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live magazine - July

August 2009

Let’s go!! N

ow that you have taken the time to read a brand new issue of live magazine let me take a moment to welcome you to what used to be known as “the editor’s lounge”. To help get every issue of live magazine started I will now begin with “let’s go” and to close out each issue we will end with “finally…” Believe it or not I get a lot of my magazine inspiration from the O Magazine. Why? Because O has the ability to reach a multiplicity of demographics and is main stream enough to have something for everyone. That is part of the mission of live magazine. Our goal is to create a publication that reaches the nations but of course our twist is that we focus on Kingdom living. Some of you have been with us since the beginning, some of you have recently joined our family and I am certain that some of you are still wondering whether spreading the word about live magazine is really worth your time. What I can say to you is that live magazine is here to encourage you to live your best life! We are dedicated to bringing you stories, information and lifestyle information that will encourage, empower and equip you to live a Kingdom lifestyle. A Kingdom lifestyle is a life that is based on what the Word of God says how we should live our lives. The enemy has done a really good job of robbing most of us of who we are in Christ. It is because of this that some of us are living defeated lives; where we are consumed with the state of the world’s economy and concerned about everything that impacts those who are a part of the world system. However, as Kingdom minded people this should not be our focus. We should be focused on spreading the Word of God which is a Word of joy, healing and victory and to strive to be examples of His glory on the earth! This is the mission of live magazine. be wise. be empowered. live.

Cheryl A. Pullins


live magazine - July

August 2009

Cheryl A. Pullins Founder/Editor-in-Chief

july 2009


Volume 1 • Issue 13

Martha Munizzi

Changing the World with Worship



Maximizing Your Memory


Uncover the Possibilities of a Beautiful Bedroom


The Beauty of Marriage


Medical Moments


How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon


The Road to Healthier Living with Coach Collins From the Sofa to the Streets: Summertime Fitness for Kids


His Point of View Keeping only to Him/Her...


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God’s Extreme Makeover: The Self Edition


For Art’s Sake The Color Purple

Maximizing Your Dr. B.J. Relefourd

“… forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before…”Phillippians 3:13


s we spring forward, how wonderful and timely to begin to re-access the art of time and recall management skills; often referred to as our memory. This essential area of our brain allows each of us to retain scenes, figures, scents and the like. The memory is so amazing, as it gives a visual of areas of our lives, which are sensitive to each of us individually. The difficulty our society faces is that we each must identify our “clock” stoppers, or those things in our memory bank, which cause us not to spring forward. A “clock stopper” may cause us to wear our hair in a particular style, which was fashionable in the last decade. A “clock stopper” may cause you not to have a relationship with a family member, due to a disagreement you encountered while enrolled in high school, and you both are now grandparents. The areas of identification which cause major blockages in our strive for reaching goals and ambitions are anger, jealousy and greed. Unfortunately the three areas mentioned cause a fury of antagonism in our lives, which span across cultural, economic and social boundaries. Once we maintain an attitude of anger we become hostile and our environment becomes cancerous. Anger grows and presents itself in numerous forms. The hostility which spills into society causes, civilians to commit mass murders. Anger unresolved may also ap-


live magazine - July

August 2009


pear in the manner which we relate to our family, coworkers as well as our total mental being. Our memory bank appears to lose sight of ever again being in a state of peace and tranquility. Jealousy can also close the arteries of time by allowing constant memories to stabilize you in a time capsule of past events. Jealousy blurs vision. Jealousy coupled with fear may cause an individual to lose sight of reason. Judgment is now blinded by overwhelming thoughts of revenge. Jealousy spurts venom into the atmosphere, therefore developing an unhealthy source of memory. Our great country, and our local communities are all receptive of the callousness greed has caused. Greed will cause the cells in our memory to always crave for more. Greed or the excessive ability to want; promotes the creating of a façade. This recession in our economy has caused each of us to have a wake up call, to re-invent what we know as normal, and to re-visit the need to portray the character we have conjured in our brain. The key to maximizing or gaining the best return on memory investments is to forget. Forget the anger, the jealousy and the greed. Passionately launch a new cycle of “memories”. Make prime deposits of values which shall provoke success. Begin to reach for the things which are before. Peace, harmony and stability are qualities which developed properly in your memory bank shall result in a maximum momentum. Exercising these attributes shall cause your reaching forth to become spectacular.

Changing the World With Worship Cheryl A. Pullins


the last decade, acclaimed music minister Martha Munizzi has risen to the upper reaches of the Christian and gospel music spheres, becoming an in-demand worship leader, songwriter, and speaker across the United States and beyond. Since the 2002 release of her first independent effort, Say the Name, Munizzi has expanded her ministry reach thanks to an unflinching commitment to crossgenerational, multiethnic praise and worship music—a calling that began when she was 8 years old in her family’s traveling music ministry.   Munizzi, a Pastor’s daughter, was born in Lakeland, Florida, and since an early age she was involved in day-to-day ministry alongside her parents, her twin sister Mary, and her older sister Marvelyne.   Though chiefly southern gospel in style at the time, the music Munizzi and her family were making was instrumental in planting in her a desire to reach audiences with more than just a song or a musical performance. Q - “Say The Name” was an independent release 2002. What avenues did you use to market and sell the CD? A - CDs were sold on the road while we were going from church to church. Set-up tables and sold the CDs. That is how we got it done. Q - What was it like growing up as a pastor’s daughter with a twin sister? A - Being a twin is great! You don’t really appreciate it growing up, however my sister Mary and I are very much alike and very close. I also have an older sister. But Mary and I are able to finish one another’s sentences and we have the confidence of knowing each other. Note: Martha’s twin sister is worship singer Mary Alessi (

