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Disturbed Still Sick After All These Years


The Hurt Reynolds Music Festival The Power of Mustaches and Metal


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Summer’s here, and you just can’t help it ~ You’re jonesing for a new swimsuit! Because no, you can never have too many (much like shoes) and yes, you want to get a little trendy and stand out from the rest when you’re tagged in all those Facebook photos at the beach. Check out these top picks and prepare to make a sexy splash!

All cover story photography by Flash House Studios. Special thanks to Regatta Point for hosting our photoshoot, all the models, and our hair and make-up crew. Photographers: Justin Mayotte & Justin Hammond ~ Hair: Nicoleta Cimisliu of Ubi Hair (, and Lillian Clemmy Makeup: Kristie McCaffrey of Nkd Waxing, Lashes, Makeup ~ (both located at 12 Portland St., Worcester) Assistant: Eleine Fang Cover Model: Veronica Ramstrom

Model: Kristen Brooke Hometown: North Reading, MA


wn elissa Bro Model: M : Harwich, MA n Hometow


to your anslated tr r e b w o swimwea an n f jeans c mi, denim ing? Pure o ia ir a M p in te k ee vori inc of your fa ar 2011 Fashion W Need more conv rench Elle’s e F ss factor w. e f w o n o h e im r s e w m e v o S o s th c z alter The awe t Mercedes-Ben and all but stole monokini on the its with h YI u s e d A lu y ! s c a it y in u a . w s s w e ta swim l run er tie F scen im cu on severa a sizzles in a den uzz on the jeans stitching and leath us look of d te u b e b d d bootylicio ds, bright i, making a ilary Rho Bombe H sue. Swim styles ps, boy shorts, stu nim; they give the enius Halter Bikin J e is to d oe ’s it h le n h s g it io e n g w li rs ia ll e o tr e h , R swimsu w ts, corsets work especially We’re loving True ing and signature that time g tops, ves tch. oms e tt o tr s b ast stitch g rt be relivin sopping n o ri h cute contr y now you must y, ~ Boy s s but with a flatte v s a it e h h it f o w ll B ), ll u . e daisy duk out being overkill) sin Mark and the p climbing out. We o h u is re re e th g $166 (the top and rear (wit our obnoxious co ter when you we in ean e yy nitely e wa -ready,” m logo on th hed in the pool b ck into th ke that. It’s “swim when wet. So defi we a b s u u o y p t li h d it g e u g u g s in o g h im th you go ra lt o w d im on (a y other s wear is n s nearly wet jean new denim swim ically feels like an ay to get your sw w e as darling, th t heaviness ~ it b is a casual-sexy . r a l) a o th e o f w p o e im e n w th s no in ut; denim t pushed check it o ntee you won’t ge ra can’t gua


mstrom ronica Ra Model: Ve : Worcester, MA n Hometow



B – 2 # D TREN

f)! ll, kind o each (we , bustiers, b e th to like bras imsuits. s come gerie ha infusing elements in L ~ their sw s , e s st line l lace into nd’s ey te ir ie la -g fr y d ir o a e b b th r d lacy with dges, an ace Bikini, $185 (c ith Swarovski over you Quick, c are getting racy ‘n nels, scalloped e w ve L o L m a amed up a p rs tor (er, r e re Design g, shee aby’s D mint green bikini te own the racy fac ther b in a p n p y a tr C s t in d n .O e h e s e c th e n m a t o e to s te d sta to b gain del can ce trim a baby mo osing But you bedroom Go from st of sexy black la cry, “Ichiwawa!” h it, like the Cyna shades, and cho not d it a re m e tr w a ‘e iz n t is o a rs e c h k e in v a e ik y b p ,o Th lm black flop ence e-inspired cents wil at sandals crystal ac by donning a big wearing casual fl rning: these lingeri te and utter confid e is t) e le a eri somewha ep it PG-13 includ ge and support. W wear it with comp ok. After all, ling say lo u e to ra k o is e y v re th to ple co ways ke sure lly like limb he t offers am u do wear one ma ay, we ladies rea e going out on a a th it u s a w w o id, so if y (and are nd by the for the tim (so to speak!). A st in the bedroom ff ju to pull it o tty ~ why keep it )! ? re so darn p ill probably agree w s y u g t a th

ina Maria A Model: Ela : West Boylston, M n Hometow JULY 2011 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 9

Model: Melissa Brown Hometown: Harwich, MA


Patterns gone wild! Lucky you, there is no one single “in” print this season; they’re pretty much all over the map. What they have in common is they come on strong with their graphic and bold motifs; they’re not the basic Stripes 101 we’re used to seeing (although there’s nothing wrong with them either!) So ~ Shake up the beach scene with daring geometric patterns like the bright yellow and black zigzags in Loeffler Randall’s Swim String Bikini in Acid Maze Print, $190 (, animal prints mixed with an unexpected pattern such as (gasp!) feathers, or designs that combine at least three super-bright colors. Intense! Prefer a more classic pattern that still pops? Pucci prints always rock hard. Wear a wide fabric headband in your hair and you are officially Bohemian Bikini Babe.


Model: K ris Hometow tina Trites n: Frankli n, MA



Please, y ou know us better about yo by ur again, we grandma’s one-p now than to think we ie ’re not sa either. Ge ying you ce and swimming ’re talking t h cap. The the clean cool inspiration fr ave to look like om decad a pin-up n -cut elega girl es past ~ nce of th ness of th e1 e s with retro 1960s. What’s on 950s and the Ma pecifically, d Men m -i odnecklines nspired details lik point are modern e su , classic gin and high-waisted cinched-in waists its infused , bo g off a play ham checks, polk ttoms. Likewise, sweetheart pa fu a with its fu l vintage vibe. Th dots and Hawaiia tterns like e Victoria n prints g ller-covera ’s Secret ive $28.50 (v ge balco pin ic n day beac, et top and shirri dot bikini h blanket n bingo ~ th makes us think o g accents, rear view f a mode o at is, unti rn beach. S f its minimal back coverage l we get the “chee ee what w ky” and think glam with e mean? of It th that’s 100 e new and the n ’s about mixing in a Brazilian ow, creati % sexy. ng a cutt some retro ing-edge look

Model: Alb Hometow a Lydia n: Worce ster, MA



s ’s ruffle season d Bikini is th t an tha au Top t to known lso be Ruffle Bande ch of frill (no ’s a it t le n u t o a u s to n B a n a e a t. da is s osh just s? True one. The Sh tailored with Much like th with full-on p a h r e p s ). nd ppy ‘n flirty, nd look the tre g ruffle en pre a small i? Cute g the little-se gham print a ith enhancin eally play up e appeal of in ik b d gin inin nr din p w ffle You ca of a ru s, inclu the fem d white rned to u think eir many side ute black an , small-patte the moment. doesn’t love o y n e h c of th ne ho mind w ruffles ing off oasts a erly do nally, w omes to out and show, b from its clev comes to the -piece. And fi ur ruffle on. c t a h W get yo hen it pping enefit or two omingd are ste , $210 (Blo ted ladies b tinct rules w a one-piece w you like to s is o m n u d h o o b tt s llno Bo eatively depend n sma re are mentio ns trend, the ffles used cr odice? It all b u r r s e ini’ patt layered g a bik lavish ‘naccent edgin ruffle

S E L F F U R D A –R 5 # D TREN

s a Trite MA Kristin , Model: wn: Franklin to e m Ho


Independence and Dignity Through Work

I will shop. I will help. I will donate. When you shop at or donate to THE GOODWILL STORES you support Goodwill’s charitable mission to provide job training, career services, and youth programs.

Check out our renovated Worcester store at 25 Park Avenue! Allston-Brighton • Boston • Boston Outlet Store • Cambridge Hyannis • Jamaica Plain • Quincy • Somerville • South Attleboro South Boston • Worcester


Gentlemen ~ You know those dude-bro-man baggy, saggy Hawaiian print board shorts that have become a permanent fixture on you at the beach? They called and asked for the summer off. Say hello to the updated swim trunk with a sleeker silhouette and higher hemline. We’re not saying you have to show your entire thigh, just a few inches above the knee will do. As far as solids and prints, look for Americana plaid, color-blocking, solid neon hues and glossy fabrics to complete your new higher-end look (tropical fruits and flowers get a much-needed break). There! That looks so much more stylish, and you can still hang ten (now stop it!) with the brahs.

Model: Kevin Jean Hometown: Worcester, MA JULY 2011 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 13

ONCE CUTTINGEDGE SWIMWEAR TRENDS TURNED STYLE STAPLES These five styles may not be the newest kids on the scene, but they’re just as cool as ever and we’re happy to say they’re sticking around for seasons to come! ANIMAL PRINTS ~ If you think this fiery head-turning look is played out thanks to the popular Jersey TV shows, think again! We should be thanking those nice orange ladies for bringing some jungle flair to the mainstream. Now we can all show the world our wild side without feeling like, well, a freak! Animal prints are beautiful and they create an exciting look on a swimsuit, whether it’s leopard, tiger, zebra, snakeskin, or even peacock. And it goes without saying that your animal print suit should be the center focus of your beach look, no need to pile on the accessories (unless, of course, you actually are a Jersey Girl). CUT-OUTS ~ One-piece swimsuits have become almost unrecognizable thanks to creative cut-outs revealing select areas of bare skin. The monokini ~ the most popular cut-out style ~ features strategic cutouts along the side and back, creating a sexy, attention-demanding look. But there are also countless other creative cut-out designs that slash and slit their way to bathing suit bliss. However you choose to cut it out, you’re sure to turn heads when you play a game of skin peeka-boo in one of these smoldering suits. HARDWARE ~ Ladies, you can’t go wrong here: swimsuits with hardware accents give a lux, embellished-like look, kind of like builtin jewelry! Details like oversized buckles, hooks, rings, chains and metallic buttons take a suit from casual to smoking-hot chic. Even the basic feature of a shiny metal ring attaching the sides of a bikini bottom subtly draws the eye to that area. ONE-SHOULDER ~ A little bit Grecian and a little bit modern, the elegant one-shoulder swimsuit looks so hot on so many. It’s flattering for different figures and gives you a look similar to a strapless suit (hello sexy bare shoulder!) but with a cool asymmetrical twist and more support up top. This season we’re seeing the one strap come in quite the range of styles and sizes, from wide to Band-Aid thin to even – gulp – string. SPARKLE ~ You no longer have to be a Vegas showgirl to razzledazzle ‘em with a healthy dose of shining, glorious SPARKLES! Sparkly suits automatically put you and those around you in a celebratory mood, and it’s hard to overdose on them these days. Embellishments like rhinestones, sequins, and studs bring the sparkle on strong, just the way we like it! Model: Kristen Brooke Hometown: North Reading, MA




Art Riot Tattoo Expo By Josh Lyford

In the world of tattoo conventions, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. Worcester tattoo artist Miles Nozzolillo plans to change all that, though, this coming August. Nozzolillo explained that he “…wanted to do something for the artists,” saying that many of the more traditional tattoo conventions of the past had lost track of the art itself. Nozzolillo should know, too, having been a part of the tattoo world since Massachusetts legalized tattooing in November of 2000. “I stumbled into tattooing,” he says. “I was working a factory gig, walked into a shop and started apprenticing.” The shop was not the environment he was looking for and Nozzolillo decided to head down to Carlton, Virginia, where he started an apprenticeship at American Tattoo. “I got the real deal, I learned needle making. You don’t see that anymore,” he explains. Nozzolillo would spend two years there, first as an apprentice spending his days working construction and his afternoons and evening tattooing, then as a full-fledged tattoo artist. His skills honed, he moved back to Massachusetts and opened a shop in Southbridge. Two years ago, he opened his ship Tattoo Project on Highland Street in Worcester. In the early days at Tattoo Project, it was just Nozzolillo. Eventually, the shop grew to include four full time booths. He recalls, “The hardest part was finding the right crew.” The current crew ~ Will Self, Seth Campbell, Jeremy Lee and Nozzolillo himself ~ all specialize in distinct and complimentary tattooing styles.


