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Central MA goes all out for Halloween


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Take a walk on the paranormal side By Tine Roycroft

Photo by Tracyann Knowles 6 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Oct. 2013

Photo by Tracyann Knowles


he fascination with the world of the paranormal began when he was young. John Brightman would ride his bike across his family’s 100-acre property, often passing a small shack that lay nestled deep in the woods.

“Whenever I was near the shack, I got this very creepy feeling,” Brightman remembered. “Like someone was watching me. Like someone was right behind me.” His grandparents protected him from the truth for a time, but Brightman remained persistent, and when he was older, they told him the truth: The shack reportedly had been the location of three grisly murders committed by a man who believed he was a member of a cult and was attempting to raise his father from the dead.  

All at once, the eerie feelings made complete sense, and Brightman became a believer for life. Today, as founder and lead investigator of New England Paranormal Research, Brightman spends his days researching potentially haunted sites and helping the living understand the actions of those who have transitioned to the other side.   “We’ll get calls from people who will say that something’s going on in their house that they can’t explain,” he explained. “They could be seeing a shadow figure or hearing a strange voice telling them to leave or get out. Some people even report having unexplained scratches or marks. We’ll set up an appointment and go to their house and try to determine what’s going on.”   Brightman’s clients could be suffering from overactive imaginations, or their houses could have malfunctioning electrical wiring that would explain the odd occurrences ... or they could actually be dealing with a ghost.   Such was the case of a Westborough family. When the family contacted Brightman, the family said that the children in the house had been seeing shadowy figures and hearing voices. Brightman and his team headed to the site, and during the initial investigation, noted that their detection meters were Oct. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 7

The Palladium ~ Photo by John Phelan registering activity. They were also able to capture a voice on tape. After analyzing the evidence further and confirming that there was indeed paranormal activity in the house, Brightman asked a medium ~ a person who uses his or her psychic abilities to aid communication between the living and the dead ~ to visit the home and cleanse it. “As the medium was walking around, she was talking to the family,” Brightman explained. “The medium had never met the family before and had no way of knowing them. But as she was speaking to the husband and the wife, they started crying.”   Brightman reassured the couple that the team was there to help free them from the ghostly presence. But the couple then revealed that the spirit the medium was describing had actually been the best man at their wedding. His spirit had become stuck between this world and the next.   Brightman believes there are different types of spirits ~ residual spirits, interactive spirits and, although very rare, demon spirits. According to him, residual spirits are mostly harmless and are simply going through the motions of what they used to do while they were still alive.   “Say you’re in a restaurant that was built in the 1940s,” Brightman explained. “You see this figure, and he walks through a wall. Chances are that years ago, that wall was actually a door, and that spirit used to walk through the door on a regular basis. He’s just going through his normal routine. He’s not aware of other people watching him.”


Brightman said that his team typically won’t attempt to encourage residual spirits to move on because they aren’t disruptive. Many people don’t even actually see the spirit itself, but instead see cabinet doors being open and shut, for example. “When we’re dealing with the interactive spirits,” Brightman explained, “we try to move them along. They’re intelligent. If you say, ‘Can you turn this flashlight on?’ they will. Sometimes, they’re just stuck, and they actually understand that the medium is trying to help them.”   According to Brightman, to help a ghost transition to the afterlife, a medium might begin at one corner of the haunted site and then, using sea salt or sage, slowly cleanse the entire house. Eventually, the medium will help the ghost find the front door of the house and escort it to freedom.   Brightman has thankfully never dealt with a demon or needed to employ an exorcism. He has had a number of brushes with “bad spirits,” but these interactions don’t faze him.   “Of course, there are bad spirits because there are bad people in the world,” Brightman said. “If you’re a good person in this life, you’ll probably remain a good person in the afterlife. If you’re a bad person, just because you pass over doesn’t mean you instantly become good. Today, a lot of people think that if a spirit scratches you or hits you, it’s a demon. That’s not the case. It could just be a very mean spirit who doesn’t want you there. They just want to explain to you that they don’t think you belong there.”

Victorian House in Gardner Every so often, Brightman and his team find themselves investigating sites where odd things are happening, but a ghost isn’t to blame. He remembers a home the team investigated in Amherst. The team had received the call right after a horrible snowstorm. The family reported seeing things and experiencing headaches and severe nausea. The home had been without power for a week, which was ideal for the team simply because any readings on their meters would be due to paranormal forces and not electrical interference. During their second visit to the home, they were able to determine that the house was not grounded, and the symptoms that the family was experiencing were due to an electromagnetic field collecting in their home. At the time, Brightman had an electrician on his team who was able to connect the family with the power company. Once the issue was rectified, the symptoms and the sightings went away.   But if you’re looking for the ghostly hot spots in and around Worcester, Brightman and his team can point you in the right direction. Ever catch a concert at the Worcester Palladium? It might surprise you to hear that the popular venue is known to be haunted.   “People have seen apparitions there,” Brightman said. “They’ve heard what sounds like people dancing on the stage when there’s no one there. A friend’s group went there to investigate and came back with some great recordings of voices. It’s very active.”   Then, there’s the Victorian House in Gardner. It was built in 1875 by furniture tycoon S.K. Pierce, but Pierce’s son, Frank, lost it years later in a poker game. Supposedly in 1963, a man named William Callahan spontaneously combusted in one of the bedrooms of the house. Brightman has investigated the home several times, and during one of his recent investigations, which is featured on an episode of Ghost Adventures, he really pushed the envelope by camping out in the room where the spontaneous combustion reportedly took place.   “I was saying things like, ‘We’re not going to leave unless you give us a sign that you’re here,’” remembered Brightman. “Suddenly, it felt like I’d been hit with a baseball bat. I stood up; my ribs were burning. I lifted up my shirt, and you could see a scratch in the shape of a W. Right after, we thanked the spirit for

letting us know it was there. We have a machine called an ovilus that will spell out single words that the spirits are communicating. The machine read ‘squeeze… every throat… in this house.’ We pissed it off that night. So we left that room.” During a typical 9-to-5 job, it can be challenging to not bring work home with you. But when you’re a paranormal investigator, work sometimes follows you home.   “My house is in the Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts,” said Brightman. “It’s a very active location. Native Americans died in the area. There have been horrific suicides, cult murders and sightings of unusual animals ~ Bigfoot creatures and huge snakes. I know my house has activity in it. We’ve seen cabinet doors open and shut. My girlfriend has come down to the kitchen in the morning (after a spending a night in the home by herself) to find all of the cabinets open and all of the dishes spilled out onto the floor. We all have grown to live with it in the house. If things got out of control, we’d do something, but for the most part, we’re used to it.”   Brightman loves his work and doesn’t intend to stop investigating any time soon. He and the team travel often, attending conventions and giving lectures across the country. Brightman will be appearing on episodes of both Ghost Adventures and A Haunting this year, and the team will air a film, The Bridgewater Triangle Documentary, on Oct. 20 at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. As long as there’s an afterlife, Brightman and the members of New England Paranormal Research will keep investigating.   For more information, go to   Oct. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 9






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experience the horror By Kimberly Dunbar If you have a wicked case of samhainophobia (you know, the fear of Halloween), then this article is not for you. But if you’re one of the 170 million Americans who celebrate with spirit, keep reading, because you aren’t going to want to miss Canalloween 2013! Worcester’s biggest Halloween party is back for its third year and better than ever. On Oct. 26, zombies will flood the streets of the Canal District when Canalloween kicks off in the early afternoon and continues throughout the night. “Halloween is fun,” said Paul Giorgio, publisher of Pagio, Inc., one of the sponsors of Canalloween. “It is non-denominational, national and a great fall event.” The fun starts with a Scary Monster Dash 5K at 3 p.m. (a youth 1K race begins at 2:30 p.m.), followed by a Zombie Walk for those who’d rather take it easy. Of course, all participants are encouraged to dress in costume for the occasion. At 4 p.m., runner or not, head on down to watch a parade that will make its way down Water Street ~ zombies, marching bands and all. Canalloween is the brainchild of Giorgio and others who were looking to give Worcester a signature event that could bring people together annually. Capitalizing on the exponential growth and popularity of the Halloween holiday, Canalloween was born. “Halloween is the fastest-growing segment of the holiday market,” said Giorgio. “After Christmas, more money is spent on Halloween than anything else.”

“Last year was the first good year.” And it didn’t disappoint. Canalloween 2012 saw the addition of the 5K run, Zombie Walk and the Water Street parade to the agenda. “We had a road race with 700 runners in costume, a small parade and parties at about 15 clubs,” he said. This year, Giorgio expects to have 1,200 runners and walkers for the road race ~ which starts and finishes on Temple Street ~ as well as a bigger parade. While the full list of parade participants wasn’t available at press time, Giorgio said that the parade will include five marching bands and a variety of local groups. “Anyone is welcome to march,” he said. However, all children must be accompanied by an adult. As with any event, location is key, and the Canal District is perfect for a Halloween festival. In addition to the high concentration of clubs and bars in the neighborhood, the historic brick buildings and narrow streets make for a spooky setting. “The Canal District streetscape and layout, with its old buildings, lends itself well [to an event like this],” Giorgio said. Although Halloween is synonymous with trick-or-treating for children, the holiday is becoming more adult-centric; Canalloween sets the stage for adults to do their own trick-or-treating by party hopping at more than a dozen local watering holes as soon as the sun sets.

According to the National Retail Federation, in 2012, seven in every 10 Americans celebrated the October tradition. That’s 71.5 percent of the population, up from 68 percent the previous year.

“Adults can act like kids,” said Giorgio of the event. It might just be enough to cure someone of samhainophobia.

