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THE PATRIKA WELCOMES THE CHANCELLOR ELECT OF UFV pMjfbI pwiqRkf vwloN nvyN eIlYkt hoey XU.aYP. vI dy cFslr df suafgq hY

DR. ANDY SIDHU Chancellor Elect of UFV Mr. Sidhu, I have known you for my entire adult life, and much of my childhood. Ours were two of only a few families from Malaysia and it was always a pleasure to get together to share memories, and laughter. When I heard of the honour UFV recently bestowed upon you, presenting you with an Honourary Doctorate, I was pleased for you of course. But when I heard you are going to be the next Chancellor of UFV I felt the need to share my overwhelming joy by capturing this moment in time through sitting down with you to have you share some thoughts with the Patrika readers. Councillor Kelly

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Friday, January 19th, 2018

Sikh woman inducted as cabinet minister in Ontario Government of Canada


ndian origin M P P Harinder Kaur Malhi has been inducted as Cabinet Minister in Kathleen Wy n n e ministry of Ontario province of Canada. She will be Minister for Women Status. Harinder is the daughter of former Canadian MP Gurbakhsh Singh Malhi. She is a Liberal member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. She was elected in 2014. She represents the riding of Brampton—Springdale.

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Friday, January 19th, 2018

The Patrika



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The Patrika


Friday, January 19th, 2018


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Friday, January 19th, 2018

The Patrika 


City of Abbotsford Councillor Kelly Chahal welcomes Dr. Andy Sidhu as Vice Chancellor of University of Fraser Valley


r. Sidhu, I have known you for my entire adult life, and much of my childhood. Ours were two of only a few families from Malaysia and it was always a pleasure to get together to share memories, and laughter. When I heard of the honour UFV recently bestowed upon you, presenting you with an Honourary Doctorate, I was pleased for you of course. But when I heard you are going to be the next Chancellor of UFV I felt the need to share my overwhelming joy by capturing this moment in time through sitting down with you to have you share some thoughts with the Patrika readers. As long as I have known you, your house has always been filled with a cross-section of Canadian society. What fuels that? “When I arrived in Canada during the early 1970s, I noticed the similarities to other places I have been: namely the place of my birth, Malaysia and then when I went to University in Australia. What struck me as similar was the way in which different cultures interacted with each other. And I always felt this interaction brought a sense of community so I believe I always had that affinity to be with diverse individuals. I am comfortable amongst others who like learning about different cultures and religions; we are a global community, it only makes sense to know each other better”. Not everyone embraces diversity with open arms. Surely Mr. Sidhu, you must have been on the receiving end of intolerance? In fact, you once told me a story about a woman who hired several immigrants to do farm work through you when you worked at the Farm Labour Board, only to call you later and ask to send another set of workers who were not IndoCanadian. Later, when you were in her area you asked her if she had time to meet and she invited you for coffee; she didn’t realize over the phone that you were Indo-Canadian so when she saw you at her door, she was

surprised. But you walked out of there to know things don’t change as a friend, taking the opportunity to overnight, but if you want a share and communicate. better future for your family, you “I do recall being a target of racism must think outside of it and take many times, and understand it is an risks, and reach out to others evil that pops up once in a while when who struggle to understand each we least expect it. But I have never other. This is called community succumbed to it; rather, I look for building and we are all part of opportunities to address it in a manner this labour force. The more we that tries to mitigate issues rather than put into it, the better it will be inflame them. That is why I believe for everyone.’ education is the greatest equalizer and educating others about different Mr. Sidhu, what is next for you? cultures and religions can help them “I hope the future holds many to understand and perhaps their fear good fortunes for all of us. I may dissipate.” will continue to work hard and Mr. Sidhu, most small businesses fail, contribute the best I can. I am or struggle to stay afloat. After being honoured that UFV bestowed downsized from a government job, upon me such a great honour, you undertook an entrepreneurial risk and I will work diligently to I am to benefit from your advice, and adventure, starting the bilingual newspaper The Patrika. What was continue my quest to bring others mentorship and most of all, your together”. gentle kindness when I walk through your thinking behind that? your door. It’s interesting, because my lifelong Thank you for your time, and I’d desire to bring others to communicate like to close by saying how fortunate Councillor Kelly Kuldeep Chahal with each other cumulated in a bi-lingual newspaper. The Patrika mission statement is simply, “Bridging Communities”. The lessons I have learned, taught me that once we communicate with each other, many good things can happen. My intuition told me I was on the right track and I followed it all the way through with my family on my side. My wife Pritam and children Dave & Ronnie have been with me all along the way and today we share contributing to the paper as a family”. When we say legacy, what comes to your mind about your life’s work? “Over time, I have learned what is most valuable: family, friends and community. Many people have walked through my doors and I graciously welcomed them. Did I realize I was making a difference? It never really occurred to me and that is not why I ever sat on multiple boards as a volunteer, or interpreted for people who couldn’t speak English, or hosted fundraisers and donated to the community. I do these things because I have enough experience PAGE 5


The Patrika 

WRUG7: Cascades off to Edmonton for Canada West opener


he University of the Fraser Valley women’s rugby sevens team kicks off its second season of play this weekend, as they travel to Edmonton to open the Canada West Women’s Rugby Sevens Series. The three-tournament series includes the Cascades’ first home event, Feb. 10-11 at MRC Sports Complex. The third and final Canada West tourney runs Feb. 24-25 at the University of ens team standout who brings nextVictoria. level speed and finishing to the squad. “We feel so much more confident going into this weekend after having one “We’ve been working hard at trainyear under our belts,” said Cascades ing, jelling together, and a real posihead coach Jen Ross, whose squad tive attitude has carried over from last has been training together since Sep- year,” Ross enthused. “Everyone’s tember. “The girls are so eager to get excited, and we’re so far ahead of on the field and put things together.” where we were at this time last year. The girls are confident we’re going The Cascades’ Canada West debut in to be competitive.” 2017 did not feature any victories – as a brand-new sevens-only program, This weekend’s tournament will it was an uphill climb competing feature the host Alberta Pandas, the against opponents who could draw defending champion Calgary Dinos, players from their existing rugby 15s the UBC Thunderbirds, the Lethbridge Pronghorns and the Victoria teams. Vikes along with the Cascades. A sevFor Year 2, Ross has built a deeper, enth team – a brand-new entry from more experienced group. The team Thompson Rivers – will participate lost Meghan Wellis, last season’s cap- in the latter two tourneys hosted by tain, due to a shoulder injury, but the UFV and UVic. Cascades get great veteran leadership from the likes of Mackenzie Fowler This season marks the second of a three-year partnership between and Elyssa Phillipson. B2ten, Rugby Canada, and Canada The UFV squad also boasts a col- West to bring rugby sevens competilection of talented newcomers. A tion to campuses across the conferquartet of Cascades rookies – Shalaya ence. B2ten and Rugby Canada’s Valenzuela, Alex Motoc, Ashlynn partnership with Canada West is part Smith and Mackenzie Braun – were of their ongoing commitment to propart of the B.C. U18 women’s team ducing the next generation of Olymwhich toured Ireland in August 2017. pians by growing the game at Western Ross also has high hopes for Jaylene Canadian universities that share their Soegard, a graduate of Abbotsford’s collective goal of developing highRobert Bateman Secondary who be- performance rugby programs here in gan her post-secondary sports career Canada. Thanks to B2ten and Rugby playing basketball at Langara College Canada’s support, competing studentand was a PACWEST all-rookie team athletes will have access to scholarselection in 2015-16. ships as they pursue their athletic The Cascades also recently added careers, including an opportunity to Natalie Teteris, a B.C. women’s sev- progress to the national team. PAGE 6

Friday, January 19th, 2018

Friday, January 19th, 2018

The Patrika 



The Patrika



Friday, January 19th, 2018

Mission immigrants: We’re Your Neighbours Dhillon speaks on “Tolerance is not enough” the first RCMP member to be permit- special stories on how ted to wear a turban. and why they made their MCSS Local Immigration Partner- way to Canada. ship (LIP) is leading the forum and has invited Mission Coun. Pam The LIP also plans to Alexis to speak on the District of have a property manageMission’s perspective on newcomers ment spokesperson at the Dhillon’s compelling presentation is to Canada. Local clients from Syria event to address issues on ‘Tolerance is Not Enough.’ He is and other countries will share their surrounding housing for those new to Canada.


altej Dhillon is keynote speaker for a We’re Your Neighbours immigration forum March 17 at Mission’s Copper Hall on Railway Avenue, put on by Mission Community Services Society (MCSS) New to Canada department.

Mission LIP coordinator Rick Rake will lead a discussion on hashtag #All Are Welcome Here image and bumper sticker initiative to deal with public and social media commentary not pleasant to newcomers. The effort is being adopted by communities across the country, launching in Ontario.

ask questions, contact rick.rake@ or Annie Charker (annmariecharker@ at MCSS. Availability is limited.

Event is co-sponsored by the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and District of Mission Cost of the forum is $5 to cover Social Development Department. food expenses. To pre-register or Start time is 8:30 a.m.


The Patrika

Friday, January 19th, 2018

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Saturday, January 27, 2018, 11 am – 2 pm Hosted by Clearbrook Library and The Reach Musician Tony Prophet 11:15 am – 12 pm at Clearbrook Library Magician The Great Gordini 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm at The Reach Visit both locations for entertainment, community literacy partners’ tables, crafts, refreshments, prizes and more! There will be face painting and balloon sculpting, too. Free Pancake Breakfast 10:00 am to 11:30 am at Fire Hall #1 (beside Clearbrook Library). Enjoy flapjacks cooked by the firefighters. Sponsored by Literacy Matters Abbotsford. Pick up your Community Reading Challenge log and read to win prizes!

Clearbrook Library 32320 George Ferguson Way



The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford 32388 Veterans Way


Multisport Athletes (Abbotsford Basketball) Dylan Kular The opportunities for our youth are at Playing multiple sports will allow an all-time high for sports. And there the youth athlete to become a better are also opportunities for our youth overall athlete. Each sport offers a to participate in a single sport for an different situation, different set of entire year, a lot of organizations now skills and different challenges. The offer year-round programming. body is strengthened by challenges. If youth athletes participate in mulBEWARE tiple sports, then quickness, running, Be aware of sports programs en- jumping, agility, throwing and other couraging your child to only play movements all become transferable. one sport for the entire year. Youth By youth playing multiple sports, athletes who specialize early are us- their overall sports I.Q. will also ing the same parts of the body, even- strengthen. tually causing muscle breakdown (over-usage). Burnout is a common DON’T MOVE TO FAST factor with youth, the repetitiveness This does not mean that we should becomes boring and the youth will fill youths’ schedules with every stop enjoying the process. Make sure sport possible and be racing from one your child has at least one day off sport to the next. It means finding a from all sports! balance of the youths’ options and PROFESSIONALS SHOW THE their interests. Remember to provide BENEFITS OF BEING A MULTI- them with at least one day off from sports so their mind and body can SPORT ATHLETE recover. We recommend that youth At the highest sports’ level for basket- are multi-sport athletes until the age ball (NBA) and football (NFL), over of 16 – play as much as you can bal80% of first-round draft picks were ance with school. At around 16 years multi-sport athletes in high school. of age youth can decide if they want During the off-season in hockey for to specialize in the sport. It does not Wayne Gretzky (one of the top playtake too long to master a skill, if you ers to ever play in the NHL), he would are persistent and disciplined. play lacrosse – a sport involved running, a hard rubber ball and using a See Abbotsford Basketball flyer on stick with a net). page 30.

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The Patrika 

Friday, January 19th, 2018

3 ways to create a hands-free home (NC) Remember the days when you struggled at your front door, juggling bags of groceries and your keys? Homes have now become smarter, more energy efficient and even intuitive, making hands-free a reality. Automatic environment monitoring, access to lights and appliances from anywhere in the world and voicecontrolled gadgets are just some of the ways home life is evolving. Our homes are an extension of our life-

styles, with increased capabilities to seamlessly connect 24/7 at the touch of a wireless button.Here are a few examples of smart home advancements bringing us one step closer to a connected and hands-free space:In the kitchen. Technology has brought hands-free faucets, helping families avoid unnecessary accidents, making cleaning easier and reducing the spread of germs and messes. Companies such as Canaroma are also

finding ways to integrate this new touchless technology into stunning design, making it beautiful to look at. Call home. Long gone are the days where you physically dial a phone. For example, new home systems now offer the ability to call mom simply by saying “call mom.” Products such as Amazon’s Echo and Alexa and Google Home are making connecting hands-free simple. Using VoIP — voice over internet protocol — you can now call your contacts and you don’t even have to wait for them to get the technology or a Google account to answer. Clean-up time. You’re not alone when it comes to despising cleaning. Fortunately, hands-free options can provide a tidy home without lifting a finger. From air purifiers that automatically scan your environment for airborne allergens and pollutants, to high-tech robotic vacuums that trap dust and dirt and spontaneously move away from objects in their path, coming home after a long workday to a spick-andspan environment can be your reality. We’re moving towards to a truly intuitive lifestyle. Companies such as TA Appliances, Teletime and Appliance Canada are taking us one step closer to a hands-free world. The next generation of smart home products will continue to expand our ability to connect to contacts, appliances and other smart-home devices anywhere in the world and on vocal demand. Find out how you can integrate technology into the design of your space and live hands-free at the National Home Show, presented by Re/Max on March 9 to 18 at the Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place. Find more information at


Friday, January 19th, 2018

The Patrika




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sfzI zfktrF dI tIm Dr. Harpreet Gill

Dr. Priya Vohora

hPqy dy 6 idn Kuwly hF

Dr. Sukhpreet Gill


120-32156 Hillcrest Ave., Abbotsford, BC, V2T 1S5 604-776-4393 PAGE 11



The Patrika 

Friday, January 19th, 2018

The Patrika

Friday, January 19th, 2018


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

Abbotsford Arts Council seeks artists of all ages and skill levels to submit to the 4th Annual Anonymous Art Show Fundraiser to be held at the Kariton Art Gallery Abbotsford, B.C. – The Abbotsford Arts Council is pleased to announce the open call for art for the 4th Annual Anonymous Art Show Fundraiser, taking place July 8 - Aug 8 at the Kariton Art Gallery, with an opening reception to be held on Saturday July 8th, from 6 – 8 pm. Submissions are accepted up until June 15, 2017. The Council is looking for local artists of all skill levels and ages to create works of diverse styles, subject matters, and mediums. All work must be done on a 12x12x1.5�canvas, and participating artists will receive a discount on a pre-stretched canvas of the required size from our supporting partner House of Fine Arts, located on West Railway Street. This exhibition is an opportunity to raise funds for the programs initi-

ated by the Abbotsford A r t s Council that support a r t s in our community, with half of the proceeds going directly towards participating artists. All pieces sell for $100 each. Applications are available for download from or pick-up at the Kariton Art Gallery and the House of Fine Arts. For additional information please email us at

Exceptional Quality Blueberry Nursery Stock

BLUEBERRY PLANTS Sidhu Growers is British Columbia's leading quality blueberry nursery. At Sidhu Growers, we grow healthy, disease free, virus indexed and true-toname Blueberry plants. We specialize in growing blueberry plants and have 20 plus years of experience in the blueberry business.

