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Connections Pulaski Academy’s Family Magazine Winter 2018-19

Fall 2018

Craig O’Neill reads to PA Kindergarten

Connections Pulaski Academy’s Family Magazine

Winter 2019 Connections is a quarterly magazine published in the fall, winter, spring and summer by Pulaski Academy. Information in this publication is primarily about the PA Community. We encourage alumni, students, faculty and staff to submit articles and photography for consideration to: All submissions will be edited for style, length and tone.

Publisher Diane Lafferty

Art Director Dawn Meyer

Contributors Greg Griffeth Diane Lafferty Gregg Ledbetter Mary Lutz Katie Short Regina Stipsky Sarah Waymire Matt Walsh

Photographers Dawn Meyer Melisa Smock Sheldon Smith Faculty contributors

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Building Creative Connections PALS: A Library System With the PA Community at Heart

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Scholarly Pursuits The PA Difference The Power of Teamwork

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by Matt Walsh President and Head of School


here is something of interest for everyone in this edition of our new magazine, Connections. All independent schools are mission-driven entities. As we know, PA’s mission is to inspire students to explore, create, contribute, and achieve. Notice that it all starts with inspiration. Our faculty seek to light a fire within students, and their various passions will lead them to explore new frontiers. Our mission comes alive every day as students navigate the opportunities within our academic, fine arts, extra-curricular, and athletic offerings and as they work with caring faculty, coaches, and staff who wish to inspire and challenge them. We like to say that we meet students “where they are” and help them to develop their unique talents and gifts. This thought returned to me the Friday after Thanksgiving when I attended PA’s semi-final football game against Harrison. I ran into three recent graduates: Will Hastings, Dev Nair, and Jake Warner-- all Bruins, all different from one another. Will was a star football player at PA who dazzled crowds with his awesome receptions. He was a walk-on at Auburn and has earned a full athletic scholarship! Dev was an academic all-star at PA who wrote a great senior thesis and has thrived at the University of Chicago. I recall working with him on his Thesis Committee; his insights and work ethic were striking.


Jake was a jack-of-all-trades with an entrepreneurial spirit who had a way with all things technological. He did an independent study at PA in audio/visual and technology work and was so earnest, gifted, and reliable that he actually helped us with set-ups and sound management for a number of school events. While in college, Jake has started his own business doing light and sound effects for different events in Nashville. It struck me that these three students, all Bruins, but all different, had been able to find, develop, and hone their interests and skills at PA. To me, running into these three on the same night encapsulated the special nature of the PA experience and how it shapes lives. These young men were all influenced in special ways by the various opportunities available here. PA’s mission and people helped to shape them, and our mission continues to live through them as they explore, create, contribute, and achieve in ways that will surely in turn bring inspiration to many others. As always, PA’s mission also speaks to us in the pages that follow. We will hear from some of our “travelling Bruins” about their adventures and about how PA’s Independent Study program provides for “exploration” of a different stripe. Among other items, you will hear from our Visual Arts department about the varied benefits of creative immersion in the arts and you will be introduced to our Board of Trustees, who embody the meaning of “contribution” through their selfless service to our great school. Enjoy!


The Board of Trustees supports and promotes the school’s mission, vision, strategic goals, and policy positions. The Board sets policy and focuses on long-range and strategic issues. In addition, the Board has the fiduciary responsibility for the financial well-being of the institution and is responsible for hiring the President and Head of School.

Mrs. Alexandra Ifrah-Smouni Chair

Mr. Jay Caldwell Treasurer

Mrs. Allison Warner ‘83 Secretary

Dr. Jamie Burton

Mr. Cade Cox

Dr. Scott Davis

Mrs. Julie DeWoody Greathouse

Mr. Cody Griffin

Mr. Bryan Hosto

Mr. John Hugg

Mr. Keith Liesmann

Mrs. Crissy Monterrey ’99

Mrs. Leisa Pulliam

Mr. Derrick Smith

Mr. Marcus Wallace

Dr. Julia Watkins


Julie Greathouse

Julie is a managing member of PPGMR law having been with the firm since 2000. She regularly participates in civil litigation in state and federal courts and enjoys active practice in Arkansas and federal courts of appeal. Julie’s hobbies include tennis and watching her two middle school aged children participate in sports.

