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Hilarious Parody of ‘The Hunger Games’ Thursday, Oct 10 • 7:30pm Discounts available for members, groups, corporate partners, kids, students, and WOO card holders.

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Thursday, Nov 14 • 8pm

Enjoy new material from a Grammy Award-winning stand up comedian! Presented by

For tickets visit or call 877.571.SHOW (7469) 2 Southbridge Street • Worcester, MA 01608 Stay connected! Sign up for our online newsletter, find us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter! Worcester Center for the Performing Arts, a registered not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, owns and operates The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts.




Pulse debunks popular myths about college


Good times in the Woo


Chatting with Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray


Warm up to the Cold War with Fallout Frank


Shrewsbury Street does The College Shuffle


Get out and see the city


You can still have fun if you’re not 21

22 Blackstone Canalfest celebrates the Canal District 23 PulseBooks: Fiend is not just a zombie read 24 UP AND COMERS: Triple B Records ~ hardcore’s best record label 25

ON CD: Scare Don’t Fear ~ Destroy|Rebuild Tom Keifer ~ The Way Life Goes Hawthorne Heights ~ Zero

26 Girls Got Game: Subatomicdeathkitten Designs LIFESTYLE 28 Handle college with

ease and style

30 PulseTech:

5 apps to get you off campus and into the city

31 College is stressful; learn to deal

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34 Pulse Shots

Online @

DINING & ENTERTAINING 42 Relax, have a beer

style & Beauty

SKIN: Bath Essences from LUSH

43 HOT AND NOW 44 Santa Barbara Wineries 10 years after the filming of Sideways 49 Funky Murphy’s offers the right food, price and atmosphere SPORTS & FITNESS 50 Back to school guide to local college sports 52


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SAFETY: Stay safe at college

Group plans new theater for Worcester

FILM: Oxford native appears in film

myths about college

Get ready to face the dorm bathroom

PULSEBOOKS: Sparky and the Dipshit College

57 Go to the top of the pile with a stellar resume CULTURE 58 Worcester celebrates

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College 54 Pulse debunks popular

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The myth of the ‘Freshman 15’

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Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 9


Good times in the Woo

Bar FX - Photo by Alyssa Silvestri

Whether it’s your first time in Worcester or you’re returning to what now feels like your home city, it’s a good idea to scope out the local hot spots. Before you crack the books, you need to know where to get a good pizza, where to hang out with your friends and where you can get a decent cup of coffee. So, we’ve racked our brains to come up with some of the highlights in Worcester. Starting off with the best places to get … (fill in the blank), we’ve also included some ideas for things to do in Worcester, apps to help you get off campus, places you should definitely explore, great products for your dorm, ways to fight college stress and more. In short, the September edition of Pulse isn’t just a guide to Worcester, it’s a college guide to Worcester. So, get out there, enjoy the city and have a great year! 10 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

Food of the gods

Great pizza Brick oven: Volturno, 2Ovens Great atmosphere: Boynton’s Taproom When you’re studying: Little Caesar’s, Blue Jeans Just good pizza: Corner Grille, Anzio’s, Wonder Bar

App: Pizza Finder


After the club

Late-night eats Chinese: Red Lantern, Mai Tai Pizza: Worcester House of Pizza, Blue Jeans Diner: Parkway, Boulevard, Kenmore

App: EazyEatz

Mai tai

What’ s that? When the college cafeteria

By the numbers Dining based on your

doesn’t live up to expectations Burger: Wild Willy’s Italian: Leo’s Ristorante, Amici’s Trattoria, Ciao Bella, Piccolo’s BBQ: Smokestack, BT’s Smokehouse Sushi: Haiku, Baba, 7 Nana Wings: Wings Over Worcester, Wing It Up Mexican: Mezcal, Mexicali Grille, Plaza Azteca Breakfast: Café Manzi, Annie Clark’s, Shakers, Miss Worcester Diner, Dinky’s, Lou Roc’s Bakery: Bean Counter, Miranda Bread, Sweet

budget When you’re broke: Coney Island, Subway, Wonder Bar, Viva Bene When your parents are paying: Ceres Bistro, Joey’s, 111 Chop House, Bocado

App: Menu Pages

App: Urban Spoon

7 Nana Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 11

Finally scoring that first date Great first dates

Casual: Boynton’s Taproom, The Banner Ethnic: El Basha, Pho Dako, Ya Mon Vegan: EVO, Belmont Vegetarian, Lovin’ Hut Places to go: Elm Park, Worcester Art Museum, Just coffee: In House Coffee, Starbucks, Bean Counter

App: First Date Guru

Worcester Art Museum Renaissance Court Eric Limón Photography

Just friends

Places to hang out Drinks: Mai Tai, Kenchi, Mezcal, Flying Rhino Bar food: Armsby Abbey, Loft 266, Boynton, Funky Murphy’s Irish bar: Mahoney’s, Leitrim’s Bar atmosphere: 7 Nana, Ritual Place to play pool: Jillian’s Place to hang out: Spiritual Haze, Lucky Dog

App: Poynt

Loft 266

Cool sounds

Great places to hear music, dance, etc. Dance Club: Bar FX, Center Bar, Bluri Bar, Perfect Game Gay Club: Malebox, Fusion, Rage Live Music: Lucky Dog, Palladium, Ralph’s Rock Diner, Tammany Hall, Raven Karaoke: Pho Dakao, Perfect Game

App: Bands in Town

Lucky Dog

Lookin’ Good

Keep your style fresh Salons: J’Adore, D’Iorios, Rinse Barbershops: Edgemere, Goodfellas Body Art: Miraculous Creations, Piercing Emporium Piercings: Miraculous Creations, Piercing Emporium Thrift Shops: Savers, Grime, Salvation Army

App: SpaFinder

Miraculous Creations 12 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

Shrewsbury Street College Shuffle

Because man can’t live by bread alone Places to experience art and culture

Cultural Destinations: Worcester Art Museum, Higgins Armory Museum Annual Events: Taste of Shrewsbury Street, College Shuffle, stART on the Street, Worcester Music Awards, Art in the Park, Barstool Blackout Tour Art Classes: Paint Nite, Worcester Center for Crafts, Just Paint Comic Books/Collectibles: That’s Entertainment, Newbury Comics Book Stores: Tatnuck Booksellers, Annie’s Book Stop

App: Yelp

The nuts and bolts Great mechanics and other

things you’ll need Mechanics: Thomas Auto Body, Pro Transmission and Clutch, K2 Auto Specialists, Harry Heitin Auto Radiator Co. Places to get glasses: Bello Opticians, Forgues Optical Dentists: Gentle Dental Grocery store/specialty market: Wegman’s, Ed Hyders, Living Earth, Belmont Vegetarian

App: Angie’s List

Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 13


Chatting with Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray By Jennifer Russo

There is something to be said about music that comes from that place in the heart where every dream, thought and hope resides; music that does not venture to be commercial for the sake of winning a popularity contest but is a pure and authentic expression of artistry. For years now, the Indigo Girls have graced our airwaves with a natural approach to music ~ keeping it simple but bringing to light raw emotions, delicate issues and a whole-hearted humanity in the form of song. These masterpieces make you hum along and make you think about something bigger than yourself. Their perfectly balanced, soulful harmonies have truly helped to define folk music as we know it. Though still one half of the Indigo Girls (well and touring), Amy Ray needed another outlet in which to plug some of her different ideas, as well as her interest in other styles of music. Her successful solo career has launched her into another dimension of musical expression. I asked Ray what the biggest challenge has been in setting herself apart in her solo career. “My biggest worry used to be that there would be people who may not be Indigo Girls fans that I couldn’t really be exposed to because they would automatically assume that it was the same type of music. Even though it isn’t the same, I was worried that they wouldn’t appreciate what I do. After a certain amount of time, I couldn’t really worry about that, though, because it’s really all a part of who I am. It defines itself in how it defines itself. All I can really do is write honestly and do the solo stuff because I have some things to get out of my system and I like having this other palette to draw from.” Ray’s solo music touches upon punk, rock, gospel and even country. Her new record, Goodnight Tender, is set to be released early next year under her own label and will be a full country album. “It’s totally different from everything I have done, but I have always wanted to do a country record. I guess it could be called Americana, but it’s very traditional ~ Southern, Appalachian, gospel ~ I’ve been writing for it for a long time. I’m just doing it because I want to do it;

14 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

it’s part of the same tapestry. This is another community of people I really wanted to collaborate with and write songs with.” The songs that Ray has written have almost become living, breathing beings in themselves, lyrically pushing boundaries to reach listeners on a different level. The pure, raspy vocal and passionate, acoustic strumming discuss love and loss and have provided insight to political and world issues. People simply identify with their emotional content. I asked Amy to tell me what empowers her to be able to write about subjects that others may not go out on a limb to write about. “Emily (Sailers) really was the first person to empower me that way. When you are in a good duo and you support each other, you are somewhat in a safe zone; you can take chances. When I went on my own, I had the experience of knowing that safety. I wanted to go even more out on a limb, and it was scary and I felt vulnerable, but remembering taking those chances and having someone be supportive of it gives confidence. “I also read a lot of books about writing (Stephen King’s On Writing and Anne LaMott’s Bird by Bird, specifically) that taught me about having discipline while writing and not censoring myself in those beginning stages ~ not thinking about the people or things that censor us internally. You run out of things to write about if you write every day, so the discipline is that you have to start digging a little deeper.” That being said, in addition to her successful band and solo careers, Ray is one busy lady in advocating for social change. For example, Ray tackled a race and government issue, recently finishing a song called “The Rise of the Black Messiah,” where she sings, “They call you the rise of the Black Messiah and said they’d do any damn thing they could to keep ya ~ you and your brothers~ from spreading the word, the gospel of freedom and the black man’s worth.” The song was written after Ray received a letter seven years ago from Herman Wallace, one of the Angola 3, who was in solitary confinement for 40 years for a supposed crime that in other places would have been approached and tried much differently, with a much lesser punishment. She is also a strong presence in activism pertaining to the gay community and is on the board of the organization that she helped to found with Emily Sailers and Winona LaDuke called Honor the Earth, which works towards the sustainability of native America by giving small grants to organizations and programs that are working to better the earth. Amy Ray will play at the Wachussett Valley Music Festival in Lancaster on Sept. 14. For more information, check out To check out what else Amy Ray has been up to, visit her official website at and to make a donation and help our planet, check out Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 15

Warm up to the Cold War with Fallout Frank By Richard Morchoe

“Celebrate” may not be the word for nuclear war, but the decade was famous for the Cold War. One wrong move, and the Big One could turn the citizenry into briquettes.

Today’s culture has changed too much to set such a movie in this decade. Personal computers, smartphones, reality shows, no Soviet Union ~ the world is much too different to sustain comparison. Thus, Fallout Frank is set in 1993. That was not long after the implosion of the Communist Bloc. Technology had advanced but not as radically as now. People from the early post-war period could recognize, if not be comfortable, in the ’90s. These teen years of the 21st century would be another dimension.

It was not just “the bomb.” A complete Civil Defense apparatus was built around the idea of survival. None of it was used. Was it all just surreal madness? If it was, it fascinates Andrew Shanley, who is memorializing it in a movie, Fallout Frank.

So who is Frank? He’s the “doomsday prepper who, in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis, places himself into a radioactive suspension chamber to survive what he believes to be the apocalypse.” The man is the ultimate Cold War paranoiac.

Shanley is a local guerrilla movie-maker. He and his mates filmed on whatever equipment was available, burned DVDs and sold them at festivals such as Horrorfind and the local Rock and Shock. Most recently, he co-wrote and costarred in the horror movie, The Last Exit, shot in Gardner.

One problem Shanley does not face is a dearth of props. Usually, when making a movie about the past, much of the physical material has been destroyed or has deteriorated. However, the Civil Defense regime produced vast amounts of literature, equipment and supplies that Shanley is mining like gold. Helmets, posters, radiation-measuring equipment ~ there is a tsunami of the junk.

Ah … the ’50s; no post-war decade inspires as much nostalgia. This is so even in people who were born later. Folks still celebrate the rise of rock n’ roll, Elvis, the iconic cars and the threat of nuclear war.

How did Shanley come up with the nuclear option? Our man is public access coordinator for Charter Communications. Much of that is helping people to put on their own productions and express themselves, which he enjoys. Another aspect is finding films to show in an ultra-low price range, aka, free. The old Civil Defense productions from the ’50s, such as Duck and Cover, come without cost. With such fodder, inspiration was almost unavoidable. He knew he should make a movie about the era’s paranoia updated with a contemporary feel, sort of.

