Pastor Darrick D. McGhee, Sr. and an amazing mother to Darrick D. McGhee, II and Tania McGhee. Tikia is also a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a mentor, a blogger, an encourager, an intercessor, the First Lady of Bible Based Church Tallahassee and so much more. www.tikiadmcghee.com

Avis Dillard-Bullock is the COO of a multimillion-dollar government contracting company in Washington, DC. She is an accomplished retired Air Force veteran and is on the board of directors for Develop Africa, a nonprofit organization. A Howard University School of Divinity graduate. www.linkedin.com/in/avisdillardbullock

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Regina Murden is an educator, inspired Bible teacher, and writer. Her purpose is to encourage women to experience the joy of a fulfilled life. She is the founder of Responsive Soul, an organization for women who are willing to become aware of their accountability to God. reginamurden.com

Edana J. Perry is a wife, mom, minister, poet, and author who is passionate about couples and families. She shares knowledge gained from her professional and marital journey with transparency, honesty, and humor. Reading a book, listening to gospel, jazz and R&B at the beach is her happy place. www.kaylarossperrymemorialfoundat ion.org

Christina Malloy is from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Writing letters and poetry helps her release the stress in her life. A lot of her poems are love letters to God and prayers to help her make it through.

Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson is a chess extraordinaire, author of "One Move At A Time," former Alabama state trooper, Air Force veteran and founder of Be Someone Inc. He coached students to beat the odds and win a statewide chess championship and 3 citywide chess championships as a results the program has appeared on Good Morning America, the CBS Early Morning Show, CNN, FOX & Friends, the Tom Joyner Morning Show as well as numerous other programs.



Rhoda Whitfield is a columnist for Just Simply Saying where she gives raw and relevant straight forward martial advice to help couples cultivate a successful and loving marriage. She is a co-author of the book A Well-rounded Love Affair “More than Between the Sheets,” with her husband Danny Whitfield. Married for over 39 years Rhoda has experienced many bumps and bruises but has stayed on the course of her marital journey. She wishes to see every couple be successful in their marriage by sharing martial nuggets to enrich couple’s lives. www.dannyandrhodawhitfield.com

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Lessons Learned on a Purposed Journey Three of our cover girls share one of their greatest lessons learned on their purposed journey.

Carla R. Cannon CEO of Carla R. Cannon Enterprises, LLC

“I learned that God is in control and that I don't have to have it all figured out. Instead, lean and depend on His guidance, direction and support in all that I do.”

Merri Ellen cure-your-depression.com

Depression is entirely curable, thanks to medically proven research to implement with a doctor's approval, and it's often a gateway to a greater calling and purpose of impacting entire families and communities! I continue to share my own story out of depression and lead women and men out of depression in over 120 countries. There is hope! :)

Annette Wilson Retired Insurance Sales

One thing I’ve learned on my journey, particularly during this pandemic, is I’m more resilient than ever. Life must go on and I’ve continued to be healthy, helpful, generous, and involved in my community and civic organizations.