Derrick Smith

Derrick is a member of the Mitchell Williams Law firm chairing the firm’s regulated entities practice group. Smith is also a registered lobbyist for clients including Delta Dental of Arkansas and Arkansas Electric Cooperatives. Derrick and his wife Gwendolyn have a son in 3rd grade at Pulaski Academy. Board portraits courtesy of Photography by Melisa


Global C


aroline Bass made her third trip with Blue Door Sponsorship to Africa in July 2018. Blue Door serves some of the poorest children in the entire world who live in one of the most impoverished slums. Working with two schools in Nairobi and near the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the organization seeks to match students with sponsors whose monthly donations of $40 cover school fees, food, and often a place for that child to live. Caroline has personally sponsored George (now in 1st grade) since 2016. Each trip consists of several activities—visiting a women’s prison, arts and crafts with the kids to send to sponsors, visiting families in the slums and bush, and building relationships with the students who range in age from 3-19. This summer, Caroline visited George’s family and met his mom. George and his brother, Felix, are boarders at the school and the drive to their shack like home was long and hard. Their mom has been unable to pay her rent for many months and tries to help her landlord by tending his garden in exchange for him not evicting her. Were it not for Caroline and her aunt (Felix’s sponsor), the boys would not be able to attend school and would most likely go many days in a row without eating. Caroline said that meeting George’s mom has been one of the highlights of her life. She feels a genuine kinship with his family and deeply loves them. Caroline also says that it’s really neat to see that kids are kids and teens are teens no matter where they live they all just want to feel loved and accepted and successful.


The end of her trip included an amazing day safari complete with elephants, giraffes and an exciting lion chase (the zebra escaped!). She is counting down the days until her return next summer—she hopes to spend a month there this time.


Pakistan Since Waleed Masood was five months old, he has been visiting his family in Pakistan every year during the summer and winter breaks. He has an interest in immersing himself in its culture and has become interested in the country’s development since the beginning of high school. As Waleed became more passionate about it, he researched several aspects of Pakistan, primarily its foreign policy with the U.S. and its democratization since it gained independence in 1947. This past summer, he conducted interviews with two former army generals to obtain a Pakistani perspective on the U.S. drone policy, which attempts to counter terrorism. Waleed also interviewed Iftikhar Chaudry, the former Chief Justice of Pakistan, in December. As a Pakistani American, Waleed hopes to explore his passion by working in the future with Justajoo, which provides relief efforts in Pakistan to better the lives of the people.

Just after Thanksgiving, Abby Ward, Mary Margaret McClellan, and Campbell Yung represented the United States of America in Poland at the International Dance Organization Jazz and Modern World Championships - the Olympics of Dance! Team USA is made up of 31 amazing dancers from across the country including Arkansas, Alabama, Maryland, New York, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, and Massachusetts who came together five weekends to train and prepare to compete against countries the world over. Team USA members spent one day touring Old Warsaw and the Auschwitz Museum in Warsaw in addition to the competition. The girls are so very proud to get to wear USA on their backs! Team USA had an impressive finish with four gold, three silver, and three bronze medals.


Shamim Okolloh, mother of ECS students Liam and Ella Sprinkle, was born and raised in Kenya, moving to the US at the age of 19. Shamim wanted her children to know where their mother is from and for her Kenyan family to get to know her American children. When son Liam Sprinkle was 11 months old, he began travelling to Kenya even celebrating his first birthday there! When daughter Ella Sprinkle was 15 months, they began the 25 hour trip again. The children eat and enjoy the local food, explore the city, and enjoy the open spaces in up country. This past April, Shamim’s great aunt and uncle celebrated their 50 year wedding anniversary, and the family was blessed to be present. Their uncle taught them how to climb a tree, and they got to pick a fruit of choice from the garden. They played at the beach and rode a camel. They usually have a thousand questions and it lays the ground for each experience and landscape being a learning space. Each trip leaves the kids with great memories. Liam lost his first tooth as they flew over Greece, and the tooth fairy brought him Kenya shillings. It’s invaluable for them to have this experience knowing that the culture is different and beautiful with similarities too – they enjoy ice cream in Nairobi just as they do in Little Rock and hopefully they can see themselves and their place in the world as global citizens.