Nozzolillo decided that he wanted to start a tattoo expo that would be artist-centric and would be a good way for the artists to meet one another: Art Riot was born. Not only will the show help the artists, but Nozzolillo also plans on auctioning off some of the pieces being created and donating the proceeds to a yet-to-bedetermined art charity. These pieces include three canvases that several tattoo artists are collaborating on, each adding something unique, as well as a giant sheet of flash art Nozzolillo is creating out of four-inch squares of flash design contributed by each artist. The Expo, running from August 12-14, will feature more than eighty tattoo artists as well as some other tattoo related presentations including Henna art and tattoo removal. The bar at the Boxborough Holiday Inn where the Expo is being held will have live bands (including Nozzolillo’s father’s band, Nuzzy) performing all day Saturday. Whether you’re new to the world of tattoo or sporting ink on more than 50% of your body, make sure to check out the Art Riot Tattoo Expo ~ and Tattoo Project on Highland Street. For more info, head to

DISTURBED: Still Sick After All These Years By Craig Lindberg

Let me take you back almost 12 years. It’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon at Greenhill Park, atop one of Worcester’s famous Seven Hills. The grass had never looked greener and the temperature was comfortably warm for late September. Even the birds seemed to be a little happier. The serenity of this pristine day was about to be obliterated by what was to be the last Locobazooka held in Worcester. Locobazooka’s brainchild and promoter extraordinaire, Dan (Danimal) Hartwell outdid himself that year. Along with the plethora of local talent were cavalcades of soon to be metal juggernauts including the mighty Slipknot along with System of a Down, Static X, Coal Chamber, and another soon to be metal giant, Disturbed. Riding the popularity of the soon to be anthem “Down with the Sickness,” Disturbed took the stage at Green Hill Park on the late summer day and made fans of every single person in attendance that day, myself included. Disturbed will be headlining this year’s Rockstar Mayhem Festival on the strength of their 5th studio album Asylum, released late 2010: “It’s a darker project than even Indestructible was, if you can believe that!” jokes bassist John Moyer. “We always set out to write what we feel; David [Draiman] is a pretty dark guy, that’s why Disturbed works, we’re all in that dark place and it just makes for some intense songs.”

to “personality differences.” The band never missed a beat with John coming on board. “You know, in a way Disturbed saved me,” says Moyer. “I was your typical rebellious kid. Doing things I shouldn’t be doing with people I shouldn’t have been with. Metal was an outlet, it kept me focused and out of serious trouble. This band has been a dream come true.” Mayhem is a far cry from Locobazooka, but the festival atmosphere is something Disturbed had always embraced. “Huge festivals expose us to so many great bands and people,” says John. “’Music as a Weapon’ is our own travelling circus and smaller clubs have a great feel, but there’s nothing like an outdoor stadium or theater in the summer. It’s such a cool vibe. Great people and great music make for a pretty fantastic experience, no matter where you are.” John Moyer and his band mates have proven one thing since that picturesque day in Worcester so long ago ~ Metal is alive and well and will never die so long as there are champions like Disturbed to carry its torch into the blackness...or the sickness, if you will. Disturbed and the rest of the Rockstar Mayhem Festival pull into the Comcast Center in Mansfield on July 22nd. For all things Disturbed, visit the band’s official website:

In 2003, John replaced original bassist Steve “Fuzz” Kmak, who was let go due


Hurt Reynolds Music Festival

The Power of Mustaches and Metal By Jillian Locke

One part metal, one part Burt Reynolds…and a whole lotta facial hair ~ Hurt Reynolds (Clothing) and Elegy Productions are bringing the first annual Hurt Reynolds Music Festival to Club Oasis (70 James Street, Worcester) on Saturday, August 13th, from 3:00-1:30am, for an 18+ night of mustaches and metal with some of the area’s biggest heavy hitters. Andy “Metal Andy” Rossman first came up with Hurt Reynolds as a band name over a year ago. “We couldn’t all get together at the same time. Curt and I started brainstorming ideas for shirts, and the ideas kept getting better and better. We got Mike D. from Killswitch Engage to make a design, and it took off. That just put us at a whole different level,” Rossman explains. Along with Curt Vezina, Rossman (and Mike D., who creates all of the designs) launched Hurt Reynolds Clothing Co., creating shirts, hats, stickers, coozies and anything else they can slap the image of Burt Reynolds wearing a trucker hat on. They also endorse bands, including Acaro, Worcester’s latest and greatest up-and-comers, Lowell’s Hell Within and Manifest, Pathogenic, Martyrs and Madmen, circuit veterans Blood for Blood and Full Blown Chaos, and many more. Along with Chris Riechmann from Elegy Productions, Rossman and Vezina nailed down Death Threat to headline HR’s first festival ~ and if that doesn’t have you scrambling to find tickets, Acaro, Fixture, The Bonus Army, Hivesmasher, Pathogenic, Revenge, Foxfires, Hell Within, Long Shot, The Approach and the Execution, Anchorlines, Birch Hill Dam, Under Lying Truth, Naegleria, and hardcore heavies Full Blown Chaos will also make history as the bands who played the first year of what is destined to be a hugely successful event. All three founders are looking to keep ticket prices cheap and really bring back the vibe of when shows were more affordable and accessible, keeping the music, not the money, as the main focus. Head over to to purchase tickets for $10, or grab them at the door for $15 the day of the event. But HURRY! They’re going fast!!! The men behind the music also host Hurt Reynolds Metal Fridays at the Vegas Lounge in Lunenberg, also at $10 a pop (www.facebook. com/pages/Hurt-Reynolds-Clothing-Metal-Friday/116629835085926). Hurt Reynolds and Elegy Productions are doing big things in Central MA ~ don’t miss out on the resurgence! 18 THEPULSEMAG.COM | JULY 2011

PULSEBooks This Is Gonna Hurt:

Music, Photography and Life Through The Distorted Lens Of Nikki Sixx By Jillian Locke “I want to take you on the journey I am on, in real time… If you don’t deal with your demons, they will deal with you, and it’s gonna hurt.” And thus begins the follow up to The Heroin Diaries, Nikki Sixx’s New York Times best seller, which leads readers through the dark, drugaddled breakdowns, exploits and epiphanies of Motley Crue’s infamous and beloved bassist. Now, Sixx returns with a study of perceived beauty, perceived ugliness, love, and his path towards healing, enlightenment, and revealing the true beauty that lies within. Per usual Sixx style, his imagery, commentary and motivation are always driven by the darker force that drove him to create one of the craziest rock bands of all time ~ the same energy that brought him through death’s gates and back, and clearly the same perspective seen through his uniquely tinted lens that has kept him on the up and up, constantly reinventing himself and attaining more and more notoriety. This time, however, readers get a lot more than an autobiography of someone pushing the limits of his mortality: “I am writing this book partly in hopes that I will move somebody to pick up a camera, write a poem, pen a song, or take a shot at any other dream.” Sixx has a penchant for the macabre, which should surprise, well, no-one. The pleasantly shocking edge to the book is the way in which he captures the essence of what the majority of people would turn away from in disgust. He sees beauty where others see repulsion ~ in the depths of sadness caught in the eyes of a prostitute in a brothel in Germany, down the roughest, crack-addled alleys in Vancouver, through his psychologically penetrating photo sessions at his personal studio, aptly called “The Funny Farm,” where he creates, contemplates, explores and exposes his wounds in the name of art, understanding, and ~ most importantly ~ healing. “These people have been told over and over that they’re bad and ugly. That they’re not perfect like us. They’ve been pointed at and laughed at since childhood. Life can be cruel. It’s been my struggle, my personal battle, my obsession to make people see that different isn’t always bad.”

“…my experience has shown me that beneath the darkest of visages usually gleams the softest of hearts. The glow is easy to see if you are willing to open your eyes and admit that all life is beautiful.”

AND ON A RELATED NOTE: Mötley Crüe is hitting the road this summer for a 45+ date headlining tour with support from Poison and special guests New York Dolls. The triple header will hit the Comcast Center on Tuesday, July 19. The set list for this outing has been decided entirely by the fans as the band conducted a survey listing every song they’ve ever recorded and had fans vote at for the final set list, which will include tracks the band hasn’t performed live together in almost 20 years. Fan input and integration has played a key role in this tour from the start as the fans were the ones who voted to have Poison as the main support. This pairing is not-to-be-missed as it will be the first and last time these two iconic rock bands will tour together. Mötley Crüe has also announced the band’s new “360” drum rollercoaster, which will feature drummer Tommy Lee being launched into multiple loops while continuing to perform during his drum solo. The band’s veteran production manager and set designer, Robert Long, described the set design as “a hard-hitting Crüe rendition of a rock n’ roll burlesque theatre” and says the entire stage will be enveloped in red velvet drapery and a damask printed wall of guitar amps. This summer, they will be honored at the 4th Annual Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles, CA which celebrates the iconic strip where they began their road to superstardom. For more information, please visit the following sites: /

As with anything Sixx does, this book has a greater purpose, as does the accompanying soundtrack. This Is Gonna Hurt, SIXX A.M.’s second full length and second book accompaniment, provides an aural companion to the written words, bringing out the emotional and psychological for each section of the book; the 11 tracks cover the introduction, the seven chapters and the three interludes.


PULSEBooks METALION: The Slayer Mag Diaries By R. Peltier Bazillion Points Books, which revealed the final cover artwork for METALION: The Slayer Mag Diaries, a mammoth 744-page hardcover journey into black metal, death metal, and beyond by Norway’s metal godfather Jon Kristiansen, earlier this year, has now proudly made “The greatest heavy metal story ever told” available wherever books are sold. Part anthology, part memoir, and years in the making, METALION includes over 600 reproduction pages from every issue of Slayer Mag, spanning from the early 1980s through 2010. In addition, author Jon Kristiansen recounts his life’s story, from alienated outsider to central figure in Norwegian black metal to world-weary metal survivor. The book also features over 100 rare photographs, including two color sections and a portrait gallery of photographs taken by Kristiansen himself. The astonishing combination of archival material includes scores of key historic interviews with the most revered figures in extreme metal, including Mayhem, Emperor, Slayer, Kreator, Nihilist, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Cathedral, Entombed, Morbid, Napalm Death, Metallica, Opeth, Cradle of Filth, Sadistik Execution, Usurper, Nifelheim, Darkthrone, Sodom, Destruction, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Exodus, Dissection, Candlemass, Carcass, Sepultura,


Gorgoroth, Death, Watain, Sadus, Satyricon, Enslaved, Pentagram, Jarboe, Immortal, Possessed, Overkill, Ulver, Dark Angel, and countless others. “From the start, I made Slayer Mag as honestly and as well as I could,” says Kristiansen. “I never knew any other way. I hope that I have produced something that will stand the test of time.” Praise for METALION: “The legendary Slayer Mag gets its long overdue anthology.” ~ Decibel “Presiding over the birth of extreme metal from its Scandinavian heartland, the first issue of the legendary Slayer Mag was cranked out in 1985 and over the years shifted its coverage to provide an insider view of Swedish death metal and Norwegian black metal through their formative and most controversial years.” ~ Terrorizer “Best idea since sliced bread.” ~ Fenriz, Darkthrone

The Hotel Year


Who says punk’s dead? The Hotel Year fans the punk rock flame with upbeat, catchy tracks that are sure to bring back fond memories of your younger years ~ at least it did for me!