Q - You come from a musical family with a traveling ministry. Tell us about that. A - Our family traveled throughout the U. S., but mostly in the south. The connections were 8

live magazine - July

August 2009

made by my father who usually knew a friend of a friend. A one night event could turn into six weeks because that was how they did it back then. My dad was successful in songwriting for quartets which provided some access. Q - It was your husband, Dan, who introduced you to black gospel music. What impact did that have on your music? A - I met my husband Dan when I was 16 years old and in a band. He introduced me to southern gospel music. I have found such an emotion and anointing on gospel music. I love its soulful sound and knew that was where I belonged. I always fit into the gospel sound. 99% of the music I listen to is gospel and I have been doing that for 20+ years. Q - In 2005 you were the first non-African-American to receive a Stellar Award for Best New Artist. What were your feelings about that distinction? A - I was honored and blown away. I felt that this is my music and this is where I fit. I don’t feel any color. When I walked on stage I experienced total acceptance and celebration. During that time God said He is unifying my children. My sons and daughters and we are seeing the visual sign in America. We as Christians are to be a sign of unity and reconciliation. It should start in the church. Q - What has it been like for you to work with Israel Houghton and Aaron Lindsey? A - It is an awesome experience to work with both Israel Houghton and Aaron Lindsey . When you find your “tribe” it is a great feeling. Such an anointed and incredible experience each time we all are together. It is almost too easy. They really celebrate you and your ideas. They are not doing it on purpose they do it because that is where their heart is. I enjoy their writing styles. We collaborate when we write. One may write the verse but can’t get a chorus. Another will

write the chorus and it will seem as if one person wrote the song. Awesome! Q - I read a quote from you saying “my deepest desire is to transcend culture, generational, and denominational boundaries, and to bring all people together through worship”. Where does the passion for this desire come from? A - Came doing what God called me to do. The music God has given me does that. My music is about bringing together worshippers and uniting hears. It goes beyond all the background labels (race, denomination, generation, etc). The music transcends it all. There is an anointing on the music and God is the one who gives it! He is the one who reconciles and brings it all together! The Holy Spirit helps us figure out the rest. God is doing it through me and He makes it look easy! Q - What do you do to relax? How do you spend your spare time? Favorite thing to do when you aren’t doing worship ministry? A - My husband, along with staff, we exercise frequently. I enjoy playing card games with my children. I enjoy movies. Family and Will Smith movies are my favorites. My favorite TV show is The Office. Anytime I can spend with my family is what I enjoy. We like to sit around, act goofy and laugh our heads off! I have two daughters ages 16 and 13 and a son age 11. We also have a new puppy name Betsy (who was being destructive during the interview). Q - You always look comfortable yet polished and trendy. How would you describe your style? Do you pick your own clothing? Denim…you enjoy it? A - I would consider my look as “rocker chic”. Not really interested in the “older woman” look. I

have boutique stores across the U. S. which I like to buy my clothing. Some of the places I have people who look out for me and will send me something if they think I like it. Either I will pay for it or I return it. My favorite designer is Gwen Stefani and my favorite store is Nordstroms. I have tried using other methods of having my clothing selected for me, however, I like doing it myself. I know what I like!

Currently we are working on a live DVD for Change the World. This year we have begun to do international travel. We saved our major dates so that we could travel as a family. I believe that gospel music can take over the world. Because we have boycotted in many different areas and have blocked our access and removed our influence. We have removed our voice from the world. Gospel music is the best music on the planet! With the collaboration of faith-based and creative people in any capacity, we have only reached the tip of the iceberg!


uncover the possibilities of a beautiful bedroom If your bedroom doesn’t offer you a respite from the hustle and bustle of the day, then now’s the time to transform it. The time and money you invest now will definitely pay off in big dividends in your future. Your bedroom redecorating project might just mean that you’ll find yourself a little happier, a bit more joyful and most importantly, at peace with yourself and your surroundings. Decorating your master bedroom is probably more fun than decorating any other room in your home. Why? Because it’s the one room in your home where you can truly allow your personality to shine.

Begin with three easy steps. 1: Start by visualizing and listing all the types of activities you’ll want to conduct in your “get-away” haven. Perhaps it’s writing in your journal, reading, knitting, watching movies or contemplating your plans for tomorrow -- whatever the activity, it’s important to think through the specific things that will make you the happiest. 2: Look at your bedroom space with a critical eye. Can your bedroom accommodate all the activities you listed? 3: As with most all decorating projects, one of your first priorities is locking in a color scheme. Color sets the stage


live magazine - July

August 2009

and is truly the backdrop for all your furnishings, fabrics, accessories and lighting.

Make Color Considerations Use color unequally for better proportion and balance. While this sounds like a complete contradiction, it truly works. Consider a deeper, more dramatic hue to create an accent wall behind your bed. Then, by coloring your adjoining walls in a lighter shade of the same color, you’ve created a more visually interesting space. Use lighter colors to create a feeling of spaciousness. Paler shades naturally reflect light rays instead of absorbing them. A lighter color palette would be particularly important if your bedroom isn’t quite as large as you’d like. Use bright, strong colors to create a warm, cozy feeling. If your bedroom is large and spacious and has very high ceilings, warmer colors will help “humanize” your space, making if feel more livable and welcoming. Pay attention to your room’s architectural features. If you wish to emphasize interesting architectural features, enhance them with stronger contrasting colors. And, conversely, if your desire is to camouflage architectural defects, then a more neutral paint color of the same tonal value will help blend your walls, ceiling and floors and hide those unhappy features.