                              virus indexingÂ? Â?Â? Â?Â?Â? Â?Â?  Â?Â?    ­ Â?  € Â?Â?Â? Â?Â?Â?Â?  Â?

We are the only authorized nursery in Canada to sell Reka, a northern blueberry variety and have documentation from where the variety originated from, which is New Zealand, and have proof of it. Make sure when purchasing Reka you ask to see the signed authorization from New Zealand. Being the only authorized nursery to sell Reka we can provide you with this.

Â?  ‚   Â?‚   Â?  Â?Â?  ƒÂ? ƒ Â? „   Â? Â?Â…  Â… Â?Â? ‚   „  ‚Â?† €  ƒ Â? ƒ  Â… † Â?Â?Â? ‚Â? „„Â?Â? Â?† ‚   Â…Â…Â? „ „Â? Â…  Â?Â?Â?

When purchasing blueberry plants, buy from a reputable blueberry nursery that specializes in growing blueberry plants. Ask to see virus testing documentation. Make sure plants are produced from cuttings. Plants produced from tissue culture or cuttings taken from tissue culture plants tend to be difficult to machine harvest and require more pruning.

€ Â?Â? Â?Â?† „Â?„Â?Â?Â? Â?  Â? „   Â?Â?  †  Â…  † Â?†Â…‡  „ ˆÂ?Â? Â?Â?  Â?Â…Â?   Â?Â?Â?  Â?Â?Â?Â?   Â? ‰ Š†   Â?Â? ‹Â? Â?Â?Â? ‰ 

We are committed to provide you with only the best blueberry plants available and guarantee it.

  Â?€    Â?Â? Â?Â?Â?„Â…  Â?Â?Â…  Â?Â?

We offer: • Expert Consulting • Competitive Pricing • Exceptional Quality Stock • A Wide Selection of Varieties • Complete Customer Satisfaction

 Â?ÂŒ  Â?  ‰    Â?    Â? †  € Â?    € „  Â… ŒŽ‘­’“”•–——”

 •   •  •   •  Â?  •  

For Further Information or to Place an Order Please Call:        

Kam or Harry: (604) 853-1775

32787 Townshipline, Abbotsford, B.C. PAGE 13

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The Patrika PAGE  14 

Rajin Gill 778.982.4008


rky gurU hwkfˆ dI DIafˆ dI xI peI.

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Born and raised in the Fraser Valley and looking to give back to my community. I’ve aended the University of the Fraser Valley and I am a Mennonite Educaonal Instute (MEI) graduate. I’ve also represented and brought home Gold Medals for Brish Columbia in wrestling on many different occasions, just to name a few the Western Canada Summer Games, Canada Summer Games and also a mulple me Provincial and Naonal Medalist. I’ve already built up the work ethic and dedicaon and now want to translate this to a field where I can give back to a community that supported me in my endeavours for many years.

PryjLr vYlI df jMimaf pilaf hux kmXUnItI dI shfieqf krnf cfhuMdf hF. mYN XUnIvristI aP PryjLr vYlI piVaF hF aqy mYnonfeIt eYjUkysLnl ieMstItUt df grfjUeyt hF. mYN bI sI leI rYsilMg kIqI hY aqy bI sI leI golz mYzl vI lYky afieaF hF ijvyN ik vYstrn knyzf smr gymjL, knyzf smr gymjL, aqy proivMsLl aqy nYsLnl mYizilst vI irh cuwikaF hF. mYN kMm aqy imhnq krnf iswK igaf hF aqy mYN ies nfl kmXUnItI, ijs ny ieMnHy sfl myrI shfieqf kIqI, Aus dI shfieqf krnf cfhuMdf hF. FEATURED LISTINGS 31530 Northdale Crt

2423 Sugarpine

Holding/Potential Property

Bradner Road - 6 Acre Farm $ 1,650,000

FARM FOR SALE This 2850 sq/ft home sits on a 6230 sq/ft lot featuring 3 bedrooms upstairs, 2 bedroom LEGAL SUITE (Huge Mortgage Helper) and a spacious recreation room with washroom and bedroom for upstairs use.

3339 Siskin Drive

Ajmer (Jerry) Sei 604.832.

2 Lot Subdivideable. 8200 square feet corner Lot. Live now develop later. A massive 3000 square feet updated home in an amazing central location.

OPEN HOUSE NOV 18 12-3pm & NOV 19 2-4pm

INVESTORS! Amazing POTENTIAL/HOLDING property! This home is located in a central redevloping area. OCP designated this property as Urban 1 Midrise. Home is in terrific condition, tenantable. Easily suitable only needs conversion back too 220 outlet (wiring present) for stove. Roof is only 1yr old."

***LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION*** Here's your chance to get your hands on a rare parcel, 6 Acres located in one of the most desirable areas of South Abbotsford. 2 Houses in great condition (1 renovated), 200 ft. frontage, and currently planted with raspberries. Great for parking trucks or building your dream house.

101 - 33328 Bourquin

2960 Evergreen


$ 667,000

jseikhon@hotm Friday, January 19th, 2018 www.bcfarmandran

Why is reading to your kids important? (NC) Every January, Family Literacy Day raises awareness of the importance of reading together as family. Reading out loud to your kids has endless benefits for both you and them. Check out this list if you want to learn more about the power of literacy. Learning is essential to a child’s development. Reading with your kid every day will help them become the stellar student you always dreamed they would be. Not only will reading with your kids ensure strong literacy skills, it will also stimulate their creativity and imagination. Plus, reading out loud is good for adults too. Even if it is just a children’s book, reading can help with your own literacy and public speaking skills.

family reading time could even last into their teenage years.


Literacy is a life-changing skill. Reading comprehension is essential for a healthy, productive life. In countries where literacy is less common, literate families not only make more money, but are also less susceptible to disease. That’s one reason why Beautiful World Canada provides comprehensive higher education scholarships to young Price! women in Africa. Even thoughReduced Family 24 Acre Blueberry farm located near Sumas Waywe exit. Literacy Day is a Canadian holiday, Property featuers a custom built can all hope that one dayrancher. all 5families bedrooms and 3 baths. Bay shops and 2 storey barn. around the world will be 2able to read Great income potential. together.

Reading together is a bonding experience. If you take time every day to read with your children, it will become a ritual you think fondly of for years to come. This will strengthen your relationship and build memories that make both of you happier. If you are lucky, Find more information at


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Looking to sell your home or farm? Call1st meMortgages today for2nd a Mortgages FREE CONSTRUCTION MORTGAGES NO OBLIGATION EVALUATION!! EQUITY TAKE-OUTS

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ristI, mks df




The Patrika

Friday, January 19th, 2018



Access your funds quickly when depositing a personal cheque (NC) Nowadays, we’re used to getting things at the click of a button, so it can feel a bit old fashioned having to wait for the bank to process a cheque before we can access the money. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can receive your money faster.

using the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s bank account selector tool on their website. Deposit the cheque in person with a teller. This reduces the maximum hold period to four business days, not including the day you deposit it. Depositing at a bank machine increases the maximum hold period to five days. Note that cheques of more than $1,500 can be held up to eight days.

For example, did you know that you have a right to access the first $100 of a cheque when depositing at a federally regulated bank? The remaining funds could be subject to a hold of a few days. It never hurts to ask. Depending on However, there are a few strategies to your relationship with your bank, if reduce the amount of time your remain- you ask to have the hold removed or the hold period reduced, it might release ing funds are held. the funds to you before the cheque Deposit at your own bank. To get ac- clears. cess to the first $100 and avoid lengthy Remember, there are exceptions to holds, deposit your cheque at a bank maximum cheque hold periods and acwhere you’ve had an account open for cess to the first $100. Learn more about more than 90 days. Don’t have a bank your financial rights and responsibiliaccount? Everyone has a right to open ties at one and there are a number of low- and no-fee bank accounts. You can check



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MP Jati Sidhu and Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott meet with First Nations leaders in Ashcroft


“I had met with the Ashcroft Indian Band last year and saw first-hand the impact these fires had on their community and the people here,” MP Sidhu said. “It was important for me to return with the Minister to hear what we as a government had gotten right in our help and what we could The meeting, hosted by Chief Greg all improve on in the future.” Blain, was to discuss the rebuilding efforts and related federal funding support following last year’s wildfires, which devastated many of the band’s homes and the community at large. Joining Chief Blain were several band councillors and staff members, including Councillor Den- Sidhu was impressed with both the nis Pittman, Councillor Earl Blain, commitment and resilience demonBand Administrator Jodene Blain strated by the band’s leadership and and Assistant Administrator Char the community as a whole. Pittman. “The strength we’ve seen here is reOther topics discussed included the markable, and I join the Minister in impact the fires had on local busi- thanking the band for their time today nesses and employees, as well as and for their hard work in the face of the need for ongoing planning and these terrible circumstances,” he said. preparation to both limit damage and “I look forward to collaborating with streamline resource allocation fol- the Ashcroft Indian Band on this and other issues going forward, through lowing potential future fires. 2018 and beyond.” ati Sidhu, Member of Parliament for Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon, today joined Jane Philpott, Minister of Indigenous Services, in meeting with leaders from the Ashcroft Indian Band in Ashcroft, BC. A brief tour of the community followed.


Friday, January 19th, 2018

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh gets engaged to Indian-origin fashion designer Gurkiran Kaur


anada’s N e w Democratic Party’s first Sikh chief Jagmeet Singh formally announced his engagement with Indian-origin fashion designer Gurkiran Kaur at a private party in a restaurant on Tuesday in which only family and friends were invited. CBC reported he surprised Kaur by popping the question in front of family and friends at a restaurant where they had their first date.

The Toronto Star reported that when Singh was asked why he had decided to make this news public, he said he was excited about the engagement. “I’m super excited to take this step forward — to have a life and future together with my partner,” he was quoted as saying by the Star.

Friday, January 19th, 2018

The Patrika 



The Patrika


Friday, January 19th, 2018


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The Patrika

Friday, January 19th, 2018



Spice Radio's Weekly Top 10 Songs By Angelina Rai

Priyanka Chopra @priyankachopra And She’s back... Can't wait to share this with you! #April26 #QuanticoSeason3 #TheReturnOfAlexParrish

Hayley Wickenheiser @wick_22 Hockey Night in India!

1. Dil Diyan Gallan Tiger Zinda Hai - Atif Aslam 2. Aaj Se Teri Pad Man - Arijit Singh 3. Swag Se Swagat Tiger Zinda Hai - Vishal Dadlani and Neha Basin 4. Ghoomar Padmavati - Shreya Ghoshal and Swaroop Khan

5. Woofer Dr. Zeus, Zora Randhawa, Nargis Fakhri and Snoop Dogg 6. Ban Ja Rani Tumhari Sulu - Guru Randhawa 7. Dil Chori Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety - Yo Yo Honey Singh, Simar Kaur and Ishers 8. Ek Dil Ek Jaan Padmavati - Shivam Pathak 9. Pallo Latke Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana - Yaseer Desai and Jyotica Tangri 10. Kaala Doriya Kaalakandi - Neha Bhasin

Vir Das - @thevirdas While we tweet about #timesup Humble reminder to India that a cash reward was offered by men for the beheading of a working actress. Some of these men were elected. Aired by news channels. Printed in papers. These men were interviewed. Backyard needs a little attention too

DJ Sanj @DJSANJ1 DJ SANJ’s I’ll Make you Famous Season 2 Premiers on the @ShawMulChannel Tonight Ch 116 & 4 in BC Ch 10 in Alberta @ 9PM Followed by The official @1Moviebox youtube channel Wednesday, Jan 17th @spiceradiova

Mick Jagger @MickJagger Enjoying the vibrant sights and sounds of India



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Friday, January 19th, 2018

Prime Minister launches Canada Service Corps


During this first phase, the Government of Canada will work with young Canadians to find out more about their motivations and interests, and to explore what service means to them. Their ideas will directly shape the initiative, Canada Service Corps will encourage and help to ensure it meets the needs young Canadians to get involved in and priorities of young people once it service to their communities and gain is fully implemented in 2019. valuable skills and experience that will benefit them in every aspect of life. It The Government of Canada will work will also provide young Canadians with closely with national, regional, and loservice opportunities that currently do cal organizations to explore how best to engage and inspire young Canadians, not exist. and to connect youth with meaningful More meaningful volunteer and ser- service opportunities. vice opportunities means more young Understanding that volunteering is ofpeople will have the chance to prac- ten the first step to meaningful service, tice leadership, develop individual the Government of Canada will offer strengths, and gain essential life and an online matching service through work experiences. As a nationwide Volunteer Canada that helps young initiative, Canada Service Corps will people to find volunteer opportunities help more young Canadians to under- in their communities. Young Canadians stand the importance of serving their can also apply for funding that will help communities, and instill a sense of civic them and their team make their servicerelated projects a reality. engagement and global citizenship. he Prime Minister and Minister of Youth, Justin Trudeau, today launched the design phase of Canada Service Corps, Canada’s new national youth service initiative.