In fall 2018, Mattie Hatcher was the sole U.S. equestrian representative at the Summer Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires. To represent the United States, and to connect with athletes from different countries, has been a new experience for Hatcher, who has mostly competed in North American-focused events before coming to Argentina. To her, the global aspect of the Games is what really will make it memorable. “I’m so glad it was really international, because I liked getting to meet more people, and that was the cool thing about the Games,” she said. Hatcher will take home more than just memories; she earned a gold medal in the mixed-country team event and placed fourth in the individual jumping. To her - and to the spirit of Olympism - that’s just as important. When asked about her favorite moments of the Games, she responded, “definitely winning the team gold, but also just getting close with my team - that was really fun.” The fun was enough to keep perspective and be graceful and kind in defeat. No matter the result, it is clear Hatcher has represented Team USA well - both on and off the podium. (excerpts from

Buenos Aires


During the summer of 2018, Alex Castleberry had the privilege to attend L’Academie de Paris in France. He lived in Lycee- Notre-Dame de Sion for about a month. While there, Alex took an advanced French speaking and writing course and a film photography class. Alex claims the French class was an amazing experience, and that he would spend hours a day speaking and writing French. By the second week, it became second nature to him. Coming to class with a huge smile on his face and eager to learn, Alex never had a dull moment in an international class that was filled with jokes, fun learning, and lots of friends. His photography class was completely analog - no digital cameras. Everything shot was on film cameras that were older than Alex, but this class gave Alex a new passion for film photography. Experimenting with the different films, subjects, apertures, lens speeds, and post-production fueled his craving for artistic expression and pushed the boundaries of his photographic aesthetic. “The friends I’ve made during my time there come from all over the world. They encouraged me to think with new ideas and new perspectives. The friends I’ve made there are friends I’ve made for life and who I keep in touch with daily and plan to see again someday. Paris is an amazing city and I’m proud to call it my second home because while I was there I really did feel like I was home. I am so glad I was able to live the Parisian lifestyle and embark on many adventures including but not limited to, sunset picnics on the Seine, trying to take every Metro, RER (like a train), Bus and Tram line all in one day, witnessing the winning of the World Cup by France and then celebrating with 1 million people on the Champs Élysées, exploring every museum in the city of Paris, watching the Bastille day parade and feeling an overwhelming sense of French pride, trying to explain to numerous French speakers how to correctly pronounce “Arkansas,” lots and lots and lots of visits to my favourite cafe and so much more. This experience is one I can grow from and use the skills I’ve learned to better myself and teach others around me.”

Paris EXPLORE • 9

Beyond the Classroom: Independent Study Offers Personalized Courses by Greg Griffeth

Offering meaningful opportunities for deserving students, Independent Study is designed to allow earnable academic credit for motivated students who seek to explore, create, contribute, and achieve beyond our current curricular options. The course can be thought of as a personalized elective, opening the door for students to create, propose, or otherwise engage in an activity which grows and develops their passion, strength, or interest. The course was offered on a limited basis in 2017-18, and currently has 14 students enrolled in various pursuits. Caroline Gibbens ‘18 utilized Independent Study to fulfill an internship with a local veterinary clinic. This opportunity allowed Caroline to gain first-hand experience with her chosen career interest. Carson Miller ’18 enrolled in Independent Study in order to increase her commitment to a local non-profit thereby gaining experience and providing service toward a worthwhile cause. PA’s very own 2018 Youth Olympic Gold Medal winner Mattie Hatcher ’19 enrolled in an independent study course that provides her time to pursue her equestrian training. Mattie’s success and passion for equestrian riding will most likely be an important factor for her college choice. Without the independent study option, Mattie would be forced to discontinue other academic or extracurricular pursuits.



