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Photo by: Justin Mayotte of Flash House Studios


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November 2012

Jordyn wearing a black crepe “Marilyn Monroe” inspired dress by Catherine Regeher. Photo by Justin Mayotte



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Nov. 2012



By Emily Kopec

The Fall 2012/Winter 2013 fashion season can be summed up in one word: LAVISH! Patterns are so elaborate they could be framed and hung in your living room. Fabrics are so soft they beg to be touched. And everything just comes together like a kaleidoscope of colors and textures that scream intense, serious, and sexy. Va-va-voom! Photos by: Justin Mayotte of Flash House Studios - Models Courtesy of: Karon Shea Model Management Special thanks to 7 Nana for letting us invade their beautiful restaurant! Models (L-R): Kayla Podel, Webster, Ma ~ Mike Moore, Worcester, Ma ~ Erich Amerine, Assumption College ~ Harriett Ado, Worcester, Ma ~ Jordyn Murphy, Whitensville, Ma All women’s clothes available from: JAMES HOGAN - 664 Pleasant St., Worcester All men’s clothes available from: ARMANDO’S - 254 Grafton St., Worcester Photo (L-R): Kayla wearing a midnight beaded dress by Theia, Mike rockin’ a Carlo Lusso suit, Erich wearing a coat by Wessi, shirt & tie by Steven Land, and pants by AVVA, Harriet showing off a one shoulder metallic gold and black French lace dress by James Hogan, and Jordyn wearing an emerald iridescent silk taffeta dress with high/low skirt by James Hogan


Photo (L-R): Kayla wearing the ultimate print dinner jacket by Etro with black crepe vintage length skirt by Catherine Regeher, Erich sporting a light brown sweater by AVVA, 50/50 acrylic and wool pants by 1 In A Million, tie by Weaver, and shirt by Steven Land, Harriet wearing a silk brocade border print cocktail dress by James Hogan, Mike sporting a black sweater and pants by AVVA, and Jordyn wearing a black crepe “Marilyn Monroe” inspired dress by Catherine Regeher.

LADIES Go for Baroque. This one reminds me of the Victoria’s Secret catalogues (no, that “u” was not a typo) circa early ‘90s ~ picture my girl Jill Goodacre posing in a lavish gold leaf pattern blazer and looking smoking hot. Well, this decade’s baroque is still as ornate as ever, in all its swirly glory. Draw your attention to intricate, refined patterns (Jacquard! Royal crests! Chains and ropes!) that would make Versace jealous. Bonus points for luxurious fabrics like velvet, gilded gold and black lace all worn together. So 17th century luxe! Fifty shades of red. Keeping with the baroque theme, deep burgundy (aka oxblood red ~but that sounds a bit gory) is THE must-have hue this season. Your new BFF Burg looks brilliant in an everyday piece like a lapel jacket or handbag, and there’s a bonus: it goes effortlessly with both brown and black. You could even call this intoxicating wine shade the new neutral, and you won’t be able to get enough of it! Also on the red radar are brighter shades like rose and cherry, which translate less va-va-voom and more moody/dominant. Got it? Luscious leather. Leather has been going strong for many a season, and there’s no sign of it backing down. In addition to our well-loved tough ‘n sexy cropped leather jacket and leather skinny pant, we’re seeing a sharp trend in leather skirts. Decidedly more girly, skirts of all cuts done in supple leather look unexpected and really break up the more romantic trends ~ in fact, pair a leather


skirt with a feminine, flow-y shirt and you just set the sexy-chic bar all the way up. And last but not least, shiny patent leather is showing up everywhere, too! Mix ‘n match prints. Simple patterns are cute and all, but when they’re more intricate and fancier they practically become art. Busy prints featuring several vivid colors are a welcome change of pace from the ho-hum, as are bold graphic patterns that add street cred. This is a trend you can play around with, as there are no hard and fast rules. Pretty much any gutsy pattern will get the fashion rubber stamp. Bonus points for ~ gasp ~ mixing tops and bottoms of different patterns. While it’s admittedly not an easy feat to do, if the patterns are of similar styles and have a common color you can completely rock it. Live a little! Snakeskin sophistication. You usually don’t hear those two words in the same sentence, right? Well, the new and improved snakeskin is cool and refined. Keep it neutral (no rainbow prints please, leave that to the Jersey Shore cast) with shades like gray, cream and black. While snakeskin accessories are always en vogue, the reptilian pattern is now being used in creative and exciting new ways such as chiffon tops(!), cigarette pants, and wrap skirts. Jean Paul Gaultier showcased a tailored snakeskin skirt suit in his fall 2012 Collection and it looked surprisingly business-like. So go on, slither into a pair of gray skinny jeans with a snakeprint pattern. You know you wanna. Vintage elegance. This season, vintage looks less hippy and more ladylike.

Mod leisure suits? Yes, please. Shift dresses are just fab, too. Neon colors and geometric patterns lend themselves perfectly to these wellloved looks of the past. Tunics are really hot this season as well, and with good reason: they’re easy to wear and have a perfect mod-meets-modern vibe. It’s all about the free-spirited, swinging ‘60s, baby! Channel your inner Twiggy and wear a blouse with an exaggerated collar and pop on long drop ball earrings to accentuate the look! Gilded gold. Just when you think gold might be getting overplayed, it comes back shinier and more sophisticated than ever! Tops and bottoms alike are dripping in the yummy 14K goodness, and there’s no reason to wait for the holidays to put on the glitz. Liquid gold slouchy tops look ah-mazing with neutral-hued skinny pants (a look Kate Moss recently rocked in Paris). Another super chic pairing is a shiny gold leather belt with a khaki dress. Metallic dresses are causing a commotion too, especially long maxistyle ones you wouldn’t expect to see in gold. Vegas who? Oriental opulence. The beautiful staples of fashion from the Far East are being interpreted into strong-yetcool looks. Oriental prints like graphic florals and dragons command the spotlight (the bolder the better!). Satin, flow-y materials are a no-brainer, but don’t overlook more androgynous looks like mandarin collar jackets and sporty quilted pieces featuring colorblocking and exotic motifs. Likewise, anything vibrant, high-shine and highnecked brings on the mandarin flair. Wearing orchids in your hair as an accessory is a beautiful way to finish off your awesome Asian look. Schoolgirl dorky-chic. Over-thetop sexy schoolgirl get-ups have historically raised the pulses of men everywhere. (I don’t know if there’s a study, but I think we can all agree to agree on this one). This season, forget about the stereotypical sexy schoolgirl Halloween costume and think Zooeymeets-school-uniform. The staples are still there: the pleated skirts, the layered jumpers and even the knee socks. But there are also plenty of comfy knit sweaters and sweater vests with cartoon-inspired prints, peter pan collars, high-necked tops, varsity jackets and skirts with longer hemlines. So look a little disheveled, muss up your hair and wear your black-framed dork glasses. And if you go with a short skirt, just make sure you’re covered up on top!

Photo (L-R): Harriet in a silk brocade border print cocktail dress by James Hogan; Jordyn in a black crepe “Marilyn Monroe” inspired dress by Catherine Regeher.

Nov. 2012


Photo (L-R): Mike in a Carlo Lusso suit, tie by Favio Fazio, and a Modena shirt, Kayla in a midnight beaded dress by Theia, Harriet in a one shoulder metallic gold and black French lace dress by James Hogan.

GENTS The rich, print-heavy look of the season lends itself well to the more masculine crowd. All you need to know is right here! Preppy gentleman. The London Olympics may be over, but the fashion influence from the other side of the pond remains. The herringbone, checks, and tweeds of a proper Englishman look just as smashing on you Yanks. Cold weather is

10 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Nov. 2012

the perfect time to layer on these refined pieces that fit in perfectly with the huge pattern trend. A plaid wool vest looks dashing over abutton-up shirt, or try a checked shirt with a deep-hued pant like nutmeg brown. You can really up the ante by mixing and matching your prints. For example, a check and a preppy stripe can co-exit harmoniously ~ As they say, you never know until you try! Jeans lighten up and get cuffed. Your closet is probably already crammed with dark jeans ~ a tried and true hue that goes with everything. Well, it’s time to

needs a second opinion before you head out the door, an easy way to pull off this look is to invest in a brightly colored scarf or two. Then you can simply throw it over your equally-bright shirt and there you go, you just color-blocked (Wasn’t that easy?). SHOES Woman’s best friend has gone less platform-y and decidedly more feminine. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a plethora of tough, sexy and classic looks to love. Fasten your ankle straps, ladies, here we go! Pointy-toed heels. After a few years’ hiatus, pointy toes are back in a BIG way, so dust ‘em off and move them front and center! From the classic pointy-toed pump to newer looks like the toe area dipped in a shiny metallic with matching shiny ankle straps, they are pounding the runways like they never left the scene. Get my point? Heheh. Ankle details. Ankle fixin’s are taking center stage in many of the latest shoe looks. That’s right, it’s an ankle party, y’all! Multiple straps with buckles, embellishments, dramatic tie-ups and the like all in luscious fabrics like velvet and satin ooze sex appeal. Menswear. In a sharp contrast, loafers and boots are seeing more masculine details like tassels, classic buckles and wingtip dots. Lace-up booties are big as well. These styles look sophisticated with schoolgirl outfits, busy prints and long floral skirts alike. Mixed materials. No need to decide on snakeskin or black suede when you can have them both in one shoe! Tall boots lend themselves exceptionally well to this mixed up look. Tall boots with the top few inches done in a different material (such as brown leather boots with silver metallic snake print on top) are genius, as is the vertical look of the front half and back half being completely different (think burgundy leather in front, black suede in back). I don’t know about you, but I love having it both ways. Tough-girl chic. This look is perfect for those who never met a stiletto they didn’t like…especially if it has zippers, chains and studs! My my, even Rihanna would blush at some of these good shoes gone bad (sorry, couldn’t resist!). A favorite celeb look is just the back of the shoe decorated with an embellishment like studs (which sometimes look like weapons!). Shearling queen. New England gals love us some shearling to keep our tootsies warm in the winter, and now it’s heating up the fashion scene big-time, too. Booties with turned-up shearling cuffs are fierce, whether the heels are low and chunky or tall and sophisticated. Tall shearling boots also have that earthy-butcosmopolitan vibe. Giddy up. At the start of every fall, I slip back into my favorite riding boots and they feel like a BFF I haven’t talked to in a long time. I know I’m speaking for many when I say the love of the classic riding boot is timeless. Jeans, dresses and skirts look so effortlessly cool with them.