Light Up Your New Room Now that you’ve got some great color ideas for your new bedroom retreat, the amount of artificial and natural

light in your room will be the defining factor in your ultimate color choice. “Lighting plays such an important role in any redecorating project,” says Sue Pelley, national spokesperson for INTERIORS by Decorating Den. “I recommend that my clients take stock of how much natural light is entering the room, and for how long a period of time. If their room is bathed in sunny natural light, I recommend working with a cooler color scheme. And conversely, if a room doesn’t enjoy a lot of natural light, a warmer color palette will help eliminate a feeling of coldness.”

Bring in Fabulous Furnishings Bedding ensembles come in a variety of sizes and designs. From the uniquely custom-designed, outline-quilted bedspreads, to the sophisticated and luxurious duvet covers, your bedding ensemble should definitely take center stage. No bedding ensemble is complete without multiple pillow shams and decorative accent pillows. Incorporating a custom-designed window treatment, will help your windows take center stage. Once you’ve determined privacy and room darkening needs, the design possibilities are only limited by a decorator’s creativity.

Uncover the Possibilities Uncovering the possibilities as you begin redecorating your master bedroom is an exciting undertaking, when you plan ahead, and focus on making wise choices along the way. Remember, you spend more time in your home than anyone else. So be sure your ultimate decorating choices reflect your personality and your unique sense of style. Sweet dreams.

courtesy of ara content


The Beauty of Marriage by Shelby M. Hill, CEC


safe to say that the great majority of those who are fortunate to marry, they do so with the genuine desire of spending their lives with the person they’ve chosen. Should this commitment last forever? According to holy matrimony, it should. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In today’s modern, fast past, easily accessible society, people are afforded generous opportunities to have options at just about anything they wish for, including friends, lovers, and partners. Marriage is certainly sacred and held in a high regard to the majority of society. It’s still very much celebrated and admired by young girls and sometimes an obsession with adult women. Marriage is still an evasively unimaginable passion that many men fear and on the other hand, also a passion that some men absolutely live for. Nonetheless, marriage is greatly embraced universally and desired by many. There’s the One year euphoric honeymoon anniversary. Then there is the Five year, Ten year, the very special Silver anniversary and then the precious Golden anniversary. Every year of marriage is precious. Each moment is a moment to be cherished. Marriage is more then the pairing of two people. Marriage forgoes the simplicity of partnering with someone for geographical convenience, or to split financial responsibilities for personal gains. It’s not about connecting with someone purely for monetary hidden agendas. It’s more than joining forces and procreating for the sake of doing so. When a person marries right, they connect with a child best friend in spirit, a lifetime soul mate in body, and able to understand and respect each other in mind. There’s shared romance that is never ending in addition to endless conversations about nothing, no matter the age, no matter the tenure. Respect and communication act as the proverbial pillars and trust is the foundation of the relationship. Marriage is beautiful. The blessing of having put before you the gift of sharing your life with the right person set before you is very much a gift, in which, many of us take for granted. If you marry right, you marry for more than a reason, more than a season, but certainly for a lifetime.

Shelby Hill is a Relationship Empowerment Coach committed to helping women, men and professionals develop strong long term healthy connections within their personal lives and careers. Shelby M. Hill is married and lives in Florida with his wife British Hill. They are loving parents to their young adult son, Julian, who attends college in Chicago.




oday we live in a world where everyone is so busy, that trying to be healthy is time consuming. As kingdom women I believe that we should be advocates for living and being healthy in body, mind, soul and spirit. Now I know that when it comes to healthy living, there are so many choices to choose from that you wonder which ones really work or not. Well I am here to tell to you that there is only one expert’s advice I have been able to follow and seen true results- the word of God. When you don’t eat healthy, you are not only putting your life in danger but also the lives of loved ones who depend on your survival. By learning how to eat and be healthy you are honoring God with your bodies so that He can bless us according to our obedience. 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20 tells us that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit who was given to us by God. Most of the common health issues that people are faced with today are heart disease related. According to the Center for Disease Control more U.S men report negative health behaviors than U.S. women. A 2008 recent study showed that men reported challenges such as being obese, smoking, binge drinking, heart attack or coronary heart disease more than women. What does this say about women? Well for starters we seem to have more discipline when it comes to their lifestyles than men, which is commendable. So do reward yourself if you are on the road to good health. But it takes a greater discipline to maintain good health, but there are great rewards in the end. Evidence of this can be found in the book of Daniel 1 with four powerful young men we all know as Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Due to the fact that they went on a diet of vegetables and water, and turned down the king’s food, God honored their sacrifice by giving them the ability to interpret the meaning of visions and dreams. They even became wiser and looked healthier. Would you not want to interpret the awesome visions that God has for your life and act upon them? This is the ability that I believe all Christians should have, but I am reiterating, it takes discipline.


live magazine - July

August 2009

with Lorneka

Discipline, as defined by the Webster’s Dictionary, means to train or develop by instruction and exercise. So in order to experience victory when it comes to our health, we must train and develop our bodies to do what we need it to do. Am I saying that everyone should go on a diet of just vegetables and water? No, I am not. What I am saying is that we should all take some time to look at your symptoms, find your diagnosis and find the best prescription that you will get you restored back to good health. Being healthy is not all about getting slim, cutting back on your favorite foods or even starving yourself for a month. That is not the answer. Achieving a healthy lifestyle is all about increased energy levels and maintaining homeostasis so as to prevent sickness and diseases from overtaking us. Here is your prescription. Start by examining yourself and keeping a health journal. If you, along with millions of people who suffer from common diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, then you need to figure out what is causing you be to become sick. Stress as we all know, can affect our lives in so many ways, but as Christians we have the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome those unfavorable situations that cause stress. Here are a few tips that I believe that can help you experience victory and become healthy and whole again. 1. Identify the source of your stress- think about what causes you to be stressed and come up with a way to counteract the problem. 2. Set a goal for yourself that you may want to achieve- for example you may be a person that doesn’t exercise at all, but there is trouble starting. Write out a plan to either work out with a friend or your spouse for motivation at least twice a week. Just start! 3. Eat more nutritious foods- The US Department of Agriculture recommends that everyone should have an intake of 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-4 servings of fruits daily. Shop with a goal in mind.

