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A League of Their Own NESHL gives hockey lovers a chance to play all year long




Freerunner Parkour Makes This Thriller Move!



Words to Sweat by™ Fitness Towels

The Death Comes Ripping Tour


Chelmsford Joins National Movement to Defeat Lung Cancer With Its 2nd Annual Free to Breathe 5K ~ Will Your Town Be Next?

The College Issue


Girl Power Rules!


Getting to Know The Summer Set


An Interview with Raul Bianchi of The Expendables


The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band Back and Bluesier Than Ever with How I Go


Lori Diamond’s 5th Chakra Records




BAND: 18 Wheels of Justice BAND: Eye Witness BAND: Widow Sunday

No Need to Be Cold While Camping ~ Just Get the Selk’bag 4G Lite!


Super Food: 15 Different Super Fruits and Vegetables in One Scoop

Reelin’ in Aaron Barrett of Reel Big Fish TOURS AND NEW RELEASES

LIFESTYLE PULSETRAVEL The Perfect Weekend Getaway to Recover from Summer Vacation! Festival d’Ete de Quebec 2011

ON CD Death Cab for Cutie’s Codes and Keys Vanna’s And They Came Baring Bones Egypt Central’s White Rabbit Drive A’s Loss of Desire (plus bonus disc)




Poise, Style and Motion Ballroom Dance Studio


Open Road Festival 2011

CanalFest 2011 Where to Look for Green Jobs Community Ride for Barton Camp for Kids with Diabetes





Festival Republic Presents Orlando Calling


Elsie Kaye Glassworks Beauty Born of Flames




Another East Coast/West Coast Rivalry: Fashion!




Lester’s, NYs Cult Fave Department Store, Launches!


Want Beautiful, Flawless Skin (Who Doesn’t!)? Then You Need Vichy’s Pro EVEN Total Dark Spot Corrector


New Must-Have Fall Fragrances Salon Grafix Helps You Make Peace With Your Hair



PULSETRAVEL Israel and Poland: Two Countries You Haven’t Thought of Visiting...But Should

SPORTS & FITNESS Bellator 48 Fighting Championships Photo Recap OXYWater PWF Northeast Pro Wrestling Teams with Team Fox to Battle Parkinson’s Disease STYLE & BEAUTY Want to Head Back to Class Looking Like Your Fave “Glee” Girl? Here’s How!!


PULSEDATING: Getting Real With Rachel



Ladies ~ Take Charge of Your Dating Life with FlipME!




PULSECOMMUNITY Statewide Event Planned to Commemorate the 10th Anniv. of 9/11


Clark U’s Cycles for Change


Cool Sites Worth Checking Out!


Need Stuff for Your Dorm Room or Apartment? Pulse to the Rescue!

YourLifeBox.Com Encourages Peer-topeer Support for Students and Career-driven Youth


Ever Wonder Who’s Slept on Your “New” Bed Before You? With the Pure sleep ® Mattress Pad, It Doesn’t Matter!


Take Your Room from Funky Feet to Strawberry Sweet


REVIEW: Feng Asian Bistro





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College Issue

By Katey Khaos with Emily Kopec and Emily Osgood OK, sure, summer vakay is over, that’s kind of a bummer…but there’s nothing you can do. So ~ whether you’re coming to school here in Worcester as a freshman, sophomore, or upperclassman ~ make the best of it and dive into all the different aspects of the your college and your [new] city ~ Your college years are basically a glorious melting pot of people who have different styles, backgrounds, and ideas, who follow different trends, have different hobbies, etc., so soak it all in! Get creative! Let loose with the way you dress, the kind of music you listen to, which clubs you hang out at, the coffeehouses where you get that all important caffeine, how often you treat yourself to some relaxing spa time, where you go for a romantic night with your latest hottie. It’s an adventure. And we want to help you get the most out of Worcester ~ so even though there’s no way we can list all the clubs, shops, venues, restaurants, bars, gyms, spas, etc., what we can do is give you a little taste of what the city has to offer and then encourage you to get out there and EXPLORE!!! There is so much to do that you could literally spend each and every weekend doing something different. Check out what other people are into. Think you might be a head-banger at heart? Head to a concert at The Palladium. Starting to feel like maybe you’d like to do a song or two at an open mic night? Lots of clubs are waiting to put you on stage. Love animals and want to start volunteering? Give the Worcester Animal Rescue League a call. Ready to break out of the “mall mold” and dress a little more Boho-chic (while saving some cash)? Head to a local thrift shop and put together your own take on hippie-chicness. Finally ready for that tattoo (sorry, Mom!)? You’ve got a bunch of studios to choose from in the city. Want to start overcoming that high school shyness? Find someone in your dorm who looks interesting and introduce yourself. Now, don’t ditch your personality and everything about yourself that’s gotten you through the first 18+ years of your life, but have some fun trying out new places and looks and hobbies ~ they’re all around you. So from all of us at Pulse, welcome [back], have a great school year, get out there with your friends, meet some new people, have fun, try something different, and get to know your city!


STAYING VEGETARIAN IN WORCESTER Being a vegetarian in college isn’t the easiest thing, especially when the cafeteria offers limited options. There are only so many ways to prepare a salad, after all. Why not swing by one of these awesome vegetarian restaurants for something more than boring veggies in a bowl. EVO ~ There’s nothing not to love about this newer restaurant, from their modern interior to their quick and friendly service. All meals (many of which are vegetarian) are prepared with local as well as natural and organic ingredients and are sure to please your palette. BTW, their Italian Grilled Cheese on panini break is a MUST-HAVE!

234 Chandler St, Worcester, Living Earth ~ After you’re done with your delicious EVO meal, why not stock up on some veggie snacks for your dorms from this family-owned grocery store. Don’t let the appearance fool you ~ it may look small, but Living Earth is crammed with specialty items that you can’t find anywhere else in Worcester ~ artisan cheeses, fair trade coffee and teas, and many more environmentally and socially conscious picks.

232 Chandler St., Worcester,

WHERE TO FIND THE BEST CUPPA IN TOWN Coffee is a must for college students, so the first thing you might want to do when you arrive at school is stake out your favorite java joint. Sure, you can brew some boring old joe in your dorm, but for high-octane caffeine (and some fancy coffee drinks that are more fun to order and drink than they are to make!) and a break from the four walls of your room, best to get out in search of the best beans around. The Bean Counter ~ Serving up gourmet coffee alongside amazing pastries and cakes (including vegan and gluten free), Bean Counter is definitely the coolest place to get your caffeine fix and hang with students from all over the city…

113 Highland Street, Worcester, Wholly Cannoli ~ While known around town for their giant pizza slices, this Italian bakery mixes up all sorts of delish coffee drinks ~ including everyone’s favorite iced staple.

Belmont Vegetarian Restaurant ~ This budget-friendly take-out joint offers all-vegan food with a Jamaican kick (We thought the same thing ~ now that’s cool!). Their curried “chicken” over rice and beans is sure to satisfy both hunger and soul.

157 Belmont St., Worcester, Loving Hut - Formerly known as Quan Yin, this vegan Asain restaurant is small and intimate. A quick glance at the menu will show there’s plenty of mock meat to be found, which goes rather well with the sweet and spicy broths. Bonus: You get a calm, zen dining experience and a wallet with some cash left; a full meal and tip rings in at around $15. 56 Hamilton St., Worcester, Craving Chinese food or want to bring a fellow vegetarian to someplace a bit more upscale? Try Nancy Chang’s ~ they form tofu into faux chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp and add it to their delicious entrees ~ you won’t miss the meat at all! 372 Chandler St., Worcester,

490 Grafton Street, Worcester, Boston Donuts ~ Located on Park Ave, BoDo’s boasts over 30 flavors like “Pistachio Ice Cream” and “Cinnamon Sticky Bun” ~ these brew masters have a cup for every taste!

383 Park Avenue, Worcester In House Coffee ~ Need to prepare for that all-nighter? This Shrewsbury Street favorite has a huge selection of espresso drinks ~ plus regular coffee drinks, iced coffee, and just about any coffee concoction you can imagine ~ plus lots of yummy goodies on the side.

225 Shrewsbury Street #C, Worcester, Also make some time to try out Espress Yourself Coffee at 2 Richmond Ave. in Worcester, and check out our CoffeeHouse Listings every month in Pulse!

2 Richmond Avenue, Worcester




Ah, the college dorm bathroom…just when you thought fighting over mirror time with your sister was unbearable, now you have to struggle to find a clean shower that still has enough hot water. Adjusting to sharing your most private space can be difficult, but is essential to maintaining your sanity during Freshman year. Follow these tips to ensure smooth sailing during your as-close-as-you’re-going-to-get-in-college personal time.

St Cyr Salon offers student discounts on multiple services including waxes, manis and pedis ~ all you have to do is mention the discount code “SD20.” Also check out Adesso Beauty Spa where full-time students get a 20% discount on all services!


2. 3.


Shoes in the shower. Always wear some sort of footwear in the shower to avoid standing in other people’s … well, you get the idea. Flip flops are a cheap solution, but Crocks clogs offer fullfoot coverage. Don’t forget your towel. After all, walking naked back to your room isn’t exactly the best way to make new friends. Take your things with you. Invest in a tote of sorts to carry your toiletries to and from the bathroom. This eliminates cluttering the bathroom, as well as eliminating your favorite shampoo from going missing. Be conscientious of dorm mates. If you live on an all girls floor, try to keep your boyfriend’s (or any guy’s) use of the bathroom to a minimum. Think of how awkward it may be if you were to walk into the bathroom and you realize there’s a guy the next stall over!

On the bright side, keep in mind that since this is a public bathroom, there’s someone to clean it for you on the daily. That means that if you’re looking for a clean stall to take a long, hot shower in, you may want to consider setting your alarm a bit earlier than you anticipated.


Unwinding after a stressful week of studying and exams can be rough, especially when you live at school and are constantly sharing your space with others. Worcester has some amazing spas that offer full relaxation from head to toe. Take some time for just you, or bring a friend to these local spas for some relaxing treatments that won’t tap into your text-book fund.

St Cyr Salon: 235 Park Avenue, Worcester, Adesso Beauty Spa: 108 June Street, Worcester Massages can be another great way to relax and after lugging those books around campus all week, your back could probably use some TLC. Bellisimo Europoean Day Spa offers a 60-minute massage for only $75! They also offer six different types of massages and will even customize a massage to fit your needs! If you’re looking for a way to refresh your face, try their “fassage.” Their fassage is a facial massage that includes exfoliation as well as a custom mask, making this a perfect way to clear up those pores from your daily makeup routine. For a list of the other great spas that can make you feel like a million bucks, check out our March Indulge issue! wordpress/2011/03/311-indulge

HAVING FUN ON A BUDGET ~ EVEN IF YOUR BUDGET IS ZERO The words “college student” and “broke” usually go hand in hand. Before you start rummaging through the couch cushions for spare change, check out these options that mean you might not have to spend every weekend stuck in your dorm room! The best place to start saving is right outside your dorm room door. The Campus Activities Office has discounts for students all year. The CAO offers discounted movies / concert tickets and connections to cheap transportation like the Woo Bus! They will also give you a Woo Card that’s good for discounts all over the city! Keep checking in with their events calendar for free things to do across the city!

Here are a few events to help you get started!

Summer may be over but there’s no reason you shouldn’t keep that killer tan, right? Indian Summer Tanning Spa was a People’s Pick six years in a row and offers a tanning options for everyone’s needs, from pasty beginner to bronzed veteran. They even have sound equipment so that you can “jam while you tan.” With your student I.D., your first tanning session is free!

1285 Pleasant Street. Worcester, Glo Tanning offers great tanning at a great price so you won’t have to look as white as the snow that’s falling this winter! They offer great specials like 50% off every level tanning beds all year long with their Student Special Plan! Anyone who mentions their website can also receive 15% off any bottle of lotion in stock! Check out their spa services like laser hair removal, massages, photo facials and so much more! Head to to see all the ways you can save money and look your best this semester! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some of us really dig body mods! Zaza Ink is the perfect place to go, especially if you’re feeling adventurous. Full time students get 10% off all tattoos and piercings! Let their talented artists design the perfect custom tattoo for you, or add a new stud to your collection of jewelry.

291 West Boylston Street, West Boylston, Of course, what beauty day would be complete without the ever-popular nail salon trip? Cherry Nails is the perfect price for college students (that’s right, ladies, you won’t have to sell back your textbooks just to have good looking nails!) Cherry Nails offers a paraffin wax with every manicure. Swing by to cap off your girl time with a mani-pedi for only $33!

- ARTSWorcester presents Fernando Martins at the Hanover Theater until the end of September. Come and enjoy a free art exhibit with some friends. - Check out REC Main South Community Farmers Market at the YMCA Central Community Branch. Shop for fresh local produce and other items made by local vendors and watch performance artists in the streets. Held every Saturday through the end of October, the farmers market is a great way to get outside for some free fun! Check out the Activities Office of other colleges in town. Schools host free events with free food for students all the time. Holy Cross has an art gallery that rotates exhibits and is free for everyone. This fall they will show works of art from their art faculty. Holy Cross features free movie nights, and WPI puts on some great theatre productions throughout the year. Schools social calendars change all the time as certain groups put on events, so you’ll never be without plans on a Friday night.


Okay, maybe you have some cash, thanks to your ‘rents sending your monthly allowance or to that job that’s barely keeping you afloat ~ but you don’t want to spend it all in one weekend. The following places offer up a fun night out without breaking the bank! West Boylston Cinema - Looking to take someone on a date without having to sell a kidney, or even looking to see a movie with some friends without spending your entire work study paycheck? See a movie at the West Boylston Cinema on Tuesday and pay only $3.50 for a matinee showing! Evening shows are only $5.00! 101 West Boylston Street, West Boylston, Central Rock Climbing Gym - Rainy days are never fun, but Central Rock offers a fun alternative to staying inside and studying! Central Rock offers Ladies’ Night on Mondays from 5pm-10pm where a pass and rentals are only $14! College students can climb on Thursday nights from 6pm-11pm (with college ID, of course) for only $17. Oh, and did I mention free pizza?! 299 Barber Avenue, Worcester, Trombetta’s Farm New England winters usually mean one thing ~ lots and lots of snow. Trombetta’s Farm is a great place to go for some mini-golf all year round! This 18 hole mini golf course is 100% indoors! One round will cost you $7.50, but the second round if half off!

131 Highland Street, Worcester

655 Farm Road, Northborough,

In the mood to get some fancier pampering? Try gobare Salon for gorgeous eyelashes and perfectly waxed eyebrows ~ or even more extensive waxing! gobare,

CLAYTIME Paint-Your-Own-Pottery and Bead Studio - Looking for something fun and different to do with friends? Try CLAYTIME Paint-Your-Own-Pottery and Bead Studio. With your College I.D. you can get half off their studio fee on Thursday nights and have fun channeling your inner artist.

87 Harding Street, Worcester, 508-799-8833,

124 Boston Turnpike Road, Shrewsbury,


Responsible Spending for Responsible Adults (21+) Ralph’s Diner - Music, food and drinks ~ what could be better than that? Catch great local and national acts (usually for only a $5 cover) while chowing down on a burger or drinkin’ a beer! Ralph’s also offers karaoke on Wednesday nights beginning at 10PM, as well as Dirty Gerund Poetry on Monday nights beginning at 9PM (with no cover!) 148 Grove Street, Worcester, London Billiards - Free pool! You heard right! Sundays – Thursdays are all college nights at London Billiards! Groups of 4 (with college ID) will be given a free hour of pool! You can also grab draft beers for $1, and pitchers for $6! Special pricing for appetizers are also available on college nights!

If you don’t think you can swing that on a college budget, don’t worry! Luckily, your college is part of the Worcester Consortium, which means that there’s a free shuttle that travels from campus to campus (and a few other stops in between!) For a list of stops and times, check out Also remember the basic, and be sure to check out your CAO for local bus schedules, and don’t forget about your feet! Break the ice on your first date by laughing together at a Dan Smith Comedy show! Swing by Jose Murphys and catch the show for only $12! It’s a guaranteed night of fun and laughs ~ Dan’s a riot and he brings in a lot of comic heavy-hitters, too! 305 Shrewsbury Street Worcester, html

70 James Street, Worcester,

PS. is a great way to grab some local deals, too, and gives you ideas you might not have come up with on your own. will send daily deals right to your e-mail. These e-coupons are only valid after a certain number are purchased, so tell your friends to join, too! Discounts include restaurants, boating trips, skydiving, and much more!


HOW TO HAVE FUN ON AND CLOSE TO CAMPUS Sometimes we forget that even the folks in charge of our college education realize that the four (we hope!) years we spend matriculating are only about academics ~ they’re about trying out different social circles, meeting people from different parts of the country/world, learning to balance our work/play time, and basically living a life that’s preparing us for the adult world ~ which does include downtime! So, most campuses have their own Student Activity Centers (or versions thereof), pubs, game centers, theatres, auditoriums, etc. ~ and there’s usually something going on each and every weekend ~ an up and coming band, a sports event, a concert, a comic ~ right on your campus ~ or one nearby…no car necessary. Want to get away from campus for a while for a change of scenery/the possibility of meeting some new people? Well, even if you don’t have wheels of your own, that shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying all the entertainment Worcester has to offer. Think cabs and ZipCars ~ they’re both great, inexpensive ways to get around the city and check out all these great places we’re mentioning! Some colleges (like Holy Cross) even have discount programs where students can join the ZipCar program for only $35 a year!

The Palladium – A hardcore hotspot, The Palladium gets the best of the live heavy stuff ~ local bands, national bands, and some amazing bills that you won’t see anywhere else in the area. Get ready for the pit!! 261 Main Street, Worcester, That’s Entertainment - For all you out-of-state geeks, this place is for you! From cards, games and consoles to comic books and action figures, That’s E has everything! Register for Magic tournaments, and keep an eye out for meet and greets from famous comic book authors! 244 Park Avenue, If you’re trying to impress your date with your knowledge of sports, try a Worcester Sharks game at the DCU Center. The hockey club has discounted tickets for college students on Friday and Saturday nights with a valid ID 50 Foster Street, Worcester, Visit your Campus Activities Office to buy buttons for the Shrewsbury Street College Shuffle. On Saturday September 10th some of the greatest eats in the city open their doors to college students and offer up sample fare! You can buy advanced tickets from your school for only $10, which allows you to try food from over 20 restaurants. When the Shuffle ends, head over to the Canal District for CanalFest, where you can learn about the history of the Blackstone Canal and enjoy more free food and entertainment. 21+ Mahoney’s Pub - Spend a night out with the guys watching the game at Mahoney’s! Mahoney’s offers “No Rules Wings” on Monday nights, which means FREE WINGS! They also have dart boards, a golf arcade game and a PlayStation 3 set up for anyone to drop in and play! 413 Park Avenue,



910 Main Street, Worcester,

C’mon, you’re in college, you don’t have to pretend that culture’s just for the geeks…in fact, it’s pretty cool to have some interests outside of partying!