However, the inaugural celebration in October 2011 didn’t go as planned. “The first year, we had a freak blizzard where the city closed down,” Giorgio said.

For a complete listing of activities, parade participants and a link to the Scary Monster Dash and Zombie Walk, visit Oct. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 11

Horror in your own backyard By Jennifer Russo

As soon as the autumn season hits, we are assured of several things: We will put our car heater on in 50 degree weather, even though its nowhere near as cold as it will be in a few short months; Halloween candy will hit the shelves at least a month too early; and we’ll start seeing tons of commercial trailers for movies featuring bloodthirsty monsters, invisible beings, possessed pre-teens and murderous psychos. Some of these freaky adventures are happening right here in town. Don’t worry ~ ghosts and goblins are not hanging out at Jillian’s (well…usually, anyways), but a couple movies that threaten your sense of reality were being filmed right under your very noses while you were unaware and playing pool. I have to say, I am not really one for the new era of scary torture movies where people have their tongues cut out and legs boiled off. I love the classics ~ movies like Nightmare on Elm Street that have an inherent cheesiness about them, something you know is so far-fetched, it can’t possibly be real but makes you jump in spite of yourself. The Last Exit is one of those movies. There have been countless movies made about werewolves, whether they are an extremely hairy version of the hairiest man you’ve ever seen on a beach in a Speedo, a Native American hottie turned actual giant wolf or Michael J. Fox in a very obvious, glued-on beard-mullet. We know it’s entirely impossible, the idea is as old as dirt, and yet, we still watch. New Blood Productions (how fitting) offers a simple, ear-perking tagline for this indie film: “The only thing worse than getting lost is being found.” This holds true in the little Maine town where this movie takes place. A beast is terrorizing the poor L.L. Bean wearers, tearing them apart and leaving only their bloody clothes and lifeless bodies behind. A ragtag group of fearful, yet determined, people attempt to figure out the situation without getting their guts spilled in the process. What I love about the trailer is that you never actually see the wolf. You see his giant paw; you see his back, his teeth and lots and lots of blood. Though it is very apparent that this is as fake as it can be, I think it’s great because it gives it that old-time horror-movie feel ~ before the almost “too real” special effects came into play. After all, Psycho became a classic because of a knife and a shower curtain. This movie is worth seeing for the “ew” factor and purposely overdone horror. Another locally filmed movie, Mark of the Dog Rose, is not a gory display of carnage. It does not feature a haunted house on a hill or a demon out to kill the entire town. It has none of these things. The true horror here is that this could actually happen; your greatest fears are realized on the screen. A college

12 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Oct. 2013

girl goes out to have a good time and ends up in the clutches of a killer who spends two weeks beating and raping his victims before he ends their lives. It has been and could be again in the news. Some person that could be anyone you know, who has a dark side that pushes the limits of what you believe they could ever be capable of. When the cops aren’t able to help fast enough, a brokenhearted brother and the detective’s sister take fate into their own hands, delving deeper and deeper into a killer’s game of wits. Like any cat-and-mouse thriller, you will be at the edge of your seat, trying to find your own clues to catch the madman before it’s too late. The Last Exit was filmed in the nearby towns of Gardner and Hubbardston and features local actors. For more information, visit Mark of the Dog Rose was filmed in several cities in Massachusetts and will premier at the Regent Theater in Arlington on Oct. 13. Find out more at


Central MA goes all out for Halloween By Josh Lyford

EcoTarium Great Pumpkin Fest

So, Halloween is nearly upon us once again. Oct. 31 is one of, if not the most, involved holidays in Central Massachusetts. We may not give it the wordy title of “All Hallow’s Eve” anymore, but the history of Halloween is interesting enough to be celebrated some 200-plus years later. While the date has its roots buried in harvest season, ending in celebration, it has always been synonymous with dressing up in costumes designed to ward off spirits.

For starters, the event in general is full of fantastically good times. You can enjoy skyrides to the summit, barbecue, craft fair and farmers’ market booths, chainsaw carving, hay rides and magicians. There will also be a giant pumpkin weigh-off, an apple pie-eating contest, a 5K run, tons of live music and a lumberjack show. Don’t worry, the event is also tied in with the mountain’s Oktoberfest Celebration and will have a large variety of beer in the beer garden.

Halloween has become ingrained in our culture, and the early evening is given to children’s trick-or-treating activities. Later, the evening belongs to different kinds of tricks and treats, however, and it is always an excuse for a uniquely good time.

Looking for something a bit more rock n’ roll? That’s cool; luckily Worcester has rock nailed down pretty well. Not that this is season-specific for the region ~ Massachusetts has always been home to plenty of headbanging good times, but around October, the rock is usually provided by sick freaks in zombie costumes.

Sure, it would be easy enough to stay at home, paint your face like the Crimson Ghost and slam pumpkin beers with some friends while watching the entirety of the Halloween series, but you could be missing out on a lot of great fun. Not that anyone is here to tell you not to enjoy your pumpkin carving or Shipyard ale ~ far from it. In fact, bring your flaming pumpkins out from under the covered bridge and into the nightlife. There is nothing quite as fun as getting the creeps with some friends. The best part about Halloween in Central Massachusetts is that you never really have to decide what type of bizarre Halloween fun you would like to have. Worcester and its surrounding towns have it all, from the wholesome to the extreme. Did you know that one of the most fabled Halloween events in the Northeast is held right here in Worcester? It’s true, The Great Pumpkin Fest is a much lauded, family-friendly event held at our very own Ecotarium, located at 222 Harrington Way. Yep, this mecca for outdoor exploration in the heart of the commonwealth changes things up a bit from its usual animal and wilderness activities to celebrate the art of the pumpkin carving. Running from noon-9 p.m. Oct. 19, the event holds a full day of pumpkin appreciation. Featuring hundreds of lit, meticulously carved pumpkins, free hay rides, planetarium shows, spooky science programs, a Halloween maze and more, it is always a day to remember. AppleFest, held at Wachusett Mountain Ski Resort, is one of the most anticipated fall festivals in the area. Taking place Oct. 19-20, it truly has “something for everyone.” While you might not have your Tinkerbell costume blown off in terror, it makes up for the fear factor in a multitude of other ways.

Ralph’s Diner will host its second annual Heavy Metal Halloween Covers Weekend, which is absolutely going to be the sort of time you are looking for if you are in the mood for something wild. Unless the taps have changed, there won’t be a whole lot of Halloween-themed beer, but you can still enjoy some riffage with a ghoulish ’Gansett. The bar will play host to awesome cover bands running from Thursday, Oct. 31-Saturday, Nov. 2. Look for bands ripping through awesome sets inspired by Spinal Tap, Manowar, Black Sabbath, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, Body Count, Danzig (as well as Samhain and the Misfits), Slayer and Type O Negative. Definitely not an evening to miss. If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, there are tons of haunted houses and spooky hayrides to get into. You can check out Haunted Higgins on Oct. 26 at the Higgins Armory, featuring trick-or-treating, storytelling and some spooky surprises. Or give the Haunt for Hunger a try in Blackstone, also on Oct. 26. The event features a terrifying haunted walking trail, a craft fair and a trickor-treat trail for kids. The best part is that 100 percent of the money raised goes to help the hungry. No matter what you get into, you are going to have a good time. Worcester really comes alive this time of year, and it’s nice to get weird with an entire community. Be sure to check out the Halloween Outlet, as well, which is filled with all of your Halloween needs and some pretty electrifying terror of its own. Regardless of what you end up doing, be sure to enjoy yourself and be safe. Dressing up like a 7-foot-tall demon and cranking cinnamon- and pumpkinflavored booze always seems like a good idea until you wander into the wrong cemetery. Oct. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 13

Gearing up for Rock & Shock 2013 By Jennifer Russo

October is one of my favorite months ~ the air is cooler but not freezing my (insert freezable part here) off; the leaves are gorgeous; the fall beers are flowin’; Halloween is coming; and Worcester is alive with anticipation for one of the most unique and entertaining conventions of them all ~ Rock & Shock 2013.

For those of you who love suspense and edge-of-your-seat, “Oh my God, dude, run. He’s right behind you!” action, you have the chance to meet (if you dare) Terminator 2’s famous T-1000, Robert Patrick, who has also starred in True Blood, X-Files and Gangster Squad.

True to its name, the show combines some of our favorite rock acts and shocking celebrity appearances into a few days of celebrating everything that makes life rocking or shocking. This is Rock & Shock’s 10th anniversary, so you can bet it’s packed full of high-profile entertainment with a little something for everyone.

On the lighter and funnier side of things, Rock & Shock will be graced with the appearance of John Ratzenberger, who we came to know as the bar know-itall, Cliff Claven, from Cheers, but more recently for voicing lovable animated favorites in Wall-E, Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc./Monsters University.

For horror lovers, hope that you aren’t dreaming when you meet Robert Englund (a.k.a. Freddy Krueger) face to face. Tuesday Knight will also be showing up ~ let’s hope they aren’t in the same room!

More into lewd, stoner-style humor? R&S will welcome Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes ~ yup, better known as Jay & Silent Bob, who will be promoting their new animated movie, titled appropriately, Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. There will be a podcasted Q&A, so get those questions ready!

Slasher movie obsession? See a couple queens of the bloody screen ~ Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps, Carrie, Being Human) and Jordan Ladd (Cabin Fever, Death Proof, Hostel 2), as well as Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th, Hatchet). The Devil’s Rejects themselves, William Forsythe and Dave Sheridan, also will make an appearance. Are zombies more your cup of flesh? Meet the Walking Dead’s Lew Temple and IronE Singleton, as well as the Merle we loved to get mad at, Michael Rooker (who also starred in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Bone Collector, Slither and is currently filming for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy). If you always wondered what you’d look like as a crazed and brain-hungry walker yourself, there will be special FX makeup artists who can make you into a zombie, too.