A photography class isn’t currently part of the standard curriculum, but the PA staff knew that I am passionate about photography. They offered an Independent Study class to me where I would be able to pursue photography in a class created just for me. The personalized experience encouraged me not only to develop strong connections with the PA staff, but also to take responsibility in deciding my own workload. The advisor has been very cooperative and has supported me in all of my choices. Labeled as “Independent Photography,” the course has been specialized for me specifically and has enabled me to further my photography through the school. I highly recommend signing up for the course to any student that wants to follow interests not typically offered by PA, while also earning credit by doing so.” -Maxx Smith ‘18

by Diane Lafferty

PA has gone Google! Have you heard your student come home talking about “Drive” or “Classroom?” What about “Docs” or “Slides?” These are some of the many web based tools available for our teachers, students, and administrators FREE for educational use from Google! These communication and collaboration tools have provided access to information for students and educators in a way previously unavailable.


“Core Connection projects shared in Google classroom can be seen by both the subject and tech teachers allowing both to provide a grade for different aspects of the same project without having to pass papers back and forth! Students can work on projects wherever they have internet with Google tools and Classroom. They are not restricted to the school Network to access their work if they don’t finish in class.” - Marjorie Wagner, 7th grade teacher


“The combination of Google Docs and Google Classroom has taken the walls off my classroom. I can easily create a document in Google Docs and distribute it to all my students using Google Classroom. Each student then is able to complete the assignment in class or at home. We have used Google Docs in all subject areas from creating graphs and tables in Math to constructing a brochure or essay for Literacy. Google has helped to teach not only our content material, but also important technology skills that our students will need in the future.” - Julya Gandy, 4th grade teacher


“With Google apps for education, learning becomes an interactive experience for the student. Students work together in real-time to create projects such as maps, digital posters, presentations, and websites. Using these tools helps foster creativity for teachers and students alike. Professionally, I can take risks with innovative lessons and assessments that encourage student exploration and creativity, which leads to greater ownership over the work that they create.” - Mary Muldrow, 8th grade teacher


Building Creative Connections Contributors Mary Lutz, Katie Short, Sarah Waymire


Lower School students study famous artists and create works that mirror their styles, such as Wassily Kandinsky circles in 1st grade.


PK3 students were asked to describe their ideal monster by students in 8th grade visual arts. Then, the 8th grade students created a story line and illustrations according to the PK3 descriptions.



Middle School students expand their art-making techniques and methods with projects using mixed media illustrations for a book or poem of choice, linocut designs, clay slab boxes, and a 3D doodle pen to make cubes, castles, boats, figures, and more!


Upper School Art I, II, Art Through the Ages, and AP Studio students work on a variety of art projects. Art Through the Ages students studied Ancient Greece and created plaster examples of Grecian Urns. This group of students also created their own weavings, celebrating an art form that is shared among many world cultures. These students have drawn reflective and glass objects from a class still life, self-portraits illustrating foreshortening, and drawing using colored inks on Yupo paper, among many other lessons.


Upper School students experiment with a variety of art-making techniques and methods, including fresco, collage, bas and high relief, 3-D sculpture, printmaking, and fiber arts. Advanced art electives challenge students to delve more deeply into their creativity and art-making methods.


Art I and Art Through the Ages courses give Upper School students a foundation of the cultural history of visual art and reinforces the elements of art and the principles of design in their art-making. Through ECS and LS, students explore observational drawing, Gelly Printing, 3-D Collage, pinch and Coil Pots, and are exposed to a variety of mediums. As early as first grade, our students’ art is displayed at in house art exhibitions and local art shows.


Community and Public Art offers students the opportunity to become philanthropic through their art-making. Our students have donated ceramic bowls to Arkansas Food Bank, ceramic elephants for an Alzheimer’s Arkansas fundraiser, Pysanky eggs were donated to Easter Seals of Arkansas, and ceramic fish were donated to a fundraiser benefiting Camp Aldersgate. The Art Club painted the 7th street bridge near Thayer St. as part of Peace Week.