ARTSWorcester ~ A non-profit membership organization providing opportunities and services for visual, literary, and performing artists, AW offers more than 18 visual art exhibits annually including at the historic Aurora Gallery (660 Main Street, Worcester), at the Hall Gallery at Quinsigamond Community College, and as part of the Worcester Windows Program.

Higgins Armory Museum ~ Visit Higgins Armory and see the world of knights come to life ~ you can even dress up as one, should you feel so inclined. Check out weaponry and armor from across the centuries. If you’re 21+, Don’t miss the 11th Annual Festival of Ale at Higgins Armory on September 24th. Sample over 70 beers from local breweries.

100 Barber Ave., Worcester, Worcester Art Museum - Acclaimed for European and North American painting, prints, photographs and drawings, and with galleries that change all the time, there’s always something new to check out at the Worcester Art Museum! It’s a great place to grab some inspiration, a great resource for those lovely art history papers, and you can even enjoy monthly mixers, some lectures, and weekend classes. WAM, as it’s called, is considered a worldclass museum ~ and it’s right in our backyard!

55 Salisbury St., Worcester,

660 Main Street, Worcester, Or if art isn’t your thing, try the Worcester Historical Museum. Explore Travel through time and see some off the hundreds of objects hand-crafted right here in Woo Town, and learn a whole lot more about Worcester’s history. Bio majors will love Worcester’s Ecotarium! You’ll be able to get up close and personal with all kinds of animals and even take a trip to outer space in their digital planetarium. All full-time college students get in for only $4. WHM: 30 Elm Street, Worcester, Ecotarium: 222 Harrington Way, Worcester, If you’re looking for something a little different, try Advanced tickets to see dance ensembles, orchestras, and ballets are only $20 for college students!

The Hanover Theatre ~ A beautiful performing arts hall in the heart of Worcester! The Hanover offers a variety of performances from ballets to Broadway musicals to comedy acts and more! Visit their website at to see what’s playing now!

The Sprinkler Factory is home to a number of aspiring artists. The crowning jewel of the factory is the gallery’s atrium, where the public is invited to browse though studios and attend both gallery openings and juried fine art shows.

2 Southbridge St, Worcester,

38 Harlow Street, Worcester,

The Poet’s Asylum ~ Whether you’re a professional poet, a novice who simply has something to say/poetry in your heart, somewhere in between, or simply love the rush of hearing amazing poetry/spoken word, then the PA is the place for you. It’s a great way to get feedback on your word ~ and it’s all in good fun! If you have local or national poetry slam aspirations, too, these are your people!

…and don’t forget to look to your own school for cultural offerings ~ dance companies, theatre groups/companies, galleries, special guest artist performances, vocal groups, poetry slams, and more!!!


GET OUT ~ OUTDOORS, THAT IS! New England weather almost guarantees countless nights of being bundled up inside while the snow falls. Get outside now and enjoy the last warm days ~ you’ll be thanking yourself later! For less than $11 per person, you and three friends can enjoy a night at Pine Acres Family Camping Resort in Oakham. They offer both a pool and pond, and host all sorts of activities on Friday nights! Enjoy on site canoe or kayak rentals if you’re feeling adventurous, or spend the afternoon relaxing on their secluded beach.

203 Bechan Road, If hiking is more up your alley, check out Mt. Wachusett. Hike the trails of this beautiful mountain featuring natural rock walls, waterfalls, and great views at the top. The Mount also has a great line-up of year-round events (not to mention the best skiing and snowboarding in the area!) ~ music, beer, nature, even sales on gear!

499 Mountain Road, Princeton, Art in the Park - Each year, 3-dimensional art pieces are installed in Worcester’s own Elm Park. Why not spend the afternoon walking around the park and checking out these awesome modern art pieces hidden throughout. Art in the Park is free and available through October!

with a beach and picnic tables nearby.

2 Crawford Road, Rutland, Afraid to gain that “freshman fifteen?” Why not pick some fruit with your friends to help you stay fit at Tougas Farm. Tougas Farm offers pick your own apples, blueberries, nectarines, peaches, raspberries and pumpkins ~ all available to be picked in September! It’s only $3 per person, and that money is credited to the purchase of fruit!

246 Ball Street, Northborough, Massachusetts Audubon Society/Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary A cool, autumn day is the perfect time to check out the largest urban sanctuary in New England! This sanctuary offers more than 400 acres of woods and fields, 78 different species of butterflies and 5 miles of walking trails. That’s right, all in Worcester! 414 Massasoit Road Worcester, stART on the Street - 250 artists, crafters and performers showing off their talents in the streets of Worcester! Check out some great art and performances while dining on some great local food! The 9th annual stART on the Street kick’s off September 18th at 11AM on Park Ave! Rain date September 25.

Fall is a great time for romantic outings ~ so grab your sweetie and try apple picking and a hayride for an affordable and fun date. Roaming through endless apples trees also allows you two some alone time away from the crowed dorms, making an orchard the perfect place for a first date! Spend the day at Berlin Orchards enjoying hot cider and strolling hand-in-hand in grassy fields!

Looking for a place to ride that bike you brought all the way from home? Head over to Rutland State Park where you’ll find scenic trails covering much of its 300 acres. In winter, the bike paths become cross-country skiing trails, so you can enjoy them all year round! Cool off from biking with a dip in Whitehall Pond

Don’t feel like venturing off campus? Grab some friends and start a Frisbee or volleyball pick-up game in the quad! It’s a great way to get outside, as well as making some new friends! Oh ~ and did we mention that New England is world famous for it’ autumn foliage. Take a walk around the city and check out the gorgeous leaves!


BEST PLACE TO MEET A HOTTIE FASHION CENTS ~ MAKE IT A [CHEAP] SHOPPING WEEKEND Goodwill ~ A can’t-miss Worcester thrift haven 25 Park Ave, Worcester 508-752-4042 • We love their better-than-average selection of women’s tops and men’s bottoms including plenty of college brand faves like American Eagle, Express, etc • Check out the decorating and houseware/dormware goodies section in back – Good stuff! • Daily 50% off clothing with specific tag color Salvation Army ~ When you have a couple hours to sort through a LOT of stuff 72 Cambridge St, Worcester 508-799-0528 • Massive store lined with chock-full clothes racks as far as the eye can see hiding something for everyone • Separate room for books and CDs galore (‘90s music fans, meet your new BFF) • Need furniture? Your first stop should be S.A.’s separate furniture store in back carrying everything you need to furnish your pad • Daily 50% off clothing with specific tag color; Wednesdays feature 50% off four colors Alexis Grace Consignment Boutique ~ Finer selection of artfully displayed merchandise 7 Harrison Ave, Worcester 508-799-4700 • Retail consignment shop with upscale feel specializing in “fun, funky, classy, sexy and demure” • Carries new to near-new clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories with an emphasis on designer labels (but a hearty selection of great “B” list brands too!) • Offers well-rounded variety of styles from past to present including one-of-a-kind items (anyone up for a Givenchy mesh necklace?) • Located in a cool restored factory building; Guys, check out their Man Town section!

Boiler Room ~ THE place for students to be on Thursday nights. Experience wild 18+ Thursdays at this thumping, pumping underground nightclub. Each week features guest DJs (including some very well-known names!) spinning top 40 and dance remix. Between the hot bartenders and the red industrial-vibe décor, this hot spot is a must-hit ~ and a great excuse to get all dressed up!

70 Winter St, Worcester, The Salty Dog ~ Guys, you’re not going to find hotter girls than the ones at Salty Dog in Kelley Square ~ and not only are they smokin’, but chances are they’re going to be riding the mechanical bull. Need we say more?

1 Kelley Square, Worcester, Byblos Lounge ~ Located in beautiful Union Station, Byblos delivers an international experience minus the price of a plane ticket. Dine on authentic Mediterranean food, dance to international music, take in some live entertainment (including belly dancers), puff on a hookah and mingle with an upscale, cultured crowd in a lavish setting. (Guys, did we mention the women here are smokin’ hot?)

2 Washington Sq, Worcester, The Boynton – Located in the bustling WPI ‘hood, it’s no wonder this upbeat restaurant/bar is a student favorite. Plenty of booths = No fighting to rest your booty, and you get a great view of the joint no matter where you’re sitting. No attitudes here, just friendly faces, multiple flat screens TVs, great food at great prices, and ~ oh yeah ~ 51 beers on tap. 117 Highland St, Worcester, www. We couldn’t possibly list all of the great bars and clubs Worcester has to offer; however, in each issue of Pulse we feature Club Listings for some of the hottest places to go, such as the Raven, Tammany Hall, The Lucky Dog, and many, many more!


THE RESTAURANTS Hungry from a week of studying, taking tests, and trying to absorb everything your professors are talking about? Good ~ ‘cause Worcester has a mind-boggling selection of restaurants, diners, and dessert places. In the mood for traditional American favorites or Italian comfort food? Done and done. Out late (or even later!) and craving delish diner food? We’ve got some of the best diners in the country (the diner car was invented here, as a matter of fact)! Taste buds have a hankerin’ for some more exotic flavors? Take your pick ~ Middle Eastern, German, Asian, Irish, Spanish, Brazilian, Indian, and more. We can’t possibly mention all the amazing restaurants here in the city, so instead, we’re going to direct you to our website that has them ALL ~ You can search through restaurants in all the neighborhoods and by kind of food served, BYOB, if entertainment is offered, by price point, whether it offers a romantic setting, and more. From breakfast to brunch to dinner to dessert to late night/oh-soearly-in-the-morning snack, you’ll find ‘em all. Why not start a tradition of bunch of you from your dorm going out to a different restaurant each week, or setting aside Sunday mornings to catch up over brunch. Take turns who chooses where you go. Know some kids from another school? Invite them along too. Before you know it, you’ll have a network of friends that includes people from all the different colleges with all different tastes Break the ice on your first date by laughing together at a Dan Smith Comedy show! Swing by Jose Murphys and catch the show for only $12! It’s a guaranteed night of fun and laughs ~ and Dan brings in a lot of comic heavy-hitters, too! Can’t get enough of Dan Smith? Check out his website at for a list of performance dates! So you might want to start out the school year with a few weekends of getting to know your campus, then heading to a familiar club, spa, restaurant, or museum where you know you’ll see your classmates/ dorm mates, then gradually moving on to new spots (which equal new people!). Before you know it, you’ll have figured out your favorite places in the city and Worcester will feel like your [second] home!!



Girl Power Rules! By Jillian Locke


This month, we here at The Pulse would like to honor the fierce, powerful girls of the Worcester County entertainment scene!! We’ve chosen three ladies ~ a singer, a standup comedian, and a poetry slam aficionado ~ to represent all the amazing ladies who grace our local stages and keep us laughing, head-banging, and thinking! Each took some time out of a very busy schedule to share her beginnings, her inspirations, and her aspirations.

The Singer: Jessica Sierra fronts Mongrel, the The Stand-up Comedian: band that’s been dubbed “the hardest working band in Boston” by Metal Edge and which won our 2011 Worcester Music Award for Best Live Act. Since making the switch from her previous band, Affliction, Sierra has been infusing Mongrel’s already metal/punk sound with, as she shared with pride, “…a touch of dripping sex...very aggressive with the right amount of passion ~ IN YOUR FACE POWER!” Singing came as naturally as speaking for Sierra, and began just as early. “My father and Uncle Dave coached me...but always told me I was a natural. It came as easy as breathing to me. Singing was, and continues to be, who I am.” With her chosen path in mind, Sierra naturally gravitated towards the music that spoke to her on a molecular level. “I’ve always loved heavy music…it called to me, and there was no way I couldn’t follow my craving for HARDER MUSIC!” The front woman feels no intimidation being the only female in Mongrel; in fact, she’s very comfortable commanding the music and the stage, which empowers AND inspires her. “I demand respect and I take it every time I take the stage. I make myself known, noticed, and respected. There is no feeling that compares to the feeling I get when I take the stage. This is an amazing life.”

Sarah Blodgett also drew inspiration from her father at a very young age. “When I was growing up my Dad always thought I was funny. Every time I would make him laugh he would say to me, ‘Honey, you have found your calling. You are going to grow up to be a stand-up comedian.’ Of course, now that I’m moving back in with him, he’s like, ‘I should have said lawyer.’” Blodgett’s journey through comedy, especially as a female comedian, has required just as much leg work as the legal field might demand. “The biggest challenge about being a female comedian is the fact that you need to be 10 times funnier than the male comedians to be given the same amount of respect. It can be frustrating, but it does motivate me to work harder.” Blodgett draws her inspiration from life, the weight she’s lost since college, and other determined women who are just trying to make a name for themselves in a primarily male-dominated arena. “I’m really influenced by successful women in any field that are unique and use that to their advantage instead of trying to ‘fit in.’ I read an interview with Ivanka Trump where she was talking about trying to figure out how to be a woman in a man’s industry, and she finally just embraced her differences. I try to do the same with comedy.”

Poetry Slam Aficionado:

“I’m a confessional poet in a lot of ways, except that my confessional is made out of circus mirrors,” confides Sarah Sapienza, a veteran of Worcester’s own Poets’ Asylum, a place she sees as “…one of the best and most supportive communities in the country.” At 15 years old, an already budding poet’s eyes were opened to the competitive performancebased world of slam poetry. “Because slam is a competition, it gave me an idea of how I could improve, and…I was able to add an element of theatre to what could have been, and I’m sure was, trite teenage poetry. Who doesn’t love angst set to scores?” Writing and performing poetry are not simply a past time for Sapienza; the fervor and spirit of rigorously developed intellectual composition with the goal of delivering intricate musings to a crowd of hungry ears and minds is precisely what makes this slam aficionado tick. “I’m a stage girl…I love being on it, sometimes writing for it. Writing will always be the priority for me, and I try not to bring anything to an audience that isn’t ready ~ but there’s something almost addictive about getting the three minutes slam allows you to get up in front of people and just effing dazzle…that moment when you realize you’ve got it ~ that never gets less awesome.”

These mighty, boldly tenacious, ROCKIN’ women are creating a serious statement and presence in their respective industries. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for their progress and contributions to the greater Worcester area! GIRL POWER RULES!



Getting to Know By Steph Moore


The Summer Set have been insanely busy this year with a tour and a new album, but lead singer Brian Dales was kind enough to take some time out from the Japanese leg of the tour to answer a few questions for you, our Pulse readers! How has the band changed ~ personally and musically ~ over the years? We grew up a lot. This album is especially personal to me because it’s really one long story about a relationship I was in the past few years. It’s about first love. I think we learned a lot about songwriting and we didn’t have any fears musically. It’s a much more organic record and we were a lot more willing to experiment with an eclectic amount of instruments. I think it’s the most honest and sincere record we could’ve made and I’m very proud of it. What’s the latest band whose music you can’t get enough of? I’m really into the new Parachute record. I think the songs are amazing. They did their record with the same producer we did, John Fields. They’re really nice dudes. I’d love to tour with them. Which song would you consider the quintessential The Summer Set song ~ kind of the band’s anthem? I think “When We Were Young” off of our new record is the ultimate Summer Set anthem. It’s my favorite song we’ve probably ever written. When you’re on tour and each need some alone time, where do you go to get some peace and quiet? I usually read or put my headphones on and listen to music if I want some alone time. I like sitting in random coffee shops near venues when I have downtime. I love my coffee. If music hadn’t worked out, what career would you have pursued instead? I was going to go to college on a tennis scholarship and be an English major until this band took over. I’ve just always wanted to write, whether it was songs, poems, books, etc. I love the written word. I’d ultimately love to screen write one day. Dream job.