14 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Oct. 2013

OK, there is the shock … now, what about the rock? Rock and rap enthusiasts will not be disappointed. Marilyn Manson’s Twiggy Ramirez will join the party. Starting off the pre-party on Thursday, Oct 17, will be Between the Buried and Me with support from The Contortionist, The Faceless and The Safety Fire. BTBAM will perform the entirety of Future Sequence. On Saturday, Oct 19, Danzig brings his 25th anniversary celebration to the convention with ex-Misfits guitarist Doyle and the supporting acts of the sexy Butcher Babies, OTEP, Texas Hippie Coalition, Stolen Babies, A Horse Named Death and New Years Day. Performing on Sunday, Oct 20, is the always insane and outrageous Twiztid with The R.O.C, Blaze, Madchild and Aqualeo. There may be more guests as well ~ “like” Rock & Shock’s Facebook page and

get announcements at 10 a.m. every Tuesday. If all this wasn’t enough, R&S is hosting its seventh annual film festival. With selected submissions from indie filmmakers, there will be tons of extremely cool displays, places to play games like Magic, and for those of you with brave kids who might like to attend, a children’s area with tons of fun things to do. And, of course ~ as with any convention ~ costumes are encouraged. Be sure to wear your most horrific and shocking outfits, but please remember to leave the realistic-looking weapons at home, lest the people dressed in the scariest costumes of all ~ security guards ~ take them away.

More Information

Center and Worcester Palladium. To learn more about the convention, visit Tickets for the three-day convention are $50 if purchased in advance ($60 day of); only want to go one day and it’s $20. For combo passes (which include package selections for convention, movies and concerts), the prices range from $25-$90. These tickets can be purchased at the DCU Center box office and on Of course, if you want the star treatment yourself, there is a VIP Package available for $175 (must be purchased in advance) and includes the three-day convention, all concerts, reserved seating, pre-party, after-party, a T-shirt, a laminated pass and a swag bag. These can be purchased at the Palladium box office or at

The 10th annual Rock & Shock convention will be held Oct. 18-20 at the DCU

Oct. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 15

Bridge 9’s new band ~ Test of Time By Alex Kantarelis

Massachusetts has always had one of the best hardcore scenes in the world, and straight-edge bands are no exception. The state has brought some of the most influential straight-edge bands to the hardcore scene, from Slapshot and In My Eyes to Have Heart and the newest addition of great straight edge bands ~ Test of Time. Featuring famed hardcore photographer and lifelong edgeman, Todd Pollock, on vocals and an all-star cast of dudes who already made their names in good bands, Test of Time is poised to sit at the top of the throne of straight-edge hardcore in Massachusetts. With its recent addition to Bridge 9 Records, Test of Time is surely a band that everyone needs to know.

we started this. We wanted to re-energize that scene and music, more so just the style of music,” Pollock said. The band added James Christopher from The Effort on second guitar and rounded out the lineup with DJ Butler on bass and Jeff Novak on drums. The guys recorded a demo and were quickly playing shows all over New England. The hardcore scene has become full of bands copying the New York style of Madball and Sick of it All. The melodic youth crew sounds of Test of Time stood out and grabbed the band instant attention, catching the interest of mega-label Bridge 9. The guys found themselves in the studio, recording 31 songs in one session. The first batch of songs from that recording was just released last month on an EP for Bridge 9 called The Price. The band plans a mini-tour to Central America this month and will play locally in between. The remaining songs the band recorded will be landing on an LP for Bridge 9 next March. Pollock hasn’t changed his ways and can still be seen with a camera snapping pictures at every show. His expression can now come through both his pictures and his band. “Before I was silent, and the only way I spoke was through pictures, and now, I have a platform to say something,” he said, laughingly adding that that the only downside is, “There’s nobody to take pictures of your band.”

Pollock has been into hardcore since he was a teenager. The now-34-year-old spent his days on the side of the stage holding a camera and snapping some of the greatest pictures that have been seen all over the world on record sleeves, magazine covers and, of course, the Internet. Always an observer who was never a part of his own band, Pollock finally stepped from the sidelines up to the mic in late 2011. After meeting up with Make or Break’s ex-guitarist, Charles Chaussinand, the two started throwing around ideas and pieced together an authentic old-school band.

The band’s demo is available for free at its Bandcamp page, along with a few covers it’s recorded, including one amazing version of Youth Gone Wild, the Skid Row song ~ retitled to Youth Crew Gone Wild, naturally.

“There aren’t too many straight-edge bands left anymore, and that was kind of why

Check out Test of Time at and

As for being straight-edge, Pollock has no thoughts of changing. “At this point, it’s just the way I live my life. It’s everything to me. When you’re 34 years old, it’s really you made up your mind of how you’re going to live your life. Why would I change that?” he said.

From Dining to Shopping... The Shoppes at Blackstone Valley has what you’re looking for & a way to save!

Let’s Go Shopping Discount Card Your passport to exclusive deals! Get yours at: 16 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Oct. 2013

ON CD Queens Of The Stone Age ~ …Like Clockwork By Jason Savio

Josh Homme’s head is a scary place. On The Queens Of The Stone Age’s new album, …Like Clockwork, the band-leader and songwriter casts a dark shadow of observations and questions without leaving a safety net for the listener. .…Like Clockwork begins with the sound of breaking glass, as if we’re gaining entry into somewhere we don’t belong. And what we discover inside is both haunting and beautiful in its sincerity. The “The Vampyre Of Time & Memory” finds Homme asking “Does anyone ever get this right? I feel no love,” over a melancholy piano melody. The brooding synth that underlies this simple query hints at the disdain in his hurt, though, and, as the album progresses, his fear gradually turns to anger. The vengeful fantasy “Kalopsia” is unsettling in its malevolence and cynicism when Homme spits, “Oh, why the long face? You’ve got it all wrong / Forget the rat in the race, we’ll choke chain them all.” But that’s the charm of …Like Clockwork; Homme isn’t afraid to paint a portrait of the direct relation between alienation, pain and the evil it can spawn. His dark view of the world we live in ~ and the people who populate it ~ hits a nerve because it reflects the feelings most have but are too afraid to confess. Not many albums have the ability to get under your skin in a way that is both new and uncomfortably familiar the way this one does. Daring and ambitious, …Like Clockwork is the best album of the year. For more, visit

Huntress ~ Starbound Beast By Jennifer Russo

What’s not to be drawn to? Huntress is a metal band with a gorgeous blonde singer who has the ability to scream like the boys and sing like a siren, plus a band that is unique in its delivery, and yet, gives us everything we love about metal. Though I enjoyed Huntress’ debut album, Spell Eater, I personally believe that the new release, Starbound Beast, has much more to offer and is overall a stronger display of the band’s capabilities. The album meshes the speed metal with the sultry and haunting quality that Huntress is flawless at combining. The band has shuffled around its lineup and added a new lead guitarist to the mix, creating the perfect blend where everyone is in the right place to create the sound that will launch this band upward in the metal ranks. Vocalist Jill Janus said about the album, “Starbound Beast is the beginning of the evolution for Huntress. You can hear there’s more confidence in this album ~ the songwriting is better, the musicianship is also better. It is really exciting for us to come together as a band, focus and write an album a year ~ that is the goal right now. Once you choose to really live for your purpose, you have to abolish everything else. That’s why we are moving at such a quick rate and getting the opportunities we are. I am in a band with four other guys who absolutely feel the same way.” The video for “Zenith,” the first single off the album, was recently unveiled ~ showing the artistry and creativity of the band, not only through its music but onscreen, as well. This trippy adventure, which brings together witches, aliens and the beast itself, is truly something to behold and is the visual brainchild of awardwinning director Phil Mucci. As a whole, this album offers 10 songs that are consistent, but not the same. The musicianship is complex and perfectly layered, brings in ’80s rock inspiration here and there throughout the songs and shows incredible versatility. For more information on Huntress, its new album and upcoming tours (one with Killswitch Engage and Lamb of God that comes to Boston on Nov. 23), check out

Oct. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 17

7 Nana hosts Black & White Party Why would you ever get dressed up to go out in Worcester? The truth is, you wouldn’t because there is no reason to do so. How about if you had a reason to get dressed up? 7 Nana is throwing its first (hopefully, annual) Black & White Party on Friday, Oct. 4. Everyone’s invited and encouraged to dress up ~ yes, think black and white. “When people go out in New York City, they dress up,” AiVi Nguyen, a customer and Worcester native who frequents 7 Nana, said. Nguyen came up with idea of a formal party because she wanted to give the people of Worcester a reason to dress up. Since it’s also 7 Nana bartender Mary Moroski’s birthday, Nguyen thought, “Why not throw a party where Mary works; how convenient is that?” And 7 Nana’s first Black & White Party was born. There will be dancing, Jell-o shots and also a contest! The best-dressed couple can snag $50, and the best-dressed individual will also go home with $50. Who can have a birthday without some birthday cake? There will be a big cake for Mary’s birthday that will be available for the guests to try. DJ E-Class will spin hip-hop, R&B and pop music. So dress, dance, grab some sushi and help ring in Mary’s birthday. Feel free to dust off that tuxedo or that little black dress. There is no such thing as overdressing at this event. The more formal, the better. The more, the merrier. Remember to tip Mary, the bartender, extra for her birthday! The Black & White Party is open to all, and the restaurant will be open non-partygoers, as well. Music starts 10 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 4, at 7 Nana, 60 Shrewsbury St. ~ Juli Fahey

18 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Oct. 2013

PulseBooks: Five terrifying tomes for Halloween By Mike Wood

It’s that time of year ~ when brisk autumn winds whisper through trees like ghosts from a long-ago past. Their spindly branches reach out to rat-tat-tat on your window ~ like ghoulish fingertips ~ taunting you as you cozy up with that perfect book you’ve decided to immerse yourself in to mark the Halloween season of horror. For those daring enough to undertake such a task, we’re recommending five of our favorites ~ a couple of classics and a few newer tomes ~ that will keep you up a little bit later at night and may just make you believe that those bumps in the night are a little bit more than they seem.