Need an idea for a trendy going-out outfit? Here y’go! Try a fancy mixed-material long-sleeve black top featuring swirly gold baroque with a knee-length burgundy skirt and black tough-girl stiletto booties with black lace socks peeking out. And of course, don’t forget the come-hither gaze!

Want a sneak peek at what’s heading down the runway for spring 2013? Slouchy, longer shorts Floral motifs introduce a new lighter-blue friend to your collection. Soft, light blue jeans are a refreshing change from the norm, and they’ll become your new go-to piece when you’re heading out to grab a drink. Wear them with a classic white collared shirt or a cool patterned sweater. Bonus points for cuffing your jeans and wearing them with short brown boots. Color on color. Black and grey is so yesterday. Create your own color-block combinations by wearing multiple pieces in different vibrant hues. Don’t be shy to layer color on top of color, the more vivid the better. For example, an emerald green tie with a purple button-down shirt looks so right. If you’re the type who

Black and white Cut-away pieces Tropical prints Preppy/Sporty Jailhouse stripes Boho glam

...and just remember, if you feel good in it, that’s all that matters! Nov. 2012



By Tine Roycroft

Each autumn, those of us who can’t make the oh-so-enviable trip to NYC for Fashion Week turn to the internet and often “E! Entertainment” as a last resort. We lap up any and all fashion pix and video like the couture-starved dames and dudes we are, and cling to bits of celeb gossip with all our strength ~ who walked the runway,who got snubbed, and who sat next to Anna Wintour at the big shows become our daily obsession. But thanks to the combined efforts of Karon Shea of Karon Shea Model Management and Paul Giorgio of Pagio, we shall no longer need internet access to be close to the action. These two masterminds are bringing us StyleWorcester ~ an incredible night of fashion and fun, promising to satiate even the most voracious fashion appetite. “Worcester is developing its own identity as a first-rate city,” Giorgio says. “We’re trying to bring in the events that every great city has. Boston has a fashion week, New York has a fashion week ~ why not Worcester? We have just as much fashion talent here as those cities do.” The event kicks off on Thursday, November 8 with a VIP cocktail party and the premiere of The Crooked Man, a frightening film shot in and around the Worcester area. Then Friday, November 9 brings the thunder when StyleWorcester takes over Union Station. Fashion vendors including Adore Boutique, Queen Bee Beads and Gifts, Dzian Gallery, and Velvet Goose will display their fashion, jewelry, and handbags ~ everything your haute desires. 12 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Nov. 2012

“We’re having cosmetics, beauty products, laser services, everything for women,” says Shea. “And we’ll have designer shows. The first designer show, Kendra Touma’s, will be at 6:30pm. Touma just finished doing fashion events in both Boston and Providence. And then our featured designer, James Hogan, who is from Worcester, will have his show.” General admission tickets are $30 each and can be purchased by calling Karon Shea Model Management at (508) 7556795 or by visiting Tickets for VIP rows are $50 per show, or you can attend both shows for $75. StyleWorcester 2012 is not to be missed, but Shea and Giorgio aren’t stopping here. This team intends to expand the event each year. They have plans to involve area college students who are studying fashion design and are looking into producing informal model shows throughout the year to pique the interest of fashion-lovers. These informal shows, which, according to Shea, are growing in popularity, involve people going to specific restaurants for organized luncheons; during their meal, models casually walk around the room in designer frocks and educate the guests on the featured designers. Giorgio and Shea will not stop until Worcester too can claim its very own Fashion Week. For more information, visit


Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet, by Tim Gunn and Ada Calhoun By Stephanie Monahan

For most people, getting dressed in the morning is just another part of our routine ~ dressing appropriately for work or school or the weather, we choose a sweater or jeans or a pair of sandals. But according to Tim Gunn, best known as a mentor to the designers on “Project Runway,” the fashion decisions we make are more complicated than we realize. In Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet, Gunn focuses on modern American fashion, exploring what twenty-first century Americans wear… and why. Each chapter in this thick, glossy coffee-table book is dedicated to the pieces of clothing common to all our wardrobes ~ from T-shirts and jeans to hats, scarves, and belts ~ and explains the origins of what we wear and how certain pieces became stylish. The modern wrap dress, for example, owes its roots to Ancient Greece, while more tailored women’s apparel can be traced back to the stylings of ancient Egypt’s Cleopatra. Meanwhile, uncomfortable women everywhere can thank Scarlett O’Hara’s stubborn baby weight for the popularity of corsets and, more recently, Spanx. Gunn’s book is packed with the intriguing backstory of the seemingly mundane. Back in high school, we all learned about Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, but Gunn teaches us its modern-day effect: the surge, and eventual saturation, of T-shirts in every American’s wardrobe. Gunn also speaks to what we communicate to each other by our fashion choices. In the 90s, when grunge overtook pop culture, women ditched high heels, a sign of status, for thick-soled, utilitarian Doc Martins. Slogan T-shirts, he explains, helped foster Malcom X’s

social movement and helped move the T-shirt from undergarment to fashion staple. “Nothing that we wear,” according to Gunn, “is an accident.” In addition to the history of what’s inside our closet, Gunn offers tips on how to wear it, with sidebars on topics like how to wear a belt, which jeans are right for you, and how to tell if a T-shirt fits. Gunn’s love of and enthusiasm for fashion is apparent on every page, and he writes about the topic in a way that makes the reader care, too. “If you have a limited range of outfits,” he says, “it is as though you have a limited range of words in your vocabulary.” This book goes a long way in helping the average American expand his or her fashion horizons.

Nov. 2012



The Central Massachusetts Film Festival Coming Soon To A Theater (or Bar or Campus) Near You By Richard Price will interact with the film world, how movie-lovers in the area explore new titles, and how important stories are shared to our communities.”

What does Worcester have in common with Sundance, Telluride and Cannes? Answer: a film festival. A newly formed Central Massachusetts Film Festival is being developed for a September, 2013 launch. But don’t be discouraged by the far away date, there will be (and already have been) plenty of free movie nights before then. This new independent venture will sponsor monthly lead up “happenings” throughout Worcester by screening ~ in some of the area’s hottest spots ~ local films made by local filmmakers.

The September ’13 festival will be held all over Worcester, in various watering holes and college/university campus locations. “They will be places that people drive by frequently but never go into,” Wells said. What can we expect to see at the festival? 15 to 20 short films and up to 10 full length features will be part of the final line-up. The goal of the festival is to encourage local talent and to create a place for these filmmakers to show their films to a new audience. “I’ve seen some phenomenal films in the past,” Wells said. “And it is astounding that very few people have seen them. It’s amazing the amount of time, effort and money they poured into it.”

“We are looking for local filmmakers that shot features in Central Massachusetts,” said Dee Wells, one of the organizers of the festival. “These monthly events will create some buzz,” he said, and his words have proven true. The October showing of The Muse has already gotten press from a number of different media outlets. On November 17, the festival will preview the documentary Agro Fuels and the Dirty Truth about Coal at the Cantina Bar & Grill, 385 Main Street, Worcester, at 7 p.m. pulse

For more information, please visit CentralMassFilmFest. Be sure to “Like” the page so that you can stay informed on new details of next year’s festival as they become available.


If you are a Central MA-based filmmaker or would like to learn how to become one, visit futurefocusmedia.

Indeed, a local film festival seems overdue, especially one with a mission to “…change how young filmmakers

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For Salter College’s Student Consumer Information visit

14 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Nov. 2012

184 W. Boylston Street West Boylston, MA

A King In Wait By Benjamin McNeil

What happens when you fuse crisp “boyband-esque” vocals with hard rock, metal, a dose of piano, and enough passion to tear the f**king roofs off of the House of Blues, The Palladium, and countless other local venues? You get the band A King In Wait, and they’re damn good. “Our message is one of self-empowerment. We all have a lot to give; we’re all ‘kings in wait,’ hence the name,” emphasizes Tom DeAngeli, Leominster native and bass player for A King In Wait. AKIW’s committee of royalty also features DeAngeli’s high school buddy Kevin Sullivan (drums), Billy Seuss (guitars/vocals), Evan Blake (guitars), and George DiPietro (vocals/pianist). And Megan Sacco, a.k.a. Lady Haunter, is the band’s manager and queen, determined to propel these guys to celebrity status. “She’s been huge,” DeAngeli stresses.

Theory 13 By Jason Savio

2013 is undoubtedly going to be a breakthrough year for the alternative rock group Theory 13. A band of various musical backgrounds, Theory 13 is led by duo Alec Fornaciari and Aart Knyff on lead vocals and guitars, and they’re joined by Mike Landry on bass, former Extreme and Satellite Party member Kevin “K-Figg” Figueiredo on drums, and Tim Bradshaw of both John Mayer’s and David Gray’s bands on keyboards. With such an eclectic assortment of musical backgrounds, it’s hard to imagine Theory 13 being able to sound like a cohesive unit ~ until you hear these guys play live.

A King In Wait started working on their first full-length album in July (with six tracks available for streaming on ReverbNation), but their relatable, deepmeaning lyrics, competitiveness, and love for jamming out in their Leominster garage has quickly led these guys into the spotlight. And the band is united in one goal: “We strive to put on a great show,” DeAngeli says.

“We think [that for] all who have experienced Theory 13 live, it’s simple,” said the group in a joint statement. “We write, play, perform, and sing songs from the bottom of our souls. We play night after night and one thing is consistent ~ as soon as we hit the stage, everything changes. The audience just seems to connect with who we are on stage and what we are doing sonically.”

The band writes lyrics all listeners can relate to: break-ups, nd the oftentimes overwhelming challenge of reconfiguring the jigsaw pieces of one’s life, loss, love, and family. “Faces of Misery” represents both AKIW’s vivid lyrics and layered song composition. The track commences with classical piano, then progresses to powerful vocals ~ “All this confusion you put me through/I know you can’t see I’m stronger than you” ~ amidst an onslaught of guitar riffs. “We’re having a great time hanging out and having fun, but we’re very meticulous in how different layers come across,” explains DeAngeli.

The group is currently shopping around their new self-titled album with hopes of releasing it next year, and it shouldn’t take long before they find a home for it and announce an official release date. The new album, recorded at 9B Studio in MA and mixed in Miami with Grammy award winning engineer Robert St. John, captures the live feel of a Theory 13 concert.

These guys can best be characterized as “sincere,” and as they proclaim on their Facebook page, “We are about music, family, friendship, and life.” Those aren’t just empty words. A King In Wait will be playing at Ralph’s Diner on January 19, and they will donate all proceeds to PINK Revolution, a nonprofit that promotes breast cancer awareness. These guys have heart.