16 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

Shanley has started auditions and is set to film the trailer in September. It should create some buzz at horror fests and for a crowdfunding campaign. This is going to be a real Worcester project. To find out more, visit

Shrewsbury Street does The College Shuffle By Emily LaCroix

Get ready to shuffle down Shrewsbury Street! The College Shuffle is coming Saturday, Sept. 14. The College Shuffle is the college version of the popular Taste of Shrewsbury Street event, for which many restaurants throw open their doors to offer up samples of their most popular menu items. However, the college event offers more fun and entertainment. The College Shuffle focuses on students of local colleges, and the dining hot spot transforms into a busy street fair for the day. The event is getting an upgrade for 2013, according to sponsor Paul Giorgio, publisher of Pulse. “This year, we are expanding the concept to make it more like College Fest in Boston, with local exhibitors and vendors. And, of course, tons of delicious food. More than 25 local restaurants will offer free samples to those with College Shuffle buttons. The College Shuffle lets students try more than just food. Patrons will have the opportunity to discover local bands and artists who will be performing throughout the event and pick up CDs of those they love. Tents will be set up along the street, where vendors will show off their unique items ~ and maybe even hand out some freebies. The event is perfect for one of the first weekends back at college because students can scout out fun decorations for dorms and cool new back-to-school clothing at the vendor tents. Shrewsbury Street will become a hub for students for the day, and you won’t want to miss out. Giorgio suggested coming early for the noon-3 p.m. event to take advantage of all it has to offer. There will be contests, drawings, games and plenty of other activities for students to enjoy. Giorgio said this year’s event will be better than ever, “It will be bigger, with more food, more fun and more activities.” Food, music, shopping and freebies for just 10 bucks? Now that’s fun on a budget. Welcome back to school, Worcester students! The College Shuffle will be an exclusively college-based event. It is open to college students, faculty and their families. Participation buttons will be available at each of the colleges for $10 and at Brew City Grill and Brew House at 104 Shrewsbury St. and the Flying Rhino Café at 278 Shrewsbury St. the day of the event for $15. Many colleges will offer free shuttles from campuses to The College Shuffle. Jet Blue is a presenting sponsor of the event. For a list of vendors, go to Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 17

Get out and see the city By Joshua Lyford

Photo by Vernon Lyford One of the best parts about living in Worcester is that you are always surrounded by fun and interesting things to do. The city was incorporated in 1722 and has been a bustling hub ever since. While some of the great activities are obvious, some of the more intriguing options are a little off the beaten path.

tons of fun bars and great restaurants. Like sushi? You’re covered with some of the best; Baba and Haiku are both outstanding, and you’ll want to try them both. Blue Jeans Pizza is great for a unique pie, and That’s Entertainment is the place for anything comic book-, gaming- or collectible-oriented.

Each neighborhood in Worcester has its own vibe, and each harbors its own hot-spot destinations. Don’t worry; if you get hungry, the city has you covered. There is something for everyone.

SHREWSBURY STREET Shrewsbury Street is awesome in that you can just enjoy walking around, especially on a sunny day. There are so many great restaurants on this street that you cannot even begin listing them, so your best bet is to check out the annual College Shuffle and get a little bit of everything. If you are into one-of-akind gear, check out Grime Clothing and pick up some really unique clothes or trade in some of yours. If you are into skating, BMX or snowboarding, check out Eastern Boarder next door. If you just want somewhere to walk around or take a seat for awhile, Cristoforo Colombo Park is what you need.

CANAL DISTRICT The Canal District, which includes Kelley Square, is a bustling hub with a deep history and what could be the most extreme intersection of all time. The area definitely reflects its canal-driven history. There are a ton of great bars and restaurants here, and if you are looking for fun, you should absolutely hop on down and check it out for yourself. As far as food goes, there is a little bit of everything. Definitely check out one of Worcester’s hidden gems, Ole on Water Street, for great, freshly made tacos. If you are trying to get your dance on, the entire area is filled with dance clubs. If you are trying to catch a show, The Lucky Dog can usually help you out. The Dive Bar is great for craft beer aficionados, and the open-air patio is awesome. Hotel Vernon is great for cheap beer and a fantastic jukebox, plus, if you time it right, you can usually catch an unexpectedly rad band or dance party. If you are looking for karaoke, Cafe Neo has you covered seven nights a week. I suggest Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler.” HIGHLAND STREET The Highland Street area of Worcester is a central location for many of the city’s colleges that offers an excellent variety of restaurants and bars, and it is a great place to walk around and enjoy the area’s unique collegiate appeal. There are enough restaurants to give you plenty of opportunities for edible exploration. Check out The Boynton for great food and staff, as well as a wide variety of beer. If you feel like fueling your artistic side, walk over to the Worcester Art Museum and check out its great collection or sign up for one of the museum’s classes. From there, you can walk to Elm Park and say hi to the ducks and giant squirrels. Elm Park is debatably the oldest public park in the United States, and it borders Park Avenue, which is also great to explore, with

18 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

DOWNTOWN Downtown Worcester’s Main Street has a completely different look than the rest of Worcester, and it is also home to some of the city’s coolest offerings. If you are looking for a drink in the downtown area, there is the Citizen or Still & Stir. There is also Armsby Abbey, a local favorite with great craft beer and an allpowerful mac ’n cheese and an unreal Bloody Mary. While you’re there, make sure to go to a show at the historical and beloved Palladium, which plays host to a ton of great tours. Grab a coffee and learn some Worcester history next door at the Paris of the Eighties Cafe. The Hanover Theatre isn’t far off and should be on your must-see list, and the DCU Center is home to a ton of huge shows, events and the Worcester Sharks, so make sure you say hi to Finz. Then, stop by the common and take a picture with the turtle boy statue; no, the statue doesn’t make any sense. There are a ton of other great things to do in Worcester and the surrounding areas all year. You should definitely check out the Higgins Armory Museum and its incredible collection of ancient weapons and before it closes for good at the end of the year. If you like punk, hardcore or metal music, Worcester has a thriving underground scene with great bands and DIY shows. If you’re bored in Worcester, you aren’t doing it right, so go out and soak it all in.

Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 19

You can still have fun if you’re not 21 By Katey Khaos So you want to go out and have some fun, but you’re not 21? We’ve got you covered!

Party Hard

A lot of the bars and clubs in Worcester offer up College Night, where they lower the age of admittance to 18-plus, as long as you have your college ID! Industry Bar Room ~ 109 Water St., Worcester. A great place to get your dance on! Industry offers College Night every Thursday with live DJs! Visit Bar FX ~ 90 Commercial St., Worcester. College Night is every Thursday, and the club also has various 18-plus events throughout the month. Check out for a list of events. Rage ~ 105 Water St., Worcester. One of Worcester’s hottest gay/alternative nightclub has various 18-plus nights, including the Worcester Gay Pride Celebration on Sept. 7. Check out

Up in Smoke

Hookah bars are a great place to relax and unwind with friends, especially after finals week! Spiritual Haze ~ 482 Park Ave., Worcester. Worcester’s first hookah bar! Relax, play some board games and enjoy live entertainment! For a list of events, visit The Shisha Room ~ 86 Shrewsbury St., Worcester. Always 18-plus and open late! Be sure to try some of their exotic flavors! Visit Shisha-Room-hookah-bar/137611256260278

Get Crafty

Maybe the club scene isn’t for you, and you’d rather be creative with some friends on a Friday night instead.

20 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

Just Paint ~ 386 West Boylston St., Worcester. Whether you’re looking to go to the studio or have the studio come to you, Just Paint offers art classes for only $30. For a list of classes, check out Clay Time ~ 124 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury. Not feeling that crafty? That’s OK, too! Clay Time is a great place to relax with friends and paint ceramics. To see a list of all the arts and crafts offered, visit

Rock Out

Who doesn’t love live music? Worcester has a huge local music scene, and you can catch awesome acts at Worcester’s best restaurants. Worcester is also known for one of the best venues in Massachusetts ~ The Palladium. Also, check out our club listings on Page 22. The Palladium ~ 261 Main St., Worcester. Local bands, national bands and everything in between. Get ready for the pit! Check out to see who’s coming around.

For Those Rainy (or Snowy) Days

Rain or shine, these places are great for groups! West Boylston Cinema ~ 101 W. Boylston St., W. Boylston. Why spend your entire work study paycheck on a movie when you can catch one for cheap? Matinees on Tuesdays are only $3.50! See what’s playing at Central Rock Climbing Gym ~ 299 Barber Ave. Worcester. $20 will get you an all-day pass and rental gear to climb your heart out! Visit to see a list of specials and events, including ladies and college nights. Keep in mind, there’s tons more to explore ~ this is just a list to help you get started! Check out your college’s list of activities for even more Under 21 events!

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Start On YOur WaY tOWard a neW Career Medical Assisting* Medical Office Administration* Medical Billing and Coding Culinary Arts Massage Therapy

ll One visit and you'oose ch ts see why studen

• Financial aid available to those who qualify. • Day and evening classes are forming now. • Career placement assistance. * Associate degree programs

Call or Click Today!


184 W. Boylston Street West Boylston, MA

For Salter College’s Student Consumer Information visit

Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 21

Blackstone Canalfest celebrates the Canal District As we swing past Labor Day, the first of the region’s fall festivals is upon us: The eighth annual Blackstone Canalfest, coming Saturday, Sept. 7, to Worcester’s blossoming Canal District.

Water still runs underneath Harding Street in the former canal bed, according to CDA President John Giangregorio, and the organization still promotes the idea of recreating the historic canal along its original location on Harding Street.

Canalfest is a street festival, pure and simple, staged by the Canal District Alliance with the aim of celebrating the storied past, active present and promising future of the Canal District. It offers a full day of free, family-oriented fun, with food, music, dance, vendors of all sorts, a kids’ tent, street performers and special activities extraordinaire, including horseand-wagon tours of the district and kayak demonstrations in the 75-foot replica of the historic canal. This year’s musical headliner will be The Flock, the local rock powerhouse that originates from the Lucky Dog Music Hall in the Canal District.

“The canal will be a water feature extraordinaire,” Giangregorio said, painting visions of canal boats and cafes in the air. “People are drawn to water, and the canal will fit right in with the cultural tourism theme that is rejuvenating the entire Blackstone Valley. It’s the best chance the city has of attracting visitors.”

As an increasing number of people in the city are aware, the Blackstone Canal connected Worcester to Providence in the early part of the 19th century, providing an easy commercial outlet to the sea. While the canal concluded as a business enterprise in 1848, it was responsible for accelerating the industrial invention and output in Worcester and the entire Blackstone Valley to the south, as well as hastening the advent of the railroads. Before the dawn of a new century, the city boasted three railroad terminals and the canal itself had been arched over and forgotten.

22 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

Indeed, longtime residents already point to a resurgence of life in the Canal District over the past 10 years. An active bar and restaurant scene throughout the district and a burgeoning retail cluster at the former Crompton Loom Works on Green Street are evidence that the once-vibrant area is coming back to life. The purpose of Canalfest is both to celebrate the past and promote the future, according to Giangregorio. Historical exhibitors will paint a picture of the district a century and a half ago, while CDA visionaries sketch a vision of its future. And meanwhile, Canalfest 2013 will bring the streets alive for one day in the present: Music, food, water and fun in the heart of the Canal District ~ on the south end of Harding Street at Kelley Square. The festival runs from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 7. For more information, visit

PulseBooks: Fiend is not just a zombie read By Katey Khaos Take Breaking Bad, mix it with The Walking Dead, and you get Peter Stenson’s first novel, Fiend. Yes, Fiend is a zombie apocalypse novel, but hear me out: It’s not your runof-the-mill zombie read. The premise of Fiend is a zombie apocalypse caused by an airborne pathogen. The pathogen crept into the neuro-receptors of unaware, sleeping civilians, and they died in their sleep. However, some reanimated as the hungry undead ~ zombies! Mind you, these aren’t your average zombies. They don’t moan or passively walk around ~ they giggle. That’s right; imagine an end of the world where bloodied inhuman monsters approach you giggling, as though your death is a joke. Creepy, right? OK, so I said this pathogen killed its sleeping victims, but was everyone sleeping that night? After all, you can’t have a zombie apocalypse story without survivors. The only people that survived the onset of the pathogen were the people whose neuro-receptors were blocked off ~ and what better way to block them than with methamphetamine, of course! That’s right; meth prevents the airborne pathogen from killing or reanimating people as chucks (the name given for these creepy, chuckling zombies.) Keep in mind that, unfortunately, a bite can still turn you over to the dark side. I love how Stenson has added this twist to the zombie genre. Sure, there’s usually a plague that takes over a city, and there’s an antidote that can save the civilians from being zombified, but never have I seen a drug addiction, so to speak, serve as the driving force to keep people immune. Notice I said drug addiction. That’s right; characters have to keep using methamphetamine to stay safe. Our main meth-heads obviously care about where they’re going to get their next fix anyway, but now, meth is a supply just as valuable as food or drinking water. This is where things get (more) interesting. People on meth aren’t the most stable. People trapped in a zombie apocalypse setting are already snapping at each other, trying to make sure they’re not going to be the next victim. Take that and add in some drug-addicted characteristics ~ like tweaking out and paranoia. Enter murderous drug-runners, aforementioned paranoid meth-heads with guns and a loaded prison full of zombies. Can the survivors make it out alive, despite their horrid dispositions? Find out by picking up Fiend ~ available in stores and online now.

Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 23

Triple B Records ~

hardcore’s best record label By Alex Kantarelis Typically Up & Comers is reserved for bands who are doing everything they can to make a name for themselves. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that it’s the people behind the scenes are just as important. Without them, bands would be lost in the abyss of the Internet, with no exposure to the rest of the world. Sam Yarmuth is one of those guys behind the scenes. The recent college grad runs Triple B records, a Boston-based record label that is quickly becoming one of hardcore’s best. He is a true hardcore fan, releasing records that he loves, and he doesn’t do it for the money or the power or the fame but simply for the love of hardcore. Yarmuth got his start as most hardcore kids do. Growing up in Florida, he spent his high school years going to shows in Daytona and crossing paths with bands like Have Heart, Verse and Ceremony. He loved records and had already put together a collection that most vinyl nerds would salivate over, including some early Revelation first-press records from Warzone, Youth of Today and Gorilla Biscuits, to name a few. He decided to take his passion to the next level by releasing a record himself, and with a little help from Larry Esteem, of Thinkfast! Records, Yarmuth put out his first release under the name Triple B Records. Suddenly, at 17, Yarmuth had made a splash in the hardcore scene, and it kept happening. From 2005-07, Yarmuth put out three releases, all on vinyl, and was about to put out his first CD. Yarmuth then made the move to Boston, where the label suddenly took off. In 2009, Triple B began to accomplish big things. Yarmuth went on tour with Have Heart and was able to travel the world with one of his favorite bands. More and more, people were hearing about Triple B, and the label was getting a very good reputation. Enter Worcester’s most legendary hardcore band, Bane. “I was in Florida to hang out with my parents one last time before tour, and I got a call from Aaron Bedard from Bane, and he asked if I was willing to put out a new 7-inch [EP] for them,” Yarmuth remembered. Bane being one of his favorite bands, this was literally a dream come true for Yarmuth and his small label. “That’s what makes hardcore so cool ~ the craziest [stuff] can happen. After that, bands started taking me more seriously.” In the next few years, Triple B added hardcore heavyweights Fire and Ice and Free Spirit and continued solidifying its excellent reputation in the hardcore

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scene. What started with three small releases in Florida had become a fullfledged label, running out of his dorm room in Boston. After releasing the new Bane record, Yarmuth got the chance to reissue Bane’s Give Blood LP on vinyl for the first time since its release in 2001, along with many other great records for bands all over the country. Now, Triple B is up to 40 releases. Yarmuth’s love for hardcore has kept him involved in the scene at a time when most people “grow up” and move on. Yarmuth is still straight edge and still collects records, adding some incredible additions to his already stacked collection, including the holy grail of records, Judge’s Chung King Can Suck It, and a Judge Brigin’ it Down test press (yes, he really has that). This December, he will have his fourth Triple B Showcase in Boston, featuring all bands from his label, creating one of the best shows of the year. More information on that will coming out in the next month or so. If you are a hardcore fan who grew up in Worcester seeing some of the old shows at the Space or Trance Buddha or the QVCC, then Triple B is the only label you need to know about. All of hardcore’s best bands are on the label, and it couldn’t possibly be run by a cooler dude. To order records, buy MP3s or stream everything for free, visit

ON CD Scare Don’t Fear ~ Destroy|Rebuild By Jennifer Russo

Some believe that rap and hardcore are two types of music that have no business sharing the same iPod playlist, let alone the same song. But, in a way, the two unique brands of expression are extremely similar. Both genres are always passionate, sometimes angry and are usually trying to get a point across. It makes sense to take these two fraternal twins and merge them into one. Rhode Island-based Scare Don’t Fear is a band that does just this ~ giving us the hard-hitting backdrop of instrumental metal, with its wailing guitars and speedy rhythm, that incorporates screams and singing with an in-your-face, hip-hop lyrical assault. Whether you want to bang your head or bop it, there is a balance to Destroy|Rebuild that is better than other bands who have attempted this style. Destroy|Rebuild is what you would expect given the title. The songs focus on ripping situations apart and turning them into something better. It’s not about hiding, running away from or ignoring problems and the stuff that society throws at us every day; it’s about facing it all and coming out on top. It’s not about complaining about what you don’t like; it’s about what you’re going to do about what you don’t like. Entertaining and empowering, hopeful and relentless ~ the album breaks boundaries and will blast Scare Don’t Fear right through the wall of anything that tries to stop it. Destroy|Rebuild is currently available for purchase on iTunes as well as on YouTube for free streaming. Take a minute to like Scare Don’t Fear on Facebook,

Tom Keifer ~ The Way Life Goes By Jason Savio

Everybody loves a comeback story, and Tom Keifer fulfills his with his debut solo album The Way Life Goes. Keifer has been put through the ringer since his rise to fame as front man for the glam metal band Cinderella in the ’80s, but after a series of both professional and personal struggles, he has come out the other side with a redemptive effort. And no, The Way Life Goes doesn’t sound like a forgotten ’80s rock star trying conjure up some of that old magic. There’s no leftover glam grime to clean off. Instead, Keifer sounds new and fresh. If you didn’t know better, you’d think he’s a promising young musician recording his first album. He gets back to basics by embracing his blues roots throughout, oftentimes evoking the confident strut of classic Stones, such as on the rebellious spark of “It’s Not Enough” and the energetic opener “Solid Ground.” Kiefer also takes this opportunity to shed his skin and fearlessly incorporate sounds he isn’t typically known for. The country-tinged ballad of “Ask Me Yesterday” is heartfelt and honest, while the majestic pop of “A Different Light” sounds like a Shania Twain and Keith Richards love child. Not everything here shines (the kindergarten sing-along of “The Flower Song” is embarrassing), but Keifer proves that he still has enough fuel in the tank to keep himself moving forward. It was a long time in the making, but The Way Life Goes was worth the wait. For more info, visit

Hawthorne Heights ~ Zero By Katey Khaos

Odds are, if you were one of those kids who were into screamo eight or so years ago, you’ve probably heard of Hawthorne Heights ~ post-hardcore prodigies who made the screamo trend popular with songs like “Niki FM” and “Ohio Is For Lovers.” However, Hawthorne Heights fell off the face of the earth ~ or so it seemed ~ when guitarist/screamer Casey Calvert passed away. The good news is these guys are back with their fifth full-length album, Zero, which caters not only to newer Hawthorne Heights fans but also to the band’s original fan base. There are more than a few standout tracks, including “Dark Side,” with its pulsing beat and low-range vocals, and “Put Me Back Together,” with its vocal grit and nostalgic background screams. Other tracks like “Zero” maintain the raw and less-polished sound for which the band is best known. In addition to catering to old-school Hawthorne Heights fans, the album offers up a softer side with the lone acoustic track “Hollow Hearts Unite.” Zero is not what most would expect, given the band’s more recent albums. They weren’t necessarily bad but had a much different sound compared to what Hawthorne Heights used to be. Zero appears to be a return to the band’s roots ~ back when the late Casey Calvert was screaming his heart out. It seems as though the band has realized what it’s best at and is rolling with it. To find more on Hawthorne Heights, visit Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 25

Subatomicdeathkitten Designs By Katey Khaos Artist Abby Malvestuto has rebooted one of my favorite childhood memories ~ perler beads! Inspired by all things “nerdy,” Malvestuto’s creates everything from coasters and magnets to wall art. I got a chance to catch up with Malvestuto in the midst of her beadwork to talk about her new company, Subatomicdeathkitten Designs. How did SDK come to be? It was honestly a decision of necessity. Back in March of this year, I went on medical leave and needed something to keep me busy. I realized it was soon becoming more than just a hobby when I got invited to share a booth at the third annual Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2). Which video games have inspired you? I’m inspired most by games that I grew up playing: Pokemon, Castlevania, Mario, TMNT and Sonic. My first console was a SEGA Genesis, and my first Nintendo system was a Gameboy Color, so I missed out on a lot of “true” 8-bit and retro games. It’s ironic, since they lend themselves so well to this medium. How many different colored beads do you have in your collection? You’re really going to make me count?! (Five minutes later.) OK, so I have 84 colors spanning the entire color spectrum, including six colors of glow in the dark beads and four colors of blacklight-reactive beads. I

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can also tell you that I’m missing five colors, and I hope to remedy that soon, ha, ha. What was the first piece you created? A large Leonardo from TMNT. He’s about 24 inches by 24 inches, and that was when I realized I had a knack for it. Biggest piece? Biggest piece to date is the 36-inch by 26inch piece that is a re-creation of Alex Ross’ Shazam. It features over 16,000 hand-placed beads and was autographed by Alex Ross himself. It’s honestly one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. takes to create?

Can you give us an idea how long a piece

Each peg board (what I use to hold the beads in place) is 29 by 29 “pixels,” and each one holds 841 beads. One full board can take me about 30 minutes. It’s taken a lot of practice! However, the time it takes to make a completed piece is more than that. Most of my time is spent physically placing the beads. The Shazam piece took 48 hours to place beads, another 2½ hours to iron together, plus another hour or so to mount and frame. Be sure to check out the rest of Malvestuto’s pieces at shop/SDKD.

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Handle college with ease and style iSafe’s Urban Crew Campus Laptop Backpack Dress up your calculator For years, you’ve been sprucing up your cell phone. Now, try Calculator Accessories, a new line from Guerrilla Accessories that offers protective cases, covers, faceplates and screen protectors for calculators. Don’t go to class with a boring calculator! $9.99-$24.99, Crock-Pots are back It’s an oldie but goodie ~ the Crock-Pot. If you’re looking to make healthy food and have it ready when you get out of class, try your mom’s favorite cooking method with some 21st century upgrades, including Smart Cook Technology that allows you to select your “ready at” time and protein type for a perfect meal. Today’s Crock-Pots also offer an automatic stir feature and a linked electrical system that allows you to link multiple Crock-Pots together to stay warm on your party buffet table. Starting as low as $24.99, Keep the seat down Want to make sure male visitors don’t leave the seat up? The Potty Mouth helps remind those (read: guys) using the bathroom to put the toilet seat down after they are done with their business. The Potty Mouth has a sensor that can tell when the seat is left up too long. A variety of different women’s voices playfully yell at the offender until the toilet seat is put down. $14.95, Say goodbye to cord-chaos With your cell phone, tablet, laptop, headphones and more, you’ve got a lot of

cords. Keep everything organized with Recoil Winders, the only automatic, self-winding device for your cords. When you’re done with your headphones ~ or almost any cord ~ just hook the cord onto the Recoil, give it a slight tug, and the cord quickly winds onto a spring-loaded spindle that guarantees no more cord spaghetti! Unraveling your cords is just as easy. $9.99,

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Sleep in comfort Sometimes dorms get warm, making it hard to sleep. SensorPEDIC’s SensorCool pillow offers a gel layer on either side of the pillow, so when one side gets to room temperature, just flip it over, and you’ve got the other cool side of the pillow! The memory foam adds extra comfort and support, cradling the head as you sleep. The pillow is available in both standard and contour shapes. Check for prices, A backpack makeover A backpack that can help keep you safe on campus? You bet. iSafe’s Urban Crew Campus Laptop Backpack is equipped with a virtually undetectable alarm activation switch that is conveniently built into the right shoulder strap of the backpack, allowing easy access to users. The compact alarm features two 125-decibel sirens, a high-intensity strobe light and weighs just 3 pounds with batteries. To activate, simply lift the small Velcro flap covering the activation pin and pull. The pin will disengage from its socket and activate an audible alarm and flashing lights. The iSafe Urban Crew comes in five different color schemes, including black, red, purple, green and pink. It also features a padded computer sleeve and an audio player pocket. It is perfect for protecting all of your tech gear and carrying all your study essentials. $89.99, Carry your essentials without carrying a thing The SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse looks like a traditional infinity scarf, but it actually has two hidden pockets that are perfectly sized to carry a woman’s essentials ~ such as an ID, credit cards, cash, cell phone, chapstick, keys, tickets etc. Not only will this solve the problem of carrying your bag when you’re heading to a game or out with friends, but it will keep you warm! $49$79,

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5 apps to get you off campus and into the city By Katey Khaos

Meetup ~ from bookworm to social butterfly is a popular website for to find people in your area and make activity-based plans. You can go hiking or running, watch movies, play music, eat dinner, bar hop or anything else you can think of. The app lets you search for these meetups, RSVP to them, view your own calendar and much more. If you really want to explore the city and make some new friends, this is definitely the app to for you! Everplaces ~ the social travel guide If you’re looking to find the hottest spots in the city based on your friends’ or locals’ recommendations, then you’ll want to make sure that you have Everplaces on your phone. The app allows you to keep a collection of your favorite places, save new places you find, explore others’ recommendations, share with friends and the community, and much more. YourExtraLife ~ game on If Yelp hasn’t gotten you out of that boredom rut, YourExtraLife may be what you need. This iPhone app has a nifty way to help you get out of your comfort zone and live a little. Choose from five categories that will then present you with challenges. All you need to do is submit a picture to prove that you have completed that challenge and move onto the next one. Others will validate your photos, but don’t worry, you can also be a judge and validate theirs. What are you waiting for? ParksNReviews ~ a way to unplug Maybe you’re looking for some quiet time away from the city. ParksNReviews is an app that makes it easy and fun to find a place nearby to reconnect with nature. All you need to do is enter a distance and filter what type of park you’re looking for. This app is a great resource for a quick getaway! Happy Hours ~ a cheaper alternative Happy Hours is an app that showcases a bunch of the happy hour specials in the city! You can click through to see a photo of the bar or restaurant and details such as the menu, location, amenities and what other people have to say. The happy hour ranks are based on the community, so don’t forget to vote up your favorite spots! BONUS APP: For those who are adventurous and would like to take on a night in Boston! UrbanDaddy ~ the all-in-one planner Need an on-the-go recommendation for night life in a strange town? Tell UrbanDaddy what you need (drinks, dinner, dessert, dancing, etc.), who you’re with (boss, clients, colleagues, date, etc.), and set terms, such as “somewhere swanky” or “in the Euro scene.” The app spits out recommendations to meet your every need. Choose “Live a Little” for a result at random!