Publisher Kimi Johnson

The Interrupted Life of a Purpose Driven Woman Interview by Carmelita Mcroy


name-dropped in my spirit. I was in my empty apartment just me and my son who was a baby at the time. I was in the kitchen fixing him a bottle when I heard the Holy Spirit say, " I still want you to do a magazine but this time I want you to call it Purpose Driven Women Magazine. I heard these words loud and clear. Yet, I had I launched the first issue of some insecurities to overcome. I kept the thought in my Purpose Driven Women head for years. I had just joined a church called Vessels Magazine in April of 2015, so of Joy and my pastor William Alexander walked into my this year makes 6 years for us. office (we worked for the same agency) and said, "Hey, I don't know why I am being led to show you this but here you go." He placed a stack of magazines on my desk that What was your journey to start the magazine? was published by him. Tears started to fall immediately because I knew God was getting my attention. That was It was quite interesting. I never saw myself starting a the beginning of my journey with Purpose Driven magazine of this sort. I was in the haircare industry for over 10 years, and I thought I was going to put together a Women Magazine, and I have not looked back since. Hip-Hop Hair Magazine called Xpress Urself. It was all How did you know it was a God thing? about being different and owning your uniqueness. I played around with the idea while living in Orlando and was able to interview some local rappers and promoters. I I knew it was a God thing because of how the name was given to me and all the hidden talents I started even interviewed Young Dro and Cedrick Malone who discovering. As I mentioned, I had been in the hair care was T Pain’s barber at the time. My last scheduled industry. I knew nothing about publishing a magazine, interview was with Young Jezzy, but on the way to the club where he was performing, my homegirl and I had a nothing about design, websites, basically none of what I do now. This magazine was birthed through intuition and flat tire. I guess that was the first clue that God was taking aligned action. Each time I would sit down to pointing me in a different direction. design an issue the Holy Spirit would give me downloads Shortly after that I became pregnant and decided to move about how to design an issue, the questions to ask, how to get contributing writers. I was given strategic plans and back home to Tallahassee. I had a lot of pride. I was embarrassed because I was not married and didn't want to I just implemented them in faith. I would even dream about a layout sometimes. The more I stepped out the ask anyone for help, so I lost everything. It was a very more I found out and that is still true to this day. low point in my life. But during this time is when the Although I had thoughts about doing a magazine, I never Lord began to deal with me about Purpose Driven saw myself doing it in this magnitude. I thought I was Women Magazine. I will never forget the first time the What year anniversary is this for Purpose Driven Women’s magazine?

6th Anniversary Special Edition 23

24 PDWMAG.COM 6th Anniversary Special Edition

going to get a photographer to take some photos of some cute hairstyles, interview a few artists and keep it moving. But God's plans are always better than those we have for ourselves. Do you miss being a hairstylist? Yes, absolutely. I still want to own a hair salon one day. I miss the intimate conversations I would have with my clients, our prayers, seeing their confidence boost after getting their hair styled. There is so much that goes down in a salon, the laughter, the tears. We were like family. I miss it a lot. What made you give that up and do the magazine? I knew I was being called to do something different. It was time for a new season in my life. I was a newlywed, a new mom. I wanted something that offered paid time off and benefits for myself and my family, so I decided to transition from doing hair to doing instructional design work --which was another hidden talent LOL. But yes, it was just time for something different. Tell us about your family. We want to know your husband and children. My husband and I have 2 kids, Kamari who is 11, and Kierstin who is 2. My family is everything to me. We have been through so much together, from losing my mom to sickness and hardship. Through every trial, we were able to build a stronger and closer bond. They are my motivation. My husband is my best friend. He is laid back, but he is my eyes when I cannot see. I am blessed to have my family. How do you still go on while facing trials as a businesswoman? It is my family and my faith in what God has promised me. I am crazy enough to believe every single promise God has spoken over my life. I know that trouble doesn't last always and if I give up now, I will never fulfill my assignment for the Kingdom.

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26 PDWMAG.COM 6th Anniversary Special Edition