A Library System with the PA Community at heart P by Regina Stipsky

ulaski Academy Library System serves the Early Childhood - Upper School community and holds more than 30,000 volumes within its two campus locations. Three system librarians: Mr. Jacob Harris, Mrs. Sarah Carnahan & Mrs. Regina Stipsky offer a wealth of services to support research, study collaboration, integrated curriculum instruction, and provide the connection between a vast number of resources to both faculty and students. The Scheuck McCarty Children’s Library opened in August 2008 as the school expanded and renovated multiple buildings purchased from Fellowship Bible Church. The Children’s Library is a joyful place that students look forward to visiting. It is not only an aesthetically pleasing environment, but is also a place full of energy, learning, and exploring. Operating on a 6 day rotation of classes for Cubs (2 & 1/2 year olds) through 4th grade, instructional lessons are designed to instill a deep love for literature and reading. Teaching students how to satisfy their intellectual curiosity and best make use of the library and available technology, Mr. Jacob Harris, ECS/LS Librarian offers insight to faculty and students of the ECS/LS divisions. The MS/US Library was renovated in 2013 to become The Learning Commons; a space for research, study, collaboration, global connection, and more. The Learning Commons encourages collaborative learning with onsite assistance for research materials, writing, and resources in a variety of media. Reader’s advisory, research skills, and library instruction are taught one-onone and to entire classes, as needed. Offering


multiple subscription databases, research tools and more, Mrs. Sarah Carnahan, MS/US Librarian offers insight to faculty and students of the MS/US divisions. In addition to traditional library services, PALS offers the following each school year: Author & Illustrator Events: Author/Illustrator events make a powerful connection between students and the written word and help bring books to life. Not only do author and illustrator visits offer a fun break from the daily routine, they also introduce students to the processes of writing, developing characters, and expressing one’s creativity. National History Day Projects: Enabling students to research by teaching source selection and differentiation provides valuable skills that will be useful for the project and beyond. In addition to facilitating reference, librarians assist students with careful reading, problem-solving, and critical thinking that is required by the project. Indeed, a fundamental goal of NHD is to engage students in historical research and skills development. Public Library Tech Services: Partnering with PALS to provide students with improved access to research and reading materials, in the Tech Card Program students are issued a Public Library Tech Card which can be used to access the library’s electronic resources from school or home.

PALS Librarian/Director, Mrs. Regina Stipsky, oversees the operations of both library locations and ensures PA’s mission and vision are at the center of the libraries collections, resources and services. Mrs. Stipsky is an active participant in the Arkansas Declaration of Learning (ADOL) program. The ADOL program partners 13 educational organizations on national and state levels to offer students innovated lessons from historical artifacts and transform their object based learning experience.

objects that are rich in history. Together we are transforming Arkansas to lead the nation in student-focused education.” Pulaski Academy Library System has services and resources to enhance PA’s core values and curriculum needs. PALS has become a place for personal growth and reinvention, a place for help in navigating the information age, a gathering place for civic and cultural engagement. Visit a PALS location today to find out how our librarians can assist you through your educational journey.

“Arkansas is the first state in the country to implement the national Declaration of Learning program,” Johnny Key, Arkansas Department of Education Commissioner has said. “And through the Arkansas Department of Education’s partnerships with other organizations, we have enhanced student learning by providing access to historical CREATE • 15

The Friday before Thanksgiving, the Arkansas Food Bank received a donation worth 20,127 cans of food from a joint food drive held by the Upper and Middle School Student Councils. The Middle School drive started November 5th through the 16th and was able to gather 6174 cans from the 5th through 8th grades. The Upper School drive lasted from November 12th through 16th and was able to collect 13,953 cans (Freshmen - 2653, Sophomores - 2900, Juniors - 3300, & Seniors 5100). The drive was considered a great success and provided many meals for families in need around Central Arkansas during the holiday season.

Lower School choir consisting of 3rd and 4th graders has performed at our choral concert with middle and upper students and at our annual Frosty Follies. Additionally, they performed for the Ronald McDonald House Christmas Lighting in December.


Senior Nistha Lohani will be published in the upcoming Winter Issue of the Concord Review! The Concord Review is an academic journal dedicated to publishing high school students’ research papers. Six percent of submissions received by Concord are published. PA is proud to say that 33% of our students’ submissions have been published.