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College is stressful; learn to deal By Deborah Rozman

Going away to college is one of the most monumental transitions we can make in life. Leaving the home and family we know and love best; entering a new environment without our triedand-true mentors to guide us; following a new schedule; sharing a dorm room with a stranger; final exams; peer pressure; balancing classes, homework, social life and often a job; living on a tight budget; pressure to get good grades; trying to get enough sleep and eat right ... the potential stressors are sudden, abundant and relentless. According to a 2009 Associated Press poll, 85 percent of college students surveyed reported feeling stressed daily. Worries about grades, schoolwork, money and relationships were the biggest issues. About 42 percent said they had felt depressed or hopeless several days during the previous two weeks. As a result, many are on medication for depression and anxiety. A little bit of what some call “challenge stress” ~ striving to do your best ~ can make you sharper. But chronic stress without recovery depletes you. College students are often short on adequate sleep, which can harm memory recall and their ability to be present for tests. Anxiety about how well they’ll do also shuts down cognitive functions, so they can’t even access all the answers they’ve crammed for the big test. Often, college students respond to stressors by looking for quick fixes for their discomfort: going out for happy hour with friends, overdoing screen time, eating junk food, popping pills or skipping class. These can change the way they feel in the moment, but they don’t change their habits or the inevitable wear and tear that accompany them. Learning to manage emotions when they experience stress, not just after the fact, is what gives people the ability to cope with and transform stress ~ and improve academic performance. At HeartMath, our research has shown that learning to put oneself into heart coherence ~ an optimal state where mind, heart and emotions are operating in sync and balanced ~ can do wonders for alleviating stress and preventing the long-term damage to the body and life that could ensue if left unchecked. Also in coherence, our brains have higher cortical functioning and are more receptive to learning. Try these tips for acing exams and reducing stress: 1. Practice good health habits year round ~ eat healthy, exercise and sleep seven to eight hours a night. 2. Plan and commit to a study schedule.

3. Review your notes right up until exam time, if possible. 4. Practice HeartMath’s adaptation of the Quick Coherence technique several times a day to shift your response and release stressful feelings in just a few minutes: Start with heart-focused breathing. Calm yourself and reduce a stress-producing reaction such as anxiousness over a test by imagining that you are breathing in and out of the center of your chest. Breathe in slowly and deeply for five seconds, and then exhale for five seconds. Next, activate a positive feeling, such as appreciation, caring or love for a special person or pet. You also could remember an enjoyable occasion or a special place that made you feel good. Learning to release stress at this age will not only help you address what you face now, but help you set a new baseline for building resilience and a larger reservoir of capacity for future stressors. For more information about transforming stress at college, check out The College De-Stress Handbook by HeartMath and follow HeartMath at HeartMath. Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., is president and CEO of HeartMath LLC, located in Boulder Creek, Calif. HeartMath provides tools and technologies that activate the intelligence and power of the heart to dramatically reduce stress while empowering health, performance and behavioral change in individuals and organizations.

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Canal Fest *15% off food purchases only. Only available for 2013.

al Fest

Festivities Family Fun Blackstone





Saturday September 7, 2013 11am-5pm




• Giant Raffle • Kayak Rides • Kids’ Activities • Music & Dance • Food, Food, Food • Street Performers • Horse & Wagon Tours • Full Size Canal Replica • Vendors, Artists, Displays • Blackstone Info, Books & Lore FR






Harding Street at Kelley Square, in Worcester’s Canal District Easy Parking





Enjoy Heineken Light Responsibly

Brewed in Holland. Imported by Heineken USA Inc., New York, NY. ©2013

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7/23/13 2:50 PM

Club & Pub Listings Entertainment at clubs, bars, pubs, & other select venues

American Graffiti 113 Summer St., Lunenburg 978-345-1010 The Banner Bar & Grille 112 Green St., Worc. 508-755-0879 Barber’s Crossing Road House 861 Main St., Leicester 508-892-7575 Barbers Crossing (North) 175 Leominster Road, Sterling 978-422-8438 Thursdays: Karaoke Beatnik’s 433 Park Ave., Worc. 508-926-8877 Beemer’s Pub 114 River St., Fitchburg 978-343-3148 Black Sheep Tavern 261 Leominster Road, Sterling 978-422-8484 Fridays, Saturdays: Live bands Tuesdays: Tuesday Trivia Night Sept. 7: Live band karaoke with Fingercuff Blackstone Tap 81 Water St., Worc. 508-797-4827 Blue Plate Lounge 661 Main St., Holden 508-829-4566 Sept. 6: Satch Casey Band Sept. 14: Secret Evil Plan at the Blue Plate Lounge Blueprint New American Bar & Grill 9 Village Square, Westminster 978-668-5580 Sept. 19: Chris Reddy Acoustics Loops from Hell Boiler Room 70 Winter St., Worc. 508-796-5165 Bolton Roadhouse Bar & Grille 544 Wattaquodock Road, Bolton 978-365-5757, 978-365-3036 Boulder Cafe 880 Main St., Fitchburg 978-345-0008 Breakaway Billiards 104 Sterling St., Clinton 978-365-6105 Brew City 104 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-752-3862 Bull Run Restaurant 215 Great Road, Shirley 978-425-4311, 877-536-7190

Cafe Destare 320 Main St., Fitchburg 978-345-5734 Sept. 6: Beatles For Sale the Tribute Canal Restaurant & Bar 65 Water St., Worc. 508-926-8353 Thursdays: Open Mic Night. Sept. 6: “Poor Howard” Stith Performance Sept. 7: Bill McCarthy Sept. 13: Slim & Jim Performance Sept. 14: Erin Harpe & Jim Sept. 20: Rob Adams Sept. 21: Tony Yodice Sept. 27: Tom Revane Sept. 28: Ari Charbonneau The Cannery 12 Crane St., Southbridge 508-764-1100

616 Central St., Leominster 978-537-1991 Sept. 6: Hitchcock Blondes Sept. 7: Joe Macey Sept. 13: The Killer Bz Sept. 14: Carl Ayotte Sept. 20: Sean Fullerton Sept. 21: The Calling Sept. 27: The Chris Fitz Band Creegan’s Pub 65 Green St., Worc. 508-754-3550 Dance Ranch & Saloon 70 James St., Worc. 508-757-6977 Dar Bah 29 Canal St., Millbury 508-865-8441

Cantina Bar & Grill 385 Main St., Worc. 508-459-5325

Days End Tavern 287 Main St., Oxford 508-987-1006

Center Bar & Grill 102 Green St., Worc. 508-438-0597 Thursdays: Thirsty Thursday with DJ Matty J and DJ Cuz N Kev Fridays: Friday Night Dance Party with DJ Blackout Sataturdays: Center Bar Saturday Nights Sundays: Sunday Funday Karaoke with DJ Matty J

Devens Grill 4 Ryans Way, Devens 978-862-0060

Chooch’s Food & Spirits 31 E. Brookfield Road, N. Brookfield 508-867-2494 Fridays: Karaoke Christopher’s Pub 7 Pleasant St., Leominster 978-534-8250 Cicero’s Cafe 17 Suffolk St., Worc. 508-767-9728 ciceros.jpg Classic’s Pub 285 Central St., Leominster 978-537-7750 Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays: Karaoke Fridays, Saturdays: Live bands Sept 6: Radio Flyer Sept 7: Go Gadget Go Sept. 13 & 14: Soundtrack to Monday Sept 20 & 21: Playin Dirty Sept 27 & 28: Too Shy Club Caliente 816 Main St., Worc. 508-826-9305 Club Instyle 41 Pleasant St., Worc. Club KasBar 234 Southwest Cutoff, Worc. 508-798-8385 Cornerstone’s Restaurant

36 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

Fat Tony’s Pub 1102 Main St., Worc. 508-798-8908 Fiddlers’ Green Pub & Restaurant 19 Temple St., Worc. 508-792-3700 Saturdays: Karaoke with Outrageous Greg Firefly’s / Dante’s 350 E. Main St., Marlborough 508-357-8883 Flip Flops 680 Main St., Holden 508-829-3008 Sept. 26: Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Flying Rhino Cafe 278 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-757-1450 Funky Murphy’s Bar & Grill 305 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-753-2995 Fusion 109 Water St., Worc. 508-756-2100 Galway Bay Irish Pub 186 Stafford St., Worc. 508-753-8909 Gardner Ale House 74 Parker St., Gardner 978-669-0122 Mondays: Blue Mondays ~ live blues Thursdays: Audio Wasabi

Fridays, Saturdays: Live Music Sundays: Sunday Brunch with Chet Williamson Gilrein’s 802 Main St., Worc. 508-791-2583 Greendale’s Pub 404 W. Boylston St., Worc. 508-853-1350 Tuesdays: Open Mic with Bill McCarthy; Local Musicians Showcase Wednesdays: Open Jam with Sean Ryan Sundays: Jim’s Blues Jam Sept. 6: Brumby Sept. 7: Ed & Dave Sept. 14: No Alibi Sept. 20: The Soup Sept. 21: Time Machine Sept. 27: Nuzzy Sept. 28: The Silverbacks Halligan’s Sports Bar and More 889 Southbridge St., Auburn 508-832-6793 Hotel Vernon - The Ship Room/Kelley Square Yacht Club 1 Millbury St., Worc. Indian Ranch 200 Gore Road, Webster 508-943-3871 Sept. 22: Chris Young Ixtapa Cantina 308 Massachusetts Ave., Lunenburg 978-582-9701 Jak’s Pub 536 Main St., Worc. JC Fenwick’s 37 Mechanic St., Leominster 978-840-4845 Jillian’s - Worcester 315 Grove St., Worc. 508-793-0900 Wednesdays, Thursdays: Pong Thursdays: Karaoke Sept 28: Windfall Classic Rock JJ’s Sports Bar and Grill 380 Southwest Cutoff, Northborough 508-842-8420 Wednesdays: Wacky Wednesday Night Jam Sept. 5: Summer Acoustic Series featuring Rob Ledoux Sept. 12: Summer Acoustic Series featuring Billy Claire Sept. 19: Summer Acoustic Series featuring Jack Shanahan Sept. 25: Summer Acoustic Series featuring Tim Leavitt LaScala Restaurant 183 Shrewsbury St, Worc. 508-753-9912 The Lazy Dog 31 Main St., Marlborough 508-229-2264

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Funky Murphys ~ Worcester

Lucky Dog ~ Worcester

Feel the beat of the City!