No musician likes to be pigeon-holed into a particular genre ~ if you could make up a genre ~ any new word that you want ~ to accurately describe The Summer Set’s sound to our readers who might not be familiar with your music, what would it be? Audiogasmic. Ever get tired of playing a particular song over and over? You have no idea how tired I am of playing a few specific songs from our first record. Haha. Where did the band’s name come from? Honestly, an Atlas. We were young, stupid, and really desperate. Silliest disagreement the members of the band have ever gotten into? We have two brothers who are polar opposites of each other. They get in arguments all the time about the most ridiculous things. “Chelsea” was featured on “Dancing with the Stars” in April ~ any of you have any aspirations to show your dance moves to the world? Absolutely. I’m a dancing machine. Be sure to check out Everything’s Fine and find The Summer Set on these sites! Special thanks to Lisa Garelick


An Interview with Raul Bianchi of the Expendables @ The Vans Warped Tour 2011 By Katey Khaos

Straight some Santa Cruz, CA come The Expendables, a four man group composed of Geoff Weers (guitars and vocals), Adam Patterson (drums and vocals), Raul Bianchi (lead guitar) and Ryan DeMars (bass). Their musical style is a mélange of popular genres including reggae, ska, surf rock and punk rock, which ~ when combined ~ creates a sound unlike anything you’ve heard before! I had a chance to sit down with Raul Bianchi at this year’s Warped Tour in Mansfield, MA and talk about his life both on and off tour. These guys have been around since ‘97 and have seen their fair share of touring, but is there a real difference in touring with a few acts versus being a part of a huge festival like Warped Tour? Bianchi said yes: “Well, there’s a lot less drinking,” he laughs. “Our day usually goes from 8am until about 11:30pm, there’s a lot less of an ego on tours like these, I think mainly because there’s a random set list, so no one is ‘headlining’ ~ it’s more of a big family.” Before their performances, Bianchi and his band mates are usually practicing and warming up for 25-30 minutes. “Before our set, I’m usually nervous and I have to pee,” Bianchi joked. Many bands who have been in existence as long as these guys have migrated through various styles of music and their new sound is noticeable different from when they when they started ~ which isn’t always a bad thing. Fortunately,


though, The Expendables have kept to their roots and haven’t strayed very far from their ska-punk scene that started winning over fans years ago. “I think the main differences in our sound from when we started to now is that it’s a lot tighter and better. The music is a lot more technical. We still use the similar styles we started with, but we’ve moved to the extremes of each.” So, what would Bianchi have been doing had The Expendables not worked out? His back-up plan was to work in a field that dealt with either economics or public policy. Since The Expendables have made a name for themselves, at what point did Bianchi realize they had “made it big?” With a smirk, Bianchi replied, “I’ll let you know when it happens!” What’s Bianchi doing when he’s not shredding it on stage with The Expendables? He’s usually spending time with his family, relaxing at the beach, or even working out. When I asked him what band he was most excited to see at Warped Tour, he replied, “August Burns Red, it’s good workout music.” What better way to get your heart rate up than with some east-coast metalcore? For more information on The Expendables and to check out their music, visit:

The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band Back and Bluesier Than Ever with How I Go By Jillian Locke

On August 2nd, The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band released their sixth studio album, How I Go, on Roadrunner Records. They stormed the Hampton Beach Casino on the 26th, sharing Shepherd’s robust take on the heart and soul of his bluesy predecessors, melded with his own translation of the genre that has laid the foundation for every major form of music. Said KWS during our interview, “I try not to listen to any current music when I’m recording albums, so as to make it as authentic and original as possible. I just listen to the music that I listened to when I was a kid ~ the old blues that got me fired up about music in the first place.” This time around, TKWSB paid homage to The Beatles (“Yer Blues”), Bessie Smith (“Backwater Blues”), and Albert King (“Oh, Pretty Woman”). “I always like to kind of dig deep into people’s catalogues and find songs that aren’t such an obvious pick.” Shepherd dug deeper into his own lyrical content for this album title, as well. “Normally I just go with one of the song titles, but this time I decided to look within the songs and find a lyric. There were two songs ~ “Anywhere the Wind Blows,” and then “Round and Round;” they’re two different songs with the same line, and it wasn’t on purpose. It was a recurring thing, a kind of a statement for the young people ~ ‘This is how I go, this is how I roll, this is how I do things.’ This is how we do things.” Other stand-out tracks include “Dark Side of Love” (a song that was actually recorded for a different album, never made the cut, and finally made its way onto this one), “Heat of the Sun” (a gripping, soulful slice whose gravitational force kicks into effect from the first second of the track with a howling, whining riff), and the first single, “Never Lookin’ Back,” an energetically-charged selection that ignites the ebb and flow of the album. The album, as always, features Shepherd’s trusty band, including lead singer Noah Hunt, keyboardist Riley Osbourn, and double effort from Double Trouble ~ drummer Chris Layton and bassist Tommy Shannon. “Tommy’s a good friend of mine,” says Shepherd. Tommy and Chris have been playing with me for many years. They’re the best rhythm section.” Shepherd’s riffage honors and bows to the hymns crafted by the maestros before him, and forges forward into the future of blues. Check out www. to choose which version of the album (there are three!) you want and to check out the video for Never Lookin’ Back! SEPT. 2011 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 27

Lori Diamond’s 5 Chakra Records th

By Tine Roycro�

Lori Diamond’s journey to her own record label began with a lot of love, and a lot of energy. You might have heard of chakras, or small points within the body that are the focal areas for receiving and transmitting energy. According to Hindu and Buddhist belief, there are seven chakras, each with a different color, location, and meaning ~ the violet chakra, for example, is located at the crown of the head and is associated with peace and wisdom. Diamond, a musician and artist, is very familiar with these mystical powerhouses of energy and is inspired by them; so much so that she decided to name her music label 5th Chakra Records. “It started as a label I created for my own release, Mystery, back in 2009,” says Diamond. “And the 5th chakra ~ if you know about the energy system of the b o d y ~ is related to purity and self-expression. It’s located in the throat. The name just seemed appropriate.“ Diamond has a wealth of experience in the music business and believes that the Worcester area has a wealth of great musicians. But amidst the talent, Diamond would occasionally come across artists who were, as she puts it, “dis-empowering” others to empower themselves and acting out of jealousy. Diamond felt that the members of the Metro West music community could succeed without clawing at each other. “There’s enough room at the top for all of us,” she says.


About a year after creating 5th Chakra Records, she shared the idea with her fellow artists and dear friends Fred Abatelli, Stuart Ferguson and Carrie Rowan. Together, they helped shape the record company into a cooperative effort that shared ideas, resources, leads and success. “We promote each other’s shows. I’ll make posters for everybody’s shows, we’ll all send out invitations to our various networks when we need to support events for each other,” explains Diamond. “We just all worked together to complete physical press kits, coming up with various ideas for advertising, doing radio campaigns at the same time. We’ve done a lot of things in a much more streamlined fashion by doing them together. “ The record label, which includes Ambient, Soul, Jazz, Folk, Acoustic and Blues music, also has an exciting autumn planned, with the 5th Chakra Festival creating much buzz. “The Festival will be at Great Brook Farm in Bolton,” says Diamond. “All of the 5th Chakra artists will be playing, but so will several of the artists we often work with. All in all, we’ll be bringing in over 20 musicians.” The event is an all-day affair that will celebrate music, but also art and energy. Diamond promises featured guests who will specialize in angel cards, tarot cards, energy work, jewelry-making, soap-making and much more. “And everyone is donating their time,” says Diamond. “The event is a benefit for the Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare. They’re a great organization.” For more info, please visit



18 Wheels of Justice By Jennifer Russo

A motorcycle is flying down through the streets of LA away from the cops in a high speed chase and blows through a red light just as an 18-wheeler happens by, blasting the bike into nothing. The “Real TV” announcer covering the clip says something like “…and that, my friends was 18 wheels of justice…” ~ and that’s how a brutal situation turned into the name of a brutal band. According to singer Adam Sloan, the name also represents what the band is setting out to do musically and lyrically. “The system is flawed ~ everybody knows it and everybody has to live with it. You just try to do your best in the life that you lead. The new album points out the flaws in the justice system. It’s not a politically motivated album, but it’s a socially motivated album.” 18 Wheels began as a hardcore band back in 2002 and withstood several member changes throughout the years before finding perfect chemistry and turning into the more metal concept band they are today. Says band founder and guitarist Todd Harris, “It’s been a long road with band members, but we’re finally in a position now where we feel really solid…all of us feel strongly that the best work we’ll do collectively is with the synthesis of everyone who’s involved in it, putting together what they can do best. Our sound is a melting pot of what everyone in the band is about ~ there is no singer/songwriter ~ we write together.” As far as their sound, imagine elements of every type of metal (thrash, melodic, black, progressive) playing in exotic harmony with each other, where each genre stands on its own yet works together with the others seamlessly. Ultimately it creates an abstract and passionate piece of artwork. If it were a painting, it would be a Jackson Pollock ~ something that you could stare at for hours upon hours contemplating the mysteries of the universe. It will definitely make you question the world around you ~ which is exactly the effect the band wants. Sloan sums it up by saying, “…we feel it’s time to threaten the control system and time for the government to fear the people, not the other way around.” 18 Wheels of Justice are featured on the Revitalize the Scene CD that was distributed at MayhemFest this year. They also just released their new 11-track album Execution, which you can pick up on or iTunes. Catch them live, fresh off their east coast tour, on September 16th at The Raven in Worcester. Also be sure to check out their new music video for Thrashole on YouTube and on their Facebook page:

Eye Witness By Alex Kantarelis

Indie Folk band Eye Witness has carved out a niche for themselves in the Worcester scene. The duo is musicians Rainy and Milo, who combine traditional folk with a slightly darker indie edge. The band recently hit the studio and recorded A Pleasant Tomorrow, an 11 song album that came out this past June to good reviews. “People have given us a lot of positive feedback, which has been really nice after all the work we put into it,” Rainy said. The songs illustrate their amazing chemistry as musicians, with Milo’s craft as a songwriter elevated by Rainy’s mastery of various instruments. While they fall into the folk genre, they have a certain flavor that makes their sound stand out. As Rainy described, “We have been calling it dark indie folk.” Rainy, who was a percussionist by trade, has managed to play every instrument you can think of, starting with bass and eventually moving on to accordion, flute, clarinet, and “… whatever we have on stage at the moment,” as she put it. Most of the time at shows you’ll see her behind a stand-up drum set, holding the rhythm section down. Milo serves as the band’s main vocalist and songwriter, and is usually playing guitar, but sometimes adds in mandolin and banjo. “Usually we set up and people are trying to figure out if this is a 4 piece band,” Rainy said. But no, they are just 2 people spreading themselves out, making for totally unique live show. The band is no stranger to the Worcester scene, frequenting the clubs, especially one of the city’s oldest bars, Hotel Vernon. As Rainy simply stated, “We prefer to play at the Vernon.” Their new album is available for purchase on their website. Support them! They deserve it. And check them out on Sept. 23rd at Hotel Vernon in Worcester’s Kelley Square

Widow Sunday By Katey Khaos

Widow Sunday: the nickname of Madame Dimanche, a 19th century woman who mysteriously grew an eight-inch horn from her forehead, is also the name of a kickass dance metal band from Framingham, MA! Widow Sunday is Jacob Falconer (vocals), Sean Duffy (lead guitar/ programming), Adam Cutler, (rhythm guitar), Patrick Flaherty (bass) and Darin Moyen (drums/ programming). So how did someone come across this name and choose it for a band? “There was an ad on Hotmail for medical oddity cases, and the nickname of the case was Widow Sunday. I thought it was cool, and so did the rest of the band,” says Cutler. Widow Sunday’s influences range from Meshuggah and Bury Your Dead to Ke$ha and Lady Gaga. As Cutler points out, “There’s no reason to limit yourself in music.” The band most accurately describes their debut album, In These Rusted Veins, as a mix-tape. There’s something on there for everyone ~ so don’t worry if you’re not a hardcore metalhead (To give you a sense of their music’s diversity, they used to open their set with a hardcore cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.) Says Falconcer, “I wasn’t a tortured soul, so the lyrics aren’t angry and hateful.” Like I said, these guys are classified as dance metal, so it’s no surprise to hear that their slogan is “Breakin’ faces, shakin’ booties.” “The music is serious, but when we play live, we’re there to party ~ there’s too much frowning in metal,” the band agrees. To experience the magnitude of this dance metal genre, I highly suggest seeing Widow Sunday live. The energy between the band and audience is incredible, and you’ll even see the band bustin’ out some awesome dance moves onstage. To learn more about Widow Sunday and what they’re all about, visit: SEPT. 2011 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 31

ON CD Death Cab for Cutie’s Codes and Keys By Katey Khaos

For all of those Death Cab For Cutie fans ~ after a two year break, the band has finally released their seventh studio album entitled Codes and Keys Codes and Keys, released in May 2011, features eleven tracks about life, love, and heartbroken characters ~ you know, the themes Death Cab For Cutie is well-versed in and well-known for ~ it’s why we love them! However, this album is much more experimental than what they’re previously released. Personally, I think the change is a good one ~ they’ve injected new life into the music that has become so formulaic for them. The album opens with “Home is a Fire,” in which DCFC keeps the audience in suspense; each time you expect the song to hit a climax, it calms down again. It’s a style similar to that of lead

Vanna’s And They Came Baring Bones By Jennifer Russo

“Does death divide us all by light the same way as the day decides the night? Is darkness just where it begins? Bring me your bones.” It’s always remarkable when an established band with a few albums under its belt comes out with a new album that is inexplicably a definition of who they are as a band. Vanna’s latest album ~ And They Came Bearing Bones ~ brings back what we know and love about Vanna’s previous albums, but elevates it to a much heavier and much more aggressive level. The sound is more melodic across the album and offers greater diversity than we’ve heard in previous albums. The intense speed of songs like “History on Repeat” and “Eyes Like the Tides” beg for a circle-pit, but then comes along comes the heartfelt ballad “Scarlet Shroud.” It’s the epitome of musical balance. Evan Pharmakis’ angelic vocals are weighed out perfectly with the shredding screams of Davey Muise and melodic guitar is in perfect proportion to a pounding drum kit.

singer Gibbard’s other project, The Postal Service. Again, DCFC’s lyrics still reflect characters dealing with heartache. In “Underneath the Sycamore,” Gibbard seems to be singing about a couple who only get along when they’re underneath a particular sycamore tree. After hearing track that follows, “St. Peter’s Cathedral,” I got the impression the couple was buried beneath the tree and that the band was exploring themes of death and the afterlife. Considering the vast musical differences this album has to offer, I can’t help but wonder how many tracks didn’t end up on the album. One can only hope an EP will be released at a later date. For more on Death Cab for Cutie, and to check out the entire album, please visit and deathcabforcutie.

Egypt Central’s White Rabbit By Alex Kantarelis

Nu-metal/rock outfit Egypt Central has released a new album ~ White Rabbit. This is their second release, following up their 2008 self titled album that debuted at number 8 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and had more than one single make a splash on the top 40 active rock chart. White Rabbit is continuing on the path that the band’s first album blazed. Heavy, yet melodic riffs, mixed with well written lyrics and songs that flow almost seamlessly into one another, which is a sign of a good band. Things kick off heavy with the opening song “Ghost Town,” only to get even heavier with the next song ~ the one after which the album was named. “White Rabbit,” the album’s first single, is loaded with heavy guitars and screaming vocals and will definitely get

Muise tells me that the album name is a metaphor based on a medieval war tactic he once read about. “Because it was impossible to just walk into a castle and kill royalty, the King’s enemies would first kill the blacksmiths, put on their clothes and assume their identity. They would work their way up, killing the guards and taking their role, etc. Ultimately they would assume the role of a member of the king’s court where they would attempt the assassination. They were caught and ordered to be executed. The king asked to see them first wearing their own clothing ~ letting them bare their bones.” Muise offers that the title speaks to how Vanna just puts themselves out there as a band. There is no attempt to be fake or something other than what they are. “The fake bands will ultimately be bumped off until only the real ones exist,” he tells Pulse. The new album certainly shows confidence in what they’ve bled for, and begs us to take them for who they are ~ a band that hides nothing and lives their lives every day as their songs decree. See what else Vanna has been up to at: or


Drive A’s Loss of Desire (plus bonus disc) By Alex Kantarelis

Los Angeles punk band Drive A is proving that in a world of auto-tune and over-production, a band can still do it the right way by playing their hearts out and avoiding the money grab that most bands fall victim to at some point. With their relentless devotion to touring and the punk scene, the band has proven to be a permanent installment in the world of punk music. Their love of punk bands like Rancid and Rise Against is obvious in their 12 song debut album, Loss of Desire, which was recently re-released with a bonus disc. Their style is reminiscent of Tthe Descendants, but with a heavier edge. They keep things upbeat the entire time and avoid the boring emo sound that was so popular ten years ago. In the song “The Hell with Motivation,” they show their hardcore roots with the fast opening and shouted vocals, ending the track with a

you pumped up. It’s a good track to listen to at the gym, if that’s your style. Things take a turn in the third song, as vocalist John Falls shows off his range, softly singing “I’ll bury this inside, it’s my last kiss goodnight.” The song fits well in the mix; it’s as a softer track, but by no means a ballad. After all, this band if all about making “kick ass rock,” so they won’t be giving us any boring songs. The success of their last album put Egypt Central in with producer Skidd Mills, better known for his work with Saving Abel and 12 Stones ~ among many others. Mills was the missing link that the band needed to take the next step musically and to create an album that is strong from start to finish. And more importantly, Mills found a way to capture their blistering live show on wax (or on iTunes, since nobody listens to records anymore… except for me of course). Check them out at

screaming breakdown. Most bands who attempt this end up sounding like a pop band gone horribly metal, but Drive A manage to keep it within their style. They follow that with the song “Wake Up,” which would please a crowd if they were opening for Hatebreed. But don’t get me wrong, they are not a hardcore band ~ just a punk band with heavy parts, but not cheesy in the least. The album never slows down and is exactly what fans of punk want to hear. The bonus disc only further shows off Drive A’s passion for punk rock, with cover versions of The Clash’s “White Riot,” The Buzzcocks’ “What Do I Get,” and a live version of “Are You Blind” from the album. Great covers from a great band. Drive A have toured up and down the country with bands like All Time Low, The Used, Third Eye Blind, LMFAO, and local Worcester dudes Four Year Strong. Definitely check them out.

GOT GAME? “We need more power, captain!” By Tom Hodgson

The PixelJunk name is to downloadable content on the Playstation Network what the Cadillac name is to the car industry. I’m the biggest proponent to some of modern gaming’s best titles being found as DLC, and it all started a few years ago when PixelJunk Monsters found its way onto my PS3 hard drive. Addictive, attractive, and peerless, the implementation of such a simple premise wrapped in a gorgeous aesthetic won me over instantly and changed my perspective on what it meant to be a video game. Q-Games have built themselves into a developer synonymous with success by designing accessible games that transcend demographics. With everything in their favor, it came as some surprise to me that their latest title, PixelJunk Shooter 2, arrived without much fanfare. Players advance through a world map which details the innards of a giant monster, eventually piloting their spaceship out of the belly of the beast and onto the maniacally-industrious surface. A dynamic host of 15 stages, boss battles, and environmental puzzles stand between you, stranded scientists, hidden treasures, and your chaotic escape. Creatures exposed out of the beast’s stomach lining shoot acidic projectiles, turrets shoot nails in seemingly unavoidable patterns, gaseous elements expand to surround your every exit, and liquid elements stand between you and your closest exit. When coupled together, you have some frenetic moments that not only require you to fend off oncoming attacks, but manipulate your surroundings to prevent being overcome by them. The HD graphics pop in true Q-Games fashion, like a Paint-by-Number on acid. Rounding out the presentation are the trip hop stylings of High Frequency Bandwith, who compose an ambient soundtrack that faithfully accompanies your exploration of alien environments with soundscapes just as strange and colorful. There was never really a time though throughout the campaign where the difficulty seemed just right. Some levels were cold in their approach and too simple, while others would burn your tongue with their trial and error. Some areas are clearly meant to see you fail, where inopportune enemy spawns hinder your path and appear too quickly for you to put the brakes on your ship to avoid them. Some parts require exacting controls while you try to maneuver a ship with a distinct mechanic that always feels like it’s a split second behind. Add to that the kickback of the ship when firing in its different modes and it’s just another variable in the equation of your constant destruction. Shortcomings aside, PixelJunk Shooter 2 is just south of sublime. While there are segments as tumultuous as your travels, it inherits all the charm and visual pop you’ve come to know and love from Q-Games. Don’t confuse a simple approach for a lack of detail and enjoyment just because there is little to master with your pew pew rocketmobile; the joy is in the picturesque accessibility. In truth, the “PixelJunk” name couldn’t be further from the truth, because much like the diamonds you collect in-game, this title is an absolute gem for the $9.99 price. Rating: 87% SEPT. 2011 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 33