When you say yes to your purpose you are no longer in control. Really what you're saying is God I surrender to the plan you have for my life. When you understand this it makes it easier to deal with trials and tribulations. Does it mean you won’t experience disappointments or hardships? No, that's not what I am saying. But it does make it easier to press forward. My mom passed two weeks prior to my first annual conference in 2016. I was devastated. I wanted to throw in the towel but I knew she would want me to move forward. The very next year, my son was diagnosed with Epilepsy --I praise God because he no longer has seizures. After that in 2018 my husband and I took two toddlers into our home to help out a family member. That was a very challenging time. The following year we became pregnant and had our baby girl. Just when I thought things were finally settling down I started having seizures caused by stress and anxiety. I could no longer drive and most of 2020 was spent in bed because the seizures made me so weak. I wanted to give up so many times but I remembered God’s promises for my life. Each of those experiences, though they were extremely difficult to get through, taught me valuable lessons. It's all about inspiring others to be their best selves even when life gets tough. I trust God's Word. I believe it, breathe it and speak it. I am not perfect but I maintain a consistent prayer life. It's more than religion to me, it's about my relationship with my Heavenly Father. The power of God is how I can keep moving forward even when I want to give up. I have accountability partners and mentors to help me stay on track. I had to learn to not be so serious all the time and never be too busy to spend time with those I love. I also had to learn how to release and rest. There is nothing wrong with taking a "me" day. It's important to unplug and do something you enjoy doing. What word of advice would you give to women who do not know their purpose? I would say, first believe in yourself and your God-given abilities. We all have a purpose but if we do not believe in ourselves, we get in our own way. Even if you do not have clarity around your why knowing that you are more than enough to do whatever task is before is step number one. The bible tells us we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. That means there is no failure in God. The second thing would be to build a consistent

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28PDWMAG.COM 6th Anniversary Special Edition

prayer life. Set a time and pick a place to meet with God regularly. Journal your thoughts, meditate and read the Word of God. If we seek God, we will surely find Him. The next thing I was to say is stepping out on what you know, no matter how much it is. The more you step out the more you will find out. All God needs is a solid and sure YES. He will do the rest. But remember faith without works is dead so you must be willing to take aligned action. Lastly, I would say be patient and do not compare your journey to anyone else. Social media can be your worst enemy if you use it to measure where you should be in life. Stay focused and do you! What does the future hold for PDW? Purpose Driven Woman Magazine is growing by leaps and bounds. My team and I are currently building a community-based program that can not only connect women to like-minded peers, but we will also be offering coaching, training, and educational interviews from subject matter experts to help people get more aligned on their purposed journey. Do you feel like you are walking in your full purpose at this time? Why or why not? I feel like I am walking in the season of my purpose that God would have me walking in right now. Do I think this is it? Absolutely not. I believe there are different seasons for different things we are called to do. We all have a "Why" but how we pursue it will vary. My why is to inspire and encourage people to best their best selves. Right now, I do this by way of Purpose Driven Women Magazine, but I know my "what" and how I inspire others will expand over time because I have discovered so many hidden talents. It's just a matter of God's divine timing and taking aligned action. I used to feel like I had to make things happen. I don't struggle with that anymore because I understand the power of surrender. I am making the best of my days as they come. Do you want to take the magazine global? Yes, that is my dream. I want to reach as many people as I can and share as many stories as I can. It's all

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NEW Editor-in-Chief Carmelita Mcroy Speaks the Truth About Faith, Business, and Motherhood Interview by Kimi Johnson

If we could balance life, we all would be excited and happy every day and that is not life. I call it managing business and motherhood because balancing means I can give each 50/50 of my time and I can not; however, managing means I can succeed at doing the best I can with what I have to make things happen in my business while being a mother. -Carmelita Mcroy

What do you enjoy most about being a mompreneur? I enjoy the freedom to make my schedule the way I want because I like being involved in school activities and letting them travel with me. I also like the freedom of making as much money as I can according to the work I put in. When you work for someone else they put a cap on your pay, even when you go above and beyond. Yes, I know there are moms who make six figures or more at their jobs, but those jobs are not family-friendly most of the time so they give that up for the pay. They have to decide between the two. I do not. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced as a mother? How did you overcome it?

There are so many challenges I have had to overcome. I mean you wouldn’t believe half of it. I guess I would have to say losing two of my children suddenly was my greatest challenge twice. At the time I was trying to work full-time, work my business part-time, raise the children I had still at home, and after my daughter died, taking her two daughters in to raise them. Both times I had to stay in much prayer, trust God, and try to keep living life the best I knew how. Most people say I did good, I say it’s the strength of the Lord that keeps me going.