Photos by Justin Perry

Loft 266 ~ Worcester

Mahoney’s ~ Worcester

Perfect Game ~ Worcester

Park Grille ~ Worcester

Flying Rhino ~ Worcester

Corapi Lounge ~ Worcester

Bentley Pub ~ Auburn

40 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

Continued from Page 36 Legends Airport Road, Fitchburg 978-342-6500 Leitrim’s Pub 265 Park Ave., Worc. 508-798-2447 Thursdays: Open Mic Night/Local Musicians Showcase with Bill McCarthy Loft 266 Bar & Lounge 266 Park Ave., Worc. 508-796-5177 Tuesdays: Game Show Live Trivia London Billiards / Club Oasis 70 James St., Worc. 508-799-7655 Lucky Dog Music Hall 89 Green St., Worc. 508-363-1888 Sundays: Contact Drum and Bass nights Mondays: The all new Open Jam hosted by Mike G. Sept. 4: Mister Smarta** Theater’s live comedy take on a really terrible film. Sept. 5: Flock Of A-Holes with Faux (Foo) Fighters and more Sept. 6: Big Eyed Rabbit, Ten Foot Polecats, Iza Jane Sept. 7: TOOL tribute band Schism with special guests Sparhawks and Miranda Sept. 11: Woo Town Wednesdays. FREE show with Breakthrough Frequencies and more Sept. 12: Flock Of A-Holes with The Scales and Some Kind Of Nightmare Sept. 13: Let It Bleed, the Rolling Stones tribute band, re-creates the entire setlist from the 1981’s Stone’s show here at Sir Morgan’s Cove! Sept. 14: Kung Fu Grip, with guests Sept. 18: Worcester’s “unofficial” theme song contest show. Brought to you by Jen Roy PR, featuring David Magario Sept. 19: Flock Of A-Holes with Zak Smith Band Sept. 20: Guns N Roses tribute Rocket Queen with special guests Shanta Paloma Sept. 24: Contact Drum and Bass and The Mutiny presents a night of Electronic Dance Music featuring Q-Bik (Australia), JSF of TBMA, Steve Marsden, Kate Rush and more Sept. 25: Woo Town Wednesdays. Free show with Barely Brothers Band and more Sept. 26: Flock Of A-Holes, Sept. 27: Mullethead with guests Jack Rabbit Slim, The Genre Whores and The October Accord Sept. 28: Gladstone with Bobby Morin and more Oct. 2: Mister Smarta** Theater’s live comedy take on a really terrible film. Mahoney’s Pub 413 Park Ave., Worc. 508-277-1073 The Malebox ~ Worcester’s oldest gay club! 40 Grafton St., Worcester 508-799-4521 Mondays: Bingo with Barry Wednesdays: Karaoke DJ Fast Track with Louis Fridays: Video dancing with Rick Saturdays: Dance Party Marty’s Pub 225 Cantebury St., Worc. 508-754-0033 MB Lounge 40 Grafton St., Worc. 508-799-4521 Michael’s Cigar Bar 1 Exchange Place, Worc. 508-459-9035 Sept. 4: Hit the Bus

Sept. 5: Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Sept. 6: Sean Fullerton Sept. 7: James Russo Jazz Quintet Sept. 11: Ricky Duran Sept. 12: Jim Devlin Sept. 13: Mystic River Band Sept. 14: Acoustic Nation Sept. 18: Dan DeChristofaro Sept. 19: Ricky Duran Sept. 20: Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Sept. 21: Hit the Bus Sept. 25: Jodee Frawlee Sept. 26: Jon Bowser Sept. 27: Andy Cummings Trio The Mill 185 W. Boylston St., W. Boylston 774-261-8585 Sept. 6: How Bizarre Sep t. 7: Pat in the Hat Sept. 13: Ken Macy Sept. 14: Jay Graham Sept. 20: Ethan &Ashley Sept. 21: Joe Macey Sept. 27: Belit Sept. 28: Dave Obrien & Melissa Gates Mill Street Brews (@ The Artist Development Complex) 18 Mill St., Southbridge 508-764-6900 Moynihan’s Pub 897 Main St., Worc. Nick’s Bar and Restaurant 124 Millbury St., Worc. 508-753-4030 Fridays: Thank Fridays It’s Dr. Nat Sept. 28: Dale LePage and The Manhattans The Nines Neighborhood Bar 136 Millbury St., Worc. 508-340-0318 Olde Post Office Pub 1 Ray St., N. Grafton 508-839-6106 On The Rocks Sports Bar & Grill 96 Lakefront Ave., Lunenburg 978-342-6692 Paisanos Pizza & Spirits 450 Lancaster St., Leominster 978-534-7117 The Palladium 261 Main St., Worc. 508-797-9696 Pampas Churrascaria Restaurant 145 E. Central St., Worc. 508-757-1070 Patsie Dugan’s 49 Millbury St., Worc. 508-755-4155 Perfect Game Sports Grill and Lounge 64 Water St., Worc. 508-792-4263 Wednesdays: Bike Night with Sheldon HD Fridays: DJ One-3 Saturdays: DJj Reckless Sundays: Open Mic Sundays with Bill McCarthy Sept. 6: Drunken Uncles Pho Dakao 593 Park Ave., Worc. 508-756-7555 Point Breeze On the Lake 114 Point Breeze Road, Webster 508-943-0404 Tuesdays: Open Mic

The Pumphouse 340 Main St., Southbridge 508-765-5473!/pages/The-PumpHouse/374917818127?sk=info

Sept. 13: Jay Graham Sept. 14: Andy Cummings Sept. 19: Zack Slick Sept. 20: L&M Rhythm Kings Sept. 21: Caves on Mars

Rage 105 Water St., Worc. 508-756-2223

Sakura Tokyo 640 Park Ave., Worc. 508-792-1078, 508-792-1068 Sept. 13-14: Doctor Robert

Ralph’s Chadwick Square Diner 148 Grove St., Worc. 508-753-9543 Sundays: Ralph’s Flea Market and Farmers’ Market; Sunday Night Cinemageddon ~ drive-in movies in the parking lot Tuesdays: See You Next Tuesday with DJ Poke Smot. Guest DJs and bands each week Wednesdays: Music Under the Moose Thursdays: Metal Thursday Sept. 6: Dirty Gerund Poetry Show Sept. 7: Bands TBA Sept. 13: Cooling Towers, Control Group, Rotating Strawberry Madonas and Ambush at Junction Rock Sept. 14: Mindset X, Three Points of Madness, Hemlock and Improper Dosage! Sept. 20: Holly Brewer teams up with Nate Greenslit) to uncover dark and horrific stories sung beautifully for you Sept. 21: The People’s Party and Guests Sept. 22: Rumble at Ralphs Hot Rod Show; Round 5 ~ Pre 64 Rodz Kustoms, bikes, stockers, race cars, bands all day, .booze, burgersand vendors. $10 Sept. 28: Dumpster Fire, Scaphism, No Salvation and more The Raven 258 Pleasant St., Worc. 508-304-8133 Wednesdays: Open Mic Night Thursdays through Sept. 19: Reality Sept. 6: Molly-Jane Gain, Secret Sage, Cedar Roots, All Good Things, Leon Legacy, Danny Fantom, Nine Millz Sept. 13: Synister Funk Sept. 14: 4orce Productions Presents Sep t. 21: Let’s Go Blue, The Old Guard, Companion, Set The Season, Actor|Observer, American Verse, Beneath The Sheets, Trophy Wives Sept. 26: One Year Reality anniversary bash w/ Soappy, Green Jeans, Twist Of Fate, Mike Kim, Sopforic, Corey Brooks, Muzik Does Jvstice, Firewerks RG Scooters Pub 84 Lakefront St., Lunenburg 978-348-2453 Sundays: Blues Jam with A Ton of Blues Fridays: Karaoke Sept. 14: Them Changes Sept. 14: Live Band Karaoke with Fingercuff Sept. 21: Fingercuff Live Karaoke Sept. 28: Backfire Rivalry’s Sports Bar 274 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 774-243-1100 Sept. 5: Sean Ryan Sept. 6: Mychael David & The Help Wanted Band Sept. 7: April Fools Sept. 13: Chad Clements Sept. 14: Babe Pino Sept. 15: Clamdigger Sept. 19: Sean Ryan Sept. 20: Drunken Uncles Sept. 21: Beach Party with Tom Revane Sept. 27: Take Two Sept. 28: Josh Briggs Rye & Thyme 14 Monument Square, Leominster 978-534-5900 Sept. 5: Big Jon Short Sept. 12: Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell

Sean Patrick’s Family Restaurant 494 Electric Ave., Lunenburg 888-824-3924, 978-345-2000 Smoky Joe’s/Rumors 371 Park Ave., Worc. 508-755-5542 Fridays: Paint Party at Throwed (18+) South Side Grille & Margarita Factory 242 W. Broadway, Gardner 978-632-1057 Speakers Night Club 19 Weed St., Marlborough 508-480-8222 Thursdays: Pub Night ~ dance, drink, party Fridays: Top 40 Dance Party Sept. 7: Gladstone Sept. 14: Dope Slap Sept. 20: Randon Axis Sept. 28: Great Escape Spruce Street Tavern 68 Spruce St., Clinton 978-368-1255 Squire Whites Pub & Restaurant 347 Greenwood St., Worc. 508-752-7544 Tal’s Place 138 Lake St., Webster 508-949-6559 Tammany Hall 43 Pleasant St., Worc. 508-753-7001 Three G’s Sports Bar 152 Millbury St., Worc. 508-754-3516 Tweed’s 231 Grove St., Worc. 508-755-8047 Union Music 142 Southbridge St., Worc. 508-753-3702 Victory Bar & Cigar 56 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-756-4747 Vincent’s Bar 49 Suffolk St., Worc. 508-752-9439 Sundays: Big Jon Short Thursdays: The Housetones Sept. 14: Second Saturday Spectacular (or Meatballs and Mayhem) Wonder Bar Restaurant 121 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-752-9909 Saturdays: Wonder Bar Saturdays with Nat Needle

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DINING & Entertaining

Relax, have a beer

By Kerry Cyganiewicz

The taps at Brew City

Sometimes, you just want to grab a beer. Other times, you’re trying to impress a date, celebrate, hang out with friends or drown your sorrows. Worcester has so many great places to grab a cold one, we put together a guide on where to grab a beer. When you …are looking for a great beer, Try Armsby Abbey, 144 N. Main St. Artisanal ~ that is the one word that comes to mind when I think of Armsby Abbey. The beer, cocktails and food are all from the finest purveyors, local when possible. You will not find any mass market beers here. What you will find is some of the best beer available anywhere in the world, right here in Worcester. Some awards they have won include Draft Magazine Top 100 Beer Bars in the Country three years in a row, Beer Advocate Magazine Top 5 Beer Bars in the U.S., Top 20 Beer Bars in the World, Wine Enthusiast Magazine No. 1 Beer Trailblazer in the U.S., and Andy Crouch rated Armsby one of the Top 20 Beer Bars in the country in his latest book Great American Craft Beer, published by Running Press. On top of all that, the beer dinners and brunch make it a must-visit. When you …are looking for somewhere to take a date, Try Brew City, 104 Shrewsbury St.

drink, only green instead of orange. The Narragansett here tastes better than anywhere else in the world. Why? I have no clue. Be sure to sit at the far end of the bar facing the door. That is one of the best people-watching seats in the city. If it isn’t your thing, read on for other places within walking distance of this Green Street icon. When you …want to be outside, Try Dive Bar, 34 Green St. Looking for a place to grab an excellent beer with outside seating? More than just a patio, the Dive Bar has a 2,600-square-foot outdoor beer garden that is like an oasis in the city. It’s one of the many places that makes that Canal District special. The tap lines are continually rotating and you always have the opportunity to try something different. When you …have to break up with someone or want to catch some great local live music, Try Lucky Dog, 89 Green St. Said in the voice of Morpheus from The Matrix: “What if I told you that you could catch some excellent local live music, enjoy a premium craft beer and break up with that certain someone all at the same time?”

This is one of Worcester’s original places to grab a craft beer. It is my go-to date spot for many reasons. It has an ever-changing selection on tap, as well as a respectable bottle list. It is quiet enough to talk, yet noisy enough that everyone won’t hear you. There is dark, secluded parking on site if things are going good; if they are going bad, the highway is nearby for a quick getaway. The bartender never asks who the new girl is; he just asks for my order with a wink. While there, be sure to check out the burger menu. There’s one topped with a fried egg and another with a ravioli. Yes, that’s right, a burger with a ravioli.

The Lucky Dog has a great selection of craft beer to go with its other drink offerings. It also has some of the best local live music in the city, including many Worcester Music Award-winners. It also has many means of exit. It is loud enough where your significant other won’t be sure if he or she heard, “It’s not me, it’s you” or “It’s not you, it’s me.” However you decide to do it, you have your choice of doors to hit the street after the deed is done.

When you …are on a great date, Try Tara Pub, 62 Green St.

The beer selection is very good. Stone Brewing, Clown Shoes and Dog Fish Head are some of the breweries I recognized from the taps. Last time I was there, the guy next to me raved about the cigar selection, while others smoked hooka, cigarettes and even a pipe. For a special treat, go there on a night Chris Reddy is playing.

That’s right, I said Tara Pub on Green Street. Why you ask? For starters, the pub has a drink called an Irish Mai Tai. Picture a strong Chinese restaurant

44 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

When you …want to smoke along with your beer, Try Michael’s Cigar Bar, 1 Exchange St.