Hey you jive-ass mothers ~ John Shaft here, the black private dick that’s a sex machine to all the chicks, and I’ve got the word for all you turkeys. There is a new cool in the music biz, and their name is GMB, aka Great Minded Brothers. Can you dig it? These cats are the coolest Pop/Hip-Hop-Rap/Dance group around, and they’re from the heart of Worcester, baby. My man Basil Fletcher (B-Macks) and his partner Anthony Warren (A-Dub) grew up just two blocks from each other, and have been recording, free-stylin’, singing, rapping, and writing since they were ten! Now they’re ready to unleash their musical vision upon the world. You dig?

By Katey Khaos

The Hotel Year is Christian Holden (bass/vocals), Zack Shaw (guitar/vocals), Chris Hoffman (guitar/vocals) and Sam Frederick (drums). Their influences range from old-school favorites like Saves the Day and The Early November to many 90s post punk bands and even some 2000s teen angst bands. Most of the members had been involved in previous bands before deciding to combine their efforts into a single project. “We all went to high school together ~ and we all had chemistry, which was obviously good for us.” The band agrees that “We don’t have a specific name for our fans. Until recently, we would have called our fans by name ~ because we could ~ because no one knew who we were.” Their fans are dedicated and growing in number daily. At their local shows, there is always a crowd up front singing back to the band, word for word. Many of the lyrics are off The Hotel Year’s newest album, It Never Goes Out, which features nine tracks ~ each showcasing the band’s tremendous talents. “Our biggest accomplishment would have to be this album because it came so naturally to us. There was still a lot of work put into making it, and I think we are all proud of it.” The first track I listened to was “Our Lives Would Make a Sad, Boring Movie,” and I was instantly hooked! It, as well as the entire album, is available for free download (or with a donation) at

By Bruce Elliot

B-Macks takes his musical inspiration from The Notorious BIG, while the funloving A-Dub leans more towards the pop sounds of Michael Jackson. Together they create a sound that’s smoother than Super Fly’s ride and more fun than a trampoline at the Playboy Mansion. With the help of producer Masiah and A-List Music Group CEO Daniel “Lincoln” Bloh, the pair is set to release their killer debut single “Throw Ya Legs Back.” The song features razor-sharp lyrics and a stronger hook than Ali, baby. With a new album on the way, GMB are more determined than ever to make it. “We want to make it from here…it would be great to open the door for our city, and to put it on the (hip/hop) map.” Meanwhile, they will never forget Worcester. “We will definitely stick to our Massachusetts roots. You can never forget where you come from, and this city made us who we are today.” So check my Great Minded Brothers at, because they are bad mother f– (Shut your mouth!) Hey, I’m just talkin’ about Great Minded Brothers. Can you dig it?


ON CD Ari Hest’s Sunset Over Hope Street By Tine Roycroft

An open letter to musician/songwriter/ Ari Hest, regarding his latest CD, Sunset Over Hope Street Dear Mr. Hest; I am a 31 year-old woman who has been fortunate enough to review a number of CDs in her short life. I’ve covered everything from death metal to dance music with journalistic integrity and objectivity.

I realize that this is your first full-length album in four years and that it was produced out of an incredible project you launched in 2008 when you were writing, recording, and releasing a new song each week for 52 weeks. I know that you tour like a madman, bringing your gentle voice and melodic rock across the globe and that your songs have been featured on popular television including “One Tree Hill” and “Private Practice.” But does this give you the right to wield the power to strip back the shared bravado of your listeners (who have all basically become accustomed to numbly jamming out to highly-sexed songs from any number of genres) and making us feel…emotionally present and, dare I say, emotionally vulnerable? I was not ready for you or your music, Mr. Ari Hest. But, according to my therapist, I was bound to run into my psyche again at some point. And your tunes were a surprisingly good catalyst for the event horizon.

So why, after listening to just a few bars of your song “If I Knew You’d Say Yes,” do I turn into a puddle of goo that contains the tumultuous emotions (good and gross!) of a junior high school girl? How is it that the strong veneer of professionalism is just cracked and its pieces thrown into the wind at the sound of your velvety, all-encompassing voice and gorgeous guitar/ piano/percussion work. Why do your lyrics make me want to daydream about love and taking chances and forgiving others for seeking their own happiness elsewhere. I’m trying to hold down a full time job, Mr. Hest, and your music makes my mind and heart wander. For once, it’s not the ADHD.

Just don’t let my teacher or the other kids in class know that I’m crying in the girls’ locker room. Thank you,

Tine Roycroft

For more for info on Ari Hest, go to

When I first came across the band’s music, I thought to myself, “Holy sh*it,” these guys have a serious bone to pick!” The sound is intense and explosive, angry and unforgiving. Vocalist Rob Watson, who moved to California from Pennsylvania on a whim to start a new life for himself, started a local band two weeks after he arrived and it morphed into what is now Lionheart. According to Rob, the music “…is sometimes pissed off, and it’s ALWAYS personal. The reason I got into this music is because it was real and straightforward. Every song is a piece of my life story.” Lionheart recently kicked off a Canadian tour promoting their recently released album Built on Struggle. “It’s our first album in a few years and the songwriting has really matured. Anyone can write a cool riff…it’s not rocket science, but over the years we’ve focused on writing great songs, not just good song parts. It’s a lot heavier than the first CD and the reaction has been awesome.” With the excellent audience response at the New England Hardcore & Metal Fest at The Palladium, I should say so!

Lionheart’s Built on Struggle By Jennifer Russo

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…hardcore! Summer is FINALLY upon us. Time to look for some new music to blast in your car as you head off to Hampton Beach to get your tan on with a few friends. Well, let me save you some searching. Reminiscent of old-school Pantera, who is a strong influence on the band ~ as are Blood for Blood and even Bruce Springsteen ~ the mosh-worthy speed and passionate lyrics about the common man’s struggle make Lionheart the perfect answer to that sweet craving for pure and unrelenting metal.

Rob tells me that someone once told him that “…no matter what, there are people who will find a reason to say something about you or not like you, but it’s up to you whether you let it bring you down or let it motivate you instead.” Obviously, he has chosen the motivation route, as Lionheart roars their way into metal stardom. Find out more about Lionheart, their latest album release, and summer tour dates here:,

The Tony Castles’ No Service By Tine Roycroft

It’s time to find your summer anthem, boys and girls. You don’t need to blast said song out the window of your Yaris each time you drive to the supermarket, but the fact is, you need some strong staples for your summer parties. You’re looking for jams that can keep a party going but won’t hog the spotlight and take attention away from the general ambiance of a hot night or the amazing new outfit you bought. The Tony Castles ~ who call themselves a “freak funk trio” ~ is what you need for such occasions ~ they have the perfect songs to help fill all of your jamming/party/driving needs. They’re energetic, poppy, electronic, and experimental, and they’ve just released a fun new EP, No Service, via Famous Class Records. The band was formed in August 2008 in Brooklyn, New York. Paul Sicilian and Gabriel Wurzel first crossed paths as freshmen in high school and the two soon began playing


together in bands. They attended college together and continued to write music; it was during this time that they were introduced to fellow student and musician Willie Miesmer. Within a year after graduation, all three moved to Brooklyn, where they reconnected. That’s when the dreamy pop music began to emerge from the loose, free-form sessions the boys played together, often swapping instruments and experimenting with loop pedals and samplers. They say the chemistry was instant and they continue inventing, deconstructing and reinventing their sound ~ as listeners will hear in their songs “Adequate Sheen” and “Dream Job.” Need a quick track suggestion? Listen to “Pirates” when you are in the mood to let all of reality go. The ethereal crooning and gentle guitar strumming with distant rhythm will bring you somewhere else. And if you happen to have your Ipod set to repeat, you might never come back from the shimmering pop odyssey. For more info on (The) Tony Castles, go to

GOT GAME? This Onez Fur U, Dale! The only thing missing is a Nicole Kidman sex scene. By Thomas Hodgson

Prosevere’s Burn The City By Alex Kantarelis

Metallic rock band Prosevere is out with a new 5 song EP of quality hard rock that stands far apart from anything else that has come out this year in the rock world. The new tracks on the Burn The City CD were produced by J Hall, who previously worked with Saving Abel and Taddy Porter. The album kicks off with a slow paced, heavy drum and harmonizing guitar that explode into a cross between metal and melody with vocalist Gary Segars singing smoothly and hitting all the right notes in the chorus, “You’ve proved that you’re not worth saving,” and finally bringing on a crowd-pumping breakdown-into-solo-intosing-along ~ a great structure to an opening song. At times, Prosevere sound like a mix of Coheed and Cambria, 3 Doors Down, Dream Theater, and A Perfect Circle, but with super heavy guitars and drums. This is what Incubus should sound like. The vocals are always right on point, while the guitar and bass play in perfect harmony, keeping things on the distorted and heavy side. They totally avoid the way overdone “bad band” trick of flooding the songs with effects to hide an overall lack of talent. Instead, guitarist Eric Ashe keeps things perfectly distorted and intense the entire time, always sneaking in some quality riffage, but never overdoing it. The occasional use of effects are done tastefully; that’s the sign of a good guitarist. Things take a melodic spin on track 3, with Segars adding acoustic guitar on top of Ashe’s heavy distorted sound and belting vocals on “I Can’t Let Go,” a song destined to be a radio hit. The band is no a stranger to the road, either. They spent the last few years touring with supersize bands like Every Time I Die and Egypt Central, and they enjoyed a summer support slot with Nonpoint in 2010. Look for Burn The City on iTunes.