As a mother who homeschools, what does your daily routine look like with your kids? I wake up about thirty minutes before I get them up to pray and exercise. I then wake them up to shower, dress and eat breakfast. I usually start working while they eat breakfast because they are at the age to make their breakfast. I have their assignments written down so they know what to do, I go to my corner office (an area I made...lol) and continue to do my daily work to run my businesses. I have to go out to meet people and before Covid, I had speaking engagements, now most are virtual. When they end their day around 4 pm, I usually continue working. What do you enjoy most about what you do? I love helping mothers. Single moms are my passion because I was a struggling one for years. I know the struggle of being a mother and a single mother. I enjoy speaking life into dead situations and showing moms how not to give up or to be taken advantage of. I also enjoy writing books that motivate and encourage others. How has your faith helped to guide you on your purpose journey? I believe everyone kind of knows their purpose, but it is when you have a relationship with God that he can

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speak to you and put you on the right path to that purpose. People think they know their purpose without God, but let’s be truthful when you really have a relationship with God either the purpose changes from what you thought it was or your purpose became clear. What is your favorite bible scripture? My favorite scripture is Luke 13:12, “Woman Thou art loosed from thine infirmity”. I read the book by TD Jakes years ago, bought the CD, went to a few of the conferences; but when I got free and knew I was really loosed I started to live. I had to let go of a lot of things that were holding me down. One of my dreams was to speak at a WTAL conference; however, this past year was the last one they said. How do you help your children grow in their faith? I only gave them a foundation and path, they have to find faith for themselves. I used to think that taking them to church and teaching them the Bible, having them in church activities, and praying with them was going to make them want God and live right. Well, unfortunately, this world is strong and it takes all that and then some. Parents can only set the foundation because as they become adults some will challenge the faith, while others gravitate to it. Tell us about your coaching program. I have a program called Moms Success Sessions which can be a group or single session, and the three main things that it accomplishes are 1) Learn effective time management by overcoming procrastination. 2) Identify achievable goals so that you complete them, instead of just writing them down with no action. 3) No more mom guilt, you will build self-confidence in yourself and your decisions.

32 PDWMAG.COM 6th Anniversary Special Edition

I also have one on one coaching programs where the individual tells me what they want to accomplish and we outline a plan of action for them to get it done.

Why did you decide to cater your business to moms and teenage girls? I became a teen mom at the age of fifteen. I was ostracized by people left for dead, I was told I messed up my life and people talked bad about me especially when I graduated from high school pregnant again. As a teenager you go through a lot, now add being a mom on top of that. I try to encourage girls to wait and not center their lives so early on a guy and don’t think having his child will mean you guys will be together forever. I tell them to focus on a future they dreamed about at nine, going to college, starting a business, being financially stable; then dating and marriage. I don't mean any dating as a teen, I mean only serious dating after you accomplish some things. Being a mom all these years just put a passion in my heart to see all moms succeed. How important would you say self-love is for moms? What does your self-love regime look like? Self-love has to be at the top of the list because if you do not love yourself how can you properly love someone else even your children. And you see I said properly love because a lot of people say they love someone but do not know how to love correctly. Do you wonder why some moms make decisions that others say what is wrong with them? A Lot of times that mom has low self-esteem and can't make the right decisions. When a mom loves herself then she teaches her children to do the same and they grow up with fewer issues. I show self-love to myself by having bedtimes set, kids 8:30 pm to bed, Middle school 9-9:30 pm, high school in your room by 9 pm (they do not have to be sleep, but

winding down); so that I have time alone to pray, meditate or just read or watch tv. I take days out by myself, I tell people I will go to a thrift store and spend five hours, it relaxes me. I take trips without the kids, I used to feel guilty if I did that and for years I never took trips without them. I believe spa days, getting your nails done and pedicures are fine, but if you have daughters eventually those days are spent with them going as well because they want their nails and feet done as a teenager and those become bonding time with them. When my kids were young I would pay a friend of my niece to watch my kids for a few hours. What are some of your family’s favorite activities and traditions? We usually try to be together for Thanksgiving each year, with our entire family; and do Christmas with our immediate family. We always celebrate my son and daughter who passed birthdays by me cooking their favorite meal. I do the 12 days of Christmas for my granddaughters so they get a small gift each day up until Christmas. We plan a family trip each summer, which we have done since my first child. We do not leave the house without the family joining hands and saying a prayer together each morning.