Canal District ������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������

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Canal District


Festival Republic Presents



The Killers, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Kid Rock, Chris Isaak, The Doobie Brothers, Gogol Bordello and more, November 12-13 By Steve Henricksen STAGE 3 SET SCHEDULES Saturday (November 12) 8:00pm – 9:10pm Drive-By Truckers 6:20pm – 7:15pm Dr. Dog 4:50pm – 5:40pm Pete Yorn 3:35pm – 4:20pm Lucero 2:15pm – 3:05pm Civil Twilight 1:00pm – 1:45pm The Felice Brothers Sunday (November 13) 8:00pm – 8:50pm Blues Traveler 6:30pm – 7:20pm Brandi Carlile 5:00pm – 5:50pm Justin Townes Earle 3:40pm – 4:30pm Michelle Branch 2:10pm – 3:00pm Los Lonely Boys 1:00pm – 1:40pm The David Mayfield Parade (Schedules subject to minor change) FULL LIST OF ARTISTS PERFORMING: SATURDAY The Killers Pixies The Avett Brothers The Roots The Raconteurs Gogol Bordello O.A.R. Iron and Wine Pete Yorn Gavin DeGraw Jenny and Johnny Drive By Truckers Civil Twilight Lucero Dr. Dog Justin Townes Earle Felice Brothers Ben Sollee Renee & The Translators SUNDAY Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band Kid Rock Doobie Brothers Blake Shelton Dwight Yoakam Buddy Guy Warren Haynes Band Chris Isaak Brandi Carlile Robert Randolph & The Family Band Michelle Branch The Flatlanders Los Lonely Boys Blues Traveler Justin Townes Earle The David Mayfield Parade The Supervillains


Starting to get bummed out that the summer music festival season is coming to an end? Realizing that the colder weather is just around the corner? Well, how about a kickass music festival in Florida right as winter’s bearing down on us?!

the action from multiple stages and performance areas in a way that is accessible, inclusive, and designed as a shared celebration of American music heritage and culture. Additionally, a “coffee house” venue will spotlight traditional folk, bluegrass, jazz and other legacy artists, and will promote the work of local and regional

The City of Orlando and Festival Republic are proud to announce this Fall’s newest music Festival ~ Orlando Calling ~ which features full headline sets from The Killers (Saturday) Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band (Sunday) with Kid Rock, their first time ever sharing a major live engagement. Orlando Calling will be a weekend long action-packed festival set in America’s entertainment playground of Orlando, Florida at the world famous CitrusBowlPark. Featuring four stages of American Artists, Orlando Calling will present platinum-selling marquee acts, icons from the genres of Blues, Country, Rock, Alternative, Nu Folk and R&B. The Festival will also showcase exciting young talent emerging from all across the nation. The Killers will perform a rare US show, their first public appearance in over two years, as Saturday night’s headline act. Sunday night’s headliner, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, will perform on an outdoor festival bill for the first time in decades, and for a rare and unique Festival appearance, Kid Rock will join the bill. Other artists will include seminal indie rock acts The Raconteurs and Pixies, the popular folk rock ensemble The Avett Brothers, and NYC’s high-energy, cult status gypsy musicians Gogol Bordello. Main stage headliners will be the only action on the main stage during their headline set ~ but during the weekend, Festival fans will be able to experience all

artisans, visual artists, and craft vendors. Fans will be able to enjoy a downtown music festival in a major regional hub, utilizing local hotel accommodations and free and frequent shuttle bus service directly from downtown to the festival site at the FloridaCitrusBowlPark. Additional late night shows and other activities are planned throughout the weekend in Downtown Orlando. Tickets, ticket packages, and additional information are available at

TICKETING PACKAGES Tickets (at or by calling Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000):

What better way to spend a weekend than enjoying sun, fun, and amazing music while it’s likely to be chilly and overcast here in Central MA? Grab your friends, make your reservations, and have something to look forward to in November before the holiday frenzy!!!

Single Day Tickets: $80 ~ Stage One Field Access and Reserved Seating options $165 ~ VIP


2-Day Weekend Tickets: $145 ~ Stage One Field Access and Reserved Seating options $285 ~ VIP

Festival Republic Festival Republic, which is 51% owned by Live Nation, is the UK’s leading festival and event promoter. Its portfolio includes Reading & Leeds Festivals (UK), Latitude (UK), The Big Chill (UK), Electric Picnic (Republic of Ireland), Hove (Norway), and Berlin Festival (Germany). Kid Rock

Melvin Benn, CEO of Festival Republic, also has operational responsibility for and is the license holder of Glastonbury Festival (UK). He is also the Chairman of Wembley Stadium (UK). www. Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium The City of Orlando recently completed $10 million in the first phase of planned enhancements at the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium. Improvements included structural work, lighting and technology that will allow the Citrus Bowl to remain competitive in attracting world-class events and Bowl Games. Currently, the stadium is home to the annual Capital One and Champs Sports Bowls, Florida Classic bethune-Cookman vs. Florida A&M football game and other events.

Photo courtesy of

Park Ave.



Park Ave.



9TH ANNUAL Voted “Best of Worcester” Annual Festival by Worcester Magazine Readers.

Voted “Best of Festivals & Special Events” by Worcester Living Readers.


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KIDS AREA including music, spoken word and children’s performances



complete with vegan options

CENTRAL MASS ROLLER DERBY stART on the Street is a series of non-profit events run entirely by volunteers. Want to learn more, get involved, or sponsor an event? Email and ask us how! V i s i t u s a t w w w. s t a r t o n t h e s t r e e t . o r g

Club Listings

Happenings at clubs, bars, restaurants, coffee houses, & other select venues ATTENTION CLUB OWNERS!! Due to our new editorial schedule, all listings MUST be entered into Social Web ( NO LATER than September 15 to be included in our October print issue of Pulse . Thank you for being part of Pulse and for working within the deadline. 3-G’s Sports Bar 152 Millbury St., Worc., 508-754-3516 Fri. Pete the Polak, DJ Tue. Orlando’s Underdog Commedy Open Mic Fri. DJ Pete the Polock Sat. Open Mike Comedy Mon. KARAOKE WITH MIKE ROSSI American Graffiti 113 Summer St., Lunenburg, 978-345-1010

Sep 9 Hip Hop Night - 4 Live Acts! Sep 10 Latino Night with DJ Pedro Sep 23 Live Band Karaoke w/ Fingercuff Sep 24 Crazy Train - Ozzy Tribute Band

Sep 16 Triple Threat Sep 17 Mr J Band Sep 23 - Sep 24 Soundtrack to Monday Sep 30 - Oct 1 Sin City

Gardner Ale House 74 Parker St., Gardner 978-669-0122, Thur. Audio Wasabe

Brew City 104 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-752-3862,

Club Instyle 41 Pleasant St., Worc.,

Gilrein’s 802 Main St., Worc. 508-791-2583, Sep 30 Little Red & The Riders reunion

Bull Run Restaurant 215 Great Rd, Shirley 978-425-4311, Sep 8 Livingston Taylor Sep 9 jim Weider & Project Percolator Sep 16 Clarence Spady Band Sep 23 Patty Larkin Sep 24 Larry Coryell and Bob Wolfman Duo Sep 29 Maria Muldaur & her Bluesiana Band Sep 30 Luther “Guitar Jr” Johnson Cafe Destare 320 Main St., Fitchburg 978-345-5734, Sep 8 Johnny “Romance” Nickerson w/ special guest Ben Nickerson

Banner Pub, The 112 Green St., Worc., 508-755-0879 Bar 2011 274 Shrewsbury St Worcester Ma, Worc. Barber’s Crossing Road House 861 Main St., Leicester,508-892-7575 Barbers Crossing (North) 175 Leominster Rd., Sterling 978-422-8438, Thur. thru Sep 29 Karaoke - Weekly prizes Fri. thru Sep 30 Sean Ryan Beatnik’s 433 Park Ave., Worc. 508-926-8877, Wed. thru Sep 7 Wormtown Battle of the Bands Sep 6 Indie Art Market Sep 8 Ukulele September Edition Sep 9 The Silverbacks Sep 10 A Ton of Blues Sep 16 Sugar and the Cane Breakers Sep 17 The Beatdown, Guns of Navarone Sep 24 Rising Tribe Sep 29 Iza Jane Oct 1 Fungus Amungus Beemer’s Pub 114 River St., Fitchburg, 978-343-3148 Black Sheep Tavern 261 Leominster Rd., Sterling, 978-422-8484 Sun. thru Sep 25 Ton of Blues Thur. thru Sep 29 Karaoke Sat. Sep 3 - Sep 24 Saturday’s - Live Music Tue. Sep 6 - Sep 27 Pop Team Trivia Sep 30 Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Blackstone Tap 81 Water St., Worc. 508-797-4827, BLU Ultralounge & Nightclub 105 Water St., Worc. 508-756-2227, Blue Plate Lounge 661 Main St., Holden, 508-829-4566 Sep 24 Dubble D & The Khaos Junkies Boiler Room 70 Winter St., Worc. Bolton Roadhouse Bar & Grille 544 Wattaquodock Rd., Bolton 978-365-5757, 978-365-3036 Boulder Cafe 880 Main St., Fitchburg,978-345-0008 Breakaway Billiards 104 Sterling St., Clinton, 978-365-6105 Thur. thru Sep 29 Karaoke Thursdays


Sugar and the Cane Breakers play Beatnik’s on Friday, Sept. 16. Cantina Bar & Grill 385 Main St., Worc. 508-459-5325, Celtic Tavern 45 Belmont St., Northborough 508-366-6277, Thur. Karaoke Thursdays! Sat. Sep 3 - Sep 24 Acoustic Saturdays Sep 9 Bill McCarthy & His Guitar Sep 16 5 on Friday Sep 23 The Snapdaddies Sep 30 Mike Lynch Center Bar & Grill 102 Green St., Worc. 508-438-0597, Centerfolds 2000 139 Southbridge St., North Oxford 508-987-5222, Christopher’s Pub 7 Pleasant St. Leominster 978-534-8250 Sep 21 Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Cicero’s Cafe 17 Suffolk St., Worc., 508-767-9728 images/ciceros.jpg Cigar Masters 1 Exchange Place, Worc., 508-459-9035 Mon. Open Mic - Acoustic Sep 4 Probable Cause Sep 8, 29 Jim Devlin Sep 9 Brett Brumby Sep 16 Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Sep 17 Brett Brumby Sep 22 Andy Cummings Sep 23 The Mystics Sep 24 Jon Bowser Sep 30 Sean Fullerton Classic’s Pub 285 Central St., Leominster 978-537-7750, Sun., Tue., Thur. Karaoke Sep 3 The Guild Sep 9 Hat Trick Sep 10 X Rossed

Club KasBar 234 Southwest Cutoff, Worc., 508-798-8385 Sep 10 Dubble D & The Khaos Junkies Sep 30 Auntie Trainwreck Club Universe 371 Park Ave., Worc., 508-755-5542 Cornerstone’s Restaurant 616 Central St., Leominster, 978-537-1991 Creegan’s Pub 65 Green St., Worc. 508-754-3550, Sat. Sep 3 - 24 DJs & Live Music Dance Ranch & Saloon 70 James St., Worc., 508-757-6977 Days End Tavern 287 Main St., Oxford 508-987-1006, Fri. thru Sep 30 KARAOKE & Dancing with Making Memories Thur. DJ Brian Spinnin’ & Scratchin’ The Hottest Dance Music Sat. Hip Hop Dance Party with DJ HappyDaze! Thur. DJ Brian Spinnin’ The Hottest Dance Music Fri. Karaoke with Making Memories Sep 3 Randy & Dave show Sep 10 Chyldz Play Sep 17 Go Gadget Go Devens Grill 4 Ryans Way, Devens 978-862-0060, Sep 8 Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Nuf Ced 377 Park Ave., Worc., 508-751-4000 Dunnys Tavern 291 East Main St., East Brookfield, Fat Tony’s Pub 1102 Main St., Worc.,508-798-8908 Fiddlers’ Green Pub & Restaurant 19 Temple St., Worc. 508-792-3700, Sat. thru Sep 24 Karaoke with Greg Thur. PITCH LEAGUE

Greendale’s Pub 404 W Boylston St., Worc., 508-853-1350 Tue. Open Mic Night w/ Bill McCarthy Sun. Sunday Blues Jam, hosted by Jim Perry Sep 9 Ned Lucas Sep 10 Auntie Trainwreck Sep 16 The Coyotes Sep 17 Valvatross Sep 23 BYO Blues Sep 24 SILVERBACKS Sep 30 Bill McCarthy Grey Hound Pub (An Cu Liath) 11 Kelley Square, Worc., 508-754-6100 Thur. Thursday Night Team Trivia Thur. Holy Cross Night Sep 9 Traditional Irish Music - The Locals Sep 17 The Stone Clovers Halligan’s Sports Bar and More 889 Southbridge St., Auburn, 508-832-6793 Hotel Vernon 1 Millbury St., Worc. Thur. Good Times with Your Friend DJ Steve Sep 23 Eye Witness, GrayWolf, Eryk Jones Jak’s Pub 536 Main St., Worc. Sun. Acoustic Open Mic/WARL Charity Event Sun. thru Sep 25 Open Mic Fundraiser for Worcester Animal Rescue League Sep 15 Andy O’Brien Sep 21 James Keyes JC Fenwick’s 37 Mechanic St., Leominster, 978-840-4845


Kyuss Lives! takes over The Palladium on Sept. 20

Firefly’s / Dante’s 350 East Main St., Marlborough 508-357-8883, Flip Flops 680 Main St., Holden Flying Rhino Cafe 278 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-757-1450, Funky Murphy’s Bar & Grill 305 Shrewsbury St., Worc., 508-753-2995 Fusion 109 Water St., Worc. 508-756-2100, Sat. SEDUCTIVE SATURDAYS w/ DJ Hydro & DJ Savas- Top 40 Sun. REGGAE FUSION with DJ Nick Tue. BASS EMBASSY & REBIRTH TUESDAYS Thru Dec 31 NOW BOOKING PRIVATE PARTIES! Fri. I LOVE FRIDAYS at FUSION with DJ B-LO Galway Bay Irish Pub 186 Stafford St., Worc., 508-753-8909

Jillian’s - Worcester 315 Grove St., Worc. 508-793-0900, Wed. Girls Night Out!!! FREE Billiards & Gamecards & Appetizers & Desserts-Mon. Stump! Trivia Mondays Thur. Pong Tournament with Snatch Alley Sep 3 Flock of Assholes Sep 9 SpitShine Sep 10 Last Call Band Sep 16 Audio Nation Sep 17 PPV Boxing: Mayweather vs. Ortiz Sep 23 Lacquer Head Sep 24 UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage Sep 30 Tigerlily Oct 1 Probable Cause JJ’s Sports Bar and Grill 380 Southwest Cutoff, Northborough 508-842-8420, Sep 3 Ashland Attic Sep 9 Dirty Deeds Sep 10 Groove Street Band Sep 16 Laquerhead Sep 17 Bon Jersey

Continued on pg. 47



Bar 2011 - Worcester

Beach Party at the Flying Rhino - Worcester

FEel the beat of the City! Photos by Justin Perry (unless credited otherwise)

Boiler Room - Worcester

Tara Pub - Worcester

Loft 266 - Worcester

Lidio’s - Leominster

Shrewsbury Street Walk & Rock - Worcester


Continued from pg. 42 Sep 23 Mindrift Sep 24 Probable Cause Sep 30 Jason James & The Bay State Houserockers

MB Lounge 40 Grafton St., Worc. 508-799-4521, Mon. Free Pool Night

Joseph’s Bistro & Pub 97 Main St., Westminster 978-874-9918 ,

McNally’s Grille & Pub 88 Sargent Rd, Westminster, 978-874-1444

LaScala Restaurant 183 Shrewsbury St, Worc.,508-753-9912 Leitrim’s Pub 265 Park Ave., Worc. 508-798-2447, Wed. Open Mic Night Lidio’s Restaurant & Lounge 1045 Central St., Leominster 978-534-6600, Loft 266 Bar & Lounge 266 Park Ave., Worc. 508-796-5177, Thur. thru Sep 29 Acoustic Thursdays Sep 22 Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell London Billiards / Club Oasis 70 James St., Worc. 508-799-7655, Lucky Dog Music Hall 89 Green St., Worc. 508-363-1888, Sep 3 Modern Element & more Sep 7 Mister Smartass Theater 3000 Live Comedy/movieshow - presents “ATTACK OF THE 50 FT WOMAN” Sep 8 FLOCK OF A-HOLES w/ guests HANDS OF TIME and EIGHT PAGE Sep 9 30th Anniv. party of the ROLLING STONES at Sir Morgan’s Cove! Sep 10 Mullethead w/ OPENING NIGHT, The Shop and Genre Whores Sep 11 The Roadkill Orchestra ! Hot Peppah Sep 14 Woo-Town Wednesdays; Free Show Featuring The Crazy Exes From Hell, Uncle Dad & The Family Secret And The Unions Sep 15 FLOCK OF A-HOLES, the ultimate 80s tribute band! w/ guests tba Sep 16 Sasquatch & The Sickabillys w/ J.C. YOUNG, Genre Whores and more. Sep 17 Monsters Of Rock Iv with Counter Attack the LED ZEPPELIN tribute and Touch 2 Much the AC/DC tribute Sep 22 FLOCK OF A-HOLES w/ guests The 10 Foot Polecats! and Greg Burrows Band Sep 23 D.P.R. (Danny Pease & The Regulators) “ep release party”! w/ guests Soulstice and Wrighteous l Sep 24 TOOL tribute band SCHISM, Bushwhacked and SWARM OF EYES Sep 25 1st annual “WORCESTER FILM FESTIVAL” Sep 28 Brand New Sin, Texas Hippie Coalition, Black Water Rising, XATATAX, The SLOBBIES, Fuel Of War! Sep 29 FLOCK OF A-HOLESw/ guests tba Sep 30 Ready, Set...Flo! with guests The Grand Arkanum and more. Mahoney’s Pub 413 Park Ave., Worc., 508-277-1073 Marty’s Pub 225 Cantebury St., Worc. 508-754-0033,


Hollow Skull Films hosts the 1st annual “Worcester Cinematic” at the Lucky Dog on Sept. 25