Friday, January 19th, 2018


The Patrika 


Ken Herar’s Column

his past week was Martin Luther King Day to our neighbours down south. A day where Americans and citizens from around the globe reflect on the struggles we still face as a civilization and the progresses that have been made in our common humanity. If some of you recall last January 15th on this holiday Abbotsford was hit with KKK hate flyers and it was their goal for this to be a distraction and spread hate on this glory day. It made headlines across the nation and people were outraged at the disgusting and planned act of a few. This wasn’t the only time this occurred around Valley. In October 2016, our home and the entire street were hit by KKK flyers in Mission throughout the evening calling it Night Ride. Their goal is recruitment and to seek vulnerable people who may want to join their pathetic orga- “ I am committed to listening to voices that are different then my own. I am nization. also convinced that those behind the Kristine Kuol of Abbotsford as part of threats need to experience listenher university project last April went ing ears if those around them leaned for a Night Ride, along with her hus- and heard their pain they may not be band Akol and threw bags of rice with throwing flyers lashing out in public a diversity message inside of a bag on criminality. people’s driveways to counteract the KKK message. What a brilliant and I would encourage you to expand your positive idea to share with people and friend group to include just one friend to destroy the physiological mindset of who is of a different ethnic or linguistic terror. On Monday, being the holiday background.” her, I and Akol decided to do another Steven Purewal, Managing Director of Night Ride and throw bags on peoples Indus Media Foundation, a lower maindriveways in the Mission/Abbotsford land non-profit that raises awareness of area. I was excited to take part in this Punjabi culture and history, believes worthy exercise and to bring a positive the recent uptick in racist sentiments message to people’s driveways. In to- towards South Asians is rooted in the tal, we had 100 bags prepared and we historically legislated discriminatory threw about 30 in Mission and the rest treatment of non-whites in Canada. in Abby. It does take a bit of skill and driving slow is a key and a good aim Purewal said, “This step from intoleris necessary. Sometimes you nail it and ance to tolerance does little to engender others times you strike out. With these respect between disparate communiskills it may just land in a spot where ties. Fundamentally, unless we estabresidents may see it. A few onlookers lish trusting relationships, based on appeared curious as to what we were equitable treatment, fractures from the doing. It’s difficult to be discrete and past will continue to identify a ‘them and us’ divide - with the ‘them’ being getting noticed is easy. the ‘other’ dehumanized to the point Kuol said, “ Last Martin Luther King of being unable to possess the virtues day I felt that the lives of minorities of true Canadians and thus relegated to my beloved friends were being threat- being outsiders to the mainstream. This ened by people who were experiencing sentiment is being played out in the personal hurt which was manifested in streets, on the airwaves and social meoppressive behavior. Racism is oppres- dia today in Canada. We need to take sive to both parties. I felt that on a day the steps now to progress dialogues of when diversity and forward movement tolerance to inclusion and belonging, towards equality and acceptance should which requires significant educational be the focus and hateful behavior stole effort in our schools and communities.” the spotlight.



The Patrika 

Friday, January 19th, 2018

Smart tips to reach your retirement goals this year (NC) Canadians are living longer, and company pension plans are getting smaller or disappearing altogether. While this can make saving for retirement even more stressful, there are some simple ways you can save more money every day and work towards a comfortable nest egg.

more than $1,800 a year. Are leftovers really that bad?

Don’t forget about your CPP. If you’re like most people working in Canada, you contribute to Canada Pension Plan through automatic deductions to your paycheque, and matching contributions from your employer. Canada Pension Pay yourself first. Set up automatic Plan Investment Board is tasked with contributions to retirement accounts. ensuring your CPP retirement benefits If you never have the money, can you are there when you need them. really miss it? Money not needed to pay current ben-

eficiaries is invested by CPPIB into a diverse portfolio of assets like stocks, bonds, real estate and toll roads in order to ensure that the fund is sustainable for generations to come. In fact, according to the Chief Actuary of Canada, as of right now your CPP is sustainable at Make a budget. If you’re often left current contribution rates for the next wondering where your money went at 75 years and beyond. the end of the month, try tracking your When you combine your CPP with your defined benefit plan at work, personal spending. Bring your lunch to work. Buying Registered Retirement Savings Plans or lunch every day can get expensive fast. Registered Retirement Income Funds, If you spend $7 a day, that adds up to and personal budgeting and savings strategy, you may be closer to a secure retirement than you think. Start young. When you’re saving for retirement, compound interest is your best friend. For example, if your investments average a return of six per cent a year, your money will double every 12 years. Getting an early start can make a big difference.


Friday, January 19th, 2018

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5 questions to ask your doctor before any test or treatment (NC) The cold winter months usually see us spending more time in doctors’ offices. Whether you’re getting a flu shot or checking on a lingering cough, the more information you have the better decisions you can make about your healthcare. Here are five questions you should ask your healthcare practitioner before any test or treatment.

the best course of treatment, but in many cases they can use less invasive criteria to make a recommendation. Similarly, certain treatments are elective, so it’s good to know if something is necessary or optional.

women’s health,” explains Karen Jensen, a naturopathic doctor whose new book, Women’s Health Matters: The Influence of Gender on Disease, explores this issue in detail. “As a result, it becomes a bottom-up 2. Have physiological differences situation, requiring the public, been taken into account? Diseases, and women in particular to treatments and chemicals affect men educate themselves.” and women differently, with most drug trials and medical 3. What are the risks and poresearch focusing only on the tential side effects? Understanding male body while not consid- the risks of a specific test or treatering the differences that are ment can give you a clearer picture of unique to women and their possible advantages and drawbacks, health. This is why you likely while knowing the side effects lets need to remind your doctor you know what’s normal, what’s to be to account for gender differ- expected and what requires reaching ences when prescribing a test out to your doctor. or treatment. 4. Are there alternatives? This gives 1. Do I actually need this test or treat- “Many healthcare practitioners are you a chance to learn about newer test ment? Tests are used as diagnostic not aware of the gender bias in clini- or treatment options that may offer tools to help you doctor determine cal studies and the implications for comparable results, as well as find

out if lifestyle changes or alternative therapies can help. 5. What are the costs? It’s important to know if your doctor’s recommendations are covered by your provincial healthcare plan, and if not, what percentage you can expect your insurance to reimburse. You also need to know what time and emotional costs may apply; for example, if a test requires taking a whole day off work. Find more information online at




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Friday, January 19th, 2018

The Patrika

Friday, January 19th, 2018

New website to improve mental health and wellness for young people in B.C. Vancouver – B.C. youth aged 12 to 24 now have access to a new online resource designed to improve their mental health and well-being.

1 One Hour

Today’s launch is the first phase of the site’s development, with an initial focus on mental health and substance use. To ensure easy access to online resources and tools, the content from the youth mental health website,, has also moved into

Relaxation Massage (reg. $65) 2 Spa Manicure

with Shellac (reg. $58)

3 Spa Pedicure Further information and resources will be integrated over the next year to reflect the core service and resource offerings found within Foundry centres., powered by BC Children’s Hospital, complements the Providence Health Care Foundry centres, working to bridge gaps and remove barriers by bringing together a variety of wellness services and resources under one roof. Foundrybc. ca and the centres were created in partnership with young people and families in communities across B.C.

"Sell with Confidence, Buy with Trust" EXCLUSIVE LISTING

30920 Brookdale

2 lot subdivision approved and in process with the City of Abbotsford

30966 Brookdale "sold in 2 weeks"

3074 Princess St. "sold - over asking"


#200 - 8705 Young Rd. Chilliwack "full commercial building for sale or business for lease"


SUNNY AHUJA REALTOR® @realtorahuja Sutton Group-West Coast Realty

“I come from a background of sales, customer service and business management. I thrive to provide my clients with exceptional service and results. With the benefits of my large network, unique marketing plan and diligent work ethic, I take pridein my abilities of having your property SOLD!”

Contact us :

It feels good to give!


Choose ANY 2 for $90 or ANY 3 for $140!, united with the provincial network of Foundry centres, provides a one-stop digital hub designed to simplify access to mental health care, substance use services, primary care and social services. The website features health information, personal stories, self-assessments, online resources and connections to services to help identify wellness challenges early on.




(reg. $58)

4 Eminence

Buy a $200 Gift Card & Receive a $25 Gift Card

5 Red Light Stimulates Fibroblasts & Pure Light (reg. $60)


Buy one spa service at regular price and get 20% OFF your next visit*

6 30 Min. Indian Head Massage with Eminence Organics Eye Treatment (reg. $58)

Students & Teachers

20% OFF

Organics Forever Young Facial (reg. $68)

spa services

(with valid school ID)*

Offer Ends Dec.31, 2017

*Some conditions apply. Offers ends Dec. 31, 2017


• Eminence Organic Skin Care

• Hydra Facial MD

• Oxygeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial

• Microdermabrasion (only $75)

• Photofacial Skin Rejuvenating Treatment IPL with Radio Frequency (only $70)

• Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

604.852.8929 33341 South Fraser Way

Owner Operatiors and Drivers BC - California - BC ● No Experience Required ● Training will be provided ● Ability to cross border ● Clean Driver Abstract

778-242-SOLD (7653) PAGE 25

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Royal Image Hair Studio

Walk-ins Welcome! - Professional and precise

- We provide best and perfect fade for men’s hair cuts.

Disposing of Broken and Fallen Trees/Branches Due to Storm With the extreme winter weather con- • ditions, residents may have additional tree branches and yard waste that requires disposal. Please refer to the appropriate section below rural or urban, for appropriate disposal methods. RURAL PROPERTIES ONLY - DISPOSAL BY BURNING PERMIT

- Awesome style perfectly blend in layers for ladies hair cuts. asIN aOrqF aqy mrdF dI hyar kwt krdy hF. vflF nMU rMg afeIbrfE QrYizMg vYkisMg hyar stfeIl aqy jUVy vI bnfAuxy hF hor jfxkfrI leI izMpl nMU Pon kro.

Friday, January 19th, 2018


For more information or to make an appointment please call 604.850.8916 or text @ 604.217.6680 or 604.621.4572 #2 - 2664 Gladys Ave. Abbotsford, BC.

Due to the excessive amounts of green and agricultural waste generated on “Rural” properties from the recent extreme weather, the Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service will be adjusting the Burning Permit Process, allowing for a single permit to be issued to burn from the date the permit is issued up to and including March 31, 2018. Branches and stumps can be up to This revised permit will allow the 15cm (6”) in diameter; and property owner to burn a single pile each day up to and including March • Up to ten items (combination of containers, bags or bundles) will be 31, 2018. collected each week. • Open Air Burning Regulations and Guidelines: Rules and regulations re- Materials that do not meet the above packaging unfortunately cannot be main in place for the types accepted with the curbside collection. of materials, clearances and size of With the expected disposal volumes, piles as per our current guide. collection services may temporarily • Check Before You Burn: Burning extend into the early evenings. will only be allowed on days where the Alternatively, tree branches and yard venting index for Abbotsford waste can be dropped off at the Net meets a “good” rating, so please re- Zero Waste composting facility at member to check before you burn. 5050 Gladwin Rd: • Please remember that Open air burning is NOT permitted in URBAN areas • Residents that receive the City’s curbside collection service can use one of at any time of the year. the yard waste coupons Please look up your address online to ensure you are permitted to burn at that were recently mailed out with the annual collection calendar; your location. URBAN AND RURAL PROPER- • Additional charges may apply for TIES - DISPOSAL BY CURBSIDE larger diameter stumps and branches; and COLLECTION Tree branches and green waste can be • A gate charge will apply for those disposed of as part of the City’s curb- without a coupon. side collection service in the Larger stumps and branches are best weekly compost/yard waste by crews handled by a tree service contractor or residents can bring these items to Net as follows: Zero Waste for a charge. • Branches can be tied in bundles or placed in compostable waste containers Other storm-related debris such as damaged fences and building material or paper yard bags; can be taken to: • Branch bundles can be up to 1m (3.3’) in length and up to 60 cm (2’) • First Class Transfer Station at 34613 Vye Road in diameter; • Bundles must be tied with cotton or • Waste Connections of Canada Transfer Station at 34321 Industrial Way. natural string/twine;


The Patrika

Friday, January 19th, 2018




n the 89th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, UNITED SIKHS is honored to remember Dr. King’s legacy as a tireless advocate for universal equality. During his short life, Dr. King ushered in hope in a dream of a diverse, equitable, and just world for all. Grounded in spirituality, Dr. King reflected a fearless and loving spirit of Oneness that continues to inspire millions.

Grounded in the belief that the light of the divine burns in every heart, the Sikh Gurus condemned the disease of intolerance and social inequality while espousing fundamental human freedoms. No price is too little to protect these values and the Sikh Gurus themselves that price with grace. Guru Nanak was a known political dissenter and was imprisoned for speaking out against Babar’s tyranny. Guru Arjan Dev was executed for his refusal to abide by unfair taxation. Guru Har Gobind Ji spent days in Gwalior jail for organizing communities to fight for their freedoms. Guru Tegh Bahadur willingly sacrificed his life so that freedom of expression could flourish in the face of oppression. Guru Gobind Singh finalized the Khalsa commonwealth and empowered individuals to be sovereign and to carry themselves as truly free spiritual beings, beholden to none but the Divine. This legacy of unapologetic commitment towards human equality, dignity, and freedom is echoed in the eternal Guru - Guru Granth Sahib - even today. Today, UNITED SIKHS reaffirms our commitment to celebrate diversity and promote human freedom through advocacy, disaster relief, and community empowerment. Every element of our work is rooted in this fundamental belief of Oneness: every person is

Students and tech sector to benefit from tech-programming expansion Students and the tech sector will benefit from thousands of additional tech-related spaces at public post-secondary institutions throughout British Columbia, announced Melanie Mark, Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. The tech sector in B.C., with more than 10,200 businesses, is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the provincial economy, generating $29 billion in revenue and employing over 106,000 people. The demand for skilled tech workers presents immense opportunities for British Columbia.