4. Natural remedies- instead of running to your local pharmacy for medications, next time opt for taking herbal over-thecounter medications after you have spoken with your doctor. 5. Stay active- physical activity is beneficial for the body, even if it’s just 30 minutes of walking twice a week. For example increase physical activity by taking the stairs at work as oppose to the elevator. 6. Pace yourself- know your limit and learn to how to say NO things that will push you over that limit. 7. Get medical checkups regularly- I know that many of us don’t feel the need to visit a doctor to know if we’re healthy or not. News flash! There are a lot of illnesses that have no symptoms and medical procedures are the only way to detect a problem. For Hypertensive patients, invest in a blood pressure machine. 8. Rest- it is important that we get sufficient rest to rejuvenate our bodies for the next day. 9. Confess the word- The only thing that has the power to change lives is the word of God. So become consistent in confessing the word of God over your life. If you want to be healed, then decree and declare that you are everyday until you see the manifestations. 10. Finally- As believers, we all need to continue praying; fasting as led by spirit and studying the word of God to walk in victory and live balanced lives.

How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon The date is set,

the dress is bought and the tuxes are rented -- now you get to plan your first vacation together as husband and wife. Whether your ideal honeymoon is traveling to the Swiss Alps for some mountain fun or relaxing on an exotic beach in the Caribbean, it’s a special time you’ll never forget. So what do you need to know to plan the perfect honeymoon that goes off without a hitch? “Everyone wants the greatest honeymoon possible, but be sure to review the little details so they don’t turn into big problems,” says Michael Kelly, president of On Call International, a medical and travel assistance company. “The best thing you can do is research, plan and prepare together as a team.” Here are some things to consider when planning the perfect honeymoon:

C h o o s e a d e st i n at i o n to g e t h e r . Pick a destination that you both really want to visit. Each person should choose the top three places they


live magazine - July

August 2009

would like to honeymoon and then compare lists. If you both want something relaxing, a traditional spa vacation in the tropics is a good choice. If you are adventure junkies, be sure to visit a location that offers lots of fun activities.

Prep ahead of time. Make a checklist of things you need to do before your trip. Research the laws of the country to where you will be traveling and see what rules are different. It’s a good idea to check with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to find out what types of immunizations are recommended for Americans at that specific destination. And remember, if you don’t have a passport or need to renew, allow ample time for processing. If you’re changing your name after your wedding, make sure that the name on your travel documents matches what is on your passport so that you don’t experience any delays through security and customs.

Get medical and travel assistance services. No one plans on getting sick or having other problems on their honeymoon, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the peace of mind to know that if something happens, you’re covered? That’s why it’s important to get medical and travel assistance. Your health insurance might not cover you while you travel, so a company like On Call International is there to help. On Call members get access to a 24-hour emergency response center to find doctors in their travel area, a 24-hour English-speaking nurse line to help identify symptoms, and coverage should a traveler need to return home for medical reasons. In addition, On Call can help you with other travel woes such as a lost passport, misplaced credit card, lost baggage or the need to reschedule a delayed or cancelled flight.

Pac k t h e r i g h t s t u f f. Sure you want to look great for your spouse, but sometimes looking chic and dressing appropriately for the location you’re visiting might not be the same thing. Research what tourists usually wear at your chosen location. If you’re traveling internationally, different cultures might have different expectations. Also remember that extreme weather, hot and cold, requires different types of clothing, so pack accordingly and you won’t have to buy something at an exorbitant price when you get there.

E at, d r i n k a n d b e m e r ry. No one wants to be stuck in their hotel bathroom with a stomachache on their honeymoon. Food and water in different countries can be contaminated so do your research before celebrating at the local restaurant. When in doubt, ask your hotel concierge for advice. If you are

buying your own food, sealed products are usually safer options because they come directly from the distribution center. “These planning tips should help you have the honeymoon of your dreams. If something does go wrong, remember to work through it and enjoy the time you have together. After all, it’s one of the most important and special vacations you’ll ever take,” says Kelly. Courtesy of ARAcontent

The Road to Healthier Living with Coach Collins

From the Sofa to the Streets: Summertime Fitness for Kids


ith the percentage of overweight and obese children growing each decade by leaps and bounds, it’s more crucial than ever for parents to exercise greater vigilance to promote and encourage healthy lifestyle habits. Are you ready to give your child’s health and fitness the attention it deserves? This summer is a great time to start! Coach Collins, a renowned fitness consultant, offers her observations and insights into the plight to implement and sustain healthier lifestyle habits. An excerpt of a dialogue between Coach Collins and a group of mothers will help you to discover ways to encourage your kid(s) to exercise by setting a good example and being active alongside them. Coach Collins speaks to a group of mothers at the Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church. Like a lot of mothers during this time of year, they are looking for ways to get their children physically active, healthy and busy during their break from school. During her opening statement, Coach Collins stresses the importance of kids learning exercise habits at a young age to keep their hearts strong and to prevent the many diseases associated with unhealthy lifestyle habits. Listening with a keen ear, Marilyn, one of the mothers says, “I’ve enrolled my six year old daughter in a summer program at Bethany Baptist Church. Although the program has a variety of planned activities related to computer learning, arts and crafts, religious card games and board games, they are limited on physical activities.” Marilyn pauses before continuing. “If I want my daughter to be physically active this summer and beyond, I’ll need to plan the activities to make it