Mickey Sheas 324 Electric Ave., Lunenburg, 978-342-5825 Mill Street Brews (@ The ADC) 18 Mill St., Southbridge 508-764-6900, Moynihan’s Pub 897 Main St., Worc. Wed. Moynihan’s Trivia Night! Nick’s Bar and Restaurant 124 Millbury St., Worc., 508-753-4030 Sep 10 Keri Anderson and The Big Lonesome Olde Post Office Pub 1 Ray St., North Grafton 508-839-6106 Oct 1 The Groove Devils - Movin’ & Groovin’ On The Rocks Sports Bar & Grill 96 Lakefront Ave., Lunenburg, 978-342-6692 Overtime Tap 50 Front St., Worc. 508-757-0600, Oxford Tavern 314 Main St., Oxford, 508-987-5397 Paisanos Pizza & Spirits 450 Lancaster St., Leominster,978-534-7117 Palladium, The 261 Main St., Worc. 508-797-9696, Sep 3 Break Thru Music presents Rock & Shock Series Round 2 (upstairs) Sep 9 Within Temptation Sep 10 Metal Sucks and Full Metal Jackie Present North American Khaos 2011 Arch Enemy Sep 16 Break Thru Music presents Rock & Shock Series Round 3 (upstairs) Sep 17 Evergrey / Powerglove / The Absence (upstairs) Sep 19 Opeth with Katatonia Sep 20 Kyuss Lives! @ The Palladium Sep 22 H2O (upstairs) Sep 23 Brand New Sin @ The Palladium (upstairs) Sep 24 Break Thru Music presents Rock & Shock Series Round 4 (upstairs) Sep 28 New England Concerts presents Potluck with Glasses Malone (upstairs) Sep 30 NV Concepts presents Mac Miller @ Oct 1 Steez Promo Presents DUB NATION MASS VOL. 2 DATSIK Partner’s Pub 970 South St., Fitchburg 978-345-5051, Perfect Game Sports Grill and Lounge 64 Water St., Worc. 508-792-4263, Ralph’s Chadwick Square Diner 148 Grove St., Worc. 508-753-9543, Tue. “Totally Tuesdazed!!!!!” Tunes in the Diner Wed. KARAOKE!!! Every Wed at 10pm! Mon. Dirty Gerund Poetry & Variety Show Sep 3 theWANDAS! CD Release Show! w/New Pilot, East Coast Runaways! Sep 8 Ralph’s Raver Thursday w/ Deejay Doc Mario! $2 Cover! Dance all Night! Sep 9 The Lights Out, Hey Now Morris Fader, The Rationales, and Grand Evolution! Sep 10 Mack the Knife Album Release Show!!!! w/The Allstonians, The Penniless Loafers, Survay Says! Sep 16 Hat On Drinking Wine, Comanchero, PO Boyz, Sep 17 Magna Mater, Miars, Sleepwalkers, and Golden Spurs’ Jared Brodeur

Red Onion - Otter River Hotel 29 Main St., Baldwinville 978-939-7373,

Sat. Sep 3 - 24 Saturday Night DJs Tue. Sep 6 - 27 Karaoke w/DJ Darin Wed. Sep 7 - Sep 28 Open Mic Night

Rose Garden Restaurant and Pub 16 Milford St., Upton 508-529-7776, Sep 4 Jimmy Fund Benefit Featuring New Bay Colony ands Chyldz Play

Verona Grille 81 Clinton St., Shrewsbury, 508-853-9091 Thur. Karaoke With DJ Jimi Fri. Arizona Doug & Scott Marshall - Rock Music

Salty Dog Saloon 1 Kelley Square, Worc. 508-752-6600,

Victory Bar & Cigar 56 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-756-4747,

Speakers Night Club 19 Weed St., Marlborough 508-480-8222, Thur. Karaoke Fri. Ladies’ Night - Top 40 Dance Party Sat. Live bands Every Sat. Night - See below Sep 3 DJ Norm Tonight - Rock, Top 40 Sep 10 Southern Revelation - Rock Sep 17 Xrossed - Boston’s Notorious Rock Sep 24 DJ Norm Tonight - Rock, Top 40 Oct 1 The Great Escape - Tribute to Journey

Vincent’s Bar 49 Suffolk St., Worc. 508-752-9439, Sun. Big Jon Short Wed. Tiki Night with Frank & Eric! Tue. Scott Riccuiti, Michael Thibodeau & John Donovan Thur. James Keyes

Spruce Street Tavern 68 Spruce St., Clinton 978-368-1255, Squire Whites Pub & Restaurant 347 Greenwood St., Worc. 508-752-7544, Fri. Live Bands and No Cover Charges! Sunset Tiki Bar 79 Powers Rd, Westford 978-692-5700, Tal’s Place 138 Lake St., Webster 508-949-6559, Sep 10 Where’s Tom - Classic Rock from 70s & 80s Tammany Hall 43 Pleasant St., Worc. 508-753-7001, Sep 23 Hope Road - A Tribute to Bob Marley The Cannery 12 Crane St., Southbridge, 508-764-1100

Whistle Stop Bar & Grill 85 Main St., Oxford 508-987-3087, Sep 24 Bill McCarthy & His Guitar Wonder Bar Restaurant 121 Shrewsbury St., Worc., 508-752-9909 Ye Olde Tavern 7 East Main St., West Brookfield 508-867-9709,

CoffeeHouses Acton Jazz Cafe 452 Great Rd., Acton 978-263-6161, Bean Counter Coffee Bar and Bakery 113 Highland St., Worc., 508-754-3125 Books & Beans 15 Hamilton St., Southbridge 508-764-6774, Buzz Bean Espresso Lounge 32 Main St., Webster, 508-943-4039

The Columbia Tavern 11 Merriam Ave., Leominster, 978-227-5874

Cafe Palermo 139 John Fitch Hwy., Fitchburg, 978-345-4501

The Mill 185 West Boylston St., West Boylston Wed. Karaoke Sat. Sep 3 - Oct 29 Acoustic Saturdays Thur. Sep 8 - Oct 27 Live Jazz Sep 17 Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell

Caffe Dolce 154 Shrewsbury St., Worc., 508-754-3761

The Nines Neighborhood Bar 136 Millbury St., Worc., 508-340-0318 The Pumphouse 340 Main St., Southbridge, 508-765-5473 Sep 9 Sara Ashleigh & Blues for President Sep 10 Reprobates Sep 16 Ned Lucas Sep 17 Bistro Boys Sep 23 Sharp Drezzed Man Sep 24 Wild Cat O’Halloran Sep 30 A Ton of Blues The Raven 258 Pleasant St., Worc., 508-304-8133 Sep 10 Burns From Within, Army Of None, Blackheart Epidemic, Lonewolf James, Trouble With Tim,Mongrel Sep 16 18 Wheels Of Justice,The River Neva, Impressions In Flesh,Zombie Fighter Sep 17 After Pride Party w/Mack The Knife,Danielle Lessard,Speaker For The Dead,Evan Greer,Happy Little Circus Sep 24 Wreckonside,Lot 54,Manifest,Destroy The Legacy,Fallen Shall Rise Upper Deck Sports Bar & Grille 377 Stetson Rd., Barre, 978-355-2224 Vegas Lounge 5 Summer St., Lunenburg, 978-400-7524 Fri. thru Sep 30 Metal Fridays sponsored by Hurt Reynolds

Espress Yourself Coffee 2 Richmond Ave., Worc., 508-755-3300 Green Rooster Coffeehouse 6 Institute Rd., Worc., 508-798-3010 Olive Branch Coffeehouse 30 Main St., Northborough 508-393-1333, Spiritual Haze 482 Park Ave., Worc. 508-799-0629, Steeple Coffeehouse 15 Common St., Southborough 508-845-4847, Sturbridge Coffee Roasters / SCR Cafe 210 Hamilton St., Southbridge 508-765-5520, Udderly Delicious 273 Main St., Oxford 508-987-9636, Wholly Cannoli 488 Grafton St., Worc. 508-753-0224,




Israel: Way, Way Beyond a Religious Experience By Sasha Fastovskiy

One of my fondest memories of my typical Jewish mother convincing me to go to Israel was towards the latter half of my Catholic school education. My Irish Catholic boyfriend and I just broken up and I was brutally devastated. My mother, slightly unsure of how to reason with me since I, a predictable teenager in every sense of the word, would snap at her every breath and suggestion. Then one day she called from work with a most splendid idea. “How about we send you to Israel?” Yep, that’s my mother; the only way to remedy a Catholic crush is with a Jewish husband. About five years later, I was one of the millions of kids embarking on Israel trips via the Birthright program. Basically, we saw almost the entire country, walked up and down Masada, rode camels, and made lasting friendships. I didn’t fly home with the group ~ instead, I chose to stay in Israel for another few weeks to see my large family that had settled there and to get a taste of what Israel is like without the shiny bus confines of a free Jewish youth tour group. The “real” places, the gritty, party-centric neighborhoods, each full of hummus and pushy people, did more than introduce me to an un-Birthright Israel; they made me positive I was going to return. So, in writing this piece in an attempt to convince folks of both the Jewish and non-Jewish varieties to visit Israel, I will focus on the highlights of this teeny, tiny country that appeal to the Jewish man, the Catholic man, and the everyman. On the superficial end, people are really, really pretty. The tanned, pigmented skin, the darker hair and eyes, the tacky bedazzled clothes designed to catch the sunlight and make outfits glitter and glisten ~ even those appear alluring under the hot Mediterranean sun. When they’re not feeding their army-toned bodies with pounds of falafel and shwarma, they’re haggling for the freshest fruits, baked goods, and spices at the shuik marketplace, which is not unlike the New York Stock Exchange ~ only louder, hotter, and without that damn bell. They also moisturize their skin with products from the Dead Sea, where they often float and swim and soak in mud baths (meanwhile, I get mine at TJMaxx and pretend it gives me the same salt-soaked high).


The beaches of Israel are one of its main attractions; they are year-round in a country without a real winter season. Yet lack of on official winter aside, this country roughly the size of New Jersey has climates of all sorts in a 6 hour travel time-span: the North is green and lush, there are snow peaks and ski slopes at the Golan Heights, and traveling south yields you desert. Even farther down is the country’s southernmost point, Eilat ~ a beach town that I lovingly refer to as “Spring Break Israel.” Jerusalem, a must-see for any person of any religion, is literally the holy of holies. The city of religious crossroads is so moving it’s got a freakin’ hysteria condition named after it: Jerusalem Syndrome: is a group of mental phenomena involving the presence of either religiously themed obsessive ideas, delusions or other psychosis-like experiences that are triggered by a visit to the city of Jerusalem [Wikipedia]. Whatever telephone booth of religion one uses to communicate with his/her higher power, the best reception is most definitely in white, stony Jerusalem. Finally, we come to a much lately hyped Tel Aviv. Recently named the #3 nightlife city behind New York and Tangier, Africa, with more bars than synagogues, the city’s self-branded motto is “The city that never stops.” No really ~ the clubs, bars, restaurants, and cafe culture (which Israel is famous for) begin at 9 p.m. and keep bumpin’ til 6 the next morning. Forgetting about all the culture clashes, histories of war and religious quarrels is too easy in Tel Aviv; Lonely Planet Travel called it a “modern sin city on the sea, rather than a Holy City on a hill,” and if sin is what you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed. When exploring the globe, Israel rightly deserves a spot on the must-see list even for those less-than-anxious to get to know our religious roots. It’s a young, modern country ~ they’ve been voted as the country that spends the most time on Facebook ~ with a LGBT scene rivaling that of San Francisco. There are museums, gardens, historical attractions, clubs, and activities for all to enjoy, and then meet in the middle (might I suggest Masada?). As for me, my bags are already packed for a return pilgrimage to the Holy Land, but I gotta admit; like every Jewish mother, mine was right, and I should have gone earlier.

Poland: History and Beauty That You Have to See to Believe By Rachel Shuster

When planning a European vacation, the usual suspects come to mind ~ France, England, Italy, etc. But why not venture to a place you would ordinarily never think of going? Luckily, I got a chance to visit such a place ~ Poland. During my sophomore year of college, I was a part of the Worcester State College Chorale, the college’s prestigious a cappella group. Every two years, the group travels to different countries to tour and sing in various venues. That year, we decided on Poland.

We first arrived in Krakow, Poland, the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. Its beautiful architecture and rich history blew me away. One of the most gorgeous sites we visited was that of the Wawel Castle and Wawel Cathedral. Beautiful sculptures and architectural details adorned every turn. The Main Market Square in Old Town Krakow was also one of my favorites. It was full of people, endless shops (both touristy and traditional), street performers, and more. It was such a lively and busy part of the city and was surrounded by historical palaces, churches and townhouses. We also got the chance to visit Jagiellonian University, Poland’s oldest and best known university. The building’s brick walls and students walking to and from classes made us feel like we were home. I’ll never forget the underground clubs playing nothing but European techno, and the hooka bars that were lavish with dim lights, countless pillows and traditional music. We also got to try traditional food like wienerschnitzel. It was cool trying “native” cuisine, but I think I’ll stick with a cheeseburger and fries! One truly unforgettable and moving experience was visiting Auschwitz, the location of Nazi concentration and extermination camps during World War II. We toured the entire site and walked through areas where unthinkable acts were committed. The aura in the air is completely indescribable. It was a very real experience that left all of us numb for the rest of the day. Although we had just visited a site with a devastating history, we all seemed to grow closer in that moment. One of our last stops in Poland was a small mountain town called Zakopane. The town was full of little shops that sold handmade clothes and wool sheared from sheep that grazed around town. We ate dinner at a tiny restaurant that had a log cabin feel; our meals were cooked on a gigantic, round stove that was plopped in the middle of the restaurant. The waiters and waitresses were dressed in traditional Polish attire, and pulled each of us from our seats to dance to the music of the band. It was a fun way to end a memorable trip. Before arriving in Poland, I wasn’t sure what to expect ~ but upon leaving it, I had a whole new perspective on life and realized that there is much more out in the world than I ever really appreciated. Poland holds a special place in my heart, and I know it would hold one in yours.



Getting Real with Rachel By Rachel Shuster Some things in life like love, friendship, school or work don’t always make sense, but I’m a girl who tries her damndest to get as close to the answer as possible. I’m no expert on life, but I’ve had my fair share of “life experiences.” Whether it’s my own dilemma, or something that’s on a friend or family member’s mind, there’s always something to learn from and share ~ and each month, that’s just what I’m going to do, share some of my observations on topics that you, our readers, send into Pulse at!! Question: I’ve been seeing this girl for about three months. I’d like to become exclusive and I think she wants to as well. But we’ve never once gone out with her friends and I’ve never met anyone in her family even though they live nearby. I’m not looking to get married right away or anything crazy. But it feels like she’s hiding me or something. Am I being paranoid? I don’t know how to talk about it with her either. (Tom , 22) This is a common situation most are hesitant to tackle with a new person they are seeing, so don’t feel alone! Now is a perfect time to see where the relationship is going. Remember, the person may have just gotten out of a bad relationship and be hesitant to get into another serious one, or she may be shy and waiting for you to make the move. Consider all scenarios (and ladies reading this, the same can go for guys, some of them will wait for us to make the move/set the pace!). You BOTH need to talk about how you feel. It’s scary to put yourself out there, but it’s the best way to find out where you stand. Sit down, maybe over dinner at your house or out somewhere cozy and intimate that’s neutral territory, and be prepared to do something terrifying: be honest. Let your girl know you have really enjoyed the past three months, getting to know her, doing this and that, and that you’d really like to continue to do so; make it clear that you aren’t interested in seeing anyone else because you really enjoy spending time with her. She’ll respect you for being open and vulnerable, and will likely then feel comfortable doing the same. If it turns out that the feelings are mutual, introducing each other to your

respective friends should come naturally. Plan a casual outing with your friends, her friends, or both. Meet up for drinks, go bowling, try mini golfing, catch a movie ~ there are lots of options, just choose something social that allows everyone to mingle and keep it light. If “the talk” is too nerve-racking to have right away, try making plans with friends first. Try, “Why don’t we get together with John and Sarah this weekend. You said they live nearby, right? We can shoot some pool at The Bar. I’ll call a few of my friends, too.” Then if everyone has a great time, you should feel brave enough to have “The Talk.” If you don’t connect with her friends, though, that might say something, too. Meeting family, even if they live nearby, is a big step for most…arguably bigger than meeting the friends. Let things happen naturally ~ maybe mention that you think it would be cool to meet her family sometime if they’re having a big, casual get-together. Or if she has a brother or sister around your age, ask if he/she might want to hang out for a drink or go see a band with you sometime. Don’t angle too hard for meeting her parents one-on-one. And make sure you ask a few questions about things that interest her parents (and some that might not sit too well with them!) before you do meet so that you already have some safe topics of conversation. The key is to be honest and understanding. You both have to be honest about how you feel and understanding about the other’s feelings. Neither one can wonder what the status of your relationship is. It’s scary, but in the long run, it will be best for you both. It allows for an open and honest relationship, should this turn into one, and if not, it’ll make you a stronger and more confident person the next time around. XO, Rachel

Ladies ~ Take Charge of Your Dating Life with FlipME! New dating cards are the future of flirting! By Steph Moore

FlipMe is a fun and easy way for women to take charge of their dating life and start calling the shots from moment of that first delicious, flirty glance. It’s the ultimate wingwoman for those who are too shy to put it all on the line or for ladies who want to show their playful and mysterious side. Here’s how it works: Once a yummy “target” has been selected, the woman makes the first move by sliding him a FlipMe Card. FlipMe Cards feature chic designs with flirty sayings that immediately let him know you’re interested. There are currently four sets available, each featuring four designs. Ladies choose the set that fits their mood ~ whether it’s Sexy, Sweet, Sassy, or a little bit of everything. The back of each card features the giver’s Member ID and Card ID which let him link up online at . There are no tests, endless searches through profiles, or surveys to take and no fake photos or random messages from strangers. We ladies get to do the fun part of flirting in real life without having to give out their personal information. If he’s interested in pursuing the invitation


he’ll log in and send you a message, and then the two of you can start getting to know each other. Now get out there and start playing the field! Since FlipMe Cards don’t share personal information, ladies can feel free to hand them out like they’re going out of style. Take a chance and get to know the hottie at the bar AND the sweet barista. Then decide which one you click with more. **** FlipMe founder and CEO Rachel DeAlto launched the company in 2010. She has been hailed as an expert in dating and flirting and is altering the future of flirting one FlipMe Card at a time. Rachel plans on bringing her expertise to the literary market with her book I’m Hitting on You, Dumbass, which is still in production. FlipMe has been featured in numerous publications including the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and Shape Magazine.