The Sikh community is no stranger to the power of divine-inspired activism.

entitled to equal respect and dignity no matter religion, belief, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or language. •Our International Civil and Human Rights Advocacy arm (ICHRA) enables and empowers youth to become engaged community advocates, organizing for change within their local and national communities. Through this program, we also offer legal representation to those whose legal rights are threatened.


“We’re helping students in British Columbia by improving access to education with thousands more tech spaces that include degree, diploma and certificate programs,” said Mark. “Our vibrant tech sector supports good-paying jobs, like computer programmers, engineers and information system analysts. We are investing millions of dollars in the future creators of an innovative, strong and sustainable 21st-century economy.” In total, British Columbia will add about 2,900 tech-related spaces that are expected to result in 1,000 additional grads per year by 2023. Total provincial start-up funding this year is $4.4 million and is expected to increase to $42 million.

neering Building under construction at SFU Surrey. At SFU Surrey, there will be an additional 320 undergraduate spaces and 120 graduate spaces by 2021-22, expected to result in 140 additional graduates per year by 2023. “This important investment will enable Simon Fraser University and other post-secondary institutions to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, and that British Columbia requires to build a strong, sustainable economy,” said Andrew Petter, president, SFU. “The support provided to SFU, specifically, will create a program that will help position B.C. as a global leader in clean-tech and sustainable energy.” Tech-sector workers earn weekly average salaries almost 85% higher than the average wage in B.C. “The Government of British Columbia’s support for training of skilled workers is key to a vibrant and innovative economy in the province,” said Alejandro Adem, Mitacs CEO and scientific director. “We look forward to working with local businesses and post-secondary institutions to create training and research opportunities to ensure up-and-coming tech innovators can easily transition into the job market.”

The 2,900 additional spaces are in new About 83,400 tech-related job openings and expanded programs that include •Sikh Aid, our Disaster Relief opera- the following in the Lower Mainland: in B.C. – such as computer programmers, information system analysts and tions, focuses on bringing support to 440 spaces in undergraduate and software engineers — are expected by vulnerable communities across the graduate-level sustainable-energy 2027. world during times of need. Our engineering degrees at Simon Fraser Over the next four years, the Province disaster relief efforts take the form University (SFU) Surrey will invest more than $200 million in of aid, security, education, and com- 624 spaces in computer science and tech- and science-related post-secondbiomedical and manufacturing engi- ary capital projects. The five-storey, munity development. neering degrees at the University of 15,000-square-metre Sustainable En•The Community Empowerment British Columbia (Vancouver campus) ergy Engineering Building at Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus and Education Directorate (CEED) 300 spaces in information-technology will allow the university to expand is focused on eliminating health diplomas in cyber security, tech arts its research in the energy, hydrogen disparities in minority communities and new media at British Columbia and electricity sectors, in addition to through public health education and Institute of Technology supporting SFU’s sustainable-energy initiatives. 40 spaces in a mechatronics and ad- engineering degrees. It is funded by vanced manufacturing-technology the Government of Canada’s PostIn the spirit of the Guru and those diploma at Kwantlen Polytechnic Secondary Institutions Strategic Investinspired by the Divine like Dr. King, University ment Fund, Province of B.C., SFU and private donors for a total project value we encourage everyone to continue Mark made the announcement during of $126 million. fighting the darkness of hatred with a visit to the Sustainable Energy Engithe divine light of love for all. Regional seat allocations will be announced shortly.


The Patrika


Friday, January 19th, 2018


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The Patrika

Friday, January 19th, 2018



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The Patrika 

Friday, January 19th, 2018

The Patrika

Friday, January 19th, 2018



Â≈Í√∆ Í≥ȱ È∂ Ï∆Â∂ «ÁÈ∆∫ Ù≈Á ¡Ò∆ Á∆ «ÎÒÓ “√»Ó≈” Á≈ Ì≈Â∆ Ù«‚¿±Ò Í»≈ ’∆Â≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬‘ «ÎÒÓ Ì≈Â∆ ‘≈’∆ ‡∆Ó Á∂ √≈Ï’≈ ’ÍÂ≈È √≥Á∆Í «√≥ÿ Á∆ «˜≥Á◊∆ ”Â∂ ¡≈Ë≈ ‘ÀÕ «ÎÒÓ «Úº⁄ ¿∞√ Á∂ È≈Ò «ÁÒ‹∆ Áπ√ªfi ¡Â∂ ¡≥◊Á Ï∂Á∆ ÍzÓπº÷ ̱«Ó’≈ «ÈÌ≈ ‘∂ ‘ÈÕ «√º÷ ÍÚ≈ È≈Ò √≥ÏË ≥ º÷Á∆ Â≈Í√∆ ‘«¡≈‰≈ Á∂ Ù≈‘Ï≈Á «Úº⁄ Ù»«‡≥◊ ’Á∂ √Ó∂∫ ¡≈͉∂ ¡Â∆ Á∆¡ª Ô≈Áª «Úº⁄ ◊∞¡≈⁄ ◊¬∆Õ Á¡√Ò, ¿∞√ Á≈ «˜¡≈Á≈Â ‹∆ÚÈ «ÁºÒ∆ ¡Â∂ Óπ≥Ϭ∆ «Úº⁄ Ï∆«Â¡≈ ‘ÀÕ Íπ≈‰∆¡ª Ô≈Áª ˘ Ù∂¡ ’Á∂ ‘ج∂ Â≈Í√∆ È∂ Áº«√¡≈, “‹Á ÓÀ∫ ¤Ø‡∆ √∆ ª Ò◊Ì◊ ‘ ¤∞º‡∆¡ª «Úº⁄ Í≥‹≈Ï ¡≈͉∂ ‹ºÁ∆ «Í≥‚ ‹ªÁ∆ √∆Õ Óπ≥Ϭ∆ ¡≈¿∞‰ «Íº¤Ø∫ ¿∞Ê∂ ‹≈‰ Á≈ Ï‘∞ ÿº‡ ÓΩ’≈ «Ó«Ò¡≈, Í Ù»«‡≥◊ Á∂ Ò¬∆ Ù≈‘Ï≈Á ¡≈ ’∂ √Ì Íπ≈‰∆¡ª Ô≈Áª Â≈˜≈ ‘Ø ◊¬∆¡ªÕ ¿∞√ Ó≈‘ΩÒ ¡Â∂ ‹◊∑≈ ”Â∂ Ù»«‡≥◊ ’Á∂ ‘ج∂ ÏÛ≈ Ó˜≈ ¡≈«¬¡≈Õ ÷∂ «Úº⁄ ÁΩÛ-ÁΩÛ ’∂ ÷∂‚‰≈, «‡¿±ÏÚÀµÒ Á≈ Í≈‰∆ ¿∞¤≈Ò‰≈, ÿ Á∂ ω∂ Í≥‹≈Ï∆ ÍΩ∫«·¡ª Á≈ Ó˜≈ ÒÀ‰≈ Ú◊∆¡ª Ô≈Áª Â≈˜≈ ‘ج∆¡ªÕ ¿∞È∑ª «¬Ò≈«’¡ª Á∆ ‘Ú≈ ÓÀ˘ ¡Â∆ «Úº⁄ «÷º⁄ ’∂ ÒÀ ‹ªÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ

“√»Ó≈” Á∆ Ù»«‡≥◊ ÓΩ’∂ ‹Û∑ª È≈Ò ‹∞ÛÈ≈ «Ó«Ò¡≈: Â≈Í√∆

«√’ ÒÀ‰≈ ˜»∆ ‡≈¬∆◊ Ù≈Î

Í«‘Ò∆ «ÎÒÓ “‘∆ØÍ≥Â∆” (B@AD) Á∂ Ò¬∆ Ó∂Ò ‚À«Ï¿± ¡Ú≈‚ «ÓÒ‰ Á∂ Ï≈¡Á ‡≈¬∆◊ Ù≈Î ˘ ¡≈¿∞‰ Ú≈Ò∂ ’ºÒ∑ Á≈ √πÍ√‡≈ Ó≥È «Ò¡≈ «◊¡≈Õ ‘ ¿∞Ó Á∂ ÁÙ’ª È∂ ¿∞È∑ª ˘ Í√≥Á ’∆Â≈ ¡Â∂ ¿∞√ ˘ Ï∂‘ºÁ ‡ÀÒ∂∫«‡‚ ¡Â∂ √Ó«Í ’Ò≈’≈ Ú‹Ø∫ Ó≈ÈÂ≈ «ÓÒ ◊¬∆Õ “‘∆ØÍ≥Â∆” Á∂ Ï≈¡Á “Ï≈◊∆” «¬º’ ¡À’ÙÈ ÌÍ» «ÎÒÓ √∆Õ ÁØ Ò◊≈Â≈ «¬º’Ø «‹‘∆¡ª «ÎÒÓª Á∂ È≈Ò ¿∞√ Á∆ ¡À’ÙÈ ‘∆Ø Á∆ «¬Ó∂‹ ω ◊¬∆ Í∂Ù «¬√∂ «√Ò«√Ò∂ «Úº⁄ ‡≈¬∆◊ Ù≈Î È≈Ò ‘ج∆ ◊ºÒÏ≈ Á∂ ’∞fi ¡≥Ù :

* ’ºÒ∑ º’ Â∞‘≈˘ ÈÚ∆∫ Í∆Û∑∆ Á≈ √Ì ÂØ∫ ÚºË ÌØ√Ó ∂ Á ≥ √‡≈ Ó≥«È¡≈ ‹ªÁ≈ √∆Õ ÁØ «ÎÒÓª Á∆ È≈’≈Ó∆ È≈Ò Â∞‘≈‚∆ ÌØ√∂ ÔØ◊Â≈ «Úº⁄ «’≥È≈ ’∞ Î’ ¡≈«¬¡≈ ‘À? - Ï∂Ùº’ Ó∂∆¡ª «Í¤Ò∆¡ª «ÎÒÓª Ï≈’√ ¡≈«Î√ Á∂ «Ò‘≈‹ È≈Ò ˙È≈ ÚË∆¡≈ È‘∆∫ ’ √’∆¡ª, Í≥± «¬º’ ¡À’‡ Á∂ ÂΩ ”Â∂ Ó∂∂ «ÁÒ «Úº⁄ √’»È ‘ÀÕ «‹√ Â∑ª È≈Ò ÓÀ˘ ¡≈Î˜ «ÓÒ ‘∂ ‘È, ¿∞È∑ª ˘ Á∂÷ ’∂ ª «¬‘∆ ’‘ª◊≈ «’ Ó∂∂ ÍzÂ∆ ÒØ’ª Á≈ ÌØ√≈ ÚË «‘≈ ‘ÀÕ * ’∆ ¡º◊∂ Ú∆ «¬Ó∂˜ Á∂ ¿∞Ò‡ ‹Ø«÷Ó ¿∞·≈¿∞‰ Á≈ «¬≈Á≈ ‘À? - ‹∆ «ÏÒ’∞Ò, «’¿∞∫«’ Ó∂≈ Ó≥ȉ≈ ‘À «’ «√’ Á∆ ÏÁΩÒ Â∞√∆∫ Ò◊≈Â≈ ◊zÊ Ø ’Á∂ ‘ØÕ ‹∂ ¡√∆∫ «˜≥Á◊∆ «Úº⁄ «√’ È‘∆∫ ÒÀ∫Á∂ ª «˜≥Á◊∆ ‹∆¿∞‰ Á≈ Ó˜≈ È‘∆∫ ‘ÀÕ «√’ ¿∞·≈ ’∂ √ÎÒÂ≈ ‘≈√Ò ’È È≈Ò «˜≥Á◊∆ Ó˜∂Á≈ ‘Ø ‹ªÁ∆ ‘ÀÕ * Í«‘Òª ÂØ∫ «Ï‘Â ’È Á≈ «’≥È≈ ÁÏ≈¡ «‘≥Á≈ ‘À? - «ÁÈ-≈ ÓÀ∫ «¬‘∆ √Ø⁄Á≈ «‘≥Á≈ ‘ª «’ ‘Ø «Ï‘Â ’∆ ’ª? Ó∂≈ ‡≈◊À‡ ‘Ó∂Ù≈ ’Ò∆¡ «‘≥Á≈ ‘À «¬√ Ò¬∆ «¬È∑ª √≈∆¡ª ⁄∆˜ª ˘ ÓÀ∫ «¬≥‹∞¡≈¬∂ ’Á≈ ‘ªÕ ÓÀ∫ Ó≥ÈÁ≈ ‘ª «’ ‘ Ú≈ Í«‘Ò∂ ÂØ∫ «Ï‘Â ’È≈ ÊØÛ≈∑ ÓπÙ’Ò ‘∞≥Á≈ ‘À, Í «¬√ Á∂ Ò¬∆ Ó∂∆¡ª √≈∆¡ª «Â¡≈∆¡ª ‘Ó∂Ù≈ «‘≥Á∆ ‘ÀÕ * “√‡»‚À∫‡ ¡≈Î «Á ¬∆¡-B” «Úº⁄