The last time I played a racing game, you could shoot turtle shells at your opponent. Before that, it was R.C. Pro-AM on Nintendo, where you could complete races by crashing into walls and dragging around the track in a giant circle until you reached the finish line. With the recent release of Shi� 2: Unleashed, my Go Kart mentality was smashed like my car’s front end the first lap and the subsequent 50 that followed. You start off in a faceless qualifier, the completion of which determines your recommended gameplay settings. As you move from pizza delivery driver to Formula 1 superstar, you unlock XP, which rewards you with the availability of new events and aftermarket parts. Career Mode is extensive ~ a depth filled out by a wide variety of tracks and a level of customization that almost precedes it. Right out of the gates, the graphics are something fans of any genre will appreciate. I will never be able to own an Audi in real life, let alone be able to drive one going 245 MPH in Japan. Unleashed makes both of those scenarios come true with stunning realism, providing a certain sense of satisfaction knowing you’ve taken part in the next best thing. The visceral brutality of life in the fast lane is fully realized from a variety of heart-pumping angles, culminating with the Helmet Cam perspective. The collision detection is fantastic and accompanies the grit and feel of the already impressive ambiance. Shift 2 is every bit as exacting as one would expect it to be in real life. There are repercussions to your handling mistakes, the consequences of which will break apart your car and leave you in a Tom Hanks-esque daze a la Saving Private Ryan. With the gameplay approach so organic, the learning curve may be a turn-off to gamers looking for a Sunday drive. The major oil slick this game hits is the repetition. The mundane broken record of high-octane vehicles was always the reason I scoffed at NASCAR. People make pilgrimages just to watch cars mindlessly make revolutions around a track. The replayabilitiy is essentially the same and just a reason to try and beat your best times against friends. My patience wore thin before the treading on my tires did. I will admit, though, that coming into this experience, I loathed racing games. I felt that they catered to a demographic that fell somewhere in between the Dale Earnhardt Fan Club and 15-year-olds who hadn’t gotten their licenses yet. While their true essence appeals mainly to a niche, there is enough here to keep a casual crowd entertained in the thrill of the experience. The overwhelming realism thrusts you into the driver’s seat and then out of it again when you botch your next corner. Coming from a background of games that involved driving instead of ones that featured it ~ think Twisted Metal ~ I maintained that they would never be for me. Shift 2: Unleashed proved me wrong. RATING: 85


Club Listings

Happenings at clubs, bars, restaurants, coffee houses, & other select venues ATTENTION CLUB OWNERS!! Due to our new summer editorial schedule, all listings MUST be entered into Social Web ( NO LATER than July 19 to be included in our August print issue of Pulse . Please contact with any questions. Thank you for being part of Pulse and for working within the deadline.

3-G’s Sports Bar 152 Millbury St., Worc., 508-754-3516 Fri. Pete the Polak, DJ Tue. Orlando’s Underdog Commedy Open Mic Fri. DJ Pete the Polock Sat. Open Mike Comedy Mon. KARAOKE WITH MIKE ROSSI Jul 9 Narrow Escape Jul 16 The McCrites Jul 16 The McCrites Jul 23 Desert Rain Trio Jul 30 Jet Black Sunrise Allgos Sweets and Drinks 58 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-304-7129, Banner Pub, The 112 Green St., Worc., 508-755-0879 Barber’s Crossing Road House 861 Main St., Leicester, 508-892-7575 Barbers Crossing (North) 175 Leominster Rd., Sterling 978-422-8438, Beatnik’s 433 Park Ave., Worc. 508-926-8877, Wed. Open Mic Night w/ Bill McCarthy Jul 18 Holmes Jul 24 Ready Set Flo! with The Flo! Jul 30 The Smile Makers Beemer’s Pub 114 River St., Fitchburg, 978-343-3148 Tue., Thur. thru Jul 28 Karaoke Jul 16 Primal Scream Jul 30 Split Black Sheep Tavern 261 Leominster Rd., Sterling 978-422-8484 Sun. Jul 3 - 31 Ton of Blues Thur. Jul 7 - 28 Karaoke Jul 9 Go Gadget Go Jul 15 Luke Mulholland Jul 16 Oh Hey Bear Jul 29 Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Jul 30 Fran D’Agostino Blackstone Tap 81 Water St., Worc. 508-797-4827, BLU Ultralounge & Nightclub 105 Water St., Worc. 508-756-2227, Blue Plate Lounge 661 Main St., Holden, 508-829-4566 Jul 9 Dubble D & The Khaos Junkies Boiler Room 70 Winter St., Worc. Bolton Roadhouse Bar & Grille 544 Wattaquodock Rd., Bolton 978-365-5757, 978-365-3036

Boulder Cafe 880 Main St., Fitchburg, 978-345-0008 Breakaway Billiards 104 Sterling St., Clinton, 978-365-6105 Brew City 104 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-752-3862, Bull Run Restaurant 215 Great Rd, Shirley 978-425-4311, Jul 8 Paula Poundstone Jul 10 Marc Cohn Jul 15 Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials Jul 16 Sandra Bernhard: I Love Being Me, Don’t You? Jul 16 The Dixie Bee-Liners Jul 22 Greg Brown Jul 29 Cheryl Wheeler Jul 30 Popa Chubby Cafe Destare 320 Main St., Fitchburg 978-345-5734,

PULSEPICK Cougar Bait launch their debut CD release on July 22nd at Jillian’s in Worcester with openers T e s t e r . NEGB1 Radio is doing a live radio broadcast, there’s no cover charge for women over 35, FATV will be shooting the entire event for television, and there will be a hot cougar contest, cougar drink specials, cougar cosmos, waitresses dressed as cougars, plus raffles and prizes. Celtic Tavern 45 Belmont St., Northborough 508-366-6277, Thur. thru Jul 28 Karaoke Thursdays! Jul 8 Drama Jul 15 Brian Kendall & Dave Miller Jul 22 Josh Briggs Jul 29 3 of a Kind Center Bar & Grill 102 Green St., Worc. 508-438-0597, Centerfolds 2000 139 Southbridge St., North Oxford 508-987-5222, Chopstick’s Restaurant & Lounge Commercial Rd, Leominster Fri., Sat. Jul 15 - 17 Touched - Classic Rock & 80s Pop Cigar Masters 1 Exchange Place, Worc, 508-459-9035 Mon. Acoustic Open Mic Jul 7, 28 Jim Devlin Jul 8, 21 Jon Bowser Jul 9 Andy Cummings Jul 14 Acoustic Nation Jul 15, 30 Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Jul 16 Ton of Blues Jul 22 Eisman Hunter Band Jul 23 Andy Cummings Jul 29 The Two Timers

Classic’s Pub 285 Central St., Leominster 978-537-7750, Sun., Tue., Thur. thru Jul 28 Karaoke Jul 8 Blame it on Clay Jul 9 Movers & Shakers Jul 15 - Jul 16 Mr J Band Jul 22 - Jul 23 Radio Flyer Jul 29 Tragically Happy Jul 30 Hat Trick Club Instyle 41 Pleasant St., Worc., Club KasBar 234 Southwest Cutoff, Worc., 508-798-8385 Jul 30 Auntie Trainwreck Club Universe 371 Park Ave., Worc., 508-755-5542 Cornerstone’s Restaurant 616 Central St., Leominster 978-537-1991, Jul 8, 30 Scott Babineau Jul 9, 15 Mike Livingston Jul 16 Ken Macy Jul 22 Andy Cummings Jul 23 Carl Ayotte Jul 29 Mike Moore Cosmopolitan Club 96 Hamilton St., Worc.,508-752-0482 Creegan’s Pub 65 Green St., Worc. 508-754-3550, Dance Ranch & Saloon 70 James St., Worc., 508-757-6977 Days End Tavern 287 Main St., Oxford 508-987-1006, Fri. Karaoke & Dancing with Making Memories Thur. Club Days End w/ DJ Roberta - Dance off for CASH! Thur. DJ Brian Spinnin’ & Scratchin’ The Hottest Dance Music Sat. Hip Hop Dance Party with DJ HappyDaze Sat.Nights! Fri. Karaoke with Making Memories Jul 9 Randy & Dave show Jul 16 2nd Round Knockout Jul 24 Shakey Steve & The Bluecats Devens Grill 4 Ryans Way, Devens 978-862-0060, Nuf Ced 377 Park Ave., Worc., 508-751-4000 Fat Tony’s Pub 1102 Main St., Worc., 508-798-8908 Fiddlers’ Green Pub & Restaurant 19 Temple St., Worc. 508-792-3700, Sat. Karaoke with Greg Jul 15 Rick Porter Trio Jul 22 Mick Carr Jul 23 Summer White Salsa Dance Social

Sun. Reggae Fusion Sundays with DJ Nick Tue. BASS EMBASSY & REBIRTH TUESDAYS Fri. I Love Fridays with DJ B-LO Galway Bay Irish Pub 186 Stafford St., Worc., 508-753-8909 Gardner Ale House 74 Parker St., Gardner 978-669-0122, Thur. thru Jul 28 Audio Wasabi w/ Brian Chaffee Fri., Sat. thru Jul 30 Live Entertainment Mon. thru Jul 25 Blue Mondays - Live Blues Greendale’s Pub 404 W Boylston St., Worc. 508-853-1350, Sun. Sunday Blues Jam, hosted by Jim Perry Tue. Open Mic Night w /Bill McCarthy Jul 9 GO GADGET GO Jul 16 Auntie Trainwreck Grey Hound Pub (An Cu Liath) 11 Kelley Square, Worc. 508-754-6100, Thur. Thursday Night Team Trivia Thur. Team Trivia - New England Halligan’s Sports Bar and More 889 Southbridge St., Auburn 508-832-6793, Hotel Vernon 1 Millbury St., Worc. Thur. Good Times with Your Friend DJ Steve Jul 3 Dead Wrong Jul 8 Goddard Jul 9 The Bammies Jul 15 Siddharthveda Album Release Party Jul 22 Slitstitch & Friends Jul 23 Dusty Cobb & The Millbury St Band Jul 29 Gender Fluency Jul 30 Zamboni, Skullhammer, and Clozapines Indian Ranch 200 Gore Rd., Webster 508-943-3871, Jak’s Pub 536 Main St., Worc. Fri. Karaoke with DJ Marty Sat. Jukebox Playlist Showdown Sun. Acoustic Open Mic/WARL Charity Event JC Fenwick’s 37 Mechanic St., Leominster, 978-840-4845 Jillian’s - Worcester 315 Grove St., Worc. 508-793-0900, Wed. Girls Night Out! Jul 8 Flock of Assholes Jul 9 Groove Street Band Jul 15 Mongrel Jul 16 Trigger Jul 22 Cougar Bait’s Debut CD Release Party with Tester!!! Jul 23 Joe’s Equipment

Flip Flops 680 Main St., Holden

JJ’s Sports Bar and Grill 380 Southwest Cutoff, Northborough 508-842-8420, Jul 8 Dazed - Led Zep Tribute Jul 9 Jokerz Wylde Jul 16 Shot of Poison - Poison Tribute Jul 22 Not in Kansas Jul 29 Gilmours Breakfast - Floyd Tribute Jul 30 Mullet Head

Flying Rhino Cafe 278 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-757-1450,

Joseph’s Bistro & Pub 97 Main St., Westminster 978-874-9918,

Funky Murphy’s Bar & Grill 305 Shrewsbury St., Worc., 508-753-2995

Leitrim’s Pub 265 Park Ave., Worc. 508-798-2447, Wed. Open Mic Night

Fusion 109 Water St., Worc. 508-756-2100, Sat. Seductive Sat. w/ DJ Hydro & DJ SavasTop 40