Mass Remembers-Voices of Hope Brings Choruses from across the Commonwealth to Join in Song to Mark the Solemn Occasion Professional, community and children’s choruses from across the Commonwealth will gather together with members of fire, police, military, and members of the community to honor those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, and to pay tribute to the thousands of men and women who continue to serve our country overseas. The 10th anniversary commemoration will take place on Sun., Sept. 11 at 2pm. at Institute Park, off Salisbury St. in Worcester. The goal is to raise 1,000 voices in song for the tribute and memorial. Participating choruses include the Assabet Valley Master Singers, Blackstone Valley Community Chorus, Master Singers of Worcester, Nashoba Valley Chorale, Salisbury Singers, Sounds of Stow, Worcester Chorus in addition to choral students from Clark University, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and the Worcester Public Schools. Participating church choirs include All Saints Church, Worcester; Epworth Methodist Church, Worcester; Wesley Methodist Church, Worcester; Shrewsbury Congregational Church; First Unitarian Church, Worcester; Unitarian Church, Framingham; and Unitarian Church, Concord. “Through the solace and transformation of music sung collectively, we will demonstrate the power of community and renew our dedication to a nation that is committed to freedom and justice for all,” said Erin Williams, Executive Director, Worcester Cultural Coalition, and one of the lead organizers for the event. Other participants include: the Massachusetts State Police, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Department of Veterans’ Services, Massachusetts 9/11 Fund, Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund, National Guard, Worcester Fire Department, Worcester Police Department, Town of Holden Police Department, Massachusetts

Veterans Inc., Worcester Interfaith Alliance, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester Cultural Coalition, and Friends of Institute Park. Several local officials are also expected to be on hand including Lt. Gov. Timothy P. Murray, U.S. Rep. James P. McGovern, Massachusetts State Police Colonel Marian McGovern, State Representative James O’Day, State Representative Kimberly Ferguson, Worcester City Manager Michael O’Brien, Worcester Mayor Joseph C. O’Brien, Holden Town Manager Nancy Galkowski, and Auburn Town Manager Julie Jacobson, as well as elected officials from the Towns of Hopkinton, Randolph and Easthampton. No official speaking program is planned; however, all 221 names of the victims from Massachusetts will be read as part of the ceremony. The choral program will begin with “How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place” from Brahms’ “German Requiem,” “In Remembrance” from Eleanor Daley’s “Requiem,” and “Alleluia” by Randall Thompson. Michelle Graveline, music director of the Salisbury Singers, and Malcolm Halliday, artistic director of the Master Singers of Worcester, will conduct. Then, John Delorey, director of choral music at WPI, will conduct singers in a rendition of “Ubi caritas” by Paul Halley. Students from the Worcester Public Schools will perform “American Tears” by Teresa Jennings, and the event will conclude with all singers and the audience being invited to sing “America the Beautiful.” Area sanctuaries will be open to the public for reflection following the event: Epworth United Methodist Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, and First Baptist Church. Additional space is available for interested singers. Singers can e-mail m a s s r e m e m b e r s @ g o o g l e g r o u p s . c o m for more information.

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By Bernie Whitmore A step into Feng Asian Bistro is a step into another Feng Asian Bistro dimension. Backlit wood paneling and dining areas The Shoppes at Blackstone Valley faced with thin layers of stone veneer are illuminated by a 70 Worcester-Providence Turnpike sophisticated lighting system. Feng is divided into sections Millbury with distinctly different temperaments: an Hibachi room that plays host to boisterous celebrations, peaceful dining areas, a sleekly gleaming bar and the main dining room which is anchored by a sushi bar backed by full wall of scarlet molded paisley. spicy ginger flavor. These were great first impressions, but just as impressive was Feng’s service. My friend and I were immediately greeted and led to a comfortable booth. A full team provided unfailingly attentive service and information while continuously reconfiguring the dining room to accommodate the various groups that arrived. Feng Bistro’s menu continued the process of elevating my expectations. From salads such as Brûléed Black and White Figs to the Kobe Beef Carpaccio appetizer, I encountered unique combinations and ingredients. In spite of those temptations, though, the sushi bar loomed large. Our appetizer choice was never in doubt. To start our meal, we decided to share the Sushi Bar Entrée. This combination of five sushi, twelve sashimi and spicy tuna avocado roll was the “Chef’s choice,” and good sushi chefs have my unflagging confidence. As our server rearranged our tabletop to accommodate the dish, I eagerly anticipated variety and freshness. But this would also be our introduction to Feng’s dramatic flair. A long rectangular serving dish contained the tuna roll and sushi at one end; at the other sat a deep oval bowl packed with granular ice upon which was displayed rows of sashimi and springy shredded daikon. Looming behind them, a huge pale-blue mussel shell served as proscenium arch.

We immediately split apart our chopsticks and sampled the sashimi. Maguro, hamachi, salmon, and sea bass ~ every glistening chunk was exquisitely clean, fresh and tender. The sticks of avocado in the tuna roll were creamysoft and delicious. We soon ran out of wasabi and were promptly served another bowl. Feng’s pickled ginger was also exceptional in that it retained a significant amount of

That’s just one face of the Feng’s cuisine. How’s this for fusion? My entrée: Seaweed Powder Aromatic Herb Crusted Scottish Salmon. If you agree that majestic fish deserve the finest respect, this is the place for you. The salmon steak was sealed in a thin crispy crust of the herb-seaweed mixture. The flesh flaked apart, juicy and tasty. It was presented on a platform of perfectly steamed white and emerald asparagus. Absolutely elegant. Meanwhile, my companion was waxing poetic about his entrée, Forbidden Spice Crusted Scallops. Served with duck fried rice, shaved fennel and warm ruby grapefruit sections, four jumbo scallops were impossibly tender and delicious. The rice had generous shreds of duck and was served over a small salad dressed with honey grapefruit vinaigrette. Not prone to complement, he was praising the chef as an artist working with a palette of colors, textures and flavors. Even our beer, Sapporo Draft, seemed exceptional as it subtly adapted to each course. For those of you still squeamish about raw fish ~ go to Feng Asian Bistro for their diverse entrees. Or just go to their website and read the menu; it’s irresistible. As I departed into the warm summer evening, I felt I’d had one of the best meals in my local dining history. SEPT. 2011 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 51


New Chinese. The Mandarin Chinese restaurant just recently opened in the Julio’s Plaza on Route 9 in Westboro. The eaatery was formerly located on East Main Street before moving into its new digs.

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By Paul Giorgio

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Uxbridge goes Italian. Gia Ristorante Italiano recently opened in the spot that for years was home to the Oyster Cabin, a Route 146A mainstay for over 20 years. We are hearing good things about the food. 785 Quaker Hwy ,Uxbridge, MA ~ (508) 278-7500 www. After all these years. Caffe Espresso, which has been a staple on Worcester’s Grafton Hill, is moving to the west side of the city. It will reopen in a 3,000 square foot space located at 395 Chandler Street in the “Post Office” plaza. Construction will begin shortly. No opening date has been set. This will be the first full service Italian restaurant on the city’s west side in a long time. People there still long for the days when Arturo’s was located there before it moved to Westboro. Leominster Mezcal opens. Niche Hospitality Group’s newest venture, Mezcal, recently opened a second location in Leominster. From what we hear, they are doing gangbusters. The Mexican eatery is located in the space that was formerly home to Blue Marlin.

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Another new Leominster restaurant. The city of Leominster is now home to a new Korean restaurant, Arisu, located on Route 12 . We have no information yet on the food, but check it out and let us know what you think.. 978-466-8688 Knights of the Beer Table. Higgins Armory on Barber Ave. in Worcester plays host to its11th Annual Festival of Ale. The event will be held September 24, 2011 (Sat) from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. The cost is t: $30 members / $35 general public / $5 designated drivers.Over 15 participating brewers from throughout New England and beyond will beserving over 60 mouth-watering craft brews. Brew City Celebrates 15 years. Brew City on Worcester’s Shrewsbury Street is celebrating 15 years in business. They are celebrating with special events and $15 meals including a lobster role and a Kobe Beef burger. The celebration runs until September 20th. Olie’s opens. This isn’t Stanely’s place, but rather the newest venture launched by the Oliveri Family. Father Tom and his wife Elsa started with Bushel n Peck ~ a multi location deli ~ before opening several full service restaurants. The family owns Peppercorn’s and Wormtown Brewery in Worcester; Elsa’s in Shrewsbury, Prezzo in Milford and now Olie’s in West Boylston. Olie’s is located next to Gerado’s bakery on Route 12. Dave Delaney’s year. It’s been quite a year for Dave Delaney, the bar manager at Citizen in Downtown Worcester. The Niche Hospitality bartender has won a slew of contests. It all started in April 2011 when he was chosen as the nationwide winner of the Imbibe Cocktail Cover Contest out of 300 entries and had a cocktail featured on the June/July cover of “Imbibe.” In May 2011, he was chosen through an application process as one of 20 bar fellows to work for a week at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. In July 2011, he was chosen as one of 50 people to be a Cocktail Apprentice at Tales of the Cocktail. He was also chosen as one of the Top 10 Mixologists to Watch in 2011 by “Beverage Media Magazine.” And finally… This past month, he won the Boston regional competition for Bombay Sapphire’s most inspirational bartender. And next he will be going to Las Vegas to compete nationwide for a spot on the cover of “GQ.”



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NUVO Sparkling Liqueur By Kristie Bartlett

The world’s first sparkling liqueur, NUVO is made with vodka and a small amount of delicate French sparkling wine. This ultra-premium French sparkling liqueur is blended with natural fruit nectar to achieve a harmonious balance. The wine portion is composed primarily of chardonnay with a touch of pinot noir. It is infused with raspberry, peach and strawberry fruits to reveal a vivacity and elegance that leaves the palate refreshed. Housed in an ultra-chic bottle that resembles those originally made for perfume, NUVO lends an air of elegance to any bar and a sense of flair to any party. NUVO comes in three sizes: 200ml, 375ml, and 750ml and is best served chilled over ice in a champagne glass. The liqueur already has a faithful celebrity following ~ including Bridget Moynahan, Gabrielle Union, Brooke Shields, Jamie Foxx and Paulina Rubio ~ and spokewoman Eva Longoria even has her very own signature cocktail (see recipe below!) called The Sparkling Eva. Find out more at ~ and always drink responsibly and only if you’re 21+!!

The Sparkling Eva

4oz NUVO 1oz Champagne Served in a martini glass *Garnish the rim with a fresh strawberry

NUVO Classic

Chilled NUVO Serve over ice in a champagne flute

NUVO Sparkling Cosmo

¼ Gran Marnier Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice Serve in a martini glass with chilled NUVO and garnish with a lime


Chilled NUVO A splash of club soda Serve over ice in a champagne flute

NUVO & Champagne

½ part champagne ½ part chilled NUVO Serve in a champagne flute

Pink Paradise

1 1/2 oz Malibu Rum 2 oz Pineapple juice Top with NUVO Serve over ice in a champagne flute

NUVO Breeze

4 oz NUVO 1 1/2 oz Gin Muddled cucumbers, lime, and mint *Mix the NUVO Sparkling Liqueur and your gin of choice together, and the cucumbers, lime, and mint. Serve in a highball glass, garnish with mint and enjoy. …and say farewell to the summer by enjoying Fall’s hottest cocktail:


½ part Captain Morgan Spice Rum 2 parts NUVO *Combine the NUVO Sparkling Liqueur and Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum in a rocks glass over ice and enjoy!


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A League of Their Own

2010 Champions

NESHL gives hockey lovers a chance to play all year long By Kim Dunbar While some are hitting the beach and making the most of the last few days of summer, others are lacing up their skates to play some hockey. Those who prefer gliding across ice over building sandcastles are headed to the New England Senior Hockey League (NESHL), an adult hockey league offering year-round action for adult skaters of all abilities and ages (18 and over), male or female. “Just because the hockey season is over in the winter, doesn’t mean we don’t want to play anymore,” said 26-year-old Tony Troiano, who has played at the NESHL’s league at the New England Sports Center in Marlboro for four years. “I think it is great that we play in the summer, makes it go by much quicker until the next NHL season comes around.” Troiano is one of more than 5,000 skaters gearing up for the new NESHL fall season, the organization’s 30th. NESHL, founded by Paul Laubenstein in 1982, helped fill a void in hockey-crazed New England. “There was a need for an adult hockey league in the area,” said Laubenstein, who serves as NESHL’s president and runs the league with the help of his wife, Lisa. Laubenstein, who used to play hockey with his friends on Saturday afternoons in Hyde Park, formed the league so that they could play teams of similar skill level. “We started with four teams and have had growth every year since,” he added. NESHL now boasts 330 teams playing in rinks all over Massachusetts. According to Laubenstein, the Marlboro league, which has been around since 1998, is one of NESHL’s largest with 80 teams and 1,200 players.

“Hockey is a very popular sport in this area and a lot of people play it, and still want to play it,” said Troiano, who played hockey his whole life and joined NESHL after college. “This league gives us an opportunity to get out of the house, be active and play the game that we love.” This fall, NESHL, which recently launched a brand new website, will offer a rookie league geared toward those who have been away from the game for a while or new to hockey, and have added Pointstreak (check out http://, an online payment and statistics website. “I think it will enhance the product,” said Laubenstein, who believes what separates the NESHL from other hockey leagues is what it offers players. “We make sure the league is well-run and well-maintained. People have certain expectations, not just to go out and play around on a sheet of ice.” NESHL includes a league director, certified game officials, trained scorekeepers, game pucks, player jerseys and championship trophies for each division winner. “I play in the league because I love hockey and will always have a passion for it,” said Troiano. “But being able to continue to play at a pretty high level, hanging out with the guys after the game, being around the rink and still living the dream will always make you feel young and wanting to keep playing.” Added Troiano: “Funny thing about us hockey players, we are a rare breed … once we start to skate we won’t stop playing until we are physically unable to. And sometimes that won’t even stop us.” Sun or snow, summer or winter ~ if you have it, hockey players will come. Visit for more information. SEPT. 2011 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 59

The Skinny

By Craig Lindberg

“The Skinny” is a Fitness column by Craig Lindberg, CPT and Founder/Co-owner of Optimal Performance Center in Shrewsbury ( If you have a question about training, nutrition, bodybuilding, or anything else that falls under the topic of Fitness, please send it to Craig will answer one or two questions each month, so check here as soon as a new issue of Pulse hits the streets to see if he’s chosen yours! I have a confession to make. My greatest flaw, professionally speaking, is taking the knowledge I have acquired over the years for granted. I am, at times, guilty of assuming that everyone must know what I know, and that if they don’t, there’s something wrong with them. I forget that if fitness is not someone’s passion and profession as it is mine, he or she may ~ no matter how intelligent ~ believe much of the erroneous fitness “information” that assaults our brains each day. So this month, I’ve chosen a couple of questions that initially struck me as perhaps silly, but then reminded me that it’s important that I take each one seriously, as behind it is a person genuinely seeking an informed answer. Q: I’m only 32 and I hate the way that my underarms are all flabby! What exercises can I do to tone them? No matter how many bicep curls I do, nothing works! (Jenn, 29)

A: Anatomy 101. The muscle located under your arm, or more accurately at the back of your arm, is the triceps. The biceps are located at the front of the arm. So those curls you are so frustrated with aren’t doing anything ~ and never will ~ for the “flab.” Try raising that dumbbell over your head, slowly lowering it behind your head to the back of your neck, then pressing it back upwards. And repeat. This overhead extension will target your triceps and help tighten them up. Q: I was working out with a friend and he said that we should wait one hour after weight lifting to eat or the exercise would be cancelled out. Is that true? What’s a good post-work out snack after weightlifting and when should I eat it? (Tim, 26) A: First...get a new friend. Second, the opposite is actually true. You should be eating within an hour after working out to feed and preserve the muscle you just busted your ass to build. I recommend a MRP (meal replacement shake) after a workout. These differ from strict protein shakes because they contain carbs and fat as well as a high concentration of protein. All three of these macronutrients are essential for building and ~ more importantly ~ preserving muscle after a strenuous workout.

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Allston-Brighton Boston Boston Outlet Store Cambridge Hyannis Jamaica Plain Quincy Somerville South Attleboro South Boston Worcester SEPT. 2011 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 61

FREERUNNER Parkour Makes This Thriller Move!

Freerunner, directed by Lawrence Silverstein and written by Jeremy Sklar, Raimund Huber, and Matthew Chadwick, captures all the unstoppable force of urban acrobatic freerunning (also known as Parkour) in this relentless, pulse-pounding thriller that leaves “fast” and “furious” in the dust! Sean Faris (Never Back Down) stars as Ryan, a freerunner who will do whatever it takes to break free from Reese (Tamer Hassan, KickAss), a mobster who controls a band of street racers. They run for the rush and for the money, but now they are running for their lives in the ultimate death race. With exploding collars locked around their necks, they have just one hour to make it across town all for the amusement of Mr. Frank (Danny Dyer) and a betting organization with stakes on who will live…and who will die. First place gets $1 million ~ and there is no second place. Time is running out for Ryan to save himself and rescue his kidnapped girlfriend (Rebecca da Costa). World Champion freerunner Ryan Doyle co-stars with Seymour Cassel (Artie Lange’s Beer League) in this non-stop thriller with explosive action and mind-blowing stunts! Freerunner will be released on Oct. 1st to 50 million homes on Video on Demand. ‘Til then, check it out on Facebook (, Twitter, (!/FREERUNNERMOVIE), IMDB (, and YouTube (

Words to Sweat by -Fitness Towels ™

Add a Little Fun ~ and Inspiration ~ to Your Workout

By Kristie Bartlett You’re aiming for that 5th rep of 20 ~ you’ve made it to rep 4, but then there it goes…your determination jumps ship and you never make it to #5. Well, now instead of throwing in the towel, you can draw inspiration from your towel!! Words to Sweat by™ was created by San Francisco area entrepreneur Dana Lardner, who made sure that the inspirational words printed on each towel aren’t sappy or corny ~ some are a b to your face and give you that extra little push to…well, push through and conquer that 5th rep…and maybe even a 6th! Plus, you get to reveal a little bit of your personality in a sea of boring towels!

Some of the Words to Sweat by™ mantras include: • • • • • • • • • •

There will be no jiggle in my wiggle. No Excuses Dancing my butt off, literally. Healthy. Strong. Happy. Exert. Hydrate. Repeat. Squat is a four-letter word. Carpe Dumbbells. Practice makes perfect. C is for crunches, not cookies. Take it all in stride.

Words to Sweat by color appliqués include blue, green, orange, red, bright pink, lavender, spring green, brown, teal and more! Each made-in-theUSA16” x 24”, 100% cotton towel is washer and dryer friendly and comes packaged in a reusable organza carry bag. Words to Sweat by is dedicated to supporting and promoting earth-friendly principles, so all products are designed for long-term use and packaged to create zero waste. Price: $9.95 Check out all the styles at!


Chelmsford Joins National Movement to Defeat Lung Cancer With Its 2nd Annual Free to Breathe 5K Run/Walk

Will Your Town Be Next?