live magazine - July

August 2009

happen.” “I’m glad to hear you take responsibility for ensuring your child gets the physical activity her body requires. Researchers suggest that children over the age of 2 need at least one hour of physical exercise or activity a day to develop their muscles and bones properly,” Coach Collins informs. “If kids learn exercise at a young age, those habits will likely stay with them throughout their life. You can start by taking your daughter to the park as often as possible. She’ll love the playground equipment. After she’s played for a half-hour or more, try a game of kick ball, dodgeball, or play tag with you chasing after her. Your involvement helps you to become physically active as well. Don’t forget to consult your child’s pediatrician with any questions prior to starting a fitness program.” In a tone filled with frustration, another mother, Brenda, interrupts the discussion, “Now that my son is out of school for the summer, all he does day and night is stay in his bedroom watching television and playing video games. I’m thinking about making him play football in the fall.” “The last thing you want to do is force your son into fitness,” Coach Collins says. “Forcing kids to undertake a sport or participate in an activity they don’t appreciate will teach them to turn away from exercise rather than enjoy it. How old is your son?” “He’s 14 and forty pounds overweight.” “Do you exercise?” Coach Collins inquires. “I am a single mother and I work full time at a demanding job. When I get home from work I’m tired. But, my day doesn’t stop. I have tasks to complete like cooking,

doing laundry, and during the school year I have to check homework. The last thing I have time for is exercising.” “Brenda, believe me, I understand your situation. I would like to work with you privately to evaluate all the things vying for your attention, weed out those things that add no value, prioritize those things that are essential (work, family, faith, health, etc.), and explore your options for making small, healthy changes for you and your son,” Coach Collins pauses. “Meanwhile, there are several options you can explore for keeping your child active during his summer break. Have you considered enrolling him in a summer camp?” “I have conducted some research on summer camps in my area, however, they were too costly,” Brenda quickly responds. “Okay,” Coach Collins says hesitating for a moment. “I know of some programs sponsored by the local community center, library, and parks department. Most often these programs are more cost effective and the kids are in an environment where they’re learning and having fun. If that’s not doable, I’d like to help you figure out how to set aside at least 60 minutes of walk time for the two of you when you arrive home from work. You could start off by walking two days during the week and on a weekend day. Please keep in mind that the state of your child’s health is at stake.” “Before school was out, I sat down with my three daughters who are ages 5, 10 and 12 and we created a list of fun outdoors activities we’d perform during the summer. Now, after work, I take my kids on hikes at White Rock Lake, we go rollerblading, and we organize kick ball games with other kids in the neighborhood,” Doris, another mom acknowledges. “On those rainy days, we walk around the mall or stores to stay active.” Vickie, another mother comments, “My step-son, Matthew, age 11, is staying with us this summer and his mother prefers that he stay indoors. She’s okay with him watching television all day. My son, Jalin, age 7 loves to play outdoors. He is accustomed to joining me on my walks with his bike or roller blades most evenings. Since their father works evenings, I’m torn between what to do.” “That is an awkward situation to be in. This could be an opportunity to introduce Jalin to some fun indoor activities. For example: indoor rock-climbing gyms. I’m

not sure about the age appropriateness for this activity, but with the proper safety equipment, it’s an activity that provides a good way to keep Matthew from becoming a couch potato. What about an indoor swimming pool? Maybe Matthew’s mom would agree to that.” “Now, that’s a great idea! I’ve talked about Jalin swimming lessons. Maybe it could be an activity for the both of them,” Vickie says with excitement. “The Parks and Recreation Department is offering low cost swimming lessons for children during the summer break from school. I’ll have my husband call Matthew’s mom tomorrow.” “You each have a different set of challenges when it comes to figuring out how to keep your kids active and healthy this summer,” Coach Collins says. “Just keep in mind that it doesn’t take a lot of money, time, or advance planning to add fitness into your kids’ summertime activities; a family walk through the neighborhood after dinner; an old-fashioned game of hide and seek, dodgeball, or kick ball; a set of push-ups during a segment of television commercials; or a hula-hoop contest with their friends.” This health and fitness dialogue is provided for your consideration only. It is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about your specific health and fitness needs.

• Fitness coach Bridgette Collins is the author of Destined to Live Healthier and Imagine Living Healthier . For general health and fitness questions, please feel free to visit or email Coach Collins at

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July, the season is once again upon us for blessed nuptial. Marriage is all around us as we see lovers become more than friends and soul-mates become life companions. I believe we all remember the ‘til death do we part as well as the “I do” portions of the ceremony, but after some deep consultation with the ever present Holy Spirit I was given a deeper and richer understanding of “keeping only to him/her”. Marriage is intended to be the bonding of two spirits into one spirit with one direction as well as one intimacy. Oft times two individuals remain two individuals with little interest in becoming one unified spirit. Without the relegation of self and the building of the one; marriage is reduced to a simple partnership or living arrangement for the convenience of legal physical gratification and material gain. The Bible is clear in Genesis 2:24 “For this cause a man shall leave father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh”. It is further stated that Jesus is the head of the man and man is the head of the woman. The woman follows the man as he follows Christ. Message One: Men: Jesus isn’t lost; therefore if you’re following him you will never be lost because he will order your steps in the Word. Message Two: Women: Never be afraid to follow a man who is chasing after Christ because he’s chasing the truth. I know I’m not bringing any new revelation or deep enlightenment in the aforementioned comments. Keeping only to… my understanding of this portion began when a co-worker asked me a few questions concerning his impending engagement. He stated that his fiancé has children from a previous relationship. I shared a little from my experience on that topic. I told him that he needs to ensure that she becomes one with him and that their oneness must place the two of them as priorities and not the children as the priorities. I know some of you gasp at the last statement, however before you start sharpening your sticks and gathering your large rocks please hear the conclusion of the conversation. Two people in unity can bring greater resources to bear in any given situation than one individual working alone or outside of covenant. God purposed a Father and a Mother to raise a child or children because it’s not supposed to be done alone. Yes, I know unfortunately single parent homes are more plentiful than two parent households. God called the husband to lead the wife and the children to be in one accord with the father and mother, but this can’t take place if the father and mother