Lidio’s Restaurant & Lounge 1045 Central St., Leominster 978-534-6600,

Continued on pg. 29





FEel the beat of the City! Photos by Justin Perry

Taste of Shrewsbury St. - Worcester

Loft 266 - Worcester

Disc Jam 2011 - Sturbridge

Mescal Tequila Cantina - Worcester

Salty Dog - Worcester

Paulie’s NOLA Jazz & Blues Fest - Worcester

Parkway Diner - Worcester

Tara Pub - Worcester

The Bullpen - Shrewsbury

Continued from pg. 24 Thur., Fri. Summer Music Nights Jul 7 Scott Babineau Jul 8 Lizzy Marquis Jul 14 Carribean Night (promo) Loft 266 Bar & Lounge 266 Park Ave., Worc. 508-796-5177, Lucky Dog Music Hall 89 Green St., Worc. 508-363-1888, Thru Jul 3 70s “FM” Classic Rock SUPERGROUP “HEAVY HORSES” Jul 6 Mister Smarta** Theater’s LIVE comedy take on “NIGHT OF THE LEPUS” aka “Giant rabbits VS Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy” Jul 7, FLOCK OF A-HOLES with guests Rough Ashlar and The Low 5’s Jul 8 D.P.R. “Danny Pease & The Regulators” with WTFunk and Ariband! Jul 9 Bobby Morrin, Joy Rachelle, and more performances TBA! Jul 10 WORCESTER ‘’TOP DOG’’ COMEDY CONTEST SEMI FINALS! Jul 13 FREE Wed. Night Concert series with Autumn Fire, Scream/Ruin, Never To Be Silenced, Augustine (Just a Memory), and Shattered Envy! Jul 14 FLOCK OF A-HOLES with guests Chatty Maddie and Brother Moon! Jul 15 The Lie, Perseide (from France), Age of Punishment, Imposter, and more!!! Jul 16 FEAR NUTTIN BAND, The Force, Speak, and The Grand Arkanum! Jul 17 FLOCK OF A-HOLES Loft 266 Party! Jul 20 FREE Wed. night Concert series w/ Warner Drive and David Rosenfield! Jul 21 FLOCK OF A-HOLES with guests Satellites Fall and Mother of Dylan! Jul 22 NEW PILOT, Hey Now Morris Fader, Gutta, and Genre Whores!!! Jul 23 Reunion Show - RAWHEAD REX! with Tester and Orange Diesel! Jul 24 KAOS KREW ENTERTAINMENT presents THE SUMMER SMOKEOUT! Jul 27 FrEE Wed. night Concert series w/ F.C.R., Skippy Skip, and Canoe! Jul 28 FLOCK OF A-HOLES with guests Nate Wilson Group and Ray Lawrence Live! Jul 30 SPITSHINE with guests TBA! Mahoney’s Pub 413 Park Ave., Worc., 508-277-1073 Marty’s Pub 225 Cantebury St., Worc. 508-754-0033, MB Lounge 40 Grafton St., Worc. 508-799-4521, Mon. thru Jul 25 Free Pool Night Sun. thru Jul 31 Live Piano Night Monthly McNally’s Grille & Pub 88 Sargent Rd, Westminster, 978-874-1444 Michael’s Pub 11 Merriam Ave., Leominster 978-534-1590, Mickey Sheas 324 Electric Ave., Lunenburg, 978-342-5825 Mill Street Brews (@ The ADC) 18 Mill St., Southbridge 508-764-6900, Thur. thru Jul 8 Open Mic Jam Moynihan’s Pub 897 Main St., Worc. Wed. Moynihan’s Trivia Night! Nick’s Bar and Restaurant 124 Millbury St., Worc., 508-753-4030 On The Rocks Sports Bar & Grill 96 Lakefront Ave., Lunenburg 978-342-6692 Overtime Tap 50 Front St., Worc. 508-757-0600, Paisanos Pizza & Spirits 450 Lancaster St., Leominster, 978-534-7117

Palladium, The 261 Main St., Worc. 508-797-9696,

The Lazy Dog 31 Main St., Marlborough 508-229-2264,

Green Rooster Coffeehouse 6 Institute Rd., Worc., 508-798-3010

Partner’s Pub 970 South St., Fitchburg 978-345-5051, Jul 9 1 Oughta 9

The Mill 185 West Boylston St., West Boylston

Olive Branch Coffeehouse 30 Main St., Northborough 508-393-1333,

Perfect Game Sports Grill and Lounge 64 Water St., Worc. 508-792-4263, Point Breeze On the Lake 114 Point Breeze Rd., Webster 508-943-0404,


Dan Smith’s Wisecracks presents a special show on Sat, July 9 at Jose Murphy’s: Comic Josh Wolf from “Chelsea Lately,” “Yes Dear,” and “My Name is Earl.” No passes, coupons or Groupons for this one. For reservations, call 508-7842175.

Ralph’s Chadwick Square Diner 148 Grove St., Worc. 508-753-9543, Tue. “Totally Tuesdazed!!!!!” Tunes in the Diner every Tuesday Wed. Wed. Night KARAOKE!!! Every Wednesday at 10pm Mon. Dirty Gerund Poetry & Variety Show Jul 7 Metal Thursday CXXXI: The Accursed, Warblade [NY], Hirudinea, Autolatry Jul 8 The Great Whiskey Rebellion, TANGENTS, Transient, and James Keyes! Jul 9 Blue Star Burns Red, Eksi Ekso, TBA Jul 10 Hedwig and the Angry Inch! Text by john Cameron Mitchell, Music and Lyrics by Stephen Trask! Glam-rock musical performed at Ralphs! Jul 14 MTCXXXII: Truckfighters [SWEDEN], Black Pyramid, Mockingbird, Blue Aside Red Onion - Otter River Hotel 29 Main St., Baldwinville 978-939-7373 Salty Dog Saloon 1 Kelley Square, Worc. 508-752-6600, Speakers Night Club 19 Weed St., Marlborough 508-480-8222, Thur. Karaoke Fri. Ladies’ Night - Top 40 Dance Party Sat. Live bands Every Sat. Night - See below Spruce Street Tavern 68 Spruce St., Clinton 978-368-1255, Squire Whites Pub & Restaurant 347 Greenwood St., Worc. 508-752-7544, Fri. Live Bands and NO COVER CHARGES! Tal’s Place 138 Lake St., Webster 508-949-6559, Tammany Hall 43 Pleasant St., Worc. 508-753-7001, Jul 23 Auntie Trainwreck The Cannery 12 Crane St., Southbridge, 508-764-1100

The Nines Neighborhood Bar 136 Millbury St., Worc., 508-340-0318 The Raven 258 Pleasant St., Worc., 508-304-8133 0001022046717 Jul 8 Lonewolf James,Trouble With Tim,Bottlefight Jul 9 Only At Night,The Daily Pravda,Il Nub,Toreeba Spacedrift Jul 13 Open Mic Jul 15 White Chocolate Jul 23 Great Whiskey Rebellion,The Roadkill Orchestra,Zack Slick,Dave Magario,Alan B Beardsley

Spiritual Haze 482 Park Ave., Worc. 508-799-0629, Starbucks Coffee House 1 West Boylston St., Worc. 508-353-3839, 508-770-1135 Steeple Coffeehouse 15 Common St., Southborough 508-845-4847, Sturbridge Coffee Roasters / SCR Cafe 210 Hamilton St., Southbridge 508-765-5520,

Upper Deck Sports Bar & Grille 377 Stetson Rd., Barre, 978-355-2224

Udderly Delicious 273 Main St., Oxford 508-987-9636,

Vegas Lounge 5 Summer St., Lunenburg, 978-400-7524

Wholly Cannoli 488 Grafton St., Worc. 508-753-0224,

Verona Grille 81 Clinton St., Shrewsbury, 508-853-9091 Thur. Karaoke With DJ Jimi Victory Bar & Cigar 56 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-756-4747, Vincent’s Bar 49 Suffolk St., Worc., 508-752-9439 Sun. Big Jon Short Wed. Tiki Night with Frank & Eric! Tue. Scott Riccuiti, Michael Thibodeau & John Donovan Thur. James Keyes Jul 28 Andy O’Brien at Vincent’s (Worcester, MA) Whistle Stop Bar & Grill 85 Main St., Oxford 508-987-3087, William’s Restaurant & Tavern 184 Pearson Blvd, Gardner, 978-632-7794

Live Theatre Listings

Hanover Theatre 2 Southbridge St., Worcester, 508.831.0800, Barre Players Theater 64 Common St., Barre, 978-355-2096 Calliope Productions Inc. 150 Main St., Boylston, 508-869-6887 Turtle Lane Playhouse 283 Melrose Street, Auburndale 617-244-0169,

Wonder Bar Restaurant 121 Shrewsbury St., Worc., 508-752-9909

Cornerstone Performing Arts Center 454 Main Street. Fitchburg, 978-345-2915, ,,

Ye Olde Tavern 7 East Main St., West Brookfield 508-867-9709,

Wachusett Theatre Company PO Box 92, Worcester 978-602-6288,

CoffeeHouse Listings

Stratton Players 60 Wallace Ave., Fitchburg (978) 345-6066, Acme Theatre Productions ArtSpace Maynard, 61 Summer St. Maynard, 978-823-0003

Acton Jazz Cafe 452 Great Rd., Acton 978-263-6161,

The Center for the Arts in Natick (TCAN) 14 Summer Street, Natick, 508.647.0097

Allgos Sweets and Drinks 58 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-304-7129,

Vokes Theatre/Vokes Players Inc. Route 20, PO Box 283, Wayland, (508) 358-4034

Bean Counter Coffee Bar and Bakery 113 Highland St., Worc., 508-754-3125

Stageloft Theatre 450 A Main Street, Sturbridge 508-347-9005,

Books & Beans 15 Hamilton St., Southbridge 508-764-6774,

Worcester County Light Opera 21 Grand View Ave., Worcester, 508-753-4383,,

Buzz Bean Espresso Lounge 32 Main St., Webster, 508-943-4039 Cafe Palermo 139 John Fitch Hwy., Fitchburg, 978-345-4501 Caffe Dolce 154 Shrewsbury St., Worc., 508-754-3761 Espress Yourself Coffee 2 Richmond Ave., Worc., 508-755-3300



Backyard Outdoor Adventures By Megan Parks

It’s the middle of summer. Life has become as predictable as an episode of “The Jersey Shore.” Unfortunately, airplane tickets to destinations more exotic than Arkansas would break the bank. And ever-rising gas prices long ago destroyed dreams of a cross-country road trip. Don’t give up hope. This is your guide to outdoor adventures right in Worcester’s backyard (two hours or less by car) ~ escape for a day without draining your savings and checking accounts. Rock climbing has spread like wildfire in popularity. But to rock climb, you must have the proper gear and knowledge of how to safely use that gear. Enter Northeast Mountain Guiding. This outfitter offers rock climbing clinics and trips throughout New England for an adrenaline-packed adventure. Experienced guides provide all necessary climbing gear and tips to help you master that 70foot rock face. The six-hour rock climbing intro course ranges from $70 - $195 (depending on location). Visit or call 848-468-6735 for more information. Has work put you in a seemingly inescapable funk? Hurtling from 10,500 feet back toward the ground at 120 mph will put some pep back in your step. Since 1991, the Pepperell, MA-based company Pepperell Skydiving Center has been throwing paying customers from planes; last year, instructors took more than


5,000 first time jumpers into the skies for tandem jumps ($235). Visit www. for more information or call 978-433-9222. Reservations are highly recommended. When temperatures soar, take to the water on a sea kayaking tour. The Gloucesterbased company Discovery Adventures offers a range of tour packages from a two-hour sea kayaking intro course ($40) to a four-hour kayak-snorkel combo tour ($75). Visit or call 978-283-3320 for more information. After an active day on the water, head to one of Cape Ann’s many beautiful beaches for some relaxation (read: nap). Before summer ends, hike the world’s third most climbed mountain, according to the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation. Discover the beauty of the 3,165-foot Mount Monadnock, located outside Jaffrey, NH. Its bald, boulderstrewn summit provides sweeping views of the surrounding highlands. Day use fees are $4 per adult, $2 for kids. Depending on the trail (they range from 4 to 8 miles roundtrip), allow three to six hours for the hike. Call Mondadnock State Park at 603-532-8862 for more information. Note: Pets are not allowed within the park. So grab some friends, some sunblock, and ~ depending on which adventure you choose! ~ some nerve and get yourself out of the summer slump!