“We blew the basic tracks live at 9B Studio. We wanted to try and capture the power and energy the band has live. Mission accomplished!” the band said proudly. Although they may be busy putting out their new album right now, be sure to check out Theory 13 live when they take the stage at one of their many stomping grounds, including Lupo’s, The Ruins, and The Hard Rock Café.

Nov. 2012


16 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Nov. 2012


Hometown Hip Hop Heavyweight By Alex Kantarelis

M Dot, Photo By Gabriel Soderbladh

The Massachusetts hip hop scene has been gaining more and more traction Displaying his humble nature, M-Dot, after recently being featured on TV’s over the past couple years, thanks in part to artists like Dizzy Dizasta and Block “Chronicle” (which airs on Boston’s ABC affiliate WCVB), didn’t brag about the McCloud keeping it real in Worcester but not being afraid to hit the road and get experience, instead simply saying, “It was very special for me.” their music into as many hands (and ears) as they can. Add M-Dot to that list of artists who are exploding the hip hop scene ~ big time. He took time out of his Check him out when he plays a show near you and pick up a free copy of Layer massive 60 day tour to talk to me about his new mixtape, Layer Cake. Cake. M-Dot has already had plenty of success: he’s been featured on a number of releases and has been touring both the US and Europe relentlessly. In 2010, he performed at the Winter X-Games and has won a slew of awards including the Hip Hop Dependency Artist of the Year 2011. He’s also released several mixtapes, the latest M Dot, performing in Vienna, Austria being Layer Cake. For him, just getting the music out is all that matters. The mixtape is a blend of tracks that he appeared on for other artists, work he has done for compilations, and some previously unreleased tracks. Unlike most mixtapes, Layer Cake contains only original work, and nothing is done over a stolen Lil Wayne beat; it might as well be considered an album. As the MA scene gets bigger and bigger, you can bet M-Dot will be helping draw attention to it. Since the release of Layer Cake, he’s done a 35 day tour of Europe, hitting everywhere from Sweden to Slovakia. He immediately followed that with a two month full US tour presented by Wu Tang and including, to name just a few, Block McCloud, Dizzy Dizasta, and Krumb Snatcha. While this year was full of touring, M-Dot, a proud father of two, plans on setting up 2013 to release his own official, full production album. “I’d like to have my projects done and ready for next year, finally putting out something that doesn’t have features or isn’t a mixtape for free,” he shared while sitting on the tour bus headed to Burlington, Vermont. Nov. 2012


ON CD Azari & III’s Azari & III By Katey Khaos If you’re like me, the sounds of blenders and AOL dial-up aren’t really doing it for you at the club anymore. I’m talking about dubstep. Sure, it’s catchy, and sure, some of the drops are killer, but after a while, the genre tends to repeat itself. Let’s take a step backwards to the good ol’ days when house music first became popular ~ the late 80s, early 90s. Now, take the classic sound of house music and add some raver flare. I give you Azari & III. Azari & III’s self-titled debut album gains huge approval on my end namely because they don’t try to enhance their tracks with repetitive lyrics or unrecognizable words. Instead, they stick to mostly instrumental and techno beats, showing their true talent as artists. Tracks like “Indigo” course through your veins, filling you with a euphoric feeling that can only

The Hollow Glow By Alex Kantarelis

A few years ago, I had the chance to speak to Ben Carroll from the metal band Ra, who was eager to talk about his new alt-rock project called The Hollow Glow. At the time, he had an album of songs he recorded himself, in a bedroom, using a computer and 1 microphone. He handled the vocals and guitars and used electronic drums to carry the rhythm. Fast forward to 2012, and Carroll has a put together a band to complete The Hollow Glow. Bassist Tom Connors and drummer Travis Barton have joined Carroll to release their first “real” album. The self-titled 7 track CD kicks off with an oldie, “Crazy Like You Read About,” which has new life with the band now backing Carroll. His voice stands on top of the recording and is very powerful. It’s great to hear him belting out the chorus (which is the namesake of the song).

Katatonia’s Dead End Kings By Benjamin McNeil

Katatonia should need no introduction. Dead End Kings, the band’s ninth fulllength album, continues the legacy conceived by co-founders Jonas Renkse and Anders Nystrom, both Stockholm, Sweden natives, in 1991. Twenty-one years of shredding, killing it on live sets, and now touring with Opeth don’t lie: Katatonia is mammoth.

Dead End Kings, released under the Peaceville label just a few months ago, features clean vocals laced with the themes of sadness and eternal despair common to us all, intense riffs in each of the album’s eleven tracks, and the palpable chemistry and intensity that bonds together Katatonia’s members: Renkse (vocals), Nystrom (guitar), Niklas Sandin (bass), Per Erikkson (guitar), and Daniel Liljekvist (drums). “Dead Letters,” the ninth track, is the highlight of Dead End Kings. Katatonia should not be pigeonholed; they transcend genre, but tags their music under Doom Metal, Progressive Metal, and Depressive Rock. These genres are not for everyone, but “Dead Letters” should gain your respect regardless of whether you’re a fan of the

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be released by getting out on the dance floor (or your bedroom floor) and letting loose. When Azari & III do add lyrics to their tracks, like “Reckless (for Your Love),” the combination of catchy beats and smooth vocals create a sound that ~ for lack of a better term ~ is an eargasm. The fact that these guys have strayed away from the ever-growing (and some would argue overpopulated) digital genres makes them a favorite in my book. Their unique style and nostalgic sound are sure to bring back memories for some, while giving others a chance to see what the days of original house were all about. Be sure to pick up a copy of their debut album, dropping October 30th!

When the drums open the next track, “Doom,” I found myself bobbing my head along to the beat right away. Carroll’s guitar playing succeeds in walking the fine line between metal and alternative. While keeping it technical and heavy, he manages to keep it mellow and bright at the same time; it’s a very difficult balance to accomplish, but The Hollow Glow manages to do it with seeming ease. This balance is evident throughout the CD, as Carroll’s lyrics talk about the supposed impending end of the world and the inevitable attack of zombies, all while mixing in themes about love and relationships. The Hollow Glow is definitely not a band to overlook. They have a maturity in their song writing that very few bands possess these days. Fans of the Foo Fighters, the Silversun Pickups, and the Deftones should definitely check out this new album ~ as should anyone who simply likes genuinely good music., “face-melting” stuff or not. The riffs, heavy throughout, compliment Renkse’s chilling, melodic lyrics (“Vexation/Eternal void/My dreams/Are getting darker and darker”). “The Parting,” track one on the album, is rhythmic ~ and even relaxing. Renkse cries, “The parting/End origin/Fade into earth,” as this biting track sets in motion the narrative of Dead End Kings and establishes Katatonia’s collective philosophy: death is guaranteed to all, and despair courses through our veins in spite of fleeting happiness. Man fades to dust. Renkse’s vocals may hover on the edge of monotony for some listeners, but his overarching message, and Katatonia’s passion and commitment to musicianship, permeate Dead End Kings and make it a truly great album. Katatonia is playing throughout Europe and the United Kingdom over the next few months, but a listen to Dead End Kings will not disappoint those in the States.

Nov. 2012


Amanda Palmer

The Unstoppable, Inimitable, Magnetic By Tine Roycroft

There are many reasons to envy the force known as Amanda Palmer. She started out humbly, busking in Cambridge’s Harvard Square as a living statue and then smashing into the musical and artistic performance scene when she co-founded the Dresden Dolls. She earned solo success with her 2008 album Who Killed Amanda Palmer? and found marital success with my all-time crush, Neil Gaiman (for which I have yet to forgive her). Really, Palmer can’t be stopped. Her most recent bragging right is the 2012 studio album Theatre is Evil by Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra (above), produced by John Congleton. The recording and release process was funded by a Kickstarter project that raised a total of over $1.1 million. The album is a great collection of Palmer’s rock, mixed with synth, drama, and balls. She’s truly a live wire in these songs, hollering out her heart, high on the power of truth. But the Grand Theft Orchestra sets a lovely stage upon which she can shine: we’ve got the mighty Palmer on vocals, piano, and synthesizers, Jherek Bischoff on vocals, upright bass, and guitar, Michael McQuilken on vocals, drums, percussion, and programming, and Chad Raines on vocals, guitar, trumpet, keyboards, and programming. Together, they create aural theatre…you be the judge of whether it’s evil or not!

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Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

The album, which can be downloaded from, includes addictive songs like “The Killing Type,” which could easily wiggle its way into your ear and make a home in your head for a good long time. The beats are simple; Palmer keeps her voice persistent and steady and insists that “She’s not the killing type,” but she’d “…Kill to make you feel.” This kick-butt musician is also well-known for her darling fashions, or sometimes lack thereof. We often see her out in cute vintage dresses or lingerie-like ensembles, complete with killer stockings, corsets, bra-tops and sexy knee-high boots. But in the music video for the song “Want it Back,” Palmer is featured in the buff, with lyrics to the song floating along her nude form. Another reason to envy Palmer ~ she’s got the guts and the goods to strut her stuff. For more info, go to

Nov. 2012


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Cool Careers

Designer Julie Mollo By Katherine Dalton-Hoffman

“I want people to have more fun with fashion…everyone should be happy when they get dressed in the morning,” says Julie Mollo, fashion designer and Grafton native. The Pulse last spoke with Mollo in 2008 after she gained fame for styling pop icon Katy Perry for such high profile events as the “VMAs,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” and the Vans Warped Tour. Four years later, Mollo’s career has, as we knew it would, blossomed. “Right now I’m designing dresses for party girls and prom queens and I recently launched my show collection in New York City. Since then I’ve been in a transitional stage, in talks to get my designs produced in factories instead of making each piece by hand.” Additionally, Mollo has been working with Katrina Eugenia, her close friend and photographer, and with editor Ted Hesse, on filming a pilot for their reality show, “The Julie Mollo Show.” From her “food, fashion, and fun” Home Economics Tumblr, she explains, “It would be about more than just fashion. It would be about me, how I live my NYC life and how I could help people live a more fun, productive existence, and it would be based off of this blog.” While she can’t tell us which networks they’re in talks with, Mollo hopes to have the show picked up in the coming months and on air for 2014. “It won’t be your typical reality show; I plan to teach something at the end of every episode.”