are not in one accord because they are not one. When two hearts are not beating as one room is given for the enemy to introduce his agenda into the relationship. Children as lovely and loveable as they are cannot be allowed to rule and rein in the household. Children are not the Head of the household; they must be subject to the unified spirit that rules and reins in the home. Mothers-in-law, fathersin-law, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers are important relatives but they are not the head of the wife, husband or the children when it comes to marriage covenant. Yes, I know I opened up a large can of wisdom and information, however, effective open and honest communication between husband and wife will lead to (in-to-me-see) or intimacy. Intimacy is allowing your spiritual unity to make you transparent to your partner in the relationship. Intimacy is the only sure way to build trust between two spirits in a relationship. It includes being honest, keeping no secrets, and having no one you trust with your dreams, visions, goals, fears, failures and heart more than your spouse. It includes placing no person’s word higher than the authority of your spouse’s word. If you value the word of your mother, father, friend, co-worker, child, sister or brother over the word of your spouse you are outside of covenant. Yes, I know that most folks believe that only adultery breaks covenant but also know that not supporting the head of the household when he is submitting to God is breaking covenant because the Bible is clear in that all sin is ultimately against God. Keeping only to… these words contain a message within themselves. Head of households are you submitted to God daily? Do you love your wife as Christ loved the church? Have you sacrificed self to become spiritually one? Wives are you submitted to your husband’s? Meaning have you come along side of him to support him, pray for him daily and be his helpmeet? Parents do your children obey and bring honor and glory to God in the tasks they put their hands to achieve? I’m asking you married folk to consider a deeper covenant by becoming one flesh, one mind, one spirit and one heart. To those seeking to become joined I’m asking you to consider deeply that marriage is the dropping of self and the embracing of unity and climbing to success together both in supporting and leading roles. Until next month dear hearts, friends and loved ones; keep it real and keep it Christ.


2010 Mercedes GLK350

live in the fastlane The three-pointed Mercedes star is usually enough for people to buy whatever old thing it’s glued to, regardless of whether it truly lives up to the brand’s historic pedigree. Look no further than the dumpy C-Class hatchback of a few years ago or Europe’s tiny A-Class that resembles a minivan sent through a trash compactor. To be honest, before we drove it, we thought the 2010 Mercedes GLK350 4Matic would be one of these cash-grab products preying on customer vanity and the popularity of compact SUVs. We were wrong. True, the GLK will still appeal to brand snobs in search of a small luxury sport-utility, but it at least does it while being a meticulously engineered piece of 100 percent Mercedes-Benz excellence — if it were any more German, it’d be named Gretel. The GLK may be the second-cheapest Benz you can buy in the United States, but it certainly doesn’t seem that way. Closing the doors is like sealing yourself in Terry Benedict’s Bellagio vault — impenetrable to everything but George Clooney and 10 pals. Railroad tracks and deep potholes are casually brushed off without a millimeter of body flex. It feels as if you could roll over a grenade and suffer nothing but a muted thump. On second thought, forget Gretel; try Panzer. The current Mercedes C-Class feels the same way, and it’s no surprise that the GLK is based on the compact sport sedan. The steering and ride quality feel similar to the C,


live magazine - July

August 2009

while both Benzes share the same 268-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 (the only engine available in the GLK). However, the platform’s compact SUV version is 4 inches shorter in length, plus it receives the obvious ride and body height pump up. While the result may not be the sportiest compact SUV around, like the C350, the GLK350 represents an ideal balance between ride and handling that should please most luxury buyers. We were prepared to dislike the 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350, but we handed over its keys duly impressed. While others provide more space and/or more equipment for the same amount of money (or less), none offer those unmatchable Mercedes traits of painstaking over-engineering and top-notch interior craftsmanship that is certainly worth some, if not all, the price premium. Not all Benzes have upheld these traditions, but the GLK has most certainly earned its three-pointed star.

Performance Every 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 that produces 268 hp and 258 pound-feet of torque. Rear-wheel drive is standard; however, our test car came equipped with 4Matic all-wheel drive. Paired with the buttery-smooth seven-speed automatic that features Sport, Comfort and Manual modes, the GLK350 4Matic went from zero to 60 mph at our test track in a tidy 7.2 seconds.

That seems just about right for this type of vehicle — respectably quick — and on the open road, the GLK is never wanting for power. In fact, Mercedes could probably pop in the C300’s smaller V6 and it wouldn’t be significantly worse for wear. The brakes are also a GLK strong suit, producing a best stop from 60 mph in 119 feet with fade-free subsequent stops of similar length. Pedal feel is solid and trustworthy without any of the nebulous dead travel that some Mercedes exhibit. While it may not provide the sort of slick handling of a BMW X3 or Infiniti EX35, the GLK350 nevertheless feels capable and confidence-inspiring around corners. The steering can be on the heavy side in parking lots, but at higher speeds is linear in its buildup, with just enough typically German road feel. Whether you’re looking for sport sedanish handling or just a comfortable cruiser, the GLK should strike a pleasant balance. According to EPA estimates, fuel economy for the 4Matic-equipped GLK is 16 mpg city/21 mpg highway and 18 mpg combined. Our test car matched the combined number after two weeks in our lead-footed care. Given the seven-speed transmission, however, we would expect better highway fuel economy.