Freshman theatre students, Anna Wong and Kate Odum, have had original plays selected for the Playworks Showcase at the 2019 Arkansas Thespian Festival! Anna’s play, “Shortcut,” and Kate’s play, “Moments,” are two of six short plays that will be featured in Playworks. Both students have been paired with professional playwrights who will serve as mentors over the next month to prepare for the staged readings at Thespians. Additionally, Anna is a finalist in the Arkansas Young Playwrights Competition! Her short play, “Shortcut,” will compete as a fully staged production in April. Anna is one of ten finalists in this competition.


Middle School Spelling Bee winners 1st place – Adam Ahmad 2nd place – Brooklyn Courtney-Moore 3rd place – Mariam Parray 4th place – Fallon Davis Adam will represent Pulaski Academy at the Pulaski County Spelling Bee will be held on Jan. 11, 2019 at Sylvan Hills High School.

Members of the Pulaski Academy Model United Nations club recently attended the 53rd Annual Arkansas Model United Nations Conference, held at the University of Central Arkansas. In total, fifty-six PA Upper School students competed in the conference, which is one of the largest and longest-running high school Model UN conferences in the United States. The conference hosted students from twenty-six schools in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Pulaski Academy students represented nine different countries in eleven UN committees and debated various topics of global importance, including nuclear weapon prohibition, cryptocurrency regulation, ocean acidification, and reconstruction of war-torn areas. Thirteen PA delegates were distinguished as Outstanding Delegate – Honorable Mention award winners.


Kindergarten teacher Laura Kearns has played sports all of her life but started running a few years ago to get in better shape so she could keep up with the men in local soccer leagues. The more she ran, the more she realized how much she loved it! Laura trained for her first half marathon in 2015 and quickly became addicted to distance running. She immediately started training for a full marathon later that year then moved on to 50K’s (31 miles) the next year. In September of this year, she ran and won her first 50 miler in Missouri on the Katy Trail. Laura’s last race was a timed race where participants set a goal to run as far as you can in a set time. She chose a whopping 12 hours and set a goal of 75 miles! While she fell slightly short of her personal distance/mileage goal, Laura was happy to set a new 12 hour course record by running 71.6 miles!

On November 13, 4th grade students dressed up like famous Arkansans and presented information about them to an audience of parents and Lower School students. Our annual 4th grade Wax Museum is always a big hit with the students!


Now&Then by Diane Lafferty

In 1988, 30 years ago, Coach Kirby Norwood joined the staff at Pulaski Academy. Over the years, he says working with outstanding students everyday has reinforced his commitment to the school and the students he teaches and coaches. Coach Norwood has taught Physical Education every year over the last 30 years. He also served as athletic director for a 10 year period and has coached senior high football, junior high football, 7th grade football, senior high girls basketball, junior high girls basketball, 7th grade girls basketball, track, cross country, softball, and swimming. From Coach Norwood’s perspective, many things may have changed over the last 30 years, but the core of Pulaski Academy has remained the same.

Our campus was much smaller before the acquisition of our current buildings that were previously the Fellowship Bible Church campus. Thirty years ago, not even the McIntosh and World Language buildings were there! Woods stood where the practice field was, and the current football field was grass with no visitors bleachers and less on the home side. Only the current Middle School cafeteria was available for both gym, theatre, and cafeteria needs - no Hugg, Rutherford, or CPAC! We had no baseball fields and not even buses in PA’s early years. However, the small, safe environment for students has remained intact in addition to the focus on college prep.


Casino Night BRUIN BASH

All are invited to enjoy a night of spectacular entertainment while raising funds for PA’s Endowment! Guests will be greeted by entertainers from Arkansas Circus Arts with fire breathers and a cirque-style champagne pour! A variety of 10 different gaming tables will be available, including four craps tables and eight blackjack tables! Arkansas Casino Events offers friendly and knowledgeable dealers that will help guests learn any game. The night will also offer a DJ and dancing, the popular classroom art and PA Experience auctions, a bottle toss game and a jewelry pull! We look forward to bringing this Vegas inspired night to you on March 8, 2019!