√≈≈ Á∆ “’∂Á≈È≈Ê” Á≈ Á»√≈ Ù«‚¿±Ò Í»≈

√ÀÎ ¡Ò∆ ÷≈È ¡Â∂ ¡≥«ÓzÂ≈ «√≥ÿ Á∆ Ï∂‡∆ √≈≈ Á∆ Òª«⁄≥◊ «ÎÒÓ “’∂Á≈È≈Ê” Á≈ Á»√≈ Ù«‚¿±Ò Ú∆ Í»≈ ‘Ø «◊¡≈ ‘ÀÕ «ÎÒÓ ‚≈«¬À’‡ ¡«ÌÙ∂’ ’Í» È∂ √ØÙÒ Ó∆‚∆¡≈ ¿∞Â∂ ÷Ï Ù∂¡ ’Á∂ ‘ج∂ Ù»«‡≥◊ Á∂ ¡≈÷∆ «ÁÈ Á∂ Î؇ؘ Ú∆ Ù∂¡ ’∆Â∂Õ «ÎÒÓ Ô»«È‡ ÓπÂ≈Ï’ «ÎÒÓ Á≈ ¡◊Ò≈ Ù«‚¿±Ò ÎÚ∆ «Úº⁄ ‘ØÚ∂◊≈ ¡Â∂ √≥Ì≈ÚÈ≈ ‘À «’ «¬‘ Ù«‚¿±Ò ¡Ó∆’≈ Á∂ «È¿± Ô≈’ «Úº⁄ ‘ØÚ∂◊≈Õ ¡«ÌÙ∂’ ’Í» Á∆ ’«˜È «√√‡Ó ¬∂’Â≈ ’Í» ÚºÒØ∫ Ï≈Ò≈‹∆ «Úº⁄ ω≈¬∆ ‹≈ ‘∆ «¬‘ «ÎÒÓ Í«‘Òª ¡ÍzÀÒ B@AH «Úº⁄ «Ò∆˜ ‘؉∆ √∆, ‘∞‰ «¬√ ˘ Á√≥Ï B@AH

«Úº⁄ «Ò∆˜ ’È Á≈ ÎÀ√Ò≈ ‘Ø«¬¡≈ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ ÁΩ≈È Ï≈Ò∆Ú∞‚ º «Úº⁄ ⁄⁄≈ ◊Ó ‘À «’ ¡«ÌÙ∂’ Â∂ «ÎÒÓ «ÈÓ≈‰ √«‘ÔØ◊∆ ’≥ÍÈ∆ ’∆¡˜ Á∆ Óπ÷∆ Íz∂È≈ ¡ØÛ≈ Á∂ ÓÂÌ∂Á ÚË ◊¬∂ ‘ÈÕ √»Âª Á≈ ’«‘‰≈ ‘À «’ «ÎÒÓ Á∆ «Ò∆˜ Â∆’ Ï≈∂ ÁØÚª «Úº⁄ ÓÂÌ∂Á ‘ÈÕ ¡«ÌÙ∂’ BA Á√≥Ï ˘ «ÎÒÓ «Ò∆˜ ’È≈ ⁄≈‘∞≥Á∂ ‘È, Íz∂È≈ ¿∞√ «ÁÈ «Ò∆˜ ‘؉ Ú≈Ò∆ Ù≈‘∞÷ ÷≈È Á∆ «ÎÒÓ Á∂ È≈Ò ‡’≈¡ ÂØ∫ Ï⁄‰ Á∂ «Ò∆˜ Á∆ Â∆’ ÏÁÒ‰≈ ⁄≈‘∞Á ≥ ∆ ‘ÀÕ ¡«ÌÙ∂’ È∂ ÓÂÌ∂Áª Á∆¡ª ÷Ïª Á≈ ÷≥‚È ’∆Â≈ ‘À, Íz≥± ’∆¡˜ Á∂ √»Âª È∂ ÍπÙ‡∆ ’∆Â∆ ¡Â∂ «’‘≈ ‘À «’ √≥ÌÚ ‘À «’ «ÎÒÓ Á∆ «Ò∆˜ ‚∂‡ ÏÁÒ «ÁºÂ∆ ‹≈¬∂Õ

¡≈«÷’≈ ’≥◊È≈ Á∆ ’ØÒ‚ Ú≈ ‘Ø ‘∆ ◊¬∆ ÷ÂÓ

÷πÁ ˘ «’√∂ ÂØ∫ ÿº‡ È‘∆∫ Ó≥ÈÁ∆ ’À‡∆È≈ ’ÀÎ “‡≈¬∆◊ «˜≥Á≈ ‘À” Á∆ √ÎÒÂ≈ Á≈ ‹ÙÈ ÓÈ≈ ‘∆ ’À‡∆È≈ ’ÀÎ «¬È∑∆∫ «ÁÈ∆∫ √ÓπÁ ≥  ’≥„∂ ¡≈≈Ó ÎÓ≈¿∞∫Á∆ Ș ¡≈ ‘∆ ‘ÀÕ ‘≈Ò ‘∆ ”⁄ «¬’ «¬≥‡«Ú¿± ÁΩ≈È ’À‡∆È≈ È∂ “‡≈¬∆◊ «˜≥Á≈ ‘À” «ÎÒÓ ”⁄ ØÒ Ï≈∂ ÷πºÒ∑ ’∂ ◊ºÒÏ≈ ’∆Â∆Õ ’À‡∆È≈ «ÎÒÓ ”⁄ ¡≈͉∂ ÁÓÁ≈ ØÒ ”Â∂ «ÓÒ ‘∆¡ª Â≈∆Ϊ ÂØ∫ ’≈Î∆ ÷πÙ ‘ÀÕ ¿∞√ Á≈ Ó≥ȉ≈ ‘À «’ ¡≈͉∆ √ÓºÊ≈ Â∂ ‘Ø∫Á «Á÷≈¿∞‰ Ò¬∆ ˜»∆ È‘∆∫ «’ Â∞√∆∫ √ØÒØ Ò∆‚ ØÒ Ú≈Ò∆¡ª «ÎÒÓª ’ØÕ √Ì ÂØ∫ ˜»∆ ‘À Â∞√∆∫ «ÎÒÓ ”⁄ ¡≈͉∂ ØÒ ”⁄ «Ï‘Â ’ØÕ “‡≈¬∆◊ «˜≥Á≈ ‘À” ”⁄ √ÒÓ≈È ÷≈È Á∆ Ï≈ÁÙ≈‘ ‘؉ Á∂

«’√ Â∑ª Á≈ ØÒ «ÈÌ≈ ‘∂ ‘Ø? - ÓÀ∫ ¡‹∂ «¬√ Ï≈∂ ’∞fi È‘∆∫ Áº√ √’ª◊≈, È‘∆∫ ª ’‰ √ ÂØ∫ Ï‘∞ «fiÛ’ª ÍÀ‰◊∆¡ªÕ «ÎÒ‘≈Ò «¬≥È≈ ‘∆ ’‘ª◊≈ «’ ÓÀ∫ «ÎÒÓ Â∂ ¡≈͉∂ «’Á≈ Ï≈∂ ’≈Î∆ ◊≥Ì∆ ‘ª ¡Â∂ «Ó‘È ’È Á∆ ’Ø«ÙÙ ’ «‘≈ ‘ªÕ * ⁄ÒØ “√‡»‚À∫‡ ¡≈Î «Á ¬∆¡ B” Á∂ Ï≈∂ È≈ √‘∆, Í “Ï≈◊∆B” Á∂ Ï≈∂ ‘∆ ’∞fi Áº√Ø? - “Ï≈◊∆ B” B@AH Á∆ √Ì ÂØ∫ Úº‚∆ ¡À’ÙÈ ÍÀ’ «ÎÒÓ ‘ØÚ◊ ∂ ∆Õ «¬√ Á∂ ¡À’ÙÈ √∆È ÏÛ∂ ˜ÏÁ√ ‘؉◊∂Õ «¬√ «Úº⁄ Ó∂∆ «¬º’ «ÏÒ’∞Ò ¡Òº◊ Ò∞’ ‘ØÚ∂◊∆Õ «¬√ «Úº⁄ Ó∂∂ ¡≈ÍØ«˜‡ «ÁÙ≈ Í≈‡È∆ ‘ÀÕ «¬‘ «ÁÙ≈ ¡Â∂ Ó∂∆ «¬’º«·¡ª Í«‘Ò∆ «ÎÒÓ ‘ÀÕ «¬√ ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª ¡√∆∫ «¬º’ «Ó¿±«˜’ ¡ÀÒÏÓ ’∆Â≈ √∆Õ * ‘≈Ò∆Ú∞º‚ «ÎÒÓ “À∫ÏØ” Á∂ «‘≥Á∆ ∆Ó∂’ Á∂ Ï≈∂ ’∆ ’«‘‰≈ ⁄≈‘Ø◊? ∂ - “À∫ÏØ” ÂØ∫ ÓÀ˘ ’≈Î∆ ¡√ª ‘ÈÕ «¬º’ √πÍ«‘º‡ ‘≈Ò∆Ú∞‚ º Á≈ ∆Ó∂’ ‘؉ Á∂ ’≈È ÁÙ’ Ú∆ «¬√ Á∂ ÍzÂ∆ Ï‘∞ «˜¡≈Á≈ ¡≈Ù≈Ú≈È ‘ÈÕ «¬√ Á∂ Ò¬∆ ÓÀ∫ ’≈Î∆ «Â¡≈∆ ’ª◊≈, Í ⁄≈‘∞≥Á≈ ‘ª «’ «ÎÒÓ Ù∞» ‘؉ ÂØ∫ Í«‘Òª “Ï≈◊∆ B” ¡Â∂ “√‡»‚À∫‡√ ¡≈Î Á∆ ¬∆¡ B” Á∆ Ù»«‡≥◊ Í»∆ ’ ÒÚª ª «’ «¬√ Á∂ Ò¬∆ Í»∆ Â∑ª ÎØ’√ ‘Ø ’∂ ’≥Ó ’ √’ªÕ “À∫Ï”Ø «¬º’ ¡À’ÙÈ «ÎÒÓ ‘ÀÕ ¡À’ÙÈ ÓÀ˘ √Ì ÂØ∫ «˜¡≈Á≈ Í√≥Á ‘ÀÕ «¬√ Ò¬∆ «¬√ «ÎÒÓ «Úº⁄ ¡≈͉≈ ÏÀ√‡ Á∂‰ Á∆ ’Ø«ÙÙ ’ª◊≈Õ Ó∂∆ ’Ø«Ù√ «’√∂ Á∆ Íπ‹∆ÙÈ ÒÀ‰ Ò¬∆ È‘∆∫ ÏÒ«’ «¬√ Ò¬∆ ‘ØÚ∂◊∆ «’ ¡≈͉∆ ¡À’«‡≥◊ È≈Ò ¿∞È∑ª ˘ √ÈÓ≈È Á∂ √’ªÕ

Ï≈Ú‹»Á ’À‡∆È≈ Á∂ ¡À’ÙÈ √∆Ș Á∆ ’≈Î∆ Â≈∆Î ‘Ø ‘∆ ‘À Í √ØÒØ Ò∆‚ ØÒ Á∆ ◊ºÒ ’«Á¡ª ’À‡ Á≈ «¬Ù≈≈ «√ºË≈ ’≥◊È≈ ‰Ω Â∂ «Ú«Á¡≈ Ï≈ÒÈ ÚºÒ ‘ÀÕ Áº√‰ÔØ◊ ‘À «’ ÒßÓ∂ √Ó∂∫ ÂØ∫ Ï≈Ò∆Ú∞º‚ Á∆¡ª «Ï‘Â∆È ¡«ÌÈ∂Â∆¡ª ’≥◊È≈ Â∂ «Ú«Á¡≈ √ØÒØ Ò∆‚ ØÒ Á∆¡ª «ÎÒÓª ˘ ¡≈͉∂ ÁÓ ”Â∂ ⁄Ò≈¿∞∫Á∆¡ª ÈÚ∂∫ «’≈‚ √Àµ‡ ’ ‘∆¡ª ‘ÈÕ Ù≈‘∞÷ Á∂ «¬Ò≈Ú≈ «ÎÒÓ «Úº⁄ ’À‡∆È≈ ’ÀÎ ¡Â∂ ¡È∞Ù’≈ ÙÓ≈ Óπº÷ «’Á≈ª «Úº⁄ ‘ÈÕ Ù≈‘∞÷ «¬√ «ÎÒÓ «Úº⁄ ÏΩ‰∂ Á∆ ̱«Ó’≈ «Úº⁄ Ș ¡≈¿∞‰◊∂Õ

Ï≈Ò∆Ú∞º‚ ¡Á≈’≈≈ ’≥◊È≈ ‰Ω Â∂ «ÈÓ≈Â≈«ÈÁ∂Ù’ ’È ‹Ω‘ «Ú⁄≈Ò∂ ⁄ºÒ ‘∆ ’ØÒ‚ Ú≈ ÂØ∫ √Ì Ú≈’Î ‘È Í ‘≈Ò ‘∆ «Úº⁄ ’≥◊È≈ Â∂ ’È ÁØÚª È∂ ‘∆ ¡≈͉∂ «Ú⁄≈Ò∂ √≈∂ «ÚÚ≈Áª ˘ «¬º’ Í≈√∂ º÷ ’∂ «¬º’-Á»‹∂ ˘ ◊Ò∂ Ò≈ «Ò¡≈ ‘ÀÕ ’È Â∂ ’≥◊‰≈ «Úº⁄ ‘ج∂ «ÚÚ≈Á È∂ ’≈Î∆ √π  ÷∆¡ª χØ∆¡ª √ÈÕ ÁØÚª «Ú⁄≈Ò∂ «¬º’-Á»‹∂ ”Â∂ «¬Ò˜≈Ó Ò≈¿∞‰ Á≈ ÁΩ Ú∆ ÒßÏ≈ ⁄º«Ò¡≈ √∆ Í ‘∞‰ √≈‘Ó‰∂ ¡≈¬∆¡ª Â√Ú∆ª ÂØ∫ √≈Î ‘Ø «◊¡≈ ‘À «’ ÁØÚª È∂ «¬√ ’ØÒ‚ Ú≈ ˘ ıÂÓ ’ «ÁºÂ≈ ‘ÀÕ ¡√Ò ”⁄ «¬‘ Â√Ú∆ª “«¬≥‚∆¡≈˜ ÈÀ’√‡ √πÍ√‡≈” Á∂ √Àµ‡ Á∆¡ª ‘È, «‹ºÊ∂ ’≥◊‰≈ Â∂ ’È È∂ ¡≈͉∆ ÁØ√Â∆ ˘ «¬º’ ÓΩ’≈ Á∂‰≈ ÓπÈ≈√Ï √Ó«fi¡≈Õ «¬√ ÁΩ≈È √≈¬∆‡ ”Â∂ Ø«‘ ÙÀµ‡∆ Ú∆ ÓΩ‹Á » √ÈÕ ¿∞Ȫ∑ È∂ Ú∆ ’≥◊‰≈ Â∂