What tips would you give to mommies in business?

How do you balance business and motherhood? I do not call it balancing business and motherhood because there is no such thing. If we could balance life, we all would be excited and happy every day and that is not life. I call it managing business and motherhood because balancing means I can give each 50/50 of my time and I can not; however, managing means I can succeed at doing the best I can with what I have to make things happen in my business while being a mother. What advice would you give to moms dealing with mommy guilt? First, remember we are all human and we make mistakes. None of us are perfect, so there is no perfect mother. When you mess up, admit it, cry about it, then let it go and move on. The only one keeping score is you, and if anyone else is keeping score then they are hating because you are doing better than they are or they are set up by the enemy to get you distracted. Most of the time mommy guilt comes from us comparing ourselves to other moms and we cannot do that because we will all parent differently.

For more information about Editor-in-Chief, Carmelita Mcroy visit carmelitamcroy.com or follow her on Instagram @speakingtruthKC.

I would tell mommies in business to go for it all, do not let being a mom stop you from reaching your goals. For so many years I stopped living my dreams because I said, “when the kids get older.” Also, if your children show an interest in business, help them start a small business, it helps them understand your long hours and the decisions you make.

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Leave Your Baggage... A Tale of Two Sisters By Avis Dillard-Bullock

Two Sisters each wanting to rid themselves of unwanted baggage. One Sister wanted to start fresh in the new year, looked around and thought, I am becoming a hoarder so she bagged up all her unwanted stuff and took it to the Goodwill. Upon telling her friends of her decision, she received comments like “Girl I know you had some good stuff in that bag.” “I need to do the same thing” and, “Good on you.” The Sister commented that, “It was time … the clothes needed to go.” The other Sister, bagged up her unwanted items and gave them to her friend. She did not ask her friend if she wanted them or if she could use them. She just dropped a bag of items at her house. Her friend remarked, “Wow this will be interesting.” The friend that received the clothes is 5’1”. The Sister giving the clothes is 5’11”. As she walks out the door, feeling proud of her decision, she responds, “The clothes should fit.” Two Sisters, each have decided to free herself of unwanted baggage. One Sister, Goodwill Sister, gives her baggage where she believes the best can come from it. She believed her baggage could be a new beginning for people she did not know. Goodwill Sister turned her baggage into a blessing. The other Sister, Consignment Sister, gives hers to

36 PDWMAG.COM 6th Anniversary Special Edition

a friend without regard to whether her friend wants them or can fit them. She was not truly ready to get rid of her baggage. Consignment Sister wanted to maintain some control—It’s out of her space but still in her face. Yes, it is possible that her intentions were to be a blessing to her friend but her process says otherwise. 1 Peter 5:7 (paraphrased) Cast (throw, throw with deliberate intent) your cares upon Him, for He cares for you. The Goodwill Sister with deliberate intent gave her baggage where she would not be able to retrieve it. Her desire was for a new start, she cast her cares (baggage) upon the Lord because she knows He cares for her and He had asked for them. The Consignment Sister has given her cares (baggage) to the Lord but she has not truly cast them there. When things are not happening as fast or in the way she believes it should be, she has the ability to retrieve her baggage … after all it was not given with deliberate intent to leave it there. Which Sister are you … have you truly cast your cares (anxiety, regrets, worry, shame, unforgiveness, etc.) upon the Lord? Are you looking to retrieve them or are you intent on a fresh start?