By Lynn N. Capri From LA to Atlanta to Chelmsford, Free to Breathe® event participants across the country will walk, run, stretch and tee off this year to make a difference in the lives of those impacted by lung cancer through the National Lung Cancer Partnership’s research, education and awareness programs. Chelmsford-area residents will have their chance to join the movement at the second annual Free to Breathe® Chelmsford Fun 5K Run/Walk and Kids Dash on Sept. 25 at the Harrington Elementary School Football Stadium Parking Lot. The 5K Fun Run/Walk and Kids Dash will rally the community to create change and help defeat lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death of men and women in Massachusetts. Free to Breathe® supporters and participants are creating communities of hope by raising awareness of the disease and funds which can fuel advances in detection and treatment, and ultimately save lives. The National Lung Cancer Partnership started the Free to Breathe® event series with a single 5K run and walk in Philadelphia in 2006. Since then, the event series has raised more than $3.6 million with 100% of the net proceeds dedicated to making a difference for everyone affected by lung cancer and to directly funding programs of change. In 2011, 36 events across the country will unite thousands of families, friends, neighbors and coworkers, bringing hope to those touched by this deadly disease. Those who aren’t able to participate in a local event can join the National Walk Week ~ “Your Walk, Your Way, Your Day” ~ from Nov. 5 through Nov. 11. Supporters can gather on sidewalks in their neighborhoods, nearby parks or on streets throughout their town to walk in spirit with others across the country who’ve joined the movement to defeat lung cancer. For more information and to register, donate, sponsor or volunteer for a Free to Breathe® event, please visit For more on the National Lung Cancer Partnership, please visit Photo courtesy of National Lung Cancer Partnership SEPT. 2011 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 63

No Need to Be Cold While Camping

~ Just Get the Selk’bag 4G Lite!

Sleep anywhere in the 4G Lite Sleepwear System from Selk’bag (www.selkbagusacom). This lightweight, brightly colored, wearable

sleeping bag will keep you warm, and turn some heads, while you’re camping, tailgating or just hanging ‘round outside after a great day of skiing. Selk’bag 4G Lite is ideal for sleeping outdoors; don’t worry about packing bulky blankets and pillows for sleeping on the go, just bring your Selk’bag. Why lay in it, when you can live it in? Available in youth adult sizing from $79 at, the 4G Lite comes in three bold, fun colors: Dark Shadow, a dark grey, Surf the Web, a royal blue, and Hyacinth Violet.

Super Food

15 Different Super Fruits and Vegetables in One Scoop By Mike Newford Tony Gonzalez, tight end for the Atlanta Falcons, announced that his allnatural supplement company, All-Pro Science Inc., (APS) has introduced a new product called Super Food, which contains 15 different super fruits and vegetables in one scoop. The new product ~ which is sold in powder form ~ combines flaxseed and brown rice protein along with the addition of acai berry, goji berry, cranberry, blueberry, and grape seed extract. Super Food is full of antioxidants and contains no sweeteners, fillers, or artificial flavors. Each serving contains only 50 calories. Yeast free and dairy free, this pure fruit and vegetable powder is a tasty and nutrient packed addition to any athlete’s diet. The benefits of Super Food include increased energy without the use of stimulants, a high level of antioxidants and amino acids, and natural appetite control. “With the demands of today’s lifestyle, fitting in the recommended nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day can be tough. AllPro Science’s Super Food is a powerhouse of antioxidants, including lutein and lycopene, which provides the immune and performance support your body needs to perform at optimum levels. With no sweeteners and no unnecessary fillers, APS Super Food’s pure fruit and vegetable powder is not only a tasty, nutrient packed, addition to any smoothie, it’s even great on its own! Yeastfree, dairy-free, and preservative free means Super Food is a healthy addition to any diet,” explains Gonzalez. For more information about APS’s Super Food and its other natural supplements, please visit


Poise, Style and Motion Ballroom Dance Studio By Tine Roycroft Jared Vigneault and his student Lynn Lynch doing the Cha Cha.

On Friday night, you COULD head to a club with your friends, watch them get “Snookified” and attempt to “Drop it like it’s hot.” Eventually, they’ll trip on something (or themselves). You’ll break the miniature first aid kit out of your bag, disperse the band-aids and watch them hobble off to the restrooms where they’ll end up crying and drunk texting their exes. Or you could add some class and fun to your Fridays with a trip to Worcester’s Poise, Style and Motion Ballroom Dance Studio, where people who are really interested in learning to dance are meeting up to educate themselves and perfect their craft. The studio, owned by Auburn resident Jared Vigneault, brings dancers of all levels together to hone their skills on the dance floor in a no-pressure environment. “We give our students a chance to come practice their dancing in a real world setting. So they have lessons in group classes that they take during the week and Friday night they have a chance to come and practice as if they were out dancing,” Vigneault, 27, explains. “They dance with other dancers, they start to recognize what songs go with what types of dance.”

party and of course all the girls wanted to dance with them. I said, ‘Ok, I need to learn how to dance,’” laughs Vigneault. He called up a local dance studio and immediately began swing lessons. “I had a lot more to learn as a later beginner, but I was really dedicated. I love dancing, I love teaching. I worked on my own dancing, I took classes in other styles of dance ~ ballet and jazz to get a foundation. I worked with coaches regularly in ballroom dancing. I immersed myself in it for many years. It’s never too late, as long as you’re dedicated and work hard, anything can be done.” Vigneault began to train as a dance teacher and eventually took on his first student. Then he came to teach at the studio he now owns. Vigneault had been working there for a few years when the former owner said she was looking to sell. Vigneault jumped at the chance to purchase the business. Today the PSM offers a number of classes, ranging from bachata to bolero and from the tango to the waltz. A youth program is in the works and dance programs that focus on exercise and getting in shape will also be added to the roster of available classes.

Vigneault bought the PSM Ballroom Dance Studio in April of 2011, after a longterm love of and commitment to dance. But his story doesn’t follow traditional choreography. Fred Astaire began his formal dance lessons at age 6, but Vigneault started at age 17.

“I have a student here at the studio who will be teaching those classes. It won’t be Zumba, but it will be along the same lines,” Vigneault says. “And another thing we have in the works is a performance group ~ it will be a fusion of styles like hip hop as well as ballroom.”

“I had some friends who knew how to swing dance and I saw them dancing at a

For more info, visit


Open Road Festival 2011 By Josh Lyford

Worcester’s homebrewed Open Road Festival returns this year for its second iteration. Marcus Ohanesian and his group of handpicked and crucial local supporters spearheaded the event that Ohanesian describes as an “earth friendly music and arts festival.” While the event may be a music festival, the Green vibe and the artists’ presence by no means take a back seat. The live music, performed both on a main stage and an acoustic side stage, will feature local acts including The Alchemystics, Herra Terra, Gamble and Burke, Golden Spurs, Art Decade, Jazz Train, Jabooda, What, Uncle Billy’s Smokehouse, Dave Magario, Tom Cadrin and more. The music is both eclectic and majorly Central MA. Ohanesian knew that “Worcester needed its own festival” and he was inspired to “…bring the area’s music and creative arts together.” Judging by last year’s turnout, this year’s event should be a great time. With kidfriendly activities like The Vegetable Circus, a healthy-living group of performers that include stilt-walkers, and with vendors ranging from tattoo artists and magicians to illustrators and poets with an eco-friendly theme to back it all up, it is easy to see while this event will be one to remember ~ and is one worth supporting. The Open Road Festival is a constant work in progress. Ohanesian explains that while he “…wants to keep building the festival naturally and not make any huge jump,” he also wants to continue adding new activities and hopes that “…people get really excited and look forward to seeing what happens in the future.” He also has the foresight to realize that each year is part of an ongoing learning experience. Because Ohanesian and company take chances and try new things as they move forward, they are quickly becoming seasoned pros.

The Open Road Festival will take place at Institute Park on 9/10/11. It begins at 11am and will run until 6pm. There will be variety of organic food available from area retailers, including EVO, and a portion of all the proceeds go to The Joy of Music Program. Check for tickets and continuously updated musician and festival information. Pictured above: Marcus Ohanesian (center) and crew at last year’s festival.








Style & Beauty

Elsie Kaye Glassworks Beauty Born of Flames By Shelly Aucoin

Although a New Englander at present, Holly Kenny is by birth a Jersey girl with a traveling heart. In fact, her collections and art pieces are named after state parks that she has either been to or wants to visit. The daughter of two artists and the sister of a painter, she comes from a very talented gene pool. “Credit for the name of my business goes to my clever husband, who came up with the play on my daughter’s initials, ‘LCK,’” she explains. Her second grade daughter, Lindsey, was also the inspiration for her new line of kids’ items called “Elsie Kids.”

Beads can be decorated using glass rods, tungsten picks, graphite marvers and paddles. Holly says that the decoration can take anywhere from ten to thirty minutes per bead. Afterwards, the design must spend six hours cooling very gradually in a kiln. “This prevents stress and thermal shock, which can cause the bead to break,” she explains.

Holly’s one-of-a-kind-creations include jewelry, giftware and key chains made from Moretti/Effetre glass. She’s been practicing her craft, known as “flame working” or “lamp working,” since 2003. “I find flame work to be a unique and captivating art form; a bit of intrigue, danger, peace and Zen,” she says. Each piece of art incorporates materials such as crushed glass, silver foil, aventurine, raku, Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and etching. She’s also working with a new silver reactive glass that creates 3D shine and vivid colors when the torch’s propane/oxygen levels are altered.

Ms. Kenny’s latest project is Steampunk skeleton key necklaces which have been hot sellers, and she’s also designing a new ring. “I’m getting into silversmithing and metalworking a bit more,” she says with excitement. “What I like making best varies from week to week. At the moment, I’m really into making flowers and incorporating them into large silver O-rings that I cut and solder. I also make ‘gravity beads,’ beads that I create when I allow the tip of the glass rod to melt and slowly drip down toward the flame.”

Ms. Kenny, who is a member of the Westboro Gallery and serves as the board’s Communications Director, was featured on WBTV’s Artist Profile in June. “It has definitely helped to raise my visibility within the community,” she says happily. Kenny describes the flame work process as “…absolutely hypnotic… I melt a glass rod in a flame and wrap the molten glass around a mandrel. The end of the mandrel is dipped in a wet clay slurry that prevents the glass from sticking permanently to the rod. Once the glass reaches 1400 degrees it becomes workable, similar to the consistency of honey.” Holly then wraps the glass to form the bead. She advises that learning to control the glass is the most important element of flame working.


Holly will be performing a Flame Working Demonstration at the 9th Annual stART on the Street festival September 15th here in Worcester. The festival extends down Park Avenue from Highland Street to Pleasant Street, runs from 11am to 5pm and features 250+ artists, crafters, performers and food vendors as well as live bands on the main stage. Rain date is September 25th. For more details please visit Elsie Kaye Glassworks pieces can be purchased in Westborough through The Westboro Gallery at 8 West Main Street, and Nicolina’s at 9 South Street, or in Hudson at Serendipity located at 63B Main Street. You can also find her at the Westboro Farmer’s Market every Thursday through the end of September. For a complete list of locations, trunk shows, upcoming events and more check out

Another East Coast/West Coast Rivalry: Fashion! By Sasha Fastovskiy

Right about this time last year, I was packing my bags for a three-month school-work-play excursion to the sunnier, happier coast. This wasn’t simply a vacation I was embarking on, this was a journey during which I might have become one with the Bleached and Bodacious People from the flat, celeb-laden land. But even before I Miley-ed it up and hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan, I had to stop and assess what the phrase “California style” really means. I, for one, loudly proclaim my love for our coast’s tailoring, constantly evolving fads, and seasonal clothing shake-ups, so forgoing all that for a Los Angeles Covergirl look was a difficult mindset to get into, to say the least. Therefore, I packed every fiber of clothing that I could rationalize as bicoastal and multipurpose and hoped that my well-trained fashion eye could observe and absorb the styles of the elusive bohemian natives into some kind of East-meets-West hybrid super-blend that I could call my own.

West: Eternal sunshine of the spotless tans. The temps usually hover in the 70s, so clothes are designed to be light, soft, and breathable. The tanned and toned show off all their whatevers, and so the whole CA-style is born from the beachwear-to-outwear phenomenon (whereas East Coast style’s philosophy is usually workwear to playwear). This doesn’t mean the Golden Coast doesn’t at least try other seasons: LA folk still try cop the winter-wonderland trend around Christmas-time, when store windows hawk heavy knits and winter gear for no reason at all.

Almost a year later and a really bad hair dye job behind me, I believe I can say that I successfully navigated the Pacific modes while incorporating most of my own shmatas. For those who also aim to be fashion bi-coastals, here is a concise list of differences to keep in mind when heading to that other side of the country or when attempting to bringing a little Cali-couture to your own closet.

LIKE, ADJECTIVES East: To sum up: bitchy-chic, stuffy, preppy. More in-depth; structured, directional, haute couture. It’s the home of New York Fashion Week and New York itself spawns some of the world’s best designers, trend spotters, and DIY mania. And BLACK. Lots and lots of black.

LOCATION DEDICATION East: In a place like New York, different areas define style and the rest of the world comes to associate a particular look with a particular place. Hamptons White Party, Park Avenue Princess, and ghetto-inspired Bronx wear are all neighborhood-specific. West: The phrase “California girl” alone conjures up images of long blonde hair, cut off shorts, tanned skin, and an overflowing bikini top. Brands like Abercrombie, Bongo, and Billabong capitalized on selling that image, as did Katy Perry (kudos for staying true to your brunette roots, though, Katy!) and, years ago, Ms. Christie Brinkley. WEATHERING THE ELEMENTS East: We have four seasons, two of which we can count on to be quite brutal. However, changing of seasons calls for changing of clothes and ushering in new trends and the ever-so-East Coast tradition of layering. Women wear dresses in the summer, pair them with cardigans for fall, then with tights, boots, and various coats (because those of us in the East know when to wear our parkas versus our pea coats) in winter.

CINEMATIC GEMS East: Both coasts peddle attitude in their clothes. Some hot-to-trot production titles to keep you inspired: Gossip Girl, Devil Wears Prada, that Sarah Jessica Parker series... West: 90210, Clueless, Pretty Woman, and of course, Legally Blonde.

West: Beachy-chic, laid back, breezy, boho, cool and colorful. It may be the home of Rodeo Drive, but the majority of CA-ians stick to couture that’s more flirty than it is bank-busting. They’re also much, much happier there, so less black. INSPIRATIONS ABOUND East: If we’re talking about real high end style, then the real thinspirations are models and magazines. For the rest of us, however, the East Coast’s fish bowl effect and constant presence of people on the sidewalks, trains, and long lines at Dunkin’s (They don’t have those in L.A, F.Y.I) provide plenty of ideas for copy-cat couture. West: Celebrities are the biggest marketing and publicity machine on that side of the country. When Nicole Richie wears feathers in her hair, you want to start, too. And with any luck, you’re female. IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS East: We like bling and statement pieces: chains, pins, doorknocker earrings, eclecticism. West: They like conversation pieces, hippie influences, and glitter. When mastering the art of double-coasting clothes, the best bet might really be to stick to what you know, and then add some flair inspired by your surroundings. In a world where New Yorkers will fight/die/starve for fashion and Los Angelenos will tan/whiten/enhance for fashion, finding a good balance, dressing for your own body, and maybe cracking open an US Weekly or Vogue (depending on your coast) are just the ticket. When it comes to overpacking, though, you’re on your own. SEPT. 2011 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 71

Lester’s, New York’s Cult Fave Department Store, Launches! Fashionistas, This One’s For You! By Kristie Bartlett

For over six decades, Lester’s has been a New York mainstay ~ where hip fashionistas who won’t settle for anything less than a super-chic, effortless, funky NYC look shop…and now we can all rock that Big Apple swagger by shopping at starting in mid-September! The newly launched site will offer the same essentials that made Lester’s a cult favorite destination: a curated collection of trendy must-haves for all ages…with the expert insight of style professionals. Perry Schorr, co-owner of the iconic store, explains, “Our goal is to really bring the ‘brick and mortar’ feel of Lester’s to the online world. To us, that means offering an incredible selection that shoppers wouldn’t find at their local mall and the kind of service that’s made Lester’s such a huge part of the community here in New York.” What will you find at Try an awesome variety of brands like J Brand, Ugg Australia, and Splendid as well as a selection of boutique brands like Wildfox, Chaser, and Dolce Vita. The site will also feature Lester’s own label, Rock Candy ~ the uber-hot brand previously available exclusively at Lester’s outposts. The Lester’s store locations are famous for their attention to detail and unparalleled level of personal service. In order to bring that personal touch to the online shopping experience, is offering live chats with experienced Lester’s sales team members as well as a personal shopping guide. Customers can fill out a form and leave a number they can be reached at ~ and a Lester’s expert will contact them and help them find the perfect items ~ from head to toe! As if that weren’t enough, Lester’s loyalty program will reward devoted customers nationwide with purchase points that can eventually be redeemed for a Lester’s coupon. How’s that for personalized service?!


Want to keep up with the latest trends and styling tips? Just head to the website’s blog, which features exclusive content and videos detailing the trends of the moment and how to wear them. New Yorkers have always turned to Lester’s for the latest styles and superior service ~ with the launch of, now everyone can get that cosmopolitan look! This just in! What’s Lester’s hottest new must-have accessory? It’s the JJ Winters Mini Fringe Bag that trendsetters like Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Zoe use to add an instant pop of tribal flair with fringe. Channel your inner celeb with this ultimate boho chic statement piece!

Want Beautiful, Flawless Skin (Who Doesn’t!)? Then You Need Vichy’s ProEVEN Total Dark Spot Corrector By Lynn N. Capri Whether caused by sun damage, skin inflammation or aging, the origins of dark spots and uneven complexion lie deep within the skin. Keeping this in mind, the skin experts at Vichy Laboratoires created ProEVEN Total Dark Spot Corrector, a daily face product that uses a revolutionary formula with DeeperCellConcentrate™ ~ a unique combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and LHA, a derivative of Salicylic Acid with powerful regenerative and exfoliating properties ~ that helps address dark spots and uneven skin tone in all ethnicities. Developed based on an advanced understanding of skin’s melanin production process, and tested using an exclusive pigmentation atlas to assess its efficacy, ProEVEN Total Dark Spot Corrector is able to offer both immediate and long-term results. The unique texture formulated with micro pearl and titanium is designed to deliver a more luminous, radiant complexion instantly, and the moisturizing base provides 24 hour hydration. In a clinical trial, 100% of users saw more luminous skin and 95% saw a reduction in the color and intensity of dark spots[1]. ProEVEN Total Dark Spot Corrector ($42.50, 1.0 fl. oz.) was tested on sensitive skin and is paraben-free, allergy-tested and does not include hydroquinone. For optimal results, apply twice a day, followed by sunscreen in the morning.

Remember when no one would think Registry and Romance?