Getting Real with Rachel By Rachel Shuster

“Life is a lesson, take notes.” Well, my notebook is full. Some things in life like love, friendship, school or work don’t always make sense, but I’m a girl who tries her damndest to get as close to the answer as possible. I’m no expert on life, but I’ve had my fair share of “life experiences.” Whether it’s my own dilemma, or something that’s on a friend or family member’s mind, there’s always something to learn from and share ~ and each month, that’s just what I’m going to do, share some of my observations on topics that you, our readers, send into Pulse at!! July’s Question of the Month (from Alyssa A., age 22): Who should pay on a first date? OK, ladies and gents, among the million things you’re worrying about when going on a first date, who is going to pay ~ a topic hotly debated for nearly centuries now! ~ is probably still pretty close to the top of your list, whether you’re 18 or 38. We’ve all run into some pretty complicated scenarios, so how do you handle them? Whoever invited pays? The inviter should definitely be prepared to pay, BUT as a courteous invitee, the other person should bring cash too. That kind of preparation is the perfect reciprocal gesture. It’s the end of the night and the bill comes. Who grabs it? Should the grabber say, “Let’s split it,” wait for the other to offer, or pay it all? Whoever grabs it, the other should offer to contribute, at least paying the tip. Bonus points ~ The person who didn’t grab the check can say, “Since you’re getting it this time, it’s on me next time.” How’s that for a sly way of securing a second date ;)

What about BYOB (ahem, only if you and your date are both 21+)? If you provide the alcohol, should the other person offer to pay the bill, or suggest going for dessert and paying for that? No need to keep score, but offering something in return is most appreciated and the classy thing to do. Now what if one person orders 5 mixed drinks and prime rib while the other orders a diet soda and a salad? The person with a stomach full of meat and a case of the spins should pay his (or her!) share. Next time, cool it with the gluttony! Gift cards? People, let’s not bust out the 6 gift cards you’ve saved from Christmases past. Nothing says romance like scrounging up a handful of gift cards with odd amounts left on them ~ NOT!! Gift cards are great, but save them for a few dates in when you’re both really comfortable. The first date should be special, and you should make each other feel that way. What if this is the worst date of your life? The other person is rude, eats with his or her mouth open, and is just plain horrible. Should you still be polite when it comes time to pay? Absolutely. No matter how awful the person is, still offer to contribute or pay your share. Be the better person! Lesson learned? BOTH of you should be prepared. Don’t assume the other is going to pay, and don’t let that be the focal point of the evening. You’ll know by the end of the date where it’s headed. Just enjoy and be considerate of the other person! That alone will seal the deal for a second date. XO, Rachel


Great Style, Great Colors, Great Look…No, Not Your Outfit, Your MeebleMail! By Elise French

Just browse by category to find something that best expresses your personality! And not only can you pick the overall design, but you can personalize it with your name, monogram, address, motif, and up to three lines of text (in the font of your choice!). MeebleMail’s email stationery integrates directly into the most popular Windows email clients including Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail and MM walks you through the fun design process so you can see each step; the price of each stationery design is $4.95.

MeebleMail transforms the ordinary look of everyday email into a stylish expression of your personality. By partnering with talented artists and fabulous designers such as Trina Turk, Kara Ross, Lela Rose, thomaspaul, Celerie Kemble, Bonnie Marcus and Boatman Geller, MeebleMail has a library of stylish and unique email stationery designs fit for anyone’s taste. Want something bold and graphic? Feminine and flirty? Business-appropriate but with a little flair? No problem! You can even pick good cause designs ~ like the fight against breast cancer ~ and make a statement with your emails before you even write anything! Want people to know your favorite pastime, like yoga or golf? MeebleMail’s got them! Shoeaholic (like I am)? MM’s got you covered with adorable boot and show designs.

We send so many emails each day…why not make them a little bit more fun to look at!!! Check out all the available designs then personalize and download your favorite at

A S’Well Way to Help the Environment By Erin Hansen

Ever wished you could keep cold water ice cold and your morning tea hot ‘til the end of the day, all while saving the planet? Now this dream has become a reality with the launch of S’well bottles. The S’well bottle is a superior stainless steel bottle that utilizes a new advancement in insulation that keeps drinks cold or hot much longer than its counterparts ~ and the best part is that S’well has teamed up with WaterAid, a non-profit organization that for the past 30 years has been working to deliver water solutions to world’s poorest communities. Every bottle sold provides a year’s supply of water for someone in need, and every five bottles sold provide a lifetime supply. Water is essential for life, but one billion people, one sixth of the world’s population, do not have safe access to it. To address this crisis, for every S’well bottle sold, 10% percent of the proceeds are donated to this charity. Sarah Kauss, originator of S’well, says, “Just imagine! 40 billion working hours are spent carrying water each year in Africa. 443 million school days are lost each year to water related diseases. This year, WaterAid will reach 1.2 million people with safe water and 1.7 million people with sanitation.” What a difference purchasing a S’well bottle can make in the world! S’well has been designed as a fashion accessory (available in 7 hot colors!), a stylish and useful bottle that is considered functionally fashionable with an eco-conscious twist. Not only that, but the bottles are virtually unbreakable, they’re made of the highest quality stainless steel, drinks taste great with no absorbed flavor from the inside of the bottle itself, the opening of the bottle is big enough to fit ice cubes, and these bottles, unlike some plastic bottles, are toxin-free. The bottle holds 17 ounces of liquid and fits perfectly into any handbag. Everyone knows that it’s healthy to drink a lot of water during the day ~ and it is definitely healthy for the planet to reduce consumption of plastic bottles, and S’well users can feel good about helping improve the environment. Disposable plastic bottles are a huge problem since an estimated 50 billion plastic bottles of water are consumed each year in the US and over 200 billion bottles globally, not for purity’s sake, but for convenience and portability. Even in this era of conservation of resources, less than 20% of these plastic, disposable water bottles are recycled. Now would be a S’well time to start helping the planet!! For more information, please visit

Photo: Founder Sarah Kauss shows the variety of available colors


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By Bernie Whitmore “Casual Dining” covers such wide spectrum of restaurants that it’s become difficult to know what the phrase really means. But as soon as I entered Le Mirage I could tell it was casual in all the right places and in all the right ways. The bright, spotlessly clean dining room was furnished with Formica-topped tables set with paper napkins and fresh flowers. When we arrived, gentle early-evening sunshine was streaming through large windows that look out onto the corner of June and Chandler Streets.

Le Mirage Restaurant 120 June Street, Worcester (508) 793-8558

We were greeted by Lola, our server, who explained that customers are welcome to bring their own beer or wine. I asked for a glass of iced tea and was pleased when served authentic tea, not sugary stuff from a bottle or powdered mix. Lola also presented a list of the evening’s dinner specials before giving us time to make our dining decisions. Le Mirage describes their cuisine as having “A touch of Mediterranean cuisine.” There are some American comfort food dishes on the menu, but I was pleased to find a good selection of the Middle Eastern fare I’d been craving. Although my friend and I had differing dining objectives, one easy decision was our appetizer; we shared a Taboule Salad. Freshness and flavor is everything with this dish and Le Mirage’s had both. Chopped deep-green parsley and


cracked wheat were dressed with lemony mint dressing, diced tomatoes and bits of onion. Its freshness and color captured the essence of a sunny garden ~ we scooped up every last morsel with triangles of pita bread.

Le Mirage’s entrees were just as successful. My friend’s Surf -n- Turf avoided the pitfalls that historically made this dish risky; the sirloin steak was perfectly grilled mediumrare as requested and the two jumbo shrimp were moist and topped with rich cracker-based dressing. I chose Baked Kibbe with Fattoush Salad. The large cake of fresh ground beef and cracked wheat was served with a cup of yogurt dressing. In appearance it was just like what’s served in other Middle Eastern restaurants. But Le Mirage’s was set apart by its delicate seasoning mix ~ Cinnamon? Sumac? Allspice? I can only guess because Lola wasn’t about to reveal the kitchen’s secrets. We finished our meals with the Walnut Caramel Tart, served warm and drizzled with caramel sauce. Topped with finely chopped walnuts, the soft shortbread pastry was luxuriously coated with honey filling. Keep in mind, the Tart was just one of an extensive range of choices in their display case. Le Mirage is ideally located at the center of a few of the city’s nicest neighborhoods. It’s an excellent place to meet friends and share a bottle of wine and an unhurried dinner.

Hot & Now By Paul Giorgio

Rev up those appetites. The 3rd Annual Worcester Restaurant Week kicks off the first two weeks of August. You can enjoy a 3 course meal at almost 50 of the area’s best restaurants ~ all for the low price of $23.11. For a complete list of participating restaurants, visit, where you also enter to win gift certificates from your favorite local eateries. Mill opens. The Mill recently opened in the site of the former Aglio’s on West Boylston’s Route 12. Owned by Tony Topi & Mark White, the restaurant serves a wide variety of American and Italian food. They also smoke their own salmon and ribs Café Manzi opens at night. Café Manzi, which occupies the space that for generations was home to Scano’s Bakery on Worcester’s Shrewsbury Street, is now open for dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 59 pm, serving Italian & Middle Eastern food. Water Street to go Southwestern. There is a small sign in the space on Worcester’s Water Street which was once home to Tom’s International Deli ( before it moved to Millbury Street) that heralds the coming of The Cactus Grille. The place is under construction, and there is no word yet on an opening date. Coney Island wins award. Coney Island Hot Dogs, the iconic 50s-style hot dog joint on Southbridge Street in Worcester, was picked by Yankee Magazine as the Best Hot Dog Place in the state. Mezcal to open in Leominster. Mezcal, the Mexican cantina operated by Niche Hospitality on Worcester’s Shrewsbury street, will soon be opening a second location in downtown Leominster. Mezcal will be moving into the space on Main Street .that once housed the Blue Marlin. Nuovo finally opens. Nuovo, Shrewsbury Street’s newest Italian eatery, finally opened its doors in the middle of June. The restaurant has been completely updated with a hip new color scheme. The staff also is young and hip and the place has a nice city vibe. Check out their second floor dining room. Hirosaki Prime opens. Hirosaki Prime, a new Japanese Steakhouse, has opened at 1121 Grafton Street in Worcester. Hirosaki is perhaps the most elegant Japanese Steak House to open in the city. The Japanese food trend has been growing in the city recently and appears to be the biggest category of new restaurants. Hirosaki prime is owned by Grafton Hill native John McHugh. White City gets 2 new eateries. The White City Shopping Center on Route 9 in Shrewsbury will soon be home to two new restaurants. According to reports. Jimmy’s Ale & Grille House will open in the site of the former Bugaboo Creek Steak House. Also, a Five Guys burgers will move into the space that once housed Mattress Giant in the same plaza. 86 420. The 420 Main Steakhouse and Martini Bar is Sturbridge recently closed after being open for only a year. The building has a For Lease sign and the phone is disconnected.