24 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Nov. 2012

Along with a fashion launch and television pilot, the fashion guru has continued to style artists. “Right now I’m styling a lot of up-and-comers for shows and music videos,” says Mollo. “It’s fun to work with fashion that isn’t my own.” When asked about her personal style, Mollo confesses, “My designs are so colorful, however, I love to wear black because there’s so much you can do with it.” Don’t think she’s keeps it Plain Jane, though. “I always make sure to wear lipstick and accessories ~ even my shoes will be bright red and glittery.” With so many projects in the works, it is easy to see Mollo has much to look forward to in the future. From circle skirts to hair flair, she most certainly puts the fun back in fashion and we’re excited to see where her talents take her next! To find out more about this fashionista and check out her amazing collections, visit: www. and “like” her page THIS JUST IN! You can check out the full mini-pilot of “The Julie Mollo Show” at v=vlWtY5fGE1I&feature=youtu.

EastCoast Entrepreneur If You Like Shopping Online, You’ll Love “Live it. Wear it. Be it.” By Alyssa LaManna Envision a white-collared executive: impeccably pressed shirt, designer suit, and polished shoes. Now ditch the stiff clothes for a cool Tshirt and jeans, and you’ve got the other side of success: Mike DiCenzo, CEO and founder of EastCoast Entrepreneur (ECE).

HU K KST ER By Steph Moore

The 27-year-old’s appearance alone screams selfaccomplished, as he’s head to toe in the infamous “E” that brands his apparel. Greeting me with a warm hug, it’s clear that this up-and-coming business man is anything but stuffy or full or himself; he’s down to earth and grateful for what’s he’s accomplished. You won’t find cuff-links at ECE, a lifestyle company that has over 50 designs of guys’ and gals’ affordable apparel. An entrepreneur who “…assumes the risk for a business venture” describes DiCenzo to a tee (pardon the pun!). “I free-styled this whole company,” Mike admitted. “There was no moment where I sat down and said, ’Okay, this is what I’m gonna do.’ I just made a T-shirt.” A cotton T-shirt with an “E” on the breast was EastCoast Entrepreneur’s kick-off product. It wasn’t until a stranger asked about the logo that DiCenzo realized he was in over his head. “I told him the logo was for a clothing line I was starting up. And then he asked me if he could buy one,” Mike laughed. “So I said, ‘Sure! 10 bucks.’ I had no idea what I was doing.” Before a Facebook page, before a website launch, before any other merchandise even existed, the “Classic E” T-shirt was an overnight success. “I don’t even have an original,” Mike said, after the T sold out in a few days. Days spent passing out shirts from his ‘95 station wagon have turned into an explosion of orders for hoodies, skate decks, v-necks, polos, hats, and so much more. Home base for this fashion success is literally Mike’s home ~ no office or corporate headquarters. Here, ECE tests, packages and stores every product. “We’ve washed shirts over and over just to see at what point they start to fade,” Mike said. “We’ve pulled at shirts, trying to literally rip them in half so we know what they can handle.” Not only does ECE do hands-on testing, but they also prepare each order. “We have fold, tag, and bag parties,” Mike laughed, “which usually includes a ton of beer.” Celebrating 2 years in April and doubling last year’s sales, there’s no stopping now ECE. Humbled by his successes, DiCenzo is motivated to see strangers wear his dream on their sleeves. So what’s next? Expansion of the women’s line, swim gear, and a spring catalog are all under way. The ECE motto is simple: Live it. Wear it. Be it. “It’s just six guys working for free out of the goodness of their hearts so this will take off,” DiCenzo told me. But what he doesn’t realize is this force isn’t just blowing from the east anymore, but in every direction. For more, check out and

Meet Katie Finnegan and Erica Bell, co-founders of www. They just might become the best thing to happen to your Inbox…ever! Why, you ask? Because they’ve come up with a button that lives in your browser, so it’s always there when you shop online. And what does this Hukkster button do? When you’re shopping online and you find, say, a pair of boots you love, you simply “Hukk it” ~ and you’ll automatically get a notification by email or text (your choice) when the price on the boots drops. •

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Club & Pub Listings Entertainment at clubs, bars, pubs, & other select venues ATTENTION CLUB OWNERS!!

All listings MUST be entered into Social Web ( NO LATER than NOV.15th to be included in our Dec. print issue. 3-G’s Sports Bar 152 Millbury St., Worc., 508-754-3516 Fri. thru Nov 11 DJ Sat. thru Nov 11 Open Mike Comedy Mon., Thurs. thru Nov 11 Karaoke w/ Mike Rossi American Graffiti 113 Summer St., Lunenburg, 978-345-1010 Banner Pub, The 112 Green St., Worc., 508-755-0879 Wed. thru Nov 28 Sam James Thur. thru Nov 29 Ricky Duran Tue. thru Nov 27 Terry Brennan Bar 2011 274 Shrewsbury St Worcester Ma, Worc. Barber’s Crossing Road House 861 Main St., Leicester, 508-892-7575 Barbers Crossing (North) 175 Leominster Rd., Sterling 978-422-8438, Thur. Karaoke Fri. Sean Ryan Thur. Karaoke Singing Contest - $500.00 prize

Bull Run Restaurant 215 Great Rd, Shirley 978-425-4311, Nov 4 Nanci Griffith

Dar Bah 29 Canal St., Millbury, 508-865-8441

Celtic Tavern 45 Belmont St., Northborough 508-366-6277, Nov 17 Auntie Trainwreck

Days End Tavern 287 Main St., Oxford 508-987-1006, Thur. All Request Thirsty Thursday With CJ/DJ Fri. Club Den DJ Matty Matt & Guest DJs Spinnin All the Hottest Dance Mixes Sat. Club Den DJ Jay & Guest DJ’s Playin the Hottest Dance Mixes Thur. Thirsty Thursday ALL Request DJ Marky Karaoke & Music Video Party DJ Marky Fri. Friday Night Music Videos 70s 80s 90s and Top 40s Dance Party Nov 10 No Alibi Nov 17 Bob Segar Tribute Nov 24 Teter Todders Dec 1 Phaticus

Center Bar & Grill 102 Green St., Worc. 508-438-0597,

Devens Grill 4 Ryans Way, Devens 978-862-0060,

Centerfolds 2000 139 Southbridge St., North Oxford 508-987-5222,

Nuf Ced 377 Park Ave., Worc., 508-751-4000

Cafe Destare 320 Main St., Fitchburg 978-345-5734, Thur. Teacher Thursdays Cantina Bar & Grill 385 Main St., Worc. 508-459-5325, Thur. Havana Night Salsa Thursday with Joselito y su Combo

Chooch’s Food & Spirits 31 East Brookfield Rd., North Brookfield 508-867-2494, Fri. Karaoke

Dugan’s 49 Millbury St., Worc., 508-755-4155 Dunnys Tavern 291 East Main St., East Brookfield

Chopstick’s Restaurant & Lounge Commercial Rd, Leominster

Fat Tony’s Pub 1102 Main St., Worc., 508-798-8908

Beatnik’s 433 Park Ave., Worc. 508-926-8877,

Christopher’s Pub 7 Pleasant St. Leominster, 978-534-8250

Beemer’s Pub 114 River St., Fitchburg, 978-343-3148

Cicero’s Cafe 17 Suffolk St., Worc.,508-767-9728

Black Sheep Tavern 261 Leominster Rd., Sterling, 978-422-8484

Cigar Masters 1 Exchange Place, Worc., 508-459-9035 Wed. thru Nov 28 Ricky Duran Nov 10 Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell

Fiddlers’ Green Pub & Restaurant 19 Temple St., Worc. 508-792-3700, Thur. Trivia Night Thur. Pitch League Sat. thru Nov 3 Karaoke with Greg Nov 9 Karaoke w/ Outrageous Greg **Special Night

Blackstone Tap 81 Water St., Worc. 508-797-4827, Blue Plate Lounge 661 Main St., Holden, 508-829-4566 Thur. Thursday Open Mic W/ Ed Sheridan Nov 3 The Stymonsters Nov 10 New Pale Bluesmen Nov 17 Shakedown Street Nov 19 The Delusions Nov 23 Cosmic Slim & His Intergalactic Plowboys Nov 30 Ric Porter & Sons of the Soil Boiler Room 70 Winter St., Worc. Bolton Roadhouse Bar & Grille 544 Wattaquodock Rd., Bolton 978-365-5757, 978-365-3036

Classic’s Pub 285 Central St., Leominster 978-537-7750, Club Instyle 41 Pleasant St., Worc., Club KasBar 234 Southwest Cutoff, Worc., 508-798-8385 Nov 23 Auntie Trainwreck Club Universe 371 Park Ave., Worc. 508-755-5542, Fri. Paint Party @ Throwed (18+) (Weekly Friday Debut!) Cornerstone’s Restaurant 616 Central St., Leominster, 978-537-1991

Boulder Cafe 880 Main St., Fitchburg, 978-345-0008 Nov 30 Chris Reddy

Cosmopolitan Club 96 Hamilton St., Worc., 508-752-0482

Breakaway Billiards 104 Sterling St., Clinton, 978-365-6105

Creegan’s Pub 65 Green St., Worc. 508-754-3550,

Brew City 104 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-752-3862,

Dance Ranch & Saloon 70 James St., Worc., 508-757-6977

26 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Nov. 2012

Firefly’s / Dante’s 350 East Main St., Marlborough 508-357-8883, Flip Flops 680 Main St., Holden Flying Rhino Cafe 278 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-757-1450, Funky Murphy’s Bar & Grill 305 Shrewsbury St., Worc., 508-753-2995 Fusion 109 Water St., Worc. 508-756-2100, Sun. Reggae Fusion Sundays with DJ Nick Thru Dec 31 Now Booking Private Parties! Fri. Friday Frenzy w/ Blurry Nights & Dj Soup - Dj B-Lo Sat. Spinsuite Saturdays - Top 40 Thur. FoundationZ Thursdays Wed. Beirut Night Galway Bay Irish Pub 186 Stafford St., Worc., 508-753-8909 Gardner Ale House 74 Parker St., Gardner 978-669-0122, Thur. thru Nov 29 Audio Wasabi w/ host Brian Chaffee Fri., Sat. thru Nov 30 Live Music