Make Boundaries a Priority By: Michele Badie

We're in a continual state of motion, even when we are practicing stillness, whether self imposed to stay connected to what brings us joy or sanctioned by the demands of the ebbs and flows of life. Our "new normal" continues to undergo adaptation. It seems that our societal mindsets are reckoning on an ongoing basis and are playing endless rounds of musical chairs. The cadences of the variety of litanies loom, both needed and unwanted change to advance our society forward for the better. Daily, hoping not to be one without a seat of peace to rest in during this ultimate season of grit testing when the music ceases until the next round. Our thoughts continue to declutter the busyness, emotions, or limiting expectations that can shadow us from seeing the truth of our purpose. This experience can often lead to analyzing boundaries. Researcher and Storyteller Brene Brown shares, "boundaries represent respect." According to Brown, the ability to set boundaries for yourself and others is essential to emotional intelligence. Do your actions of self-respect represent the boundaries that you set for yourself? Research how setting boundaries through communication and

38 PDWMAG.COM 6th Anniversary Special Edition

managing conflict is a reflection of your emotional intelligence. Establishing boundaries in my life has been a work in progress for me that initially often was a resulting prompt of painful or overwhelming experiences. My efforts to define my boundaries later began to transition to root in my determination to be my best self. Setting boundaries is a work in progress that forges an honest self-assessment that helps you embrace your truths, honor your growth, and celebrate your lessons. Boundaries can serve as pillars of protection is a natural perspective for some. Embracing the simplistic power that boundaries can ignite prioritization and reimagining what your tomorrow maybe amongst uncertainty in the workplace and your private life can be liberating. Boundaries force us to walk upright and be fully present and aware of energy vampires that need to receive pink slips. Spend some time assessing what triggers stress, anxiety, and resentment at work and at home. Craft a boundaries audit. Commit to understanding the "why" behind your boundary choices. Pen a boundaries plan that you can honor comfortably and revise as needed.

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ComUnity By: Edana Perry

Poetic Purpose

Navigating life’s valleys and mountains can be a tightrope and balancing act all alone.

I support and believe in my ComUnity! You support and believe in our ComUnity!

My ComUnity is more than those in my zip code. They are my neighbors, friends and family who help each other during rough times.

We are wearing our masks (even if we do not fully understand all things Covid-19).

My ComUnity, my tribe is the force that provides the support I need to maintain my balance when life's upsetting events knock me down. Where is our support and belief in ComUnity? We say “I don't care about your health ComUnity" when we choose not to wear a mask to protect others and ourselves from passing on the virus We say "I don't care about our elderly ComUnity” when we choose not to help them with grocery shopping, cleaning their home or dropping off food. We say “I don't care about the youth of our ComUnity” when we choose not to mentor them and choose to accuse them. We say “I don't care about our community” when we refuse to patronage small businesses and POC owned businesses. We say “I don't care about our ComUnity's schools, healthcare, sustainable energy, governmental budgets, police and fire departments when we choose not to vote.

40 PDWMAG.COM 6th Anniversary Special Edition

We are forming small group cooperatives to combat food deserts in our neighborhoods. We are checking in on" Auntie Ruby" and" Cousin John" to see if they have everything they need for the week. We have arranged for shuttle services for those who need transportation to vote. We are revitalizing the greenbook digitally and on paper by spreading the news about POC businesses in our ComUnity to revitalize our community Our churches, fraternities, sororities, and numerous social organizations are enhancing their mentoring programs to impact more young people's lives. My ComUnity will thrive! Our ComUnity will thrive because I care, because you care, because we care!

What are you carrying? By Christina Malloy

What are you carrying? Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry the cross. So what are you carrying? I choose to carry love, Empathy, faith, while I try to let go of hurt, Anger, and depression. Not letting hate consume My heart. I choose to carry Understanding even when I can not because.

God is in control.