Evening at a Glance

7:00 PM Vegas Entertainment Begins 9:00 PM Silent Auction Closes Live Auction Begins with Tuition Raffle Drawing 10:00 PM Dance Floor Opens 11:00 PM Chip Exchange and Gaming Tables Close 11:30 PM Prize Drawings 12:00 PM DJ Ends

Visit to purchase your tickets and for sponsorship information. CONTRIBUTE • 21

Scholarly Pursuits by Gregg Ledbetter

Underpinning the Pulaski Academy community is diversity that affords our students the perspective required to become global citizens. We believe that to prepare students for the real world, our community should mirror that world with a student body that is coeducational and representative of religious, ethnic, and socioeconomic diverse backgrounds. To achieve this goal, Pulaski Academy has developed the Community OutReach (COR) Scholars Program. The COR Scholars program at PA plays a key role in fulfilling our mission by attracting students who are extraordinary leaders and scholars with outstanding character. COR Scholars are to be citizens of the student body both in conduct and achievement and consistently demonstrate resolute character by upholding PA’s core values. They must show that they will contribute to the school community in a positive and constructive fashion showing promise as a member of our future alumni community. Candidates for the COR Scholars program are new applicants entering 6th through 12th grade and will be selected based on upon the strength of their admission application, which considers transcripts, teacher recommendations, standardized test scores, a student questionnaire, and a personal interview. PA COR Scholars are renewed on an annual basis.


Pulaski Academy offers four scholarships that have been made available to students who meet specific criteria for each. PA was selected as the state’s only Malone Scholar school by the Malone Family Foundation. The foundation grant provides ongoing scholarships to gifted students with financial need to attend Arkansas’ leading college preparatory school. The Connor and Lindell Families both generously endowed scholarships that provide support to multiple students who exemplify academic excellence and present a financial need. Upon the untimely loss of their son, and PA alum, Anthony Riggan, the Riggan family created a memorial scholarship in his honor. This scholarship provides support for a student that exhibits extraordinary character. These scholarships offer outstanding students the opportunity to receive an excellent education, to have their academic and creative talents nurtured, and to flourish in a learning community they might otherwise never experience. To find out more about affordability and scholarships at Pulaski Academy, visit:

A few words from our Scholars Shannon McDaniel 8th grade

This year so far has been amazing. The teachers are amazing and my favorite is Mrs. Harrison. My favorite class is math because Ms. Koch is super funny and math comes very easily to me. Football is going very well; we even won the River City 5A Division Championship. I hope that basketball season will be just as great!

Aniya James 10th grade

My experience at PA is the best I could ever receive. Truly a great stepping stone for my future in pursuing medicine. Because of my experience at PA, I have a great advantage.

Sydney Skrivanos 12th grade

My favorite thing about PA is definitely the community feel. I love the fact that I can name all 90 something kids in my grade! I love the smaller classes that allow me to get to know my teachers and vice-versa. This year I am in choir and I love it! We just wrapped up our fall choral unit and have moved forward to holiday music. I am also taking Art Through the Ages which has combined my love for history with my desire to be somewhat decent at art.

Mohdeep Singh 10th grade

My favorite things at PA are the welcoming and friendly demeanor of everyone I have met and the overall community-oriented environment. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Primm; she is engaging and dynamic and makes coming to class an adventure through world history.




THe power of


The Pulaski Academy Tennis Team completed another record setting season. All 12 Bruin Players were designated all-state honors! The boys team captured its fourth consecutive state championship! Overall boys singles champion for the second consecutive year: Foster Rogers. 4A state doubles champions: Jack Lewis and Tyler Angtuaco.

Freshman Volleyball Lady Bruins are River City Conference Champions!


The 9th grade and 7th grade Football Bruins finished the season undefeated and won the River City Championship!

Senior high Football finished another season strong! Conference champs and runner up for the 5A state title.

Stay tuned...

Basketball, wrestling, and swimming are well underway with soccer, baseball, softball, and the second full season of Bruin Lacrosse right around the corner. Keep an eye out on social media for updates on all your favorite Bruin athletes. ACHIEVE • 27

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? From moments that inspire to monumental events, Bruins big and small are living our Vision and Mission every day. We want to celebrate the inspirational, the accomplished, and the creative. Our community is what sets us apart; help us spread the word about the remarkable things happening in Bruin Country! Share your story with us by emailing



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