Peter Benchley So many of our favorite scary movies have come from books (The Exorcist, Psycho, Rosemary’s Baby), but we couldn’t just suggest books you’ve already seen. But if we had to pick just one (or two) from the archives, this perennial beach read that’s been keeping people on the sand and out of the surf since it was first published in 1974 has to be on the list. Nearly 40 years ago, Peter Benchley struck a chord with his tale of a great white shark that terrorizes a small town, and it still stands up over time. Since summer is safely behind us, why not curl up with this classic ~ since you won’t have to worry about going in the water until next year?

House of Leaves Mark Z. Danielewski

The title alone makes it a perfect tale of terror for fall, and just the way this book looks freaks us out! It’s formatted with bizarre page patterns, contains footnotes (yes, footnotes … but it’s not like school, promise) and challenges you at every turn as the twisted mystery unfolds. Our lead narrator has taken over the apartment of a recently deceased neighbor and discovers a manuscript that will lead him ~ and you ~ into the depths of the human psyche. If you’re up for the challenge, you’ll get sucked right into this author’s intricate design. Commit to it, because it’s the kind of book that consumes you, gets under your skin and won’t let you free of its terrifying grasp. Go ahead; give it a look, if you dare.

The Shining Stephen King

This is one case where the Cliffs Notes will not do (i.e. simply watching the movie is not enough; you’re just cheating yourself). There are so many more layers to Jack Torrance’s descent into madness that you’ll be shocked at just how much the movie missed. When Jack, his wife and young clairvoyant son get snowed in at the seemingly idyllic, but haunted, Overlook Hotel, evil presents itself in ways that will haunt your dreams. Rest assured, this is King at the height of his storytellingfor-terror prowess. Sure, you’re going to picture a young Jack Nicholson as you turn the pages, but that may just make it all the more satisfying.

The Strangers Dean Koontz

Koontz has a bazillion fans, and he certainly doesn’t need our help to promote his brand, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t let you know just how creepy this book is. Five strangers ~ you guessed that, right? ~ at a hotel lose all of their memories, but then they slowly begin to recall the unfathomable transgressions of the night they all met. Let’s just say, evil incarnate is on the agenda, and Koontz’ clean, clever prose will make this edge-of-your-seat read a quick one ~ with your bed sheets pulled close to your eyes, of course!

Before I Go To Sleep S.J. Watson

Don’t be put off by what seems like a far-fetched premise, as your suspension of disbelief is a must if you are going to enjoy this book: Christine wakes up every day not remembering anything from her days prior. She has daily amnesia (yes, you read that correctly), and she relies on her patient husband to guide her through each day. Seems pretty straightforward as far as a setup goes, right? But by the time you hit its first twist, and as you put yourself in the heroine’s shoes, you’ll clutch your chest, gasp with her and feel all her angst and terror … repeated perpetually until she can, if she can, break her terrifying cycle of memory loss. Oct. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 19

Club & Pub Listings Entertainment at clubs, bars, pubs, & other select venues

American Graffiti 113 Summer St., Lunenburg 978-345-1010 The Banner Bar & Grille 112 Green St., Worc. 508-755-0879 Barber’s Crossing Road House 861 Main St., Leicester 508-892-7575 Barbers Crossing (North) 175 Leominster Road, Sterling 978-422-8438 Thursdays: Karaoke singing contest with $500 prize Beatnik’s 433 Park Ave., Worc. 508-926-8877 Beemer’s Pub 114 River St., Fitchburg 978-343-3148 Black Sheep Tavern 261 Leominster Road, Sterling 978-422-8484 Tuesdays: Trivia Night Fridays, Saturdays: Live bands Oct. 17: BitterSuite Blackstone Tap 81 Water St., Worc. 508-797-4827 Blue Plate Lounge 661 Main St., Holden 508-829-4566 Blueprint New American Bar & Grill 9 Village Square, Westminster 978-668-5580 Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays: Live music Oct. 24: Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Bolton Roadhouse Bar & Grille 544 Wattaquodock Road, Bolton 978-365-5757, 978-365-3036 Boulder Cafe 880 Main St., Fitchburg 978-345-0008 Breakaway Billiards 104 Sterling St., Clinton 978-365-6105 Brew City 104 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-752-3862 Bull Run Restaurant 215 Great Road, Shirley 978-425-4311, 877-536-7190 Oct. 5: Dale LePage & The Manhattans Cafe Destare 320 Main St., Fitchburg 978-345-5734

Canal Restaurant & Bar 65 Water St., Worc. 508-926-8353 Thursdays: Open Mic Night! Oct. 4: Joe Macey Performance Oct. 5: Squeezebox Stompers Oct. 11: Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Oct. 12: Sean Fullerton Oct. 18: Bobby Brazo Oct. 19: Blue Honey Oct. 25: Andy Cummings Oct. 26: Joe D’Angelo Nov. 1: Joe Lavallee The Cannery 12 Crane St., Southbridge 508-764-1100 Cantina Bar & Grill 385 Main St., Worc. 508-459-5325 Center Bar & Grill 102 Green St., Worc. 508-438-0597 Thursdays: Thirsty Thursday with DJ Matty J and DJ Cuz N Kev Fridays: Friday Night Dance Party with DJ Blackout Sundays: Sunday Funday Karaoke with DJ Matty J Centerfolds 2000 139 Southbridge St., N. Oxford 508-987-5222 Chooch’s Food & Spirits 31 E. Brookfield Road, N. Brookfield 508-867-2494 Fridays: Karaoke Sundays: Sunday Blues Jam with Da Funk

Cornerstone’s Restaurant 616 Central St., Leominster 978-537-1991

Thursdays: Audio Wasabi Fridays, Saturdays: Live music Sundays: Sunday brunch with Chet Williamson Oct. 4: Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell

Cosmopolitan Club 96 Hamilton St., Worc. 508-752-0482

Gilrein’s 802 Main St., Worc. 508-791-2583

Creegan’s Pub 65 Green St., Worc. 508-754-3550 Dance Ranch & Saloon 70 James St., Worc. 508-757-6977 Dar Bah 29 Canal St., Millbury 508-865-8441 Days End Tavern 287 Main St., Oxford 508-987-1006 Devens Grill 4 Ryans Way, Devens 978-862-0060

Hotel Vernon - The Ship Room/Kelley Square Yacht Club 1 Millbury St., Worc.

Fat Tony’s Pub 1102 Main St., Worc. 508-798-8908

Indian Ranch 200 Gore Road, Webster 508-943-3871

Fiddlers’ Green Pub & Restaurant 19 Temple St., Worc. 508-792-3700 Oct. 4: AMurph’s Comic Productions Comedy Joint Firefly’s / Dante’s 350 E. Main St., Marlborough 508-357-8883

Christopher’s Pub 7 Pleasant St., Leominster 978-534-8250

Flip Flops 680 Main St., Holden 508-829-3008

Cicero’s Cafe 17 Suffolk St., Worc. 508-767-9728 ciceros.jpg

Flying Rhino Cafe 278 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-757-1450

Club Caliente 816 Main St., Worc. 508-826-9305 Club Instyle 41 Pleasant St., Worc. Club KasBar 234 Southwest Cutoff, Worc. 508-798-8385 Oct. 4: Auntie Trainwreck Oct. 19: BitterSuite

20 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Oct. 2013

Halligan’s Sports Bar and More 889 Southbridge St., Auburn 508-832-6793 Nov. 2: Lenny Clarke in a Stand Up For Laughs comedy special event

Dunnys Tavern 291 E. Main St., E. Brookfield

Chopstick’s Restaurant & Lounge 21 Commercial Road, Leominster 978-534-0020 Oct. 25, 26: Windfall, classic rock cover band

Classic’s Pub 285 Central St., Leominster 978-537-7750

Greendale’s Pub 404 W. Boylston St., Worc. 508-853-1350 Tuesdays: Open Mic Night with Bill Wednesdays: Open Jam with Sean Ryan Sundays: Blues Jam with Jim Perry Oct. 4: Clam Diggers Oct. 5 :9Teen Oct. 11 Blow it up Johnny! Oct. 12: Ed & Da Ve Oct. 19: Time Machine Oct. 25: Sluggo Oct. 26: Silverbacks Nov. 1: Auntie Trainwreck

Funky Murphy’s Bar & Grill 305 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-753-2995 Fusion 109 Water St., Worc. 508-756-2100 Galway Bay Irish Pub 186 Stafford St., Worc. 508-753-8909 Gardner Ale House 74 Parker St., Gardner 978-669-0122 Mondays: Blue Mondays ~ live blues

Ixtapa Cantina 308 Massachusetts Ave., Lunenburg 978-582-9701 Jak’s Pub 536 Main St., Worc. JC Fenwick’s 37 Mechanic St., Leominster 978-840-4845 Jillian’s - Worcester 315 Grove St., Worc. 508-793-0900 Wednesdays, Thursdays: Pong JJ’s Sports Bar and Grill 380 Southwest Cutoff, Northborough 508-842-8420 Wednesdays: Wacky Wednesday Night Jam Oct. 5: Custard Pie ~ Led Zeppelin tribute! Oct. 11: Bon Jersey ~ Bon Jovi tribute Oct. 12: Powerplay Oct.19: No Alibi Oct. 25: The Flock of A-holes LaScala Restaurant 183 Shrewsbury St, Worc. 508-753-9912 The Lazy Dog 31 Main St., Marlborough 508-229-2264

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Enjoy Heineken Light Responsibly

Brewed in Holland. Imported by Heineken USA Inc., New York, NY. ©2013

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7/23/13 2:50 PM Oct. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 21



Feel the beat of the City!

Photos by Justin Perry

Shrewsbury Street College Shuffle ~ Worcester

Canal Fest ~ Worcester

StART on the Street ~ Worcester

Canal Restaurant ~ Worcester

7 Nana ~ Worcester

Rumors ~ Worcester

Victory Cigar Bar ~ Worcester

24 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Oct. 2013

Continued from Page 20 Legends Airport Road, Fitchburg 978-342-6500 Leitrim’s Pub 265 Park Ave., Worc. 508-798-2447 Thursdays: Open Mic Night with Bill McCarthy Loft 266 Bar & Lounge 266 Park Ave., Worc. 508-796-5177 Tuesdays: Game Show Live Trivia London Billiards / Club Oasis 70 James St., Worc. 508-799-7655 Lucky Dog Music Hall 89 Green St., Worc. 508-363-1888 Mondays: Monster Mondays Open Mic Jam with Mike G. Tuesdays: Electric Tuesdays (21+) Sundays: Contact Drum and Bass night Oct. 3: Flock of A-holes Oct. 4: Fear Nuttin Band with Strange Machines Oct. 5: Hookers N Blow with Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses) and Alex Grossi (Quiet Riot); Minka, Shadowbomb and Blackwell Mahoney’s Pub 413 Park Ave., Worc. 508-277-1073 Mondays: No Rules Wings Thursdays: Karaoke Marty’s Pub 225 Cantebury St., Worc. 508-754-0033 MB Lounge 40 Grafton St., Worc. 508-799-4521 McNally’s Grille & Pub 88 Sargent Road, Westminster 978-874-1444 Oct. 11: Sean Fullerton Michael’s Cigar Bar 1 Exchange Place, Worc. 508-459-9035 Oct. 3: Sean Fullerton Oct. 4: Bill Mccarthy Oct. 5: Just Brad Oct. 9: Danielle Staples Oct. 10: Jodee Frawlee Oct. 11: Andy Cummings Trio Oct. 16: Hit the Bus Oct. 17: Jim Devlin Oct. 18: Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Oct. 19: Hit the Bus Oct. 23: Dan Decristofaro Oct. 24, 25: The Phreaks ~ Phish Tribute Oct. 26: Rugged Road Band Oct. 30: Jodee Frawlee Nov. 1: Bill Mccarthy Mickey Sheas 324 Electric Ave., Lunenburg 978-342-5825 The Mill 185 W. Boylston St., W. Boylston 774-261-8585 Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays: Live music Oct. 19: Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Mill Street Brews (@ The Artist Development Complex) 18 Mill St., Southbridge 508-764-6900

Moonstruck Café 19 Worcester Road, Charlton 508-248-4558 Moynihan’s Pub 897 Main St., Worc. Nick’s Bar and Restaurant 124 Millbury St., Worc. 508-753-4030 Fridays: Thank Friday It’s Dr. Nat Oct. 11: Jubilee Gardens Oct. 24: Worcester Chamber Music Society, WCMS Unplugged The Nines Neighborhood Bar 136 Millbury St., Worc. 508-340-0318 Olde Post Office Pub 1 Ray St., N. Grafton 508-839-6106 On The Rocks Sports Bar & Grill 96 Lakefront Ave., Lunenburg 978-342-6692 The Outlook Restaurant 79 Powers Road, Westford 978-692-5700 Oct. 10: Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Oct. 25: Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell Oxford Tavern 314 Main St., Oxford 508-987-5397 Paisanos Pizza & Spirits 450 Lancaster St., Leominster 978-534-7117 The Palladium 261 Main St., Worc. 508-797-9696 Pampas Churrascaria Restaurant 145 E. Central St., Worc. 508-757-1070 Partner’s Pub 970 South St., Fitchburg 978-345-5051 Patsie Dugan’s 49 Millbury St., Worc. 508-755-4155 Perfect Game Sports Grill and Lounge 64 Water St., Worc. 508-792-4263 Fridays: DJ One-3 Saturdays: DJ Reckless Sundays: Open Mic with Bill McCarthy Oct. 25: Bill McCarthy Pho Dakao 593 Park Ave., Worc. 508-756-7555 Point Breeze On the Lake 114 Point Breeze Road, Webster 508-943-0404 The Pumphouse 340 Main St., Southbridge 508-765-5473!/pages/The-PumpHouse/374917818127?sk=info Rage 105 Water St., Worc. 508-756-2223 Ralph’s Chadwick Square Diner 148 Grove St., Worc.

508-753-9543 Tuesdays: See You Next Tuesday with DJ Poke Smot Wednesdays: Music Under the Moose Thursdays: Metal Thursday Sundays: Sunday Night Cinemageddon (drive-in movies in the parking lot); Ralph’s Flea Market and Farmers’ Market Oct. 4: Wachusett Mountain’s King of the Mountain Madness Oct. 5: Sparhawks, Makeshift Memorial and PAN Oct. 11: Answerman, Rusty Shovels, Oct. 18: Butterknife Oct 19: Hey Now Morris Fader, Preacher Roe, The Rationales and The Easy Reasons Oct 25: Mass Horror presents: The Night the Earth Stood Still, featuring Automatons, The Evil Streaks, The McGunks, Oct. 26: Ralphs presents: Schooltree (loud, operatic rock/progressive pop) The Raven 258 Pleasant St., Worc. 508-304-8133

Speakers Night Club 19 Weed St., Marlborough 508-480-8222 Thursdays: Pub Night dance, drink, party Fridays: Top 40 Dance Party Oct. 5: Spare Parts Oct. 11: Queens over Kings Oct. 12: Malicia - Brasilian Oct. 19: Tigerlily Oct. 26: Halloween Dance Party Oct. 26: The Allens Spruce Street Tavern 68 Spruce St., Clinton 978-368-1255 Squire Whites Pub & Restaurant 347 Greenwood St., Worc. 508-752-7544 Sunset Tiki Bar 79 Powers Road, Westford 978-692-5700

Red Onion - Otter River Hotel 29 Main St., Baldwinville 978-939-7373, 978-939-8321 RG Scooters Pub 84 Lakefront St., Lunenburg 978-348-2453 Fridays: Karaoke Saturdays: Live bands Sundays: Blues Jam with A Ton of Blues Ritual 281 Main St Worcester, MA 01608 508-762-9501 Oct. 4: Dezi Garcia Oct. 12: 80s Night! Niki Luparelli and Dan Burke Oct. 19: ERICA & JUSTIN - Acoustic Top 40! Rivalry’s Sports Bar 274 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 774-243-1100 Oct. 4: Joe Sixpack Oct. 5: Three of a Kind Oct. 11: The Invaders Oct. 12: Mychael David & The Help Wanted Band Oct. 18: Dave & Randy Show Oct. 19: Beach Party with Tom Revane Oct. 25: Jukebox Junkies Oct. 26: Take Two Nov. 1: Halloween Bash w/ ERICA & JUSTIN

Tal’s Place 138 Lake St., Webster 508-949-6559 Oct. 12: Henry’s Wine Tammany Hall 43 Pleasant St., Worc. 508-753-7001 Three G’s Sports Bar 152 Millbury St., Worc. 508-754-3516 Trumbull Bar & Grill 117 Main St., Spencer 508-885-6901 Tweed’s 231 Grove St., Worc. 508-755-8047 Union Music 142 Southbridge St., Worc. 508-753-3702 Oct. 24: Taylor Guitar Road Show Upper Deck Sports Bar & Grille 377 Stetson Road, Barre 978-355-2224

Rose Garden Restaurant and Pub 16 Milford St., Upton 508-529-7776

Victory Bar & Cigar 56 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-756-4747

Rye & Thyme 14 Monument Square, Leominster 978-534-5900 Oct. 3: Chris Reddy Acoustic Loops from Hell

Vincent’s Bar 49 Suffolk St., Worc. 508-752-9439 Sundays: Big Jon Short Oct. 12: Second Saturday Spectacular (or Meatballs and Mayhem)

Sakura Tokyo 640 Park Ave., Worc. 508-792-1078, 508-792-1068 Nov. 1, 2: Doctor Robert

Whiskey Alley 281 Lunenburg St., Fitchburg 978-345-4040

Sean Patrick’s Family Restaurant 494 Electric Ave., Lunenburg 888-824-3924, 978-345-2000

Whistle Stop Bar & Grill 85 Main St., Oxford 508-987-3087

Smoky Joe’s/Rumors 371 Park Ave., Worc. 508-755-5542

William’s Restaurant & Tavern 184 Pearson Blvd., Gardner 978-632-7794 Oct. 4: Sean Fullerton

South Side Grille & Margarita Factory 242 W. Broadway, Gardner 978-632-1057

Wonder Bar Restaurant 121 Shrewsbury St., Worc. 508-752-9909 -

Oct. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 25

LIFESTYLE A haunted road trip through Eastern Massachusetts By Mike Wood Former Danvers State Hospital You’re already familiar with your local legends, so why not venture to other parts of the state for some haunting good times? Get properly spooked in Danvers, bewitched in Salem, scared silly in Boston and face your fears head on in Fall River, where you’ll have an opportunity to stay in the same house where the infamous Miss Lizzie Borden swung that axe. Heading out on a creepy caravan across the state probably puts you well outside your comfort zone already, so we suggest you grab a few friends and firm up your backbone before you set out to seek the scary.

Site of former Danvers State Hospital, Kirkbride Drive, Danvers

When you’re ready for you hair-raising adventure, set the GPS east and plan on an hour-or-so trek some 60 miles to the first stop on your trip of terror: Danvers. You’ll start your creepy adventure at the site of the former Danvers State Hospital, keeping in mind that it was once called the State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers or, ultimately, The Danvers Lunatic Asylum. Sounds fun, right? Yeah, that’s enough to send chills up your spine ~ without even taking into account the stories about former patients still roaming the grounds as ghosts, even though the site is now an upscale apartment complex. Keep in mind that the superiorly creepy Session 9 was shot here ~ one of the scariest, gets-under-your-skin, sticks-in-your-skull, fright-fest films in recent memory.

Salem Witch Museum, Washington Square, Salem

Next, of course, spend your day in neighboring Salem, where those wicked witches were put on trial way back when (1692). There’s the mix of historical sites like Nathaniel Hawthorne’s birthplace, as well as the House of Seven Gables ~ on which his book is based. Plus, there are the Salem Witch Museum and the Burying Point Cemetery to keep you on your toes. We suggest visiting or scare-specific sites like or to solidify your stay and plans in town.

26 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Oct. 2013

Omni Parker House, 60 School St., Boston After you’ve had your fill of the witches, head into our state capital, where it’s rumored that thousands of bodies are buried under the Boston Common and along (and perhaps under) Boylston Street. And guess what? Yup, their ghosts supposedly roam the grassy expanse of land smack-dab in the center of the city. What’s known as the Central Burying Ground has an especially rich history of apparitions, and it’s located at the southern portion of the Common (at Tremont and Boylston). Ready to turn in for the night? Why not try the Omni Parker House, which is just steps from Boston Common? It is one of Boston’s oldest hotels and is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of its original owner, Harvey Parker.

Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum, 92 Second St., Fall River

Last, but definitely not least, you’ll want to drive south through the Bridgewater triangle (a roughly 200-mile area purportedly rich with paranormal activity) until you hit Fall River, where you’re going to want to spend a night at Lizzie Borden’s House. Now, it’s cozily called Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum, and it’s the actual house where Lizzie was accused of murdering her family. You know the lore and the rhyme, right? Lizzie Borden took an axe And gave her mother forty whacks, When she saw what she had done, She gave her father fortyone. Well, as is the case with lore and legend, sometimes things are exaggerated. The autopsies reveal the hatchet “whacks” were more like 20 blows for her stepmom and closer to 10 blows for her father. And although Lizzie was acquitted of the murders, the place remains a hotbed of debate about all things ghostly because of the home’s recurring bumps in the night. So spend the night … if you dare.




Support breast cancer awareness in October October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so many manufacturers are donating money to breast cancer-related organizations and putting pretty, pink products on the shelves. So, with one purchase, you can grab a great product and support breast cancer causes. That’s smart shopping!

Power up


Supersmile will donate 20 percent of pink 45° Angled Toothbrush sales during the month of October to the SHARE Breast Cancer Charity. The 45˚ Angled Toothbrush combines sleek design with function and utility and is the only toothbrush that is designed to stand upright, which is essential for hygienic drying. $9,

She’s pink, pretty and full of power. Andra’s the ultimate in USB charging devices. Just plug in Andra’s cord to your USB device, plug Andra into the wall, and the charging begins. It’s that simple. Andra knows when your device has reached its charging capacity, and she goes into stand-by mode. Andra is adorable, too. With her pink body, moveable arms, flexible antennae, a soft matte finish, her own stand and cable and measuring 2½ inches tall, she’s the perfect desk or travel companion. Buy in October and $5 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. $19.99, plus shipping when using the code PINKPWR,

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During the month of October, G.M. Collin skincare donates $2 to Pink Ribbons Inc. for each container of Daily Ceramide Comfort Capsules sold. The Daily Ceramide Comfort system is a replenishing and nourishing skin care supplement in practical, single-dose capsules that protects the skin against environmental elements and reduces skin stress and irritation while improving hydration. $95, select online retailers.

Designed by a woman who had cancer, this unique scarf has a built in adjustable headband that snaps and stays on. Made of 100 percent cotton, these scarves come in an array of colors and prints. Get four different looks from one scarf ~ no tying needed! In October, 5 percent of Internet sales will go to the American Breast Cancer Society. $24,

Try a box of products

Try Decléor Aromatherapy Coffrets during October and 10 percent of the net proceeds will go to Cancer and Careers, a program of CEW Foundation. Each of the five exclusive Aromatherapy Coffrets includes a protecting treatment day serum and repairing night balm, uniquely paired and perfectly curated for a specific skin type: Normal, Sensitive, Dry, Combination/ Oily and Mature. $84,

Try pink is donating 20 percent of the proceeds from its “pink” collection of items to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Check out the Unique Vintage Breast Cancer Awareness Lookbook and pick out something that will make you happy and help others! Prices vary, unique-vintage. com/news/ breast-cancerawarenessshop.html.

28 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Oct. 2013

Fight cancer with art

Radiant Art Studios has joined in the fight against breast cancer by designing a unique collection of items imprinted with an X-ray of a pink crab adorned with a pink ribbon on her right claw. Get a laptop sleeve, pendant or glass cutting board. Prices vary,

Mark a big day and fight cancer A “Cancerversary” can be an opportunity to celebrate the completion of treatment and the fact that you or a friend is a survivor. Or it can be a way of remembering someone who didn’t make it. Remember a “Cancerversary” with a Calendar Key from Not Just Any Old Day…It’s YOUR Special Day or select something else. A portion of the proceeds go to support Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Foundation and the Tigerlilly Foundation. Prices vary,


How-to videos go beyond recipes and home repairs Once upon a time, people turned to books or a class to learn how to do something. Now, they turn YouTube. And since you’re learning in the privacy of your own home, how-to videos are covering an array of subjects that no book or class ever thought of teaching. Even videos regarding once taboo sexual topics like bondage play and erotic spanking can be viewed! Channels such as The Experience Channel offer users interested in exploring their kinky side a plethora of information that would have previously been too embarrassing for most to obtain. Due in part to the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, people are more curious than ever about how to switch it up in the bedroom. So, with Halloween a great time to explore your sexy side, we’ve got videos that will cover you from the party and costume to the bedroom. However, the rules of the real world still apply ~ even on Halloween ~ so be safe.

Sexy Costumes

How to Make a Sexy Schoolgirl Halloween Costume   Sexy Halloween Costumes

Adult Halloween Party

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REVIEW DINING & Entertaining

Plaza Azteca offers up fresh Mexican By Bernie Whitmore

Plaza Azteca 539 Lincoln St., Worcester (508) 853-3536 I entered Plaza Azteca, with, I believe, an open mind. I wanted a source for good Mexican cuisine here in Worcester, but I couldn’t be sure if this was the place. After all, it’s been years since the owners took over the old Bickford’s location, and I’ve never heard a word about the restaurant ~ good or bad.

It’s become trite to dismiss restaurants with expansive, shiny and colorful menus. But for the most part, that’s advice well heeded for a number of reasons: The foremost being that most kitchens resort to frozen, prepared foods when they’re expected to offer more than, let’s say, 200 items. This had me concerned, for Plaza Azteca’s menu is so vast, with multiple categories and illustrations, that it might make decisions difficult.

Entering the foyer, my friend and I were greeted by a couple of young employees and were led to a booth near Plaza Azteca’s lounge, which was busy with groups of mates out for an after-work drink.

But I didn’t really need to shop the menu; on the way to our booth, we passed tables with bowls of guacamole that looked mighty tempting. But just try to find guacamole on the menu; it’s nowhere. Very frustrating; that is, until Katherine returned and helped me out by pointing to its picture on the appetizer page. I guess it’s a point-and-click option.

The decor was a pleasant surprise. First, in contrast to the old Bickford’s format of cafeteria seating, Plaza Azteca has segmented the building into smaller seating areas that afford a degree of intimacy. The decor is not of the cheesy Mexican you may have grown up with; the owners have tossed the dusty sombreros for curvilinear paintings in a rich earth pallet.

With our orders placed, I poured a couple margaritas from the huge pitcher, and we finally relaxed. But then, I heard this deep rumbling sound coming down the aisle from behind me. For a moment, I had flashbacks of some of my worstever dining experiences. Just as quickly, these evaporated when I realized we were about to be treated to tableside guacamole.

Katherine, our waitress, soon arrived with tortilla chips and fresh salsa. We decided to order the house margarita; a full pitcher seemed a bargain. Plaza Azteca’s chips immediately proved addictive ~ thin, crispy and fresh. The salsa’s spiciness level could be dialed up using the bottles of habanero sauce on each table.

32 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Oct. 2013

A young man, with considerable élan, proceeded to prepare guacamole, fully customized to our preferences. As the evening wore on, I realized that his skill came from lots of practice; at least two-thirds of those who arrived after us also ordered it. And for good reason; it was fresh and alive with creamy ripe avocados, fresh-squeezed lime juice, cilantro leaves, chopped tomatoes and seasonings that gave it a most pleasing kick.

The chief goal of my search for a Mexican restaurant is to find good chiles rellenos. So at every Mexican restaurant I go to, I order them. Plaza Azteca’s Famous Chiles Rellenos is an order of two huge, luxuriously proportioned poblano peppers that were handbattered and fried till the peppers were just softened, not mushy or lost in cakey batter. I started with their pointed bottoms, and as I worked my way up to the main pepper chambers, I reached the chunk of cheesy fillings, mild and fresh. Both were crazy-drizzled with sour cream sauce and came with fluffy rice and refried beans. My friend was just as pleased with Plaza Azteca’s Burrito Cochinita Pibil. The huge flour tortilla was rolled around a filling of Mexican-style slow roasted pork that was fall-apart tender and had been marinated with citrus and annatto. It was topped with fresh cheese sauce and piled with what appeared to be pickled pink shredded onions. But these onions packed habanero heat; a spicy surprise. As we polished off our dessert, creamy Mexican Flan, we’d arrived at the same conclusion: Plaza Azteca’s Mexican cuisine stresses freshness of ingredients with attentive service and thrifty prices. Enough to place it square on our list of informal dining destinations. Just let the tableside guacamole make you a believer!

Hot & Now By Paul Giorgio

ColumbusFest. Shrewsbury Street comes alive on Columbus Day weekend. Join in the fun Sunday, Oct. 13, as more than a dozen places along Worcester’s Restaurant Row celebrate the Columbus Day weekend. Some of the eateries will feature Italian food, while others will host a traditional Oktoberfest, including barmaids in lederhosen, German food and beer. Spooky, spooky night. The third annual Canalloween party kicks off in Worcester’s Canal District on Saturday, Oct. 26. You can run in the Scary Monster Dash at 3 p.m., watch a Halloween parade at 4 p.m. and party along Water and Green streets in the Canal District at night. Here a chick, there a chick. Chick-fil-A is on its way in Westborough after recently receiving town approval. Some may remember that the restaurant chain was uninvited from opening in Boston after its owner took an anti-gay position on marriage equality. He will be missed. Jim McNally, the venerable owner of Clinton’s iconic The Old Timer Restaurant, recently passed away. McNally was a fixture in the restaurant, singing Irish tunes as he carved prime rib for his diners. He will be missed, and we send our best to his family. And yet more frozen yogurt. Brothers Dean and Todd Stamoulis, owners of Garden Fresh on Worcester’s Main Street, down by the courthouse, recently opened Fresh & Healthy Frozen Yogurt in the Atrium of St. Vincent’s Hospital. The question is: Does Worcester now have more banks or frozen yogurt places? Northworks open on Saturday. Northworks Bar & Grille on Worcester’s Grove Street is now open for lunch on Saturdays. The first Saturday lunch was served mid-September. Lord of The Manor. The new bar and restaurant in The Manor in West Boylston had its official ribbon-cutting in mid-September. Cutting the ribbon was Worcester Mayor Joe Petty, who crossed the town line to do this. Also on hand were State Rep. Jim O’Day and former Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, who now heads the Worcester Area Chamber of Commerce. The Draught House, as expected, has a large selection of beers on tap. New Indian. The New House of India recently opened in the Webster Square area of Worcester at 2 Cues Square. Besides the regular menu, the restaurant offers a $9 buffet lunch during the week and a $10 buffet lunch on weekends. Narragansett releases new pilsner. Narragansett Brewing, a New England favorite for more than 60 years, recently released its Narragansett Imperial Bohemian Pilsner. New range rider. Worcester’s Coral Seafood has a new chef. Kurt Galloway recently started at Coral after stints at Storehouse Inn in Little Compton, R.I., and at the South Beach, Fla., Ritz-Carlton. Prior to that, he was the sous chef for The Donald. That’s right, Donald Trump. Galloway is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University. The chef plans to update Coral’s menu within the month. Talking about a new menu. The Flying Rhino Café, also on Worcester’s Shrewsbury Street, has unveiled its new seasonal menu. Go try it out. A little tree with that food. The annual Regional Environmental Council’s Slow Food Gala Fundraiser will take place Oct. 17 at Holy Cross College. Call the REC for tickets.

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Now Serving:

By Benjamin McNeil I rarely discriminate against the contents of my dinner plate; Ramen fuels me, just one side effect of being a graduate student. But I maintain a list of establishments I will frequent once Jackson and Franklin take up residency in my wallet. As a regular contributor to Pulse’s Now Serving, however, I have interviewed many restaurant owners, who have collectively helped carve my perception of quality. Michael Bernier and John Piccolo, co-owners of Johnny Fugata, the newly opened Italian restaurant on Belmont Street (you’ve probably driven past it en route to White City), consider quality more than a 19-point Scrabble move. Bernier and Piccolo, both Johnson & Wales graduates, take offense to the microwavable entrees and non-fresh ingredients used by too many restaurants. But you don’t need to believe me; stop by Johnny Fugata, and you’ll see an open kitchen inhabited by the culinary artists at work. As an aside, this open-kitchen concept captured my attention and respect. How cool is it to observe the inner workings of an authentic Italian kitchen? Few restaurants make it big in a town this size without remaining allegiant to fresh ingredients. The difference between fresh and “everything else” in the eyes (and taste buds) of Worcesterites is vast. In a city with a plethora of dining establishments, time ultimately weeds out owners who place profit above quality food and a friendly atmosphere. Bernier said, “We make everything from scratch. We make it fresh and as close to authentic as possible, with a Worcester flare.” Bernier’s favorite dish, the Veal Vicenzo, consists of “sautéed, fresh, hand-cut veal; mushrooms; a little prosciutto; and marsala wine sauce over linguine.” Johnny Fugata is not strictly married to ritzy Italian entrees; the establishment also boasts a lunch menu with more than 40 different (and creatively named!) sandwiches. Where else can you call out “Fat Bastard” and be met with a “Coming right up!”? This tasty sandwich features chicken cutlet, meatloaf, big pepperoni, marinara and provolone on focaccia. Other sandwich names I get a kick out of: Say Hello to My Little Friend, Three Little Pigs, In Cod We Trust and McHale’s Navy. Oh, and Fugata can deliver a Hot Mess should you have a party. Bernier and Piccolo opened Johnny Fugata on July 15, but I envision the duo cementing their establishment as a Wormtown mainstay. Between the convenient location, the passion for authenticity, the open kitchen and the family-friendly atmosphere, I only see them growing. They also have a full liquor license and offer decadent Italian desserts. Johnny Fugata is open 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. For more information, visit

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Pumpkin evokes taste of fall By Kerry Cyganiewicz

Every year, it seems there are more pumpkin beers than the last. It is becoming difficult to choose one. So this month, I’ll try to help you separate the “treats” from the “tricks.” A recent fad has been to rim the pint glass with cinnamon and sugar. Whether you prefer this or not is up to you, but I reviewed these in a plain glass, so the beers would speak on their own. Cheers! Southern Tier Imperial Pumking, 8.6% ABV Do you like pumpkin pie? I do, and this is one of my favorite beers. It pours a dark orange with a cascading head that just does not want to go away. It smells like pumpkin, vanilla, graham cracker and assorted spices. The mouthfeel is heavy, and this beer coats every inch of your mouth. It tastes exactly how it smells. There is an alcohol warmth that becomes apparent as you drink it. Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, 7% ABV This beer pours a beautiful muted orange color. The small head disappears quickly with minimal lacing down the glass. It smells of pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice and sugary goodness. It tastes better than it smells, with hints of allspice, pumpkin, rum, graham and caramel. Mouthfeel is a short-lasting creaminess fading to a spicy finish. Highly carbonated for a pumpkin ale. Shipyard Pumpkinhead. 4.7% ABV This beer is by far the lightest pumpkin beer I have ever tried. It poured a clear yellow with a two-finger head that stays put and has good lace down the glass. However, it smells of overly sweet pumpkin and spice. The taste is of crisp spice with a lingering pumpkin aftertaste. I kept picking up cloves and lots of them. Not my first choice, but is it bad? No. This is an excellent beverage to have on hand for gatherings or to order a round of for a table, as it won’t offend anyone for being too over the top.

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Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale, 5.7% ABV This local offering pours a light mahogany with a tan head and has decent lacing down the glass. It smells heavily of spice, and it tastes like it smells, heavily of cinnamon, nutmeg and maybe ginger. It’s difficult to pick up the pumpkin through all the spice. It has a great mouthfeel with perfect carbonation. If you like the spice aspect of pumpkin beers, give this one a try. The Bruery Autumn Maple, 10% ABV I snuck this one in here. It is not brewed with pumpkins, but with yams. It pours a deep maroon. It looks like autumn in a glass. A smallish tan head appears, and the beer smells of sweet cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and ginger. It tastes sweet, but not overly sweet. There was cinnamon, fig, clove, molasses, vanilla and spice from the Belgian yeast, all wrapping around my tongue. It completely warmed me inside. It changes in flavor as it warms. If you are willing to tread slightly outside the realm of pumpkin beers into one made with yams, you will not be disappointed. Cambridge Brewing Company Great Pumpkin Ale, 4.4% ABV Another local offering, this beer pours a deep orange color with a two-fingered head that just won’t go away. The aroma doesn’t have a dominant ingredient, but there’s some pumpkin, some spice and some sweetness. The taste is as balanced as the nose. It is one of the most balanced beers I have ever tried. There is pumpkin, sweetness, spice, malt and hops, with not one overpowering the others. This is an incredibly well crafted, drinkable beer. Oct. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 35

It’s whiskey, what’s the difference? By Tim Korby

With whiskey ~ and specifically, bourbon ~ sales being at an all-time high and taking a bite out of families’ household wine budgets, I’ve decided to find out what all of the hullabaloo is about. Single-malt scotch sales started surging in the ’80s and continue to grow today, but the bourbon boom is a more recent phenomenon. What exactly is whiskey and what are the differences between bourbon and scotch?

but it is the rye in the grain mix that imparts the unique flavor. Canadian whiskey is typically lighter and smoother than other whisky styles. It may also contain caramel (as may Scotch whisky, but not bourbon).

In general, whiskey or whisky (the latter spelling usually used for Scotch) is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain (corn, barley, rye and/or wheat), which is usually aged in charred, white oak barrels. The first and most obvious difference between scotch and bourbon is that Scotch whisky must be produced solely in Scotland and bourbon must be made in the United States (mostly in Kentucky). Another difference is the grain that is used as the base for each product. Scotch is made predominantly from malted barley (single-malt scotch from 100 percent malted barley), and bourbon is made from corn (at least 51 percent but usually more than 70 percent). The barrel aging for the two whiskeys is also different; bourbon is aged for a minimum two years in only new barrels, whereas scotch must be aged for at least three years but in barrels that may have been previously used. In single malts from the northern Scottish islands, the malted barley used to make scotch is dried in kilns that are fired by peat. It is the peat smoke that imparts the strong and distinctly smoky/earthy flavor to the final product.

Rye is also used in the U.S. to make American rye whiskey, another fast-growing category. Rye whiskey must be at least 51 percent rye, to which corn and malted barley are usually added. Rye whiskey must be aged for at least two years in new barrels. Rye whiskey tends to be a bit spicier and fruitier than corn-based bourbon, which tends to be a bit sweeter and more full-bodied.

There are many more types of whiskey than just scotch and bourbon. Irish whiskey was the fastest-growing whiskey category in the U.S. last year. It is made exclusively in Ireland, where barley is used as the base grain. Irish whiskey must be aged in wooden casks for at least three years. Canadian whiskey (of course, made only in Canada) has a blended multi-grain base that contains a large percentage of corn,

36 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Oct. 2013

The newest commercial phenomenon on the whiskey shelves is white corn whiskey, which is marketed as a form of legal “moonshine.” Because white corn whiskey sees no barrel aging, it has no taste resemblance to any of the brown whiskeys. I have merely scratched the surface here with the multitude of styles of whiskey available. Knowing this, next time I go to the bar, I’ll be more specific than just saying “Bartender, give me a shot of whiskey.” Tim Korby is the director of Julio’s Liquors and online wine store. He started in the wine industry in California in 1976 and moved to the Boston area in 2000. In addition to being a retail wine buyer, he has taught wine courses since 1984 and has regularly written newsletters, articles and blogs since 1981. Tim travels the world several times a year to find just the right wines for his customers and to learn the true romance of the wines he sells.


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beauty & style

For the love of horror: Halloween makeup advice By Jennifer Russo

Halloween ~ a holiday that has taken on a life (or death, if you will) of its own. Once a hallowed religious holiday, Halloween has become more about nightlife, parties and, of course, costumes. Whether you are going for the whimsical or gothic, sexy or all-out gore, this is a day when you can be something or someone else. Halloween is the day jeans turn into shrouds, wigs replace your daily ’do, and you can push the boundaries of reality, sensibility and political correctness ~ just for a night. Whatever your costume may be, if you aren’t wearing a full-on rubber mask or something else that covers your face, you will need to think about makeup. Though the classic cat whiskers painted on the face are simple and cute, there are some people who like to go the extra mile in making themselves over. I had a chat with local makeup artist, Britton Atchley, asking her for her guidance on how to achieve the perfect makeup results for some classic costumes. Atchley, who studied makeup artistry and special effects at the MakeUp Designory school n Burbank, Calif., and has lent her talents to independent horror movies such as She’s Crushed, provided excellent advice on nailing some of the most popular Halloween looks.

Zombies Let’s talk zombies. Being as AMC’s The Walking Dead has drawn massive amounts of attention the last few years and spurred Hollywood to film both serious and funny movies around the idea of flesh-eating former humans, the zombie has become the costume of choice for many (not only on Halloween, but for parties and marches around the city, as well). So how do you get the look of this rotting entity down perfectly?

38 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Oct. 2013

“Start with a subtle base color for the skin. Browns and greens are used for zombies to [create] the look of dead, decaying skin. They make temporary tooth gel that you can apply to your teeth to make them stained,” Britton said. “It’s the extra little details that help sell a character, though. Whichever color you have chosen as your base color for your skin, you want to have additional darker colors to use around the eye sockets, the temple areas, under the cheekbones and around the mouth to help suck those areas in. If you are comfortable using latex, it will really help sell your zombie makeup even more. Latex is a tricky material to use, but it can help pull the skin in directions. You can use it to put ‘holes’ in the skin ~ and again, coloring your application helps pull the overall look together.”

Vampires What about vampires? Though it seems that the vampire boom has died down slightly, this is still a very popular choice. From the traditional Dracula and Anne Rice-style vamps to today’s teenage love-struck Cullens, there has always been a fascination with these immortal and cultured bloodsuckers. Britton suggested that it’s best to “create pale skin for vampires, not white. That, to me, is completely overboard on the fact that they can’t see sunlight. I personally like to lighten the person’s natural skin tone a few shades to give the appearance that one is lacking color, and definitely no glitter effects. (Sorry, Twilight fans.) Obviously, you need the fangs. They come in many sizes and are very easy to apply.”

What about the small details that really pull in the entire idea of a vampire? “In my opinion,” Britton said, “the use of veins is extremely important in selling the look of a vampire. Think about the movie Interview with a Vampire, the hint of color peeking out under the pale skin ~ showing that there is blood under the skin ~ can be achieved by using a teal makeup pencil. You want to concentrate on the veins in the forehead, neck and hands.”

Wounds For those of you who relish the idea of creating convincing slasher-style wounds, Britton divulged her secrets to pulling these off flawlessly. “For wounds such as stab wounds, gunshot wounds, lobotomies, slit wrists, etc., I like to use a product called mortician’s wax. It’s a buildable, waxy product that allows you to shape the wound according to how the wound was inflicted. Also, I would have to say that understanding how wounds look from the beginning ~ freshness all the way until it is healing ~ is vital, because that will determine how you color around the wound. The severity of a wound and if it’s recent or old will also play a large part in making a fake wound look real. A new or fresh wound will require your color palate to be in the reds, purples, maroons and blues. You will want to also consider the possibility of the wound being somewhat swollen and puffy. If the wound is in the healing process, you then want to be looking into more yellow, browns and greens for the bruising effect around the wound.” And the blood : “Everyone also loves to use blood to sell the wound, and of course, it is needed on all types of wounds all the time, but it is important make sure you get the good blood. Some blood sold in Halloween stores ends up having a green tint and drying on the skin rather quickly and giving a cheesy effect. But good blood is sticky and dark,” Britton said. Want to hire Britton to make you over this Halloween? She is happy to take appointments. You can email her at for more information.

Oct. 2013 | THEPULSEMAG.COM 39

The Easy last-minute Style costumes are right List. under your nose By Stacia Kindler For you lovers of all things spooky, October means only one thing ~ Halloween. A favorite among little ones and adults alike, it is the one day a year where you can wake up and decide to be an astronaut and actually do it … kind of. Complete with crazy costumes, haunted houses, “special” cider and an absolutely absurd amount of candy, October really knows how to save the best for last.

Then, why didn’t you get that costume figured out sooner if you are so pumped? Life happened, that’s why. Luckily, choosing the perfect costume is usually as simple as asking yourself, “What are my interests?” The answer to this question should take you far when paired with a little imagination, some old clothes and maybe a run to the hardware store.

Stacia Kindler

Keeping your interests in mind can make the world of a difference when finding a last-minute costume, not only in deciding what you want to be but in personalizing it to fit you. Are you a movie buff? Have a flare for fashion? Always getting into mischief? Chances are you already own the right stepping stones to whip up the perfect costume at a moment’s notice. First, it is important to remember that the classics don’t always have to be boring. Your own personal touch on a familiar costume can be sorely underestimated. Are there five other cowgirls at this year’s monster mash? Who cares ~ as long as you’re the only one shooting people with glitter! A certain element of surprise is the key to making any run-of-the-mill costume great ~ however creepy, strange or just downright wrong it is. Think of how funny it

40 THEPULSEMAG.COM | Oct. 2013

would be to see your preppiest friend show up decked out in J. Crew with full-on skeleton makeup. That’s the kind of irony that makes this holiday so wonderfully weird year after year. Still lost for ideas? Remember to do your research; a simple 10-minute Google search could bring that “Aha!” moment you’ve been looking for since the first signs of fall. OK, so funny isn’t your thing, but you‘ll use any excuse to dress up. An old prom or wedding dress can instantly transform into any of the usual suspects. Where a flare for all things girly is concerned, all it takes is the right accessories. Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Twiggy, fictional characters ~ all have corresponding hair and makeup any true glamour girl could whip up at a moment’s notice. After all, it is better be overdressed than underdressed. Another issue adding unwanted stress to the already perplexing costume question is your ever-dwindling budget; however, it is surprising what you can do with the simplest household items, borrowing from friends or articles of clothing you already own. So, as Halloween creeps in on you this October, take these solid words of advice: Do a little research, don’t overthink it, and be the best possible version of whatever twisted fantasy you dream up the night before.


It’s not 2,000 BU’s. The hops weren’t harvested from the grounds of a temple in the heart of a jungle that you’ve never even heard of. This beer won’t change your attitude. We’re not trying to score you or numb your tongue. You just drink it. It tastes great. Just IPA.

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