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I've just finished reading SEO Secrets by Glenn Murray. As a copywriter, Glenn manages to make even the clunkiest aspects of SEO accessible to the layperson. What was most striking in reading the book was that much of optimising your blog or website is naturally intuitive. Most SEO is more related to time and effort than mathematical trickery. With that in mind, I'd like to share a particularly helpful (& simple) technique that I learnt from SEO Secrets - the art of link baiting. Imagine we are going fishing. We need bait. I mean it's obvious right? Why would the fish (or the people you want to read your site) bother coming near you if they weren't going to get a tasty little treat out of it? With this in mind we need to create content that people want to read. There's no point trying to be everything to everyone - just like bait, you need to consider what fish you are hoping to catch, and what they like to eat. To cut the fishing metaphor for a moment: people appreciate good content and will probably link to you if you deliver that. Case in point: Glenn Murray is the number 1 copywriter on Google. He writes great content and and thousands of people link to him. That's what keeps him on top Content Is King. Once you've got your content? Good bait at the ready, you need to cast the line where the fish are - otherwise it's just great content floating in the vast expanse of ocean that is the Internet. Enter social media - a fishing rod for the digital age. Let your network of friends & followers know there is some bait getting about - and watch as they break it down into pieces, redistribute it into their own blogs and backlink to yours in thanks of your food for thought.

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==== ==== Fast Attack Links! Backlinks You're Not Taking Advantage Of! ==== ====

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Fast Attack Links! Backlinks You're Not Taking Advantage Of!