Comfort If you like a spongy, wafting ride, the 2010 Mercedes GLK350 will not be the SUV for you. Instead, it thunders down the road feeling as if it’s 500 pounds heavier than it actually is (and at 4,192 pounds, the GLK’s already bigboned). You feel bumps, but there’s never any harshness or jarring — especially on the highway. The GLK proved to be a road trip champ even over the horrendous mosaic of poor surfaces found on the Los Angeles freeway system. At the same time, the cabin was kept remarkably free of wind and road noise. Like the ride, some may find the GLK’s seats to be on the north side of firm. However, after numerous hours behind the wheel, we found them to be well-shaped and supportive in all the right places. Again, very German. Seat adjustability was also excellent, while the optional power tilt-telescoping steering wheel assured a good driving position for all. Headroom is positively cavernous in the GLK and that boxy greenhouse ensures excellent visibility. The rear seat is hardly limolike, but it’s placed high and provides good thigh support. Our tallest driver could fit behind his own far-back driving position. The same can’t be said for Infiniti’s EX35 and FX35. Unfortunately, ingress and egress to the rear are made difficult by small door openings and diagonal door cuts. This is also a problem when installing a child seat, but there’s at least enough space within once you squeeze it through.

Function Every 2010 GLK features Mercedes’ latest COMAND electronics interface for the stereo. Bluetooth phone and the optional navigation system are bundled in the $3,350 Multimedia package that also includes a decent upgraded stereo, digital music storage and back-up camera. Once you know where everything is located and what it takes to manipulate it, COMAND’s redundant controls — physical dash buttons, steering-wheel controls, multifunction knob

and display screens — are at least a reasonable solution for performing a variety of different functions. The climate controls, by contrast, are remarkably simple but are located too low in the center stack. Cargo space is the GLK’s Achilles’ heel, with a scarcity of storage bins and a smaller-than-average cargo compartment. While we suspect Mercedes may be selling itself short with the GLK’s stated maximum capacity measurement of 54.7 cubic feet (it’s hard to believe the X3 is 16 cubes bigger), stuff-hauling is certainly not its forte. The boxy shape helps to optimize the available space, however.

Design/Fit and Finish Mercedes’ interior quality took a nosedive for a few years, but the 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 proves that the three-pointed star represents a world standard once again. What it may lack in design creativity (there’s barely a curve in sight), it certainly makes up for with high-class materials and meticulous construction. We were left bamboozled when we discovered our test car was upholstered in so-called MB-Tex (a.k.a. vinyl) rather than leather. Not surprisingly, we were therefore impressed by its quality and convinced you don’t need to pony up the extra $1,750 for old-fashioned cow skin. The exterior’s odd blend of C-Class and G-Class styling cues was hardly loved amongst our editors. Some thought it looked contrived, while others at least appreciated the subliminal message its blocky proportions send (“I look like a brick and I’m strong like one, too”). Source:


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live magazine - July


August 2009

Wisdom for Women of Worth & Worship: Lessons for a Life of Virtue, Value & Victory by Natalie A. Francisco, Ed. D. This is an excellent resource for women who desire to take an introspective look into their past in order to become more productive in their present and future. No stone is left unturned as Pastor Natalie delves through the triumphs and tragedies of her own life in an effort to share with others 52 life lessons based on biblical principles that are key to living an overcoming life in every arena. Meditation exercises are also included at the end of each chapter as well as frequently asked questions from women nationally and internationally who have solicited her advice. Her Spirit-led wisdom and candor in the answers she has provided have already helped a myriad of women. Pastor Natalie’s twenty-five years of marriage, motherhood and ministry woven throughout her writings serve as a mentoring memoir from which all women can relate and learn regardless of their age or stage of life. (Available on,, BlackCBC. com, and wherever fine books are sold.) In addition, please feel free to visit my personal websites at,, and my church website at to become better acquainted with me, my book and the ministries in which I am actively involved.


god’s extreme makeover

the self edition by Cheryl A. Pullins


ith so much going on in the world today, it just may be time for you to experience an extreme makeover. If that is you then welcome to God’s Extreme Makeover: The SELF Edition. I have only watched a few episodes of Extreme Makeover: The Home Edition, but it has never failed that during the “reveal” portion of the show when it is time to “move that bus”, I always find myself in tears. I watch the family’s reaction and think about the things this family may have gone through up until this point or the family that is taking care of a very large family, or a child with a debilitating disease. Once I have finally gotten my composure then I start to say “wow” as the family walks through their newly outfitted home where they may see all of the latest kitchen gadgets and appliances, state of the art home technology, and bedrooms designed with each family member in mind. Once everyone is finished taking the guided tour of the home, provide their comments and express their gratitude the show climax starts to wind down and come to a close. Even though Ty Pennington appears to be the brain behind every makeover it still takes a team of workers and sponsors who have a genuine interest in providing each family with a home. Just think of what it would be like to have God’s Extreme Makeover: The SELF Edition? At this point in your life you may be rundown and burned out. You may think that everything in your life is missing and broken. If this is you then it is time to allow God to give you an extreme makeover. In your life you yourself may represent the bus and you have reached a point where it is time to say…”move that bus”! The bus may represent anything which stands between you and your destined future. The “new” home may represent where you are going in God, where everything is new. God’s Extreme Makeover: The SELF Edition requires you to operate using the following principles:


live magazine - July

August 2009

• • • •

Renew your SPIRIT EMPOWER yourself Operate in LOVE FOCUS on your purpose

Renew your SPIRIT This is where you take the time to reflect on yourself and take an assessment of where you are in your life. This may require you to really take a deep look at yourself and what things you will need or no longer need to move the next phase of your life. Renewing your spirit is a great way to prevent yourself from being burned out. EMPOWER Yourself Les Brown, one of the greatest motivational speakers of our time says, “When you face your fear, most of the time you will discover that it was not really such a big threat after all. We all need some form of deeply rooted, powerful motivation / it empowers us to overcome obstacles so we can live our dreams.” Learn how to turn that FEAR into Focused Energy for Action and Resolve! You can do it. Operate in LOVE And the greatest of these is…love. Love empowers you to operate and conduct your affairs without regard for the motives of others. You can move forward, focus on your purpose and live a fuller life if you operate from the position of love. FOCUS on your Purpose I heard someone say when working on your purpose you should have “laser focus”. Your focus should be so narrowed and concentrated that when people interact with you your life purpose should be something they encounter. Your life purpose…the very thing you were created to do is the very thing that brings you passion, challenges you to maximize your potential and positions you to live your best life.

For Art’s Sake

by Lea M. Lucas

The Color Purple


n this month’s issue in our little corner of “For Art’s Sake” we are going to investigate the color purple. Not the movie, but the royal color worn by imperial royalty.

If you look up the world purple in the dictionary it will be defined this way, “any of a group of colors with a hue between violet, red and blue. We are going to share some interesting facts about the amazing color of purple. Did you know that historically the color purple is with royalty and power? The amazing part of the color purple is its power that lies in the glands of tiny shellfish. In texts dating back to 1600 B.C.E. the name “Tyrian Purple” was produced from mucus of the hypobranchial glands of different species of Marine Mollusks, called Murex. It took 12,000 shellfish to extract 1.5 grams of the dye to make the color purple. The Minoan civilization in Crete about 1900 B.C.E. shows the earliest archaeological evidence for the origins of these purple dyes. Now that we’ve had a little history of this royal color, let’s dig a little deeper and find out some more interesting facts about “purple”. Light purple and dark purple have different meanings. Light purple gives off romantic feelings, while a deep dark purple can create sadness. Here’s another fact. Purple robes are associated with royalty and the darkest purples are associated with death and funerals. Bright purples can reflect fun, playfulness and excitement to a child. Lavender can give you a feeling of calmness and peace. Purple in its many tones can set the stage for many moods in our modern day lifestyles. Centuries

ago, the color purple was the most difficult color to obtain. Now we know why only the affluent people could afford cloth of this color. It became the color of royalty in many countries only kings and the ruling class were allowed to wear garments with the color purple. Here are a few words synonymous with purple or represents various shades of purple. Violet, plum, lavender, lilac, puce, thistle, orchid, mauve, magenta, royal, amethyst, wine, pomegranate, eggplant and mulberry. On the flipside here are some bad purple words. • Purple speech: profanity or foul language. • Purple prose: exaggeration or colorful lies. • Purple haze: state of confusion or euphoria, possibly drug induced. We have only skimmed the top of our investigation into this royal color. If you would like to investigate a little more you can start by visiting your local library, go online or an art store where there’s a section on color, locate a colorist or just get something with a purple design in it for yourself. How about a purple bedroom? It would be calming and peaceful. Purple is a very intriguing color. Do something interesting yourself and get a piece of cloth, a scarf, a nice piece of jewelry and become royalty in your own world. Be intriguing, daring, spiritual, calm, peaceful and alive with this color in your life. From the “For Art Sake” corner, until next time, be in love, be in peace and may you have bright blessings. Keep art in your heart...



e have come to the end of another exciting issue of live magazine. I certainly hope that you have enjoyed this journey. As this issue comes to a close I just want to take time for you to experience your “finally” moment. This is where when you come to the end of each issue of live magazine you can walk away with something that you can use to help transform your life.

It is time to connect with your purpose. There are just too many of us who haven’t defined our life purpose. We are too busy worrying about what others are doing with their lives that we are missing out on the very thing we were created for such a time as this. Wouldn’t it be great to figure out why you are here on this earth? Why were you created during this time and in this space? Well this is your time get excited and fired up about walking in your divine purpose. Spend time with God and ask Him to direct you to your purpose because you certainly don’t want to begin expending your energy in areas that will yield no fruit. Purpose produces fruit. There are lots of resources available to assist you with purpose, destiny, life strategy, life plan and the list goes on. You are a Kingdom woman! Kingdom women have no time to sit idle, concern themselves with the lives of others or wallow in self pity. Kingdom women are on the move, making it happen and living the God kind of life while doing it. Take the time to establish S-M-A-R-T goals for yourself. (see the Purposed by Design blog at


Once you have determined your purpose don’t sit and wait for opportunities. Create them! Work on establishing those covenant connections which will prove to be valuable relationships as they relate to your purpose. Make yourself available to those who have need of the “purpose” you have within. Your purpose is designed to be shared with others. There are people on this earth who will never hear what they need to hear until they hear it from you! So get yourself in gear, empowered and equipped to find your purpose…finally!


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GOD’s eXTreMe r e MAKeoV unCoVerL a BEaUtIFU



Your MeMorY

2010 Merced

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i z z i n Mu the World

Changing with Worship

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