ProEVEN Total Dark Spot Corrector is available at select CVS pharmacies, Duane Reade and Walgreens stores, and online at [1]

Self evaluation on 40 women after eight weeks of use

Tonight …we’re going to the Registry Saturday Night at the Registry Restaurant – Dinner for Two, Just 49.99 salad or soup each • an entree each • a dessert each • bottle of wine The Registry Restaurant 264 Park Ave, 508-752-2211, SEPT. 2011 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 73

Salon Grafix Helps You Make Peace With Your Hair

New Must-Have Fall Fragrances By Elise French Sure, we’re all going to miss those carefree summer days ~ but there is something to be said for those cooler fall nights coming our way. For one thing, autumn gives us a great excuse to try on a new scent that just might tickle the fancy of that special guy or girl you’ve been wanting to meet! SHINE BY HEIDI KLUM ($35) is a feminine, sparkling floral oriental scent designed to be worn by women who embrace life. Elegant, playful and vivacious, this sensual fragrance reflects a natural, approachable personality synonymous with the creator herself. Available at Walgreens. Top Notes: Mandarin, Pear Williams, Pink Peppercorn Middle Notes: Mimosa Absolute, Muguet (Lily-ofthe-valley), Sunflower Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean Venezuela, Musk Cosmone

Ladies with straight, obedient hair, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the room. I want to talk to my fellow curly/wavy/permed/kinky-haired ladies who know that we’ve all got great hair ~ it’s just not always in a great mood! So what are we to do when humidity, under-conditioning, overprocessing, and too much time in the sun does a number on our curls? That’s easy ~ we head for Salon Grafix Curl Boosting Spray because it:


GUESS SEDUCTIVE HOMME ($65) is designed for the confident, sexy, free-spirited, sophisticated man. His innate magnetism and playful charm are his greatest assets…and make him impossible to resist. Available at GUESS retail stores, perfumery chains, department stores and Top Notes: Cardamom, Mandarin Pulp, Pink Pepper Middle Notes: Vanilla Orchid, Crushed Violet Leaves, Vetiver Base Notes: Amberwood, Creamy Sandalwood, Skin Musk, Patchouli CELINE DION SIGNATURE (Eau de Toilette $16.70 - $33.50) is an elegant, classic scent with modern appeal that makes the wearer impossible to forget. Celine Dion Signature is available at most mass merchandisers and drug outlets and at Top Notes: Mimosa Blossom, Pink Lady Apple, Juicy Guava Middle Notes: Indian Jasmine, Rose Essence, Magnolia Blossom Bottom Notes: Sensual Musk, Amberwood, Sandalwood



GUESS SEDUCTIVE I’M YOURS ($62) is an ultrasexy fragrance for the mischievous woman who loves to fully explore her feminine prowess. Equally youthful and sophisticated, she weaves a web of glamour and intrigue for the objects of her desire. Men can’t resist her ~ nor do they want to! She leaves them breathless. Available at GUESS retail stores, perfumery chains, department stores and Top Notes: Tiare Tahiti Flower, Dewy Peony, Passion Fruit Middle Notes: Magnolia Blossom, White Lily, Vanilla Base Notes: Patchouli Flower, Exotic Woods, Creamy Musk, Vetiver

By Elise French

• • • • •

Helps repair frizz and fight humidity while producing soft, healthy, bouncy curls Is ideal for naturally wavy & curly hair types ~ & even for permed hair Reactivates curls Conditions dry hair Controls frizz (aka The Enemy!) Provides all-day hold Is super easy to apply

Simply spritz Salon Grafix’s Curl Boosting Spray on damp hair, scrunch for desired look, let air dry, and start tossing those gorgeous curls around! For more information, please visit www.salongrafix. com ~ and pick up your Curl Boosting Spray at any CVS or Rite Aid for JUST $6.29!

And my new absolute favorite Salon Grafix product? 450 MAXIMUM HEAT PROTECT SPRAY Salon Grafix’s 450 Heat Protect Spray is the FIRST ever 450 degree thermal protection spray in the industry! This fabulous new formula protect your hair from the extreme heat of styling appliances like blow-dryers, flat irons and curling irons. It’s suitable for all hair types and it’s easy to use: all you have to do is spray it evenly throughout your hair and then you’re free to style to your heart’s content! It’s a unique and patented polymer that delivers excellent hold and conditioning effects to hair (and believe me, it makes your hair feel amazing ~ even my uber- frizzy hair that almost never feels soft felt SO silky after using the 450 just ONCE!). It significantly minimizes damage caused by hot irons that can reach up to 400-450 degrees and you’ll be left with long lasting curls and sleek, shiny body even in 90 degree humidity! And even though 450 gives you salon quality results, it retails for only $7.99 and is available for purchase at all CVS and Rite-Aid locations nationwide.

6th Annual


Canalfest 2011 SaturdaySeptember 10 11am—5pm

Harding St betw Winter & Temple Sts.

Worcester’s Fashionable-- Canal District FOOD * FAMILY FUN * ENTERTAINMENT * ARTS * CRAFTS

Many live performances including Silverbacks & Breje the next Teen sensation, and many local community performances FREE



Clark U’s Cycles for Change

By Ashley Klann

Clark University is upholding its reputation as an eco-conscious campus with the help of Cycles of Change, a bike-themed group aimed at getting students into bike culture. They’ve already brought bike racks and a bike share program to their fellow Clarkies. Their next big challenge? An on-campus bike maintenance shop in the basement of one of the dorms. “It’s a step to make Clark more sustainable,” said junior Lizzy Redlich. “It’s also a great way to start a community. It’s a part of what we want the university to be.” “I helped start this as an itty bitty freshman,” said senior Katelyn McGrath. “I never imagined myself doing this.” McGrath and Redlich are a part of the group’s primary board (or “spokes”) and illustrate how Clark is able to give students the power to change things on campus. After taking a course called “The Sustainable University,” McGrath and fellow founder Ashley Trull were on a mission: get Clarkies cycling with a bike share program. “Cycles of Change was founded based on what students wanted Clark to be ~ a sustainable university, and they wanted to change how the university functions,” Redlich explained. “We’re a small school, and it has been a student initiative. It wouldn’t get done otherwise.” With such a positive response to their efforts, Cycles of Change is expanding, and their upcoming maintenance shop is in the planning stages. Just what goes into prepping a storage space in the basement of a dorm? “It’s been an arduously long process,” said Redlich. Parts need to be organized, and bikes need space.” The group is planning to have fixtures welded onto the walls to hang the over two dozen bikes, but it has been easier said than done. “It’s a liability issue,” McGrath said. “[The campus maintenance department]


Physical Plant has to come in and mount them. Then we just need to work on coordinating and making it user-friendly.” “Bike maintenance isn’t that hard, and basic repairs are pretty easy,” Redlich said. “People shouldn’t feel intimidated about it. Once you understand the basic mechanics of it, you’re good to go. It’s also important stuff to know, safety-wise. If you get a flat tire by yourself, and you don’t know how to fix it, you’re stuck.” The group’s spokes are hoping to encourage a greener, more active lifestyle on campus and also teach fellow students about bike culture. “If you have anything in life, you need to know how to maintain it. It’ll be a huge educational tool,” McGrath said. “We want to promote sustainable transportation and make people want to use their bike.” Clark hasn’t been the only help in getting Cycles of Change on the road. Worcester’s Earn-A-Bike was also very influential, and provided many of the group’s bicycles through their volunteer program. “Clark Bike Share wouldn’t be here without them, hands down,” McGrath said. The students are also excited about bringing the campus closer to the city. “Worcester is a really cool place and has a lot to offer, and you don’t really get that if you don’t have a way to get around,” Redlich said. “Some Clarkies never leave campus. They’re in a bubble,” McGrath said. “I ride all through the neighborhoods around Main South. It helps me build a connection to the city.” Photo courtesy of Greg Doerschler

Cool Sites Worth Checking Out! By Eleine Fang

At the brink of the Aquarius age, or better known as the 21st century, the general public has access to almost any type of information it could imagine. Through the computer, the typical person is exposed to a gateway of knowledge relating to anything the mind desires. Here are a few sites that are the offspring of the information era: Two words…Stumble Upon. is either a procrastinator’s best friend ~ or worst enemy…especially during finals (oops). What’s this site got in store, you ask? Only all your interests jam- packed into one browser tab! On your first visit, you will be asked to check off your interests. From there, Stumble Upon collects what seems like an endless list of sites and pages to pique your curiosity. You can like or dislike the pages suggested for you and from there the stumbling is further personalized by your choices and other like-minded stumblers’ opinions. The pages will become more and more relevant to your personal preferences ~ see how this can get addicting? I once spent hours looking through 10 years of Simpsons’ quotes and pictures of food ~ and let’s just say my Econ exam the next morning wasn’t on any of the above topics. Bargain hunters/starving college students look no further! Entrepreneur Andrew Mason has created to bring the best deals from local businesses to your mailbox ~ or rather, your inbox. From Facebook, Twitter or your email, you can receive daily discounts like 50% off a delicious $30 dollar meal at a local restaurant you’ve been wanting to try but couldn’t afford to 68% off a romantic hot air balloon ride for two! You can even share your discounts with your friends or that special someone ~ time to make the moves on that cute barista or waiter you’ve been eyeing (oh yeah, I know about those stolen glances)! Just print the voucher or pull it up on your phone to redeem your deal. If you can’t find your deal on Groupon, is yet another coupon site for those of you determined to get more for less. If there is an electronic out there that meets all your eggs-pectations, but is eggstrodinarily eggs-pensive, seek solace in this savory sunny-side up site! Newegg. com is an electronic marketplace goldmine. They have the cheapest deals on over 84000 products for you avid e-shoppers. From PCs to cameras and even home theater systems, this site provides up-to-date product information as well as the best prices on the market. Newegg promises “a superior shopping experience, rapid delivery, and stellar customer service” ~ sounds like a egg-cellent deal to me (please eggs-cuse my EGG-cessive word play…I’m just eggs-stra eggs-cited about the deals on this site)! For even more savings, is the place to shop for reasonably priced clothes from abroad! Dig the Japanese Harajuku street styles? Yesstyle put Asia’s hottest styles and trends right at your fingertips. From sweet looks to sultry looks to facial cleansers, is one of the most popular places to pick up some modern far-East flair just in time for school. Free shipping on orders $70

or more should be persus-ASIAN enough to check out the site (OK, OK, I admit it, I have a problem!). Another online clothing store that has always been a favorite of mine is threadless. com. Similar to and, threadless sells those oh-so coveted obscure graphic tees. From Ts with funny slogans to just plain weird images, this site has the perfect top for men, women and yes, even babies! If lately you’ve been tapping into to your creative side, sells the same style tees and actually lets you customize and design your own. Maybe the Andy Warhol in you will create the next Campbell Soup picture for tees! Now that you’ve got your fall wardrobe, it’s time to hit the books. With the largest database of student reviews, ratings and suggestions regarding professors and classes at thousands of colleges nationwide, has bundled class hunting into one website with ratings on overall quality, class difficulty, helpfulness, clarity, and even “hotness.” Now you can find out before you sign up for classes if the professor is a total babe, total ball-buster, or total bore! Do you even need the textbook? You can find out through and save tons on useless heavy bricks weighing down your backpack. Hope these sites will help you get a great start to your school year!


Need Stuff for Your Dorm Room or Apartment? Pulse to the Rescue! By Steph Moore

Let’s face it ~ you’re getting a bed, a desk and chair, a dresser, and four walls. That’s it…and that’s not exactly a lot. You’re going to want to ~ and need to ~ add a whole bunch of stuff to those basics to make your space comfortable ~ somewhere you can relax, be productive, entertain, and just plain live for an entire academic year. Here are a few fun-nfunctional items that you might want to consider. FROM DORMCO.COM: Bunk Pocket ~ Keep your cell phone within arm’s reach your bed ~ for those late night calls (you know the ones!) you don’t want to miss. You can also store your remotes, glasses, and, um, other small items in the Pocket. Clothes & Go ~ Packing for college is not a one-time deal. You need to pack to go to school, pack to come home for breaks, pack up at the end of the year and pack again to go back for the fall semester. So get the fastest and easiest solution to avoid boxes and taking clothes off hangers. Wizard Wall Static Cling Dry-Erase Sheet ~ Gone are the days of needing clunky dry-erase boards that are too small and require mounting strips. Wizard Wall clings to your wall and is available in rolls as long as 40 feet and uses traditional dry-erase markers. You can load up an entire dorm wall with dry erase messages, reminders, schedules, quotes from friends, threats to your ubermessy roommate, etc. EZPort ~ This Foldable Laptop Desk is a must have if you have a laptop ~ and who doesn’t? Lapdesks have been around for a while, but they all lie on your lap at a less than ideal angle (stop it, I know what you’re thinking!). EZPort is 100% portable and rests on a desktop area that stands 12-16” off the ground ~ makes it much easier to get work done on your (or a friend’s) dorm bed, futon or floor. Napper ~ Ah, naps. Gotta love ‘em…and gotta love an alarm clock that was created specifically for making napping easier. Napper is the fastest and easiest-to-set nap alarm, combined with the essential standard alarm clock and time. Dorm Fire Blanket ~ “Safety first” can apply to sooo many parts of college life (wink wink) ~ but on a serious note, every year the news is filled with university residence halls that catch fire. Accidents happen, so be prepared with the Dorm Fire Blanket that can smother and put out fires before they get out of hand. College Mini-Futon ~ Sure, your room may be small, but you still want a place where friends can sit ~ and the floor or your bed aren’t exactly the greatest options. The Mini-Futon is the only guaranteed to fit dorm furniture item that can seat more than one person (next to each other, not on top of each other). It’s like having a mini living room. Phototrax Dorm Wall Photo Hang ~ Don’t even pretend that you’re too cool to plaster pix of all your friends and your crazy college antics all over your wall… and Phototrax will make sure they don’t get ruined ~ because no tape or sticker residue ever ouches your pictures. It also keeps them in a straight line, which


makes for a less cluttered look (balancing out the two weeks of dirty laundry at the foot of your bed). Featherbed Mattress Pad ~ A flimsy, 8” thick mattress with no box spring ~ welcome to your new dorm bed! It’s not surprising that most students would rank dorm beds a 1 out of 10 for comfort (and wake up feeling nearly crippled). The Featherbed Mattress Pad is a budget-saving 2 in 1 dorm bedding essential. It provides your university bed the featherbed topper comfort you want and the mattress pad you need all in one cost saving college item. All items are sold exclusively at FROM TELEBRANDS (the “As Seen On TV” giant!): Supreme 90 Day ~ Looking for a new sans-gym ways to work out during college? Since money and time are likely at a premium, you could probably use aworkout that’s more conducive to your lifestyle. Supreme 90 Day is a workout package that includes 10 workout DVDs by award winning producer Cal Pozo ~ the choreographer of “The Biggest Loser” and “Dancing with the Stars” exercise DVDs. Pop it in to your laptop for a no-fail workout. www.Supreme90Day. com and Walgreens, Target, CVS, Wal-Mart, and Bed Bath and Beyond. Pasta Boat ~ No time to cook, no kitchen space or supplies, no money, and no love for your meal plan. Sound familiar? The Pasta Boat is a 5-in-1 kitchen gadget that cooks, strains, steams and serves pasta (the best friend of anyone on a budget!) in approximately 18 minutes. The Pasta Boat also includes a steamer rack which can be used to steam potatoes or vegetables right in the microwave. www. and Walgreens, Target, CVS, Wal-Mart, and Bed Bath and Beyond. FROM GRIPSTIC The GRIPSTIC ~ A modern (and much snazzier) take on the “chip clip,” the GRIPSTIC offers a simple, space-saving way to seal your bags of chips, veggies (ha!) and more, keeping food fresh longer. Since most college kids are strapped for cash, make your dorm food (or whatever you smuggle from the dining hall!) last by using the GRIPSTIC ~ which comes in various sizes and slides onto almost any bag. and Walgreens, Target, CVS, Wal-Mart, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Ever Wonder Who’s Slept on Your “New” Bed Before You? With the Puresleep ® Mattress Pad, It Doesn’t Matter! By Steph Moore C’mon, admit it…you get just the slightest bit skeeved out at the thought of just how many kids have slept on the mattress that this year becomes yours…And just what each of those kids has, uh, done on that mattress. Well, that’s a legit concern, the unknown history of your mystery bed ~ but now there’s the Puresleep® mattress pad, the first odor-eliminating mattress pad that serves as a barrier between you and your bed. The mattress pad uses a specialized fabric treatment and patented technology that captures all the festive stains and eliminates all the unpleasant odors associated with college living. In addition to shielding you from your mattress, the odoreliminating, waterproof, and stainrepelling product also uses cutting edge technology to absorb all the smells and stains that might point to a fantastic weekend (you know the ones ~ unlaundered sheets, cigarette smoke ~ NOT that any of you are silly enough to smoke! ~ sweat, food residue, stale beer, the unfortunate reality of vomit, and…how shall I put this…”relations”) but aren’t exactly the aroma you want to sleep in for the rest of your college career. The Puresleep® mattress pad is available at Bed Bath and Beyond stores nationwide and comes in Twin, Twin XL (which fits the typical dorm bed), Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes and is offered in low- and high-thread counts.

Take Your Room from Funky Feet to Strawberry Sweet! By Steph Moore

Is your dorm room where everyone gathers on a Saturday night before you all head out to the parties? Or maybe your roommate has an uber-skanky gym bag that makes the whole room smell like feet. Whatever the reason, whether it’s to make your room more welcoming to the gang or to cover up that foot smell, Harry Slatkin & Co. has a range of refreshing scents that will make your room a lot nicer to be in! The three wick candles, available at www., come is two delish scents: FRESH PICKED CHERRIES: A delicious blend of sweet red cherry, bright apple and vanilla cream SUMMER BERRIES: A summer blend of wild blackberry, sweet vine-ripened strawberry and fresh blueberry with a hint of nectarine We all know that our cars can smell more than a bit... stale...when the fast food wrappers, shoes, and coffee spills start accumulating. Now you can have portable fragrances with the new Scentportable Car Clip. The Scentportable’s adjustable design works with your car’s airflow to deliver just the right amount of freshness


for four to six weeks. No plug, battery or flame necessary. Choose from: FRESH LINEN: A clean, energizing scent for a fresh ambiance VANILLA COCONUT: Blends vanilla chiffon and toasted coconut deliciously with notes of rich praline and sandalwood If cute is your thing, then you’ll love the Wallflowers line that comes in a variety of designs and colors: they diffuse 24-hour fragrance while adding an element of whimsy to whichever room(s) you put them in ~ if you’re sharing a suite or an apartment with your college roomies, why not put one in every room! These products and more are available at

As if they needed another reason to visit...

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