’È È≈Ò «ÓÒ ’∂ ’≈Î∆ Ó√Â∆ ’∆Â∆Õ ’≥◊‰≈, ‹Ω‘ Á∂ ÙØ¡ “’ΩÎ∆ «ÚÁ ’È” «Úº⁄ ◊¬∆ √∆, «‹ºÊ∂ ¿∞È∑ª È∂ ’È Â∂ “ÈÀÍØ«‡˜Ó” ÓÂÒÏ “Í«Ú≈Ú≈Á” ˘ ÚË≈¿∞‰ Á≈ «¬Ò˜≈Ó Ò≈«¬¡≈ √∆Õ ¿∞√ √Ó∂∫ ÂØ ∫ ‘∆ «¬È∑ ª ÁØ Ú ª «Ú⁄≈Ò∂ Ò◊≈Â≈ «¬Ò˜≈ÓÏ≈˜∆ ⁄ºÒ ‘∆ √∆Õ ‘≈Òª«’ ‘∞‰ ÁØÚª Á∆¡ª Â√Ú∆ª ˘ Á∂÷‰ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á «¬‘ ’«‘‰≈ ˆÒ ȑ∆∫ ‘ØÚ◊ ∂ ≈ «’ ’È ‹Ω‘ Â∂ ’≥◊‰≈ «Ú⁄≈Ò∂ ⁄ºÒ ‘∆ «¬√ «¬Ò˜≈ÓÏ≈˜∆ Á∆ ’Û∆ ÷ÂÓ ‘Ø ◊¬∆ ‘ÀÕ ÷À «¬√ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á Ú∆ «¬‘ Á∂÷‰≈ «ÁÒ⁄√Í ‘ØÚ◊ ∂ ≈ «’, ’∆ ’È ‹Ω‘ ’≥◊‰≈ ˘ ’ج∆ «ÎÒÓ ¡≈Î ’Á∂ ‘È ‹ª È‘∆∫ Â∂ ’È ‹∂’ ¡≈Î ’Á∂ ‘È Âª ’≥◊‰≈ ¿∞√ ˘ ’Ï»Ò ’Á∆ ‘À ‹ª È‘∆∫Õ ’È Â∂ ’≥◊‰≈ Á∆ «¬√ ’À«Ó√‡∆ ˘ Á∂÷‰ ÂØ∫ Ï≈¡Á ÎÀÈ√ ’≈Î∆ ÷πÙ ‘؉ Ú≈Ò∂ ‘ÈÕ


The Patrika



Friday, January 19th, 2018

jyT (ibRK) sMkRFqI


joiqS, Eqy  Eqy 604-751-0220 kro





myK- kwP vfXU ivkfr, afriQk hfnI, PjLUl df Krcf hovy, mn pryslfn, apmfn df zr, Brf dy pwKo aqy imwqr bMDU qoN lfB, sMqfn df suwK, kfrobfr afs anusfr TIk rhy. dsMbr 16,17,26,27, jnvrI(2018 eI:) 3,4,12,13,asLuwB hn.

Both the goals and beliefs you have established over the last 3 years now move to a stage that will put you under pressure to commit in a serious way during the next 3 years. You can experience a sudden insight this week that encourages a new approach, with your thinking becoming clearer for decision making to mid January.

You will move on from underlying pressure from the expectations of somebody else that has affected your life in an underlying manner for the last 3 years. There are certain things you have had to learn to let go of as well. The next 3 years will lack the same boundaries and encourage you to work out what is important long term.

  ibRK – ishq Krfb, iesqrI pwK nfl axvx, Drm krm ivwc mn lwgy, afmdn – Krc brfbr, dusLmn guwJy ZMg nfl quhfzf nuksfn krngy. dsMbr 18,19,20,28,29, jnvrI(2018 eI:) 5,6,asLuwB hn.



imQn – isr aqy nyqrF ivwc qklIP, afriQk lfB ho ky hfnI hovygI, swty df kMm nf kro, injI lokF qoN suwK imly, dusLmn pRysLfn kry, sLuB kfrj hux pr swt cot qoN bco. dsMbr 21,22,30,31, jnvrI(2018 eI:) 7,8,9,asLuwB hn.



isMG- ishq TIk, ivkfs rfhF qy awgy vDogy, afriQk lfB, nvIN Xojnf bxy, icMqf ivwc vfDf, njLdIkI lokF nfl axbx, sMpqI aqy GrylU JMJt. dsMbr ,16,17,26,27 jnvrI(2018 eI:) 3,4,12,13,asLuwB hn.


7  qulf- nyqr-ksLt, vfXU-ivkfr, dusLmnF qon sfvDfn, kfrobfr ivwc vfDf, aqy nvyN nvyN pRogrfm bxn, PjUl df Krc hovy. dsMbr 21,22,30,31, jnvrI(2018 eI:) 7,8,9,asLuwB hn.


ibRsick – pyt Krfb rhy, ishq vfsqy ivsLsyL Krc hovy, BfeI bMDU qoN suK ilmy, dusLmnF qoN sfvDfn rho, Xfqrf suKdfeI rhy, afmdn Krc brfbr rihx. dsMbr 15,23,24,25, jnvrI(2018 eI:) 1,2,10,11,asLuwB hn.



Dn- vfXU rog kfrx prisLfnI, ipafry swjxF nUM ksLt, nvIN Xojnf aqy puwqr qoN hfnI df zr, iesqrI-suwK, Drm-krm ivwc mn lwgy, suLwB kfrj hox. dsMbr ,16,17,26,27 jnvrI(2018 eI:) 3,4,12,13,asLuwB hn.

10  mkr- ishq Krfb, afriQk lfB ho ky ivsLysL Krc hovy, injI jn ksLt, imwqr nfl ivgfV, iesqrI-pwK qoN icMqf. dsMbr 18,19,20,28,29, jnvrI(2018 eI:) 5,6,asLuwB hn.

11  kuMB- ishq TIk, afriQk sMkt kfrx mn prysLfn, injI lokF nfl axbx, nvIn Xojnf aqy Xfqrf ivwc ksLt, iesqrI-suwK, kfrobfr ivec hfnI df zr. dsMbr 21,22,30,31, jnvrI(2018 eI:) 7,8,9,asLuwB hn.



mIn – nyqr aqy isr pIVf, PjLUl Krc hovy, Brf nfl axbx, imwqr qoN sihXog, afmdn Krc nfl sMqosLt. dsMbr 15,23,24,25, jnvrI(2018 eI:) 1,2,10,11,asLuwB hn


Greater attention to detail will be required of you over the next 3 years, which could inhibit your natural skill to take things as they come or deal with them at the time. If you embrace this you can develop the ability to speed up processes through greater efficiency. Praise can be lacking so you need to be content with yourself.

The greater your focus has been in the last 3 years on getting a good foundation in place with any set of circumstances in your life, including family, the more you can enjoy the rewards in the next 3 years. With this can come a greater sense of peace or the ability to relax. Responsibilities involving young people can be important.

Things you have learnt, which can include study or information you have gathered over the last 3 years now take you to the next stage of committing yourself during the next 3 years. You now have to get serious about what you are putting in place because it will form a foundation for a long period of time. It can include family.

There has been a need to apply sense and caution to your personal finances during the last 3 years. What you have learned from this can now open up your mind to all sorts of ideas and possibilities during the next 3 years. To your birthday 2018, you need to keep any sense of impulse under control to make the most of future growth

Saturn moves on from your sign where it has been for the last 3 years putting you under pressure to be serious and responsible and perhaps bringing restrictions into your life. This will now be the case with your finances during the next 3 years. You can do extremely well here as long as you are not wasteful. Fall back on your newfound maturity that should have developed in the last 3 years.

Saturn, your ruling planet, moves into your sign where it will remain for the next 3 years. This will provide plenty of opportunity for you to be successful with any situation you are prepared to commit yourself to. You have natural tendencies towards serious commitment and this can pay hansom dividends, though you might need to teach others to be more responsible, rather than you doing it for them.

Life has directed you to focus in a serious way on priorities that need to be most important in your life during the last 3 years. You have likely changed your view on these as well. During the next 3 years you will need a lot of patience as progress might seem held back as you will need to withdraw a lot for deep considerations.

Commitments and responsibilities have put you under a lot of pressure during the last 3 years. At times it probably felt like overload. As a result, this will now take you to the stage of becoming more acutely aware of what should take priority, based on what you wish to get out of life. These decisions need to come from you.


kMinaf- gupq icMqf, ishq TIk, Brf df ksLt, rfj pwK sLuB, iesqrI suwK, kfrobfr TIk. dsMbr 18,19,20,28,29, jnvrI(2018 eI:) 5,6,asLuwB hn.


You will move out of the realm, which has affected you for the last 3 years, where it has been difficult to know the level of appreciation others really have for your efforts or to know where you stand. You will certainly get more attention in the next 3 years but need to be mindful of just how much responsibility you take on.


krk- vfXU- ivkfr, afriQk lfB hovy, BfeI bMDU df suwK, nvIN Xojnf aqy sMqfn pwK qoN hfnI df zr, mhIny dy awD qon iesqrI pwK qoN icMqf, Xfqrf ivwc swt lwgx df zr, afmdn nfloN Krc ijafdf. dsMbr 15,23,24,25, jnvrI(2018 eI:) 1,2,3,10,11,asLuwB hn.


You should review what you have learned about commitments involving others in the last 3 years and the pressure you might have experienced as a result. This will not magically disappear in the next 3 years but can become more subtle, though there will be a definite controlling factor, either by others or life’s circumstances.

The Patrika

Friday, January 19th, 2018


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

From Balwant Sanghera’s Desk


he month of January is closely associated with Lohri. It is celebrated by people all over India and abroad by people of Indian heritage. Lohri reminds us of our childhood in India. Groups of boys and girls would go from house to house asking for goodies of different kinds and even cash that were used to buy more goodies and share amongst everyone. Sitting around the bonfire at a central spot in the villages and towns and eating goodies collected and shared was the highlight for not only the children but also adults.

Well Pump Installation and Service

5390 Gladwin Road Abbotsford BC HARRIS RD







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asIN sYpitk tYNk lfAuNdy hF We install septic tanks

Anand Irrigation


(Balwant Sanghera is a retired School Psychologist and Community Activist)

ANAND Irrigation


Balwant Sanghera


In order to ensure the success of this special event a number of dedicated women led by Mrs. Kashmir Kaur Johal worked hard all through the week to prepare gift bags of peanuts and rarian to hand out to the participants on January 13. Also, all of them worked tirelessly to prepare delicious langar for the large number of attendees. Giani Tarlochan Singh and his Jatha delighted the devotees with melodious kirtan. All in all, it was a very enjoyable celebration. At the conclusion everyone prayed to God Almighty for the welfare of humanity. On behalf of the Gurdwara Management Committee, President Balbir Singh Jawanda and General Secretary Chain Singh Batth thanked the Sangat, families and helpers for their participation in this special event.


Here is a list of the children who brought joy and happiness to their families during the past few months: Kaden Singh Basi,Mia Kaur Khatkar,Shay Singh Mann,Amrish Kaur Atwal,Akal Singh Johal,Linnia Shimlo Singh,Jiwan Singh Minhas,Tej Singh Bennett,Ashan Singh Atwal,Karsan Singh Sran, Ania Kaur Hayer,Avneet Kaur Lehal and

Sahibdeep Singh Basra. In addition to that, Manjinder Singh Sidhu and Manpreet Kaur Sidhu celebrated the first Lohri after their wedding earlier. The entire Gurdwara was overflowing with happy and enthusiastic people .


Lohri is reported to come from the word Loh which means the light and the warmness of fire. It coincides with the festivals like Pongal (in Tamil Nadu), Bhogali, Bhogi and Makara Sakranti (Andhra Pardesh). This is the time when people usually discard old and derelict things and concentrate on new things causing a change or transformation. In Punjab, Lohri is associated with the arrival of a new born baby into a family. It is natural that the celebration of Lohri by NRIs is not the same. However, still there are a lot of commonalties. At India Cultural Centre of Canada Gurdwara Nanak Niwas on Richmond’s Highway to Heaven Lohri is celebrated every year with a great deal of enthusiasm. Like previous years, this year again thirteen families blessed with a child invited their relatives and friends to join them at the Gurdwara and seek blessings of God Almighty for the health and well-being of the newest members of their families.

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ierIgySn ienst`lySn

• Post Pounding

post l`auxy

• Drip and Sprinkler Systems

fir@p Eqy spirMklr

• Ditch Digging and Cleaning

if@c putxIE~ Eqy s`P krnIE~

• Farm Drains

Kyq~ iv@c fryn p`auxy

Workers Wanted: Welder & General helper good wages, must speak English, knowledge of Punjabi will be an asset We Specialize in Blueberry Draining Systems

Call Tarsem Singh at 604-897-2152 or 604-852-0552 PAGE 33

The Patrika



Friday, January 19th, 2018

iswDU ny jilHafˆvfly bfg leI modI qoˆ mMgy ñúú kroV

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The Patrika

Friday, January 19th, 2018



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oday, there are more than 122,000 British Columbians living in the province who have been diagnosed with cancer in the past decade – this is about 2.7 per cent of the population. The number of cancer survivors in the province has grown steadily with the growth and aging of the population; at the same time, cancer survival rates have increased for most common cancers further increasing the number of British Columbians who have survived a diagnosis of cancer.

When cancer is your “new normal” to offer support? BC Cancer Agency has spokespeople available for interviews on these topics to coincide with National Cancer Survivors’ Day this Sunday, June 4.