Sun. thru Nov 25 Jazz Brunch with Chet Williamson Mon. Nov 5 - 26 Blue Mondays - Live Blues Nov 9 Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Gilrein’s 802 Main St., Worc. 508-791-2583, Greendale’s Pub 404 W Boylston St., Worc., 508-853-1350 Tue. Open Mic Night w /Bill McCarthy Wed. Sean Ryan & Company Thur. Karaoke with Mike Rossi Wed. Open Jam w/Sean Ryan Sun. Blues Jam w/Jim Perry Nov 3 Clam Diggers Nov 9 Chris Terp Nov 10 Nineteen Nov 16 The Invaders Nov 17 No Alibi Nov 21 The Silverbacks Nov 23 Time Machine Nov 24 Valvatross Gumbo 65 Water St., Worc. 508-926-8353, Halligan’s Sports Bar and More 889 Southbridge St., Auburn, 508-832-6793 Nov 3 Stand Up for Laughs Comedy Hotel Vernon 1 Millbury St., Worc. Ixtapa Cantina 308 Massachusetts Ave., Lunenburg 978-582-9701, Jak’s Pub 536 Main St., Worc., Sun. Acoustic Open Mic/WARL Charity Event Tue. T.J. Peavey JC Fenwick’s 37 Mechanic St., Leominster, 978-840-4845 Jillian’s - Worcester 315 Grove St., Worc. 508-793-0900, Wed. thru Nov 30 Girls’ Night Out Wed. $500 or $200 Every Other Week Bar Pong Tournament Wed. Ladies’ Night!!!! Nov 3 Auntie Trainwreck Nov 9 Joe’s Equipment Nov 10 Alive N Kickin Nov 16 TigerLilly Nov 17 UFC 154 Nov 21 Thanksgiving Eve Bash Decades by Dezyne Nov 23 Dirty Deeds Nov 24 Joyco Nov 30 Teter Todders JJ’s Sports Bar and Grill 380 Southwest Cutoff, Northborough 508-842-8420, Nov 3 Nibot Nov 9 Dirty Deeds Nov 10 Shaky Ground Nov 16 Pop Rocks Nov 17 Groove Street Band Nov 21 Thanksgiving Eve Bash w/ the Flock! Nov 23 Mindrift Nov 24 Probable Cause Thanksgiving Bash

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FEel the beat of the City!

Photos by Justin Perry

Loft 266 - Worcester

Breakaway Billiards - Clinton

Perfect Game - Worcester

Rye & Thyme - Leominster

Shrewsbury Street Oktoberfest - Worcester Allgos

Blackstone Tap - Worcester

Victory Cigar Bar

Funky Murphy’s


Boiler Room - Worcester

Continued from pg. 26 Legends Airport Rd. - Fitchburg Ma, Fitchburg 978-342-6500,

Moynihan’s Pub 897 Main St., Worc.

Leitrim’s Pub 265 Park Ave., Worc. 508-798-2447,

Nick’s Bar and Restaurant 124 Millbury St., Worc., 508-753-4030 Nov 9 Keri Anderson & The Big Lonesome

Lidio’s Restaurant & Lounge 1045 Central St., Leominster 978-534-6600,

Olde Post Office Pub 1 Ray St., North Grafton, 508-839-6106 Nov 17 Windfall Classic Rock Cover Band

Loft 266 Bar & Lounge 266 Park Ave., Worc. 508-796-5177,

On The Rocks Sports Bar & Grill 96 Lakefront Ave., Lunenburg, 978-342-6692

London Billiards / Club Oasis 70 James St., Worc. 508-799-7655, Mon. Karaoke Lucky Dog Music Hall 89 Green St., Worc., 508-363-1888 NEW WEBSITE! Wed. thru Nov 14 It’s WOO-TOWN Wednesdays! Bands, beer, television, friends, fun! Tue. College Nights!. Electrifying dance music, Killer DJs, Live College Bands, Great Dance Floor! Thur. thru Nov 15 The Awesome 80s party band The Flock Of A-Holes . October-Dance party 9:00pm-10:45pm. (21+) College ID in for FREE before 10:30pm Nov 3 The amazing Clutch Grabwell is back! Sun. Nov 4 - Dec 18 The new 90s party band “How Bizarre” featuring members of The Flock, Squeezer and Neon Alley. Nov 7 Mister Smarta** Theater’s live comedy take on a really terrible film. Nov 9 Ghost Ocean, jonah Matranga (onelinedrawing, Far,etc), Pro Re Nata, Stepan Slik Nov 10 Katie Fenner benefit concert f/ 7 Minute Stagger, Kung Fu Grip, Day One, Mike & Amanda Lirange Nov 14 A very heavy evening w/ Zircon and more! Nov 16 “V” (we are V) w/ Demons Alley, Griffon and Light Keeper (Boston) Nov 17 Seven Hill Psychos with Controlled Aggression ( Reunion shows! ) and Army Of None, Two Foot Man. (Killa-B’s Birthday Bash) Nov 21 Thanksgiving Eve Bash w/ Kung Fu grip and 1 more. Nov 22 Flock Of A-Holes Annual Thanksgiving Bonanza Nov 23 the Lesser Known Contender CD release party! Nov 24 Mullethead, the wicked 80s band with guests Touch 2 Much (debut show!) Mahoney’s Pub 413 Park Ave., Worc., 508-277-1073 Marty’s Pub 225 Cantebury St., Worc. 508-754-0033, MB Lounge 40 Grafton St., Worc. 508-799-4521, McNally’s Grille & Pub 88 Sargent Rd, Westminster, 978-874-1444 Mickey Sheas 324 Electric Ave., Lunenburg, 978-342-5825 Mill Street Brews (@ The ADC) 18 Mill St., Southbridge 508-764-6900, Mixers 105 Water St., Worc. 508-756-2227,

Oxford Tavern 314 Main St., Oxford, 508-987-5397 Paisanos Pizza & Spirits 450 Lancaster St., Leominster, 978-534-7117 Palladium, The 261 Main St., Worc. 508-797-9696, Nov 3 MxPx / Unwritten with Law Versus The World & FLF Nov 23 The Lord Of Steel World Tour MANOWAR Partner’s Pub 970 South St., Fitchburg 978-345-5051, Perfect Game Sports Grill and Lounge 64 Water St., Worc. 508-792-4263, Wed. thru Nov 28 Game Show Live Trivia Dj Curtis Thur. thru Nov 29 Karaoke Fri. thru Nov 30 DJ One-3 Sat. thru Nov 24 DJ Reckless Nov 3 Mike Brennan Nov 16 Tom Revane Nov 23 Jediah Nov 24 Bobby Brazzo

Salty Dog Saloon 1 Kelley Square, Worc. 508-752-6600, Sean Patrick’s Family Restaurant 494 Electric Ave., Lunenburg 888-824-3924, 978-345-2000 South Side Grille & Margarita Factory 242 West Broadway, Gardner, 978-632-1057 Speakers Night Club 19 Weed St., Marlborough 508-480-8222, Thur. DJ Top 40 Dance Party Fri. Top 40 Dance Party Nov 3 Malicia - “Latin Swing” Spruce Street Tavern 68 Spruce St., Clinton 978-368-1255, Fri. Karaoke Dec 1 Dan Kirouac - solo/acoustic Squire Whites Pub & Restaurant 347 Greenwood St., Worc. 508-752-7544, Stagecoach Inn and Tavern 128 Main St., Groton 978-448-5614, Sunset Tiki Bar 79 Powers Rd, Westford 978-692-5700, Tal’s Place 138 Lake St., Webster 508-949-6559, Tammany Hall 43 Pleasant St., Worc. 508-753-7001, Nov 3 Bob Marley Tribute - Hope Road - Nov 3 Nov 11 “One For Dave” Benefit

Point Breeze On the Lake 114 Point Breeze Rd., Webster, 508-943-0404 Tue. Open Mic Nov 12 24th Annual Union Music Big Band Jazz Concert

The Cannery 12 Crane St., Southbridge, 508-764-1100

Ralph’s Chadwick Square Diner 148 Grove St., Worc., 508-753-9543 Tue. “Totally Tuesdazed!!!!!” Tunes in the Diner! Wed. Big Game Karaoke!!! Every Wednesday at 10pm ~ Music, Games, Contests, Prizes, and More! Mon. Dirty Gerund Poetry & Variety Show Sun. Ralph’s Flea Market and Famer’s Market Every Sunday! Vendor Space is FREE!! Buy and Sell. No Entry Fee! Everyone is Welcome!

The Krazy Horse Bar & Grill 287 Main St. Worcester, 774-696-0886 Nov 21 Auntie Trainwreck

Red Onion - Otter River Hotel 29 Main St., Baldwinville 978-939-7373, Rivalry’s Sports Bar 274 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 774-243-1100, Sun. Open Mic Sundays At Rivalry With Bill McCarthy Fri. thru Nov 30 Dezi Garcia Nov 3 Cosby Sweaters Nov 4 Blue Switch Nov 10 Bill McCarthy Nov 17 Beach Party with Tom Revane Nov 21 Thanksgiving Eve with Dezi Garcia Sakura Tokyo 640 Park Ave., Worc. 508-792-1078, Nov 16 - Nov 17 Doctor Robert

The Columbia Tavern 11 Merriam Ave., Leominster, 978-227-5874

The Lazy Dog 31 Main St., Marlborough 508-229-2264, The Mill 185 West Boylston St., West Boylston Wed. thru Nov 28 Karaoke Nov 3 Bill McCarthy Nov 9 Josh Biggs Nov 10 Tom Revane Nov 16 Jay Graham Nov 17 Steve Foley Nov 21 Chris Reddy Thanksgiving Eve Nov 30 Scott Babineau The Nines Neighborhood Bar 136 Millbury St., Worc., 508-340-0318

Deviance,Dom McLennon,Swagg City Boston Nov 17 Polluted Remains,The GenreWhores,Death Rattle,The Circadian Rhythm,Virus Cycle Trumbull Bar & Grill 117 Main St., Spencer, 508-885-6901 Union Music 142 Southbridge St., Worc. 508-753-3702, Tue. thru Nov 13 Chet Williamson 5 week Blues Harmonica Workshop Nov 17 Intermediate Ukulele Workshop taught by “Jumpin’ Jim Beloff” Nov 29 The Union Music Ukulele Club Upper Deck Sports Bar & Grille 377 Stetson Rd., Barre, 978-355-2224 Vegas Lounge 5 Summer St., Lunenburg, 978-400-7524 Verona Grille 81 Clinton St., Shrewsbury, 508-853-9091 Victory Bar & Cigar 56 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-756-4747, Vincent’s Bar 49 Suffolk St., Worc. 508-752-9439, Sun. Vincent’s presents: Big Jon Short Thur. Cara Brindisi Tue. Jon Bonner Whiskey Alley 281 Lunenburg St., Fitchburg, 978-345-4040 Whistle Stop Bar & Grill 85 Main St., Oxford 508-987-3087, William’s Restaurant & Tavern 184 Pearson Blvd, Gardner, 978-632-7794 Wonder Bar Restaurant 121 Shrewsbury St., Worc., 508-752-9909 Ye Olde Tavern 7 East Main St., West Brookfield 508-867-9709,


An Intimate Evening with The Balls, Friday Nov. 9 at Vincent’s with special guests Vigilante Blue. Show starts at 9pm and is dedicated to Scott Ricciuti. See General Krutov in all his stripped down glory!!