Now Serving

Parkway Bar and Grill A Worcester Landmark Serves a New Generation By Rachel Shuster Parkway Bar and Grill is located at 148 Shrewsbury Street in Worcester. Opened in 1936 as the Parkway Diner, the spot is a Worcester landmark. In 2006, John Richard and his brother Brian took over ownership from their family, who’d bought the

diner in 1956. Dedicated to keeping history alive but also wanting to appeal to a new generation, Richard and his brother made some changes. “We converted the dining room into a sports bar in March. We’ve kept the breakfast and lunch crowd, and have gained a new dinner/late night crowd,” Richard says. The diner car has remained, but the sports bar includes a bar, high tables and flat screen TVs. “We have pasta specials, fried haddock, calamari, chicken parmesan, sandwiches and burgers. Every dinner item is under $9.95,” Richard adds. The diner car is open 6am – 2pm and the sports bar opens once the diner closes. Kitchen is open until 10pm and the bar until 2am. Head over and Like them on Facebook!

Now Serving


So good, you’ll keep coming back for more By Rachel Shuster Opened in February and located at 281 Main Street in Worcester, Ritual blends elegance and bohemia with top quality food. Kathy “KK” KostasRiordan helps run the restaurant with Nate Aquilino. KK describes Ritual as “…bohemian, medieval, and rustic with earth tones. Ritual is special because the food is consistent, everyone knows each other, a there’s friendly staff and atmosphere. We’re going to have DJs on the weekends and Jediah, an acoustic musician, on Thursday nights.”

The menu includes dishes like spanakopita, scallops ceviche and mousaka. Prices range from $3 - $20, or you can splurge (and you should!) on the Chilled Seafood Throne for 4; it’s a mix of lobster, crab, shrimp, mussels & oysters for $39.95. KK’s mom cooks the specialties with Executive Chef Sean McCabe. “The restaurant is named ‘Ritual’ because that’s what we want it to become. We want people to come back, celebrate and feast,” KK says. Ritual is open Monday – Friday, 11am – 1am, and Saturday 4pm – 1am. Also check out www.ritualworcester. com.


PULSECocktails Cold River Gin for Hot Summer Days By Rick Garner

Our good friends at Cold River Gin ~ who make the only potato gin in the world, one that is gluten-free and made in the London style with a blend of seven traditional botanicals, including juniper berries, coriander, lemon peel, orange peel, orris root, angelica root and cardamom ~ have some new mixed drinks for you to try this summer. So call up some friends, whip up some snacks, and enjoy!

Gin Ginger Fizz

1 1/2 oz Cold River Gin 1/2 oz Ginger Cardamon simple syrup 1/2 tsp Ginger juice 1/2 oz fresh lime juice club soda Combine ingredients and top with club soda

The District Dragon - Courtesy of Bartender Cindy Doxsey, District (Portland, ME) 3 oz Cold River Gin 3 oz fresh citrus juice (a blend of pomelo, grapefruit & Meyer Lemon) 3/4 oz Ginger Syrup Dash cayenne pepper. Shake and strain.


Maine Roots

2 oz Cold River Gin 1/4 tsp fresh beet juice 3 dashes of cranberry bitters Top with Maine’s Green Bee Soda

The Cold River Shimmer - Courtesy

of Bartender Carly Lowell, Clementine Restaurant (Brunswick, ME)

2 1/2 oz Cold River Gin 1 oz Elderflower syrup 3 oz Prosecco Shake and strain gin & syrup, top with Prosecco, garnish with candied ginger For more information, including local liquor stores where you can enjoy and purchase Cold River Gin, please visit

…and remember, you’ve got to be 21+ to enjoy these drinks…and don’t you dare drink and drive!!



By Josh Lyford

Zest Yoga and Fitness is a brand new yoga facility that opened in January of this year just over the Worcester line in neighboring Auburn; a quick trip down Southbridge Street off of 290 leads you to the inviting Red Loft Plaza ~ and thus to Zest. The first thing you notice when you arrive at Zest Yoga and Fitness is the unbelievable atmosphere. Every square inch is seamlessly integrated into a unifying and comforting whole that welcomes you inside with open arms. As soon as you enter, you are greeted by a positive energy that guides you into the open and pleasing studio area. Zest is a wonder to all of your senses; the warm and positive colors, the subtly exotic smell, the ambient and atmospheric music and the positive feeling of the studio’s aura all blend together to create incredible harmony. It becomes clear very quickly upon entering Zest, owned and operated by husband and wife team Wendy Haggerty and Randy Laak, that a sense of community and personal well-being are paramount. This positive outlook and loveof-life attitude fuel Wendy’s mantra, “Know who you are,” and yoga is a great way to learn just that. Wendy and Randi have many years of personal experience in the individual styles they teach. Wendy has studied a full spectrum of yoga styles, learning under local and international teachers. Randi has nine years experience studying Yang style Tai Chi as well as a variety of other forms of Tai Chi.


Both use their years of experience to sow the seeds of health and well-being in an effort to see betterment-of-self thrive in Central MA. All levels of students can find something to enjoy at Zest ~ Healthy Backs Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi, Nia, TriYoga and more. Zest actually features the only Nia class in the area; Nia is a fun style of yoga that mixes dance and martial arts with yoga and a world-music soundtrack. Zest is also the only studio in Central MA with a certified TriYoga instructor. TriYoga is a rare-in-the-United-States style of Hotha Yoga that involves core strength, breathing techniques, and wave-like movements of the spine. Both owners of course promote well-being and health and they always focus having their students work within their individual range of ability. As Randi says, “You can’t run a marathon if you don’t get out and jog,” so the friendly instructors at Zest always work with you to build on your skills and strength in a constructive and positive manner. Whether you are a yoga novice with an interest in a fun way to stay healthy and proactive, or a seasoned veteran looking for a great studio with a positive atmosphere, Zest Yoga and Fitness is exactly what you are looking for ~ so check them out at 65 Southbridge Street or online at

Pictured center above: two Zest instructors

The Skinny

By Craig Lindberg

“The Skinny” is a Fitness column by Craig Lindberg, CPT and Founder/Co-owner of Optimal Performance Center in Shrewsbury ( If you have a question about training, nutrition, bodybuilding, or anything else that falls under the topic of Fitness, please send it to Craig will answer one or two questions each month, so check here as soon as a new issue of Pulse hits the streets to see if he’s chosen yours! This month’s question, sent in by Jared M., will help highlight the importance of diversity within your training program. Q: I’m a 27-year-old male and I’ve been swimming since before I could walk. I’m a very strong swimmer and can go for miles/hours without really getting winded. Recently, a friend convinced me to start training for triathlons (swim, bike, run). Swimming and some cardio have been my sole workouts forever, so with the triathlons as a goal, what kind of exercises should I start adding in? A: What makes a triathlon so strenuous is the diversity of the competition itself. Being a swimmer all your life will help you with what most consider the hardest part of the three; however, if you want to do well in the other parts of the race I suggest you start running. After you’ve done some running, then…run some more. Now, when that running is starting to feel good…run some more. Closed chain training, such as running, is a completely different animal from open-chain training. In swimming or biking, you aren’t creating any impact

on your muscles or joints. This manner of training is beneficial to joint preservation and is also very good at developing cardiovascular endurance. However, the shock to your muscles created by the simple impact of your feet on the pavement will give you a challenge you might find surprising. No matter how well you have mastered your workout of choice or how fit you may be, your body will adapt to that particular mode of training. Even if you continue to challenge yourself and see gains from your workouts, you will be amazed at what a change of pace will do for you and your body. Just a couple miles a day, even if you have to start on a treadmill, will jumpstart your training. Increased muscle use…especially if it’s your legs… equals increased blood flow to the aforementioned muscles and increased blood flow equals increased cardiovascular strength and endurance. Diversity in your training will help break through your plateaus and keep you one step ahead of the other competitors who are just doing the same old same old.








Mark and Lauren Kennedy perform a pas de deux from “The Nutcracker” at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, 2010. Photo courtesy of

Mark Harootian

A Timid Dancer Turned Shining Star By Rachel Shuster

Mark Harootian, a Worcester native, began dancing at an early age. “I started dancing when I was about 8 years old. I never thought of dancing though. I was chosen to be in a school performance at Flagg Street School, and principal Dr. Judith Finkel saw something in me. She called my mother and said, ‘He has a real talent with dance.’ My mother then put me into the boys’ dance program at the Performing Arts School of Worcester (PASOW). At first, I was not into it, but my mom encouraged me, so I kept with it,” he says. Harootian’s love for dance grew because of an inspirational teacher and friendships he made. “You think of boys dancing and a stereotype comes to mind, but Kevin Milam, my teacher, was very ‘manly.’ I began making friendships and we [boys] bonded because we all liked sports and similar things, so dance became a social thing, too,” he says.

has not forgotten his hometown. He teaches at Paula Meola Dance Studio and is in his sixth year teaching at Ballet Arts Worcester (BAW). Regarding his love for teaching, Harootian says, “Choreographing provides a different perspective. It’s a creative process. I get to learn from students and vice versa.” Harootian’s biggest dance influences include, as do most dancers’, Mikhail Baryshnikov, but even more so, the teachers under whom he studied while growing up. “They are my true heroes ~ always telling me I am capable,” he says.

In 7th grade, Harootian began taking dance seriously. He attended Burncoat High School in Worcester, which specialized in the arts. “I took two hours of dance a day with Joan Sheary, and then went to PASOW to dance from 4pm-9pm,” he says.

Some of Harootian’s favorite dance moments include being chosen as a lead dancer in a Festival performance, working with John Gardner and Amanda McKerrow, and performing with the Boston Ballet. Others include receiving a choreography grant from the Rhode Island State Council of the Arts in 2007, performing at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics Medal Plaza, and being part of the Festival of White Nights in Pushkin, Russia.

Harootian attended the University of Utah on a full scholarship where he studied dance and graduated with a BFA with an emphasis on performing and teaching. He performed in and choreographed many of the department’s seasonal shows. “Opportunities opened for me to choreograph. I was the first undergrad to choreograph for the Utah Ballet,” Harootian says.

Despite his impressive list of accomplishments in the dance world, Harootian stays grounded. “I haven’t forgotten my roots. Jennifer Agbay, Director of Dance for BAW [and a former PASOW alumna], encouraged me to stay with BAW and keep my energy alive there. I owe Worcester a lot for my passion for the arts,” he says.

After college, Harootian joined Festival Ballet Providence where he was one of 25 dancers. After seven seasons he is now a choreographer. However, Harootian


Delicious Lobster Roll Available for a limited time – Just $11.99 at the Registry Restaurant

Completely enjoyable dining experience Bill Clapper, Telegram & Gazette

The Registry of Motor Vehicles 264 Park Ave,, 508-752-2211 The Kitchen is open 5 pm - 10 pm Tues. - Sun. (Fri. & Sat. till 11 pm)


1:21:07 PM

Summer breeze. Warmer weather brings sun-filled afternoons and a relaxing evening breeze to dining on the Bistro Patio. Enjoy our fresh seasonal menu or a crafted cocktail while unwinding with a breath of fresh air. Ceres Bistro, an unparalleled food and wine affair that delivers the farm to your table in an elegant yet casual atmosphere.