Sunaina Sharma is living with stage four medullary-type breast cancer and, like many people who have survived cancer, continues to suffer from major depressive episodes as a result of it. She sees her cancer as a result of living a fast-paced, type-A lifestyle that did not allow her a chance “stop and breathe.” Nowadays Sunaina But when treatments end the struggle coaches people living with cancer to is still not over for many. Some con- help them reclaim what she calls their tinue to face cognitive issues like “new normal”. depression or sleep deprivation. Oth- “I was a workaholic and nothing ers may have body image anxiety or else. When I was first diagnosed with challenges returning to work. What cancer in 2004, I was in complete is it like to be a “cancer survivor” denial. I headed back to work and did and what’s the best way for others everything I’d done before. I’m not

“Just because treatment has ended for someone that has survived an experience with cancer, does not mean that cancer is over for them. They may have to deal with the disease for the rest of their lives. Not just physically, but psychological, socially and emotionally. For those that are living with cancer, what they say they need most Sarah Sample is a social worker and is to be seen and heard; to be encourprofessional practice leader in Patient aged and supported to move forward and Family Counselling at the BC in their own way, in their own time.” Cancer Agency in Vancouver. She has been at the Agency working with Read more here: http://www.bccanpatients and families dealing with when-cancer-is-your-new-normal cancer for 25 years. embarrassed to admit that I’ve grown more in the last few years than I did in the 50 years previous to that. After this experience, I like to compare cancer to the pit in a cherry: while the pit might appear to get in the way of the fruit, if you plant it, it may produce more cherries.”


The Patrika


Friday, January 19th, 2018


For the Record: It’s Okay to Be Offended Welcome to 2018. I’d like to start the new year by letting you know that “I’m okay with you being offended.”

As noted in my introduction, the tone of this column is somewhat facetious. However, it does beg the question: Why do we get so easily offended? Here I will turn to speaker and author Ryan Michler (Order of Man) who breaks down the process of being offended – more specifically, why we respond the way we do.

You see, I have reached a point where I am simply too exhausted to always second guess everything I say for the sake of political correctness. Thus, it would simply be easier to make my Michler begins with examining our peace with the idea of offending you. own attitude. Are we being hyperNow before I go any further, I should sensitive because we lack an ability point out a couple of things. First, to accept other people’s perspectives? I am being mildly facetious (so Is our nature to be defensive? Do please, don’t be offended). Second, we tend to react from an emotional I am not talking about intentionally (generally speaking, irrational) place? using words or engaging in actions If any of these apply, Michler sugthat are deigned to sadden, discour- gests that “we are missing-out!” age, hurt, offend or otherwise cause Whether it be taking a negative critinegative emotions in others. What cism and turning it in to a learning I am talking about is the notion that opportunity, to being able to check getting offended is simply a part of your emotions at the door and focus life. More importantly – and this is on evidence-based decision making, the part more and more people seem being offended can bring with it an to forget – when you get offended, opportunity for individual growth that should not be missed. nothing actually happens! I suppose it was Christmas that brought this out in me (I know… the irony). The thing is, once again we had to navigate the choppy waters of political correctness as we found ourselves asking if it’s still ‘okay’ to wish people a Merry Christmas, or if it’s ‘offensive’ and we should therefore wish them Happy Holidays. As a person of faith, I wish people a Merry Christmas because I believe in the ‘reason for the season’. When I do wish someone a Merry Christmas I have no agenda other than to extend my best wishes. Let me also state that I am never offended when someone of a different religious or cultural belief wishes me well. I don’t get offended when someone of Asian descent wishes me Happy New Year in the middle of February as part of the Chinese New Year. I don’t get offended when someone of South Asian descent wishes me Happy Diwali in October. I don’t get offended when my Jewish friends wish me Happy Hanukah. Why? Because it’s not about the words, but rather the spirit and sentiments behind them.

For The Record… PAGE 36

Michler then goes on to talk about root causes. He breaks down the notion of being offended in to three basic categories: insecurity, guilt and being an ‘idiot’. With respect to insecurity, this is perhaps the most difficult thing to make one’s peace with because it requires a degree of both emotional intelligence and resiliency. As to guilt, this one is interesting because we know if we’re guilty of something, and yet it still offends us that someone else can think so little of us! Finally, when it comes to being an ‘idiot’, that one is simple – some people speak from a place of opinion rather than knowledge. Thus, you already know they are full of… you know… so it truly shouldn’t bother you.

son it’s up to you to change your circumstances to limit those experiences in your own life. Finally, and most importantly, be grounded in who you are. So long as you’re living a life based on your principle and conviction, you can always rise above the rest without feeling the need to call people out or get unnecessarily offended. Justin P. Goodrich is the Managing Partner of Alliance In short... let’s dialPublic & Government Relations. back all the rhetoric Previous editions of ‘For The Record’ can be found around ‘being ofonline at: fended’ and take a little more personal around us – after all, that’s also a part ownership with respect to how we respond to the people and situations of living in a democracy!

WORKERS WANTED FOR LUMBER MILL Job Title: . Grader Man . Plainer Man

So then, if you are among those who get easily offended on a regular basis, Michler suggests the following: First, always look at the source. If they lack credibility, shrug it off. Alternatively, if they are credible and you know them to be well-intentioned and non-malicious, then give them the benefit of the doubt. Next, avoid people or situations that offend you. If you are genuinely a sensitive per-

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Friday, January 19th, 2018

The Patrika 





The Patrika 

Friday, January 19th, 2018

Friday, January 19th, 2018

The Patrika 



The Patrika



Friday, January 19th, 2018

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Do you have a special memory or memorabilia to share from either Philip Sheffield High (PSHS) or Elementary School? If so, The Reach, who is partnering with some of those alumni, Abbotsford Virtual School and UFV would love to hear from you. These history advocates have joined forces to collect and record the personal memories of students and collect memorabilia in preparation of developing an online history and exhibition of the school. When Philip Sheffield closed in 2007, the closing ceremony was attended by hundreds of former high school and elementary school students and


same time, Sheffield had taken on improvements to the existing Sumas Abbotsford Consolidated High School: the construction of a new community auditorium and state of the art trades facility funded jointly by the Province and the community. Built adjacent to the high school, the 800 seat auditorium provided a venue for local community The individual school districts of Ab- events and the trades wing housed botsford, Sumas and Matsqui had just manual training and home economics become the first amalgamated school rooms. district in the province of BC. Philip Sheffield was hired to administer the Sheffield did not live to see the complemerger and pave the way for future tion of his vision for Abbotsford educadevelopment, improvements to school tion but when the auditorium was dedifacilities and reorganization of cur- cated in December 1936, the school riculum and teaching staffs. At the was renamed the Philip Sheffield teachers who shared fond memories of their time there. “Philip Sheffield High School was the cutting edge of education when it opened in 1936,” says Kris Foulds, The Reach Curator of Historical Collections, “and most of Abbotsford’s civic leaders attended PSHS.”

Memorial High School in the devoted board administrator’s honour. It was replaced by Abbotsford Senior Secondary in 1955 and shifted its mandate to the education of elementary students in conjunction with Abbotsford Elementary, which housed primary grades. Abbotsford Elementary closed in 2005 but the building housed a new educational direction, the Abbotsford Virtual School. Once bursting at the seams with students: two to a desk and attending class in storage areas at times, declining inner city enrollment forced the School District to close Philip Sheffield in 2007.

The Patrika

Friday, January 19th, 2018



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dyK-Bfl krn vflLy dI loV hY

iqMn bwicaF leI dyK-Bfl krn vflLf cfhIdf hY. ieh Pul tfeIm kMm hY. qnKLfh: $11.50 QF: aYbtsPorz bI sI. BfsLF: aMgRyjLI. loVF: hfeI skUl kIqI hovy aqy 1-2 sfl tryinMg jF anuBv hovy. kMm: bwicaF dI dyK-Bfl kry, Kfxf iksy vI qrHF rYnovysLn krvfAux leI sMprk kro bxfvy aqy iKlfvy, bwicaF nUM nlLfvy aqy kpVy puafvy. ivakqI sfPL- suQrf, surwiKaq, aqy vDIaf mhOl bxf ky rKy. muPq ivc rihx vflLf QF vI idwqf jf skdf hY jy quhfnUM cfhIdf hovy. not : ieh rujLgfrI dI sLrq nhIN. sMprk kro: / 604.721.5757

Spl: We Do Cabinet Installation for New or Old Houses All Kinds of Renovations Basement Washroom Kitchen Painting Plumbing

Drywall Roofing Framing Siding Tile

* Full Finish Basement * Sundeck All Complete

Laminate Finishing Sundeck Vinyl Paper &more

Crown, Baseboard Door, Fireplace

HARDEEP BIRDI: 778-823-0765


The Patrika



Friday, January 19th, 2018


kfimaF dI loV aYbtsPorz ivwc lokl imwl leI lMbr cuwkx vfly Pork ilPt zrfeIvr dI loV hY. 1 sfl df qjLrbf hoxf cfhIdf hY. sfMnU iek bIlzr dI vI loV hY! cMgI qnKfh aqy vDIaf mhOl. plynr dI vI loV hY. hor jfxkfrI lYx leI Pon kro: 604-807-2097.

Workers Wanted Arjuna Berry Farms

zrfeIvr aqy Enr aprytrF dI loV

Ltd. Requires workers aYbtsPorz dI kMpnI nUM for 8 months starting bI sI- albrtf cwlx April 1st, 2018. Duties leI 2 sflF dy qjLrby

included weighing, vflLy kMpnI zrfeIvrF aqy

Enr aprytrF dI loV hY. vDIaf ryt aqy hor packing fresh berries. jfxkfrI leI Pon kro: Other general farm 778-908-4422 sorting, picking, and

labour is needed

as well. Wages are

kfimaF dI loV

$11.35/hr 40-50hrs/ a Y b t s P o r z d I l o k l week. Fax resume zrfeIvfl kMpnI nUM kfimaF kpVy dy stor 'qy t o 6 0 4 - 8 5 2 - 3 9 7 9 dI qurMq loV hY| nvyN kfimaF kMm krn leI or email to info@ nUM $13-14 pRqI GMtf aqy qjLrbykfr nUM qjLrby Part Time kfimaF dI loV hY or apply in person at anusfr | aYbtsPorz aqy English, pMjfbI aqy 32320 Huntingdon aY l zrgR o v qo N rfeIz df pRbMD hY| hor jfxkfrI leI slfeI afAuxI jrUrI hY. Rd., Abbotsford. Pon kro: 778-552-6269 qnKfh $12/GMtf hovygI.

stor ivwc afky arjLI Bro jI. Overseas Fabrics 32853 Ventura Ave aYbtsProz

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kwimAwN dI loV AvInw mSrUm kMpnI nMU pYikMg leI vrkrW dI qurMq loV hY[ kMm GMitAW dw hY, qnKwh hr 15 idn bwAd[ 40+ GMty pRqI hPqy[ $12.00 – $12.40 / GMty[

2007 jYtf istI, isrP Awpxw rYYzmy PYks kro 604-856-9853 jW Awky AplweI kro 150, 000 iklomItr clI th 28265 58 Avenue, Abbotsford hoeI hY. motr bhuq vDIaf hor jwxkrI leI Pon kro : 604-856-9833 cldI hY. isrP $4200 leI hY. hor jfnkfrI jW 778-323-7727 leI Pon kro 604-8573295

guwz luikMg aYtrYkitv kfript klIinMg asIN GrF, bysmYNtF, kmrsLIal iblizMgF, so P y , aqy kfrF, mo t rF dIaF sYpUM krdy hF. vDIaf srivs leI Pon kro 778-824-2068 PAGE 42

asIN ipCly 20 sflF qoN BfeIcfry dI syvf krdy af rhy hF. Personal Care Required by Gill family for a Senior Lady in Abbotsford, B.C

Job duties: • Provides care and companionship for a senior lady • Prepares and serve meals • Helps in bathing and dressing • Accompanying to doctor’s appointments • Accompany her for short walks • Reminds her to take daily medication • Performs light housekeeping duties such as laundry, washing dishes, and making beds Positions Available: 1 Language: English Education - Secondary (high) school graduation certificate Experience – At least six month’s training or one year experience in a similar field or occupation preferred. Accommodation: Optional accommodation available at no charge on live-in basis. Note: This is not a condition of employment. Other: Position is available and open to Aboriginal youth, new immigrants and persons with disabilities Salary: $ 17.00/hour

Please apply at:

50 sYNt nMU kursIaF (ijMnIaF mrjLI) 5 zflr nMU tybl (ijMny mrjLI) (stor qoN lY ky jfxf aqy Cwz ky jfxf quhfzI ijMLmyvfrI hovygI)

20 x 20 df tYNt isrPL $150 df

hfeI pIk tYNt, tybl aqy kursIaF, sfAUNz isstm, zFs PLlor, kuikMg leI pqIly, gYs stov, hItr, childPUzcaregiver req lfeItF, eyrIaf rgjL, AQrms, full-time position vfrmrjL, bfrbIikAUAbbotsford, aqy qMdUr BC. Lang

& 1-2 years of experie aqy hr iksm df zYk&oryscare Ln df for smfnchildren, pr personal care for c jfgo df smfn qswlPerson IbKsL syvfvF should also m iek vfr syvf df mOenvironment. kf jLrUr idAu Option at no cha Note: This is not asIN zYkorysLn vI krdy hF! Contact: zYkorysLn hardee

df smfn XU. aYsU. eyU. aqy ieMzIaf qoN ilaFdf igaf hY. WE ALSO DO DECORATIONS FOR ALL EVENTS! hor jfxkfrI leI awj hI PoLn kro:


778.552.3395, 778.552.3396

The Patrika

Friday, January 19th, 2018



AgriService BC designed to serve B.C.’s agriculture and seafood sector New and established British Columbia-based agrifood businesses can use the upgraded AgriService BC website to explore government programs and apply for funding that meet their business needs.

scheduled for 3 p.m. on Jan. 17, 2018. It will offer information and advice on the impacts the Water Sustainability Act has on water rights and licensing requirements for agricultural groundwater users.