Hot & Now

By Paul Giorgio

College Shuffle on Sept. 14. The seventh annual College Shuffle along Worcester’s Shrewsbury Street will kick off at noon Saturday, Sept. 14. This year’s Shuffle will feature food from more than 20 of Shrewsbury Street’s best restaurants, as well as entertainment and giveaways. This year’s Shuffle, produced by your very own Pulse Magazine is sponsored by Worcester’s newest arrival, JetBlue, and Coney Island. Jam’n 94.5 is the media sponsor. Booths and entertainment will line Shrewsbury Street for this party, which welcomes students to Worcester. College students, faculty and staff can purchase a $10 button ~ which allows you to sample all of the food ~ on their campuses. Buttons are $15 the day of the event. Lucky 7. 7Nana on Worcester’s Shrewsbury Street is hosting a Taste of 7Nana on Monday, Sept. 16, from 6-9 p.m. For $17, you get a tasting of 7Nana’s food, sushi-making demonstrations and a free T-shirt. VIP tickets, which cost $25, include all this, plus a free drink and a $10 gift card. That’s giving it away. Well 7 is a lucky number, especially for the guests at this event. Contact 7Nana for details. It gets better at 40. The Sheraton Framingham, which used to be the Tara, recently turned 40. And how did it celebrate? With a multi-million dollar makeover and a new, updated look with hip public spaces. Now, this is a makeover that Joan Rivers would be proud of. Third time’s a charm. What started out as the Piccadilly’s Bar & Grill and changed its name to Paparazzi is now The Pic. In one year, the former Piccadilly Pub on Shrewsbury Street has changed its name three times since re-opening. Now, it will be known as The Pic, which is how people affectionately referred to the old Piccadilly Pub. Another Piccadilly is sold. The former Piccadilly Pub in Westborough, near Computer Drive, is re-opening as an Owen O’Leary’s. The original Owen O’Leary’s is just down the road on the Southborough/Framingham town line. O’Leary’s offers a good mix of home-cooking and Irish fare. The original location has a great bar scene. A friendly place. Paesano Pizzeria opened the first week in August at 1121 Grafton St. in Worcester. Tony Bianco and his family are the owners. Paesano offers wood-fired, brick-oven pizza, which seems to be the new trend. It also has something no one else offers ~ a drive-through window and brick-oven pizza by the slice. Pizza is delivered in a red Fiat, with the saying “The Italians are coming.” The Last Drop. The 13th annual (and last) Festival of Ale will take place from 6-9 p.m. Sept. 21 at Higgins Armory Museum, 100 Barber Ave., Worcester. More than 22 brewers will participate. There will also be beer seminars, and Pepper’s Fine Food will cater the event. The cost is $50 per person. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit or call (508) 853-6015.

Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 45

Santa Barbara Wineries 10 years after the filming of Sideways By Tim Korby

The great wine themed movie Sideways was filmed in California’s Santa Barbara County during a 10-week period in October/ November 2003. Following the film’s release in 2004, the world became aware of the quality of wine being produced by the quiet wine region. Suddenly, the area became inundated with fans wanting to follow the Sideways Trail. Since then, things have changed for many of the wineries in Santa Barbara. The first winery mentioned in the film is Byron Vineyards, of Santa Maria, which was owned by Ken Brown. Brown sold Byron to Robert Mondavi, who, in turn, sold it to the Jackson family, which also owns Cambria Winery, next to Byron Vineyards. Byron still produces a range of wines, including a very nice pinot noir. The first winery that is visited in the movie is the old Sanford Tasting Room, where Miles (Paul Giamatti) gives a lesson to Jack (Thomas Haden Church) on how to taste wine and a long flowery description of the vin gris that they taste. Richard Sanford no longer owns the winery but has sold it to Terlato Wines, which has built a new wine-making facility just a short way up Santa Rosa Road. Sanford is still a leader in the production of pinot noir and chardonnay in Santa Barbara’s Santa Rita Hills. One of the epicenters of the movie is The Hitching Post II Restaurant, which Miles frequents on his sojourns to wine country. It was here that he met Maya (Virginia Madsen), imbibed on Hitching Post’s Highliner Pinot Noir and recommended the ostrich steak to Jack. The Hitching Post has recently built a new winemaking facility right up the road in Buellton, and at that new facility, Frank Ostini and Gray Hartley makes their highly sought-after pinot noir. At the old Foxen Vineyards tasting room, Miles and Jack help themselves to a glass of pinot noir while the tasting room attendant’s back is turned. Foxen has recently built a new tasting room and wine-making facility, where it continues to produce world-class pinot noir.

46 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

While having dinner at The Los Olivos Café (remember the line “I’m not drinking any f-ing Merlot”?), the first of many wines consumed that night is Fiddlehead Sauvignon Blanc. The wines from Fiddlehead are still in high demand because they are some of the best wines produced in the county. Later that night, Miles and Jack open a bottle of Andrew Murray Syrah, which ~ coincidently ~ is the winery behind Firestone Vineyards, where the two couples wander amongst the tanks and barrels. Andrew Murray’s syrah remains a small production, world-class wine, and Firestone’s sauvignon blanc is a great example of the white wine that can be produced in Santa Barbara. The Firestone family has since sold the winery to Robert Foley, who also owns both Lincourt and Foley vineyards, which are also in the Santa Ynez Valley. Another scene that everyone who saw the film remembers is at Frass Canyon, where Miles tries to drink from the spit bucket after finding out that his book isn’t being published. This was actually filmed at Fess Parker Winery. Yes, that Fess Parker, who portrayed Daniel Boone and Davey Crocket. Fess is no longer with us, but his son, Eli, is still making a full array of wines, including a very good and popular chardonnay. If you haven’t seen the movie Sideways in a while, then I suggest that you grab a bottle of Santa Barbara County pinot noir, open it up, relax on the couch and turn on the movie. We did last weekend, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Tim Korby is the director of Julio’s Liquors and online wine store. He started in the wine industry in California in 1976 and moved to the Boston area in 2000. In addition to being a retail wine buyer, he has taught wine courses since 1984 and has regularly written newsletters, articles and blogs since 1981. Tim travels the world several times a year to find just the right wines for his customers and to learn the true romance of the wines he sells.


CRAFT BREWS. FRESH BREADS. Celebrate the artisan craftsman with an unmatched selection of farm-fresh food, hand-crafted spirits and, of course, world class beers. In late September, you’ll be able to enjoy our expanded kitchen, 30 additional seats with semi-private function space, and the opening of Crust, our artisan bakeshop one block away. The slow food movement has found it’s home here.

118 Main Street Worcester MA 01608 OPENING LATE SEPTEMBER 2013

Lunch & dinner daily beginning at 11:30AM Brunch Saturdays & Sundays beginning at 10AM Located downtown in the historic courthouse district. 144 Main Street Worcester, MA 508.795.1012 Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 47

Voted Worcester’s Best Health Food


Thank You For Voting 508|459|4240 EVO Dining 234 Chandler Worcester’s Worcester MA Best -Worcester Living

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SAVE 10%

With This Ad Valid until 9/30/13 Cannot be combined with other offers. Not valid on past purchases. College.Pulse

Gluten-Free| GMO Free Vegan & Vegetarian Deli | Grocery | Grab-n-Go Organic Produce Beer & Wines

232 Chandler Street . Worcester 508.753.1896

Funky Murphys offers the right food, price and atmosphere


By Bernie Whitmore

Funky Murphys 305 Shrewsbury St., Worcester (508) 753-2995 For years, I considered Funky Murphys a place to meet friends, have a drink and watch sports. That’s how it looked from the street, and I never looked any closer. Then, the Taste of Shrewsbury Street came along; it’s always an ideal opportunity to visit restaurants I haven’t explored. And Funky Murphys was one of the standouts ~ it set up a buffet to showcase several of its specialties and, in the process, gained my respect for its menu. Fast-forwarding past the swelter of summer, it was finally time to give Funky Murphys a try. When I joined my friend for dinner, it was a warm weeknight and all the tables in the front were taken by groups wanting fresh air, draft beer and a Red Sox game, so we were seated in a booth in the back dining room. Occupying most of the room was a large party that provided plenty of festive energy for the remainder of the evening. The vibe? Jimmy Buffet cool at 90 decibels. Amanda, our server, brought menus and recited the list of draft beers. She was especially enthusiastic about the addition of Pumpkinhead Ale (Shipyard Brewing) to the lineup, so I ordered a pint in honor of the upcoming season. It came in a glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar. Call me a pumpkinpuss, but don’t sugarcoat my glass. Please. A quick wipe took care of that, and I had my first pumpkin brew of the season. Maybe the fruit needed more time to ripen; had this been a blind taste test, I would have rated it well, but the pumpkin flavor was barely perceptible. To give Funky Murphys an objective measure, we started with the classic sports bar appetizer ~ Nachos. Funky Murphys were some of the best; globs of stretchy, molten jack and cheddar cheeses overflowed and were baked right on to the dish. Accompanied by cups of salsa and sour cream, there were handfuls of sliced black olives, jalapeños, meaty red beans and a schmear of spicy chili. The nacho chips were classic golden corn ~ thankfully ~ and not those scarlet ones that seem to scream “red dye!” So the quality of ingredients and piping-hot presentation were probably the best around. But the portion? Let’s just say it was huge. We started out with big appetites and could not finish the dish; a party of four would find it plenty. When it came to entrees, my friend had a mixed experience with his Black Pepper Encrusted New York Strip. The good-sized

steak came perfectly medium rare, with juices flowing and bristling with a crunchy crust of cracked pepper. So far, so good. But what the menu described as “mushroom au poivre sauce” was, in reality, a chubby brown gravy with big slices of mushroom. “I don’t like gravy on my steak!” he grumbled, as he scraped it to the side of his plate. To her credit, Amanda sensed his distress and offered to replace his steak with another. In spite of the gravy incident, he stressed that the steak was delicious. It came with a perfectly formed scoop of mashed potatoes and a medley of broccoli and cauliflower florets. Funky Murphys has a long list of sandwich plates I was interested in sampling, but then. I noticed the Rack of Ribs and decided to be a carnivore for the evening. That was a good decision, for in a world where size matters, this rack hung over both corners of one of Funky’s big square dishes. Served with golden french fries and a bowl of creamy coleslaw, these ribs glistened a deep reddish-brown with tangy-sweet sauce. A crucial measure of ribs is that the meat falls from the bones. Funky Murphys ribs were so tender that with just a bit of prodding of my fork, the first bone sprung from the rack. My original plan was to take home half the rack, but these ribs were so tender and delicious, I just couldn’t leave them alone, and soon, I had nothing but a pile of clean bones. On a street renowned for restaurants, Funky Murphys holds its own and does it with a spirit of fun. The generous portions of good food at very reasonable prices made me a believer. Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 49

Sports & fitness

Back to school guide to local college sports By Mike Walsh

Contrary to how it may occasionally seem on television, one doesn’t need to travel to Texas to watch college football or North Carolina to take in some hoops. Worcester has its very own community of collegiate athletics waiting to be discovered. In fact, Worcester’s colleges put together some of the best collegiate sports teams in New England ~ and every school brings something to the table. The highest level of competition you’ll find in Worcester takes place at the College of the Holy Cross, which offers the only location for Division I athletics in central Massachusetts. The Crusaders also boast 25 athletic teams, most of which participate in the Patriot League.

The Anna Maria College AmCats (2-8) and Becker College Hawks (3-7) play in the tough Eastern Collegiate Football Conference. The Assumption College Greyhounds (3-7) call the Northeast 10 home. While the Clark University Cougars don’t do football, they are well-known for their basketball. Home of a prestigious yearly high school tournament, the Cougars aren’t too shabby in their own right. The men’s team finished 12-14 last year, while the women were an even 13-13. In fact, college basketball is a major deal in the Worcester area. Nine schools, including Quinsigamond Community College, have both men’s and women’s basketball programs.

The Patriot League recently opted to begin allowing full football scholarships, which means Holy Cross football will be on the rise in coming years. After finishing just 2-9 last season, the Crusaders will be looking to build upon their first class of scholarship athletes.

Some of those programs are quite good. Last season, the WPI Men’s team went 26-3, advancing to the second round of the Division III NCAA Tournament. That was WPI’s 10th consecutive season winning 20-plus games. The female Engineers finished 15-11.

Holy Cross doesn’t have the only football game in town, however. Jumping down to Division III, there are a host of programs to keep an eye on. The Worcester Polytechnic Institute Engineers (2-8) play in the Liberty League, while the Worcester State College Lancers (6-4) and Nichols College Bison (19) battle in the New England Football Conference.

The Greyhounds from Assumption placed both their teams in the Division II Tournament. The men finished 21-8, advancing to Round 2, while the 22-8 women were eliminated in the first game.