The Outlook Restaurant 79 Powers Rd, Westford The Pumphouse 340 Main St., Southbridge, 508-765-5473!/pages/The-PumpHouse/374917818127?sk=info The Raven 258 Pleasant St., Worc., 508-304-8133 Nov 10 Stryke 1,deep n dem,Social

Nov. 2012


DINING & Entertaining By Bernie Whitmore The People’s Kitchen 120 Commercial Street, Worcester 508-459-9090 Foodies should take note: though we’ve enjoyed a wonderful dining renaissance in Worcester County over the past couple of years, don’t think that it’s over yet. Consider, for example, The People’s Kitchen. I’ll admit, when I first heard of The People’s Kitchen, visions of bread lines in austere communist villages were hard to jangle from my mind. But of course that’s not the case; this culinary gem is the brainchild of the Niche Group, after all. Quality and hospitality are, therefore, assumed. Only one question remained: “What is the cuisine?” And from the first glance at their first menu, the answer was “Unabashedly American.” Who else could offer pork bellies and have people actually order them…and leave craving more? Those of us who love food and its infinite variations appreciate such departures from the norm. Their bar is also firmly in touch with the craft cocktail movement. A quick scan of their list turned up mixology outliers such as Spiced Absinthe Tincture, Wormwood Bitters, and Strawberry-Thyme Gastrique ~ definitely not your run-of-the-mill selection. I’ll also admit that over the course of the warmer months I grew out of touch with TPK, so when the opportunity arose, I was anxious to go back and see what they’re up to. The first thing I noticed after being seated was their prix fixe special: three courses for thirty-three dollars (plus surcharge for steaks). Perfect. Seated in a little alcove, it was easy for Mike, our waiter, to make sudden appearances. In one of them, he caught me musing about the album source of the current track from the steady sound-track of soul / funk standards. “Songs From the Key of Live?” “Yeah,” he informed us, “Stevie Wonder; this is the Soul Town channel… I selected it tonight.” Mike also announced his creation of the dipping oil (“Half canola, half EVO with garlic, parmesan, red pepper flakes and fresh Italian herbs”) we enjoyed with slices of kalamata olive bread. Service was well-paced and appetizers were soon ready. I started with Oysters Cuatro. As soon as it was placed in front of me I realized I was in for a special experience. Four oysters ~ given four radically differing

32 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Nov. 2012

treatments ~ were perfectly arrayed in a row, propped up on a path of kosher salt died bright teal. Together, they were a study in oyster versatility ~ starting with elegantly simple infused lemon, moving on to spicy-hot Sriracha (that hot sauce in the bright red squeeze bottle on every Thai table), shifting to rich truffle butter, and wrapping up with Rockefeller. This is not a sharing appetizer; it’s a perfect appetizer that I matched with a glass of Paul Dolan Chardonnay, (Mendocino CA) which is “on tap” at TPK. My dining companion, meanwhile, seemed no less enthused with his Baked Blue Crab Cakes. “Minimal binder, almost pure crab,” he effused, “Sautéed, not deepfried!” The two cakes were served with sweet orange ginger aioli and pineapple relish. He followed with one of TPK’s “Signature Steaks,” a fourteen-ounce dry-aged sirloin perfectly grilled to medium-rare with the tastiest crust of, quite simply, salt, pepper and butter. Inside, the steak was so tender and flavorful he proclaimed it “…full of rich, beefy flavor!” He also reported his glass of Hullabaloo Zinfandel (Lodi, CA), deep and rich flavored, to be perfect with beef.

My entree, Murray’s Natural Chicken Carbonara, sounded like ideal comfort food for the cooler months. Placed in front of me, though, its appearance surpassed my expectations of chickeny-bits in creamy cheese sauce. Instead, the TPK chef took a full chicken breast with wing attached, aka Statler, fried the skin exquisitely crisp and tasty while leaving the meat tender and as moist as breast meat can be. It was quartered and presented over a bed of pappardelle pasta ~ broad fettuccini noodles tossed in a light carbonara sauce with peas and small chunks of fresh tomato. Crisp bits of pancetta bacon contributed texture and an interesting spicy-salt flavor.

My friend chose TPK’s Mango Crème Brûlée with Fresh Berries. The crusty burnt-sugar top sealed in a creamy-smooth custard mildly flavored with mango puree. This flawlessly executed standard was topped with strawberries and blueberries. The Niche Group has several thematic restaurants in the area. In my opinion, The People’s Kitchen is their venue for culinary virtuosity in bedrock American Cuisine. For the diner, that means surprises with every new menu. In short: it’s a welcome dining adventure.

Other than value, one of the neat things about prix fixe is the assurance of dessert. To contrast with the richness of my first courses, I reverted to a selection more reminiscent of summer: the Trio of Sorbets. This evening’s selections were watermelon, lemon and mango. Presented in a row of glass columns, I struggled to choose a favorite: mango was very sweet, lemon was refreshing. But the watermelon, well, that one was summer.

Nov. 2012


Hot & Now By Paul Giorgio

New Owners for Chocksett Inn. Sterling's Chocksett Inn has new owners who are planning major renovations to the 23-year-old banquet facility. Nikki Moorshead purchased the 2.7-acre property for $1.4 million with her husband, John on Oct. 4; the couple also owns the Colonial Hotel in Gardner. Nikki said it was the right time to purchase a new inn, partially because, eight years after their purchase of the Colonial, renovations there were complete. Could a new menu be in the offering? Take the challenge. Panchilada Challenge is being served up at Worcester’s Café Manzi on Shrewsbury St. So what is a panchilada? It is a cross between a pancake and an enchilada. To win, you must eat the 3 pound pancake stuffed with ham, bacon, sausage and cheese which is rolled up enchilada style. The whole thing is topped with cheese and maple syrup and served with a pound of homefries on the side. You must eat it all in under 30 minutes. New owners. Two of Worcester’s iconic bars recently acquired new owners. The Press Box on Worcester’s Lincoln Street, owned by the Lyons Family, was recently purchased by Joe Zuromsky from Vernon Hill. Tammany Hall, which has been open for almost 40 years, was recently purchased by club promoter Dan Millen of Boston. Millen had been booking bands at Tammany and other clubs for years. Downtown to get Sushi. Just when you think Worcester couldn’t possibly support another sushi restaurant, news comes of one opening on the corner of Franklin and Main Streets, right across from City Hall. Is this a sign of downtown revitalization? One Step closer. Mare e Monte Trattoria moved one step closer to opening when they were recently approved for a liquor license at their Wall Street location on Worcester’s Grafton Hill. The restaurant is owned by Pina Conte and her husband Joe along with Drew Angilella, the former chef at Anthony’s on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester and Aglio’sl on West Boylston St. The couple has a long history in the restaurant business; they owned the former Café Espresso at the Wall Street location before opening Pepe’s in Northboro. We say welcome back to Worcester. So you want to cook Italian? Rose Ann Padavano, co-owner of Rosalina’s Kitchen on Worcester’s Grafton Hill, has begun cooking classes on Sunday afternoons. The cost is $60 per person and includes a full meal. Contact the restaurant for details. More restaurants at White City. White City Shopping Center is becoming a mini mecca for restaurants. They have at least a half dozen full service restaurants with two more planned. Opening shortly will be a new concept called 2 Ovens. They will be using wood fired ovens that cook pizzas in under 3 minutes. The restaurant is a new brand owned by Bertucci’s. In addition, a B.Good will also open shortly. The concept there is fresh food fast, not fast food, and their motto is “Food made by people, not factories.” They will have a diverse menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, and sides.

Nov. 2012


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Pomir Grill


By Jennifer Russo

What began as a small catering company serving food at the North Quabbin Garlic and Arts festival has now become a restaurant. Pomir Grill opened in June and has taken up residence on Worcester’s Restaurant Row on Shrewsbury St. ~ and offers something completely different than any other restaurant in the area: Afghani food. I admit that I have never tried Afghan cuisine, but with a menu featuring delectables like lamb kabobs, beef short ribs, Shorwa (a rich and hearty meat stew), and made-to-order filled pastas, this is a stop at the very top of my must-try list. They also offer desserts like almond cake and rose-water rice pudding, which are great with afghan tea, the perfect comfort drink now that the icy breezes of winter are rolling in. If tea is not your “cup of tea”, Pomir does allow you to bring your own beer or wine to complement your meal.

Pomir uses only the freshest food sourced from local farms in the Worcester area and their centuries-old cooking methods and techniques produce a colorful and delicious plate of authentic Middle Eastern flavor. They offer flexible menu options and vegetarian dishes as well. Pomir is open from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Mondays-Wednesdays and from 11 a.m. -10 p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays. The restaurant has received a number of excellent reviews so far and recently participated in Worcester Restaurant Week. College students can get a 10% discount when they show their student ID and the restaurant periodically offers coupons and specials on their Facebook page. To check out Pomir Grill’s menu before you dine, visit their website at www. They are located at 119 Shrewsbury St. in Worcester and can be reached at (508) 755-7333. You can also check them out on Facebook at

Nov. 2012


D-L Fitness Studios New Location, Same Sexy Goal

Sports & Fitness

By Rachel Shuster

Although D-L Fitness Studios is relocating to 550 Park Avenue in Worcester, it’s still going to offer the sexy fitness options that is has for the past few years at its Water Street address ~ plus a few more! “We’re relocating to Park Avenue because it’s a more common and busier area. Right now we are kind of tucked away. The space on Park Ave. is three times bigger which allows us to offer new and more classes,” said Hope Redinger, marketing and event planner for D -L Fitness. The mission of D -L Fitness remains the same ~ to empower women to feel sexy and confident while having fun and getting a killer work out. In its new location, the studio will continue to offer its pole fitness, pole choreography, lap dance, Zumba, floorwork and body hoop classes with levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Additionally, with the new expanse of studio space, D-L Fitness will be introducing classes like aerial silk, where long pieces of silk hang from the ceiling and participants learn foot wraps, hand wraps, and how to climb up the silks. Along with adding new poles, too, the studio will also introduce black light Zumba, stretching classes and open pole classes. Redinger herself has seen the benefits of taking classes at the studio for the past 5 months and is looking forward to the additional options. “It’s really great for your body. You don’t realize the muscles you use until you take the classes. At least I didn’t!” she laughs. In November, the studio will be adding late morning and afternoon classes. “These will be great for people with children or those who can’t make it because of their jobs,” Redinger said. As for attire, Redinger suggests staying away from pants and wearing shorts and any type of work out shirt. “Many beginners wear pants and end up sliding right off the poles!” she warned.