$5 Appetizers (4-7pm & 10pm-Close) $5 Mojitos (All Day) Bottles of Wine Starting at $20! Ceres Bistro at the Beechwood Hotel 363 Plantation Street ~ Worcester, MA 508.754.2000 ~

Revel in the harvest.


Style & Beauty

Thread Tradition Where Men Can Dress for Success By Tine Roycroft

Fashion expert and savvyentrepreneur Jack Reyer recently celebrated two milestones ~ his 24th birthday and the launch of the online company of which he’s president, Thread Tradition. The start-up company, owned by Blank Label Group, brings a custom-tailored touch to online shopping. “We’re an online clothing company specializing currently in men’s dress shirts,” Reyer explains. “The general idea of men’s custom dress shirts stems from the tradition of a trip to the local tailor where your measurements are taken and then a handmade garment is specifically crafted for each individual person.“ The issue with this tradition is that it’s too time-consuming, says Reyer. You need to travel to the tailor’s shop, typically during business hours, which can be inconvenient, and then you have to wait about six weeks to receive the finished product. Thread Tradition is simplifying the process by taking it to the internet for the ultimate in customer ease and satisfaction. “Go to the site, look at the nine shirts we have available,” says Reyer. “Choose a shirt you like and then enter your seven measuring points in order to make the shirt a true fit. On the features tab, you get to choose the collar that you want, pick your cuffs, choose a monogram. Then go through our secure check-out and a handmade, custom-fitted shirt will be sent to you in about 10 – 15 business days.”


But the fashion fun doesn’t stop there. Thread Tradition offers personalized labels for each shirt so that men can have their name (or any name!) printed on the label, along with the date the shirt was made. In order to get the perfect fit, Reyer gives his customers a number of options. They can enter their measurements through the site. They can send a favorite shirt into Thread Tradition so that the measurements can be replicated. Or Reyer can come to your office and take your measurements at your convenience. Free returns and free alterations are two other perks the company offers. Reyer reports that his customers range in age from 25 - 75 and has noted that the younger clients tend to gravitate towards certain style features. “The most common request among younger men would have to do with pockets. They don’t like them,” Reyer says. “And the younger customers tend to get spread collars because it’s flashy, unique and now. But just about all men ~ no matter their age ~ like the double barrel cuff…the two button cuff. “ Looking ahead, Thread Tradition might expand their horizons to include women’s custom-fitted shirts or men’s suit jackets. But for right now, Jack Reyer is happy with flying around the country, taking measurements, and providing men with the best shirts they’ve ever owned. Just don’t tell anyone that Reyer admits to lounging around in a simple white t-shirt from time to time.

To get a shirt that’s made for you, go to

Tantasia™ Sunless Tanner from Jane Iredale The Skin Care Makeup® By Kristie Bartlett

Finally, a sunless tanner that puts you in control of your tan! Tantasia™ from jane iredale ~The Skin Care Makeup® is a revolutionary sunless tanner that works with a person’s unique skin pigmentation to create a gradual, custom, natural glow. Your “vacation in a bottle,” Tantasia™ works instantly, but develops gradually over three days so you can control and customize your level of color.

L’Occitane Harnesses the Benefits of the Almond Bud By Elise French

Packed with embryonic tissue, the almond bud holds a highly concentrated version of the tree’s beneficial ingredients. With its ability to recharge cellular circulation and improve drainage, the buds are a surprising solution for stubborn cellulite. L’Occitane’s Almond Line offers incredible benefits to the skin with its ability to smooth, firm and renew elasticity. A customer favorite, the line features the sweet fragrance of almond and leaves skin luxuriously hydrated. By sourcing all of its almonds from Provence, L’Occitane supports the sustainable cultivation of almond trees in the region.

The Best-Selling Almond Body Care Range Almond Delightful Shape With the addition of almond bud extract to the formulation of natural caffeine, carrot essential oil and L’Occitane’s patented complex, Delightful Shape dramatically increases fat release stimulation, preventing fat storage by 42%. L’Occitane’s patented complex of almond proteins, silicium and essential oils (immortelle, peppermint and palmarosa) detoxifies and staves off water retention for a firm and sculpted body. In just 2 weeks of use the skin is significantly smoother, firmer and more beautiful, and after 4 weeks of use the appearance of cellulite is significantly reduced.** 6.7 Fl oz - $38

Made with wheat protein, this sunless tanner doubles as a daily moisturizer for the face and body. Like all jane iredale products, Tantasia™ uses ingredients that you’d expect from the best skin care.

Tantasia’s Benefits •

Builds a gradual, natural looking tan within just three days, for optimum control and customization Fresh citrus fragrance Streak-free formula Sensitivity tested for multipurpose use on body and face Provides natural hydration to the skin

• • • •

Tantasia’s Application Tips •

• • •

Squeeze an amount the size of a quarter on the palm of your hand smooth on one section at a time until Tantasia is absorbed Wash hands thoroughly Repeat daily to build color until a golden unique tan is achieved Use frequently to maintain color

Tantasia is available at for $36.00.

jane iredale - The Skin Care Makeup® is a comprehensive line of mineral cosmetics that provides products with the utmost integrity and the ability to enhance the lives of women though its effectiveness, simplicity and beauty. Founder and president, Jane Iredale has worked with world-renowned plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the development of her line because she believes makeup should be as good for the skin as it is aesthetically pleasing. The extensive product line is carried in fine spas, cosmetic apothecaries, and retail locations worldwide. Consumers may call toll free for a jane iredale location nearest them at 800-762-1132.

*Centimetric loss measurement of thigh circumference **Results based on satisfaction and clinical tests on 50 women

Almond Shower Oil Enriched with hydrating almond oil, grape vine, rosemary and nourishing lipids, this body cleanser transforms into a lavish, refreshing foam in the shower. Whether used as a cleanser or a shaving base, it leaves skin silky and delicately perfumed. 8.4 fl. oz. - $22 Almond Delicious Paste A fragrant mixture of crushed almonds and sugar crystals, whipped with nourishing almond oil and almond butter, this exfoliating paste stimulates cellular activity and eliminates impurities. Scrub the body in the shower to reveal softer, more toned skin. 7 oz. - $36 Almond Milk Concentrate This multitasking milk concentrate nourishes, firms and tones the skin with the help of almond proteins and silicium. Designed to firm and smooth the skin in only 28 days, the light and silky cream locks in moisture without a greasy residue and gives skin a satiny finish with a delicate scent. 7 oz. - $39

About L’Occitane Inspired by his ancestors’ traditions, Olivier Baussan founded L’Occitane over 30 years ago in Provence, France. L’Occitane skincare, body care and fragrance products are passionately created to preserve the authentic ingredients of the Mediterranean. As part of its philanthropic efforts, the company has incorporated Braille labeling on its packaging where possible. L’Occitane products are available at, in over 170 boutiques throughout the US and in select nationwide retailers.


Eco-Friendly Skin Products By Steph Moore

Clark’s Botanicals

you re-applying—even when you don’t need to. It’s also a great lipstick primer, preventing feathering.

All of the products in Clark’s Botanicals feature Jasmine Absolute, a precious essential oil derived from nocturnally blooming flowers. Naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immuno-stimulating, this extract works to calm, balance and heal a broad spectrum of skin types, from young to mature, oily to dry, and normal to sensitive.

Davines Authentic Collection

Try the Ultra Rich Lip Balm ($19 at; as if natural moisturizers like Shea Butter, Aloe Leaf Extract, Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil weren’t enough, this lip balm also features Marine Collagen Microspheres that act like miniature water reservoirs. Together, these ingredients deliver intense, long-lasting hydration. Vanilla Planifolia and Jasmine Extracts add a delectable flavor that will have

Genuinely natural from head to toe, the Davines Authentic Collection ($26-46 at for salon locations) contains the first and only hair care products designed not only for hair, but also face and body. Gentle enough for even the most delicate skin and effective enough to thoroughly cleanse and condition hair, the breakthrough Authentic collection features 98% to 100% naturally-derived ingredients. The four-product collection trades in synthetics like SLS, SLES, sulfates, parabens, artificial colors, silicons, mineral oils, PEG and etoxilates for sustainable formulations including biodegradable surfactants and organically cultivated actives like shea butter and sesame, jojoba, sunflower and carthame oils.

Goldwell Introduces StyleSign STRAIGHT Exert Ultimate Control Over Frizzy and Unruly Hair By Elise French Beautiful hair in the house, a ball of frizz as soon as you step outside. Sound familiar? Particularly in the summer months when humidity is at its highest? Frizzy and unmanageable hair is a very common problem, yet not so easy to control. Goldwell is proud to announce the launch of StyleSign STRAIGHT for straightening and control with thermal protection. StyleSign STRAIGHT was developed with stylists to beautify and protect your hair color while keeping locks silky smooth. The line features Hot Form, Heat Styling Lotion for frizz control and lasting shape and smoothness, Flat Marvel, Straightening Balm for long-lasting straight locks and Sleek Perfection, Thermal Spray Serum, an innovative waterless serum for less damage with heat styling. All StyleSign STRAIGHT products contain UVA and UVB sun protection and feature the advanced FlexShine Protect technology, an innovative formula which gives hair a smooth, glossy look with a natural feel. And…all products provide overall color safeguard with the Triple Color Protection System and heat protection! With conventional styling products the hair is coated with a rough film of styling polymers. The style holds, but the hair is dull with little shine. Goldwell StyleSign STRAIGHT products contain styling polymers that are enriched with bamboo protein and form an elastic film enhanced by an exclusive elastomer. The film also contains antioxidant vitamins BCE and moisturizers. The result is exceptionally smooth, shiny hair with a natural feel and flexible hold, allowing you to showcase your cut and color like never before. Additionally the overall color protection shields against moisture loss and harmful environmental influences. Goldwell StyleSign products may be purchased in professional stores and salons throughout the country. Local vendors include: Bellisimo European Day Spa 372 Chandler Street Courtland Yard Worcester, MA 01602 508-799-7767

Lord’s and Lady’s Greendale Mall Worcester, MA 01606 508-856-0707

Post 126 Salon & Spa 126 June Street Worcester, MA 01602 508-755-4504

St Cyr Salon 235 Park Avenue Worcester, MA 01609 508-752-2222

UBI Hair Studio 12 Portland Street Worcester, MA 01608 508-331-9907

Capelli Avanti 104 Grove Street Worcester, MA 01605

Martie & Associates 92 June Street Worcester, MA 01602 508-831-1143

Salon 647 647 Chandler Street Worcester, MA 01602 508-791-2979

Victoria Place 1284 Main Street Worcester, MA 01603 508-792-1980

Fabulous Salon & Spa 122 Shrewsbury Street Worcester, MA 01604 508-926-8866

Moji Salon 1064 Pleasant Street Worcester, MA 01602 508-791-8686

Shear Dimension 347 Greenwood Street Worcester, MA 01607 508-799-2051

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