50 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

The Holy Cross Crusaders play at a level higher than the rest. In Division I, even if the teams aren’t successful, the games are always exciting at HC’s Hart

Center. The women have experienced a few solid seasons lately, finishing 18-14 last year, but losing in the Patriot League Championship game. The men were 12-18 for the year. Other teams to watch out for in the coming school year include both the men’s and women’s ice hockey teams at Holy Cross. The men were 20-14-3, while the women finished 16-6-5. The Crusaders baseball team won’t play again until the spring, but finished first in the Patriot League with a 28-25 record last year. The Lancers softball team finished 2013 at 25-18, advancing all the way to the East Coast Athletic Conference Division III Tournament championship game. The Worcester State Women’s Lacrosse team went 13-6, but fell in the ECAC semifinals. At Anna Maria, there is exciting news, as 2014 will be the first varsity season for men’s volleyball. Also, the AmCats field hockey team went 6-0 in conference play, 14-8 overall, taking the New England Collegiate Conference Championship before falling in the ECAC quarterfinals. The Hawks of Becker College boasted a 22-15 softball team that

made its first appearance in the ECAC Tournament. The Clark Cougars field hockey team went 12-6 on the season, advancing to the New England Men’s and Women’s Athletic Conference playoffs. The Bison men’s soccer team out of Nichols College finished 13-8 last fall, losing in the Commonwealth Coast Conference finals. The men’s hockey team finished 16-9-1, falling in the ECAC Northeast semifinals. WPI’s Engineers put together solid men’s soccer (11-5) and women’s volleyball (19-9) seasons. The volleyball program made the NEWMAC playoffs. WPI has won eight of the last 10 and four straight Worcester Cups, awarded by the Telegram & Gazette to the Worcester-area school with the highest overall winning percentage. Sports are plentiful in Worcester throughout the year, so no matter what you are craving, local colleges are serving it up on playing fields throughout central Massachusetts.

Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 51

Add some color to your world By Kimberly Dunbar

I felt drops on my head as I stood among the crowd. “Please, don’t let that be rain,” I thought. I looked over at my friend, her hair covered in electric blue and yellow powder. I realized it wasn’t rain; the drops I felt were clumps of powder. The color explosion had begun.

In the name of fun, these races aren’t timed, and Color Vibe encourages participants to have “the time of your life” instead. Though some running purists consider color 5Ks gimmicks, Spencer disagrees. “We’re here to let people have fun,” he said. “I guarantee you there are more laughs and smiles here than at any marathon. You can call it a fad or a quirky niche, but it’s giving people an excuse to get off the couch and go outside.”

A few months ago, my friends and I joined the millions of others who have participated in the latest fitness craze ~ a color 5K run/walk event, during which participants, who are encouraged to dress in white, are shot with bursts of “color” (non-toxic dyed cornstarch) throughout the course. “It’s a dance party with a visual element,” said Taylor Spencer, event director for Color Vibe, one of several organizations that host color runs across the country. Color Vibe comes to Davis Farms in Sterling on Sept. 28. While these colorful races usually happen in big cities like Boston, Color Vibe has picked the Worcester area to reach a different group.

But the best part of every Color Vibe is the end. “Usually after a race, you’re all sweaty, but at the end of the Color Vibe, it looks like a unicorn threw up on you,” said Spencer. This makes for excellent Facebook and Instagram pictures. To register, visit and enter code PULSECOLOR and receive $5 off. Offer expires Sept. 25.

“Those who live in the suburbs usually have to travel to get to these events,” Spencer said. “So when we get to places like Worcester, we usually get a crowd that is excited to have the event.”


Spencer said that Color Vibe’s willingness to branch out to smaller communities sets it apart from other color races like The Color Run, Color Me Rad and Color in Motion. Despite the volume of color run events, the races continue to grow in popularity and participation. Color Vibe, which held its first event in August, 2012, has expanded exponentially in its first year. “We have at least one a weekend, sometimes two or three,” Spencer said, adding that next year will be even busier.

“The idea behind this was to create an event that wasn’t intimidating,” said Spencer. “Many of our runners have never run a 5K before or run much at all,” he said. “It’s for people who want to get out there and be a little more active.”

52 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

• • • • • •

Wear sunglasses to keep the color from getting in your eyes or contacts. Bring a bandanna to cover your mouth when you go through the color stations. If you want to bring your phone or camera to take pictures, carry it in a plastic baggie (or weeks later, you’ll still be digging color out of random crevices). Pack a clean towel and baby wipes to clean up after the race. Wear an old pair of sneakers. The color will come out of your clothes, but your shoes will remain rainbow-colored. The color comes off your skin pretty easily, but slather yourself with sunscreen before the race for even quicker cleanup. Have fun!

Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 53


Pulse debunks popular myths about college By Katey Khaos

You’ve heard the myths about college, but are they true? Actually, your college experience depends a lot on the choices you make … and a little bit of luck in the roommate department. Myth: College is so much harder than high school. I think the word we’re looking for here is “different.” College is the first time in your life that you don’t have your parents breathing down your neck, making sure assignments are done on time or making sure you’re up in time for class. College may only appear to be harder because all of the new freedoms. Find a way to stay organized and on top of your course load and extracurricular activities, and you’ll find that college is a breeze! Myth: Community college is for losers. Uh, no. Generally the degree is what counts here. Community college is great for those who aren’t sure if college is for them, for those who need an associate‘s degree and for those who want to knock out some core classes before deciding on a major. Oh, and did I mention that community colleges are way cheaper and the education is just as good? Myth: All freshmen gain 15 pounds. You’ll only gain the Freshman 15 if you’re trying. Freshman year is super busy. You’ve probably got a full course load, some extracurricular activities and maybe even a part-time job. The fun part actually becomes trying to find time to eat! But if you’re still worried that the Freshman 15 might creep up on you, just hit up the on-campus gym. Myth: Roommate compatibility forms really work. This could quite possibly be the biggest myth of them all. Remember that form you filled out saying what your interests were and the type of person you’d want to room with? It’s not likely you’ll be placed with that person. That’s not to say you’ll be living with the roommate from hell, but be prepared to be flexible and compromise.

54 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Sept. 2013

Myth: You must choose a major right away. It’s not uncommon to swap majors, but keep in mind that you risk losing credits due to different graduation requirements. Better idea: Get your core courses out of the way first, and then pick a major sophomore or junior year, after you’ve had the chance to pinpoint your passions. Myth: College students are poor and starving. Don’t worry; you won’t be poor and starving until those loans kick in. Look into part-time jobs in the city. Also, be sure to snag a meal plan ~ it ensures you’ve got food all semester, even if your wallet’s empty. Myth: You must go Greek immediately. For those who are looking to become a member for a fraternity or sorority, don’t feel like you have to do so as soon as you step on campus. Your best bet? Adjust to the college life first, make some friends, and then make your decision when it’s time for open rush. Myth: You must bring a car to campus. Although this might be true for some colleges, in Worcester, you’ll have no problem getting around without a car. Many of Worcester’s hot spots are within walking distance, and for those that aren’t, most colleges offer various off-campus activities, complete with free shuttle rides. If all else fails, there’s usually someone in your friend circle with a car. Myth: Finals week is hell. Not as long as you’ve mastered one of college’s best-kept secrets: Study hard now (as in throughout the semester), and come finals week, life is bound to be grand because ~ deep breath ~ you’ll already know the majority of the material like the back of your hand and will just need a quick refresher.

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Get ready to face the dorm bathroom By Kelsey Lemmon

Think back to the dirtiest bathroom you’ve ever seen, whether it be at a bar, club, restaurant or at a friend’s house, then multiply that by five, and you’ve officially seen a bathroom in a college dorm. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or expensive the university is, it is more than likely the bathroom on each and every floor will look like a crime scene. From seeing showerheads torn off the walls, causing leaks throughout the entire building, to taking pictures of girls passed out on the floor under a stall on a Friday night, I’ve experienced it all firsthand, and so will you. One of the worst things to walk into is the pungent smell cigarette smoke. Just because you turn on the shower does not mean the smell is going to vanish into thin air, FYI. When you’re in the moment, it’s rather alarming to walk into the bathroom, thinking you’re going to be taking a nice, relaxing shower after class, but instead, you see the girl down the hall showering with the boy downstairs. Or when you’ve decided to stay in on a Saturday night to study for a test and you walk into the bathroom and can’t even get to the sink to wash your hands because drunken girls are taking shots of vodka and mirror selfies. If you’ve been assigned a suite, which is a bit more private and usually consists of a living room area, four bedrooms and a bathroom, do not automatically think you’re in the clear. Just because you don’t share a bathroom with as many people doesn’t mean they can’t walk into your suite at any time and do as they please. It’s happened to me, and it will probably happen to you, too. Suite bathrooms can actually turn out to be dirtier in the long run because it is up to you and your suitemates to clean the shower, the toilets, the floors, the mirrors … everything. The cleaning staff is only responsible for the bathrooms that are publically used throughout the dorm. Therefore, if you end up in a suite, be prepared to see long strands of hair on the shower walls, dirty toilets and other foul, miscellaneous things. The best way to deal with this is to agree on cleaning duties for each suitemate and to stick by it. From someone who has gone through it, my best piece of advice is to always, always wear flip flops in the shower, or else you will get an infection and die. Kidding … but seriously. Oh, and if you’re a guy, expect triple the grime.

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Go to the top of the pile with a stellar resume By Tine Roycroft To get your dream job (or heck, any job at all), you need a solid resume that accurately represents you and impresses employers. But this seemingly simple task raises many questions: How long should a resume be? What makes someone stand out as a candidate? And do employers even read the cover letter anymore? Maggie Becker, associate director of Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Career Development Center, took the guesswork out of the process and showed us how to craft a resume that will not only be read, but will hopefully secure an interview. Take note; many of you will need this advice soon. What are some ground rules of a good resume? Consistent formatting is crucial when writing a resume. Margins should be ¾ inch to 1 inch on all four sides; either an 11- or 12-point font size is ideal for body text, while the name of the person would ideally be at 14-point size; headings should be bolded or should use all capital letters. A one-page resume is also recommended. Job applicants should also tailor their resumes for different objectives so that their experiences align with the job they are seeking.

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What makes a resume go to the top of a pile? Becker: A tailored resume will stand out. However, it must also feature consistent formatting, be typo-free, grammatically correct and provide strong, detailed descriptions of accomplishments. Resumes that elaborate more on experiences ~ rather than simply provide lists ~ will also rise to the top. How long do you need to stay at a job in order to put it on your resume? As professionals begin their careers, “job hopping” is strongly discouraged. Leaving multiple jobs after only working a few months at each would be taken as a warning sign to potential future employers, who might judge an applicant as unreliable, untrustworthy or even difficult to please. Rather than quitting, we encourage employees who are feeling unsatisfied or unhappy in a new role to try talking to their manager, human resources or even their college’s career center. What are some common mistakes people make when crafting resumes? Spelling errors and typos. [Some applicants] make long lists rather than tailoring their resumes to the job for which they are applying. Resumes should be action-oriented ~ not passive. People should always begin describing their roles with a verb. Do you always need a cover letter? Yes. Cover letters are extremely important and allow applicants to connect more with hiring managers by providing context for how their background relates to the open position. Cover letters also allow applicants to convey their personality, enthusiasm for the company and the job being sought and any preexisting connections they might have to individuals who work there. What’s the best way to follow up? Two weeks after sending in both a resume and a cover letter, applicants should follow-up by calling and verifying that the documents were received. This will also allow them to politely ask for an update on the status of their application and the position while allowing them to demonstrate interest, initiative and good communication skills.

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Worcester celebrates its pride and diversity

Everything’s coming up rainbows! It’s been a banner year for LGBT rights, and Worcester is set to recognize the immense strides that have been made for LGBT equality in just the last few months with its annual Pride parade and festival. The all-day event takes place Saturday, Sept. 7, beginning with a Pride Parade in the morning and a festival that immediately follows the march. The parade route ends at Worcester Common on Main Street (behind City Hall) around noon, but the party continues late into the day. The Worcester Pride on the Common festival follows the parade and is sure to be a good time for people of all persuasions, with performances and vendors galore! While most major cities near and far (Boston, Providence, New York, Los Angeles, etc.) hold their festivals in June to commemorate and coincide with the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that occurred in June 1969, Worcester stands out from the crowd as a diverse LGBT-friendly city all its own by picking early fall to hold its festival. This year marks the 38th anniversary of Worcester’s Pride Parade, and the city has long held to its proud tradition of welcoming people of every sexual orientation. The day’s activities aren’t just about parties. Sept. 7 is a day to recognize the power of community by embracing each other and our collective diversity. At

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By Mike Wood

press time, performers for the celebration had yet to be announced (although, country singer Glenn Stewart is confirmed for the event). Rest assured that the organizers will keep everything pretty close to PG, since the festival and the parade are becoming more and more family- and straight allyfriendly every year. If you’re up for a good time with the LGBT community, be sure to check out the Worcester Pride Pageant at Coral Seafood on Shrewsbury Street the night before the parade and festival (Sept. 6). There are three categories to be crowned or sashed: Miss Gay Worcester, Mr. Gay Worcester and Ms. Lesbian Worcester ~ and the contestants can be from all sexual identities and orientations. They’ll simply be competing in whichever category they feel most comfortable. So join in on the fun and keep up with the pageant’s Facebook page ( to learn more about the pre-Pride pageant. Join your central Massachusetts neighbors in Worcester to celebrate the city’s diversity by observing and celebrating equality and inclusion for all. It’s one big party, and everyone ~ of all sexual identities ~ is invited to partake in this joyous celebration of equal rights and camaraderie. For the latest information, visit

Worcester Pride SEPT. 4, 2013


6:00 p.m. KICK OFF PARTY AT OLE – 118 Water S t., Worcester $15 ticket includes Food and Contribution to Pride Flag Pole Fund

For tickets, email with “Kick Off Party at Ole” in the subject line.