6th Anniversary Special Edition PDWMAG.COM


Just Simply Saying

Let’s Talk About LOVE By: Rhoda Whitfield


hat is love, and how do you know you are experiencing a lasting love with your spouse? If you had to gauge where your passion is at this point, where would it fall? Still in puppy love, or true love. The characteristics of them will serve as an eye-opener for you. Do you remember when you were a teenager, and you were falling in and out of love by the weeks? Your infatuation made you feel you had an undying love with each person. Infatuations or immature love do not just occur in teenagers. But it's a romantic love we feel even as adults. It's a part of a relationship that doesn't experience long-term commitments. Often, we will find ourselves unable to work through issues due to our level of commitment. The feelings that are commonly felt are very intense feelings of desire, passion, and excitement. But these feelings can turn off just as quickly as they turned on. They don't have a sense of remorse. They don't care if they break your heart. In 1978, Rose Royce had a song entitled "Love Don't Live Here Anymore." It spoke of an infatuated immature love. It said, "you abandoned me, love don't live here anymore. Just emptiness and memories of what we

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had before. You went away, found another place to stay, another home, and love don't live here anymore." A true anthem of a love fantasy. This kind of love will have you thinking about this person 24/7. You find yourself getting a rush and exciting feeling when you see them. You ignore anything bad people say about the person, especially your family. However, as you continue in your relationship, if you remain in the immature love stage, you will find yourself abandoning the mentioned characteristics and begin to exhibit new ones. You start to focus on yourself by becoming self-centered. It is all about what you receive and what the person can do for you. It's only necessary for your needs to be met. You are insensitive to your spouse's needs, desires, and wants. Insensitivity can kill a marriage. It is a difficult task to live with, work with or even associate with an insensitive person. No one wants to spend time with someone who does not listen and consider the feelings or thoughts of others. Insensitivity is a classic symptom of selfishness. Do you find yourself being stubborn contrary around every corner with your spouse? They say up, and you say

down. They say go; you say stop. You never see eye to eye with your spouse because it's not your way. It is things like this that make your love immature. In Ephesians 5:15-16(NIV) it tells us to, be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. When you are experiencing true love, it's something that can happen without your intention or consent, and it's not something you can walk away from. Your identity merges with someone else's. Being in love with someone means you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, and you can't see yourself with anyone else but that person. True love is not a feeling because feelings change. True mature love is a conscious, thoughtful decision, and commitment. It means that you decide to love someone, and you stick by it. Real love takes time to develop and grow. It does not happen overnight. Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

number #1 cheerleader. We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. In this relationship, you should have priorities and expectations of each other and yourself. True mature love allows you to get on the same page. I will leave you with this, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7(NIV) says that love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. In dealing with marital love, marriage should be a friendship that catches on fire, and the flames should never go out. I'm Just Simply Saying.

You should both forgive one another, and not allow a controlling spirit to take root within your relationship. Be an encourager and supporter of each other. My husband and I call that being each other's

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The Power of a Queen 18 Tips to Own Your Crown On and Off the Board

By: Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson

rrin “Checkmate” Hudson is a chess extraordinaire, author of "One Move At A Time," former Alabama state trooper, Air Force veteran and founder of Be Someone Inc. He coached students to beat the odds and win a statewide chess championship and 3 citywide chess championships as a results the program has appeared on Good Morning America, the CBS Early Morning Show, CNN, FOX & Friends, the Tom Joyner Morning Show as well as numerous other programs. He has been on the cover of the world's largest chess magazine, Chess Life, and has been featured in both USA Today and People Magazine. He has won numerous awards including the George H. W. Bush Point of Light Award, the FBI Leadership Award, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Leader Award. To learn more about Orrin Hudson and the Be Someone Organization visit besomeone.org.

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You have to make every move count. Make your next move, your best move and realize sometimes in life, you must sacrifice to get what you want. -Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson

The queen is seven times more powerful than the King. She is the most powerful piece on the board. Be willing to compromise.

Use your position to your advantage.

Do the unexpected.

Be grateful for what you have.

Make every move count.

Be adaptable.

Be happy in the moment.

Think and plan ahead.

Use your resources effectively.

Have courage to succeed.