38 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Nov. 2012

While the new space has redone floors, additional mirrors and lights, the welcoming ambiance remains the same. “We aim to make it comfortable for everyone ~ mothers, college students, etc. The ambiance is very easy going, relaxed and calm. There’s nothing else like it. Some classes are busier than others, but the instructors always give each individual attention. They’ll help, instruct and correct you so it’s very one-on-one and intimate,” Redinger said. The grand reopening of D-L Fitness is happening November 10th from 6pm-9pm and you can expect lots of sexy fun! “We’ll be having demos all night of each level of classes. We’ll also be demoing the aerial silk and Zumba classes,” Redinger shared. Be sure to stay for the door prizes, raffles, ribbon cutting ceremony, and food, too! For more information on D-L Fitness Studios, check out

Sports Corner Quick Hits By Kim Dunbar

Worcester native Tim Collins Is New England’s Best The Boston Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) recently voted Tim Collins, a relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals, the winner of the Ben Mondor Award, which honors New England’s player of the year. The 23-year-old Worcester Voke alum made his MLB debut in March 2011. Collins enjoyed a successful sophomore season, going 5-4 with a 3.36 ERA and striking 93 in 72 appearances ~ a team record. His 93 strikeouts are the most ever thrown by a left-handed reliever in Royals history. The New England Player of the Year award, recently renamed to honor the late Pawtucket Red Sox owner Ben Mondor, has been given out since 1978. Collins is just the second Worcester athlete to receive the award ~ Rich Gedman won in 1984. Other previous winners include Carlos Pena, Mo Vaugn, Jeff Bagwell, and Tom Glavine. Collins will be honored in Boston at the BBWAA annual dinner on Jan. 24, 2013.

Worcester Sharks Kick Off 7th Season with New England Great Kevin Faulk Former New England Patriots running back Kevin Faulk, who officially announced his retirement in October, will sign autographs at the Worcester Sharks game on Saturday, November 17 from 6-8 p.m. in the DCU Center concourse. The fan favorite and three-time Super Bowl champion was drafted by the Patriots in the second round in 1999 out of Louisiana State University. He is the Patriots’ career leader in all-purpose yards and kick return yards. The Sharks continue to connect fans with their beloved Boston sports figures ~ last February, the team invited Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski to spike the puck before the game. For more information and tickets, visit Nov. 2012



Nov. 2012



Underwater Photographer Brian Skerry By Jennifer Russo

Nobel Prize winner Andre Gide once said that “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Though his words were meant to apply to life in general, National Geographic underwater photographer Brian Skerry, who was born in Milford, raised in Uxbridge, and then earned his Bachelor of Arts in media and communications from Worcester State College, applies them quite literally to his everyday profession. With his camera, Brian captures the mysteries of the deep and discloses its secrets. The Earth is made up of over 70% water, an aquatic world of beauty, life and history, a world of strange and wonderful things that breathe far below the surface of our human world. The ocean is a storybook largely unread and Brian Skerry is our narrator. After attending a divers’ conference when he was 17, Skerry knew that his life’s path led directly into the water. Because this was an expensive road to travel, he worked on charter boats to pay for local projects and focused on area shipwrecks. He wrote stories and sold them to magazines until his break came in 1998. A veteran photographer for National Geographic handed him an almost impossible shipwreck story that he wasn’t interested in doing ~ one with a 98% chance of failure, poor conditions and no visibility. Brian was able to capture some great photos on this dive, and National Geographic hired him based on that shoot. Since then, Brian has spent over 10,000 hours underwater photographing images that not only reveal the ocean’s amazing beauty and wildlife, but capture our interactions with it. Sometimes, these images are of a stunning, jaw-dropping experience, like a right whale face-to-face on the ocean floor with Brian’s assistant. Brian tells me that it “…received a lot of attention and has really struck a chord with people ~ it’s as if they are in conversation. The whale chose to interact with us that day. It let us into its world so to speak.”

42 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Nov. 2012

Other times, his images bring to light the tragic truths of man violating this beauty for gain, as is the case with Brian’s project on the Global Fisheries crisis and the result of overfishing. About his iconic photo of a shark caught in the fishermen’s net, Skerry shares, “It resembles a crucifixion ~ it was so powerful that it has been used in other places besides the magazine including a slideshow that was done in Chili. Shark finning became banned as a result of that presentation in that country.” When I asked him how he separates himself from these situations in order to capture these images, he told me that “I’d like to think that I do separate myself a bit when I am looking through the view finder because I want to get the best picture that tells the true story, but there’s the time you process it later ~ whether it be that night or after you come home. You can’t completely detach, so some degree of emotion plays into how I may frame the photo to best resonate with the readers. I believe human beings are mostly visual creatures. The most poignant moments are in a still frame. This is how we view history. I have tried to put my effort into the conservation movement because although we love beautiful wildlife shots, we won’t know there is a problem unless someone shows it to us. I want to give people a complete picture.” Locally, Brian is working on a project with the Conservation Law Foundation in Massachusetts to create a visual library of New England’s waters. “New England has some of the richest waters on the planet. I look forward to returning to home waters and making the finest pictures I can to help preserve it,” he says. Brian’s beautiful work can be seen on his official website: His latest book, Ocean Soul, can be purchased in his store. You can also find out more about Brian on the National Geographic website: www.nationalgeographic. com

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Best Vegan & Organic Food

Lunch | Dinner | Full Bar | $4 Seasonal Beers Sat & Sun Breakfast & Brunch 8a-2p

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Sweet Deals all season long

When you donate and shop at The Salvation Army, you are supporting our Adult Rehabilitation Centers, where people

whose lives have been turned upside-down find hope and a second chance. Learn more at or call 800-SA-TRUCK.

FAMILY STORE Donation Center

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COLLEGE Fashion Musts for Your College Closet By Shelly Aucoin GIRLS

It’s getting chilly outside and the pressure is on to look good on campus. Yes, definitely add some of this season’s trends into your wardrobe, but also make sure that you always have these timeless go-to fashion staples in your closet.

Riding boots ~ They’re comfortable and sexy at the same time, who could ask for anything more! Wear with skinnies, dresses, tunics or skirts to get more life out of your warm weather styles. This is one of the cases where you get what you pay for so don’t cheap out.

GUYS Button down (white or pale blue) ~ The button down is a must for so many reasons. Paired with jeans it adds a bit of class but the beauty is you can wear it with anything. Just make sure you find a nice tailored fit.

Leggings ~ Leggings are your boots’ best friend, ladies. Keep in mind one general rule, though: they are not pants, so whatever you have over them should at least cover your butt. Trench ~ dress in layers depending on the weather: pair it with a basic white T or bundle up with a basic cashmere sweater

Blazer ~ The blazer is the ultimate “I don’t know where we’re going but I’m going to look good” piece. Paired with a funky t-shirt it demonstrates playful style but also looks great with sweaters or button downs. We ladies are suckers for a man in a well cut suit; the blazer is no exception. Designer jeans ~ You may scoff at the price tag but it’s worth the investment. High end jeans are made using better materials and more flattering cuts. They feel better against your skin and come in lots of different cuts to suit every body type. Ankle boots ~ Europe is always in. A nice pair in black or brown instantly dresses up any outfit but is casual enough to be comfy too. The funky t-shirt ~ This is the piece de resistance to break up the prep that’s trending this year. Aim for one that doesn’t have any brand names or logos then pair it with a blazer or sweater. Motorcycle Jacket ~ Now, I’m not saying to go for the 80s hair metal look, all black and tough and with enough metal to set off detectors from a mile away, but there’s something very sexy about a guy wearing a leather jacket that’s a bit on the tougher side.

46 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Nov. 2012

Blazer ~ They’re just not for the guys. Not only do they add another layer of warmth, they’re great for when you want to keep your options open. Go chic with a thigh length shirt or pair with a long sleeve tee for warmth. Designer jeans (skinny and boot cut) ~ If you’re not into cuffing them or tucking them into to-die-for boots, be sure to get the hem professionally altered before wearing or you’ll ruin your investment. Little black dress ~ There’s no wrong time for the LBD, and you should think of it as a chic blank canvas.. Combined with different, belts, blazers, boots and baubles, it can give you a million different looks. FOR GUYS and GIRLS Sunglasses ~ Not only do they keep the sun out of your eyes, but the right pair, when worn with a jaunty smile, can add an air of mystery. Messenger bag ~ Sure, backpacks are fine if you don’t mind looking like either an eighth grader or a lost hiker, but messenger bags have lots of room and add collegiate flair to any outfit. Scarf ~ Find a scarf that you can wear as your signature piece every day when the weather gets cold. Wearing the same outfit all the time? Ick. Wearing the same scarf all the time? Totally cool.

Transform Your iPad or iPhone Into Something More Geekorize’s mission is to seek out and share new and undiscovered sources of tech accessories that protect and style a nearly infinite assortment of electronic necessities. Run by a staff ranging from pasty, over-caffeinated 80-hour-a-weekers to telecommuters who power their computers with their stationary bikes, Geekorize curates unique accessories for iPads, Kindles, smart phones and more. They also offers informative video product reviews that put accessory product claims to the test. Geekorize’s Geek Seekers have identified their favorite iPad and iPhone keyboard options that, according to Geekorize VP of Product Development Steve Shumway, “…truly transform iPads into fully functioning work or entertainment centers.”

For more information, visit • The Keyboard Buddy Case (MSRP: $69.95) by Boxwave Corp.: a slide-out, Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard that adds only 0.75” to the iPhone 4’s already slim profile.

The Portfolio Jacket (MSRP: $99.95) by iLuv: With its faux-leather folder designed to hold the iPad horizontally and a detachable Bluetooth keyboard below, this unique accessory instantly transforms the iPad into a virtual laptop.

The Bluetooth Keyboard Case (MSRP: $99.95) by Accessory Workshop: This Bluetooth-enabled case (available in brown or black) offers extra command and shortcut keys for the iPad, as well as custom keyboard layout with equally proportioned shift keys and a push-button on/ off connect.