8:00 p.m. PRIDE FLAG RAISING AT MB 40 Grafton S t., Worcester

SEPT. 6, 2013


6:00 p.m. MISS GAY, MR. GAY, & MS. LESBIAN WORCESTER PAGEANT – Coral S eafood, 225 S hrewsbury S t., Worcester Hosted by Viola Fields $10 ticket in advance / $15 ticket at the door

For advance tickets, email us at with “WP Pageant Tickets” in the subject line.

SEPT. 7, 2013

11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PARADE – Begins at I nstitute Park (see app) Parade Grand Marshal - Tim Murray


12:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. FESTIVAL – Dozens of Acts, Vendors, Food Hosted by Cindy Foster and featuring Country Star Glenn Stewart, “Country that Kicks Out Loud and Proud” 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. BLOCK PARTY – Outside next to MB -Offical Pride Event! 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. CELEBRATE FAMILY PRIDE – Lake View Church, 115 Coburn Ave., Worcester Postponed - DRAG BRUNCH @ BAR FX

Worcester Pride Schedule App! GLENN STEWART

Worcester Pride 2013 — Pride = Equality

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The Dancer’s Sole:

Revamped dance studio offers new goals, same passion By Rachel Shuster

The Dancer’s Sole, LLC, ~ formerly the Canty Dance Centre ~ has a new owner, new look and new goals. However, the Webster studio will maintain the same values, sense of community and prestigious dance technique that it has possessed for the past 13 years. Erin Canty, founder and owner of Canty, decided to sell her business to spend time with her family and explore a new career path. In February, veteran instructor and past student of Canty’s, Kristen St. Laurent, and her husband, Stephen, purchased the business. St. Laurent began teaching at Canty Dance Centre in the summer of 2006 while she pursued her bachelor’s in English at Worcester State College. She graduated in May 2008 and transitioned into a full-time teaching position. She has more than 25 years of dance experience and 10 years of teaching experience. She also gained her technical training from Sally McDermott Dance Centers and LMT Dance Academy. She continues her studies at conventions and workshops around New England. As far as new goals and changes, St. Laurent said that students and families can expect much of the same with some new and exciting things to look forward to. “Our No. 1 goal with The Dancer’s Sole is to bring new and positive energy to our students while continuing the traditions that Miss Erin created. I want our students to feel that our studio is a place where they can feel safe and at home, a place where they can better themselves, both physically and mentally, while making new friends,” St. Laurent said. As for the biggest challenge she foresees as the new studio owner, St. Laurent said she is up for whatever comes her way. “My biggest challenge will be

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juggling all aspects of the business at once. However, I will be able to push myself, not only as owner but also as a choreographer and a person. My drive for creativity and inspiration within dance concepts will parallel my passion to make my business succeed, not only for myself but for my students, who inspire me every day.” The Dancer’s Sole offers classes in all levels/ages and genres, from the classics and beyond ~ ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, modern, acro/tumbling, dance technique, musical theater and Mommy & Me. The Dancer’s Sole also offers adult classes ~ perfect for anyone of any level! “Our adult classes include yoga and cardio fitness and toning. Yoga classes are held Saturday mornings from 8-9 a.m.; drop-in for $10 per class or purchase a punch card ~ 8 classes for $70. Adult cardio fitness and toning classes are held Monday evenings 7:30-8:30 p.m.; drop-in for $5 per class or purchase a punch card ~ 10 classes for $45,” St. Laurent said. Canty Dance Centre offered classes for students with special needs and/or developmental delay, which St. Laurent plans to continue to offer. “We will also continue participating in local fundraising events, including cancer benefits and parades,” she said. St. Laurent plans to begin a fundraiser/charity performance event for local nonprofit animal shelters. The renovated studio officially opened its doors Aug. 1 for its competitive and performance group auditions and summer camps. The first official day of classes for the 2013-14 season is Sept. 9. For more information, visit the studio’s Facebook page, email dancers_ or call (508) 949-1508.

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beauty & style

The myth of the ‘Freshman 15’ By Victoria Piscatelli

The “elephant” awaiting college freshmen before they arrive on campus is the fear of gaining the infamous “Freshman 15” ~ the phenomenon in which fit high school grads become unhealthy, highly caffeinated and stressed-out college students.

calories. Calories equal energy. Therefore, college students need food ~ and enough calories ~ to give them energy. If over exercising and calorie-restrictive dieting is not a solution for students to stay healthy, what is?

But what if the Freshman 15 is a myth? What if it is a college tale dating back to August 1985, when Seventeen magazine first coined the term? Well, have no fear! The Freshman 15 is no more real than Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy (sorry, kids). The Freshman 15 is a hoax.

Holy Cross dietitian, Kathy Egan, shared her foolproof guidelines for students to stay healthy and happy while at college:

Among the many pressures at college today (doing well in school, making friends and fitting in) is the pressure to avoid gaining weight. However, according to a 2011 Ohio State study on the subject, an average college freshman only gains about 3-4 pounds throughout the year. Compared to people of the same age group (17- to 19-year-olds) who did not attend college, there was only a ½-pound difference. Now, I am not a math major, but I am pretty sure that neither three nor four equal 15. So, from here on out, I will not use the term Freshman 15, because if I do not believe in the Tooth Fairy, there is no way I am going to believe in an imaginary 15 pounds being added to my thighs. One of the most popular (especially among female college students) ways to stay slim is the “endlesscardio-and-least-amount-of-calories-diet.” This plan may seem like the perfect solution to avoid weight gain, but it is just as unhealthy as eating a whole pizza after a night of partying or shoving a doughnut down before class. By exercising excessively and restricting calories, a student will have lower energy levels and the body will begin to eat away at its lean muscle mass, since it doesn’t have the fuel it needs to function. College students need energy. Food has

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• If you are hungry, eat! Make healthy choices and pay attention to portion size. • Plan most days so that you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Doing this will keep you energized throughout the day. • Aim for getting 2 cups of vegetables at lunch and dinner and two pieces of whole, fresh fruit every day. • Drink plenty of water. • Pick whole grains, such as oatmeal, quinoa and brown rice. • Get plenty of sleep. • Stay active and exercise. • Have fun! Say goodbye to the myth of the Freshman 15 and say hello to a healthy four years of college. If you gain a pound or two, don’t sweat it! Just follow the rules above, and the way you feel about yourself and your body will outweigh any number on a scale. If you find yourself overly concerned, look for nutrition or counseling professionals on your campus who can help you stay healthy. Victoria Piscatelli, College of the Holy Cross, class of 2015, is an English and psychology major and a Holy Cross Dining Services marketing intern. She is a peer educator and co-chairman of Holy Cross Healthy Eating and Lifestyle (HEAL).

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The Style List.

Gear up, get Grime

And so it begins. Another somber countdown until next summer, as pools are covered and bathing suits and air conditioners are packed away. Don’t worry, though, the beach isn’t going anywhere. Look on the brighter side of the colder weather ~ September brings back some favorite New England treats, such as changing leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything and, of course, back-to-school shopping and fall fashions galore. Stacia Kindler

The fall season is notorious for pouring and piling new trends on fashion-lovers, just in time for us to frantically scour the mall for the last size in those perfect, yet pricy, boots. As exciting as that sounds, I, for one, am all for switching it up a bit when opportunity knocks ~ and it knocks conveniently and locally. While researching last month’s column, I could not help but notice all of the local attention being received by Grime Clothing, the new and used clothing store located on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester. Social media is acting as a godsend for this locally owned and operated business ~ the website itself a simple Tumblr page ~ and I was impressed with all of the local Instagrammers and Facebook users doing their promotional part with the supportive and adoring tag #grimegear, creating a community of local shoppers that simply cannot be ignored. Worcester native Molly McGrath operates this new and used local goldmine, primarily on a buy/trade/sell basis, where customers not only have the exciting opportunity to sniff out one-of-a-kind treasures but also can trade their old stuff

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By Stacia Kindler

for new ~ how perfect is that? Paired with a healthy mix of new items, locally made jewelry and a kick-ass shoe wall, doing some of your back-to-school shopping locally is a laid back and fun change of pace. Still, you ask, why shop local when I can just go to the mall? “Shopping local keeps my business alive!” McGrath said, as she described a visit to her store as not just a simple shopping session but an adventure and a unique experience. With autumn just around the corner, McGrath is gearing up for the first backto-school season at the Shrewsbury Street location, studying up on trends and blogs and looking forward to buying nothing but the best in clothing, shoes and accessories for months to come. Grime will be stacked with all of the fall favorites, including eclectic mixes of boots, jeans, flannels, blazers, blouses, tons of leggings and, of course, those hard-to-find necessities such as vintage T-shirts. Nevertheless, inventory changes daily, so don’t wait to check this place out! A huge end-of-summer sale will held Sept. 7 to make way for all of the fun new fall finds. What better way to enjoy your last few days of summer than strolling the city for treasures? McGrath may even direct you to some other hidden spots in the area, as you continue your thrifty journey. So ditch your old ways and don’t be afraid to get a little local this season … #grimegear.

Dorm Beauty Being away from home can make anyone uncomfortable and homesick, so make sure your bathroom caddy is packed to the brim with essentials sure to perk up any dorm room, mood or grimy shower stall.



Light and easy to carry is the key when heading to the shower. But you want products that work, too. Check out:

You need light, easy tools to get ready for the day. And if they work faster or bring some added flare to your morning, so much the better!

LUSH King of Skin Body Butter ($13.95) ~ This moisturizing body butter is a solid, so you can use it in the shower as an alternative to packaged moisturizers. Emollient, fresh, organic bananas are whipped up with extra virgin coconut oil and cocoa and shea butters to moisturize and leave skin feeling silky smooth in one easy step.

LUSH Godiva Solid Shampoo ($11.95) ~ This solid shampoo is convenient to keep your shower caddy. It’s light and is the equivalent of three bottles of shampoo. This particularly moisturizing shampoo bar has an opulent aroma and conditioning ingredients that will leave hair gloriously rejuvenated and beautifully scented. Jasmine, ylang, ylang, cypress and palmarossa oil combine for a relaxing and sensual scent.

Anti-Frizz by Yuko Leave-in Conditioner ($24) ~ It’s still hot and humid, but there’s no need to go to class with a bad case of the frizzies! This special heatactivated, leavein conditioner utilizes a unique blend of natural plant oils to detangle and deeply revitalize the hair, while heat styling further enhances the effects of the oils.

LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo ($13.95) ~ Dry shampoo for “washing” without water for the days when you’re late for class and just can’t get out of bed on time. No Drought gives hair an extra day without washing. Just massage it sparingaqly into your scalp and through your hair and then shake it out. (If you’ve got long hair, you might need a quick brush to make sure you’re covered.) Corn flour and talc absorb excess oil and leave locks soft to the touch. Lemon, grapefruit and lime oils will give your hair a fresh and fruity fragrance, too.

X5 Superlite Hair Dryer ($130) ~ Known for innovation, X5 Superlite’s hairstyling tools will save you money and deliver the quality results that hairstylists and hair enthusiasts look for. Want a hair dryer that’s fast, light and can go anywhere? The X5 Superlite dryer weighs less than 1 pound, cuts drying time by 70 percent and gives shiny, smooth results!

ISO Beauty Straigteners/ Curling Irons ($320) ~ Mark your hairstyling tools as yours with ISO Beauty’s straighteners and curling irons that come in great colors and patterns. So express yourself with a funky pattern and use a tool that gets the job done!

KROME Grooming Brushes ($9.99) ~ Great hair starts with a great brush. Designed with a smooth, comfortable handle, these brushes are ideal for detangling, smoothing and grooming all types of medium to very long hair. The bristles are set in a soft rubber air cushion base to soothe the scalp and are tipped with round, molded balls to help prevent breakage and split ends. Available in pink, purple, gold and silver, the brushes feature a pearly, glossy finish for an ultra-chic look. Sept. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 70

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