Know your worth.

Own your power.

Sacrifice your comfort zone.

Learn how to solve problems before they happen.

Make your move before you're ready. Properly weigh up your options and risks.

Learn how to manage your resources-.

Put all your eggs in one basket.

Never let anyone block your vision.

Own your power.

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Deterred Faith By Regina Murden

Most have experience in life when the end of a story can become an extension to a new beginning. It looks as if all doors are closing. I can attest to this dilemma that leaves you in an unsatisfying mindset. As I recall in 2009, looking through a glass smeared image while the sunlight beaming in view emulated a life of faith. The height of summer. The warmth of a new season expecting, yet unsure what awaits. It was my birthday my mom and I spent a lofty amount of time in the garden. We could feel the impression of change brushing against the cusp of our cheeks. The warmth of the sun radiating our skin made you wonder when will the coolness arrive.

Little did we know that warmth foreshadowed a bone-chiller experience. My mom and ambitious, sweet encourager presented a grand delightful meal for my birthday. Sadly, the disposition of my attitude did not align with the aesthetics surroundings. If you were looking for pinning the donkey, it was me, and Eeyore on the big day. The irony looking from hindsight if I have known beforehand, I would have given my all to make the day the most pleasant day. Without warning, this birthday changed the trajectory of my family. My mom was rushed and admitted into the hospital. The stay was extended for a long summer. I begin to see how quickly a narrative can bring an unexpected climax in your life. Even though I was foregone by the hospitalization. I knew God was listening and was nearby. How could it be? Here I stand with streams of tears barely can see my reflection in the glass as the sun beamed graciously over my face. Here‘s a door presented in my life I did not

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“Even if you do not know the outcome give God your past, present, and future.”

want to see close. Just like anything else it is difficult to depart from what we cherish. My mom and I had more memories to make and laughter to invest into each other’s hearts. My faith was dampened at a moment's notice without preparing me what to come. The ray of sunlight was reassuring as if God was kissing my hurt and shining His face upon me. The irony of my mom's devasting hospitalization sprung a new life to my aching soul. Although the vitals and physicians predicted death. I begin to walk through a door that did not seem possible -hope. These are practical steps to apply to dire circumstances: Pray- Open communication leads to dialogue to take the steps needed to heal. Seek God’s Promises- You need God’s promises to build up hope. It will feel lonely, but God’s promises are comforting. Dig deep into God’s promises to heal. Taking each step forward to what was unknown. I learned that we could give God everything in our life. I encourage you to give Him your heart. Even if you do not know the outcome give God your past, present, and future.

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There Will Be Glory After This By: Tikia McGhee

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18 (NKJV)

What are you suffering from? What prevents you from moving forward in the things of God? Do you allow circumstances and situations to prevent you from being who God called you to be? Do you allow distractions to veer you off course? Do you allow people, places and things to cause you to become frustrated? Do you allow life’s bumps to frustrate you? I came to encourage your heart today. God never promised us the journey would be easy. God never promised us that we wouldn’t experience some bumps along the way. God did promise that HE will never leave nor forsake us. HE did promise that in this life we would have trials and tribulations. HE did promise that there would be glory after your suffering. HE did promise that HE would be with you in the mountain and in the valley. HE did promise that greater is HE that is within you, than HE that is in the world. You must recognize that glory follows the suffering. I know you do not understand it right now. I know you cannot see your way through. I know life appears hard right now. I know that giving up seems so easy to do. I know that it’s easy to walk away. I know that you have

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cried more than you have laughed. I know when it seems like you are back on the right path, here comes something else to veer you off path. I know that you just received that doctor’s report. I know you have more bills than you have money. I know that life can feel overwhelming. Be encouraged my friend! Trials and tribulations come to make us strong. Instead of focusing on the suffering, focus on the glory that will come after it. Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the problem solver. In everything that you go through, please remember there will be glory after this. Lady T

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Purpose Driven Women Magazine Celebrates 6 Years

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