• The Keyboard Buddy Case by Boxwave Corp.: A slideout, Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard that adds only 0.75” to the iPhone 4’s already slim profile. • The Portfolio Jacket by iLuv: With its faux-leather folder designed to hold the iPad horizontally and a detachable Bluetooth keyboard below, this unique accessory instantly transforms the iPad into a virtual laptop. • The Bluetooth Keyboard Case by Accessory Workshop: This Bluetooth-enabled case (available in brown or black) offers extra command and shortcut keys for the iPad, as well as custom keyboard layout with equally proportioned shift keys and a pushbutton on/off connect. • The Limited Edition Bluetooth Keyboard Case by Accessory Workshop: This limited edition offers the same extra command and shortcut keys as the standard Bluetooth Keyboard Case, but is made available in a lightweight simulated carbon fiber to provide extra durability. • The WorkStation by iLuv: This mac-daddy of a keyboard takes the delicatelooking iPad and converts it into a behemoth of a desktop, with the help of a slide-out keyboard, a sophisticated audio system, and an articulating stand that accommodates horizontal or vertical display.

By Rick Garner

• The Limited Edition Bluetooth Keyboard Case (MSRP: $99.95) by Accessory Workshop: This limited edition offers the same extra command and shortcut keys as the standard Bluetooth Keyboard Case, but is made available in a lightweight simulated carbon fiber to provide extra durability.

The WorkStation (MSRP:$144.95) by iLuv: This mac-daddy of a keyboard takes the delicate-looking iPad and converts it into a behemoth of a desktop, with the help of a slide-out keyboard, a sophisticated audio system, and an articulating stand that accommodates horizontal or vertical display.

About Geekorize Geekorize’s continuing mission is to seek out and share new and undiscovered sources of tech accessories that protect and style a nearly infinite assortment of electronic necessities. Built by a staff ranging from pale, hyper-caffeinated 80-houra-weeker’s to telecommuters who power their computer with their stationary bikes, Geekorize curates unique accessories for iPads, Kindles, smart phones and more. The company also offers informative video product reviews that put accessory product claims to the test. For more information, visit


independence and dignity Through work

Smashin’-Fashion! Shop Goodwill for that one-of-a-kind look! When you shop at The Goodwill SToreS you support Goodwill’s job training, career services, and youth programs. The Goodwill Store 25 Park Avenue • Worcester, MA Tel: (508) 752-4042 Store hours: Monday - Saturday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. donation door hours: Monday - Saturday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Style & Beauty

Daring Designer Zachary William Allen By Tine Roycroft

Zachary William Allen may be just 23, but he has already received press for his incredible talent as a fashion designer on both the Worcester scene and in Boston. His looks are edgy. They utilize bold color palettes and, because they are so fashion-forward, are not for the faint of heart. Allen’s attention to detail is impeccable, which allows him to shine not only in creating clothes, but also in jewelry-making and handbag design. Yes, Zachary is a triple threat. Born and raised in Worcester, Allen has always loved all forms of art. Supported by an incredible network of family and teachers, he attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design where, even as a freshman, Allen was on the hunt to find the major that he’d love, one that would also someday lead him to a job. Fashion was it. “I’ve always been very school-oriented,” says Allen. “So I was always pushing myself. Even if a teacher said, ‘That probably won’t work,’ I’d still do it anyway because whether it worked or not, I’d learn something from it. When people see that you’re serious about something and that you won’t give in, that’s when they start to notice you.” One of Allen’s first projects was to create a nontextile piece ~ a dress made of out items that weren’t fabric. The assignment may have stumped most, but the Worcester designer rose to the occasion with a mix of inspiration and innovation. Allen was working at H&M at the time and the store’s deliveries would arrive in boxes sealed with huge plastic ties, similar to the ties wrapped around bulk newspaper deliveries.

“The ties were black and white,” remembers Allen, “so I wove them together into a dress.” After graduation (Allen was named a top fashion grad), the designer moved to New York City and is seeking opportunities to break into the world of fashion. He is working full-time at Jonathan Adler, an incredible interior design/decor company, and being in a place with gorgeous, well-designed and well-made work inspires him on a daily basis. The fashion industry isn’t all parties and paparazzi: even the hardest working, most creative minds need capital for their projects, and Allen is no different. He’s currently looking for a few funding fairy godmothers (or godfathers!) who understand his design visions and can give him the support he needs to make his dreams come true. In the meantime, Allen can be found working away at his latest designs during his off-hours. “A lot of inspiration comes from things that aren’t considered beautiful or things that are just plain weird,” Allen says. “There are days I just can’t stop making things ~ it’s ingrained in me.”

Photos by Diego Navarro

New on the Scene: Nati Celebrity Styles By Katey Khaos

Hey, ladies! The latest in female fashion trends is closer than you might think! Natalia Fernandes, owner of both Nati Collection and Nati Boutique, has opened her latest fashion spot ~ Nati Celebrity Styles Boutique! The fashion scene is nothing new to this fashionista, as she has worked with American Idol semi-finalist Ayla Brown and has had a few of her Nati Collection pieces worn by Samantha Stumpo of HGTV’s “Tough as Nails.” Now, she is bringing both her knowledge and high-end sense of style to the ladies of Central MA. “Nati is a chicglamour inspired clothing boutique that delivers to the modern, sophisticated and sexy women of today. Nati showcases timeless, emerging, and what’s trending fashion in a personable and relaxing space,” Fernandes explains.

For those who think high-end fashion may be out of reach due to cost, don’t fret. Nati’s Facebook page periodically posts deals that are too good to resist. For example, in October, there was a 50% off offer for an entire weekend, so stay tuned for similar discounts in the coming months! Nati also offers a referral rewards program ~ you’ll receive $10 for every friend who makes a purchase! From every style of dress under the sun to accessories that are the perfect finishing touch, Nati Celebrity Styles Boutique has everything you need to look your best ~ without all the hustle and bustle of NYC or LA.

Nati is located on 126 High Street in Clinton. For hours or more information, check out

Photos from


Faux Fur, Real Fashion By Steph Moore For those of us who don’t believe in wearing fur, it’s sometimes frustrating not to be able to wear certain fashion trends. Enter Covfurs ~ they offer trending looks that keep the fur where it should be ~ on the animals! Covfurs’ boot slipcovers are crafted with only the finest faux-fur materials. As seen lining sweater collars, boots, hats, and cuffs in the collections of several major fashion designers, faux-fur is one of this fall’s hottest fashion trends. Covfurs’ new boot covers can be worn in several ways ~ covering an entire knee-length boot, at the mid-calf, or low to the ground for an ultra-chic slouchy look (many of Hollywood’s leading ladies picked up a few pairs at this year’s Golden Globes Gifting Suite). CovFurs are available in a variety of solid colors and animal prints for $39.99. CovFurs also has an entire line of soft, faux fur scarves. Add a luxe look to any coat or sweater, brighten up winter’s grayest days with a solid print, or pull together any outfit with any animal print faux fur scarf. Scarves are available in the several different colors and animal prints for $39.99.

Please visit for more information.

52 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Nov. 2012

Oilily USA Will Brighten Your Day! Oilily USA’s f/w 2012 line is absolutely gorgeous and features their amazing women’s bags in a vast array of styles and vibrant colors. The long list of new designs ranges from wallets to iPad cases, shoppers to weekenders, and everything in between ($32-$154)!

Introducing Cleanlogic Green Sustainable Bath & Shower Care By Steph Moore When was the last time you really took the time to relax, unwind and enjoy those precious few minutes alone (usually!) in the shower before the hectic day ahead? Exactly. That’s why Cleanlogic wants everyone to change our daily hop in, hop out showers into a more luxurious experience with introduction of its new eco-friendly line of bath and shower accessories, the Cleanlogic Green Collection. The newly launched 13-product collection offers all of the essentials for your perfect shower experience, without any of the harm to the environment. The signature Cleanlogic “perfect shower experience” has just gotten better with this introduction of naturally produced items that cover your needs from head to toe. Created for the conscientious consumer, the latest additions to the Cleanlogic family leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated each time you step out of the shower, as is the benefit of all the Cleanlogic lines. From mesh bath sponges and facial buffs to moisture gloves and socks, all products in the Green line are made of sustainable materials including bamboo and ramie plants, cruelty free synthetic bristles, and natural loofah materials grown from the ground, which can help reduce the amount of waste produced. Cleanlogic’s mission goes further than skin deep and further than being environmentally friendly (and cruelty free as well!), though; they are committed

to raising awareness and funds for those who struggle with blindness, creating “products with a vision for tomorrow” that are accessible to everyone, including those with vision loss. Inspired by the experiences of co-founder Isaac Shapiro’s mother, Bea, who was diagnosed with legal blindness as a young child, a portion of Cleanlogic’s proceeds are donated to the Inspiration Foundation, Shapiro’s nonprofit foundation that benefits the blind and visually impaired community. Cleanlogic, one of IMS Trading’s brands, will be offering the brand’s signature Braille on the packaging of the Green line products (as it does on almost all its products). These “Brands with Braille” not only help blind individuals read the labels as they shop, they also raise awareness of the growing epidemic of visual impairment in the US. Luxurious products that are green, cruelty-free, and raise money for a wonderful cause…Cleanlogic is definitely the logical choice! Prices for products in the Cleanlogic Green line range from $1.99 - $5.99 and can be purchased at For more information on Cleanlogic Green or to view the collections, visit

The Helios Watch by Stauer By Rick Garner

The Helios Watch by Stauer is a “21st-century sundial” that makes batteries and winding obsolete. A high-tech photovoltaic cell on the face converts light to electricity, which is then used to charge a super capacitor. The movement of the watch is driven by the power from the capacitor. The stainless steel case and bolted-down bezel give the timepiece a rugged feel, while the luminescent hands and numbers make it easy to tell time in the dimmest of light. The watch’s dial is protected by Cotswold Crystal and it’s waterresistant to 10 atmospheres. The Helios is a stunning modern take on the oldest timekeeping trick in the book! Nov. 2012


r o f n o o S g n Comi ! e m i T d e t a Limi

Leinenkugel’s Snowdrift Vanilla Porter is brewed with a blend of seven malts that render the characteristic malt complexity of a porter-style beer. This brown and ruby-hued brew is aged on real vanilla to reveal layers of caramel, chocolate and coffee. Snowdrift Vanilla Porter is a perfect beer for the darker side of winter.

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