The improved website provides new and established crop, livestock and seafood producers, as well as food processors, with easy-to-access information organized to help clients begin or expand their operations. A search option helps clients to find the specific program or information they are looking for.

The second webinar, scheduled for 3 p.m. on Feb. 14, 2018, is with a Ministry of Agriculture entomologist, and will discuss the new and emerging crop pests found in the summer of 2017 (including armyworm and rootworm).

Also included are webinars, giving producers and processors the opportunity to hear from the Ministry of Agriculture and other outside experts on key topics.

The webinars can be joined through:

The improvements in the website reflect feedback and advice provided by agriculture and seafood sector representatives, with the goal of spreading awareness about governThe first webinar, Licensing Ground- ment programs available to B.C. water - What You Need to Know, is agribusinesses.

hux hfier kr rhy hn vyj: $15-24 bynIiPt nflL hn rfeIz vI idqI jfvy gI Now Hiring Wage: $15-24 Benefits & Tansportaiton Included


· New or Re-roofing · Cedar Shakes · Duroids · Gutter Cleaning · Torch- On · All Roof Repairs For all your roofing needs call Parminder Dhillon:




• Permanent work/ Guaranteed miles / • pwkf kMm/ mIlF dI gfrMtI / sfrf sfl pwky rUt/ Fixed lanes year around / Schedule work available imwQy smyN anusfr kMm AuplbD • Profitable Pay & Bonus Every Year • lfBdfiek qnKfh aqy hryk sfl bons • Automatic Fuel Surcharge, increases with • aftomYitk iPAUl srcfrj qyl dI kImq fuel price and exchange rate aqy akscyNj ryt BOB TAIL • Heavy discount on fuel cards • qyl dy kfrz qy BfrI izskfAUNt PARKING • Heavy discount on new Trucks • nvyN trwkF ‘qy BfrI izskfAUNt AVAILABLE • Company truck lease program available • kMpnI trwk lIjL pRogrfm AuplwbD hY • qnKfh iswDI akfAUNt ivwc jmHF hovygI • Direct deposit on pay • akstYNzz mYzIkl kvryj • Extended Medical coverage • bhuq hI vDIaf dosqfnf aqy afdr-mfx vflf mhOl • Very respectful and friendly environment. • z skylF ‘qy bfeIpfs imlLygf

C E L L : 6 0 4 .8 3 2 .6 3 6 3 - O F F IC E : 6 0 4 .7 4 6 .2 7 7 7 PAGE 43


The Patrika 

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Friday, January 19th, 2018

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The Patrika

Friday, January 19th, 2018 Slow and steady wins the race is Diana Penty's mantra in life and the actor says she prefers waiting for "quality" work rather than picking anything and everything that comes her way. The 32-year-old actor, who made her Bollywood debut in 2012 with Cocktail, said she never gives her nod to a project if she is unsure about the part offered. "I don't want to be in films just to look good. I want to contribute as an actor towards quality cinema. I do wait for the correct offer to come my way. It takes a long time but till the time I am not 100 percent sure about doing it, I don't do it. One has to be patient in waiting for good offers," Diana said. The actor said she feels blessed that she is getting opportunities to play different characters. "Personally, you have these little goals for yourself as an actor to keep on reinventing yourself with every film and it feels good when people notice it," she added. Diana will next be seen in Parmanu - The Story Of Pokhran and Happy Bhaag Jayegi sequel. In Parmanu - The Story Of Pokhran, the actor plays the role of an Army officer. The film also stars John Abraham.

Hrithik most handsome actor in the world He has beaten Hollywood's most famous actors to become the most handsome actor in the world. Bollywood Hrithik Roshan dominates No. 1 position in the List of Most Handsome Actors in the World, featured by World's Top Most. The list also hosts Bollywood Actor Salman Khan at Number 5 position.Hrithik emerges as the Most Handsome Actor of 2018 in the World, beating International names like Robert Pattinson, Taiwan actor Godfrey Gao, Chris Evans, David Boreanaz, Canadian star Noah Mills, Henry Cavill, Tom Hiddleston and Sam Heughan. The list accounts the actors for their looks, global fan following, Box office worth and Brand endorsements.Hrithik Roshan earlier has bagged titles like Sexiest Asian Man, Hottest Man on the planet, closer home the actor is regarded as the 'Greek God' of Bollywood.The actor, who turned 44, is prepping for his first biopic based on the life of mathematics genius Anand Kumar, titled Super 30.

I have always been a tomboy : Zareen

Don't want to be in films just to look good : Diana Megastar Amitabh Bachchan says he feels proud of the fact that cinema has the power to bring nations together. "French Ambassador invites me to Bonjour India a Ballet performance... American Con Gen invites me for tea to meet ex Ambassador... Ambassadors/ Con Gen of Japan, Australia, Israel and Pakistan visit and pay social calls. Honoured that Cinema brings nations together," Bachchan tweeted. The 75-year-old actor is currently busy filming his upcoming movie "Thugs of Hindostan". The Yash Raj Films project, directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya.

Cinema brings nations together: Amitabh Every girl has a superpower : Yami Actress Yami Gautam feels that every girl has a superpower that makes her strong and special.the "Kaabil" actress said: "I am a huge fan of Wonder Woman and I have the shoes too. I wish I could be like her one day, she is just amazing.""She is everything a girl is all about. I feel that every girl has a superpower that makes her strong, special and unique, and I really think that we should show it to the world and why not?" she said: "It is so wonderful to see these young kids and their confidence. When I was 18 years old, I could not even say my own name on stage, let alone perform."



Shenaz Treasury, best remembered for her film Ishq Vishq, says she has not limited herself to acting as it might become frustrating to depend solely on the profession. Despite having a career spanning over 15 years, Shenaz, who is also a writer, said she cannot think of doing films all her life till she establishes herself. "I love acting. But unless you are a superstar like Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra... Unless you get to that level, I don't think that's (acting) the only thing you should do.""I feel so blessed that I've written a screenplay ('Luv Ka The End'), I am writing a book, I do travelogue. I make money not so much from acting but my travelogue... Being just an actor would be quite frustrating," Shenaz said. The actor said she is not bothered about being seen on celluloid as she was never hungry for fame. "I never wanted to be famous, that was not my dream. I just like being creative. Be it doing films or a Netflix show, 'The Big Sick', or the movie I shot in America called 'My Cousin Sister's Wedding'. I do these roles but it doesn't matter if it's Hollywood or Bollywood."Shenaz, who was last seen in the recently-released film Kaalakaandi, said she prefers quality over quantity even if it results in less films coming her way. The actor is now looking forward to her book of memoiristic essays, "All He Left Me Was A Recipe". Talking about the book, Shenaz said,

Actress Zareen Khan, who will soon be seen performing action stunts in her upcoming film "One Day", says she has always been a tomboy. "I have always been a tomboy. I'd love to do action films and that is the reason I took up this role because people have seen a very different side of me. I am playing a police officer in 'One Day'. I have never done any of this. people have never seen me in something like this, they have seen me in a glamorous avatar and looking hot," Zareen said from Mumbai. Talking about the film, the "Hate Story 2" actress said: "Yes, and I am so excited about it because a lot of people don't really know the real me and I really want people to know this side of me. people have this impression of me that she is this beautiful bimbette and a dumb person. I am not a dumb person I am much more to myself." The actress, who has mostly portrayed a girl-next-door and bold characters on screen, says it will be a change of image with "One Day". "It's going to be a different 360 degree change from that and of course action is something I always wanted to do. So here's my chance,"she added.

I never wanted to be famous

Shenaz Treasury "It's a funny book about little stories in my life, different men in my life and different recipes I learned. Mostly recipes of food and life lessons."




The Patrika 

Friday, January 19th, 2018

The Patrika 





The Patrika 

Friday, January 19th, 2018

Friday, January 19th, 2018





Friday, January 19th, 2018


Friday, January 19th, 2018


Gurpreet Singh Chahal



R E A LT Y I N C .


ibjins vIjLy ‘qy afAux vfilLaF leI suinhrI mOkf

aYgjLI ivwc kmrsLIal iblizMg ivkfAU hY, ies ivwc 2 rYjLIzYNsLIal Xuint hn| 2300 skueyar Puwt kmrsLIal jgHf ivwc qusIN afpxI psMd df stor Kol skdy ho aqy Auwpr irhfiesL kr skdy ho jF ikrfey ‘qy dy skdy ho| kImq isrP $439,800

Starting $275,000





New House Bare Land

HOUSES $2,349,700

Call for more info. ABBOTSFORD

Quality Built Townhomes with open living, dining and kitchen layout. Main floor gourmet kitchen with quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, laminate wood flooring, den, powder room, large laundry room and more storage.Upper floor features 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. close to recreation, shopping, schools, etc.



BIG LOT FOR SALE IN MISSION 5476 BRADNER RD This beautiful custom home located on 11.11 acre blueberry farm in the desirable AREA WITH area of Bradner . It features 8 bedrooms with 5 masters with full bath, total of 7 Bath, theatre room, gym, play area for kids, SCENIC huge office , 40x 35 Balcony, access to the deck drom the master bedrooms,extra wide garage. VIEWS $ 2,890,000

Brand New 3 level Home in heart of Abbotsford. Modern entertainer's layout. Main floor exquisite chef's kitchen: quartz countertops, central island, attached family room with door to Covered deck. Upstairs 4 Bedrooms and 3 Full washrooms. Downstairs: 2 bedrooms big Recroom, Extra MEDIA ROOM


8 acres, very close to airport and new shopping mall. Great open plan living with soaring ceilings, wonderful spice and formal kitchens with top of the line appliances, a sensational dining room and a fabulous large master bedroom and ensuite. Professional gym in the basement.






Raspberry Farm. Great Rental Income. Close to Town. Trades Welcome.






4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms and 4400sq. ft. of luxury living. Every floor overlooking the valley and Mt. Baker. Large sundeck and patio. 2 Cultured stone fireplaces, large open basement with wet bar and media room. Spacious den, large master ensuite, soaring ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, extra bedroom with ensuite.



10 acre blueberry farm, a few minutes from town. Trade Welcome.

$3,247,700 FOR LEASE - Abbotsford premium & prestigious new Commercial Building. Near South Fraser Way, south side of Khalsa Credit Union & Abbotsford Municipal Hall. AIR-CONDITIONING. 3 retail units on main floor and 6 office units on upper floor.

This home is in the Urban 3 - Infill designation in the new OCP. 2 bdrm suite. Lots of room on the side to access the back or to add on additional garage space & a master suite? Upgrades include: High-Efficiency Furnace, Vinyl windows, Air Conditioning. Awesome backyard with wonderful landscaping.



Industrial Warehouse


Sumas Prairie. Raspberry Farm Beautiful House. & BIG House!


#103- 2646 AUBURN ST

Great Location 16.44 acres Blueberry farm with beautiful Home. 7 year old Mega house 6700 SF with 10 bedroom and 8 Washrooms. 4 kitchens. Over 13 acres of land was planted in 2000 with Duke Blueberries, One acre Blue crop, one acre.Elliot and one acre Dixie Plants. Last year production 140,000 lbs.

1825 BRADNER RD Almost 20 acres of High production Blueberry farm minutes away from town and new Mt. Lehman mall. Fully renovated beautiful house, second accommodation for farm workers or rental income. Great location for truckers with lots of parking. Easy access to Freeway and US border.


$2,499,000 West Abbotsford 6 bedrooms and 4 baths house with LEGAL SUITE - mortgage helper neat & very clean. 4 big bdrm up, 5pce Jac. enste, sep. shwr + big W/I closet in MB. Main flr lvgrm w/vault.ceil. Laund. Solid oak kit. w/bay nook. Fam rm, 2 gas F/P's. Walking distance to all level of schools, Apollo gym, easy freeway access. Close to High Street Mall.



High production farm, 20+ ACRES Blue crop variety, very well kept, great location Duke & Blue Crop. with smaller house. High production.

2 units. Almost 8400 sq. ft. Can be sold separately. Financing available. CHILLIWACK For Sale Townhouse site & 7 storey apartment building site. Prime Location!

8 Brand New HOUSES! in Promontory Area Chillwack! 2 & 3 Storey Houses Available NOW!



Friday, January 19th, 2018

Talwinder Dhaliwal

604-751-6313 New Listing

New Listing

A 34 36 Headwater Pl Brand New 4,000 Sqft 7 Bedroom house with 2 bedroom suite.

Brand House 3,800 Sqft, 2 Bedroom Legal Suite with View .

17 31125 Westridge Pl


17- 4295 Old Clayburn Road Brand New house 4,000 sqft, 2 bedroom Legal suite with View

16- 4295 Old Clayburn Road

New Listing

18- 4295 Old Clayburn Road

Brand New house 4,300 Sqft, 2 bedroom Legal Suite with View.

34- 4295 Old Clayburn Road

32- 4295 Old Clayburn Road

Brand New house 2,300 Sqft 5 Bedroom house

Brand New house 2,300 Sqft 5 Bedroom house

2558 Janzen St

3294 Nadeau Place

3358 Nakusp Drive


29- 4295 Old Clayburn Road

Brand New house 4,200 Sqft, 2 Bedroom Legal Suite with View.

For all your real estate and building needs call Talwinder today! iksy vI qrHF dI pROprtI KRIdx, vycx jF afpxI mnpsMd df Gr bnfAux leI qlivMdr isMG DflIvfl nfl sMprk kro

33837 Mayfair ave

Dhaliwal Projects Ltd. is a licensed residential home builder in Lower Mainland, British Columbia. We provide you with a complete and thorough process for planning and building your dream house.

33853 Mayfair ave

For More Information please send an email or call us today!

3493 Trethewey St

5219 Demontigny Crt

Friday, January 19th, 2018





Friday, January 19th, 2018

Friday, January 19th, 2018





Friday, January 19th, 2018

January 19th, 2018  

Punjabi Patrika Media Ltd. Bilingual English and Punjabi Newspaper for Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley.

January 19th, 2018  

Punjabi Patrika Media Ltd. Bilingual English and Punjabi Newspaper for Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley.