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Volume 1 • Issue 18

* Correction to January Issue of livemagazine: In the interview with Pastor Renee we quoted her favorite Scripture as Matthew 6:36. It should have read Matthew 6:33.


Book of the Month


Connecting with God when Exhausted, Disheartened or Failing


Do You Know Who I Am?


True Love in a Confused World


Designing a Kingdom Atmosphere


Fabulously Fighting Those Holiday Pounds


Arise Beautiful Queens of Destiny


5 Tips to Get You to Good Love


The Road to Living Healthier


Heart Check, A Closer Look at Heart Disease

21 greatness is in You Interview with Coach Anna McCoy


Let’s go!! During the month of February our attention seems to turn to issues of love and matters of the heart. Ask yourself this question; “Are you walking in the love of God”? I know it’s not always easy, but be honest with yourself; are you truly walking in the agape love of God or are there conditions that must be met before you release love? The world’s way would have you only share the gift of love with those who you deem deserve it, or to those who love you back. This isn’t God way. The bible is very clear. We are commanded to first love God and then others. You can not honestly say you love God, but do not love your sister. It just doesn’t work like that. God would never command you to do something that you were not able to do. First Corinthians 13:2 says “if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love I am nothing" (NIV). Walking in the love of God is not based on emotions or feelings. Your life will never be complete or full without love. If there are areas in your life that aren’t right, you may want to check you love walk. If you release God’s love in your life, you allow Him access to move in your life and in your situations. It seems like as February rolls around we (females) tend to automatically go into receipt mode. This month, let’s not concentrate on receiving boxes of candy, flowers or jewelry but, let’s plan to share the love of God with everyone that we come in contact with (even the ones you don’t want to), the same way God continues to do with us.

Lorraine Williams Editor-in-Chief


live magazine - February 2010

Book of the Month

Warning to Ministers, Their Wives, and Mistresses Avoid the Road to Destruction Dr. Betty R. Price An inspirational book that reads more like a parable in the Old Testament than a contemporary self-help book. True to the ministry's brand of sharper than a doubled-edge sword teaching, this is a lifechanging book written by one of most influential and trusted church leaders. Unfortunately, a staggering number of adults are engaged in adulterous affairs on a regular basis - including Church leaders. Sexual misconduct among clergy is at an all-time high with no one taking a stand to speak out against it. Until now. Standing on her solid marital and ministry foundation, Dr. Betty exposes the sex, lies and cover-ups of the Church's dirty little secrets. Fifty years in the making, Dr. Betty's new book highlights tear-stained letters, shocking kiss-and-tell emails and gut-wrenching intimate confessions by wives and mistresses snared in dangerous liaisons. "Warning To Ministers, Their Wives And Mistresses" is a powerful cautionary tale of how ministers who cheat have ruined their ministries, their congregation and their marriages due to adultery. THIS BOOK IS A WARNING. In Dr. Betty's view, the sexual misconduct of ministers is the most visible sign that the church is in danger of moral collapse. The strength of the leadership in the Church starts with the integrity of the ministerial office to guide the sheep. And while adultery has become tacitly frowned upon by society at large, the church has a higher calling and a greater responsibility. Whether the minister willfully committed adultery or was ensnared, he should repent immediately because he is in danger of losing his ministry, and possibly his life. An excellent ministry tool, Dr. Betty's "Warning" is a must-read for ministers and their mistresses or any other person (politician, celebrity or spouse) who is embroiled in an extra-marital affair in order to restore their lives.


connecting with god when


Disheartened or Failing by Marnie Swedberg

Do you keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Have you ever wondered if God’s grace might end? Do you fear you will soon reach your maximum number of failures? Think about a tight-rope walker: If they fall off the tight-rope, there is a net underneath them which provides a soft landing. It’s embarrassing, but they are OK. God gives His kids a similar safety net so we can walk the tight rope with Him, and, if we falter or fall, nothing is hurt except our pride. Grace only runs out when faith runs dry; and faith only runs dry when you quit stepping on the tight rope with God in preference of a safe and self-directed path. As long as we keep on wanting to do it God’s way, He keeps on wanting to support us. Just focus on Jesus. And let Him increase your faith however He chooses. In 1997 I was prompted to put away my watch and alarm clock in order to let God fully 6

live magazine - February 2010

order my schedule. Most mornings I enjoy being woken up with a gentle prompt or loving whisper; but sometimes I sleep right through God’s call and He delivers a real “zinger” that pops my eyes open and sets my heart to pounding. What I’ve learned along the way is that if we miss a gentle prod, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up: We need to let God prove Himself until our faith is strong enough to guiltlessly enjoy watching Him cover our backs. I remember one day that God woke me up from a dead sleep, just in the nick of time. I was taking a nap and suddenly I heard, in my head, “Get up!” I tried, but nothing would move. It felt like there was a brick on my chest. Pretty soon, it came again, “Get up!” It seemed impossible. I was just too tired. But then I heard, “Get up now!” The intensity of this final instruction, along

with the reality that it was my 3rd call, got my attention. Yet, exhaustion won out. I just laid there. Then, like the dawn peaking through the mist, I realized that my shoes had to be somewhere on the floor beside me. Grabbing one seemed doable… maybe. Reaching my hand down to the floor, kind of rolling halfway over, I was able to grab a shoe. My leg went into the air and I put it on. My leg fell back onto the bed like a log. I managed to reach my other shoe, lift my other leg up into the air and put it on. I sat up, staggered to a stand and started walking, barely able to see where I was going through squinting eyes. A glass of water sounded good and as I walk to get it, I caught a glance of movement outside the back door and did a double take. There, coming up my sidewalk, was an elderly couple from church. Bennie and Salome Heppner were walking up to the door, right then. I was overwhelmed! Instantly a prayer shot up, “God! What would have happened if they would have come when I was still sound-asleep? After groggily greeting them, I invited them in and soon learned the reason for their visit. They had been asked to sing at the regional pastor’s appreciation dinner and they needed a pianist. Would I play for them? Upon receiving my yes answer, they hit me with the zinger: “We only have the words. We don’t have any music. Could you write the notes?” I just marveled! Not ten minutes before, I had been so knocked out that I couldn’t even think. Now, not only could I answer the door, visit with them politely, and agree to their main request, but I was also given the ability to write the notes to their favorite song.

There was another day when I was so exhausted that I was literally curled into a fetal position in a chair in my living room. My children were around me, but I was completely spent with nothing to give anyone. The entire day was ahead with no energy left for it. Curled in that chair, fighting back tears, I croaked toward heaven, “God, I can’t. I can’t even think. I cannot go through the rest of this day. But I know I have to do it. Help me!” In that moment, turning on some praise music seemed the answer. It was a random, useless, thought. The type of thought you usually dismiss as ridiculous. But it seemed urgent; so I struggled up from my chair, shuffled to the other part of the house where the stereo was, grabbed whatever my hand touched and put it into the player. As the music began, my body was infused by what I can only describe as supernatural energy. I started dancing. I had my little guy, Timothy, up in my arms, and we were twirling around as if I had not, just moments before, been a crumpled heap in a ball on chair without hope. God continually amazes me with His ability to give strength when we have none. Not only does He wake me up when I do it right, but He shocks me up when I ignore Him or am too weak to obey Him in my own strength.

let Him increase your faith however He chooses He is the answer for every question and knows every shortcut from despair to delight. Connect with Jesus regardless of your performance. It is your heart He is watching. You will fall, you will fail and you will reach the end of your own strength. But He is able, more than able.

Focus on Jesus.


DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? Stephanie C. Harper

The pride of your heart has deceived you… Obadiah 1:3 Have you asked God the hard question, “is it I?” Many repeat the same cycle in their careers because they refuse to ask God to reveal themselves TO THEMSELVES. When you find yourself in the same place, you may need to look toward heaven and ask “how am I playing a part in defeating my own destiny?” Pride! Pride is the sin God judges – the Lord works His judgment through unsuspecting human instruments. These humans are the ones who value your knowledge, skill and ability, yet still refuse to utilize you. Just as Edom challenged, “who can bring me down?” Some of you have become high and haughty in your positions of authority. You have been given authority to lift, build, and motivate others, and confuse it with a way to cut others down. What can be worse than someone who is in control, but lacks authority? It is not healthy to think too little or too much of oneself. You must know who you are and whose you are. God has made you. Without God you can do nothing. He is the source of your intellect, education, experience, brilliance, talent, good looks, and the door that opens. God uses what He gave you for opportunity. It is an opportunity for people to look through you and see God. Folk should wonder why you have so much favor. They should inquire and you should be ready to transfer the glory to God.

Stephanie C. Harper, PHR, CCP, CHRM is certified human resources professional, author, career expert, and Publisher of CAREER Magazine

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zorld z i un the W

ing ship Chang with Wor

True Love in a Confused World Jewell R. Powell

What is true love? You don’t have to look too far or too deep to understand our culture’s view of love. It is plastered all over billboards and Hollywood movie screens and in the latest reality dating shows. The message is that true love is romantic, beautiful, expensive, and always exciting. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, the overriding message about love is “buy this to show someone you care.” In a way, commercialism not only dictates the expression of love but Hollywood movies portray an unrealistic picture of true love. With all of these messages coming at us from different directions it is easy to allow our view of love to become clouded. In fact, it may take our minds off the true meaning of love. The good news is that there is a tool that can keep you on the right track; there’s no better place to understand the true meaning of love than the Bible. 1st Corinthians 13:4-8 offers perhaps the most wellknown scripture about love. It is often read at weddings, and, unfortunately, it is easy to get used to the words and just let them go in one ear and out the other. However, for the purpose of really grasping the meaning of true love, let’s look at it from the message bible because it is important to take another look at the powerful words in these verses: Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love doesn’t strut, Doesn’t have a swelled head, Doesn’t force itself on others, Isn’t always “me first,” Doesn’t fly off the handle, Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others,


live magazine - February 2010

Doesn’t revel when others grovel, Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth, Puts up with anything, Trusts God always, Always looks for the best, Never looks back, But keeps going to the end.

It’s easy to see the contrast of what the Bible describes as love and what our society tells us about love. The above verses paint love as being selfless rather than selfish, being humble instead of prideful, and seeing love through the eyes of faith and not through the many challenges we face. Whereas, our society focuses on a “what’s in it for me” mentality, the Bible focuses on love as “caring more for others.” Nearly every day it seems we hear of marriages in crisis. A common complaint of both husbands and wives is that they aren’t getting their needs met. When we take a close look at what the Bible has to say about love, it seems that the whole idea is to put the other person first, a.k.a. “not self-seeking.” Imagine what would happen to marriages if each spouse would begin to put the other person’s needs first! Or even if only one spouse was on board to live out the Biblical description of love, being unselfish and serving the other person-how would that affect the other spouse’s attitudes and behaviors? Certainly, there would be a shift in the dynamics and possibly the ultimate course of the relationship. May we be people who refuse to buy into the shallow philosophies of love promoted in our society through the media and popular culture. Instead, we can purposefully choose to cling to the true meaning of love found in the Bible, allowing it to influence the way we treat others,

including our spouses. If partners in marriage decide to approach each other with true love, the results can be amazing. As one who made such a decision, I can tell you that it will take time and practice, but it can be done. For example, if you are working on something very important and your spouse asks you to do something for them, do not get upset. Make a decision that if I put someone else’s needs before mine, God will reward me. That is how we can lay down our lives. Moreover, your spouse may be going through a tough time. Go out of your way to be supportive not just in word but in deed as well. Forget watching your favorite show and sit down and talk with them about their problem. Take them on an overnight trip to get away. When you make a decision to honor someone by laying aside your desires and plans, you have experienced the type of love that Jesus did for you and me. Remember in the book of John we are commanded to love one another as Jesus loves and to put our own lives (desires, needs, demands) aside. “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:12-13. While saying the words “I love you” is not so difficult to do, acting out love-the kind of love described in the Bible-can be more of a challenge; it also has the potential to mean much more to your spouse or loved one. Words that are not followed up with the appropriate attitudes and behaviors can leave the recipient feeling a bit empty. Instead of just giving lip-service, it makes sense to be proactive and act-out the love you profess. 1 John 3:18 explains, “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” How can you practically show your spouse this kind of love? Maybe you grew up in a home with parents who did not provide a good model of true love. Or maybe over time you have become overly-influenced by our culture’s superficial definition of love. Or maybe you are just human (imperfect) and needing a little extra help in demonstrating love department! It’s okay. You are not alone. We can all use encouragement and direction when it comes to displaying genuine love to others. Below are a few tips to get you going as you strive to love others the way God has called you to do, specifically when it comes to your spouse or significant other:

1. Surround yourself with examples of real love. If you are immersed neck-deep in the idea of Hollywood love and hang out with people who are careless about love and intimacy, it is going to be difficult to grasp the truth-the meaning of love as described in the Bible. It makes sense

to encourage and promote a healthy and truth-based view of love by spending time in God’s word, being with other believers and talking with God about your needs, desires and expectations when it comes to love relationships. 2. Love is a choice, not an emotion. You may not always feel like showing love to the other person. In fact, there will be days when you have trouble being nice to your spouse. Love doesn’t always come easy, because we are human and broken, but our higher calling is to rise above our flesh and natural tendencies; part of doing that is to live in love, even when we don’t feel like it. 3. Acting out true love means putting our own selfish desires aside to serve and love the other person. 1 John 3:16 explains it like this: “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we are to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.” If one of our goals as Christians is to be more like Jesus, then this scripture clearly dictates how we are to love othersselflessly. When in doubt, think about the attitude Jesus would have about your spouse. Better yet, go to prayer and ask Him to help you view your spouse in a positive light and love them better every day. Pray for healing to overcome past hurts and habits. The next time you look at your spouse, take their hand, or talk to them; think about the Lord Jesus standing by your side and think about how He sees your spouse. His love is overwhelming and He can teach you to love the way He loves. Staying connected to God, your power source, is going to help you to have a deeper understanding of love and how to express it effectively to others.Like many, 1st Corinthians was read at my wedding. It sounded great at the time when were in love and getting married. However, when my marriage was in crisis, I looked at that scripture with such frustration. I couldn’t possibly do what it was saying because my husband wasn’t doing it. But when I made a decision to use that as my compass on how to love my husband, it turned our marriage around. I’ve realized that true love never fails because God never fails. Let’s not forget verse 13 which tells us three things that will last forever, faith unwavering, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. And the best of the three is love.


designing for the king with Deana Murphy

designing a kingdom atmosphere


ast month we talked about the purpose and planning stages of home design. I believe once we identify what it is we want our home to do for us, the ease of setting it up becomes second-nature. This month we will lay some groundwork for establishing the home’s atmosphere (we touched on this a bit last month)—more appropriately, a kingdom atmosphere. This is simply because home living for Christians ought not to be as home living for the world. Now before I delve into some of the juicy design stuff, I want to share a bit of history as to why this is essential. Remember what God said to Moses over in Exodus 25 regarding building the tabernacle? He wanted a sacred residence where He could live among them. Then God showed Moses the plans, from the foundation to the furnishings and accessories. Much the same was for Solomon’s temple. (2 Chron. 2-4). What was God doing? He was literally designing an atmosphere that would distinguish the children of Israel from the people of the world. Children of the King are the embodiment of His DNA—Design, Nature, Archetype. The place where His DNA is most often over-looked is in our home design. Generally, because His DNA is in us, we can actually ‘feel’ something before it is seen. So with that said, being atmosphere is an intangible—feeling, ambience, impression, mood—let’s look at the notion of the Kingdom atmosphere. Just how does one design a kingdom atmosphere and communicate a distinction of the way kingdom children live?

Curb Appeal There are episodes on HGTV called curb appeal. Each episode features a real house and homeowner with guest experts who discuss the owner’s needs and propose projects to improve the home’s appearance. Then the crew goes to work, transforming outdated and boring homes with stunning makeovers. What does this do for the home’s atmosphere? It immediately gives a first impression when someone drives up to the home. As well, it sets the mood for what to expect when you enter. We want people to be impressed when they see our home because we represent the God in us. This is funny. I just had a vision: God standing out-

side our homes and waving to a passer-by saying, “My kingdom children live here, but you’ll never know it. Paint is peeling off the front; there’s mold and mildew on the house, sidewalks, roof, and driveway; needless clutter is all over the yard; the lawn needs mowing; leaves need raking; windows and gutters aren’t clean; tree limbs are laying on the roof; the engine went in that old jalopy five years ago and it still sits in the driveway; and at night it’s so dark you can’t see how to get to the front door.” A curb like this isn’t appealing and certainly doesn’t distinguish us from people of the world.

Smart Tips: Give a dingy house a fresh coat of paint. The color scheme should blend with the surrounding neighborhood. Be creative and never copy from your neighbor. Refer to the colors God has already bloomed around you. Harmonize the house color with the roof. It should highlight the best features of the home and skillfully disguise design flaws and encourage good curb appeal. When in doubt, ask God for guidance. He’s good at this. He chose the colors of the universe. Design an inviting entrance. A beautiful front door, perhaps with a glass inset, is very attractive. In my view, there is something distinguishing about a home with a red front door especially when there are warm colors on the siding or landscape. Red is the color of atonement, and it signifies passion and energy, sort of like the exclamation point or focal of the exterior. Plantings alongside the walkway beckon a warm welcome. Include outside lighting. Beyond the ambience obtainable by outside lighting, it is an important feature for safety and security. Many opportunities for outside lighting exists, for example, landscape lighting, garden lighting, solar lighting, led outside lighting, accent lighting, flood lighting, garage lighting, and low voltage outside lighting. Any home design center can assist with these.

Foyer Foyers are generally considered a pass-through space and are often neglected. Any entrance, whether large or small should feel grand. Family, friends, and guest get to see the prelude to the home from the foyer.


But more importantly, the foyer also greets YOU. Utterly no clutter or build up should be in this space. Imagine seeing your heavenly mansion (Jesus did tell us at John 14:2 in His Father’s house are many mansions, and He was going to prepare a place for us) filled with muddy boots, umbrellas and coats scattered everywhere. What type of kingdom atmosphere would that convey?

Smart Tips: Intelligible lighting. Foyers are the connectors to the other spaces in the home. Use lighting intelligibly with adjustable brightness for the desired feel. Set the tone. Make the foyer a warm and inviting place. Always keep YOU in mind as well as guest. Always make this space a contrasting color from the adjacent rooms. I enjoy painting the entrance wall in a totally different accented color for drama and noticeably influence. Transform it. Unwanted or under-used closet in the foyer? Remove the door, add moldings and trim, and transform it into a display case for collectibles. Build a bench with lid to store boots and shoes. Dress it up. Showcase a beautiful piece of sculpture, a galley of paintings or an antique table that defines itself. Add life with tall a plant. A large mirror echoes any features on the opposite wall and gives the illusion of an expanded space. Hardwood floors can be graced with a complimentary woven runner.

Living Spaces This is where we generally get in trouble. In there we bring our thoughts, our ideas, our emotions, our attitudes, our frustrations and US! How we handle them have the greatest and profound impact on the atmosphere and ambience of the home. Kingdomly speaking, the barometer to God’s presence there hedges on the at-


live magazine - February 2010

mosphere we make for Him. Now think about it. Would you want to hang around someone who is always stirringup confusion and mayhem? Controlling our feelings, thoughts and attitudes with God’s word assures us peaceful living at home. And also, personal style and décor should undoubtedly be defined in line with our kingdom walk with Him. Décor is broad and wide and I believe is moreover established by whatever goes on there as well as included items. Whatever goes on there unquestionably determines the atmosphere. (For more insight read Designing for the King). Philippians 4:8 outlines the kingdom blueprint for the intangible ambience of our living space, so I’ll go ahead and share some tips for its physical layout and practical ambience.

Smart Tips: Living areas. The living areas are usually the hub for leisure activities in the home including relaxed areas, children’s play areas, entertaining areas, working areas, and eating areas. These areas may have many purposes as families have needs. For example, a dining room doesn’t have to be used as one. Be creative with these spaces. Living room. Often off-limits and used as a show room, I don’t know how the living room got its name. Live in this space. Show off your good taste and introduce your kingdom style. Display collectibles there. Don’t hide the cross. Religions across the world display their beliefs in their home. Showcase the cross. Remember He’s no longer on it. With furniture, the relationship of the wall to the sofa is determined by the size of the sofa. Then the sofa should be about half to three-quarters the length of the wall. Don’t clutter the space and fill every wall and corner with furnishings. Leave some space for your eye to rest. When you allow your eyes to rest, your mind rests

also. This brings about peace. He will keep you in perfect peace as your mind is stayed on Him. (Isaiah 26:3). Gathering spaces. Every home should have a space where the family can gather. I know this is very important to the Lord because he created the family before He established the church. Generally we call gathering spaces the family room or great room, which extends to the kitchen and breakfast nook. Make this living space inclusive of everyone’s needs. For seating, the best furniture layout would be forming a conversation arc with seating facing each other and other seating between the two forming a semi-circle, or arc. Then regardless if where you sit, it is easy to hear each other talk across the room. Prayer spaces. This space ultimately sets the tone for the home. Ponder this. We have spaces in our home for almost every activity, for example, exercising, cooking, eating, sleeping, sewing, entertaining, et cetera. Why not transform a space solely for daily time alone with the Lord? Take away these suggestions: • Literally convert a closet into a personal prayer closet. • Open a wall under a stairwell. • Transform a corner in the bedroom with a screen.. • Gather pillows and place them in the bathtub. • Convert a space bedroom. Ease of Movement. Furniture should be planned for proper proportions in relation to each other, but also should be planned for how the body moves in the space as well. Frustration and aggravation can be avoided when the design layout flows easily and these tools are properly implemented: • Place coffee table eighteen inches in from the sofa. • The arm reach from sofa to table is approximately eighteen inches. • The body needs eighteen inches of space to walk

between sofa and table. • The legs need eighteen inches of space to extend while seated. • End tables should be no more than six inches from sofa and never deeper than the sofa. • Side tables are placed at height of chair arm and within easy reach. • Chair depth should be ample to avoid legs hanging over in excess. • For bending and kneeling, allow three feet between wall and furnishings. • Dining room table needs three feet clearance from other furniture in the room. • Allow two feet of dining space per person. Turn off the secular TV shows and flood your home with worship music, speak words that edify, and fill your heart with thanksgiving for the family God has birth into your life. Home is a place where no one else is watching; where we let our guard down and become authentic. We must be so very careful and sure to allow our authenticity reflect the DNA of the One who gave us the home with the provisions to live there.

Prayer Lord, you alone are the anchor and focal point in my home’s design. Teach me how to create a kingdom atmosphere to be one with beauty, style, taste, creativity, comforting and love to display for your glory; drawing people into it, being refreshed from a dark world. © 2010 Deana Murphy


F abu l o us l y F i g h tin g T h o s e H o l ida y P o unds Shanae dell

The holidays have come and gone, leaving behind full hearts, wonderful memories and dare I say it….extra holiday pounds! Now I know I am not the only one guilty of pilfering a cookie or two..or three or four, but who’s counting?! Anyway, let’s not dwell on the little things shall we? We have to figure out how we are going to handle these extra pounds and make it appear effortless. Now I must admit that the extra holiday weight is not exactly what we asked Santa for, but we will work this out! There are always three problem areas that we divas all fight with after the holidays; tummy, thighs and arms! Well, fret not ladies because I have found three different key pieces that provide fab coverage for each problem area along with other pieces that will take you to new fashion heights! I promise you ladies, these pieces will make you forget all about those pesky pounds! Now ladies, I must warn you, these outfits are may cause injury when you step outside your door! A confident attitude and a fierce ensemble is a dangerous combination! Work your magic, Divas! Until next time….Be Victorious! 16

live magazine - February 2010

The waterfall jacket provides awesome coverage for the middle area and gives the outfit a layered look without bulkiness!

The pleated wool skirt provides great coverage for the thigh area and gives the outfit sophistication and sass!

The key piece in this ensemble is the

bell-sleeved sweater. This sweater is a great camouflage for the arms!


empowerment living for everyday To all the Beautiful Queens - what are you waiting on? I know each and every one of you have a dream on the inside that God has planted within your Spirit. And because it is within you, it is only for you to birth. Don’t abort your dreams due to disbelief! The world has identified this season as barren and desolate; however because God is faithful - our lives will be fruitful! Amen! Yes! I will keep it real - this has definitely been a season of pressing! pressing to get to next level, pressing to stay in your right mind, pressing to stay motivated, pressing to make ends meet, pressing to just get a Word! It all seems crazy at times but this is a


live magazine - February 2010

catalyst for your faith to function. Understand it is when you operate in ‘crazy faith’, there is less evidence. Hebrews 11:1 says “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen. Therefore when you are operating in the realm of the Spirit and applying the Word to your circumstances and still not seeing results - it’s ok. As your faith elevates to another dimension, so will the attacks and hindrances. Put on God’s complete armor and STAND! Hold your ground. A double minded man prospers nothing. You have to know who you are, whose you are, & what you have been called to do. You have not been called to

be ‘ok’ or just mediocre. There’s greatness on the inside of you and the assignment that God has given each and every one of you requires ‘relentless faith’. Your faith cannot be based on your feelings or materialism. The promises of God are not determined by your pocketbook & His faithfulness is not determined by your finances! Hebrews 11:6 goes on to say without faith it is impossible to please God. If you are not pleasing God, then you cannot be in alignment with God. It saddens God’s heart to know He has called you, predestinated you, and knowing that you could not do it by yourself, sent His Son to shed His Blood, therefore there is nothing that can stand against the Blood of Jesus. He’s calling you to complete your assignment so that Kingdom can come to Earth! He has empowered you, given you authority to have dominion! You have walked through the valley of the shadow of death, you have prophesied to the dead bones, and you have had a Pharaoh behind you, and a Red Sea in front of you, now Arise Beautiful Queens! Shine! For the Glory of the Lord is upon you. One woman that stood up and cried out to God was Hannah. The story of Hannah shows the faithfulness of God. The Glory of the Lord was upon Hannah. Hannah demonstrates that even in bareness, God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ever ask or think. Let’s take a stroll through the life of Hannah.

~ HANNAH = “grace” ~ Scripture Reference 1st Samuel 1;2 ~ Hannah became the mother of Samuel, Israel’s last judge.

Hannah was one of the wives of Elkanah. She was barren and his second wife Penninah was not. She bore many children to their husband. Every year as they went to Shiloh to worship and offer sacrificial offerings, Elkanah passed offerings around to Penninah and his children, but he gave generously to Hannah because he loved her very much. God had not given her any children. Penninah taunted her every year and made her feel less than a woman and constantly reminded her of her barrenness. She would be reduced to tears and no appetite every year. Elkanah saw her tears and asked if he was not enough? Was his love not enough? She pulled herself together and ate, however she slipped away quietly to pray. King Eli saw her - and her prayer was so intense, it was if she was crying from her soul, because her lips moved and nothing came out. She prayed to God, if he would hear her cry and stop neglecting her request, she would dedicate and solely set the child aside for God. As King Eli saw her, he thought she was drunk and demanded she get herself together. She confirmed her pain and explained her cry. He then declared what ever she asked, May the God of Israel grant her request. Her request was granted. Within the next year Hannah conceived and had a son. She named him Samuel which means “I asked God for him’. When it was time to go to Shiloh, she advised Elkanah she was not going - that she would stay home until the child was weaned because she was presenting the child to God. Elkanah agreed that she did what was best and let God complete what had been done. She weaned the child and took him to Shiloh, along with a generous sacrificial meal; a prize bull, wine and flour. The child was presented to God. She reminded Eli that she was the woman he saw in the temple. They worshiped. Hannah then prayed one of the most beautiful prayers written (1st Samuel 2:1-10) NOW: the scriptures go on to talk about King Eli’s son’s whom never knew God. They rebelled


against rules and regulations that were set. King Eli knew and even though he approached them about the reports that were coming from the people of Israel, he did nothing. Little Samuel continued to worship. And in the late of the night, heard his name called 3x, he thought it was King Eli, but it was God. King Eli knew it was God and told him to say “Speak Lord, For your servant is listening”. He advised Samuel that he was about to do a great thing in Israel and that King Eli’s house shall be punished for it’s iniquity. The Philistines attack Israel and they are slaughtered. King Eli’s son’s also die and the Ark is captured. When the news comes back to King Eli, he falls and breaks his neck. The Philistines take the Ark and place in the house of Dagon which was their idol god. The next morning the idol was faced down before the Ark of God. They stood it up and again the next day it was face down with broken hands and feet, only a body appearing before the Ark of God. This is so powerful. There shall be no other God in the presence of God. Light and darkness cannot dwell in the same house. Righteousness cannot live where there is unrighteousness. The kingdom of Satan will fall before the Kingdom of Christ. As long as the philistines had the ark, their was chaos and plagues on the people. It was finally returned to Israel. As long as Samuel, even until his old age, judged over Israel, the philistines were always defeated.

There is so much to learn from this.

There is something in Hannah’s story for every woman to learn. It is clear that Hannah had a need and God, who needs nothing had a need. God needed someone to restore Israel back to its original state and Hannah desired a son. Hannah was surrounded by an oppressed environment because the Philistines were more powerful than the Israelites. Hannah demonstrates that you can rise above the environment . She was on a mission to have a son. It‘s not what you are called but what you answer to. Even though she was called barren, she proved otherwise. Hannah’s humility was discarded with honor as God remained faithful 20

live magazine - February 2010

in giving her a son. God is a God of love and compassion and He never consults your pass to determine your future. It is not always good to brag and boast about what you may have, just as Peninnah did. It doesn’t pay to look down on people with afflictions because God always uses who we least expect. 1 Corinthians 1:25 says “ God will take the foolish things to confound the wise”.. When God gives you a vision never discredit yourself. Hannah arrived at a place in her heart where she was willing to give up to God the one thing that was most important to her in life: her son. It was an act of surrender. When we surrender we find inner peace. When we surrender, we find purpose. As we arise and walk in purpose, don’t forfeit your destiny by not putting God first! So many times God grants promotion and the things that we are to dedicate back to him, we somehow get amnesia. Elkanah, her husband was a great man. He didn’t understand her emotional state, thinking that his love was enough, not knowing it was the need for a son. This teaches us that we can not give a person what We need, we must be willing to give them what They need. He still supported her, even if it meant losing his son. The only downfall to Hannah is she wasn’t able to enjoy the blessings she currently had until God gave her more. She had the love of her husband, but it wasn’t enough. There should be a balance to be able to enjoy what you have until you can receive what you want. Hannah also discovered a truth that Christ would teach to his disciples. In Matthew 16, Jesus requests that his disciples deny themselves, to take up their cross and follow Him and in Matthew 16:26 he asks “what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” In surrendering her son to God, Hannah set her son’s life on a great and historical path. She birth greatness. With that said; Arise Beautiful Queens and birth the greatness waiting to emerge!

greatness is in You

Lorraine Williams' conversation with Coach Anna McCoy LM: God has blessed you with so many gifts and talents. You are a successful, author, life coach; entrepreneur.the list goes on. How have you learned to balance, ministry, business and family? I think that is a wonderful question. I think balancing all of these‌I have learned to set up my values. I have really committed myself to be a value oriented individual. And in doing so I have estab-

lished at least 3 values in my life which I live by: 1) I will certainly represent the Lord in the best way I possibly can by being a woman of excellence in keeping my commitment to the things of God. 2) I will be an excellent wife to my husband Richmond. He is the love of my life and a priority in my life. 3) Contributing to the excellence of other people. I think that in order to find balance you have to have

a value system that really aligns with your actions. LM: I love when you said, “you are being an excellent wife to your husband and he is a priority”, I love that. That is personal. Interesting my mentor, I think I have always been a person that is a “doer”, that go to person that is stimulated with ideas. About 16 years ago, I met my mentors, Al and Hattie Hollingsworth around 1988 in a hotel in Carson, CA. I saw a brochure for BOSS Christian Ministries brochure on the counter. You know how you get that feeling that you need to connect with something. It was speaking my language. It was speaking to the inside of me, taking action, being a person of excellence, doing business in the community, taking care of the Father’s business and the Father taking care of you. So, that was speaking my language. I thought I am going to call them. I didn’t that time. Then I had another opportunity. I was with a young lady named Starr (Fuentes)? She had a magazine in her possession and I see in the magazine Al and Hattie Hollingsworth, Christian Business Ministries. It is about a year or so later and I remember the brochure. We don’t just arrive at a place. God gives us so many signals and hints. I went on about my business again and didn’t call. I knew I had dreams and visions on the inside of me. I knew I would really contribute to the world. I was just a young college kid going through the motions, going the corporate route. Trying to make your way in life. I just didn’t feel like I had birthed my dream yet. I tried a number of things. I sold encyclopedias. I sold vacuum cleaners. I sold vitamins. I was always trying to find my place. You name it but the only thing I didn’t get involved with Amway, Mary Kay or Avon. But everything else grabbed my attention. I was on the cutting edge of the telephone business. I was on the cutting edge of deregulation. I knew I was supposed to be a part of something. I was supposed to be birthing my dream. I was doing well in the corporate environment. I was excelling I know I 22

live magazine - February 2010

am taking a long route but I am just trying to let you see who you are dealing with. I was listening to the radio and I hear them on the radio. What we are talking about now is the introduction to the people who will change my life dramatically. I am into it now for about three years, constantly having that hint with the brochure and then the magazine, now a commercial on the radio. Then something in me jumps. I then heard an interview. I heard him speaking. I knew this was what I was supposed to do. I think I have created something similar for women that my mentor created for me. I called and registered for his seminar that he would host at his home. I host these seminars at my home too, following in his footsteps. But going back and forth to work I would stop at this coffee shop I asked the owner she did it. She said that her mentor Al Hollingsworth… now I have a living person who can vouch for them. He lived in a beautiful private community with mega mansions, something I have never really seen before. I was so overwhelmed by the spirit of love and what was going to happen in my life because I sensed such a strong presence that my destiny was going to change. The reason it is so special to me is how much I

have modeled my life after them. I have created a very similar experience for people who meet me, just like my mentor created for me. So when I drove into that community and thought this was amazing. I literally sat at their feet and learned the principles. The first day he met me he knew that God had placed a special place in his heart for me. We made the connection and today they are my spiritual parents. 1) How to be a wife 2) He will teach you how to be a business woman. I went to them 3 months later to take everything he has and put it on Power Point. God told me to bring all of their principles to a format where people can learn them faster. He said it is perfect and accurate and to this day it has never been changed. He was very protective of his stuff. He gave me napkins, wrinkled paper. I created 150 slides that created a workbook for him. Today that workbook is all over the world. It has been 12 years since I departed from serving them. The habit of doing and being a woman who acts in her now was certainly deposited as a foundation in me. I came to know them personally who are doers and execute on the Word of God. I took it and kept running. In 1998, I met my husband and we started I business. I was able to collaborate and partner with him to build a business where we have purchased over a billion dollars in assets. We have started various other businesses along the way, created thousands of jobs in communities around the United States, we have contributed to our low and moderate communities by teaching financial responsibility to over sixty thousand people. What I do every day is focus on how to encourage women and men (we have launched our Men ACT NOW) but, our undercurrent is to impact the family, out of the traditional environment of the church. We are going to launch our Young Woman ACT NOW in 2010 and the Young Men

and Boys ACT NOW will come in 2012. We have an opportunity to impact the family. That is how you have a woman who ACTs in her NOW. LM: That was a loaded answer! But one thing that stuck out to me was that God entrusted you. You have been a very good steward of what God has placed in your hands. You are a good steward of things you have learned. You are such an excellent steward. I think that is an accurate statement. I have never chased money, I have chased greatness. Greatness to me is character driven. I want to be productive and if my productivity produces wealth for me, that is an after affect. My husband has certainly created the avenues to create wealth for us. We talk about everything that we do together. We are focused and have standards for our marriage. I want to be in relationship with my husband. We don’t have natural children, but I have a stepdaughter Darrel, who is absolutely beautiful. I want to be with him. I want to be where he is. I want to be in his presence. To get to a place as an adult when you really enjoy your mate, that is where we are. We are partners in crime. We don’t need anybody else to keep us company. If you have a productive or prosperous of your relationship, and what it should give to you in life, you can get anything. LM: There is something else I noticed in the other answer with regard to Young Woman ACT NOW. You said that early on you knew that you were supposed to be a part of something. Where did that confidence and assurance come from? Great parents. My father was a provider. He had many children, but he was a great provider. I am the youngest of fifteen children. He took great pride in providing. My mother is an amazing woman. A lot of the


that your family has, all of that builds character. I was blessed to have so many great mentors in my life. My fourth grade teacher Sharon Neely impacted my life greatly and I could go on about all of the pieces to the pie. I don’t know what the word “greatness” is, but I know that God spoke it to me at a very young age, that I would be great. LM: You have been a blessing to a lot of people, all walks of life. You have been an inspiration to a lot people, but now that I know the “who”, what inspires you? What things make you smile? There are a couple of things: 1) The Lord 2) My husband just walked past, and he is pointing to himself. And my husband Redmond is an inspiration, he is a coach for me, we have learned to dream together. I believe we are our greatest fans. That would be a natural flow of inspiration. 3) Contributing to the excellence of other people. I am consistently looking to add to myself so I can give out to give out to other people. I am thinking about the women that are in this organization and what they need. What would be helpful to them? That is the way I live. character I have is seeing her go solo many many times without my father who would provide, but he wasn’t there. My mother was very strong. I have deep strong maternal roots with my grandmother and great-mother. I had the benefit of having five generations that were alive. We didn’t have a lot of strong male presence in our lives, but there was always the presence of God in my life. I knew at the age of five that I was going to be a preacher. My mother made sure that I was in position to receive the Word, even if she didn’t go to church. My mother was such a giver. We were a low income family, but my mother would tell us that there were others who didn’t have even what we had. When you see the commitment 24

live magazine - February 2010

LM: Anytime I talk someone who is married and understands the purpose of marriage. What advise would you give to “the wife”…one pearl of wisdom so it can be prosperous and productive. There are lots of things going on in my head. I do marriage coaching. I am not a counselor, I am a coach, but I would tell her to learn how to say “yes”. Come from a place of abundance. “Yes”, is abundance. She has to learn how to increase and decrease at the appropriate time. When she comes out of a place of abundance she has more than required and more than is needed. If you ask my husband the same

question, he will give you the same answer. I am not saying say “yes” to everything, but I am saying learn how to come from a place of “yes”. That is a perspective. If he is going to come to you, make a decision about how you are going to handle yourself in a particular situation. Most of us don’t. One of the things my husband and I practice is “the business of marriage”. In the business of marriage, it is having a focus on the SOP in our marriage. We put that type of emphasis in our marriage. LM: With everything going on in your life when do you find time to relax? What do you like to do? Girl, I play golf (what you talkin’ ‘bout – much laughter). I do a whole lot of relaxing. The beauty is that I have freedom. We are sharing a currency of time. We are trading and transacting currency. I play with the dogs, throw the Frisbee and go walk around the lake. We play golf all over the world. We work and we go play golf. Through one of our businesses, Urban America, we own the world’s largest Double Tree Resort on International Drive in Orlando, FL.

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LM: How will our readers get more information on Woman ACT NOW? I chose “woman” is a singular call to action for that woman, so everything is specific to her. This organization is about you. LM: I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you. I have laughed and have walked away with some things I can use personally. You have blessed me in areas where you don’t realize. Hearing you speak was a blessing to me. Thank you! You epitomized what it means to be live in victory every day. That is what we are about! Contact Woman Act Now for more information. • 877~751~5700

5 T ips to Get You to Good

the month of couples in love, infatuation, in some cases freedom of a draining relationship, other cases may involve heartbreak. However, for many it’s this time of the year when your relationship status becomes vividly “complicated”. Nonetheless, you want good love and you want it from a good man. You deserve it! Grab a pen and paper and take notes, I’m going to share with you a 5 tips to put you exactly where you want to be.

Love. F

ebruary, the month of red, yellow, white and pink hearts to be shyly passed from one infatuated high school crush to the next. For us “grown-ups” red and pink roses being dispersed across America attached with a sweet and simple card expressing something to make you warm inside. The red roses are for the one you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. The pink roses are to let you know that he’s definitely interested in you but doesn’t want to cross the “love line”. February,


live magazine - February 2010

Number 1: A little homework never hurt anyoneI know you have quality friends and associates within your social and professional circle. Why not leverage them? Typically someone knows a friend who has a friend that can introduce you to someone they feel may be a nice match for you. Once you’re connected and there’s some attraction there, do a little homework and find out what his interests are i.e., music, movies, food, general opinions about things (nothing too serious). This is great “innocent” information you can use to spark conversations for future dates and phone calls. In addition, don’t just sit back and gather information, be sure to share equally otherwise, he’ll sense you’re being guarded and may refrain himself from sharing. If you don’t know if you have anything in common, it’s impossible to determine if can give you the love you want.

Number 2: Be yourself and be originalRegardless of what you may have been told before, men appreciate a woman who has a nice style and presence about her. Someone not overly confident to the point it seems like she’s covering up her insecurities. You should be confident enough to command his attention and pleasantly turn heads when you enter a room. Subtle confidence is incredibly attractive. Men love this. Number 3: Let him love youI know in the new millennia it’s important for women to live free and be independent. Trust me; most decent men will appreciate this about you. However, bear in mind he’s still a man and most men truly like to feel needed and valued. So, let him be a man to you. Allow him to comfort you, open doors for you, treat you to romantic dinners and getaways. Be open to his attention. It’s just as important to a man to give attention to a woman that he’s into as it is for her to receive it. Believe me on this one; if you’ve followed the previous pointers and followed your instincts as well, you’re not putting yourself in a vulnerable situation. Number 4: Be real and keep it realWhat do I mean by this? I mean be authentic. Be true to yourself and be forthcoming to him about your past, your present and what you want in your future. It makes the dating and relationship experience less strenuous once everything is out in the open. This enables both of you the time and effort to focus on each other. However, there’s some timing that needs to be considered here as well. In other words, this may not be an appropriate conversation within the first 5 dates. Remember, everything is should be in moderation.

Number 5: Talk to himIf you’re willing to open up your heart to him you should be prepared to open your mouth too. Don’t make the mistake of expecting him to figure it out or read your mind when it pertains to your feelings, thoughts or concerns. We guys aren’t necessarily that smart. When something is on your mind concerning the relationship in any capacity, be sure to talk with him about it. At this point, because you’ve followed the previous pointers you should know if he’s good with communication or not, therefore, the proverbial door of “open communication” is always open to enhance your relationship. Remember healthy communication is essential before any of this advice to be effective and lead you to good love with a good man. Happy Valentines Day!

Women, Be Strong.

Be Empowered.

Shelby M. Hill, MBA, CPC

Shelby M. Hill is a certified Relationship Coach committed to working with women to develop self awareness and attract healthier and happier relationships into their lives. For additional advice and general inquiries please visit


The Road to Living Healthier with Coach Collins

Today’s Workplace: How Your Health May Affect Your Job


oday’s employers are doing everything they can to help their employees make healthier lifestyle choices through various disease management and wellness programs. On the one hand, they are taking heed to what research continues to reveal. That is, by helping employees adopt a healthier lifestyle, organizations benefit big in areas related to productivity, profits, and health costs. On the other hand, though, companies are implementing or revising policies to address employees who suffer serious medical conditions and who are unable to return to work after a defined period of time. Coach Collins, a renowned fitness consultant, offers her observations and insights surrounding an employer’s point of view. An excerpt of a dialogue between Coach Collins and a group of co-workers will help you relate to and understand your responsibility to implement and maintain healthier lifestyle habits. “Coach, it’s the beginning of a new decade and I’m trying to get my co-workers motivated about implementing healthier lifestyle habits,” Olivia stressed. An accountant for a local governmental agency, Olivia wanted her co-workers to explore their options for and focus their attention on eating healthier and exercising. To get them motivated, she asked Coach Collins to come and speak with them. After sharing how small lifestyle changes had improved her blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels she took a moment to introduce her co-workers to Coach Collins: Valerie, the purchasing specialist; Maya, a program manager; Carol, a courts manager; and Monica, an attorney. “You did such an outstanding job sharing some insightful facts about living healthier at my sorority meeting last month that I wanted you to come and do the same for my co-workers.” “Thank you. I’m happy to be here today,” Coach Collins acknowledged. “Linda, one of our co-workers in the IT department was terminated last month. All throughout her tenure with

the company she was praised for her outstanding work and was considered one of the organization’s most valuable employees,” Olivia stated. Interrupting abruptly, Carol said, “Linda has had multiple bouts with cancer over the past three years: breast, lung and brain cancer.” Carol was noticeably having a difficult time containing her emotions. “During her initial illness (breast cancer) in 2006 and her subsequent illness (lung cancer) in 2007, our organization provided the federally mandated twelve weeks of family and medical leave. Based on our leave policy, she was also provided an additional ninety days of medical leave beyond the family and medical leave. In 2008, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. After Linda was unable to return to work after she exhausted all of her family and medical leave, she was terminated. Now, she’s on COBRA having to pay over $600 a month for her medical insurance. A cost she will not be able to continue much longer and she’s still undergoing treatments.” “Linda’s story is a sad and an unfortunate situation. But, it could happen to any one of us,” Monica said, visibly worried. “I know it sounds like a belated honesty, but I know my lack of physical activity and my devotion to my mocha madness ice cream, two-piece fried chicken dinners, fried calamari, cheese raviloli, and blueberry muffins are all going to cause me to experience some health concerns sooner rather than later. A single parent of two, and age forty-four, I can’t afford to end up like Linda.” “The impact of poor health on the workplace has become a major concern in organizations. That’s why we’re seeing more and more company sponsored wellness programs,” Coach Collins stated. “Employees who are not

practicing healthy lifestyle habits and who fail to meet the company half way by taking advantage of its programs may be risking their jobs. And I don’t mean to imply that Linda’s situation was the result of unhealthy lifestyle habits. We’re all predisposed for disease and illness. In some cases, even when we’re doing the right things, we end up facing a major illness.” “At our company, employees who are routinely sick, absent from work, or are unable to perform their jobs at full capacity while at work are finding themselves in some precarious situations. Over the past year, I’ve noticed how our human resources department has revised policies that provide managers and supervisor with termination options once an employee’s family and medical leave obligation has been fulfilled or when job performance is poor,” Olivia commented. “Linda was employed with our company for over fifteen years. She was a key factor in implementing and developing our IT department; she took the agency to the next level in technology systems,” Valerie stated. “Employees are considered the backbone of the company. When an employee is unable to work, the company’s ability to deliver quality programs, services and/or products to its customers is impacted. As a consequence, the company’s grant funding or profits can be at stake,” Coach Collins stressed. “Your jobs require you to be at work everyday and to operate at peak levels of mental capacity. Medical conditions like diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, cancer, asthma, insomnia, obesity can affect your ability to be at work everyday or severely reduce your effectiveness while at work depending how well you manage your condition.” “That’s why I’m ready to make some changes in 2010,” Monica announced. “I know there’s an increased chance I’ll be in a similar situation like Linda if I don’t.”

“I’ve recently been diagnosed with Lupus,” Maya acknowledged. “I’ve learned that eating healthier will be paramount to the management of my condition.” “Absolutely,” Coach Collins stated.

It’s time people start to seriously consider how jobs are impacted by unhealthy habits. “My cousin had a stroke several months ago,” Monica interjected. “Because she was unable to return to work after her family and medical ended she was terminated. Unfortunately her company didn’t have short-term disability and now she’s waiting for her long-term disability to start. Meanwhile, the bill collectors are calling. The medical bills are piling up…” “It’s time people start to seriously consider how jobs are impacted by unhealthy habits. And it may not even be the employee with the medical condition, but a spouse, child, or parent instead. The point is that unhealthy habits can affect your ability to be at work everyday or severely reduce your effectiveness while at work, regardless of whether they are yours or family members,” Coach Collins paused then continued by saying, “your best option for addressing unhealthy habits in 2010 is to outline your strategy for developing and implementing healthier lifestyle habits, not only for yourself, but for those you’re obligated to as well.” This health and fitness dialogue is provided for your consideration only. It is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about your specific health and fitness needs.

• Fitness coach Bridgette Collins is the author of Destined to Live Healthier and Imagine Living Healthier . For general health and fitness questions, please feel free to visit or email Coach Collins at

Recommended Reading:

Heart Check, A close look at Heart Disease Lorneka Joseph

Heart attacks, chest pains, high cholesterol, strokes and congestive heart failure all have one thing in common- they are all some form of heart disease. Now, most of us believe that heart diseases only affect the elderly. In today’s society, this is no longer the case. Everyone knows someone who has been affected or is suffering from a heart disease. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the leading cause of death for men and women is heart disease. As heart diseases claim the lives of so many Americans, the American Heart Association has found that one in three females have some form of heart disease. So from this, they have concluded that heart disease is the number one killer of American women today. As I looked at a few statistics, the numbers were not as startling as the amount of heart diseases that could have been prevented in mostly women. Did I just say that heart diseases can be prevented? Yes, it can be. However, the only way to prevent a heart disease from affecting your body, one must know how to detect the signs of a heart disease. Before moving on any further, I am going to explain cardiovascular (heart) disease. A cardiovascular disease is disease of the heart and its blood vessels. In last month’s issue, we learned about blood pressure and its affect on one’s entire body system. There are a few types of blood vessels which supply the body with blood. They are called arteries, veins and capillaries, but I will only explain the function of arteries and veins for now. 30

live magazine - February 2010

Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart, whereas, veins carry blood toward the heart. Most health professionals agree that atherosclerosis is a primary cause for cardiovascular disease (CVD). What actually happens with atherosclerosis is that there is a buildup of plaque (fat, cholesterol and calcium deposits), which reduces blood flow to the body’s tissues. So when there is a reduction of blood flow being carried to or away from the heart, it can lead to a stroke or a heart attack. Now that you know what is happening to cause a heart disease, let us identify a few signs to detect when you are suffering from a heart attack or a stroke- the two most common types of heart disease. A lot of patients who are admitted to the emergency room after experiencing a heart problem usually were unable to tell if they were. Heart diseases have a gradual onset, which means they start slowly and in periods, before one knows what is happening. Here are a few warning signs from CDC’s website,, and the American heart association to detect a heart attack and stroke. • Chest pain or discomfort (parts of the upper chest area) • Shortness of breath • Light-headedness • Weakness of the arms, legs, face or one side of the body • Loss of balance, dizziness • Severe and sudden headache with no cause

As believing kingdom women of God, heart diseases should not be a major concern for us, but it is and we must take action against it NOW! It is not enough just to say that we are going to pray and believe God for a miracle. God can only do what His word says, but we must be willing to obey His commandments in order for the word to manifest itself. God wants us to take preventative measures when it comes to our health and our lives. When we are tired and wake up the next day feeling challenged with cold-like symptoms, we as women, immediately go to the pharmacy to get orange juice, vitamins and exercise to fight those symptoms. Heart disease does not have to claim the life of another woman if we prevent it from happening. Some of you reading this article may already be challenged with a heart disease and is currently taking prescribed medications to help your body regain homeostasis (balance). That is fine and I encourage you to remain compliant with your physician’s orders until there is a positive change. But I am here to share that medication is not the only source of cure for your heart. As a matter of fact, God did not intend for us to ingest medications for the rest of our lives to receive healing. He sent His son Jesus Christ to save us and through him, we can receive our healing. You can get a new heart if you wish. I did not say get a heart transplant or buy one from eBay. In the word of God, there was a man from the land of Benjamin by the name of Saul. Saul was anointed by Samuel to rule over Israel as king. Samuel


prophesied to Saul that after he was anointed, God was going to change him into a different person. 1 Samuel 10:9 says that “As Saul turned and started to leave, God gave him a new heart….” (NLT). I believe that God performed his word speedily because Saul made a conscious decision to believe what God said and walked in his anointing. Saul is not different from you and I. So are you going to make a decision to walk in divine to experience the many blessings God has for you? We are all God’s righteous, anointed and healed women of God. No matter what we do in life, God does not change, but our hearts can change. Getting a new heart and living life whole-heartedly and happily, there has to be sacrifices. Nothing valuable in life comes without a sacrifice. Your health is actually priceless. That being said, I am going to offer you a few tips that are going to prevent you from being at risk for heart disease and restore your mind, body and soul. • Eat a diet filled with fruits, vegetables and lean meats- shop with purpose by reading food labels and buying foods low in salt and trans fat • Exercise- decide what works best for you. Even if it is walking 30 minutes a day; go with your spouse or a girlfriend; purchase Wii fit for the family for fun as well • Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol at all costs- allow God to become your stress reliever and cast your cares on Him • Lose weight- if you do not know your BMI (body mass index), find out. Knowing how much pounds you should be is important. • Cook more and eat out less- cooking at home saves you money and pain. When dining out, watch portion sizes and read the ingredients • Relax- stress plays a role with heart disease, 32

live magazine - February 2010

so reduce it as much as you can. Pamper yourself if you need to. Get your hair done or spend a day at the spa • Live, love, laugh and forgive daily- these can do so much for the heart • Confess and obey the word and pray moreheart disease is not of God, war a good fight in your prayer closet for healing After reading this article, I hope it has challenged you to evaluate some of your habits. So we at Live Magazine want you to celebrate FebruaryHeart Health month by becoming more aware of heart disease and give a little more love not just with candies and roses, but by sharing information and revolutionize yourself and others about this number one killer in women today. Have a hearty and happy month!

Lorneka S.R Joseph, CPhT PharmD Candidate, Class of 2013 Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences



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live magazine February 2010  

The February 2010 issue of live magazine features an interview with the incredible Coach Anna McCoy, founder of Woman Act Now.

live magazine February 2010  

The February 2010 issue of live magazine features an interview with the incredible Coach Anna McCoy, founder of Woman Act Now.